October 27th, 2010

The Hypocrisy of High Pay Hutton

Given that just last week Will Hutton’s Work Foundation (formerly the Industrial Society) went into insolvency and had to be bought out by a third-rate university, it seems a little odd that they are still managing to sponsor events. Pitched as “the leading independent authority on work and its future”, the think-tank’s future is far from secure and Hutton, it’s well paid head-honcho, is just about still in work. The Foundation has a £27m black-hole of unfunded pension liabilities, which makes Hutton’s claims that the country’s debts are not a problem a little hard to swallow.

Given the particularly miserable breed of lefty is now a government advisor on high pay, will he be pointing out that his own vast salary couldn’t have made life easy for the ailing think-tank? A while back Guido reported that Hutton was earning more than £180,000, there’s still no sign of an up to date set of accounts, but last year’s figures highlight the irony and hypocrisy of the whole situation. If Hutton wants to keep his job, he should probably consider a pay cut…


  1. 1
    purpleline says:

    Taxi for Hutton. Please close the door as you leave the Government advisory section on the way out

    • 24
      Up sh1t creek says:

      Fast forward to 5m45s, and the “great” man claims that private debt is WORSE than public sector debts. If I run up a debt, that’s my problem. If the government runs up a debt, that’s EVERYONE’S problem. No wonder his foundation collapsed with brains like his.

      • 105
        Lisbon is being changed so where's the Referendum you Cast Iron Liar ? says:

        • 125

          Yes the Hoon cameon is at it again. doing what the political class do best. Shafting the ordinary people of the country. The sad thing is I doubt if the mainstream media will make a big deal of this!!

    • 33
      Alans Titsmatch says:

      the untimely demise of Hutton…couldn’t happen to a more worthy socialist hypocrite

      • 120
        A very sick joke says:

        Professor Sue Cox, Dean of Lancaster University Management School, said: “This development cements a long-standing relationship between LUMS and the Work Foundation. There are obvious synergies – for example in the areas of HR, innovation, labour economics and organisational health and wellbeing – and we are very excited about combining our respective strengths.”


        • 123
          another joke (joker) says:

          “Prof” Cox has an MPhil. Isn’t that “PhD failed”?


          • Unsworth says:

            It’s a measure of the (severe) limitations of her ‘intellect’.

          • an academic says:

            The title ‘Professor’, once a surefire mark of ability, is now nothing more than an indication of ‘networking skills’ (spit).

            A Prof with no Ph.D. is a joke.

        • 147
          Lord Carrington's binoculars says:


          Hutton is quoted as saying

          “It’s an imaginative link-up between an excellent and innovative university and a thinktank. Two and two will make five, and together we will be able to do things that were not possible before.

          Two and two do indeed make five in the world of the middle class marxist. Ask Gordo. Hutton keeps his non-job, and the ‘think tank’ stays in Westminster, despite going bust.

          But we should remember that the Work Foundation was previously the Industrial Society. It was raided by middle Marxist entryists and Hutton took over in 2000, selling the training arm to Crapita.

          Having dumped doing anything useful -like training workers – it then said ‘The Society will focus on achieving its mission to improve working life by building up its policy and research work.’

          Which means turning the whole operation into a lefty talking shop.

          As covered by Guido, Matthew Taylor, Blair’s sofa government ‘policy’ wonk did exactly the same as Hutton and his mates, taking over the Royal Society for the Promotion of Arts, Manufacturing and Commerce and turning it into another lefty talking shop that was now ‘removing the barriers to social progress’ or some sh*t.

          No promotion of making stuff and making money to pay for the country. No, just a big fat building off the Strand and a lifetime’s sinecure for Blair’s old mate.

          How the f*ck anyone can take Hutton seriously when his Missus has a property empire, he’s pays himself £180k, goes bust and f*cks the pensions (just like his old mate Gordo).

          Incidentally, time for Guido to dig into the marxist raids on Charities, which is seeing them dump providing real services and switching to full-time political lobbying. The MS society recently closed down its respite homes.

          • Poor Bill says:

            Didn’t the humans take the Marxists to court over the takeover and

            destruction of the NSPCC ?

            Can someone confirm ?

      • 141
        Crikey says:

        Fair does, he may want a villa near Polly’s. He could be part of an enclave of champagne socialists. Of course unlike tories he isn’t really interested in money. He’s above all that. Eh comrades?

    • 43
      Peter Grimes says:

      Bloody good job that this gobby ZaNuLieBor-supporting parasite of the worst water is not advising on pensions!

      Still, going bust because he didn’t put more into the WF’s pension fund is a strong lesson for the public sector!

      Not that the public sector is clever enough to see the parallel!!

      • 64
        Andrew Efiong says:

        Guido, you need to look up Mrs Hutton’s Buy-To-Let property empire, First Premise. She goes by the name of Jane Atkinson. That’s keeping him in the style he’s been accustomed to, including the Oxfordshire manor house.

        • 71

          Guido, everyone knows that Hutton is a self serving wanker but what’s all the fuss over 180K salaray, or the 29 million pound pension gap?

          Why don’t you stop counting the pennies and start looking into the really big wastes of money, for example, what about Barclays evading over 3 billion pounds a year by creating entirley false trades in order to offset those trades against their tax liabilities?

          And if that type of evasion is happening at Barclays it is highly probable that other banks are also guilty of tax evasion so the total bill of tax being illegally evaded by the banks is probably in the region of 10-20 billion pounds a year.

          Just think, if that tax money was collected we could pay the deficit off in a single parliament without having to take money off poor people and the disabled.

          And what has George Osborne done to combat this evasion? he has cut the staff at the HMRC by 15,000.

          Trebles all round, eh, Guido?

          • Mine d'Boggles says:

            If that is really true, I award you 1% of the clawback by the Revenue. 2% id the bank bosses get a custodial sentence. So get on with it.

          • Sir William Waad says:

            Actually it’s legal tax avoidance rather than illegal tax avoidance. They should still stop it and collect the lost tax. A first step would be to tax businesses on their actual profits rather than some weird and illogical ‘taxable profits’, together with a rule allocating worldwide profits to different countries based on the actual level of business activity in each country.

            The difference between avoidance and evasion is simple. It’s the difference between playing poker skilfully so that you win the other players’ money and cheating by marking the pack.

          • Engineer says:

            The Work Foundation is a neat microcosm of all that is wrong with a socialist approach to managing the public finances. A small outfit with only 40 employees managed to incur a pension deficit of £27 million. Scale that up to national level, and you see the problem.

            There has been a proliferation of these somewhat dubious ‘foundations’, some of which don’t seem to contribute too much to the national wellbeing, or to the sum of human knowledge. Remember the Smith Institute? Perhaps it’s time for a thinning out, leaving the strong and productive (and properly funded) to inform the national debate.

          • Sack all beeboids and pocket a windfall says:

            “… everyone knows that Hutton is a self serving wanker”

            Well, the BBC doesn’t.

        • 94

          Sir Waad, creating false trades in order to submit false accounts to reduce a tax bill is illegal.

      • 102
        Peter Grimes says:

        What’s worse is that it is, at the last look anyway, a CHARIDEE!

        Where the fuck was Dame Suzy Leathers, thrashings by appointment, when this charity was plainly trading whilst insolvent?

        Oh, I forgot, she is another ZaNuLieBor placeman (sic!)!

  2. 2
    Donna Nook says:

    He’s always giving it some on Radio 4 in the mornings. Seems to be regarded as some kind of expert although his economic illiteracy is self evident.

    File under “Moonbat”.

  3. 3
    Up sh1t creek says:

    That’s not hypocrisy, THIS is hypocrisy….

    • 16
      rustygecko says:

      There are several people talking in this clip – who/ what is the hypocrisy?

    • 32
      Grumpy Old Man says:

      Yup. Labour doing nothing to alleviate the shortage in affordable housing in 13 years then having a go at the Coalition for failing to redress their errors when there’s no money left is the rankest hypocrisy.

      • 38
        AC1 says:

        Eh? Gordon Regulated the biggest credit bubble into existence.

        With his combination of NIMBY support he did more to make housing unnafordable than practically any other person on the planet.

    • 36
      Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

      Wasnt Labour policy “To rub the rights noses init “

      • 57
        AC1 says:

        It certainly wasn’t doing what’s best for the country…

        But then lefties are too consumed by the dark side (Hate) to function.

  4. 4
    Drinky drink says:

    Late night, Guido?

  5. 5
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    Guess he doesnt buy in to “We are all in this togetrher ? “

  6. 6
    Irene says:

    I didn’t think he was being paid by the government??

  7. 7
    Grammar School Boy says:

    What would he actually know about work? Activity isn’t necessarily productivity!

    • 20
      last weeks chip paper says:

      Er…..that’s why socialism never works, the amount of energy input never equals the product, whether it be something tangible or value added, hence they always run out of other peoples money.

      • 114
        Grammar School Boy says:

        Socialism, like it’s more obvious sisters Facism and Communism, is a flawed concept, indeed a busted flush. The vast majority of the people on this planet realise it, er that is apart from from the leftie cabal of the BBC, Guardian, Ch4 and the Labouring Party.

    • 21
      Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

      Look at the NHS , More money spent ,less productivity .

      • 55
        NHS Death Star says:

        Price discovery free-zone.

        A black hole where you get what you are given and the bureaucrat decides.

    • 132
      Unsworth says:

      Nice to see the effects of a Grammar School education. Most of the fucking clowns leaving secondary ‘education’ now couldn’t tell the difference between those two terms – let alone fucking spell them.

      • 144
        Grammar School Boy says:

        …Secondary Modern lads tend to make good ship’s stewards, shop stewards, even peers. Apparently.

        …and the girls get to write in the Guardian

        A new push bike at eleven was a great thing to have though.

  8. 9
    good will hunting says:

    Hypocrisy doesn’t come cheap these days.

  9. 10
    Praguetory says:

    Oh the irony.

    Here’s a bloke who presided over an organisation which went bankrupt on the back of £27m of unfunded pension liabilities (even though it only has 40 staff), who describes UK debt as historically low – once again completely ignoring the gargantuan unfunded pension liabilities that hang over the British economy like an albatross.

    Reading ‘The State You’re In’ is highly amusing for its litany of incorrect predictions. This man has nothing to offer.

    • 39
      AbleTheSpaceMonkey says:

      Reading ‘The State You’re In’ is highly amusing for its litany of incorrect predictions. This man has nothing to offer.
      Couldnt agree more. Offering the south east Asian economic model as a panacea just before it went tits up.
      And recently demanding public support the overpriced housing market, when coincidentally his wife owns a property company.
      Fabian socialist through and through, part of -and a thoroughly in tune with- the ruling hegemony.

    • 48
      Peter Grimes says:

      And the pension fund deficit DOUBLED in the last year for which accounts, current year overdue for filing, were available. Sticking to his ZaNuLieBor principles.

      Fuckwits all!!

    • 95
      lola says:

      There are only three types of people in the world. People you like. Poeple you don’t like. And wankers. Hutton is in the last group. He was is and will always be a total tosser. His continued appearance on aljabeeb is yet another very good reason to privatise it.

  10. 12
    Samual Johnson Esq. says:

    Sir, your levellers wish to level down as far as themselves; but they cannot bear levelling up to themselves. They would all have some people under them; why not then have some people above them?”

  11. 14
    Grumpy Old Man says:

    Mr Hutton probably considers himself to be a “key worker” and therefore richly deserving of the good things in life, unlike the average prole who could not be expected to appreciate such good fortune.

    • 31
      AC1 says:

      Well he is a “Key-Worker”, it is of course double-speak and means “likely to vote Labour”.

      It standard Marxist “some are more equal than others” whereby like in the USSR party members have shops with actual goods in them, “key workers” have special priveldges unobtainable to those unlikely to support the party.

    • 44
      Engineer says:

      I thought a ‘key worker’ was a locksmith. Yet another leftie distortion of the English language – bit like ‘stakeholder’, which, as any fule kno, is a tree-planter’s assistant.

  12. 17
    Union News says:

    Santa Claus’ have voted unanimously in favour of strike action on Xmas Eve over unsociable working hours. The Santa’s are asking for their hours to be moved to the more sociable 9am-5pm and beds on the sleigh to allow for sleep during any night shifts

  13. 18
    The Work Foundation says:

    ‘The state we’re in!!’

  14. 19
    concrete pump says:

    Which 3rd rate uni saved his stupid think tank, was it UEA?

  15. 22
    Kinnochio says:

    Whatever the question is, socialism is the answer. Well alright!

    • 26
      Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

      ” Sorry , Theres no money left ”

      Liam Bryne

      • 47
        Vote Labour says:

        That statement was of course NOT true. Liam was merely speaking in jest . The Labour Party left the nation’s finances in excellent shape …there is simply billions that are available to pay public sector workers;avoid the cuts in benefits to the Labour voting poor who cannot survive without the necessities of life i.e. their Sky Subscription;42″ Plasma TV;X Box/Playstation 3 and their booze and ciggie allowance and to carry on the spending bonanza of the last 13 years which has only been made possible by the economic genius of Gordon Brown and Labour. The Tory led Coalition is talking the nation down….yet again !!!

  16. 23
    blackbyle says:

    Well put Guido why does the Tory element or should that be filament of Cole- ition(cf.N.Clegg)tolerate Hutton’s maunderings?

  17. 25
    Tapestry says:

    Total wally. Get rid of it. Nothing to offer.

  18. 41
    Desperate Dan says:

    He got used to living the high life without having to pay for it while he was a crap BBC reporter. Old habits die hard.

  19. 42
    Andrew the Brown Hater says:

    Acquired by Lancaster University – that well known (?) institution of academic excellence (not). Hutton is a NuLab stooge and invariably gets it wrong.

    • 52
      Sir William Waad says:

      Lancaster University is strong in business studies – 24th in the world, according to the FT, which is good. They’ve now got a champion of antibusiness studies.

    • 67
      Desperate Dan says:

      The government needs to cut funding to Lancaster University. Its clearly got far too much cash if it can waste it saving Think Tank/Lobby organisations from bankruptcy.

  20. 50
    JSA Billy says:

    Has Gordon Brown passed the incapacity test to hold on to his payout? Still not capable of work after nearly 6 months, apparently.

  21. 51
    Alan Johnson MP Shadow Chancellor & Expert Economist says:

    On Monday Britain’s economy was heading for a double dip recession. On Tuesday, after the 0.8% growth in GDP, I would like to warn that Britain’s economy is overheating, we are heading for damagingly high interest rates.

    The Tor*ies have no idea how to ruin run the economy.

    • 58
      South of the M4 says:

      The country was heading for damagingly high interest rates when you started QE mate.

      • 75
        Engineer says:

        What’s wrong with higher interest rates? If they reach a point where my meagre savings start to keep pace with inflation, I’ll be quietly pleased. Obviously, nobody wants a return to 15% on mortgages, but as few seem to charge much less than 5%, there’s scope for rises without much pain.

        • 79
          AC1 says:

          Interest rates should match the risk of lending.

          They should be much higher.

          They were pushed down by the mountain of credit regulated into existence, and the foolishness of China.

  22. 59
    Sir William Waad says:

    Will Hutton is a peculiar kind of ageing hippie who harks back to the days when he grew his hair long and bought a pair of round purple sunglasses. Capitalism harshes his vibe but, like all hippies, he is materialistic enough to hitch a ride. There is no intellectual content in his ramblings but they sound good and it makes a lot of people feel good if they agree with him.

    Huttonites have it all: a good job, not to much to do and a cosy feeling of moral superiority.

  23. 66
    The Watcher says:

    The late Christopher Story, a friend, described Hutton to me as one of the most evil men alive.

    • 98
      Tapestry says:

      Fetch the guillotine. Guido must bring this wretch out and chop off his head. The baying crowd is hungry for blood. There haven’t been enough New Labour victims of late. Get this head into the basket and we can all cheer once more. GBP 27 pension liabilities for a handful of people? Cut off their heads immediately.

    • 107
      Swamp Creature says:

      David Icke claims that Christopher Story was poisoned.


      Christopher Story in turn links Will Hutton to Harold Shipman.

      It all stacks up!!!

  24. 68
    cnocspeireag says:

    Sloppy writing, sir! You used ‘earning’ whereas the correct term is ‘paying himself’.

  25. 69
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    Point of order !!!!!

    As Labour hate the Queen and her family can they be ” Her Majsteys loyal oppositoin ” ?

  26. 70
    albacore says:

    “Those who can, do.
    Those who can’t, teach”.

    • 73
      Engineer says:

      …..and those who can’t teach join the ‘education establishment’.

      • 87
        bergen says:

        I thought it was”and those who can’t teach,teach others how to teach”.

        I wonder how Hutton’s family Buy to Let empire is doing these days?

    • 83
      jaykay says:

      A much misused saying. This may apply to the teaching profession but it certainly doesn’t apply in industry or the armed forces. Can you imagine what would happen if the least capable pilots were allowed to teach trainee pilots how to fly a multi-million pound fighter? In real life only the best are allowed to teach, shame it doesn’t apply to state education.

      • 91
        albacore says:

        Or think-tanks.
        Still, judging by Sailor Dave’s aircraft carriers without fixed-wing aircraft stroke of genius, there soon won’t be anybody left to teach the matelots how to fly.

  27. 74


    And the spastics all looked over there.

    • 82
      Balls for Britain says:

      We never turn down the opportunity to give some leftie cuпt a good kicking. Get over it.

      • 96


        • 109
          Swamp Creature says:

          Will Hutton is in league with the ghost of Harold Shipman – see below.

        • 112
          look both ways says:

          Ever heard of multitasking, you knob?

        • 113
          Sir William Waad says:

          Left side of the keyboard, third row up.

        • 136
          Swamp Creature says:

          I have looked at the wording. It is shit. One can only hope that time and maturity will enable you one day to come to terms with your own mediocrity, and that when that Damascene moment comes, perhaps while you are sitting on the lavatory, that tears of gratitude will abseil down your cheeks as you remember my wise words. Now run along.

  28. 77
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    No PMQS live chat ?

  29. 78
    Anon says:

    Where’s PMQ’s gone?

  30. 81
    Marthambles says:

    Please be more careful with your use of the English language, Guido. Just because this monstrous hypocrite paid himself £180,000 pa doesn’t mean he “earned” it.

  31. 84
    HappyUK says:

    £27 million worth of unfunded pensions eh? I take it this pisspoor outfit is a non-for-profit company and so is thankfully ineligible for any kind of taxpayer-funded bailouts?

    It also probably means Hutton has to take a drastic paycut and curb the expenses, or else take a hike.

  32. 88
    Postal Vote says:

    Another clear example that champagne socialists and limousine liberals are very good at spending too much of someone else’s money …

    • 99
      Postal Vote says:

      huge parallel with Labour party’s finances after Brown rule here

      and these people say you should trust them with your money ….

  33. 89
    Mr Plum says:

    I see Eds still emulsioning the ceiling

  34. 97
    Pete. says:

    Forgive the spelling, I’m typing one handed.

    The Huttons & Townbee’s & Bliars are our own grown Oligarch’s there sneering contempt for the aspirations & achievements of ‘the lesser mortals in the country would be funny if they were characters in some kind of sitcom such as the New statesman or Drop the Dead Donkey.
    in reality it’s time they were drafted on to an ‘A’ level course studying Animal Farm & 1984. only alllowed to leave when they get the underlying message.

  35. 100
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    Is Ed better than Gordon ??????

  36. 106

    If we are discussing BBC appearances by alternative socialist theorists..


  37. 108
    Cast Iron Cameron the Liar says:

  38. 110
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    Anyone want a bet on SA v P*kistan 20/20 ?

  39. 111
    Grrr says:

    Has a third rate university (which one?) just taken on a £27m pension liability?

    • 116
      Praguetory says:

      I believe that the pension deficit has been dodged in the course of the transaction.

      • 150
        Peter Grimes says:

        Which means its deficit will fall on the other pension funds which still manage to survive as a levy to the Pension Protection Fund.

        That’s you and me in real terms!

    • 121
      streamfisher says:

      Sounds like it, their grasp of economics is as woeful as the work foundations, do they actually teach that subject at Lancaster?, not a good recommendation for prospective students.

  40. 118
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    I hope they never show PMQS in 3d

  41. 119
    Tell it like it really is says:

    Milliband – one trick pony, very poor and getting poorer

    • 124
      streamfisher says:

      God, he’s so boring, but not irritating like Brown was, can’t really take that much offence with somebody that’s got nothing to say, the line of succession in practise again on an ever downward spiral.

  42. 122
    Vice-Chancellor of Lancaster University says:

    Who are you calling a ‘third-rank’ university Fawkes, Mr ‘Humberside College of Higher Education’? This year Lancaster was in the top ten in all three national league tables – ranking 10th in the Times, 8th in the Independent’s Complete University Guide and 6th in the Guardian League table. So go fuck yourself sad boy.

  43. 128
    Ear to the Ground says:

    And this guy lectures the world…

  44. 129
    George Osborne says:

    Guido-u mean this lefty tw*t is on the Government payroll? How come? Couldn`t run a convivial evening in a Think Tank-or even run a think tank.

  45. 140
    Unsworth says:

    Great pic of Huttons index finger. Where has it been? Up his arse, or somebody else’s?

  46. 143
    augustine the hippo says:


    Hutton said: “It’s an imaginative link-up between an excellent and innovative university and a thinktank. Two and two will make five”

    Hutton is obviously as good at arithmetic as he is a economics.

  47. 148
    Kered Ybretsae says:

    Couldn’t have happened to a nicer feather-bed leftie!

  48. 149
    Passerby says:

    As Engineer points out the work foundation is certainly a microcosm

    Remember it was originally the Industrial Society which used to be represented at many universities in the 80s

    It sold off its training bit to Capita in 2001 for £23M

    Hutton drains it dry on salaries and the pensions – all the while telling the rest of us how to manage the world

  49. 151
    Puzzled says:

    The Work Foundation…….according to the Charity Commission website, the Foundation pension deficit in 2008 (last filing) was 716,000 pounds. Last week, according to their insolvency guy, it was 26,900,000 pounds. How does that work??????????

    • 153
      augustine the hippo says:

      Sounds like they asked Gordon Brown for advice on investment.

    • 156
      D Wade says:

      There is a difference between the annual deficit and pension liability. I love one search google research – amateur hour.

      • 157
        Puzzled says:

        Reply to D Wade……..If you had taken the time to check the CC website out, instead of parading your ignorance to all, you would have discovered that the accumulated pension deficit in 2008 was 716,000. Last week the accumulated pension deficit was 26,900,000 apparently. I hope this helps with your education.

  50. 154
    bollicky bill says:

    best way to piss him and the trots off, is to remind them just how rich he is ,
    next time he writes a shit article on the guardians CIF.

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