September 29th, 2010

Yeo Says No

Guido always takes a keen interest when he hears the name Tim Yeo and green issues in the same sentence. The author, director of various green technology companies and part-time MP is one of the Tories biggest advocates of climate change hype and he does very well out of it. Not only was he elected Chairman of the Energy and Climate Change Select Committee, but he also makes thousands of pounds a year from helping green investment companies such as AFC Energy. So you would think he would practice what he preaches about the environment.

Think again. Yeo is throwing his weight behind a campaign to stop a wind farm being built in his seat. In true NIMBY style he says:

“This happens to be one of the most beautiful parts of my constituency which stretches from here to the coast.”

Guido wonders whether he would be saying the same if it was one of his companies involved…


  1. 1
    The Court of Public Opinion says:

    As usual, tory corruption replaces labour incompetence.


    • 28
      Tony blair says:

      Come on. I think it fair to say that I introduced more corruption in my first few months than Dave has.


    • 42
      Grumpy Old Man says:

      Be fair. Labour were both corrupt AND incompetent


      • 53
        Ken Lorp says:

        You know where you stand with a corrupt politician, but you’re on shakey ground with an incompetent one.


        • 58
          Mzzzzz. HaHaHa-HoHoHoPerson, still chasing up punters to visit her stall in the foyer says:

          Come on Boys!!!! I’ve got a YooYun Leader to support!!!

          I know just the sight or sound of my name drives you into shudders of passion!!

          But you know where you are with me!!!

          Not much time left now – so take a rest from all that politicking!! – and come and see whot I’ve got on MY stall!!!!!

          Not many left now!!

          A few washed. A few left as nature intended!!

          All are signed and sealed – so you know you’ve got the genuine article !!!

          So come on!!


        • 80
          The Golem says:

          Too true, KL, although the fact that I know the majority of the buggers have and will sell us out without a second thought doesn’t make me feel any better about the situation.


      • 74
        Oiky Gove says:

        My competence is legendary.
        The smooth and trouble free way I introduced the cuts to school building programmes was a model of effiicency. SO good was it that I had to apologise to Parliament for being so much better than my other fellow ministers. (or something)

        Now my predictions of a free school take up of 700 have been proved 100% right with 16 signing up.


    • 57
      Lord Stansted says:

      Certainly, the antics of Tim Yeo and “some” other Tory MPs would make me vote for Labour, the worst party in history.


    • 70
      A Meerkat says:

      We should make a list. Mp’s that do…
      Does good things
      Does bad things
      Does fuck all
      At a glance people can then check it out and make their minds up.


    • 71
      Red DeEd Redemption says:

      Do any of you know that a guy called Nicola Tessla laid the foundation for free energy nearly a hundred years a go? He designed devices that could generate electricity using magnets and transmit that electricity wirelessly. The problem was ‘free energy’ is just that – free and relitively cheap to make!

      There’s no money to be made out of it for the energy corporations and it truly puts power into the hands of the people hence why Standard Oil and US government saw to it that Nikola Tesla and his inventions never saw the light of day. Neither do you get taught about him at school or hear him mentioned on the BBC when they’re invoking the need for expensive and profitable green renewables.

      Also it’s strange the disproportianate number of scientists that end up commiting suicide, dying in car accidents and either sudden mysterious deaths that are working on Tesla based free energy systems over recent years.


      • 75
        Sceptic says:

        How the f*ck do you transmit electricity wirelessly?


      • 79
        Engineer says:

        You never get something for nothing.

        Tesla contributed hugely to the understanding of physics, but neither he, nor anybody else, has ever invented anything that can produce free energy from nothing.


        • 85
          Red DeEd Redemption says:

          I thought his magnetic devices that could generate non-stop free energy were taking out of the quantum vaccum? And my understanding is that in quantum physics a single atom contains all the energy potential of the universe?


          • sockpuppet #4 says:

            So if you had two atoms you’d have twice the energy potential of the universe?

            I’ll have to get some.


          • The Court of Public Opinion says:

            A single atom contains the energy of its mass times the speed of light squared (e=mc2), i.e. a tiny number multiplied by a large number. Easily calculated, significant, but certainly not infinite. An atom is made up of quantum components, each of which are in unknown states at any one point in time, but their overall state can also be accurately measured (“sum over histories”), thus proving Charlie Whelans new puppet will royally fuck up the liebour party handsomely.


          • sockpuppet #4 says:

            Ok. mr opinion i did look it up.

            If, by some process unknown to physics, you could fully destroy a carbon atom (not split it, fuse it etc. destroy it), you would get an INSIGNIFICANT amount of energgy.


        • 90
          sockpuppet #4 says:

          You’ll end up dying mysteriously.

          “First law of thermodynamics” my arse. No one’s ever been taken to court for it.


    • 131

      When a libertarian government comes to power here, and I am the Principal Secretary of State for War, criminal fraud charges will be fined against TY, for failing to allow the windfarm near him.

      Similar charges will be filed against the Directors, Merchant Banking advisors and stock brokers to firms that profited from the installations, all of which will need to be taken down, and for which the liquidated assest-bases of complicit firms (and the assets of their directors) will pay.

      When libertarians begin to feel irritated and vengeful, we can be almost as nasty as the GreeNazis.


      • 135
        Susie says:

        It’s not near him, he lives 45 miles away the other side of Ipswich. It’s near us and will ruin one of the prettiest little towns in Suffolk, Clare.


    • 134
      Tim Yeo, MP says:

      I’m not corrupt – but I am a total, complete hypocritical twat. Another good reason for you all to vote UKIP.


  2. 2
    Red Ed Militant says:

    We’re all being optimistic together


    • 8
      Hazel Blears says:

      There’s only one famous Red ed in the Labour party and that’s me.


    • 9
      Green Dave Miniblair says:

      We’re all being eco-nuts together.


    • 23
      Not the 9 o'clock news says:

      …And we cross over live to the Labour Party Conference for reaction to Ed Milibands speech from fully fledged Labour Party activists (that’s us), Labour MP’s and Labour Party members in the audience…

      BBC interviewer; ‘Well, how was the speech from our new leader?’

      ‘He’s is charmless and it was shit; trying to appeal to everyone’


  3. 3
    Tim Yeo says:



  4. 4
    Anonymous says:



  5. 5
    Yo-Yo says:

    How can we forget this entertaining clash?! Time for a rematch.


  6. 6

    Wanker! Do as i say, not as i do. He’s just the sort of fucking hypocrite that typifies the pricks we have in parliament – and he’s wearing that ‘bum me’ look that Ian Dale has in the LBC advert.


    • 21
      Backwoodsman says:

      Yeo doesn’t have too many redeeming qualiies. He needs to be quietly sidelined before his failure to grasp the new reality of increased scrutiny of MP’s , leads to a messy public denouement. And the fucker needs to stop his freeby golf trips too.


  7. 7
    Anonymous says:

    What a twat.


  8. 10
    Spank Sinatra says:

    Guido wonders whether he would be saying the same if it was one of his companies involved…

    – the answer my friend is blowing in the wind, the answer is blowing in the wind.


    • 48
      Grumpy Old Man says:

      When politicians do something which is both illogical and apparently against their own interests, follow the money trail my lads, follow the money trail. Just how many of our MP’s have their sticky fingers in Green Pies?


      • 76
        Not unlike what we get says:

        Jolla Molla custard
        Green snot pie
        All mixed together
        With a dead dog´s eye.
        Spread it on a butty
        Nice and thick
        Swallow it down with a cup of cold sick.


  9. 11
    Snotrocket says:

    Of all Cameron’s cabinet, Dim Yeo is the one who could wreak the most damage on this country with his self-enriching and salvish following of the AGW scam. He is the Al Bore of GB and should be dropped asap.


    • 30
      Steve says:

      Tim Yeo isn’t in the Cabinet.


      • 117
        Snotrocket says:

        I realised that he wasn’t in cabinet as soon as I posted….but I couldn’t be arsed to add a correction. I figured some kind soul would point it out for me. :)
        Then again, being a committee chairman gives him power enough, IMO.


        • 136
          Susie says:

          I thought it was good practice for any member of any committee to absent himself where he has a personal or financial interest, however oblique?

          So how can he continue to chair this committee which decides the UK’s future energy policy and security, while he holds directorships in green renewable energy companies?


    • 39
      Primrose Hill Marxist says:

      ITYM Huhne the Hunt.

      When the doctor said to eat more fibre, he didn’t mean carpet.


  10. 12
    Anonymous says:

    “This happens to be one of the most beautiful parts of my constituency which stretches from here to the coast.”

    Stick it in an ugly part then.


    • 41
      Yeo know what I mean says:

      “This happens to be one of the most beautiful parts of my constituency which stretches from here to the coast.”
      And I won’t stand for a company that’s not mine doing it.


    • 137
      Susie says:

      Ah, but that’s where he lives. East Bergholt — south east of Ipswich not hideous, but not that great.


  11. 13
    practice what he preaches about the environment says:

    Sounds just like Eco-Dave to me.


    • 63
      Eco Scammer says:

      You must all become greener to make me richer.


      • 98
        Wails4Eva says:

        It really does annoy me that all these Green-policies chaps are the ones raking in the pounds. We, the poor schmucks, have to live and pay for their holier (sorry) greener-than-thou stance. If they really, truely believed in this concept, they would live and die by it – not shove the whole rotten messy burden onto the less well off. I am away to the hills for a good teeth-grinding session.


  12. 14

    Wind power? Put the turbine above the House of Commons and it will generate enough electricity to power the whole of the UK.

    At least, that’s what the proponents of wind technology would have you believe.


  13. 15
    "For the restless, not the true believers, this one's for you.." says:

    Think he’s bad? Take a look at this nut –

    Global Warming Alarmist Calls For Eco-Gulags To Re-Educate Climate Deniers –


    • 43
      Maniac Watch says:

      Sometimes terrorism is the right thing to do. They should put Pentti Linkola on their list.


    • 69
      Mr Ned says:

      At least Pentti Linkola is refreshingly honest.

      Unlike the green climate alarmists who claim to be wanting to save the world for humanity, when what they really want to do is save the world from humanity.

      Shame that they never lead by example isn’t it?


      • 138
        Susie says:

        I think they should be made to fund their own green grid just for the transmission of renewable wind/solar/wave. No gas, coal or nuclear allowed. Then we’ll see how they get on in winter when there’s high pressure, no wind and the temperature drops to –10C.

        Of course, they wouldn’t still have houses to heat by then as they’d have been foreclosed trying to pay the £1.5 million per kilometer it costs to upgrade the grid to carry the fluctuating intermittent power.


  14. 16
    Windmills in your mind says:

    Adam boulton asked Ed Mili how he would grow britain’s economy. After a pause trying to think of an answer, he trots out the mantra by investing in the green economy”.

    WTF do Politicians think that Windmills are the answer to everything? That big highly subsidised offshore wind folly that has just been commisioned and will be a financial burden on leccy users and taxpayers alike for decades to come was 100% made and built by foreigners.


  15. 17
    Albie Here says:

    Meet the new team,oh sorry same as the last lot,Nu Generation,NuConned us,sh*te wrapped up in a wrapper and a ribbon added is still the same sh*ite,and the braindead still walk in it,we need real change and not something dreamt up by some pr people.


  16. 18

    “Over term for the 20 years these turbines are suppose to last, we are looking at a public subsidy of £1.2 billion – enough to build a 1GW nuclear power station – a plant with a deliverable capacity more than 13 times this wind array. That is the extent of the rip-off to which we are being subjected.”

    This is the new Thanet wind farm which all the greenies are bumming hard.


    • 66
      Engineer says:

      That’s why the investors are prepared to fund the things. They aren’t farming wind, they are farming something far more reliable and lucrative – public subsidy.


      • 78
        Mr Ned says:

        Why the hell are we still funding these ridiculous windmills? If they worked, I would be very much in favour of them, but when the amount of energy used by their creation, (from extracting the copper for their turbines, to the other raw materials transported across the world for their construction, to the amount of energy used in erecting them on site), exceeds the amount of energy they will produce in a lifetime, I cannot see what the point of them really is (other than the subsidy cash).

        I remember the month of snow last February, when it was freezing and the windmills around where I live where all still. When my house needed heating, these windmills were less than useless!

        There already are other alternative energy capture methods from solar capture arrays to tidal power which, whilst not as efficient as nuclear, are cheaper and better then wind power.


        • 93
          Engineer says:

          Every method of energy generation known to man has advantages and disadvantages, and that will include the ones we haven’t developed yet. The advantage with the renewables is that the power source is freely available; the disadvantage is that it is spread out over huge areas. So there might well be enough energy in the wind to power the whole of Britain just from the Western seaboard, but the Western seaboard is 1000 miles long. That’s a hell of a lot of kit to extract the enegy – and you won’t get it all, some will blow above the turbines, some below, and some will blow past the sides. When it blows at all.

          By all means let’s have a few wind turbines, they won’t do much harm if they’re sited carefully. They won’t do much good either – especially if the power they generate is sold at cost of production or above.

          Funny how the enviro-mental lobby used to bang on relentlessly about subsidy to nuclear power distorting the market. You never hear them complain about subsidies to renewables, do you? Wonder why?


          • Buzz Lightyear says:

            Have you guys not discovered crystolofusion yet?


          • Gordon Brown says:


            I eat 200 bananas a day and the windpower from that is awesome.

            Mind you, the benefits are offset by the cost of Pampers.




          • Susie says:

            They can NEVER convert more than 50% into energy of whatever the wind speed is — it’s called the Betz Limit.

            Wind farmers, land owners and turbine manufacturers get their subsidies through ROCs (Renewable Obligation Certificates) the energy providers are obliged by law to purchase a percentage of power units at 3–5 times the cost of other units generated by fossil fuel plant. If they don’t have a ROC they can’t retail energy to the consumer.

            Meanwhile the National Grid has to update the grid to handle the huge fluctuations in current passing around it, and provide like for like back up fossil fuel power generation to mirror image whatever’s happening with the turbines. All these additional costs are added to our bills. Take a look at what Danish consumers pay for their electricity — the highest prices in Europe — to see what’s in store.


          • Susie says:

            There aren’t any subsidies for nuclear power.


      • 82
        Polpots Way says:

        Which means honourable members will have links to their companies via relatives or secret bungs and future promises. Every last one of them are corrupt bastards and need executing immediately.


      • 84
        Lurker says:

        Add to that the scam that is carbon trading…


  17. 19
    Potkettle says:

    Stop Press enviromentalist is a hypocrit.

    Not exactly a shock is it


  18. 20
    SaltPetre says:

    My memory is hazy…but wasn’t Yeo one of those ‘disgraced’ MPs who had to ‘spend more time with his family?

    Was it:
    1) being on the fiddle
    2) being a homo
    3) cheating on his wife
    4) attacking a voter or
    5) all of the above



  19. 22
    Fuck you - the little people says:

    Professional crook is also an MP – quelle surprise!


  20. 24
    Thanet resident says:

    We very much hope that this offshore seagull mincing facility will stop us being pestered by this airborne vermin. Migrating birds will have to take their chances, who wants immigrants anyway?


  21. 25
    HappyUK says:

    Yeo doesn’t have an honest bone. The whole climate scam was a nice dream while it lasted. This prick needs to stop calling himself a conservative and go join the green party. He is yet another reason why the current conservative party cannot be taken seriously.

    If gullible dummies want to pour their own money into his companies, then go for it. But that’s not the case. How much of TAXPAYERS money is poured into Tim Yeo’s rat holes?

    According to Europol, (an EU-wide criminal intelligence agency similar to the U.S. FBI), bogus carbon trading schemes currently exceed €5 billion:

    I did enjoy watching Guido bitch-slap him on the BBC, though. I fear the BBC have taken it down but I’m sure Guido still has it somewhere.

    Go on, build those wretched turbines, have them all shoved right in his face!


  22. 29
    Ed says:

    Comrades! Iraq was wrong. Well, what I mean is it wasn’t wrong until the second I started this speech. Now it’s wrong. I see Harriet agrees with me. Good old Harriet. She’s just like me, not a hypocrite in any way, shape or form.


    • 54
      Red Ed's Big Purge says:

      Hello, is that the Hague? War Crimes Tribunal?

      Yes. How can we help?

      I have decided the invasion of Iraq was illegal and wrong, so I am making urgent arrangements for a number of war criminals to be sent over to you for immediate prosecution. Their names are Tony, Gordon, Geoff, Jack, Bob, Dave….


      • 60
        We wait and watch. says:

        Will Ed be the first PM to be assassinated since Spencer Perceval?


      • 77
        Pink Hague's Big Splooge says:

        No, this is the Hague SpAd try out’s hotel.


      • 121
        Mr Ned says:

        I will not believe red Ed’s convenient conversion on the Iraq war until he supports the arrest, charge and trial of Blair for war crimes.

        You cannot claim that a war was wrong, but still legal. The international law (to which the UK government is subject) is very strict about war and the justifiable legal recourse to war.

        If our recourse to war was wrong, as Ed claims, then it was also illegal and this makes Blair a war criminal.

        When is Ed going to come clean and call for Blair to be arrested?


    • 107
      MI7 says:

      Saw on newsshite last night some Tessa talking about how we need to draw a line under Iraq and move forward. What a fucking disgraceful attitude. What about million plus Iraq dead, orphans and kids with limbs missing? What about our soliders coming back home with post traumatic stress syndrome? Can they just draw a line under the war and move on? Satan awaits these corrupt fuckers in hell.


      • 122
        Mr Ned says:

        I suppose if I were to murder Tony Blair, and not get caught for 7 years, would that be enough time to draw a line under it and move on?


      • 123
        Mr Ned says:

        Mind you, that would only be one justifiable death, instead of hundreds of thousands of unjustifiable deaths.

        Tessa really has not thought this through.

        After all, if going to war in Iraq was wrong, it was unjustifiable, morally or legally. Then every death and injury IN that war was also wrong and unjustified, therefore each death was NOT a casualty of war, but unjustifiable murder.

        When is Ed going to call for Blair et al to be arrested?


        • 125
          MI7 says:

          He won’t Mr Ned because alot of the rest of the ex cabinet know they could also be joining him at the Hague as Blair strikes me as the sort of person who wouldn’t hesitate to cut a deal and dish all the dirt out and bring everyone else down with him when faced with prospect of 25+ years in a prison cell.


  23. 31
    Senator Bloodn' Gore says:

    Ah, climate change and constituents – a heady mix. How can I get re-elected if I don’t look after my constituents and, to cap it all, the firm advising on this wind farm isn’t mine – I’m going to be against that aren’t I? Did you see my wonderful (and very scary climate) movie?


  24. 34
    Colonel B. Tufton says:

    This is all very well but I’m surprised you haven’t got anything to say about Liam Fox and the defence cuts that could put troops at risk.


    • 49
      Mitch says:

      The coming cuts to all areas will be severe and unbelievable. People won’t give a sh*t about the army when their job/house/school/hospital are on the way out.

      The spending review in October is only the start….


      • 96
        Grumpy Old Man says:

        “It’s Tommy this and Tommy that and throw ‘im out the swine!
        But it’s ” Saviour of ‘is Country ” when the guns are going fine”

        Now there’s one Fabian who was in touch with reality.


    • 62
      Goodbye says:

      I refer you to last weeks Dispatches.


  25. 35
    Red Ed - The Union Manchurian candidate says:

    Green is the new Red. We are all Watermelons now…


  26. 37
    Intruder Located says:

    Funny incident on Daybreak at 7.20 today, they got their Dalek soundrack mixed up with the Ed Miliband speech video. So the viewer was treated to pictures of Ed with a Dalek shouting out “exterminate, EXTERMINATE!”


  27. 38
    Taxfodder says:

    One has to wonder at the crass stupidity of those that elected this scum to Parliament and more so those who should know better that tolerates his presence among them.

    Says it all really…


  28. 46
    sophie says:

    Same old Tory corruption follows on from Labour corruption.

    And like sheep we meekly accept their reign over us.

    We deserve the Yeos of this Parliament pissing on us & our country – we are gutless as a people.

    Where are all the men in the Great Britain?


  29. 47
    sam says:

    Where’s Dave?


  30. 51
    Yeo as a teenager says:


  31. 56
    sockpuppet #4 says:

    He’s clearly not one of the lizard men if he’s making thousands from this sort of thing.

    Thats not even chicken feed on the Boris scale of things.


  32. 61
    Martin Day BBC Political Correspondent says:

    The fight for a spot in Ed Miliband’s top team was getting under way in earnest today with political blogger Guido Fawkes among the bloggers who have declared they are standing.


  33. 67
    Global Warming...the biggest load of bilge since the ice age says:

    Let’s face it…Wind Farms are an eyesore ….they overshadow any properties nearby and the blades make a heck of racket.What’s more they generate very little electricity in comparison to other forms of generation.I’ve nothing against them being out at sea as some are but they should not be sited anywhere on land especially in places where there is nearby population or in places of national beauty


    • 126
      Vested interests says:

      But Wind Farms make the pious eco freaks feel all virtuous, and they make the eco swindlers lots of money.

      And that’s all what counts.


    • 141
      Susie says:

      Even that’s no good.

      The offshore power has to come onshore and that means miles of pylons — under-grounding costs 3 x times as much and due to the faults inherent with wind, need to be accessible.

      The ones off Norfolk, Suffolk and Essex mean that a 60-mile line of them will shortly be built through the Deben Valley — aka as Constable Country — an AONB.


  34. 68
    John Prescott says:

    ‘ey lad. You should check out MY wind power after a curry.


  35. 73
    Sadiq Khan says:


  36. 86
    Cock Heads says:


    Don’t mention Liam Fox and DRACONIAN cuts


    Dont mention that Billy Vague is in Moscow, sent to the Urals to hide out for a few weeks no doubt…


  37. 97
    Airey Belvoir says:

    Was it not Yeo who put a pink laptop on expenses about the time of his illegitimate daughter’s birthday?


  38. 102
    Voice of Treason says:

    Yeo is a devious bastard. Ask him how his love-child is going on. But why did anybody think that things would change with the Tories in regards to sleaze and dishonesty? Almost all politicians are corrupt bastards intent on furthering their own importance and careers.


  39. 105
    Voice of Treason says:

    Yeo’s nickname: The cunning cu-nt.


  40. 108
    Cock Heads says:

    13 years in opposition, less than 6 months after forming a collation government – highlight of the Tory political day, porkie pie pickles ranting on about council news papers, and Jeremy C*unt on local TV stations ( that will never open ). Jesus you are scraping the bottom of the political barrel already.


  41. 114
    Another one for who science is a mystery says:

    Having heard Yeo talk about climate change I am certain he does not understand science at all – he just understands how to earn a quick buck.


  42. 128
    anonymous says:

    there’s not one MP who wants or will have anything ‘controversdial’ in their own patch. Why else do low flying military planes invade the countryside and not westminster? Why else has westminster lead the way with windmills on the roof instead of around the coast? MPs are full of shit


  43. 129
    I am not a hypocrite, i am a free man says:

    Good Lord, A climate fascist not practising what he preaches, whatever next? An admission war with Iraq was wrong?

    I work in construction and once had the unfortunate responsibility to deal with a scientist and his wife/partner whos work touched on the climate scam bollocks. There work apparently helped to prove that climate change is real and that the science is settled. By turning on the kettle you are killing us all is the general theme.

    You would think such people would embrace the opportunity to make changes to their lifestyle to reduce their carbon footprint. Nope. That would cost money, money they would rather spend on a fancy kitchen. You see, the building regulations already have parts which deal with the conservation of fuel and power and the need to reduce your carbon footprint. They impose upon homeowners the requirement to upgrade and improve existing parts of the building during renovations as well as making newer extensions meet current standards.

    Now, they owned an old house and where renovating it. The regulations state that if you renovate a thermal element (eg a wall, roof, floor, windows, doors…in this case they where doing it all) then you should upgrade them to a higher standrard of insulation in order or reduce the carbon output of your fossil fuel burning heating appliances. Most people dont know this, and like most people these climate science types where not amused that funds would have to be diverted away from fancy shit like an Aga to less fancy stuff like insulation. Also in their case, insulating the walls would mean a reduction in room dimensions (albeit quite small). None of these where acceptable to our scientist friends, in fact they where so tight they would not even condescend to do the simplest parts which would cost relatively little.

    I was asked to look the other way. Parts of the design never appeared on council applications as is required by law. Every trick known to me (legal but sneaky tricks in my case) and the builders was used so that they could avoid their obligations to reduce their carbon footprint.

    Dont get me wrong, im not big on the global warming bollocks and frankly im more than happy to help people skip throgh the building regulations (I of course know loopholes and such, rather than actually breaking the law), in fact its one thing im good at. My designs might not stand up to a light breeze, are as watertight as the titanic but by christ they are whoefully inefficient at heat retention! If im involved you WILL play your part in Global warming. And that, sirs, gives me a nice warm glow.

    What of course pisses me off in this instance is that the very people pushing, and profitting from (they where doing pretty fucking nicely out of it), the global warming scam are doing their utmost to avoid the consequences of their bullshit themselves.



  44. 132
    Ian E says:

    He always was a bit of a Yeo-Yeo when it suited him!


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