July 12th, 2011

Piers Morgan Knew Award Winning Scoop Was Hacked

Last week Trinity Mirror Group were forced to issue a statement denying that they had sourced a British Press Award-winning 2002 scoop from phone-hacking. They claim Trinity Mirror’s position is clear. Our journalists work within the criminal law and the PCC code of conduct.” That’s not what their former journalists say though.

Piers Morgan Knew of Hacked Scoop

James “Scottie” Scott, the Daily Mirror’s showbiz reporter at the time, was listening into Ulrika Jonsson’s voicemails when he was flummoxed by messages in her native Swedish. As fortune would have it, he was able to get a half-Swedish Mirror secretary to translate the mysterious voicemails. It was clear from the translations that the couple were having an affair. The male voice sounded just like the then England football manager Sven Goran Eriksson. The paper put the allegation to the sexy Swedish shaggers and they coughed to the truth of the allegation. It broke on April 19, 2002.

The paper’s editor at the time, one Piers Morgan, was receiving flak for the fact that his 3AM Girls gossip section was dire rubbish and lacked any bite compared to Morgan’s old Bizarre column in News International’s Sun. Morgan decided to let 3AM Girl Jessica Callan break the illegally obtained story under her byline in order to try and rid the column of its banal reputation.

Scottie wasn’t a happy bunny despite being promoted to become news editor of the Mirror Group’s Sunday People by the end of the year. To add insult to injury, however, Piers Morgan, knowing in March 2003 that the story would probably win the 3AM girls the Scoop of the Year at the British Press Awards, arranged for Scottie to go on a far-flung, all-expenses-paid junket. Morgan wanted to make sure that the still smarting Scottie couldn’t make a boozed-up fuss on the night. The story is legend because Scottie has long dined out on the truth. Perhaps he will prefer, in the current circumstances, to let the 3AM Girls continue to claim all the credit…


  1. 1
    Piers says:


    • 8
      Inside trader says:

      How come he didn’t go to gaol for the City Slickers scandal?


      • 59
        Hang The Bastards says:

        Piers calling Hugh Grant a sanctimonious little prick ! CLASSIC

        Stones & glass houses Piers


        • 68
          Irrefutable says:

          Well… he’s not wrong.


          • Anonymous says:

            We can all agree then, they’re both pricks.


          • Ed "the Weasel" Miliband says:

            It was much more important for Yates of the Yard to follow up these mobile phone voice mail hacking allegations from my friends in the Grauniad then to waste time searching for terrorists who were infesting London at the time.


          • BoredNow says:

            Yes they were infesting the UK because of you Ed and your new Labour socialist policies.

            You Leftie , Socialist , Liberal Prick .

            In Glasgow they are now targetting White people with air rifles but will BBC announce them as Muslims? No of course not.


      • 289
        NotDeadYet says:

        Just be aware that if Parliament calls the other sanctimonius little prick (Morgan) home to testify, we may blacklist him the same way you did Savage. It’s clear why there was no public anguish when he deserted your shores for ours. Morgan may be one flush cleaner than Savage, but they are still from the same closet.


    • 19
      Rex says:

      “@jesscallan (Jessica Callan)
      @danwootton thinking of you all Dan. So many decent, dignified, dedicated people there. X


    • 35
      Rat Pack says:

      But isn’t Piers a good friend of Gordon and Sarah?


      • 109
        Betty Swollocks says:

        Piers Pughe-Morgan (his real name) claims to be friends with everone who is famous!


        • 247
          Precious says:

          His brother Rupert Pughe-Morgan is a class A prick. I’d kill myself if my life was basically trying to brown-nose with my brother and pulling pints.

          Piers tries to give his life some meaning by throwing celebs into his pub (which Piers owns) – and this guy thinks he’s made it….

          Used to run the Punchbowl and now the Hansom Cab.



        • 257
          John Bellingham says:

          How does one pronounce “pughe”? Does it rhyme with Duke?


    • 52
      Gordon crashes and burns says:

      NI have just shot Gordon’s claims about hacking Fraser’s health records in flames. They were told by a member of the public whose own child was being treated with Fraser. The Sun approached Gordon and Gordon gave them quotes to put in the article and Gordon did not once complain or say that he was unhappy. As a result the Cystic Fibrosis trust raised a lot of money


      • 77
        Ed Balls says:

        You fucking idiot Gordon. Murdoch’s on the fucking ropes, on his knees with every fucker around piling in kicks, yet you still manage to kick yourself in the shin. Stupid fucking twat.


        • 104
          Aesop o'Sardis says:

          More to the point – he cannot stop himself from lying, even when he must know he will be found out. He has lost all credibility.

          Rupert Murdoch now has the ammunition of evidence that Gordon tried to damage him for revenge with obvious lies.

          Also, Gordon was supportive of journos hacking phones. Why? Because phone hacking journos gave him ammunition to blackmail or bully his enemies.

          The picture emerges that Brown is an evil bully, with no regard for the truth, or the law, who stops at nothing to hurt those he hates. And he hates an awful lot of people.

          The British people can, however, be content that, even though they had the most corrupt, dishonest, deranged and incompetent Prime Minister in our history, nobody voted for him!

          The political class, however, are contemptible for allowing this vile lunatic to do so much damage just so that they could maintain their positions.

          They, and especially he, should be aware that British political life is now recognised as a vile laughing stock throughout the world. I am ashamed to be a British citizen.


          • HenryV says:

            If it makes you feel happier strictly speaking you are a Crown subject not a citizen.


          • Eds Milliband-Wagon says:

            Ok ive had enough of this now, err can we move onto something else now?


          • Elsbeth says:

            I am ashamed of the American political landscape and ashamed to be an American citizen. One party is out to insure that our President will not be re-elected.

            The political landscape world-wide is bereft of any morality.

            Money talks, power corrupts, and the rest of us can just die in the mud. Sad that we, as a species, have taken this turn.

            Is there someplace, somewhere, that we can send these corrupt, amoral, money hungry demons?


          • Bleeding Heart says:

            Right, and it was Gordon Brown who employed an ex-NOTW editor as spin doctor after he’d been forced to resign for phone hacking, right?

            Not saying GB was a good PM, but you know, splinters and planks… as for his claim vs NI – I fail to see how The Sun printing private medical information obtained from “a member of the public” makes their actions any better.
            Surely the only people who should decide about releasing information about a sick child are the parents?
            Claiming it was done to boost Cystic Fibrosis charity shows how truly fucked up their moral compass has got at best, at worst how much contempt they hold us all in that they think we’ll swallow that shit

            Right wing or left wing doesn’t come into it, this is about common decency


          • Zaphod says:

            They did an interview with Gordo, which he willingly participated in, and the CF Society did bang-up fundraising afterwards. So he DID consent to the information being published. Generally you don’t give an interview if you don’t wish to be published… wouldn’t you agree? Maybe they knew more from talking with the other parents, but they hardly divulged a confidence about the illness or treatment.


        • 282
          Private Schultz says:

          Best piece I’ve read on Broon’s latest effort this morning is Matthew Norman in the ‘Penski.

          Not sure if I can post a link here, but if I can, it is: http://www.independent.co.uk/opinion/commentators/matthew-norman/matthew-norman-dont-pity-gordon-ndash-he-supped-from-the-devils-hands-2312535.html


        • 290
          taylor says:

          dill hole Murdoch will buy the u.k. if he has to.


      • 78
        Gawdun iz ah mawron says:

        Gordon just can’t do anything right, can he?
        My heart bleeds for him. Not.


      • 97
        Gordon's ripping Yarns says:

        The sunday Times have now refuted his Flat allegations. No criminals used all investigations within the PCC code. All in the public interest as he was buying a flat from Geoffery Robinson way way below book price.

        So within 24 hours Gordon’s story is in tatters. I hope Murdoch sues.


        • 107
          Aesop o'Sardis says:

          Yeah, sorry, I forgot that he is a money grubbing chiseler as well. Socialists, doncha juss luv ‘em?


        • 227
          Paul says:

          You mean like how NI robustly refuted the claims NOTW did any hacking?


          • Dave says:

            Haha exactly. The word ‘refute’ is getting confused with ‘deny’ over in Wapping


          • misterned says:

            Nope, the truth, as acknowledged at the time by the Browns, and public record, is that the Browns assisted the Sun in that story. They were willing for that (then) Pro labour Sun to publish that sympathetic story which raised awareness of CF and led to a doubling of charitable donations.

            Now Brown is BLATANTLY lying his arse off.

            The Sun should sue him in open court for everything they can get!


      • 117
        Pubes says:

        But a freelance qualifies as ‘a member of the public’ rather than a member of the sun/NI


      • 124
        Anonymous says:

        I think you mean The Guardian’s claims.

        “He said he did not know how the newspaper had got access to the details: “The fact is, it did appear and it did appear in the Sun newspaper.””

        Sorry to burst your sanctimonious bubble.


      • 243
        Gordon Jinxes RED says:

        The war between Brown and Murdoch heats up
        The Labour leader has been at pains to make his party’s concern in this matter appear humanitarian, not factional. Yet if Brown has slipped up in anyway, then it could undo some of that work.



      • 261
        Carruthers says:

        I just had a feeling this GB story isn’t quite right. Apart from the cystic fibrosis stuff I don’t get how some banking call centre responded to a random telephone call and spilled the beans over the PM’s bank account. Now I am quite prepared to believe all bankers are incompetent tossers and had someone tried to blag my bank account details I am sure they could have done so. But this guy was the Chancellor for 10 years and then PM. Surely there would have been severe restrictions on who could access his account – unless it was the girl with the dragon tattoo.
        I am also not entirely convinced re the RPO selling the Royals directory for £1k. I can accept a copper can be bent but why risk everything for just £1k – more like £50k.
        In fact there is so much claim and counterclaim flying around it’s hard to sort the wheat from chaff so big thanks Guido keep it going.


        • 286
          273K says:

          1k is believable a good source informed me that about 20 police officers from the Liverpool matrix unit are under suspension pending prosecution for selling “seized” goods on ebay


      • 294
        Get a grip lassie says:

        Where did Gordon say they hacked his son’s records? He said they obtained the information – it doesn’t matter where they got it from – unless the Browns themselves announced it it’s completely unethical to publish a child’s medical records. The turd that leaked the info to the Sun belongs in jail with Morgan, Brooks and the Murdochs little and large.

        Not that Gordon doesn’t belong in the same place.


    • 114
      Johann Hari says:

      Due to cutbacks isn’t there only one 3am Girl (whatever they may be) these days?


    • 130
      Optional says:

      Another showbiz story. Hardly at the cutting edge of hacking revelations is it?

      And after all that posturing on Twitter too.

      Doubt if Morgan will give this a second thought.

      Try harder you’re getting left behind.


    • 148
      Gordon Mong says:

      Both gentlemen are a fine pair of pricks.The both are archtypal pricks, but I would not venture to say which was the king prick.

      Perhaps that position is occupied by my good self?


    • 254

      The idea of Piers Moron being hauled before the beak to face criminal proceedings over this is just too delicious to contemplate. I’m not usually a Fawkes reader, but this piece really tickled me and I felt I needed to scribble my own musings in response:


      Many thanks.


    • 265
      giant gonad says:

      I can’t see many people agreeing with Morgan on this one.


    • 267
      MadCharles says:

      Perhaps we should take as hard a look at CNN’s illegal secret deal with a terrorist nation and it’s dictator Saddam Hussein not to report any despair or brutality on the Iraq people by Saddam Hussein in exchange for exclusive access to the regime for news gathering and reporting purposes….


    • 276
      steve touma says:

      tell piers to take his twang and socialist views back to england and bring back larry king.


  2. 2
    Steve Miliband says:

    Let the floodgates open


    • 7
      Ed ...The Movie says:

      “On my command. Unleash Hell !”


    • 36
      Osama the Nazarene says:

      Bet there’s not even a mention on Al ja beeba. Nice one Guido sock it to them.


    • 80
      Mrs Balls says:

      Someone mention my pissflaps?


    • 95
      Bled White Taxpayer says:

      I have long held the belief that EVERY journalist is a lying deceiving piece of scum, so am not surprised by the latest allegations.

      The only difference between tabloid (of whatever stable) and “quality” newspaper reporting is that tabloid scum journalists tend to go for single issue celebrity prattle “scoops”, and “quality” scum journalists try to self-aggrandise and build some personal public reputation for in-depth “investigations”.


      • 139
        will says:

        Well this is why fleet street used to be known as the street of shame.


        • 180
          MrAngry61 says:

          Grub Street


          • Anonymous says:

            I’d just like to give an honorable mention of the high-minded, principled hoi polloi who wanked over the stories in the News Of The Screws every week.

            They paid the piper, as it where.


    • 102
      I Claudius says:

      Let all the poisons that lurk in the mud hatch out…


  3. 3
  4. 4
    Johann Hari says:

    I’ll be publishing an exclusive story on my blog tonight about an affair between Ulrika and Sven. No one else has this story.


  5. 5
    Jess The Dog says:

    A masterpiece! It is vital that the truth is known about journalistic practices across Fleet Street, to stop this can of worms being simplistically labelled ‘Murdoch’.

    This is one half of the battle. The second half is exposing the two-way relationship between politicians and the media, rather than simply some Murdoch armlock. It starts with the Lobby and weasels its way down through official and unofficial spokespersons, and so on right down to the sewer. Campbell, Coulson… what is the difference? Same breed, different stables.

    The worst outcome would be a muzzled investigative press, the crash of NI alone, and the political-media circus pitching tent again a few weeks down the line.


    • 93
      FFS says:

      Guido’s going after Telegraph next. Presumably it must be something related to hack-gate and not Hackette-gate, as per Private Eye.


      • 110
        itzman says:

        Hey Diddle Diddle
        It’s Mary Riddell a columnist of DT
        This cow jumped up to contend

        “Venal, contrarian and compromised too”
        Its there, she said it. It must be true
        “But its what we have to defend”

        “So where is my Knight, on his head tossing steed
        What tosser is this, in my hour of need?
        Who in defence of my honour will stand?”

        And out of the mists, rode a lithping dithcrathe
        with a stupid lopsided grin on hith fathe
        “I am here to therve you!” thaid Ed Miliband.

        The Mirror rocked from side to side
        The NOTW fell over and died!
        “The curth hath come upon me!” cried
        Rebekah of Shalott.

        It was an ancient Digger, and he stoppeth one of three
        “By thy filthy nails and beady eye, now wherefore stops’t thou me?”
        “I am Mur-dock, and what I want,
        is my hands on BskyB!”

        Twas on the good ship Screws
        By god! we had the News
        Our figure head was a girl all red,
        And a foul mouthed crew of crews.

        Singing “balls to yer father, arse against the wall!
        If you’ve never been screwed by the Tabloid press
        You’ve never been screwed at all.”

        James James Murdoch Murdoch Weatherby George DuPree
        Took great care of his father, although he was only three.
        “Now don’t go doing any deals, without Rebekah and Me!”.

        Hush Hush Whisper who dares!
        Rebekah Brooks is saying her Prayers!
        “Dear God in Heaven, what shall I do?
        I’ve got all the goods, even on you!
        Should I reveal it and take em to hell?
        Or just stay tight lipped and look guilty as well?
        Rumperty Rupert has a place in his court
        But will I look stupid and venal and bought?
        And anyway what I mostly do fear
        Is Rumperty Rupert won’t last out the year.
        Dear God in heaven, I’m riddled with doubt
        Rebekah to God, Over and Out”

        There’s a lady who knows
        all those whispers are not sold
        and she’s climbing a stairway
        to Bedroom.


        • 137
          not a machine says:

          I cant really say much against Mary Riddles loyalty , but that colum was as near to blind hypocracy as you can get .


      • 167
        Ewanme says:

        Pleeeze do , Guido , honey x .

        I bin doin my bit but I ain’t got the resources to prove they is anythin other than a loada hippocrits .

        Ta .

        E x .


  6. 6
    Gordon Brown says:

    I wept when I read this story


  7. 9
    The Media Will Bum Itself Senseless says:

    Who gives a shit?


  8. 11
    John A says:

    I don’t give a monkey’s about NI listening to people’s phone messages, neither do I care about the Mirror Group. It’s all bollocks.


    • 46
      NealK says:

      Then that only shows how desensitized you’ve become. If this happened in America, the offending journalists would have been dragged naked through the streets by an outraged public if the police didn’t get to them first. Also, apparently unlike the UK, we actually file charges and arrest people who engage in these sorts of crimes.


      • 96
        Archer Karcher says:

        Bullshit, the MSM in America are as bad as here and the same war is being fought for truth, between the MSM, who use the same tactics of evasion, distortion and half truth and bloggers just as here. The MSM is bought and paid for by vested interests, throughout and almost in entirety.


      • 106
        MrAngry61 says:

        Then arrest ALL of the hacks who’ve illegally obtained information. that’ll hurt The Mirror more than News International! Then Labour loses their only conduit to the C,D & E demographic groups!


  9. 13

    Bear shits in woods.


  10. 14


    Can you pass this on to the BBC, I am sure they will cover it like they did with the NOTW (R.I.P), Also i am hoping you could get Ed Miliband to comment on this amd he has not been slow to condem wrong doing.


  11. 15
    Jimbo says:

    This isn’t true.


  12. 16
    vircantium says:

    Here we go – the contagion spreads. Let’s hear the Lefties squeal now.


    • 30
      Voice of Treason says:

      How pathetic to make this into a right-left issue. It’s the whole Establishment that’s corrupt especially the so-called Westminster village. I doubt whether there are more than ten or so honest politicians and journalists in the whole country. Most have some degree of crookedness, all are devious liars and all are hypocrites. This is Briatin today – a fucked up cesspit of a country.


      • 42
        Voice of Treason says:

        Oh, and I forgot to mention the Metropolitan Police – just about the worst police force in the country, stuffed with corrupt coppers and legalised thugs. A shining example of filth in high places.


    • 31
      Hugh Edwards says:



  13. 20
    Steve Miliband says:

    GF obviously not wanting to appear on “life stories” with Pierced Organ


  14. 20
    A Politician says:

    The news is all about journalists. I’m so happy.


  15. 22
    David and Victoria says:

    We nearly named our new baby after Sven but Victoria is not too hot at spelling.


  16. 25
    Earn Kearney says:

    Why couldn’t News of the World have hacked Maddie’s phone?


  17. 28
    Johann Hari says:

    I’m being persecuted by a right wing conspiracy. I’m a victim just like the people fighting for freedom in Burma and North Korea.


  18. 32
    astateofdenmark says:

    Its not a Murdoch paper so nobody will care I’m afraid.


  19. 33
    EdMiliband says:

    Yeth, but Pierth mutht have been a thun thpy


  20. 34
    NealK says:

    Excellent. I was wondering how long it would take for something like this to come out about Piers Morgan. It should be fun to pull up recent clips of various CNN hosts and contributors expressing sanctimonious outrage over the hacking scandal.


  21. 37
    walk the lines says:

    this is dynamite – it could bring down governments around the world.


  22. 38
    Down With Brown! says:

    Britain’s Got Phone Hacking Talent.


  23. 40
    annette curton says:

    2002?, not much of a scoop now is it.


  24. 43
    PURPLELINE says:

    Understand next weeks parliamentary committee meeting with the Murdochs and Brook will allow Rupert to place on the record, without any legal implications, the dirty dark secrets of the Guardian, BBC and Russian controlled Indie plus some riveting revelations about the Barclay boys.

    Go Digger Go


    • 64
      A Member of the Star Chamber says:

      We’ll be alright. We’ve got safety in numbers and a pompous chairman to talk down to the witnesses.


    • 75
      The big D says:

      If Mr Murdoch has Operation Ore titbits, or information about the other Blair era D notices at his disposal, it could be an interesting session.

      I do hope the left wing groups aligned against Rupert have not forgoten Machiavelli’s view that “the injury done to a man ought to be such that vengeance cannot be feared.”

      They must be very sure of their ground.


      • 111
        Archer Karcher says:


        The police have sat on their hands and said nothing for years regarding who they caught and didn’t prosecute. You can bet good money Murdoch has all their names.


  25. 45
    Totally off topic but hey, I'm bored says:

    Who’s the greatest action star? And on a related point, how come all the iconic action stars are Republicans?

    Van Damme
    The Rock
    Jet Li
    Bruce Lee
    Jackie Chan


  26. 50
    Crumbs!! says:

    NI just issued statement refuting Brown’s claim that his son’s medical records had been hacked. They claim that the matter was discussed with the Brown’s before and after publication.


    • 58
      The Master says:

      The Gorgon made reference to “people on a bus”. When was the last time The Gorgon was on a bus?


      • 73
        mercurius says:

        i think you’ll find he said ‘people in a bush.’
        which of course means he was referring to Ron Davies….


  27. 51
    Anonymous says:

    So, uh, where’s your evidence?

    Because I would REALLY like to see Piers Morgan dragged into this.


  28. 53
    Piers Dogshit Morgan says:

    Guido. Do not publish the pics of me rimming Simon Cowell’s glory hole. They are fakes.


  29. 54
    bunny plugger says:

    Morgan should have been strung up by his knackers after running with the totally false story about our troops pissing on enemy captives in Iraq.

    I can’t believe that freak Cowal relaunched his career. He is a true piece of shite


  30. 55
    Jess The Dog says:

    Rupert Murdoch will not turn up – no way! He’ll offer to ‘co-operate’ then make an excuse and send Rebekah. US citizens are not well known for appearing before Parliamentary committees….like the woman who wrecked Cadburys.


    • 125
      Aesop o'Sardis says:

      I imagine that most of Westminster hopes to hell that he stays away and stays quiet. He has been gathering evidence for 40 years.

      I hope that he turns up and tells us about the depraved personal conduct of the leading lights of the political scene.


    • 126
      MrAngry61 says:

      Probably – but desperate times call for desperate measures. And, unlike most witnesses, Rupert would probably have more control of the situation than most of the MPs present.


    • 159
      Lord Madoff Ponzi Mandelbum of that Ilk says:

      I am applying for Russian citizenship

      You never know…


  31. 56
    Skeptic says:

    Cool story bro. Although actual “evidence” of this is notable by it’s absence.

    Is that coming along soon? Or shall we just nod, smile and get on with our lives?


    • 252
      Anonymous says:

      “Evidence?” There has been virtually no evidence that about 95% of the people the police claimed were hacked actually were. All they have done is found their names in a PI’s notebook.


  32. 57
  33. 60
    Huw Edward's rummaging through Kat Moon Bin says:

    The plot thickens.


  34. 62
    The Master says:

    The Rozzers were well and truly Roggered by the CMS gang. Hilarious


  35. 63
    Beam Me Up says:

    Scottie isn’t exactly the brightest button in the box is he?


  36. 67
    Sven G.E says:

    first half good. Second half, not so good.


  37. 70
    A Fine Pair of Lungs says:

    Piers Morgan could not hack a hacking cough.


  38. 71

    Some hard evidence please, we don’t want to give plod the chance to look the other way for a few more years.


  39. 72
    Politicians are CUNTS says:

    Why are WE still paying fucking Gordon Brown as a fucking MP?


    • 82

      Because , In thier wisdom the voters of Gordons constitancy decided he should serve another 4/5 years in parliment being thier voice, Fighting for fairness (as he promised before the election).


      • 98
        speling be says:

        Yeah, that’s Billy alright. BTW, I fucking hate those disseminaters of utter pish, Stonewall, so you can fuck right off.


      • 101
        nell says:

        Well his constituency got what they deserved for voting for him.


        • 128
          Aesop o'Sardis says:

          Sadly, we got more than we deserved and nobody outside his consituency ever voted for him to do anything. The degenerate arse has utter contempt for democracy and for people.


  40. 74
    Gordon Brown ate my hamster says:

    If Miliband raises the so-called hacking of Jonah’s phone at pmqs tomorrow, I hope Cameron has the guts to say Brown did nothing when he had the opportunity and, if he really has balls, which he doesn’t, he’d say Brown’s family friend leaked the information. But then, we’d need a tough leader who’s willing to be brutal at pmqs.

    Strangely, Cameron was often quite enjoyably harsh at pmqs when he was in opposition. The frequent jibes about eating too many bananas, secretaries being flung out of chairs, printers and phones being thrown etc were deliciously merciless. Ever since becoming pm, he’s lost this killer edge. When’s he gonna learn to go on the offensive? Repeatedly saying “we inherited this or that son Labour” isn’t enough. He should ridicule Miliband for leading a shadow cabinet who all voted for his brother. He should mention Blair flying to Australia to have dinner with Murdoch. He should mention Sarah Brown organising Brooks’ 40th birthday party. Stick the knife in. This is politics. Take no prisoners. The Tories used to have a killer instinct. The “New Labour New Danger evil eyes” broadcasts. They need to get this back. At the moment Cameron’s letting Miliwank determine the shape of events. Such barefaced hypocrisy shouldn’t be allowed to go on. Go into the chamber tomorrow and get tough on Miliband and say loudly and firmly that Labour were in bed with NI for 14 years and did fuck all.


    • 86

      Will Gordon turn up and ask a question?


      • 100
        nell says:

        Doubt it.

        He’s hurried off back to scot land with his tail between his legs since his allegations started unravelling at about lunchtime.


      • 120
        Anonymous says:

        I am a victim of a conspiracy by the British people to vote me out of office, and I’m taking my ball back to scotchland.


    • 87

      “Son of Thatcher”, “Heir to Blair” by my reckoning that means Cameron has 32 years and counting of subservience to Murdoch and NI pre-programmed.


    • 129
      Archer Karcher says:

      Lol, Cameron and ‘killer edge’ in the same sentence.
      What ever next, Cameron and balls of steel?
      Cameron is just a playground bully, beating up wimps like Minibrain, whilst shitting himself when the big boys show up and tell him to pay up.


      • 239
        nell says:

        Alas you are right about that AK.

        I just keep hoping that at some point young dave will acquire some of Mrs T’s balls (please excuse my french).


    • 183
      Bill d'Sarse says:

      Whatever Cameron says or doesn’t say tomorrow, PMQs are likely to be very interesting. I am looking forward to it.


    • 292
      Hack Doff says:

      Why is he not laying in to Moribund?

      Dentist chair syndrome..

      You know, you grab the dentists nuts and say, ” We are not going to hurt each other are we?’


  41. 81
    Who Edwards rummaging through Kat Moon's Bin. says:

    Oh shit.


  42. 91
    Huge Grant says:

    Less of the ‘little’ Piers.


  43. 105
    Gordy's Imploded as Expected says:

    18.10 News International is fighting back on all fronts at the moment. Now The Sunday Times has released a statement, saying that the information about Gordon Brown’s flat and bank details were also obtained legally:

    We pursued this story in the public interest.

    We were told that Mr Brown had bought a flat cheaper than any normal valuation and that he obtained it through a company in which Geoffrey Robinson, a close ally, had been a director.

    We had reasonable grounds to investigate this matter and followed the PCC Code on using subterfuge.

    We believe no law was broken in the process of this investigation, and contrary to Mr Brown’s assertion, no criminal was used and the story was published giving all sides a fair hearing.

    We also note that Allen & Overy, the law firm, have denied they handed over any details about the purchase of the property and had nothing to do with it.

    18.03 News International’s statement over the Gordon Brown medical records story in full, in which they say that the “member of the public” who gave them the story has provided a sworn affidavit to a lawyer confirming that he or she did so:

    We are able to assure the Brown family that we did not access the medical records of their son, nor did we commission anyone to do so.

    The story The Sun ran about their son originated from a member of the public whose family has also experienced cystic fibrosis. He came to The Sun with this information voluntarily because he wanted to highlight the cause of those afflicted by the disease. The individual has provided a written affidavit this afternoon to a lawyer confirming this.

    On receipt of the information, The Sun approached Mr Brown and discussed with his colleagues how best to present it. Those colleagues provided quotes which were used in the published piece which indicated his consent to it.

    We believe that the article was written sensitively and appropriately. We are not aware of Mr Brown, nor any of his colleagues to whom we spoke, making any complaint about it at the time.

    The publication of the story and the further responsible, sympathetic and informative coverage The Sun continued to give to the disease resulted in renewed interest for those affected by it. Donations to the Cystic Fibrosis Trust nearly doubled over the next year.

    We continue to inquire in to other allegations made by Mr Brown, and implore him to provide details to us so we can establish the facts.

    ortesy of Telegraph


    • 127
      not a machine says:

      I was a little tired this morning , swicthed telly on rubbing my eyes and was sure it was Gaddafi making his resignation speech , until I noticed he wasnt wearing his green hat and sash .

      count how many times “the record will show” and wierd denial of texts sarah recieved on sacking of cabinet minister . Same old tune same old ops ,


    • 134
      MrAngry61 says:

      Good. At last they’ve come out fighting.


    • 142
      nell says:


      allen and overy the solicitors gordon said were conned into leaking details about his purchase of a cheap flat have issued a statement saying that they’ve never worked for him and never held any papers for him.

      Ho Hum!!

      Surely our gordon’s not telling porky pies in his desperate attempt to get revenge on rupert?!


    • 218
      Anonymous says:

      LOL jonah fucks up again useless deluded c unt !


    • 263
      Madme Defarge says:

      It would be easy to get details of his flat through the Land Registry – anyone can do it and as it’s public information it should be freely available and this would include any outstanding mortgage.


  44. 108
    Ulrika-ka-ka-ka says:

    Piers är en komplett moron.


  45. 121

    Fisrt they came for the NOTW, I said nothing…..

    Then the came for the Times, I said nothing

    Now they come for the Mirror, i sit here wondering who will they come for next?


    • 147
      Anonymous says:

      Make no mistake Billy, the Labour/BBC/Guardian axis of evil wants to shut down free speech in this country, and that’s why they want to scupper Murdochs bid for BSkyB as a rival for that other monopoly, The British Biased Corporation. They don’t want voices like we have on here to be heard in the MSM, that’s your voice and my voice. Fawkes has to manage his blog from offshore to ensure he doesn’t get sued for what appears on his blog, FFS. What sort of a fucking free country is that? Certainly not one I want to live in if these fuckers succeed. The left in this country are shit scared they are losing their stranglehold on the media in general, and thereby their means of propogating their ‘progressive’, lala land distopia, and are fighting dirty as they always do. I’m just hope that if all else fails, the little light of this blog will keep on burning.


    • 168
      Anonymous says:

      They might be coming for your botty Billy, so all is not lost.


  46. 122
    not a machine says:

    I think we should re visit the Piers interviews sessions again just to see if any blagging wasnt occuring , Savid Javid just given most interesting ten minute rule bill on debt cap , should be interesting I think OBR is due to publish for the first time proper set of accounts with PFI and other off balance sheet debts (one leak makes horror reading).Mr Javid worked in a bank advisng bankrupt countires and was informed (would like to know what comment from Mr Straw made Jon Mann laugh)

    Huhnes statement was an interesting presentation , although not to my liking in some aspects , yes Labour have left a desperate forward planning scenario , but carbon tax is in , carbon floor price is in and carbon capture . I could point out that on coal generation in particular he is robbing one side to fund another by rather quietly adding constraints on emissions of coal fired only . Silence from Lib dems and Ms Lucas on nuclear did little to interpret what these “new and exciting” forms of power generation should be , and whilst I appreciate planning matters are pressurised , I was not assured that Mr Huhne had not just tinkered with what was bequeathed to him ,in terms of thinking and was not pursuing some other views on how a constrained and resource could be better done for the consumer long term .By the time new nuclear is on line much quicker alternatives could be in place , that would help not only the short term economy , but ensure he limits the exposure of open cheque book ideas that he did not illuminate in detail. being as accusations of meddling often get thrown at lay people by politicians , if one had a found a useful idea that should get attention , who should one contact ? to avoid uncessary expendature .

    I think Mr Yates was a little surprised by his treatment , and given some columists were quick to point out , we have much to thank him and his team for re anti terrorism .
    I wonder if an MP can fit in a smart car with 47tonnes of classA .


    • 228
      This much is clear says:

      Yates is getting the hardest time because of the cash for question enquiry. He more or less said there was sufficient evidence for a prosecution but the decision not to prosecute was taken by the CPS. Thats why they hate him and its sad to see so many on here having a go at him and doing the work of those corrupt c unts in parliament.


      • 229
        This much is clear says:

        I should have said cash for peerages , theres so much corruption going on in that den of theives that it gets confusing.


  47. 123
    david says:

    So PM hacked into Ulrika’s phone, really, really bad, but it ‘aint Milly Dowler, you’ll have to do better than that Guido, a lot better.


    • 225
      The Piss Soaked Tramp Formally Known As TAT! says:

      Milly Dowler is dead and gone who actually gives a shit….


  48. 131
    I don't need no doctor says:

    That slimey bitch Yvette Cooper has just been on ITV news. She is nothing more than a vile hypocrite.


    • 158
      Engineer says:

      Cooper is a fully functioning British Standard lefty. Hypocricy is in their design spec.


  49. 132
    Tax-Free Expenses Fiddling MP says:

    Thank fuck that Murdoch is fucked – now we can get right back to fiddling expenses unmolested.


  50. 133
    nell says:

    So the mirror was hacking phones too.

    How gobsmackingly amazing.

    And piers too who is such a personal friend of gordon and sarah’s.

    And piers of course had also worked for murdoch. Cross fertilization of ideas perhaps? Did the mirror give the idea for phone hacking to notw or was it vice versa?


  51. 135
    Michael Magoo says:

    News International single-handedly caused global warming by cutting down trees for their newspapers! The bastards!


  52. 138
    Chocolate Moussa says:

    Hacking is hacking. Ulrika, Millie D, anyone. Just read a Mirror front page of late and smile at the fall they are soon to take.

    Rank hypocrites.


  53. 143
    not a machine says:

    Is it just me or does anyone else wish QT was on this week , with guest panel , of kelvin Mckenzie , Polly Toynebee , Ed Balls ,johan hari , Andrew Neil and mcbride , with audience at parchute regiment barracks


    • 174
      James Delingpole says:

      Don’t forget me.


      • 184
        not a machine says:

        we would have to Huhne on as well then , be a bit crowded , cant quite place who fav conservative mp would be on such a panel , David gaulk .


  54. 144
    Bobg says:

    Nce try Guido. Didn’t work. Murdoch and his right wing acolytes are FUCKED. And you know it. Bye dave !!


    • 163
      It was the Sun what won it! says:

      “Murdoch and his right wing acolytes”

      The ones who supported Labour for 13 years?


    • 166
      Engineer says:

      One of the left-wing trolls on here last night claimed that “this isn’t party political”. Are you going off-piste, or was last night’s troll misinformed?


      • 179
        Tony and Imelda Blair says:

        You must not be rude about our bosom friend Murdock

        He mad us celebrities

        And we have made MILLIOSN thanks to him

        SO there


    • 187
      not a machine says:

      Oh contair , see how you feel next week ,if you can possibly feel inspired to post , by what labour sold to UK Public


  55. 145

    Only one way to sort this out!

    5-day test match

    mirror group v News Corp.


  56. 146
    nell says:

    So now that we know the mirror was hacking as well will militwit be calling for that to be closed down too?


  57. 151
    Jemima Clarkson says:

    So someone leaks a story that Gordon Brown’s phone was hacked to get information about his son’s Cystic Fibrosis. A very nasty story.

    Thankfully for News International it turns out that that their lawyers have managed to get an affidavit from a member of the public saying he gave them the story. So that’s alright then.

    Is the logic being presented that because one story may be legitimate that others may be also be legitinate, ergo any inquiry is pointless, move along, nothing to see here?

    Is this quite possibly the worst and most cynical case of news management ever witnessed in Britain?

    But then how cynical do you have to be to hack into the phone’s of dead people for fucks sake? And am I being cynical in suspecting that this response has been a long time in the planning and execution?


    • 156
      cheche says:

      Gordon lied. Full stop


      • 188
        nell says:

        Yes he did. And if an ex pm can lie , how many more of them are lying?

        Mayhap we should be leaving all of this to an inquiry before parliament and militwit decide that NI are guilty.

        Y’know? As per our ancient justice system as it used to be before labour mucked it up ‘ everyone is innocent until proven guilty’


  58. 154
    cheche says:

    The question to be asked and you may not like it is when do the family of the victim move to celebrity status. There are a great many who are always on TV. The McCanns, Dowlers, Lawrence, Palin spring easily to mind.

    Celebrity victimhood has its price


    • 216
      Engineer says:

      To be fair, not all the above either wanted, or courted, the publicity. They just became the unwilling centre of a media storm because of events over which they had no control, and that they wish had never happened.


  59. 155
    Jack says:

    Where is Toilets Guido ?

    Do you have some stuff on him which will sink him off forever ?!

    In the meantime, I love munching my peanuts while Murdoch and the rest of the Briotish Press destory eachother

    I have waited for this for years…

    Exactly what they deserve..

    Could not have happened to nicer people…


  60. 157
    Piers Morgan says:

    That is just self-obsessive, wanking journalism of the lowest rank, Guido ! Get a life !


    • 160
      Toilets Maguire OBE says:

      Like me

      I am the greatest and most honest journalist since the United Kingdom became United

      That is why I am keeping mum nowadays…


    • 161
      Engineer says:

      Well, you should know all about self-obsessive, wanking journalism….


    • 241
      Alex says:

      In that case, what is mocking up photos of British soldiers abusing iraqi prisoners fake Piers?


  61. 164
    Chief Rabbi says:

    This is fun Guido

    Murdoch ripping the guts out of the rest of the press and vice versa

    Could not have happened to nicer people…


  62. 165
    Piers "Cole" Morgan says:

    I am Piers Morgan

    I am a sanctimonious imposter pretending to be important

    I earn fooking millions promooting Z list celebrities..

    That is why I am in Tinsel Town…

    PS Bet you did not know that I had a middle name…


  63. 169
    Cato Street Conspirator says:

    I’m not commenting until I hear what Johann Hari has to say about it.

    See you in 2047.


  64. 171
    It could not happen to ni$cer people says:

    Let the Mirror and NI fight to the death


  65. 172
    Ewanme says:



  66. 177
    Denis MacShame of the Old Labour party says:

    You must understand Guido

    I am just sitting on the fence until Scotland Yard have finished their investigaqtion

    And with your chum Murdoch they have just taken all the men off my case…



  67. 181
    nell says:

    gordon made three accusations against NI this morning.

    He said they’d hacked into his son’s medical records. That’s now been disproved and another couple who also had a child with cystic fibrosis have given a written statement to say that the story came from them and that the story actually doubled donations to the cystic fibrosis society that year.

    He said Allen and Overy the solicitors were conned into leaking some of his papers. They’ve now issued a statement saying they never worked for him and never had any of his papers and were never conned into releasing anything. Allegation No.2 disproved.

    That leaves his story about santandar (then abbey national) being conned, on six separate occasions, by someone pretending to be gordon, into releasing details of his bank account. No doubt santander will be wanting to release a statement sooner rather than later in order to reassure their thousands of customers about the voracity or otherwise of gordon’s allegation.

    But I do just wonder, since 2 out of 3 of gordon’s allegations are now known not to have been true, how many more allegations being publicly made against the NI are untrue?


  68. 189
    Lobster Throttler says:

    I noticed only last night that Tom Watson is a thick fat bastard, then i realised he is a typical socialist pig.


    • 201
      Voice of Treason says:

      Err… a bit like Eric Pickles?


    • 202
      nell says:

      Ah you’re being a bit unkind.

      I think his greatest claim to fame is that he, gordon and mcbride shared an office in no.10. 3 toxic peas in a pod.

      I always thought of them as gordon’s attack dogs.

      I used to get real amusement out of seeing him in his striped suit in the HoC. He always reminded me of a mint humbug on legs.

      humbug and socialism of course go hand in hand!!


    • 208
      nell says:

      Ah you’re being a bit unkind.

      I think his greatest claim to fame is that he, gordon and m cb rid e shared an office in no.10. 3 toxic peas in a pod.

      I always thought of them as gordon’s attack dogs.

      I used to get real amusement out of seeing him in his striped suit in the HoC. He always reminded me of a mint humbug on legs.

      humbug and socialism of course go hand in hand!!


  69. 194
    Anonymous says:

    This is your big scoop Guido? I’m honestly disappointed. The 3am girls story has been doing the rounds for years and has absolutely no legs to it. Surely there must be some real dirt to throw considering the Mirror and Piers were among the worst offenders for the “Dark Arts” for some time.

    But of course, this isn’t about Piers, this is about throwing out as much chaff as possible to try and divert attention from your good friends in News Corp. Too bad it’s about as effective as pissing in the wind right now.


    • 204
      nell says:


      Guido doesn’t need to deflect attention for NI.

      gordon has just done it for them big time!!!


      • 224
        Anonymous says:

        Not in the slightest. You have to realize that the public only care about soundbites.

        “BROWNS SICK BABY RECORDS HACKED BY NI” sticks in peoples minds, rebuttals do not, especially when those rebuttals come from a discredited organisation


        • 236
          nell says:

          Lies is lies sweetie and even we uneducated peasants recognise them when we see them!!!


          • nell says:

            OK Guido what was modded this time ?

            Was it the word lies?

            Or maybe it was me calling someone sweetie. Is that against the thought police manual put in place by hattyharpic when labour were in power?!


  70. 200
    Gordon Brown ate my hamster says:


  71. 206
    The last quango in paris says:

    Gordon just couldn’t bear it if he thought no one had bothered to hack his phone – in fact by bringing this up as an unsubstantiated ‘maybe’ he has our his sons condition to the fore again. He should have got his facts right first.


  72. 210
    Gordon Brown ate my hamster says:

    Given that Brown’s accusations are rapidly unravelling to a truly shocking degree that looks set to do substantial damage to his already ruined reputation, don’t be surprised if he suddenly announces during the summer recess that he’ll be stepping down as an MP, after which he’ll quickly disappear from public life even more disgraced and shamed and before NI can expose more embarrassing revelations about him. Silly boy, he can’t do anything right.


  73. 211
    Piss Organ says:

    The clue is in the name.


  74. 212
    Johann Hari says:

    I haven’t been suspended. That’s a lie.


  75. 213
    nell says:

    One gets the very strong feeling tonight that here come the No Win No Fee lawyers all expecting to make a fortune out of getting compensation for victims of NI!

    There will be some really genuine victims like the Dowler’s of course – though one hopes that the real people hurt by this scandal won’t have to go to court to get recompensed for their distress.

    Then there will be the others , and amongst them are going to be loads of mp’s who are facing reduced expenses payments who think that claiming they were hacked will be a good way to make a quick buck. Most of them will be voting in militwit’s ‘get murdoch motion’ tomorrow.


  76. 214
    Brown and Out says:

    For all the flack the bbc get, they’re running the story about the rebuttals to Brown’s allegations. The piece even says “Brown remained silent about alleged abuses of media power during his time in office”.



    • 262
      Spunkbubble says:

      Has this been on their news channel though, and if so, was it a 30 second piece, quickly brushed over?

      There were some stats printed the other day (probably on this site) that shows that “the public” gains it’s news opinions not from on-line sources, but the TV they watch.


  77. 217
    Anonymous says:

    Millitwat needs to get that ‘kin smirk off his face and quick. What a pathetic little dick , anyone would think he was taking pleasure in it


    • 220
      David Minibanana says:

      Ed’s got a moral compass ??



  78. 222
    Moley. says:

    Conservative Home reports that opponents to the IMF £9 Billion payment were wrong-footed by the Government changing the time of the vote with insufficient warning.

    I always thought that it was only Socialists who played dirty tricks like that.



    • 230
      Anonymous says:

      The E.U. is our government and they are socialists.


    • 231
      Anonymous says:

      Maybe it’ll break the delusions that the Conservatives are in any way better or worse than Labour.
      All politicians, left and right, are self-serving pricks with their noses in the collective trough


      • 250
        nell says:

        Er No anon !

        The coalition is nowhere near as bad as the last labour govt.

        That was the WORST govt we have ever had . Even cromwell was better than gordon!!!

        But yes cameron does need to develop a backbone; he is becoming irritatingly weak kneed.


  79. 232
    The Piss Soaked Tramp Formally Known As TAT! says:

    Own goal by Gayboy Gordo and his arranged family.


  80. 234
    Dave is WRONG WRONG WRONG says:

    Am I the only one who thinks Dave has got this wrong.

    OK I think we can all agree that NI did some very bad things and they need to be punished (as did most if not all of the papers).

    I am though, certain that the Labour attack on NI is politically motivated , NI is their only target and according to the figures the Mirror group is even worse.

    Dave should never have signed up to Red’s debate and agree to condemn NI and NI only.

    DAVID CAMERON sucks. Big Time. And why is he Kowtowing to Red Ed?


    • 237
      It's time to become a leader Dave and Not a follower says:

      And as we now know that Gordo was lying. Well actually we all knew that anyway but we now have the proof he was lying.

      Dave has no reason to lie down put his legs in the air and go along with Gordo’s pathetic sympathy tricks.


    • 238
      The Piss Soaked Tramp Formally Known As TAT! says:

      The Tories have been wrong about Cameron from day one. How the fuck he couldn’t win a clear majority against a mental case like Gordon Brown says it all.


  81. 235
    SCUMBAG PAP says:

    You naughty boy Scotty, you;re gonna get nicked and you never even won the Press Award.


  82. 242
    what a plonker says:

    Brown is an odious creep .and he should be held to account along with Red Ed and Balls for helping to ruin our country . In spite of all this smokescreen and crocodile tears over N.I. We should never forget the real story.


  83. 251
    A Firm Pair Of Breasts says:

    British Press Awards, Young Journalist Of The Year 2003.

    Winner: Johann Hari, the Independent.


  84. 253
    I don't need no doctor says:

    Does Brown still rule the roost. Ed Miliband could still be his puppet. Strange but possibly true.


  85. 255
    That's News says:

    So, is Piers Morgan saying that the People’s paper, the Daily Mirror, was wrong when it hacked people’s phones?

    Was it as wrong as when it published faked photos of British soldiers torturing prisoners, thus putting the lives of real British soldiers at risk?

    Time Piers pissed off, I think.


  86. 259
    awardwinningscoop says:


    Get over yourself please Guido, you don’t know an award winning scoop if it fucked you in the James Murdoch


  87. 269
    thedarklight says:

    Not true. Ulrika and Sven had lunch at J Sheeky about two weeks before the scandal broke. I remember it very clearly as we gossiped about them possibly being a Swedish item in our office where someone had seen them, and a few weeks later the story broke.

    No interest in protecting Piers, but it was no big secret.


  88. 270
    Bill Blake says:

    Lock up every single one of these bums. They are the scum of the earth.


  89. 271
    greyfox says:

    As we use to say on “Laugh in” verry interestink but stupid!


  90. 272
    LibelFreeZone says:

    Please don’t insult all trained journalists by calling Piers Morgan a journalist. Scummy limey Piers Morgan was Editor of NOTW from 1993-1994. Did plenty of damage then, too, and laughed about it all the way to the bank. Lying, exaggerating, going for the jugular…the whole ball o’ wax.

    After having been run out of Britain on a rail, Morgan took Simon Cowell’s advice and moved to the U.S. where American viewers don’t really know his tawdry tabloid history. I wonder if any of Morgan’s sordid past will be exposed along with every other low life snarling jackal at NOTW. Without a public acknowledgment–indeed, an apology for deceiving the public during his years as an editor for not one but three notorious British tabloids–I don’t think Morgan will ever be able to wash the stink off himself from being mentored by Rupert Murdoch and Kelvin Mackenzie, both repulsive yellow journalists. Now he’s trotting himself out as a quality but “dangerous” mainstream interviewer on CNN. Shame on CNN for hiring this disreputable and lame excuse for a journalist. It’s a sad day for journalism when Piers Morgan is considered “quality journalism.”


  91. 277
    Politicians are CUNTS says:

    My MP. a party loving, constituent hating tory, says Brown ‘s activity has nothing to do with him and all the voters can do is wait until an election and vote him out.

    So it’s okay for Brown to do fuck all for 5 years at OUR expense

    All MPs are c-u-n-t-s


    • 293
      Hack Doff says:


      I thought we voted, sorry, expressed an opinion then they all did Firk Hall at our expences


  92. 279
    Cream Puff says:

    One thing I’m not clear about is the Sun’s defence on the Brown story
    Let me make it clear I’m no Brown fan, in fact I hate the fool with a vengance!
    I do think he is being opportunist by raising the matter regarding his son’s medical condition being exposed in the Sun, as why he didnt complain at the time?
    But lets get back to the Sun’s defence/excuse
    It claims to have proof that it got the story from a member of the public, whose son also had Cystic Fibrosis . But doesnt explain why this member of the public also knew that Gordon Brown’s son had the same or have I missed that connection somewhere?


  93. 281
    Anonymous says:


    Read the essay in the comment section if you want to laugh/cry


  94. 287
    NotDeadYet says:

    Being from the U.S., I don’t know enough to even comment about most of this. Except to say that most of us over here understand why there was no sense of anguish when Piers Morgan decided to desert to our shores. If he gets called home to testify to Parliament, there will probably be a movement to blacklist him like your country did with Savage.


  95. 295
    Despair for this country says:

    What sort of award is given for a story about two minor celebs from Sweden having it off? How pathetic is that?


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