January 23rd, 2011

Shagger Strathclyde Seven-Year Affair With Old Flame

Sunday Sleaze

Lord Strathclyde is a legend at Tory party conferences, the Leader of the House of Lords throws a decent party and is famous for trying it on with the ladies. With more success than you might imagine…

Birgit Cunningham is older than some of Shagger Strathclyde’s previous conquests. The 48 year-old unmarried single-mother has sold a kiss ‘n tell to the Sunday Mirror revealing that she has been having a seven-year on-off affair with Shagger Strathclyde. This morning punters make him favourite to be the next exit from the cabinet

UPDATE : Just spotted this Daily Mail profile of Birgit from March 2007 in which she reveals she dated Kevin Costner and William Shatner as well as saying “there are two options for public school girls who get pregnant by accident. The first is running home to Mummy and Daddy. I wasn’t going to do that. I couldn’t possibly live at home. The alternative is to find some rich old guy to rescue you. ‘I have to admit I’ve met several. One proposed to me. I thought, do I have to do this for Jack? But I couldn’t. I want a toy boy.” She got a big toy-boy…

UPDATE II : Mail reveals Birgit was the eco-protestor who smeared chocolate eclair in Nick Brown’s face. At the time she was a press officer for the Green Party


  1. 1
    Anninnis says:

    Yawn… No reason to leave on my account


  2. 2
    Senator Bloodn' Gore, says:

    Plainly the lack of NHS supported optical treatment affected Strathclyde’s judgment or the none availability of suitable barge poles perhaps?


  3. 3
    Norris Stampton says:

    Is this the same Birgit Cunningham who had a three year affair with Kevin Costner, I wonder?

    The same Birgit Cunningham with her own extensive IMDB entry – all news all me, me, me.

    The same former IT girl who fell out of favour with her wealthy family, I wonder?

    Hardly the anonymous and penniless mum as portrayed in the Sunday Mirror and other like-minded communist rags, is she?



    • 5
      D.S. Gusted, Tunbridge Wells says:

      One and the same.


      • 43
        ROFL!! says:

        Did you know she tied up the noble Lord and while he was screaming in protest forced her to cheat on his wife ? Again and again and again for months.

        He paid her for this non-consensual sex because he was a gentleman.



    • 8
      IT Girl Watch says:

      Yes that would be the same one.

      Downfall of an It-girl



      • 11
        Norris Stampton says:

        …and the press are talking about the judgement of Andy Coulson whilst at the Mirror?

        What about Piers Morgan’s completely faked photos of the British Army in Iraq, or Tina Weaver for weaving her way around this so-called ‘story’?
        It’s a stupid paper read by morons.


    • 25
      Ampers says:

      @Norris – I followed the link but, quite honestly, got bored after half a dozen or so paragraphs. The world is full of stupid people and I really don’t want to read about more of them.

      How we differ from the French. A few decades ago there was a squeaky clean politician who thought he’d not be voted back so, on the advice of his wife, he took an escort girl to a hotel overnight and played cards until 6am when it was arranged for a photographer to burst in. The photographs were taken, but they were under the covers fully dressed – or so he later admitted :-) Result? He was voted in with a huge majority.


  4. 6
    Eeu to me says:

    Mirror=Liebour= kisses and cuddles and worlds best.
    Mirror=NuConned us= baby eaters,hate,rich,nasty,money,b(w)ankers.
    so what! s new.


  5. 7
    bbitgu says:

    Is he Married ? If not then he dock in any port.


  6. 9
    SaltPetre says:

    What a minging old whore. Surely he could have done better than that. Beer goggles perhaps?


  7. 10
    Kered Ybretsae says:

    Do me a favour…if this was in Italy, it would be normal.


  8. 13
    bbitgu says:

    Guido , when is the winner of the caption comp going to be reviled and am i in the runing ?


  9. 18
    Grumpy Old Man says:

    The Mirror group is definitely not bigging up a 7-year old story about a Z list celebrities bonking arrangements to shut down interest in goings-on in the Looting Parteh. Certainly not because a Lord is involved. It’s Public Interest, innit?


    • 23
      A man with a cup of coffee says:

      The more politicians the press can burn through the better. That way we’ll have fewer to hang come the revolution.


    • 56
      lolol says:

      Weren’t you the twat who couldn’t wait for the Sunday papers because you stupidly believed there would be a bonking story involving the Postie ?

      You don’t seem so happy now.

      Just how big a hypocrite are you ?


      • 76
        Grumpy Old Man says:

        Being wrong is not hypocrisy, for which you should be thankful. Now open the bedroom curtains and wipe down your keyboard. Don’t forget it’s Sunday, so you need to shave.


        • 91
          Senile Old Twat says:

          “It’s Public Interest, innit?”


          You pathetic fucking hypocrite.

          Go back to your old folks home and ask nursie for some pudding before you shit yourself again.


          • ROFL! says:

            How many mates does a tedious bore have? mmm there’s a poser….


          • lolol says:

            Looks like you need your Alzhiemers medicine from nursie if you can’t even remember if you have any mates.

            Here’s a clue, you don’t have any because you’re a bitter old fart.


  10. 20
    • 30
      Grumpy Old Man says:

      The author freely admits his story’s based on gossip. So he’s basically written bollocks sourced from a load of bollocks.

      Bit like a lot of stories that appear on this blog……..


    • 51
      you mean Dave and Coulson are shtting bricks which is why he quit says:

      I don’t think they are worried about the police like Coulson is.


      • 92
        what the fuck do you know about the truth you senile imbecile ? says:

        “I reckon the Labour shadow ministers don’t resign because of a bit of rumpy-pumpy in the family.”

        I reckon you look a right fuckwit.

        Ha ha ha ha ha ha !


        • 97
          tatspotting says:


          …says the bedsit bound spacker who actually types, “Ha ha ha ha ha ha !” like he’s made checkmate.

          Now give us a youtoob vid of Hague and that’ll seal the victory.


          • Coming soon - Coulson : The Blockbuster Diary from inside number 10 says:

            be afraid Dave, be very afraid


          • Anonymous says:

            Nothing of the sort.The release of this story is in fact a job application.Find me a job or I publish.


          • last person found guilty of phone hacking got 6 months in prison says:

            If I go down YOU go down Dave

            Andy knows ALL your secrets


        • 122
          Grumpy Old Man says:

          All readers of this blog are in awe of your knowledge and experience of fuckwittery, as demonstrated in your posts. Where’s your Blog, TaT?


          • Bet Grumpy Old Man et al feel vindicated now says:

            Bet you and the other assorted simpletons on her feel vindicated now eh?

            You were of course all totally correct about today’s big Sunday Paper splash on Alan Johnson’s affair with his Spad

            What a relief for GOM and the other mongs on here who’ve been banging on about these soon to come revalations for days.

            Otherwise they’d look like clueless morons now wouldn’t they?



  11. 28
    Dack Blog says:

    Maybe she mistook him for a bouncy castle.


  12. 37
    do i not like this says:

    A Tory shagging a woman? Nah…


    • 45
      bbitgu says:

      Good point , Sack him Dave , Cant have any hetros in the place , will ruin the image….


      • 57
        John Major's government MK-II says:

        He might have been banging at the back door whilst thinking of Eton.

        Or, he might have been trying to breed. They do front-bottom sex when they try to breed, you know.


        • 67
          what are the logistics for this? says:

          It’s a wonder he can get anywhere near a front bottom with that fucking gut, plus it’s a well known fact that lardarses have tiny dicks.


          • Michael Foot's opposition Mk II or is it III? says:

            It’s not well know, but it seems you have expert knowledge on this subject.


          • what are the logistics for this? says:

            OK smartarse show me a picture of a fat bastard with a big dick. Thought not.


  13. 50
    bbitgu says:

    ” Mail reveals Birgit was the eco-protestor who smeared chocolate eclair in Nick Brown’s face. At the time she was a press officer for the Green Party”

    Do you mean Nick brown former whip for the labour party and bully ?


  14. 52
    St Blair of God says:

    This year, I shall be having a wet weekend on Widemouth.


  15. 53
    Lord Strathclyde says:

    She forced me to cheat on my wife. I was helpless and had to pay her for sex.
    Why won’t anyone believe me ??? Where’s Coulson when you need him ???


    • 60
      John Major's government MK-II says:

      He’s too busy listening to your voicemail.


      • 68
        Michael Foot's opposition Mk II or is it III? says:

        At least my beloved Labour never dabbled in such things, ok…apart from Robin Cook (hello Gaynor!!!), Lord (don’t give me the cheap wallpaper) Derry, John Prescott and as k-tel used to say, many more


  16. 59
    Aaron D Highside says:

    So what? It’s a private matter. Has Derek Draper got a job at the Sunday Sleaze?


  17. 65
    nell says:

    Whilst I think it’s all a load of nonsense and of no consequence whatever to a person’s ability to do their job,as to who sleeps with whom, in the interests of even handedness he should be sacked from the cabinet and his role as Leader of the Lords.

    That is the unfair fate of the security officer who had an affair with postman pat’s wife and then his secretary , so if parliament insists on such punishments for staff , those same punishments must also be applied to ministers and mps.


  18. 70
    I says:

    Anyone know what Gordon Brown is today?


  19. 85
    Hilton is now the Boss says:

    memo #1145~C

    All Lords shall now be referred to as “Noble Empowerment Facilitators” and we shall be scrapping the ermine robes for family friendly hoodies with sponsored logos on the back in tasteful flashing gold lights.

    The House of Lords shall also now be renamed the “Big Society Bigwig Hothouse” under our exciting new reforms headed by Nick.

    All Conservative MPs and Noble Empowerment Facilitators shall adhere to these new rules or face deselection.

    I the Hilton have spoken, so shall it be.


  20. 95
    The Filth says:

    Amazing how politics just goes around in circles. When Labour is in power most of the scandals are about Filthy Lucre and when the Tories are in power it’s all about Filthy sex.


    • 101
      ROFL! says:

      Yes but one case in it’s our money and in the other it’s their sex.

      Because of this I became a Conservative when I became a taxpayer (courtesy of McDonalds).


    • 107
      Anonymous says:

      What would Guidos blog be without filth? A bit like Labourwrist, shudder the thought.


    • 109
      LMFAO! says:

      Row as donor’s firm secures £53m work

      MORE than a year after a company chairman’s wife donated £21,000 to the office of Health Secretary Andrew Lansley, the same company has been awarded a £53m NHS prison health contract.


      • 191
        Cynical Old Man says:

        Yes, just like Paul Drayson and his pharmaceutical firm, Powderject. Gives the Labour Party a nice donation and receives fat NHS contracts in return PLUS a peerage, courtesy of Holy Tony, and a ministerial post in government (Health Dept initially). Because of the fat government contracts the firm received, Drayson was able to sell the company to the Yanks for a nice profit.

        Trebles all round!!!


  21. 106
    Cassandrina says:

    It gets quite sad when keeping women happy is proving to be a politically incorrect thing to do in the UK.
    Shagging verboten – whatever next? – why have we not heard more of the anti-angling agitators?


  22. 110
    Goodbye-ee, goodbye-ee, Wipe the tear, baby dear, from your eye-ee, says:


  23. 113
    MILF Watch says:

    I would.


  24. 117
    tick as tieves says:

    Andy Coulson used to hack into my mobile and upload gay porn. He’s resigned now the selfish bastard.


  25. 126
    Andy Coulson kept secret No10 diary while Cameron's spin chief says:

    The Downing Street spin doctor forced to resign over a phone hacking row has kept an explosive diary of his three turbulent years working with David Cameron.
    Andy Coulson, who is stepping down as No 10 communications director, said last night he has no intention of publishing the diary yet.

    But, crucially, he did not rule out the possibility of doing so in the future.
    Publishing sources say that if he did decide to turn his diary into a blockbuster book, it would cause the same kind of controversy as diaries published by Tony Blair’s spin doctor Alastair Campbell.



  26. 127
    bbitgu says:

    If we banned everything that is bad for us , what would we be left with ?


  27. 133
    Anonymous says:

    More proof that Gordon is good at spending money. Other people’s money that is.

    Can’t understand why Gordon thought Obama would want a book on “Scottish Estate Tweeds” though.

    Brown gave Obama £10,000 in gifts. He got DVDs in return



  28. 136
    Anonymous says:

    Heard of going in to bat at NO 11 but this is ridiculous.


  29. 137
    Andy Coulson's 'offer to quit was rejected by No 10' says:

    Please don’t go Andy! Steve Hilton bullies me dreadfully. Andy!! Noooo!!!


  30. 152
    Eeu to me says:

    So what happens to this guy ,the plod one is going to be lucky to have a job for his entanglements,so why shouldn’t this mp lose his job,both are civil servants.


  31. 155
    Gordon Brown says:

    Today I will be Vincent Tabak.


  32. 156
    Ed Bollokov ( Son of Brown, Deficit-Admirer-in Chief ) says:

    BUSTED !



  33. 158
    NotW_Scumbag says:

    How deep is guido into smarkets ?

    Non-story : good for the old shagger.


  34. 160
    Isn't it time that sad loser who posts at 4am killed himself? says:

    His entire vocabulary consists of: Yap, Wuv, Winkie, Whining, Poodle, Lickspittle, Cwy. It must go down a riot with his elderly parents with whom he still lives and who suffer from alzheimers. They’re his best friends. Sorry, only friends.


  35. 164
    Centre Parting says:

    At least one Tory has started filling in some of those pot holes……


  36. 167
    Bet Grumpy Old Man et al feel vindicated now says:

    They were of course totally correct about today’s big Sunday Paper splash on Alan Johnson’s affair with his Spad

    What a relief for GOM and the other assorted mongs on here who’ve been banging on about these soon to come revalations for days.

    Otherwise they’d look like clueless morons now wouldn’t they?



  37. 169
    McDoomed says:

    I wonder what voicemails Gordon doesn’t want us to know about. “Mr Brown, a repairman will be around Tuesday afternoon to fix your rocking horse”. “Hello Gordon. Please stop throwing mobiles at my wife or she won’t come into work anymore”.


    • 182
      GORDON tiggywinkle McPOTTY says:

      Nursie i know it’s your day off
      but i’ve shit my nappy again
      and Sarah has gone away for the weekend
      and i can’t find my tablets !

      I don’t give a fuck that your at your husbands funeral
      Get over here NOW !
      I need my nappy changing you biggoted old crone !


  38. 170

    Feckin hell what a munter !
    so Kevin Costner frequents the same massage parlour as Wayne Rooney !
    William Shatner ok he’s an old man


  39. 171
    That's all folks says:

    This thread is fucked.


  40. 172
    Gordon Brown says:

    I’m Spartacus.


  41. 173
    Jon Snot. says:

    But I can spell “here”.


  42. 177
    You can't beat a bit of Bullshit, Bye! says:


  43. 179
    Nick Clegg says:

    Today i will be laughing at Dave over Coulson but not lettting him see me


  44. 180

    And what exactly was it that attracted you
    to the incredibly wealthy Lord Strathclyde ?


  45. 181
    Ugly Fat Bastard says:

    Share tip of the day:-

    With the rumour spreading that Lord Strathclyde is to be evicted from the cabinet soon, it’s now the right time to invest in crowbars and wheelbarrows.


  46. 184
    Down With Brown! says:

    Lord Strathclyde and Nadine Dorries show why most people smerk when the Tories claim they are the party of the family.


  47. 185
    Austerity Works! +press+ says:


  48. 186
    Old Heathers says:

    On perusing the ‘Sunday Mirror’, a rag which is sadly all too often to be found in servants’ halls since the extension of the vote to all sections of the populace, I trembled to read that His Lordship had done something that none of my former employers would have dreamt of doing, viz. he removed his necktie in the drawing room, an operation that should be performed only in the dressing room, preferably with the assistance of His Lordship’s man. Optimist though I always endeavour to be, I now fear for the future of England.


  49. 187
    Top O' the morning to ye! says:


  50. 188
    The name is Cock, Handycock says:

    Why are you calling him a ‘Shagger’ Guido? She is 48 years old! He doesn’t hold a candle to me and Silvio who can still pull the teenagers.


  51. 189
    ??? says:

    Been to a few parties with Tom Strathclyde and he usually goes for a younger type. A bit like me!
    Instance on 08/12/10 at Bonhams I went off with a 23 year old. (Me 53)
    and he 48 /50. was with a younger model than Cunningham


  52. 190
    Anonymous says:

    ‘It would be like a wardrobe falling on top of you with the key still in the lock.’


  53. 192

    So she’s a self-confessed whore who shags men to support her love child. There’s nothing wrong with that, per se. There is however plenty wrong with her going public and telling tales for loot.

    Strathclyde should hold his ground and tell the tart to bugger off.


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