December 15th, 2010

On WikiLeaks Hacktivism


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    Well done whoever exposes politicions lies and BS , Let them fear us for a change !


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      You did miss out Isreal Guido , apart from that i agree .


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        Guido’s a fully paid-up shill for the Levantines. so I’m not surprised.

        Having said that, I’d hazard a guess that there can’t be more than a few gigabits of pipe going to the whole of Iran, so a DDOS attack would be fairly easy to mount albeit accomplishing naught.


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          The White Eared Elephant says:

          Exactly. Guido is an Israeli stooge. He is never going to criticise them.


          • Not Guido Fawkes says:

            Hacktivists dont need to be ‘encouraged’ to ‘attack’ wrong terms – who watches the watchmen… who controlls the hackers..?

            Free internet is great – but if they achieve thier goals then free internet will cease – its only there cos we allow it – liek virginity it just takes on prick to loose it.

            Internet fails when we not longer trust info on it – or believe the ‘lack’ of clear security exceeds the benefits of freedom of info.

            I note in all the discussion (and i was at birth of internet at cern) that no one complains that they ‘dont’ want their financial or health records freely accessible….

            very odd arguements flying arround – looks like i may be at the death of the internet toooooooo

            nice article in times guido – but if you unleash the dogs – they might bite… you and your loved ones… think carefully….

            merry xmas


          • 'e oop says:

            Jesus wept. You sound like you meant to comment on the Grauniad’s Julian Assange piss poor puff pieces.

            Am all for wikileaks but some of the comments go a few stops beyond Barking.


          • LIBERTARIAN?? The Fat NeoCon sell out just doesn't want to embarrass the U.S. or his Tory Paymasters says:

            At least try and make some fucking sense you police informer twat.

            What part of Assange being in a British jail with US political nutcases screaming for his execution didn’t you get about that attack on free speech?

            The Hacktivists targetted the collaborating US firms you want to protect without Asssange calling for them to. So they’re unlikely to give a fuck what a fat sell out says. Particularly one who has only finally managed to squeak a mumbling half hearted support of wikileaks while trying to pretend the story is about Iran when everyone knows it’s about the US.


          • Court of Public Opinion says:

            /\ /\ Hear fucking hear! /\ /\


          • Court of Public Opinion says:

            ps. no wonder Guido’s considering something ‘different’ in the New Year. Recently he’s shown himself up as an abject failure when something bigger than a fucking political party is at stake.

            Same old same old Israel / USA / Tory arse licker.

            He’s as bad as the window licker tribal Labour types he and his commenters so often deride.

            An utter fail.

            Do a Dale, Guido, nobody will notice.


          • Not Guido Fawkes says:

            only 4 levels of reply… so hard to follow threads at this depth…

            But are you saying its ok for a ‘muslim’ to be locked up without trial and anything more that suspicion of a crime – if there was proof then no need for 28 days detention without a charge…..

            and not some swedish – person who may want to publish all your personal data in the freedom of information jaunt…….

            surley (and yes i am calling you shirley) these are the same – legally

            so we allow detention without proof… while Mr assange is being detailed – he has legal process… so we one step up from barbarianism…

            i dont want all my personal/financial/health info published thanks very much – but who are where is the line being drawn… ?

            there is lies the question – debate away.

            dont think hackivists are the solution

            freedom of speech and write to publish any information are not the same – mr assange could have just read his info out on speakers corner – but if someone records him on a phone and publishes that info (or passes it on – this is republishing after all) where is the line drawn

            merry xmas


          • Guido Fawkes says:

            wikileaks gets disk with 10,000 notes on it and publishes them – in this case its so-we-told diplomatic notes…. he cant read them all – so where is the checking.. if at all ?

            well next week they get another disk – say its cia written diplomatic notes … who can tell – so then whats real and whats un real

            if he gets a disk from NHS – say all uk residents medical records – and they exist on a single computer sadly – cos no-one though to set random storage and enrypted reconstruction technigues with one-time-key to lock a record into garbage in its storage form (cos recovery would be impoosible) – will he then publish that ???

            or a disk from insurance or stockexchange of all your share (or guidos) dealing….

            where does this flow of info get limited…. or does it not – can any info be published without fear ?



          • Guido Fawkes says:

            when a criminal can walk down your street (or any street) with a mobile phone with an app which records what facebook/msn/twitter accounts each house has or hasnot… then

            as dorithy says to totto … “this aint kansas anymore”….

            what next – cops with mobiles (on the way!!!!) with apps which detect a criminal in the vacinity?

            folks in San Francisco has app for iphone to show them the safe routes to walk home… avoiding hot spots for muggings.

            Muggers have app to show where muggers are expected – so they can walk on other streets where same app will direct rich targets (with the iphone to run the app) to areas where police wont be (they are at the last nights hot spots cos they have the app as well)

            holly cow! where does this end ?


          • av anuther drnk says:

            Guido Fawkes = too good a parody of Guido Fawkes

            You’re pissed but surely you could have ‘websited’ your name.




          • 13eastie says:

            @ 8:03

            “Frее ѕреесh” іѕ rаріdly bесоmіng thе nеw “lаѕt rеfugе оf а ѕсоundrеl” thаnkѕ tо Аѕѕаngе аnd hіѕ mіѕguіdеd ѕuрроrtеrѕ.

            Wіkіlеаkѕ hаѕ nоthіng tо dо wіth frееdоm оf еxрrеѕѕіоn.

            То ѕtеаl аnd dіѕѕеmіnаtе соnfіdеntіаl іnfоrmаtіоn, оr іntеllесtuаl рrореrty, іѕ nоt tо еxрrеѕѕ оnе’ѕ ѕеlf. Іt іѕ tо undеrmіnе thе rіghtѕ оf оthеrѕ, аnd thе rulе оf lаw whісh ѕuрроrtѕ thоѕе rіghtѕ.

            Dо yоu dеfеnd my frееdоm tо рublіѕh аny оf thе fоllоwіng оn thе іntеrnеt/ѕеnt tо yоur еmрlоyеr еtс?

            – ѕесurіty vulnеrаbіlіtіеѕ оf yоur РС’ѕ ореrаtіng ѕyѕtеm аnd brоwѕеr
            – yоur сrеdіt саrd dеtаіlѕ
            – DNА рrоfіlеѕ thаt саn bе uѕеd tо еѕtаblіѕh yоur truе раtеrnіty аnd саrrіеr ѕtаtuѕ fоr hеrеdіtаry dіѕеаѕе
            – dеtаіlѕ оf соntасtѕ yоu рrоvіdеd tо thе GUМ сlіnіс
            – thе роtеntіаl hіt rесоrd yоur сhіld hаѕ rесоrdеd, but nоt yеt rеlеаѕеd
            – nаmеѕ аnd аddrеѕѕеѕ thе роlісе іnfоrmеr thаt tірреd оff thе роlісе аѕ tо thе іdеntіty оf thе muggеr whо gоt yоur grаn
            – tоrrеnt fіlеѕ еnаblіng ѕhаrіng оf сорyrіghtеd соntеnt оwnеd by соmраnіеѕ іn whісh yоur реnѕіоn іѕ іnvеѕtеd
            – dеѕіgnѕ fоr yоur nаtіоn’ѕ ѕtrаtеgіс mіlіtаry hаrdwаrе
            – ѕесrеt іntеrnаl dірlоmаtіс соmmunісаtіоnѕ оf thе kеy аlly оn whоm yоur оwn frееdоmѕ dереnd

            Whаt Аѕѕаngе іѕ dоіng роѕеѕ аn іndіrесt thrеаt tо thе rіght wе dеmаnd tо еxрrеѕѕ оurѕеlvеѕ frееly, because it is adulterating it.


          • Expenses Pig MP with Stolen Disk says:


            Lеаkѕ hаve nоthіng tо dо wіth frееdоm оf еxрrеѕѕіоn.



          • 13eastie says:


            You’re guilty of exactly the same conflation: the enjoyment of free speech is not the same thing as to act in the public interest. And the two can therefore be in conflict.

            No-one tried to defend the expenses leak under the pretext of a right to free expression; the public interest was clear and this has generally been accepted.

            Another contrast between the two cases would be Assange’s rather creepy passion for self-promotion. How does this serve the public interest?


          • censorship apologists are cun'ts says:

            the day a windowlicker US poodle is going to tell us all what is and isn’t in the public interest is the day we believe Bush or Blair about Iraq


          • smoggie says:

            So tat is now defending rape?


          • smoggie the stupid dickhead = tat says:

            he’s only wanted for questioning fuckwit and it isn’t for rape
            try learning something for once in your life instead of shitting out your pig ignorant censorship apologist tatwank


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          Anonymous says:

          “I’d hazard a guess”

          Hazard another one.


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        no longer anonymous says:

        Israel for all its faults is hardly in the same league as Iran, China etc.

        What I don’t understand is the particular focus some people seem to have on Israel when there are far more ghastly regimes out there.


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      The Large ones have it the large ones have it says:

      fair comment


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      Just Sayin' Like... says:

      Guido. ‘Hackivists’ get locked up in so-called free countries too.


    • 59
      Anonymous says:

      The paywall doesn’t work on old news.


    • 83
      Anonymous says:

      Assange should go to jail and be locked up there for life – what an irresponsible and deluded and dangerous man.


      • 92
        string the bastards up says:

        Said Hillary Clinton.


        • 102
          S Palin, Federal Bureau of Assassinations says:

          Nah, shoot the bastard.
          (It’s right when we do it but not when our enemies do the same to us.)


      • 94

        Not as deluded and irresponsible as our politicons !


      • 214
        D-503 says:

        For which ‘crime’, in which country is the crime defined and in which country was he in when it is alleged to have been committed?

        Or haven’t you thought it through?


        • 281
          misterned says:

          He published American confidential cables on an American Server. Thus he broke American Law.

          Assange also asked for his own personal details to be kept private from the court, another example of his hypocrisy. Add that to the deal he did with Israeli officials to censor Wikileaks on their behalf and you have an organisation which is not what it appears to be and does not adhere to it’s own philosophy.

          Wikileaks is being used by the mainstream media and the powers that be as an excuse to restrict the Internet in such an effective and blatant way that if Wikileaks did not exist, the powers that be would have to invent them.

          I am all for openness and transparency, but these hacktivists are gullible, narrow minded, short sighted fools who are engaged in actions which will only give ‘the powers that be’ everything they want!


        • 311
          where is guido when you need him says:

          George Orwell – 1984 – written in 1948 (he wapped the last two digits to hide it was a review of that world at that time) – defined thought-crime… where just thinking – not doing – was criminal

          28 days without trail – for people collecting fertiliser (they might be about to farm….?) – not people caught in act – but at planning stage….?

          who knows…. this is the point – you only know a terrorist when they explode in your face…. until then they a fantasist and we can go locking up them as there would be no room left for the trolls in here….


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    Lady Virginia Droit de Seigneur says:

    Agree but since it’s behind the paywall I won’t get to read the article


    • 101
      I'm Spartacus says:

      Neither will I, so I have no idea if I should agree or not


    • 312
      where is guido when you need him says:

      if you buy the paper you can read it…. not much cop!

      mr fawkes needs to beef up a little (more facts) so he can put one over mr white… next time they cross swords…….

      his public persona (that plumb paul bloke) too much of a lager lout…. gets rolled over with his faux exposing tyrany…. taranical sorearse recks.


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    Too many pies says:

    How long ago was that picture take Guido, we should be told….


  4. 5
    rick says:

    There is only one country in the mid-east with illegal nuclear weapons.


    • 9
      Twat Watch says:

      Would you rather live there or in Iran?


      • 31
        that's rather stretching it says:

        You dodged the truth in the rick’s statement I note.


        • 37
          Twat Watch says:

          Illegal according to who?

          If Israel has nuclear weapons so what? If I had Iran just down the road I’d bloody well want some.


          • I dont think Israel signed up to the NPT , so it wouldnt be illegal


          • ... says:

            Why don’t the USA bomb them then or at least add them to a list of crazy playing cards or the equally laughable axis of evil?

            They sure want to bomb anyone who has the temerity to have ‘unauthorised’ weapons.


          • Dick the Prick says:

            Hang on. Aren’t Saudi nuclear scientists toutin’ their arse all over? Ofcourse the Saud’s have nukes, as does Turkey and Syria’s bound to have dirty stuff.

            Iran’s a pretty cool country; don’t let a dodgy media sway you. A lot more cultured than us bastards.


          • The White Eared Elephant says:

            Try a mirror.


          • mad in a jad says:

            cool country? they certainly know how to deal with slags who get raped and gayers – shame Israel can’t learn a thing or two from them


          • Twat Watch says:

            Agree that the Iranian people are mostly ok, it’s their leaders who are dicks.


          • EU, bailouts, nannying, muzzies, corrupt MPs & me? No thanks. says:

            “it’s their leaders who are dicks.”

            Dicks in power are not unique to Iran.

            Any power corrupts, we’re seeing this in the UK right now.


          • mikes dog says:

            if i had israel down the road ditto


        • 201
          Dick the Prick says:

          How was their election riot better than ours? They were both shit. Iran have got legitimate beefs. Afghanistan support appears funny. Nothing to see, move along… Too fucking right, i’ll run, quick.


  5. 6
    The Watcher says:

    The picture of you with the plaid jacket makes you appear to be turning into a Frank Zappa character……… apart from that the Hacktivism burp was good. What’s a burp? It’s a tweet with meat.


  6. 7

    Not an unreasonable idea. I got the impression you hated The Times Fawkes.


  7. 10
    Man With A Very Hot Bladder says:

    ‘Tis the season to be merry…


  8. 12

    Was that video air-brushed ?


  9. 13
    Bye Bye Dale says:

    Poor Guido… All his blue nosed and more clique Tory friends have fled the blog nest. Moved onto bigger and better things. In Tory bears case a job in the city organised by daddy – no doubt. Guido attempts to move into the mainstream will come to nothing. Posing a picture of yourself from 10 years ago isn’t gonna help.

    The Wikileaks story broke 7 days ago. Guidos first comment on the issue…nuff said


  10. 14
    Hackers are pussies says:

    They won’t go for China because they’re scared.


  11. 15
    jgm2 says:

    What the fuck happened to your face Guido?

    Surely you’re not trying to become more like your avatar.


    • 106
      barefootcontessa says:

      He’s feeling pretty puffed up – being as he’s on Any Questions this week. In the presence of His Royal Highness King Jonathon of Dimbleby!


      • 190
        !Hello! (twinned with) OK Gap Yah magazine says:

        Credit where it’s due, he does have a face for radio.


        • 346
          Piano Wire says:

          Hopefully Guido can shout down that twat Dimblebore rather than the other way round. DBore could learn a lot from Freddy Grisewood, namely that it’s the job of the compere to keep his gob shut.

          O/T incredibly bisaed report of PMQ’s on the Toady programme this AM. No change there then.


  12. 16
    The Court of Public Opinion says:

    And of course you had to post that vid up because no one would know about the article otherwise.


  13. 18
    Bye Bye Dale says:

    Arr bless…blocked

    Poor Guido… All his blue nosed and more clique Tory friends have fled the blog nest. Moved onto bigger and better things. In Tory bears case a job in the city organised by daddy – no doubt. Guido attempts to move into the mainstream will come to nothing. Posing a picture of yourself from 10 years ago isn’t gonna help.

    The Wikileaks story broke 7 days ago. Guidos first comment on the issue…nuff said


  14. 19

    There is always a better reason to do something better… and always an exit for those who avoid what might be uncomfortable or in conflict with mainstream…


  15. 20
    John says:

    Bloody hell, still hungover?!


  16. 22
    Jack says:

    As we all know, Rupert wants to kill the Times and will use their ‘paywall’ problems to do it…

    That will leave the Sunday Times which is still profitable…

    He must think we are all fools as well employing the cokehead Baldwin as a “journalist” on the Times when he was the Goebbels of Nu Labour…


    • 36
      Anonymous says:

      We are fools Jack.We must be if we continually tolerate governments that let us have laws imposed on us by those we have not elected & cannot remove.


  17. 28
    The Large 38DDs have it the large ones have it says:

    wikileaks is only bringing to particular attention the gossip and realities of one nation’s dealings with the rest of the world…open up china and iran…give their people a that a mission or just another pipe dream ?


    • 30
      Mr and Mrs 'Satisfied' from essex says:

      the people’s voice and the government’s voice are different things..Wikileaks is only showing government’s version of events…providing a voice for people’s aspirations is a different agenda that demands access to the internet for all.


      • 57
        the old Dufflebag says:

        the key issue to establish is that access can enable a people to change it’s governance by becoming an active members of the society….internet audience does not mean power to change ..enabling that potential will bring a new type of governance to the fore …. internet viruses so powerful they can maim economies for months and years in administrative chaos…alter traffic signals…stop power supplies..turn off pipelines..the list is endless….but the natural tactics of those set on disturbing the international status quo.

        Thats why it is imperative we maintain a monitoring resource to ensure freedom of expression is a norm for all the world and reveal that information we all should be able to read for ourselves and form our own opinions …not what the BBC or Sky News perpetually tells us.


        • 364
          Archie says:

          Tell that to the Chinese……………………or the Iranians, or the North Koreans, or the Cubans, etc, etc.


  18. 32
    Engineer says:

    A very good point, Guido.

    However, one possible snag. Suppose the sneaky so-and-so’s in Iran keep their records and correspondence on papyrus scrolls, even the most determined hacktivist might have trouble accessing them.

    Besides, the likes of GCHQ and the Pentagon will in all probability be a step or two ahead of most hacktivists, so most of what might be found out is probably already known, albeit not necessarily in the public domain.


    • 39

      The Iranians have some of the best hackers in the world (according to my contact in Dubai) hiding documents would be no trouble.


      • 42
        jgm2 says:

        Yep. After all they’re supposed to be hiding Saddam’s WMD too. If you want something hidden then give it to the Iranians.

        World class hiders.


      • 202
        Jabba the Cat says:

        The legendary Iranian IT skills that seem to be a solely the figment of the mad mullahs imagination. After all, they managed to keep the Stuxnet worm out of their systems…not!

        Just keep banging those grains of sand together guys!


      • 236
        Jabba the Cat says:

        The following conversation was heard on the VHF Guard (emergency) frequency 121.5 MHz.


        Iranian Air Defence Radar: ‘Unknown aircraft you are in Iranian airspace. Identify yourself.’
        Aircraft: ‘This is a United States aircraft. I am in Iraqi airspace.’
        Iranian Air Defence Radar: ‘You are in Iranian airspace. If you do not depart our airspace we will launch interceptor aircraft!’
        Aircraft: ‘This is a United States Marine Corps FA-18 fighter. Send ‘em up, I’ll wait.’
        Iranian Air Defence Radar: (total silence)


        • 283
          misterned says:



        • 365
          Archie says:

          That pilot seems to be made of the same kind of stuff as the crew of HMS Cornwall………………………………..NOT! (BTW & OT I heard the Captain was moved to “other duties”! Anyone confirm?)


  19. 34
    jgm2 says:

    Hitler just phoned. He wants his wig back but you can keep the Fu Manchu comedy ‘tach and beard.


  20. 40
  21. 48
    ahem says:

    Come on, Guido. Get with the times.

    The internet should not be politically censored by the US (or any other) government.

    We have just seen censorship by proxy as the monopolistic corporations shut down sites at the request of government, not because it was breaking the law (that had not been proven), but because it was politically embarrassing.

    Probability of having an effect on Iran policy = 0
    Probability of having an effect on the corporations who control the internet = already happened.


  22. 50
    David Cameron says:

    Today I intend to be plausible and smooth.


  23. 53

    1. Who do you think are resposible for so much of the “proxy” service that people in repressed countries use to avoid their own governments web censorship.

    2. The limited number of hacktivists locked-up in “free” countries isn’t for want of trying.

    3. From behind a paywall, irony or hypocrisy?


  24. 54
    Nick2 says:

    One advantage of hacktivists targeting Iran/China is that, should they be caught, it’s extremely unlikely that they could be extradited to any of those countries to face torture etc.

    However, by DDoSing US interests & standing up for Wikileaks/propagating Wikileaks content, I suspect that a few hacktivists could potentially find themselves extradited to other countries for outsourced interrogation…


  25. 61

    Memo to Guido

    Next time wear a burkha


  26. 62
    Gordon Brown says:

    in addition to my duties in this house I shall be having further such meetings with colleagues and others later today when I intend to drop a large one in the middle of the dining room table just for sarah’s chocolate delight sundae,


  27. 63
    Cynical_old_bag says:

    What a pity our dishonest MP’s can’t be extradited to face torture somewhere else.


  28. 80
    paid per click says:

    “….is too complicated for a hungover Guido to resolve…”

    Little wonder there’s so many fucking typos in your blog posts.


  29. 86
    Anonymous says:

    Russian / Iranian / Chinese politicians haven’t been calling for him to be assassinated by CIA black ops squads.


  30. 91
    string the bastards up says:

    o/t but how much pension entitlement will Wollarse have deducted in lieu of him being found very much wanting in the integrity stakes and the small issue of him being banned from Parliament for the next three years?


  31. 95
    MAD FRANKIE HADDOCK son of COD says:

    I would like to see the hackers hack in to MP’s
    bank accounts a steal back the fucking millions of pounds they have stolen from us


  32. 103

    Will England retain the Ashes in the next 6 days ?


    • 152
      piss off says:

      Who really gives a fuck when the Country and Europe are teetering on the brink?


    • 160
      nell says:

      I do!

      And the only people teetering on the brink in england at the moment are labour!

      poor old militwit (basilbrush apparently today at pmq’s) and aaronporter are really struggling to find their stride aren’t they??

      bobcrow I hear is off to his luxury pad in cuba to be looked after by his poorly paid servants for christmas. And baronessu, that staunch labour supporter in the HoL, has already, it is said, departed off to her marble palace for the season, where she too will be looked after by those poorly paid servants living at the bottom of her garden.

      Labour, all about fairness and equality aren’t they??!!


      • 163
        wake up you daft bat says:

        Cameron & Co. are just waiting for the EU to start ramping up the EU defence force. The UK population will have no say over this. It will have even less of a say where they are deployed and for what reason. It’s utterly conceivable to see the EU letting Argentina keep the Falklands if they kick off in a decade.

        It’s the beginning of the end for the UK.

        All politicians see their natural career progression leading to the EU, after all they pay more, are less accountable and give even less of a shit for their ‘electorate’ than Parliament.

        With the unelected Catherine Margaret Ashton, Baroness Ashton of Upholland, PC batting for our side who needs enemies?


        • 191
          nell says:

          At least the unelected incompetent Catherine Maragaret Ashton, worthless baronessof upholland only gets a two year term.

          She’ll be out on her ear in 2012.

          With luck wickileaks will have exposed the rancid, rotting core of the EU by then and we shall be some way towards getting ourselves out of it.

          That is my favourite scenario for a xmas present!!


          • fuck the moderation says:

            “She’ll be out on her ear in 2012. ”

            Does that really make you feel all warm, fuzzy and content inside?

            There’ll be another unelected wanker along soon after that, plus a few dozen more because whatever government of the day will say words to the effect that “the EU is our biggest trading partner”, “the EU employment market allows access for UK entrepreneurs”, “the EU are our allies” and much more on a very similar theme.

            The UK government are abrogating their responsibilities to the people of the UK by continuing to allow an autocratic, opaque and unelected cabal of bureaucrats in Brussels to dictate on matters that are sovereign to the people of the UK.

            News just in … David Cameron moved to appease angry backbenchers tonight by giving parliament’s new standards authority three months to reform the way it pays expenses to MPs or face compulsory changes.

            They certainly are wriggling away…

            (fuck knows why this post ‘got lost’ twice already)


          • wake up you daft bat says:

            There will be another unelected stooge to replace her, dozens even. Cameron will enthuse about how “central to the United Kingdom the EU is”, roll over and assume the position.

            Happy now?


        • 353
          Anonymous says:

          Serious question. Those of us who are awake – what do we do now ?


  33. 104

    I ha haha had a lovely blank piece of paper
    and that Gordon Brown just crayoned all over it !


  34. 107
    Anonymous says:



  35. 109

    Whoever wants a landslide at the next genral election has to do one thing only to enthuse the public .



    • 115
      MAD FRANKIE HADDOCK son of COD says:

      Call me “lying bastard” Dave wont be getting in again thats for sure !


      • 116

        Might get a real Tory instead !


        • 119
          MAD FRANKIE HADDOCK son of COD says:

          Could go down as the worst party leader in history
          and he’s up against some pretty shit candidates


        • 122
          you're having a 'laugh' says:

          The Tories are dead in the integrity stakes.

          The future is UKIP (or the B&P if there is no UKIP candidate).

          Divide and conquer the tripartite system of liars, thieves and contemptible GB sell outs.

          Really, it’s time to hit them where it hurts. Both in the ballot boxes and the face if necessary.


      • 121
        Engineer says:

        If he carries on with his craven kow-towing to the EU superstate, he may find that he isn’t leading the Conservatives at the next election. There is discontent on the back benches about his worryingly pro-EU stance, and a few other gripes as well.


        • 354
          Anonymous says:

          “here is discontent on the back benches”

          Yeh, yeh. Heard it all before. The Tories are one step away from getting their act together and actually representing the people. Bullshit. Anyone who is not openly on the right side now is part of the problem


    • 117
      screw all politicians says:

      They won’t.

      They’re all in thrall to the EU project, see their future EU careers as more profitable, less accountable and about as near to criminal (but not quite according to the “rules”) as they can get.

      They won’t upset the apple cart.

      They are scum and need to be removed before things really go tits up.


      • 120
        • 126
          Engineer says:

          Or if not removed, reminded repeatedly of public opinion. The recent survey suggesting that the population in general has become more Thatcherite in outlook should give them pause for thought. As usual, the population is about two steps ahead of the politicians.


        • 131
          LIMP DICK TOOTH PICK says:

          unfortunatly join the students ! they are the only force hell bent on change
          and prepaired to do something about it !
          if we got out of the EU they could have their free education out of all the money we would not be paying them
          thats probably the reason this country can no longer afford to give it them free in the first place
          every thing is being eroded in this country to an extent where we will be totally reliant on the EU
          i dont like what the students are doing but they are organised we are not


          • Engineer says:

            Students? Organised? Don’t be daft – they’ve allowed their protests to be hijacked by all manner of thugs, activists and anachists, and in consequence, lost a lot of public support.


          • Most of the students are lefties ( socailists) They want more goverment and are pro EU , dont see how marching with them would get the EU problem addressed .


          • LIMP DICK TOOTH PICK says:

            They are organised in their respective uni’s
            they organise transport to their meeting point
            they all meet at the same place
            they all march together
            they are more organised than we who sit here moaning and do fuck all that is my point !


          • Lady Virginia Droit de Seigneur says:

            The lefties are the only ones who could afford time off to march – after all golf course design, media and social work don’t require much effort.

            More right wing students are doing sciences, engineering, law and medicine that require genuine graft.


          • Anonymous says:

            Agree. A cliche, but earlier generations died in the trenches and on the beaches for what we have passively watched being taken from us. Time to think long and hard about how to act and when. Not “if” any more.


        • 140
          you're having a 'laugh' says:

          When enough people understand the parlous state the country is in and are prepared to think “sod it” and demonstrate in Parliament Square, as individuals – no ‘permission’ required for days on end.

          A critical mass of people who have had enough, making the lives of people using Parliament difficult on a permanent basis. Am sure the unemployed could do a few days at a time, even the employed could do shift work.

          Passive resistance, when the weather improves in Spring!


  36. 118
    streamfisher says:

    Guido seems to shy away at the least excuse from anything to do with Wickileaks, Assange and the comments of Pilger, Now why could that be I wonder? (won’t spell it out, but think sleeper).


    • 123

      My view , most the stuff i seen from wikileaks was sort of known anyway , no real shocks . But still a public service :)


      • 127
        streamfisher says:

        That wasn’t my view.


        • 130

          Did i miss something then ? They said Brown was a bit mad ( Knew that ) , Cant trust the Arabs ( Yep) etc , I applaud Wikileaks for publishing or to anyone that shines a light on the darkness of what our politicions get up to .


        • 141
          Engineer says:

          Agree with Warney – most of what we’ve seen so far is just diplomatic gossip and tittle-tattle (which I suppose explains why Guido doesn’t like it; Wikileaks are poaching on his territory). There might be something a bit more juicy in the rest, I suppose, since we’ve only seen about 2% of it so far.


          • bless says:

            He sees them as competition… as if!



          • Engineer says:

            Guido does ‘tittle-tattle, gossip and rumours’, and most of what we’ve seen so far fro Wikileaks is tittle-tattle, gossip and rumours.

            Makes you fink, dunnit.


          • no score says:

            Agreed, Guido certainly seems to focus on the micro pro-Tory spin.

            Wikileaks is macro stuff, more relevant and refreshingly free of ‘messenger’ spin.

            Like many in the mainstream media, he’s acknowledging it but doing his level best to largely ignore it too, and comes off looking much the weaker as a result.


          • Nobody Believes Government Propaganda And Spin says:

            Jawohl! little government spinning minion
            stick to the party line at all times
            this is gossip which is why american politicians want to execute him


          • Engineer says:

            No sense of humour, some people….


          • a new low says:

            Am happy to see you can see the ‘funny’ side in the tsunami of shit enveloping the country.

            I can’t.


  37. 124
    Gordon Brown says:

    Today I will be eating a cheesecake in Manhattan with all my New York friends.


  38. 125
    nell says:

    We really need some serious wikihackers in Brussels.

    I bet the private conversations of people like the kinnochios and mandy have had, as EU representatives, with foreign governments and wealthy business folks, would be really revealing.

    We might even find out precisely where they sold their favours to, to accumulate all that wealth.


    • 142
      Euro correspondent says:


      I refer co-conspirators to one of the world’s most effective subsidized monopolies


      The European sugar lobby

      Efficient highly subsidized and brutal in their methods…


    • 154
      EU Fiddlers says:

      Anyone doing anything to reveal the EU fiddles would be a good thing…look what happened on the Windbag’s watch: they fired the accountant who wanted to reveal “irregularities”.


  39. 137
    Dack Blog says:

    Well… having read that our poor cancer survival rates are largely due to late referrals by GPs (and having had personal experience of exactly that) I’m thrilled that they’re being handed the NHS purse strings.


    • 159
      Voted Tory last time, never never again. says:

      God knows why Cameron and the Tories are doing what they are doing.

      Even the bloody doctors don’t want £80+ billion. They’re there to see patients not become overnight accountants, business tarts and fraud merchants.


      • 177
        Dack Blog says:

        They won’t. They’ll outsource. And over (probably not too much) time, the biggest fish will buy up the minnows. Hey presto. Privatised NHS.


        • 209
          EU, bailouts, nannying, muzzies, corrupt MPs & me? No thanks. says:

          If that’s what they want they could at least be honest about it.

          Ah, the honesty word, one of the few words that doesn’t appear in their “Green Book” of Westminster morality but which requires politicians to keep spare garlic, a wooden stake and a VHS copy of the Exorcist to cope with.

          Hang the lot of them.


          • Dack Blog says:

            No offence to Joe Public, but anyone with half a brain cell (ay, there’s the rub) should be able to see where it will lead. Exactly where Gove’s ‘free schools, power to the heads/parents’ will lead. In fact, maybe privatisation via independence/outsourcing is the elusive definition of the ‘Big Society’.


          • Engineer says:

            We’ve all been grumbling about too much government interference. So now we get a government that might just be giving responsibility back to the people doing the job, and we grumble; and in the end, the taxpayer still gets to pay for it all.

            I suppose the truth is that whether you’re an enthusiast for ‘big government’ or ‘small government’, cockups and incompetence can happen at the sharp end, just as brilliance and commitment does. Until the ‘customer’ gets to make an informed choice about what they’re getting, we won’t make much progress.


          • EU, bailouts, nannying, muzzies, corrupt MPs & me? No thanks. says:

            If that is what they want then say it.

            Enunciate it, sell it, it isn’t hard, is it?


          • Dack Blog says:

            Jeez ffs sake, Eng – they’re not giving the ‘power back to the people’ doing the job/using the services. That’s the big lie, the blind, the decoy, the smokescreen, the rotting red herring.



          • Engineer says:

            What are they doing, then?


          • Kindalingers says:

            they are just dishing dog dack


      • 178
        Crippin says:

        So instead of the NHS employing bureaucrats, your local GP will.
        That should work out well.


    • 165
      nell says:

      I’m living in an area where labour thought it could buy votes before the last election by building us a shiny new township of a hospital. Despite the £millions spent, it hasn’t changed the ethos of the staff who are still the same and still run it in the same slipshod uncaring fashion.

      So you’re obviously not living where I am. Our NHS hospital service here is so bad that even when patients are referred with very easily identifiable cancers they are ignored.

      The paediatrics unit is complete rubbish (I speak from first hand knowledge)

      And the care of elderly here (again I speak from firsthand knowledge) is worse than you will find in the worst third world hospital anywhere.

      Changing the way funding works might just be the medicine our nhs needs to improve things. I do hope so!!


      • 208
        Dack Blog says:

        My experience of hospital treatment was positive nell. Once the shite GP gatekeepers ‘allowed’ access to it.

        However… I’m aware that (as with education) Labour did not a lot with a lot of money. I’m not defending Labour. I’m attacking a specific policy (that’s being used to mask a move towards privatisation).

        Why don’t you try to analyse/consider/defend a coalition policy for a change, nell, rather than go into automatic labour-bash mode?

        I know Labour were crap. You’re preaching to the never converted.


        • 221
          nell says:

          I’m listening and thinking dack to what you say.

          At the same time we are still having to buy private health care for our seriously ill grandchild because the nhs fails to provide or her.


          • Dack Blog says:

            I appreciate that – but imagine you couldn’t find the money for that private health care. Imagine you relied on your GP for access to it. Your GP who didn’t have the financial/legal/admin nous to get the best for his patients or maybe just wanted to concentrate on the job s/he trained for. Who joined with others to form a consortium. Which outsourced all the ‘who deserves the money?’ stuff to a private company (lots of companies – initially, anyway – but not for long). Which then said – it’s not about ‘deserving’… it’s about what makes economic sense.

            Another story in the news today about drug companies ripping off the taxpayer – for diabetic treatment this time.

            For all the failings of the NHS – do you think this will change things for the better? How? Would you trust the private sector with the NHS? Why?


        • 332
          Shocked of Sheen says:

          Hope all is well Nell.
          It is the GP gatekeepers that worry me too Dack. They will all need immediate and intense courses in all the specialities that they are going to be commissioning, and if they are to refer patients directly for scans and other diagnostic testing, they need to bone up on symptons too; as we know in cancer for example, there can be dozens of symptons and indications from odd moles to constipation.
          I doubt that the average GP of the future will have the capacity to take on specialist/consultant degree responsibilities without a massive increase in training and updated study skills.
          One thing leads to another though, and with good will, these reforms could improve the NHS greatly…we’ll see.


  40. 138
    Chief Leader writer of the London Times says:

    Hello Guido this is the great Fink

    Remember me ?

    We used to be mates

    I am still alive you know…

    Give me a wave sometime please

    Otherwise I will have to joint the New York Times…to get my 15 minutes of fame…


  41. 143
    what is going on? says:

    Why is the crappy script fucking up this site?

    How come so many crappy scripts need to run in the first place?


  42. 153
    Alky Pornographer Campbelle says:


    I am raising money for the Cokehead party…my new charity….

    My minion has just become their Head of Strategy

    They need to be kept in supplies you see

    WIll you help ?


    • 157
      helpful citizen says:

      He probably won’t but a fellow shit-for-brains Coulson might!


    • 211
      The Ghost of William S. Burroughs says:

      Try Gimpy’s H – it’s the greatest.

      Best hotshot you ever had, Al, allaway from ovens of Minraud… with centipede love.


  43. 161
    yeah, but no but yeah but says:

    I so want to see a crooked politician here being beaten up in the same way as that bloke in the Greek parliament just shown on C4 news.

    They really have it coming to them.

    My abhorrence of violence is being severely tested recently. Thanks Cameron, Brown, Blair & Co.


    • 164
      Gordon says:

      That was really good fun. I would love to see the dirty filthy evil war-criminal animal, David Cameron, having his face smashed in with a hammer.


      • 246
        yeah, but no but yeah but says:

        Cameron supported a war based on a fabric of lies. As leader of the opposition he should have known better. He had access to many more sources of ‘intelligence’ than most.

        Blair would have had to share much of the inside info with Cameron. The ‘in opposition’ defence doesn’t wash.

        He has it coming too.


        • 252
          yeah, but no but yeah but says:

          And if Cameron wasn’t around during the Iraq war ‘vote’, Howard should have done the decent thing or was it Duncan-Smith?


        • 287
          misterned says:

          Blair did not even share the relevant intelligence info with his own cabinet. Why the fuck do you think he would share with the opposition?


          • Anonymous says:

            The dodgy dossiers were obviously the product of spin. You didn’t need inside information to figure that out in real time – just a decent brain.


    • 179
      nell says:

      No! Violence of any sort is abhorrent, scary.

      I made myself watch that haunting online video of that lass in som al ia being whipped.

      I felt sick afterwards.It gave me nightmares. Bad bad thing!!


      • 184
        Anonymous says:

        “Violence of any sort is abhorrent, scary.”

        Good thing that the British Government doesn’t hold that view, or where would our Boys be?


  44. 167

    If we had a clean , honest politics , would we need a ” Guido ” , Can we ever be satisfied with parliment ?


    • 174
      987y26v987y4n2 says:

      Said Guido.


    • 183
      nell says:

      Sorry to say that there is always going to be a significant percentage of people going into politics because they think it will give them an avenue for troughing money in much the same way that there will always be a percentage of pea do fipeople trying to get into jobs that give them access to children.

      Society will always need to be vigiliant. Therefore we shall always need people like guido and wikileaks and the rest!!


  45. 173
    Cam the sham says:

    I am listening to my MPs. The current system of monitoring expenses is too onerous. We need to get back to a system which is much easier to exploit.


    • 176
      Simple logic says:

      Hog tie them, and throw ‘em in the Thames.
      If they float, they’re guilty.


    • 185
      Honourable Member says:

      Too true. 65 grand a year and 200 grand in expenses isn’t nearly enough for the job we do. If you want the best people you’ve got to pay the best money. If I hadn’t gone into politics after being a trade unionist I could have taken a GNVQ and the world would have been my lobster.


      • 188
        Dave "Born to rule" Cameron says:

        If I hadn’t gone into politics after Eton and Oxford I could have become a member of the Drones.
        God forbid the proles having any representation.


      • 196
        nell says:

        What would the baronessess ashton and uddin have become without labour’s largesse??

        And let’s remember there are thousands more of them(labour stooges) in the EU, the Hol, and the hundreds of quangos that labour created.

        Labour, over the last 13 years, sure knew how to buy votes and they did it on an Industrial Scale!!!


        • 260
          another anonymous says:

          It doesn’t appear that Cameron gives a shit.

          I expected tough talk and a firm “No” to the EU.

          What happened?

          (No wonder Mrs Dale gave up blogging. He’s as disgusted with the current crop as any blue dyed in the wool would be)


    • 216
      nell says:

      Ahh! The first buzzmilitwit policy statement?!


  46. 182
    Complete Dick Cameron, Complete Dick Clegg,and Complete Dick Osbourne says:

    Another complete act of stupidity. These aircraft had many, many years left in them and would have been able to go through an upgrade at some point even though they probably didn’t need it. Carry on cutting like you are and you will even cut off your own Dick’s to save money….or will it be the people that help you with that. Blunt pair of scissors and a vicious old lady required to do the job.

    Also whats this about you cutting cold weather payments for people in need – you are complete dicks. Wait till we here the news when people start freezing to death in their own homes. Complete dicks, all of you!

    And while I’m at it, I refer you to this

    Perhaps that old lady that manages to cut off your dicks can put them all in the big freeze and we can have them put on plaques as a memorial of a complete bunch of dicks.


    • 206
      6EQUJ5 says:

      Yep, shame about the Harrier, I worked on the avionics (development) side, along with Jaguar, Tornado and Typhoon. Harrier is 40 years old and was nearing its sell buy date, it had to go.
      A sad day.


    • 213
      Eeu to me says:

      What do they say in a Bond film,oh yes 4years and counting or if the Libshites throw their toys out into Downing st,very soon and counting,these loopends seem to want only one term or are they just thick as pigshit,lost my vote a while back,if they want us to be a third world country then we could have voted Liebour and Brown back in.


      • 228
        6EQUJ5 says:

        ‘Brown back in’. God forbid!!!!!!!!!!!

        CDM/NC have not had the best of starts. Difficult times call for difficult decisions but they should keep it simple IMO.

        £64 Billion per year (on the EU and climate change) could solve a lot of problems for the UK.


        • 265
          LibLabCon go to hell says:

          “£64 Billion per year (on the EU and climate change) could solve a lot of problems for the UK.”

          Such a shame Cameron’s family are heavily involved in ‘green’ technology. Otherwise we could have expected a level playing field on the matter.

          *Brown’s brother is in nuclear stuff too. These political bastards sure have their cards close to their hearts and the nation’s bank balance (and their own bank balances).

          Down with them all.


          • 6EQUJ5 says:

            Yeah, to coin a well used phrase; ‘We’re all in this together’, but let’s face it, it’s THEM not US that will be in it together, always has been, always will be.


  47. 193
    Brown and should be out says:

    Gordon Brown – the ultimate piece of utter sh*it.

    Still breathing?


    • 197
      Dave "History will be kind to me because i intent to write it" Cameron says:

      And still drawing a fat Parliamentary salary for non attendance.
      But the customs and traditions of the House, that i fully respect, forbid me to do anything about it.
      In five years time, i also, will probably be busily engaged in writing my memoirs, and will rely on the next incumbent to respect my position, as i do Gordon Brown,
      Long live Parliament! And all who belong.


      • 249
        Grumpy Old Man says:

        It’s not Dave’s responsibility to discipline Gordoom, it’s RedEd’s. Can you imagine the Schoolboy withdrawing the Party Whip from the Great Sulker? I can’t. BTW Rather than posting comments that demonstrate your fatheadedness, have you come up with any ideas for your Great Leader’s Blank Piece of Paper?


        • 255
          Dave "History will be kind to me because i intend to write it" Cameron says:

          Red Ed’s happy to leave him far away, but the point i made dickhead, is that your great leader, also has no inclination to do anything about it.

          All in it together.


          • Tell it like it really is says:

            Listening to Red Ed at PMQ today i saw just why he was Gordooms sidekick, his every mouthing of shite also contained stupid , fifth form spite, showing me just what it must have been like – Ed and Gordo together – two shrieking spiteful queens with not even the faintest shred of an idea of how to run the country. Was going to say joint tossers but mebbe I can’t say that.


          • Never trust a punk says:

            And they are such sh*te, surely a politician with half a brain should walk an election against them, and win with an overwhelming majority.
            Meanwhile we have the C*nservatives.

            Ever get the feeling you’ve been cheated?


    • 199
      nell says:

      Sweetie haven’t you heard he and his ‘lady’ are living it up in Nw Yk.??

      He’s out there on his £65k MP’s salary with his £200k pa security detail plus 5star hotel and first class airfares paid for by us, launching his new book.!

      Piersmorgan has been busy telling him, very publicly, at a plush NY dinner, that he ‘saved the world’

      As an aside, where are their sons that they said they were leaving drowning to spend time with?!


      • 220
        Dave "History will be kind to me because i intend to write it" Cameron says:

        Don’t worry nell, i’m going to get it sorted.


        • 229
          nell says:

          Haven’t you heard?!

          Sarah?? That lass that said she was going to be a mum to her and gordon’s lads in fife??!!

          That couple that is now troughing off around the world without their kids??!!

          Good decent parents aren’t they??!!


  48. 204
    Osama the Nazarene says:

    Attacking Iran per se is a stupid suggestion as you’d probably disrupt access for all tose oppositionists who use facebook and twitter to organise against the regime. Better concentrate on their Government web sites.

    However, knocking off thier nuke scientists, now that’s an idea and a half!


  49. 210
    Gordon Brown says:

    Tonight I will be bathing my dirty bits which mother always told me are the tools of the devil.


  50. 212
    Postlethwaite says:

    hacktivists should target Iran . . .
    You are behind the times.
    Read up on Stuxnet.
    Someone else on this site mentioned it but seemed relaxed. When one thinks of the ramifications and even if the Iranians are not the best hackers. . . it is scary. Take a look at the W32.Stuxnet Dossier.
    This virus needed knowledge of iranian nuclear power station control systems and a plan to subvert them.
    Team of five to ten. Highly organised. Numerous experts in various fields.
    Development highly organised and *includes quality assurance* (how else do you check this type of virus?)
    Exploited four, not one but four, previously unknown vulnerabilities / security holes
    ans so on
    I wonder what country could assemble such a team and to fund this?
    It was not one disaffected hacker.
    And no you dont get this type of programme off of ebay.


    What like the americans using targeting


    • 215
      Postlethwaite says:

      dunno where the bits at the bottom appeared from

      stolen and so on


    • 218
      nell says:

      Oh sorry. That’s too technical for me.

      What I do think is that hacktivists can make it uncomfortable for ir an and u s a and with luck the e u and that is a good thing.

      guido and wikileaks are doing an amazing job of exposing political corruption at taxpayers expense.

      Keep it up!!


    • 288
      misterned says:

      Sticker targeted standard routines in Siemens control systems software. That is fairly specialised software, but whoever wrote the maliscious code did not limit damage to Iran. It caused problems across China and India and elsewhere too.


  51. 226
    move along says:

    ‘They’ have already attacked iran and will probably continue to do so in the future.

    Diverting attention away from assange and onto iran hardly helps anybody other than US ‘invested interests’ right now. I thought guido hated overbearing governments?

    Strange that there has also been almost no coverage of iran on guidos blog if it’s such an important issue to guido?


  52. 238
    nell says:

    No !

    I don’t think so.

    But I do think that aaronporter and edmiliwtit are looking for a way to deflect attention from their incompetence!!

    You’re not going to find it here!!


  53. 248
    henry says:

    Guido needs to get a grip on the actual profile of the “hacktivists”.

    They’re mostly under 17, mostly educated by the 4chan school of world knowledge (young, male, dreams of individual heroism mixed with polymorphous sexual longings) and can more easily be profiled as members of a “swarm” competing for imagined status against half-known peers in a “battle” against the “old men” who “rule the world” – father figures who’ve fucked everything up and are peddling lies so that they can continue to get all the money & cars & girls & cigars. (Which is probably accurate as far as it goes…)

    Julian A. is the sort of role model they find inspirational. Everything that rightwingnuts throw at him – sexuality, arrogance, self-righteousness etc&etc – they take as confirming that he (and they) are right in their world view.

    And why not Iran? Or China? They would if Iran or China tried to crucify someone they could identify with. It’s not racism – the 4chan crew (for all their aggressive bravado) have an appreciation and understanding of eastern (mainly Japanese) culture far beyond most people – but Iran and China have yet to throw up someone they can take to their hearts. (Ai Weiwei is a little too old, a little too intellectual, not quite playful enough for them, though they are aware of his existence in the Good Guy Hierarchy).

    So, Guido, steeped as you are in the “anti-communist struggle”, well-versed as you are in lobbing cultural molotovs into the closed world of the yes-men troughers, attuned as you have been to the idea that “repetitive beats” and chemical treats should be for everyone and not just the elites…..I have to say…. sorry, but . . . it’s an age thing.

    You is just too old to get it. You’re fighting the last war, allying yourself with dinosaurs who will soon be turning on each other.

    The battle has moved on.


  54. 254
    Atlas shrugged says:



    Julian Assange has all the hallmarks of a establishment stooge. I personally don’t trust him, even though many of his reported leaks I am sure are reasonably accurate.

    This is far to BBC, for my liking. A bit like The BBC’s David Icke but far more potentially dangerous to our liberties.

    These clearly trumped up rape charges, are FAR FAR to clearly trumped up to be as they may appear to be. IMO just a plot to give this Assange fellow increased credibility with the very average conspiracy theorist.

    Be careful, if the proverbial THEY, do start closing down on the internet because of the actions of this stooge, just remember YOU WERE WARNED.

    Worse may be to come, please do not take anything this guy comes out with in the future, either at face value or with complete trust. Big lies are more easily propagated among as many small truths as can be made available, especially from sources that seem to have been given MSM type credibility.

    When leaks are leaked, while establishment agencies such as The BBC do not bother questioning their validity, alarm bells should start ringing.


  55. 256
    henry says:

    The I do hope I’ve left the taste of shit in your mouth.



    • 258
      a well wisher says:

      The I do hope? WTF does that mean potty mouth?


      • 264
        henry says:

        Sorry, honey, I was marvelling at the tellybox whilst I typoed.

        I did, of course, mean “THEN I do hope I’ve left the taste of shit in your mouth.”

        Lick yr lips, baby, cos yr tongue usually moves when you read stuff beyond your intellect.

        (And log on to 4chan, meet the future, be scared)


        • 270
          a well wisher says:

          Your analysis is of course a load of poo, too. I would write my own of course but it would just be like throwing pearls before swine, and you are a swine aren’t you mr piggy, an ignorant swine? I will save my excellent analysis for the optimum period of blog visits, so that the readers get the full benefit. You have obviously decided to present your bollocks when very few people visit, which I may say is a very wise choice given the piss poor effort that it is. Have a good evening.


        • 271
          a well wisher says:

          poo poo.


  56. 261
    Anonymous says:

    Things not looking good for Mr Coulson.

    And him just having given evidence on oath too.

    What a pity.

    Never mind.


  57. 269
    Rsuppards says:

    Hacktivists motto “we open governments”.

    How many and can we have a list please?

    Russia? Iran? China? North Korea? Faroe Isalands?

    That’s a “no” to all of them then?


  58. 273

    I see riots in italy
    i see major protests in ireland
    i see riots in greece
    people on the streets of spain
    people on the streets of portugal
    and what do they all need
    bailing out
    and who is the only organisation able to do this ?
    the organisation that put them in that position in the first place
    The EU
    do you see where i am going with this
    this has all been concocted as part of the master plan to get the whole of europe dependant on the eu tit so in the future no country will ever be able to break away !


  59. 274
    Rsuppards says:

    Jemima’s support for Assange not in the family tradition then?

    Given daddy’s contribution to free speech comprised multiple writs.


  60. 276
    Dick Scratcher says:

    Guido, did you used to be the lead singer in Blue Rondo a la Turk?


  61. 277
    Tony B Liar's legacy says:


  62. 279
    The Diary of the wife of the full time MP of Fife says:


  63. 285
    Anonymous says:

    less than 30 seconds of research with google.

    also anonymous are not ‘hackers’ they are 15-year olds with internet connections making the computer equivalent of a prank telephone call


  64. 286
    Gordon Brown says:

    Tomorrow I will be an Electrolux hoover.


  65. 289
    Gordon Brown says:

    Nurse says I should stop doing farts in front of the others. But I believe global problems require global solutions and global institutions.


  66. 290
    Complete Dick Cameron, Complete Dick Clegg,and Complete Dick Osbourne says:

    At least I know I’m not on my own. It’s complete Dickery by a bunch of Dicks, however I’m sure there’s going to be something on the horizon which will make them all look an even bigger bunch of Dicks – and I get a feeling the police might be involved as they’re another lot that need bringing down a peg or two! Dicks, the lot of them!


  67. 291
    Richard Pearce says:

    Another nut nut takes the schilling. I bet Guido has never been to Palestine. What a fucking twat.


  68. 293

    How sad that some depend on goverment , Instead of doubting it ?

    Why do you need to rely on Goverment ?


  69. 296

    2 am Sky sports 1


  70. 297

    O/T Watch out !!!!

    Media matters is owned by George Soros ( Left wing )


  71. 298
    Richard says:

    The thing is Guido, it’s a set up. Clearly Wikileaks is not genuine. It’s a means to an ends (for whom and why?) is where your instincts should be taking you.


  72. 301

    Oh shit wrong intro


  73. 302

    England win toss and chose to bowl .

    Only Cricket post Guido


  74. 303
    D L George says:

    jgm2 mentioned this film last night. Someone else mentioned it to me today, then a friend mentioned it by email.

    Typical of BBC, Ch4 and Sky to run a mile, Cudos to ITV for broadcasting it (albeit late Tuesday night).

    Puts wikileaks into perspective and why Assange should be kept well out of the clutches of the US…and Blair, the BBC, the foreign office and everyone else who gains by keeping this covered up.

    John Pilgers ‘The War you don’t see’.

    If you watch one documentary this year, this should be it. Eye openingly brilliant.


    • 305
      jgm2 says:

      But as you say – on at midnight. Seen only by insomniacs and obsessives. It won’t change anything until the BBC start running entire series like this around 9 o’clock.

      Loved the worm-tongued BBC bitch though. ‘Yes we always seem to find an articulate Israeli with a well choreographed film clip when they’re in the news for bombing somebody or hi-jacking ships on the high seas but we just don’t seem able to find any Palestinian spokespeople…’

      Nation shall speak onto nation Propagandist shall speak onto propagandist.



    • 315
      misterned says:

      Thanks for posting, I shall try to make time to watch it over the next few days.


    • 317

      A shame Pilger is a wanker…..


  75. 313
    Gordon Brown says:

    today, i will be eating sweeties

    Dolly Mixtures
    Fruit Salad
    Sherbet Lemons
    Aniseed Balls
    Black Jacks
    Chewing Nuts
    Foam Bananas
    Milk Bottles
    Porky Pigs
    Sweet Peanuts


  76. 316
  77. 318
    Gordon Brown says:

    today, i will be eating Dolly Mixtures and Foam Bananas


  78. 319

    Bob ainsworth just been on sky advocating legalising drugs
    for once i totally agree with him
    give the stuff away !
    just imagine taking the criminal eliment out of drugs
    produced properly sold at chemist shops to people who hold a government licence ! sorted
    house burglaries down
    muggins and street robbery down
    eastern european and asain criminal gangs move on or find another field to opperate !


  79. 320
    GORDON BROWN says:

    Today i will be going to Kingscross station
    to purchase the services of a rent boy


  80. 321

    Wheres that Billy Bowden when you need him ?
    I have just heard Austrailia only have one wicket left
    is this true ?


    • 324
      • 333
        Colin"Kipper" Cowdrey says:

        “Interesting, Dickie Bird’s submission. The Larus argentatus, which he called the Herring Gull, is called Silver Gull (Silbermoewe) in German, the clue is in the Latin name: largentatus, meaning silver. The Latin name of the Aussie gull actually translates as the Hollandish Gull – again the clue is in the name.”


  81. 322
    Gordon Brown says:

    Today I will be a graph.


  82. 323
    Tom Baldwin says:

    David Cameron – Cameron asked political blogger about ‘Boner’


  83. 330
    Ed Balls says:

    Please remember this for your next column…Ed Miliband is not the one under pressure for presiding over a faltering economy, a disasterously divisive education policy, and a spin doctor mired in the doo doo. Please keep up Guido, things are moving fast and you are way behind with your homework! Must try harder.


    • 335
      A great gnashing of teeth says:

      Try not to be bitter,Ed

      I know it must really hurt to be reminded that the useless Office Junior who used to make your tea is now your equally useless Leader


    • 371
      Anonymous says:

      The Labour party.
      Inventors of spin, spend, spitting and spurio-politiks.

      Collectively presided over the financial state of the UK for 13 years. They were solely responsible for what it has become in the UK. Balls’ admission: Won’t help to fix it.

      In fact (hard)labour are working behind the scenes to scupper any chance of making it work. Using unwashed hippies, “students”, and Unions. All chanting like faulty Daleks – Hitler yoof: Smash, Smash, Smash.

      Labour are so grateful they now want to sell them drugs cheaper then the little Mafioso and so take more tax money too.


  84. 343
    CastIronGuarantee says:

    Another “pledge” “promise” “goal” broken, anyone surprised anymore?


  85. 348
  86. 349
    Chingrinner Carol says:

    on the 1st day of christmas my truelove gave to me

    1 long christmas log
    2 bent ministers
    3 old queens
    4 squinty hens
    5 edwinas
    6 Flabberguts
    7 old farts
    8 billion saved
    9 more maimed
    10 little Islamists on a rope
    11 sets of 38DDs and
    12 inches in a row

    I Thank You


  87. 350
    from the heavily gilded office of the Prime Mincer says:

    I just want to wish all my friends and supporters (all 3 of you) a very Happy Christmas and equally prosperous New Year in 2011.

    I know my new year will be good.


  88. 356

    Blue shirt/white collar with a check jacket, not quite got the hang of dressing correctly young Guido, I wont be putting your name down for the Boxing Day meet.


  89. 358
    potty says:

    Whats the matter GuIdo didn’t he offered to share the data with you like he did the Telegraph et;al

    So you don’t want to know what a lying cheating murdering bunch of wankers run this & other countries


  90. 360
    Anonymous says:

    You missed the point, a month or two ago, some hackers had acsessed various Iran power generation facilities, names banded about, USA, Isreal, apparently a very sophisticated hacking, trouble is it also went rogue in other countries, doh, joined up thinking.


  91. 363
    50 Calibre says:

    I agree…


  92. 370
    Anonymous says:

    I thought this Guido was a Libertarian.

    What a stinking stooge!!!

    What next? Ordering us we ought to stop free speech?

    What has Iran done to us? FFS!

    I can name at least a dozen places and figureheads that have wronged the people more than that dump.


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