July 7th, 2011

Only 7% Believe That Brooks Did Not Know

A poll by Survation for Channel 4 News has found 72% of the public do not believe that executives at News International were unaware of the new hacking allegations. As the nation wakes up to the confusion that the newspaper that most ardently supports our armed services was snooping on our dead servicemen, things aren’t looking good for anyone.

The country seems split on the BSkyB deal, with 48% now thinking News Corp are unfit to proceed with the deal, but that could the least of the worries. The magnificent Peter Oborne has given Cameron two barrels in the Telegraph:

“Until now it has been easy to argue that Mr Cameron was properly grounded with a decent set of values. Unfortunately, it is impossible to make that assertion any longer. He has made not one, but a long succession of chronic personal misjudgments…

So the Prime Minister is in a mess. To put the matter rather more graphically, he is in a sewer.”

Things are starting to turn for Cameron very rapidly and we’re yet to reach the bottom…


  1. 1
    Jabba the Cat says:

    I would not pay too much attention to Oborne who seems to be well off his game the last few months.

    • 15
      Trusting Dave says:

      His article is just a mad rant. He’s right that Dave should not have taken Coulson into number 10 though. But I tend to think that is because Dave’s character is one of trusting people to their word.

      • 69
        Walter Mitty says:

        Isn’t that a bit naive??

        When I was President of the United Sates I trusted nobody!!

        • 147
          Hari says:

          Yes, I remember you telling me at the time

          • Johann Sebastian Hari says:

            As he stood up I could not help to notice he was walking a little haunched, as he made his way slowly to the window where he paused.
            He seemed lost in his memories as he stared out the widow onto the Whitehouse Lawn outside.
            “You know ” he said, finally breaking his silence, ” I trust nobody”.

            That he should confide his deepest insecurities to me took my breath away but I realised we were One, united, kindred spirits, star crossed lovers, Brothers in Arms.

          • Nemo says:

            HE IS THE HEIR TO B’LIAR what do you expect!

          • Only me says:

            “James Murdoch, Rupert’s son, has been called to New York to work with his father, leaving Rebekah Brooks to handle the situation”


            She has been hung up to dry!.

            Family are now removed to a distance so that they cannot give evidence and therefore cannot be implicated.

      • 79
        Anonymous says:

        Still the question is did Cameron get any illegally accessed information from Andy and / or Brooks? When you a friend of a mugger or employ a mugger, they might have given you some thing they got illegally.

        Only problem is, Cameron was very closed to these two he might have to question every thing these two told him about others and wonder how they got it.

        • 188
          smoggie says:

          Wouldn’t it be easier for him to use elements within the intelligence services rather than these two amateurs if that was his game?

          Sounds to me like you’re trying a smear.

          Is that you Damian???!

          • Anonymous says:

            Elements within the intelligence will not provide Cameron with information about other politician from his party and other parties. These two might.

          • smoggie says:


            So are you just guessing, hoping or smearing?

          • Anonymous says:

            smoggie says: July 7, 2011 at 10:58 am

            Cameron was very close, closer then Blair; he is also the PM he needs to answer. Cameron goes for horse riding and dinners with Brooks, Cameron also employed Andy in No 10. He needs to answer.

          • Johann Hari says:

            No he doesn’t. Burden of proof is on you that he was the recipient of such information as Prescott’s takeaway orders or Tony’s massage times.

            If he was receiving information like that then he’d hardly advertise teh relationship.

            I think you’re grasping at straws here. And smearing.

          • Osama the Nazarene says:

            +1 Mr Hari – never thought I’d agree with you.

          • Johann Hari says:

            You would agree with me if I wrote it that way.

            But they say it takes one to know one and this Anonymous character is seriously damaging my profession. The art of plagiarist and inventive journalism is not one for amateurs. You have to have some credibility in the story for it to be accepted at face value. That’s how I got away with it for years – people believed it because it had the ring of truth.

            But Anonymous is so piss-poor at it he’s going to give us all a bad name.

        • 206
          IED man says:

          Did Blair and Brown get any ‘help’ when the Sun was in full support of Labour?

          • Anonymous says:

            “They might have as well but they are not in power but Cameron is”.

            The novelty of this transformed choreography takes the breath away. Senior figures in both the bigger parties are used to paying homage. As a BBC political correspondent, I was the only journalist who travelled with Tony Blair in July 1995 for his famous meeting with Rupert Murdoch at a conference in Australia. The investment of political and physical energy was staggering. Murdoch issued an invitation at relatively short notice to Blair, a summons that could not be ignored. Blair, Alastair Campbell and Anji Hunter dropped all plans, flew for 24 hours, taking sleeping pills to manage the jet lag, attended the conference and returned in time for Prime Minister’s Questions.


        • 307
          Im I missing the fucking point or something but.... says:

          Why dont you ask What Did Blair and brown get from New International during the thirteen years they were married to one and other ?

      • 95
        asians grooming for labour says:

        Oh do fuck off!
        He is a politician and well aware of just what slimey backstabbing, sheep like Hunts most people are.
        Its you that are naive

        • 117
          Stink Tank says:

          Wonder what he does know, he looked like he was shitting himself at PMQs

          • sergei sukmiov says:

            more than enough

          • Greychatter says:

            All this was going on while Labour was in power, so Red Ed should be very careful about kicking the Sh..t in the direction of this Government.

            All have to be wary of the unelected parasites in the media and there unasked for opinions. They are well paid for rakeing up the muck, if no one bought the N of the World or the Sun they would have to work for a living!!

            My mother always said the News of the World was a filthy newspaper (she has been dead over twenty years) “the print comes off on your hands”.

            Maybe there is a moral there – those who read these papers are as implicit as those who publish them.

          • Mark Oaten says:

            Oh what a pity I missed it.

          • smoggie says:

            If Murdoch has sensitive information on Labour politicians then I think they’d be most unwise to upset the gentleman.

            But really, who the fuck leaves incriminating messages on answerphones? It’ll be stuff like “Call me back Gordon asap”, “Tony, loved the speach will call later” and “Mr Prescott, your seven pizzas will be arriving in ten minutes”.

          • Osama the Nazarene says:

            Spot on Smoggie. All these progressives are trying to equate the checking of other people’s voice mail messages with telephone tapping. There is a huge difference between them.

          • smoggie says:

            Quite. One would almost suspect that there is an agenda going on here. The left smells blood but it may well be their own.

      • 159
        Foreign Aid is Evil says:

        Is this the same Dave who said he looked forward to Laws returning to cabinet?

        That isn’t trust; it’s sleaze.

        Dave sacked Laws whilst wringing his hands. Like Blair at his worst, he simultaneously claimed he had done nothing wrong despite the evidence. Perhaps he believes that politicians, and newspaper mates, should obey different rules to the rest of us?

      • 168
        socialism has murdered 150 million human beings pride says:

        Oborne has been one of the plastic faced euro-traitors main arse-kissers. If he has now turned on his worthless treasonous “hero” then it prob reflects a wider realisation how useless and scummy Cammy is.

        Camoron has got by far too long on the mantras :”At least he’s not Brown” and “If it wasn’t for those Lib Dems I’d…”…still be the blue labour EU sucking green-madness shite you are davy.

      • 179
        BBC says:

        Good thing our beloved multi-cultural Labour party never had any links to the Murdoch Empire during the years 1997-2010.

      • 203
        Some Tory boyz are shit says:

        ‘I would not pay too much attention to Oborne who seems to be well off his game the last few months.’

        But Cameron HAS made ‘a long succession of chronic personal misjudgments…’ including yesterday at PMQ’s. He is sloshing around in a mess of his own making. Not recognising that is blind fanboyism.

        Labour were just as friendly to NI for the same sickening reasons but given the recent revelations NI simply do not deserve to run Sky News. If we took away the powers of foreign owners to own so much of the British media we might take away successive governments desire to pander to them.

        • 282
          Mr Angry 69 says:

          Power corrupts. The principles people have in opposition seem to go flying out of the window once in power.

          It’s the same with the Lords. Reforming seems a good idea in opposition but once you’re in power filling it with your cronies to get your legislation through seems more desirable.

          Same when you’re actually in the Lords. People like Prescott suddenly become advocates of it when faced with elections that might remove them from power in the Lords. Walking around in ermine with no power suddenly loses it’s appeal.

          Limiting foreign owners aquisitions of UK media might work. Politicians devoting their energy to the national interest rather than kissing up to Murdoch seems a good thing to me.

      • 300
        Osama the Nazarene says:

        …and the Telegraph, along with Al ja beeba has an axe to grind.

        This Sunday I shall be buying the News of the Screws for the first time in my life, just because Al ja beeba tells me I should boycott it.

    • 40
      Lady Virginia Droit de Seigneur says:

      Oborne’s a bit of a puritan but I generally find his articles okay unless he is writing about Muzzies.

      This one was a bit crap though – Cameron does not have a set of principles – he is a shapeshifter like Blair. The most interesting piece of the article for me was the fact Cameron was warned about these people some years ago and chose to ignore it.

      I had already decided not to vote for him again and this episode merely confirms my judgment.

    • 45
      Andrew says:

      Peter Obourne is OTT – he is like the “little boy who cried wolf” – does anyone pay attention!?

      I don’t read NotW because it is a rubbish newspaper – is that news to anyone!?

      However, all the faux outrage by the BBC and the rest of the media is laughable. The summer is obviously a slow news period ….. because there are certainly more serious things going on in the UK and the world that deserve more attention.

      • 78
        Stink Tank says:

        “However, all the faux outrage by the BBC and the rest of the media is laughable”

        Bit difficult to claim this is a media storm, everyone I have spoken to about it seems really genuinely angry and disgusted.

        Still we will see on Sunday if 4 million Trogs get up and buy the NOTW anyway.

        Hang the pedos (after we have got some juicy info from their victims)

        Defend our boys (unless we can get some lovely dirt on them too)

        Look at These Tits etc

        Wonder what Fraser Nelson will write this week.

        • 114
          Selohesra says:

          Didn’t think you had proper tit shots in NotW – as Sunday more of a family day – leave those bits to the Sun so white van drivers can leave on their dashboard and not bring back to family home

          • Stink Tank says:

            In NOTW its long distance lens shots of Wags on boats with titties on show.

          • smoggie says:

            Don’t know what it’s like now, but years back it was full of stories of rape and murder, particularly those of a sexual nature.

          • Osama the Nazarene says:

            Fraser Nelson writes for it. Great, as well as buying it I shall enjoy at least one article.

        • 118
          labourunionsbbc we are one says:

          I’ve always thought that there was something very dodgy about wanting to read all the ‘details’ of gruesome murders, let alone wanting to read ‘all’ about child murders.

          Why do they want to read about it?

          • leftees r twats says:

            Too Right

            Prurience at the least, something much more sick at the worst

        • 194
          Shock Horror! The gutterpress are vile! says:

          I think “faux outrage” is correct. The BBC News got the words “shocking revelations” into just about every sentence.

          I will decide if I am shocked. And I’m not shocked.

          • Bono's Tax Accountant says:

            Yeah. Its been going on for years. The idea that anyone in politics had no idea before now is risible. A bit like the ‘shocking scandal’ about all the bungs to our corrupted police.

          • smoggie says:

            What is shocking is this dripfeed of information has now brought the families of dead servicemen into these political games.

        • 292
          Snotrocket says:

          Some of the reportage on the ‘hacking’ story is getting a tad hysterical. It’s reported that the NotW PI had 11,000 pages of notes about members of the public. That being the case, he must have had soething the size of the London telephone directory to hand.

          And in that, the BBC, without a hint of irony, continue to report that the mere existence of someone’s mobile number on this list is sufficient to claim that that person has been ‘hacked’ (and the BBC don’t like to make it clear that ‘hacking’ means accessing non-password-protected voicemail boxes). To this end, John Humphries on Today (today) phoned Mrs Rose Gentle to discuss the fact that her number had been – or may have been – found on the PI’s list.

          Am I alone in seeing that it is ironic that the BBC must also have compiled a list of people and their contact details in order for their reporters to make such calls? Does that mean that the BBC is equally guilty – by association – of ‘hacking’?

          This whole story is more about the BBC and Labour getting in some retaliation on their number 1 hate figure: Murdoch. They seem to think that it is ONLY the NotW that ran such hacking scams. Meanwhile, in the real world, an awful lot of journalists (Hacks!) are shitting bricks over what might turn up about their own processes.

    • 63
      Cash for Phone numbers says:

      These hacking stories about the contents of the private eye’s notebook being leaked to the Telegraph, Guardian and the BBC by the plod. Are they paid for?

    • 145
      Sir William Waad says:

      Essentially this is a newspaper war, with sinister, manipulative offshore media mogul Ruper Murdoch on one side and, on the other side, sinister, manipulative offshore media moguls the Barclay brothers making common cause with sinister. offshore media moguls The Scott Trust (Guardian Tax Avoidance International).

      The News of the World people are scum, it seems. Are we surprised?

      • 173
        Engineer says:

        Add to that a bit of fairly cynical political opportunism and faux outrage, and it all adds up to a lot of noise.

        When you actually boil it down, it’s clear that the NotW overstepped the mark with their voicemail interception. However, does anybody seriously believe that there aren’t other dodgy ways of obtaining information (bungs to bentish coppers have been going on since policing was invented, for example), and that only the News of the Screws indulges in dubious practices? Does anybody seriously believe that the last government, when in office, knew absolutely nothing about dodgy jounalistic practices, especially following the gaoling of Goodman and Mulcaire?

        The waters are not just jounalistically muddy, they are politically pretty murky as well.

        • 220
          Common Practice says:

          The very timing shows that thisd is a revenge attack by certain left wingers to scuttle the NI takeover of Sky.

          That a private eye had the phone numbers of family members of victims is to be expected. The first thing the press do when a soldier or little girl is killed is to print a family portrait and the easiest way is to phone the family and ask (not hack the phone) All the person is doing is selling the details to the press to make their job easier, he will almost certainly have contacts within the phone companies who will provide X directory numbers for a price. They All do it.

          I remember my boss when I was in the sertvices hurling a local reporter down a flight of steps when he tried to doorstep our dead friend’s widow. The reporter found out about the death as they had someone on their pay in the hospital.

        • 315
          Anonymous says:

          Just because we can’t do everything it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t do anything -that’s right isn’t it?

          • Engineer says:

            The question is – when. Why, for example, did the last government fail to do anything when the phone-hacking thing first came up? The PI’s notes were available to Plod at that time, so government must have been kept informed.

          • smoggie says:

            Obviously because we didn’t know then that Milly Dowler’s phone had been hacked.

            There was no public support for any action when they were hacking fat politicians’ message boxes. So fucking what was the general reaction.

            That didn’t work so they’ve changed tack. They’ve let it be known that dead people are being hacked. And maybe even some of those lads who came through Wooton Bassett. That should definately do the trick.

      • 182
        Smig says:

        News of the Screws, The Scum, The BiasedBroadcastingCorporation, The Grauniad, The Daily Wail and The Broken Mirror.

        All just different sides of the same loaded dice.

        • 265
          Anonymouse says:

          I wonder whether this is a reflection on Fleet Street as much as the NOTW and Murdoch. While at the present time it appears to be the latter we could all boycott his media empire.

      • 191
        Capt Charles Boycott says:

        I have never bought the NOTW in my life, but with these revelations, it is a matter of firm principle that I will not buy it this weekend, or ever.

        • 247
          labourunionsbbc we are one says:

          Like you Captain i have never bought a copy, and was never likely to, but unlike you I might just buy one this weekend, if for nothing more than to have a rare July 10 2011 issue I can sell on ebay in years to come; oh, that and to piss off the beeboids.

    • 247
      English Liberation Front. says:

      Quite! Anybody would think that Cameron himself personally authorised the phone hacking. So let’s look at what Cameron is guilty of – giving someone a job!

      OK, so maybe it was unwise of Cameron to employ someone who resigned from his previous job under a cloud, but we can be certain that nobody at the time could have envisaged the train wreck which is now News International.

      If anything, Cameron should learn from this – it is lonely at the top and he is too chummy with a particular set. Now he is PM, Cameron needs to find that splendid isolation from which he would have a genuine vantage point from which to lead.

      As for the story in the round – it is no bad thing if the baleful influence of the Murdoch empire on our political establishment is finally reduced.

      • 262
        Engineer says:

        Given the majority position enjoyed by the BBC in delivering news, some might say that the Murdoch empire injects a little much-needed plurality into the media. To be sure, the Murdoch press isn’t perfect, but neither is the BBC.

        • 383
          Anonymous says:

          That’s true, but plurality is not really the point being made. The issue is Murdochs direct influence in politics, to the degree, it would seem, that police and polititians were unwilling to investigate or expose abuses by one of his organisations. That’s not healthy pluralism.

      • 388
        Four-eyed English Genius says:

        Unfortunately, the set he is too chummy with is the EU!!

    • 278
      Engineer says:

      A question, boys and girls.

      We’re all disgusted by the revelations of the NotW’s voicemail interception of Milly Dowler’s phone, and the deletion of messages by Mulcaire. That goes without saying.

      However – how did this come to public notice? Who broke that particular story, and where did they get their tip-off from?

      This seems to me to be potentially quite important. There are people who seem to have a vested interest in inflicting damage on the Murdoch empire, and who may have been in a position to have access to privelidged information during the last government. Would certain opposition figures leak information that they had sat on whilst in government in order to try to create political trouble for the current government?

      • 387
        Jimmy says:

        Excellent question. Older readers may remember that before the 80s newspapers used to employ what were know as “reporters”. Before the papers got away with filling pages with wire reports and PR bumf they actually had to go out and investigate things. A little retro I know but this is what the grauniad did. It would be nice if it became a habit.

    • 310
      Absent Parent says:

      I “became” absent mother after the homesick wife ran off-Normally a Tory voter , I was sickened recently to hear him go off on one about “full force of shame” against men who are left without their own kids-and made to pay for the privilige.
      Sorry Dave you got that badly wrong.Guess who no longer will be voting Tory?
      Try reading the Daily Mail’s Melanie Phillips-THEN you might understand what has been going on under your nose for years.

    • 327
      Anonymous says:

      Too many here play the silly old parliamentary game of ‘Yah, boo, you did it too – so you’re just as bad as we are.”
      The whole discredited caste of professional politicians is loathed by most of the British people.
      All talk tough against the EU and the greedy bankers – all toady to them in practice:
      Thatcher – Blair – Brown – Cameron – Clegg – all the same, all s****

  2. 2
    Bent copper says:

    Bent hacks are expected, bent cops are not. That’s the real scandal

    • 10
      Nothing better to do. says:

      Really, where I come from bent coppers are as common as incompetence in government.

      • 76
        MB. says:

        The police have always had a cosy relationship with the press. I remember reading an article many years ago where someone had been burglared and next day it was reported in the local paper with his name, address, age, occupation and what had been stolen. He found that the police allowed the local reporters to go through their “crime book” every morning reading information that most people would think was given to the police in confidence. It is only one step further for individual police officers to make private arrangements for more information at a price.

        Now we have TV companies being allowed to accompany police on raids into people’s houses with no consideration about it being private property. They are filming for profit so presumably payment is being made to the police, again only a small step further for private arrangements being made with individual police officers.

        • 227
          Commissioner Metropolitan Police says:

          I have already stated categorically that no Masonic Police Officers from the Metropolitan Police Force have been involved in accepting bribes from News International or any other Journalists. We are just about to start our enquiry into these dreadful matters. When we know the facts, those non Masonic Police Officers who have been shown to having been taking bribes, will feel the full force of the law, I can assure you.

          • Grand Inspector General, 33rd Degree, Royal Arch Masons says:

            Well said Commissioner, nice to hear that none of our Brothers are involved. Boaz

    • 17
      Selohesra says:

      Agreed you expect it from tabloids but expect more from the police. If the public did not show such huge interest in reading this rubbish the NotW and all the others yet to be found out would not resort to these tactics.

      • 58
        Lady Virginia Droit de Seigneur says:

        13 years of New Labour, ACPO, Ian Blair and the politicisation of the police have eroded moral boundaries. I expect to hear more of this kind of thing.

        • 90
          Anonymous says:

          It stated much before new labour.

          • Grumpy Old Man says:

            Yup. The Wilson/Callaghan shambles were past-masters at corruption as well.

          • smoggie says:

            Agent Gannex – Hero of the Soviet Union, second class, has never been un-masked.

        • 178
          Tooth fairy says:

          What a can of worms. Yates of the Yard … him of Honours cover up, if found wanting in the initial Hacking investigation because he took his orders from politicians… perhaps his Honours investigation should be reopened and done properly.

          The Commissioner in a statement on the Met Website assures us that current investigations will be thorough. How can the public have confidence that will happen when they did such a cr*p job in the Honours case and the MP expenses…. all those MP’s and a handful of court cases.

          If Cameron has nay sense he will tell the Commissioner to make the enquiries never ending and go where they have to go and prosecute who they have too as well including him if necessary. Policing should be for the public interest not for the politicians.

          • Yates of the Yard says:

            This will never happen for two reasons. We will not be allowed to do it politically and if I did it without political approval, I would have my promised Peerage and promotion to Commissioner of the Met taken away from me.

    • 28
      genghiz the khan says:

      Also add on bent politicians. Am still trying to work out how it is Call Me Dave’s fault for tolerating phone ‘hacking’ when all the cases point to a period from 1997 to 2010.

      If it was known that the polis and the tabloids were listening in on mobiles, and successive Home Secretaries chose to do nothing, surely people like Straw, Johnson, Reid, Smith and Blunkett have had some explaining to do.

      The Coulson appointment may reek, but what happened under Labour’s watch is more toxic if Labour ministers knew what went on, and looked the other way.

      • 50
        Tax Payer says:

        Postie yesterday said he ‘couldn’t remember’ why he didn’t order an inquiry when Home secretary.

        There could be a few reasons……

        • 54
          genghiz the khan says:

          Perhaps the Royal Mail lost his instructions to the polis in the post.

      • 60
        Lady Virginia Droit de Seigneur says:

        I agree – we haven’t even got into what Labour turned a blind eye to yet.

        Cameron’s main crime is being seen as being to tight with Brooks and other NI types. Given Blair devoted about 10 years to pulling Rupert pud then he should attract similar disdain.

        Won’t decrease my disdain for iDave though.

      • 111
        Bill d'Sarse says:

        Nail, meet head.

        You now understnd why Red Ed is so indignant – he sees the chickens just down the road and they are intent on coming home for a bit of roosting.

      • 140
        Anonymous says:

        What we really need is full disclosure from the bbc about what they knew of various issues when labour was in power – why they covered up the fact that brown was regarded within his own government as being unstable and unfit to be prime minister and yet they failed to bring this to their listeners and viewers attention. How much more serious than phone hacking is that !!!!!

        • 244
          Director General BBC says:

          The BBC are unbiased that is why they have to pay me so much to maintain that lack of bias.

    • 367
      ross - mincer - kemp says:

      you’ve been watching too many episodes of dixon of dock green

    • 384
      Anonymous says:

      And the police have been given full permission by ravey-davey to fearlessly pursue their investigation to where-ever it might lead – erm, that’d be right back to themselves then. Can’t imagine that to be a ‘fearless’ exercise

  3. 3
    Anonymous says:

    never thought the word MAY would bring out all the fucking lefties with such hatred

    • 18
      Jabba the Cat says:

      This has always been the Gruaniad’s rabid hatred of the evil Murdoch empire. However, as long as the average man in the street does not give a toss, and they don’t, this will fizzle out sooner rather than later.

      • 70
        the average man in the street says:

        I give a toss, I can fucking promise you. The creating of false hope in Milly’s parents strikes a chord with anyone who has ever had a child, or a mobile phone.

        • 113
          asians grooming for labour says:

          Or indeed has lost a mobile phone

          • Handycock (Teen Fondler) says:

            I lost my mobile phone in the sea along with my passport.

          • smoggie says:

            They type of information that is now being leaked is precisely the kind that the average man in the street does give a toss about.

            It was evil what they did to Milly’s family. Is it any worse what others are now doing to the families of dead servicemen? You can be sure that whoever is leaking this stuff is not doing it out of any concern for their feelings.

        • 296
          Titford Hat says:

          And lacks the brains to change the default password.

        • 355
          Jabba the Cat says:

          The fact you are here disqualifies you as an average man in the street…

      • 71
        Lady Virginia Droit de Seigneur says:

        What is particularly interesting are all the articles complaining about the excessive influence of Murdoch without once mentioning the BBC.

        • 148
          Gonk says:

          Quite so Madam,
          Jim Naughtie orchestrated without semblance
          of impartiality a chat this morning between Toby Young
          and Henry Porter. Ludicrous nature of interview looking
          at Murdoch power in Britain completely lost on ‘Jim bob’

      • 85
        Stink Tank says:

        Deluding yourself there, this is a big public topic of debate.

    • 175
      socialism has murdered 150 million human beings pride says:

      Why would “lefties” hate Camoron?–he’s one of them.

  4. 4
    hacked off says:

    Oborne is right: unless Cameron can sort this one confidently, he’s toast.

    • 31
      Sally Tweety says:

      Really? A PM hires a man with a dodgy past. Like ..say Mandelson. Or Vaz.
      And the PM now has to resign.

      Yeah, right. I can see that happening…

    • 35
      Selohesra says:

      I really dont see why (and I’m not a great fan of Cameron) – the only rumour around Coulson when Cameron appointed him was a bit of moronic celeb hacking – it may be a bit dodgy but nothing to the deceit and plain lies endemic throughout politics). No-one cared about that indeed it was sort of expected because the public liked the stories. All the allegations about bribing plod (who is the real villain there?) and hacking the murder victims (which is truly disgusting) happened after Coulson went. I’m sure if the position was vacant today Cameron would steer clear of Coulson but that is using hindsight – a skill perhaps only opposition politicians have.

      • 41
        Ken Clarke says:

        The story in Whitehall is that there’s documentary evidence that Coulson authorised payments to police while he was working at the Wankers’ Weekly. Which begs the question: what did he do while at No. 10? Did he bring the same high moral standards to bear?
        There is, of course, a proper split between the party and civil service and not that much gossip crosses that divide. But there are some ambitious SPADs looking rather queasy this morning, I’m told, as their dreams might remain just that.

        • 55
          Tax Payer says:

          Who was Blair’s communications director, and what was his moral compass like?

        • 59
          boulay says:

          would these moral standards be the same moral standards as the last lot that brought in mandelson, campbell, mcbride, bernie donations, sexed-up documents, jacqui smiff, mass immigration as a political weapon…..

          • Ken Clarke says:

            Oh, I don’t think there’s any great difference between the lot of ‘em – except that this one’s got caught, and the whole hideous mess is in danger of unravelling. It’s probably impossible to get to be PM without having to deal with sleazebags at some point, if only because you need them to give you money if you’re to be elected.

            The trick is to use a suitable prophylactic.

          • Lady Virginia Droit de Seigneur says:

            Don’t forget Lord Truscott and his pals selling amendments to legislation. How no one faced criminal charges over that I’ll never know – a clear case of corruption.

    • 75
      pissed off voter says:

      Cameron has some very good people in his cabinet but there are some vipers among his personal friends. That’s his choice and not really a problem until he puts the weight of his office into defending the bad apples. He seems to value those friendships more than the people he purports to represent – much like Blair and Brown did.

      • 320
        hacked off says:

        my point is that Cameron looks flaky on this – he hasn’t looked remotely vulnerable on anything before, and Milibean’s got nothing to lose.

  5. 5
    Eileen Critchley says:

    Murdoch is Assad.

  6. 6
    Ken Clarke says:

    Have I missed something?

  7. 7
    Anonymous says:

    As Oborne has never had any time for cameron, his commenst are predictable.

  8. 8
    A Pensioner says:

    Camoron is a useless tosser. How long does this have to go on?

  9. 11
    Michael Fish-Weatherman says:

    The brooks have now burst and we await the flood…

  10. 12
    He_never_married says:

    Simple really:

    She knew = the sack

    She didn’t know = thousands of pounds being paid in expennses, and she’s not aware of it = the sack

  11. 13
    Chris Bryant says:

    I’m always reaching for the bottom.

  12. 14
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    This is poor from Murdoch tho, bad judgement on his part, He needs a cull now.

    Labour also have questions to answer over why they perverted the course of justice when in power.

    Havent the EU ruled that the sky deal to go tho?

    • 146
      Disgusted of Neasden says:

      ?Bad Judgement? Murdoch’s only interest is in headlines that sell news products!

      Unfortunately, every now and then, these things backfire on him.

    • 154
      labourunionsbbc we are one says:

      It’s the bbc u n t’s that’s at the ‘coalface’ of blocking the deal, you may well be right that the EUSSR and certainly the liebore party and their union bouncers are behind the block: after all they all four have the most to lose.

  13. 16
    Anonymous says:

    Osbourne never had a good word for the Tories just another journalist sniping from the side.
    His columns up to the election were hate filled rants at Cameron and the Tories,,wanker

    • 43
      Sod the liblabcon says:

      Being a mindless party tribalist means having to cheer on your party however crap, corrupt and incompetent they are.

      Ditch the party loyalty, and you start caring about real stuff again – like the fate of the country.

      • 92
        sergei sukmiov says:

        worry about our country – you’re so 20th century.

        dave – you do the paying, i’ll do the bullshitting – cameron has gone way past old fashioned notions such as decency, integrity and patriotism.

        he’s a weak, shifty, conceited little man, who does as he’s told by his paymasters – just like his role model before him. But – hey – he’s doing OK now, why shouldn’t dave be allowed to stick his all too ample snout in the trough when the time comes?

      • 101
        pissed off voter says:

        don’t let your opinion of the messenger blind you to reality. Cameron has a history of protecting people he should have dropped like hot pennies – that the previous lot did it too is not a defence.

  14. 20
    George says:

    Leave me out of it.

  15. 21
    andlum says:

    Surely Dave’s mate Rebecca/Rebekah or whatever will give him a job at News International?

    • 34
      The Liebour party says:

      We’d never heard of News International or Murdoch until a fortnight ago.

  16. 22
    Theres not a good one between them says:

    Politicians and the Met are inside the tent whilst Murdochs outside pissing on them. If you listen you can hear both begging him not to hang them out to dry.

    It fucking stinks, Murdoch has nothing to lose whilst the weak and greedy Establishment are forever at his beck and call (because he knows what there up to).

    How much can Cameron give in before Druggie Dave becomes the next headline.

  17. 23
    On the take and in their pockets says:

    Murdoch typifies the absolute corruption of British politics to outside vested interests.

    Our mercenary scum of a political class ensure Britain is run for the benefit of anyone but ordinary Britons.

  18. 24
    Tom Badwind says:


    • 68
      Alyingstare Campbell says:

      That’s not me in the foreground either. It’s NOT me, definitely not. Never knew her.

  19. 25
    bumming-up says:

    Guido, how did your bumming up saga went last night with your best pall Gaunti

  20. 27
    Aunt Agatha says:

    Tittle tattle, Guido; there’s more hatred in the msm than anywhere

  21. 29
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    Guido, How was the HuffPo do last night , do they know who you are now? :-)

    • 36
      Al says:

      didn’t you know that he was bumming up with his mate Gaunt for a write up in the huffpost uk

  22. 30
    P.C. Billy Bowden says:

    Morning All

    Going out? keep credit & debit cards hidden, never keep your PIN number with them. Mark your mobile phone with a UV pen and make note of the IMEI number by dialling *#06#*. Going home: pre book a taxi/arrange a lift with friends or family, on a bus sit near the driver, on a train sit in a busy compartment, walk with confidence and have keys ready before you reach the door. For more info call Police on 0845 045 45 45

  23. 32
    Wazza says:

    One wonders if there has been direct consultation between Murdoch and Cameron on the handling of this situation and the possible ramifications to Sky’s march for media dominance in the UK. I personally think the pending deal should be barred as a result of these disturbing revelations!

    • 37
      The BBC is the enemy within says:

      It’s the BBC you should be afraid of. They have convinced the country that man made global warming is a scientific fact. Their carefully selected QT audiences even when they come from a Cornish village show that half the population is Asian and wear rags on their heads and 95% of the population vote Labour.

      • 52
        genghiz the khan says:

        How much did the BBC get from the EU?

        Strange how so little appeared about the EU’s corruption, the CAP and how it damages incomes of Third World Farmers, not to mention a lack of enthusiasm for Brussels style ‘democracy’.

      • 66
        Wazza says:

        One must also wonder at the possible capability of News International to overhear any other mobile phone messages and how that information could be potentially used. I consider a full public enquiry into the actions of the media and especially News International is a must and should be instigated ASAP.

  24. 33
    Kered Ybretsae says:

    A no-win situation if she knew/didn’t know…she wasn’t doing her job properly. When the poo hits the fan, duck, but on this occasion there can be no ducking or diving. It is going to stick.
    But there must be more important things to hold enquiries over than this!!

  25. 38
    Desperate Dan says:

    If the grieving families had been hacked it would be the right thing to do to tell them. In the meantime, while all that exists is a possibility that they might have been hacked, there doesn’t seem any rational explanation for why the police, politicians and none-NI journalists are going out of their way to upset these families.

    • 57
      Aunt Agatha says:

      Aided and abetted by the biased bbc, too

    • 63
      Anonymous says:

      Is there any rational explanation for why the hackees did not change the default pin supplied with their phones? The advice to do so is contained in the supplied paperwork & the info how to do it.

      • 77
        Call me Dave says:

        I suppose they did not think they would be murdered / shot and therefore there was no need. And once murdered / shot, there bid not seem to be the need.

        What’s your opinion?

  26. 43
    weybridgeman says:

    The major problem here is NOTW/NI not doing anything internally about all this and now it is too late. If they had come clean at the start it could have been over by now. I suspect it is now a race between Murdoch firing Beccy Wade and her being arrested for obstructing the course of jsutice.

  27. 47
    Kered Ybretsae says:

    No comments from Mandy or the king of Bliars spin. Perhaps they want to let sleeping dogs sleep. Without stirring things up. Say no more. Funny innit?

    • 93
      Moussa Koussa says:

      errrrrrr funny how not a single Tory MP, current or when shadow, has been hacked….Funny that

      • 124
        pissed off voter says:

        premature comment. current chancellor has been reported as a possible victim.

      • 287
        Grumpy Old Man says:

        Maybe, just maybe, Tory MPs had secretaries intelligent enough to change the default pin numbers.

      • 318
        smoggie says:

        It’s funny that you could know that.

    • 150
      Desperate Dan says:

      Mandelshit is attending a money-launderers’ convention in Montenegro.

  28. 48
    Stakeknife says:

    “Things are starting to turn for Cameron very rapidly and we’re yet to reach his bottom…”

    A Life in Brief Andy Coulson

    BORN 21 January 1968. Parents moved from their Basildon council house to nearby Wickford during his childhood.

    EDUCATION Beauchamps Comprehensive, Wickford 1979-1986

    CAREER Reporter, Basildon Evening Echo, 1986-1988. Showbusiness reporter, The Sun, 1988-1994. Showbusiness correspondent, the Daily Mail, 1994. Bizarre editor, The Sun, 1994-8. Associate editor, The Sun, 1998-9. Editorial director, News Network, News International’s internet arm, 1999-2000. Deputy editor, the News of the World, 2000. Editor, The News of the World, 2003-7.

    HE SAYS “The News of the World doesn’t pretend to do anything other than reveal big stories and titillate and entertain the public, while exposing crime and hypocrisy,” on receiving the Press Gazette Newspaper of the Year award in 2005.

    THEY SAY “It was obvious that Andy was interested in politics and had a number of strongly-held views – many of which wouldn’t have been out of place at a Conservative Party conference.” – Alan Edwards, publicist

  29. 49
    Anonymous says:

    Oborne is an opportunist; he will always attack the current target regardless of Political colour. If you put aside the fact that he is picking on a tory, this time, as he has Blair and co at others, the underlying certainty is that our Political classes are morally bankrupt. Just as Liebour dodged a Judicial review over Iraq Cameron is looking to do the same here. They all want to keep the lid on their dealings with the media and the Police. Maybe we just have to live with it?

    • 294
      Grumpy Old Man says:

      No, we don’t. The uproar over MP’s expenses was enough to change a corrupt system. Public concern at a similar level will similarly focus the minds of our political and institutional leaders. Start writing letters.

  30. 51

    I’ve decided to try out as a writer for the Huffpuff.

    “This phone hacking scandal demonstrates the utter unsuitableness of Right wing parties for office. After all, Murdoch is right wing. His readers are right wing.{needs citation} Therefore they voted in the coalition and therefore this government should be dissolved and a democratically elected or appointed left of centre government take its place.
    The reasoning is a bit confused but if I sprinkle a few “fairness”, “Sustainable” “hardworkingfamilies” “Forgotten poor” , “Great tradition of Liberal values” , and “Rainbow umbrella, diversity multi-platform-ecosphereience,” among it then it should be OK.

  31. 53
    Sophie says:

    Popcorn at the ready.

    As a Conservative I am going to enjoy the rapid demise of that Heathite clown Cameron.

    The sooner he is gone the better for the country and the Conservative Party.

    • 61
      Eeu to me says:

      So when does rusty the u-turn warmonger get given the black spot, time for him to be relieved and get some real Conservatives in I include all his Libsh*te lovies ., who over Service to country just want power, even with all his wealth he’s still a loser.

    • 339
      Poor Bill says:

      ‘Traitor Tories’ or ‘Mosley-ites’. ‘Back-door Blsckshirts’ or ‘Euro-Filth Corporatists’.

      Heathites,,,,, as good a name as any for these scum.

      Why are the ‘ungreatfull eastern european refugees’ supporting them ?

      Some kind of deal been done ?

      Britian to Europe, west bank to you know who ?

  32. 56
    Hesiod says:

    Brooks joined NoW as a secretary in 1989, and worked her way up from bottom to top.

    To believe that she did so without being aware of the murky water in which she swam is not believable.

    She knew full well the culture of sleaze and corruption over which she presided, but did nothing at all to stop it when it was in her gift to do so.

    Brooks should be prosecuted.

    • 67

      Maybe she was still the secretary all along?

      “Hello News International…Really? …In a shed?…with how many footballers? … Ok ..You’re in”

    • 84
      Eeu to me says:

      She’s caught between the devil and the deep blue sea, whichever way she turns, she’s in deep doo doo, if she say’s she did know about it, all hell’s breaks loose along with a jail sentence, as she’s saying no, then no one believes her and her future prospects outside the Murdoch empire is zero, because she’s saying she didn’t know then as a senior manager she’s showing very poor people management and should go just for that.

    • 107
      Desperate Dan says:

      Why doesn’t Mark Thompson resign instead of issuing these endless apologies for the BBC misleading the public?

    • 207
      smoggie says:

      She’s used up all her nine lives.

      Coulson was the last scapegoat but this time she’ll have to go. Ross Kamp must be having a right little chuckle with his hard friends.

  33. 62
    Dilligaff says:

    I NEVER trust any PR/Survey company if they cannot distinguish between ‘affect’ and ‘effect’. It’s a sure sign that they’re incapable of paying attention to detail and hence, nuance.

    • 102
      Lady Virginia Droit de Seigneur says:

      It’s alright you can participate in BBC phone-ins except of course they are not allowed to run them now because of the widespread fraud and deception they were practicing on the participants

  34. 65
    Lady Virginia Droit de Seigneur says:

    I am waiting for someone to crack and bring the whole rotten facade down. If Mulcaire or Coulson decided to spill the beans NI could be in serious difficulty. It looks they are trying to hang both of them out so I suppose it is possible

    It is also only a matter of time before skulduggery at other papers emerges.

    • 96
      Tax Payer says:

      Exactly right.

    • 116

      Mulcaire won’t say a word. He doesn’t want to go back inside. He’s the most guilty of all, having actually committed the crimes.

      Its how the phone numbers got released where the criminality lies. Was it the police selling information from their database, or phone companies employees.

  35. 73
    bergen says:

    Whilst Peter Oborne’s article may be OTT,it is stupid to pretend that Cameron hasn’t a real problem with his history of cosying up to Murdoch and his minions.

    There was simply no need of it.Murdoch follows success rather creates it.He abandoned Labour when it became clear that Brown was a loser.There was no need for Cameron to deal with him other than on polite and distantly friendly terms.

    What was the Shakespeare quote? “Never wrestle with a chimney sweep”.Cameron has covered himself with muck and he has no-one to blame but himself.

  36. 81

    Dave is a useless twat who does not give a flying fuck about what the people of this country feel
    he just ambles along to every photo opp trying to look the tough caring pm When in truth all he is doing is looking after the intrest’s of his cronies

    • 126
      leftees r twats says:

      bollox u twat

    • 151
      sergei sukmiov says:

      a disgraceful slur on a fine man.

      dave – my word is my bond – cameron is the perfect example of our current ruling class. who could wish for more?

      on the other hand, not sure it was a smart move to pull bekky’s cracker – i wonder what fell out.

  37. 82
    Selohesra says:

    Was there any criminality (even indirectly) when telegrapg got the expenses files or Gaurdian the Wikileaks. I’m sure the true owners of that info did not want it published

  38. 83
    Spartacus says:

    Is this one of the monday cartoons that we have to guess what it is all about?

    Anyone like to explain??

    • 99
      Eeu to me says:

      Put your graffiti or marks on the wall and just carry on with the knowledge that no one really cares what a PR company says, I think Aljabeeb said the whole country agrees that someone is going to get a slap on the wrist, well I think think it was 850 > or more people say so.

  39. 86
    Moussa Koussa says:

    The seriousness of the situation has finally dawned on you Guido.

    For Hyena Boy and his minions the dark clouds are closing in. You see…knowingly being a recipient of hacked info to further your political ambitions is also very serious. Its called “””culpability””” . Tory MP’s have all gone to ground, no comments from Gideon, Warsi, Clarke, May, and especially Green…Why you ask. They know why, and I think you do too.

    All those leaks between 2006-2010 to undermine last gov – I suggest you check out the source.

    The Torygraph today have tried desperately to give the ( false ) impression that Gideon was hacked- this is the most transparent attempt at distraction every seen. No credence to this what so ever, and those of us in the know have given it no credence.

    This is going to the top Gudio…and I don’t mean Murdoch

    Cambos next strategy – Terms of ref of inquiry…..Will try to make the Inquiry to focus on specific none political cases only….You heard it here first

    • 97
      Anonymous says:

      Looking foward to when this all blows over, as we all know you’ll become even more of a whiny little shit than you already are.

      • 108
        Moussa Koussa says:

        ohhh you poor deludged apologist

      • 225
        smoggie says:

        Well, Labour will never get back in with the charismatic Ed at the helm so it’s back to smearing their opposition.

        The leopard hasn’t changed its spots.

    • 120
      Joss Ayinglike says:

      We heard it hear first and it’s the usual Loser the Accuser drivel.

    • 121
      Eeu to me says:

      Just askin, “those of us in the know “, shouldn’t you be informing the police of what you know.

    • 164
      Lady Virginia Droit de Seigneur says:

      I would suggest quite a lot of the leaks to undermine the government prior to 2007 came from McTwat and the odious little shits he liked to surround himself with.

    • 202
      socialism has murdered 150 million human beings pride says:

      Anything that destroys Cammy would be very good for the decent people of this nation Mossa, you crawling leftist shite. Davy is one of your ZaNu Lab own with a mild blue rinse–despite the storm of horseshit from the left camoron is carrying on their dirty work of turning this nation into a piss-poor (financially and in every other way)police state.

  40. 88
    What's good for one says:

    If Mrs Brooks has to resign because she had crooked staff on her watch. Why didn’t Gordon resign for all the crooked MPs on his watch?

    And surely the Boss of the MET has to resign too?

    • 313
      Anonymous says:

      Sir IAN Blair ‘s memoirs are most intresting .He infers that senior ranking officers were leaking stories to the media .One later went on to persue a career at News international and the other failed in his attempt to be Mayor of London .Also There is also a very intresting documentry on the whole hacking business by Panorarma naming all the main players as well as Glen Mulclaire giving instructions on how to hack into voicemail to another jounalist..It was braudcast the day after Johnathon Rees was aquitted of the murder of business partner Danial Morgan.

  41. 89
    MrAngry61 says:

    I don’t believe that Cameron’s as vulnerable as this article makes out – he isn’t a NI executive.

    So, he hired Coulson – who’s now gone. He’s friends with Brooks – well he could certainly cool that down, but IMO he’s not responsible for whatever she’s alleged to have done.

    With the knives out Cameron certainly has to tread carefully – but his neck’s not on the line yet.

    • 105
      Moussa Koussa says:

      Think on….Knowingly being a recipient of hacked info to further your political ambitions is also very serious. Its called “””culpability””” .

  42. 91
    Desperate Dan says:

    I don’t want to be on the same side in this argument as John Prescott ( sex with underling in Admiralty House), Tom Watson ( Damien McBride & slanderous emails), Hugh Grant ( blow jobs from black prostitutes), Chris Bryant (photograph in underpants on gay website), Miliband (useless and pathetic), Frank Dobson (living in council house in spite of income of £250,000+), The Guardian (losing readers and money hand over fist), the BBC (no longer a serious broadcaster). The people attacking Brooks, Murdoch and NI are all vile and they’ve all got an axe to grind.

    • 115
      I don't need no doctor says:

      Well put Sir. They all have their own agenda bathed in hypocrisy. Sickening!

    • 158
      the old Dufflebag says:

      it is quite laughable to believe that the media organisations up in arms now haven’t used dubious tactics to obtain information or news scoops themselves. Governments want endorsement from the large media groups and hence the cosying up factor will always be there…quite clearly things got very much out of hand and thsoe culpable need persuing but suggestions that cameron is responsible are just ridiculous. He hired someone who assured him the allegations viz him were unfounded. The first police investigation was obviously seriously thin in effort and now its ‘pile the shit’ on time.

    • 165
      sergei sukmiov says:

      me neither, but how do they differ from cameron and brooks?

    • 171
      pissed off voter says:

      agree with almost all of that but would it not be more reasonable to base your views on weight of evidence rather than who supports an argument – even assholes get it right sometimes.

    • 176
      Disgusted of Neasden says:

      Yeah. Strange this story suddenly emerges a week before the BSkyB takeover decision.

    • 199
      labourunionsbbc we are one says:

      Don’t tell me that preposterous little bearded gnome Dobbins is getting in on the act.

    • 301
      Lady Virginia Droit de Seigneur says:

      Too true – it’s like watching a load of people in a sewage tank throwing bits of shit at each other. The problem is the shit they’re wallowing in not the pieces they are throwing at each other.

    • 346
      smoggie says:

      At least we know that posh Hugh isn’t a racist.

  43. 98
    Kelvin MacKenzie says:

    Thank F**k I’ve just moved over to the daily Mail.

  44. 100
    I don't need no doctor says:

    Media and political hypocrisy. Are they not all guilt of subterfuge.
    How dare any of the labour MPs spout off after supporting Blair and Brown.

  45. 103
    Stakeknife says:

    After Paying the Police, Phone Hackings, And The Latest HACKING MILLY DOWLER’s PHONE incident….

    Share this wide. No One should buy this paper. Can we get Thousands to state here, by signing the event that they WILL NOT buy the News of The World. Starting THIS SUNDAY. Thats the Ground Zero date. Thats their real test date…… Please, sign up and do not buy this vile publication.

    And if any shop sunday that you go in is selling this, do not buy anything from that shop

    • 128
      Desperate Dan says:

      I’ll decide what newspaper to buy thank you. I don’t need you or John Prescott telling me what I can read.

    • 131
      Off to buy NOTW says:

      Fvck off you beeboid scumbag!

      I haven’t bought a paper in years, least of all the NOTW, but because scum like you are trying to damge them, then I will buy it this Sunday.

    • 133
      Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

      So you are requesting a boycott of News iNc?

      Will you be returning your Sky Tv box (if you have one)?

    • 142
      Bill d'Sarse says:

      It is almost a certainty that sales of this terrible rag will plummet over the next few weeks but, watch out for the £2 million free bingo game to appear on the front page. NOTW readers aren’t known for their intellect of long term memory and they will slowly return.

    • 198
      Dirk Diggler says:

      I’m going to get up extra early and buy the News of the World this Sunday….just to piss you off

    • 245
      bergen says:

      I’ve boycotted NI’s papers for years and certainly would never buy a Sky box (even if it means missing the cricket) because it’s been abundantly obvious for decades that Murdoch is a wrong ‘un and that his media interests are anti-competitive.He has survived because our spineless politicians of all parties simply foul their pants at the thought of saying “no” to him.

      • 275
        Tax Payer says:


        All his tabloids and 80% of his TV is utter shite.

        The Times isn’t what it was, and SKY news gives me a headache.

        As you say, he has bullied his way through each and every spineless poltician.

      • 319
        Minekiller says:

        The NOTW readership is more more diverse than people think. They’ll simply bin Brooks and a few minions, run a big bingo game or a raffle for a few tat holidays in Ibifah. Business as usual.

  46. 104
    MB. says:

    If Brooks was sacked today then the Guardian and their Labour friends will be after someone else’s head tomorrow, then someone else after they have them etc.

  47. 106
    Pip says:

    Amazing how the BBC work when they need “forensic insight” and unbiased analysis.

    Alcohol dependency? – out comes Alastair Campbell to offer advice and deep insight.

    Depression ? Out they wheel Alastair Campbell to offer advice and deep insight.

    Morality (or lack of) in the media today ? – out they wheel Alastair Campbell offer advice and deep insight from the point of view of a deeply moral media saint of course.

    If anyone else is allowed on the programme who differs in opinion to their beloved and saintly Alastair – they allow him to talk very loudly over that other person so the listener cannot hear the opposing point of view.

    I am waiting for the BBC to run a programme analysing pathalogical liars, people who can’t help themselves from plagiarising, bullying in the workplace; abuse of power – oh, there are so many programmes I can think of ……………..

  48. 109
    Rt Hoon Tom Whatson MP says:

    Hey Guido,

    Politics makes for strange bed-fellows.

    Regards from your old mucker,

  49. 110
    CHRIST ON A BIKE! says:

    Oh for Fvck’s sake! How many more times!

    Obourne is a drunken tosser, just another member of the Labour media pack who have been ordered to destroy Cameron and Murdoch.

    • 125
      Ken Clarke says:

      If the Telegraph is now part of the ‘Labour media pack’, I must have been asleep for longer than I thought.

      • 149
        Wake Up! says:

        Have you tried reading the Telegraph since the Barclay brothers took it over?

        • 217
          labourunionsbbc we are one says:

          The final straw for me was their review of the bbc u n tees, some months back, a more sycophantic leftist load of drivel couldn’t have been written more bbc positive by the bbc themselves.

        • 345
          wan hung lo says:

          Two words: Mary Riddell.

          If DT is tory then I’m a chinaman.

      • 157
        Anonymous says:

        This is a Labour scandal is it? Well let’s see Cameron take up the sword of Justice and use it to smite down those Liebour villains and jolly well get them their cumuppence! Just like he ordered a judicial enquiry over Iraq that actually had some power to challenge Blair, Campbell and Co. He didn’t and he wont here.
        To use your words FFS when will people of all parties realise that there is no them and us when it comes to Political chicanery – they are ALL in it together to further their own aims. Either accept it or fight it – do not say it ok for one side or the other that’s just what they want.

    • 127
      I don't need no doctor says:

      Hell has no fury like a labour party scorned. Labour the party of hypocrisy.

    • 153

      Best not tune into LBC right now then.
      Discussing Peter’s rant right now.

      “Cameron is entrenched with the ‘Chipping Norton set’ “

      • 184
        Joss Ayinglike says:

        That presumably is the beardy weirdy James N’obBrain ??

        Just a slightly sanctimonious wordsmith.

    • 183
      Desperate Dan says:

      This is the sort of thing rentaquotes have to say if they want to be on the BBC.

  50. 112
    Plod 4 sale says:

    allo allo allo

    when I’m not too busy assaulting women with truncheons, kettling peaceful protestors, killing people in the vicinity of protests, I do like a bit of spare cash

  51. 123
    Dick Green of Doxon says:

    Top Watson made a speech yesterday saying that the police were aware that NOTW were interfering in the Dowler affair and that the paper had published details of what was on her voice mail when the search for her was active. Those with a strong constitution can see it on Labourlist.

    If this is so the only new bit is the deletion of some voice mails to make room for more. It will be interesting to find out what exactly the police knew of the NOTW activities then; a fair bit is my guess. The police are moving into damage limitation mode and it’s every man for himself.

    All this was going on under the noses of Blair, cretin and PM and Blair, cretin and plod.

    • 161
      DIXON ! MY COCK'S GREEN says:

      Who is Top Watson TAT ? You TiT

    • 168
      Desperate Dan says:

      The Cash for Peerages scandal has to be re-examined. If the police are as corrupt as Tom Watson says that would explain why Blair is still at large.

      • 196
        pissed off voter says:

        agreed. Who ‘examined’ the original NOTW investigation and gave it the thumbs up? Yates of the Yard. Who led the investigation into cash for peerages which let Blair off the hook, and was subsequently promoted? Yates of the Yard.
        I’ve always had a gut-feel that Yates was in some way compromised during the cash for peerages episode, and once you’re on the hook ….

  52. 132
    Ratsniffer says:

    Let’s not forget the cosey labour love-in which existed with the Murdochian empire while all of this was going on. Millibland should be careful what he wishes for…

    • 208
      HandsomeDavid says:

      Milibands request for a public inquiry seems to me to be a massive own goal. This was all happening on Labours watch. They knew at the highest levels of government and yet turned a blind eye to it.

      Wait until the paper trail is unravelled. Lets see the emails and correspondence.

  53. 136
    ichabod says:

    Peter Oborne is not exactly consistent is he ? He has written quite often, and could do it again, about Cameron’s probity, decency, authority and the like, so now he comes over as highly excitable. But I do think he has a point about Cameron’s closeness to Wade/Brooks and some of the other Murdoch set, including Coulson; his judgement is not nearly so good as it once appeared to be. Interestingly whilst visiting my family last weekend in Cameron’s constituency I encountered widespread dismay witth Cameron’s performance as PM and local MP; the general thrust was that he was ghastly and what was needed was a proper conservative for the seat. One only has to look at the picture reproduced in today’s Daily Mail of Cameron cradling a small African child ( a la Princess Di) to help us conclude what kind of a Premier he has become.

    • 152
      ichabod says:

      Why the threatened mod…..I didn’t even meention P*k*st*n..You really are precious.

      • 189
        Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

        You know Guido hates little green vegtables

    • 219
      pissed off voter says:

      perhaps Mr Oborne is very disappointed with Cameron – as I am. Just like his idol, Blair, Cameron presented himself as some sort of messiah but turned out to be full of shit. All those u-turns makes me wonder if he decides his policies based on what he’s read in the papers – mainly Murdoch’s – that morning.

    • 359
      smoggie says:

      Let’s just hope he doesn’t start a fling with a rich arab.

  54. 137
    Non Partisan says:

    Too many Tory party apologists on here trying to defend the Murdoch empire for no other reason than because they hate the Labour party and that this could be interpreted as a small victory for the left.

    This issue transcends party politics and raises genuine questions about the practices of tabloid hacks, the actions of the Metropolitan Police and the judgement of our current Prime Minister (note: not the government as a whole).

    Villains like Murdoch, Coulson and Brooks have for too long hidden behind and abused the concept of ‘freedom of the press’. I, for one, won’t be happy until they are all swinging from a lamppost. This is one of the biggest scandals in public life we have seen in decades and presents a clear opportunity to clean up the sleazy world of second rate tabloid hacks.

    • 143
      Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

      Villians? What court has convicted them and of what crime?

      • 166
        Non Partisan says:

        For God’s sake man, this is the Order Order blog! Who ever heard of waiting for conclusive evidence before flinging mud.

        Villains because they abuse the rights and freedoms that they have under ‘freedom of the press’. I just want to see a better, more accountable media, with better political coverage and less footballer shags page 3 stunna stories. We need them to do their job properly to keep the political classes in check

        • 174
          Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

          “. I just want to see a better, more accountable media, with better political coverage and less footballer shags page 3 stunna stories. ”

          But what does the market (people) say? they like footballers shags , tits etc

          For everything else there is the erm , Guardian?

          • Mad Hattie Harman's "Kraft durch Freude" says:

            All must be re-programmed. The masses must learn the great patriotic songs! All must sing “The Red Flag”. Repeatedly. Forever.

        • 231
          Sir Reginald Titbrain [Decd.] says:

          I find it quite easy to avoid ‘footballer shags page 3 stunna’ stories by the simple expedient of reading neither the Sun nor the Screws. And it’s ‘fewer’ not ‘less’, BTW.

    • 172
      Eeu to me says:

      I find it strange that all this came to light in 2002 according to the news, why didn’t your hypocritical lieing Liebour party do something when they were in power or was the truth that Liebour and Rups were friends and no darkening of the already muddy waters was allowed, your lot of delightful people found out they could damage Rups over BSkyB and have ploughed ahead in doing it ,just because he changed his mind and became friends with rusty,it’s not about hacking public or private peoples phones it’s all about Liebour getting it’s fckin own back on Rups, piss on Public Service is the Liebour party motto.

      • 204
        sergei sukmiov says:

        because whatever label they attach to themselves, the members of the political class are corrupt.

        this is not a labour or conservative (assuming that anyone – including himself – regards dave as a conservative) issue. so labour did/didn’t do this or conservative did/didn’t do that – of course – they’re all cun*ts.

      • 297
        It's all about Communication Luvvie says:

        Not just Liebour Party revenge. But a concerted attack by the left-wing media establishment (BBC mainly) to maintain their dominance. New Labour rely very heavily on the BBC to bullshit the floating vote. They are paranoid about losing their dominance to an “alternative” news broadcaster and seeing a levelling of the playing field. Murdoch did this with Fox news in the US so they think he’ll do it here, although there are many obstacles to this anyway.

        The BBC are also using it as an excuse to make personal attacks on Cameron, something he is not used to form the BBC. They attack his party. policies and everyone else associated with it, but he has been spared. Hopefully this will wake Cameron up to how twisted and nasty and the BBC are and will motivate him into doing something about it.

        • 351
          Anonymous says:

          Murdoch has more control over Sky News now than he will have if he buys BSkyB as one of the conditions of the purchase is that Sky News will be financed to the tune of a guaranteed £10m per year but no longer be part of BSkyB for at least 10 years.

          • On the run says:

            They have to survive commercially though. And at the moment they lose £30m a year just on they advertising revenue. If they can’t survive on their own NI will have to prop them up and could then argue for complete control again. If they do survive, it’s because they have become more populist and there for more tabloid adn “right-wing”. Either way the BBC and left-wing establishment clearly fear them.

    • 201
      Lurker says:

      “Tory party apologists”!
      Who was the Home Secretary of the day when Mulcaire was jailed and all this came out?
      Remind me which party he was a member of?

    • 216
      Anonymous says:

      It’s not a question of defending Murdoch, it’s hating the sanctimony of a Labour Party who covered up for NI for 13 years and are now blaming everything that happened on their watch on David Cameron. After all in the 90′s the Murdoch press turned on the Tories much more viciously than the ever turned on Labour.

  55. 138
    Anonymous says:

    Oh no the great British public has spoken ! well a few ! but hang on aren’t we according to most of the media and a lot on here , a bunch of mindless sheep in the clutches of Rups evil empire or the batenbergers or who ever so if we are too stupid to think for our selves this poll is actually what our master tell us to say!

  56. 144
    Lefty Darling says:

    I wouldn;t worry about it. Piers Morgan’s faked photos actually caused riots and resulted in loss of life. And he’s now the darling of the masses.

    Then again he is a Lefty

  57. 155
    Non Partisan says:

    Some of you really are blinkered fools. Put the tribalism aside for just one minute and really think about the issue.

    This is not a New Labour scandal any more than it is a coalition government scandal. The timing is incidental. The one politician in the dock over this scandal is Cameron. It is he, and he alone, who brought Andy Coulson, one of the main protagonists in this sordid affair, into public life. It is his judgement which is in question. The fact that government’s of all colour cosy up to NI isn’t the issue at stake.

    • 170
      Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

      So , If its true that under Labours watch they helped there then friend Murdoch to pervet the course of justice its somehows Daves fault?

      • 213
        Tessa Tickles says:

        I perveted the course of justice once, but I think I got away with it.

    • 249
      purpleline says:

      So by definition you are saying that nobody can ever be redeemed. No person ever tainted in anything should never get another job anywhere.

      Typical labour imbecile

      • 259
        The Vatican says:

        Redemption comes to people who confess their failings and make a commitment to being good in future.

        • 348
          purpleline says:

          or take responsibility and resign their position.

          Not many responsible Labour ministers over the last 13 years though.

        • 370
          ross - mincer - kemp says:

          not working too well for tony yet though.

          perhaps not too surprising – a lot of previous

  58. 160
    loungelizard says:

    Labour would have us kitted out with ID cards, they’d vet our phones, mail, e mail, private conversations, blogs even our very souls. NOW were playing the same game. They went after celebs in search of a story, Labour would go after the electorate and that’s far more sinister.

  59. 181
    Anonymous says:

    In 2003 a New Labour supporting editor of a New Labour supporting newspaper admitted in the Houses of Parliament that her newspaper had paid the police for information and yet the New Labour government at the time did nothing. Fast forward 8 years and the sins of a New Labour supporting newspaper are now causing David Cameron the biggest crisis of his premiership.

    You can’t help but think if all this had happened in 1993 and had come to light in 2001 it would be John Major and not Tony Blair that the BBC/Guardian would be hounding.

  60. 185
    HenryV says:

    Nobody is having a good time? The BBC and Guardian are having better than a good time they are having a wonderful time. All yesterday the put the boot into the Tories, Murdoch, and even got a few good kicks into the police. Same for Labour too. In the debate it seemed yesterday that Cooper was the minister not the shadow.

    Dave isn’t going anywhere yet. Lets hope he gets off his Etonian backside and does the Beeb in finally.

    • 214
      I don't need no doctor says:

      Is the BBC squeaky clean. Where do their journos get their information. Why did Laura Kuenssberg really leave, strange it was just before the phone tapping story went really big.
      See I can play the same games as Chris Bryant. In fact how does he get his info.?

  61. 186
    purpleline says:

    I think politicians and the meejah need to get a dictionary and learn why the legal profession use the word alleged.

    It is quite normal that a PI might build a data base of telephone numbers legitimately of victims of crime & their families, in case contact is required for any follow up story. The same for Military families.

    The cynic in me tells me the driver for this is all about BskyB, this story has been bubbling away for a long time, but went to ballistic levels immediately after Jeremy Hunt gave the latest period to listen to arguments on the buy out.

    What surprises me is that anybody is surprised about the 4th Estate, it is more like a sink estate always has been.

  62. 190
    Aunt Hilda says:

    huge dollops of hypocrisy ..labour’s watch and they knew a lot of what was going on as did the police but they did what ?…ignored it.

  63. 192
    Conundrum says:

    “He has made not one, but a long succession of chronic personal misjudgments…”

    …..quite, what is his old mate “Fishy Fingers Ross” up to nowadays.

  64. 193
    Bored Now. says:

    This is going to get bloody…. More so for New Labour …

    Would not be surprised if everything comes flooding out now , Murdoch seems to be somebody that you would not want to fuck with…
    Watson has picked the wrong fight.

    Pass the Popcorn.

    • 250
      Bond Fan says:

      “Murdoch seems to be somebody that you would not want to fuck with…”

      Particularly if he still has that nasty Dr Kaufman working for him, who bumped off his wife!

  65. 200
    I don't need no doctor says:

    Chris Bryant MP should channel his energies into helping the people caught up in the droughts in Africa. If he is so sure of the guilt of the NOW employees why doesn’t he state in public the names of those that are guilty. Will he, no because he is just playing party politics. Hypocrite!
    As for the companies withdrawing their advertising from the NOW. Let them donate all of their advertising budgets to the drought in Africa.
    Let’s see the true colours of those spouting the loudest.

  66. 205
    Burger says:

    It would be prejudicial to judge when you don’t have the facts. On that basis, Cameron cannot be accused of poor judgement on Coulson any more than Ed Miliband could be accused of poor judgement for not knowing that Alan Johnson’s missus was taking length from his bodyguard.

  67. 209
    Teflon Digger says:

    Sad to say that the NOW and Sun readers are so thick (of course this does not escape the attention of the owners of the papers), that they will not understand that scum like Murdock and Wade/Brooks have NO interest whatsoever in servicemen, or indeed to anyone other than themselves or people who are useful to them, only to the God of money and power.

  68. 215
    Gordon Brown says:

    God is dead. You will worship me, now.

  69. 223
    Eileen Critchley says:

    What has Rebekah got on Dave? What’s Dave so scared of that it forced him into bed with the heavy mob?

    My advice to Labour is, swap the brothers quick and prepare for government because this story could go all the way.

    • 228
      sergei sukmiov says:

      class a drug use for starters and probably a bit of bumming at eton (but then that’s hardly newsworthy)

      • 251
        Someone or other says:

        If he would just come clean about it he could find out what a vast number of people in the Uk have also taken drugs at some time of their lives and would be willing to see him in a better light once he stops being a faker.

      • 255
        Desperate Dan says:

        You are getting him mixed up with the cokehead who works as Miliprat’s spin doctor.

    • 236
      Anonymous says:

      This is a Labour scandal. Every “crime” that has been uncovered happened on their watch at a time they were cozying up to Murdoch. They new NOW had paid the police for information yet did nothing. If we had an unbiased BBC this would destroy the Labour Party forever.

    • 242
      Thick cow watch says:

      Don’t be such a thick cow! Cameron got into bed with NI for the same reason New Labour did and the Conservatives before that! They are a very influential media organisation!!!!

      Cameron’s got more of an excuse because the BBC (who are a lot more influential than NI) bat for Labour. Even the Telegraph and the Daily Mail have been hostile to Cameron from the time he became party leader. The Tories needed media support wherever they can get it.

      • 336
        Anonymous says:


      • 373
        ross - mincer - kemp says:

        the tories would get more media support if they had a leader who was a tory.

        only a thick cun*t could confuse dave – would i lie to you? – cameron with the real deal.

        cameron has been put there to do to the conservative party what blair did to labour

        • 380
          It's all about Communication Luvvie says:

          If you think the media is full of “Tories” you don’t know the fvcking media sonny!

    • 269
      Great British Public says:

      HILARIOUS !!!!

    • 352
      Bored Now. says:

      Whilst Labour MP’s and supporters bask in the glow of the revelations , they fail to understand that the harder the push (especially at NI) That they will be exposed and very possibly annihilated in the blowback. Murdoch has the goods on the good gentlemen of New Labour.

      And he will rip them all a new arsehole.

  70. 226
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    Right, lets break this down.

    1: Police are corupt

    2: Newspaper hacks are corupt

    3: Politicons are corupt

    So what exactly is the ground breaking headline shocker?

    • 254
      Sir Reginald Titbrain [Decd.] says:

      This is looking serious for the moral fibre of our society and I feel a new Quango is needed to save us all.

      Oh, and am I alone in lamenting the silence of the Archbishop of Canterbury on this matter?

      • 291
        Tax Payer says:

        Well, quite.

        Beardy c’unt can spout off about every other ‘moral’ issuse under the soleil.

      • 295
        Bloke in a frock from Canterbury says:

        My direct phone line to God might also have been hacked.

  71. 229
    Man Of Principle says:

    I have never, nor would I ever, subscribe to SKY

    I have never, nor would I ever, buy the Sun

    I have never, nor would I ever, buy the News of The World

    Etc. Etc.

    In short I could nver ever bring myself to give one penny to the the shit that is Murdoch and the likes of Brooks or any dope who works for them.

    Better not to have a job than sell your soul to the devil.

    • 252
      HandsomeDavid says:

      Well said, you can always trust a conservative to do the right thing. Keep it up m8.

    • 341
      smoggie says:

      So you’ve never watched a footie match on a pub TV ?

      • 375
        jolly olly letwin (born letwinski) says:

        what is “footie”? something that is of interest to the servant classes? how droll.

  72. 230
    Aunt Hilda says:

    makes me laugh to hear Hugh Grant pontificating on the morals of the press…must be ‘strike a settlement time’

  73. 241
    Fog says:

    Labour using all the dark forces at their disposal to campaign against Murdoch and the Conservatives, because Murdoch switched sides. The leftie mediacracy especially the BBC are having multiple orgasms, relishing every new revelation, twist and turn, narcisistically in danger of disappearing up their own orifices, which is where they belong.

  74. 246
    Stink Tank says:

    One thing that did shock me was Nick Robinsons report on BBC news which used the description ‘blown to bits’ of 7/7 victims, ‘their relatives who were blown to bits on 7/7′

    Is this really responsible journalism, how do their relatives feel to be reminded by Mr Robinson of these injuries, an utterly juvenile and idiotic piece.

    • 283
      Stinkfinger says:

      A bit of mock shock sensationalism by toenails to stick the boot in.
      It wasn’t NoTW who blew those poor people up Nick, it was Labour’s beloved Muzzies.

  75. 256
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    Having considered the arguments i have decided that this sunday i will buy a copy of the News of the World.

    • 260
      Tessa Tickles says:

      I wonder what the headline’s going to be.

      • 263
        Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:


        Maybe the e-mails concerning the cover up under labour?

        • 271
          HandsomeDavid says:

          Think you are right.

          ‘Gordon Brown covered up voicemail hacking scandal’

          • Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

            Would have thought more Tony Blair than Gordon.

        • 386
          Anonymous says:

          Interesting point – I wonder how many PI’s the NoW have employed to uncover dodgy practices by the other tabloids.

      • 267
        Stink Tank says:

        “Taleban Suicide Bomb Pedo Gang Found Working In Nursery”

    • 277
      Desperate Dan says:

      I’ve never bought it before but I intend to buy five copies. I hope Rebekah Brooks ensures that they make a big splash with all the news and gossip about politicians that they’ve been keeping back for a rainy day.

    • 316
      Slyly Prurient says:

      I think I shall just read it in Sainsbury’s

    • 376
      ross - the harder they come - kemp says:

      me too.

      desperate times demand desperate measures.

      i’ve been told that the main feature will have pictures of bekky getting spitroasted by murdoch pere et fils. could be tricky for dad as he’s had to make do with an occasional face full of chinky for the last 10 years.

  76. 268
    I wonder what he meant says:

    Watson also said the following using parliamentary privilege, but it has not been reported:

    Rebekah Brooks was told of actions by people whom she paid to expose and discredit David Cook and his wife Jackie Haines, so that Mr Cook would be prevented from completing an investigation into a murder. News International was paying people to interfere with police officers and was doing so on behalf of known criminals. We know now that News International had entered the criminal underworld.

    • 288
      Stink Tank says:

      Why on earth are NOTW offices and the homes of known protagonists not being raided by the Met? Why are NOTW ‘carrying out their own investigations’ never mind Brooks stepping down why is she not being interviewed under caution?

      • 299
        Tax Payer says:

        Because they need more evidence than tittle tattle from a fat, sweaty Labour c’unt?

        • 324
          Stink Tank says:

          Like an admission from Brooks she paid Police Officers for info? Oh err, they already have that.

    • 289
      Desperate Dan says:

      You might know that if the ridiculous Tom Watson was brave enough to repeat his accusations outside of the House of Commons. The fact that he is unwilling to do so because he thinks he’d be sued for slander suggests that it is not true.

    • 298
      Anonymous says:

      Mr Watson all this came to light under YOUR Labour government. Why did YOUR Labour government do nothing? This is a Labour scandal.

      Every male Labour politician who was an MP between 1997 and 2010 should have their balls guillotined as they clearly don’t need them.

    • 302
      I wonder what he meant says:

      I think Watson knows about this area because he was upto his neck in it several years ago with McBride. I see no reason why this whole episode will not blow up in his face.

  77. 279
    Burger says:

    There seems to be a murkying of the waters going on here. Milly Dowler’s voicemail messages were apparently hacked.

    The same detective obtained mobile phone numbers of servicemen’s families. This sounds like standard journalistic practice in order to get a quote/reaction or perhaps some information for an article.

    By labelling both operations as “hacking”, the colluding media are giving the impression that hacking of voicemail messages of dead servicemen’s phones is the crime. It appears simply to be obtaining numbers.

    There may not be the resources available to get a journalist over to a family’s home easily or quickly when news breaks. It’s much easier and more reliable to call the family. I’m not suggesting that laws should be broken, but morality has to be put aside sometimes to get hold of information.

    • 326
      Stink Tank says:

      Interesting theory, but the numbers were on the list of the hacking private detective, not a journalist

  78. 284
    Stakeknife says:

    ‎’One Downing Street source tells the Guardian: “We do not have to have a judge-led inquiry to make it effective.” The suspicion, of course, is that the Prime Minister is unwilling to testify under oath that Andy Coulson did know about the phone hacking.’

    • 306
      Tax Payer says:

      A clever PM wouldn’t have asked Coulson what he did/didn’t do, thereby allowing the PM to honestly say ‘I don’t know’.

  79. 286
    Postman Splat says:

    Ed Miliband is guilty os a serious error of judgement in keeping Ed Balls in his shadow cabinet.

  80. 311
    Hard-Lazing Voter says:

    Funny how the New York Slimes, that bastion of unbiased journalism, chose to mention News International supporting the Conservatives recently and elected to ignore its support for Labour for 13 years.

    Yankee progressives: get your own house in order first.

  81. 325
    Jess The Dog says:

    Why exactly would a private investigator have details of phone numbers for the families of dead service personnel? Completely and utterly wrong. Reporters should talk to the Ministry of Defence first, and someone from the casualty’s unit second. Despite bad press, the MoD are usually good at casualty procedures and support to next-of-kin in the aftermath. If next-of-kin have something to say, which is often the case if there is controversy, then they will get in touch with newspapers themselves. There is no reason whatsoever for a private investigator to chase their numbers, whether for phoning or for snooping on voicemail.

    • 328
      Jess The Dog says:

      And I bet it isn’t just the Screws at this, either. I wonder if the Mirror tried this approach with the faked photos scandal under the shameful Piers Morgan.

  82. 333
    annette curton says:

    Hi, Sorry I am unable to take your call at the moment but leave your details after the tone and I will get back to you.

  83. 342
    Anonymous says:

    Now Ben Bradshaw follows in Chris Bryant’s footsteps. Is Ed Miliband hiding behind the “girls”?
    Bradshaw is currently on the Daily Politics Show. What hypocrisy he spouts.

  84. 347
    Silvertongue says:

    Strange, but it does appear the only person at the forefront not wanting to pursue Murdoch and his Mafia is Cameron. It does make one wonder what dirty little secrets Murdoch and his boys have on him…..

  85. 349
    bodo says:

    BBC is going way beyond reporting, they are campaigning against Tories and Murdoch.

    • 356
      smoggie says:

      Both threats to their cosy existence.

    • 357
      Bored Now. says:

      And they(BBC and New Labour) will be exterminated in the blowback.

      It’s coming…

      • 385
        Anonymous says:

        Can’t see how the BBC will get exterminated over this????? Maybe New Labour will, but only the Old New Labour.

  86. 361
    Aunt Hilda says:

    and now the weather

    • 363
      bodo says:

      Last August BBC director-general Mark Thompson publicly attacked Murdoch. He criticised his newspapers, and his plans for BSkyB.
      The BBC has thus abandoned any pretense of impartiality with respect to Murdoch and any BBC reports should be prefaced with an open declaration of BBC interest along the lines of “The BBC is publicly opposed to Murdoch and his media organisation”.

      • 369
        Redpoll says:

        You mean like the Murdoch press does just before it tears a person’s life to shreds?

  87. 364
    Dimblebee says:

    Looking forward to ambushing Chris Grayling on this one with my impromptu questions carefully prepared for me by the research team.

    • 377
      ross - the harder they come - kemp says:

      grayling is a complete fuckwit – utterly dispensible

  88. 368
    Redpoll says:

    Cameron was shocked by the NoW revelations…much like the Claude Rains character in Casabalanca. He was shocked at the illegal gambling in Ricks and just before closing it down…collected his winnings

  89. 379
    Leftin Frefall says:

    Objectively, what should be occasioned minute examination is the amount of emotional and psychological injury to the relatives of a murder victim any hacker’s actions had the potential to cause, and how much human consideration the hacker (or his master/mistress, etc) allowed those relatives.

    The matter now coming up of 7/7 victims’ relatives’ phones being hacked is timely in the light of the Graun adopting a stainless sword-of-truth-wielding posture in all this. What consideration, one might ask, did the Guardian allow the grief-stricken relatives of 7/7 victims when that illustrious organ of ethical integrity happily accepted (or was that solicited?) articles from individuals who applauded and unabashedly justified those acts of indiscriminate murder and whose insolence could very plausibly be translated as pissing on graves?

  90. 381
    Delius says:

    Oborne ‘magnificent’? You clearly haven’t read many of his recet articles; the man is a fool, and one article talking sense doesn’t change that.

  91. 390
    pink panther says:

    if the people of uk know whats good for them never put Labour or new Labour ever back into power again keep those fuckers out unless you want to see public sector spoilt rotten or pig ignorant fat union thuggish chiefs living it large. Labour want majority of people dirt poor they want uk to be worse than greece and more like robert mugabe style of government or north korea. unless the private sector grows and is bigger than public sector then abandon all hope.

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Francis Elliot reports on No. 10 strategy meetings:

“When discussion veers to subjects that Mr Crosby thinks of concern only to the political and journalistic classes, he treats the offender as a pub bore with a tart request to “pass the beer nuts, mate”.”

Alexrod says:

It’s money innit.

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