You're Not Fooling nUs Confirmed: The NUS Was Involved in Riot

Guido was sure the NUS said it had nothing to do with the French-style trashing of Millbank. Funny then that three elected officials of the Executive Committee have defended the violence and suggested it was representative of the whole movement. Guido thought the official line was that nobody from the NUS was involved in the violence?

Writing in a “Coalition of the Resistanceletter Mark Bergfeld, (NUS NEC), Vicki Baars (NUS LGBT Officer) and Sean Rillo Raczka (NUS NEC Mature Students’ Rep) said:

‘During the demonstration over 5,000 students showed their determination to defend the future of education by occupying the Tory party HQ and its courtyards for several hours. The mood was good-spirited, with chants, singing and flares. We reject any attempt to characterise the Millbank protest as small, “extremist” or unrepresentative of our movement… We stand with the protesters, and anyone who is victimised as a result of the protest.’We reject any attempt to characterise the Millbank protest as small, “extremist” or unrepresentative of our movement… We stand with the protesters, and anyone who is victimised as a result of the protest.’

No mention of any fire extinguishers. Having mislead the public and the media by suggesting the NUS was in no way involved in what happened at Millbank, will the President publically distance himself from his team? Quite hard given he drew the map of the route to go past CCHQ…

Britain's Trillion Pound Horror Story

Guido is watching a preview of film maker Martin Durkin’s very accessible look at the economic situation we are in. As Ireland’s political class mortgages future generations to keep the ECB and bondholders happy it explains the full extent of the financial mess the UK is in. Not quite at Irish levels, but if Gordon had won the election…

Durkin’s film is polemical, but he is right, inflation and debt are going to impoverish us for generations. Worth watching tonight on Channel 4 at 9pm. Though it may give you nightmares…

Quote of the Day

Paul McKeever, Police Federation, on the extinguisher tosser…

“That looks like attempted murder to me. The demonstrator should pay the consequences.”

NUS President Slammed in the House

Embattled NUS President Aaron Porter’s disastrous handling of demolition day has been slammed at Policing Minister Nick Herbert’s emergency session called in the House to dissect yesterday’s events. Peter Bottomley, Charle Elphicke  and Nadine Dorries poured water on the spin that it was a few minorities who were nothing to do with the NUS, citing photographic, film and eyewitness accounts that NUS officials were involved in the violence.

Matthew Hancock accused Aaron Porter of inciting the violence with its “demolition” and “rioting” branding of the event. Along with footage, Guido is analysing the leaflets they were handing out are also being investigated.

The Minister admitted:

“there was clearly a failure on the behalf of the NUS in planning having previously had a good relationship with the Police.”

A bit of  an understatement really.

Amongst the rhetoric and the marches, at the end of the day NUS is meant to be a lobbying group, if members have no faith in the President how is his position possibly tenable? Other MPs complained that the NUS had not lobbied them, bar some social media, and had instead merely restored to violence. The overwhelming number of questions asked why there was such a spectacular police failure. It’s quite simple – Aaron Porter failed.

£1,000 Reward for Information

Donors have now fully pledged to cover the £1,000 reward offered for information leading the to the arrest and prosecution of the thug(s) involved in the throwing of the fire extinguisher from the Millbank roof of CCHQ yesterday. The heavy steel fire extinguisher narrowly missed the police line. Your information will treated as in confidence and you do not have to give your name…

£1,000 Reward Offered for Extinguisher Thugs

We now know that 51 people were arrested yesterday, but there is one fugitive who needs to be brought to justice. Guido is offering a £1,000 reward for information leading the to the arrest and prosecution of the thug(s) involved in the throwing of the fire extinguisher from the roof of CCHQ yesterday. Aaron Porter is probably too young to remember David Wilkie, killed by a previous generation of left-wing thugs in similar circumstances.

It was just by sheer luck that the fire extinguisher thrown from the roof-top missed a copper or a fellow protestor.

Someone out there knows who was responsible and Guido hopes they have a conscience – email

UPDATE : Tim Montgomerie from ConservativeHome has chipped in £100 of the reward, anonymous others have chipped in another £200 or so.

NUS Leadership Wanted DEMO-LITION

Guido was outside CCHQ on Millbank late yesterday afternoon to see the action for himself, the fires were burning, a couple of thousand demonstrators were there, the outnumbered police were struggling to regain control.

The crowd was mainly made up of middle-class students with a couple of hundred of youths clearly up for trouble, masked and tooled up. Many of the protagonists were wearing official NUS hi-vis tunics and had loud-hailers, they were not calling on students to disperse or refrain from violence, they were in the thick of it. Officially the NUS is condemning the violence to the media, but that line was not taken on the ground. NUS activists were revelling in the moment. Look at the video evidence and you can see many of the rioters are in official NUS garb.

We’ll hear the speeches from the NUS leaders and others deploring the violence, but the reality was that most of the NUS student members found this all thoroughly exciting. The air was rich with the smell of weed and adrenaline, the 2,000 or so protestors outside 30 Millbank cheered the most aggressive protestors and booed the police resisting them.

The NUS marketed this march as a “Demo-lition” and thousands of their members took them at their word by attempting to demolish the Tory HQ. Worse than the demolition of property was the threat to life – yobs who smashed their way on to the roof tossed from the top of the office block a fire extinguisher – which narrowly missed the police targeted below.

If that had hit a policeman or protester below their life would have been extinguished.

The NUS leadership deliberately chose to march students past CCHQ to rally nearby outside the Tate. Why?

Demonstrations of this size usually rally at Trafalgar Square or in Jubilee Gardens on the Southbank. Before yesterday the NUS leader Aaron Porter was telling students they needed to be not just on “the streets of London” but “inside the rooms where the deals will be made”. The protesters took him at his word and managed to get inside the governing party’s headquarters, the buck stops with Porter and he should accept ultimate responsibility for inciting this riot. His members could have killed a copper or one of their own yesterday…

UPDATE: Both Dizzy and Tory Bear think Aaron Porter is in trouble. LBC dip an oar in too.

Tip offs: 0709 284 0531

Quote of the Day

George Osborne paraphrases Boris, telling the FT:

“If the ball came loose at the back of the scrum, I wouldn’t fumble it”

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