July 29th, 2010

Robinson – “I Must Try Harder”

When the Political Editor of the BBC is writing public memos to himself suggesting that he he “must try harder” because he managed to miss the fact the coalition was coming, things aren’t exactly going well. Just like he missed the leadership coups when his sources’s Blackberries were vibrating right under his nose.

Robinson took a month making a documentary about the coalition negotiations before seeing the light, Guido was outlining the contours of the coming coalition before election day. It became blindingly obvious the Tories were not going to get a majority. Is better-late-than-never-Robinson really the best talent that the BBC’s vast news budget can buy?

The race to take over from Robinson is well under-way, this mea culpa should help those vying for the job.


  1. 1

    Just give more air time to Andrew Neil……………….. the beeb doesn’t really need many other political journalists.

    Brillo has a way of getting under the skin of all politicians……….. more please……


    • 11
      Imagine John Prescott without Bulimia says:

      Don’t forget Paxman

      but yes, Brillo vs Ms Perfect Mum round2 please


      • 21
        Disaffected says:

        I agree Andrew Neil would be a good choice. Nick Robinscum has been a bias Liebour supporter throughout so I suspect he only saw/wanted one outcome- Mc Doom and Co. Alternatively. could Laura whats her name do both jobs as they both speak bias rubbish. I vote for severe cuts at the BBC and a severe reduction in the licence fee. Its scope has gone way beyond its remit and the BBC needs to be reduced in what it does, unless of course it is privatised and privately funded. It certainly does not comply with its independent broadcasting remit. The Complaint Department needs to be severely cut. As Guido highlighted the staff there get bored with complaints and prefer to be campaigning for Liebour. Furthermore with nearly two hundred executives on salaries above the prime minister the number could be cut by about 80%. The BBC tax needs to be severely cut. Come Dave give us a tax break and cut the imposed licence fee.


        • 40
          my 2p says:

          The BBC needs to completely change their business model. They could theoretically be self-funding if they sold their high rating shows (like Jonathan Woss) to the commercial networks and used the proceeds to develop new content, of which maybe 5% may become valuable in the future. They have no advertisements and don’t care about ratings so why are they paying ridiculous amounts of money to “keep their talent” at our expense?


        • 50
          "It became blindingly obvious the Tories were not going to get a majority" says:


          Comedy brilliance.

          I remember all those articles you wrote saying it was blindingly obvious there would be a hung parliament


          However, some of us were saying it would be a hung parliament long, LONG before mid April or May 5th

          You did a couple of CCHQ what if’s and never conceded that a hung parliament was “blindingly obvious” in them or any other article for what we can only assume was your own strange reasons.

          Because CCHQ could read the polls even if most here couldn’t. They were spinning to prepare the way for a Lib pact via bloggers & newspapers.

          But you know this, just as you know that it’s going to be revealed in the TV programme tonight that CCHQ had the strategy and negotiations for a hung parliament well in place before the election.

          BTW Whatever happened to the fuckwits who were predicting a 100 majority for the Conservatives ? They were hilarious.


          • Blue Lady says:

            Well they would have had a huge majority if they had the same size constituences are Nuliebore.


          • fuckwit alert! says:

            there’s one of the fuckwits now


          • Robinson is a twat but says:

            Everyone could see a hung parliament was on the way, long before the election. Many voters interviewed on the telly said that was their preference, for it would mean a Tory Government without a majority and that would prevent it from attacking the NHS, Schools, Police, Welfare, VAT etc. BUT this was not what we got.
            If a coalition was to emerge, most thought it would be a Lab/Lib.Dem. coalition, not many saw a Condem emerging.
            Although I really do not like Nick Robinson, if he failed to see the Condems governing the country he can be forgiven for that.


      • 25
        Average Whitey says:

        Paxman is as bad as Humphries, all bark no bite


        • 39
          Osama the Nazarene says:

          Humphries is biased, Paxo is turning into a pussy cat and Brillo has been and continues to be the king of the political interrogators. His grasp of policies is second to none and he listens to the squirming answers of politicians to hold them to account. Humphries and Paxo have to follow a script and do not think on their feet. From Major’s woeful government through the appalling liebor governments to the current coalition Brillo has outshone them.


          • brillo pads says:

            Is that why he was so shit against the Militwats, Balls and Burnham ?


          • Rip Van Winkle says:

            Brillo knows the answer to the question. Most of the other dopes don’t – so they simply accept the bull they’ve been given as the ‘truth’.

            A good journalist does his/her homework. The problem the entire media class has is that they think they don’t have to – they’re too clever, by half.


          • Peter Grimes says:


            Exactly – and which fuckwit ‘interviewer’ or researcher bothered to look at the National Debt figures which doubled 2002/7 and bearded the blatant lies of the likes of Mrs Cooper-Bollox (the supposedly female of the pair) and McDoom himself about having ‘repaid debt’?

            Total overpaid fucking incompetents the lot of them!


        • 148
          Right Wing BBC says:

          No Humphries turns nasty every time he interviews (or rather shouts down) a front bench Labour politician.
          Paxman has a healthy sneer for everyone.
          Neil would urge Genghis Khan to move further to the right.

          Neil and Humphries should go.


    • 46
      Hideously White says:

      The BBC is a publicly funded left wing agitprop lobby group that is working overtime to eliminate the Coalition. It is in dissaray and beside itself in fury that Labour is not in power until the end of time. It rarely interviews members of this government and is obsessed with the saddo Labour kiddy wonks hoping to become leader.

      The BBC interrogates the government and interviews it’s friends.

      The BBC went downhill when it ceased using independent expert opinion and draws upon in-house “experts” – all on-message lefties with the right diverse, PC credentials. None are truly independent thinkers but are operators loyal to the company credo like the hideous Robinson, the execrable Marr, the sinister Bowen and the unpleasant Naughtie.

      Robinson misses the facts and the trends because he is a BBC company man and is as blinkered as the rest of them. I suspect the friendly briefings, lunches on public money and jolly little get togethers are over. What they will do when the Coalition ceases to advertise in The Guardian and this nasty little mean minded tree killing rag goes into meltdown is going to be fascinating to watch……


      • 51
        The Grim Reaper says:

        Spot on HW


        • 69
          Dick the Prick says:

          Thirded. Don’t mean to be rude but, yawn. Bit of a mea culpa myself, but I quite like the BBC but i don’t really give a shit about it. I’ll substitute quite easily. I quite like the Guarndian crossword too and I fucking love Polly Toynbee & George Moonbat. I shit you not but the lad did an essay on bringing back air baloons! Fuck ‘em; if they’re worth owt then people will buy it.


      • 61
        lolol says:

        what do you expect from a former young conservative ?


      • 114
        Peter Grimes says:

        I see that the moderators on Toenials’ blog are blotting out any criticism of their ‘Political Editor’!

        No change there then!!


        • 141
          Honest View says:

          Just heard a Radio 4 interview with a diplomat who was supporting Cameron’s straight talking. The Beeb interviewer admitted that they had asked four other ex-diplomats, who had all agreed with a bit of outspokeness.
          You could sense the Beeb’s frustration, phoning round, hoping for a critic. All Beeb news now seems to begin, “The Coalition’s policies on ……. have been criticised as dangerous by….”
          They are shameful.


      • 150
        Greg VanDyke says:

        Fourthed HW. A very nicely put summary of that rather unpleasent organisation the BBC. More please.


    • 124
      Ann Innis says:

      Neil is the best by a mile …. he does research for a start…


  2. 2
    Anonymous says:

    At least Robinson shows a bit of humility…it wouldn’t go amiss on this website!


  3. 3
    Gone Fuckin mental says:

    scrap the BBC , Unless it can be independent of the state , And toenails should stay uplabours arse .


    • 74
      Dick the Prick says:

      Jeremy Vine just said ‘if you’ve been to a bullfight, we’d love to hear from and know….(pause)…..Why?”

      Err…coz I were in Spain and locals were off to a bullfight, numbnuts! What a tosser.


  4. 5
    Tim Lovejoy says:

    Hi , My names Tim Lovejoy and i am a legend .


  5. 6
    Andy Gray says:

    Listening to the Labour ‘leadership’ ‘hopefuls’ on 5Live. What a shower of sh1t. Not one of them electable (thank God) outside the tribal belts.


  6. 7
    Jack Straw says:

    We are preserving the system where Labour gets more seats for fewer votes because the Conservative and Liberals’ plans would be gerrymandering.

    I can’t explain why so I’ll just say again GERRYMANDERING


  7. 9
    Susanne says:

    He lost all credibility as a kournalist when he admitted that he did not & could not report anything regarding Damian McBride because he would “lose his lobby pass” – & presumably one source of tax payer subsidised food & drink.

    The man is a joke – just like all of the other lobby journalists – they are not fit for purpose.


    • 26
      WailsLandofSong says:

      They’re there to report on what’s happening, not to suck up to evil, bloated pieces of sh*t like McBride.


    • 113
      Geoffrey HooooooooN says:

      Bit harsh? It’s a gig and some mug’s gotta do it. They’re not paid by the scoop. It’s a bit of a noble trade sometimes and just because the lad fucked up McBride ain’t really that big news. John Presott at Chilcott could be funny but as Stanislav said:

      Chilcott, (verb), to dust down softly


      • 143
        I Fucking Loathe Tesco says:

        My ‘ull friend went to’t Chilcoot. Saw all kinds of animals and outdoor things. It were a long bloody trek by all accounts, in the final dialysis. Type 2 diabetes, as I said to Pauline when she laughed at me cocktail sausage. When I were slaving in’t gallery the little fella was covered in sweet ‘n’ sour an it took all them cleaning lasses to lick it off. Coulda sworn it were’t boat that were moving. Had to fight ‘em off wit pan scrubber. Ashcroft. Ho’ level’s as far as I climbed – know what I mean? Didn’t have time for any of that book learning. My greasy pole came up short. Middle class. Thatcher. Too busy introducing the little fireman to all them trumpets down Holderness Road. Working class. That Brillo bloke, he gets on my goatee. Waiter! Bring me half a dozen of them spring rollers and then I’ll have every main dish on’t list. Can I ‘ave a discount? Go on, Won Ton. Go on, lad.


  8. 10
    Gone Fuckin mental says:

    O/T Did anyone see Glen Beck last night ? Fucking scary , talking abut the weather underground , Reminded me of Labour


  9. 11
    Susanne says:

    “journalist” – apologies all round


  10. 13

    “this mea culpa should help those vying for the job”.

    So who’s vying for the job?

    Will they be balanced and impartial?

    Will they look like a spazzy 6th former?


    • 20

      Watch out for Will Straw, independent blogger and savant extraordinaire.

      Remember – you heard it here first!


      • 22
        Gone Fuckin mental says:

        Didnt he deal drugs or something ?


        • 32

          I have no problem with anyone who wants to shift a bit of pot, i don’t hold that against Straw junior.

          What i will hold against him is the fact that he’s a stupid c*nt. It’s made worse because of who his father is, i shouldn’t hate Will because of Jack, but i do.

          It seems a c*nt begets a c*nt.


          • Unsworth says:

            Yep, the apple does not fall very far from the tree.

            Whatever that might mean, Grasshopper.


          • The Bottle Fed Triplet says:

            Don’t forget Peston’s dad is in the House of Lords as a (surprise! surprise!) Labour peer.


          • Dick the Prick says:

            Peston’s been way off kilter on this BP thing; he err…swallowed it hook, line and drill bit. I think, if anything, lessons learned from this disaster are that it’s proper brilliant drilling miles off-shore. Result.


        • 77
          Dave and Gideons white lines says:

          ++sniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiifffff++ ++


    • 57
      Groucho says:

      It doesn’t matter how impartial the reporter is, the BBC editorial team will ensure bias is maintained.

      BBC News late last night for example – the UK’s Prime Minister is on an important official visit to India, big business deals being pushed through, etc etc. What does the BBC lead with? An 11 minute article about changes to immigration law – in Arizona. Followed by the Pakistan air crash, the heatwave in Moscow and various other stories. It was 17 minutes in before Dave got a mention.


  11. 16
    Anne says:

    Gerrymandering!! The words “pot” and “kettle” come to mind. OK if Labour befefit but not if its a fair division of constituants! Listening to the 5 “hopefuls” n 5 live, absolutely abysmal.


  12. 17
    Penfold says:

    When you lie in pigshit and filth you acclimatise and no longer feel defiled.

    Clearly Robbo has been in the shit for far too long, got far too pally with the scum and lost his nose for a story.
    Hubris for him, schadenfreude for us.


  13. 18
    Happy Days says:

    Ed Balls just let the cat out of the bag by admitting the leadership contest had been going on since October!


    • 28
      Hold Tight... says:

      What a bunch of utter Hunts..

      I’m sure the BBC would give as much airtime to a Tory leadership battle


  14. 19
    Gone Fuckin mental says:

    Lol Strauss dropped by Akmal after good start by england 22-0


  15. 23
    Backwoodsman says:

    Will they be balanced and impartial ?
    In your dreams, Pump. The bbc has fine tuned selecting left leaning journos , down to a fine art.


  16. 27
    Chris Huhne says:

    I’ve been doing some training for my new job as a carer this week.

    Bowel Management was a load of shit and there is a test at the end of Bladder Management tomorrow but I should piss all over that.


  17. 29
    John says:

    I think it is testament to the quality of the FCS and the YC that 2 of its main protagonist’s c1985-87 are now leading lights in the media. I suspect you enjoy your battles with Mr Robinson now as much as you did then.


  18. 30
    Gone Fuckin mental says:

    “Mind the windows Tino “


    • 151
      Greg VanDyke says:

      A Flintoff, England v West Indies, summer 2004. Remember it fondly. Some good sledging there by Fred!


  19. 31
    The Beast of Clerkenwell says:

    I have a little willy


  20. 34
    christy says:

    Just watched a clip on 5 live with the 5 hopeful liebour leaders with that Victoria Derbyshire.
    What a bunch of muppets,all of them in a state of utter denial,studio audience was fairly critical and just when it was hotting up BBC news decided to move off it.


  21. 35
    The Man who came in from the all Women Shortlist says:

    The record will show that when scandal and controversy came to light concerning the Labour Government, Robinson frequently went missing. His blog remained silent on some of the most explosive stories. This speaks volumes as to his impartiality.


  22. 36
    Gone Fuckin mental says:

    cook out 42-1


  23. 45
    Anne says:

    The Mili Bros say they are guided by the principles they grew up with, would those be Marxist principles?


    • 63
      The Bottle Fed Triplet says:

      And Atheism. I wonder how that goes down with constituents in certain, shall we say, unforgiving religions.


      • 71
        Anonymous says:

        Even if God does not exist it serves us well to believe he does rather than accord such authority to the State.


    • 103
      straw man dum dum says:

      its coz they iz commienazis innits !? ! dey iz like dat adolf stalin bloke so dey iz! !!! !
      fuud goes in mowth ?!? ?! ?


    • 137
      Colonel Blimp says:

      No – the anti-defamation league.
      “Shalom,you goys.”


  24. 47
    Porky Pie Pickles says:

    Nick Robinson is just a tory twat… nuff said


    • 55
      yep says:

      Nick Robinson – Former president of the Oxford University Conservative Association and National Chairman of the Young Conservatives


      • 90
        Rip Van Winkle says:

        Bercow? Another former Tory. Leopards can change their spots, old boy. Particularly in politics.

        What is Toenails’ top priority? Telling the truth or continuning earning a six figure salary, full expense account, little or no in-house criticism and a massive final salary pension at the end of it?

        I’ll give you just the one guess.


  25. 59
    the beast of clerkenwell says:

    Brillo can not only get under the skins of politicians he also gets up quite a few skirts. Very adept @handling c unts is our brillo


  26. 68
    Gone Fuckin mental says:

    So will Ed win it ?


  27. 78
    Gordon Brown says:

    Can i have his job?


  28. 80
    Bob says:

    Its a lot more pleasant around here since that gobshite JGM2 disappeared up his own arse.


  29. 81
    Taxfodder says:

    Nick Robinson is merely a symptom of the general degenerative disease of old pal’s and good old boy’s that infest the BBC

    Auntie’s opinions and interpretation of the facts of news stories as they choose to broadcast them it is where the rot sets in.

    Robinson is just the parrot that squawks the opinionated brief he is given, a BBC mouth piece, nothing more.


  30. 84
    Bob says:

    A High Court judge has re-ignited the donations scandal that ended Wendy Alexander’s leadership of Scottish Labour.

    The English judge has ordered a court hearing to decide whether the full facts of “Wendygate” should be put into the public domain for the first time, The Herald can reveal.


    The smell lingers longer with Labour.


  31. 85
    Cato Street Conspirator says:

    The BBC seems to go in for a particular suburban middle-class ‘chap’ type for this job – Marr, then Robinson. Neil would be fantastic, though he’s too sensible to get bogged down in the absurdity of it. My preference is someone who isn’t in the running – Katie Razzall, but that’s only so I could se a lot more of her.


  32. 88
    Gone Fuckin mental says:

    Go Balls !


  33. 92
    Ban the BBC says:

    Robinson’s talent is far far eclipsed by his immense ego and sense of self importance, almost to politician levels in fact.


  34. 97
    Tapestry says:

    Anyone who can see the wood from the trees is rarely popular with others. Also-rans get the best jobs because they don’t threaten the egos of those who appoint them.

    Ability is rarely promoted.

    Politicians especially are jealous of anyone who can actually make a good decision. Petraeus, for example, should have been appointed to run Afghanistan a long time ago, but Obama preferred Petraeus not to be given the chance.

    Stalin was jealous of Zhukov. Hitler too thought he knew best. Only when the shit hits the fan do the capable get turned to out of desperation (except by total nutters like Hitler). Once the crisis is past, they are got rid of again smartish.

    Robinson was chosen as someone who would not outshine Gordon Brown, or Blair. You have to say he has been a success. If politicians haven’t got a clue, they prefer media folk who are equally clueless reporting on their actions. Anyone who understood what lemons they were dealing with, would be got rid of in seconds.

    Channel 4 has taken the art of mediocrity to another level, by drowning out anything resembling intelligent comment. With their own intellects challenged beyond breaking point, they have no choice but to crush the free flow of information. Media front men like Robinson, Jon Snow etc are low lifes desperately worried they will be found out. Their whole existence is orientated around disguising their genetic inferiority, and in turn they know they are protecting the incompetence of the powerful from exposure. It’s a case of ‘you hide mine. I’ll hide yours.’ Robinson is the best.


    • 100
      Charles Duuuurrrrrwin says:

      “Their whole existence is orientated around disguising their genetic inferiority,”

      You sir, are a fucking nutter.


    • 118
      Cato Street Conspirator says:

      Are you sure it wasn’t you I saw standing next to Hitler in that picture in the Reichstag?


  35. 99
    The Beast of Clerkenwell says:

    Little cock Robinson is now like a dog without a friendly arse to lick or sniff
    I hope that he gets cancer
    Call me old fashioned


    • 119
      Cato Street Conspirator says:

      Call me irresponsible – call me unreliable
      Throw in undependable too
      Do my foolish alibis bore you
      Well I’m not too clever – I just adore you


  36. 105
    BayBayC says:

    David Starkey is a likely candidate, he is about a century behind everyone else. Perfect candidate for BBC journalism.


  37. 107
    Tim Lovejoy says:

    I am a bellend in my own lunchtime
    3 minutes to go


  38. 109
    Anonymous says:

    What’s needed is another good old Etonian to keep dave cosy! You really couldn’t make it up.


  39. 117
    Anonymous says:

    Robinson also should have tried a bit harder at reporting reality when he was spending all his time equating Gordon Brown with Churchill and trying to tell people that Gordon Brown single-handedly saved the whole planet and that the debt was nothing to worry about.

    He also should have mentioned the total debt (ie running into trillions) instead of trying to pass-off a single-year’s debt as if it was the total debt.

    He also should have disputed the fact that a cut in the budget specifically means that nurses, teachers, and police, will all be sacked, and that a cut of, say, £20k would directlly/always lead to the instant sacking of a teacher who’s on 20k, instead of the fact that the budget cut could be used to make them more efficent with less admin staff and less quangos and non-jobs. I mean, “cheerleading development officers” – for fuck’s sake.
    He’s a useless little shit.


    • 121
      Cato Street Conspirator says:

      ‘I mean, “cheerleading development officers” – for fuck’s sake.
      He’s a useless little shit.’

      No he’s not, he’s an officially appointed ‘cheerleading development officer’. They all are.


  40. 122
    Eunonymous says:

    The present co-alition government see the BBC as the prime leader in media discourse. They obviously see a role for them in the continued propaganda the dole out. Despite Jeremy Hunt’s desire to ‘reduce’ the licence fee, what’s the betting nothing happens and they continue in the present form. This will mean that Mark Byford can keep his £400,000 per year pension


    Public service MY ARSE


  41. 123
    Osama the Nazarene says:

    Its particularly pleasing as he was trying to take a swipe at the blogosphere!


  42. 126
    John from Hull says:

    Brillo asks hard questions without coming across as a Hunt like Humphries or Paxman, he’s a class above.


    • 129
      diversity blockwart says:

      Brillo is superb. I used to think he was a tosser but then I’d been reading Private Eye too much. The Eye has gone right down the shitter in the last decade or so.


      • 145
        JoJo says:

        I agree. The only thing I can’t understand is why a man of his intellect worries so much about his hair (or lack of it). He’s dresses well, he’s entertaining, who cares if he’s a bit thin on top? I certainly don’t! It’s the weave and hair colour that makes me giggle at times.


  43. 128
    QWERTY says:

    Brillo aside the BBC’ political elite really are a bunch of fucking retards

    Laura deformed jaw Huntburger
    Jug Ears Marr (who happily acts as the official Liebour spokesman telling us no election)
    Labout shit eater Essler
    Rat face Wark
    Sheena Easton (I believe everything the Liebour Government tells me)
    Robert Pissant (Yeeeeeessssssss beeeeeee peeeeeee haaavvee…..)
    Richard Baconhead
    Victoria Pollard at Radio 5
    John Pinhead
    All of Radio 4 Toady show

    Did I miss anyone out?


    • 131
      diversity blockwart says:

      Yes. All the boxticking ‘managers’ you don’t see behind the scenes filling their boots whilst commissioning utter piffle. Comedy show stuffed with lefty millionaires (did you say ‘gollywog’ you c’unt?), childish and patronising programmes about this and that, zero credible science content anywhere, global warming propaganda, shilling for vacuous and oppressive statism. It’s grim and only brainwashed collectivists think otherwise, and best of all, that YOU should pay for their viewing.


    • 139
      Colonel Blimp says:

      The Learned Elders Of Zion, perhaps?


    • 144
      JoJo says:

      You forgot Kirsty Wark.


  44. 130
    QWERTY says:

    When the mad one eyed deformed jawed jock bummer was in power the BBC ‘bigged him up’ as the most important man in the world and what a great statesman he was (even though Barry Obama didn’t want to be seen anywhere near him) yet the BBC said of David Cameron in India, “Why would India take note of the leader of a small island off the coast of Europe”

    So what changed BBC bummers?


    • 140
      Colonel Blimp says:

      ………….because that small island off the coast of Europe once ruled a large part of the Globe – and ruled it well.
      Only when the indigenous natives got to run the parts of what once was the glorious British Empire, did their horrible shitty countries go to the dogs.


  45. 132
    giant gonad says:

    Robinson is hardly mensa material and has an unfortunate chrome dome. Brillo is pretty sharp, but a figure of fun. The least said about Marr the better.

    Crick is by far the best man.


  46. 149
    Beness says:

    Toenails should have stuck to his role as Dangermouse’s side kick


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