October 19th, 2010

Paranoid About Left-Wing BBC Bias?

Some would have it that the caricature of BBC news editors as Thatcher-hating, Green-loving, Tory-bashing, anti-Israeli types is just that, a ridiculous caricature of over-the-top nonsense only existing in the minds of paranoid Telegraph readers. Is it really paranoia?

Yet it is fascinatingly revealing to see how BBC luvvies talk candidly amongst themselves on Twitter,  exhibiting uniformly left-wing group-think straight out of the pages of the Guardian.

The Biased-BBC blog highlights Rachel Kennedy, a ‘strand editor’, responsible for sections of the rolling news programme on the BBC News Channel. According to her Twitter feed George Osborne is going to “knacker” the economy and “ruin lives”, she loves the Green Party’s Caroline Lucas etc.

From Gaza to Murdoch she has the whole bag of left-wing values that you would expect from a news editor on our impartial state broadcaster.


  1. 1
    nolicencefee says:

    anyone can see that her views are views of the centrist. therefore she is strictly impartial, the beeb is extremely impartial. she and they cant help if if the tories are loathsome and the green party so lovely. poor woman. how much duress does she have to work under. hope they give her a good payrise and a nice no expense spared trip maybe to the usa for some obamaworship.

    • 6
      Down with Brown! says:

      She sends a lot of tweets to alexsmith1982 of LabourList…..

      • 69
        Crikey says:

        Actually she probably is impartial as she is prepared to accept money from the many licence fee payers who don’t have left wing views.??

        • 194

          put Rupert Murdoch in her place or tell her to get her tits out

          • Disaffected says:

            Watch Sky’s rolling news it is much better and without the BBC Liebour twist. thompson ought to rid the BBC of these hoons. Cameron scrap the license tax we do not want to pay for the lefty Beeb.

        • 196
          Old timer says:

          Trade Union members are allowed to opt out of the political element of their union dues. Should not we be allowed to do the same with Licence Fees?

        • 225
          Paranoid says:

          Is it really paranoia?

          Is the Pope really Catholic?

      • 107
        Bed Wetting Red Ed says:

        I said I’d go to the cuts protest but my elders and betters have told me I can’t because it might make me seem left wing and scary.

        Hang on, this is all very New Labour, I thought we were moving away from all that. I’m confused. Better shut up or Ed might send Charlie round, for a chat…

    • 67
      Roll over Nelson says:

      So why are we buying an aircraft carrier that will not have any aircraft to carry and will be moth balled within months?

      And as for the lame excuse that the Frogs can land on it, remember the Falklands where the French supported and supplied the Argies with missiles and aircraft? So if the Argies were to invade again that wouldn’t be much use would it?

      • 75
        Sir William Waad says:

        I thought the problem was that nobody could land on it because it is not being built with a deck catapult.

        • 83
          Roll over Nelson says:

          Liam Fox said this morning that French and American aircraft would be able to land on it, so that must mean that it will now come complete with catapult and arester gear.

        • 97
          sockpuppet #4 says:

          I might be displaying ignorance, logic in equal measure here, or just pedantry.

          Surely they could LAND on it whether or not its got a deck catapult?

        • 160
          Devil's Dumplings says:

          Dear God the ignorance of some people over defence matters. It’s all down to the aircraft type.

          The UK Carriers are being built to a spec to operate the Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) which is a Short Take-off/Vertical Landing (STOVL) aircraft, á la Harrier. It therefore doesn’t need catapults or arresting gear; this was one of the reasons that the carriers were going to be so ‘cheap’. They will however have bow ski-jumps to obtain payload/range advantages for the JSF like the current Invincible class. The USN will also be buying JSFs so that they will be able to ‘cross deck’ from our carriers, and our aircraft off their ‘Conventional’ ones too.

          The French, as ever, have gone their own way with Conventional Carriers with catapults and arrestor gear and operate Rafale Conventional Take-off and Landing (CTOL) aircraft – the Aeronavale will never buy JSF, as its not French and they aren’t in the JSF programme as they don’t need to be. In summary our JSFs (when/IF they arrive) will be able to operate off American and French carriers, any JSFs wil be able to operate off any carriers and the French will be able to operate off the American carriers and vice versa, not that they ever will for Political reasons.

          However, JSF is running late, is vastly over budget and is unlikely to do what it says on the tin (never heard that one before for a defence programme!). Hence the Capability Gap between the Harriers being axed and the JSFs arriving. In the meantime we’ll have 2 x floating paperweights. Moreover, is JSF likely to survive under the Obama administration? Does the name Skybolt mean anything to anyone these days?

          The real story is: will the RN suddenly have a change of heart (they’ve never done that before, especially if its to the detriment of the RAF!!!!) and demand that, to bridge the Capability Gap, our new carriers will have to be able to operate CTOL types like American F/A-18 Hornets (NATO compatibility) and Rafales (as we are Good Europeans) and have to be modified during construction at phenomenal expense (buy your shares in BAES/Thales, now!) to have catapults and arrester gear. The RN will then obtain what its been after since the 60’s, the recovery of an independent air arm that will add weight to their REAL agenda which is the disbandment of the RAF, which they see as a drain on the defence (Cocker’s P) budget and a threat their continuance of an 18th century mind-set.

          • Anonymous says:

            2 floating paperweights seems worth one ex-carrier on the sea floor having suffered from excess Sunburn.

          • Grumpy Student says:

            It’s more complicated than that.

            There are three variants of the JSF (four if you count the Israeli one). A is the basic model which is pretty much your standard fighter. B is the STOVL model which is what we were *meant* to be getting. C is the US carrier model which is a modified version of A with bigger wings, a hook and so on. Version C requires all the same things as a conventional carrier aircraft – arresting gear, catapults etc.

            It sounds like from the reports that not only are we changing the design of the carriers to suit other countries’ planes then we are also making it possible to switch from the expensive B variant to the cheaper C variant. It’s been hinted at on the BBC News web-site that the decision to make this switch has already been made.

          • Devil's Dumplings says:

            Grumpy Student – d’accord; my post was long enough as it was, without going into the different JSF variants. Thanks for adding to the education value, though.

            Also a strong contender in the RN’s devious plotting is the ditching of JSF in favour of the F/A-18E/F if the carriers are expensively re-worked as conventional carriers.

          • Willie says:

            IMO, the real story is why there is a need for three and a half (if you include RM/SF) career paths with so few sailors soldiers and airmen. The Fleet Air Arm consistently puts more aircraft in the air per person than the RAF which likes to operate from big fixed bases with the consequent overheads. It is high time to change, revert if you like, to the earlier system of having a fleet based, configuered for force projection, air arm which can easily provide home defence, if necessary, with logistic and rotary wing assets run by the Army.
            This takes “jointery” to the next level. We already have a joint Harrier force (RIP) and helicopters. Famous squadrons would not disappear. We could keep a few more aircraft and ships this way. This is not an anti RAF driven sentiment either. It is absolute nonsense to define modern warfare in the terms of the environment in which they operate only and have three services. There is only one warspace and the assets needed to operate in it cannot any longer be dictated by service especially on the grounds of cost.

      • 224
        Sir Everard Digby says:

        Because our beloved ex PM,the McRuin signed a contract which said we would have something else built of equivalent value if we cancelled the carriers. Very patriotic of him but it did guarantee votes in 3 Labour constituaencies.

        I suggest a large internment camp for the previous government would be a worthwhile alternative project.

        Whilst ranting,let us note that the Trident fleet,when built may not be able to store the missiles we are buying from the US. The Pentagon have not yet confirmed the missile dimensions,so we are building the new subs on an assumption. Never mind,we could always tow them behind in a rowing boat.

    • 84
      Mr Ned says:

      “anyone can see that her views are views of the centrist.”

      Sadly, that is exactly how they see themselves. Ed Miliband said he would redefine the centre ground of British politics.

      What that means (in their minds) is that Liberalism will be the new right wing extremism and the Tax and Waste socialism will be the new centre.

      Sadly the BBC will be central in creating that definition in the public’s minds (or at least enough of them to get labour back into power)

    • 157
      Up sh1t creek says:

      If you want BBC bias, have a look at this news report about Labour’s new economic strategy – the same as the old one – tax and spend to save the bloated public sector.

      Alan Johnson, indeed the entire Labour party, don’t need to look at an economics for dummies book, they need a maths book. They clearly cannot understand the difference between a profit and loss, where the public sector are the equivalent of a (never ending) loss.

      • 177
        Better Dead than Red Ed says:

        But boosting the public sector through spending Taxpayers’ money ensures that there is a hardcore of Liebour voters. How else could we get into government ?? We’re completely devoid of sensible policies, ideas and don’t have a decent leader.

        • 240
          Anonymous says:

          I’m getting tired of hearing the Left and the Ignorant declaring that the mess we’re in is because of the Bankers.
          Sure, they fouled up, and proved too central to the economy to avoid having to be saved, but the massive imbalance bteween the nation’s income and its expenditure, commonly known as the Deficit, was caused by irresponsible politicians, mainly on the Left, who seemed happy to buy votes with an unfunded series of goodies.

          • Mark T says:

            But this is exactly the new agenda promoted by Red Ed and his centrist pals. None of it was labour’s fault, it was the bankers innit? And everytime CMD panders to them by talking about taxing bankers all he does is let labour slip away further while the mob want to know why “ordinary people have to pay for bankers’ greed” It is so obvious I can see it, why can’t the Conservatives? Oh I forgot, letting labour set the agenda was how they ended up in a coalition in the first place

    • 280
      Osbourne the ripper says:

      According to her Twitter feed George Osborne is going to “knacker” the economy and “ruin lives”
      Well that’s stating the bloody obvious, especially ruin lives. It is Boys from the Blackstuff all over again. Osbourne is doing what he came into politics to do. Make himself even more wealthy and to cut back the State. The World recession brought about by right wing bankers greed is a God send to him. It gives him an excuse to put his ideology into action.

  2. 2
    Down with Brown! says:

    I am not surprised leftie Stephanie Flanders has protected her tweets.


    But did she make Ed Balls and Ed Milliband wear protection?

  3. 3
    Chris says:

    I’m all for anything anti-Israeli, but liking Caroline Lucas is indefencible

    • 8
      Chris says:

      Actually reading the source link is pretty shocking

      Between the whole behind the scenes BBC setup and the outwardly leftie Ch4 News team especially @krishgm, the left agenda can be pushed all the time

      • 165
        Michael Taylor says:

        OK C4 News is avowedly leftie, but at least it does a good job of reporting the news.

        The real crime of the BBC is not that it is Leftie (though, by God, it is), it’s that the effort and intellectual contortions involved in sustaining a Leftie viewpoint are so great, the denial and willful blindness so all-encompassing, that they literally find it impossible to act as decent journalists.

        Frankly, I gave up the hope of an impartial BBC many many years ago. What remains shocking and disgraceful is the systemic collapse of their journalistic ability altogether. And if £3.5b pa guaranteed can’t buy you even half-way decent journalism, then what possible argument can there be for state funding?

        We should not be taxed for circuses.

        • 214
          Tell it like it really is says:

          Just as an example the beeb were pushing the “punishment of Kurt Wilders” in Holland but not one word that he is not now going to be tried (for telling the truth) I understand.

    • 19
      sockpuppet #4 says:

      I’m not for anything anti-israeli.
      But I get the impression that for some people, if you support isreal 99%, thats not enough.

      I can’t see what she’s said that is anti-is, but hey, I’m a horrible anti-isrl git who doesn’t support them 100.00000000%

    • 33

      yep anything against occupiers and British passport fakers is fine with me

      • 72
        Grumpy Old Man says:

        That’s deported 50% of Tower Hamlets then.

        • 144
          Christian Guru Murphy says:

          Are the resident of Tower Hamlets stealing land and property and murdering the rightful owners? Why isn’t the BBC reporting that?

        • 149
          Christian Guru Murphy says:

          Are the residents of Tower Hamlets stealing land and property and murdering the rightful owners? Why isn’t the BBC reporting that?

        • 215
          Tell it like it really is says:

          Correction = 99%

      • 201
        Cheese Lover says:


        Then what the hell are the Muslims of Oldham, Bradford, Luton, Leicester, Tower Hamlets, Wembley ect doing if not occupation?

        Here for a better life?…don’t make me laugh.

        Oh, and 1600 years ago, Israel was not “Muslim lands” you mongtard.

        • 218
          Tell it like it really is says:

          The Arch of Titus in Rome erected for his Triumph through Rome clearly shows the jewish prisoners in chains together with menorahs being held aloft after the sacking of Jewish Jerusalem. The bricks remaining of the foundations of the buildings of the Capitoline etc., were made specifically of a size to be laid by Jewish prisoners with their hands mancled together whilst they worked, try it when you visit. Of course facts and history are not something london muslim is interested in just mindless shite.

      • 205
        HappyUK says:

        Israel has a right to exist.

        • 210
          rightallalong says:

          The BBC fought tooth and nail (plus a lot of licence payers’ money) to hide the findings of the Balen Report on anti-Israel bias at the BBC. I wonder why ?

  4. 4
    Down with Brown! says:

    Brendan Barber has just been on the BBC news showing:

    1. He is stupid. He talked about Boris Johnson being the Lord Mayor of London.
    2. He is allowed by the BBC to spread lies. He talked about the cuts being intended to target the poor. No they are to prevent national bankruptcy because Labour pissed away all the money.

    • 156
      Christian Guru Murphy says:

      Union leaders haven’t been allowed to get anywhere near the airwaves for the past 13 years. All of a sudden they are a daily presence on the BBC.

  5. 5
    pompa per calcestruzzo says:

    Ugly, thin lipped and with eyes like p*ss holes in the snow…

    • 17
      A Pensioner says:

      Probably got those type of pubic hairs that cause lesions on your cock – embarassing explaining that to your wife.

      • 31
        Primrose Hill Marxist coward says:

        Sour-faced, vinegar-titted harridan if looks are anything to go by.

        The BBC is one huge Leftist circle jerk which must come to an end.

  6. 7
    Doc Trough says:

    “She has the whole bag of left-wing values that you would expect from a news editor on our impartial state broadcaster.”

    - and the complexion of a terminally sick Hippopotamus to boot, which, of course, is what the Boaden needs to be given

  7. 9
    Grumpy Old Man says:

    In yesterday’s Toady Labour propaganda spot, two beeboids managed to give an overview of the origins of the economic situation without once mentioning Gordon and the Titanics. It is this Stalinesque dedication to hiding the truth and making it fit the Lefty alternative universe that makes the BBC what it is today.

    • 241
      Honest View says:

      It’s the Bankers, you see.
      Nothing to do with Gordo’s reckless spending.
      I think the Beeb at the moment is so clearly biased that it’s hardly worth discussing any more. There used to be a debate between those who thought it was a model of impartial news-reporting and those who thought it twisted news into Leftie propaganda. That debate is now dead.

  8. 10
  9. 11
    dr. sipp says:

    pompas personal insults –unbeleivable there allowed to be posted

    attack her if you feel shes biast but posts like this are bringing this site down

    • 12
      Private Sponge says:

      dr.sipp With spelling and grammar like yours, you must be a BBC journalist.

    • 16
      smoggie says:

      The personal insults will be removed by the Thought Police to be followed up with midnight visits by truncheoned goons who will “re-educate” the miscreants.

      Happy now?

    • 29
      Stan Butler says:

      You wouldn’t be a product of schooling under New Labour, would you?

    • 109
      M'lud says:

      I know I’ve been accused of being a grammar pedant before but, fuck, eleven mistakes in a post of 25 words! Is this a record?

      Did you go to school? Or are you still too young to go?

      • 134
        Max de Winter says:

        @ M’lud: Thank you for making me spray coffee all over over my screen. Best laugh so far this morning!

        • 171
          Number 10's cat says:

          That’s what I like about this site. I have a legitimate excuse for putting cling film over the keyboard.

          • R Timney ( Mr Jacqui Smith ) says:

            I put cling film over my tv screen, but not so much now since the missus lost her seat.

      • 221
        Noise says:

        Sometimes I wonder if lefty types spam this site with badly spelled angry racist drivel, to give the impression that right wingers/liberalists are indeed angry belligerent undesirables.

        It certainly fits in with the way the BBC thinks. While they can sit on their high horse and say “but comment is free is full of jolly nice people, who work for charity, and have such good command of English grammar”.

        I just don’t understand why so many illiterates would come on a politics forum. Surely they wouldn’t get past the bbc Radio 5 football forums?

    • 147
      Senator Bloodn' Gore, says:

      You, Sir, are obviously a product of New Labour’s wonderful improvements to the Education of this once great nation.

    • 207
      HappyUK says:

      Dr Sapp,

      Well, roast my f***ing haemorrhoids and call me Clitface you half-wit. Don’t know whether you noticed, this post is all about the BBC’s true socialist colours being amply seen on Twitter for all to see. Or does everything get past you unless it happens to in bold, size seventy f***ing two font size?

      Sites like these are on the UP. It’s the terrible, dreary, stuffy likes of LabourList that are on the way DOWN.

    • 255
      Andrew Marr is vermin says:

      I hope to God that you are not employed by the NHS

  10. 13
    dr. sipp says:

    everyone is paranoid on here

    im hacked off paying tv licence as everyone else

    especialy as sport has gone downhill fast

    • 15
      Hiram Holiday says:

      I fort dat wuz just der skiiiing.

    • 24
      concrete pump says:

      Don’t pay it you fucking moron, and re: yesterday, that was yesterday and i had a fucking good point, so stop bleating, pull your trousers up and fuck off.


      • 211


        For all those complaining, do a few simple things and cancel your licence – I’ve got an entry on my blog showing how I’ve done it – if everyone knew how easy it would be, the cost of recovering the licence fee would be too expensive and this tax would be abolished instantly.

    • 212
      HappyUK says:

      No, it is not paranoia. If you don’t f***ing like it don’t f***ing pay for it then.

      Only an ignorant f***ing shitehawk who couldn’t find his way to page three of his own f***ing newspaper could possibly write like you!

  11. 14
    NotaSheep says:

    Maybe Helen ‘impartiality in our genes’ Boaden could explain how this person is employed in a senior editorial role?

  12. 18
    Popeye says:

    Par for the course.
    But when are our ELECTED leaders going to do anything about it?
    I constantly send e-mail accusations of bias and just as constantly I get the routine crap in return. We have conducted… rubbish … and find no bias.

    • 23
      NeverRed says:

      I too send e-mails on the bbc complaints site, and to my MP and No.10 and would advise everyone who thinks (knows) the bbc are a PR company for labour to do the same and get everyone they know to do the same.

      Even the tories will have to react eventually, and I can’t understand why they don’t sell off the damned useless organisation and do themselves a favour.

      The sight of toilets Muckguire on Sky spouting his usual crap is more than enough, but at least I don’t pay a fee to suffer watching him (I actually change channels as soon as I see his stupid face).

      • 39
        Grumpy Old Man says:

        How do you get Sky without paying?

      • 153
        Senator Bloodn' Gore, says:

        Ask Sky for a free to air contract. This will cost a one-off £150 and will include box and installation I believe.

      • 168
        Hugh Janus says:

        “(I actually change channels as soon as I see his stupid face).”

        I show the same deference to Peston. It’s a real bugger if they are on different channels at the same time.

  13. 20
    kingfelix says:

    Well-educated intelligent globally conscious citizens just happen to identify more closely with values you denounce.

    I am sure you can find somebody with your own ideology, but you’ll have to go right down to the bottom of the garbage heap to root them out. Have you considered lorry drivers?

    • 26

      So you think lorry drivers are at “the bottom of the garbage heap”, very revealing.

      • 77
        Primrose Hill Marxist coward says:

        How about postmen?

      • 92
        Backwoodsman says:

        Fawkes, from experience, they get very sniffy about people who actually work for a living. Even an engineer with a first class degree counts as below the salt to a beeboid.

      • 158
        Senator Bloodn' Gore, says:

        Oh explosive one, you should know by now that any ‘citizen’ who has no good reason to claim benefits, is not of ethnic origin and doesn’t recycle (religiously) is not fit to inhabit this sceptered isle let alone write or even post on a blog. The Interweb is, of course, the domain of those with a social conscience.

    • 44
      Mr Ned says:

      “Well-educated intelligent globally conscious citizens”

      I read that and see, “well indoctrinated, narcissistic, new-world-order loving brainwashed drones”

      I bet you still believe the anthropological climate disruption propaganda too, don’tcha?

    • 93
      Sir William Waad says:

      If your head swells and swells until it is perfectly spherical, you too will be ‘globally conscious’.

    • 148

      some people will post anything
      to get their totally unknown webshite noticed
      what No posts again ? rather like talking to yourself !

      King Felix ruler of a void !

      • 187
        Beryl Hitler says:

        An anarcho-syndicalist King? I suppose he could dig a trench for himself before reaching for the revolver. Shovelling quicklime whilst deceased would be the dealbreaker, though.

    • 159

      “Well educated intelligent globally conscious citizens ” Just happen to be in short supply as your webshite shows
      posts for
      oct = 6
      sep = 9
      aug = 5
      july = 8
      june = 0
      talking of the bottom of the garbage heap !

    • 172
      Anonymous says:

      The answer is to appeal to their sense of values.
      Offer them 200 quid to get the snip.

    • 261
      Alois Schicklgruber says:

      I love arrogance. It’s so much fun when they start to cry.

      The ‘bastard’ Kapos were always give the arrogant, professionals and the rich to play with in the camps. (rabbis, priests and magistrates most of all)

      The fun they use to have. In the end they all cry before they die.

    • 269
      Bazza says:


      Wanker. You exemplify the reasons I hate the left, you pontificating metrosexual sewer-voting snob, who conflates “intelligence” with political “soundness” to the traitorous treasonous cult of socialism.

    • 270
      We got our selves a CONVOY says:

      And we’re coming your way mate.

  14. 21
    kingfelix says:

    Guido’s next revelation – male porn stars tend to have massive whangs. Evidence of bias?

    • 36
      concrete pump says:

      More like evidence you watch gay porn…

    • 161
      Senator Bloodn' Gore, says:

      No Concrete Pump I think that King Felix may actually be female in origin.

    • 184
      Maximus says:

      Did you really write:

      My hope regarding the Chilean mining rescue

      Posted on October 12, 2010

      I am hoping just one of the Chilean miners announces to an astonished world that they want to stay down there.

      I suspect that’s a metaphor for an unhealthy preoccupation you have with bowels. Have you tried colon irrigation? Otherwise blog off.

    • 216
      HappyUK says:

      When are the BBC going to comment that it was the YANKS that well and truly pulled those Chilean Miners out of their godforsaken rathole?

      And I don’t mean a brief mention on TV or some obscure web page, but really stick it to us, that it was those evil, imperialistic, capitalist American dogs that were the REAL heroes here? Schramm Inc are nothing short of modern-day heroes in saving all those lives, but you won’t get a squeek of this out of the BBC.

      Not a word from Matt “Sneerboy” Frei.

      • 256
        Andrew Marr is vermin says:

        Not a mention either that the back-up wide bore shaft was drilled by Precision Drilling of Calgary, Canada.
        You’re right, that louche poof Frei wouldn’t know the truth if it was 12 inches up his rectum.

      • 257
        Andrew Marr is vermin says:

        Remember the 2004 tsunami. Not one mention from the BBC that the only effective aid relief came from the US Navy.

  15. 22
    My Real Name says:

    Political correctness, social engineering, multiculti, EU and socialist propaganda – it’s what the BBC do, all for the benefit of their viewers of course, who sadly are not bright enough to think this way on their own, poor dears. And if that’s not public service, then what is?

    People join the BBC because it is the perfect tool for moulding people’s opinions – ignorant people who are incapable of thinking the right things without regular BBC “support” – it was ever thus.

    • 35
      albacore says:

      “Political correctness, social engineering, multiculti, EU and socialist propaganda”
      Well, if it works for Dave…

      • 47
        Mr Ned says:

        Sadly true…

        Dave’s tory’s are like a slightly less wasteful version of labour that also scrapped ID cards.

        They are a vast improvement on labour, but still are still nowhere near good enough.

  16. 25
    Andrew Marr says:

    Warning – visiting this web site may harm your computer!

    • 60
      Down with Brown! says:

      Warning – watching the Andrew Marr Show may harm your brain.

    • 61
      Must get a pseudonym one day says:

      Counter-warning : Visiting Andrew Marr’s bedroom may improve your financial situation for a few years.

    • 259
      Andrew Marr is vermin says:

      Tell me, after that notoriously fawning and sycophantic “interview” with Brown in the Kirkaldy school library, how long did you actually suck his cock.

  17. 27
    Chris says:

    Anything or anybody which is in receipt of any public money whatsoever will lean to the left. Even if they don’t start out that way it is inevitable.

    I’m in favour of the licence fee (which is how this thread will end up), just look at how total & utter shit commercial TV and/or radio is and that’s when it’s competing against the BBC if the BBC wasn’t there it would be even worse.

    Long live the BBC, but that’s not to say it doesn’t need its budget reducing and its unions tearing down (just like any public service)

    • 30
      QWERTY says:

      Nonsense, just what does the BBC do that is outstanding?

      • 41
        Grumpy Old Man says:

        Strictly Come Dancing , Royal Funerals and Cash in the Attic.

        • 51
          Mr Plum says:

          Wimbledon Tennis, though wish they would use some of that 3 Billion to show more sport ie cricket, rugby internationals as i am too tight to pay for sky. Guess competitive sport is not leftie enough.

        • 132
          WHAT A FUCKING MUPPET says:

          “Cas in the attic ” waste £100,000 producing a shite programme where some twat wastes an hour
          finding trinkets fit for a car boot sale to raise £ 500 for a fucking holiday !
          just give e’m £500 not to bother FFS !

        • 203
          Desperate Dan says:

          They make documentaries for people with Attention Deficit Disorder who need to be zapped with a new image, new loud music and new non-sequitur every 50 seconds. All presented by Mr and/or Ms Below Average.

      • 45
        albacore says:

        It gets 3 billion quid a year for producing what licence-payers have to cough up sewerage charges to get rid of.

      • 49
        Mr Ned says:

        Spooks, Formula one coverage, TopGear….

        That’s about it really.

        • 54
          concrete pump says:

          Formula 1 – that’s it..

          • Mr Ned says:

            Spooks is great comedy, last nights was brilliant. More schoolboy errors than a large inner city primary schools whose water supply has been laced with LSD.

            TopGear could go to any other private industry channel, as it is entirely self-financing anyway.

            Formula one would have to find a home on a channel who could broadcast the race without advert breaks in it.

          • F1 is provided by Bernie Ecclestone. He uses his own cameramenn and equipment and feeds the world networks.

            Thee BBC just send a Blue Peter presenter and a bunch of know nothing women to get it all wrong.

            The BBC actually paid ITV for the franchise which afterwards ITV said they were going to give it away anyway.

            So the fact is the BBC is not responsible for F1. That maens they are totally useless. Spooks is left wing claptrap aimed at undermining our intelligence service by portrying them as stupid.

            Top gear is nothing to do with BBC it’s all about Clarkson.

            In short, the BBC produce nothing worthy of its 3.2 billion budget.

        • 279
          Archie says:

          Spooks? You must be taking the piss! Never seen such a leftie-agenda spouting, token “minority” pimping, multi-culti trumpeting, piece of shit; and don’t even get me started on the fucking so-called plot lines!

      • 59
        Restandbthankful says:

        Period dramas and …….. Em………..em…… Nope nothing else I can think of.

        • 179
          Uranus says:

          They would just love to get rid of Sky at Night if they could. It costs nearly nothing but carries no narrative which appeals to the Beeboid world vision.

          It is a link to a past which the BBC regards with disdain and incomprehension.

          • Anonymous says:

            Agreed…..the way the BBC hid TSAN away on the occasion of its 50th anniversary was disgusting. Probably doesn’t help that Sir Patrick is a non-politically correct mysogynist in his spare time.

        • 260
          Andrew Marr is vermin says:

          My Hero.
          Now there was an intellectual gem if ever there was one.
          Certainly up there with Eldorado.


      • 247
        foggy says:

        Last Of The Summer Wine – but they never really gave that a chance did they ?

    • 50
      Dr Septimus Pretorius says:

      I have tried to find this gold the beebles produces apart from ‘the sky at night ‘ [which they keep moving to hide it tossers] and mongrels [soz i liked it ] I cannot think of anything [top gear isn't owned by the beeb any more ] so if you can point up something that would help say something like the following [you may not like the list but they were all commercial successes] =
      black books /it crowd /spaced/ farther Ted/ dowton abbey /Morse /Frost/Marples /kingdom/Bremner, Bird And Fortune /Brass Eye/ Chelmsford 123/Jam/Comic Strip Presents/Drop the Dead Donkey/ spitting image /Man To Man With Dean Learne/C4 films .

    • 63
      smoggie says:

      If they don’t lean to the left then they don’t get the job. Public “services” are riddled with left-wing cronyism and nepotism.

      Ms Kennedy may be well intentioned but I suspect she just goes with the flow. Anyone who blames Osborne for the state of the nation is either an ostrich or a paid liar.

    • 278
      Limiting Factor says:

      I’d like to know how many of the people who responded to the question “so what has the BBC ever done for us?” with answers of “dunno, noffin’ I can fink ov”, have spent time in, say, the US?

      “Alright, except for an archive of our culture that’s pretty much unsurpassed, a range of online services greater than any other single entity provides (give or take Google), a bunch of TV channels catering to pretty much all tastes including small and medium sized children, outstanding nature programmes, some truly interesting documentaries (who else is able to produce programming about quantum physics even if you don’t like the editing style), Radio stations covering nearly the full spectrum of musical tastes and a news channel which (like it or not) provides more access and more coverage than nearly ALL commercial news entities, WHAT has the BBC ever done for us?”

      So, to recap. You get all of that for £150 per year, and you won’t have gouged your eyes out from adverts literally every 8 minutes, and yet you whine and moan like Rupert Murdoch trying to come to terms with the idea of a non-profit public good.

      • 283
        AbleTheSpace Monkey says:

        You haven’t been paying attention have you?. The gripe is the remorseless and unrelenting left wing bias/assumptions that permeates the BBC and all of its products, even its best. Having given up regular viewing and listening of BBC output for a couple of years, the implicit left wing world view from which BBC current affairs personal conduct their approach to investigating the ‘news’ is obvious and very irritating.
        As a remedy I suggest Sean Gabb be made director general of the BBC and the license tax be made voluntarily.

  18. 28
    Anonymous says:

    She’s a good reason for the BBC being privatised, bloody left wing skank

  19. 32
    Postal Vote says:


    Biased Broadcasting Corporation because labour will always be inclined to be more generous to it than the conservatives.

    Guardian has been sponseored by labour through the clever channelling of all those public secor job ads to it (where is the law requiring the government to spread its advertising across all newspapers and radio and tv channels?).

    • 34
      Postal Vote says:

      Marr and Ashley, whose father is labour peer

      son of former bbc chairman now guardian reporter


      • 128
        simon r says:

        On BBC breakfast this morning talking about the cuts – BBC political reporter Ben Wright, son of Tony Wright – Labour MP

        Robert Peston – son of Labour lord.

    • 40
      Backwoodsman says:

      R4 = labour party radio . Their skilful panipulation of the news agenda, by presenting the viewpoint of leftist talking heads as the default agenda, is largely responsible for 13 years of nulab clusterfuck and the current financial situation. It didn’t start in America, it started in the bbc studios.
      print off the front page from the biased bbc blog, take their licence fee letter, write ‘see me in court’ across the envelope, wrap it in the biased bbc blog page, send in un stamped envelope to crapita central.

      • 198
        Desperate Dan says:

        The BBC’s unquestioning loyalty to all things Labour also lead to them supporting Tony Blair’s illegal wars.

  20. 37
    Ayesha Hazarika says:

    Paddys wife is involved in a bad car crash. In the hospital she is just talking gobbledy gook . The worried doctor asks paddy is she fully compus mentus. No says paddy just third party fire and theft.

  21. 38
    Reasonable? Do I look reasonable to you? says:

    Kill them. Kill them all.

  22. 42
    avseer says:

    I’ve never doubted that the BBC has leanings toward the left – they have not given a well-rounded view of the political state since I’ve been a viewer.
    Shame that our ‘unbias’ BBC paid for by our license fee is allowed to be dictated too by lefties. The performance of the opposition in denying the deficit was of their making is unfathomable.

  23. 43
    Willie Twitch says:

    You want evidence of BEEB bias? Then listen to the junior Dimblebum chairing
    Any Questions or shutting up anyone who’s views he doesn’t like on Any Answers.

    • 58
      Hugh Janus says:

      Which is precisely the reason why I gave it up a long time ago. I was brought up watching and listening to Robin Day, a true master of his craft. There is now no one to come anywhere near his level of skill and impartiality. He asked the questions ordinary people wanted answered, without fear or favour.

      • 68
        Down with Brown! says:

        Adam Boulton on Sky and Tom Bradby are better political editors than anyone at Pravda.

      • 110
        Mr Ned says:

        Brian Walden was also a brilliant interviewer and showed great impartiality. He terrified tory AND labour MPs in a way that Paxman could never even dream of.

    • 108
      Phil says:

      His brother is the real problem “Question time” is a total put up job.
      Same faces keep popping up, continuous interrupting of contrary views with snide remarks and manipulation by the “we have to move on formula” when embarrassing truths start being discussed.
      Harman’s blatant shutting up of IDS by tapping Dimbleby to interrupt was a classic.
      I would be surprised if this programme has had a truly representative audience of the electorate once in the last five years.

  24. 46
    Two Dogs of Empiricism says:

    Not surprising.

    Create a stagnant, polluted, toxic pond and it will attract noxious bacteria.

  25. 48
    Hugh Janus says:

    It takes a truly remarkable level of stupidity for a supposedly objective and impartial Beeboid in Boaden’s postion to think that she can publicly spout such partisan comments.

    • 65
      Hugh Janus says:

      Sorry, my mistake, for Boaden read Kennedy.

    • 74
      Backwoodsman says:

      Hugh, for the workings of the beeboid mind see comment below from respected commentator with the inside track !

      “It’s not a conspiracy. It’s visceral. They think they are on the middle ground”,

      Jeff Randall former BBC Business Editor,

      in The Observer, Jan 15th, 2006.

    • 87
      Anon says:

      Sally BerCow is another one that should be banned from every appearing on our TV screen

      • 206
        Desperate Dan says:

        Sally Bercow is like Paris Hilton or Nigella Lawson. Nobody wants to listen to what she has to say but she’s acquired an agent (aka pimp) who spends time round selling her to broadcasters.

  26. 52
    Sarah Tweet says:

    Thank you Twitterverse for all your help – lots of ways to track down to #myfirsttweet

  27. 53
    Down with Brown! says:

    The Pravda news channel are reporting that the Pravda board will fight the British government if it makes them pay for free licences for the over 75s. Pravda will report morning, noon and night about how evil the cuts are.

    The government should send a regiment of tanks to Wood Lane and tell the greedy bastards to pay up to the old people…….

    • 64
      Anonymous says:

      Why should ANYONE get free TV at the involuntary expense of others? Surely if it’s free for one section of the population, it should be free for all.

      And don’t give me that shit about ‘paid my taxes all my life etc’ – the BBC is ‘nominally’ independent & the annual licence fee covers one year only.

      • 193
        Number 10's cat says:

        If the tv licence was exactly what it purports to be then the revenues generated should be shared amongst all broadcasters. They would be required to produce content that does not attract a mass audience, but does have some sort of intrinsic value, be it educational or cultural.

  28. 55
    Anonymous says:

    IMO the BBC has a left wing bias. However, other people who I’ve mentioned this to (who in my opinion also have a left wing bias) consider it to be perfect, impossible to improve & unthinkable to shrink.

    IMO the BBC trades on its history as a public service broadcaster – I can’t think of any news it has broken for years that made an impact on me.

    However, as Chris above forecast, this will turn into a debate on the licence fee – I’ve just cancelled my direct debit. Starve ‘em!

  29. 56
    Terrible But True says:

    There is currently a ‘charm offensive’ underway, at least as charming as the BBC can cobble together.

    Basically seems to be a series of high-ups telling the plebs outside the gilded spires that ‘we’ all love them, ‘we’ really, really love them.

    Sadly Ms. Boaden’s ill-fated outing got closed when things went a bit off-narrative, but the News Editor’s blog can usually be relied upon to throw another forlorn hope into the breach…


    Leading to…


    But I’d get in quick. When they say they ‘want your views’ and are happy to give answers, it seems that if they don’t get what they really want, plugs get pulled.

    For a responsive national broadcaster in theory supporting freedom of speech regardless of political affiliation that may seem a bit of a flaw.

    Though it’s not genetic. But, maybe, like the funding, it could be called.. ‘unique’?

    • 170
      Hugh Janus says:

      “All of this demonstrates the importance the BBC attaches to its editorial values and its editorial standards. They are crucial to the BBC’s relationship with its audiences and the trust audiences place in us. Nothing could be a greater recommendation for their use and usefulness.”

      A for effort, E- for results.

  30. 66
    The Ape Man Commeth says:

    Without the bbc the labour party could barely exist. The labour party is just a hollow shell, a mere husk, of it’s former self. Other than we are nice we are fair we are good (especially to the long-term visitors) it has no ideological basis anymore.

    The bbc, its little offshoot C4 news, postal vote rigging and scotchland, are the only reason labour can keep getting elected.

    The bbc played/s a vital role in the shaping of our increasingly precarious lives, which is all part of the ‘new’ economy, our world-view and our view of ourselves.

    The bbc is state propaganda of the communist variety.

  31. 70
    There is nothing fundamentally wrong with the BBC that truck bombs wouldn't solve says:

    • 103
      Drooling Imbecile says:

      Once you’ve fucking flushed the vermin out with truck bombs pal, you fucking hit em with a minimum 170 gallons of fucking Phosgene Oximine in vapour form pal.

      Nothing more rewarding than seeing socialist fucking scum writhing about with blistered fucking eye balls pal
      With one fucking tanker load you eradicates a nest of fucking hard left, third rate commies and dirty fucking socialists, all creaming huge fucking salaries off the british public wot watches Sky and fucking ITV anyway pal.

      Jobs a goodun pal

    • 121
      Anus Homo says:

      Awesome, I wanna hear A Dam Boultons reporting ten of those beauties detonating in tv centre. wood fucking lane

      Thats like far out man

  32. 71
    Realist says:

    The ‘Today’ programme is the worst of the lot . Bunch of leftie shits . Do nothing other than criticise the coalition government and crawl up the arses of any Labour MP or union leader they can get on air .

    • 243
      Honest View says:

      BBC news= quick, and ever so slightly dramatic, report about what the Coalition propose, immediately followed by some Leftie declaring what an absolute disaster it’s all going to be.
      This is now the established, unbreakable pattern.

  33. 73
    Down with Brown! says:

    Great twitter spat between the chief conspirator and http://twitter.com/theboylatch

  34. 76
    dogsled says:

    The biggest proof of BBC bias is the organisation wide use of the word ‘Tories’ to describe the Conservatives. Every single presenter/news reader/comic/Come Dancing contestant uses it. They don’t call the Liberials the ‘Whigs’ or Labour ‘Socialists’ or the Greens ‘Raving Hippy Tree Hugging Eco-Mentalists’ so why is it always the ‘Tories’?
    Nothing to do with cliched images of hunting, fishing, land owning lords of the land would it?
    We’ve started a new game in our house. How many times can the guests on The News Quiz squeeze in the words or phrases Tory, Tories, Tory Boy, Thatcher, Major & Edwina, 3 million unemployed, Trident & Miners Strike into a single episode? Jeremy Hardy must be so pleased now that he’s got his entire act from the late 80′s back & he no longer has to write new material.

    • 116
      Mr Ned says:

      Technically correct, but then I do not believe that you can really blame the BBC for calling conservatives “tories” when many conservative MPs refer to themselves as tories anyway.

      • 238
        Anonymous says:

        Yeah, but Conservatives can call themselves Tories just like black rappers call themselves ‘n*ggas’. They are both reclaiming a derogatory term. But as with blacks and the ‘N’ word, non conservatives should not be using the ‘T’ word.

    • 145
      The Ape Man Commeth says:

      More invidious is their use of the terms: Right wing and extreme right wing in a negative context.

      What is never heard in any negative context is: Left wing; and what is never said in any context at all is: Extreme left wing.

      • 174
        dogsled says:

        That is a very good point. Maybe the CCO needs to tell its candidates and MPs to stop using the term Tory too. Might bring the party a little more up to date.

    • 186
      Ctesibius says:

      What is always revealing is the way blood-soaked maniacs around the world are dubbed ‘conservatives’ by the Beeb.

      One example, the Communist opposition to Gorbachov in the Soviet Union / Russia was always called ‘conservative’. Why? They were extreme left-wingers committed to a one-party socialist state, nationalisation, state control of everything, etc. Pure left wing and nothing conservative about them at all and holding very similar views to Arthur Scargill, for example. Is he a ‘conservative’?

      Similarly the handchopping extremist Mullahs of Iran are invariably called ‘conservative’.

      It’s bias.

    • 226
      Stop funding Labour with my licence fee says:

      I have stopped listening to this overtly biased rubbish. Hardy sneers about bad Tories at every opportunity and they have now turned on the previously wonderful Liberals as they are supporting the nasty Tories. I cannot affod any more radios so have had to stop.

  35. 78
    Anonymous says:

    One thing that’s always puzzled me about the BBC is why they aren’t forced to sell off their shows once they become successful. eg Dr Who and Top Gear must cost a fortune to produce, so why not sell the rights to a commercial network and gain millions in royalty payments instead of forking out millions in production costs? That way all our licence fee money can be (rightly) targeted at new ventures instead.

    • 112
      dogsled says:

      Certainly with Top Gear I think you’ll find that a chunk of the marketing profits (Stig board games, Stig bottle openers, books the presenters haven’t actually written, Stig dildos.) finds its way back into the BBC coffers. However the actual rights to the show and the copyright on The Stig belong to Wilman & Clarkson, who then make the profits from selling the shows format and licencing Stig condoms to Marks & Sparks.
      This is one of the reasons they were so pissed off about Ben Collins spilling the beans, now they have to waste time and money re-inventing The Stig again. The joke is that Collins hardly appeared in last series and everyone in the motor racing world knew it was him anyway. Or Chris Goodwin or Julian Bailey or Johnny Herbert or the unknown mime artist who does the ones where the Stigs on foot…

      I think Doctor Who belongs totally to the beeb so they get all the profits from the merchandising from that except for the Daleks which belong to the estate of Terry Nation.

    • 117
      Mr Ned says:

      TopGear is a massive commercial success and costs the BBC nothing. It makes them a very tidy profit.

      • 122
        Desperate Dan says:

        Top Gear was invented in 1977 – before most of today’s dumbed-down BBC staff were born.

        • 130
          sockpuppet #4 says:

          Not really. It was a rather bog standard car show for a hell of a long time.

          Its current format is less than 10 years old, and its mutation into something far less serious is more recent than that.

          • Desperate Dan says:

            Its called evolution. It evolved to suit the times just like most things do – except for BBC political opinion.

    • 181
      roman says:

      Via BBC marketing, they make a huge/vast/massive amount out of world-wide sales of their products. They can also advertise, free of charge, their goods on their channels and via their music magazines and Radio Times, whilst of course damning all those nasty capitalists out there in the real world.

      And what I object to most of all about the BBC is the sickeningly patronising tone of almost all their presenters.

      • 199
        Licence Fee Refuser... says:

        Bill Turnbull… Bill Turnbull… just thinking about those words conjures up a smug, stupid face that deserves a slap or two…

        • 223
          conantherastafarian says:

          Here’s a little known fact told to me by someone in the know- Bill Turnbull (Mr.BBC EveryMan) went to Eton!

          And he’s still a neutered bore with a Charisma Bypass.

        • 230
          Stop funding Labour with my licence fee says:

          Him and his b*tch are the reason why I no longer watch the programme. A pair of smug self serving irritants with no class or charisma. Typical BBC in fact.

  36. 80
    Sir William Waad says:

    I think the BBC do try, ever so hard, to be impartial, at least in news and current affairs programmes. They can’t manage it. It is like watching a Dad who is really disgusted by his daughter’s new boyfriend trying hard to be nice to him. They are less scrupulous in documentaries and in drama they follow the luvvie-liberal line.

  37. 85
    Not the 9 o'clock news says:

    The Government will reveal tomorrow it’s comprehensive spending review in order to ensure it does not spend more than it recieves in tax receipts.

    • 124
      Mr Ned says:

      A more accurate and honest version would be,

      “The Government will reveal tomorrow it’s comprehensive spending review to ensure that spending continues to increase year on year but also that the government will not spend more than it receives in tax receipts within 5 years. This means that some previously announced and planned spending will have to be cut”

      I guess the BBC would not understand the above, at all.

  38. 88
    Kevin Maguire says:

    message content zapped by spam filter

  39. 89
    I dont like cricket I luv it says:

    This is how to celebrate sport not as the beeboids do

  40. 90
    They're all smug, sneering, Celt cunts at the BBC, 'cept Kuenssberg whom I wish to bum intensely says:

    Please Tories, grow a pair, accept the BBC want you to fail with an idealogical zeal that David Cameron can only wonder at, and for starters refuse to appear on that bastion of Labour propaganda: Radio Five Labour.

    Hearing Tories mocked by the smug sneering celts, and northern monkeys who call themselves presenters on that station drives me fucking nuts.

    Cameron’s olive branch to those champagne socialist vermin has been snapped, burnt, and rammed up Mrs Thatcher’s metaphorical fundament.

    Cmon Tories these BBC scum are cowards, they have zero backbone, they mock those who do not believe in the primacy of the state over the individual, they DESPISE you.

    Cut their funding, expose these scum to the rules of competition, educate them in the laws of supply and demand, and if that fails hit em with truck bombs

  41. 91
    BillyBob - Ooman Rights Legislation, just a load of bollocks!! says:

    Surely, time to sell off the BBC and do away with the licence fee !! Those self righteous knobs on Radio 5 Live should get into the real world and try getting a job in the private sector.

    • 101
      Steve Miliband says:

      See that there are proposals for the BBC to fund free licences for over 75′s – £500m or 26% of budget

      • 125
        Mr Plum says:

        That works out about 3.5 million over 75′s seems quite a lot especially per household

    • 234
      Stop funding Labour with my licence fee says:

      Love the fact that (as reported gleefully on the BBC Toady programme) the Mirror has slated the letter sent by a bunch of successful business men in support of the cuts. Paraphrase – “They have got their money through capitalist trading and would not last five minutes in the Public Sector!” Well that’s a shock. Of course the Public Sector workers choose to work there but could easily sort out the Private Sector

  42. 95
    Praguetory says:

    From her twitter feed – @Rhiroberts @salihughes my 9r old daughter seems to fancy being 1st labour woman pm, bloody scary she is too – ??!!!

  43. 96
    Champagne Socialist says:

    The Labour opposition in Parliament has managed to get the inquiry into Andy Coulson, News of the World,phonehacking etc re-opened by the Met Police in light of new evidence that appeared from across the channel.

    Would they please press the Met Police equally as hard to re-open the case of Baroness Uddin bearing in mind the very very strong evidence provided by the House of Lords yesterday.

    In reality, if this Lady is not to be treated differently from any other wrong doer (because she is a member of the establishment via the House of Lords) of “alleged fraud”, the Police investigation must surely re-open.

    The facts speak for themselves, an absolutely staggering indictment from House of Lords officials, and the sum of taxpayer’s money is mind-blowing at £124,000. She already benefits from living in housing association accommodation in east London.

    I have no doubt that the BBC news teams will be pursuing this story too bearing in mind the amount of money involved.

  44. 98
    It's NOT paranoia..THE BBC is a left wing organisation and needs closing down says:

    The Government is proposing that the BBCsubsidise over 75′s TV Licences but the BBC says it can’t as it will affect “quality of their programming”……??????

    • 188
      BillyBob - Ooman Rights Legislation, just a load of bollocks!! says:

      Quality of programming?? Perhaps reduce the trips away and the grand life they have in their very own leftist utopia !!

  45. 100
    Desperate Dan says:

    BBC News 24 are spending a lot of time and effort training up left wing Labour supporting loons so that they can present then as serious commentators on coalition policy. In the last week lengthy opportunities have been given to a smirking apparachik from Demos and a representative of the New Statesman to present their unchallenged and unbalanced opinions about George Osborne and the economy.
    And it can be more or less guaranteed that Newsnight will just be a repetition of whatever is in that morning’s Guardian.

  46. 105
    geoff says:

    2 bits of bias the last couple of days

    1 – bbc reports severn barrage ‘cancelled’. when it was never going ahead anyway.

    2 – heads of uk business say when public sector jobs cut, private sector will create jobs. cue bbc leftoid phoning up those businesses and asking how many jobs they’d created in the last 2 years. see the problem? future/past etc?

    • 119
      Phil says:

      Also had an ethnic commentator on sky last night while Jeff Randall was away spouting the same line but got shot down by her would be stooge interviewee and hurredly moved on.

    • 133
      Mr Ned says:

      You would think that the news of large corporations stating publicly that they are willing to take on more people and increase recruitment over the next 4 years would be greeted as good news.

      Certainly when any such announcement was made when labour was in power, this was greeted and promoted by the BBC as more evidence that Gordon Browns’ prudence was paying off showing yet again that he was the best Chancellor in history.

      Now, the same news is derided and attacked.

    • 138
      simon r says:

      3. Frank Gardner on 10 o/c news last night describing the military cuts as ‘draconian’.

    • 167
      dogsled says:

      Driving home from my mothers on the day Millipede was elected Radios 2, 4 and 5 were all doing promo pieces for him at the same time.

      I switched over to TalkSport were they were talking about flying saucers, far more interesting.

  47. 115

    She’s got just the face for radio

  48. 118
    Desperate Dan says:

    When the “public”, for example in the form of Question Time audience, are given time to hold forth they frequently blame Margaret Thatcher (left office 20 years ago) for the country’s ills. The same people cry foul if anyone blames Labour (left office five months ago) for our economic catastrophe.

    • 129
      California Dreaming says:

      Maybe because the economic calamity that everyone around the world is experience was not a uniquely British phenomenon but a WORLD crisis whose genesis actually ocurred in the US?

      Yeah, I know, blame Brown.

      • 136
        Mr Ned says:

        Yeah the global catastrophe managed to hit the left wing governments much harder than the right wing governments. Canada managed much better than we did.

      • 139
        South of the M4 says:

        The Labour government were mismanaging the countries finances since 2002. The banking crisis was the catalyst for sure, but it was not where the rot started.

        • 164
          Desperate Dan says:

          It was the Scottish Gordon Brown who encouraged the Scottish banks to make ludicrous loans to questionable foreigners to buy, for example, Liverpool and Man U. All Premiership football clubs were British owned when Labour came to power.

          • Cream Puff says:

            What Scottish Banks?
            Do you mean HALIFAX Bank of Scotland , based in HALIFAX, Yorkshire or RBS, with its fund managers based in London

          • Desperate Dan says:

            The headquarters of HBOS is The Mound, Edinburgh.
            And I don’t think the Scotsman Fred Goodwin based in Scotland and making decisions about which foreigners to give depositors money to would consider himself subordinate to anyone in London.

    • 244
      Honest View says:

      I don’t blame Thatcher or Blair or Brown. I blame Robert Peel, and on Tuesdays I tend to curse Bonar Law. Lord Salisbury has a lot to answer for, and I think the man in the street should consider the case of Campell Bannerman.
      Nah, enough of this thinking business. It’s gottabe Thatcher, innit?

  49. 120
    Bog says:

    The BBC can’t be biased, for yesterday Nick Robinson made Alan Johnson look like a total wazzock. Or did he only do it by accident?

    • 126
      California Dreaming says:

      The BBC never gets credit when they deserve it. It’s merely the political scapegoat for the right in Britain along with The Guardian.

      It’s what’s called confirmation bias. Every time the BBC does something right it’s merely a confirmation of the prejudices held by the sympathizers of the Conservative Party.

      • 143
        Mr Ned says:

        On the contrary, I always praise the BBC when they deserve it.

        It’s just that it is so very rare that the BBC news department do anything worth praising.

        For example, when Hazel Blears was caught blatantly lying about what she had said in a labour fringe meeting the previous night, the BBC performed a brilliant slam-dunk! Bang to rights!

        It’s such a shame that such things happen so infrequently.

        • 209
          Airey Belvoir says:

          That was not the Beeb, that was Brillo – who only gets away with it because he is his own man, works freelance, does not need the money, has a career outside and would be snapped up in an instant by a commercial channel if the Beeb’s lefty management tried to lean on him. They must hate Brillo’s robust independence.

          • Desperate Dan says:

            I can’t share your enthusiasm for Andrew Neil. As far as I can see he’s only got one question/accusation and I’m sick of hearing it – “That’s not what you said during the election”. Its become his catchphrase. The poor old duffer just can’t move on.

        • 235
          Beryl Hitler says:

          One independent contractor doth not a balanced broadcaster make.

  50. 123
    California Dreaming says:

    Guido, just because the reporters may be leftward leaning privately does not mean that they are necessarily partial when it comes to reporting the news…

    Judges presiding over cases are expected to be partial when meting out judgements. The presumption is that they do this irrespective of their personal prejudices and stick to the merits of the case.

    I’m in no way suggesting that everyone within the realm of modern journalism is impartial, I’m merely saying that they deserve to be given the benefit of the doubt barring any exceptional circumstances.

    Hell, didn’t they abandon the strike that was supposed to happen during the Tory Conference? Politically it would have been very savvy to go ahead with that… but in the end the Beeb’s journalistic integrity won the day. Give them some credit, will you?

    • 135
      South of the M4 says:

      Sadly with the BBC all benefit of doubt has long since run out. And the cancellation of the strike? More from a fear of not being able to control the public’s view of the conference I would say. You are very charitable, but there are more deserving institutions for your charity.

    • 137
      Desperate Dan says:

      “…abandon the strike….”

      It could also be argued that their blackmail ploy was successful.

    • 154
      Mr Ned says:

      Abandon the strike and lose the opportunity of spending a whole week slagging off the coalition?

      They had a love-in with labour all the previous week, they had to show their impartiality by spending all the following week attacking the coalition government.

  51. 127
    ChrisG says:

    You’re either in front of the BBC, or behind…

  52. 131
    Desperate Dan says:

    Sunday mornings on on Radios 4 & 5 used to provide fairly decent coverage of the week’s news until fairly recently. They now both present a diet of uninformed inaccurate drivel.

  53. 142
    gaiusc says:

    Educated people don’t have ignorant right-wing views shocker!!!

    • 162
      Desperate Dan says:

      No indeed. They have educated well-informed views which is why they are driven to distraction by ignorant left wing views on offer from the BBC.

    • 163
      Guardian wankery says:

      Head up their own arse educated media coke- heads perhaps.
      But in the real world luvvie, there are plenty of educated people who hold very well- informed right- wing opinions. You know, ducky, the type of people who, used to at least, support the licence fee. You have clearly demonstrated the type of snotty Left-wing elitism that make the BBC so sell-destructive. Oh! And give the people from the NAO a warm welcome when they turn up, won’t you.

  54. 169
    Desperate Dan says:

    Panorama recently decided to make a programme about the way in which some people avoid paying tax by making use of (legally available) Trusts and tax avoidance schemes – a worthy aim as there are very many men who employ these tactics and it might be an idea to tighten up the tax laws. Unfortunately they devoted the entire to a politicised attack on Lord Ashcroft.

  55. 176
    QWERTY says:

    What a hag faced old bag.

  56. 180
    annnnnoyperson says:

    They would not see themselves as biased.

    But if, during a selection interview, everyone starts with the mutual back rubbing, everyone starts purring and all is well and the right (or left, in this case) gets the job.

    And it is very easy, should a wrong person be found within the organisation, to ensure that their fur is rubbed up the wrong way, so that they slink away.

    There IS an institutional bias in the BBC. It needs to be fixed.

  57. 183
    Desperate Dan says:

    One of Labour’s new socially and economically destructive equality Bills recently came into force. At no time in any BBC report was it explained that this was a Labour Bill. At no time did they point out that this was one of Labour’s mines that they had boasted of planting in the path of the incoming government. The BBC actively sought to give the impression that the coalition govt. was responsible for it.

    • 236
      Beryl Hitler says:

      All the same, it was fun watching Cameron explaining how he approved of Harmanescu’s legislative work. Her piss must have turned to fury-powered steam within her bladder.

  58. 185
    Desperate Dan says:

    Sky News manages very well with one newsreader at a time. Why do the BBC need two? Is it because they’re only half as good as Steve Dixon and Anna Botting?

    • 208
      South of the M4 says:

      Because jobs have to be found for all the relatives of those already employed at the BBC.

    • 251
      simon r says:

      On the mines story last week Matt ‘ I hate George Bush and I want to remind you of that every day’ Frei did his piece to camera and then went over to another reporter, then to another one after that, and then back to the studio.

      I suppose they had to justify the airfares.

  59. 189
    BillyBob - Ooman Rights Legislation, just a load of bollocks!! says:

    Seems to be a great deal of hatred here for the BBC, and quite right !!

  60. 190
    Cream Puff says:

    A Ha! Do catch up Guido
    Have you only just noticed the BBC is the most biased broadcaster on gods earth?
    You should spend a stint in Scotland (enjoying the countries amber liquid of course) and have a taste of BBC Scotland. BBC Scotland is so slanted it would make old journos from Pravda proud.
    Very current example being that BBC Scotland was proud to show wall to wall coverage of Labour’s leadership election and conference as well as the Tories. But when it came to Scotland’s largest party and governing party the SNP, there was no coverage apart from a few minute slots in the news.
    Regardless of which political party is your flavour, it is crass bias of the state broadcaster to go out of its way to blank out a major political party in Scotland

  61. 192
    Rumi888 says:

    On a related note, did anyone else hear PM reporter Michael Buchanan sneer at the ‘efficiency’ of the private sector last night, because the companies of the signatoroies to yesterday’s letter to the Telegraph wouldn’t take his calls? Pompous, BBC twit.

    The News Quiz is a Tory bashing exercise too. With Jeremy Hardy & Co on the panel iot must make the Islington set feel very good about themselves. Truly, it’s grim up North London.

  62. 195
    Anonymous says:

    “George Osborne is going to “knacker” the economy and “ruin lives””

    Well, that bits true. The bbc are still a bunch of commie cυnts though.

  63. 204
    Pork Scratching says:

    Radio 5 Live is out of control with its legion of Labour-leaning luvvies. Yesterday morning it was a trek to Colne and Nelson in East Lancashire to see how the New Labour experiment failed so miserably. However, it is apparently the fault of the untested coalition that these two towns have now hit rock bottom. The once-proud locals have been royally betrayed by Blair, Brown, Campbell (Burnley is close by so he is guilty too) and the rabble.

    Today it is Sheffield and we’ve already learned that it will be difficult to maintain funded centres for asylum seekers and non-UK women looking for jobs and help with housing. Not at all biased. So long as taxpayers exist – then the unabated spending should continue….. Laughable.

    • 219
      Desperate Dan says:

      Radio 5 is devoting today to a stream of union leaders all telling us that we’re doomed.

  64. 213
    Red Ed Loves The BBC says:

    Of course the BBC is as biased as hell. It’s hard to choose from so many examples, but my own favourite little snippet of BBC Pravda’s (pre-election) bias was when Radio 4 reported that three MPs and and a Conservative peer appeared in court over expenses claims. BBC’s vast journalistic resources discovered the party affiliation of the peer, but could not uncover the affiliation of the MPs. This, of course, had nothing to do with the fact the MPs were Labour, Labour, and Labour.

  65. 228
    Recycled Bullsh*t says:

    George Osborne is going to wreck the economy and ruin lives? No Gordon Brown and his gang have already done that.
    Osborne did not deliberately go into politics on the sole purpose of imposing cuts on the country or doing it just for the hell of it.
    Anyone who loves Caroline Lukas, is simply niave and not in touch with the real world.

  66. 231
    Roxie Boulevard says:

    The BBC News website managed to avoid all mention of the three peers suspended for troughing, until today, Tuesday, when the dead tree press and others splashed it on Sunday. But then this item pressed three buttons the BBC would like to avoid : Asian / Muslim / Labour. Not all Muslims and not all Labour, but a kick in the multicultural goolies, nonetheless.

  67. 233
    Greychatter says:

    As part of the economies to get the country out of Labour’s “Black Hole” the BBC should be forced to give part of the Licence Tax to pay for the Free Licence holders. I believe that is about £500 Million – out of the billions it takes.

    Presumably the Government collects the licence fee and hands over the money to the Beeb, they should hold back a proportion to cover the the free licences, as ther BBC’s contribution to getting the country moving again.

  68. 237
    Little Boy Blue says:

    The sooner the BBC is privatised the better for all of us with the exception of the vastly overpaid rubbish that are currently employed by it.

  69. 248
    Anonymous says:

    Five Live from about 7.40am onwards this morning went beyond parody.

    It went along the lines of…

    Airtime for some handwringer from Friends of The Earth, who wants people to only eat meat three times a week to save the planet from climate change.

    Fingerwagging about a watershed on alcohol advertising, during which it was implied that four year olds could be driven to take up drink because of evil private firms.

    The reverend Jesse Jackson spouting off some bollocks he’d plucked out of the air about how racist our police forces are and how they should go out of their way to recruit more black coppers.
    Campbell then excitedly explained that one of Jackson’s people had been sitting in the corner “taking notes” during the interview. BUT NOT IN A SINISTER WAY OF COURSE.

    I turned it back on just after nine and they were talking to some cretinous Guardian reader on the phone-in who wanted the entire army scrapped in favour of a team of specialists trained in non-violent conflict resolution. He then went on to blame WWII on Britain for selling guns to Hitler….

  70. 250
    Desperate Dan says:

    Radio Five have employed a crap singer to sing a list of BBC programmes on air. He calls it a song. He reckons complaints about the BBC only come from the BBC’s “business competitors” and that he’s inundated with praise and thanks whenever he sings the list. Its a bit like the Film Council employing people to lobby on behalf of the Film Council – but much worse.
    I goggled him but he seems to be mostly unknown.

    • 258
      Dick Scratcher says:

      …and the Hunt wanted his PRS fee as well! Reform the BBC with a flame thrower.

      That ex Labour coucillor turd in charge of the BBC Trust has to go NOW. He thinks he works for the BBC & does not represent the licence payer. A fucking coward who’s gone native.

  71. 264
    Poor Bill says:

    The problem with the BBC is the same as in any Marxist construct. The lack of competition leads to stagnation.

    Then like any liquid that is left to stagnate the scum will float to the top.

    Like the European Government in Brusselles, Marxists create Byzantine bureaucracy which creates stagnation which in turn leads to failure of the system.

    A true democracy does not let this happen. This is why the British avoided the mass murder that the Europeans have had to live with the last few hundred years.

    However we had so many ‘Eastern European Refugees’ arrive here during the last German war that they have undermined the university system. They have infected it with their European ‘control-freakery’ ideology, which has become the Current Orthodoxy for the political and governmental elite.

    Because they have no experience, historical perspective or practical knowledge of the kind of evolutionary society that the British had created, they have proven intellectually incapable of adapting to the free-world environment.

    Even in America they can been seen working their anti-freedom agenda in the east coast media.

    New York Times = Guardian (Marxist media working together for a Marxist world)

    In the end It will be war. It has to be. Freedom or madness

    • 266
      Poor Bill says:

      P S

      For those who believe that ’Resistance is Futile’ remember the ‘East Europeans’ who fought for their freedom from the inside.

      Those in the Warsaw Ghetto and the others later who attempted to fight the horrors of the Commo/Natzi socialist European nightmare.

      In the end they saw change and in the end will see a free-world democracy develop in Europe. Not yet, by a long shot, but it will happen.

      In the mean time

      Bet on the free-world. Canada, Australia, New Zealand, USA and India, Singapore, Malaysia,,,,,,,

      Common Law – Commonwealth – Common People === Freedom

  72. 265
    Saved Dave says:

    The BBC’s left wing news bias is completely shameless. Their coordinated and remorseless attacks on Tory politicians and constant parotting of labour smears before the election was the reason that the Conservatives did not win an outright victory. How these labour luvvies can explain their love and support of the policies of Blair and Brown is beyond comprehension. BBC political reportage is invariably slanted to appease and support the Labour party and their predominenly labour-supporting commontators/journalists, so called, have become entrenched as an established part of the BBC’s political coverage. Their concerted efforts have contributed to the damage to our country’s economy and community life. Shame on them all. Let their links and their bloated salaries be exposed and more people campaign to have balanced reportage from journalists who do not have to rubbish tory policies in order to be employed by the BBC.

    • 267
      Frater H says:

      The fuckers even damned Guy Gibson by faint praise. On Sunday night the DamBusters Marxist revisionist version allowed Martin Shaw to qualify the personality of Guy and his leadership in a snide piece of liberal historical revisionism that would never be allowed any where near the h’olo’caust.


      • 272
        Kill all Fabians says:

        Simple -Sack the biased Bitch

        • 286
          treetop says:

          But the BBC cant do this sort of thing unless the employee in question commits heresy,attacks Islam or praises a tory minister ! Any other behaviour is deemed acceptable.

  73. 268
    Marian says:

    In Scotland the BBC appears to be a fully paid up supporter of Labour whom it praises at every opportunity whilst it ferociously attacks any who oppose Labour’s hegemony in Scotland. News is routinely distorted by BBC Scotland in order to put Labour in a good light and attack the opposition. This is one of the reasons why Tory is a title that is loathed in Scotland.

  74. 273
    Southern Softie says:

    That commie c**t Jeremy Hardy has been sponsored by the licence fee payer for years on “The News Quiz”. Last Friday he managed to turn the subject of the Chilean miners into a pop at St Margaret and her (justifiable) fight with Scargill in 1984 and her (slightly less understandable) friendship with Pinochet. It’s over 30 years ago for fucks sake, but scum like Hardy are paid by us to spew out ths tiresome crap week after week.

    • 284
      AbleTheSpace Monkey says:

      I know intelligent 30 somethings whose entire political outlook was molded by Ben Elton and his ‘alternative comedian’ ilk. The shortcomings of the labour government were due to them not being socialist enough, they believe. I think it was Hardy who quiped about putting 9 grams of lead in the back of the neck of each B&P party member, on the News Quiz some years ago.
      Sean Gabb reckons the lefts stranglehold of the popular arts is crucial in its grip of the nation:

  75. 274
    tony ben's will says:

    if the telegraph had any sense they would offer free advertising of bbc jobs for a couple of months and see the effect. If the bbc did not advertise there they would be open to criticism of waste ,if they did advertise there the it would break the Gaurdians “monopoly” and open some blinkered bbc eyes to the fact that there are other people in the world who don’t vote labour

  76. 275
    wasp says:

    On BBC TV London regional news, presenter Riz Latif (who on previous occasions has clearly signalled her dislike of Boris Johnson) interviewed the courageous teacher who spoke at the Conservative party Conference, Kathryn Babalsingh. Latif conducted the interview as if she had got a bad smell under her nose, and concuded by thanking Babalsingh for coming on the programme to present her ‘uncompromising views’. It was a clear put down from start to finish

  77. 277
    innit says:

    Just another arty lefty student who never grew up.

  78. 281
    Martin says:

    I refuse to spend cash on the Guardian, as I suspect 0.0001 pence may end up
    in the pockets of Jew hating, misogynistic, Brit hating “freedom fighters”.
    But, is it really true that Al Beeb still advertises there for staff ?
    This could easily be stopped by the appropriate government dept making it
    advterise more broadly for staff.
    And I’m not talking about their inhouse rag, The Independent.

  79. 282
    Greychatter says:

    “The Biased-BBC blog highlights Rachel Kennedy, a ‘strand editor’, responsible for sections of the rolling news programme on the BBC News Channel. According to her Twitter feed George Osborne is going to “knacker” the economy and “ruin lives”, she loves the Green Party’s Caroline Lucas etc.”

    Maybe I’ve missed something with the BBC – but I thought Gordon and the BBC and Guardian loving Champagne Socialist set of “Noddys” on the Labour front benches who had “Knackered” the economy. Weren’t they then ones in power for 13 years?

    George Osborne came in as Chancellor in May, 5 months ago.
    Does the BBC and its staff live in the real world?

    • 285
      Born in the UK and regretting it says:

      No they do not live in the real world.
      And the sooner we are rid of them and their poll tax TV Licence the better for me, my family and the country as a whole. But of course the luvvies will not like it nor will the scum that live off our backs.

      Went to town the other day and actually heard someone speaking English! In the eyes of the b’stards at the bbc that makes me a racist in what was my own country!

      Get rid of the bbc NOW!

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Rashida Manjoo is a part-time professor of law at Cape Town University in the totally non-sexist country of South Africa (otherwise known as Rape Capital Of The World).

Mrs Magoo has been wandering around with her notebook and is appalled by the sexist “boys’ club” culture here, apparently.

I don’t doubt we still have sexism in the UK. But is it worse than in, say, Saudi Arabia, d’you think, honey-lamb? Or about 175 other countries? Get a grip, you doolally old bat.”

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