September 10th, 2010

Deathbed Conversions

Guido is a betting man, yet he would never have put money on hearing Castro finally concede that Cuba’s revolution was a failure. He also never imagined Denis Skinner could open his arms and embrace a Blairite. But it seems socialist pigs do fly…

With Castro telling a journalist this week that “under ‘the Cuban model’ the state has much too big a role in the economic life of the country,” the Beast of Bolsover, not wanting to feel left out has endorsed Blairite David Miliband for leader. Is the long march finally over?


  1. 1
    Stalins Clunking fist says:

    Can I have my Kool-aid nursey ?
    Where is my beard, Sarah ?

  2. 2
    Lord Envious of Avarice says:

    Am I first ?

  3. 3
    Airey Belvoir says:


  4. 4
    Che Dave says:

    Saul Alinsky and the Obama advisor who thought that Mao was marvelous say that the Long March is far from over.

    It’s just invisble to the obtuse.

  5. 5
    chirles says:

    are there any english candidates for Labour leadership?

    Milibands – Belgian/Polish
    Burnham – Irish/Scots
    Balls – ?
    Abbott – Jamaican
    McDonnel – Scots

  6. 6
    The Grim Reaper says:

    Socialists hate people.

    They are riddled with infantile dogma and ideology. If people don’t fit in, there is always the Gulag.

    Socialists only have one March. That of the March Hare.

  7. 7
    Tom Watson is a fat stupid cunt says:

    George Osborne said it best when he told Skinner in HoC: “Go take your pension”.

  8. 8
    Anonymous says:

    A bit like the Tories then

    Cameron— Scottish
    Gove —Scottish
    Hague—- So far in the closet he’s Narnian.

  9. 9
    concrete pump says:

    I’d love to hear what Prescott has to say about Castro’s admission, that’s if he can speak between mouthfuls of pie.

    As for Skinner – what does his opinion really matter, he’ll be dead soon with any luck, probably from mouth cancer looking at the state of his teeth.

    What are the beeb saying about Castro now……? Not fucking much i’ll wager.

  10. 10
    P K Dick says:

    Milibands – Vulcans
    Burnham – Morlock
    Balls – Klingon
    Abbott – Close Friend of Portillo
    McDonnell – Romulan

  11. 11

    Socialism has been far from a financial failure in the cases of these gentlemen – both have scraped off a considerable amount of cash and assets from their time as its high priests.

  12. 12
    Praguetory says:

    Anyone to the left of Blair is flying in the face of reality.

  13. 13
    Tom Watson is a fat stupid cunt says:

    For those who missed Tom Fatson vs Kelvin Mackenzie

  14. 14
    Martin Day says:

    I’m a deficit denier and proud of it.

    Denis Skinner is off his rocker to endorse Miliband the elder.

  15. 15
    Anonymous says:

    Strange interview where the interviewee paraphrases, rather than quote, his subject.

  16. 16
  17. 17
    TosserWatch says:

    Castro yesterday’s man…Skinner ‘never was’ man going nowhere and even less relevant than ever..who gives a flying fuck who he endorses.

  18. 18
    Subjective Truth says:

    Mccarthyism needs to come back on steroids and be state endorsed, Communists need to be spat on in the street like N,A,Z,I, B,N,P,S, Communists should be hounded out, beat up and put in prison and given no platform yet no chance of that ever happening under left wing Cameron and Cleggs leadership.

    At least the Islamics know how to deal with them and give them a good fucking hanging and fill mass graves with them in.

    The U,A,F, and SWP will get a good fucking hiding by the British Mujahideen in a few years wait and see.

  19. 19
    Neil Kinnock says:

    Castro did wonders for the Shell suit industry, so the Cuba Revolution was never a Failure

  20. 20
    Subjective Truth says:


  21. 21
    Che Severa says:

    Fidel admitting Communism has been a failure is very interesting. Perhaps he is paving the way for a ‘Havana spring’ after his death.

    Of course, excessive State interference in people’s lives is a bad thing, but Cuba has survived the end of the Cold War and the collapse of the USSR by establishing a ‘food first’ policy. Regardless of one’s political affiliation this is a good policy for all nations- our own included.

    After all, what will happen should our food imports suddenly stop?

    I look forward to some interesting postings on this topic, Mr Fawkes. Postings like this show this blog is not all about political gossip, although there’s nothing wrong with that!

  22. 22
    Subjective Truth says:


  23. 23
    Tom Watson is a fat stupid cunt says:

    The Simpsons foresaw this moment years ago.

  24. 24
    MI5 says:


    The Great Evening of the Revolution was over when Solidanocz imposed a democratic government on Poland..then the Berlin Wall..We should not forget the influence of the Great Polish Pope…and the indomitable sspirit of free dom of the Polish People..after Fascist and Communist massacres…

    Of course this was and is cause for rejoicing for those who believe like you and I in freedom…

    The last fellow travellers in the UK form a miserable bunch of intellectual and social frauds…

    That we even have any thought for the pathetic Skinners of this world is an insult to the massacres that Communism caused throughout the world…

  25. 25
    Long timer says:

    Don’t hold your breath.

  26. 26
    Castro god of the cigar says:

    to compare Britain with Cuba is amusing but not very relevant…we hardly need a food first policy given we produce plenty and that that we import is probably not basics save for perhaps grain stocks the rest being luxuries which given shit or shove we could do without.

  27. 27
    A liar, cheat, hypocrite, ‘man’ (yeah – right!) of ‘courage’ (that’s a larf!) says:

    Hellooo – the name’s Brhoon – James Brhooon – and I’m licensed tae dee ma’ jobby war’ ar’ please!

    An’ ye’ll ne’er hear me recant!

    Ah sav’d tha wuld!

    An nuthn’s ma fult ye un’stn.

  28. 28
    Rev. Cuntwatcher says:

    very true…buggered if I can remember one memorable thing skinner has done or said except make inappropriate remarks when the house is called to the lords for the queen’s speech…piece of squit best reserved for Bolsover… shit hole of the dales

  29. 29
    Bob says:

    And don’t forget the heroic Toilets Maguire last trip to Cuba this summer…

    Praising Cuba’s heroic “sistance to Uncle Sam”…

    Cuba is an extreme case of self-inflicted wounds..

    And Toilets is a deluded dunderhead..(to be polite)…

  30. 30
    My Other Cars Not A Prius Either says:

    Is the long march finally over?
    I hope it is,maggie T marched this country half-way back to pre war economic sanity by reversing nationalisations instigated when this country was run by soviet sympathisers.The state should not be in business as left-wing big state politicos do all in their power to avoid going into the real business/entrepenurial world on a personal basis,how then can they assume they can grab the levers of power without making a balls of it

  31. 31
    Tom Watson is a fat stupid cunt says:

    Even Castro recognizes what a lunatic Madmood Ahmadinnerjacket is:

    “Castro criticized Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, saying “he must stop defaming Jews” and “try to understand why Israelis fear for their existence.””

    When you’re even condemned by Castro, it’s time to fuck off.

  32. 32
    MI5 says:

    A throwback to Keir Hardy

    In a different century, without the intelligence or the understanding

    A hollow fraud…

  33. 33
    TosserWatch says:

    lefties don’t mind taking the shilling once they’re thrown out of power

  34. 34
    Another liar, cheat, hypocrite, ‘man’ of ‘Cod’ (yeah, - cut the bullshit), Saviour of the World! says:


    I, Miranda, am very Very VERY WEALTHY!!!!!!!!

    An’ all b’coz of Noo_Lie_Bore!!!!!!!!!

    Wanna join my bank?!!!

    Wannna buy my book!!!!!??????!!!

    But you must be very Very VERY RICH like what the weird witchy woman wiv the big gob is !!!!!!!

    Lummy – she takes some packing!!!!!

  35. 35
    Ace Innick says:

    Denis Skinner, Jackass Straw, Margaret Bucket, Neil Kinnockio, Gordon Brown.

    What do they are innumerable Liebour politicians all have in common ??
    They should be returned to Jurassic Park where they and their ideologies clearly belong.

  36. 36
    Bombs Not Jobs says:

    I think there is more chance of Osama Bin laden calling a press conference and burning the Koran in public than there is of a socialist realising quite how stupid they’ve been all these years!!

  37. 37
    My Lord MandleScum of Hotpole and SailorBoyz says:

    Someone mention Bollocks?

  38. 38
    Bombs Not Jobs says:

    Has anybody ever seen that Errol Flyn film Cuban Rebel Girls!! Is it an accurate depiction of the Cuban revolution?

  39. 39
    A typical British person says:

    We want our iPhone 4s! We NEEEED our iPhone 4s!! Gimme gimme gimme gimme!

  40. 40
    the beast of clerkenwell says:

    This Pope was a Nazi , a harbourer of cats and a friend of Blair who was /is a
    Toilet trader and murderer
    If he wishes to follow Christ then let him auction off his Prada shoes on Ebay and give the cash away
    Pope Adolph also walks about in silk garments sporting more bling than the average sub human rapper and then lecturing us about how we all need to give
    F666 off you vile old man

  41. 41
    Anonymous says:

    The bailout of the banks in the USA wasn’t exactly the free market in operation , was it?

    For a true free market economy we have to look elsewhere.

    The only place I can think of is Somalia.

    Does anyone have any other suggestions?

  42. 42
    Dig for Victory says:

    The food production model in Cuba is being mirrored in Detroit, now that it is becoming de-populated following the total collapse of employment. To a much lesser extent it is also being copied across England.

    Community food production could also provide mass low pay employment, just what will be needed, could also be used as a means of contributing towards ‘earning’ benefits.

    In 1939 GB imported 8.5million tons of food, in 1942 it was only 1.3million.

  43. 43
    Deep Who says:

    Well I don’t see it and I’m very slim

  44. 44
    Anonymous says:

    If you had been born in Germany in 1927 would you have been conscripted into the Hitler Youth?

  45. 45
    Bombs Not Jobs says:

    How do you know what shoes the POPE wears? Have you being under his Cassock lately?

  46. 46
    Bombs Not Jobs says:

    If Hiltler had been born in Hampstead in 1967 he be a fluffy luvvy person working in the arts and voting labour. its all relative!!

  47. 47
    Deep Who says:


  48. 48
    My Other Cars Not A Prius Either says:

    It makes you wonder what a university eduacation is for!

  49. 49
    Antonio Gramsci says:

    No the ‘long march’ isn’t over — the fast revolutionary marxists have been replaced by the slow ‘cultural marxists’ of the Frankfurt School, dismantling the basis of your society around you — and they have almost won. If you don’t know what I’m talking about I’ll not be surprised.

  50. 50
    Archer Karcher says:

    They take the shillings, in or out of power. Tories are usually into dodgy shit, but the comrades leave them standing and then some.

  51. 51
    My Lord Prezza of Trough, LieBore Illumination and Lecher, in between mouthfuls says:

    Suggestion aye I can tell yer wot wiv the traffic and all that bloody torys that fat bastard wots cut the benfit lords i’ll give yer lords bloody lord wouldn’t be seen dead there well i am but who the fuck are you to ask me?

    Anyone gotta patsy? . . . sandwich? . . . . chips . . ? cors oim a tit man meself!

  52. 52
    Antonio Gramsci says:

    More precisely, they love collections, groups and identities and hate individuals — including themselves and their ancestors. They will be replaced by those to whom self-loathing is incomprehensible. Have a guess.

  53. 53
    Tony Blair says:

    “Socialist government was a great success for me!*

    I’m rich rich rich rich rich rich rich RICH!!!”

    * socialist government provided by T Blair may differ from your expectation. Manifestos are used for illustrative purposes only. Your experience of socialist government may differ. Your home and all other property is at risk if the socialist government makes a complete cock of things. Which it will. E&OE.

  54. 54
    Bombs Not Jobs says:

    That one easy!

    To keep the unemployment figures down.

  55. 55

    Your contribution to the saltwater wash concept for polyester suits should not be understated, Neil.

  56. 56
    the beast of clerkenwell says:

    Nobody over the age of 12 ever goes under a priests cassock
    Do they?
    Im 47 so disqualified

  57. 57
    Engineer says:

    Get off the fence; tell us what you really think.

  58. 58
    barefootcontessa says:

    He’ll be wanting a job then.

  59. 59
    The Political Ombudsman says:

    Unfortunately there is no known reddress if you get screwed over by the Socialists. Dont come banging on my door. Why dont you try raising the issue with those nice people at the BBC!

  60. 60
    Anonymous says:

    The only useful thing Skinner did was get caught in a brothel by the News of the world i think that the only memorable thing he’s ever did.
    I heard he had an Arshole transplant once but the arshole rejected him

  61. 61
    Archer Karcher says:

    The bail outs were crony capitalism at it’s worst. The too big to fail mantra, is garbage, if a corporation has made bad deals let it fall. Others will come along and pick the bones clean and if they really are too big to fail, the regulators have not done their jobs properly, by letting these corporations get too big in the first place.

  62. 62
    Bombs Not Jobs says:

    I was an Altar boy when I was young. Never did me any harm. If anything it contrubuted to my Urbane worldly wise slightly louche take on life. Mind you I wont tell you what i put in the communion wine!!

  63. 63
    Subjective Truth says:

    Yes the same communist adviser Dave Cameron hired.

  64. 64
    concrete pump says:


  65. 65
    Anonymous says:

    Not really. The point is that those born in Germany in 1927 didn’t have any choice about joining the Hitler Youth. So to describe someone as a nazi on the strength of it is inappropriate.

    Doubtless a number of posters on here would not have had to be forced to join.

  66. 66
    Engineer says:

    Talking of Hampstead luvvies, Emma Thompson has clarified the offensive remaks she made about residents of the Isle of Wight birching homosexuals and shooting Scotsmen (or whatever it was). Apparently, she got muddled and really meant the Isle of Man.

    It might take her a few weeks to work her way through Anglesey, the Channel Isles, the Hebrides, Orkney and Shetland, Lundy, Isle of Thanet, Isle of Dogs….but she’s working on it.

  67. 67
    Bombs Not Jobs says:

    I think the Arse was subsequently transferred to Prezza’s mouth and has functioned in its original capacity quite splendidly for a good many years!!

  68. 68
    The Ape Man Commeth says:

    Castro, also achived an end to boom and bust in Cuba.

  69. 69
    Bit late now boyo says:

    Hindsight makes everyone a genius Tom.

  70. 70
    the beast of clerkenwell says:

    Well getting pissed early in the morning followed by perverted sex would be considered to be “louche”

  71. 71
    suitsyousir says:

    Skinner didn’t quite do the same for the grey jacket industry, though, did he.
    Mind you, must be made of some good stuff- he’s been wearing the same one since Mrs T came in.
    Probably nylon.

  72. 72
    Bombs Not Jobs says:

    I take your point. However the poor souls who were dragooned into the Hitler Youth in NAZI Germany had no choice. What possible excuse can anybody offer for joining the Labour party!!

  73. 73
    Engineer says:

    Shadow Foreign Secretary…..or Education?

  74. 74
    Pimp with my mac hand says:

    One thing socialism is good for is women are often forced to become prostitues to feed their families.

  75. 75
    Engineer says:

    He has managed to erase the “NCB” marking on the back, though.

  76. 76
    Bombs Not Jobs says:

    Apparently its still quite legal to kill a Welshman in Ludlow. Anyone seen Neil Kinnock lately or has he been to the Food Fayre!

  77. 77
    My Other Cars Not A Prius Either says:

    Problem is that when socialists have bust the country,only those working in unionised state/semi state, local government and quango employment have a secure income with a secure pension to boot.The last 13 years have seen gordon trying to reaffirm the old state monopolies to destroy the private sector not compete with it,there is evidence of it everywhere

  78. 78
    Engineer says:

    Holywood film…..historical accuracy…..hmmm…

  79. 79
  80. 80
    The Ape Man Commeth says:

    Quite right Bombs, not that they are ‘university educations’ as such anyway.

  81. 81
    Filthy fucking pervets says:


  82. 82
    My Other Cars Not A Prius Either says:

    Because every state employee they meet at school gives enormous propaganda to their union masters

  83. 83
    genghiz the kahn says:

    Earlier on I had to search very carefully on the BBC News site to find this Castro revelation. There is no recording, no interview, no large headline, just a small link tucked away on the America’s webpage.

    The Marxist Hoons must be trying to brush El Jefe under the carpet. For some odd reason Gang Strike in El Salvador is more important. Then just consider which is the least damning phrase Al Beeb would use. Castro has doubts about system isn’t quite The system has failed us…

    Still the writing is on the wall for the Reds, but the fuckers at the BBC can’t bring themselves to cover this huge admission by Casto.

    The less damning wording, “Castro doubts over Cuban system” is on The Americas front page.

    rather than “Cuban model no longer works, says Fidel Castro.” on this BBC web page:

    No mention of Castro’s words on The World News Front Pages. This is a more significant development than the Marxist Hoons at White Powder City would like us to believe.

    El Pais had “Fidel Castro: “The Cuban model no longer works for us or for us.”

    I would have thought that Castro’s admission would be worthy of more investigation, but it just goes to show that for the BBC there is nothing to see, nothing to hear, and nothing to say. Myopic leftist Hunts, there is nothing wrong in Marxism for the witless, all powerful BBC which still covers the conference of watermelons like Lucas.

  84. 84
    gildedtumbril says:

    What an excellent and modest plan for commie bastards. I have no doubt today’s US schoolbooks claim McArthy was abherrant and wicked… Ballox. He was right.

  85. 85

    The perpetual bust idea was a masterstroke.

  86. 86
    Filthy fucking pervets says:

    How did you get my picture?

  87. 87
    concrete pump says:


  88. 88
    genghiz the kahn says:

    Haven’t found anything on Channel 4 News’ website. Jon Snow must be so upset.

  89. 89
    QWERTY says:

    Skinner is a c u n t . The only march that fucking thick mong should take is a long on off beach head.

  90. 90
    Anonymous says:


    Guido goes International!

  91. 91
    the beast of clerkenwell says:

    It was an honour. not in any way forced
    I have no problem with Nazism
    Nice black uniforms
    Loyalty to the Fuhrer who can do no wrong
    Grand buildings
    Women as breeding machines
    Probabaly why I am a Roman Catholic

  92. 92
    Bombs Not Jobs says:

    What Dope are you on Beast! whatever it is, it must be some heavy Shit!

  93. 93
    WeaselWatch says:

    skinner…working classless twat

  94. 94
    Whacky as a fruitybat says:

    you need to get the latest ‘avoid guido modding’ software..its brill

  95. 95
    Mr Ned says:

    The loony left have been replaced by the crazy corporatists. So not much difference there then.

  96. 96
    Phil Free says:

    Arrrrrr! ‘Ang ‘em fram thar yard-arm!!!! Arrrr!!

    That said, The Pirate Party seems a good bet for my next vote. Do you know if they have a constituency party in the South Belfast area?

  97. 97
    Phil Free says:

    Castro has done a Paisley! Sackcoth and ashes all round then!

  98. 98
    Anonymous says:

    ‘Fidel admitting Communism has been a failure is very interesting’

    If you’ve read the article you’d know that’s not what he said.

    But hey, who gives a fuck about facts.

  99. 99
    Rt Hon D Miliband MP says:

    Live long and Prosper. Oy!

  100. 100
    Tom Watson is a fat stupid cunt says:

    I hereby declare this Set Fire To Bliar’s Memoirs Day.

  101. 101
    (or Home Sec?) + + + NEWSFLASH !!! + + + fewer Police as a result of Spending CUTS!!!! says:

    Yeah, – so how many fewer can you get??

    None round this way – all doing fucki8ng paperwork – or ‘counselling’ yobs – or telling legit householders – y’kno, the ones that actually pay taxes – that they’re ‘toobusy’ to investigate crime or stop vandals.

    However, they will give you the tel. no. of ‘Victim Support’

    Fuck them, fuck them all, – and NooBoringLiars with them.

  102. 102
    Proper socialist says:

    A disgusting lie you cock. And desist from using Snr Gramsci’s name for your ignorant arsehole posts.

  103. 103
    Pastor Terry Jones says:

    Get yourself down to Waterstones tomorrow – with every Qu’ran purchased they’re giving away the DVD starring George Clooney & Brad Pitt “Burn After Reading”.

  104. 104
    My Lord Skinner of BallsOva and Spank says:

    Time was when ye’ll ‘ave coopatee when yown orl dun.

    But no moor-ah, cos them bloody torys.

    Ah’m as thick as shit, me.

  105. 105
    TaserMan says:

    Yup, and this time with waterboarding.

  106. 106
    Sputnik says:

    Hi Tony,

    Any views on Tuscan politics? Or are you just another wanker shouting from the sidelines? You penis.


  107. 107
    Unsworth says:

    Skinner on his death-bed? Always thought he was the living dead anyway.

  108. 108
    Anonymous says:

    If we lived in a true democracy it would.As it happens the public never really understood( still don’t or they’de be as fuming as we are) the extent of LIEbores quiet fascist revoloution ,as the MSM and Beeb conspired ( and still do) to kept them in the dark.If we had a real informed democracy the guy in the street would detest LIEbore for ever more.

    But the mushroom effect seems to have paid off ,keep them in the dark and feed them shit.Such as the Beeb which has no such scruples and was/is more than willing to aquiesce to LIEbores autocratic,authoritarian bully state.

  109. 109
    I hate the commy bastards! says:

    I hate the commy bastards!!!

    I hate them I hate them I hate them!!!

    Grind them into the ground the slimy commy bastartds



    (cough, straightens tie)

    And here is the news . . ..

  110. 110
    nell says:

    Well I hope we can also have a bonfire day for brown’s ‘I saved the world’ when it comes out in November,.

  111. 111
    Bombing Range Instructor says:

    It’s so we have them all nicely grouped when we open fire, – or call in the FBs.

  112. 112
    Tom Watson is a fat stupid cunt says:

    Will you call your memoirs: “The Importance of Seaside Holidays and Building Sandcastles”?

  113. 113
    Tom Watson is a fat stupid cunt says:

    I liked you more when you were in Monty Python.

  114. 114
    Tom Watson is a fat stupid cunt says:

    Wasn’t Skinner exposed as yet another hypocritical socialist when he was found out to have been bonking some woman in a 5 star hotel suite?

  115. 115
    Bollcoks says:


  116. 116
    Here come the Limpservatives says:

    Who would have believed a lightweight Blair clone like Cameron would ditch all the Conservatives policies and turn the tories into soft on crime loony lefty Libcons ?

    Who ?

    Anyone who was paying attention at the time he was elected tory leader.

  117. 117
    Tone's Tome went up in Smoke says:

    Im a pretty kinda straight Book Burner. I think history will be my Judge and I cant tell that it was wrong!!

  118. 118

    Didn’t know they get paid OUR money for Friday evenings.

    Must be desperate.

  119. 119
    smoggie says:

    Castro is hedging his bets. Next stop heavan or hell?

  120. 120
    George Osborne's Anal Beads says:

  121. 121
    nell says:

    The Long March hmm?


    I don’t think our hedonistic, high maintenance labour mp’s ever get near anything that resembles hardship.

    The only hardship they ever suffer is having to come out of their luxury homes and take themselves to the, nearest, most expensive West End restaurant in their luxury cars.

    Mind I suspect that the castrofamily’s financial affairs, offshore somewhere, is also looking rather healthier than even bliar’s.

    socialists/communists the world over are all out for themselves at someone else’s expense. They none of them want to earn an honest living.

  122. 122
    daveyone1 says:

    Sort of a latter day ‘Wheel Tappers & Shunters’ with Skinner ringing the bell!

  123. 123
    concrete pump says:

    Proper socialist = proper c*nt.

  124. 124
    Unsworth says:

    But not from his ‘brain’.

  125. 125
    look a socialist says:

    socialist = a potential totalitarian murderer

    cf. Lenin, stalin, castro, Jong il, pol pot, ho chi minh, mao etc etc.

  126. 126
    Yardarm says:

    Why me ? Run out of lamp posts ?

  127. 127
    John Thomas says:

    You can say what you like about Denis Skinner’s politics like them or loath them, but as far as his expenses were concerned he was untouchable, and he was not liked for that.

  128. 128
    Coulson is not a happy bunny at CCHQ says:

  129. 129
    Unsworth says:

    Only in some quarters. In others it’s regarded as de rigueur.

  130. 130
    hey dumb twat, THEY WERE ALL AT IT YOU DAFT CUN'T! +++LAUGH+++ says:

  131. 131
    nell says:

    No I shall call them “Why our children are the most important thing in the world”

    Because that’s what I believe.

    Seaside holidays, sandcastles, kites, birthday parties, saturday bike rides and weekend picnics are just simple ways in which familes share fun time 100%

  132. 132
    Whiny Liebore HQ pussy throws toys out of pram says:

    Don’t you DARE make fun of my Liebore party and my liddle Gordie! They make my liddle Liebore HQ winkie so hard, it makes it go all splooot sploooot! Waaaaaaaah!

  133. 133
    concrete pump says:

    Spunktits has got no friends.

  134. 134
    Socialists are a cancer on society says:

    You wouldn’t know the long march was over listening to the lefties talking about Osbourn’s plans to stop benefits being a lifestyle choice. All the usual suspects are crawling out of the woodwork….claiming that this will “demonise the poor” (er, how?) or, on the jeremey vine show today, one woman actually trying to deny that such people even exist, and that it’s all caused by poverty and poor housing, and that everyone really does want to work, oh yes, for sure.

    What planet are these people on? No one is demonising the poor; most poor people I know work like fucking trojans, and resent the slimey fat feckless scumbags down the road who can’t be arsed to even look for a job, but claim benefits and keep popping out feral kids for the state to support, and to provide more benefits for them to spend on special brew, fags and pizza. An underclass created by labour scum to be addicted to the state teat, and in return for being allowed to sit and watch Sky all day and get pissed, it was hoped they would dutifully waddle down the road to the polling booth and vote labour. Except they couldn’t be arsed, and labour lost. Ha fucking ha.

  135. 135

  136. 136
    "lifestyle choice" Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha !! says:

  137. 137
    the loony lefty libcons - soft on crime, soft on the causes of crime says:

    Christmas for criminals

    Up to 40,000 frontline police jobs could be axed if government funding cuts go ahead, leaders of rank and file police warned today.

    Pa ul McKeever, chairman of the Police Federation which represents officers in England and Wales, warned it would be “Christmas for criminals” as tens of thousands of jobs were lost.

  138. 138
    Whiny Liebore HQ pussy throws toys out of pram says:

    We only have real authentic working class socialists in Labour.

    Like this lady:

  139. 139
    Bob says:


  140. 140
    concrete pump says:


  141. 141
    Albi Here says:

    Suppose it’s better than axing all those ACPO and office types,those boxes won’t tick themselves you know.

  142. 142
    Bob says:

    I’m Bob Crow

    I lived in state subsidised housing and I earn £ 120,000 per year

    I am working class

    And a

  143. 143
    Bob says:


    So fuck off all your privileged bastards…

  144. 144
    Adolph says:

    I am Adolph Miliband

    And I agree with you Bob

    And I left my sons as millionaires..

    We understand each other then ?

  145. 145
    Tom Watson is a fat stupid cunt says:

    Hi Bob. Can you have a heart attack please? And take that fat Hunt Tom Watson with you. Cheers.

  146. 146
    Tony Dinosaur Benn says:

    I’m Tony Benn

    I love you Bob Crow too

    I am pseudo-working class

    And I made sure my children were millionaires because of their American mother’s money

    So I agree with you Bob…

  147. 147
    nell says:

    Yes indeed but only the socialist/communist mp’s make the claim that they are in the job because of impoverished backgrounds and their consequent ‘burning need to eradicate poverty’ +++laugh+++

    How the hell are they going to do that from a luxury home complete with mock tudor beams , an outside hotspa and a garage stuffed with not one jag but two!?

    Or how are they going to do that with the militwits as their leaders, with their £multimillion homes, that they’ve carefully manipulated their inheritance from their parents, so that they will never pay any inheritance tax?

    This labour is not the Labour Party that emerged from the ravages of the First World War, where many of it’s MP’s had fought in the Trenches and known real hardship. and had family links with the real Working Class.

    Today’s labour MP’s are adift without a purpose. Look at pollytwaddle with her tiscan villa! Or bliar with his £millions. The only votes they can hope to harness are the welfare benefit cheats and gullible public sector employees. They understand nothing about hard work or worthwhile employment. Neither do they want to because they live luxuriously off the taxpayer and intend to keep it that way!!

    They are self serving, grasping, milking the system for all it’s worth and living a luxury lifestyle that the rest of us can only dream about. You only have to look at the self-satisfied, bloated twatson, who has his whole family living more than comfortably off the taxpayer, to understand that.

  148. 148
    Mr A Hitler of Koenigsplatz, Muenchen says:

    Und mich auch! “National Socialist German Workers’ Party”, Richitig, eh, Pope?

    Pope: Jawohl, mein Fuehrer! Heil Hitler!!

  149. 149
    Bob says:

    I can only take Fatson with me when he has made his first million…

    Then we will see !!

  150. 150
    Anonymous says:

    tat and his latent homosexuality is becoming boring

  151. 151
    Arthur Ghadafi Scargill says:

    Ho Bob

    Arthur Scargill here

    I have been tossed out of my union

    I am too rich and bourgeois nowadays for them…

    Can I joint your union and be one of the last of the millionaire Communists in Great Britain…

  152. 152
    MI5 says:

    Excellent Nell

    Could not have put it better…

  153. 153
    Tessa Tickles says:

    Star Wars?

  154. 154
    Jack says:


    The Unfrocked Minister of Mud Slinging…

    He makes me vomit…

  155. 155

    Getting pissed in the morning followed by perverted sex sounds like my ideal weekend.

  156. 156

    Getting pissed in the morning followed by perverted sex sounds like an ideal start to the day.

  157. 157
    Tessa Tickles says:

    Thanks, Jon Snow, we’ll let you know.

    How’s the cycling going?

  158. 158
    Deep Who says:


  159. 159
    nell says:

    Bob Crowe says …

    “And don’t you forget that the housing subsidised by my working class folks struggling to pay their subs out of their diminishing wages is a Manor House with servants and gardeners.

    I’m important I am. You need to give me respect”!!!

    Isn’t socialism attractive?!!

  160. 160
    Tessa Tickles says:

    “only those working in unionised state/semi state, local government and quango employment have a secure income with a secure pension to boot.

    Perhaps. not. this. time.

    We’re all waiting for the riots. And then we all laugh. The parasites will enjoy no sympathy. Not this time. Everyone will laugh at their pain. The pain of the parasites.

  161. 161
    Proper socialist says:

    Good comeback there concrete. Bravo, spastic.

  162. 162
    Deep Who says:

    I’d give her one

  163. 163
    Self serving Bollocks says:

    HELP Please someone help.

    Listening to Ed Balls and Brenda barber on any questions is making me want to commit murder. FFS they are taking us back to ALL that was bad in the 70’s.

    They do not give a shit about this country only their own ideology.

  164. 164
    Sputnik says:

    it’d true. I’m forced to spend my Friday nights with Concrete’s mum. It’s not pretty. But any port in a storm eh? ;-)

  165. 165
    Tessa Tickles says:

    Bognor Regis.

  166. 166
    Bill Quango MP says:

    Proper socialist :

    The wall came down when the people of east Berlin said that they didn’t want socialist paradise anymore. Especially when equality meant everyone having an equally shit time.
    Then all the other former USSR republics said no more to this socialist crap..I’ve waited 5 years on the queue list for a ticket to join another queue that in another 5 years will let me order a tyre for my 40 year old of a car.. Yet in the west they have Quickfit and Tyre centre and loads of other car part places.. bollocks to this!
    Then the Chinese dumped all the equality,comrade worker, nonsense and went capitalist, retaining only the repressive state powers that socialists need.
    Now the father of the revolution comes out and says socialism has been a massive failure, impoverishing even more people than the capitalists.

    Give it up Proper socialist. Sticking your fingers in your ears and saying “its not true” doesn’t change the fact that in the blue corner is the west, the rest of English speaking world and India,the successful bits of Africa, parts of the mid east, Asia, China and Russia.

    While in the red corner in North Korea and Zimbabwe.

  167. 167
    Deep Who says:

    Heard a rumour that Sam Cams baby looks like Hague. The sperm was transferred thus: Hague bums Crispin Blunt and cums in his butt. David Laws, who has a dirty mouth fetish, felches and rims Blunt, then later sucks off Clegg. Clegg, again standing in for Cameron, shags Sam Cam. Hey presto, baby Hague. Seems there’s nowt wrong with the tough yourshire sperm.

  168. 168
    Fidel Castrol GTX says:

    Zis communisnista ees no worka

  169. 169
    Tessa Tickles says:

    ++. Excellent.

  170. 170

    Always been ahead of the game, the Simpsons.

  171. 171
    Tom Watson is a fat stupid cunt says:

    Heard a rumour that McRuin’s beard’s sons were conceived from anonyspunk at a Jizz Bank. But even so, it didn’t stop the autistic and misogynistic Mentalist going on TV and faking tears over a child who wasn’t his to begin with. Didn’t win him any votes though.

  172. 172
    Tom Watson is a fat stupid cunt says:

  173. 173
    concrete pump says:


  174. 174
    concrete pump says:

    You’re brave, i’ll give you that.

  175. 175
    nell says:

    C’mon Guido what about unmodding me?

    I only talked about kites, picnics, bike rides and things.

    Why is that a modding offence?

  176. 176
    anon says:

    on my death bed I want to be converted into a chateau with swimming pool in Bordeaux, in a rural position with loads of trees

  177. 177
    concrete pump says:

    What, with a man in a dress? Twice!

  178. 178
  179. 179
    anon says:

    I fink Denis Skinner has lost his marbles, is delusional and frankly a right twat, a shadow of his former self, the beast of bolsover my arse, the beast of dingly dell more like

  180. 180
    castrated fido says:


  181. 181
    Gordon Brown says:

    I want to go pooh …. oh

  182. 182
    nell says:

    My goodness twatson, damian and whatsiname ‘psychotherapy’ person still trying to do those famous ‘damianised’ LABOUR Smear Tactics !!!

  183. 183
    Police Federation says:

    If we have 40000 police officers sacked it will mean that the force is even more useless than it is now. You have been warned.

  184. 184
  185. 185
    Maximus says:

    Takings up at Bolsover Castle? I thought not.

  186. 186
    Anonymous says:

    Millibands – Nepotism
    Burnham- actually quite like him ( I know )
    Balls-Dennier in chief
    Abbot-Hypocrite, condescending
    McDonnell- who ?

  187. 187
    Famines and Firing Squads says:

    Socialism if taken to its logical conclusion always leads to Famines and Firing Squads.

  188. 188
    Duane the Chav says:

    I’m getting really pissed off with this government. I’ve done my bit for the future of the country by bringing ten kids into the world each one with a different mother. And now these tossers want me to work for a living as well. Fuck off.

  189. 189
    Tom Watson is a fat stupid cunt says:

    Don’t you just love seeing a Labour scumbag having this happen to her?

  190. 190
    Animal says:

    Take a look through the other vids after this one above to see Paxman interviewing Ann Coulter. It’s quite hilarious to see her knocking Paxman’s questions back at him, and he quickly becomes exasperated as he realises this American woman is an awful lot smarter than he and the rest of the Newsnight team took her for. It also shows in reality how poor the likes of Paxman actually are in conducting interviews – we all think he is some sort of wrottweiler when in fact he’s just a one-trick pony that can easily be tripped up.

    I should warn you all though that Coulter is a bit mad and has more than a passing resemblence to Heather Mills, which you get the feeling might be deliberate on her part. All entertaining stuff.

  191. 191
    Tom Watson is a fat stupid cunt says:

    yO DuAne. dOEs u HAvE dA laTest plAYsTATion aND XbOX, bluD?

  192. 192
    Maximus says:

    I shall have to see my way to several cases of Cohibas before the price rockets.

  193. 193
    Tom Watson is a fat stupid cunt says:

    Perhaps if you spent less time stopping people for having cannabis and spent more time going after rapists and muggers, you’d be more useful.

  194. 194
    Anonymous says:

    Listen to me Fat Boy Watson, You Lost get over it man !!!

  195. 195
    Tom Watson is a fat stupid cunt says:

    That’s all Labour is good at.

  196. 196

    Why so tense Sputnik? Release those feelings of aggression, for your own sake. Think soothing thoughts, perhaps of Gordon Brown with a citrus fruit inn his mouth..

  197. 197
    Tom Watson is a fat stupid cunt says:

    You think he “HAS” lost his marbles and is a right twat? No, fella. That happened a long time ago. Roughly around the time he was born.

  198. 198
    Tom Watson is a fat stupid cunt says:

    Doesn’t Bry-fronts have the kind of face you wouldn’t get tired of punching?

  199. 199

    “Paul McKeever, chairman of the Police Federation and a direct personal beneficiary of taxpayers’ spending on the rozzers”, I think you mean.

  200. 200
    concrete pump says:

    There’s no chance of any ‘soothing thoughts’ for Sputnik if he’s round my mums house.

  201. 201
    Lady Jane says:

    Fuck off.

  202. 202

    Be careful With the Cougar I once read Mr. P.

  203. 203
    Gavroche says:

    overweight white men with bad skin and sturdy skeletons in dark coloured suits should not be allowed to lead anything. in fact they should be exterminated, along with all people who eat meat. Then all of society’s ills would evaporate overnight. replace weed with alcohol. Yoga should be mandatory in school. Only slim vegans with beards and sandals should be allowed to own guns, and use them responsibly, to exterminate fat swarthy entitled men in expensive suits who talk ‘corporate NewSpeak’

  204. 204
    Red Pawn in Edinburgh says:

    Socialism is a cancer.

  205. 205
    Excellent Anthony Could not have put it better ... ++LAUGH++ says:

  206. 206
    concrete pumps nells ass says:


  207. 207
    Willie says:

    Fox hunting, House of Lords, dumbing down education, removal of national religious education under the banner of “choice”, unlimited immigration, etc etc. Difficult to deny, really.
    And I have lived in the former Soviet Union unlike most of these Marxist fuck pigs.

  208. 208
    Whiny CCHQ pussy throws toys out of pram says:

  209. 209
    Anonymous says:

    Yes TW, that is exactly what I thought about Skinner when I read Guidos intro.

    When I was young and more idealistic his brand of politics had a certain resonance, but he now sounds like a record that has got stuck, and it has gone past the funny stage – if you know what I mean.

    It’s a bit sad.

  210. 210
    Denis Skunner says:

    Evening Comrades. Who wants to listen to delusional socialist illiberal brainwashing shit spoken out of my cancerous arse? Form an orderly queue.

  211. 211
    Dave the expenses scrounger says:

    David Cameron took out maximum taxpayer-funded mortgage – then paid off own £75k loan four months later

    David Cameron was dragged personally into the expenses row after it was revealed that he paid off a loan on his London home shortly after taking out a £350,000 taxpayer-funded mortgage on his constituency house.

    The disclosure followed a powerful call by the Tory leader yesterday for the ‘full force of the law’ to be deployed against MPs who have abused allowances.

    Following a Mail on Sunday investigation Mr Cameron could now face searching questions about his own expense claims.

  212. 212
    Dave the expenses cheat says:

    David Cameron took out maximum taxpayer-funded mortgage – then paid off own £75k loan four months later

    David Cameron was dragged personally into the expenses row after it was revealed that he paid off a loan on his London home shortly after taking out a £350,000 taxpayer-funded mortgage on his constituency house.

  213. 213
    Can't beat a bit of Bullshit says:

  214. 214
    Anonymous says:


    In a free market?

    What the fuck is that all about?

  215. 215
    Anonymous says:

    No dear the fact that he didnt tell her was because he is a coward !

  216. 216
    Mandy says:

    The fucking ungrateful bitch!

  217. 217
    Anonymous says:

    Have you met Boris?

  218. 218
    Neil Kinnock says:

    That boyo is an amateur. Come to Wales and learn from the Master.

  219. 219

    Sounds pretty suspect to me Nell.

  220. 220
    John Prescott says:

    Aye,fook off yer cheating upper class twat.

    (Tracy it’s time to let me lick mince pie from yer tits)

  221. 221
    Bullingdon Dave and his Bullying Right Hand Man will cwy and cwy says:

    Don’t you DARE make fun of my Liebore party and my liddle Gordie! They make my liddle Liebore HQ winkie so hard, it makes it go all splooot sploooot! Waaaaaaaah!

  222. 222
    Herman Van Rompuy says:

    Good evening fellow EU citizens.
    Still congratulating yourselves on voting for change?

  223. 223
    White Van Man says:


  224. 224
    Gene Hunt says:

    Waheeey another slotgob.

  225. 225
    Gene Hunt says:

    BN20 0BS if he has a sat nav

  226. 226
    Socialists are a cancer on society says:

    slime off maxist scum…back to your rat hole.

  227. 227
    White Van Man says:

    Bry-fronts is a cock sucker and that’s official.

  228. 228
    Mrs Khan says:

    Socialism is for dreamers and brainwashed sheeple. People to be pitied. Please do not hate a socialist, they need help. Perhaps when the next Labour drone writes their memoirs they will donate the money to a Charity which helps socialist to recover from idealogical delusions called Open Mind. Maybe the spokesman for mental health, Alastair Campbell can run a campaign for these poor, delusional, brainwashed socialist sheeple. Please give generously, delusional socialism is serious mental health condition and it’s on the rise. These poor socialist sheeple need help. If you are religous please pray them and if you meet a socialist do not shun them. Treat them with pity and with compassion and if you can, smile sweetly when they subject you to their delusional rants.
    Thank you
    Please support our Open Mind Charities.

  229. 229
    Billybumboy Hague says:

  230. 230
    Yap little CCHQ poodle. Yap! Yap! Yap! says:

  231. 231
    rick says:

    Yes, the Frankfurt School was expelled from Germany just before WW2, and set up shop here in England and America, where they continue their openly stated mission of undermining the foundations of European culture.

  232. 232
    Blu-Labour and the Heir to Blair says:

    Blair’s mini-me Tony Cameron grovels at the feet of his Hero

    Did you ever know that you’re my hero,
    and everything I would like to be?
    I can fly higher than an eagle,
    ’cause you are the wind beneath my wings.

  233. 233
    Blu-Labour and the Heir to Blair says:

  234. 234
    White Van Man says:

    Yeah this is scary stuff and a far too bigger number, I’m sure they must be hundreds of fucking useless quangos and lead swinging civil servant jobs worths to hit first.

    They just can’t do that number, because when the shit hits the fan, and it will, we’ll not have enough police and an army spread across the fucking globe. All this thanks to the 13 year legacy of the retarded ZaNuLiebour mongs.

  235. 235
    Call the Vatican, we must realise those prisoners before I die says:

    The old man has got religion now that he has realised his mortality.

    Never too late for that kind of thing.

  236. 236
    Engineer says:

    Blimey – even Guido gets struck down by the mod dog….

  237. 237
    Bullingdon Dave and his Bullying Right Hand Man will cwy and cwy says:


  238. 238
    Just in case anyone had forgotten what an evil ugly cunt she is says:

  239. 239
    Bullingdon Dave and his Bullying Right Hand Man will cwy and cwy says:

    Looking at a photo of Gordie and fapping furiously.


  240. 240
    He's a cult says:

    Robin Day had the measure of Skinner years ago.

  241. 241
    Glenn Beck- Fox News says:

    I know exactly what you are on about – Cloward & Pivin

  242. 242
    White Van Man says:

    Have a drink with my old mate Bob!

  243. 243
    Glenn Beck- Fox News says:

    This is exactly what the Marxist/Progressive agenda is about –

  244. 244
    Skinner is a cunt says:

    He was right first time.

  245. 245
    Maximus says:

    Less farce then?

  246. 246
    anonymous says:

    tomorrow is the anniversary of one of this eras biggest cons


  247. 247
    White Van Man says:

    Have another drink with Bob, this time he gets something of his chest, namely Socialism!

  248. 248
    R Murdoch (Proprietor) HM Government says:

    Democracy is much too important to be left in the hands of politicians.

  249. 249
    Lady Virginia Droit de Seigneur says:

    Hilarious – in his first sentence he talks about the “long term health of democracy”.

    If this useless turd was concerned about long term health he wouldn’t be such a fat Hunt or get himself quite so pissed before returning to the House to participate in late night debates or votes.

    He was also a key part of Gordon’s smear team with Balls, McBride, Draper and Toilets.

    Remember all this when he starts shitting on about rising above tribalism

  250. 250
    White Van Man says:

    Dark horse Andy (guyliner) Burnham comes top in tonights BBC newsnight focus group?

  251. 251
    White Van Man says:


    BBC VT ???

  252. 252
    Dr Liam Fox says:

    Thank God we got rid of those appalling Labour people and their underfunding of our armed forces.
    We will uphold the covenant between HM government, and the commitment to providing the best for the brave service personnel who need a fully funded………I can’t be expected to throw myself behind this policy, can i?

  253. 253
    This is what a Mong looks like says:

  254. 254
    Glenn Beck hates the 9/11 Victims Families because he's a mormon nutter says:

  255. 255
    Anonymous says:


  256. 256
    Yap little CCHQ poodle. Yap! Yap! Yap! says:

  257. 257
    That's showbiz! says:

    It’s a shame that pastor Tommy Lee Jones has called off his book burning show after pressure from President Morgan Freeman.
    His scene stealing performance could actually hasten the departure of troops from Afghan Stan’s killing fields faster than any million man march of extras.

  258. 258
    concrete pump says:

    fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap ##SPLOOT!##

  259. 259
    Oh look, yet another MONG! says:

    For all Victoria’s individual eccentricity’s I bet she has more wits about her than you.

  260. 260
    White Van Man says:

    This is cutting in the wrong place and I do NOT support them at all, but all these cuts where ever they may be can be laid at the door of ZaNuLiebour with confidence.

  261. 261
    A Loony Left Economic critic says:

    Delusional or not. Socialism is simply unaffordable in this present economic climate. So our Chavtopian dreams will just have to stay in the dreamworld for the time being. Sigh.

  262. 262
    White Van Man says:

    He’s a nutter, and your point is?

  263. 263
    Ars gratia artis says:

    You communists are filth. You have the murders of 100 million people on your conscience. The only reason that you do not feel the enormous collective shame that your vile ideology deserves is because you are too stupid to begin to understand your guilt. God damn you, and God damn the evil communist Gramsci. Hopefully you will joining him soon.

  264. 264
    Gordon Brown says:

    Look at me
    I’m a tree
    I’m as happy
    As a tree can be

  265. 265
    Yummy says:

    Fiona Bruce showed a lot of leg on the news tonight. I bet the blue rinse brigade will complain again like they did a few years ago about another leggy presenter.

  266. 266
    Dr Liam Fox says:

    You don’t support them, but you won’t call for the funds to be made available immediately in order to minimize deaths and injuries to British forces.
    If that’s a price worth paying, they’ll pay it.

  267. 267
    George Osborne says:

    We have to cut to the bone everything except front line services.
    Doctors, nurses, emergency workers, MP’s allowances and pensions, bankers, peers, captains of cartel operated utilities, and of course media moguls, will be protected from the savage cuts that “other types” will have to suffer in order to get Britain out of the mire caused by hard working taxpayers.
    Have you seen my boating holiday slides of Peter on Nat’s yacht?

  268. 268
    George Osborne says:

    Let ‘em fucking walk.

  269. 269
    Anonymous says:

    ‘Fidel Castro said today that his comment to a US journalist about Cuba’s system not working had been misinterpreted.

    The former president told a meeting at the University of Havana that the remark, which caused a sensation when reported earlier this week, did not reflect his view. He meant “the exact opposite”, he said.’

    The veteran communist leader went on to say that the British Foreign Secretary William Hague would not be welcome in Cuba as he was a chutney ferret.

  270. 270
    Gringo says:

    Mmmm…. Was that the one with gun toting, big titted latino’s with huge bums encased in crotchless camouflage hotpants swarming all over Errol?

  271. 271
    Libertarian says:

    Ha ha! Big Brother is finished. Rot In Hell BB.

  272. 272
    Gordon Brown says:

    Let ‘em fucking walk.

    Was my idea.

  273. 273
    Libertarian says:

    Some off his trolley dolly socialist sponging sheep won BB. Rot in Hell, Big Brother.

  274. 274
    George Osborne says:

    We simply cannot afford to continue to spend in a reckless fashion, no matter how much the sob story plucks at the purse strings.
    The armed forces have to realise that like MPs, belts must be tightened, and sacrifices made, in order to cut, cut and cut again.

    Here’s one for the gipper, Gordy!

  275. 275
    White Van Mong says:


  276. 276
    White Van Mong says:

    she’s clearly as fuckwitted as you

  277. 277
    Anonymous says:

    How anyone can vote for this rancid individual defies belief.He is a prime example of NewLab contempt for anyone not on its wavelenght.Glad to see Kay Burley didn’t lower herself to his level.His level being dogshit.Rancid ,nasty piece of excrement.

  278. 278
    Can't remember my moniker says:

    Must go and let the cat out ……

  279. 279
    Anonymous says:

    Fuck off u ferret faced fuck pig.

  280. 280
    Phil Free says:

    Not too many of those on boats.

  281. 281
    Proper socialist says:


  282. 282
    White Van Man says:

    Here here!

  283. 283
    Sputnik says:

    I dunno Tony. If I was in Tuscany, i’d be out eating fine Italian food and drinking wine and chasing the local skirt. I would not be be posting on some fat englishman’s blog. You have got your priorities all very wrong. Per la vergogna!

  284. 284
    White Van Man says:

    I really don’t think so or I wouldn’t of asked now would I?

    If you care to explain please feel free, otherwise I have other more important matters.

  285. 285
    Sputnik says:

    Master Pump. Your mum has asked if you would like you to remove that crusty sock you thought was well hidden under your bed. The fishy smell is now lingering into the landing.

    Don’t shoot the messenger.

  286. 286
    Oh look, yet another MONG! says:

    For a cry baby lefty you certainly seem to love your stereotypes and your deranged ability to judge people on appearance only. Fucking amazing really when you think about it, have you ever heard of irony?

  287. 287
    Concrete Pump says:

    Want to go steady Tessa?

  288. 288
    I like fannies, not like this fairy says:

    You, Sir, are a repressed homosexualist. Go to a gay bar, let your hair down. Let the hate go!

  289. 289
    Angry and Despondent says:

    If you listened to what Paul McKeever actually said he claimed there would be up to 40,000 frontline STAFF cut. That’s not exactly the same as 40,000 police OFFICERS losing their jobs.

    He probably meant a reduction in useless PCSOs (Blunkett’s Bobbies), civillian enquiry desk staff, etc.

    There’s plenty of scope for cuts. For example, there are currently too many senior ranks thanks to the system for promotion. If an officer passes their promotion board they HAVE to be promoted within twelve months whether there is a vacancy or not. Twentyfive years ago the ratio of supervisory officers to constables was in the region of one for every eight P.C.s. Now it’s in the region of one for every THREE.Clearly there are too many senior officers sitting in offices on their fat backsides planning their next promotion instead of actually doing any proper police work.

    If every senior officer of Chief Inspector and above was made redundant tomorrow, I doubt very much if the public would notice.

  290. 290
    APATCHEYE says:
















  291. 291
    BHOOKWURM says:







  292. 292









  293. 293
    BENNyDYQKTUM says:








  294. 294

    Here’s a media commie we need to get rid of – Mick Forde on TalkSport.

    The idiot used to work for the Liebour party, lies about the immigration agenda and is not the sort of person we want in charge of a phone in show – his bias is obvious and admitted, his intelligence questionable and his honesty more so.

    Get him out now!

  295. 295

    “Min, put the cat out!”
    “I think it’s on fire!”

  296. 296






  297. 297
    Mad Mother Brown says:

    Still legal in Chester.. I notice Emma wasn’t rude about Canvey Island. Good! It has taken us years to lure all the Cockney Chavs to settle there, Then, one day when they are all there eating their pie and mash and singing maybe it because I’m a Larnderner up the apples and pears, I will strike. I will dynamite the dykes (Sorry Miss Toksvig, no offence) and the sea will come flooding in to drown them all. Then I will be the rightful Pearly Queen. Bwuhahahahahaha.

    Nurse, NURSE!!

  298. 298
    John Thomas says:

    Now then Lady, not very nice language, is that the best you can do, your real name is “Lady” Ffffffffffffing isn’t it, do grow up!

  299. 299
    Sleepless in Essex says:

    Ah yes, Marxism, the political equivalent of the perpetual motion machine; a great idea in theory but never actually works in practice.

  300. 300
    Lord Michael Caine says:

    “Is the long march finally over?”
    In fact it ended when their great conman Brown handed over the country to the EU politburo.
    Now we have 650 spongers getting money from the taxpayer with no job to do.
    Its that any different to some waster sitting on their ar** waiting for the benefit cheque.

  301. 301
    Lord Michael Caine says:

    Very true millions immigrants allowed into the UK by Liebour knowing they will vote for them. Too stupid to realise one day they wont need the Liebour party.

  302. 302
    Cloward & Piven says:

    Collapse the system from within.

  303. 303
    A minutes madness a lifetime of regret says:

    Very good…could be the Coalition’s theme song and also has the advantage of being fully interchangeable whether it be Cameron or Clegg

    This sorry episode was the first of many bad judgement calls from Cameron who should have stayed sitting and made sure the rest of his party did in silence as Blair exited.

  304. 304
    Anita Dunn says:

    Among others.

  305. 305
    I am Sick says:

    Paxman is a lazy prick, if his pre prepared questions get nowhere, he resorts to sneering superiority. What he doesn’t understand is, that when he becomes arrogantly condescending, viewers sympathy, switches to whoever he is being unpleasant to.

  306. 306
    I am Sick says:

    Why not change the paper intensive, admin nightmare and clear out backline staff, instead of on the beat plod? Oh wait, all the shit admin, proceedural requirements, risk assessment, health and safety bollocks are part of EU legislation and harmonisation and that can’t be touched by the spineless coalition. Pathetic.

  307. 307

    I have a pda which permits all those activities concurrently FFS. If you were the later Mir vehicle (f’rinstance) rather than the rather rudimentary (by today’s standards) Sputik you would know this…

  308. 308
    Can't remember my moniker says:

    Appears to be a problem with this name globally:

    Michael J. Forde (born August 14, 1954) is a labor union activist and, since 2000, EST. Mr. Forde was fired on August 10, 2009 from the position of EST.

    The District Council’s consent decree found Forde to be in contempt, as a result of rigging the job referral system to benefit his friends and associates.

    Mike Forde tested positive for both cocaine and marijuana at the time of his arrest for defrauding the Carpenters Benefit Funds of over $10 Million.

  309. 309
    Mike Litorus says:

    Too busy writing his next book on Courage no doubt…

  310. 310
    Can't remember my moniker says:

    It’s no good, I’ll have to get a pencil and some paper and write all this down.

  311. 311
    What Tiler says:

    You can legally kill anyone who is not English, with a bow and arrow, anywhere within the city walls of York too. I wonder if Blair is thinking of visiting anytime soon?

  312. 312
    Nick Clegg says:

    Saw some bloke rubbing pecans on his knob earlier today.

    He must of been fucking nuts.

  313. 313
    Vince Cable says:

    Why has Daily Mail put a plastic penis on George Osbourne (bottom pic) ???????

  314. 314
    Can't remember my moniker says:

    It looks like a chopper in a silk stocking (shades of Talleyrand) but it is hanging from his stomach. Another Mail cock-up perhaps?

  315. 315
    Martha Carnal says:

    Anyone hear lovely Tom Watson on Today programme?.
    He’s a naughty boy.

  316. 316
    Rat's arse says:

    He’s an arsehole Martha, an utter arsehole, along with mongy Bryant, Bollocksy Ballsover [who keeps voting for him?] and all the rest of the peevish Labour bastards who just can’t believe they are no longer in office. Who the feck votes Labour anyway? MONGS AND MINDLESS TOSSERS THAT’S WHO

  317. 317
    Livingstoned says:

    ” How many divisions has the Pope got” Josef Stalin

  318. 318
    the old Dufflebag says:

    have you kidnapped the slater’s parrot cp ?

  319. 319
    the old Dufflebag says:

    kay burley would have to raise her game considerably to get to dog shit grade quality of sincerity

  320. 320
    The Golem says:

    Well, they certainly don’t work for us anymore. They’ve got a much more important job now. Since the bloodless coup d’état last year liblabcon have been providing Emperor Rumpo and his courtiers with the biggest and most expensive fig-leaf the world has ever seen.

  321. 321
    Neddy S says:

    An old Goons’ joke – but still as good today as it was in the 1950s. Milligan’s I think.

  322. 322
    Gavroche says:

    It’s a means to an end. And the end is to destroy all these ‘civilised’ bourgeois pieces of shit, all these Cameron’s Dad type ‘entrepreneurs’ and ‘risk-takers’, ‘honourable men’ in pinstripe suits who think they are allowed to rape the planet and people ‘because they paid for it’. So the end is a noble one.

    I’m sure the ‘police-protected classes’ won’t agree.

  323. 323
    Gavroche says:

    Capitalism is a continuous game of ‘pass-the-parcel’, where the parcel contains misery and suffering.

  324. 324
    Gavroche says:

    Perhaps the quadruple espresso wasn’t such a good idea.

  325. 325
    The heirs to Pol Pot says:


    Just arranging for your one way ticket to North Korea. Don’t bother to pack as we will take it all. Oh and I’ve arranged for ten years for you to serve at the Special Re-education at the Gramsci Command & Control Centre for the Social Engineering of Useful Idiots. Don’t bring your specs or sentimentality, kindness or photographs of your family….all signs of capitalist running dog intellectualism…..and we’ll let you play Pass the Parcel….of bourgeoise corpses….

  326. 326
    Anonymous says:

    I’ve got quite a lot of time for the Beast, though at times he seems into the realms of extreme self parody… He’s the very reverse of a trougher. However, his shouted jokey asides about the Queen (she has it coming) or other faux authority figures are not so funny as they used to be… Ah… We are all getting older…

  327. 327
    count dracula says:

    Yep, let’s just leave everything to be done by useless losers instead. Give it six months, they’d all be squatting in filth and eating mice. The strong, clever and violent would then be able to get on with the job of really raping planet and people free of restraint. Can’t wait, myself.

  328. 328
    bandersnatch says:

    Well well well… bandersnatch went Anonymous there for a bit… I should also say as well as his most definitely not being a trougher… He probably simply thinks Millipede Senior has the best chance of fighting his current enemy Commander in Chief: Diamond Dave

  329. 329
    Watt Tyler says:

    The next leader of the Labour Party? Next Prime Minister?

    (2009) New Labour David Miliband M.P. -PARASITE AND SUPPORTER OF TERRORISM:

  330. 330
    Jethro says:

    I often have wished I were thinner –
    More often still, less of a sinner.
    But, of one thing I’m glad
    (You might think this quite sad):
    I am glad that I’m not Dennis Skinner

  331. 331
    LMFAO!!!! says:

    “For a cry baby lefty you certainly seem to love your stereotypes”

    “have you ever heard of irony?”

  332. 332
    White Van Mong says:

    of course you don’t think so because it sailed over your head Mong

  333. 333
    Anonymous says:

    What Guido? I was lead to believe he said simply that micromanagement of the Cuban economy had been a failure, not the revolution nor any other result thereof.

  334. 334
    Jack Harman says:

    It all started in America when Steve Jobs admitted that the processors in “his” machines were not up to scratch.

  335. 335
    Georgeous George says:

    Was Cuban Tony on TalkSPORT to discuss the matter?

  336. 336
    Norman Arse says:

    Don’t talk cock. That was the one-eyed jock’s contribution to Britain in the 21st Century.

  337. 337














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  342. 342








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