July 19th, 2011

Morgan Deflects From the Issue

Guido is looking forward to crystal clear tones when Morgan is hauled before Lord Justice Leveson.


  1. 1
    The Umpire is always right! says:

    Comment of the day!

    • 2
      Gordon Brown (shouting) says:

      An MP with a thick Scottish accent grilling an 80yr old partially-deaf Australian-born American is excruciating.


      • 37
        Lady Virginia Droit de Seigneur says:

        No Gordon if he had meant you he would have said:

        “A thick MP with a Scottish accent grilling an 80yr old partially-deaf Australian-born American is excruciating.”

        • 123
          David Laws Lib Dem fiddler says:

          Forget phone hacking, what about a judicial review for the serious matter of the Iraq war where thousands of people lost their lives and were injured. What about a judicial inquiry about MPs expenses and why so few were/are prosecuted. Is there another cover up or agreement between the Met and government?

          Root and branch investigation of corruption at Westminster including second jobs, lobbying, relatives jobs/contracts connected with Westminster. Clegg, Cameron and Milipede when are you going to instigate the biggest and most needed inquiry.

          • The Welfare state must die! says:

            Piers-Pughe Morgan (his real name): “Why does everyone take an instant dislike to me?

            Everyone: “It saves time!”

    • 6
      Tom Baldwin's Liebour Ajax supplier says:

      Dont worry Piers you corrupt lying shit….your next…look out for the arrest warrant on your door mat, lm sure Sven will be happy, as will all the people you hacked for the Mirror!

      Dumb twat.

      • 19
        Down with Brown! says:

        Was Piers the one who started the phone hacking?

        • 32
          Tom Baldwin's Liebour Ajax supplier says:

          He was one of the first, he passed all skills onto Campbell and baldwin, then to Maguire!

          Mirror fucked, BBC fucked, Guardian fucked, Liebour fucked!

          • Vile Labour Slag Lyn Brown abuses the blind says:

            Now is the time, if you have anything on a Labour MP sell it to Murdoch. You’ll never be in a better position than now! If you have anything on Miliband don’t sell it. We need this salivating moron to stay in charge of Labour.

        • 35
          smoggie says:

          Dunno, it’s a fairly recent trend. They never hacked mobile phones a century ago in Fleet Street’s heyday. Someone told me why but I forget the reason.

    • 20
      Marco Polo says:

      It’s not his accent that is thick, it’s him.

      • 30
        smoggie says:

        Than that makes him perfect Leadership material !

        Milibean’s sphincter must be quivering by now as he sees the scenario being played out for all the world to see on the BBC.

        • 103
          Rat's arse says:

          Too right ‘smoggie’. I bet his arse is going like trumpeter’s lips.

          • smoggie says:

            Like the Speaker’s missus’ flaps, vibrating in the open window overlooking the Thames.

      • 173
        Political pundit. says:

        I heard him being interviewed on Bring Back Communism’s radio 4 this morning and asked what questions he would be asking. I only understood less than half of what he said.
        Where do they find these cretins?

    • 147
      Postal Vote says:

      Almost off to the pub, but not before asking conservatives whether

      -they have started counting all public sector job adverts in Guardian newspaper (adverts for which the big money is paid) and make an estimate of how much revenue that has represented for the Guardian over the period 1997-2010. Remember also the personal links between Guardian and labour (government): Myners, Wagg Prosser, MP on media select committe used to write for Observer, Ashley’s father a labour peer);

      -they have started preparing a law that requires all government advertising to be properly spread over all the media groups in the country and publishing acounts of its advertising budget.

      Get on with it you lazy farts! Stop looking into those headlights. I’m giving you all this free advice as non-uk geezer who can make lots of money if labour returns to office through shorting sterling and gilts. So take this advice.

  2. 3
    misterned says:

    Morgan needs stringing up for what he did to the good name of the British Military.

    What he did was for worse and showed far greater gullibility than anything Cameron has done.

  3. 4
    Jamie says:

    I’ve got a bottle of champagne chilling in readiness for Piers’s appearance. I’ll probably still choke on it when he opens his smarmy mouthm but anyway…

  4. 5
    smoggie says:

    Yes Piers, just wait until you are at the end of Watson’s tongue.

    • 152
      la' says:


    • 174
      Political pundit. says:

      Watson will have to go easy on him as a fellow traveller.
      We should bring up Watson’s record on expenses.
      Talk about the pot calling the kettle black.

  5. 7
    Jacob Stoatgobbler says:

    Will Mr Morgan be requiring a Spanish Translator at a later date?

  6. 8
    Amongomous says:

    I think he meant to say: A thick Scottish MP grilling an 80yr old partially-dead Australian-born American is excruciating. Need translators

  7. 9
    The Umpire is always right! says:

    Tom watson blew it, how is someone at the top of a world wide company meant to know every detail of 1% of his buisness.

    Rupert has played a blinder, James is very impressive.

    Loved the references to Labour, paarties (Mrs Murdoch was good then) even got alistar campballs name in there.

    • 13
      Down with Brown! says:

      That was Cameron, erm Alaistair Campell’s idea..

    • 15
      Stan Stedd says:

      Accurate albeit illiterate as usual Billy

    • 22
      Tax Payer says:

      Why did we have to have 5 minutes on which door they used?

    • 31
      ssdb says:

      Watson looked like a prize nob-head.

      • 46
        Anonymous says:

        Sheridan was clumsily attempting to uncover some secret meetings with Cameron.
        It exploded in his face when Murdoch revealed he’s entered the back of No10 numerous times when Brown/Blair was in power.

        • 149
          Anonymous says:

          Wasn’t Sheridan the MP who said in 2008 that ex-ministers who criticise Gordon Brown should be injected with rabies? Scots look after their ain.

      • 60
        Gene Poole says:

        Your comments suggests that he looked like a nob-head for a specific moment in time!

        Clearly this is a permanent feature

      • 61
        Stan Stedd says:


      • 125
        Mike Litorus says:

        He is a pie shaped dog t u r d.

        How can anyone always look like they are straining to shit a wardrobe?

    • 64
      misterned says:

      This is clearly showing these MPs have absolutely no clue about what is involved in running global corporations which own hundreds of businesses and subsidiaries.

      • 106
        jabbathecat says:

        Murdoch’s 1 MP’s 0

      • 121
        Anonymous says:

        Neither does the public and I can’t see the BBC taking the time to explain to them that the CEO in America wouldn’t be expected to be on top of all the details involving one Sunday newspaper in Britain.

      • 148
        Fish says:

        I thought that also. No wonder the country is in the shit.

    • 95
      Lady Virginia Droit de Seigneur says:

      Watson claimed to be unaware of what Damien MacBride was up to even though he sat at the next desk. Presumably he was too busy stuffing his face and waiting for the pubs to open.

    • 159
      IED Detector Man says:

      Watson came across like a prefect grilling a new lad at school but the new lad made him look like a prick.

    • 175
      Political pundit. says:

      Did you all hear Simon Hoggett of the Guardian huffing and puffing that Murdoch gave an impression of an old man with Alzheimer’s? He was totally pissed off as he believes Murdoch acted the part and got sympathy for it. Now we need to find who helped this 3rd rate Labour comedian into the enquiry.
      Bring Back Communism’s Radio 4 have given up asking anyone other than Labour and Guardian people about this enquiry. They are now putting second stringers in as interviewers so when the shit hits the fan the loony left champagne socialists presenters will state it was not me guv. Such arrogance and lack of shame.

  8. 10
    Gordon Brown says:

    i sold the gold at $250 because it was the right thing to do

  9. 11
    Down with Brown! says:

    The Committee have not landed a single punch.

    • 17
      Tax Payer says:

      I think the Murdoch’s themselves have done the only damage to their reputation.

      They are a pair of jokers.

      • 109
        Tom Baldwin's Liebour Ajax supplier says:

        and you cant be a tax payer…your a liebour supporter…they dont do tax payers, just tax dogers like the Guardian!


      • 150
        Mike Litorus says:

        I will be buying subscriptions to the remaining NI titles just to piss you off leftie.

        Meanwhile the Guardian survives another year, not by increasing its subscriber base, but by dodging more tax…

        • 169
          Elgin's lost his marbles says:

          And it still gets the loads of public sector jobs after the phantom cuts.

    • 94
      misterned says:

      The BBC will report that the Murdoch’s stonewalled and evaded questioning and only report on Murdoch senior sneaking into the Back door to see Mr Cameron after the last election and leave out the inconvenient facts about him repeatedly doing the same for Brown and Blair.

      So far as I can tell, the Murdochs have been as open as possible and are fully co-operating with all aspects of this.

      The corruption appears to come from lower level hacks who were (at the time) doing everything they could to keep labour in power and attack the perceived enemies of “The Party.” People who were much like Morgan himself at the time.

      How much hacked information was used by the labour spin and dirty tricks smearers?

      • 156
        Fish says:

        Misterned. Crick is leaving Labour’s Newsnight programme. They are looking for a new commentator with the insight and foresight that you seem to have.

        Guess what: Beeb have twittered that Cameron asked Murdoch to enter no 10 throught the back door….but have completely forgotten to report that Brown did too!

        Get your application in now.

  10. 12
    Moussa Koussa says:

    Give it a rest Guido barking up the wrong tree. Peirs, Baldwin….will go the same way as your Hari Huhne kristallnacht

    • 18
      Anonymous says:

      Illiterate as well as a lefty mong

    • 21
      smoggie says:

      And not one member of the Labour Paaarty will be implicated.

      Dream on, raghead.

    • 54
      Tom Baldwin's Liebour Ajax supplier says:

      Moussa Hunter….still not been deported yet, l bet we can get Tom Baldwin to hack your phone like he did Dr kelly, then maybe your will mysteriously slit your wrists!

      You will be missed by the BBC and Red Ed’s house.

      so long

    • 116
      misterned says:

      Interesting that you do not believe that ex News International hacks who are implicated in alleged illegality have nothing to answer for, so long as they are employed by a labour leader.

      What hypocritical double standards you boast of.

      Nice that you are admitting to being a scum loving piece of shit. Saves the rest of us telling you, eh Koussa!

    • 117
      jabbathecat says:

      Currently Hari looks like he’s been well nailed to the wall via his little head. In particular, the whole David Rose business has, so to speak, banged another bandoleer of nails into said organ tip http://jackofkent.blogspot.com/2011/07/who-is-david-rose.html

  11. 14
    Selohesra says:

    I think James Murdoch doing OK – thought he was a bit thick but seems able to handle these fools without too much difficulty

    • 24
      The Umpire is always right! says:

      I thought that as well.

      No Need to worry H@rry , he aint after ya job :-)

    • 25
      smoggie says:

      They are both coming across as sincere. Wearing nice suits and taking their punishment face-to-face like men. Good move by the old fox.

      • 79
        labourunionsbbc we are one says:

        Contrary to what the B-bbc’s talking mong’s were priming the listeners to this morning, I.e. that they will either be claiming the equivalent of the fifth amendment, or lying through their teeth.

        • 127
          misterned says:

          I liked the question that they were asked about what coaching or training did they undertake before this appearance? And they said that the legal team addressed the likely allegations and told them to be honest and open and transparent and answer everything as fully as they can!

          The Committee were clearly not prepared for that.

      • 89
        Gordon McTwat Brown says:

        If it was me I would just blame anyone else. Whose idea was it anyway? Sue’s?

      • 98
        smoggie says:

        The other thing is this. The Committee are clearly feeling their way as they go along. They will improve as time goes by, so the Murdoch’s did well to get in first with these greenhorns. The Met will not have such an easy time and by the time they get to the Labour culprits the Committee will be battle hardened and brutal.

        As I said, sly ol’ fox.

  12. 16
    Muhammad Saeed al-Sahhaf says:

    Leave poor Piers alone he’s done nothing wrong.

  13. 23
    tube_thumper says:

    what a fuckwit

  14. 26
    tube_thumper says:

    is that rupe’s wife behind him?

    she is hot. i bet he cant wait get get finished up here. none of that that are going home to a smoking hot little chinese check. go rupe!!

  15. 27
    What a waste? says:

    They need to put Watson back on. The rest of the panel have been useless.

    • 69
      Anonymous says:

      What, and Watson wasn’t??

      • 124
        Tom Baldwin's Liebour Ajax supplier says:

        corrupt watson is a tool…lets see him trash Mcbride when the inquiry puts him under pressure!

    • 114
      I don't need no doctor says:

      Watson was and is useless. Stick to the burgers Tom.

      • 171
        Anonymous says:

        Stick to dishing put advice on friendly printers and how to fill yer boots with expenses, whilst getting pissed in the Commons Bars.

  16. 28
    Bryan -London says:

    Down with Brown, the Murdochs are looking completely incompetent. James is babbling and Rupert sounds like he is unaware of what his senior aids are doing in his business.

    The committee is landing punch after punch.

    • 38
      Tax Payer says:

      I agree, although the cttee should be ripping them to bits.

      I think this will go down badly for the Murdoch’s. They just seem so…..pathetic.

    • 51
      eh? says:

      You’re obviously watching a different hearing to me.

    • 73
      Tom Baldwin's Liebour Ajax supplier says:

      Bryan…are you watching Cbeebies…..you cant be watching the panel, the panel have been fucked over!

      Brown and Campbell through the back door a number of times with Murdoch!

      Selective memory again retard boy!

  17. 29
    blackbyle says:

    Yes – if his memories aren’t at variance with the facts .S**t sticks to a sheep’s dags & Pugh-Morgan is
    some sheep .

  18. 33
    The Umpire is always right! says:

    Rupert ” I am not really in touch”

  19. 34
    Gary says:

    These MPs are incredibly lame; their questions are insipid, almost meaningless and largely pointless.

    This is going nowhere, very, very, painstakingly slowly.

    Lets hope the old one doesn’t die of boredom.

  20. 36
    pastimes says:

    This lot must have watched Chilcott’s lot to learn such forensic questioning techniques. Restoration of the importance of the HoC, indeed. Absolutely useless.

    • 40
      Gary says:

      God this is dire….

      • 57
        Anonymous says:

        And it’s apparently being watched worldwide…

        • 139
          smoggie says:

          Bollocks. They always say that about a Celtic v Rangers game but nobody but a few expatriate jockoes are watching.

          • Och Aye the expat says:

            Au contraire Smoggs old fellow…. there are indeed millions of us watching from afar and falling about laughing as the committee are made to look like the dumb jackasses they are, and we continue to give thanks that we all had the foresight to piss of out of the country years ago (taking all our assets with us too).

  21. 41
    Moron says:

    Piers’ dynamite combo of palpable smugness and total lack of self-awareness is should be a wonder of the world.

  22. 42
    Gordon Brown ate my hamster says:

    This has been surprisingly leaden. I hope the Brooks questioning will provide more fireworks.

  23. 43
    tube_thumper says:


    he is telling them that all this fuss is over a chicken feed part of his universal empire.

    NOW was less than 1% of his business. He let ginger minge run it for a flash now and then

    • 49
      Paul says:

      These MPs are revealing how simple minded and simple thinkers they are.

      News Int is a global corporation and what these 2 guys are saying is correct; it is chickenfeed for the old man…

      The whole thing is a farce.

      I am afraid the HoC will be a laughing stock at the end of the day.

  24. 44
    I Agree with Piers says:
  25. 45
    Tax Payer says:

    Is a few £100k that significant in a £20bn company?

    Should the CEO really know where every £ goes?

    • 48
      Stupid Boy says:

      It’s very likely that James didn’t want his old man to know what a hash he was making of things.

    • 65
      Boudicca says:

      MP’s listed and claimed every last penny while filling in their expenses.
      Perhaps they expect such forensic detail by people in the real world?

    • 67
      Johann Hari says:

      I’m sat here interviewing the interviewer’s interviewer watching on BBC iPlayer. I ask a slightly smug, but weary, Piers what he thinks of the proceedings thus far. He brushes a curly lock from his right eye and replies,

      “Good pertinent questions from tom_watson – rest of the MPs hopeless so far.”

  26. 50
    Jimmy says:

    Unbelievable, the MPs are rubbish, even Watson (who I greatly admire) is dire. A sad day for me.

    • 80
      Johann Hari says:

      You use the modern vernacular “who” instead of “whom”.

      It is also a very sad day for me to know that the ostensibly literate, but laced and laconic, Jimmy is found wanting as a man of letters.

      If you hold any position in journalism, you should be shown the door forthwith, like some News of the World sozzled hack.

      • 172
        Johann Sebastian Hari says:

        The day had started with such promise, Jimmy has hardly been able to sleep the night before as the anticipated destruction of the evil Murdoch Empire was now surely only hours away. To see him now though, after the event which came to nought was to see a broken man. He looked up at me through weary eyes, ” unbelievable” his voice was but a whisper, ” the MP’s are rubbish, even Watson ( who I greatly admire) is dire” his voice breaking with emotion and with tears streaming down his face “. A sad day for me…..

  27. 52
    Gordon Brown ate my hamster says:

    I hope the lovely Louise Mensch (née Bagshawe) asks a question soon. Her dulcet tones are rather pleasant.

    • 56
      Up sh1t creek says:

      So you like her lip service?

    • 167
      HenryV says:

      Why can’t I have a lovely blonde Tory lady for my MP?

      • 168
        HenryV says:

        Actually thinking about it I would swap him for a lot, lot less than a lovely blonde Tory lady……..

        Not going to say who is but he sits on culture and media select committee, light jacket, “wrote” for the Observer………

  28. 53
    Up sh1t creek says:

    A thick Scottish MP needs a grilling. Makes more sense.

  29. 58
    Piers says:
  30. 59
    Gordon Brown ate my hamster says:

    Davies has actually been far more forensic and thorough than the other MPs.

    • 62
      Down with Brown! says:

      Mehdi agrees:

    • 83
      Anonymous says:

      …. yes true, and patronising ….. and smug and conceited …. can’t wait for that criminal Keen to be on, hope I havent missed him …. he knows a thing or two about ‘impropriety’ with public funds

      • 153
        smoggie says:

        He’s a Borolad – if you don’t have a criminal record you’re a tart.

  31. 68
    nell says:

    Oh Dear I’ve missed all the fun. School run and heavy storm.

    Has twatson done enough to make militwit grateful enough to give him that place on the shadow front bench then?

  32. 70
    Gordon Brown ate my hamster says:

    Top marks to Davies. It’s finally coming to life.

  33. 71
    Down with Brown! says:

    Rupert Murdoch has just dumped Les Hinton in it.

  34. 74
    Dirty Old Man says:

    That Oriental bint sitting behind the Murdochs is giving me a boner !!

  35. 75
    The Umpire is always right! says:

    Davis has been alright, but not landing any real blows.

  36. 76
    Ed - the horse('s arse) says:

    The name Kath Raymond WILL finally surface now that Hinton has been exposed!

  37. 77
    Postal Vote says:

    Says an ex Mirror editor (i.e. labour loving = scots politicians loving), now working in the states!

    Definitely sub 100 IQ. Like mine!

    • 135
      Anonymous says:

      Piers CNN show is sinking, he must want a job at Fox News. A news channel people actually watch.

    • 163
      gramscian long marchers says:

      Think of how stupid your average punter is — and then think that half the population are dumber still.

      Hence socialism.

  38. 82
    Fog says:

    I said the same thing myself. The questioners are showing themselves to be ignorant of how companies operate, and most of them are painfully plodding nonentities.

    • 88
      Gary says:

      That’s because a lot pf them are left wing whiners with no idea about the real world and view things so simplistically sadly.

    • 100
      I don't need no doctor says:

      It’s a pity the enquiry isn’t about fiddling. The committee would then be dealing with something they are expert at.

  39. 85
    Anonymous says:

    Does anybody here think that any MP will be worried about these matters once they break up for their 4 month summer holiday?

    • 112
      labourunionsbbc we are one says:

      watson might, after all he’s got his career to think of.

  40. 86
    AT LAST says:

    Now this is better Glen mulcaires legal fees

    • 165
      handypara says:

      It’s simply not credible that, following the earlier scandal, the Murdoch’s wouldn’t have made it their business to know about any involvement with Mulcaire, especially something so potentially damaging as paying his legal fees.

  41. 90
    The Umpire is always right! says:

    I hope none of those protesters are on benifits.

  42. 91
    Anonymous says:

    What, no coverage of the climb down on Llewellyn? You, the Telegraph and Ed Milibland must be fuming.

  43. 92
    Gordon Brown ate my hamster says:

    The number of times James Murdoch’s said he doesn’t know about various things suggests he’s either lying through his teeth or he’s incompetent. Probably the former.

  44. 93
    I don't need no doctor says:

    Tom Watson all burgers and no action.
    Sheridan sounds like a wino. What language is he speaking.
    The committee is a shambles.

  45. 96

    I want to see a thick MP (Watson will do) grilling a thick newspaper editor (Morgan will do). THey should have great fun…if they play nicely.

  46. 108
    Gordon Brown ate my hamster says:

    I hope Brooks loses her temper or gets her baps out. Either would do.

  47. 111
    Gordon Brown ate my hamster says:

    Murdoch’s not all bad. He owns 20th Century Fox, a very fine film studio that’s given us classics like Die Hard.

  48. 113
    Anonymous says:

    Guido is, as usual, greatly confused in his musings.


    • 131
      Celtic crusader says:

      spot on annon. guido is scraping the barrel of right wing filth. NotW is gone – guido next? we can only hope


    • 136
      Tom Baldwin's Liebour Ajax supplier says:

      and you must be a commie working for Red Ed and the Beeb!

      dumb tool

    • 155
      Ed Balls says:

      Nothing wrong with fasshism – Socialism’s bastard child and I do like their uniforms.

  49. 115
    tube_thumper says:

    news corp international 10- committee nil

  50. 118
    labourunionsbbc we are one says:

    Compare James Murdoch’s answers to milligoon’s looped prepared answers (singular) to questions, and he wasn’t even under scrutiny!

    • 129
      Ed Miliband says:

      I think these strikes are wrong at a time when negotiations are still ongoing.

  51. 119
    Ducky says:

    Why is that MP impersonating Iain Dale? Is he gay?

  52. 122
    Down with Brown! says:

    Joel Klein is the guy behind the Murdochs in the green tie:


  53. 130
    Piers Dogshit Morgan says:

    Morgan has done far worse than Murdoch and co. I look forward to the day when the truth comes out. Then we can judge Morgan for what he really is- a Brown turd.

  54. 132
    I don't need no doctor says:

    Just caught site of Tom Watson daydreaming. Yum, yum, lovely greasy burgers.
    Top tip : Get some spot cream Tom.

    • 138
      The Umpire is always right! says:

      Or did he cut himself shaving?

    • 140
      Tom Baldwin's Liebour Ajax supplier says:

      he is dreaming of mcbride…wondering how to put him in the shit and save his own job!

      Gormless Gordon is fucked what ever happens!

    • 145
      labourunionsbbc we are one says:

      Now he’s gone out for a burger, or is it that cream?

  55. 137
    smoggie says:

    She’s got the male members of the Committee drooling, with her solititation of their Basic Instincts.

    Sharon Stone, eat yer heart out.

  56. 142
    Arthur Bent says:

    James Murdoch is so wet and fey and a prime corporate BS merchant.

  57. 143
    JH says:

    How come Phil Jupitus got on the panel? Are the Murdochs going to have to guess what the song is in a bit?

  58. 144
    P Break says:

    Tom Watson Scuttles off for a Pie

  59. 146
    God is an Englishman. says:

    We ALL need translators to understand monoglot Scotchers!

  60. 158
    Susan B*r says:

    Rupert is impressive; lasting nearly 3 hours without a pee.

  61. 160
    Gary says:

    The last questioner, at long last

  62. 161
    Colonel Nut. says:

    If more people followed Clarkson’s example and punched Moron’s smug stupid face the world would be a better place.A headbutt in the balls from Ian Hislop would also help.

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