July 16th, 2011

We Are On the Verge of Killing Popular Journalism

Back in September 2010 Guido produced, with the help of the Information Commissioner’s Office, this “blagging” chart. The idea that this crisis is only about News International is fanciful. Look who had the most recorded offences:

From the Information Commissioner’s report one can infer that at least 140 Mirror Group journalists could be looking at criminal charges. The Operation Motorman investigation was based on a group of blaggers used frequently by Mirror and Mail journalists to obtain information. Missing from this chart is The Telegraph, who according to a Guido source paid a private detective to hold a seminar at their Canary Wharf offices on how to hack phones back in 2000. The bribing of staff at HMRC, the DVLA, BT, the Land Registry, banks and  in the police has been endemic for decades. That is where the news you read is sourced.

In short every major newsroom in the land has used illegal techniques to obtain information. We are on the verge of criminalising hundreds of journalists.

We mocked George Monbiot this week for sayingthis is our Berlin Wall moment. On reflection there is a similarity, the Stasi HQ spied on the ordinary citizenry with all the paraphernalia of a police state. In Britain newspaper HQs spied on celebrities and the famous to entertain ordinary citizens. As readers we rewarded them by buying their papers.

Most of the hacking hacks will get suspended sentences and conditional discharges. Will they still be fit and proper journalists? Without the infotainment aspect of newspapers how will popular investigative journalism be financed? We are in danger of either killing off popular journalism or heading towards a French style subsidised newspaper sector, emasculated and servile to the rich and powerful…


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    The Sheikh Of Arabeeee says:

    First- yay.

    • 19
      Chris McDay says:

      To state we may be heading towards a subsidised French Style newspaper lacks intelligence.

      The internet has changed and will continue to change the way we get our news.

      • 33
        Chris McDeaner says:

        Er…. We already have the BBC as the fully paid for state propaganda unit, far in excess of any French media subsidies

        Saying that even the BBC is no match for the people

        In 2011 anybody can deliver news for free to a global audience in seconds

        This posting will be read by as many people as read Toynbees ramblings

        The media is just facing their “cheap imports” competition that industry faced in the 1970′s

        Either react or die

        • 43
          The BBC says:

          As you all know, Mr Deadwood Millitwit is now the official spokesperson for the BBC but will of course soon be Prime Minister as soon as we have got rid of the Tory Boys and the their temporary Coalition Party (Cons, Libs & News Corp).

          Mr Millibottom explained that New Whiter than White Labour has gone back in time and slightly modified the history of the UK so that their 13 years of misrule, warmongering, robbing pensions and selling the countries gold for a promised job in the IMF just did not happen. It is now also a fact that Nobottle Brown is a myth. He never existed and any reference to him will be ruthlessly covered in Willibottom gravy.

          And don’t forget to pay your licence tax folks it is such a lot of fun on our website.

          • Anonymous says:

            Did Rupert had control over every government policy? When Cameron is forced to revel every telephone conversation public might know.

            It looks more and more like how East India Company ended up ruling India.

          • Politicians are CUNTS says:

            yes, quite

            when are we going to get all the Bliar – brown phone and contact lists then?

          • Anonymous says:

            Tax payers should be freed from BBC, it should be made a commercial organisation and set free from government as well

          • Anonymous says:

            Politicians are Hunts says: July 16, 2011 at 10:42 am

            It should start from Mrs T time. Cameron need to answer first as he is the current PM. Osborne need to answer as well, at the moment he is in hiding, he needs to answer.

            I do agree Blair’s and Brown’s dealings with Rupert and his gang need to be published as well.

          • Anonymous says:

            Can someone tell me, with who Cameron spent most time (talking) with his wife or Brooks?

          • Tom Baldwin's Liebour Ajax supplier says:

            Teflon Tony only had secret dinners with Brooks after ugly cherie left the country on business!

            Gormless Gordon, well his wife didnt even want to have dinner with him so he had no chance with Brooks….he was even kicked out of Chequers when brooks turned up for the sleep over..he had to stay in the shed and speak to brooks about hacking conservatives and giving Murdoch business incentives for nice stories using the hooked up phone link of two soup cans and a peice of string!

            Poor old Gormless Mc Bust

          • Anonymous says:

            “when are we going to get all the Bliar – brown phone and contact lists then?”
            Humble apologies;I’m afraid we have inadvertently shredded them.
            So sorry.

          • Anonymous says:

            Still, David Cameron should have dismantled this quasi-masonic circle, with its conspiratorial deal-cutting and back-scratching. Instead, encouraged by George Osborne, he invited the circle into Downing Street, giving Mr Coulson an undeserved second chance. Mr Cameron is paying the price for this and other cynical moves. At a time when he is supposed to be navigating Britain through both the domestic and global debt crises, the Prime Minister is desperately trying to align himself with public opinion and distance himself from the News International scandal. Government has given way to the shallowest form of crisis management.


          • Nemo says:

            There seems to be a slight problem here, where as Murdoch and close “affliates” came to Cammers, whereas B’liar went half way across the world to recieve his orders and mix with the big boys

          • Only me says:

            The BBC is an example to the world. – Bang the drum, don’t knock it.

            Guido is concerned about what will fill the vacuum.
            When censorship is inevitably introduced to the internet, there will be no room for Guido.

            My concern is that we will have a backlash of some sort that will infringe our hard fought liberties.

          • News International should be broken up. That’s for sure. As Miliband says. But so too should the BBC. Two instruments of government we could well do without.


          • Lord Mandelbum of Fondleboys says:

            ####### STOP PRESS ######## STOP PRESS ########

            Rebekah Brooks is in custody, “helping the police with their enquiries”, allegedly :-)


            ####### STOP PRESS ######## STOP PRESS ########

          • lefty hater says:

            If i were Red Ed thank fuck no thankyou very dodgy bird in tow ! i would mind how i go whatever happens you do not want to make enemies of the kind he seems intent on doing. Someone with a bit of stratigic thinking should tell him to calm down , he must like all the press and positive news he is getting at the moment but a year two years down the road it will not look a wise move. These people have long memories and he better pray his past is whiter than white, also just remember all this took place under the last Liebore Gov with his mentor Brown deep into the spin game, nothing wilts faster than laurels that have been rested upon.

        • 138
          Admiral Leach says:

          You’re quite right the day of the top down flow of news is over, there will be attempts to control it and some may be successful, but the day of the printed newspaper that brings its selection of news are numbered. Just look at the news reading habits of the 17-20 year olds, they simply don’t buy them nor will then suddenly want to once they hit 30. The news infrastructure of the future is being created by Google, Face Book, Twitter and the host services that are yet to come, launching a new Sunday edition is not going to impact this trend at all. I suspect whatever regulation flows from the current Hacking Inquest will be simply bypassed by the new technology.
          Time to move on indeed

          • Nemo says:

            Now that is very true, but there might be a problem there in as much they have difficulty reading, they look at the Tit & Bum for the affore said in pitures and the sports pages with their heros on. So much for education in the last 20/30 years after all those changes and billions spent reorganising it makes you weep.

          • Tooth fairy says:

            Contagion……… What are Australian Law Enforcement going to do to the Murdochs? http://kangaroocourtofaustralia.com/2011/07/10/rupert-murdoch-and-news-corp-guilty-of-breaching-bribery-laws-in-australia/

          • Nemo says:

            There is one thing that I never understood about folks even under the days of Maggie, I asked known liebore party (chimps) why they read the Sun they turned around to me and said “Well its a Liebore party paper” you cannot make it up, they wanted it for the footy and the page 3 girl disappearing into the bog at break times, say no more!

          • Nemo says:

            OK what’s up now, the auto pilot gone on the blink or was it the name of the Blessed Margaret?

    • 34
      The BOG says:

      I seem to recall Guido dressing Emily nomates up as a Muslim and sending her to interview a UKIP chappy.

      Be of no doubt that the judge will recommend a Bloggers watchdog. The Blogging Overseeing Group. BOG

      • 47
        Anonymous says:

        The other thing to bear in mind is that following the falling of the Berlin Wall and the end of the old order we had a very nasty inter nicene war in the Balkans. With the Media, The Police and the Politicians squaring up to each other I think we can expect something similar. Popcorn anyone ?

        • 53
          Bent Coppers says:

          We know politicians are corrupt, we expect the press to use illegal means to expose the corrupt politicians. We do not want corrupt police using illegal practices. If we can not trust the police then we are fooked. And why do the police spend vast sums of money on PR?

          • Anonymous says:

            And why do the police spend vast sums of money on PR?

            Hope its not a payment to keep them shut. Most police officers are honorable but it might have few rotten eggs, hope these were at the bottom not the top.

          • Nose to the ground says:
          • Archer Karcher says:

            The rot in the police has always been at the top where it percolated downwards. The force has been emasculated with left wing PC and political appointments who were far too close to government. To stop the rot, stop ACPO.

          • Nuff Said? says:

            Commander Ali Dizai
            CommissionerTarique Ghaffur
            Commissioner of Police of the Metropolis Sir Ian Blair
            Assistant Commissioner Cressida Dick (common purpose)

          • How modern Policing has gone astray says:

            In Sir Robert Peels 9 principles of Policing it states

            “The test of Police efficiency Is the absence of crime and disorder,not the Visible evidence of Police action in dealing with it”

            The Police in this country have for the past 20 years at least,completely disregarded this principle and with all their high profile media campaigns have concentrated in doing the very thing it warns against.

          • Tooth fairy says:

            Is it co-incidence that the health spa cost £12,000 and Neil Wallis was paid £24,000 ie £12k for the spa treatment and £12k for arranging it???

          • whatsy says:

            @anonymous (funny, that)
            “Most police officers are honorable”

            Based on?

            The coppers I’ve encountered in court have all, yes all, seem shifty at best. I wouldn’t want a single one to have an influence on my life and liberty.

      • 182

        One of the Guy News highlights

      • 184
        Anonymous says:

        Who will, presumably, require that everything is BOG- Standard

        • 259
          Craper says:

          No doubt Toilets Maguire will want to be on the BOG

          • edward balls says:

            Toilets seems to have dissappeared anyone know where he is?

          • David Laws Lib Dem fiddler says:

            The hypocrisy of the politicians questioning others about this saga when, once again, they let the press get out of hand because of self interest, greed and power.

            It is the corrupt politicians that need to get the message that they need to sort out parliament and particularly those who hold ministerial office. A doe of integrity would be a start. More accountability, more public scrutiny, more referenda in everything they do- MPs can not be trusted.

    • 302
      Ah! Monika says:

      Y and g are very close on the keyboard.

    • 699
      whatsy says:

      Popular journalism based on corrupt and immoral sourcing of information?

      Anyone got a problem with the death of that?

  2. 2
    Icarus says:

    Guido, have you ever blagged or hacked a mobile phone?

    • 12
      Now on iTunes says:

      Actually wrong question. How many times?

      • 55
        Plod says:

        Or indeed!
        Do you still blag, hack, rape, pillage and spend quiet evenings with that nice Peter Mandleslime?

        • 87
          Vile Labour Slag Lyn Brown abuses the blind says:

          Well, what did you expect? The Mirror group have always supported Labour scum.

          • Flim Flam says:

            If you want to tell Lyn Brown what you think of her you can contact her on her email lyn@lynbrown.org.uk. I certainly felt better when I let the arrogant sl@g know what I thought of her!

    • 94
      smoggie says:

      How do you blag a mobile phone?

    • 241
      Tooth fairy says:

      You don’t really expect a positive answer do you?

      • 245
        Tooth fairy says:

        Further….. it was a good question by the way as the quote above……
        “That is where the news you read is sourced.” seems to imply that Guido has actual knowledge of the dark art practices.

  3. 3
    MrAngry61 says:

    Dunno what the future of the dead press is going to be, but IMO the very last thing we should do is to give them subsidies.

    • 111
      Up sh1t creek says:

      The BBC get over £4Billion in subsidies – but by threatening people with prison to pay them. Is that a “free” press?

      • 132
        jabbathecat says:

        It’s free to be as left biased as it wants and free from any sense of responsibility. Is that free enough for you?

        • 141
          Anonymous says:

          No it’s not Jabba,I want them to be free to earn their money from those that want to watch their output & not from an enforced tax on everybody.

          • jabbathecat says:

            ermm…I was taking the piss…

          • Anonymous says:

            I did realise Jabba you were extracting the urine;my comment was intended to re-inforce your view.Sorry if it didn’t come across that way.

  4. 4
    Anonymous says:

    Let the shit attack commence !!!

    • 219
      Eddie M your next PM says:

      This beggars belief. This beggars belief. This beggars belief. This beggars belief. This beggars belief. This beggars belief. This beggars belief.

      Some people do not get it.

  5. 5

    Very much a be careful what you wish for scenario. Many people are behaving like shocked maiden aunts when in fact we all know how the Street of Shame operates.

    • 30
      Dorian Smith says:

      You wouldn’t think so if you watched or read the BBC, they only talk about News International, hoping to run them into the ground while making the BBC’s overbearing dominance of the news agenda secure.

      It would ruin their narrative if other papers were guilty of hacking or blagging.

      • 35
        Fiddling whilst Rome and the World Burns says:

        This so-called scandal has engulfed the BBC(and Parliament)for the last 7 days….whilst there is major famine in the Horn of Africa; the Eurodebt crisis escalates;the US is on course to default on its debt with the implications for the UK economy dipping into recession with grwowth near stagnation; reports that the proposed cuts are nowhere near enough and there will be further cuts of 30%-50% in the public sector next year and of course “Dave’s”Libyan adventure is grinding into the sands of the desert in failure with no-one,certainly not in Whitehall.knowing what the fuck to do.

        But hey forget all that let’s just worry about who the fuck knew what when and who had bloody lunch at Chequers

        • 106
          The Mechanical Turk says:

          Italy, mate. The rest of your list pales into insignificance. Those stress-tests on European banks are just a joke. Hands up all those who thought Silvio B was just an entertaining old lecher?

        • 152
          Admiral Leach says:

          Told you a shit storm was coming this lot in Parliament are just not up to the job. Dave Light Weight’s Libyan adventure was always high risk and likely to cause more death than it prevented, but Dave was more interested in ‘leading’ the developed nations response than actually coming up with a policy that would work. The brutal truth is if we really wanted to ensure a humane outcome you’d have to put troops on the ground to do so, but no one is up for that. A long drawn out civil war that we are linked to till the bitter end is the result.

          • Tom Baldwin's Liebour Ajax supplier says:

            Maybe if Teflon Tony hadnt armed Gadaffi better than he armed the British army, or liar bliar and Gormless Gord and Slimy A Salmon hadnt help release the convicted lockerbie bomber for sex favours and some cheap petrol for prescotts 7 jags to visit all his whores…

            maybe we wouldnt be clearing up the shit Liebour mess once again!

          • ichabod says:

            I wonder if pressure will begin to mount on Cameron to resign soon; the economy is not looking good, with some businessmen predicting a return to recession next year, Libya threatens to become a national humiliation, the Coulson affair was an absurd and unnecessary own goal, and the frequent contacts with NI now on view are really, at least, embarrassing. Then when you consider those complaints that genuine conservatives have with Cameron–rising immigration, reckless foreign aid spending, Euro bailouts…..could the PR man’s day’s be numbered.

      • 45
        Anonymous says:

        Do you blame them?

        Murdoch wants to destroy the BBC and break it into smithereens. This is just the Beeb putting its boots on and stamping all over him.

        If they don’t do it and weaken him beyond repair now, they know he’ll come back at them like a rabid rottweller.

        • 59
          Moussa Koussa says:

          Oh yeah, I fucking blame them all right. About time this pile of publicly funded, lefty shite was destroyed, no doubt about that either.

        • 107
          The Mechanical Turk says:

          > Murdoch wants to destroy the BBC and break it into smithereens

          Evidence? The received wisdom among anti-Beebers is that Rupert is content with the status quo. How would it benefit Sky if the BBC were privatised?

          Murdoch newspapers are soft on the extortion and misrepresentation used by the BBC in collecting the telly tax — unlike, say, the Telegraph (Charles Moore being a particular enemy of Auntie).

        • 129
          Dorian Smith says:

          @anonymous “Do I blame them”, yes of course I do – it’s not the BBC’s job, their job is to be an impartial state broadcaster. If they were truly impartial, there would be no problem, but they aren’t they are aggressively left of centre and have been for a very long time.

          If they neuter Murdoch, who is there to question them, or God forbid have a different point of view that would get equal coverage?

          The left are so righteous about ‘someone’ monopolising the media, while forgetting the elephant in the room that is the BBC and it’s mini-me The Gurniad (who have a totally disproportionate profile compared to their circulation), through the BBC – who seems to use the tax avoiding (yet ukuncut supporting) Guardian as a facility to outsource news.

          • slug balancer says:

            Surely the amount of time that BBC News and BBC News 24 has spent on the Murdoch story over the last 2 weeks is absolute proof that the BBC is completely obsessed with this man and his downfall. And you have to ask yourself, why would that be?

  6. 6
    blackbyle says:

    Can this include the biased Beeboid bastards – or am I too optimistic ?

    • 85
      Sleepless in Kirkaldy says:

      The graph should be pushed hard to build pressure to get the scope of the enquiry expanded to include all media groups and the BBC. All of them must have been involved in dodgy practices

      • 125
        Up sh1t creek says:

        But Robert Peston is “innocent” of releasing market sensitive information which crashed Northern Crook before they could arrange a secret deal to save it.

        BBC are ALWAYS innocent.

  7. 7
    Anonymous says:

    The seagulls follow the trawler i the hope of finding fish.

    Fact is since the introduction of broadband internet and 24 hour news channels on the television, the way people access news has changed.

    Because of this print media has had to resort to ever desperate measures to keep up.

    prehaps the age of Print media is over, welcome to the Kindle and the I-pad and subscription

  8. 8
    hmmmm says:

    And your sources Guido??
    Info for a good lunch or drink? Bribery – is there much difference?
    Everybody knew this was going on – what is the real big deal?

    • 26
      Mr Weiner says:

      Men routinely wine and dine women to get something they want rather than pay them directly. Yet paying directly is looked down on. Your point is bullshit.

  9. 9
    Afghanistan Banana Stand says:

    That graph goes a long way to explaining why Toilets has been so quiet over the NI story.

  10. 10
    John Jones says:

    Doh! The Land Registry, the Electoral Roll and BT’s 192.com are databases freely available to all the public legally.

    • 104
      Nemo says:

      If I remember correctly there have been frauds by people using the land registery to sell or buy property that wasn’t theirs, the selling of the electors register unless you opt-out, if you do you could have problems getting credit, the local electors register used to be available in the local library, the 192 should just be the telephone numbers of those available in the local directory and you would not be able to obtain non listed numbers from an enquiry service, the ones that can do that are the police but only from high ups

  11. 11
    Anonymous says:

    Milliband. A paralysed streak of piss, never had one real job in his life, never created one job, never generated a penny of wealth. A product of the state and the rarified intellectual air of lefty North London. Telling people who have been a beacon of created success and wealth for fifty years and more what’s right and what’s wrong!

    Somebody take young Milliband aside and tell him it’s time for him to shut up and listen.

    He should be made to rename himself Ed Urine.

    • 18
      CHRIST ON A BIKE! says:

      Socialists never “listen” because they know everything.
      They think everyone should be listening to them.

    • 39
      Chris McEve says:

      He just needs the shit kicking out of him by some West Midlands fork lift truck drivers

    • 153
      Non believer says:

      Not like Gideon eh? In charge of the nations finances and his only previous work experience outside cchq is data entry at the NHS and folding towels at Selftidges.

      • 227
        Anonymous says:

        Bath towels? Sanitary towels?

      • 246
        Jan says:

        Selftidges…..never heard of it. What of McDoom….What kind of proper job has he EVER had, or Balls??? In fact what kind of proper job has any Nu-Liebor politician ever had? Not one wealth creator amongst them. They’re a bunch of lawyers,teachers,social workers and t…….rs. At least Gideon’s family has a business and very nice it is too.I still remember my bathroom wallpaper from 1983.Glitzy metallic and fabulous. All thanks to O & L.

  12. 13
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    Now watch the powerful try and regulate the internet.

    Dont lose focus guido, there are storms coming, the left feel they have the moral highground (only they could in thier own perverted way).

    We no longer have a independent police force that will investigate without fear.

    How long before we a re-branded with numbers not names?

    • 23
      64785934873 says:

      Sooner than you think.

    • 24
      Gonk says:

      Quite correct Billy. Marr and co made similar
      noises when disgracefully contributors
      on blogs were being rude about him.
      Control. They love a bit of it.

      • 108
        Nemo says:

        If nothing was said about them the politicos & glitterarty would cry, very often it is the old saying, “Say what you like about me, but do not say nothing” trouble is that they only want all the the talk about them to be flattering and good, if they want one they have to have the other, it is the old “look at me, look at me, look at me” mentality.

        • 248
          Jan says:

          Notice when the likes of Hugh Grant or Jude Law has a new film to flog.They are everywhere.Glossy mags full of their clean living,sanitised lives.But woe betide anyone to snap them falling out of a nightclub with a hooker and the superinjunction appears.

          • Jan says:

            I’ll try again…Has anyone noticed that when very famous British male film stars who have a new film to flog (who in the past have been on the front pages for ALL the wrong reasons) they are everywhere.Glossy magazines full of their sanitised,perfect lives.But woe betide anyone to snap them falling out of a nightclub with a h……..r and the s…..inj…….n appears. Total f………g hypocrites.

    • 60
      Snotrocket says:

      Throughout the Blair years, when more than 3,000 new laws were created each year, all I ever wanted government to do was not make more laws, just enforce the ones we have.

      In this respect, I can do no more than recommend DK’s rant on the same subject.
      He says it so much better. :)

      The point is, government/police have no interest in enforcing current law. By leaving it to slide, when the sh1t hits the fan they feel they are justified in asking for more laws. Bastards!

      • 117
        Nemo says:

        I agree with you, I remember Bliar when he was a bag carrier for John Smith, there was Smith with his followers around him and there was B’Liar jumping up and down like a rubber ball trying to get himself noticed from the back.

  13. 14
    Bob says:

    Another, Yes, but think of the investigative journalism! (al la WILL SOMEONE THINK OF THE CHILDREN!)
    If criminal acts are endemic then they need to be stopped.
    If the newsheets weren’t using their muscle to attack the BBC then they can step into the void. Sorry, but you are just proving YOU ALL DONT GET IT

  14. 15
    Gord. says:

    Thats all well and good, but it was only Rupert Murdoch who rained on my parade. The rest can be ignored or even used. Just as I have always done using my moral compass.

  15. 16
    Fabians are Evil says:

    I am quite prepared to see 3 newspapers go to the wall – it would be well worth it if Guardian was one of them! ( that will starve the lefty BBC of its main source too)

    Oh! and of course that bovine moronic cow Polly T would be out of a job too.

  16. 17
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    “In short every major newsroom in the land has used illegal techniques to obtain information. We are on the verge of criminalising hundreds of journalists.”

    That rules out the Guy News room then :-)

  17. 21
    albacore says:

    Fawkes, you must be joking.
    Our country has been stolen from right under our noses and the holy free press affect not to notice.

    • 65
      Snotrocket says:

      Albacore: ‘holy’, wholly, or holey?

    • 251

      I’m having various poisonous substances placed in the water supply to boot. No newspaper will touch the story or we’d close them down in a day. Fluoride will dumb you all down nicely, at least those it doesn’t kill first. And to think you fools thinks it’s medicine for teeth!!!! The News International Story is being presented as a few troubles with news gathering methods. What you thick plebs haven’t realised is they’re the government. Rupert tells us all what to do, which wars to support, that we have to stay inside the EU, and so on. We’re only temporary staff. He’s the real ruler of Britain. I’m getting at least the same pay-off as Blair when my contract’s over. These latest minor difficulties will soon blow over.

  18. 22
    MrAngry61 says:

    Just heard Prescott putting the boot in to Murdoch – again – on BBC:R4 news. Why soundbite him? What possible expertise does he have?

    • 27
      Anonymous says:

      Yes, you would think that Prescott would be one of the last to keep ranting about probity. Perhaps someone should keep demanding an exhaustive investigation into misuse of public office.

    • 28
      Anonymous says:

      Well didn’t he fuck his secretary ?

      • 32
        Fabians are Evil says:

        Perhaps he did – but his boss Fucked the country

      • 36
        smoggie says:

        Backscuttled her over HM Gov’s property.

        • 115
          Airey Belvoir says:

          And on our time, too.

          • East India Company wallah says:

            Would it not have been better for the country if he had passed all his time back-scuttling tracey instead of interfering in the transport system-the fuckin moron

      • 128
        Nemo says:

        I think the operative word is TRIED

      • 212
        Something for the weekend sir? says:

        At least his wife’s hair perm didn’t get messed up this way.

      • 316
        John Bellingham says:

        Sort of. She actually said that it was like a wardrobe with the key still in it falling on her. She also made references to cocktail sausages.
        Perhaps that is why is was just the once.

      • 464
        Guido's Mini Me says:

        His chipolata kept flopping. Even the blue pills couldn’t help. Tracy was most disappointed.

    • 121
      Pundit says:

      It is unbelievable how often that obese incompetent corrupt incoherent twat pops up on the BBC to offer his “views”. If you want an informed opinion why would you ask a braindead moron?

      • 146
        cheche says:

        Is cos they published that he was up his sceretary. Thats all – the more he talks the more people remember

    • 288
      Tell it like it really is says:

      Prescott cannot formulate a sentence correctly, even using simple two syllable words, so it must surely be for light comic relief that the bbc have him on call 24/7…………….isn’t that the reason?

    • 407
      fatfuckinghypocrite says:

      The Hunt couldnt even read his own speech in the Lords yesterday… the Lords he wasnt going to sit in.

  19. 29
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:


    Less typos then ;-)

  20. 31
    Mr Weiner says:

    So what if the papers go to the wall. You manage to do all right. The number of willing journalists outweighs jobs, that’s why they’re badly paid. In ten years we’ll have a cabal of Guido clones who use exactly same techniques as newspapers (anonymous sources, bullshit dressed up as news, briefings by self-interested parties etc etc)

    • 222
      Just because I'm paranoid does not mean I'm wrong says:

      You are behind the curve. They have already moved across to the Internet world of “spearphishing” to monitor the conversations, blog posting and website visits of their “targets”. And Guido and his visitors (you and I) are a prime source.

  21. 37
    Terrible But True says:

    Trying to figure out why our screens seem alive on this topic with those as, if not worse than any being criticised.

    Just switched off SKY in disgust at Kevin Maguire’s on trick pony input.

    The BBC Green Rooms seem to have set up camp for Prescott and Campbell.

    Newsnight only serves up ‘members of the public’ who ‘represent’ us, but turn out to be part of the cosy chatterati family.

    Are these really the best they can manage to act as judges and juries on ‘our’ behalves?

    • 135
      Fitbad the Tailor says:

      The last lot seemed to be from the silent majority or minority. In spite of Paxo’s best efforts only two or three were willing to speak or, to be precise, mumble.

    • 684
      Anonymous says:

      Haven’t watch the news for 4 days(get my news online)If I do I would be in serious danger of throwing something very likely to smash the telly and penetrate the wall behind it.Have to say I feel much better for it.

  22. 38
    Ed Balls says:

    Gordon Brown fancied himself as a boy acrobat but injured himself falling off a tea trolley. Since then he’s been under doctor’s orders and stayed completely off his trolley.

    • 49
      HandsomeDavid says:

      When Gordon was training for the priesthood he decided to spend a week as a trainee carpenter, emulating Christ. He was working on fitting a door hinge and did not quite get the job done properly when an observer was overheard to say ‘oh look, the unhinged bastard has a screw loose’

      • 466
        Regen Bogen says:

        When he was a mere undergrad at Inversporran University, Gordon organised a day out im the country for the 10-man Communistsoc committee. However, he was ignorant of the fact that Hovis’s special edition McWholegrain Loaf only contained 18 slices, and all those taking part were most disappointed to discover when it came to lunchtime that Gordon was one sandwich short of a picnic.

  23. 40
    Blimey says:

    Could we have an inquiry into why these shock horror tactics were not investigated during the lengthy tenure of the labour government. By not dealing with this problem they were surely compicit?

    • 236
      Anonymous says:

      They knew all about it but it serves their current purpose to try & keep it under wraps. That is why on every occasion when they spout their biased views it must be asked in reponse “Why did you or your government not do anything about this situation when you were informed about it 5 years ago?”

  24. 41
    lola says:

    First they came for the popular press, and then they announced the Referendum on the UK’s EU membership.

    You wait, once the eurosceptic popular press is emasculated we willl have a referendumm on the EU. The political will be able to control the media and fully exploit the client BBC monopoly.

    • 176
      Archer Karcher says:

      You can be sure that the BBC will not want an end to the millions they get from the stinking EU.
      I would say you could bet your house or car on that, however with green commie lunacy infiltrated into every level of government, that will soon be your mud hut and ox cart.

  25. 42
    Chris1966 says:

    I cannot remember the last time I bought a paper, or listened intently to BBC ‘news’ – the internet, for me at least is the way forward for news and current events (except for the Guardian, where I notice comment is free only if you agree with a particular ideology or ‘group-think’– almost 50% of comments are removed a lot of the time, quite frightening!)

    I like the Guido site because it tends to show a lot less bias, which is all I ask for (being of no particular political persuasion – Cameron is proving to be as effective as Brown – God help us!)

  26. 44
    Gordon Brown ate my hamster says:

    Not often I agree with George Galloway but he’s said Robert Maxwell was the biggest thief of the 20th century.

    And talking of that, anyone else remember the hilarious billboards by The Sun at the time of the Maxwell scandal? It had a picture of Bob and the banner “Robert the Hood, Prince of Thieves”. :-D

    • 69
      Anonymous says:

      This is of course the same Robert Maxwell who was close to Gordon Brown and Brown has the barefaced cheek to criticise others for supposed Criminal connections.

      • 164
        Up sh1t creek says:

        What’s the difference between Robert Maxwell and Gordon Brown?
        None, they both stole from people’s pensions to keep their ponzi schemes going.

    • 114
      Anon says:

      I think George Galloway’s forgotten about a slightly bigger 20th-Century thief – the one who stole France, Belgium, Holland, Norway, Austria, Czechoslovakia, Poland, Ukraine and nearly nicked Russia and us, too.

    • 144
      jabbathecat says:

      Compared to Brown the antics of Maxwell are small potato’s. Difference being that Maxwell’s theft affected only his Mirror employees by hitting them in the pocket, whereas Brown’s theft has hit the pocket of every man, woman and child in this country.

  27. 46
    Spank Sinatra says:

    Not convinced that ‘We are on the verge of criminalising hundreds of journalists.’ The fact that laws already in place were ignored by so many is more probably a reflection of the fact that these journalists considered themselves to be above the law and that no prosecution would ever follow given the close relationships they enjoyed with our law makers and law enforcers. The also enjoyed (and exploited) the power, influence and protection of their respective employers.

    There is a qualitative difference between investigative journalism and stories generated by blagging/hacking. Call me old-fashioned if you will but I see no reason to feel sorry for those who crossed that particular line. This blog has made its name for running stories without fear or favour and in defence of the notion that nobody should be above the law. Popular journalism is not under threat, only those who knowingly and willingly crossed the line.

    • 242
      Anonymous says:

      “journalists considered themselves to be above the law and that no prosecution would ever follow ”
      They most likely were following the example provided by troughing mp’s.

  28. 48
    Ian E says:

    Yet another industry that the pols are trying to destroy!

  29. 50
    Johnny says says:

    “In Britain newspaper HQs spied on celebrities and the famous to entertain ordinary citizens. As readers we rewarded them by buying their papers.

    Most of the hacking hacks will get suspended sentences and conditional discharges. Will they still be fit and proper journalists? Without the infotainment aspect of newspapers how will popular investigative journalism be financed? We are in danger of either killing off popular journalism or heading towards a French style subsidised newspaper sector, emasculated and servile to the rich and powerful…”

    The newspapers didn’t just target celebrities they targeted victims of crimes and their relatives. Popular journalism as you call it has never needed endemic hacking to make their stories they are just feckless shits who would rather listen to private messages than get off their arses to find stories. All they have to do is return to reporting news rather than reporting gossip. There is plenty of news out there if they could be bothered to look.

    In a way we already have a subsidised news set – how are they any different from their kept French colleages? The French get money whereas the British ones get the stories provided. The French take on it is Statist. The British version is Corporatist. Neither have to work as hard as they otherwise might.

    • 131
      Cynical Old Man says:

      Targeting victims of crime and their relatives? And your proof, Johnny says?

      On a number of occasions on this site I’ve asked if anyone out there in blogland can provide any compelling evidence that Millie Dowler’s phone, dead soldiers’ relatives, 7/7 victims, 9/11 victims phones were hacked. No one, repeat, NO ONE has provided such evidence.

      It seems any allegation takes on a life of its own with with some people willing to believe any shit that’s thrown at NI because they WANT to believe it. Always check the sources of many of these allegations and I think you’ll find they originate from those with a specific agenda.

      Before any smartarse out there asks why Murdoch apologised to the Dowler family if the allegation isn’t true, do you think him denying it happened would make any difference? Such is the poisonous atmosphere that’s been created that he would have been made into a baby-eating monster if he hadn’t apologised. I think even someone like Murdoch realises that and knew it would be politic if he bent to the mob’s will.

      • 284

        … and no MP ever fiddled his/her expenses either?

        Whilst your question of proof is certainly justified, there has been more than enough evidence to show that there is a case for investigation. Modern life is such that I suggest that no one will come out of this with clean hands, Media, MPs, Police, Civil Service, Broadcasters, Lobbyists.

        Remember the wise words of Sir Robert Mark: “A good police force is one that catches more criminals than it employs.”

      • 391
        Ransack the Elder says:

        It was Murdoch created the “poisonous atmosphere” you talk of.

        Sow the wind, reap the whirlwind.

        Live by the sword, die by the sword.

    • 170
      Up sh1t creek says:

      We’ll just have to rely on government press releases printed verbatim as facts for our entertainment.

  30. 51
    Anonymous says:

    You seem to be suggesting that theswe illegal prectices must continue to finance newspapers . This cannot be right and I urge you to condem these practices outright . There can be no compromise .

  31. 52
    bird wsb says:

    I know receiving stolen goods is a criminal offence, I believe even if you claim not to know that the goods are stolen. What about innocently receiving stolen information? If that is currently the same law, every news outlet in the country including the BBC should be shut down.

    Perhaps we should just add another layer and have one or two publicatios that just exist to expose wrongdoing in the media. And then another layer to expose wrongdoing in the exposers of wrongdoing and so on into an infinite regress.

    • 81
      Kavanagh QC says:

      You are wrong about the innocent receipt of stolen goods. A court will accept a defence of receiving in good faith providing the circumstances support it. Entering into a “rogues bargain” ie where common sense tells you the goods are dodgy either by their nature or price paid ( £50 for a state of the art i pad bought in a pub for example) will lead to a conviction.

  32. 54

    I get all my news from take-a-break.

  33. 56
    Anonymous says:

    On reflection there is a similarity, the Stasi HQ spied on the ordinary citizenry with all the paraphernalia of a police state. In Britain newspaper HQs spied on celebrities and the famous to entertain ordinary citizens.

    Just wait until we discover what the state has been doing to all of us.

  34. 57
    Penfold says:

    Ah, but this is all about getting even with the hated Murdoch and his evil empire.
    Clearly the lefties have started a razzia that will not simply stop at the right doors, sic, and will envelop themselves and their mates within the media as a whole.
    I’ve said before, that we need to tread very carefully here, ‘cos if News Intl goes down the pan we will be left, sic, with our news emanating from that centre of neutrality, the BBC, and a media industry which might have plurality of ownership, but that is not reflected in political slant.

    • 77
      nell says:

      LOL! Well said!

      “that centre of neutrality the BBC”!!!!

      neutral beeb , an oxymoron if ever there was one!

    • 250
      Anonymous says:

      To sum up Penfold I refer you to “The Law of Un-intended Consequences”.
      Or also “What goes around comes around”.

  35. 58
    oh yeah? says:

    “emasculated and servile to the rich and powerful…”

    Sounds just up your street.

  36. 62
    Mike Handycock CBE MP says:

    It is quite clear to me that after these appalling revelations, all newspapers should be shut down in the UK, apart from the Portsmouth News. All political blogs should be shut down as should all TV and Radio station apart from the BBC.

  37. 63
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    First they came for a free press, I said nothing………

  38. 64
    Gonk says:

    If there is a God. Something should happen
    to Prescott. A virulent bowel problem in
    a lift. An extremely embarrassing long
    term itch when exposed to radio waves.
    Something semi serious in social situation.
    Please…please..I don’t ask much.

    • 89
      The BBC says:

      Mr Presscock is a respected member of the Dinosaur Political Party and his views are extremely valuable to the public.

      His articulation and grammar are what all of our children should emulate and his faithfulness in family life is well respected by all of the people he has shagged. The fact that he has two shiny long red things must not of course be mentioned in propa sosieti init?

    • 93
      Bernie the Bolt says:

      I agree

      maybe this poor man’s les dawson impressionist would do well to watch his every step. one day he might turn inside out with the force of his bluster

      • 504
        MrAngry61 says:

        Prescott ought to watch some Downfall parodies on YouTube – because that’s what he looks like on BBC interviews.

  39. 66
    back to basics says:

    Less bread and fewer circuses sound like a most excellent proposition.

    • 84
      a sandwich short of a picnic watch says:

      Less bread?

    • 96
      lefty fuckwit says:

      With NI destroyed, the people will be flocking to buy The Observer, innit?

      • 196

        Too right bro’.
        That Observer food monthly ting is well wicked.
        Tonight, right, I is gonna have shad roe, soft shell crabs, lightly fried popcorn shrimp and calamari.
        Make a nice change from kebab, innit.

    • 168
      nell says:

      Why less bread?

      What’s wrong with making your own . All you need is flour salt water and yeast.

      Makes real bread not like that plasticcy stuff you buy in the shops. Back to basics indeed!

      • 254
        Anonymous says:

        back to basics? Wasn’t that something to do with J*hn Major?

        • 266
          nell says:

          I’d forgotten about him but then he was, sadly, immensely forgettable.

          If only he’d been another Mrs T. Oh well if only cameron was another Mrs T!

        • 506
          MrAngry61 says:

          Not forgetting ‘Bach to Basics’, the surprisingly successful Classic FM CD, released at the same time…

  40. 68
    Postal Vote says:

    And a count of public sector (job) adverts and square inches should be ordered to investigate whether labour has been propping up the Guardian. Comparison Guardian vs Independent will be highly illuminating.

    A new law should require the govenrment to spread all its advertising including those for jobs at beeb, nhs, quangos getting more than 25% of their money from government and all councils.

    Best of course government starts one central website for all jobs. But still there will be other types of adverts that the government can use to covertly bribe newsrooms (just a little less obvious than beeb).

    PS What’s the jargon (like blagging) for a journo to bed a politician, like the one who bedded Mili as well as Andrew Marr?

    • 73
      Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

      Whore? Slapper? slut?

    • 97
      Hard-Lazing Voter says:

      It’s partially a reason why the Graun is front and centre in this: Rusbridger wounds News Corp, his crap paper gets the goodwill of progs all over the Anglosphere. He’s thinking long term and he wants Graun Onlien to have a big US presence to offset its demise in the UK. It’ll be the rag of choice for English-speaking proggy scum the world over.

      • 507
        MrAngry61 says:

        Except the Yanks aren’t that interested – Graun America closed down in ~2007.

    • 109
      JH says:

      Public sector job ads should be online at http://www.direct.gov.uk, and available in printed form in job centres. Nowhere else. What would that save a year?

      Time to stop sanctimonious lefties thinking they are always at the front of the queue for the gravy.

      Ditto the government do-this-don’t-do-that adverts could be pulled from tv, radio and print and placed online. £Millions saved.

  41. 74
    Deadwood says:

    New Whiter than White Labour has washed away any imagined sins of the past and we were definitely not in power for 13 years. This is the year zero and the brothers known as “Deadwood” (David & Edward) are now the new super heroes who will rid the world of health, wealth and anybody wearing green willies (oops wellies) with buckles.

  42. 76
    Strewth says:

    Guids baby, if you think we’re HEADING towards a newspaper sector servile to the rich and powerful, you might need to update your satnav.

  43. 80
    Gordon Brown says:

    When I was a boy I had a big bag of marbles.
    Now I can’t find them anywhere.

  44. 83
    The Labour Party says:

    Cameron has a lot of questions to answer over News International!

    We, on the other hand, have nothing to answer over:
    David K e l ly
    Raiding pensions
    Selling off gold
    Tom Baldwin
    Our close ties with Robert Maxwell
    Tony Blair’s missing expenses forms
    The Mittals
    Oh, and our ties with Rupert Murdoch

    • 100
      The BBC says:

      We don’t seem to see things the way you do. Those little things you mentioned were in the time of recovery after that dreadful T woman. In fact if you mention them again you will be punished with more uninterrupted rants by Deadwood Williband, Prescock the Putrid, that smarmy bloke from the Mirror and Alistair the Depressed.

      Have a nice day and pay your licence tax today.

    • 163
      nell says:

      And how is it that cameron has let himself get put in a position where he is being blamed for stuff that happened on labour’s watch?

      The lad needs to get a backbone and start fighting back.

      • 192
        Archer Karcher says:

        You have noticed at last nell, well done. Spineless Dave is all PR and posture, dishonest too, always says one thing to the watching crowd, then stabbing them in the back as soon as he is out of sight. A deeply cynical opportunist is our Dave and like his hero Bliar, probably proud of it too.

        • 268
          nell says:

          Well archer, you have to remember being an opportunist and dishonest are necessary prerequisites for any politician, so we can’t fault dave over that!

          But he could at least have pointed out that all this shambles over murdoch was fostered, or maybe I mean festered, by a labour govt instead of letting folks blame him for all of it!

          • Anonymous says:

            Problem with Dave is he lacks backbone ,is unable to communicate sound reasoned principles,and is up way past his bedtime Nell thats why the Labour/BBC/Graun Comrades run and will continue to run rings around him.Sadly.

  45. 88
    Hava Nagila says:

    We are on the verge of criminalising hundreds of journalists.

    No, they have already criminalised themselves. They did it when, y’know, they committed crimes.

    All that’s happening now is that a corrupt and pliant establishment has been shamed into doing something about these crimes. Bribed police officers have been forced to stop looking the other way in return for brown envelopes and actually enforce the law for a change, while complicit politicians have been forced to stop their filthy backroom deals whereby they ignore press criminality in return for positive coverage.

    We are in danger of…heading towards a French style subsidised newspaper sector, emasculated and servile to the rich and powerful…

    The press are already servile to the rich and powerful. Look at who Coulson and Brooks hobnob with. Look at where they spend their weekends. Look at where they have dinner. Chez Cameron, Chez Brown, Chez Miliband.

    These people have committed crimes. We know it now, but the police and politicians have always known it – and turned a blind eye, in return for either cash or favours.

    If this is your idea of a free and popular press, I’ll take the French system any day of the week.

    • 99
      Can we arrest all MPs before they go on holiday says:

      does this theory in any way articulate in favour of a corrupt and criminal political class? because mine does.

      • 113
        Hava Nagila says:

        The corrupt and criminal political class and the corrupt and criminal police are receiving large quantities of money and favours from the corrupt and criminal press.

        The only time politicians care about the press is when the press are supporting the other side (cf. Labour’s meltdown over the eeeeevils of News International, despite their concerns only arising *afteR* NI started backing the Tories).

        Guido’s whole blog was founded on the precept that the press and the politicians are in bed together and it’s the public who are being shafted.

        What’s happening now is the natural consequence of the public’s outrage at the unholy union of the lawmakers, the law-enforcers and the press. What’s happening now is, in effect, what Guido has been demanding for years.

  46. 90
    Hard-Lazing Voter says:

    This must be a dream for the progs. Take down a significant media conglomerate and put a chilling effect on the rest who won’t follow the party line like the BBC/Graun/New York Slimes do. Note how this appeared to distract from the Operation Fast and Furious illegalities in the US too.

    Well done Rusbridger. Nicely played. When your crap paper dies, its cancerous fumes will linger on.

  47. 92
    ssdb says:

    “We are on the verge of criminalising hundreds of journalists.”

    Good, it’s about time.

    • 404
      East India Company wallah says:

      Real journalists report
      spin doctors spin
      liars lie
      politicians promise
      judges judge (within parameters set by gov.)

      The strange thing is only a journalist can be sued for giving out false information,only a devout cynic could criticise all hacks as the vast majority have always needed to find the truth to prove the scoop stands up
      The others cannot be touched?

  48. 101
    nell says:

    Y’know murdoch built a successful company by being resilient and adaptable in a fast changing world.

    It’s called evolution and parts of the dead tree press will survive, as most likely will murdoch, by doing the same.

    It’s only the dinosaurs like the beeb and the graudianand possibly the mirror that are in danger of extinction because of their rigidity and tunnel vision.

    • 122
      2011 and growing says:

      The “Dead Tree Press” is what it says on the tin. Dead.

      It’s slow, nasty, costs money and cuts down lots of trees. Even more importantly it is not interactive.

      How many youngsters buy a newspaper? Not many, they want to express their own opinions now and quite right too. Look at Facebook, and Twitter to name but two. You can deride them if you want but the future is here.

      Seriously Nell, newspapers like Murdock himself have past their sell by date. They are dying fast and this current debacle will push them over the edge even quicker.
      Look back with nostalgia if you wish but don’t be Queen Canute

      • 155
        jabbathecat says:

        “How many youngsters buy a newspaper?”

        That decline has been due to their inability to read(and write) conventional English courtesy of the state education system.

      • 162
        nell says:

        I think I read somewhere in the week that it’s only rupertm himself who wants to hold onto the newspaper side of his industry. The rest of his Board want to move on to other communications investments.

        And it’s not just the kids who no longer buy newspapers , many of us have stopped buying newspapers too (and stopped listening to the biased beeb) and started getting our news off the internet.

        So I agree with you.

        • 443
          will says:

          The newspapers make very little money compared with the other parts of newscorp. the Times and Sunday Times lose money only the sun makes money.

          Given the overall decline of newspapers, building a digital presence is the only way to survive. It cost much less to deliver a digital copy of the newspaer and every subscriber above a certain amount is virtually pure profit.

  49. 103

    How to confuse a liberal.
    Part 1.

    1. Is obtaining private information by criminal means wrong?
    2. Was the wikileaks theft of information wrong?
    3. So is it OK to use bribery and immunity from prosecution to obtain information?
    No! Never!
    4. Even if its the police offering a deal to an underworld informer exposing peop[le trafficking?
    5. Is it OK for the government to pay millions to someone to hack into and steal the private bank account information of UK citizens?
    Of course not! That would be a terrible breach of human rights.
    6. But that’s what they did in the UK to obtain the information on tax haven bank accounts. Is that alright?
    Tax Havens! oh yes, that’s totally different. That would be a public service
    7. So is your position unchanged from your usual position of

    Its OK to do if it supports my prejudices, its abhorrent if it doesn’t?


    • 127
      Minger says:


    • 207
      Lord Justice Pickles says:

      The Bribery Act 2010 came into force on 1st July 2011. This Act replaced the Public Bodies Corrupt Practices Act 1889, the Prevention of Corruption Act 1906 and the Prevention of Corruption Act 1916.

      About bloody time this shambles of law was overhauled. Can’t wait to see this act being used on perps like Journos and those in public service!

    • 331
      They're all the same says:

      Good satire, but your point only works if its a Guardian reading sheep you’re dealing with.

      Most people can see the difference between illegally obtaining info from a corrupt MP and a child murder victim. Most people can see the difference between the state using its power to persecute the weak without the resources to defend themselves and a millionnaire.

      It’s about power. If a journo is on the side of the powerful (either to make the powerful money or to keep the powerful in positions of power) then why should those without power trust them?

    • 341
      annette curton says:

      Nice one, confuse a cat.

    • 390
      Anonymous says:

      good post, but no cigar as you overlooked the ‘illegal’ payment of cash for getting hold of the ‘Expenses-Gate’ cd via an ex-rozzer type by the Daily Telegraph…

  50. 110
    eeu to me says:

    We have a major corruption problem from groups in society that should know better, from union leaders, judges, lawyers , police, uncivil servants, politicians ,lords, bankers ,newspapers, politicians being the ones that held this corruption together by colluding with all these groups , the problems we have as ordinary honest people is what do we do about it, reminding ourselves the above hold the power, we can stop voting for politicians but as we have seen the policians find ways around that, so how do we bring this lot to justice, by honest means?, we need to recover from this, and see justice done but how?

    • 112
      Blaster Bates says:


      I’ll do it

    • 119
      Warning this Lord could severely damage your wealth says:

      For a start we could stop making corrupt people such as Prescott and Mandelson Lords. They have been caught out abusing their positions of power yet they have been promoted into positions of permanent power. It just beggars belief.

      Perhaps if the BBC were made to run a warning before running an interview with such people would also help.

      • 136
        Pundit says:

        I like the idea : “you are now about to hear the opinions of a corrupt, lying, hypocritical, incoherent, misinformed Twat”

      • 147
        Fitbad the Tailor says:

        And that sanctimonious chairman of the Star Chamber, Keith Vaz.

      • 160
        No longer acceptable says:

        I agree that we should stop making these people Lords but first we must start prosecuting them when their crimes come to light be it Fraud, Misconduct in Public Office or Theft.
        Turning ablind eye to these crimes because it is Politically expedient is no longer acceptable.

  51. 116
    Maharaja Keith Vaz says:

    Time to quash the free press.If it weren’t for them,I would be relaxing amongst taxpayer funded silk cushions and have a peasant for a footstool.

    The press are scum! Scum I say!

  52. 123
    Bliar / Brown Broadcasting Corporation says:

    Whilst the statistics published on the various newspaper hacking infringements is a good start, has anyone enquired into how many offences have been committed journos at the BBC (or more likely third-party independents used to disguise such dealings) or doesn’t the information commissioner bother to collect such data? I wouldn’t expect ultra-left politically uber-correct Plod (aka Bliar_2) to have thought to investigate the BBC when he was in office.

    Just in, the BBC are commissioning a scaled-down version of the leaning tower of pisa. It appears the tower will be tilted to the left.

    • 608
      Nemo says:

      As the Beeb is moving to Salford they could probably flog Eastenders off to BSkyB at least I would not be able to see it on there and ITV flog Coronation Street off to BSkyB then we may get some sensible programs on those channels

  53. 133
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    How long before Journos have to clear thier stories before a state controlled body?

  54. 137

    Surely the problem here is the lack of freedom of information. That has created what should be an unnecessary market in information where cash is the lubricant.

    So the options:

    * Pay up and get information from someone who should not be selling it or
    * Require full reporting of all government and essential industries information or
    * Opt out of conventional life and run your affairs so that you are invisible to the state.

    No wonder so few people vote.

    • 143
      Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

      “Opt out of conventional life and run your affairs so that you are invisible to the state.”

      Already happens.

      The state does not want to be open and transparent to me so why should i allow the the privelige of being open and transparent to them?

      The state should serve it should not be our master.

  55. 140
    cheche says:

    Just heard Kate Adie complain about the lack of press freedom in The Gambia. Has she no sense of irony or just no sense

    • 142
      Blog on the Tyne says:

      Take pity. She was born in Sunderland.

    • 278

      President Yahya Jammeh does imprison journalists upon his whim when they report unfavourable things about him. However, he has reduced the number of mosquitoes in the Gambia by forcing his inhabitants out on the streets to pick the rubbish up. So he has done one more good thing than Brown ever did, if that be a criterion of recommendation.

  56. 145
    Weevil says:

    Labour have kept the poor poor by giving them free money

    Free money has no value

    The poor exchange their free money for useless shite supplied by the rich

    The rich then convert this money to physical assets such as property and gold

  57. 149
    Ah! Monika says:

    Time to Float “order order” on the AIM.

  58. 158
    Cynical Old Man says:

    Has anyone enquired about the motives of the lawyer at the centre of all these allegations? Mark Lewis has made a number of allegations about phone hacking that have gained traction with public without him producing any evidence to back them up. I think he, more than anyone, is trying to destroy press freedom in this country.

    Alistair Campbell himself acknowledges that Lewis coined the term “phone hacking”. This term was eagerly taken up by hag faced Emily Maitlis on BBC News and caught on like wildfire throughout the rest of the Corporation.

    Lewis is a partner in the firm of Taylor Hampton solicitors who specialises in “reputation management” and libel suits. I fact he’s currently issued libel writs to Chair of the Press Complaints Commission, Baroness Buscombe, the PCC itself and the Metroploitan Police after he alleged in evidence that 6,000 people had their phones hacked by NI. Hestated he had obtained this information from a Met police officer. After the Met disputed this claim, the PCC, after looking at all the evidence, disputed Lewis’s claim. So he issued the libel writ which seems to have brought Baroness Buscombe back into line.

    Lewis is the lawyer who initially represented many of the so-called celebs and footballers also has Max Clifford as a client. It seems as soon as an allegation of hacking comes to light he’s soon acting on behalf of the “victims”
    He also knows how to manipulate the media and get his allegations out there. I suspect that Lewis is the source of many of the most serious and as yet , unproven allegations. Don’t forget Sky News reported that the hacking of dead soldiers’ relatives was sourced to a lawyer acting on behalf of a couple of the families. It’s also reported that Max Moseley is bankrolling lawyers acting on behalf of “victims” families.

    Make no mistake, there is an agenda at play here.

    Perhaps Guido could start asking a few questions about which interests are linked to Mark Lewis .

    • 169
      Behind the wankspeak says:

      “Reputation management” is a euphemism for “Covering up your wrong doing”.

    • 183
      Up sh1t creek says:

      NI journalists (allegedly) hacked 6,000 phones – national scandal.

      UK government hacks 62,000,000 phones – not a wimper.

    • 238
      Cynical Old Man says:

      Remember when Blair enacted his Human Rights Act? We saw an explosion in Human Rights Lawyers and firms. Don’t you think legal practices like Taylor Hampton and Mark Lewis don’t have a vested interest in the introduction of a Privacy Law? Lewis is on TV all the time and buttonholing politicians. He’s doing his best to create a shit storm of allegations against the press- Murdoch’s papers especially. A howling public could pressure the government to introduce a Privacy Law. Who would be the main beneficiaries from such a law? Why is no one fronting up Lewis and putting this to him? All the cowardly journos and TV reporters seem to treat every word of this bloke as gospel.

      Do you think this type of lawyer lobbies and harangues for altruistic reasons? Check the records of lawyers being convicted for criminal activities. I think you’ll find there have been far more lawyers imprisoned than corrupt police officers and bent journalists. Look how many M.P.s caught fiddling their expenses were lawyers by profession.

      • 287
        Cynical Old Man says:

        I see Paul O’Grady is the latest to jump on the bandwagon and allege his phone was hacked after he had a heart attack. O’Grady wouldn’t be a client of Max Clifford by any chance? The Max Clifford who is represented by Mark Lewis? In fact how many of these celebs and footballers alleging they’ve been hacked are clients of Max Clifford? There’s a pattern emerging here.

        • 622
          Cynical Old Man says:

          Guido, why’s my comment about Paul O’Grady moaning about his phone hacking suspicions been modded? It’s been reported in one of the red tops. I was only asking if he was a client of M*A*X* C*L*I*F*F*O*R*D*.

      • 294
        Stop Shoutinf fer krisesake.. says:

        GUIDO: YOU SHOULD POST COM’S POSTING AS A THREAD OF YOUR OWN (with hat tip of course).


  59. 166
    CHRIST ON A BIKE! says:

    Don’t pretend to be upset Guido. After all, if all people have for MSM news consumption is the left-wing shit from the BBC, the blogasphere will be used much more widely to get alternative opinions instead of the press.

    Control of the blogasphere is the next big problem of course. But until that happens, you may be able to profit from the demise of the popular press.

  60. 167
    Ruperts_Red_Setter says:

    …….. I feel a deep responsibility for those what’ve been hurt…….

    (Can I uncross my fingers now?)

  61. 171
    Crash says:

    The EU are faking the Banking stress test and only flagged up 8 banks. It may just wash with some of the less informed EU proles but they will never fool the market. Stand by for black Monday

  62. 172
    Hard-Lazing Voter says:

    Wouldn’t it be nice if Lord Prescott stuck to what he is good at, i.e. sliding sausage rolls down his gullet.

    • 179
      Last Will and Testament says:

      The Euro lottery couple had best lay off the pies and bubbly. The Grim Reaper is saying “It could be you.”

  63. 177
    Up sh1t creek says:

    Labour expanded the spying of ordinary citizens, to the point where people were hired to check if your bin lid was open or closed, or if the bin was a few inches too far from your home.

    Just before the 2010 general election, Gordon Brown secretly approved £10bn in a new intercept programme to spy on the nations phone and internet use. BT are heavily implicated in putting new switches into the network to enable the increased spying. Why do you think there is such interest to change the phone network to IP based network?

    Millions of phone lines are spied on EVERY DAY under pretext of security, and all you care about is a few journalists hacking the phones of people who could not be bothered to change their default voicemail pass codes?

    Nobody is bothering to report the real news any more, this phone hack stuff is distraction politics.

    • 200
      Can we arrest all MPs before they go on holiday says:

      Don’t forget that this and the previous government have approved in law the giving of your private information to any other interested body eg the BBC

      Nobody asked for my permission

  64. 178
    TheBBC loses its sense of proportion(again) says:

    So nice to see that our state broadcaster(and Sky to a lesser extent) still feel that the most important headline news for UK viewers is Murdoch/Coulson and who had meetings at Chequers…..the BBC should becalled to the public inquiry on media to explain why they feel that they do not need to cover any other news occurring in the World apart from this for the last 7/8 days all funded by the british licecnce payer/taxpayer….in my book this is getting to be as equal scandal as all the NoTW stuff

    • 213
      annette curton says:

      The BBC do their reportage by proxy, it gives them a firewall against any criticism but once the press has been shut down or completely neutered where then will they source anything remotely connected with the real World in which most of us live?, don’t see much investigative journalism coming out from Broadcasting house. The next target for disgruntled MPs and the likes of McMong will be the internet. We can all look forward to a world of endless antiseptic Tweets from people with the IQ of headless chickens.

      • 264
        CHRIST ON A BIKE! says:

        They’ll do what they’ve done for many years. They’ll speak to their good friends in the Liebour party so they know which line to take and to get shit on the Tories.

      • 334
        The BBc says:

        We need a lot more journalists if we are to succeed in our aim of subjugating the masses properly. I know we might shed a few from the World Service but they are mostly abroad living with Johnny foreigner and don’t count.

        It is then so important that we focus on The Cuts as much as possible that is as soon as we have completely discredited that young Tory boy Cameron the Too Clever by Half for talking to those bad people at New Corp.

        The licence tax will then rise according to hyperinflation which our expert Wobby Pisston says will soon be running at 15%, as it did under that Mrs T woman. We expect the licence tax to then rise to about £500 by 2013 and we know you will all enjoy that a lot.

        It’s so much fun too paying your licence tax on line so have a nice day and don’t forget pay & pay & pay.

        Oh, by the way did we tell you, there will be a lovely BBC internet tax soon. What do you think, is another £500 a year OK? If you have any financial worries due to being unemployed with 5 or 6 kiddies don’t worry your New Lovely Labour Government headed up by Dedwood Milliwand will pay it for you.

  65. 185
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    How can a corupt police force investigate a corupt press and corupt politicons?

    • 189
      It takes one to know one. says:

      And appear before a committee of corrupt politicians?. It’s just laughable that Vaz is running a committee looking at corruption.

      • 269
        Anonymous says:

        Vaz should be the 1st. to appear to answer questions under oath & provide any hard evidence of his propriety & honesty that may may be called for.Only then would I consider him a fit & proper person to chair any commitee .

    • 193
      Ah! Monika says:

      Easy, just quadruple the no of police in the MET

    • 194
      smoggie says:

      They’re not all corrupt and there is a lot more than one police force in the UK.

    • 195
      Britain's wet summer says:

      Revolution now!

      • 199
        Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

        Can it wait till after the test series with India?

    • 231
      annette curton says:

      Answer: very badly = smiles all around.

    • 235
      I don't need no doctor says:

      In a corrupt way!

  66. 188
    Mam says:

    Get back to your World of Warcraft little boy.

  67. 191
    special cases consideration unit says:

    what a delight it would be to see the other papers exposed..toilets et al squirming..yes please

  68. 197
    Gordon Brown ate my hamster says:

    Michael Shite on bbc news dateline. Two other old farts on the panel and a gorgeous female journalist.

  69. 198
    Dick Robinson says:

    You should be ideally placed to step in though, Guido. They’ll never be able to regulate blogs.

  70. 201
    Gordon's best mate Andy says:

    Clegg told the BBC he had been informed that when News of the World Editor Andy Coulson resigned his post over the scandal, the first person to call him and commiserate was Gordon Brown.


    The BBC never report what Nick told them. Funny that.

    • 206
      Looking from the outside says:

      That article is a fantastic analysis of Gordon’s links to NI. How come it takes a foreign look to see what the BBC can’t see?

  71. 205
    Gordon Brown ate my hamster says:

    I’m not one for conspiracy theories unless they’re about Labour who are notoriously corrupt. But is there any credence to the stories over the years that John Smith’s death was a tad suspicious?

    • 304
      Anonymous says:

      Pales into insignificance when compared to the official verdict on the death of Kelly.

    • 340
      Tony Blair, war-monger to the elite says:

      It was the right thing for him to do.

    • 372
      Anonymous says:

      Isn’t it rather strange that every time a Labour leader dies , his successor becomes prime minister at the subsequent election. Gaitskell / Wislon then Smith / Bliar. Makes me wish a long life for Millitwat !

  72. 209
    I don't need no doctor says:

    There is a really good article by Graeme Archer in today’s Telegraph. In reference to Gordon Brown his contention is that Brown always believes when he does wrong it’s always someone elses fault. I had never thought of Brown in those terms but it does make complete sense. Archer also alluded to Brown denying any responsibility for anything.
    The trouble with Ed Miliband is that he has the same attitude. In fact that same attitude is rife within the labour party and unions.
    Perhaps Guido could post the article?

    • 220
      CHRIST ON A BIKE! says:

      It’s a socialist mind-set thing.
      They are never wrong, after all, how could they be, they are righteous socialists.
      To admit that they are wrong is to concede at least some part of their ideology is wrong. But the ideology is always right of course.
      Explaination: Someone else must have corrupted them and deviated them from their righteous path.

      • 621
        oddly helpful says:

        At the top of their hierarchy of beliefs is the idea of ‘collective responsibility’. Once the correct procedure (cf the election of Mili E, rather than Mili D, as leader) has been followed, all must fall in line to support and defend the result.

        It therefore follows that there is no such thing as an individual’s responsibility for any act resulting from the process of this externalised hive mind.

        Evil and gutless; a version of the Nuremberg Defence: I was only following orders.

    • 223
      annette curton says:

      Gordon Brown said about one cock-up when in office (too numerous to remember which one) I take full responsibility for this, (the buck stops here, blah,blah) and then sacked an underling, that is the measure of the man.

  73. 210
    Balls is back says:
    • 215
      Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

      Is bunting another word for strap on?

      • 224
        WVM says:

        She does need a strap on Billy.

      • 232
        I don't need no doctor says:

        Cooper was on Channel 4 news last night. Her only intention was to stab Cameron, luckily she was stopped mid sentence.
        She really does feign concern while in reality she is insincere,repugnant and basically a vile political shit. A female version of Gordon Brown.

        • 243
          Tom Badwind says:

          I actually though Mrs. Ball-Scooper was reading from Liebour’s auto-cue.

          I’m training the hole whole of the Shadow front bench to drone slowly and deliberately,

          ‘ He – just – doesn’t – get – it ‘.

        • 289
          Anonymous says:

          and fucking uglier.

  74. 211
    Taxfodder says:

    Arrest them all along with all the bent expenses fiddling MP’s!

    Far better to let a corrupt system fall over than to continue to prop it up!

  75. 214
    attack the messengers attacker says:

    Please give warm welcome to our hosts biographer, you certainly know all about him.

  76. 218

    We’re not killing them, they chose to commit suicide by believing they were above the law and common decency.

  77. 228
    Labour says:

    Who’s Rupert Murdoch? We’ve never met him. What’s a newspaper? These are all lies.

  78. 234
    Gordon Brown ate my hamster says:

    I have the utmost sympathy and compassion for the people suffering in the African drought. But if the government has £52m to donate in emergency aid, it begs the question why that money can’t be spent here on our own people or on tax cuts? We’re told we’re all in this together but we seem to have an endless supply of money for foreign aid. I’d rather that money be spent on schools, police, hospitals or dropping the VAT increase and cutting income tax. A country’s first duty is to its own people, then other countries.

    • 244
      Lou Scannon says:

      Even worse, our dosh gets given to countries that run their own foreign aid programs.
      Sounds like money-laundering to me.

    • 252
      Joss Ayinglike says:

      At least the recipients have the courtesy to smuggle themselves into Great Britain to thank us in person.

    • 280
      When is foreign aid not foreign aid? says:

      I hope the dosh is coming out of the ringfenced foreign aid budget.

    • 301
      Tell it like it really is says:

      Why if it has to be given isn’t it spent on contraception? The world is too overpopulated as it is.

    • 314
      Crikey says:

      And something really radical and off the wall=how about letting people choose whether they want to donate or not? Generosity with the money of others isn’t generosity it’s embezzlement.

  79. 240
    bald old git says:

    ‘We are on the verge of criminalising hundreds of journalists … Most of the hacking hacks will get suspended sentences and conditional discharges. Will they still be fit and proper journalists? Without the infotainment aspect of newspapers how will popular investigative journalism be financed? ‘


    And this is me not shedding any tears over the issue.

    Journalists who knew what the law was at the time they broke it and will now have to face the consequences are in the same boat as the MPs who knew what they were signing when filling in their false expense forms. ‘Everyone does it’ is no defence in law. I don’t think there’s any argument case for a conditional discharge in cases where journalists have used illegal means to hack a phone, or trojan an email on the flimsiest of pretexts.

    Guido – you need to make up your mind whether you’re in favour of hacking phones or not. And if so, you need to define the circumstances which are acceptable, just so we know which of your stories stands up to the hypocrisy test.

    • 270
      Alex says:

      I bet that when they started wanting to introduce laws designed to snoop on us that you were one of the “if you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear” brigade weren’t you.

      • 272
        bald old git says:

        No. I don’t want anyone to be snooped on at all, without compelling reason, least of all by agents of national newspapers who simply want to dig dirt to boost sales.

        Not for point of principles; they did it for money.

  80. 247
    • 253
      cheche says:

      If every one is afraid to complain then there are no compliants and therefore our public servants are doing a good job

    • 290
      Ah! Monika says:

      When my wife complained of lack of action by a traffic warden, three days later both our cars were issued with parking tickets in places neither car had been in living memory. FOI request produced evidence that neither of the wardens concerned were reprimanded. Letter from Chief Exec said that they would not respond to further communications on the matter. Both tickets were cancelled.

      The Council concerned was not a million miles from Stockport.

      • 309
        Anonymous says:

        Bring that chief exec up in front of Vaz’s committee.They will come up with a suitable conclusion. Ha Ha.

      • 433
        Airey Belvoir says:

        Er how did they get the tickets on the cars?

  81. 249
    Toilets MugLiar says:

    The Mirror Group ? Dubious ??? Who’d have thunk it ??

  82. 257
    Johann Hari says:

    In short every major newsroom except the Independent in the land has used illegal techniques to obtain information as we are too thick.

    (Best lose that “as we are too thick.” Ed)

    In short every major newsroom except the Independent in the land has used illegal techniques to obtain information

  83. 258
    Dilligaff says:

    We Are On the Verge of Killing Popular Journalism

    No. We are on the verge of killing demagoguery. A good thing, too.

    • 627
      oddly helpful says:

      So this is a witch-hunt that will forever put an end to the evil sport of hunting witches?

  84. 260
    MB. says:

    I wonder if we could end up with so many newspapers implicated in using illegal techniques (if not all of them) and so many journalists shown to have used illegal methods that it will not be practical to prosecute them all so something like the South African Truth and Reconciliation Commission will be needed?

    But it could be clear that any future illegal activity will be treated very severely by the courts.

  85. 261
    The EU is the enemy not Murdoch says:
    • 274
      Burn a Euro Flag Day says:

      I wonder how long it will be before the compulsory EU flags and signs that are springing up all over the place will become the subject of public anger and vandolism?

  86. 267
    Joke of the day says:

    Last night, I went down on my girlfriend’s mum & got my tongue snagged on her genital piercing. Talk about PANIC?!!
    ….I was in a right old flap!!!

  87. 271
    Johann Hari says:

    I was going to say something but whoever was supposed to say it forgot to say it.

  88. 273
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    How much of a scandal would it be if a local concil covered up allegations of child abuse?

    Say at a O****** A******** C*****, where despite complaints and witness a person was able to keep thier job and “move on” at a approrite time?

    How corrupt is your local goverment?

  89. 275
    Johann Hari Rotter says:

    I’m off to interview Lord Voldermort.

  90. 277
    albacore says:

    This is so funny that they should chuck in a few more filthy one-liners and turn it into a gross-out movie.
    Carry on silencing the lambs?
    All that the celebrated free press does is condition the sheeple into bovine conformity and the acceptance of the inevitablity of the halal knife.

  91. 293
    Can we arrest all MPs before they go on holiday says:

    why not ask the Guardian to provide the details of Brown and Blair’s visitors here:


    should be interesting

  92. 296
    Gordon Brown says:

    Waiters think my favourite food is cheese and biscuits.
    Any time I eat out, all I hear them say is ‘crackers’.

  93. 298
    Anonymous says:

    I got banned from the Daily Mail website last week for posting a similar comment to the argument put forward in this article on one of their NI related stories.

    It was all the funnier due to the fact that I was also warned that if I attempted to post on any associated newspaper website again, they reserved the right to contact my employer and/or ISP with a view to seeing further action be taken.

    I have to wonder exactly what “further action” could be taken, as I am self employed and have broken no laws, or any of the T&C that my ISP expects its users to abide by.

    Just goes to show the mentality of them though – apparently threats and toothless attempts at intimidation are far more palatable than someone pointing out that they are no better than NI – the fact that the chart on this article suggests that they are in fact far worse speaks volumes about them.

  94. 299
    Kered Ybretsae says:

    Presumably people get the governments they deserve and the press as well. All commentators are going on about a ‘free press’ being necessary. MP’s expenses are the watchword, their exposure was worth their weight in gold. But what is the exposure of some footballing brain shagging around, worth in comparison?

    • 310
      This is now reaching farcical proportions says:

      Don’t mention “free press/media” ……the broadcasting media need to get a sense of proportion and to change the record….9 days of continual “navel gazing” and headlining Murdoch scandals whilst other more relevant news gets barely a mention……..now THAT is the REAL scandal

  95. 303
    Jimmy says:

    Soon we will have to read the big newspapers with the long words in them. Or this.

  96. 307
    Mad, Bad & Dangerous Gordon McRuin says:


    • 324
      annette curton says:

      Lol, “the cost of living in two places at once”, just can’t be bothered analysing the ramifications of that statement of existentialism, that’s even better than the nought % increase gaff.

      • 518
        Lady Virginia Droit de Seigneur says:

        We’ll for a start the his living costs at nos 10 and 11 were met by the state. He only had one residence he was responsible for. He is a cheat and a charlatan.

  97. 308
    Anonymous says:

    whilst politicians of all parties are jumping up and down about the media – perhaps they woud like to answer some of the questions raised here:


    remember david kelly mr bliar?

  98. 317
    Mark Wouters says:

    Whos going to be left holding the s-it end of the stick in the Murdoch conspiracy ??????.
    The MI5 and MI6 havnt had their Two penneth yet,Looks like the police are going to be left with the stick in their greasy little hands,oops perhaps its too soon , and wheres price Phillip and the rest of the deadbeat royals ??or for that matter the top Civi l Serpents ???This Beats dallas anyday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  99. 321
    Is the Jinxed one about to come unstuck again? says:
  100. 325
    Mark Wouters says:

    And wheres the usa ONI in this (office of Naval intelligenge?)???????eh

  101. 332
    Lesley Montague says:

    I did not cover anything up, nor did anyone else.

    Our central concern has always been the people we are charged to look after*.

    * Unless it is bad headlines for us.

  102. 336
    Ah! Monika says:

    Insulin in a Saline drip? I guess Brandy would be cheaper

  103. 337
    nell says:

    some in labour are saying that twatson is in line for a shadow frontbench post for his high profile work on the notw scandal and because it has so improved militwit’s public profile.

    so they haven’t been pursuing this issue out of a sense of public duty but because of what they can get out of it for themselves.

    how very predictable .

    I for one am fed up with the self-serving faux hysteria that labour keeps generating over this story and think we are very close to throwing the baby out with the bathwater.

    • 339
      Ah! Monika says:

      He casts a very big shadow

    • 345
      Eamonn U Ensis says:

      Apart from the Dowler Hacking I suspect that the public couldn’t really give a toss about this or who Cameron saw or employed or what NOTW/The Sun allegedly is supposed to have been guilty of with Brown’s personal details….they know that politicians have been sucking up to Murdoch for decades and that some of the worse syncophantic behaviour was Labour from 1995 onwards…..it’s all rather like the pot calling the kettle black……………a plague on all their houses …yet again the broadcasting/print media;politicians and “Old Bill” are taking the public for mugs but then again what’s new ?

      • 369
        nell says:

        Yes exactly.

        Of course there’s immense sympathy for the Dowler’s and the people who perpetrated the crime that should be prosecuted.

        But even there it is being said that politicians and the police knew about that hacking at the time and nothing was done! So who in the labour govt hushed it up? because they also should be named and shamed.

      • 493
        Puzzled of Peking says:

        BBC World news leads Sunday morning editions with screaming outraged headline, delivered by drooling female, that Cameron visited/met with Roopy 27 times in 15 months.

        But somehow forgets to add the number times Blair and Brown did likewise over 13 years.

        How odd…

    • 346
      Lard Presclott of Bulimia, Bog Seats, Beams,Bellies,Banjos,Punches, Croquet, Pies, Jags 'n' Shags says:

      Just because he is fat, loud, opinionated, obnoxious and has never had a real job in his whole life does not mean we are related.

  104. 348
    annon. says:
    • 350
      Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

      No Parliamentry privalige now.

      • 359
        Anonymous says:

        hey Billy

        young South African cricketer playing today by name of Quitin de Koch

        let’s hope he does go into politics hey?

    • 381
      Blimey. says:

      They should do this very publicly every day until Brown is unable to ignore them.

  105. 351
    MI5 says:


    This article of yours is inconsistent ant incoherent

    The law is the law.

    As a libertarian you should defend rights of individual privacy.

    If hundreds of journalists are “criminalised” that means they violated the rights of citizens, whether they be politicians, celebrities or simple citizens.

    You shoul be there defending the rights of citizens.

    I do not want the tabloids spying on me like the Stasi, to use your misplaced expression….

    Or are you Caligula ? Just having fun while the criminal law is breached on an industrial basis ?!

    • 352
      Call me Dave says:

      Thank God Gordon Brown has come bnack into the frame

      He will lie and fraud until I am out of the woods…as ususal

    • 368
      Blimey. says:

      The spying done by the media is hugely dwarfed by the spying done by the state and the resulting data can be seen by numerous public sector workers. This was largely set in place by the last labour government including of course Gordon Brown who now strangely is in a rage about the “erosion of civil liberties”?

  106. 355
    Lord Macdonald says:

    I waqs Director of Public Prosecutions when the Murdoch scandal started

    I have been paid by him since

    There is no confliect of interest


    • 357
      Private investigator says:

      And you founded Matrix chambers with Cherie Blair ?!

      Still no conflict of interest


      • 358
        Lord Macdonald says:

        Of course not

        We are barristers and we are honest

        We have the best restrictive practise in the world

        That’s why members of Matrix and otheres wlik Cameroon’s brother) earn £1 million per year…mostly on legal aid but you must not talk too much about that


      • 363
        It was better than the sequels says:

        Are the Matrix chambers the ones in which you wake-up covered in goo, with pipes coming out of your skin and if the robots see you’ve woken up, the flush you away?

  107. 356
    special cases consideration unit says:

    the solicitor lewis is following his own agenda….assuming he fees well when a settlement comes for his celeb clients he has every reason to keep banging the hacking drum..perhaps hoping that a deluge of settlement offers will ensue if Rupert loses his nerve…which is most unlikely. His manner in front of the camera is well practiced but he is not comfortable. Not easy to read but weasel potential here me thinks.

  108. 360
    RED ED - SON OF BROWN says:

    Gordon Brown. He – just – doesn’t – get – it.

    • 376
      Aunt Hilda says:

      what grieving family asks editors to a funeral for a baby…the man is not right in the head…..Gordon’s performance in the house the other night was worth watching just to see if post PM he was changed but no chance …double talk…mealey mouthed half truths …desperate avoidance of answering questions…well you will all remember…hes a complete and utter moron devoid of moral fibre and utterly spineless to be preaching to the house when he presided over a bunch of two faced shysters who would spin their grannies if it would help them get what they wanted and that was only against their own colleagues let alone the tories.

      Prescott should be careful how loud he keeps shouting..perhaps one of the most odious politicians in the house…(of course swore he would never take ermine…but pauline said it would be nice so he did) talking in the HOL saying he was a seaman and he wouldn’t have wanted brooks on the bridge with him…the closest he ever got to working on a bridge was delivering coffee …I digress…again a man who ducked and dived his way through office in the pockets of his favoured journos briefing furiously for and against his colleagues…another moron at large.

    • 494
      Dried up spinster says:

      Oh I know the feeling!

  109. 361
    bird wsb says:

    Just watched the BBC news. I can think of only one rational explanation for their preoccupation with Andy Coulson’s visit to Chequers: he must have a deadly contagious disease that threatens the health and welfare of the entire population. What is it? I demand to know. I’m scared.

    • 385
      the old Dufflebag says:

      for technical reason I’ve only been able to access BBC world news for 2 days….just a re-run of the same stories for most of the day with such biased commentary about cameron and NI as to be ridiculous. Hazelhurst the business guy must have talked NI’s stock down all on his own… he was completely out of depth judging the realities of this type of international company storm.

  110. 364
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    Hope plod charge Gordon with wasting police time :-)

    • 378
      Gordon Brown says:

      I’m going to destroy you Billy Bumblebott.

      • 398
        Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

        Many have tried, but the Umpire is always right.

      • 457
        nell says:

        You’ll have to be quick because you are destroying yourself as we speak!!

        Talk about digging holes!!!

  111. 366
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    I wonder if there are any good looking gay Mps?

    • 374
      smoggie says:

      I wonder why tat is as obsessed with homosexuals almost as much as he is with destroying this blog?

      • 377
        Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

        No, was real Billy, Just wondered, with new intake and all that :-)

      • 384
        Anonymous says:

        smoggie you fucking twat, Billy has come out of the closet. Jeez, your thick.

        • 387
          Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:


          Chill, Smoggie is sound.

          Ps have had a few sockpuppets, so maybe regs didnt believe it. :-)

  112. 370
    Fog says:

    Most newspaper ‘journalists’, and the broadcast media, merely take 6 topics from Reuters, and recycle them for the day, unless something major happens. They all have more-or-less the same ‘news’ items and do not want to inform and enlighten, but to create controversy. In their world bubble they seem to believe that’s what sells. They failed to question Labour and what they were doing all the years they were in government, and are still not. Add to that the extreme dumbing- down where soap story lines, and PR releases from ‘celebrities’, are treated as news, we are where we are today with a media not fit for purpose, especially and including the BBC which we are forced to pay for. The present hysterical bun fight is being handled by the press and media in the same uninformed, politically biased way they do everything. Sickening.

    Maybe it’s evolution : the end of the dead tree press. Hopefully the broadcast media will be forced to change too. I’m more interested in what people on the internet are saying about current events.

  113. 380
    Cassandra King says:

    No left wing rag will be fingered either by the so called right wing press or by the visual MSM, the BBC/guardian is not about to cover left wing criminality simply because they are complicit in just about every dirty trick the left wing MSM has pulled in the last twenty odd years.

    The right wing press engage in criminality and grubby gutter tactics because they are plainly evil whereas the left wing press engage in exactly the same dirty grubby criminal tactics because the ends justify the means and the ends as every leftist will tell you are holy and pure leading to a Marxist heaven.

    The inquiry has been rigged, regime stooges in place and ready to forget to ask the right questions or ask the right witnesses or do any uncomfortable digging, in fact the outcome has already been faxed over to Cameroid and his friend Millibrain. If you were hoping for a genuine inquiry may I respectfully direct your attention to a certain Dr Kelly/the Isle of Man helicopter crash/climategate whitewashes/Iraq inquiry and many more.

  114. 386
    Lesley Montague says:

    Jerry Elsmore was a outstanding leader and well thought off friend.

  115. 393
    Aunt Hilda says:

    modded for saying brown and prescott are spineless morons…I thought I was being quite generous.

    viz brown…what type of man invites editors to the funeral of a baby ?

    The closest prescott ever got to the bridge of a boat was delivering coffee.

    • 395
      Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

      Is there a P_E_A in there?

      Most comon word that gets modded.

    • 400
      No wonder Britain's going down the pan says:

      “The closest prescott ever got to the bridge of a boat was delivering coffee.”

      And the fat c*unt only did that so he could dodge National Service.

      And they made the tub of junk a Lord? FFS.

      • 430
        Lard Presclott of Bulimia, Bog Seats, Beams,Bellies,Banjos,Punches, Croquet, Pies, Jags 'n' Shags says:

        Tub of Lard, please.

  116. 394
    Anonymous says:

    I see that Mad Polly the Tuscan Parrot has been squawking in the Guardian today, to the effect that the Daily Mail should now be suppressed.

    Perhaps she believes that we would then all rush out and buy the Guardian, instead of being indirectly forced to pay for it through public sector advertising.

    And perhaps she believes that we would all willingly pay for the BBC, instead of being directly forced to pay for it through a television tax.

    Or perhaps she is just a Silly Polly …

    • 401
      12 years withhout a TV license, no they don't catch you. says:

      I have a sneaky suspicion that the Guardian would actually start making money if they got rid of Polly and that other fuckwit, Monbiot.

    • 402
      joescotus says:

      are there any others like her or is she a one off?

    • 409
      Anonymous says:

      No she is an ignorant deluded talentless bitch.

    • 411
      Pretty Polly? Not in a million years says:

      I like it. Polly should be on CNN’s squawk box.

      • 441
        will says:

        The best comment in response to polly was the one about the guardian dodging taxes and losing money £33 million, and the fact that it is in decline, whereas the Mail makes money

  117. 396
    I don't need no doctor says:

    I well remember the days when newspapers had a use. Wrapping up your fish and chips. Kept them really hot.

    • 431
      Infuriated of West Mids says:

      Tastier too, in my opinion. Ahhh ….. rose tinted glasses ain’t what they used to be!

      • 447
        I don't need no doctor says:

        I remember the good old days. Ice on the inside of the windows in winter, no central heating, no holidays, no mumsnet, no family credits to those on £40k a year, in fact no one on £40k a year.
        I think those same times are just around the corner, but only for the masses. I am glad we are all in it together.

        • 468
          nell says:

          fish and chips wrapped in newspaper sitting on the sea wall in the summer!!

          and ice on the inside of the bedroom window , in the winter when you woke up in the morning- fantastic patterns!!

          amazing spider webs revealed in the bushes on the way to school in the autumn, revealed from cold autumn mists!

          And puddles that froze over in early winter that we stamped our shoes in!!

          Happy Days!!

  118. 403
    Sanity, somewhere between sanitry and a smear test says:

    The corporate, fiscal, political and media fascists gain ever more power, control and wealth.

    How much more are you prepared to suffer?

  119. 406
    Prescott the serial Liar says:

    I’d like to see who Prescott entertained at Dorneywood, I would wager a bet that one Miss Tracey Temple is on the list.

    • 408
      The BBC says:

      Fingers in ears, lalalalalalalalalala

    • 410
      Old scores to settle says:

      And why doesn’t the BBC put a cautionary note on the screen every time, Prescott, Grant, Mosley, Bryant, Mellor and Michael give one of their multitudinous interviews on its multitudinous channels that they may just have an Axe to grind against NI, as NI exposed their very bad behavior?

      • 414
        cheche says:

        they have all been caught with their pants down -makes u wonder about the bbc presenters

      • 416
        reluctant licence fee payer. says:

        Perhaps they could just consider adhering to the terms of their charter?

      • 465
        nell says:

        Let’s not forget every time the beeb employs prezza, twatson or any of the other lefties to spout rubbish they are generously paying them from our money , for their time, their taxies, their hotal bills and their food.

        In prezzas case his food bill eclipses everything else!!

      • 510
        Anonymous says:

        I’m sure we all remember when the Mellor story broke the BBC were very censorious and refused to report unimportant tittle-tattle about a government minister’s private life. This is what makes the BBC so nauseating, whenever the NOTW would, by dubious means, come up with a story about a Tory politician’s private life they would report it with relish.

    • 418
      Crikey says:

      Well perhaps that sort of thing will come out if Prescott keeps ranting about an investigation etc. Perhaps NI will be goaded into releasing stories they were asked to sit on by the last government?

  120. 412
    Good Cop? or Bad Cop? says:
    • 413
      Very Bad cop says:

      Oh Deary me. Sir Paul was treated to a health farm by Wallis. Little wonder Boris went Ballistic and summoned Sir Paul to the most violent down dressing.

      Come the end of the week he won’t be a cop, unfortunately his pension will make it all worth while.

    • 415
      PR Copper says:

      Feel sorry for most of the ordinary boys and gals in Blue. Ever since Labour came to power their “seniors” have taken on a celebrity status and adopted celebrity morals.

      • 419
        Piss Organ says:

        Do ‘celebs’ have morals ??

      • 498
        Mrs Hyancinths' Bucket says:

        Tells you all you need to know about the qualities required to be a Met senior officer, when you consider the system produced such odious twats as Paddick.

    • 423
      I don't need no doctor says:

      So what do you know Andrew Neil. What happened under your watch when you worked for Murdoch.
      The BBC news tonight reported how many times Murdoch employees visited Chequers.
      No mention how how many visits Blair and Brown had. BBC bias. Oh yes!
      Perhaps Andrew Neil could shed some light on BBC bias, or does even he cower to his paymaster.

  121. 421
    Tom Badwind says:

    Curious. Just noticed that someone claiming to be editor of a rag called The Guardian is tweeting under the monicker ‘anusbridger’……..

    Oh, hang on…..

  122. 422
    Poor Bill says:

    In preparation for the Euro’Fuckation of the police services in Britain, ACPO, (Association of Chief Police Officers) was set up.

    This allowed the home office greater influence over day to day running of police forces.

    The Home Office could say that it was ACPO that wanted/created PCSOs, not the Europeans creating metropolitan/city police units. This let them say that Police Chiefs were driving the creation of regional police areas not Europe. That ACPO wanted a National Police force and greater integration with Federal Police forces in Europe.

    It has been harder then they expected. However, from 2002, when I was briefed by a member of the French National Gendarmerie,(Senior Officer), while working in Normandy. They have managed to create.

    1 Federal transport police. (VOSA)

    2 EU federal boarder police. (UK boarder Agency)

    3 Federal Police Agency. (Serious Organised Crime Agency)

    4 Federal Environmental Police. ( The Environment Agency)

    Basically. If it is an Agency it is enforcing EU laws and collecting EU fines.

    The Police in Europe have always been an arm of the state working to enforce state control.

    In the British system, (God Bless Robert Peel), the local police were run by and on behalf of the local communities. Their task to up hold the laws of the land and maintain the Queen’s/ King’s peace for the local town, city or county that employed them.

    In Europe there was always one fully Para-military Centralised Police under direct government control.

    National Gendarmerie (France) (Italy) Civil Guard (Spain) (Portugal)

    At one time in : Ireland (Royal Irish Constabulary) Germany (Well we won’t go there)

    Today we have the EURO GENDARMERIE.

    The visual, Para-military internal security police of the European Union. A political police force run for and from Brussels. (I no longer have the address of the HQ of the EU’s internal security police. But it use to be in the Hague. ) ( In offices once used by the Gestapo during the last German war.) .
    You just can not make this shit up.

    “The mistake was to allow yourselves to be politically manipulated and controlled. In the past the Police Chief was responsible to the county or city fathers. London was only there to set out the law and a frame work within which the police operated. Now the politicos have turned on you coppers and you have only the spineless bastards who allowed the Home Office to control them to blame“.

    Had they spoken up earlier the people in general would have stood with you in an attempt to keep ‘Policing’ apolitical. Now we are all fucked…Cheers

  123. 425
    Happy Day says:

    The BBC has a very odd slant on public opinion. It does not reflect the opinion of the public that the public know.

    • 428
      The BBC are cunts says:

      We’re still pining for ‘l’Ancien Regime’ of the Liebour kleptocracy.

    • 444
      I don't need no doctor says:

      The BBC has it’s own agenda, namely jobs for the boys, and bollocks to the license fee payer.

  124. 429
    Cameron says:

    latest news

    “Former prime minister Gordon Brown says he has referred to the police a letter he received from The Sunday Times challenging his allegations about the newspaper.
    by Press Association LiveBlog 7/16/2011 5:11:38 PM 6:11 PM –
    Courtesy of MSN”

    I MUST offer him a peerage!

    • 434
      Just Deserts says:

      Hope he’s charged for wasting police time.

    • 435
      Infuriated of West Mids says:

      Well that’s Jonah’s kiss of death on the Police too, then. Good. Keep it up, Gordo – who’re you gonna contact next? Could you arrange a meeting with Rusbridger and Lord Patten? I’d be eva so grateful…

    • 439
      RetardEd says:

      thufferin catfithsh!

      withz thzis hole hethz’s digging he’ll be able to talk to Wupert in Oz.

    • 449
      I don't need no doctor says:

      Gordon Brown you are a liar and a shit.

    • 456
      nell says:

      Don’t you dare offer him so much as a cup of tea!

  125. 436
    Cato Street Conspirator says:

    ‘… emasculated and servile to the rich and powerful…’

    Oh yes, because every part of the effing media in this country today (including the BBC) bends over backwards to support the interests of the poor and the powerless, doesn’t it?

  126. 437

    Ever wondered why we spend so much on aid? Labour’s £800million to China as well as Conservalibs’ ringfencing of DFID budget whilst slashing defence budget explained… the ‘science’ behind why we cut defence budgets as we increase aid spending… http://t.co/jXvQXia

    • 442
      Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

      Link whoring again?

      You are welcome to pay for advertising :-)

      • 454
        Tessa Tickles says:

        You know, I’m not sure a backlink from this site, with all its profanities, is such a great idea. Maybe the fucking SEO-newbie twat should be allowed to post all it likes.

        It’s not as if anyone here ever click on its links.

  127. 440
    annon. says:

    This link appears to be floating around a lot at the moment, Brown dirt and The Sunday Times.Some strong stuff on here,seems a bit far fetched? Thought he was just a snot gobbler.

  128. 446
    Sir Paul Stephenson says:

    I am entirely happy with my own integrity.

  129. 451
    cheche says:

    Actually I feel really sorry for the Dowlers sorry that they lost their daughter, but they have been used by everyone. The police messed up. the judge allowed them to be insulted and the politicians used them.

    They symbolise the common man now largely forgotten as the hyenas fight it out and when its over and a decison is taken in our best interests we will lose

    • 452
      Dirty Laundry says:

      I do agree there. Just watching them being used as pawns by their lawyers and the Hacked off campaign to make high profile visits to all involved parties last week was very unsettling.

      And of course most viewers are thinking about Dad’s bondish fettish, the porn and the equipment that Milly found and caused her to write that most distressing last letter.

      • 484
        Cynical Old Man says:

        Yeah,and look who their lawyer is – our old friend Mark Lewis. Did he offer his services to the Dowler family AFTER the, as yet unproven, allegations emerged that Millie’s phone had been hacked? Who’s paying his fees? I doubt very much that the Dowlers could afford such a high powered legal eagle.

        Lewis even managed to get his face on CBS evening news in the states, along with Twatson. Lewis is one very busy mouthpiece!

        • 497
          Politicians are CUNTS says:

          don’t forget that the Dowler’s like most of the population are primitives.

          remember Rory Stewart – he’s on Cameron’s visitor list – claimed “My constituents are ‘primitives who hold their trousers up with bits of string’ says new Tory MP

          he got told off apparently but it doesn’t mean that they don’t believe it

          • Archer Karcher says:

            Rory Stewart is a Bilderberger, so his attitude to ‘commoners’ or his constituents, is hardly surprising.

    • 453
      nell says:

      truth is people like twatson and militwit are using them for their own ends.

      twatson has high hopes of that shadow frontbench job on the basis of this campaign he has run – it will take him from £60k to £100k pa plus the perks.

      militwit is grateful to him for giving his lacklustre forgettable personality a media boost so needs to reward him.

      This is all about them and how they feather their nests. It has nothing to do with public service or ‘doing the right thing’

      If you believe that you are a real idiot.

  130. 455
    How the mighty falls says:

    It beggars belief that no one had the wit to destroy Glenn Mulcaire’s notebook.

    • 459
      nell says:

      What’s really bothering about mulcaire’s ‘book’ is that every notation in it is being interpreted by the police as a hacking.

      He was a journalist and collected phone numbers, mobile phone numbers, emails, addresses , car registrations and on and on……..

      And it does seem, (though I could be wrong) that every notated contact that he has/had is being used by the police to say that he hacked them, without any proof that he did!!!!

      • 462
        nell says:

        I think we should demand that maguire of the mirror, alicampbell, marr, nick robinson, mcbride and kuenssberg should give up their little black books of contacts and we will assume that all of the people we find in there have been hacked too!!!

        Sorry but this saga is completely out of control and it is largely the fault of hysterical labour!!!

    • 481
      Stone the crows says:

      10,000 pages detailing his criminal activities!
      What a genius. He never heard of that thing called fire then?

  131. 458
    Thumb this comment up if you agree! says:

    GF, please please get rid of those fucking thumbs!

    • 460
      Thumb this comment up if you agree! says:

      Or as a compromise, get them to load parallel and quickly with the comments.

      The whole thing’s a fucking joke anyway, I can clear my browser and vote twice on any comment I want and repeat it indefinitely. It’s poor programming, doesn’t work and is slowing the site down and pissing people off.

    • 463
      Anonymous says:

      Hear Hear. Anyone more than 100 yards from the exchange has to wait an age for a long thread to refresh.

      • 472
        albacore says:

        Try this at home.
        When you give a thumbs up to comments 436 and 440 above, the thumbs down counts instantaneously increase by one as well.

    • 467
      Enhance your Guido Experience (and other marketing bollocks) says:

      Firefox + NoScript = no thumbs. And no adverts.

    • 469
      nell says:

      No! Please don’t Guido.

      Those thumbs are very telling.

      Look at yesterday when the beeb labour journalists went on strike. They were on here hitting the down thumbs like a sudden attack of the measles.

      Those thumbs provide another dimension to this blog that gives a very valuable insight , especially to the left wingers!

  132. 473
    Aunt Hilda says:

    just saw the headlines on the news regarding the met chief’s stay at Champneys…coincidentally another well known household name loves
    spending time at any one of their various health resorts…regularly…
    chairman Vazaline no less.

  133. 474
    Tell it like it really is says:

    I have yet to see or hear or any evidence that any of these various people/numbers have been hacked. Have I missed it? This includes evidence that the Dowler phone was hacked and by NOW.

    I am not for or against Murdoch but surely some firm evidence should be produced, otherwise I can write any amount of numbers in a notebook and on the basis that this farce has progressed I will be accused of hacking them

    Can some sanity not be brought to bear on the situation? Also why are the Dowler familyparading back and forth with their mouthpiece dictating what is to happen? Where is the evidence, produce it and I and many more will feel less uneasy about what appears, as of now, just a witchhunt.

    • 538
      Tell it like it really is says:

      Dear Mod person – would it be possible to deal with my comment – July 16th 11.20 pm – and either allow it to be seen or not. I do feel 12 hours is sufficient to do this.

  134. 475
    Huge Grunt says:

    I saw Hugh Grant in a pub in Fulham earlier. Nothing exciting to report though. He was just drinking with a female friend.

  135. 477
    Colonel Madd says:

    Fuck me….. this place is getting to be wall to wall mongs.It used to be a not bad little hidey hole but now its a complete shit hole

    You’ll have to start employing a decent doorman ,you Irish layabout.

    Only sensible points in the whole fucking thread are about Mark Lewis ….but why the fuck don’tcha ring him up yourself and fucking tell him (07850 037216)…..and don’t put any four digit numbers into yer fucking ‘phones when he answers

    Christ…. thats the last time I’m drinking three bottles of Dow ’93 in an evening

    Off to shag the Au Pair now ….Natasha….since you ask

    • 478
      PissedasaParrot says:

      shes called Reg actually but after 3 bottles of port not suprised you don’t notice.

  136. 479
    • 480
      eeu to me says:

      Wow it must be blatant if the so called lefty interlectuals are noticing,

    • 482
      Stone the crows says:

      We were saying that on here, over a week ago. Nice to se she has caught up.

    • 486
      D L George says:

      Read that earlier, I was amazed by this…

      “By law, broadcast news in Britain must be impartial. That is why all television news organisations in this country subscribe to pretty much the same soft-Left rendition of neutral reporting (in which Euroscepticism was, until very recently, treated as a lunatic fringe irrelevance, etc).”

      I didn’t know that. AuntyBeeb keeps announcing at elections it has to be impartial (chuckle) but I didn’t realise their was a permanent law in place, at least, not for all channels. No wonder Labour has it so easy.

      • 489
        labourunionsbbc we are one says:

        Brilliant peice, by far the best, most informative, I’ve ever read by her.

        Every aspect and detail is spot on, and should, but unfortunatly will not, make beeboids and other lefties, including Cameron, paton et, al, take imediate action to right this pernicious wrong.

        Just how much of a ‘high’ can power, privilege and patronage (and for some money) be, that these men and women at the B-bbc will sell out their own countrymen for it?

      • 490
        If we're talking media reform then let's also reform the BBC too says:

        Forget about having investigations into Murdoch’s Empire having too cosy relationship with political parties there should be a Judicial Inquiry into the BBC’s relationship with Labour………..as for their claim to be impartial they’re ‘avin’ a laff ain’t they ??

  137. 485
    not a machine says:

    And now we glimpse a little more of what the nutters are up to , Ed demands NI be dismantled . !

    I think Labour should be on a register of banned organisations , and socialism should be classed as some sort contempt for the law or illness.

    Met geeting it today along with wine and dine with NI , shhhh dont mention the ruins prawn cocktail bankers circuit ….. One story has ruin brining in police over his story was wrong (eh) .

    janet Daley has written another scorcher , not that mirror and mail arnt splooshing loads on TV adds , mmm those sunday ABC will be interesting .

  138. 487
    • 488
      Lady Virginia Droit de Seigneur says:

      And Peston. Fuck the lot of them.

      • 491
        If we're talking media reform then let's also reform the BBC too says:

        That was one of the best things about Friday’s strike…………….no smug bastards like Peston and Robinson on the News Channel……in my book the BBC journos should go on permanent strike

        • 695
          Anonymous says:

          they still broadcast the news so they could easily do without the strikers,overmanned ,overwomanned overethnicked ,overgayed etc etc

    • 496
      Politicians are CUNTS says:

      if nothing else, this circus highlight who mixes with who. The links and connections between the self-appointed gliterati. Notice the numbers of ordinary folk at the gatherings. None

      This is where the tools gather. Some have power but the real power lies behind them all. Democracy? What democracy?

      It would be great if we were ‘on the verge of getting rid of them all’ but we’re not and normal service will be resumed shortly

      • 499
        This could keep the Guardian & BBC going for another 10 days says:

        Breaking News…Clarkson comes clean on THAT Christmas Do at Chipping Norton

        Cameron and Brookes discussed…………..whether to take sausage rolls on Boxing Day picnic when families go for afternoon walk with kids through Clarkson’s wood and light a bonfire and SamCam tries to blag a ciggie off Jezza and breaks up argument with JamesM and Clarkson over the environment !!!

    • 508
      Tell it like it really is says:

      To be scrupulously fair Cameron was not there, the article is written to use “friend or acquaintances of Cameron” to infer he was there when he was not. Just sayin’.

  139. 500
    Ruperts_Red_Setter says:

    Woof, Woof!!

  140. 501
    Arthur Haynes (Comedian) says:

    ‘emasculated and servile to the rich and powerful…’

    No change there then.

    A socialist’s paradise in the making.

  141. 502
    • 505
      eeu to me says:

      So no honesty, truthfulness and public services, bums and tits are in, must be fishing for the Sun readers.

  142. 509
  143. 511
    Tell it like it really is says:

    I see Obummer and his party have latched on to the Murdoch saga – as a possible way of hauling themselves out of the pit they are in. Fox News (NI stable) is far and away the most popular news programme in the USA and it is right wing. What an opportunity for them to try and close down any opposition. The Chicago machine in action.

    • 512
      The Umpire is always right! says:

      The ratings in the USA say it all (tho missed a trick in losing the Glenn Beck show), However they have the written constituion that proctects freedom of speech etc.

      Maybe that is where we are going wrong?

    • 520
      CHRIST ON A BIKE! says:

      The beauty of Fox News, is that it has proven that it is a very successful and profitable business model for broadcast news (the only reason NI launched it). It is very difficult for polticians to close down legitimate media outlets, unless they transgress existing laws. But even if the brand of Fox News is damged sufficiently by association to it’s parent, it could be sold for a lot of cash, and the existing narrative would have to be kept or it would lose it’s profitability. Even if Fox News dissappeared, the proven business success of it’s model will ensure somebody else will launch a clone version. The Left in the US can’t escape it.

      In the UK, Stalinist goons like Labour, would find a way of taking an influential news broadcaster, that was not left-wing, off-air or most likely force them to get on board with them, to survive. In fact, Labour had used the implied threat to ban page 3 and introduce privacy laws, in the 90′s, against the press.

  144. 514
  145. 515
    Gordon Brown ate my hamster says:

    I’m not a fan of Murdoch’s papers or the man himself. But in fairness, whilst Labour and The Guardian revel in current events, his media empire has actually done a lot of good. Sky TV forced the terrestrial broadcasters to up their game. By giving more choice, it made the terrestrial channels get more competitive about first run films, sports and rolling news. British TV would have lingered in the dark ages if they hadn’t been compelled to get serious by Sky. For years, Sky was the only place you could see The Simpsons.

    Far from being the malign influence it was predicted to be when it began, Sky and the competition it brought has done enormous good and it had to take someone of Murdoch’s wealth to pull it off. Otherwise, we’d still have 4 channels and films from 8 years ago as the “big” premieres.

    • 542
      Left wing washes 'whiter than shite' says:

      Only had one fault he did not support the criminals in the Labour party and then publically withdrew support. That makes him an enemy.

      This may or may not be our Berlin wall moment but beware Labour and the left wing scum bags want it to be like it was before the wall came down. Look no further than Ed Balls quote on this very page.

      Meanwhile the mirror, the BBC and the Guardian (tax evader) waltzes along scot free.

    • 648
      How I learned to stop worrying and love Rupert says:

      My enemy’s enemy is my friend.

  146. 516
    Politicians are CUNTS says:

    I’m getting tired of the politico/ media indulgence now. What are they hiding whilst this continues?

    We seem to have realised a great folly, a generation of ner-do-wells. I’m not talking about so called benefit cheats or pregnant teenagers. No. I’m talking about an inept yet selfishly motivated ruling class who have no care for the nation or its people. Money, war and power are all they are after and they will stab each other in the back to get it.

    They are all c-u-n-t-s

    • 521
      Fiddling whilst Rome burns says:

      “What are they hiding whilst this continues?”

      Where to start…..

      1.. Eurodebt crisis…Italy going down the pan and UK required to make another massive contribution to IMF bailout

      2. Libya debacle…nobody knows how to get out of it ..meanwhile UK sends another 4 Tornados(it can ill afford to send)and France gets cold feet

      3. USA set to default on 2 August as Obama desperately tries to come to compromise with Republicans with serious implications for UK economy recovery stalling and going into double dip

      4. Lithuanians blow themselves up making illicit booze in Boston,Lins

      5. Another “Angel of Death” stalking hospital and tampering with saline drips ?

      6. More problems in Afghanistan(but what’s new there ?)

      7. “Dave” rats on Military pre-election guarantees as he proposes to cut 7000 regular troops to fund TA

      8 Energy bills up by 16-18%. Reported Burglaries up 14%

      9. 3 in 4 jobs created going to foreigners thus putting the kibosh on IDS getting long term unemployed off benefits

      10. Despite government assurances 90% of universities to charge £9,000 fees and 200,000 less uni places available this year as a result because government underestimated costs

      I could go on but I won’t…….

  147. 517
    cheche says:

    when the EU /Euro collapses and we are plunged into a worse recession than last the politicians of ALL parties who have led us up this garden path will need a muzzled press.

    Thats the end game in all this and the reason for the urgency

  148. 519
    fuck the thumbs says:

    Ah that’s better, just installed Noscript.

    • 551
      computer moron says:

      Could you explain in simple, no-tech terms how that is done?

      • 640
        albacore says:

        If you’re using Int’net Explorer and it’s the same version I have, you could take a gander at:
        Tools: Internet Options: Security: Custom Level: Scripting (almost at the bottom of the security options)
        Caution: No guarantee given and no liability accepted! Experiment at your own risk if you are baffled by the wonderful experience of Transparent Apertures (I suspect that the automod here abhors the W word for those).

  149. 522
    The Axis of Lefty Evil says:

    “It is worth asking in both the British and American contexts why people who regard themselves as believers in free speech and liberal democracy can be so openly eager to close off – silence, kill, extinguish – different political views from their own.” Janet Daley.

    Dunno, ask little Ed.


    • 524
      The Umpire is always right! says:

      Free speech is easy to support when you agree with what is said.

  150. 523
    • 525
      The Umpire is always right! says:

      He is right tho.

      “Lets make it work to our advantge”

      Our=Politicons not taxpayers.

    • 526
      Anonymous says:

      It must be fucking bad if he has reverted to that old chestnut FFS. ‘Work to our advantage’, how many fucking times have we heard that one?

      • 554
        Archer Karcher says:

        ‘how many fucking times have we heard that one?’

        Far too many times, to make it remotely believable anymore. Huhne’s like Hague are now blatently taking the gay piss and taking everyone for fools.

    • 541
      Ex-Conservative voter says:

      “This man is a fucking imbecile”

      Succinctly put. William Hague is a c*nt if he thinks we’ll fall for this.

      Of course the EU should work to our advantage – EU membership costs us, directly, £13.3billion each year.

      And Hague has only just now cottoned-on to the fact that this £13.3bn should, you know, offer “value for money”?

      What a c*unt.

  151. 528
    The Umpire is always right! says:

    Bi-cycle insurence?

  152. 529
    Anonymous says:

    Checked the BBC but nothing on the website on this or anything else on a left wing newspaper so it can’t be true.

    Mirror = BBC Buddy = left wing = nothing will ever be mentioned.

    Rememebr this is the same Mirror and BBC that supported a war that killed millions and left the protagonist a world statesman and a zillionaire while utterly and completly fucking the country to its roots

    • 601
      Call me Tony says:

      Well, yes, gosh, that was a long time ago. But I had to make the decision, and yes, I haven’t said much these last few weeks. Gosh is that the time … must run … important photo-callls and fees (£££££££) to collect.

  153. 530
    Anonymous says:

    how will popular investigative journalism be financed?

    It wont and the things that Labour got away with will never be known in the future

    Its what Labour wants

  154. 531
    How Gordon thinks says:

    As Gordon Browns claims against The Times are unravelling he has now refered an e mail to the Police. The Times are said to be baffled as to why he has done this as the e mail is described as “innocuous”. Can I suggest he has done this as he can now fend off any questions or scrutiny of his allegations by saying ” Im sorry but this matter is being investigated by the Police and it would be innapropriate to comment”.
    He is also banking on the fact that the Police will in the current climate spend a long time looking at this rather than quickly realising that the e mail is no evidence of any criminality and therefore sod all to do with them.

    • 547
      eeu to me says:

      On the other hand plod ACPO grades after years of loyalty/feilty to Liebour politicians and the throwing away of Peels policing principles have been thrown to the baying Liebour MPs, so it could be a good time for the ACPO Chinchillas to return the email quickly and let things run it’s course.

    • 596
      Yates's wine lodger says:

      I can do a thorough investigation in about …. 8 hours!

  155. 534
    CUhne I'm gladd everone has forgot about my points malarky says:



  156. 535
    Tommy Cooper says:

    Rupert Murdoch walks into a bar. The barman says, “Don’t worry about it mate, we haven’t got Sky either.”

  157. 545
    Billy "The Blagger " Bowden says:

    “To listen to your messages press 1

    To listen to your messages again press 2

    To save your messages press 3

    To delete your messages press 4

    To allow an investigator to delete your message press 5

    To send your messages to a newspaper press 6″

  158. 549
    Tooth fairy says:

    Can anyone confirm a memory I have of PMQ’s or the Statement by Cameron last Wednesday that in answer to a question about Coulson that he had not met with Coulson since he resigned and Cameron answered “no” ?????? I have been searching for it but have not found it yet. Any help appreciated.

    Of course it is important because he has met with him at Chequers. Has Dave misled the house?

    • 556
      nell says:

      Don’t let it worry you it will be the same sort of comment that gordon made about never being friends with the murdoch family.

    • 569
      I don't need no doctor says:

      Maybe look on BBC iplayer. I think Cameron corrected his statement.

  159. 550
  160. 555
    Dorian Smith says:

    Just imagine the shitstorm if News International were guilty of extraordinary rendition and torture:



    And using the same parameters as the left, those at the top HAD to have know about it and should have faced the consequences, but they didn’t they were not in jail, they hadn’t resigned but were in the Commons with their mock indignation.

  161. 558
    Gordon Brown ate my hamster says:

    What fucking right has Ed Miliband got to demand the dismantling of Murdoch’s corporations? It’s a privately owned and built conglomerate. The state has no right to interfere. This really does sum up Labour. If you support them, they leave you alone. But if you dare to drop your support, they become consumed with revenge.

    His call should send shivers up the spine of anyone who values democracy and freedom. This is a truly sinister sign of what a Miliband Labour govt would be like. I never thought I’d have sympathy for Murdoch but Labour have succeeded. Whatever one thinks of Murdoch or his papers, his empire is a privately owned entity that he built. No fuckwit politician has the right to call for it to be dismantled. That’s fascism.

    • 562
      The Umpire is always right! says:

      I said this when it first kicked of, Miliband needs to nail Murdoch, Take him out, If Murdoch survives (which he will) then grab the popcorn and watch.

      Murdoch hasnt got where his is today by being a pussy.

    • 565
      The price of Success says:

      Nick Clegg On Marr said the matter of pleurisy should be an ongoing thing. Marr quickly interrupted and said that would mean if a company was successful then it would go against them, Nick quickly side stepped that one and Marr did not revisit it.

      As soon as Nick said it I thought exactly the same as Marr and feel it is a shame that Clegg did not explain himself.

    • 567
      I don't need no doctor says:

      Dismantle the BBC if you want plurality to be extinguished.

      • 575
        beeboid bollocks says:

        If we can stop hysterical lefties taking to the airwaves every fucking time an opinion is expressed contrary to their own, the job will be a good ‘un.

    • 571
      The Umpire Strikes Back says:

      ‘Strength in diversity’ doesn’t seem to apply when it comes to publicly aired opinion it seems. Lefty fuckwits! And I include in that the current bunch of wankarse Tories.

    • 603
      Crikey says:

      But Ed is excited, thinks he is on a roll. Seems to have forgotten that all of this happened under labours lengthy watch. An inquiry is needed regarding labour’s lack of action!!

  162. 563
    Gordon Brown says:

    I’m a number plate.

  163. 564
    nell says:

    Hmm. thread has been up a long time, everything taking ages to load, loads of comments.

    This all has the feel of Guido packing for his summer holidays.

    Have a good holiday Guido.

  164. 570
    bird with small brain says:

    Try looking at your blog on an ipad Guido. Since you added the thumbs it has become intolerably slow to load. And you can’t switch them off on an ipad. You’ll lose readers unless you offer a thumb-free alternative. And as a measure they are statistically meaningless. And if you are not going to change your behaviour as a consequence of what they indicate, why bother. Thumbs are for dummies!

    • 635
      iPad user says:

      Not ideal, but I just wait for the page to load to about 85% and then press the x to stop loading before the thumbs appear. Hey presto, scroll away without any hold up!

      But yeah, Guido should sort this out.

  165. 573
    The Umpire is always right! says:

    Labours next election slogan

    “Vote Labour and watch your football club go bust”

  166. 579
    Robert Maxwell (RM) says:

    Has Rupert Murdoch (RM) got a luxury yacht?

  167. 580
    Gagging Order. says:

    The Plod have effectively gagged Rebekah at the select committee by arresting her.

    I wonder if the committee will have to be cancelled?

    • 586
      No Comment says:

      Would have thought this will mean Rupe and Jim will have to take lawyers to advise them what they can and can not say for every question. Probably best to cancel.

    • 592
      MB. says:

      Michael White and others on BBC News are wondering how this will affect her appearance in front of the Select Committe. He accused the Met Police of basically doing it as a publicity stunt to draw attention away from them. A thought occurred to me, could the Met Police be getting their own back on the Select Committee for the way they were questioned, if they also arrested the two Murdochs then Tuesday is going to be a bit of damp squib when the MPs were all looking forward to a bit of grandstanding.

  168. 581
    cheche says:

    Ivan Lewis – Labour spokesman in all this – I can see why he hates Murdoch in 2008 the Sun disclosed that he was a sending sex pest texts to an assistant. Goes nicely with Prezza,

  169. 582
    Down With Brown! says:

    Rebekah Brookes arrested on suspicion of conspiring to intercept communications and on suspicion of corruption allegations.

  170. 584
    Gordon Brown ate my hamster says:


  171. 585
    Lord Mandelbum of Fondleboys says:

    ####### STOP PRESS ######## STOP PRESS ########

    Rebekah Brooks is in custody, “helping the police with their enquiries”, allegedly :-)


    ####### STOP PRESS ######## STOP PRESS ########

    • 602
      Plod Stevenson says:

      There seems to have been a misunderstanding she’s actually here for a job interview.

      • 607
        Lord Mandelbum of Fondleboys says:

        Arf! I expect you’re right. Treble Champneys all round! :-)

    • 613
      ssdb says:

      Ha! Apparently she went along to a prearranged interview and was not expected to be arrested.

      I bet the Met wanted to spoil Peston’s scoop.

    • 614
      Plod Stevenson says:

      Obviously, no one would suggest that she has been arrested on a Sunday so she couldn’t spill the beans on some dodgy police, politicians or MP’s at the select committee hearing.

  172. 587
    Ed Balls, Shallow Chancer says:

    I’m keeping my head down at the moment, giving Miliwonk the opportunity to try and appear something resembling a leader ( chortle ! ).

    Meanwhile, just reading some of my fan mail:- Ed Balls, a brooding, arrogant, bullying piece of political excretia, and Damien McBride, a poisonous little toad. Ed must have seemed the most normal person there.


  173. 588
    Comming Soon to a Cinema near You says:

  174. 589
    RED ED - SON OF BROWN says:


  175. 590
    Gordon Brown ate my hamster says:

    Not often I agree with Michael White but he says the arrest of Brooks on a Sunday is news management by the Met to take the attention off them over Paul Stephens and his free visits to Champneys. :-D

  176. 593
    You never seen me says:

    Q: What’s small, ginger and is behind bars a lot?

    If you shouted it out — Charlie Kennedy’s shrivelled wee scrotum — well done.

  177. 594
    Reforming UK Politics says:

    OF TOPIC but

    It’s about time the number of MP’s was reduced to no more than 200. The original idea was that MP’s were reasonably close and therefore physically accessible to their constituents, as there was no other realistic means of getting requests or opinions into the House of Commons. There is a well known fact that 80% of our laws come from EU now, so much of the Parliamentary debate is sterile and has no known effect. The same applies to the Lords. Much is made by Parliamentarians of there great oratorical skills, yet few actually speak frequently in the chamber, it is also the case that whilst some memorable speeches have been made, the vast majority are of the A. Bliar variety which have lots of warm words, but are littered with half truths and are really quite banal, splendid oratory currently might get a measure approved, but the measure may well and often is total crap. Most speeches by their very nature are concise (Broon excepted, but his bear no relation to any known definition of truth) and gloss over the facts. They are a very good opportunity to slip in untruths, bogus support (by partially quoting facts supporting a case and managing to avoid uncomfortable facts).

    It is now possible to canvass well over 50% of opinion in this country on a daily basis via the internet in their homes, a much larger body of opinion than the usual oiks that turn up in an MP’s surgery, distorting priorities and wasting much time. The 50% of the population above is on the low side and it is increasing all the time. Peoplel without the internet could be encouraged to visit their local library or a friend to gain access to their MP or a consultation It is also not particularly obvious why MP’s can’t simply work from their constituency offices at all times and partcipate / vote via the internet and TV.

    It is time to slash the number of MP’s and Lords, eliminate much of the waffle and twaddle which constitutes ‘debate’ in the House of Commons [which is wholly unsuited to the number of MP's we have at the moment] and increase public representation by simply asking the populus DIRECTLY what they want (eg capital punishment) instead of having a false debate between the rich-supported and union-supported wastrels. We do NOT have representative Government at the moment, MP’s largely vote for the current party line, which is often not representative of what people want. Some MP’s vote on the basis of their own conscience, but if they agree with you on say health , defence and schools, but not on the EU and the other lot are the same except you don’t agree on health, you literally have no choice. Given the amount of financial backing needed to support a party machine (these should also be abolished), there is no opportunity for the majority of voters who want Britain to get out of the EU to do so (UKIP has insufficient funds to make a reasonable showing and the rest won’t give the people a vote. Party machines are a quite unnecessary anachronism. Prospective MP’s should list all of their areas of interest, special skills and views on major areas of Government. They should be offered for election on these policies and then when elected, a ‘compare the meerkat’ by computer take place, so that MP’s of similar views (up to say 30 more than half the number of MP’s) would be formed into a party of like-minded individuals. The rest would be the opposition. As the choice of Government or Opposition would be purely on the views expressed and not by party dictat, then as matters came up for discussion, there would be a greater possibility that MP’s would respect the views of their constituents / conscience when voting.

  178. 595
    Anonymous says:

    Are we(general public with no voice)witnessing our own McCarhty type witch hunt led by Milliband and his disgusting cohorts against the press. Where are you David Cameron?You should be in the vanguard protecting those accused but not yet found guilty of so called phone hacking.Innocent until proved etc,etc,.
    What the hell is going on- political and press frenzy- they all need to do a f–king hard day’s work- that might shut them.
    How sad it is that death and destruction is all around and our f–king politicians are all just trying to score points by kicking those who are already on their knees.

  179. 600
    Billy "The Blagger " Bowden says:

    Labour leader Ed Miliband is calling for David Cameron’s arrest, despite the Prime Minister insisting he will “put right our wrongs”.

    Get in there Ed !!!!

    • 606
      David Minibanana says:

      Sadly, Miliwonk is probably dysfunctional enough to think he could actually try that one.

    • 628
      Conspiracy of Silence....Out on PS3 this week says:

      …probably best not to call for something that may well have implications for yourself and supporters also…after all as the saying goes…”We’re all in this(shit)together !”

  180. 610
    Alger Non says:

    Just got back from a country show. Tractors and old cars and farm trucks and stuff. Spoke to a chap driving a steam roller. He said that if all the MPs stood in a line in pairs he could run the lot of them down in under 15 minutes. Sounds like a good way for them to go what!!!

  181. 612
    Plod suppresses the truth coming out says:

    So why do the Plod want to silence Rebekah? What was she going to say on Tuesday that they don’t want her to say?

    • 615
      The Umpire is always right! says:

      Kangeroo court v the court of law

      What would you prefer?

    • 617
      Rebekah Brooks says:

      They have picked me up because of the headline in today’s Sunday Times, blowing the gaff on Sir Paul Stevenson accepting a £12K bung from us. They are frightened to death that I will blow the gaff on other payments we have made to the police at the Select Committee on Tuesday. Ergo, keep me away from it.

    • 632

      She needs to stay on brightly lit streets
      don’t go near any rusty gardening knives and refrain from woodland walks !


    • 653
      The Pedant says:

      More like protective custody. “you can’t touch me here”

    • 664
      Politicians accuse police of using arrest to divert attention.... says:

      Politicians already throwing hissy fit at police raining on their Big Event on Tuesday……they may have to now cancel…conspiracy theories abound with “friendly hacks in broadcasting media” feeding the line that this is the police deliberately making sure Brookes cannot spill the beans to Commons Comittee and to divert attention from Met Commissioner’s problems re hospitality….they’re all as bad as each other…a plague on them all says I………..

    • 690

      How much did Murdo bung Paul Stephenson to do this, I wonder?

      Must have been more than half a bar so he would then resign and take the heat off Rupes.

    • 691

      Hоw mυch dіd Mυrdо bυng Pаυl Stеphеnsоn tо dо thіs, І wоndеr?

      Mυst hаvе bееn mоrе thаn hаlf а bаr sо hе wоυld thеn rеsіgn аnd tаkе thе hеаt оff Rυpеs.

  182. 618
    Welcome to the freak show says:

    We in the Labour Party think that the past two weeks have shown our leader in a new light – strong, decisive and charismatic. If we can keep this hacking crisis alive until 2015 we could just win the next election.

    • 629
      The BBC are cunts says:

      We’re doing our best.

    • 638
      I don't need no doctor says:

      Only trouble is hell hath no fury like a media baron scorned.

      • 654
        HenryV says:

        Who cares about the UK? Murdoch will be off to India or somewhere with his cash.

        London has to realise it isn’t the centre of the universe anymore.

  183. 619
    Handycock says:


  184. 624
    Alger Non says:

    in a desperate attempt to improve his credability with the public Sir Paul Stephenson has arrested himself on account of his alledged misuse of a spa. Sir Paul was not avaiable for comment but his PR said he’s looking for a good lawyer

  185. 625
    nell says:

    So rebekah has been arrested and might not now appear at the tuesday committee.

    Well that’s burst twatson’s bubble!

    militwit promised him that if he could attack rebekah over her links to cameron and get it all on the world’s cameras he’d give old twatson a shadow front bench job.

  186. 630
    Moley. says:

    Conrad Black (yes, THAT Conrad Black), on the cowardice of the Establishment;


    All our political parties, (and their leaders) have revealed themselves as unfit to govern.

    Murdoch’s power and influence is dwarfed by that of the BBC which has a monopoly power over news broadcasting which it has consistently abused for years.

    When will the BBC join Murdoch in the dock?

    • 636
      Anonymous says:

      A very telling little snippet from this piece here.

      “There is no possible argument about his boldness, vision and skill of execution in conquering the British tabloid market, leading vertical media integration by uniting film studios and television stations, cracking the US television triopoly, being one of the great pioneers of satellite television and founding a conservative-populist American news network. (It was to reduce News Corp’s dependence on Roger Ailes’ Tea Party Fox News Network that he was so eager to spend £8.3bn ($13.3bn) buying all the shares in BSkyB and laying hands on all its income)”

      The BBC/Guardian axis are shit scared of this happening.

      • 652
        annette curton says:

        If certain Politicians now believe the Murdoch influence is too great in the media and should be cut down to size how can they possibly square that opinion with the current output of the BBC being something around 70% of the total (though you will never hear this mentioned by any of their broadcasters), or is the hidden agenda for all information to be disseminated in future by the State and for the State, even the Russians went off that idea decades ago.

    • 649
      Crumbs says:

      Why has this monopolistic elephant in the room only been mentioned now? And what would Ed like to be done about it?

      • 663
        annette curton says:

        The Daily Ed, The Ed On Sunday, The Mirror, mirror on the wall I am the fairest of them all (all Red Tops), Balls Magazine and The McMong Intelligencer.

  187. 631
    Anonymous says:

    Daylesford very quiet this morning……

  188. 633

    Sir Paul Stevenson accepted £12,000 worth of health spa treatment !
    Oh really ?and it’s alleged that some top NotW Jurno run’s it !
    Oh yes it’s just a couple of low ranking nobodies that were paid off !
    ha ha ha ha

  189. 634
    Pre-op Red Ed says:

    I weally do think I am on the werge of gweatness. I can chop down mowntains wiv the edge of my hand. I feel myself a God. Supernatural sounds emanate from me. I walk about enchanted, in ecstasy, like the Soshalists I saw walking in my dreams. I am no longer a politician, I have become a work of destiny. Welcome to the Milizone…

    • 658
      Ivor Biggun says:

      You are not the real retardEd Milibland – he cannot thay thupernatuwal or thothialithm like wot you can, you impothter!

      • 670
        Pre-op Red Ed says:

        Yeth, you are wight. I am jutht plain old Pwe-op Wed Ed, pwactithing for when I thpeak pwoperly after my thpeshial operwation.

  190. 637

    Now Sir Paul !
    Do you promise to tell the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth ?
    ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ! Yeh Right !

    £12,000 free bee health treatment at a top spa !
    Pressofficer for the spa is ex NotW
    Sir paul says he didn’t know !
    Sir Paul had even employed the same guy as a PR for the Met ,
    when Cameron found out he had employed him he got his arse chewed
    Sir Paul has attended 18 NotW dinners of which this guy was at at least 8 of them !
    and you expect us to believe that you didn’t know ?

  191. 639

    Message to Ken Clarke !
    Don’t close any prisons just yet !
    you might have to build a couple more !

  192. 641
    I don't need no doctor says:

    Politicians, Police, Media. Let he who casts the first stone watch out for the avalanche. Tom Watson, Ed Miliband, Chris Bryant – feel the pain!

  193. 644
    Dark Lord says:

    Guido do Times hacks read this? What a travesty today. They pay India Knight to defend the indefensible – Charlie Gilmour – she is a friend of the family. Jeremy Clarkson paid by the Times to defend his friend Rebekh Brookes – he is a friend of the family. What are they on?

  194. 645
    DAVE lying bastard CAMERON says:

    We are all behind our troops who are doing a fantastic job for our country !
    That is why i am going to give 7,000 of them their P45′s when they return from Afghanistan !

  195. 651

    + + + + +    S T O P      P R E S S    + + + + +

    Gordon Brown calls in police to investigate allegations that Sunday Times had a gulp of his fizzy orange.

    Watch this bubble.

    + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +

  196. 655
    nell says:

    I told Tom Watson just who hacked mcbride
    He ignored me (and talked to the hacker)
    fat hune

  197. 656
    nell says:

    A morbidly obese peat trotter is soon to be helping police with their enquiries
    As is his wife and beturbaned malaysian child hooker renting chum

  198. 657

    Guido non of my comments will get you a kicking off plod ,
    all my information came from sky news
    so why have you removed them ?

  199. 659
    derek clothmerchant says:

    I own you
    18 months in hmp ford for you

  200. 662
    @TollyPointBee says:

    Mrs & Mrs Brooks both been arrested on suspicion of corruption now.

    Charlie was arrested when he was a racehorse trainer. Charlie’s stable jockey was the infamous Graham Bradley associate of big time cocaine dealer Brian Wright. The case of Mr Brooks racehorse trainer was startingly similar to that of Mrs Brooks. He claimed that although he was running the operation he was unaware that there was corruption one rung below.

    Brian Brendan “The Monocle” Wright is an Irish [1] criminal involved in fixing horse races by doping more than 20 race horses in 1990 [2] as well as a drug trafficker who is estimated to have smuggled 3 tons of cocaine into Great Britain over a period of two years. Originally based in Britain, he had been out of the country when authorities began arresting members of his organization (including his own son, Brian Jr and former son in law, Paul Shannon) as the result of a six year investigation resulting from the capture of a converted fishing trawler, the Sea Mist, after Irish customs officials discovered 599 kg of cocaine while docked at Cork, Ireland in September 1996. Nicknamed “The Milkman” because he always delivered.

  201. 665
    @TollyPointBee says:

    I have posted a comment concerning Bekka’s Husband Charlie and the days when the rozzers felt his collar. Wonder if Guido has been got at and will mod it out???

  202. 666
    @TollyPointBee says:

    “Transferring data from polldaddy.com…” endless page loading. If Guido don’t sort this out asap he is donald ducked…..

    • 675
      annette curton says:

      Pollys pages get loaded very easily, loaded with shite that is, where can I get ToynbeeBlock ver.10?.

  203. 672
    Tom Fatson says:

    At a time when I am close to being deified, where are my closest friends, McPoison and Dolly the Creep ????

    • 676
      Lady Virginia Droit de Seigneur says:

      Yes you can tell a man by the company he keeps – in your case Brown, Balls, Draper, Whelan and Maguire.

      Slightly off topic but why did TGN not discipline Toilets over the smearing incident. You would think newspapers wouldn’t want their political editor colluding with one political party to circulate false smears about members of another.

  204. 674
    @TollyPointBee says:

    I reckon that there is a chance that Rupert will come across as such a basket case next week that his hareholders in the US will take matters into their own hands.


  205. 677
    Berenice says:

    Wouldn’t it now be prudent to issue curfewed no-phone no-internet no-visitors Control Orders and freeze the bank accounts of the Murdoch Crime Family and their accomplices?

  206. 678
    grobdj says:

    Growing Tired of disembowelling each-other, and angry that the phials of contaminated saline have not lifted the spotlight off them, Media Scientists are frantically working on a new strain of E-coli which will shortly be delivered to a struggling Care Home

  207. 679
    Sanity, somewhere between sanitry and a smear test says:

    “We are on the verge of killing off popular journalism”

    Need any extra rope?

  208. 680
    Ruperts_Red_Setter says:

    I demand a dog and comb

  209. 681
    The Dowelrod Family says:

    Dear Mr Lewis,

    We just saw you on Sky News, looking a bit the worse for wear, very upset that Rebekah Brooks has been arrested.

    But you said this would be an important element in our compensation claim?

    And that nice Mr. Miliband, who cares deeply for us, has been calling for this for longer than anybody else.

    We are confused. Please advise, and God bless Molly.

  210. 682
    Kieth Vaz MP says:

    In my finest measured and gravitas laden tones, befitting a senior member of the House, i take no pleasure in exposing corruption at such a high level in the British establishment that we all believed was above such grubby practices of pocketing cash by flagrant abuse of public trust. Indeed, i am joined by all sides of our new cleaned up democracy in getting to the bottom of this whole sordid matter.

  211. 683
    The Umpire is always right! says:

    I wonder if H@rry is out on the piss tonight?

  212. 685
    The Umpire is always right! says:

    Latest odds regarding Order-Order:

    1/2 The spelling and grammer improves over this week

    1/5 H@rry forgets passwords

    7/1 H@rry is late everyday

    10/1 H@rry deletes all Order-Order archives

    20/1 H@rry gets Guido sued by wednesday

    15/1 H@rry gets Guido sued by the end of week

    4/1 H@rry has a nervous breakdown trying to mod PMQS

    3/1 H@rry uses Order-Order to try and geta date

  213. 686
    Mad, Bad & Dangerous Gordon McRuin ( member in absentia ) says:

    Lyn Brown, fellow Liebour MP is no relation but I do thoroughly respect and admire her modus operandi. http://bit.ly/ot0Q1a

    Clearly we both share the same moral compass.

  214. 693

    Bollocks to Popular Journalism

    Don’t we call them the Dead Tree Press for a reason?

    Blogging has now come of age. In time it will over-reach itself. But for now …

  215. 694

    So, Mr Murdoch:

    Was Pаυl Stеphеnsоn a good screw?

  216. 698
    whatsy says:

    So if it sells, it’s OK & morals and law become irrelevant?

    At some point, every rebel becomes part of the establishment. When did you switch, Guido?

    Any of those nascent Sundays contacted you yet for a column?

  217. 701
    hamburg114 says:


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    Pls try to keep posting.

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    Best regards

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