September 12th, 2010

Pollsters Backing Ed V Punters Backing David

Someone is going to get a shock based on these Sunday Times/YouGov polling results. With two weeks to go until the results are known and voting already taking place it is, all are agreed, going to be close. Punters are predicting a win for David Miliband whilst pollsters YouGov are predicting a narrow win for Ed Miliband.  Admittedly the punters could change their positions on this news, but as things stand currently they are ignoring the pollster overall.

Guido is sticking with his money on David Miliband to beat his brother Ed because he disagrees with the YouGov / LeftFootForward analysis of how the second preference votes will break. It will be close undoubtedly and there does seem to have been a shift in the union affiliates section of the electoral college and Guido has taken money off David to win that section (Ed is now 60% favourite to win the union members vote). David Miliband is still overall favourite to win the leadership, the MEP/MPs votes and the members votes. Guido can only think that the switch in union affiliates to Ed is a result of Union bosses’ endorsements sent out with ballot papers.

UPDATE : Ed Balls remains favourite to be eliminated in the first round. Oh dear…


  1. 1
    Dick the Prick says:

    Gosh they’re dull.

    • 3
      Anonymous says:

      Yes, aren’t they dull? If it is a tie on the final count, perhaps their mother can choose whose turn it is to play with the Labour Party.

      • 5
        Tessa Tickles says:

        ‘Play’ is the right word. Ed’s only been an MP for 5 years and yet thinks himself supremely qualified to run the whole Labour Party.

        If I were a Labour MP, perhaps one who’s been in the job for 20 years, I’d be a bit fecked-off about that.

        • 7
          Dick the Prick says:

          Same as CallmeDave. I dunno – would David Davis have won a majority? I kinda think he would have done better but I guess there are too many variables with Euro sceptic Tories fighting each other. Ho hum.

          • Tessa Tickles says:

            Maybe. I guess in Ed’s favour, his job description will read (in entirety): “Obey the unions without question.”

            No intellect or experience required.

          • Dick the Prick says:

            Bit over qualified then? Tee hee hee. Hasn’t big Milipede got rubbish A Level grades or something yet still ‘curiously’ got into Oxford? Surely nothing to do with nepotism. Mind you, didn’t CallmeDave get Buckingham palace to help him get a job? Hmm.

            In the last Private Eye there was a story about the ex-president of Columbia getting a UN gig even though he pushed soldiers to summararily execute his enemies. Swings & roundabouts, swings and roundabouts.

          • You are either in front of Guido sucking his cock, or behind him rimming his asshole..... says:

            The posters on order-order are all pretty dull too.
            So you have a lot in common with the Milibands.

          • the trolls here are pretty fucking repetitive says:

            Spake the dullard.

          • the troll @ 11.03am is the epitome of dullardly repetition says:

            You are behind Guido rimming his asshole whilst giving him the reach around….

          • ST says:

            That’s arsehole old chap.

          • Tory Trolls Just Luuuuuurve the Taste of Guido's Anus says:

            You will have to wait your turn to tongue Guido’s asshole ST.
            The troll at 11.03am currently has his tongue so far up Guido’s asshole that he is licking Guido’s teeth.

          • not more so called 'anarchists', how original and daring Ooooo. says:

            He obviously bums American profanity ST, what a fucking loser.

          • Tory Trolls Just Luuuuuurve the Taste of Guido's Anus says:

            11.35am, you will have to take your place behind ST in the queue to suck Guido’s cock and rim his asshole.

          • Tory trolls, Guido's anus says:

            When 11.03am has finished sucking Guido off then perhaps you can get your mouth round his member and ST can take the rear?

          • Blair's mini-me Tony Cameron grovels at the feet of his Hero says:

            Did you ever know that you’re my hero,
            and everything I would like to be?
            I can fly higher than an eagle,
            ’cause you are the wind beneath my wings.

          • when is the Pope over?

        • 31
          Grumpy Old Man says:

          Seems to be the current vogue – pick a bright but clueless front man and call him Leader in the certain knowledge that powerful vested interests can play round him or her. As Proof I cite CallmeDave. Barack Obama and the Archbishop of Canterbury, pagan and Dhimmi.

        • 144
          Mohammed Fawkes says:

          ”Ed’s only been an MP for 5 years and yet thinks himself supremely qualified to run the whole Labour Party.”

          Typical jooness think they are the only ones who can run everything.

    • 27
      Dave & Nick says:

      We hope it’s red Ed.

    • 56
      Up sh1t creek says:

      Typical, Sky News had Ed Miliband and BBC’s Politics Show had David Miliband – both on at the same time.

      • 163
        ddd says:

        Ed is a lispy twatt. Combined with his OldNewLabour idealogy he will make the Labor party unelectable. He is however, better qualified than David ‘A-level results: BBBD’ Milliband who mysteriously got into Oxford, therefore displacing someone better qualified than himself. That’s socialism for you.

    • 166
      Up sh1t creek says:

      The David Miliband interview (cut because it clashed with Sky News’ Ed Miliband interview).

  2. 2
    Ickl-wickl Gurning BananaBoy says:

    “Guido can only think that the switch in union affiliates to Ed is a result of Union bosses’ endorsements sent out with ballot papers.”


  3. 4
    Anonymous says:

    Go Ed !!!! There could yet be an upset !!!!

    And just think, when the Beast of Bolsover has backed David….

    Mind you, the Greens are talking about people working in Parliament on a ‘job-share’ basis…

    • 19
      Less Government MUST mean less politicians!!! says:

      …And what a bloody STUPID that idea is!!!

      If more politicans are the answer then it must have been a VERY stupid question!

    • 124
      Redditch Raven(Making Redditch a Labour Free Zone) says:

      On local Midlands BBC Politics Reporter asked in bewilderment why the region doesn’t vote for green party…they only have 3 councillors in the whole Midlands Region apparently(?). A straw poll of Midlands Voters supplied a possible answer: “Cos there are not many of them and we’ve already got the LibDems anyway so why vote for the Greens ?” Oh dear better stick to the South and Brighton.No breakthrough hereabouts it seems

    • 132
      albacore says:

      Green grow the numpties – O.
      David Miliband: “My five-point plan to help promote women in the Labour Party and family-friendly working across the economy includes:
      1. Actively promote job sharing among shadow ministers – for both men and women.”

  4. 6
    Toilet Papers says:

    Who gives a shit??

  5. 8
    Gladys Minkwater says:

    Balls is the big loser. But then everyone knew that from the start – apart from Balls himself. Mrs Balls knew it but Ed wasn’t listening. Did he ever? (Nah!)

  6. 14
    SaltPetre says:

    There isn’t a single Labour candidate who could be described as likeable, charismatic, interesting or qualified. If I was a Labour voter I would be VERY worried for the next 10 years or so.

    • 17
      But at the same time says:

      There isn’t a single Tory Minister who could be described as likeable, charismatic, interesting or qualified. If I was a Tory voter I would be VERY worried for the next 10 years or so.

      • 88
        Tessa Tickles says:

        I blame the introduction of TV cameras to the HoC about 20 years ago. After 2 decades of watching the gesticulating muppets jump up and down in the Commons, anyone likeable, charismatic or interesting has steered well clear. Only the dysfunctional have pursued politics as a career and the result is the useless shower of shit we’re burdened with today.

    • 24
      Less Government MUST mean less politicians!!! says:

      After the last thirteen years, if I was a Labour voter I would be seriously questioning my choice of party.

    • 25
      ST says:

      The everyman’s PM test:

      Imagine the person in question: addressing an international conference or declaring war. Does that person look like a PM in your mind?

      Based on that I’d say your about most of the way towards determining if people will vote for them. Bearing in mind Ed M doesn’t seem to have a single suit that fits.

      Based on this: David M > Ed M > Andy >> Balls = Abbott

      Can David carry the party with him? He’s echoing Cameron a lot with his socialism is not statism stuff and the “Good Society.

    • 83
      Jack Harman says:

      How dare you overlook Harriet H!

    • 141
      Gordon McSnot MP for Killferki says:

      I may stand Iv saved the world now I will save the Labour party.

  7. 15
    Electorate remember that All the Liebour Leadership Hopefuls endorsed this charlatan.. says:

    Investment is in the news, not least because of ex-Prime Minister Tony Blair’s reference to it. While admitting that his relationship with Gordon Brown had been “difficult” (a masterpiece of understatement), he has heaped praise on his former Chancellor’s “brilliance” in delivering massive “investment” in health, in education, in public services.Investment is thought of as good. It is when you postpone the pleasures of present consumption in order to achieve greater gains later. Instead of spending it, you put money to work now in order to make more of it in the future. This bears no relationship to what Gordon Brown did, and it would be helpful if politicians in future were more fastidious in their use of language.

    Gordon Brown engaged in the activity we call “spending,” not “investment.” His “investment” in the public services was like my investment in a Mars Bar. There was no current pleasure foregone; it WAS current pleasure. He did not postpone present consumption; it WAS present consumption.

    • 51
      Fantasy Publications says:

      Yeah but he DID save the World though !!

    • 59
      MI7 says:

      Gordon Browns 10 years of economic boom was built on the back of the china dividend. Very cheap prices of goods from china and india, now however living standards and wages are rising in those countries so that golden egg won’t come again.

      New Labour squandered away this golden oppurtunity by creating non-jobs in the public sector and fueling barmy social schemes all so they could re-elected. And now we’re going to spend the next 20 years paying the price for there short-sightedness.

      If there is a hell (and I think there is) i’d say about 90% of all MPs in westminster are heading there when they die.

      • 219
        They deserve to rot for screwing up the country says:

        Frankly I hope labour MPs spend eternity in hades having molten shite squirted into their mouths from satan’s hot steaming rectum.

        • 227
          The political class can kiss my arse says:

          You should add the Cons and the Libs. They performed a spectacularly piss poor performance in opposition.

          Are you always so blinkered?

          • Archer Karcher says:

            When you have three parties offering the same options, with the exception of management style. It is hardly surprising that they cannot offer anything radically different from one another. In the end it was a political beauty pageant, nutter Brown, Bliar clone Dave or slick but empty Nick.

      • 266
        smoggie says:

        I don’t follow how cheap prices in China and India helps the UK ecomomy: it helps theirs not ours because we are in competition with them to sell our goods to other countries.

        • 391
          filipinomonkey says:

          Thats the point smoggie, for 10 years inflation was kept down, and fuelled by massive credit on the back of house price inflation we got what was described as ‘no more boom and bust’


          But these things can never ever go on forever, and the larger the falsehood of the ‘success’, the larger and more painful the correction when it comes…

        • 396
          Budgie says:

          Low (and falling) prices of goods from China = (illusorily) low inflation. Low inflation = low bank rate. Low interest rates = over borrowing. Over borrowing = house price inflation + government over spending. (Brown = too thick to notice).

    • 79
      Words mean what I want them to mean says:

      If I went on a spending spree to the extent I spent more money than I actually had , would my Bank Manager be lauding me as being Brilliant ?

      No he wouldnt but dont be surprised by Blairs use of Language after all this is the man who Lauded a Home Secretary caught shagging another mans wife and stealing travel warrants for her to use as being a man of “Integrity”
      Blairs use of language bears no resemblance to reality whatso ever.

  8. 20
    Spank Sinatra says:

    Am at a total loss to understand what any of the candidates have in common with the so-called core vote, let alone the electorate at large. Zero appeal – unelectable – end of!!

  9. 21
    Gordon Brown says:

    I back me for Labour leader.

  10. 23
    Anonymous says:

    Who gives a Muscovy about these two gormless twats.

  11. 26
    White Van Man says:

    Morning all, got BBC1 on wile going through some paper work in the front room.
    And I have to say they’ve really pushed the boat out this morning, the blatantly biased left-wing leaning is there for all to see without a doubt.

  12. 32
    David Miliband says:


    Thank you.

    • 63
      R2D2 says:


      Whistle, beep beep!

      • 110
        Mr Slater's Parrot says:

        53:51:55:57:41:41:52:52:4b:4b:21:21:21 (cuttle) (ting) (flap)

        • 123
          Mr Slater's Parrot sucks cock to get to the seed says:

          Is it a full moon?

          All the Tory loons are out today.

          They must have been let out on a day release scheme.

          • Nokia 1234 says:

            To a Tribal Labour supporter, any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. I think the Parrot just put a Hex on you, Sunshine…

          • Mr Slater's Parrot sucks cock to get to the seed says:

            I think you have just put a hex on yourself, moonlight…..

          • Nokia 1234 says:

            Your ignorance is hilarious. Keep it up, Mongo!

          • Mr Slater's Parrot sucks cock to get to the seed says:

            Now now, don’t cry. Your ignorance is not your fault.
            It is genetic.

  13. 33
    Four Eyed English Genius says:

    In the words of the Testicular One, “So what?”

  14. 35
    The Court of Public Opinion says:

    [OT] Look what happened on the delightful Sion Simons watch: He still wants to be mayor there, and since only an entire city full of retards would elect him it seems he’s a great fit.

    • 58
      South of the M4 says:

      Simons is a twat who should not be in ‘public service’, and Capita have been allowed to milk UK plc dry by incompetence in the public sector.

  15. 37
    QWERTY says:

    So who do you want running the Liebour party?

    The mong brothers, a black dyke, a poof who wears girls makeup or a fat Nazi loving twat for fucks a small boy dressed as a girl?

    • 41
      White Van Man says:

      I’d go for the black racist dyke

    • 43
      Typical Labour....never tell us the answer to the question says:

      The “one person who David Cameron fears” apparently according to Millitwat Senior on BBC Politics Show. Unfortunately he didn’t tell us who he thought that was so it still remains a mystery…..

    • 61
      MI7 says:

      I couldn’t care less to be honest. Same shit different face and the public should be wise to this one by now espescialy after being taken for mugs in the Obama chnage nonesense.

      • 68
        Vaccuous Soundbites for every occassion says:

        Progressive is the new Change

        • 80
          The fabian school of socialist soundbites says:


        • 81
          MI7 says:

          LOL, when politicians and paid-up journalist cheerleaders talk about ‘progressive politics’ what they’re essentialy selling to the public is ‘more of the same’ though most people don’t seem to recognise that.

          • The fabian school of socialist soundbites says:

            We have spearheaded the introduction of psychological techniques in to politics and the media.

            A future fair for all!

  16. 42
    angelnstar says:

    David Miliband on Politics Show says he is the man to take on David Cameron in the Commons. I’m not convinced. The only Labourite who could do that is Ed Balls, and Labour are snubbing him. Neither Mili is strong enough to tackle Tories.


    Boris and Bob Crow on the Andrew Marr show, report here.

    • 46
      Just stating the bleeding obvious(again!) says:

      Ed Balls wouldn’t gain the necessary support in the country at an election with those sections of the electorate that actually decide the result. But if the Labour Party is electing just a Leader of the Opposition as opposed to a future PM then perhaps he’s the one to pick

    • 122
      two Hats says:

      fucking wop Hunt,boris and sharp in the same sentence, he’s a fucking buffoon,thats why he is not dead.

  17. 52
    Diane says:

    Personally I think Labour should choose someone who is from an ethnic minority, is female, enjoys her (or his) food and who sends her kids to public school

  18. 60
    The leadership Contest is like a Box of Chocolates... says:

    Ed Miliband chats with Diane Abbot.

    • 62
      Pillar box gob says:

      Tony and I would like to thank you all for making us very very rich and for making the UK a land rich for the picking for all Lawyers.

      • 65
        Harper Collinz says:

        “A Journey” from Labour MP to multi Millionaire by Tony Blair. Out Now at all Bargain Bookshops

  19. 66
    Lord Envious of Avarice says:

    It will be David Milliband who will then ask to join the coalition to help sort out the ness?

  20. 70
    Eye Spy says:

    Guido your site is spying on me. First I was looking for a camera battery and then your ads turned to camera batteries, then I went off looking at pushbikes and when I came back here the ads had changed to pusbikes. Scary stuff.

  21. 71
    Diane Bigbot says:

    Sorry people but I’ve already won. The past few weeks completing voting forms and sealing the envelopes have not been wasted.


  22. 73
    Di Anne Fat Butt says:

    Booyakasha! Check it, blud! Me is gwan be Labour leader! One time, one time! I iz gwan celebrate wid a pot of jerk chickhaan. Bogle bogle. Me iz keepin it real. Realness is well importhaant to me. Dat be why me sendin me son to da private school. Ireee, ireee. Junglist massive, aaaai! West side.

    • 112
      Do as I say, not as I do! says:

      • 169
        Anonymous says:

        Listen to the “Mockney” accent of the posh bird who went to public school. She is a fake !!!!

        • 173
          Lib, Lab, Con - go to hell says:

          “Mockney”… Add to the list, Estuary English. The Tony Blair style of communication, adopted by the David Milipede Hunt too.

          Do these Hunts think we’re all fucking stupid?

  23. 74
    Lib, Lab, Con - go to hell says:

    What a fucking joke. None of the candidates are any good nor do they resemble human beings.

    Great Fucking Britain in the 21st century.

  24. 78
    Me main man says:

    • 276
      smoggie says:


      Especially the bit when Benn said “[socialism] is about democracy.”

      Socialism and democracy are incompatible.

  25. 85
    Mohammed Fawkes says:

    Who is the friends of Israel choice to win and that is your winner to back.

  26. 86
    Gordon Brown says:

    I am prime minister until the end of time. Because it is the right thing to do.

  27. 87
    My evil twin says:

    Ooo. How exciting. Not. So a bolshy marxist is going to lead labour with their student style politics and the stirring up militants.

  28. 90
    The rigged Labour leadership election says:

    Bet you will all be amused when Comrade Abbott comes third.

  29. 93
    Gemmeinschaft says:

    OT but I’ve just seen that Obama has sanctioned the burning of Bibles in Afghanistan lest the troops be perceived to be trying to convert the natives to Christianity.

    What a fucking hypocrite

  30. 96
    gildedtumbril says:

    There are 650 arseholes in the ‘lower’ house. Could you possibly get much lower? They all merit either a dancing lesson with Madame La Guillotine or Lamp post and piano wire. They are traitors without exception.
    Damn the bastards.

  31. 98
    I wouldn't take that YouGov poll too seriously says:

    There were 2 questions on this topic IIRC.

    The first was a choice from the full list of candidates. For me, it was a tough choice between Balls and Abbott. I chose the latter.

    The second was a choice between the Millifucks. I chose Ed.

    I hate Labour.

  32. 102
    ConDemned to death says:

    Count the days because they are numbered. the winter of discontent is ahead, the lights will go out under a tory government Ozzy is a duplicitous twat,never even had the guts to go to the parliament. The libs hate him and are going to rebel. Were will the coalition be then?. “I never became an MP to punish the poor”.said one Libdem MP. once the pressure is on more will follow him, your days are numbered and you will be out by spring.

    • 103
      ConDemned to death says:

      say anything against the Tories and it gets modded,sez it all .

      • 108
        Why do Fawkes and Osborne hate the disabled? says:

        Yes, he is running scared.

        Fawkes agrees with the Tories when it comes to the treatment of the disabled: it would be far more profitable just to sling them over the edge of a cliff.

      • 162
        Lib, Lab, Con - go to hell says:

        Tories R shit.

        Modded I think not.

  33. 104
    Who is the person that David Cameron mosts fears? says:

    David Cameron must now most fear George Osborne.

    George Osborne is viciously attacking disabled people and by doing so he has made Dave ‘Compassionate Tory’ Cameron look like a right two faced lying wanker.

    Why does George Osborne hate disabled people so much?

    What a fucking piece of shit Osborne is, eh?

    • 224
      Joanah Of Arc says:

      fuck off mong twat

    • 246
      Rip Van Winkle says:

      What is your definition of ‘disabled’. old boy?

    • 373
      Anonymous says:

      What Osborne is saying is (I’m not sure of the figures, but this is the gist of it) – when you’ve got 10million people claiming disability benefit, but you’ve only got 5 million people in the country that are actually disabled, then you need to do something about it, and I think that’s fair enough.

    • 380
      Angry and Despondent says:

      There are two kinds of disabled in this country. One kind are those needing constant nursing care, have extreme physical disabilities, or suffer severe mental impairment. These deserve all the help the state can give them.

      Then there are those I would suggest make up the majority – those that Labour classed as “disabled” to reduce unemployment statistics. Those with glass backs, suffer “depression” because a parent died ten years before, and those who suffer from the myriad of exotic syndromes “discovered” during the past 13 years. We all know at least one neighbourhood layabout with some intangible illness that prevents him/her doing a day’s graft.

      I notice the BBC ALWAYS shows a genuinely severely disabled person who’s highly unlikely to have their benefits reduced but seem unable to find the malingerers who seem to inhabit sink estates who probably will be affected by any cuts.

      I know one bloke who’s a local councillor (Labour, of course), who’s been on disability benefits for more than twenty years. Always done fiddle jobs, including chalet cleaning at Skegness Butlins, and brags about it down at his local working mens club. He’s very surveillance conscious and never leaves the house without wearing a surgical collar and using a walking stick if he sees a strange car parked near his house. He’s actually bragged that those who work for a living are mugs. He’a a slippery bastard who’s been dropped numerous times to the social but he manages to keep getting away with it.

  34. 106
    ConDemned to death says:

    Those who are middle class next month will be unemployed class,see how your tory vote goes then. the old tories got ripped off and will never forgive or forget,but you know that already as memberships are torn up and fund raising are gone.

  35. 109
    ? says:

    why is everything thats is not p*ro f*ucking t*ory m*odded

  36. 114
    Banana Boy knows what time it is says:

    Come on Militwat, shake that booty!

  37. 128
  38. 129
    anonymous says:

    …../and for those of you who prefer big melons, apart from the above pair, how’s this grab ya?

  39. 131
    two Hats says:

    tats lurking in his clone a moniker form

  40. 134
    useless kunts in 31 useless kunts now says:

    who was it fucked the economy in the 1930′s depression? The Tories. on the 10 September 1931 Phillip Snowden as Chancellor, the new national government issued an emergency budget, which immediately instituted a round of cuts in public spending and wages. Public sector wages and unemployment pay were cut by 10%, and income tax was raised from 4s 6d to 5s in the pound [6] (from 22.5% to 25%) This reduced purchasing power in the economy, worsening the situation, and by the end of 1931 unemployment had reached nearly 3 million. [7] . The measures were also unsuccessful at defending the gold standard, which the National Government had ostensibly been created to defend.Only after they were forced to abandon the gold standard did the economy recover, no thanks to anything they did.

    • 146
      Mohammed Fawkes says:

      The economy was fucked on purpose back then so you would come off the gold standard but you never look at the big picture.

      It’s been a steady decline ever since coupled with population rises brought about due to fiat finance that have ultimately benefited who?

      Who benefited from nations coming of the gold standard.

      Who benefited from nations going on fiat finance.

      • 148
        useless kunts in 31 useless kunts now says:

        this is the picture I am looking at, big enough for you?

        • 151
          Mohammed Fawkes says:

          ‘In this way Roosevelt’s Keynesian socialist-style remedies of the New Deal and the and excessive (near fascist) dirgism in the National Recovery Act (NRA) rather than remedying the 1929 crisis, prolonged it well into the 40′s.’

          • Vipers Nest says:

            NRA, the cartel act.

          • Get rid of Labour (1931) says:

            The National Government. A British success story ended by National SOCIALIST Hitler in 1939.

            The conventional view of 1930s Britain is of slag heaps, unemployed men hanging round street corners with nothing to do, hunger marches and economic depression.

            This is only part of the truth, as the 1930s was a period of transformation. While most of the world suffered from the depression, the UK was able to shrug off the worst effects thanks to prudent management of the economy by the National Government and a degree of protectionism. Areas of high unemployment remained, but they were isolated from the general trend.

            For many, it was a time of rising prosperity. Consumption increased as new gadgets – vacuum cleaners, cookers, fridges – came on the market. Car ownership increased massively and, as leisure time grew, so did travel as people took holidays, often for the first time. Millions went to the cinema, and eating out became commonplace. To back up the increase in consumption new forms of credit emerged, with HP the most popular.

        • 217
          Facts not Fiction says:

          That’s America not Britain. They are making the same mistakes under Obama.

  41. 138
    concrete sump says:

    I’m free!

  42. 140
  43. 142
    Sarf of the River says:

    Anyone of a Labour bent who votes for the twat heir-to-Blair Dave Milibland is fucking barking. He, his party and his administration of it will forever be soured with the stench of Blair and Brown, their methods, presentation and personalities.

    He’s an unctuous slimy creep, give him a few years and he’ll morph in to Mandy.

    • 145
      Bob Croak says:

      But we know who the real heir to Blair is don’t we? but anyone who votes for any of the robbing twats is fucking barking.

      • 156
        He rose to his feet in admiration of his hero as he left the Commons for the last time says:

        You can choose either of the “Duumverate” presently at the top of government…they’re both interchangeable and either could be leader of the other’s respective party without the slightest problem and if we get Milliband Senior that will make 3 interchangeable leaders.A sort of pick n, mix of British politics

      • 158
        Sarf of the River says:

        Agreed, they are all fucking criminals. (Don’t know why I bother…)

  44. 147
    My arse and your face says:

    ha ha now we know all news is fixed, Dave, the butt ugly Hunt is voted 30th best looking hunk in the UK.

    • 161
      The political class can kiss my arse says:

      Don’t you just despise this crappy MSM-driven ‘celebrity’ political whoreness?

  45. 150
    Mohammed Fawkes says:

    In 2001 Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir bin Mohamad proposed a new currency that would be used initially for international trade among Muslim nations. The currency he proposed was called the Islamic gold dinar and it was defined as 4.25 grams of pure (24 carat) gold. Mahathir Mohamad promoted the concept on the basis of its economic merits as a stable unit of account and also as a political symbol to create greater unity between Islamic nations. The purported purpose of this move would be to reduce dependence on the United States dollar as a reserve currency, and to establish a non-debt-backed currency in accord with Islamic law against the charging of interest.[51] However, to date, Mahathir’s proposed gold-dinar currency has failed to take hold.

    Not for much longer though……..

  46. 152
    Vipers Nest says:

    this lot want to be like labour and create fake jobs. The government should stay the fuck out of employment and let the market do it, but that’s not possible with the greedy fucking banks not lending after robbing everyone and then being paid for doing it. But Tories are bankers friends, especially class twats from Eton.

  47. 159
    Us n them,who are we? says:

    During the period the banks were robbing you all we too were quietly lining our nests with your you owe it to us to give it to the bankers.Its only fair that slaves who have been slaves for centuries should stay slaves for centuries more.

  48. 164
    Dave Hartnet says:

    Just shut up and keep paying your fucking taxes while I enjoy all the perks of being a senior civil servant

  49. 168
    Jimmy says:

    “Guido is sticking with his money on David Miliband to beat his brother Ed”

    This is the most worrying news for DM yet.

    • 177
      concrete pump says:

      Shh! Don’t give the game away Jimmy.

    • 287
      smoggie says:

      “ beat his brother Ed with a rubber truncheon in true socialist style..

      This would be even more worrying.

      • 303
        Anonymous says:

        “ beat his brother Ed with a rubber truncheon in true socialist style..”

        For “Ed” read ‘Evening Standard salesman’, for “rubber truncheon” read ‘hands’.

        For the rest just remember the Police will be the ones hitting you when you are protesting that ‘your’ government is screwing you on behalf of the banks – and the media (who like a good riot to film).

  50. 170


    • 172
      double heads says:

      estate kid says.when i grow up I want to be rapper and have a gun and sell drugs.
      posh kid says. when I grow up I want to be policeman and work for the drugs cartel have a gun and kill anyone who tries to sell our drugs

  51. 173
    HenryV says:

    I am not going to be proud of myself for saying this but, when I see Ed I think special needs. Sorry, He looks and sounds like some middle management type from a quango.


  52. 175
    John Rentoul says:

    Balls is the most intellectually able economist on the Labour side.

    • 192
      Jack says:

      Given that the “Labour side” tripled natronal debt and wrecked the economy with their “‘light touch” regulation that is not saying anything…

      Except that Blinky Balls is an utter, irresponsible and incompetence financial fraud…

    • 198
      Harry the Camel says:

      Panic attack !!!

      Balls……intellectually able economist !!!

    • 225
      Gonk says:

      Clever, highly intelligent and a massive twat
      that nobody likes.

  53. 180
    Nick Clegg says:

    Can we have Gordon Brown back again? I thought he was a wonderful leader, really had his finger on the pulse. His decisive stance on all things financial really put Britain to the fore and I’ll never forget the things he did for Britain… err TO Britain.

  54. 181
    jamoke Momma says:


    • 196


      • 312
        Anonymous says:

        May I join in?

        dirty bomb, suicide bomber, airline attacks, terror, trrrror, bbbrrrrrrrrrilliant.

        c u n t s

  55. 182
    jamoke Momma says:


  56. 183
    jamoke Momma says:

    modded,and i just posted the two words separate and never got modded,the site is fucked like Fawkes, heard the CIA want him for running guns to the contras

  57. 184
    Fu**ed off says:

    Completely o/t but… just watched EastBenders omnibus (Piggy fucks off).

    This Babs Windsor bitch could never act, just let her bikini ‘ping off’ at an appropriate time.

    Fuck all the tellybossing Hunts!

    p.s. My flat m8 wanted to watch it!

    • 185
      innit says:

      shit when birds with no tits get to have the remote

    • 186
      Film Industry says:

      i got some old black n white porn with her in she made before the carryon films

    • 197
      warsi in her own words says:

      “I am not fazed. I am a criminal solicitor from Yorkshire.”

      • 199
        Mr Plum says:

        Its amazing how they tell us that prison doesn’t work then miraculously we see quite a severe punishment just for throwing an egg

      • 202
        The political class can kiss my arse says:

        Magistrate Elizabeth Roscoe said: “Throwing eggs goes beyond legitimate political protest and is quite clearly disorderly behaviour and it is also threatening, abusive and insulting behaviour.”


        Fucking bitches – Warsi and Sheriff Rosco P. Coltrane.

        What constitutes “legitimate political protest” these days? Booing, whistling or farting in the vicinity?

        • 207
          Protest Over says:

          one day it will be 9mm

        • 209
          Anonymous says:

          “threatening, abusive and insulting”

          The silly cow has been reading the Grauniad again.

          • Sarf of the River says:

            Since when has “threatening, abusive and insulting” behaviour been deemed an incarceration offence?

            I see much worse on my daily commute – passengers and staff.

            The political twaterati are there on our behalf. If the heat gets rather too much to bare maybe they should look at themselves rather than the electorate. Perhaps they should resign to “spend more time with their family”.

            This country is rotten.

      • 300
        Rope Neck says:

        we know your a fucking criminal

    • 203
      tell us Tory bastards says:

      Who do we owe?

  58. 187
    Blatantly Biased Corporation says:

    We must bring this government down before the next licence fee discussions.

    • 212
      Sarf of the River says:

      Such a shame you bastards didn’t have the balls to go for the government during Blair and Brown’s tenure at the top.

      Illegal wars, nonsense economics and spin that would make a carousel dizzy.

      Fuck you and fuck your ‘mission statement’. Get that god-awful feminist Bidisha off the airwaves too. It’s not so bad having her hectoring tones go nationwide but on the World Service she sullies the global airwaves (and the UK) with her guff.

      Enough already!

  59. 189
    dr. phees says:

    250 quid? I’ll have to employ an extra clerk for DSS jobs, look at me overheads, it’s tough enough, having to scrape by on 120k.

    • 274
      Kunts R us says:

      All those having the medicals will then go to their own doctor for a support medical at another 250,and see a lawyer too add that cost in.were is the saving then Ozzy you dumb Hunt?

  60. 190


  61. 191
    Can't remember my moniker says:

    Surely, the more complex the voting system, the less predictable the results will be. The polls are simply reflecting that. Labour have always been wedded to over-complexity. Ockham’s razor should be applied, preferably to some of their throats.

    • 204
      South of the M4 says:

      Over-complexity is a facet of any organisation, government or private business, that has grown too big but still tries to be centrally controlled. This is inefficient. Add NuLabour to the equation and you have not just inefficiency, but also catastrophe.

      The natural order of anything is disorder. A good government, or business, recognises that and provides the environment for order. With NuLabour the chosen route has been the stick. This is one reason why thinking people hate the bastards.
      Pity that our new government has yet to realise that they are currently repeating the mistake. The bastards.

  62. 200
    Anonymous says:

    What a Balls down!

  63. 206
    tell us says:

    who do we owe?

  64. 210
    Dopey says:

    I owe, I owe,
    To whom I do not know,
    Could be peter or it could be paul,
    I owe, I owe, I owe

  65. 211
    Don't vote we don't need the fuckers says:

    14,000000 more out of work and it will be the end of governmet

    • 233
      a tory says:

      Hopefully there will be 20+ million fuckers out of work after the Tories have done their job. Minimal benefits for those out of work too.

  66. 213
    Anonymous says:

    They love taking you for a ride. No wonder Blair loved invading other places the nice jo*#os wanted him to.

    Great parliament, great representative democracy, great going guys!

    What a surprise though, jo*#os are the money lovers. Who’d have thunk it eh?

  67. 215
    US Translation Service says:

    in Germany before ww2 it was said they were in control in positions of power.

  68. 216
    Trend Spotter says:

    I can’t help noticing there’s a consistant theme in your posts…

    • 221
      I blame it on ....who is it this month says:

      Yes, obsessives are tedious. They go on and on.

    • 232
      doh! says:

      Yours too. You couldn’t have been more predictable if you had ‘tried’.

      How about addressing the point next time! Cock!

  69. 226
    Lazy idle useless trots says:

    AlJabeeba frantically pumping out sooundbites with bob crowe today sayint there will be concerted strike action if any one dares to even suggest cutting a few jobs.

    What is it with these marxists? Where do they think they are living? Cuba? Listen you leftie c unts, because of your friends in new labour, this country is FLAT BROKE. Stop blaming the bankers. Of course they didn’t help but your darling Gordon was spending money like a pissed up chav with a stolen credit card, busy bloating up the public sector to get a few million votes in the bank, and chucking money at keeping the underclass on state benefits for much the same reason.

    So, go ahead, you commie c un ts, fucking strike, what do we care. The public is in no mood for you wankers anyway, they now know how much you all earn…and how you’ll retire in comfort with a gold plated pension while the rest of us are busy working our arses off in B&Q til we drop dead. You see any one at a picket line…don’t beep your horn..shout lazy wanker instead, and flip them a well earned finger.

    • 229
      Bob Crow says:

      My members are the public. Just hardworking men and women like everybody else. They had no part in the greed and corruption that has taken place.

      • 234
        the public says:

        right on brother.

      • 236
        Sarf of the River says:

        How are the expenses going, the cars, the expensive houses, the pension scheme, the laughably inflated salary?

        Boy, you really are a brother aren’t you?

        Up the workers!

        • 240
          Bob Crow says:

          Crow was an outspoken critic of Tony Blair who “squandered a massive landslide from an electorate hungry for change, poured billions of public pounds into private pockets and accelerated the growing gap between rich and poor”.[10] Speaking at the founding conference of the National Shop Stewards Network in July 2007 Crow called for a new party for the working class.[11] This was repeated at the NSSN and Campaign for a New Workers’ Party conference in 2008.In March 2009, Crow announced that the RMT would be fronting the No to the EU – Yes to Democracy platform with an array of socialist organisations and individuals for the 2009 European Parliament elections. No2EU — Yes to Democracy stood for a Europe of “independent, democratic states that value its public services and does not offer them to profiteers; a Europe that guarantees the rights of workers and does not put the interests of big business above that of ordinary people”.

          As the party leader and lead candidate in London has said, he was “not against workers coming into the country”, unlike other Eurosceptic groupings, but he is against “two workers from different countries competing against each other on different rates of pay” and added that “Our main role will be out there among working people, giving them our support and helping to save their industries from privatisation”.[15]

          “RMT have made it clear we expect managers to abide by the existing job security agreements and we would simply not be doing our job as a union if we allowed the tube to treat our members as cannon fodder who can be hired and fired at will”, adding that “It wasn’t our members who created the downturn and we will not be bullied into accepting that they should be forced to pay for an economic crisis that was cooked up by the bankers and the politician

          Crow lives in a housing association property in Woodford, Greater London, with partner Nicola Hoarau, with whom he has a daughter (born August 1993).

          Six weeks earlier on 1 January 2002 Crow was attacked outside his home by two men wielding an iron bar.[6] He speculated that he was the victim of hired employer muscle.[7]


    • 231
      same old shit says:

      the winter of discontent is coming, The lights will go out under the tories.

      • 243
        I gave up when the NuCons jouned forces with the libsh*tes says:

        Just count yourself lucky the lights never went out under Liebour.

      • 244
        Anonymous says:

        I hope so. I enjoyed the enforced power cuts in the 70s. My leccy bill went down too!

      • 288
        Hamish Macbeth says:

        Unless someone starts building some power stations pretty soon the lights and power will go out major style in 2015

        But NuLabour sat on their backsides and ducked out of making a decision for the past 10 years !

        • 292
          corrections dept. says:

          13 years.

        • 298
          M Howard says:

          I like the night

        • 322
          Susie says:

          The Conservatives/Lib Dems are carrying on the grand tradition — wind turbines. Big Business gets the subsidies and we pay approx, £38 on every bill (and rising) to pay for the bloody things to blight what was our beautiful country’s landscape.

          Yet the deluded masses are under the impression wind power and other renewables are somehow ‘free’.

          • The political class can kiss my arse says:

            It’s all ‘cos Rumpy Pumpy of the EU wants it.

            Great job Hague! You showed the EU where to get off didn’t you! You useless fucking bumboy. Fuck you and fuck CallMeDave for promoting you to a position (ooh matron) you are patently incapable of filling.

            For that alone the ConDems can go to hell.

  70. 228
    Bob Crow says:

    Brothers and Sisters! We are facing a war on the ordinary working people of this country by the coalition of traditional Tory overs*ers, backed up by the turncoats of Lib Dem starstruck whores. This recession wasn’t caused by tr*in operators or platform staff, but they’re expected to pay for the c*rruption of politicians and financial spivs. We’ve seen no news of job cuts in Parliament or bankers bonus’s withdrawn, and my members are not prepared to be made a sacrificial lamb for corporate greed.
    If George Osborne would be prepared to step outside his pampered, never had a job in the real world, yachting friend of Nat’s, bubble, i’m sure we could settle this like gentlemen.
    BTW. I do not support the Labour party.

    • 256
      Tessa Tickles says:

      That’s great, Bob. Have you ever had a job in the real world? No? No surprise there, then.

      I’m on £6.50 per hour, Bob. 8 Years ago, I was on £6 per hour. “Gosh,” I hear you say, “that’s not much of an increase!”

      No it’s not, Bob. That’s because Labour flooded the market with cheap foreign labour.

      Glad to hear you don’t support Labour, Bob. Socialists are shit, aren’t they?

      (the answer you’re looking for, Bob, is “yes, socialists are shit”.)

      • 260
        Bob Crow says:

        But under the Tory doctrine, wasn’t it your responsibility to start up your own business, and now be a trader on the currency markets?
        Perhaps you should have joined London Transport and become a member of the RMT, and then you would have benefited from my protection.

      • 265
        Bob Crowe (BO with bar) says:

        This ConDem nation is as bad. The job you currently have at 6.50 is about to go!


        Love & kisses, Bob.

        • 275
          Tessa Tickles says:

          As a wise man called Liam Byrne, once said, “there’s no money left, sorry”.

          Oh well, it was good while it lasted. If only I’d been a parasite, I’d have benefited (no pun intended) from the last 13 years.

          Ho hum.

          • George Osborne says:

            In those thirteen years didn’t you think to better yourself?
            You’re obviously a socialist member of the underclass.
            I have no sympathy.

          • Tessa Tickles says:

            Well, George, I’m pretty good at my job, but no matter how hard I worked, the more I found myself up against Polish workers. More and more Polish workers. Tony Blair said only 13,000 of them would show up, but you know what? He was just talking about my neighbourhood, not the whole UK.

            I should have been a union official. I bet they don’t have to compete with foreign labour.

          • George Osborne says:

            Why didn’t you get on your bike and pedal off to one of the Pole dancing retraining schemes available? You could be running a private sector success story now.
            I have no sympathy.

          • George Osborne says:

            How can you be “pretty good” if you’re only on 6.50 an hour?

        • 279
          Tessa Tickles says:

          PS: I take it “BO (with bar)” refers to your body odour? Nothing about university on your Wikipedia page.

          • Bob "Secondary Modern" Crow says:

            So only a university education qualifies you to open your gob?
            As we’re led by an Oxbridge elite in politics, media, judiciary and every other branch of the corrupt establishment, doesn’t that say something about those dreaming of ripping off every other poor sucker spires?

          • Union Leaders only look out for themselves says:

            Yes yes you will have seen me
            I spout and shout on cue
            Of lightning strikes, of victory
            To inconvenience YOU!
            I talk a load of bollocks
            I know you will agree
            ‘Cos all I really care about
            Is looking after ME

  71. 230
    bird wsb says:

    I like the Telegraph reporting that Dave M’s people call Ed M ‘Forest Gump’. It sort of fits I think…

    • 237
      Sarf of the River says:

      You should take time to consider what many people think when they see CallMeDave and sidekick Nick on the TV or in person.

      They sort of fit too!

  72. 235
    Bob Crow says:

    When is George Osborne, in his frenzy to cut unnecessary waste and expenditure, going to announce draconian reductions in MP’s pay and allowances?

    • 251
      Tessa Tickles says:

      Good question, Bob Crow.

      While we’re waiting for an answer, why don’t you kill yourself? Do your bit for the environment; stop breathing.

      • 257
        Bob Crow says:

        Is that all you’ve got? Personal abuse bounces off my shaven head like water off a duck’s back, apart from the lack of plumage, that is. But feel free to explain why my hardworking members should suffer the abuse of Parliamentary puppets of Brussels who seem to be impervious to any downturn?

        • 259
          Dolph says:

          Tessa is a fucking cchq drone,like her nutty partner nell of drunken turnip town

          • Tessa Tickles says:

            See #256.

          • Talentless Kunt says:

            I’d be a bitter rancid old twat if I was on 6.50 an hour too.

          • Tessa Tickles says:

            Yeah! Stick the knife into the working class! That’s what Bob Crow would do!

          • Herman Van Rompuy says:

            Don’t be too hard on Bob Crow. He’s only doing his job, which is to stand up for his members. I have 650 hard working, underpaid ordinary men and women, suffering harsh conditions and brutal abuse from the public, while just carrying out their public duties in the murky subterranean environs of Westminster, and only i, and 20 million brain dead trolls, represent their views.

          • Kunts R us says:

            Do you think the Tory boys will up your wages? I think not.

          • Herman Van Rompuy can kiss my arse says:

            To: Herman Van Rompuy.
            From: British tax payers

            Give me my fucking money back you corrupt Hunt.

          • Herman Van Rompuy, a bloody bastard of Bastoigne says:


        • 328
          William Hague says:

          I like shaven heads! My wife insists that I mean shaven havens though.

        • 346
          Anonymous says:

          “feel free to explain why my hardworking members should suffer the abuse of Parliamentary puppets of Brussels who seem to be impervious to any downturn?”

          Maybe first you should explain why your hard working members are paying for your lavish lifestyle and your massive salary increase.

          Nice to see champagne socialism is alive and well, you hypocritical fuckwit shit.

          • Bob Crow says:

            If they weren’t happy with my leadership, they wouldn’t back me, would they?
            Isn’t that how it works in our democracy?
            Like the Prime Minister, i look after my members first.

            In 1990 the National Union of Railwaymen merged with the National Union of Seamen to form the National Union of Rail, Maritime and Transport Workers (RMT), and the following year Crow became London Underground representative on the National Executive. In 1991 he became assistant general secretary and on 14 February 2002 Crow was elected by the membership to succeed Jimmy Knapp as General Secretary. He received 12,051 votes in the election — nearly twice as many as the other two candidates put together (Phil Bialyk received 4,512 votes and Ray Spry-Shute received 1,997).

    • 355
      Anonymous says:

      “When is George Osborne, in his frenzy to cut unnecessary waste and expenditure, going to announce draconian reductions in MP’s pay and allowances?”

      so asketh the man who earns about twice what an MP does, who gets his wages (and his monumentally huge pay increase) paid by the very people that he’s supposed to be helping, and who doesn’t do anything other than destroy the lives of his own members by calling strikes that end up making the members’ job situations even more precarious.

      you fucking twat.

      • 360
        Bob Crow says:

        Never let the facts get in the way of a good rant.
        Fancy a job working for Murdoch?

        • 385
          Groucho says:

          Bob Crow, 2009:

          Salary: £79,564
          Pension contributions: £26,115
          Expenses: £13,013

          How much worse off will you be if ‘your members’ go on strike?
          No worse off at all. Thought so.

          Up the workers!

  73. 238
    Yorkshire Lass says:

    They are happy to allow Ed to sit in opposition for a couple of elections.
    rather than David……the banana wielding super bod.

    • 344
      Tony Blair Millionaire says:

      Why don’t you shut the fuck up you sweaty smelly bucket fanny spazmong!

      Look mummy no hands, weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee…

  74. 239
    nell says:

    Bob Crow going to call strikes is he?

    We can be sure that they won’t affect his lifestyle . 12% increase in his salary this year. Now earning £133k pa plus expenses plus lots of five star world class travel plus posh houses complete with staff , all paid for out of members subs.

    Good being a socialist isn’t it?

    • 248
      Tessa Tickles says:

      He wants to see some civil disobedience.

      I’d like to put the business-end of a shotgun in his mouth, pull the trigger and blow his communist brains all over whoever’s standing behind him. ‘Red’ Ed Milliband, perhaps?

      Thanks for the idea, Bob Crow!

      • 281
        The political class can kiss my arse says:

        I want to see some civil disobedience too. Show the wankers in Westminster who is boss.

        Fuck the Police too. They have shown their colours by pushing aged pissed newspaper sellers to the ground.

        • 291
          de gubberment says:

          go to the army rumour site and see they are happy and willing to fire on you all.

          • mong alert says:

            They wont. Another ‘rumour’ put about by the spooks and their ‘dark arts’. They’re all in fucking Afghan/Iraq etc. anyway!


            Do you own a padlocked suitcase or are you just pleased to see me?

          • Sapper says:

            I follow orders, if I’m told to shoot I shoot. I don’t look into the politics of it.

          • Mong Found,alien from mongoidia says:

            Do you own a padlocked suitcase or are you just pleased to see me?
            what fucking planet are you on. not here as your language is beyond understanding.

          • Anonymous says:

            Oh do fuck off sapper! You are more interested in who is fucking your bird whilst you are away, that and who can transport your latest ill gotten gains from the Stan back to Blighty.

            To the ‘alien from mongoidia’ – you need to get out more. Not just from your bedroom to the bathroom either.

          • keep fucking your daughter says:

            Anonybore is a pedo

          • Anonymous says:

            keep fucking your daughter says:
            September 12, 2010 at 11:12 pm

            Anonybore is a pedo


            Ha ha ha. Are you a member of the police farce? They tend to ‘find’ naughty material on the computers of those they particularly wish to make life difficult for.

            Otherwise how about you bugger off and indulge your own depraved fantasies in your own time.

    • 250
      Twin set and pearl necklace says:

      You’ll be laughing when Tory cuts affect your healthcare and your dustbin only gets emptied once a month. If burglers break in, don’t call the woodentops as there won’t be any. Get ill and can’t work? Tough! And all the time, you will be further down the road of EU integration, with the hordes of migrant workers spreading out from the cities to undercut your job.

  75. 241


    Bon soir, monglickers.

  76. 249
    Anonymous says:

    The economy can’t be all that bad if we can still afford to pay subsidies to farmers.

    • 255
      The political class can kiss my arse says:

      Not only here in Blighty but we also pay the fucking EU to pay useless corrupt wanker farmers in the EU.

      At least Nigel Farage has the right idea.

      Shame on the ConDems. They suck the EU cock just like the previous administration. None of them have a backbone.

      Hague showed his true colours just after the election. Fuck Hague, fuck the lot of them.

      • 277
        Must get a pseudonym one day says:

        F*ck Hague ?

        Are you a pretty young SPaD who looks rather too much like Norman Scott for his own good ?

  77. 261
    do not feed the mongs says:

    Evening mongs.still debating about who to moan at.sick of them but not sick enough.

  78. 262
    Can't remember my moniker says:

    Some class… Manassas: Song of Love

  79. 272
  80. 273
    Must get a pseudonym one day says:

    How about naming the 15 covert ones – that’ll stop them being covert.

  81. 284
    fuck the pope says:

    Who is first in line to kiss his ring?

    • 358
      Anonymous says:

      Will his holiness St Bliar of Baghdad be there to meet the kiddy fiddler in chief?

      Maybe he has buggered off to the continent to continue his successful book signing tour.

  82. 286
    Kunts R us says:

    who’s dick to you want to fuck you? You can have Ozzies or you can have bobs,it doesn’t matter both of them are going to pump you

  83. 295
    Circus Tipriot says:

    Why is it that, faced with all the myriad problems of the world today, we don’t have any world leaders any more?
    Where are the FDRs, Churchills, De Gaulles and Thatchers? Read on….

  84. 304
    https says:

    fawkes why don’t you put the shits up them proper with 256 bit encryption

  85. 327
    The last quango in paris says:

    I want Tim nice but dim to win x

  86. 331
  87. 332
    Fuse says:

    Remember, remember the fifth of November
    The gunpowder treason and plot.
    I see no reason why gunpowder treason
    Should ever be forgot.
    Guy Fawkes, twas his intent
    To blow up king and parliament.
    Three score barrels were laid below
    To prove old England’s overthrow.

    By God’s mercy he was catched
    With a dark lantern and lighted match.
    Holler boys, holler boys, let the bells ring
    Holler boys, holler boys, God save the King.

    • 347
      Tommy Cockles says:

      Typical ruling political elite spin!
      We’re supposed to celebrate the fact that Fawkes was thwarted, when really we should be having a wake in his honour.
      (Apart from the kiddie fiddler pixie worshippers guild being his primary motive, that is)

  88. 333
    Brenden Barber says:

    your tory arses are mine

  89. 337
    Criminal Minds says:

    Guido has added t*ory to the mod list,what a fucking nutter

    • 339
      Anonymous says:

      Fuck off you tory twat!

    • 352
      Anonymous says:

      Has he?

      tory tory tory tory tory tory tory tory tory tory tory tory tory tory tory tory tory tory tory tory tory tory tory tory tory tory tory tory tory tory tory tory tory tory tory tory tory tory tory tory tory tory tory tory tory tory tory tory tory tory tory tory tory tory tory tory tory tory tory tory tory tory tory tory

  90. 340
    Tommy Cockles says:

    The finest double act in British entertainment was undoubtedly the Labour and Conservative pairing of Alf, the comedy socialist, and his straight man Bertie the toff. The standard routine of Alf pissing his wages away down the pub, and Bertie docking his pay, led to much merriment in the ailses, as the ever suffering British public convulsed themselves in helpless mirth at the antics of the hapless pair, slapsticking their way through another stillborn routine written incidently by the gifted pen of Herman the Belgian, probably the faceless author of many other popular European farces still playing to full houses across the continent.
    Arthur Atkinson made a brief appearance in an early groundbreaking performance, when he starred as Sailor Ted in “It’s only a trade agreement or i’m a one nation conservative” when performing his only Westminster role, by candlelight, courtesy of Arthur Scargill non productions.

  91. 342
    Anonymous says:

    “Union bosses’ endorsements sent out with ballot papers”

    So they send out instructions on who you should vote for with your ballot paper?

    Typical labour/lefty “democracy” in action. You can vote for whoever you want, as long as it’s who your glorious leader wants you to vote for.

    Fuck me; If I received a ballot paper that told me which candidate on the enclosed list I was supposed to vote for, I’d vote the opposite way purely on grounds of the union bosses and labour trying to piss all over any/every democratic process.

    I guess this is a little bit of insight into how they managed to have an unelected insane negligent fuckwit running all uk domestic policy and the economy for 13 years.

  92. 348
    Why bother with the truth says:

    We are currently seeking to fill 40 vacancies for right- mistake – Left thinking reporters to swell the ranks here at the BBC as we anticipate, with great glee, the coming strikes, civil disobedience, hordes of layabout scum, etc., all rioting and causing mayhem as promised by Bob Crow and egged on by our continuing policy of portraying everything we can in our usual politicised left wing reportage. Labour party and or Communist Part membership to be produced at interview.

  93. 349
  94. 351
  95. 354
    (Hideously) White Van Man says:

    what blatant racism and mysogeny!

    Have the Comrades dumped Diane in favour of these two red -leaning Red Sea pedestrians?

    I think all “black and asian” and wimmin” members of Liebore should withold their subs.

  96. 356
    • 361
      BBC - Left shall speak to Left says:

      You know you can rely on us to support you in your endeavours.

    • 365
      Anonymous says:

      The army is already being rased in Afghanistan and Iraq.

    • 366
      Sarf of the River says:

      “A national demonstration is being planned for next March”

      They’re not in much of a hurry then.

    • 367
      Groucho says:

      What do you hope to achieve? Do you think Liam Byrne was kidding when he said there was no money left?

    • 389
      Back to the 70's says:

      It might be more relevant to blockade the Labour Party Conference as they’re to blame for the present situation that requires cuts.

      It seems Labour and the Unions have learnt nothing from the past.Why do you think the UK has little manufacturing industry or why we no longer have any British Car Manufacturers ? Because of the Unions demanding ever more restrictive practices;the closed shop and higher unsustainable wages that the country couldn’t afford in the Wilson/Callaghan Years.

      No doubt we shall hear the usual clap trap being mouted at the TUC Congress this week blaming the Coalition for the cuts helpfully abetted by the BBC

  97. 363
    Gordon Brown says:

    Can I have my fizzy orange now?

  98. 368
    HoC Barman says:

    Did you see the help for hero’s bash!
    All those legless MPs making their way towards the fees office, clutching only a receipt for vital living costs like food, housing, utilities and wreaths, bravely supporting each other and smiling through the hardships they face.
    Surely they deserve a gong upon retirement?

    • 372
      Anonymous says:

      They deserve stringing up. Why wait until their retirement?

      A public stringing up on the terraces abutting the river would suffice. Plenty of space on the river for boats who’s passengers want a closer look. Any old duffers from the HoL can be tossed in the river.

      Make sure you arrange it at high tide – maximum river boat volumes and no nasty currents.

  99. 369
  100. 371
    Me checkin it, me rockin it, Boyson in da house keep it quiet like a mouse says:

  101. 374
    Shape of things to come says:

    Watch this man. He will go far. Obama move on out.

  102. 375
    Anonymous says:

    You are Polly Toynbee having a bad day and I claim my inflation busted £5.

  103. 377
    streamfisher says:

    Not worthy of a topic Guido, any more than a Morecambe and Wise Grecian Ern contest.

  104. 381
    Hypocrisy alive and well says:

    The deep vein of homophobia in some of the comments is indicative of the typical protesting too much. “Bandit you is” above is clearly a deeply self-loathing closet gay who probably had plenty of botty action at boarding school which has haunted him ever since. Every time he tells his wife he’s going to the pub or to the private members club, he secretly goes to meet another kind of private member.

  105. 382
    Gordon Brown says:

    My cock smells of shit, regularly!

  106. 383
    Groucho says:

    In another story in the very same newspaper, the police say that Williams may have been the victim of a professional hit by a foreign agent.

    Basically, they don’t seem to have a clue – or are not letting on.

  107. 386
    Gordon Brown says:

    Tonight I will mostly be riding my rocking horse in my nappy.

  108. 390
    (Hideously) White Van Man says:

    Bob Crow is an economic genius – I’ll admit he hides it well.

    Let’s ask him what to do about Gordon’s deficit and see him do the ingenious “tax and spend” maths.

    “I fink we should steal everythink from anyone earning over £100 K – well er with the obvious exception of union gang bosses, local authority “jobs worths”, public sector box tickers, Guardianistas and BBC propagandists, but all the rest ,the greedy ones, er we should stuff them ‘cos it’s all their fault init?

    That will raise what then Bob? Come on Bob, do the maths.
    Enough to fund another three weeks paid holiday for your work shy members?
    Enough to fund a hundred more cameras to spy on us little people Bob? Enough to pay a hundred more arts grduates to invent rubbish about global warming being caused by paying too little tax?

    Public service my fucking arse.

  109. 392
    Anonymous says:

    What a fucking nonsense: the choice is one of two geeks. Makes the choices the Tory party have made over the past fifteen years look positively sober

  110. 399
  111. 400

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“Farage is a snake oil salesman, but a very good one. His supposed anti-immigration stance is all smoke and mirrors, as is his carefully cultivated image as a ‘man of the people’. The truth is that UKIP is a pro-immigration party that exists to lobby for the interests of the City of London.”

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It’s money innit.

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