January 23rd, 2011

Exclusive : Courtney Love Elected OUCA Officer for Rock ‘n Roll

This is Courtney Love, newly elected as Oxford University Conservative Association’s ‘Non-Executive Officer for Rock and Roll’. She was elected to her position tonight after an evening of drinking, in this instance the teen spirit was port. Courtney contributed to the OUCA Port & Policy debate calling for a foreign policy based on morality and said Wikileaks was a step forward for democracy. She is pictured above twirling Winston Churchill’s cane and below with the Vivienne Westwood clad president-elect, Joe Cooke. Appropriate for Conservative caners…


  1. 1
    Paul Marks says:

    “In my day” free market people in the Conservative fold did not like the Oxford University Conservative Association – they were statists (and stuck up ones at that).

    However, this is rather sweet.Perhaps the new generation is nicer.


  2. 2
    St Blair of God says:

    Crikey! Look, Norm from Cheers is there too.If they open her Wolvercote, she might give ‘em a sniff of her Trout.


    • 88
      Mine d'Boggles says:

      An old one sir, but good. But from your grammar, I would have thought that the Victoria in Marston would be more up your street. Mwaaa to Cherie.


  3. 3
    rocks off says:

    Six of the best please madam…


  4. 5
    Cato Street Conspirator says:

    Good to see Tory Twats still look like Tory Twats. Just look at those specs. The boys who never have girlfriends till they get married.


  5. 6
    Nerds & Geeks in all music shops. says:

    Omg! She must be wanting to get off her face if she is mingling with these nerds and geeks! aaaarrrgh!


  6. 7
    Hole says:

    Strange to see Love with nerds when her music can create a teenage riot! That is an interesting contrast. Rebellious woman amongst what looks stuck up twerps! In the name of god why?


    • 36
      smoggie says:

      Do you know who her latest boyfriend is? You really need to start preusing the celeb pages of the Daily Mail.


      • 44
        Still Baffled says:

        OK, some art dude who says he’s working for her . . . picture not getting any clearer.


        • 50
          smoggie says:

          She’s doing a Madonna, when she married Guy Ritchie, and fancied herself as a member of the “County” set. Up until the point she got bored and discovered some weird religeon.


    • 109
      Anonymous says:

      haha aren’t you funny? stupid, impoverished pauper…go blog about the communists rising, or something equally unimportant..


  7. 8
    Mrs Carrothead says:

    I’m pretty sure that the fact that I know a good 5 people in that photo and that none of them are Courtney Love says something particularly soul-destroying about my social status.


  8. 9
    Hole says:

    Ah well. The tory twerps did well to elect her. Good catch! Nice one!


  9. 11
    Smells Like Teen Spirit says:

    Most of the old farts who post here won’t have heard of Love, here deceased hubby Kurt Cobain and his band Nirvana. The last music they’ll have bought is a Max Bygraves LP.


    • 67
      sockpuppet #4 says:

      19 years ago is a very long time ago too.

      For you to be the group Mr. Love was selling his music to, you would be in your mid thirties by now.


    • 111
      attackdog says:

      As a 70 year old tory activist, I would still give Ms Love a seeing to. As for the Max Bygraves comment – you are an arse. Well done Joe, hope you will be canvassing during the locals


  10. 12

    Right chap’s it’s all back to mine for “Cock and Cocoa”


  11. 13
    Grunge nerd says:

    Beat that you revolting Labour mingers.


  12. 14
    Rock chick says:

    Courtney wants us for a sun beam!


  13. 15
    Bolshevik Broadcasting Corpse says:

    To be fair, appointing Courtney Love to any kind of political office, however trivial, makes considerably more sense than appointing Harriet Harman to anything.


  14. 16
    Jimmy says:

    Has anyone ever seen Love and Dorries in the same room?

    Just saying…


  15. 17
    A committed Fascist says:

    Off topic, why hasn’t Alan Johnson instructed legal proceedings against the purveyor of this blog for stating he was having an extra marital affair?


  16. 18
    Anonymous says:

    If Tory boys created a group it would look like this.


  17. 19
    Labour student cesspit says:

    We have the ret@rd girl Susan Boyle.


  18. 20
    WHAT A SET OF C*NTS says:

    Shame she didn’t have her 12 gauge with her !


  19. 21
    cynthia pain says:

    Typical Tory boys, see a woman and they give her something hard to whack them with.


  20. 22
    Hole in one says:

    Labour student skanks will never top that! Courtney has a monopoly on the teen grunge movement. Ha ha


  21. 23
    Anonymous says:

    To Gordon Brown if you take on The Met, be careful what you wish for !


  22. 24
    Bloodsoaked Gerry Adams says:

    Talentless bunch of cu’nts these Seattle ‘grunge’ Hunts

    Cobain’s song writing improved markedly after he’d taken a 12 gauge to his bonce, the scruffy arse-ole


  23. 25
    A poofter says:

    OK, thanks


  24. 26
    Anonymous says:

    Oh fuck off you lefty twat trolls. Cobain was a great tunesmith.


  25. 28
    Jon Cravens says:

    Alcohol and poor diet linked to UK breast cancer rates, a new study shows

    Does this mean lazy, scrounging, me me me, I knows me rights, UK scrubbers are gonna die in uge numbers??

    Fucking bring it on

    And you can quote me on this you poofters


    • 53
      smoggie says:

      When you see modern British yoof, waddling their lardy arses down to the supermarket, clad in jogging pants (the only thing which will fit) pushing a pram and puffing on a fag, it makes you fink that the Baby Boom generation will actually outlive them. Innit?


    • 55
      Tapestry says:

      What about the fluoride in water and toothpastes, mercury and ‘unevaluated’ viruses in vaccines, not to mention the whole year that a German company fed dioxin into the food chain, despite the ‘error’being discovered almost immediately? It’s the good old One World Government Depopulation Programme – coming through a tap near you.

      Oh yes I nearly forgot about aspartame or E951 as it’s helpfully called. That gives people cancer. Yet it’s in Diet Coke, Low Fat Yoghurt and many others. MSG isn’t that great for you either, yet that’s used as a taste enhancer in takeaway foods. There are so many carcinogens being rushed into your stomach by the food and drink industry, the medical and dental, you’d think someone was doing it all on purpose. You’re kidding?



      • 69
        Hugh Janus says:

        I was obviously seriouly mistaken when I thought that we had kicked out the nanny state at the last election, but it just shows how wrong I can be. The all-singing, all-dancing Nanny State is back, and rejuvinated. Flouride in water? No problem! – even though the substance is a known carcinogen and even though a significant cross-section of the population of Southampton made their views abundantly clear.

        State medication – go on, take it, it’s good for you.


        • 98
          Archie says:

          Drinking water is fluoridated in Canada and I don’t think their cancer rates are any higher than ours.


  26. 29
    Kurt Cobain's bloodsoaked carpet says:

    That junkie whore really fucked me up man


  27. 33
    Lord Strathclyde says:

    I’ve ad er.


  28. 46
    Anonymous says:

    She was so excited at being appointed rock n roll officer she fell down the last few marble steps and landed on her skinny arse….. last saw her sat in the middle of cornmarket holding court with all ther new found tory flunkies


  29. 57
    St Blair of God says:

    Stinks Like Embalming Fluid.


    • 64
      Eeu to me says:

      All politicians lose their sense of smell or get it removed and get blinkers,that’s how they can do what they do.


  30. 58
    Eeu to me says:

    Burberry at Oxford how chaviness,retro padded shoulders how very Carrington ,I was expecting to see oil rigs in the background, fur,so common,so monied chavs are now allowed in Oxford,a lowering of standards at the hallowed halls of learning,oh the shame.


  31. 60
    Anonymous says:

    Maybe look in to who she took with her


  32. 71
    courtenay loves to says:

    Who is this ginger speccie bastard with a cravat?


  33. 72
    Steve Miliband says:

    Well done Rich and Mark, very lifelike cartoon today.


  34. 74
    tube_thumper says:

    another non story

    lets talk about postie’s missus. does she take up the jacksi?


  35. 75

    Chris Evans traps off with Esther Rantzen


  36. 79
    The Cambwidge footwights society says:

    I thay mith Wuv
    my daddy is vewy wich and wen i finish at Cambwidge i’m going to be an Mp


  37. 85
    i'm mad me says:

    Bet they celebrated by throwing a few fire extinguishers off the roof.


  38. 95
    Down With Brown! says:

    I remember OUCA in the late 1990w being full of racists, wackos, posers and tossers.

    So does Mehdi Hasan:



  39. 100
    Tory pride in junkie endorsement says:

    If this load of chinless pricks is the future of Dave’s Blu Labour elite then we really are fucked

    Amazed some people somehow taking pride in the supposed conservative future elite endorsing this irrelevant ex junkie has been; if it had been an equivalent group of young Labour supporting nob jockeys endorsing some similar smack addled ex pop star the wingnuts here would have lost the plot and called for their summary execution.

    Instead there’s comments like “However, this is rather sweet” , “Beat that you revolting Labour mingers.” (beat what?) and my favourite:

    Labour student skanks will never top that! Courtney has a monopoly on the teen grunge movement. Ha ha

    Grunge movement?!!?! You lot of tory losers are as bad as the NuLab losers for being stuck in the past


  40. 102
    tory boys never grow up says:

    Just think that in 30 years time they will still be spouting the same Thatcherite guff while trying to bask in reflected glory from C list celebrities, and at the same time failing to add anything to the governance of this country.

    It’s one of life’s mysteries why Darwinian evolution, or even the normal ageing processes, do not apply to student Tory politicians.


  41. 104
    goto100 says:

    She spoke in favour of Wikileaks? In front of the massed ranks of junior Tory twattery? There was a big misunderstanding somewhere.


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