March 14th, 2011

Troughing Tory Peer Plea Due

The second Tory peer charged with fiddling his expenses is due to enter his plea this morning at the Old Bailey. Paul White, the one time leader of Essex County Council said the claims for overnight stays in London, despite written evidence that he had travelled back to Essex, were in “good faith”. Like his fellow Tory Lord Taylor, Hanningfield  is expected to plead not guilty, so we will have to see what twelve honest men say about that…

UPDATE: Hanningfield was a no show, no plea entered. Trial in May at Southwark. Oink oink…


  1. 1
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    Hang the fucker!!!!


  2. 2
    Dick the Prick says:

    What a penis. For what – a few quid, not like he needed it. Ho hum – fuck him.


  3. 4
  4. 5
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    sorry Guido, Shouldnt it be 12 honest people , Harriet might call you sexsist :-)


    • 45
      Mornington Crescent says:

      Should be ‘twelve good men and true’. Not quite the same as honest – ask Ken Dodd.


  5. 7
    Down with the heir to Blair says:

    Cameron thinks he is governing the country in good faith. He’s a wanker too.

    Screw the EU ®


  6. 8
    sockpuppet #4 says:

    It strikes me that they haven’t been prosecuting anything but the most watertight cases. (which of course makes all sorts of people round here whinge about the lack of MPs being done).


    • 21
      Engineer says:

      There comes a point when it possibly isn’t worth it. There need to be enough convictions to encourage some personal responsibility in the others, but not so many that the cost of all the investigations and trials becomes disproportionate.

      Probably a majority of MPs have sinned, some a little bit, some quite outrageously. It seems that Lords have been atit as well, don’t know how widespread the problem is in the upper house. If all the sinners were prosecuted, it could cost far more millions than they troughed. However, there must be sufficient deterrence effect from the investigations and prosecutions to concentrate their minds. They are supposed to be serving the taxpayers, not ripping them off for every penny.


      • 30
        Engineer says:

        Oops. That should read, ‘…the Lords have been at it…”, (though in some cases, the original might be thought to be accurate enough).


  7. 10
    Tacitus says:

    Isn’t it all rather sad that increasingly those whom we have supported and believed in over the years are increasingly being shown to have been feathering their own nests. As a Labour Party member it came as a matter of much unhappiness that members of my own party (and MPs at that) should have abused the system. I can only imagine the level of anger and distress those activists in the Tory party feel today about ojne of their own appearing in court.

    The sad part is that the ordinary ‘Joe’ or ‘Jill’ in both the Tories and Labour (and of course the Lib Dems too) give many hours of their time and their hard earned cash to support candidates. The least we can expect from them is honesty and appropriate behaviour.

    For the sake of the activists who worked so hard to get White elected, I hope he is found not guilty. But if the reverse happens, then it is important not to paint all activists with the same brush.


    • 33
      Anonymous says:

      Labour (and the left) are far more corrupt and immoral than anybody else. Made worse by the sanctimonious way they try to deny it. Fact.


      • 72
        Tacitus says:

        Without facts to support your analysis I think my original argument stands – that essentially all the parties (including Labour) have a lot to answer for. But this should not detract that within each political grouping there are still many who are idealists, honest and truly believe tyhe philosophy within their organisation.


    • 35
      Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

      Its quite strange how all the bright people in parliment made “Mistakes” filling out a expenses form ……

      Its theft from the taxpayer,They knew what they were doing , If they didnt then they should complain to the private school that educated them. If i steal any amount from my firm i bexpect to get sacked , So many Politicons got away with theft.


    • 36
      Janet and John says:

      Shouldn’t that be Jack and Jill?


  8. 11
    Hague still refuses to rule out military options in Libya says:

    Stop it Billy! The Arabs have all the air power they need. If they want a no fly zone let them sort it out.

    Fuck off out of other people’s business you utter utter twat.


    • 14
      Joss Ayinglike says:

      Agreed. Let the Arab League sort this out. The French are very keen on a no-fly zone so it’s clearly a bad idea.


      • 20
        piss off Hague says:

        + 1

        It’s in the Arab League’s back yard. It has NOTHING to do with us.

        If Hague commits UK forces to the region he will make himself even more unpopular than he already is.


        • 23
          Anonymous says:

          The West have been involving themselves in Middle Eastern conflicts for centuries, do you honestly think it’s gonna stop now?


          • piss off Hague says:

            Just because something has been done for centuries doesn’t make it the right course of action. With positions of power comes the responsibility to learn from history.


          • Anonymous says:

            Yeah, the history is we’ve heard it all before.


          • Ace Innick says:

            Of late, the trend is for the indigenous population of the Middle East to show their gratitude to the West for introducing liberty and democracy by greeting our soldiers with suicide bombers.

            Let’s just break the trend by steering well clear.


          • Sir Humpty Dumpty says:

            What a lovely idea, I’m sure no one in the Foreign Office has thought of it before.


          • ???? says:

            Like in Palestine you mean ?..we took it from the turks in 1918…promised both the arabs separate kingdoms and the jews a homeland…normal FCO policy of course i.e. play one faction off against the other…and then we fucked off 30 years later leaving the present mess…… least the Germans have got the right idea…they learnt the lesson last time they were in Leeb-ya under Rommel..they have no desire to reform the Afrika Corps unlike “Dave” who is itching to re-fight the Battle for Tobruk


      • 63
        ???? says:

        The French are very keen providing they don’t have to do the actual patrolling it you mean ?


    • 16
      Lord Browntrousers says:

      All we need to send is a gun boat, it’s worked before.


      • 24
        Engineer says:

        We already have – HMS Cumberland. The Chinese have sent one, too. Not sure what that one’s called.


      • 64
        Mike Hunt says:

        Actually, all this has kicked off a bit early.
        Can we ask them to wait until the new white elephants (sorry, aircraft carriers we don’t need and can’t afford but also can’t cancel – thanks Gordon) are ready, er scrub that – they won’t have any planes.


        • 67
          Dave's Fantasy Air Force to land on non-existent carrier to police "no-fly-zones" says:

          The French will supply the planes for our carriers instead….I thought that was “Dave’s” Cunning Plan..


  9. 17
    Anonymous says:

    Presumably it’s not out of the question for the man to be tried before guilt is assumed?

    Trougher or not, he’s entitled to justice regardless of what any eccentric umpire thinks.


  10. 22
    Stella in the shit says:


  11. 59
    Tube_Thumper says:

    I have just seen Mark and Rich’s offering

    What absolute shit. Badly drawn, hoorendous colours and not remotely funny


  12. 60
    Tube_Thumper says:

    Stella Creasy takes it up the jaxi


  13. 69
    Paul Marks says:

    Essex County Council also set up their own bank.

    I am just waiting for the other shoe to drop.


  14. 71
    Kered Ybretsae says:

    Lock ‘im up a throw the key in the Thames.


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