September 22nd, 2010

‘Red Ed’ Has CCHQ Licking Lips

If as many expect Mili-D wins the MPs’ vote, splits the members vote with his brother, but Mili-E still wins overall because the union vote goes overwhelmingly to him, Guido gets the impression that the few remaining Tory strategists sitting in CCHQ won’t believe their luck. Kevin Maguire can see the danger, Mili-E will he says be “portrayed as the union’s man, lacking a mandate from the Parliamentary Labour Party”.  He will be “Red Ed” – the union baron’s preferred puppet…

Is the Labour Party actually going to reject Mili-D, the only candidate who is attempting to reach out to the centre and hasn’t given into the left, for his younger brother? “They’re skipping Hague and going straight to IDS, in tune with what the party members want, out of tune with what the voters want” says one CCHQ source. Polls show that Labour Party members themselves know Mili-D is more likely to beat Cameron, they still don’t care, emotionally they want a leader who tells them what they want to hear. Soon we will find out if Labour’s heart has ruled over its head…


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    Vote for Diane Abbott our only saviour


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      Can't remember my moniker says:

      What? The pantomime pig, LM?


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        Balls for lead.. shit! I fucked that up didn't I ? says:

        the small problem is you already shot your wad on Balls who everyone knows is the brownite extremist and if, as everyone expects, Mili-D gets in you’ll still portray him a a communist because that’s all you know how to do


        • 49
          Can't remember my moniker says:

          You talk about small problems. Fair enough. One has to keep within one’s limitations. I see big problems:

          “Government spends £5 for every £4 raised, says Office for National Statistics” DT. OK, I know this is the ultra-conservative DT that you would not want to soil your hands on (ha ha) but they are quoting the governments own sources so you have to take it seriously.

          Now, look at the monkeys who are standing for election. Like Brown, who they are now happy to deride (pity they didn’t do it before), none of them is even aware that this is a problem. You can accuse me of using labels like communist all you like but I am talking about simple common sense. Labour had a bypass of that commodity some time in the 1960s and has deliberately chosen to do without it ever since.

          You cannot spend what you have not got AND expect to be able to carry on down this path to infinity. It is very simple. Why? Because someone else will have to pay for it. (China maybe, I hear you say?). And when they feel that they own us, what do you imagine their price will be? (OK, you can get your communist labels out again, maybe we will need them after all.)

          Not difficult, was it?


          • try again says:

            Frankly they can both go fuck themselves but lazily labeling them communists is laughably feeble since they are both basically Blairite.

            And none of them says any cuts will be needed do they ?
            Or are you trotting out straw men yet again in desperation ?

            Not difficult was it ?


          • Can't remember my moniker says:

            Not for anyone but you, it would appear. NewLab educaton to blame, no doubt. You mentioned the word “communist” first, not me. Feeling sensitive, are we, comrade?


          • Duuuuuuuuuurr?!?! says:

            what does Red Ed mean ??

            you brainless twat


          • Porkbusters says:

            No word yet on the tax dodging MPs one of the tabloids was rumoured to have a big scoop on Mr Fawkes?


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          city shitters says:

          god timing calling him Red Ed as Cameron’s business secretary goes after the City shitters throats to squeals of “marxist” from the banker wankers


          • Tom 'Bunter' Watson MP says:

            They are all shit but I’m right behind Balls cause he and I practice dark Labour arts together.


          • Hague's bedrom buddy says:

            I’m right behind balls too ducky


          • Mr Ned says:

            It was funny watching the BBC go apoplectic against Cable this morning and completely misconstrue what he was saying.

            Had he really been attacking Capitalism in a “I prefer socialism” sort of way, the BBC would have been massively in favour of what he was saying, but because he was attacking Corporatism, the abuse of corporate power in creating a corrupt system where competition, free-enterprise and small and medium sized businesses are kept out of the market, the BBC laid into him, for the BBC are Marxist corporatists above all else.

            Cable is right, we need more SMEs and the corporatism af the last 13 years must be tackled with urgency.

            The difference between corporatism and socialism? under corporatism, the boot stamping your face has a company’s corporate logo on it. Under socialism, it is a national flag.

            Both systems squash free-enterprise, competition, individuality and freedom under the boot of monopoly power.

            I know for a fact that millions of pounds are wasted because corporations do corrupt deals with each other to keep their elites in power in the market. Even when it harms their own company’s bottom line.

            I know of one corporation that has been offered a site license for a needed software application. The users within the company want to use this software, because it is much better than what they currently use. It will make them become significantly more productive and save the company a lot of time and money. Enough to make the software cost less than nothing. The maintenance on the software costs less than for their current software. The company that writes the new software is a medium sized company which is more flexible to the needs of it’s customers than the corporation that produces their current software. Yet, this medium sized software company is kept out of this part of the market due to a dodgy deal which is costing the tax-payer millions of pounds. Why the tax payer? because it is the tax-payer that pays for the product that the corporation produces.

            Cable is right about ending corporate abuses and creating a freer, open, transparent, level playing field where competition is allowed, enterprise encouraged and not stifled by dodgy deals and corruption.

            Labour where happy to pretend to be conservative, whilst in reality being out-and out corporatists. The end result is almost indistinguishable from Marxism. They would concentrate all power into fewer and fewer hands until they were at the top table with the corporations holding monopoly power. If they could not create their Marxist utopia, they would settle for a corporatist one.


          • Greychatter says:

            Vince Cable is talking sense if you don’t work for the BBC of the Big Banks or Tesco or the big monopoly private utilities companies.

            Where is the competition against Tesco, Morrisons, Sainsburys – British Gas, United Utilities? how many small businesses can survive against these “giants in the know”. Presumably all ultimately controlled by the banks.

            Look at the empty town center shopping streets.

            Big business and planners in the Town Halls appear to give preference to the contacts they have cultivated over the years and fall over themselves for firms like Tesco to set up in their towns, killing all the small shops.

            Its probably easier to collect rates and council tax from the big boys than dozens of small shops.

            Look at the way Big firms and banks and utitilities want everyone to pay bills by Direct Debit- giving them control over the money in our bank accounts.


          • Mong-U-Mental says:

            100% correct, Mr. Ned. Maybe it needs stating that Corporatism is an unhealthy partnership of big business and the state working counter to the interests of the people – not simply big business.

            SME’s don’t just need to exist, they have to have the potential ( i.e. not be blocked from ) of growing to challenge big business in order to keep big business honest. Excessive regulation – now almost all EU driven – blocks this (costs do not scale, so the % cost is higher on SMEs). No surprise – Corporatism has played a large part in European systems.


        • 70
          Grumpy Old Man says:

          Not quite. Mili-D could well be portrayed as a power-seeking, amoral, champagne socialist who lacks moral fibre because that is what he is,


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      Up sh1t creek says:

      Vote for Vince Cable, he has the same economics sense as the entire Labour party (bonkers).


    • 33
      Biffo says:

      You caught the mad staring eyes rather well Mr F, but colourwise, shouldn’t they match his beret logo?


    • 120
      Don't be fooled says:

      MiliE or MiliD, it makes no difference, they are both marxists.


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    the old Dufflebag says:

    In reality will it really make a tad of difference which is elected…the new voice of labour will be a recast of the old script using a new language of socialism but steadfastly refusing to acknowledge the hash the last 13 years produced… focusing criticism on the coalition’s budget cutting…and saying whatever it takes to convince the diehard socialist core vote that the new regime has their welfare central to future policy development.

    In their dreams.


    • 45
      Tony E says:

      It may well be that we are going to get another Labour Government. Problem is for Labour, that there will not be the abundances of cash to spend in 2015, even less if they topple the coalition and get in before.

      There is a hard bed of socialist voters in this country now, it is no longer a ‘small c conservative country’, mainly because so many have become used to sucking on the teat and have been educated through schools and universities that this is the only fair way to run a country.

      Until we have a Labour government which is ‘broke’ when it enters office and is unable to practice the socialism that it preaches, we will never be rid of them. Every time the right fixes the economy and Labour breaks it, they can just sing the old song about how the left is fair and progressive and the right just looks after its own.

      In 2015 (or before) they will not be able to increase spending, they will not be able to go to the money markets without the credit rating falling, and they will be watched closely by those markets if they roll the printing presses. They would be forced into tight fiscal policy and would therefore fail.


      • 74
        Grumpy Old Man says:

        Several good points, well made. I’d like to add, if I may, that the 1945 Attlee govt entered power with the Country broke. They managed the economy so well that food rationing lasted till a couple of years into the next Tory Govt, 8 years after the War. But they did give us the NHS – a wonderful concept that turned into the nightmare we have today.


        • 190
          HandsomeDavid says:

          The early NHS was funded by the Marshall Plan. Of the $12.7 billion total allocated by the USA to the Marshall Plan, the UK received just over one quarter of that fund.


      • 166
        Old Tory says:

        Good points made. It would have been very interesting times if Gordon had won the last election. The first time a Labour Party would have had to clear up its own mess.
        Gordon was no Attlee.


  3. 5
    NorthernGit says:

    Either will lead labour into the hinterlands of decline…a busted flush…yesterday’s tainted men bereft of talent or clean hands.
    dave policy hatcher for blair…ed manifesto writer for brown.
    Result… a 13 year fuckfeist the great unwashed voted for like


    • 22
      rocknrolla says:

      Guido i think you’re forgetting the potential risks involved with David Militwat. He has a track record as a ditherer, he is tainted as an arch-Blairite and best of all for Cameron it seems likely that the torture inquiry will find that D Milibanana did something wrong… anything wrong to do with torture and he’ll sink at the next election.

      The BBC and Guardian, with the education establishment have been working for years to establish the idea that labour is good and benign, maybe sometimes too idealistic but decent and good in itself. The Tories are “nasty” and their only virtue is practicality. Hence the general drift leftwards. Milbanana would torpedo such strategy with torture links.


  4. 6
    Johnny says:

    Sadly, the Labour Party always used its heart for decisions, not its head and got Blair then Brown. They have learnt nothing from the recongition by others that the British Middle Voters really do count.

    People know that Public Servants are overpaid at the top and the BBC is arrogant and way overpaid. Our Public Sector should be at the level of twenty or thirty years ago, at some 40% or less of GDP. All the Socialist and Communist Options have been tried and failed. Local power and democracy where Officals can be called to account, then fired is the only way to go.

    My instinct is the the Laour Party will elect Ed Miliband, who actually seems a little more human, if somewhat misguided than his “Geek” Brother David who is a failed Senior Minister of the Brown Regime, now hated by the Public.


  5. 7
    Anonymous says:

    If Ed Miliband wins some say David Miliband will leave frontline politics and apparently Ed Balls doesn’t get on well with Red Ed either.

    Ed won’t tame the Blairites, it would be back to the 80s for Labour.

    However, if the economy doesn’t come good (and there’s a small chance of that happening) Mili-E might be the only alternative and that would be dangerous.

    In terms of character he’s no leader, but he’s hardly as left wing as many say he is.


    • 12
      the old Dufflebag says:

      You could be right Anon but I doubt David Miliband will leave politics…hes too self serving to walk away…blood being thicker than water he will know his brother won’t shaft him royally but assuming that Balls could end up shadow chancellor to Ed Miliband as leader then the grating between David and Balls could cause some considerable trouble re direction and tone.

      The public’s view is unlikely to really change as all three are badly implicated in the 13 year joke but as you rightly say should the economy not recover in a timely cycle they could cook up a whole new fantasy of political rhetoric.


    • 23
      caesars wife says:

      now who was it who said “I can walk from this job at any time”


  6. 8
    jon Monday says:

    As a green party candidate of some years standing I would advise caution to the betting man on this one.

    The green grasses of Westminster will not be over ran with lower middle class oiks no!.

    The green party is growing, although under many guises. in a world as imperilled in immanant dangers as ours, its good to know, milli d or milli e, the labour cause will be a great partnership in a new world order of green politics.

    I am Jon Monday.


    • 10
      giant gonad says:

      and I am giant gonad


    • 15
      PissedasaParrot says:

      I am Black Wednesday and you’re a fruit cake no 8….hic


    • 16

      You may be right. You might just double the number of MPs your party has by 2020.
      Giving you a total of 2.

      Con-lib-lab must be shitting themselves.


      • 31
        Jon Monday says:

        They are. It’s ‘go green’ or go dead at the ballot box. The older generation have despoiled this planet enough.

        Cameron isn’t going far enough, Clegg isn’t going far enough and Lobour won’t go far enough. Yet they are all going. In the same direction.

        Thus it is proven that your perspective is incorrect to the reasonable man in the street.

        I am Jon Monday.


        • 36

          As a ‘reasonable man in the street’, may I take this opportunity to tell you to fuck off back to LabourLost, Jon?


          • Jon Monday says:

            How about you fuck off there?

            I never go there.

            I am Jon Monday.


          • Can't remember my moniker says:

            “I am”, “I am”, “I am”, “I am”, “I am”, “I am”, “I am” …

            Every egotistical twat in parliament (or aspiring to it), who has a bad message that they want to force-feed down other peoples’ throats, uses these solipsistic words without thinking. You are just another cretinous example of this malodorous species.


          • Can't remember I'm a Belgian nonce says:

            fuck off back to gooberland you dsigusting nonce


          • Can't remember my moniker says:

            Love the careful spelling, Mr Nonce. Do have a wonderful day. Can I recommend a good investment banker for your tax credits?


          • It's Can't remember my monikers Belgian bumchums says:


          • Anonymous says:

            Dear Jon Monday.

            WTF do you have to keep reminding yourelf of who you are at the end of each of your postings ?

            Samantha aged 10


          • Barry Tuesday says:

            Grunt grunt, dribble dribble.

            I’m his cousin,

            I am Barry Tuesday.


        • 92
          Unsworth says:

          You’re a completely illiterate nonce. Who are ‘the older generation’? Anyone over fourteen? And – if you are what you say you are – you’re going to have to learn to spell and write some decent English.


          • Can't remember my moniker says:

            This place appears to be drowning in these boastfully ignorant sub-species of homo sapiens that belong more to Pleistocene times than now. One would have thought that they would have disappeared after the election but one can never underestimate the stupidity of directionless thought.


          • Unsworth says:

            Debatable as to whether this is a manifestation of ‘thought’, though.


          • Can't remember my moniker says:

            One is reminded of the sea anemone which swims about casting around for a suitable place to anchor itself safely and securely. When it has completed this task, it has no further use for its brain so it eats it.

            It appears to be one step up the cerebral chain from these plankton groups.


          • towering intellects says:

            itz coz dey iz all soshaliztz innittz ??! ? my daylee mail sez so ! !@!


          • Anonymous says:

            “One would have thought that they would have disappeared after the election but one can never underestimate the stupidity of directionless thought.”

            That’s right, people should only be allowed to express themselves in whatever way they wish once every five years. So what if they are still pissed off months after the election. Sod them. Keep quiet I hear you say.

            If your rather timid sensibilities are offended I suggest you fuck off. You ain’t seen nothing yet!


          • piss off says:

            “One would have thought that they would have disappeared after the election but one can never underestimate the stupidity of directionless thought.”

            That’s right, people should only be allowed to express themselves in whatever way they wish once every five years. So what if they are still pissed off months after the election. Sod them. Keep quiet I hear you say.

            If your rather timid sensibilities are offended I suggest you fuck off. You ain’t seen nothing yet!


          • Mong-U-Mental says:

            Yes – Can’t Remember Moniker – socialism puts evolution into reverse. Just go Oop North and look around at the inhabitants of the Stalinist wastelands.


          • Unsworth says:

            So Anonymous and Piss Off are one and the same amoeba?


          • Can't remember my moniker says:

            No surprise there, Unsworth.


        • 225
          get real with the b'st'rds says:



  7. 9
    Gordon Brown says:

    I’m still prime minister.


  8. 11
    Gruesome scenario says:

    McDoom and Sarah doing a 69.

    Sorry, no amount of mind bleach will help you!


    • 61
      Can't remember my moniker says:

      The only way that this will occur is when they try and spend 69 when they only have 6.9 and then attempt to defend it with the ludicrous claim that it is investment.

      Trouble is that many economists, bankers and half-baked politicos, unworthy of their appellations, were taken in by this approach.

      Wish they had all been munching each other’s genitals to death. The debt would have been much lower.


  9. 13
    Gruesome scenario 2 says:

    McDoom getting a toejob from Sarah’s fucked up toe.


    • 64
      Gruesome scenario 3 says:

      Cameron rimming Clegg as Hague looks on letting his spad shit in his mouth.

      Sorry, no amount of mind bleach will help you!


  10. 14
    Even Comrade Fidel has got with the programme says:


    • 24
      rocknrolla says:

      It is worth noting that it seems in the whole world only the Labour Party, the BBC, the Guardian and President “never held a real job in my life” Obama believe that ever bigger spending and debt are the solution to problems created by ever bigger spending and debt.


  11. 18
    Uh-oh says:

    Bridge collapse at India Commonwealth games site. Did Brown wish India good luck for the games?


    • 27
      caesars wife says:

      I think he said UN must do more help poor countries , but wasnt specific about quality civil engineers , however cant discount it in way in which labour investments reveal themselves


    • 130
      The Ape Man Commeth says:

      We need the kind of competent engineers and other such qualified workers they have in India to come to Britain. Apparently they are better than ours.


  12. 19

    Famous Reds.

    Red Ed
    Red Ken
    Red Rum
    Red or Dead redemption
    Red Arrows
    Erik the Red
    Red dee steady cook


  13. 20
    caesars wife says:

    Did Huhne really say “liberal demo craps” in his speech , his forward pricing of energy is interesting , but given both gas and electric are from one market via differnet suppliers , wont costs just get passed on . CW is not so sure now on smart meters either my appologies on that one .total Insulations do not help every house , loft (most are insulated) , double glazing and doors and simple underlay flooring that eliminates draughts is about as far as you can go on quite a bit of housing stock unless you want to start reducing room sizes . Hughes was rather on form with his brand of political currency , but coup didnt occure and admitted labour had done a particulary bad job , but eyes clearly getting prepped for vinces speech and “liberal capitalism” quite wether this is best explained by pushing £20 notes whilst goggle eyed into the stocking top of an exoctic dancer is another matter .
    Yes the sage on petroeconomics is rumoured to be able to settle the political behmoth of capitalism, “slick” or misguided rebranding of hypothacation ending luck and enterprise in one fall swoop , CW will put his tin hat on it could be a real gusher .
    re post : I thought the interest was on 3rd place margin on faux milliband no contest to run labour , if ed wins Cameron will look too good , if David wins as you say constant militant approach and it fuels the right . will shadow cabinet be decided at conference ?.
    Simon Heiffer has done an interesting piece , thoughtfully articulated , bit hard to grasp but couldnt agree more same with AV its not so much the equality points of election its getting them out if they do a spin op/ponzi scheme and you cant do anything about .


  14. 25
    Alcuin says:

    If Guido’s scenario works out and E wins, the LibDems will have a serious problem persuading anyone without shit for brains that AV is a good idea. AV will be toast.


  15. 26
    Labour Party delegate says:

    Comrades! Child tax credits!

    That’s all I’ve got.


  16. 28
    LesAbbey says:

    And yet Guido what choice would there be with Cameron, Clegg and David Miliband? Wouldn’t three heirs to Blair be just a bit too much? Three too many come to think of it?


  17. 29
    M'lud says:

    Three cheers for the stupidity of the unions. They will only have themselves to blame!


    • 93
      Can't remember my moniker says:

      They will have nothing to crow over.


      • 132



  18. 30
    Results announced Saturday says:

    If Ed Milibland, Blinky or Fat Bott win, it’ll be a great excuse to celebrate by getting totally pissed! Get the nachos and drinks in. I have a feeling the result is gonna make us very happy!


  19. 32
    Jimmy says:

    Has anyone noticed how ever since Guido switched his prediction, the bookies’ odds have started moving back the other way?

    It’s really quite spooky.


    • 68
      Tom 'Bunter' Watson MP says:

      Jimmy, you always have been a stupid turd, you are a stupid turd, and you always will be a stupid turd.

      Off for a nice crap and perhaps a big old smear. Balls and I have work to do.


      • 206
        belgian monglicker nonce says:

        smelly bum poo! smelly bum poo! smelly bum poo! smelly bum poo! smelly bum poo! smelly bum poo! smelly bum poo! smelly bum poo! smelly bum poo!


  20. 44
    50 Calibre says:

    It all just goes to show in sharp relief that the Liebour Party couldn’t organise a one-man march up a one-way street and who is really pulling their bit of string…


    • 63
      If wishes were horses,beggars would ride says:

      It will be an interesting election in 2015 if EdM gets the leadership of the Labour Party and starts tacking to the left which is anathema to the middle class floating voter who actually decides elections

      Although in fairness to Labour they have had a pretty poor bunch of leadership contenders to choose from.Not one of them has that “something” that sets them apart from the herd.Thatcher had it,Major didn’t,Blair had it,Hague didn’t,IDS didn’t,Cameron does, & Brown certainly didn’t. Just like the Tories had the misfortune to face a Labour Party led by Blair(the consumate politician and all things to all men type of character)so do Labour have the misfortune to be facing Cameron(a man very much in Blair’s mould of politician )with the added element of the third party(LibDems)also being led by a personable leader. Mark my words ….The next Labour PM is still on the backbenches or not even yet in Parliament.It certainly won’t be either of the Millibands entering No10 in 2015


    • 67
      lolol says:

      The problem is they can organise a one man march up a one street they have the fascist UAF to do that


  21. 51
    Colonel Blimp. says:

    I’m really pleased to say that presented with photographs of the Miliband brothers, I couldn’t tell which is Dave and which is Ed!
    All I know is that one looks mad and one looks really mad.


  22. 55
    the hier to blair = socialist says:

    See you in 2015. Bwaaahaaaahaaa !!


  23. 59
    what a dreadful joke says:

    My vote’s going for their musical brother, Glenn.


  24. 72

    Ha, Ha, Ha, ha-harrRr, sliced the varmit Falwkes clean in two wi me trusty sabre!

    Nothing but BLOOD and GORE to see on this BLOG of ILL-REPUTE. Call it Hague’s revenge on an unruly ship-mate!!!

    I beez wondrin whooz next? Over to yooouz, Dear Reader!


  25. 73
    Mandy says:

    I’m happy to put myself upfront for David with Balls right behind


  26. 79
    Dy Anne Flabby Butt says:

    Comrades, blud! Let’s eat some jerk chickhaan and do a bogle in a rub a dub styleeee!


  27. 81
    Gordon Brown says:

    Today I will be mostly working on chapter 5894 of my book.


  28. 83
    Albi Here says:

    OT Vince the cable is visiting Vauxhall Ellesmere Port today,I hope he keeps his accountancy skills to himself and counts on his ill gotten fame to help him through the day,I also hope he stays away from next door the Shell refinery,both firms are quietly and slowly starting to do nicely and his expertise isn’t required to “help” them


  29. 85
    Arthur Scarred Gill says:

    Collectivism is the only solution!


  30. 87
    David Laws says:

    tee hee hee!

    you can’t find me!


  31. 89
    Yawn says:

    That twat who keeps posting “BrokeBack Coaliton/Billyboy” videos a hundred times a day has become a real tedious bore, not to mention creepy obsessive. Kill yourself, you bitter Labour c-unt.


    • 109
      not billyboy/brokeback etc. says:

      Calm down dear!


    • 115
      rant! says:

      Noooo don’t say that they live for wanking over posts they get for their collective fetishism it’s the biscuit their aiming for ! it’s really all they have I have posted up some help line numbers on other threads for men like them who are deeply confused about whether Brad or Angelina is their cup of tea ? but for them there is no hope they are too far gone .


    • 131
      ROFL!!! says:

      go fuck yourself you spineless little sniveling worm

      it’s because CCHQ bedwetters like you always start blubbing and whining like a pussy any time Cameron is criticised that makes it so much fun


      • 228
        Tom 'Bunter' Watson says:

        Fun only for bloated trough dwellers like me, and my spotty legion of basement trolls.

        Like you ROFL.


  32. 98
    (Hideously) White Van Man says:

    why is anyone listening to Vince? Isn’t he the tosser who as “chief economist” at Shell overstated its reserves by 1000%?


  33. 100
    fernando's pants says:

    I say, there are some angry fellows on this thread already, may i suggest that the irked commenters here have themselves a heartier breakfast in future.
    It makes a huge difference to one’s mood.


  34. 105
    Unsworth says:

    Sarah Brown tweets:

    “Am on my way home”

    Begs so many questions, doesn’t it?


    • 116
      Curiarse says:

      The Canterbury rug munchers collective?


    • 119

      That’s just so they can get hubby cleaned up ready for her visit.


      • 128
        nell says:

        Nope he’s still haunting the lobby at the U+N pretending to be PM.


        • 143
          WTF? says:

          In what capacity is that miserable fucker over there FFS?

          Does the loon just turn up wherever and whenever in the hope that someone will just listen to him? The sycophantic Toady programme even carried something that fell out of his mouth a few days agao.

          Fucking idiot. Hope his plane crashes on the way back.


          • nell says:

            And it must have cost £thousands just for him to go and stand in that lobby and talk to the beeb yesterday. As an ex PM wherever he goes a security detail, paid for by us, goes with him. That means that we had to pay for their transatlatic flights, wages and hotel bills as well as his.

            And as you say in what capacity was he over there? If I was one of his constituents I would be asking the question when are you going to start representing us in the HoC?


          • WTF? says:

            It appears to me that, amongst other reasons, the mad jock is touting himself far and wide for a new job.

            Just great! He’s using taxpayers money to go on a job hunting jolly.

            Can’t someone reign the idiot in? Can’t the Queen ring him up and call him to heel?


          • nell the stalker says:

            nell found Brown’s receipts in the bins as she was squatting in them sniffing Sarah’s tampons


          • sniffing cp alert says:

            You are concrete pump. Now fuck off.


          • concrete pump says:

            I’m wanking in nell’s letterbox right now
            the dirty mare has her 4 foot black dildo out and oiled


  35. 110
    nell says:

    Unfortunately for davemilibliar the graudian has just published proof that not only did he know about those t+ort+ure allegations he actually sanctioned +mi+6 to carry them out.

    Will the labour party want another serial liar for leader?.

    Interesting timing for the story on the part of the graudian. Rather suggests they want ed to win too.


    • 162
      Unsworth says:

      They do. It’s in their genetic make-up to go Left rather than Right. Silly, really, the better chance of their survival would be to support Miliband D. Just how electable is Miliband E in a General Election?


  36. 125
    Blu-Labour says:

    David Cameron not only saw Vince Cable’s speech but gave it his full approval.


  37. 126
  38. 127
    Sam Cam says:

    I get to munch on Clares minge while Dave’s away


  39. 136
    Ben Doon says:

    Does my bum look big in this?


  40. 138
    Steve Miliband says:

    Don’t worry Cause I’m left here, left here, left here,
    left here at home

    Cause I’m a wanker
    I’m a grinner
    I’m a lover
    And I’m a sinner
    I play my music in the sun.
    I’m a joker
    I’m a smoker
    I’m a midnight toker


  41. 139
    Sir William Waad says:

    The Labour leadership conference feels as though the slow-motion reply is being played before the race itself.


  42. 140
    Auntie Flo' says:

    Raving Red Ed, Union and EU muppet. Just like his traitor of a brother, Red ED hates democracy, he backed the evil Lisbon Treaty and just loves taxing the British to the hilt to subsidise the greedy French.


  43. 141
    Red Trasher Ed says:

    I write one manifesto every three months…

    Then three months later I trash it

    And write another one…

    What’s wrong with that you windowlickers ?


  44. 145
    Sir William Waad says:

    Two oysters go clubbing. One says to the other “Aren’t you dancing?” The other says “No, I think I’ve pulled a mussel.”


  45. 146
    To much information says:

    We can only hope and pray that the good folk of Labour do the right thing and opt for the Loony Left candidate.


    • 149
      Backwoodsman says:

      or perhaps an equal oportunity job share, with lashings of paid maternity leave.


      • 218
        Hague the vague says:

        I’m sure our colleagues in Europe will legislate even further in this direction.

        It’s the right thing to do after all.


    • 150
      Backwoodsman says:

      However, the draw back to your suggestion is the incredible fact that the pork barrel & payroll vote, has now assumed such a high percentage of the electorate, that the country could well end up saddled with some red mong as PM.


  46. 151
    Ben Doon says:

    the left is a bunch of cocks who think they know how to spend the money I make better than I do

    the Millitwat brothers are text book lefty wankers who live like the old ironmasters dictating to the real workers where they shall spend their money

    I know Ed Milliband would take all my wages from me if he thought he could get away with it and give me back what little bit he thought i deserved


  47. 156
    Can't remember my moniker says:

    Wakey, wakey, wakey!

    Rise and shine!

    Middle of the day and the sun is burning your bleeding eyes out ……


  48. 157
    Ellie Gellard says:




  49. 161
    genghiz the kahn says:

    I had hoped that MI5, and MI6 had something on that Hunt-Millipede as I read the head line GCHQ licking lips, then I realised that it was only CCHQ.


  50. 164
    Prince Philip says:

    Looks like Indians put up the false ceiling too.


  51. 168
    Bonny Tiler says:

    The Labour Party is the natural home of the dishonest


  52. 171
    "Red Ed" says:

    Who’s funding Miliband D? / Features / Home – Morning Star


  53. 180
    fernando's pants says:

    Lickspittle, worm, snivelling, poodle, minions – these words are overused by some. The English language has thousands of alternatives that can be used, but they are not.
    May i suggest the posters that constantly write the same words and phrases over and over again, to use a fucking dictionary and vary their output a little.
    It’s not hard.
    Your abuse can begin below……though i’m sure it will be thoughtless rubbish, misspelled too…..


  54. 181
    "Red Ed" says:

    David Miliband is raising cash from some ugly sources. He has £324,000 of donations for the leadership campaign – more than six times the amount his brother raised.

    Miliband D is trying to buy the Labour leadership. One of the largest donations – £50,000 – comes from public relations millionaire Anthony Bailey.

    Bailey is a lobbyist for a bevy of reactionaries and reprobates. His clients include BAE Systems, the arms firm embroiled in many bribery scandals.

    Bailey’s clients also include the reactionary customer of BAE, Saudi Arabia, and he has represented other countries with dubious human rights regimes like Syria and Morocco and oil firms like Shell. His main lobbying vehicle is his company Eligo International.

    Bailey loves to emphasise his relationships with European royalty. He brought together his arms trade, lobbying and royalist businesses together in one grotesque package when he launched Painting and Patronage – a BAE-funded promotion of the paintings of Prince Charles and Saudi Prince Khalid.

    Bailey is quite proud of his backward and reactionary pals. He runs a “forum” and boasts about all the vaguely royal Eurotrash he gets along.

    Just to give a flavour of the lobbyist’s creepy circles, Bailey boasts of having “the former King Constantine of the Hellenes” at one of his forums.

    Known as “Constantine the Little” in Greece, he is a truly pathetic figure. King Constantine swore in the fascist colonels in 1967. When the uppity fascists refused to be nice to their king, he tried to launch his own feeble counter-coup, which was a laughable failure.

    Since Greeks rose up and brought back democracy, the people have wanted nothing to do with Constantine. He made himself even more unpopular by suing Greece for millions of euros of “reparations” for losing his throne.

    As well as loving burned-out royals, Bailey is keen on the Catholic hierarchy. He is a member of the Sacred Military Constantinian Order of Saint George, a Catholic “dynastic order of knighthood.”

    And he likes to impose his personal religious beliefs on the rest of us. Bailey is a keen promoter of religious academy schools, especially those linked to the Anglican United Learning Trust.

    Since 2003 he has encouraged anti-abortion politics by acting as patron of the “all-party parliamentary pro-life group.”

    Modernising Miliband isn’t only funded by royalist anti-abortion arms trade lobbyists.

    Another £50,000 donation to Miliband’s Labour leadership campaign fund comes from David Claydon, a leading British banker.

    Claydon became a Morgan Stanley managing director in 2005, where he stayed until he joined Union Bank of Switzerland this May.

    Both Morgan Stanley and UBS were deeply involved in the financial crisis, both losing hundreds of millions of pounds thanks to overextended loans. UBS is also one of the government’s advisers trying to privatise Royal Mail.

    Another regular source of money for Miliband comes from rich former supporters of the Social Democratic Party. First it tried to destroy the Labour Party from the outside. Now it is nibbling away from the inside.

    David Sainsbury bankrolled the SDP. Now he is paying £63,000 to Miliband’s leadership campaign. Parry Mitchell, who made his millions in the leasing business, helped found the SDP in 1980. He stood twice for the party, in Ealing and Acton in 1983 and Salisbury in 1987. He gave £10,000 to Miliband’s campaign. Miliband is the SDP’s plan B.

    But not all Miliband’s cash-rich pals have skeletons in their closet.

    Duncan Kenworthy gave £25,000. He doesn’t work for arms dealers or bankers – he made his money co-creating Fraggle Rock and producing Four Weddings And A Funeral.


    • 209

      “Duncan Kenworthy gave £25,000. He doesn’t work for arms dealers or bankers – he made his money co-creating Fraggle Rock and producing Four Weddings And A Funeral.”

      Wonder what poor Duncy will say when Ed Militant wins?

      “Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck”, perhaps?


  55. 189
    William Hague will leave politics, predicts Lord Ashcroft says:

    William Hague is likely to forge a career outside politics, according to Lord Ashcroft, the Tory donor and friend of the Foreign Secretary.


    • 195
      EU & me - no thanks says:

      Is this what management consultancy type twats call ‘a managed outplacement opportunity’?


    • 230
      The Golem says:

      If true, perhaps WH will follow the example of other prominent political figures in the past by removing himself from the inconveniences of the democratic process and accepting a sinecure at Emperor Rumpo’s court.


  56. 192
    Martin Day says:

    I’ll Dance On Thatcher’s Grave, Even If She’s Buried At SEA!!!


    • 232
      the beast of clerkenwell says:

      Typical socialist logic
      Tread water in a sea of debt, start drowning then exp;ect to be rescued
      Me, I’d put my boot on the back of your head from the side of the inflatable


  57. 193
    Roughing it up says:

    What’s wrong with our soft athletes? A dose of Dengue fever and cock roaches in the soup never hurt anyone.


  58. 197
    CuntBack Labour says:

    I’ve got nothing better to do than spend all day posting BrokeBack Coalition and Billyboy videos a hundred times and then call anyone who hates Labour a whiny CCHQ pussy, even though the irony escapes me of being a bitter Labour c-unt who feels compelled to spend all day posting on a right wing blog where everyone hates Labour and Brown! Waaaaaaaaah! Labour List has zero traffic. Waaaaah! We lost the election. Waaaaah! Brown is hated. Waaaaah! Right. I’m off to post the same videos another hundred times and to call someone a whiny CCHQ pussy. I hope mummy brings me my din-dins soon. I’m getting hungry and can’t be bothered to get out of my basement bedroom. She also said she’d bring me a fresh pair of underwear. But what’s the point? Just like Gordon, I like wearing the same pair a hundred days straight.


  59. 198
    Ethan says:

    Read this…maybe you’ll be as gobsmacked as I was.


    • 219
      Enrichment comes at a price says:

      Why the surprise?

      Increasing diversity will inevitably mean increasing authoritarianism, as the authorities try to keep a lid on their Balkanised states.

      But try telling that to the deluded supporters of endless mass immigration of both the left and right. Cheap labour and more voters is all they care about.

      Open borders Libertarian idiots are the worst. One minute withering on about freedom, the next supporting policies that will directly undermine the very thing they are meant to cherish so much.


  60. 210
    Goose Sauce says:

    “Did St Dave have much to say about the iniquities of capitalism when he approved and backed Vince’s speech 100%?”


  61. 213
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    All the leadership contenders will be in the unions pockets !


  62. 231
    the beast of clerkenwell says:

    Past caring the country is screwed
    What we need is a millitary junta, squadies guarding OUR streets not those of Afghanistan
    Bring back the death penalty (murderers,kiddie fiddlers, banking and being a member of any of the big 3 political parties)
    Sack all police and politicians then hang them)
    Members of the ruling junta are elected by past and present members of the real services
    If you are on benefits you are denied a vote
    No social security, just charity
    Corporal punishment
    No council housing
    No asylum seekers F**K THEM!
    No EU
    Guns for everybody (pull one on a person you get shot back)
    No security at airports other than armed pilots, and two or three armed men (soldiers)patrolling the aisles of the craft
    No speed limits on motorways
    Single mothers have thgeirt children confiscated for adoption, the father is executed if he doesnt take responsibility

    Just some ideas for a fairer progressive Britain

    Legalise drugs
    No tax


  63. 234
    guido fawkes rules says:

    david milliband and ed milliband look more suited as aliens on star trek deep space 9 than in political party. they are pair of prize pillocks who evade tax. They could be miskaen fron planet nog if such a place exists in our solar system


  64. 235
    tony b liar says says:

    1997 the tory poster depicting yours truly as the devil with fire coming out of my ears and eyes u cannot say the tories did not warn u of new labour


    • 236
      your no tony blair says says:

      1997 voters say they trusted new labour when they should not have the econonmic mess in 2010 is voters fault bottom line


  65. 237
    Cassandrina says:

    If David Millepede gets to be Loony Left Labour then one group of people will be overjoyed – the cartoonists.
    Mr Bean as leader of Labour – and a coward at that.
    Whichever Millepede gets in it is a poisoned chalice of their own making and they will take their orders from Mummy.


  66. 241
    Derek Forth says:

    Red-Ed, Union-Puppet fu**ed over the brother he copied to become leader of the party who starts wars and bankrupts the country and then takes zero responsibility for either. Blame America, blame the bankers, NO blame Labour, they were SUPPOSED to be running not ruining the country.

    Until Labour is wiped of the face of the earth Britain has NO long term future as there are enough ignorant gullible stupids in Britain who actually believe Labour propaganda and so vote for them no matter what they do. New Tory is far far closer to Old Labour values than The Fascist Monster that is New Labour.


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