June 19th, 2010

Some More Equal Than Others

Portcullis House parliamentary offices are highly prized. They are light, spacious and luxurious. Only twqo floors are currently allocated to the Labour Party and unsurprisingly, all but a small handful are allocated to ex-ministers and very senior backbenchers. But what’s this? Extraordinarily, one or two first time MPs are so highly favoured that they are already ensconced within the hallowed portals that lesser lobby-fodder plot and plead for years to achieve. What possible influence could have been brought to bear that Jack Dromey has been catapulted into the Valhalla of ex-Cabinet Ministers within a mere six weeks of arriving in the House?  Answers consistent with trade union & Labour Party values in the comments please…


  1. 1
    Jack Dromey says:

    I got through an all women shortlist fair and square.

  2. 2
    captain cumshot says:

    Far to political for cumshot, i’m off to the pub.

  3. 3
    Harriet Harman says:

    You sure did hun. How’s the new office?

  4. 4
    P. Doff says:

    “…trade union & Labour Party values”

    There aren’t any!

  5. 5
    Jack Dromey says:

    Nice and spacious. Nothing’s too good for the socialists!

  6. 6
    Imagine John Prescott without Bulimia says:

    He had to marry Harriet, there has to be some compensation for that

  7. 7
    Kingbingo says:

    Because they want 50% women in Portcullis House. And Jack did indeed win against an all women shortlist.

  8. 8
    Milosovic says:

    Comradely greetings to the English socialists. Look after the right people
    and they’ll look after you. The rest of the population can go feck themselves.

  9. 9
    Oh and by the way says:

    “….. a future fair for all……..” for all new farty’s

  10. 10
    Fabio's Bottle of Hair Dye says:

    Whatta no fooball commence on thesa topic?

  11. 11
    Harriet Harman says:

    Don’t forget to wash the dishes, make the beds and I’d like a candle with my dinner to take to bed tonight.

  12. 12
    That's Democracy says:

    Big cuts coming next week as ordinary people must pay for the cheats who masquerade as “wealth creators.” Apparently, we are “all in this together. . . ” If you believe that you’ll believe anything.

    I see average boardroom pay has risen by 7.5% and bonuses by 22.5%. Yes, indeed, some are more equal than others.

    How long will the British people tolerate these outrages?

    That’s Democracy, eh?

  13. 13
    bandersnatch says:

    The two people pictured… I wonder, could they be related?

  14. 14
    Norton Folgate says:

    I’m guessing it’s because he’s married to a hypocritical self serving feminazi “Hoon”.

  15. 15
    Harriet Harman says:

    I had to put my Jack ‘in his place’. I wear the trousers around here!

  16. 16

    Looks like the fraud that is the union modernisation fund has really paid off.

  17. 17
    wayne looney says:

    fuck!harperson is even uglier when she smiles ffs

  18. 18
    office boy says:

    He was selected on an all woman shortlist, he is married to Mr Harriet Harman and he knows almots everything there is to know about Labours betting slips – sorry accounts

  19. 19
    Martin Day says:

    What news of Nick”Quisling” Clegg? Part -Time Deputy Prime Minister and fall guy for the Tories ?

  20. 20
    bandersnatch says:

    If a newbie is to get one, I’d rather Rory Stewart had a big, light airy office than Jack Dromey. Do the Labour party need so many posh rooms? On second thoughts, Rory would probably prefer to pitch a Bedouin tent in the Portcullis House atrium.

  21. 21
    Suck On That says:

    Of course he made it through an all-women shortlist. He has a c-unt.

    That’s Harriet to you and me.

  22. 22
    Mrs Dromey says:

    Splooge all over my face, please.

  23. 23
    Harriet Harman says:

    Awww hun, after all these years, you sure know how to flatter a wimman who’s gone all slack down below.

  24. 24
    Fantastic Four...some says:

    Me, Harriet, Caroline Flint and Caroline Nokes, and some massage oil. Sorted.

  25. 25
    Gordon Brown says:

    Pah! Who needs one of those offices? I have my own room. It’s nice and white with very soft walls. I even have my own crayons here. Bet you’re all jealous.

  26. 26
    Harriet Harman says:

    Don’t forget some people are more equal than others and women are always more equal than men!

  27. 27
    The Court of Public Opinion says:

    Liebour will never change.
    Right now its corpse is lying festering in the gutter – vote balls as leader for the good of the country to get rid of it. It is your duty to ensure it gets flushed down the sewer so we don’t have to continue suffering its stink like this.

  28. 28
    Jack Dromey says:

    I know he looks a gimp but I did marry him!

  29. 29
    Captain Peacock says:

    “I see average boardroom pay has risen by 7.5% and bonuses by 22.5%. Yes, indeed, some are more equal than others.”

    See this also….
    Britain’s super-rich roared back in the past year, with the number of billionaires rising from 43 to 53 and the total wealth of the top 1,000 increasing by a third, according to the Sunday Times annual Rich List.
    But as you say “we are all in this together” we have to pay so they get richer.

  30. 30
    wayne looney says:

    i missed u gordo

  31. 31
    Diane Abbott says:

    Ah wah gwan. Hear me now. Me wan’ all you to be votin’ for me, ya knaaa. As Labour leader, me will do da bogle bogle at PMQs in a dancehall styleee. Lively up yourself, ya bombaclat. Now go get me some rice an’ pea. Me feelin lickle bit hungry, ya knaaa. Rice an’ pea, rice an’ pea.

  32. 32
    Trinny says:

    Does Mrs Dromey need to keep an eye on him?

  33. 33
    Nick Clegg says:

    I entered politics to make a difference.

    Once I have got the AV+ past these bastard tories, I am going to stab them in the back and force the next General Election. Then you’ll see the difference I can make.

    They think they have me by the balls but I have them by their one testacle!

  34. 34
    Joe Stalin says:

    Comrade Dromey would make an excellent leader of the Labour Party and a fantastic Prime Minister.

  35. 35
    Bald Commie Shit says:

    Awwww… Honey you’re not slack down below, look in the mirror, you’re slack all over ya ugly old cow

  36. 36
    George Orwell says:

    Same old’ same old, the needle returns to the start of the song and we all sing along like before.

  37. 37
    Bald Commie Shit says:

    Believe me 2 Pukes, I want more than that.

  38. 38
    I'm free from unions getting my subs says:


  39. 39
    The Fallen Angel says:

    What can be more trade unionist and comradely than nepotism and the knowledge that Unite pays for the Labour Party….

    Keep him happy at all costs!!!!!

  40. 40
    Jack Dromey says:

    Why does anybody need to keep an eye my husband?

  41. 41
    wayne looney says:

    nice equation harperson/dromey=0

  42. 42
    Jonty Pryor says:

    Nick Clegg’s last tweet on his twitter account………..What a prize twat he is

    I’d like to join millions of people across the country in wishing the England team good luck in the World Cup

    That must have been the kiss of death then you traitor,Clegg

  43. 43
    Diane Fatgob Abbot says:

    Vote for me babylons

  44. 44
    Bald Commie Shit says:

    Hey Fabio, if you’re looking for a third dumbass to play in goal I’m yer man. After years of doin’ stoopid crap I’m still here. AND no matter how dumb I am I can still get ya a good write up in the Daily Communist err… Daily Mirror ( sorry I forgot the cover story they use).

  45. 45
    TJ says:

    Why do the England players have to go through Beckham before they can talk to Capello?

    Why is Beckham still hanging around like a bad smell and exerting his malign and unprofessional influence on the England camp?

    They will never win anything until they shake off him and his money-making circus.

  46. 46
    Bald Commie Shit says:

    Thank God for that. The last thing the public want to see is your hairy minge.

  47. 47
    Ben Dover says:

    I just looked McDoom got over 64,000 votes I did not know there was that many sleep in the whole of Snot-land.

  48. 48
    Steven "Captain? lol" Gerrard says:

    Ar ‘ey Wayne, calm down, calm down. Thems Mr Ed’s teeth yer know, un ‘e’ll be right gutted if yer take the piss like yer did last night.

  49. 49
    Nursey Nurse says:

    Time to take your medicine Gordon, there’s a good boy!

  50. 50
    Wayne Vuvuzela says:

    De do dough don’t dey

  51. 51
    Jay says:

    Fat sponger and professional ethnic, Abbott, has no chance.

    The Frankfurt School candidate, and hence the inevitable winner, is David Mliband.

  52. 52
    Steven "Captain? lol" Gerrard says:

    “I entered politics to make a difference” and you did Nick.

    You made a £105 million difference with the swingeing cuts to the Sheffield public.

    Sheffield, that’s the city you’re paid to represent remember? You know, the one you were too fucking lazy to bother to canvass in.

    Next election, Nick, next election.

  53. 53
    Dino says:

    Speaking of which, has this now stopped, or is the coalition paying to slit their own throats?

  54. 54
    Martin Day says:

    This proposed VAT rise is a disgrace and if supported by the LibDems will finish off those who support it

    Martin Day said: “Raising VAT is hugely unfair. The VAT rise will hit the poorest households harder than the richest and will hit pensioner couples and ordinary families hardest of all. It is simply not right.” He has emailed every Labour party member in an attempt to gain support for the campaign.

    A rise in VAT would hit the poorest hardest because it eats up a larger proportion of their income.

    Matthew Sykes, chief executive of the charity Elizabeth Finn Care, said: “VAT is often said to be a tax on ‘luxury goods’, however we know that this is not true. When people come to us for help, 66 per cent can not afford to replace an electrical item, 72 per cent of people can not afford to buy new clothes and more than 50 per cent of people can not afford transport costs.

    “We believe that everyone in the UK today should be able to cook a warm meal, clothe oneself and interact with loved ones. Any increase in VAT would make a disproportionate difference to the quality of life of the 13 million people officially classified as poor in Britain.”

  55. 55
    Bald Commie Shit says:

    It can only improve it

  56. 56
    Bald Commie Shit says:

    No, come on, spit it out. What do you REALLY think of him

  57. 57
    Harridan Harmanhater says:

    Sleaze, patronage, nepotism, smears and lies.

    All in Liebour’s D-N-A.

  58. 58
    Bald Commie Shit says:

    Sadly, you don’t dough do yer Wayne?

  59. 59
    Slimey Milliband says:

    And risk eternal damnation Porky?

    I’d sooner vote for our kid!

  60. 60
    Harriet Harman says:

    I am not convinced about that. He’s male even if he is MY male.

    Anyway, I believe Diannnnnnnne Abbot should be the new Leader as I nominated her for Leader even though an Abbot is gender specific!

  61. 61
    The Red Wag says:

    His name is Jack, and he’s All Right.

  62. 62
    Harriden Harm-man says:

    Thank you for the highly relevant comment Einstein

  63. 63
    Suck On That says:

    Harriet, bent over, knickers by her ankles, taken from behind. Don’t say you haven’t thought about it. There’s nothing wrong with it. But if you’ve thought it about Slotgob, then you should seek help.

  64. 64
    nell says:

    I think the one enduring memory of this ex labour government is their awesome sense of self-entitlement.

    It started with bliar and his unlovely lady and over thirteen years it eroded away the morals of the rest until it infected everyone associated with the foul party that labour has become.

  65. 65
    Bald Commie Shit says:

    Fer fuck’s sake Butch, yer meck it sound like it’s a bad thing.

    If it’s good enough for that useless Hunt Kinnock and Gordon The Talking Turd then it’s good enough fer Labour scum like us.

    (shite! how do you delete posts before the Butch Bitch sees ‘em?)

  66. 66
    Wayne Rooney says:

    Kiss my fat spotty arse you fukken prick.

  67. 67
    Bald Commie Shit says:

    Do you mind? I’m about to have me lunch.

    Anybody want a fish paste sandwich?

  68. 68
    Fabio Capello says:

    Me no speaka English

  69. 69
    Hooters Vulvalezza says:

    They could “visit their loved ones” if they spent less on lottery tickets.

  70. 70
    Bald Commie Shit says:

    “unlovely lady”

    Is that a euphemism for that fat-arsed, loud-mouthed, ugly old bag-o-spanners Sheh-Reeeee?

  71. 71
    Adrian Chiles says:

    I still think this great England team can go onto win the World Cup and that the great Gordon Brown can return to lead Britain into another golden age of prosperity but I don’t think that Christine Bleakley will ever let me shag her because I’m such an ugly, creepy c’unt.

  72. 72
    Anonymous says:

    Orifice, surely?

  73. 73
    PCH corridor creeper says:

    Dromey is not the only new Labour member to get an office in Portcullis House. There’s at least one other obscure backbencher there, much to his surprise. How? Because Labour Whips have pulled their fingers out with re-allocations, while Tory Whips have been content for their new boys and girls to “hot desk”. No special favours, he just asked….

  74. 74
    Jack Dromedary says:

    What this country lacks is a Stasi. It is my ambition that we get one.

  75. 75
    Anonymous says:

    What’s all this about Tory MP David Ruffley’s trainspotting antics at Victoria Station on Thursday? Jesus the last thing the Tories need is a by-election!!

  76. 76
    Breaking News says:

    Radio 5: ‘Rumours that Capello resigns’

  77. 77
    TT says:

    £5 million pay-off from the FA.

  78. 78
    Just Desserts says:

    It’s the poor in Britain who vote Labour so it’s quite right they should feckin suffer for the obscene economic fuck-up they and the party they put in power have caused.

    It’s the middle class pay-back for 13 years of feckless socialist fraud. They can feckin starve and die of hypothermia as a punishment.

  79. 79

    At first glance I’d thought that read, “average bedroom pay has risen by 7.5% and bonuses by 22.5%” Which would be silly, as everyone knows it’s only gone up by 5 and 10.

  80. 80

    Don’t think so. It comes in ‘allocations.’ Last one was 2007.
    Stand by for a long and boring list of beneficiaries from the taxpayer.
    ASLEF seem very out of favour?

    Grant paid to each trade union by financial year
    Union Grant paid (£)
    Year ended 31 March 2007
    GMB 23,340.53
    Wales Trade Union Congress 12,252.64
    National Union of Teachers 7,377.84
    Royal College of Midwives 43,329.35
    Union of Finance Staff 7,083.30
    United Road Transport Union 24,330.00
    Community and District Nursing Association 8,125.65
    British Dental Association 6,047.75
    Connect 28,647.63
    USDAW 104,011.73
    National Union of Rail, Maritime and Transport Workers 32,489.00
    National Union of Journalists 11,475.34
    ASLEF 13,232.25
    General Federation of Trade Unions 23,284.48
    Portman Group Staff Association 6,070.70

    Year ended 31 March 2008
    GMB 106,532.92
    Communication Workers Union 28,008.85
    Wales Trade Union Congress 29,708.34
    National Union of Teachers 20,285.64
    USDAW 5,783.00
    Royal College of Midwives 88,135.28
    Union of Finance Staff 41,776.70
    Unity 15,192.76
    United Road Transport Union 50,670.00
    Equity 22,737.50
    Transport and General Workers Union 47,535.05
    Bakers, Food and Allied Workers Union 17,241.06
    Community and District Nursing Association 6,418.37
    Community 63,453.00
    British Dental Association 15,329.00
    Transport Salaried Staffs’ Association 46,618.70
    Connect 28,988.12
    USDAW 82,811.00
    Prospect 78,621.69
    National Union of Rail, Maritime and Transport Workers 161,245.00
    National Union of Journalists 43,145.52
    Trades Union Congress 62,695.00
    Community and Youth Workers Union 16,915.96
    Unite (Amicus) 128,105.62
    ASLEF 58,245.47
    General Federation of Trade Unions 74,623.90
    Portman Group Staff Association 9,533.80
    Musicians’ Union 17,788.00
    Chartered Society of Physiotherapy 2,845.00
    Union of Construction Allied Trades and Technicians 5,983.00
    Equity 7,691.30

    Year ended 31 March 2009
    General Federation of Trade Unions 15,122.48
    Trades Union Congress 39,863.19
    General Federation of Trade Unions 40,333.07
    Musicians’ Union 14,426.00
    Association of Teachers and Lecturers 326.02
    Unison 54,942.22
    Association of Professionals in Education and Children’s Trusts 5,100.00
    Union of Construction Allied Trades and Technicians 7,957.50
    Chartered Society of Physiotherapy 14,371.00
    Accord 106,164.00
    Broadcasting Entertainment Cinematograph and Theatre Union 40,957.97
    First Division Association 27,437.00
    Trades Union Congress 23,049.00
    Union of Construction Allied Trades and Technicians 7,957.50
    General Federation of Trade Unions 37,344.17
    Nautilus UK 27,007.06
    Equity 35,654.58
    Unite (Amicus) 29,309.18
    Retained Fire-fighters Union 51,930.68
    Nationwide Group Staff Union 5,875.00
    GMB 63,667.08
    Communication Workers Union 116,159.35
    Bakers, Food and Allied Workers Union 33,405.42
    Wales Trade Union Congress 83,681.18
    Lloyds TSB Group Union 22,322.60
    National Union of Teachers 35,267.02
    British Dental Association 780.25
    Prospect 26,197.78
    Association of Professionals in Education and Children’s Trusts 5,100.00
    Prospect 20,591.49
    Unison 87,515.50
    Association of Professionals in Education and Children’s Trusts 4,085.00
    Association of Teachers and Lecturers 17,606.14
    Community 23,151.00
    Communication Workers Union 14,088.92
    Communication Workers Union 20,359.04
    National Union of Teachers 41,733.63
    PCS 31,268.82
    Union of Construction Allied Trades and Technicians 9,720.00
    USDAW 71,532.90

    Current financial year to date
    Association of Teachers and Lecturers 28,858.76
    Bakers, Food and Allied Workers Union 35,964.40
    Communication Workers Union 21,931.14
    First Division Association 81,509.00
    General Federation of Trade Unions 23,707.63
    National Union of Teachers 24,254.82
    Union of Construction Allied Trades and Technicians 11,496.28
    USDAW 26,938.50
    Nautilus UK 6,834.31
    Accord 30,587.50
    Equity 14,103.55
    General Federation of Trade Unions 53,978.98
    GMB 63,937.54
    Musicians Union 15,284.00
    Unite (T&G) 88,302.00
    Trade Union Congress 67,109.83
    Unison 16,835.78
    Unison 106,997.01
    Unite (Amicus) 89,217.79
    Broadcasting Entertainment Cinematograph and Theatre Union 128,096.20
    Chartered Society of Physiotherapy 11,230.00
    National Union of Schoolmasters, Union of Women Teachers 28,385.00
    Trades Union Congress 52,683.23
    Unison 79,543.50

    Where some unions have more than one project, these have been itemised individually above.

  81. 81
    Lizzie says:

    Obvious…it’s not what you know but who you know even more so in the hallowed halls of Westminster.

  82. 82
    Jack Cuckold says:

    Grunwick was a moral victory!
    {Well it was for me..made me a hero,even though all them ‘wimmin lost their jobs and went bankrupt and such..}

  83. 83
    Ving Faction says:

    Not quite.

    You get allocated a room in order of when you swear in at the start of the new Parliament. Some new MPs were sly enough to skip the queue and swear in along with the previous MP intake, hence some of them got allocated a shiny, new, wood-panelled river view (or atrium view if they were unlucky!).

  84. 84
    Miss Dromey to you says:


    an appropriate story, given the heading of this thread.

  85. 85
    streamfisher says:

    Seen on BBC teletext: HMV removes ‘anti-English’ brand.
    Police visited a store in Kirkcaldy after complaints from the public about the ABE brand (anyone but England).
    A Scottish shelf stacker called Brown was cautioned under the incitement to racial hatred laws.

  86. 86
    Don't you know who I am says:

    Gives him access to the absolutely gorgeous honey known as Harriet.
    Better check that the desks don’t squeak, and enquire about the cost of shampooing the carpets, and dry-cleaning any upholstery and curtains.
    Jacks a tiger grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

  87. 87
    Martin Day says:

    I anticipate a no confidence vote being tabled at the LibDems conference over the behaviour of Nick Clegg.

    He is making a complete ass of himself and thank heavens “Cleggmania” is dead and buried

    Deputy prime minister and Sheffield Hallam MP Nick Clegg has revealed his personal difficulties in coming to back cuts to public spending in Sheffield. He told a local newspaper the cuts were “very difficult thing for me personally’,” but insisted they were necessary.

  88. 88
    mark oa te n says:

    anyone want a sh*t sandwich ?

  89. 89
    Court of Public Opinion says:

    Harsh but fair.

  90. 90
    Martin Day says:

    I only wish the rumours concerned David Cameron & Nick Clegg

  91. 91
    Cry for help says:


  92. 92
    John John says:

  93. 93
    Fucked off says:

    FFS, this place is a fucking shithole.

  94. 94
    Ed Balls says:

    edballsmp 3 days to go to stop the Tory-Liberal “VAT bombshell” (the one Nick Clegg warned about) – support the campaign: http://bit.ly/bVKyVO

  95. 95
    Cvnt watch says:

    why? they’d fucking win it you Liebour scumbag

  96. 96
    streamfisher says:

    It is now.

  97. 97
    British Transport Policeman says:

    Apparently he was well chuffed.

  98. 98
    Sack the lot of M says:

    Resigns? They should sack him and Rooney and Beckham and Posh spice and Adrian Chiles and Gary Linneker. Then we might stand a chance.

  99. 99
    Mrs Doyle AKA Christine Bleakley says:

    Go on go on go on go on go on go on go on go on farder!

  100. 100
    The Penguin says:

    Apart from dodgy donations and corrupt loans for peerages, of course, which he knows even less about than did The Iron Chancellor, MacCavity….

    The Penguin.

  101. 101
    Anonymous says:

    It’s very boring and we are shit. Will that do?

  102. 102
    The Penguin says:

    For fuck’s sake, if you could avoid Sheffield you would. Fair play to little Nick..

    The Penguin.

  103. 103
    Dutch Hill Farmer says:

    I’ve just signed on at the job centre in Amsterdam, they told me not to expect an interview any time soon!

  104. 104
    Alf says:

    But he’s not going to resign unless England disgrace themselves in the World Cup.

    England v Algeria: Fabio Capello refuses to rule out quitting after poor World Cup display


  105. 105
    The Penguin says:

    Is that salted cod I can smell?

    The Penguin.

  106. 106
    Jack D. is the man for me whoaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar says:

    … and now he has a big, light, airy orifice in Portcullis House.

  107. 107
    Engineer says:

    You’re not suggesting that Jack Dromedary is getting a Bedroom Bonus as well, are you? If so, IPSA are definitely falling down on the job.

  108. 108
    streamfisher says:

    What a fruit cake, nuff said.

  109. 109
    False Hopes says:

    WTF are Labour doing loaning 80 million to a private business anyway? Do they not know it’s against European competition rules for a start?

    What’s to stop every fucking business in the land tapping up the treasury for a loan?

    Labour = Financial Incompetence = Communist Logic

  110. 110
    The Penguin says:

    Suits you, sir.

    The Penguin.

  111. 111
    Tony Hayward says:

    I’ve got all the oil you need. Just help yourself.

  112. 112
    MP throws himself in front of train says:

    “One minute he was standing on the platform and then jumped in front of a train as it was pulling into the station. He missed death by a few inches and landed just away from the live electric rail.

    “Station staff called police and the ambulance service.

    “The train was backed up and emergency workers lifted him on to the platform and he was taken to hospital.”

    A source added: “It was not believed to be an accident. Witnesses said he deliberately tried to jump in front of the train. At this stage it appears to have been a half-hearted attempt to kill himself.”


  113. 113
    The special one says:

    Why is David Beckham sitting on the team Bench?

  114. 114
    John Cipher says:

    She looks uptight and is quite clearly in needs of a decent co*k.The 3 incher I’m informed at my Thai Club that the Union Baron wields to the whores there is clearly inadequate and also lacking girth.

    I’ve said too much.

  115. 115
    Sir Alf Ramsay..the last great England Football manager says:

    AND no honorary knghthood either Fabio…sorry or for “Becks” either this time around…sorry Victoria

  116. 116
    Fat Controller says:

    It was only a gentle nudge, from the back he looked like Gordon Brown

  117. 117
    Rooney's Left Foot says:

    Gerroway Stevie…Hallam is younie territory innit…any eejit wearing a LibDem rosette coulda get elected there,wacka

  118. 118
    nell says:

    poor old balls, once he was a self important troughing minister, now he’s reduced to running petitions to try and draw attention to himself!!

  119. 119
    Diane Fatgob Abbot says:

    Amen brothas the working class can kiss my ass i’m an MP now.

  120. 120
    gildedtumbril says:

    I believe the hideously white harriet hormone has more influence than is reasonable or healthy. It is nepotism, surely? To be frank, I am a little surprised that the monstrous harridan has not been ‘elevated’ to baroness hormone of Peckham and Stabvest.

  121. 121
    Lefties Have No Fashion Sense says:

    What a fucking sad act Jack Dromey really is, who does he think he’s kidding dressing himself up as some cold war spy with the long brown coat and suit lmao.

  122. 122
    Gordon ( SoldGoldAtThe ) BottomBrown says:

    I anticipate a no competence vote being tabled at the next Liebour conference over the Poisoned Chalice I left behind.

    See Liebour’s CV here:-


  123. 123

    “going down”, surely?

  124. 124
    marcus aurelius says:

    don’t grudge him the nice office.
    He needs a refuge.
    Iimagine going home to Harriet

  125. 125
    P. Doff says:

    This Crapello quote made me laugh…

    “The players play well during the training. I don’t know why it is.”

    That’s easy to answer dumbass… it’s because they’re fu*king playing themselves!

  126. 126
    window licker says:

    Get well soon Gordon.

  127. 127
    Jack Hughes says:

    [Caption]: Jacqueline (“Jacqui” to her friends), right, and Harriet (“Harriet” to, er…) Dromey-Harman seen shortly after Ms. Dromey’s election thanks to an all-wimin shortlist.

    Ms. Dromey, in high spirits, asked, “Do you know where our balls are? You had them last for PMQs. I need them tonight for the footie. Oh, and I’ll put some Bolly in the fridge for later to get rid of the taste of that awful beer I’ll have to drink.”

    How they laughed… and laughed… and…

  128. 128
    Fat Controller says:

    Nice list, does anyone have a clue what these freeloading socialist cnuts spent it on other than their PPC stooges?

  129. 129
    Lefties Have No Fashion Sense says:

    It’s not a fucking labour country either you sad act communist.

  130. 130
    A Pelican says:

    I just did twat

  131. 131
    Stronghold Barricades says:

    A corresponding list of “donations” from the Unions to the Labour Party during the same period would be very useful for comparison purposes to ensure that there is no correlations or impropriety

  132. 132
    P. Doff says:

    You’re asked to come soon after the red lights go on!

  133. 133
    Martin Day says:

    Please help me. I’m trapped inside the spot encrusted body of a hypocritical Labour penis.

  134. 134
    Jack Hughes says:

    Readers will be delighted to learn that the golden couple found their golden couple: Harriet had them all the time!

    How they laughed.

  135. 135
    Piss-off Balls says:

    If you click on the ‘Donate’ button on Ed’s website at the address below


    The page says ‘Our online donations function will go live shortly’ – Now, what could be more hilarious than several thousand of us from here clicking on this button, why? – because when he views his stats and sees thousands clicked on ‘Donate’ but the page wasn’t functioning he will be well pissed-off that he missed all those possible donations.

    Well worth it eh, you’ll know how successful it was by the amount of bruises on Pixie’s face at PMQs

  136. 136
    AC1 says:

    Socialist Values:
    Envy, Projection and Narcissism.

  137. 137
    AC1 says:

    Who do you think the bank-bailout was really aimed at?

  138. 138
    South of the M4 says:


  139. 139
    AC1 says:

    Pure Pork Barrel politics at everyone else’s expense.

  140. 140
    Thomas the T says:

    That comment seems to be along the right lines.

  141. 141
    AC1 says:

    Gordon would sell the Golden Couple.

  142. 142
    Janus-faced Gordon Brown says:

    I blame Sue.

  143. 143
    Amsterdam Business Opportunity says:

    Just stand in this window until you get a customer.

  144. 144
    Gordon ( SoldGoldAtThe ) BottomBrown says:

    I’d wait till the Gold price fell to a very low level, advertise my intentions to the professional market-makers well in advance and THEN sell.

    That’s the right way to do it, isn’t it ?

  145. 145
    Brooklyn says:

    He was going to drive to Disneyland, but upon seeing a sign stating ‘Disneyland Left’, he shrugged his shoulders and decided to offer his services to Mr Crappello.

  146. 146
    AC1 says:


    Labour’s Last Will & Testament

  147. 147
    marcus aurelius says:

    Dave, you’ve been very quiet today?

    It’s simply hours since you last grovelled to Obama or appeased the neolithic fascists in the IRA.
    What’s that you say?

    You’re busy following your master’s orders and delivering us gagged and bound to the EUSSR?

    Oh well, that’s why you are so quiet then.

  148. 148
    cock puppet says:

    “Answers consistent with trade union & Labour Party values in the comments please…”

    Utter, hypocritical cuпts.

  149. 149
    captain cumshot says:

    I have always resisted getting involved in anti Scottish sentiment on this blog, but…….


    Fuck ‘em!

  150. 150
    Marchamont says:

    They have damn fine beer and pubs.

  151. 151
    Jack gives the game away says:

    Harriet is not standing for Labour leader so that she can remain deputy leader. If she stood as leader she would have to resign as deputy and if she failed to win the leadership she would be a nobody.

  152. 152
    Moley says:

    Balls says;

    “Such a deflationary “unemployment Budget (VAT rise)” would withdraw billions of pounds from the economy while the recovery is still so fragile, push up unemployment and put thousands of jobs at risk”.

    I thought that according to Balls-Brown, cutting Government spending was removing money from the economy.

    So, according to Labour logic, money is only put into the economy if it’s spent by the Government but not raised in taxes.

    If Ed Balls asks nicely when he the next visits a Sure Start centre for a photo opportunity, the four year olds will explain in simple terms where Labour’s economic policy went wrong.

  153. 153
    Nick Clegg says:

    Choose Life. Choose Football. Choose the World Cup. Choose lack-luster performances. Choose a game without passion, pride and belief. Choose to watch the worlds most over paid players on the biggest stage. Choose to put all your hopes and dreams on your team. Choose to watch them let you down again.

    Choose England.

  154. 154
    Moley says:

    The Scots are blatantly racist, blatantly bigotted and blatantly anti English.

    And it is not just “Good natured banter”.

    I lived in Scotland for eleven years and I now hate the bastards having had to put up with their “good natured banter” for all that time.

    The Scots can rot; because everyone who hears their fellow countrymen making racist comments and does nothing about it is equally guilty.

    I now refuse to buy any Scottish product of any kind and I recommend others to do the same.

  155. 155
    George Osborne says:

    I’m not going to buy this new I-phone. I’ll wait for the smaller German version – the I-littler

  156. 156
    Tony Hayward says:

    Pass the mind bleach….

  157. 157
    Can't remember my moniker says:

    Add up when you see a line:

    Year ended 31 March 2007 £ 351,098.00
    Year ended 31 March 2008 £1,384,664.00
    Year ended 31 March 2009 £1,313,360.00
    Current financial year to date £1,107,786.00

    Total since April 2006 £4,156,908.00

    Another saving…..

  158. 158
    AC1 says:

    Hide sweets and get a group of 4 years olds to find them. Then redistribute the sweets and you’ll see why socialism fails.

  159. 159
    streamfisher says:

    That Dromeys a seriously butch looking lesbian, couldn’t he/she at least make an effort with a bit of eye liner or something.
    All woman short-list my arse!.

  160. 160
    Fabio's Bottle of Hair Dye says:

    You a verry – how you say? – elefant man. No ah meen eloquent man.

  161. 161
    Can't remember my moniker says:

    … at a price driven down by his pre-announcement.

  162. 162
    Lefty Lesbian says:

    I hope 50% of the offices are given over to the sistas.

  163. 163
    SouthernPoofter says:

    people from Sheffield Northern fucking monkeys who do not wear shoes and talk funni and are fik aint they!

  164. 164
    Up sh1t creek says:

    If that weren’t bad enough, watch Ed Miliband’s performance on Newsnight, he is just as bad as his brother who also messed up earlier in the week on Newsnight.

    Blame ANYONE and EVERYONE else for the UK’s terrible economic situation, but apportion no blame on Labour. It was the right thing to do to rack up £2.5 Trillion+ in debts for the future taxpayer.

    It was the right thing to do to “protect” the public sector (buy Labour votes).

  165. 165
    Kipper says:

    nah 20 day old salmon

  166. 166
    Fuckwit twatter says:

    for those teeth, she should have gone to spunksavers

  167. 167
    Can't remember my moniker says:

    McBroon can vacate his Portcullis house office since he does not even bother to come south of the border anymore.

    To justify his non-attendance, perhaps he should stand for Sinn Féin next time?

  168. 168
    Engineer says:

    Hiding sweets for 4-year olds to find while Ed Balls is around is cruel. He’d let them find the sweets, then revert to bully mode.

    Actually, you’re right – that’s quite a good illustration of socialism in action.

  169. 169
    Lord Bumwatch of Bumbledon says:

    See a Sheffield person and you see someone in love with themselves!

  170. 170
    streamfisher says:

    He must have been suspended on full pay pending misconduct investigations.

  171. 171
    Must get a pseudonym one day says:

    And if we’re all smart, we’ll only ever buy BP fuel and never buy anything French or German.

    They won’t let us vote with proper ballot papers, so let’s all vote with our money.

    Let the power of the market-place trump the feeble, dissembling politicos.

  172. 172
    The Penguin says:

    The Japanese make better whiskey anyway.

    The Penguin.

  173. 173
    GHB says:

    Beckham is the real manager and Capello is his manservant. That’s why we’re so unbelievably crap and the players all have faces like a slapped arse.

  174. 174
    Can't remember my moniker says:

    “Track inspection shall make maximum use of train borne and remote methods”.
    Track asset policy part 4 update March 2010.doc 29/03/2010

    Therefore, no need to physically get onto track to examine. Should be a copy in the HoC library.

  175. 175
    Local Whitey says:

    They both use eye make-up by the look of it

  176. 176
    Ruth Kelly's plaything says:

    Presumably this is the ‘Trade Union Modernisation Fund’?

    On all that money, they must have got so modern as to be futuristic.

    There can, of course, be absolutely no correspondence between receipts from the govt under this heading and political contributions to the Labour Party.

    That’s a relief.

  177. 177
    Ruth Kelly's plaything says:

    ‘…their one testacle…’

    Take another look. You may find it’s more icle.

  178. 178
    Up sh1t creek says:

  179. 179
    Rufus Stone says:

    What’s up Jack Dromedary? Got the hump?

  180. 180
    Ruth Kelly's plaything says:

    Playing with themselves, more like.

  181. 181
    Fabio Cappello says:

    He was a sleeper on the job a

  182. 182
  183. 183
    Odd Balls is odious says:

    I have failed 27 times to get through his moderation policy, but someone has succeeded, quite a good challenge

  184. 184
    AC1 says:

    Some are more equal than others.

    Between them they do have four legs!

  185. 185
    Guido's Blog of Cameroon Propaganda says:

    The REAL story of the married Cameron Cutie, her lover’s heartbroken wife and his fling with a bisexual Tory activist


  186. 186
    Very Highly Paid Spokesperson For The FA says:

    It really was a stroke of genius to hire someone who couldn’t speak English to be England manager, don’t you think?

  187. 187
    AC1 says:

    Yes, I forgot. The party redistributing the sweets should take over half.

  188. 188
    captain cumshot says:

    Ed Balls would hide the sweets in his pocket and make the children retrieve them.

  189. 189
    all neocons are twats says:

    and mindless repetition

    and mindless repetition

  190. 190
    AC1 says:

    I guess he didn’t get a cushy office?

  191. 191
    Warning of indecent photo says:

    What a truly hideous woman

  192. 192
    Minister Chris Huhne has told the News of the World he is having an affair & has left his wife says:

    In a statement given to the newspaper the Liberal Democrat MP said: “I am in a serious relationship with Carina Trimingham and I am separating from my wife.”

    Mr Huhne, 55, has been married to his wife Vicky for 26 years and has three children and two stepchildren.

    He has been the MP for Eastleigh, Hampshire, since 2005 and took up the post of Energy and Climate Secretary after May’s election.

    Ms Trimingham, 44, is believed to work for the Electoral Reform Society.

    The pair have reportedly been in a relationship for over a year.


    oh dear Mr Fawkes!

    your closeness to the coalition certainly isn’t paying off too well in the scandal spotting stakes is it ?

    it’s like David Laws all over again

  193. 193
    AC1 says:

    Hello TaT,

    I thought you were off. Why do you always Lie? Also, where’s the blog?

  194. 194

    ENERGY Secretary Chris Huhne is leaving his wife of 26 years after confessing to a long standing affair, the News of the World can reveal.

    Huhne, 55, has been enjoying trysts with his secret mistress at the family’s constituency home for over a year.

    Last night he told us: “I am in a serious relationship with Carina Trimingham and I am separating from my wife.”


  195. 195
    Geordie In Spain says:

    No one actually likes the Scots you know lol.

    They have milked the poor me the English have oppressed me ancestors excuse completey dry abroad to the point where we just tell the sad bastards to shut up or spin another yarn anything but the same old tedious shit they band on about like Rabbie Burns, The English or how grand Edinburugh Castle is.

    Sad fuckers.

  196. 196
    Back to Basics says:

    Huhne: ‘in favour’ of gay marriages

    Shadow Home Secretary Chris Huhne tells Krishnan Guru-Murthy via the power ofTwitter that he favoured gay marriages, and thought Nick Clegg was a “brilliant” and “regular guy”.


    Pity he couldn’t look after his own.

  197. 197
    all neocons are twats says:

    where’s the blog?

    and mindless repetition

  198. 198
    Charlotte Corday says:

    I realised Jack Dromey was thick as a plank years ago when he appeared on “Any Questions”. At that time the former UK ambassador to Washington Sir Christopher Myer had just published his autobiography in which he was less than flattering about certain politicians (especially Prescott).

    There was a question about whether this was a betrayal of trust and Dromey went off in full Fred Kite rant being pompous about how terrible this was. Unfortunately, he kept referring to Sir Anthony Myer, who was the “stalking donkey” who once challenged Mrs. Thatcher for the Conservative leadership.

    The more Dromey bemoaned what a terrible and treacherous act Sir Anthony Myer had committed, the more he made it sound as if he was pro- Thatcher.

  199. 199
    Geordie In Spain says:

    It will end in tears!

    The wife put him with him when he had no money, the fluff only comes along when he is worth a few bob to spend it.

  200. 200
    Labour for ever says:

    What do you call a Tory MP under a train?

    A good start.

    Sorry about the MP bit. You all deserve to die painfully.

    35 more of these and we’ll have a Labour government. Then we can get back to running the country and repairing the mess that Gideon Osborne’s made of the economy.

  201. 201
    John Major's Face Full of Curry says:

    Back to Basics

    Oh yes!

  202. 202
    Fred Goodwin's Duck Palace says:

    Irresponsible Cu’nts!

  203. 203
    not so much says:

    i think he did pretty well. how can you cut 900,000 in Richmond and 4,5mil in Newham? no MP, or minister available to talk about cuts. it seems it isn’t miliballs losing it here.

  204. 204
    not so much says:

    yeah, you’re right. the one that can speak english, did very well.

  205. 205
    not so much says:

    or testicle.

  206. 206
    Stop Coalition Chaos (keep it in your pants Libcons) says:

    Back to Basics

  207. 207
    Anonymous says:

    its scouse you need to learn

  208. 208
    Prezza says:

    I have a donut button on mine

  209. 209
    Harriet makes me wear her knickers says:

    Smug, patronizing, bald-headed twat. And you’re right, what’s with that jacket? Reminds me of my old geography teacher at the shit comprehensive I used to ‘attend’.

  210. 210

    Socialism, for long having been shown by Ludwig von Mises and others to be at best a theoretical/abstract absurdity and at worst a human disaster of cosmic proportions, will simply have to go.

    At 02:32 am on the morning of anything like a clear victory by the English Revolutionary Capitalist Party, “party acitivists and concerned/ideological citizens’ cadres” will enter the offices of nearly all government departments, being concerned, as they will be. All personal belongings of previous (up till this moment) “public servants” will be found, collected, emptied from desks, porn stores, fridges and other places, placed carefully in named bin-liners, and lined up on the pavements outside. All departmental files will be located, wherever in the world they may be backed up, and will be collated and burned, utterly, to ash.

    “Pension entitlements of public servants” will be especially targetted by activists, particularly the Share Certificate Originals, maturation date data, and records of “contributions made to date”, for destruction beyond recall. There has to be a cost, to a human being, for every bad decision.

    What happened to Jack Dromey’s beard? He did have one, about 35 years ago…perhaps he has had a sex change.

    People like the Dromeys, of whom I met the Jack one on the Grunwick “picket line” (I was opposing him, but, strangely for a tyrant, he probably will not remember it) will need to have a little rain fall into their lives, Before the End.

    For Human survival, the pressing need is for utter and total removal of the socialist meme, from the bowels and brain-archives of human consciousness. It’s not the taking part, it’s the winning that matters: and to win, we will have to obliterate.

  211. 211
    Chris Huhne says:

    a Bedroom Bonus !!

  212. 212
    Duuurrrrrrr!!! says:

    the banks

  213. 213
    Can't think of anything witty to waste on these pricks says:

    Boss-eyed twat.

  214. 214
    Chirs Huhne says:

    sniff sniff

  215. 215
    tup tharse says:

    Chris Huhne has left his wife so he can take it up the ar-se from Yankee bull dyke, Carina Trimingham.

    These LibDems are all sick perverts.

  216. 216
    The Curse of Cameron says:

  217. 217
    Anon says:

    He’s learnt well from his masters, interrupt, talk over the speaker. don’t listen to what is being said. Yes I think we have a good bully in the making

  218. 218
    awesome lack of self awareness says:

    “awesome sense of self-entitlement”

    not like the trustfund multi-millionaire bullingdon boy heir to Blair Cameron then


    keep em coming numpty

  219. 219
    Ron E. says:

    it’s their constant chippy bitching that’s most amusing

  220. 220
    William Hague says:

    definitely perverts

  221. 221
    John Redwood says:

    up the ar-se perverts at that

  222. 222
    George Osborne says:

    who would do such a thing ?

  223. 223
    Arthur Haynes (Comedian) says:

    Did you change the moderation from Hoon to Huhne as Arthur suggested weeks ago Mr Fawkes? No?

    You should have done.

    Huhne’s been a ‘Hoon alright’, Dermott tells me.

    Arthur Haynes (Comedian)

  224. 224
    Daniel Hannan says:


  225. 225
    Mr Plum says:

    I hope all this libdem sleaze does not rub off on the tories

  226. 226
    Jack Dromey's Chastity Device says:

    Please don’t blame Jack for being on an all-women short list. Harriet ordered him to do it – part of her project to get him in touch with his feminine side.

  227. 227
    Nick Leggover says:

    Michael Moore, Danny Alexander, Vince Cable, we need to have a little chat about the birds and the bees and the tabloids

  228. 228
    Chris Huhne says:

    Chastity Device ????

  229. 229
    David Laws says:

    feminine side ?

  230. 230
    AC1 says:

    Hi Tat, Still here despite breaking your promises again. You cannot help lying can you? Where IS your blog. You said you’d completed it months ago.

    That isn’t yet another lie is it?

  231. 231

    You are either infront of Guido or behind him?

    Not a sniff of the Laws story, nor the Huhne story.

    Obvs they didnt come up on the CCHQ daily briefing note

  232. 232
    David Laws says:

    rub off on the tories! ooeer missus

  233. 233
    AC1 says:

    It’s probably best scotland goes it’s own way and pays it’s own way. It’s amazing what a bit of fiscal reality does to erasing the stain of socialism.

  234. 234
    AC1 says:

    Vince “windsock” cable has a deal with Worthers Originals, maybe Balls should ask him?

  235. 235
    Calamity Huhne says:

  236. 236
    AC1 says:

    He’s mad his money in Business. There’s a difference called work that’s alien to the socialist scum.

  237. 237
    AC1 says:

    Nope, the bond-holders behind the banks. You “useful idiot”.

  238. 238
    Spank Sinatra says:

    “Answers consistent with trade union & Labour Party values in the comments please…”

    Simples – we take from the many and give to the few

  239. 239

    Amazingly this is funnier the more it is posted here. No really, it is. Actually I don’t believe it, you are shit and you know it.

  240. 240
    marcus aurelius says:

    what an utter fucking tossser!

    Anthropomotphic Climate warming my fucking arse.

    Remind me, twat, of all the human activity that caused the end of the Ice Age?

    Green tax = sovietization of the economy

  241. 241
    Rooney's Right Foot says:

    D’oh !!

  242. 242
    English Viking says:

    Wha’ gwan wid ya bizniz an ting? Big up massiv respec, innit.

    Where me curried goat? He heeeee!

  243. 243

    btw won’t post again tonight so copy my username and pretend to be me as you wish – I’m sure it will be equally as hilarious. Just to point out unlike Jonah’s kiss of death, England haven’t lost so far, so as a piece of satire (which you can only aspire to) it fails.

    Under Jonah everyone has lost.

  244. 244
    English Viking says:

    And we’ll all be lonely tonight, and lonely tomorrow.

  245. 245
    Sir Everard Digby says:

    Martin Day ‘says’ = cut and pastes the thoughts of others. Come back with an original thought next time. PS the disgrace is Labours’ failure to control spending and deal with the economy responsibly. Hoping to be reelected,they hid 44 billion of proposed cuts from the electorate. Don’t try and take the moral high ground fuckwit.

  246. 246
    I'm Alright Jack. says:

    Union barons..doncha just love ‘em? It’s always the same..they start out as firebrand marxists, protecting the rights of the bruvvers and sistaz, but end up lording it with the toffs. Shame Maggie didn’t do a proper job and eliminate the scumbags when she had the chance.

  247. 247
    TWAT says:

    Boo hoo hoo hoo hooo hooo hoo hoo hooo hoo

  248. 248
    hubris says:

    you like a right twat now son

  249. 249
    Watt Tyler says:

    Featuring the misandrous hate criminal Harriet Harman and Jack Dromey:

    (2009) LABOUR FIGURES’ BIZARRE LINK TO PAEDOPHILE GROUPS: http://eotp.org/2010/01/02/2009-labour-figures-bizarre-link-to-paedophile-groups/

  250. 250
    Can't remember my moniker says:

    Soulmates. Between them, Harman and Dromey have an IQ into double figures.

  251. 251
    Anonymous says:

    I’d like to join millions of people across the country in wishing the England team good luck in the World Cup

    That must have been the kiss of death then you traitor,Cameron

  252. 252
    Anonymous Coward says:

    I do not know anyone who has just done that!

  253. 253
    The Pict says:

    Scots do not make whiskey

  254. 254
  255. 255
    Pissed off pensioner says:

    Don’t worry such blatant favouritism amongst the Labour elite (if that’s the correct term ‘elite’) will only serve to piss off the lobby fodder even more

  256. 256
    Sally says:

    Here is Chrissypoodles getting a ride from the delicious Carina Trimingham:

    What a lovely couple. I wonder if he wants to have her babies?

  257. 257
    Palin is a retard says:

    he is the heir to a fortune and was gifted a job as a PR wonk for Carlton
    he hasn’t had to do a real job in his life
    just like Bush and Blair

  258. 258
    David Cameron says:

    Come on England!

  259. 259
    lolol says:

    That’s Chris Huhne being taken to a Cabinet meeting by Eric Pickles

  260. 260
    Disco Biscuit says:

    Yet again you’re being unfair, Guido. Mr Harman won the office fair and square after being selected from an all-women shortlist

  261. 261
    we're all gonna die in golders green says:

    Jeez, how many thickos do we have in this country FFS?

  262. 262
    all neocons are twats says:

    and mindless repetition

    ha ha ha ha ha

  263. 263
    Susie says:

    “And anyway, we won the election. We are still the government and you will obey our dictats…” men in white coats advance with syringe…

  264. 264
    P. Doff says:

    Is that the one where the German TV advert promotes it with a voice-over, “Ve have vays ov making you talk!”

  265. 265
    nell says:

    If we work hard and leave money to our children and they do the same to leave even more money to our grandchildren and so on – I think that’s fine. That’s what’s happened in cameron’s case.

    If my son was to do what bliar and his criminal crew have done, made themselves wealthy by troughing and leaching off the taxpayer, I’d be ashamed, and so should he and they!!!!

    He introduced an immoral culture into Westminster that was coupled to a disgraceful sense of self-entitlement and self importance that has NEVER been seen in the British Goverment before, not even during the World War One years, and that’s saying something!!! Lions led by Donkeys and all of that!!!

  266. 266
    Anonymous says:

    Fuck off septic

  267. 267
    Nick Clegg says:

    A woman visits her doctor and says “Doctor, i’ve been taking these steroids and i seem to have grown a penis”. The doctor says “Anabolic?” and the woman replies “No just a penis.”

  268. 268
    Whoops! says:

    Mr Laws’s resignation means that another Lib Dem will have to be added to the Cabinet under the terms of the coalition agreement.

    Mr Cable and Mr Huhne discussed the case with senior Lib Dem colleagues and are understood to have concluded that Mr Laws would have to resign.

  269. 269
    Susie says:

    Next constituency to mine — another Conservative win — in fact they’d probably increase the majority.

  270. 270
    nell says:

    Very true. There’s the two Unite leaders , living the life of Reilly, living in mansions/palaces paid for from the subs of their members and travelling first class (by any airline except BA so that they avoid any inconveneince) to luxury 6/7 star holidays in exotic places.

    Then there’s the ultimate marxist/commie Arthur Scargill still fighting to have all the expenses of his two homes, one of them in London, paid for by the Miner’s Union (funded by Miner’s subs) despite the fact that he retired years ago , and was a trash leader in any case.

    What did he ever do for the Miners and their families other than to cause them grief??!!

  271. 271
    Chris Huhne father of five says:

  272. 272
    Susie says:

    He’s enforced another alien formation on them — Liverpool, Man U, Chelsea do not play 4-4-2.

    Is it beyond the bounds of intellect to find out which formation the majority of the WC squad are used to playing and adopt that?

  273. 273
    Chris Huhne says:

    “Family relationships are actually the most important things in making people happy and fulfilled.”

  274. 274
    Chris Huhne says:

    What did he ever do for their families other than to cause them grief??!!

  275. 275
    Anonymous says:

    AC/DC 1 Wrote

    “It’s probably best scotland goes it’s own way and pays it’s own way. It’s amazing what a bit of fiscal reality does to erasing the stain of socialism.”

    Remind me again you Pompous arrogant ( but brought down by Algeria) English arse what was the nationality of the man who wrote the text book on fiscal reality “Wealth of Nations”.

    Cant wait for Slovenia mate !

  276. 276
    The Huhney Monster says:

    I love that hot honey, mummy!

  277. 277
    Back for tea Thursday night says:

    Not as sad as those sad english fuckers wondering around Cape town at the Moment !!! Their coming home ,their coming ….Englands Coming home !

  278. 278
    Sice some on here thin nationality matters when it comes to the Scots says:

    Isnt it about time we mentioned the fact that the horrible dromneys are English.Yeah I think its time we did.

  279. 279
    Athelstan says:

    Life must have some compensatory reward for the enduring bedevilment of a legal attachment to Hattie.

  280. 280
    Blair's mini-me Tony Cameron grovels at the feet of his Hero says:

    Did you ever know that you’re my hero,
    and everything I would like to be?
    I can fly higher than an eagle,
    ’cause you are the wind beneath my wings.

  281. 281
    nell says:

    Oh come on!! Adultery is too common these days to comment on.

    And it’s long past time when we should be judging government ministers on their professional abilities to deliver a decent job not on their tangled, messy private lives.

    This IS the 21st century!!

  282. 282
    AC1 says:

    130,000 years ago, the Arctic was 4Degrees warmer.

    Must’ve been all the SUVs…

  283. 283
    Here comes the Limpservative Comedy says:

    this is a real headline

    Chris Huhne: Why I’m turned on by turning things off


    like his marriage

  284. 284
    nell says:

    I see kirkcaldy launched a poster campaign for the World Cup
    ‘Anyone but England’ that has been promoted through the shops there.

    Well done gordon. First, the media report that your scottish accent is now back in place and now this!!

    You are really showing your true colours aren’t you?!!!!

  285. 285
    Anonymous says:

    What a woeful display by The England Football team. Makes me ashamed to be British. They represent the UK and just make us look like a bunch of pussies. Cant be surprised though since we got rid of an utter arse called Gordon Brown many years ago Imagine our surprise when the predominately English Labour Party made him their leader. Where you really so lacking in talent that you made so a clown like him could lord it over you.. My God what a bunch of pussies you are

  286. 286
    John Major's Face Full of Curry says:

    Back to Basics with you

    Oh yes!

  287. 287
    Martin Day says:

    I have a tattoo of Balls bending over for Gordon!

  288. 288
    The Curse of Cameron Strikes says:

    Come on England

  289. 289
    Anonymous says:

    Nell your from east Anglia a part of Britain so utterly lacking in any significance that it makes Kirkaldy seem like a metropolis.

  290. 290
    John Major's Face Full of Curry says:

    oh YES!

  291. 291
    nell says:

    You know it has always been said down the ages that labour mp’s have always been plagued by financial/dishonesty scandals whilst the libs and the tories have been plagued by sexual misdemeanors.

    Given that, this time, labors financial dishonesty is costing each of us such an appalling amount of money and the libs/tories sexual misdemeanors is not likely to cost us penny, I wonder which we, the taxpayer, are likely to deplore the most?!!!!

  292. 292
    The Court of Public Opinion says:

    Hey Cast Iron – you just asked the British people to identify wasted money – Capello is on £5m a year, surely that would be better spent clearing wisterias?

  293. 293
    AC1 says:

    Remind me of the country that ignored it’s greatest economic scholar?

    It’s Scotchland.

    Have a nice independence, all the best.

  294. 294
    Faaaaaarrrrrrrrrtttttt says:

  295. 295
    An Inconvenient Truth says:

    The reason this country has such a vast deficit is because of the money we lent the banks to prevent them going bankrupt.
    And now the very bankers we saved are demanding we repay the money we owe them (?) as quickly as possible. And the ratings agencies who never saw the credit crunch coming and totally got the banks ratings wrong are telling us our rating will be downgraded. Jokers.
    The consequences of this money grab by the bankers are that Nick Clegg is reduced to stealing childrens’ free school lunches on behalf of David Cameron, old people are having free stuff taken away, the police and prison budgets are being cut, the army budget is being cut during wartime, school and national health budgets are being cut etc etc etc.
    We are having basic services cut to pay bankers money when those bankers owe us their very existence.
    How the fuck does that work?
    We saved them so we should be dictating terms.
    Shouldn’t someobody tell Dave and Nick?
    I am beginning to fear that David Cameron and Nick Clegg are even worse deal makers than Gordon Brown.
    Which really is saying something.

  296. 296
    AC1 says:

    Hiya Tat,

    Where’s the Blog? Also regarding another lie of yours. Why did you lie when you said you’d leave?

  297. 297
    Martin Day says:

    I’m the only deluded Labour lickspittle on this site. F off and back to drinking shit beer at the student union. Like I did until they chucked me out,

  298. 298
    captain cumshot says:

    At least we had the opportunity to go out there.

    I love reading the rants of angry sweaty socks, it makes me feel warm inside knowing you’re hurting.

    Take the pain away with a couple of bottles of bucky, followed by some heroin.

    Jock. Lol!

  299. 299
    nell says:

    Indeed I am and I love it to bits!!

    It’s only people like bliar, broon and balls that need to believe they are impiortant and live in SIGNIFICANT places.

    Life’s for enjoying sweetie, giving as much as you can for the people around you and living where you want to be!!

    That’s what I do. I consider myself an equal to anyone who lives / works in Westminster / London and that includes the Queen!!!

    Although with due respect I accept her unequivocably as our Head of State.
    (The alternative of a republican president like bliar is too horrible ad too costly to consider!!!)

  300. 300
    AC1 says:

    Dear Useful idiot.

    Yes they got some, but the people who stood to really lose, were the bond-holders.

    If the banks had been placed into administration, the bond-holders losses would be so deflationary that we could afford the inflation to print money to bail out depositors and then re-create the banks with new management and better capital ratios.

    We basically used taxpayers money to bail out rich investors.

  301. 301
    plagued by financial/dishonesty scandals whilst the libs and the tories not likely to cost us penny says:

    the poor old dears memory is going again
    nah, it’s no use, lights on nobody home
    if Cameron and Clegg farted in nell’s face she would tell us all it was the right thing to do and ask for more

    she’s a complete on message drone with no mind of her own

  302. 302
    AC1 says:

    Dear Tat,

    You’re the mindless one here. Where’s your blog where anyone who cared about your imbecilic thoughts could go read and comment without disturbing the more cerebral discussions here.

    Is it’s existence another lie of yours? You really do have a habit of never telling the truth.

  303. 303
    Ed's Balls says:

    Who gives a shit. Repeat posts are very sad.


  304. 304
    Tony Cameron is the Heir to Blair says:

    we already have the heir to Blair PM so what difference would it make ?

  305. 305
    captain cumshot says:

    “35 more of these and we’ll have a Labour government”


    Oh be still my aching sides, someone pass the needle and thread etc etc……….

  306. 306
    Jack says:

    Very Nice, but it would if been more satisfying and less embarrasing to have arrived here under my own steam. I feel a bit like a brat who has a wealthy parent and you know how much we socialists hate that sort of thing. Don’t you?

  307. 307
    nell says:

    Under labour one in three marriages lasts less than ten years .

    THere has been a huge increase in single parent families and Europe’s biggest rise, here in the UK, of unmarried mothers.

    Whilst Chris Huhne’s marriage failure after 26 years is a tragedy for his family, it is not of any national interest whatever. So long as he can do his job well and professionally, his private life is of no interest to any of us.

    What is really worrying at the moment is how much labour’s economic profligacy over the last few years, is going to cost each of us.

    The £millions edballs spent on that mediation suite and prayer suite for islamists which labour ministers duplicated across all the departments in Westminster is now about to come home to roost on all our tax bills.

    It’s us that are going to have to work to pay off their debts!!! I shan’t have any energy left to worry abour Chris Huhne’s private family problems!!!

  308. 308
    David Laws says:

    Who gives a shit. Limpservative posts are very sad.

    Mmm… Prick

  309. 309
    Vince Cable says:

    I am not having an affair
    at this present time

  310. 310
    ROFL! says:

    nells trying to blame diovorces on Labour


    you mad old bat

  311. 311
    Mission Accomplished says:

    it’s not tat but I wouldn’t expect a neocon retard like you to care since you’re as wrong about that as you were about the Iraq war

  312. 312
    Chris Hoon says:

    Oh, fuck !!

    Well I’m clearly not a Limp Dem

  313. 313
    brad pitt says:

    Keep trying fucko, but I don’t see this meme sticking like it did with the Brown stuff.

  314. 314
    AC1 says:

    To demonstrate the level of “I give a shit” about the goings on in South Africa involving inflated pigs bladders.

    Oxo are introducing a new white Oxo cube with a red cross on it to support the England. It will be called “the laughing stock”

  315. 315
    nell says:

    What I’m saying is ministers sexual misdemeanors aren’t costing us the taxpayer any money, whereas labour’s spending spree of £billions is going to cost each of us loads!!!!

    Therefore I’m not much interested in their family problems because they don’t affect me!

  316. 316
    Benny Fitz-Clements says:

    I’m not looking forward to next week.

  317. 317
    Ed's Balls says:

    Go back to fellating tramps, Labour lickspittle.

    Quiet day in what’s left of the bunker?

  318. 318
    P. Doff says:

    Has the fat guy in front having his nipples tweaked bitten Mandlescums dick off?

  319. 319
    AC1 says:

    Democracy in Iraq? Check.
    Al Q Sucked into confrontation with military? Check
    Al Q Devastated and beaten? Check.
    Al Q Supporters drained from surrounding countries? Check.
    Muslims pissed off with Al Q? Check.

    Looks like Mission Accomplished to me. That’s why you haven’t heard much from Iraq from the MSM recently.

  320. 320
    AC1 says:

    Oh and I forgot the biggy.
    Al Q ability to carry out terrorism in the West? Zero.

  321. 321
    The Court of Public Opinion says:

    That was when they were all in la-la land before the election, when they could all promise anything they felt like as they truly believed they’d never be called on to actually see them through. Why, I even heard Nick Clegg say he’d stop Gary McKinnons extradition at about that time too, and the libdems saying they’d not put VAT up. Huhne lecturing everyone on the virtues of family life whilst shagging something on the side is no surprise – Laws led the way. I wonder what’s next – Cable about to come out of the closet?

  322. 322
    Chris Huhne says:

    Hard to see how a dude who has seeded 5 sprogs with the woman he loved now wants us to believe it was all a scam and his new woman is the standard.

  323. 323
    David Laws £40,000 for his rent boy says:

    he’s dishonest and has been making sanctimonious pronouncements about marriage when his own was a shambles

    if it was Balls or Militwat or any other Labour figure you’d be foaming at the mouth for him to go you hypocrite

    if Cameron wasn’t so fucking useless in failing to get a majority against a useless lump of shit like Brown and he didn’t have to rely on the Lib Dems, you would be calling him typical of the Loony Lefty Liberals and saying he was unfit for office

    but you’re an on message drone without a mind of your own so because he’s part of the Libcon coalition you’re spinning the same bullshit you did for Laws

  324. 324
    Mr Harman's flash Office says:

    The desperation of the Labour trolls is highly amusing.

    They must be thrown a few more coppers from the union coffers to up the quality of their lamentable material…..

  325. 325
    New Politics says:

    New Wife

  326. 326
    CCHQ robot says:

    must.. praise… lib.. dems.. there.. is.. no.. affair…

  327. 327
    Mr Harman's flash Office says:

    Past your bedtime sonny, hope mummy has washed your crusty duvet.

  328. 328
    Shiver Me Timbers says:

    Don’t blame you Benny. What with the budget and Egnland’s game , next week could be the worst week in recent history.

  329. 329
    New Intake says:

    2010 was the largest ever amount of brand new MPs for decades
    the tabloids are just warming up

  330. 330
    Anon is thick as thives says:

    Fuck off thick as thieves you sniveling little cowardly worm

  331. 331
    once more with feeling says:

    ‘Ello, the video twat is strapped to his chair in the asylum again. He’ll be posting these all night in between wanks.

  332. 332
    Jack Dromey says:

    I wish I was a girl.

  333. 333
    Unsworth says:

    You fucking are.

  334. 334
    neocon retard says:

    violence and bombings still going on – check
    streets run by fanatical extremist religious militias – check
    Al Q simply moved to North Africa Indonesia Afghanistan etc. – check

    entire country being run by a proxy Iranian regime – the biggest mission accomplished of all

    looks like the biggest foreign policy fuckup in a lifetime

    and I forgot the biggy – terrorist attacks still happening in Iraq, Afghanistan, New York, airliners and all over the world

  335. 335
    Unsworth says:

    Whose cash is it?

  336. 336
    Can't remember my moniker says:

    A girl with big hairy nuts.

  337. 337
    Can't remember my moniker says:

    He’ll give her the fuck off in time. She’s 44, he’s 55. He will see a 30 something and that will be that. Choices.

  338. 338
    Wimp Dave's wanker in chief says:

    fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap

  339. 339
    Chris Huhne says:

    I wish I hadn’t been caught

  340. 340
    The right thing is not always obvious. says:

    Huhne is a fool. At some point he will discover that his new woman is no different or probably worse than the one he has dumped. 5 children is a big responsibility

  341. 341
    That's Democracy says:

    Hundreds of thousands will lose their jobs next week. Elizabeth Saxe-Coburg Gotha, unelected head of state in a so-called “democracy”, has asked for another eight million pounds per year.

    Oh yes, we’re all in this together. . . How long will the populace tolerate these outrages?

    That’s democracy, British style, apparently.

  342. 342
    nell says:

    Personally I think that song should be sung at the funeral of every lad that comes home in a body bag from Afghanistan/.

    They really are our true Heroes!!!

    Don’t EVER attribute the word hero to anyone associated with politics and that includes the labour stooge – jock stirrup!!!

  343. 343
    Wimp Dave's Liberal Wanker in chief says:

    Fap Fap Fap Fap Fap Fap Fap Fap Fap Fap Fap Fap Fap Fap Fap Fap

  344. 344
    nell says:

    prezza – count me in!!!

  345. 345
    nell says:

    You’ve lost the plot sweetie. Truth is nobody cares if there is an affair. It’s his business not ours!!

    Our business is how much money, we each of us, individually, are going to have to find to pay off labour’s disgusting/disgraceful/unforgiveable debts!!!

  346. 346
    nell the hypocrite says:

    They really are our true Heroes!!! And I’m delighted Dave is going to be sending them home in bodybags for another 5 years. Hooray for Dave!!!

  347. 347
    nell the hypocrite says:

    more bullshit from the on message drone
    everyone knows you would be screaming for them to go if it was a Liebour frontbencher caught cheating on his wife
    stop embarrassing yourself

  348. 348
    nell says:

    No we are waiting for the heir to bliar. That will be davemilitwit!

    Loved his bit in the graudian where he said that Spain lost their triple AAA rating because the government stopped the government spend!spend!spend! ethos/programme!!!!.

    Talk about economics illiteracy on a massive scale!!!! Please labour elect this man as your leader!!

  349. 349
    Socialism has murdered 150 million human beings pride says:

    Fuckin Bankers were kept in clover by ZaNu,you moron.If the bottle fed boy and Commisar Darling had let the banks collapse the bankers would now be getting zero.

  350. 350
    The Heir to Blair says:

    Mr Cameron, 38, who has put a modernising agenda at the centre of his campaign, clearly enjoys the comparisons that have been made between him and Labour’s most successful modern-day Prime Minister.

    At a dinner with newspaper executives on the eve of his address, he took the comparison a step further. “I am the heir to Blair,” he said. If his hosts were in any doubt about what they had heard, Mr Cameron repeated the mantra. He also said that a Cameron Tory Government would not reverse all of the Blairite reforms in the public services.

    George Osborne, the Shadow Chancellor and fellow member of the so-called Notting Hill set of young modernising Tories, was also at the dinner table. Mr Osborne, defending the heir to Blair boast, said: “We have nothing to be ashamed of in saying it.”

    the Editor of The Daily Telegraph, which has yet to declare for any of the five candidates, was not so sure. “David,” he said. “I would not repeat that outside this room.”

  351. 351
    Strapon A Tool says:

    You’re buggered.

  352. 352
    nell says:

    So his family life is a mess!! So is broon’s , bliar’s and prezza’s.

    How does that impact upon our own personal financial difficulties??? Hmm?!!

  353. 353
    Socialism has murdered 150 million human beings pride says:

    In the last hundred years socialism has murdered 150 million human beings and it is still not enought for them.

  354. 354
    nell says:

    I have long thought that bliar and his unlovely wife would make a much more expensive, troughing and press disaster presidency of a republican Britain than Her Maj could ever manage!!!!

  355. 355
    That's Democracy says:

    Your response confirms that you have no idea about logic or argument. Here’s a link to common logical fallacies: http://www.nizkor.org/features/fallacies/

    Hint: the fallacy you are guilty of begins with the word “red”.

  356. 356
    sauce for the goose says:

    look up the word hypocrite dear
    don’t complain about the other twats doing it if you pretend not to care when your special friends do it

    and it doesn’t involve financial impropriety, YET
    rest assured, this very second the Telegraph are running him through their expenses disk to see if he’s been paying his mistress anything with taxpayers money

  357. 357
    Socialism has murdered 150 million human beings pride says:

    You two faced socialist shite.

    If anyone loses their job next week it is because socialist scum have run us 180 billion a year in in debt.

  358. 358
    christy says:

    Wonderful seeing some of the comments being posted on this site,some of them quite sensible and others inane.
    Could I suggest that primarily what the whole of this country should be concentrating on is the current economic crisis that has been left to us by this profligate spending we will do anything LIARBOUR past government.
    When the spending cuts are announced on budget day you will see a venomous reaction from the unions and a call to arms for strike action which is par for the course as I see it.
    The public sector will be in the firing line of these cuts seeing that they have been untouched by LIARBOUR who allowed them to go on and on with their profligate spending on non jobs.
    If goaded on by their various unions they go on strike will they change government policy,I suspect not, because the general public are now more aware of what this LIEBOUR bunch of tossers have brought this country too.

  359. 359
    Obama can't blame Bush anymore says:

    you win it
    you own it

  360. 360
    Anonymous says:

    No you are making a mistake here.

    In fact you are simply parroting the narrative the Labour party want the country to believe.

    The problem is the deficit ie the amount of money per year which the government spends over and above what the Government raise by taxation.

    We already had problems with this BEFORE the bankng crisis which only served to exacerbated the issue.( See Tuckers Law )

    The fact is notwithstanding the Bank bail out, the government were spending more than they “earned”. That is why we were first into recession and last out of it, if indeed we are out of it at all.

    Brown and his band of shysters squandered Billions on social engineering which brought no monetary return and more importantly LITTLE social benefits either.

    Most of us could live with high spending if it meant better services.

    Truth is it didnt.

    Epic Fail .

    Thats why the architect of this incompetence is in hiding.

    Thats why the opinoins of Balls, Harman, Milliband and whatshername are of no consequence.

  361. 361
    I'm Alright Jack. says:

    Marxist scum have bled this country dry for a decade…spending money we haven’t got. And then protesting when another government has to try to balance the books. Typical marxist slime.

  362. 362
    committedunionleader says:


    I’ll git yeh a million off the lads fer yer campaign fer equalality. Don,t worry there all comrades fer the cause uv enlightenment uv the werking lasses. Ah’ll tek yeh to eleclolution classes te talk like us.

  363. 363
    rsoleunionleaderandwife says:

    Will ah git to one of Tony and sherrys party now ahve give them enough money to buy 5 houses. Will ah hev a glass of that champeragne with my sausage sandwich.

  364. 364
    Anonymous says:

    Well it depends on who you think owns the oil peabrain !

  365. 365
    Anonymous says:

    Good answer Nell, just remember that when u go on one of ur anti scottish rants. You are better than that you know.

  366. 366
    Brane ded says:

    Why do we get this mindless shit all the time? Must be something to do with it being the weekend and school is closed.

  367. 367
    Brane ded says:

    Very much to the point(s) if I may say so.

  368. 368
    Ed 'Blinky' Balls says:

    What’s wrong with balls?

    Don’t answer that…

  369. 369
    Phany Stroaker says:

    Are you sure about that? Surely, as a full-on hardcore feminazi, she also accepts that, for credibility and as a stage on the journey to true equality with menfolk, wimmin also need to submit a body part to the regular caresses of Bic, Gillette or Wilkinson Sword products. And not just on their armpits!

    Which, of course, brings other questions to the fore. Does she ever nick herself? If yes, does she use a styptic pencil, or bits of toilet paper? To help relieve razor-burn, does she apply a wimpy cream lotion or Old Spice? If the latter, does this also lead to a pucker effect? Or does she take the soft route and uses a Philips Ladyshave?

  370. 370
    Hamilcar says:

    Funny how Dromey has no constituency surgery for Erdington plebs to see him, but has this palazzo given him by the ousted Doge.

  371. 371
    Quantrill says:

    Surprise, now another oirish group want to start an inquiry for their “loved ones” killed by the Paras before Bloody Sunday. Probably they were only armed with Thompsons and nail bombs so clearly no threat to anyone. Come on dave, why not do some more apologies……maybe for the atrocities committed by young National Servicemen in Kenya (according to to Obarmy family), what about apologising to the Welsh for stealing their stone to build Stonhenge, but more realistically, why not apologise to the British for getting thousands of them killed in two World Wars, Korea, the Gulf and Afghanistan?

    Dave, you are a slimy gutless sh*t, and we are all about to pay for it.

  372. 372
    An Inconvenient Truth says:

    “nowithstanding” the bank bailout and “notwithstanding” quantitative easing by creating 200 billion pounds out of thin air means my point stands and yours does not.
    Nice try though Gideon.

  373. 373
    James42 says:

    Lets get to the more important things:

    Jon Sopel this morning comparing the state of the British economy with the failure of the English football team to make any progress at the World cup.

    Another major reason why Scotland should have its independence.

  374. 374
    One of Bugs Bunny's Maroons says:



    (i) No Labour PM in view at the moment
    (ii) No idealogical silliness from Suzanne Moore. As Hattie would tell her an Labour leader is an IT.

    The next Labour PM? He (or she) hasn’t popped up on the radar yet
    By Suzanne Moore

    I think the Labour party will need the Hubble telescope rather than radar to search for their next prime-minster.

    – Mike, expat, tax paying pee’d off, oap, Khon Kaen, Thailand., 20/6/2010 6:12

  375. 375
    Jack Dromney says:

    I wish I was a girlie
    just like my dear papa

  376. 376
    Victoria Station Announcer says:

    “The Train departing from Platform 14a, is the one you have just missed because we re-platformed it from its usual Platform 6, for the sheer joy of seeing you and hundreds of others scampering dementedly the length of the Concourse – and getting there just as the last doors slammed (just occasionally, our Trains leave on time!). The M.P. who attempted to head-butt a Departing Train on Platform 3, is now a Departed M.P..
    Please ensure that you do not leave any Gucci or Hermes bags unattended as we have teams of specialists who will remove these threats to safety instantly. If you really want the p**s to be taken, try queuing for the loos – and having to pay a pound!”

  377. 377
    simbasimba says:

    my ex girlfriend, not the brightest, had been trying to get into a young labour supporter, so keen to impress she had a portrait of ed miliband tattooed on her left buttock and brother david etched on the right cheek, bending over to impress her new beau, she asked what he thought, he replied ‘they’re a bit blurred but i’m certain the middle one is harriet’

  378. 378

    Socialists. Hypocrites.

    They have to be able to compartmentalise, otherwise their rancid, vile and spiteful ideology could not be contained in the same bonce.

    Their talk against elites is sold to the masses as being against all elites, but, in truth, it is against the existing elite, for a position they covet.

  379. 379
    Anonymous says:

    Have you been in an office in Portcullis? Luxurious they are not.

  380. 380
    I hate New Labour says:

    What a hideous, hideous pair they make.

    Ugly on the outside and the inside.

  381. 381
    Jock Strapped says:

    And Scotch whisky is mainly owned by foreign companies anyhow.

    Even UK multinationals like Diageo have sold their Scottish plants to a Dutch company to minimise paying UK corporation tax:


  382. 382
    Diversity queen says:

    Better to keep the two arseholes in one place

  383. 383
    Diversity queen says:

    Socialists – don’t make me sick . None of the new laboutr lot are socialists- looks at how much money they have. There are all in it for the money and the Labour party is more in it than most.
    Its shocking and nothing has changed

  384. 384
    Incitatus says:


    You see Diane Abbot was correct tosend her son to a private school because only wimmin of her race are concerned with their offsprings education and is why all Guidoistas must support her campaign to lead the Labour party.

  385. 385
    Incitatus says:


    Is there a better commenr here? Neigh I whinny

  386. 386
    Anonymous says:

    Not all poor.

    I live in one of the poorest counties in England and it was previously a Lib Dem stronghold, though recently the council and 3 constituencies have been taken over by the Conservatives.

    Thankfully, Labour don’t get a look in.

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