November 11th, 2010

You’re Not Fooling nUs
Confirmed: The NUS Was Involved in Riot

Guido was sure the NUS said it had nothing to do with the French-style trashing of Millbank. Funny then that three elected officials of the Executive Committee have defended the violence and suggested it was representative of the whole movement. Guido thought the official line was that nobody from the NUS was involved in the violence?

Writing in a “Coalition of the Resistanceletter Mark Bergfeld, (NUS NEC), Vicki Baars (NUS LGBT Officer) and Sean Rillo Raczka (NUS NEC Mature Students’ Rep) said:

‘During the demonstration over 5,000 students showed their determination to defend the future of education by occupying the Tory party HQ and its courtyards for several hours. The mood was good-spirited, with chants, singing and flares. We reject any attempt to characterise the Millbank protest as small, “extremist” or unrepresentative of our movement… We stand with the protesters, and anyone who is victimised as a result of the protest.’We reject any attempt to characterise the Millbank protest as small, “extremist” or unrepresentative of our movement… We stand with the protesters, and anyone who is victimised as a result of the protest.’

No mention of any fire extinguishers. Having mislead the public and the media by suggesting the NUS was in no way involved in what happened at Millbank, will the President publically distance himself from his team? Quite hard given he drew the map of the route to go past CCHQ…


  1. 1
    Johan says:

    All Labour leaders are hypocrites, although not all hypocrites are Labour leaders.

    • 17
      Span Ows says:

      Interesting that the NUS website header tag line is “Demand Extra”…sort of helps explain how easily they became a lawless rabble.

      • 231
        ripper of new arseholes says:

        Get those fucking cross hairs out for that idiot Porter, and I’ll take care of the nutjob who posts these crap videos. I’ve got something special lined up for him.

        • 266
          White Van Man says:

          are you going to run cwying to your mummy tat?

        • 286
          ripper of new arseholes says:

          Tat doesn’t use capitals you tosser. Oh what a coincidence, you don’t use capitals either…..hmmmmm.

          • thick as thieves says:

            Are you threatening violence on a thread which condemns violence?

            Do you practice being this stupid and does Mr Fawkes approve of this behaviour? …..hmmmmm.

        • 356
          Lady Virginia Droit de Seigneur says:

          Nah – Solomon is a much bigger c’unt than Porter.

          Porter is like a student version of Derek Draper. Solomon is a full on Gordon Brown. A 37 yr old student – what a fucking joke

          • Hmm says:

            For a blogger with the moniker of Guido Fawkes, he does seem awfully upset about CHQ being ransacked, I’d have thought he would be all in favour of politically motivated property damage : )

            And the fire-extinquisher’s are indeed different on each photo – unless two were thrown I think there’s limited chances of getting a conviction there.

          • Why are leftists always so stupid? says:

            Blah, blah, blah, you seem to have forgotten a few things numbnuts, fingerprints, DNA and photographic evidence from the hundreds of cameras there, that have still not been evaluated or digitally inhanced.

      • 435
        C Scipio Africanus says:

        Jawohl, es ist alles so deplorable


        At least most of these Revolting & potentially murderous can SPELL the past tense of “mislead” (videlicet MISLeD)

    • 18
      Crikey says:

      I think you would have had to be naive to have believed them in the first place. Dumbing down doesn’t just apply to intellect but to character as well.

      • 223
        Anonymoustudent says:

        I’d just like to say that I finished a full-time degree a year or so ago and I’m saving hard to push on with my Masters.

        I paid all my own fees, I worked full-time as well (grotty overnight shelf-stacking jobs, but, what the hey – it paid the bills). I borrowed nothing, I worked hard and I finished with a first (and it wasn’t in meeja or sociology).

        Yesterday was a shameful display and the idiot extinguisher tosser should be charged with attempted murder.

        Many students are twats – we saw plenty of proof yesterday – but we’re not all idiots, honestly.

        • 310
          Poor Bill says:

          Good on you. Good luck for the future.

        • 311
          looters/socialshits says:

          Bravo — keep it up and success is yours.

        • 319
          Mr Ned says:

          My daughter is working to pay her way through uni, studying a proper science degree. She wants everyone to know that her and all her fellow students on her course condemn those protests totally.

        • 432
          yalleriron says:

          Lick some boots (or arses, if that’s your preference) at CCHQ and you’ll be on the list for a life of Reilly with a good salary, all the expenses you can fiddle and a jolly good pension as a Tory MP.

          It helps if you have a Doctorate (doesn’t matter what) as you can then style yourself “Dr. Anonymoustudent MP” as now happens with our incumbent tub of lard, “Dr.” Therese Coffey MP, who is the second manifestation of the “Chain ‘em to the Bedhead” apostate Widdecombe.

    • 66
      Mark Bergfeld, NUS executive says:

      “Wednesday’s demo was brilliant. It brought home the mass feeling against the government and its policies.
      “Far from being an unrepresentative minority, the Millbank occupation involved thousands. Tens of thousands of others on the demo, hundreds of thousands of students across Britain, and millions of working people will identify with their spirit of revolt.“Nobody should be punished or charged for what happened at Millbank.“The Tories are wrecking lives. It’s completely welcome that the revolts we’ve seen in Greece and France have now come to London. It is the beginning of a process, not the end.

      • 105
        Yurak Hunt says:

        fuck off knobcheese – get a wash and get a job you utter C U N T

      • 107
        Susie says:

        “…and the case for the Crown Prosecution rests, M’lud”.

        Just cost themselves a couple of million quid. Result.

      • 117
        Anonymous says:

        Shame he didn’t feel strongly enough to protest when the Labour Government introduced tuition fees and top-ups in the first place. The NUS, uni lecturers and Labour youth were all strangely silent then.

        • 197
          Pete Baars says:

          To be fair, at the time he would have been 9 or 10 and living in Germany. It wasn’t really his place.

          • revolting peasant says:

            That’s no excuse. I took my kids on the anti-war demos when they were younger than that.

      • 146
        Anonymous says:

        There was an interesting prog about Berlin’s history recently. The hard left and hard right spent 10 years in the 20′s slugging it out in pitched battles.
        For the normal majority it was a hellhole. But I guess normal people don’t matter in your world, Mark. It tends to influence people when they vote, but hey, just ignore that inconvenient detail.

        • 424
          Archer Karcher says:

          The hard right and the hard left you talk of were both difffering factions of the left. You have been fed a lie about National Socialism ( a hard left, anti capitalist movement ). Hayek correctly identified nazism as just another form of collectivist socialism, in his book, The Road To Serfdom.

    • 157
      Sir Phillip Green says:

      leaving future students with debts of £40,000 plus debts should be resisted with all means possible.
      We pay more and more in taxes and get less and less back.
      Its a funny old World but the Worlds not to blame. Its the bankers what get the gravy and the poor what takes the shame.

      Is Lord Ashcroft now paying full taxes on all his earnings as he promised he would before the election.
      Is Sir Philip green still running his Monaco scam to avoid taxes.

      Hit the Ashcrots, Greens and millionaire bankers and use the money to pay for education across the board and there will be no reason to vent anger on Tory HQ.

      • 185
        helpful says:

        The argument doesn’t stack up. Even if you used the state to steal all their assets from the them it would still be a drop in the bucket relative to the size of our debts and the deficit.

        • 200
          M'lud says:

          It would be worse than you suggest. Not only would it be just a drop in the ocean, but it would also lead to significant further job losses and a reduction in the taxes paid as many wealth creators quit the UK and take their entrepreneurial skills to places where they are appreciated. That is why the non-dom “loophole” (stupid description, it’s the explicit fucking law, not a loophole) has not properly been closed. Sure, it’s been tinkered with, but only for political purposes. Anyone who has looked closely at it and has any common sense (unlike Sir Philip Fuckingtotalfuckwit above) knows that screwing this group of people is simply cutting your nose off to spite your face.

          • yalleriron says:

            So are you saying that Green would close down all his shops in the UK if he couldn’t fiddle his taxes via his wife? Where else in the world (apart, perhaps, from the USA) would he be able to deploy his “entrepreneurial skills”? Perhaps you mean that he should also go to Monaco where, having left his empire of tat running in the UK to generate income, he can enjoy his money to the full without paying taxes or indeed being asked to come up with half-baked ideas by Cameron and his wallpapering sidekick.

            If you subscribe to the “We’re all in it together” philosophy, then surely any contribution, whether it be large or merely a drop in the bucket, would be both welcome and expected of these people; and they should feel honoured to do their bit.

          • Archer Karcher says:

            In your opinion, however many disagree heartily.
            If you actually believe “we are all in this together” then you are either a dolt or a stooge. My position is quite straightforward, the Government takes far too much of MY money as it is and gives it to people who produce nothing in return.
            I earned it and yes, I want to keep as much of it as I can thank you and by any legal means possible.
            If you do not agree, then feel free to give the government as much as you wish. I am sure they will waste it without a care in the world.

        • 207
          M'lud says:

          Same with the 50% tax rate. Looks good on paper, but will have completely the opposite effect of that intended, ie will decrease the overall tax take rather than increase it. Just what we need at the moment. Politically expedient, but think about it and weep.

          • AC1 says:

            Why I favour a single tax LVT, It’s the one tax that’s not economically damaging (as land rents (not building) are just a form of privately collected tax).

      • 218
        Moley says:

        You were not watching what happened when Labour were in power.

        Money is taken off the “rich” in order that the socialist politicians can become rich too, and have a rich and decadent lifestyle on the back of the taxpayer.

        In thirteen years of Labour rule, the poor never got the money; that is how socialism works.

        Observe and learn; Socialism makes everybody poor; that is why we are where we are.

        • 292
          innit says:

          Why would a Labour government want the poor to get some money? It’s keeping them poor that makes them vote labour.

      • 249
        Anonymous says:

        There’s no reason to vent anger on Tory HQ anyway.
        The Labour Government created the fucking mess in the first place and introduced tuition fees.

        • 330
          AC1 says:

          Tuition fees are a good idea.

          Is it better to bill the person doing the course?
          or extort the money from working taxpayers and harm the economy?
          cos there’s no magic money tree option 3.

          • Mr Ned says:

            If the student themselves are not prepared to invest in themselves, with their own future earnings, then why the fuck should the tax payer?

            I would never ever invest in someone who told me that they were not worth investing in.

      • 278
        Moley says:

        Socialism is a religion, not a political movement; it’s beliefs are not founded on reality.

        Read this;

        The lower the tax rate is; the greater the proportion of tax paid by the rich becomes.

        Clearly the NUS wants the UK to emulate the financial success of Cuba.

        Open your mind and learn.

        • 332
          AC1 says:

          the thing is that low income taxes just drive up land rents…

          So you just get “tax” (money secured by state force) collected privately.

          You HAVE to LVT it, if you want money to stick to the people that earn it.

    • 211
      Simon Simple says:

      Perhaps it is time to recognise that not all degrees are equal and some degrees are actually job training for the very clever.

    • 327
      they're all traitors says:

      Piss off fawkes, you’re getting beyond boring now.

    • 382
      Edgar says:

      How come Guido writes in the third person here but speaks in the first person on the idiot box?

  2. 2
    Chris says:

    I’d like to see whether they’re kicked out before I pass judgement.

    Otherwise, one might apply the same logic to Gareth Compton’s comments and the Tory party…

    • 46
      Cameron the Liar says:

      You mean like Cameron promised to kick out Piggy Wiggins and then didn’t because he’s full of shit ?

  3. 3
    Aaron says:

    All requests for interviews will be politely declined. Just leave me alone or I’ll cry and get daddy to call his lawyers.

  4. 5
    The Penguin says:

    Makes you despair at the thickness and ignorance of current studenst and their “elected reps” – In the Torygraph, Tanzil Choudhury, 22, a law student from Bradford who studies at Manchester University, brandished a cricket bat he stole from inside.

    He said: “The extremity of the situation is such that we need to take direct action. If the Tory-Lib Dem Government knows we’re willing to take this kind of action, they will take us more seriously.”

    That’s a clear confession of breaking the law. What a fuckwit.

    The Penguin

    • 56
      Mille Tant says:

      Wow, 5,000 students.

      Thanks to 13 years of edukashion under a Labour government, I know that’s a huge number, and millions of times bigger than the percentage of the population who actually think the cuts are necessary !

      Once we’ve destroyed all the fire extinguishers, the government will have to take us seriously.

    • 64
      London Muslim says:

      Choudhury, a fine, upstanding name…now where have I heard it before?

    • 126
      Susie says:

      It’s even more serious than their rank stupidity — they think they’re above the law. Unbelievable — even pig ignorant shoplifters know you say nowt even if you’ve been caught red handed with the goods.

      That’s one less legal career we’ll have to subsidise with our taxes. Hasta la vista, Tanzil.

    • 153
      Cat in a Bin says:

      The logic of the “direct action” argument is about as convincing as the husband who batters his wife then says “look what you made me do”

    • 427
      Anonymous says:

      If convicted such a law student should be prohibited from ever practicing Law .

      • 469
        Informant says:

        According to the Daily Mail he is now a graduate, if he now gets work is it a matter for the Law Society?

        I think they should be told.

  5. 6
    13eastie says:

    Vicki – pretty young thing, isn’t she?

    • 24
      Bob S says:

      “Vicki Baars (NUS LGBT Officer)”

      Is (s)he an “L” or a “T”, or both?

      I get so confused with all the PC terms around these days…

      • 52
        13eastie says:

        The job title appears to indicate that she is ALL of them.

        So the op. was only partially successful, it seems.

      • 54
        13eastie says:

        Тhе job tіtlе арреаrѕ to іndісаtе thаt ѕhе іѕ АLL of thеm.

        Ѕo thе oр. wаѕ only раrtіаlly ѕuссеѕѕful, іt ѕееmѕ.

        • 83
          Pete Baars says:

          She’s my sister, she’s an elected officer there to represent all of them. It waould be impossible to be all of them. Fool!

          • 13eastie says:

            Тhеrе аrе ѕomе hіghly ѕkіllеd ѕurgеonѕ out thеrе, whom Lаbour hаѕ mеrrіly еnсourаgеd to uѕе thеіr tаlеntѕ to реrform ѕtаtе-ѕрonѕorеd mutіlаtіon іnѕtеаd of trеаtіng реoрlе who аrе асtuаlly ѕісk.

            Іt would сеrtаіnly bе fеаѕіblе for thеm to сrеаtе а monѕtеr thаt tісkеd аll thе boxеѕ.

            Тhе рhotgrарh of your “ѕіѕtеr” сеrtаіnly offеrѕ no еvіdеnсе to thе сontrаry.

          • Jimmy Greaves says:

            Your sister is a C U N T Baars, apt name though, Baa Baa Baa, what shall I think now Baa Baa Baa

          • Susie says:

            Bollocks. The real officers were standing to attention for the 2-minute silence at 11 am this morning.

          • Pete Baars says:

            13eastie, post a picture of yourself up. It’s easy to criticise others appearance while you’ve got a bag over your own head.

          • Pete Baars says:

            Mr Greaves, your inarticulate debate is not particularly pleasant.

            One can only assume that you’re back on the sauce again, and that your post is little more than the discordant ramblings of an innebriated septugenarian (unless of course your hiding behind a pseudonym).

          • Pete Baars says:

            Susie, that’s exactly what I was doing at 11:00 this morning. Just because I have a disagreement with the Governments policy, doesn’t mean that I have to be disrespectful to the memory of those who have given their lives to win me the freedoms that I enjoy by living in this great democracy.

          • Anonymous says:

            Oh, now. Disagree.

            Take any random homosexual fuckwit. Persuade or cajole (either with drugs or the promise of an LGBT “officer” salary in some obscure yet tax-funded organisation) the unnatural creature to shag a woman. There. You’ve got your bisexual.

            Take said bisexual and persuade them their life would be happier if they weren’t physically a male. Chop the bits off, on the NHS, ‘natch. There, you’ve got a trans-gender (except in reality the chromosomes remain unchanged. Ignore that inconvenient bit of biological reality, ‘cos the law allows).

            Persuade said gay bisexual transgender eunuch to shag a woman, because it’s right on, and maybe offer them the “national officer” position of some hopeless tax-funded organisation.

            Dye hair pink, get fat, develop socialist scum attitude. Presto: LGBT in one being.

          • 13eastie says:

            I could take off the paper bag, but there’d then be nothing to shield my eyes from the radio-friendly face of the NUS…

          • 10 Bagger says:

            She’d be none the worse for a wash and a diet.

            Why are young British women so fucking fat these days?

          • Zoe Brain says:

            > There, you’ve got a trans-gender (except in reality the chromosomes remain unchanged. Ignore that inconvenient bit of biological reality, ‘cos the law allows).

            Except…. it’s not that simple. What you were taught in High School was the Readers Digest version, not actual biological reality.

            >A 46,XY mother who developed as a normal woman underwent spontaneous puberty, reached menarche, menstruated regularly, experienced two unassisted pregnancies, and gave birth to a 46,XY daughter with complete gonadal dysgenesis.
            – J Clin Endocrinol Metab. 2008 Jan;93(1):182-9

            Most men have 46XY chromosomes. Most men are taller than women. But to define “biological sex” purely on the basis of chromosomes is like defining it on the basis of height.

      • 55
        Anonymous says:

        B actually

        • 69
          Rye Bread says:

          no man would shag that – so the B is redundant.

          • Chloe says:

            Grow up

          • Pete Baars says:

            That’s my sister you’re insulting, are you always so rude about people you’ve never met and know nothing about??

            With such a charming manner, I’m sure you’re a real hit with the ladies!!

          • Neesh says:

            I happen to know several men that would gladly ‘shag that’ actually.

            Why should it matter how she defines anyway? The argument is about the occupation not Vicki Baars’ sexuality or gender identity.

            Maybe if you keep on topic next time you won’t sound like such an ignorant little prick.

            And no-one said NUS LGBT had nothing to do with the occupation. The liberation campaigns and NUS as a whole are run differently and have different policies.

            Aaron Porter said he disagreed with the occupation. The LGBT Officers have been nothing but honest about their stance on the situation.

          • Anonymous says:

            You’re just showing your own personal insecurities by attempting to insult others.

          • Cassius Longinus says:

            well, blind men, of course

          • Lurch says:

            I’d fuck herm. So there.

          • Deep Who says:

            Fucking ugly po-faced slag whore bitch. Sentence: torture, mutilate (though it seems that’s been already) and kill

        • 465
          Neesh says:

          if you KNEW Vicki, you’d know that she’s a wonderful person with a big heart and she isn’t afraid to say what she believes in whether it be at demos, debates, meetings etc.

          You think you’re so tough behind that computer screen, that you can say whatever you like because you have the protection of a screen and some keys. I’d like to see you doing a tenth of the stuff that Vicki does with as much conviction, determination and strength as she does!

          You’re all so pathetic, does your intelligence not span far enough to discuss her policies instead of ignorantly insulting her appearance or sexuality?

          You want to be the big man? Fine. But get out from behind that computer and go and make a difference in the world because that’s what Vicki does!

          You’re nothing compared to her but worthless, useless, pathetic, ignorant scum.

          You insult your own intelligence by posting comments that quite frankly have nothing to do with the subject. Discuss the policies, your thoughts on the SITUATION.

          Stop attacking the people that are just fighting to try and get a better life for students everywhere.

          • Bob Crow is witty and intelligent says:

            Fuck off troll.

          • Alex says:

            Fucking learn to take some personal responsibilty you worthless piece of shit – if you want to get an education that will enable you to earn more, fucking pay for it.

            Scrounging waste of fucking organs – you and your chimp friend vicki.

          • Neesh says:

            My my, Bob, what an intelligent piece of debating conversation. I must come to you next time I’m stuck on articulate things to say within a debate.

            And I am taking responsibility thank you very much, I’m going out there and fighting for a cause. If you must know, I fully intend to go to University whether it costs me £9,000 or not, however I think that it’s unjust to charge that much for the training that has given us our teachers, doctors, nurses, social workers, lecturers etc.

            Interesting you think that i’m a waste of organs…may I ask, when was the last time you got off your backside and fought for a cause/won an election/attended a conference and spoke up in front of several hundreds of people?

      • 111
        simon r says:

        Large Guts, Big Tits

      • 474
        Caitlin Hayward-Tapp says:

        The nasty, bigoted and ignorant views on this thread are astounding. Further proof that the anonymity of the internet really brings out the douchebags.

        However much you may disagree with the actions of these officers, you have NO RIGHT to be homophobic, transphobic OR sexist. Vicki’s sexuality and gender are completely irrelevant to her decision to support the occupation of the Tory HQ. By attacking her on this thread you merely reveal your own ignorance to a wider audience. Keep your pathetic comments to yourself and go do something useful with your time.

        Caitlin Hayward-Tapp
        Gender Equality Representative, Exeter University

        • 478
          Alex says:

          Who says people don’t have a right to hold opinions different to your own you vile fascist.

        • 483
          Bazza says:

          Every right to express opinions of which your holiness disapproves, so go fuck yourself, Student Fascist.

    • 472
      Jennifer Krase says:

      The sexism, homophobia, transphobia, and all around bigotry in this thread is astounding. Disagree all you want with both NUS and the Millbank protest, there is absolutely no call to use this kind of language or this kind of non-argument against someone you disagree with or dislike. Sick, wrong, and absolutely damnable.

      Jennifer Krase, NUS Women’s Committee Open Place (NOT in a personal capacity).

  6. 7
    Catosays says:

    Lying bastards

  7. 8
    TONY BENN'S WILL says:

    in ten years time the universities will be full of foreign students with rich parents and UK youngsters won’t get a look in, so it’s nice to know we in UK paid for the system which your kids won’t be able to afford , thanks a million labour for your boom now we have to pay for the bust.
    By the way the credit crunch came at just the right time for Labour ,with their spending being unsustainable they could blame the economic mess on the crunch and not themselves,

    • 149
      Susie says:

      They knew damn well the crunch was coming. Fred the Shred and Adam Applegarth were well in with Labour top brass.

      • 179
        Fred the Shred ( knighted by Gordon Brown ) says:

        I’m sure I dinna ken what ya mean, lassie.

        • 428
          Why we are skint and will be for generations to come. says:

          Let’s look at Brown’s serial incompetence. Gave our gold away for practically nothing to save bankers Goldman Sachs. Stoked a property and credit boom with low interest rates, for the benefit of his banker chums. Then when the inevitable bust came, gave billions to his banker chums so they would not be inconvenienced by the recklessness he encouraged. Who picks up the tab for all this? Well everyone, except the bankers who Brown served so well.

    • 396
      Mr Ned says:

      When university education is free to all at the point of access, and is only chargeable to the graduate after such time as they have earned a level of financial success allowing them to afford to repay, that will not stop anyone from going to Uni.

      All these claims of pricing anyone out of a degree is utter bollocks, left wing lies from the loony left.

      This is the type of bollocks that socialists who riot AGAINST the rich paying more and the poor paying less come out with.

      • 429
        Archer Karcher says:

        Not one ZaNu stooge or leftist agitator troll, will answer your question MN. Violent, idiotic cowards, all of them.

  8. 9
    sockpuppet #4 says:

    I’m sure you know well enough that the NUS has a variety of different political party groupings with different jobs attempting to run it. Admittedly the range is usually from Libdem to SWP with lots of dull career labourites in it.

    Mark Bergfeld – definate SWP, so no mysteries there.

    • 431
      Archer Karcher says:

      SWP like the UAF are the attack dogs of the Labour party. They do the rough stuff that Labour wants done, but cannot do themselves without becoming unelectable. They encourage violence with weasel words, then after the event condemn it, so they can appear moderate. They are pure poison.

  9. 10
    Gordon Brown says:

    That horrible nurse has barred from playing with the other patients during rec time. She says I upset them by reeling off statistics for hours on end and kicking bins whenever something goes wrong that’s someone else’s fault. She says I have to play with myself. That’s ok. I can play with myself all day.

    • 156
      Susie says:

      Oh just cut the crap and give him a lobotomy — take the lot out, bottle it and keep it next to the Mace as a warning.

  10. 11
    QWERTY says:

    Rather than offer cash to get the useless twats to grass on their mates wouldn’t ten quid behind the bar for pints of cheap snakebite, free Woodbines and some dope get better results?

  11. 12
    claire soloman says:

    yes this is the real claire.

    some of you guys on here are ignorant pricks

    you should be ashamed!

    • 28
      13eastie says:

      Ѕo why саn’t you ѕреll Clare Solomon’s name correctly then?

      You “ignorant prick”. #FAIL

    • 30
      Anonymous says:

      Havent you got a building to burn
      you anarchic work shy veggi tree hugging dyke

    • 33
      Graduate says:

      Do you mind Claire, we pay your benefits so be nice.

    • 134
      Anonymous says:

      Clare-Perhaps you’d be kind enough to remind us what action you took when Labour introduced Tuition Fees? Or whether you also took to the streets when the Top-up scheme was launched?

    • 290
      M'lud says:

      And some contributors (yes, you Claire – or Clare?) are ignorant clitorises (or clitori?).

    • 446
      Mr Ned says:

      Claire, You think yourself to be so important that you think we will give a shit what you think?

      Claire, you appear to be a confused person who supports rioting in favour of socialism and is too thick to understand that the coalition government’s plans to force the rich to pay more and the poor pay less IS socialism, you thick cow!

      Now fuck off back to the kitchen, darlin, and put the kettle on and leave running things to some men who know what they are doing.

    • 485
      Bazza says:

      Enjoyed watching Brillo rip you a new arsehole, Clare dear. Made a complete idiot of yourself. Hope you’re ashamed.

  12. 13
    Wm T Sherman says:

    The UK branch of “Leftist Fuckheads Who Can’t Comprehend That The Gravy Train Is Actually Coming To An End.”

    • 29
      Banana boat. says:

      They have known nothing else so adjustment to life’s realities will take some time.

      • 41
        AC1 says:

        Entitlement was the sole thing they’ve been indoctrinated in.

        Another triumph for state edumakation.

        We need not just Stewdunts to pay uni-fees, but parents to pay School fees for the children they produce,

        • 61
          Anonymous says:

          You should hear some of them howl and squeal when an exam isn’t the walk in the park they felt they were entitled to. “But I was working to get a first and this has ruined everything, its just not fair ” I kid you not.

        • 99
          Pete Baars says:

          But you also need those children to pay for the pensions that you thought you were ‘saving’ for during all those years!!

          • Susie says:

            LOL. Those ‘children’ will never be capable of holding down the lowliest Mc Job, let alone paying my pension.

            It might surprise you many of us made other arrangements and invested our money more wisely instead of chucking it away into a Ponzi pension.

          • Pete Baars says:

            Is that all of the current generation that you’re writing off??

            Don’t tell me you bought property??

            That’ll be the next one to go, as soon as we get rid of these artificially deflated interest rates that the Govt. have manipulated for the last few years in an effort to ‘win’ votes by not having a housing crash!!

            We don’t have a gold standard anymore, the Govts. money isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on, it’s a promise to pay and we all know about Govt promises!!

          • Susie says:

            Not just property — land. Lovely fertile land. We could hold out for a couple of years easy.

            The rest of our cash is invested in commodities, which, like land, are a finite resource and those Chinese just keep needing more and more of them… get the picture?

          • Pete Baars says:

            That’s great, but once we’ve all scrapped our Aircraft Carriers, Harriers & Trident, the Chinese will just take what they want, after all their COMMUNISTS, not capitalists and they’re not a democracy.

          • Sleepless in Kirkaldy says:

            Ok. We’re all in this together means we’re all going to suffer. In my list of priorities, graduates paying more towards their education IF they earn enough is fairer than cutting more off care for the elderly and sick. The students have their whole lives ahead. Show some compassion fore more needy people than yourselves for once.

          • smoggie says:

            Sounds like blackmail to me Baars.

            Pension funds can be invested overseas, not necessarily just in young British rooters.

          • M'lud says:

            Make your mind up, Pete, are you trying to defend the indefensible here (that pink thing) or trying to give the rest of us investment advice? Are you FSA registered?

  13. 14
    Anonymous says:

    If the NUS leaders are so against fees and top up fees how come so many are in the Labour party, the party that promised not to introduce both?

    • 22
      Span Ows says:

      please don’t mention that…it embarrasses them dreadfully. Ta

      • 27
        Down with Brown! says:

        Lots of former NUS types end up running the Labour party. The two are very strongly linked.

        • 35
          Banana boat. says:

          They have so many useful idiots at their disposal to further their careers in the labour party. I wonder how long before the rank and file who have other political affiliations or non take to wake up.

    • 110
      Pete Baars says:

      It’s the only reason that there weren’t more protests back in ’97/98 when Labour intorduced it, the NUS NEC at the time rolled over and played dead rather than upset the party they aspire to work in. Stupid fools didn’t realise that what starts at £1k would escalate.

      • 265
        Deep Who says:

        So much for their fucking education then – wankers. The few of these clowns that don’t become crack whore dropouts will have new holes ripped for them when they try and get on in the real world

  14. 15
    Not a member of the extremist violent organisation the NUS! says:

    It is absolutely despicable that these organised, extremist thugs in the NUS will not take responsibility for this carnage. Spineless bullies really!

  15. 16
    Aaron Porter says:

    Aren’t I cool and impressive?

  16. 19

    We will see who was in the NUS
    when they are before the beak

    i do hope the police check all their nhard drives to see what other anarchic
    organisations they belong to !

  17. 21
    But... says:

    Why were there headscarfs at the protest yesterday? They don’t need degrees when their parents are going to force them into arranged marriages with their smelly hairy cousins.

  18. 23
    Anonymous says:

    Should not NUS be taken to court to pay back for the damage they caused?

    • 51
      Moriarty says:

      After the 2000 fuel protests, didn’t Labour bring in/ammend a law that would let the government do just that? SOCPA (2005) might be of some use too.

  19. 25
    Clip Clap Clop a horsey affair says:

    Over on Inspector gadgets blog they think the chattering classes have got the police service they wanted.

  20. 26
    Down with Brown! says:

    Porter must resign. NUS officials who fail to denounce the violence must resign. Sensible students must never again be represented by such an appalling organisation.

    • 60
      Ars Gratia Artis says:

      Resigning is NOT enough. The scum need to be behind bars.

    • 466
      Lady Virginia Droit de Seigneur says:

      Take a look at some of Porter’s predecessors – Woolas, Straw, Charles Clarke, Jim Murphy.

      It’s a breeding ground for left wing hoons

  21. 31
    Bloody Students says:

    ‘For instance, we are moving away from just the normal political debate and towards more direct action – anti-Communist slogans on bridges, disrupting the leftist meetings by posing as leftists and then causing trouble, and also convincing individual leftists of the error of their ways.

    ‘Perhaps members of the B*P would care to join us in our anti-leftist activities. We can arrange a meeting to discuss possible joint future activities. ‘

    Other examples of Mr D******-S****** work reached the Guardian, including a number of songs. One, entitled FCS Bootboys, reads: ‘Gas them all, gas them all, the Tribune group trendies and all. Crush Wedgwood Benn and make glue from his bones, Burn the broad left in their middle class homes.

    ‘Yes we’re saying goodbye to the Left, as safe in their graveyards they rest. ‘Cos they’ll get no further, we’ll stop with murder, the bootboys of FCS. ‘

    In a letter to a friend, Mr D******-S****** said that he had been on a ‘community arts course – well. not exactly community arts, more spraypainting a bridge at 3am. Quite good fun really, ducking out of sight of passing police cars’

    • 433
      Archer Karcher says:

      The B&P are leftist twats too, dunce. Go to their website and look at their laughable “manifesto” it’s full of leftist gibberish that any SWP / Green / Labourite, would be proud of. Why are people so gullible about this so called “far right” party? It’s just another socialist organisation with added nationalism.

      • 470
        Student Guido says:

        We share their anti-Communist view. They’re not far-right. They’re just racists, they believe in one colour.

  22. 32
    Down with Brown! says:

    Brilliant news. I hope GuyNews will be there when the idiot gets charged for attempted murder.

    Have a suspect name – pictures from Facebook seem to match – we are passing his name to police – he is an NUS activist

  23. 34
    Voice of Treason says:

    Why don’t all these moaning students’ parents pay for their education? Because of course they haven’t got the money – just like our near bankrupt country after Brown finished with it. There’s no fucking money left – when will this penetrate the skulls of students and lefties!

    • 314
      Anonymous says:

      Unfortunately never. Lefties always think there’s a brighter future if everyone simply stops thinking and votes Labour. Once the slack-jawed NuLab ‘leaders’ take office there appears, at the end of the rainbow, a pot of gold. Where the left is concerned it’s all so simple.

  24. 37
    Wisdom of the crowd! says:

    What a waste space these idiots really are. Cowardly and Spineless by shoving onto others. Anyway, these stupid student know their days are numbered.
    It will take a good number of years for the NUS to restore its reputation if it ever does.

    • 73
      South of the M4 says:

      Sadly for those that will be future activists within the NSU, then its reputation has just been enforced. I was a member in the 70′s and the activists then held unannounced meetings at 06:30 am to ensure only they turned out to vote. Seems the NSU has never changed. Still, post graduation and a year paying tax and struggling to pay bills will transform their beliefs.

  25. 38

    Ha ha ha the bbc have just interviewed a dole scrounger aptly named
    Sarah Leech !

  26. 39
    Con Dem press room says:

    Couldn’t have turned out better if we had set the whole thing up ourselves.

  27. 43
    Bob says:

    The more I read this blog, the more I am convinced Guido Fawkes is actually a closet Labour activist attempting to make right-wing bloggers look like complete and utter idiots.

    Grow up, start talking about the important issues and perhaps people will think of this blog as more than just a pretentious gossip column.

  28. 45
    Watch this waste of space. says:

    Plenty of dirt being dug up on Solomon et al, coming soon. Yer going down scuuum!

  29. 47
    Ed Milibank says:

    Have thoth poor people gone home yet?

  30. 48
    Flaw in their demands says:

    Is it not a paradox for anarchists to want the state to fund their education?

  31. 58
    Barack Hussein Obama says:

    Funding can easily be provided for all social programs. Just fire up the printing presses and you’ll have all the money you’ll need. Here, I’ll show you how.

    (Presses button.)

    **chugga chugga chugga*****

    It’s just so simple. Why can’t you insects understand?

    • 78
      Dave Figgley says:

      *Presses button*

      *whirrr whirrr*

      Ha ha, mate. It WORKS! Bet you my funny money is more convincing than yours, pal.

      • 109
        AC1 says:

        Douglas Adams wrote a documentary about an Ark B crashing, it sounds to close to the truth to be fiction…

        • 251
          Puzzled of Putney says:

          The one with the service sector workers; telephone sanitisers, media studies graduates and hairdressers etc. failing to set up a viable economy on their destination planet? Too far-fetched.

          • AC1 says:

            I await the return of the leaf standard, after Bernanke reads THHGTTG.

          • Life imitating art - the money tree says:

            Leaves will be the new currency. Unfortunately there’s so many leaves at this time of year we will have to control inflation by logging all the forests.

    • 101
      John Bull PLC says:

      Thanks for the order of new printing presses Mr Obama, we’ll be set to post record profits this year!

  32. 62
    JUST A THOUGHT ! says:

    phil woolarse has just been kicked out of parliament and party for miss leading the electorate
    here we have a picture of mr Clegg signing a certificate saying no rises in tuition fee’s should he now face a political court for misleading his electorate !

    • 93
      Span Ows says:

      aw…bless…hasn’t yet noticed there’s a Coalition in power.

    • 98

      The difference is Mr Clegg didn’t knowingly lie.. well, yes he did, but he can claim he didn’t. Mr Woolas knowingly told porkers and cannot claim, due to emails leaks, that he didn’t.

    • 125
      South of the M4 says:

      There is a difference between making a political U-turn, and deliberately defaming an opponent to gain an advantage. Whilst both are unacceptable, the former is politics, and the latter is criminal. I may vote for a political opportunist, but I would never vote for a low-life whose character was that crass.

    • 165
      revolting peasant says:

      I seem to remember the Labour Government telling a bit of a porker about WMD in Iraq that could reach Europe in 45 minutes.
      In the entire history of political lies- that’s the clear winner.
      The difference is that no-one will die as a result of the proposed tuition fee increase…

  33. 63
    Anonymous says:

    Cameron and co. were all members of the Bullingdon Club and went round smashing up restaurants so you’re all a bunch of hypocrites.

  34. 70
    Jess The Dog says:

    Time to break up the NUS. Most students in my day were ragingly apathetic about this political kindergarten, and universities can get by very well with locally run and unaffiliated unions and representative councils.

  35. 71
    Areopagitica says:

    Interesting how the BBC 6 o’ clock news managed to turn a story of riot,criminal damage and attempted murder into a story of nick Clegg’s “broken promise”. Also how it said that opinion was “divided” on the proposed benefit reforms. This division was illustrated by a woman who agreed with them because there were many on her estate who had never worked for 20 years or more and a parasitic mong who said she disagreed because she was far better off on benefits than working! Surely it’s time this propaganda machine was brought to heel – and I don’t mean freezing the licence fee. What about a 50% reduction for starters?

    • 77
      To The dullards in the media says:

      Listen i will explain this one more time.

      When you enter into a co altion you have to COMPROMISE

      Therefore you may not be able to get everything you stated in your manifesto.

      Why is this so hard to understand ?

      • 96
        Deputy PM? What me? Who would have thought it? says:

        It’s easy to understand. Politicians throw their steadfast manifesto pledges straight into the bin when a sniff of power hoves into view.

    • 95
      Nasty Browsing Habit says:

      Looking back, I’m beginning to wonder how much brainwashing I received through John Craven’s Newsround.

    • 100
      South of the M4 says:

      Saw the news too. She said that working would only increase her earnings compared to the benefits she received by only £17.50. Seems to verify what IDS is saying. For me, I would work out of pride if it was just £1 difference. Has self-esteem been drowned out of our youth?

      • 158
        Alan Duncan says:

        Like politicians who are only it for what they can do to change the world for the better?

    • 152
      Méfiez-vous des geeks avec des cadeaux says:

      I agree, but how about you do, like many of us have done, and cancel your direct debit to TV Licensing, instead of demanding reductions?

      It’s easy. Plenty of info on the net to show you how easy it is – here for example.

      Don’t wait for politicians and their broken promises, act now and bypass the troughing MPs and their deliberations, and make a stand on principle.

      • 194
        Mornington Crescent says:

        An excellent and valuable post on your blog, Monsieur – in fact, there’s more public service broadcasting in that one post than in a whole year’s BBC output.

        Oh, and a fabulous pair of tits underneath that T-shirt, too.

  36. 72
    Turnip says:

    Claire Solomon is 36…
    And still a f**king student. Says it all really

    • 81
      The wisdom of solomon ????? says:

      She’s 37 actually and she stated she had been a student for 4 years doing a degree but is now on a “sabbatical.”
      I’d like to know when she intends to sit her exams, finish her degree and graduate. I am paying for this after all.

    • 85
      Areopagitica says:

      Better still – her son is also a student!

      • 169
        13eastie says:


        А tееnаgеd mothеr, no lеѕѕ.

        І’m аlwаyѕ hаррy to bе рrovеd wrong…

        Juѕt now, іt ѕееmѕ rеаѕonаblе to ѕuррoѕе ѕhе hаѕ bееn а drаіn on thе ѕtаtе, ѕрongіng off thе work of othеrѕ, еvеry ѕіnglе dаy of hеr wrеtсhеd, worthlеѕѕ lіfе.

        Gіvеn а ѕесond bіtе аt thе сhеrry, look whаt uѕе ѕhе’ѕ mаdе of іt…

      • 269
        Filthy Slags should be purged says:

        Get cuts man Jimmy Tibbs to seal up their fannies for good. Slags.

  37. 74
    Funny how things turn out says:

    The funny thing is, most of those involved in yesterdays riots will be voting Conservative in 20 or so years time if not before. True.

    • 112
      COAFLWT says:

      That is true.

      Doesn’t take long for reality to hit like a ton of bricks when you have to stand on your own two feet in the real world and you see that most of your former comrades are self centered bullshitters who only care about themselves and don’t really believe in half of what they say.

    • 239
      Susie says:


      Read/watch Malcom Bradbury’s ‘The History Man’… closing credits: “Howard Kirk voted Conservative in the 1979 General Election”.

      • 288
        smoggie says:

        The day you receive your first paycheck for money you have earned and then notice how much has been deducted by the state is the day you start turning blue.

  38. 76
    Bewick says:

    Simple really. If you let CHAVS ( average IQ< 100) into University then what do you expect? And we HAVE, so why expect something different.
    I'm quite sure that there were very intelligent students there who were appalled and surprised at what happened.
    Then again do even they really expect ME , a retired man paying tax, to pay for THEIR education so that they can earn silly money?
    OK I know that we all must pay in the interests of the country. When that was for 5-10% of those leaving school that was totally fine.
    Now that that is 40%+ when A levels have been severely downgraded it really isn't.
    I always said that the Labour party was creating a situation where aspiration couldn't be delivered in jobs. I was right I think. I first saw that some 15 years ago where "graduates" were unhappily working in call centres.
    My perception then was that most of those were little better than my contemporaries in 6th form. They though thought that they were masters of the universe.
    Only last week an American who had 4 years in a British Grammar School circa 1970 told me that his A levels earned him exemption from the 1st year in an American University. Would it now?

    The again I think that the Socialist Workers Party and the UAF (ANTI -Fascist they say) were a significant part of this and drew in the CHAV students.
    Any student found guilty should be sent down. SWP and UAF? Long gaol sentences.
    Am I far right wing? Well no I'm not. If anything I am Labour of the 50s and 60s. Conservative then!!!!

    • 242
      Susie says:

      You aren’t right wing but you are right. Did you see the Ch4 documentary when 16 y/o GCSE students were told they were sitting an old ‘O’ level paper?

      Predictably, they all came out moaning that it was too hard… then the examiner dropped the bombshell — they’d actually sat an 11+ English exam from the early 60s.

  39. 79
    NUS says:

    Next week we’re going to protest at the rise in Islamophobia and in defence of Muslims’ right to shout abuse at the passing coffins of dead soldiers.

  40. 80
    Good fun says:

    Don’t miss QT tonight. Douglas Murray alone will make it worthwhile. The only Labour face is Caroline Flint.

    • 114

      Dougie is going to be set up to take the audience flak on the Students & The Irish questions.

      • 133
        Mr Plum says:

        Bet the audience is specially handpicked

        • 178
          13eastie says:

          Dіmblеby mіght іnvіtе ѕomе of thеѕе Тrot ѕtudеntѕ, but thеy mіght fіnd іt hаrd асtuаlly to еntеr thе ТV ѕtudіo.

          Тhе ВВС іѕ ѕіmрly not lеft wіng еnough for thеm, еѕресіаlly wіth thе NUJ рісkеtѕ outѕіdе.

          Look out for fіrе еxtіnguіѕhеrѕ…

    • 264
      Rip Van Winkle says:

      Err. you forgot those other Leftie Luvvies Clive james and Dimbleby. Not forgetting half the Socialist Workers Party bussed in for the occasion – again,

  41. 81
    Muuurty's Ghuuurst. says:

    Reading Inspector Gadget’s blog is just as interesting – from Plod’s point of view.

    Seems we get the policing we deserve. G20? Oh, no. Rioting students? Something must be done.

    Make your mind up.

    Seems Plod have been taken over and run by political dimwits if you believe half the comments.

    They all deserve each other.

    • 108
      You're knicked me old beauty says:

      Remember the way our wonderful police stoved in the heads of middle class rural types on the countryside alliance march? Ah yes..leftie police chiefs hate them, but are quite willing to tolerate verminous commie socialist worker students trashing property and hurling fire extinguishers from rooftops. All because they daub “tory scum” on walls..seems if they write that they get some protection from Plod. Sack a few senior leftie coppers – chuck a few students in jail to rot. Sorted.

    • 145
      sockpuppet #4 says:

      The police do appear to have made a bad call. (I’m not complaining that much … shit happens)
      They could have done with a few more police standing about near millbank, but of course, if they had done that and all went smoothly no-one would thank them for it.

    • 147
      P.C. Filth says:

      Evening, sir. Having been a copper since birth, I can proceed to inform you that we forty-year men, who entered service with no academic qualifications, find ourselves in a paradoxical situation, sir.
      We laugh up our sleeves at our ‘superiors’: young, upstart products of our, supposedly, superior education system. Oh, how we laugh, sir.
      These idiots have all the ‘qualifications’, all the letters after their names but are, frankly, as thick as shit, sir.
      Common sense was last spotted making off down The Great West Road in a Mk2 Transit. Over.

  42. 86
    Governmental strategist says:

    Always throw the mongs a bone in the shape of an “enemy within”.
    For Fawkes’ windowlickers it’s a little fellow called tat. For the nation, students, the unemployed, single mothers and the odd Eurosceptic should suffice.

  43. 90
    Christy says:

    Can anyone tell me what these students need a union for?,back in my day I took an external degree and all we were interested in was putting our noses to the grindstone which FFS was necessary or you were’nt going to have a chance of suceeding in engineering.
    Todays students many taking useless degrees seem to be on a round of having a good time and generally being lazy.

  44. 92

  45. 113
    Pissed off Middle England with 3 kids to get through University says:

    Would the condemnation been as vitriolic if it had been Labour HQ? I seem to remember many of the old correspondents on this blog site advocating the same sort of direct action against Brown’s administration and in some case far worse, in the not too distant past!! Still with the onset of Alzheimer’s , the short term memory is the first to go!! If this had been a jolly for the Toffs anti blood sports etc., then I suppose it would have been over looked or classed as just high spirits!!

    • 127
      genghiz the kahn says:

      More like wanting something similar to El Bombardeo a la Moneda.

    • 132
      Bewick says:

      Grow up

      • 166
        Pissed off Middle England with 3 kids to get through University, and ex party member says:

        Well sonny you’re obviously an ex Bullingdon Boy having a little jest, same as Boris, now almost grown up but never seeing the error of your ways.

    • 159
      Turnip says:

      If it had been the Countryside Alliance the riot police would have been out. Tooled up and ready to bash a few ‘Toff’ heads in. The top Plods are all lefty PC types

    • 161
      smoggie says:

      Pure prejudice. “I suppose….” etc. etc.

      No pal, most people here condemn violence against a democratically elected government.

      • 184
        Flotsam and Jetsam says:

        “A democratically elected government.”

        We all voted for a coalition.

        • 294
          smoggie says:

          We vote for a local MP. Suggest you read your ballot paper next time.

          • Tongue in cheek voter struggling to master the pencil says:

            Most mongs haven’t a clue who their local monkey is.
            They just go on the colour of the rosette pinned on it’s arse.

  46. 115
    DWMF says:

    Oi Guido – howzabout an expose of the paid rentamob mercenaries who kicked in the CCHQ windows? There was a Sky reporter who interviewed one of the thugs and he said he had been paid to riot.

    Follow the money!

  47. 116
    genghiz the kahn says:

    Is Red Ed still behind his baby human shield?

    Just like Gordon, disappears at the first sign of trouble in t’party. what a spineless Hunt.

    • 458
      Ed Millibank says:

      I resent that remark. The bond between a newborn and the father who will devote himself to imprinting it with the principles of Ingsoc cannot be misunderestimated..

  48. 119

    ‘Tory arrested over twittering for the stoning to death of Yasminge Aliblah-Broon’ story.

    Now, I wait for the knock at the door for repeating seditious comment.

    • 241
      genghiz the kahn says:

      Come to think of it Avon and Somerset Police didn’t hurry to arrest Kerry McCarthy.

      • 463
        Thought Police Spokesperson says:

        Kerry is a female labour MP and therefore innocent before the law. The other is a wretched tory, middle class, W H I T E M A L E and clearly guilty of an horrific thought crime and probably much more as well. Extensive investigations into his activities are ongoing and victims are encouraged to come forward.

  49. 130
    zz says:

    I’ve just seen an advert by UNISON on Sky News recruiting for new members.

    These public sector union arseholes obviously have too much money if they can afford expensive TV adverts to help their empire building..

  50. 139
    Anonymous says:

    Vicki Baars, you give your university a bad name! standing up for what is right and what u believe in what a demo is all about..But supporting meaningless violence and damage is definatly not the right way to go!

  51. 143
    Jim says:

    Here’s another one of the ringleaders of the violence and the new darling of the BBC:

  52. 150
    UK Fred says:

    They have to let them go to University because when they come out of school they are, almost to a child, incapable of counting the tokens on the tops of the Corn Flakes packets.

  53. 160
    Watch this waste of space. says:

    Yup, we will keep the digging until we have nailed the lot of them. Yer going dowwwn ya scumbaags!

  54. 162
    Anonymous says:

    Lets privatise all universities. If these Fascist Scum have so much time on their hands they can work to pay for their degrees. They are just Scum.

    • 227
      Engineer says:

      If that happened, the Russell Group universities would survive and thrive. The rest would revert to being polytechnics or Technical Colleges, and would be all the better for that.

  55. 172
    ccccc says:

    See the truth about George Soros, the billionaire “philanthropist” who bankrolls leftist nation-wreckers across the globe. The man is pure evil.

    • 177
      The puppet master says:

    • 183
      George Soros was to blame says:

      I totally agree and the Fabian Left are following his plan for the UK. They already have control of the Unions and the Media by way of the BBC – if you stand back and look at the way Beck has exposed his plans you can see that the same plan of operation is being played out in the UK.

      The next step is Cloward and Pivin’s plan – the economic meltdown that leads to their supposed Socialist Utopia

      • 191
        JD says:

        It goes all the way back to the Frankfurt School: Boasian anthropology, Freudian psychology, and Marxism. We are seeing the results of their labours in yesterdays riot, mass immigration, illegal wars, rising crime, dumbed down education etc etc

        • 199
          Ted Heath. (deceased, but shoulders still heaving with laughter) Heath says:

          If only you’d listened to my warnings about the loss of national borders.

  56. 179
    Ex FCS says:

    Anyone remember the stickers round campus in the early/mid 80s?

    “If the NUS is so good, why is it compulsory?”.

    Good old FCS jolly japery!

    • 346
      helpful says:

      I stood for election as a delegate to the NUS annual conference as an ANUS (Anti NUS) candidate. The promise was that if elected I wouldn’t go. For some reason the electorate didn’t see the funny side!

      • 381
        g1lgam3sh says:

        Oddly enough as a mature student in the early 80′s I stood as a candidate for Vice President on a platform of protecting our JCR from the careerist wankers of the NUS… I was elected with 97% of the vote, even my opponent stood up and said I agree with everything he just said and I’m voting for him.

        True story.

  57. 181
    Wm T Sherman says:

    But seriously – a “National Union of Students?” Tits on a bull. No reason for such an entity to exist other than as a deceptive vehicle to grab power.

    That its existence has become normalized in people’s minds is just wrong.

    • 187
      Mr Plum says:

      Suppose they could all go on strike

      • 219
        13eastie says:

        Ѕеіzе сontrol of thе mеаnѕ of “рroduсtіon”!

        Unѕhасklе thеmѕеlvеѕ from thе gіft of bеіng еduсаtеd іn whаtеvеr “dіѕсірlіnе” thеy сhooѕе (no matter how ridiculous)!

        In some ways it’s too fucking funny for words. But sometimes, you stop and think…

        The generalised lack of humility among the people of this country might be a price worth paying for sixty years of peace, but it’s becoming a closer and closer call to make.

        Тhеѕе сuntѕ nееd а fuсkіng wаkе uр саll.

    • 220
      Engineer says:

      Most students in this country join the Student’s Union because they run a subsidised bar and cafe on the campus, and organise evening gigs. About 90% couldn’t give a toss about the politics.

      • 289
        Christy says:

        To Engineer.
        As another Engineer could’nt agree with you more,and further more I also suspect that the majority of these students are into crap degrees which will not further this country in the realms of what really matters which is industrial output.
        When you have people who are running this country who are up to the eyeballs in politics,and so called socio-economics,who in a majority of cases have never had a real job,then in my opinion you have a recipe in disaster.
        On a different note can I relate to you what happened to me years ago,I was working as chief engineer at a chemical/pharma company,and I was having problems with our finance director who could not understand what part engineering played in the sucess of this company.
        To cut this short I inadvertently conveyed my thoughts to our CEO who frankly took the wind out of my sails by telling me he had told the finance director to butt out as he could get a finance director anywere but good engineers were were hard to come by,and to leave me to it.

        • 357
          AC1 says:

          and even OK engineers are hard to find, and get to a level of thinking. It seems school makes people incapable of consistent thought it’s scary. They’re not thick, just taught completely wrong habits.

        • 421
          Anonymous says:

          Well said i have seen this type of thing in industry many times, some leftie prat tells a thicko study he or she is brill and the lie continues, we do not need all these spongers , get rid get a job they offer the country nothing.

  58. 186
    Wisdom of the crowd. says:

    You can run but you can’t hide. Spineless cowards!

  59. 188
  60. 192
    kill a says:

    Why do we have so many thick layabout students in this country ? It is a very easy answer the last bunch of socialist twats who were running things,i know thats a hard one to swallow calm down madam, let lots of dodos and you only have to look at certain campus like Luton, Leicester,Brum, think they were smart professional types who needed a uni education,hence we have aload of fuckwits who will not amount to very much pretending they add if they can add, up to something , look lets not mince our pies here Labour wanted footsoldiers they knew they would be found out, these thickos love Labour they cannot see or will not see who has spent all the money, told all the lies and let lots of shit into Blighty, so what if a few Allah lovers start campus recruitng offices for holy wars and the Islamic betterment of us all.It”s about time a few of you football proper lads stop kicking the crap out of each other, you wannabe BNP prats, you ex squaddies, you straight coppers old school know what i mean got together and turned the tables, Harperson she is easily located, these Study slags and slappers have their faces everywhere, find them and fuck them over get the leftie press the leftie teachers make them not sleep so well at night they are the enemy. They have fucked the economy and want to destroy any cure they back scroungers, killers,illegals, muggers,child rapists, druggies, they give them all oxygen strangle these bastards Millipede, Cambell, Allen shes nearly dead we can hpe that bitch dies the list is endless make them hide not us, if this could start watch the people quitely clap watch them turn a blind eye and smirk,after that all bet will be on Europe can be dealt with Muslim nutters The Fucking BBC it could be a very pleasent time to live in it just takes a little push and those twats are pushing us, you, me,.

  61. 198
    Ed Miliband says:

    I’ve got nothing to say.

    • 215
      Engineer says:

      We’d noticed. Hattie’s not exactly shouting from the rooftops (pun intended), either, is she?

  62. 201
    Victoria Sponge says:

    These students are extremely naiive. University is becoming a left wing laboratory. These silly young people are willing to pay to be brainwashed Labour pets. The days of thinking for yourselves are well and truly over.

    • 213
      Engineer says:

      Not universally true, I suspect. Thinking back to my student days (early ’80s), the loony left were always a minority, and whilst there was an easily-led element that had no political leanings but could be dragged into mischief on the promise of free ale, most students actually studied. Those on science, medical and engineering courses didn’t have a lot of free time anyway. I suspect that remains true today.

      • 229
        Banana boat. says:

        As long as wannabe labour careerists have a handful of followers and a sprinkling of useful idots that will be enough to secure their credentials as N.U.S. officials for the CV.

    • 282
      Tell it like it really is says:

      Universities have become Left wing hothouses because only left wing lecturers have been appointed, if anyone not rabid left wing managed to slip through the extremely biased selection procedure then the herd mentality has been brought into play and said person has been hounded out.

      This hasn’t happened by chance but has been an edict from the top of Zanulabour and extended to teaching appointments in even infant schools.

  63. 204
    Doggie says:

    Woooooooooooooooooooooof doggies been a good boy

    • 209
      if you want to squeal to CCHQ, we can make a deal give some money to you says:

      you’ll get a nice doggie treat if you squeal to CCHQ little poodle

  64. 206
    China does it like this says:

    It is not realistic for the State to shoulder all higher education expenditures. The government, schools and the public should all bear the costs. But the government can provide more channels, such as student loans, to ease the burden on the public.

    Public schools should open their gates to students from low-income families. There should be subsidies and expense standards for them, while rich families can choose expensive and good private schools.

    • 247
      Engineer says:

      “Public schools should open their gates to students from low-income families.”

      They do; almost all offer bursaries and scholarships to able pupils from modest and poorer backgrounds.

  65. 217
  66. 221
    Dack Blog says:

    Blimey Mrs Bercow’s on HIGNFY.

    • 234
      Engineer says:

      Sally seems to turning into a bit of a media whore. Given her lack of political acumen, I predict it ending in tears at some point.

    • 258
      Synic says:

      yes, I caught it too. What an infantile woman. Exactly how can a cow like this become a ‘celebrity’ and get so much access to the media? Ordinary people are being victimised by the government and she just strolls into all sorts of media outlets and let her voice be heard. One rule for the ‘elites’ and another for the rest eh?? She really is foul. And her role in the Woolas affair is somewhat questionable me thinks….

  67. 222
    Seenit Befor says:

    Made to measure hirelings with supplied plackards.
    Middle class wasters ,revolution today ,daddy’s business tomorrow
    Communards one minute,commuters next.
    Not worth a rats rearend

  68. 225
    A p*ssed up Fawkes hits the road narrowly avoiding innocent bystanders says:

    I’m like a fire extinguisher.
    Tanked up, and ready to froth.

  69. 226
    White Van Man says:

    Put Channel 4 on!

  70. 227
    A Sweet Old Lady says:

    Dizzy and Tory Bear are nice lads who can think for themselves. The students should be a bit more like them.
    Anyway goodbye for now dears. That documentary horror about how Brown crippled our economy.

  71. 230
    Johnny says says:

    In the photos on this Daily Mail page one of the weapon wielding rioters pictured near the bottom is wearing a high viz waistcoat. The NUS stewards were wearing those weren’t they?

  72. 240
    Guido "I've only had a skinful" Fawkes says:

    Anybody that puts the public at risk due to their thoughtless actions deserves to go down for a very long time.

    • 253
      Ewanme says:

      OMFG !!!

      Leave him alone , you bitch .

      I think he’s well cute x .

      Enjoyin this beginner’s guide to the end on Ch4

      E x .

    • 271
      Deep Who says:

      That’s it fuckbrain, he has forfeited the right to comment on violent scumbags because he drunk drove. For a start he’s Irish so could argue it’s a cultural norm, like Muzzies blowing kids up. I suppose you’ve led an entirely righteous life eh? Fucking twat.

      • 276
        Spike Milligan says:

        Those that live in glass houses should pull the blinds before removing their trousers.

      • 278
        Ewanme says:

        Oooooo !!!

        I love it when you call me fuckbrain , darlin xx .

        Yeah , I’s perfect , ta .

        See ya , big boy ;-P

        E x .

        • 285
          Deep Who says:

          If you look the reply was to the first post, not your reply. Sorry to disappoint you there gay fella.

          • Ewanme says:

            Apology accepted , honey xx .

            I think I’s a lesbian tranny today so no offence taken .

            E x .

            *Ewa dons her knuckle dusters*

  73. 250
    Anonymous says:

    Wow, Guido’s running story after hysterical story on this one! For all his big talk on this site, he scares pretty easily! Don’t worry Guido, there’s no Red students hiding under your bed ;)

  74. 254
    Moley says:

    Where does the NUS get its money from?

    Are subscriptions compulsory for all students, and if they are, why are they?

    If subscriptions are compulsory, the change needs to be made to an active opt in.

    As a student I never had anything to do with the NUS, but I have a horrible feeling that money was taken off me compulsorily; I was not given an option.

  75. 255
    c.eng says:

    Channel 4 Programme is compulsive viewing with excellent commentators like Bill Bonner.

    All scary. Why doesn’t Camera-on explain this to the imbecile masses.

  76. 259
    Andrew Pierce says:

    Hang on Fawkes! I’m still sharpening my pencil.

    • 272
      Paul Dacre says:

      Pierce! Shame your mum sucks elephant cocks for £1 a time. Do something original you snivelling lickspittle or I’ll rip your limbs off

  77. 270
    Guido Fawkes says:

    Anybody need a lift?
    I’m like Jenson Button after a few postings.

  78. 297
    Anonymous says:

    Does anybody think Yasmin Alibhai-Brown should be stoned to death ?

  79. 298
    Tim Yeo says:

    I entered politics in order to roll back the state.
    Downhill, in my direction.

  80. 305
    Douglas Murray fan says:

    Question Time should be a blast. Caroline Flint will say anything to get audience applause, Douglas Murray and Clive James will talk sense.

  81. 307
    Douglas Murray fan says:

    Murray on rioters: “Middle class phoney revolutionaries”. Brilliant.

  82. 313
    caroline flint says:

    guess whats in my snatch?

  83. 316
    Douglas Murray fan says:

    Flint talking absolute shit as usual. Murray is destroying her.

  84. 320
    smoggie says:

    Where was all this rage during the Blair years.

    I think we’re seeing yet again an attempt to take back by intimidation the ower that was lost at the ballot box. It worked against the Heath government.

  85. 321
    Anonymous says:

    Under the NUS Constitution, the only way recall these nutters is to either get 50%(+1) attending the National Conference to vote them out (AoG 521) or to get 5% of those attending the national conference to sign down for a National Ballot (AoG 40) and then to get 50%(+1) of all members to remove them under AoG 180-182.

    Think the low quality wannabe career politicans attending the NUS Conferecne will have the nerve? I doubt it.

    • 326
      Anonymous says:

      Guardian website is reporting that the NUS has announced a national day of action on Nov 24.

      • 335
        Ewanme says:

        GREAT !!!

        Let’s meet them face to face , I sez .

        Nothin scares me an I’s up for some fresh air , an that .

        Keep me posted , babes x .

        E x .

        • 341
          Anonymous says:

          Looks like action at various universities and colleges around the country rather than a mass demo.

          • Ewanme says:

            Oh , bummer .

            Well , my bubble car can seat a couple an does 45 , flat out .

            If we sets out on the 22nd , we could get to the action as it happens .

            I’ll change the oil tomorrow , if I remembers .

            I want Guido an tat as my co-conspirators , an I’ll do the steerin .

            E x .

        • 359
          Well, how very brave of you. says:

          Said the armchair warrior!

  86. 322
    Sir Roland Gidleigh-Park says:

    WHAT on earth WAS that thing with glasses on QT?

    Didn’t you just want to punch her face in endlessly?

  87. 323
    Watch this waste of space says:

    Haha! Unfuckingbelievable, we have come across some informants who are willing to spill the beans on the NUScum! Yer going down you slaags! More soon!

  88. 324
    Theresa May says:

    Is it fair on hard working families who get up early in the morning, to see their next door neighbours, the May’s perhaps, roll out of bed at lunchtime, in order to sign on for taxpayer funded benefits?
    I don’t think so.

  89. 325
    Douglas Murray fan says:

    Flint doesn’t like it when someone reminds viewers Labour fucked the country. She got worked up and said “That’s rubbish, that’s rubbish” over and over in reaction to Murray saying Labour wrecked the economy.

  90. 334
    Flint should be waterboarded says:

    I’ll laugh my head off if Flint condemns waterboarding given that her own government and pal David Miliband secretly colluded in allowing torture against suspects. Hypocritical c unt.

  91. 336
    whatevaaaa, daddio says:

    I was rather impressed by the energy of those young people – and their European attitude to street politics was very heartening indeed. There is hope for the country yet.

    And all you bitter old rightwingbat twats should just piss orf back to your belfries and nurse your indigestion as you watch Cammo Cleggo Osbo & Crew Kowtow to the Chinese Overlords – cos they’re the only banksters who can save them now.

    That is all.

    • 349
      Anonymous says:

      I may be a twat with indigestion but I’m certainly not bitter.
      It’s Labour supporters that are quite clearly bitter because they simply cannot accept the fact that they lost the election and have no prospect of power for five years. What they lost at the ballot box they are attempting to achieve through violence,disruption and intimidation.

  92. 337
    annnnonyperson says:

    EXCLUSIVE!: Aaron Porter says “I am not responsible!”

    To which we all say, too fucking right, sunshine. You are, indeed, not responsible.

    That’s why you should fuck off before you get someone killed.

  93. 339
    HenryV says:

    Lively here tonight ain’t it?

  94. 343
    Flint should be waterboarded says:

    Just as I expected. That shameless c unt Flint was a total fucking hypocrite on torture. She had the audacity to deny Labour colluded in torture. She had nothing to say when Dimbleby reminded her that Miliband apologised for his role. She just laughed. Fucking evil Labour c unts are utterly shameless hypocrites. I hope she dies in agony.

  95. 345
    Flint should be waterboarded says:

    “Phil is a friend.” C unt.

  96. 362
    Question Time says:

    What a God awful bit of NuLiebor rough Flint is and what a gobby and stroppy cow, does anyone live with it!

  97. 363
    John Hirst says:

    I’d like Gordon Brown to sit on my face.

  98. 365
    Caroline Flint gives handjobs for a tenner says:

    Paddy Pantsdown and Ken Clarke on panel in two weeks. That’ll be hilarious.

    • 372
      Not if it clashes with get me out of here, i'm a serious politician says:

      No it won’t. It’ll be the same old buffoons spouting party drivel for the delectation of the voting mongs.

    • 375
      Max Fackter says:

      Pantsdown can give us all a lecture on how important it is to be in the EU and kennyboy can wring his hands and bleat about those poor criminals…stuck inside prison for being scumbags.

    • 376
      Cutie says:

      Question Time is like Christmas or doing crack. The expectation and excitement is massive but the anti climax is even massiver.

  99. 377
    Guido "gimme the keys, i know what i'm doing" Fawkes says:

    I may be a rarely sober blogger with a laptop, but you should see me behind the wheel, exercising the responsible attitude to youthful mistakes.

    • 439
      Hypocrite's R Us says:

      He does seem to be have problems with youthful exuberance doesn’t he?

      Perhaps the silly old duffer regrets being more juvenile than even the twats at Millbank in his attitude with respect to driving whilst in his middle age.

      Some people never grow up.

  100. 378
    Phil Woolas (ex MP) says:

    Ah yes Caroline flint, a rough piece of arse indeed, she said the gormless gobshite used her as winddow dressing, it must have been a junkshop window with a few rusty spanners and nails and a mangey old dog in the window, the dog being herself.
    Does she have gordon the gobshite as her hair, ugly fucking cow.

  101. 384
    Anonymous says:

    Banged to rights you leftie fuckers. You can get up 10 years for riot. Life imprisonment for arson or attempted murder.

    • 441
      twat alert says:

      How about the police start off by rounding up the muslim, c u n t s who wish this country harm on a scale even you must admit the students aren’t exactly advocating?

      Get some perspective you idiot.

      Were you bullied as a student?

    • 461
      Banana boat says:

      But don’t worry one or two of the labour MPs who have egged you on may visit once in a while? Maybe.

  102. 385
    Ewanme says:

    GUIDO , HONEY !!!!!

    All these subtle hints is doin my brain in , babes x .

    WOZ ur breath more over the limit than ur bonce ??

    DID the pigs recognise the most famous political blogger in the world ???

    WOZ you doin the gears while ur mate did the steerin ???

    Fuck , honey . You is FUCKED xxx .

    Best wishes .

    E xxx .

  103. 388
    The Beast of clerkenwell(gaza office) says:

    Call me old fashioned in a 1930′s kind of way
    But aent those mentioned all of the religious persusion that we are not allowed to question?
    This group rhymes with News

  104. 394
    Gordon Brown says:

    I’m a mong look at me, I willy winky can go pee pee peeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

  105. 397
    Ali G says:

    I wish someone would get Yasmin Alibi Brown stoned on a kilo of Moroccan black.

    • 399
      Howard Marx says:

      True Moroccan has been unobtainable since I went down and put Wales on the map.
      What you are smoking now is ‘Eurohash’, a low grade product diluted with whatever you might find under your kitchen sink or in the garden shed.

  106. 401
    blob says:


  107. 402
    LesAbbey says:

    So what is Guido? An authoritarian libertarian? A neo-con neo-liberal? A witch-hunter general? A cross-dressing J Edgar Hoover? Guy Fawkes would be turning in his grave if he hadn’t been burnt.

    Didn’t Guido once suggest that the lamp posts around Westminster would be a good place to suspend MPs, or do I remember wrongly?

    • 403
      Now track these hairy arsed bastards down and charge them with hate crimes says:

    • 415
      Anonny but have been known to use a real name says:

      Guido is a pussy. Stroke it’s ego and it purrs. Feed it crap and it poops in the litter tray or on the carpet.
      The REAL libertarians are hanging around, anonymously, waiting to be bothered to get it together.
      The ego-fuelled, bloggy-woggy, wordsmiths are just a red herring.
      They are second on our list.
      Sweet dreams.

    • 416
      Anonny but have been known to use a real name says:

      That, probably, won’t get past the gay ModBot.

      Guido is a pussy. Stroke it’s ego and it purrs. Feed it crap and it poops in the litter tray or on the carpet.
      The REAL libertarians are hanging around, anonymously, waiting to be bothered to get it together.
      The ego-fuelled, bloggy-w*o*g*g*y, wordsmiths are just a red herring.
      They are second on our list.
      Sweet dreams.

    • 444
      Anonymous says:

      A juvenile D Я U N K D Я I V E Я for sure!

    • 447
      Anonymous says:

      ˙ǝɯ puoʎǝq sı ƃuıʞɐǝɹq ʍɐl uo sɹǝɥʇo ǝɹnʇɔǝl oʇ pǝıɟılɐnb lǝǝɟ uɐɔ ǝɥ ʍoɥ ǝʇınb ¡ǝɹns ɹoɟ ɹǝʌıɹp ʞunɹp ɐ sı ǝH

  108. 407
    Gulag Fly Paper says:

    The fucking mong twats on today, Unfuckingbelievable!

  109. 408
    Muslim protestor says:

    Death to Britain! Now backdate my benefits to 1874 or I will kills you! Alan akbar!

  110. 417
    Aaron Porter says:

    You’ve all been perfectly beastly to me today. I’m off to bump uglies with my trustafarian girlfriend Herbaceous.

  111. 418
    JR says:

    Would be right IMO if the government sued the NUS for damage caused..

  112. 426
    Confessions of a former left wing troll says:

    Money first comrades, principles later.

    Nothing wrong with turning super grass as you always get the last laugh.

    It’s not as if your getting 30 bits of silver for turning Jesus in, more like 30 bits for stopping the next Stalin.

  113. 440
    Guido__ Conservative PPC says:


  114. 443
    Synic says:

    on the subject of games, remember we were repeatedly told how much work the Olympics would bring to the UK? Well, it seems most of the souveniers are being made … erm … abroad

    there’s no wonder people are sick of our politicians and want to protest

  115. 445
    Chutney in the jar says:

    George Papaconstantinou, the Greek finance minister (thanks to the FT’s Short View column for this). In attempting to reassure the world that Greece is not about to go bust, he said: “Greece is not Ireland”.

  116. 451
    • 459
      change the record says:

      Posting the same link over and over again is neither big nor clever, rather tiresome in fact.

      Did you have a difficult time as a student, sent to private school against your wishes maybe, bullied perhaps?

      • 462
        lol says:

        “change the record”

        Were you one of the rioting scum and are shitting yourself that your name and photo is going to get in the papers

    • 460
      XXXXX says:

      Why have all of the 51 arrested been bailed until February FFS! They should have been stuck in front of the next Magistrates Court.

      What are the Met Police playing at?

  117. 453
    Jed says:

    Some of the Labour MPs who cheered on the NUS organised riot and trashing of Tory HQ:

    Labour MPs cheered on student vandals on Twitter as they smashed up Tory headquarters

  118. 457
    Dave says:

    Further proof that the BBC are targeting Nick Clegg: The Labour shill, Sheila Fogarty on Radio 5 asked Toenails Robinson just one question about the G20 “What is Nick Cleggs role in all this?”but Clegg isn’t even there and Toenails quickly skipped over the question.

    BBC news presenters have orders to try to undermine Clegg at every opportunity.

  119. 473
    Michael Joseph says:

    If you wish to use the word ‘publicly’ in your rantings, for Chrissake spell it correctly – and not publically. Ignorant tosser.

  120. 475
    free scotland says:

    The NUS couldnae organise an orgy in a brothel.

    See: MFI.

  121. 476
    Dan says:

    Dear Huntfeatures

    The evidence that I have seen has pointed towards one general overall idea YOU ARE A TWAT

    That is all! Please Please give the world a break

    Thanks! :D

  122. 482
    RHMP Robbin Itall says:

    fucking funny man, not that it should be ! I don’t want to rock the gravy boat more like fill it full of the shites we have playing the game and sink the fcuker. I did however join to say I’d not vote for any MP who went back on his word then thought what a mug view I must have because what cnut MP PM has not went back on there word ? Ripper of new arseholes for PM lol

    Jokes aside, if these cnuts in government just gave up that one perk of £5200 for their free food they wouldn’t need to shaft the students like how the university’s shaft all the over seas students now at three times the price, coup is the word but who’s got the balls ? Put me on the call up for it ! and fcuk bloodless coups its about time these sly fcuks got there bait put up…..Geordie justice man or hold a punchinthefaceathon to raise cash, officials get a smack in the face for a pound off Joe pub maybe ?

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