April 26th, 2011

Secretive Marr in Action

As Labourlist point out, here’s Andrew Marr in action, while using the courts to keep discussion of his own life off of the television and out of the papers:

The politics of that story aside, Marr was not the right person to be seeking the truth. Was the BBC officially aware of the conflict of interest?


  1. 1
    Andrew says:

    I always knew she wasn’t my child. As I always too Alice up “the back way”.


  2. 4
    Engineer says:

    Heard Ian Hislop interviewed on the Toady programme about the Marr super-injunction; it seems that Private Eye had much to do with the legal challenge to said injunction.

    I’m slowly developing a cautious respect for Hislop. Despite the slightly scurrilous nature of the Eye, he does seem to be one of the more insightful and straightforward of the current crop of MSM journos.


    • 7
      HIGNFY says:

      Except he’s now fully signed up to that most unfunny Marxist comedy fest with the other socialist shrils and luvvies.


      • 16
        Engineer says:

        He also presented a couple of series about Victorian achievements on’t box which I felt had rather more depth than most such televisual offerings.

        As for HIGNFY, on the few occasions that I do bother to watch it, Hislop does seem to be equally rude about all political stripes – he does seem better balanced than most of the BBC’s so-called comedians.


      • 30
        Up sh1t creek says:

        Did Hislop actually talk some sense about super-injunctions and how parliament are bone idol about sorting the issue out once and for all?


        • 44
          Hugh Janus says:

          The problem is – it is no good Call Me Dave stating that this is a matter for Parliament when he, and his predecssors, have failed to do anything about them. The judges are merely filling the vacuum created by our idiot politicians. They can hardly complain about them in the light of their complete failure to act.


      • 88
        you utter plum says:


        oh dear


    • 9
      Sir William Waad says:

      I wish the Eye were scurrilous. These days it is far too close to aspects of the Establishment, for instance with its pandering the public-sector union members and its ultra-safe political jokes.


  3. 6
    Huge Bonn Villa says:

    Stick a vibrator up my arse.


  4. 8
    The BBC says:

    “Was the BBC officially aware of the conflict of interest?”

    So what?


    • 64
      Chief BBC CommUNicaTor says:

      I knew all about it, he offered his resignation, I refused to accept it as he a first class labour toady of the the first order.


  5. 11
    Anonymous says:

    Beeb probably paid for the legal fees, Hislop suggested as much in the interview.


  6. 12
    Ri and Gigs says:

    I am a left winger


  7. 13
    І dіsаpprоvе оf whаt yоu sаy, but І wіll dеfеnd tо thе dеаth yоur rіght tо sаy іt says:

    Who paid us or Marr?


  8. 14
    Gordon Brown says:

    Not receiving an invitation to the wedding has made me very angry. I’ve thrown my Nokia at some babies and shoved several secretaries out of their chairs. I love my wife. I’m comfortable around women. Plop. Vote for me. Bloouagh.


  9. 15
    І dіsаpprоvе оf whаt yоu sаy, but І wіll dеfеnd tо thе dеаth yоur rіght tо sаy іt says:

    Is this about his affair or love child?


  10. 17
    • 23
      І dіsаpprоvе оf whаt yоu sаy, but І wіll dеfеnd tо thе dеаth yоur rіght tо sаy іt says:

      In other words a meal ticket.


    • 32
      Southern Softy says:

      Sally should know that looks are not everything.
      In her case, looks are nothing.
      Can you imagine the love child of Sally and Andrew?
      Best not, I think.


    • 34
      What's the dwarf's attraction? says:

      Squeaker Bercow:

      Looks? No.
      Clever? No.
      Funny? Yes.
      No, Funny as in “funny funny”, not “funny peculiar”? No.


    • 77
      Lord Lucan says:

      she should know, she married a Dwarf


    • 86
      They have no shame. says:

      Clever and funny and unfaithful and an adulterer.


  11. 18
    Hugh Janus says:

    Sorry Guido, but if you expect me to watch a clip of the sick-making and cringeworthy McBust, that wrecker of our finances and deficit-denier in chief, forget it. The only clip of him that would interest me is seeing him led away to a long prison sentence.


    • 31
      AC1 says:

      How about a clip of a short execution Ceucescu style?


      • 42
        Tessa Tickles says:

        How about hanging him from a lamp post and having a webcam broadcast it? We could look at his corpse, swinging, for days on end. It would never ever get boring.


      • 87
        Beyond The Crash Gordon says:

        What about that clip of crash fucking up the Labour election launch on the steps of Number 10. you may recall he uttered the phrase along the lines of “the people are the servants of the Government” Freudian slip if ever there was one.
        It went downhill from then on .


  12. 19
    Gordon Brown smells says:

    Fair play to Alan. Gaby is fit.


    • 21
      Mon Tee says:

      I got a birdie on the last


    • 28
      They're all smug, sneering Celt cunts at the BBC, 'cept Kuenssbergs whom I wish to bum intensely says:

      She’s denied this categorically, so she will be forced to take potentially ruinous legal action if people keep saying it.

      Cant see she would risk that if she’s lying.

      btw She butch, manly, has a beak for a nose, and is a norfern monkey


  13. 20
    They're all smug, sneering Celt cunts at the BBC, 'cept Kuenssbergs whom I wish to bum intensely says:

    I love it, a smug, lefty hypocite Scotch cu’nt questioning a deranged, maladroit Scotch loony about his secrets.

    These filth are so much fun

    ps) How many men does Alice shag on a daily basis?


    • 26
      І dіsаpprоvе оf whаt yоu sаy, but І wіll dеfеnd tо thе dеаth yоur rіght tо sаy іt says:

      Is she shagging Medhi Hussian?


      • 51
        Ed Balls, financial genius says:

        Maybe, she really goes for puffed up, preening, self regarding, intellectually vacuous lefty gobshytes

        I should know,


  14. 24
    Wiki says:

    He was once a member of the Socialist Campaign for a Labour Victory. At Cambridge, Marr says he was a “raving leftie”, and he acquired the nickname ‘Red Andy’



  15. 27
    M0omi says:

    But, isn’t Marr one of the loony left as well?


  16. 38
    Southern Softy says:

    I thought his judgment was flawed when he joined that miserable twat, Morrisey in The Smiths.


  17. 38
    He's Spartacus says:

    That jug-eared bastard’s mea-culpa only came after the paternity test showed he was actually only one of many that had emptied their nuts in her.


  18. 40
    Mrs Huhne (ex) says:

    As soon as that twat of an ex husband runs out of dosh I shall have his gagging order removed and tell the world what a perverted little bum bandit he is.


    • 43
      І dіsаpprоvе оf whаt yоu sаy, but І wіll dеfеnd tо thе dеаth yоur rіght tо sаy іt says:

      We alredy know, He is a Lib Dem.


    • 91
      Tree in Huhne's garden says:

      He promised he was just going to give me a hug after he put up that eco windmill at the bottom of the garden, but he fucked me right in my knot-hole. I’m meant to have a Preservation Order and everything.


  19. 41
    І dіsаpprоvе оf whаt yоu sаy, but І wіll dеfеnd tо thе dеаth yоur rіght tо sаy іt says:

    If public funds were used then he should be sacked, If he used his own wages then ok, Can someone put in a FOI ?


  20. 46
    Hoots says:

    the common denominator in the total fucking mess we are in is Scottish people


  21. 47

    I hope that’s the last time I see both of those Scottish feckers on the box, now in a box is different!


  22. 48
    OllieReeder says:

    Talking of hypocrisy…

    Has anyone else noticed that the Guardian – that standard bearer of the fight against outrageous super injunctions – somehow neglects to mention that the Mrs Marr who presumably agreed with her errant husband’s decision to gag the media, is in fact one of their own leading columnists?

    Spooky or what?

    Oh, and they have made sure that there are no comments allowed below their reporting of the Marr case. Presumably to prevent anyone pointing out this tiny inconsistency…


  23. 49
    Just shoot the fuckers says:

    I’m not a royalist but I think police or royal security should gun down any muslim c unts trying to protest on Friday. If we can’t even have a royal wedding in our own country without a bunch of stinking bearded fucks shouting abuse, then we might as well call it a day. What the fuck’s the point of armed royal guards if they’re not going to take action? Gunning down a few of these muzbot c unts will send a message that we won’t put up with their shit anymore and will prevent more of these benefit scrounging c unts coming over here.


    • 52
      І dіsаpprоvе оf whаt yоu sаy, but І wіll dеfеnd tо thе dеаth yоur rіght tо sаy іt says:

      Nope , if there protest is P*aceful then they should be allowed to protest.


      • 59
        Tessa Tickles says:

        Yes; silently in the departure lounge of Heathrow Airport.


        • 63
          І dіsаpprоvе оf whаt yоu sаy, but І wіll dеfеnd tо thе dеаth yоur rіght tо sаy іt says:

          Dont you mean the prayer room ? :-)


        • 67
          Just shoot the fuckers says:

          The only p*aceful muslim is a dead one. That’s not rhetorical, just an actual observation. While alive, they’re loud fuckers, whether it’s killing people or those fat toothless muslim women ululating like freaks every time one of their retarded kids martyrs himself. Most parts of the world, people grieve if they lose a child. In muslim countries, the death of a son who blows himself up is treated as cause for celebration.


          • I love Shi'ites says:

            That’s what I call “Celebrating Diversity”! More please – have you thought about applying a job at the BBC?


        • 69
          AC1 says:


          Civilisation and Islam don’t co-exist.


    • 57
      Baroness Warsi is a brainless cow so how did she get her job? Eh? How? says:

      I think one or two of the (valid) points you make are slightly at odds with Happy Clappy Dave’s dystopian vision of a glorious multi-culti future for the EU region formerly known as England.


  24. 53
    Gorgeous George says:

    Of course in school sports days nowadays the fun police say that no one is allowed to finish first anyway.


  25. 56
    geekparent says:

    Sorry – completely off-topic but thought it deserved an airing – hat-tip ranting penguin



    • 60
      І dіsаpprоvе оf whаt yоu sаy, but І wіll dеfеnd tо thе dеаth yоur rіght tо sаy іt says:

      Wills and Kate have half a chance then.


  26. 58
    Margaret Beckett says:

    Why has no one ever tried to have an affair with me?


  27. 61
    Bring on the Cuts says:

    Riots in Stokes Croft Bristol organised by council consultant!!!!!



    when will this useless coalition get round to cutting these wasters?


  28. 65
    Handycock ( Teen Fondler) says:

    I will take out a super injunction against this blog if there are any more disclosures about my private life. Sweeties, sweeties little girl.


    • 71
      Russian spy girl says:

      Mr Hancockski, sorry to break it to you but you have very tiny cockski. And I faked all my orgasmskis.


  29. 78
    annette curton says:

    So Marr gets the metaphorical ice pick in the head from Labourlist for daring to have asked the great leader an awkward question, albeit totally ineffectually as usual, or maybe his heart just wasn’t in it for some reason?.


  30. 85
    Mgvsmith says:

    It was a dreadful intrusion made worse by what we know for certain now about the interviewer. Marr probably shouldn’t be on the BBC again in that capacity.


  31. 89
    Rob says:

    So Marr only got the superinjunction ‘to protect his family’ right?

    Shame he didn’t think of them when he was bonking away. That’s even bigger hypocrisy….


  32. 90
    Disco Stew says:

    Shock horror! Andrew Marr is a Lefty hypocrite.


  33. 92
    Gordon Brown says:

    Haha, true THO, I wasn’t on any mental health medication. That was the root of all of our problems. TOO-DAL-DAH. I SEE NO DEFICIT. NOW I’M OFF TO LICK ED BALLS’ HEAD.


  34. 93
    JIM BIRKETT says:

    The shades of night were falling fast
    as through an Alpine village passed
    A youth,who bore mid snow and ice
    a writ with the strange device


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