June 10th, 2010

We’re All In It Together

Guido has been chewing over the numbers. Given that a lowly CCHQ researcher or press officer would have been lucky to be on around £35,000, the jump to government for the lower rungs of the SpAd list has come with an extremely handsome pay-rise. Nearly 100% rise for those now touching £60-70k.

Though Coulson & Co. at the top have in some cases taken a pay cut, the coalition has brought some serious pay rises for others. Take the MPs in the Cabinet for example, they have had a 107% rise from their standard MPs salary. Backbenchers who are now Junior Ministers have had a 50% rise, even after Dave decreed that they would all have a 5% pay cut. All sharing the pain.

Cameron pre-power promised a cut down on SpAds. The New Dawn of Politics has managed to reduce the number from 78 to 68. There are still vacancies yet to be filled though. In this age of austerity some SpAds will be glancing over the list shocked that their rivals in other departments managed to negotiate more. Meanwhile the voting taxpayers will be looking at the whole get up with utter scorn.


  1. 1
    Anonymous says:

    Just shows there’s money in being a useless Tory koont.

    • 5
      Ex-member for Westminster South East. says:

      Main beneficiaries are the Lib Dems who thought that a Minister’s annual salary was £21-12-6d and as for special advisors well, they’d never heard the term, they didn’t exist the last time any of them ever walked into a ministry.

    • 6

      And step up nick hillman, conservative candidate (failed) for Cambridge, now SpAd for Science.

      Has never worked in Science in his life.

      65K a year to advise on something he knows nothing about


      • 8

        He’ll be the ginger put in charge of climate change then.

        • 86
          5 more years of bloody carnage in Afghanistan says:

          You have to admire Dave’s kamikaze attitude.
          Not content with the cuts and tax rises that will make his Government hugely unpopular Dave thinks another 5 years of pointless deaths supporting a corrupt regime in Afghanistan will be the icing on the cake for the public.

          • Scrap QUANGOs, EUSSR Law, AlJaBeeba, put a stop to 13 yrs of Noo_Lie_Bore Bullshit and PC Bollocks says:

            And stop wasting lives and dosh in ArfGornIniitStan

            And string up the imbeciles who allowed the situation to develop and the naughty boys into the UK!

        • 211
          Smig says:

          Not another Beaker hanging around the cabinet table. FFS.

          Where’s Professor Bunsen?

      • 10
        Imagine John Prescott without Bulimia says:

        I doubt he’s the only one SpAding on something he knows nothing about

        • 14

          What exactly was the point of him standing in the election if he now controls the ear and budget of the Science minister without being elected? Fuck me, I give up with this democracy lark

          • You brits deserve slapping around says:

            Democracy is oligarchy.friends of the gang are now getting their rewards

          • Shameless says:

            Do what i do. Get yourself on benefits and milk the system for as much as you can. just like those cun’ts.
            Only mugs work to be taxed to the hilt.

          • Monty Burns says:

            shameless has got it right.Governments always bow to general strikes,.and everyone not working is a general strike.

          • Shameless says:

            At some point, the shit is going to hit the fan and think how cheated you’d feel knowing that all you’d paid in had been pissed up the wall.
            Get some out, while you still can.

        • 208
          Mr Disparage ODrama, another emoting and delivering vacuous verbiage type says:

          I stand before you today.

          First I lift my left arm and point in that direction.

          And then I lift my right arm and point in that direction

          And I can move both arms together.

          What more need I say – except to say that I will – more than anything – say what can only be said.

          But I tell all the people of the US of A – words – not actions – count.

          Have I said everything’s Britain’s fault?

          Things will be better when there’s another coffee-coloured in charge.

      • 19

        I’ll do it for £63,000
        Copper Sulphate in water turns blue. Or is it green?

      • 24
        Cassandra King says:

        That is the whole point of the entire excersise I am afraid, the aim is to put people in charge who know nothing of their area and care even less. Morons like the woman in charge of the electoral commision/the met office just to name two, the aim is to inject political considerations only into whole areas of public life which leads to the degradation of those areas and ready the public for a takeover by the EUSSR. The ultimate aim is to make these institutions fail so completely that a takeover by the EU will be seen as an improvement.
        They have a plan, they have always had a plan and nothing is going to stop them.

      • 25

        People with Autism have too little DNA says scientists.
        I always said Brown and Co were Neanderthals.

        • 212
          Bigot says:

          No DNA involved. Just unpleasant seepage.

          Brhoon was distilled from the purest strains of scottish cant and religious humbug spiced with the varied notes of self-righteous bigotry and over-weaning arrogance.

          Best served on the end of a concrete block dropped into deep water.

      • 32
        Fat Vaz of guzzle says:

        didn’t the libs win Cam?

        • 415

          Indeed. Dr Julian Huppert (PhD), a scientist who runs his own science company won and now sits on the back benches whilst his fellow losing Tory candidate, an ex teacher/ pensions worker / millbank employee now advises the Government on er…. Science.

          Brilliant. Utterly brilliant

          Armando Ianucci, take note

    • 20
      Enoch says:

      Just shows the only shortage of money is for us

    • 238
      So everyone has to cut back. Xcept Tea Dave? says:

      Dave wot is he good 4?


      Absolutely Nuffink

    • 253
      Why do they trough trough trough? How do they get away with it? says:

      Well done Guido for exposing this.

      But you have made me sad. I really did believe that this coalition government was a breath of fresh air. All hopes now dashed.

      FFS these leaches do not even do anything useful, they just masticate 24/7 why Dave should be our leader.

      It is the ABSOLUTE PITS

  2. 2
    Jobless says:

    well it’s okay. I mean I’ve got my £65 dole money, no job, losing my home, no where to go with the family, will have to take the kids out of school cos can’t afford the bus fares and will probably have to sell the wife to get by.

    all’s well otherwise

  3. 3
    • 30
      Cassandra King says:

      F*cking helski!

      The coalition are still using the Guardian to advertise jobs? and very well paid jobs they are too, it seems the only people who will be required to tighten their belts are the scumbag unconnected proles, the political lives high on the hog while the ordinary people pay the price.
      Whatever the coalition have planned you can bet your arse they wont be suffering the pain.

  4. 4
    WailsLandofSong says:

    Apart from swearing a great deal and providing sound-bites for MPs and PMs, what do they do to earn their salaries? If an MP or PM cannot do their job without all these hangers-on then he/she’s in the wrong job. The Government should either get rid of the SpAds or get rid of an equivalent number of Civil Servants – the country cannot afford both.

    • 104
      troffers R U S says:

      wrong! the spAds are there to grap headlines and make policy on the hoof – the Civil Servants are there to make the coffee and clear up the dung mountains created by the spAds: who in their right mind would take advice from someone with not the slightest knowledge or understanding of the topic on which they are providing advice? Morons.

    • 404
      City of Vice says:


  5. 7
    Thatcherite says:

    The real drain on the taxpayer is all those superfluous bureaucrats and target setters and let’s not forget the elephant in the room- Britain’s contribution to the European Union!

    • 11

      Less Maggie’s rebate.

    • 402
      Dave Boy Green Cameron says:

      In Europe and totally fucked by Europe.

    • 407
      City of Vice says:

      Surely that should be ‘another drain’ not ‘the real drain’. Almost the entire political class regardless of rosette colour or location are demonstrably shameless troughers.

      • 419
        Thatcherite says:

        Very true about the corruption in our political class across the floor, but in terms of the sheer amount of money being vomited out by successive Governments on useless and/or ineffective vanity projects and gimmicks, it must be said that the EU is the biggest beneficiary of that spending splurge and we have seen nothing but a loss of Sovereignty and an increase in our national debt.

  6. 9
    Gordon Brown says:

    I’m still prime minister. Obey me.

    • 18
      Rip Van Winkle says:

      Where fore art thou, Gordon?

      • 62
        Gordon Brown says:

        Having an important meeting with my friend. He wears a white coat. Very nice fellow. He’s so interested in what I have to say, he writes it all down in his notebook.

  7. 12
    Spud says:

    If anyone needs a SPAD, I’m opening an outlet called SPAD-U-Like.

    • 16
      Lord Prescott of Butter Ghee says:

      Will they be deep fried and dripping in oil? That’s how I like ‘em!

  8. 27
    Martin Day says:

    I’m hacked off with the coalition

    “Victims of Pickles’ axe include initiatives to tackle worklessness in England’s most deprived areas, housing related support to vulnerable people and programmes to boost community cohesion in poor areas.

    “Housing delivery funding has also been cut, undermining the prospects for crucial housing development that the Labour Government worked so hard to support through the recession.

    “Cameron’s claim that ‘we are all in this together’ has today been exposed as a sham.

    “By choosing to cut a grant that is targeted at councils in areas with high levels of deprivation, the Lib Dem-Tory Coalition has shown it is all too willing to let the poorest shoulder the greatest burden.

    “The Government has taken the first opportunity to slash funding for services on which vulnerable people depend.

    “This ‘new politics’ is unfortunately the same old Tory wolf in sheep’s clothing – only this time the Liberal Democrats are colluding in the shameful enterprise.”

    • 28
      Lead By Example says:

      Porky Pickles could do with axing his food intake before taking the axe elsewhere.

    • 31
      Cassandra King says:

      Just who are these “vulnerable people” of which you speak? It sounds horrid doesnt it? the nasty government taking away money from “vulnerable” people yet the devil is in the detail, tell us exactly are these “vulnerable” people if you dare.

      • 51
        Mrs Sharon Tracey says:

        I is a well vulnerable person, innit. I has got 7 kids. Chaniqua, Mercedes-Diamonique, Levi, Adidas, Chantiqua, Tiffany-Benz, and Jermonica. My boyf Wayne can’t get a job cos he likes to sit on his batty and watch da Jeremy Kyle show. And I have to go aaaaht in the afternoon to do some shoplifting, which can take up to 4 hours, innit. Now gimme our benefits and fing and faaack off.

      • 405
        Sir Everard Digby says:

        No point in asking – Day is back to his cut and pasting best -he has no idea what the content actually means.

    • 413
      City of Vice says:

      You would do well to take your red tinted glasses off you Labour fuckwit.
      Yesterday in the Commons lard arse Pickles pointed out that last year’s new housing starts, from all sources, were the lowest since 1946.

      The biggest slum and otherwise dodgy landlords in the country are Labour local authorities and have been for years. Subsidised ‘social housing’ exists primarily to shore up Labour votes in crap areas and to create well paid empires for their champagne socialist lefty mates, managing the poor. And once Labour started running out of locals to keep them in office in their fiefdoms they opened the immigration floodgates and imported literally millions of ‘voters’ from all over the world to take their place. Social cohesion my arse! If years of voting Labour and throwing public money at ‘social housing’ made a difference our inner cities would be paradises and not the dangerous shit-holes that they are now. At least folks in the old days tried their hardest to escape the slums if they could as they knew they were shit .

      Ironically, Labour’s ranks are full of property millionaires who have benefited from flipping their privately owned but publically-funded homes under Labour’s ruinous house price bubble con. Under Labour , property speculation and buy to let merchants held sway more or less pricing ordinary working people out of the housing market altogether.

      The solution, by whatever means necessary, is the creation of cheap private housing not more public housing. Labour don’t want this because private homeowners are more likely to vote Tory than Council tenants.

  9. 33
    Ever feel like you've been cheated? says:

    A fucking coalition government in the middle of supposedly the worse recession ever?

    They really like laughing at you thickos don’t they.

    Coalitions cost twice as much due to the time wasted by both sides arguing over which option to take. The namby pamby approach or the direct approach.

    A coalition government, SpAds raking it in on never seen before levels, bankers still raking it in from the public and your all told to tighten your belts for the incoming cuts.

    A true comedy de force.

  10. 38
    let down voter says:

    This government will be lucky to make two terms never mind three if they keep up like this.

  11. 39
    Alex says:

    It is true that a number of individuals are about to receive large pay rises but for every winner there will be a former Minister/adviser who has just had a large pay cut. The individuals have gained or lost but what matters is the overall expenditure which ,apparently, is lower.
    The pain is being shared. Ask the former Ministers.

    • 129
      Jobless says:

      the pain is being devolved down to everybody who isn’t a politician, a politician’s friend ( yeah I know unlikely), a media mogul or tv presenter, wayne rooney and john terry.

  12. 41
    Gordon Brown says:

    My finest hour.

  13. 42
    Ed Balls (Leader of the Labour Party) says:

    My gags will win

    Two racehorses in a bar.

    First one says, “You know, the other day I was running at Aintree, a couple of lengths behind when a bolt of lightning zapped me up the arse, and I shot into the lead and won the race”.

    Second one replies, “Funny you should say that, a similar thing happened to me at Cheltenham last week. I was in third place, and then the bolt of lightning shot up my arse and I won too”.

    Overhearing this conversation, a w [...]

    Reveal the rest of this joke
    Two racehorses in a bar.

    First one says, “You know, the other day I was running at Aintree, a couple of lengths behind when a bolt of lightning zapped me up the arse, and I shot into the lead and won the race”.

    Second one replies, “Funny you should say that, a similar thing happened to me at Cheltenham last week. I was in third place, and then the bolt of lightning shot up my arse and I won too”.

    Overhearing this conversation, a whippet piped up, “Sorry to butt in guys, but I was a White City the other day and it happened to me too. We were tearing after the hare, I was a dog and a half behind and then … zap … same thing, and I won the race too”.

    First horse turned to the second and said, “Fuck me, it’s a talking dog!”

  14. 44
    nell says:

    I thought al these spads were a new invention of the bliar years. What on earth are they needed for?

    The Ministers have their civil servants why do they need anyone else?
    And if they must have spads then they should be required to appoint them from elected mp’s , who should take on the job for their mp’s salary and no more!!

    • 50
      David Cameron Blair following in Daddys footsteps says:

      And I put it to you all, that yes I am the heir to Blair

      • 56
        Post-Election Frolics says:

        Hush, Liebore troll. You lost. Get over it.

        And remember…
        David Kelly
        Damiem McBride
        Selling gold
        Stealing pensions
        10p extra a week for pensioners
        Visiting Bush’s Texas ranch
        Supporting Guanatanmo Bay
        Surveillance society
        ID cards
        Throwing out elderly Holocaust survivor for heckling

        Like I said. Shhhh. There’s a good boy.

        • 65
          nell says:

          Well said and don’t forget the under-funding of our lads in Iraq and Afghanistan, appointing aintbustinagut as Minister of Defence and all those missing helicopters and armoured vehicles, brown’s lies to Chilcott, the trashed economy……………………………………..

          • Bob Jobsworth says:

            I was a fine Defence Secretary.

          • nell says:

            You were a worse failure at your job than gordon was at his.

            But more important than that is that aintbustinagut, a complete leftwing commie idiot with very few brains, was a deliberately offensive appointment as Minister of Defence, by gordon, to tell the Armed Forces with what derision he held them and what miniscule attention he intended to give them during his premiership.

            That decision will go down in history as one of gordon’s most disgraceful and serious, of his hundreds of errors of judgement!!!!

          • WMD says:

            have the troops stopped dying because Cameron is PM nell?
            then shut the fuck up you hypocrite

          • nell says:

            WMD labour were in power 13 THIRTEEN

          • WMD says:

            And Cameron’s in power now.
            If he doesn’t want the job and the responsibility that comes with it and his decisions on keeping the troops in a bloody quagmire then he shouldn’t have run should he ?

          • Anonymong says:

            I have no opinoin on Iraq because I’m a coward

          • Anon says:

            Oh dear, Tory trolls are posting comments and then claiming tat posted them.
            Fucking desperate stuff guys.
            Losers’ tactics for sure.

        • 89
          Von rumpey says:

          you all lost

    • 103
      Engineer says:

      The Civil Service should supply all the information a Minister requires, and it should be responsible for government (as opposed to party) communications.

      If Ministers want a political adviser (and why not – another point of view and source of information can be of value) then that’s fine by me, but only if the political party pays the wages. The taxpayer pays the Civil Service, why should the taxpayer pay the political apparatchiks?

      • 119
        Head Lizard says:

        True.They have Cambridge degrees in economics etc,if they don’t then fuck off and dig holes,but don’t take a top job and then hire someone else to do it at our expense

      • 287
        stun says:

        I’ve rudely copied your point to my MP, though I suspect, bizarrely, that he doesn’t give a fuck

    • 132
      Jobless says:

      right Nell, that’s what Private Secretaries used to do, MPs from within the ranks – goodness knows what 650 MPs are going to be doing with their time – still, we pay so it doesn’t matter. I’m just made to feel guilty for exisiting by the shitty bastards

    • 164
      Tattooed_Arry says:

      I thought so too Nell.
      If memory serves me correctly the main thrust of the Conservative Election Campaign, that resulted in Blair’s Victory in ’97, was that none of the Labour Party Shadow Cabinet had any experience in Government.
      The hiring of SPAds was to make up for this deficit of experience.

      I had looked forward to the elimination of this tier of Government, the Civil Service are extremely well experienced and are accountable for their action.
      This can be seen in the smooth running of the wheels of Government during the recesses.
      I have often thought that some if not most of the government of this country would be better served if the Civil Service ran things ALL the time, allowing the elimination of (seemingly) pointless and (often) moronic Ministers who haven’t a clue, let alone experience in the field that their Ministry covers.
      E.G. The various clowns that have run (down) DEFRA.

      • 203
        Undertaker says:

        and they have legally binding contracts unlike the troughfers,less pay and the job gets done

  15. 46
    Mr Rafah Akbar says:

    Sing to the tune of Reel 2 Real’s I Like To Move It:

    I like to jihad jihad! I like to jihad jihad! I like to jihad jihad! You like to…jihad!

  16. 48
    Ed Balls (Leader of the Labour Party) says:

    I was doing my World Cup checklist this afternoon. I’ve got 800 cans of lager, 24 bottles of Jack Daniels and nearly half a ton of crisps and party snacks. I’ve bought new bean bags for the front room, a huge wall mounted plasma television and a new massaging armchair for myself. I’ve booked a whole month off work, invited my mates round for every game and got my England shirt ready. All in all I was feeling pretty damn proud of myself until I remembered one little thing.

    I’ve not yet killed my wife.

  17. 49
    Dack Blog says:

    Meanwhile here in Brighton the council have advertised four ‘strategic director’ posts, tasked with ‘securing value for money’ (ffs), at 125 grand each – and have had to apologise to Status Quo for their ‘get noticed’ wheeze.


    (Quotation marks not speech marks, you bloody thicko Telegraph).

  18. 52
    • 61
      Benny Fitz says:

      They are a shit band,watch out Guido they will go for you now.Maybe they are all hetro.

    • 87
      Engineer says:

      From the Telegraph article…

      “The new strategic directors, who will be paid £125,000 each, will be tasked with securing “value for money” within the Brighton council, which is trying to make savings of £20 million in the next year.”

      You couldn’t make it up, could you? What planet are Brighton Councillors on?

  19. 55
    Peasant says:

    So who thought it was ever going to be anything different? Anyone with an IQ above 100 knew that Dave would simply carry on where Labour left off. That is how government is done.

  20. 57
    Ed Balls (Leader of the Labour Party) says:

    Have you taken part in the @LabourList leadership survey yet? http://bit.ly/9UWkMT

  21. 59

    We gave the nation child tax credits! And…um…child tax credits!

    Child tax credits! Child tax credits! Child tax credits! Child tax credits!

  22. 59
    Compo says:

    What happened to the wiki bonfire,all the labour shit getting wiped out.

  23. 66
    Down with Brown! says:

    Some Hunts have tried to kill Cameron. I blame Mandy.

  24. 68
    Alan's Akbar says:

    Death to United England! Death to the America! Death to X Factor! Death to Jammy Dodgers!

    Islam is piss! I mean, Islam is peace!

    • 92
      Engineer says:

      Have you been sniffing the meths again?

      • 110
        Alan's Akbar says:

        Death to you! I put the fatwas on your infidel head, you decadent western kafir!

        • 128
          Engineer says:

          Not so sure about the fatwas, but if you could oblige me with a decent flat cap or hard hat for my head I’d be most grateful. Ta muchly.

          • concrete pump says:

            Hard hat! Your not still on the spanners are you engineer?

          • Engineer says:

            Only in my time off – voluntary fun. I did spend many hours under a hard hat when I worked in the D.O. though – site visits were part of the weekly ritual.

    • 143
      SpAD 007 says:

      there’s absolutely nothing wrong with Jammy Dodgers

      • 155
        Alan's Akbar says:

        The Jammy Dodges are the work of the infidel West! Death to confectionary goods!

        • 209
          The Beast of Clerkenwell says:

          Have some of my home made halva, my fellow Semite – it’s Kosher!

          • A Bumpkin says:

            ‘Ee could ‘ave a bit o’ my home made Parsnip Wine if ‘ee loike. It b’aint kosher, but ‘er ‘ll not ‘arf cosh yer!

          • Alan's Akbar says:

            I only eatings the Hamas halva, you infidel western dog!!

  25. 69
    daveyone1 says:

    Got to the bottom of how the government worked out the guidelines to their expenses ;

  26. 71
    Disco Biscuit says:

    £35k for a CCHQ researcher? It was £18k in my time, and that wasn’t so long ago…

    Makes a real difference when the party’s got a bit of cash I suppose…

  27. 72
    Down with Brown! says:

    Who wants to be a millionarie?

    Jamie Purnell. He’s asking for a six-figure salary for mixture of lobbying and corporate PR.


  28. 77
    Down with Brown! says:

    President Obama hates Britain. Why are senior officials in Obama Administration calling BP “British Petroleum”, although that has not been its name since 1998? Why is he trying to ruin British pensions by damaging BP’s share prices?

    • 84
      Across the oily pond says:

      He’s just trying to shift blame away from Halliburton.

      • 85
        Sarah Beard says:

        Gordon has really bad halliburton.

        • 97
          SamCam Beard says:

          Dave has a really bad case of Cleggs up his arse.

          • Post-Election Frolics says:

            How’s Sarah Macauley doing? Will she ever tell her sons the identity of their father? That is – if the spunk tube from the jizz clinic had a name on it and not just a number.

          • FTAC says:

            Post-election Frolics

            I’ll bet you were the first to slam Speedo for his tasteless Cameron comments, but feel it’s acceptable to say similar things about Mrs Brown.

          • SamCam Beard says:

            Will Dave ever find out who the father was ? He has the same problem.

          • Post-Election Frolics says:

            But you see, David and Samantha actually have a genuine marriage. That’s the difference. When you see them together, you can see they’re at ease in each other’s company. And he doesn’t need to keep repeating in public that he loves her.

            Unlike a certain Mr Brown who protested just a tad too much. On Radio 4′s Woman’s Hour: “Sarah’s a great person and I love her very much.” On Piers Morgan’s show: “I love her very much.” On GMTV the day before the election: “She’s great and I just love her.”

            Not suspicious at all.

          • FTAC says:

            Post-Election Frolics

            How the fuck do you know the state of someone else’s relationship?

            Come on then, tell us one of your scintillating cracks about Dave fathering children who then go on to die.

    • 88
      Pinkville says:

      So the Yanks are getting their beaches shitted up. Now they know how the people of Bhopal felt after Union Carbide poisoned thousands. No Americans went to jail.

      • 130
        Hit em up says:

        and piper alpha crew that were fried in burning oil when they jumped off the rig

    • 90
      Wavy Davy will show Obama some tough love says:

      By sticking his head firmly up Obama’s arse when he first visits the U.S.

    • 111
      nell says:


      Omaha doesn’t hate Britain he detests tonyhayward the BP ceo who hasn’t had his foot out of his mouth since the crisis began. It’s hayward who has pushed the British side of BP in this dispute with America ‘ we are British and will deal with this with a stiff upper lip’

      His most notable comments ! I want my life back’ and ‘ the environmental and economic economic impact of this oil spill is likely to be very very modest’

      Like our very own gutlessgordon tonyhayward has an irretrievably hopeless public image and an arrogant lack of diplomacy that is offensive and breathtaking!

      • 115
        Down with Brown! says:

        Why do Obama and his buddies keep mentioning in interviews that Hayward is British? BP has 15,000 British employees but 23,000 American ones. BP is more of an American company these days than a British one.

        • 127
          Anonymous Misogynist says:

          and has more American share holders too..!

        • 144
          nell says:

          Read the above! It’s hayward who has pressed the Britishness of BP in the American Press and then virtually invited them to attack it.

          The man’s a fool. BP needs to give this job to mandy. oil and slime – it will work well together!!

      • 124
        Engineer says:

        That’s a bit hard on Hayward. BP are dealing with something that is pushing technology to it’s limits – they are about the only company in the world, including the Yanks, who could stop this leak at the depths at which they’re working. The American military stood back after Obama asked them to assist saying that they didn’t have the kit or skills to operate at those depths.

        The leak shouldn’t have happened in the first place, but it did, and it has to be dealt with. Get the leak plugged, make the well secure, clean up the pollution, then ask the questions and throw the accusations. Giving BP grief now is premature – the yanks should get their priorities sorted out.

        • 131
          Et tu Boris ? says:

          I see Boris has been having a great time stirring it up for Dave yet again.
          Strangely enough so has Vince Cable.

          Coalition feeling a bit shaky Dave ?

          London Mayor Boris Johnson, a member of Cameron’s Conservative Party, today told BBC Radio 4’s Today program that “anti-British rhetoric” by the U.S. administration is becoming a matter of “national concern.” His remarks echo those of Business Secretary Vince Cable, who said last week that the language used in the U.S. is “extreme and unhelpful.”

        • 214
          Head Lizard says:

          Can’t fault the tech but the man is rubbing people up the wrong way,perhaps the job would suit Mandy he would love the rubbing up.

        • 284
          Susie says:

          They should also have got their regulations straight as well. Offshore Norwegian fields stipulate far more safeguards before a license is granted.

          It was an American rig, staffed by Americans and the valve that blew was made and designed in America.

      • 126
        Dave man of jelly says:

        Grow up nell.

        Obama’s pretty obviously trying to deflect all the criicism he’s been getting for appearing to sit on his arse while the Gulf filled with Oil.

        Your hero Dave ‘s contribution has been to Oil up his arse and bend over for Obama in Afghanistan and in the Gulf.

        Brown’s gone and good fucking riddance, so get over it dear.

        • 141
          Geezer says:

          O Bummers time has gone.

        • 157
          nell says:

          But of course omaha is trying to deflect criticism away from himself – It’s What Politicians Do!!

          tonyhayward , by boring everyone within earshot , including the press about his BRITISH credentials and trying to say that the oil’s impact on the American environment and economy is negligible, which it clearly isn’t , idiot that he is!! has not only made omaha’s task of deflecting criticism onto British petroleum easier, he has blatantly invited it!!!

          As I say above , get rid of tony and give the job to mandy!!!

          • Engineer says:

            About the only use Mandy would be in this instance is being the plug for the leak.

          • Anonymous Misogynist says:

            and the difference it will make is..??

          • Anonymous Misogynist says:

            well said Eng.

          • nell says:


            You could be right Eng!

          • ROFL!! says:


            Here’s another wimp with a well oiled botty bending over for Obama today

            “I completely understand the U.S. government’s frustration, because it’s catastrophic for the environment,” Cameron told reporters during a visit to Afghanistan today. “The most important thing is to mitigate the effects and get to the root of the problem.”

            Cameron declined to be drawn into commenting on concerns expressed by some U.K. lawmakers that the language used by the U.S. over the spill is anti-British. Some U.S. officials have repeatedly called the company “British Petroleum,” the name it dropped in favor of BP in 1998.

          • Et tu Boris says:

            Boris has waded in with some choice words for the septics along with Vince Cable. Not everyone is as wimpy as Cameron.

          • Engineer says:

            It’s the classic “nice cop, nasty cop” set up. Dave’s doing the diplomacy in public (we don’t know what he’s saying to Obama in private), and the others are sending the harder message to keep the Yanks thinking.

          • Prime Minister Cameron says:

            Bend over a little more Engineer. we can’t quite see your tonsils yet.

          • Dr Kelly says:

            He is used to blagging dumb Nigerians.

          • Et tu Boris ? says:

            No, it’s Boris sticking the knife into wimpy Dave along with Cable.
            And he’ll keep doing it.

      • 173
        c.eng says:

        I worked with Americans for 40 years and lived there for some years. I had good times and made good friends, but I hardly ever met an American that had the slightest idea of what life could really offer, and most had no idea of life outside their town, let alone their State.
        A friend’s wife who moved to the US in the early 70s put it well when she said that US Society was 2 dimensional. After 10 years in the US I reminded her of her analysis but she couldn’t remember what she’d meant by it. I’m sure Stepford Wives was an exact metaphor for US Society in general.
        Most Americans believe Canada is barely civilised and that anywhere else is primitve, and for most Britain is a land that invented slavery and is even now not free but spends its time suppressing colonies including Ireland, and that we are pretty hopeless at most things including electrical gadgets courtesy of Lucas, and Wars where we’ve had to be saved, twice in the 20th Century by the noble, clever and brave US Democracy.
        So it’s no surprise that Obama is having a go at British Petroleum, he’s just showing that he is a genuine Amenrican.

  29. 77
    Labour Are Dead says:

    Gordon Brown is dead!

    Sorry, just daydreaming for a minute.

    • 108
      Rolling in the aisles says:

      That’s OK, tory troll. Anything to distract attention away from the fact that politicians of all parties continue to shit upon the public. Nothing has really changed. Vaz and Hodge get plum jobs and Cameron and Clegg pay off those they owe favours to.
      But still, let not a little truth get in the way of your sparkling wit.

      • 114
        Labour Are Dead says:

        Labour protected our civil liberties.

      • 150
        Here come the Limpservatives says:

        And Wavy Davy and his Liberal Chums don’t have the balls to do it.
        Dave is frightened witless of a real Conservative who took a stand for civil liberties.

  30. 101
    Tatotal says:

    PB1 spads are on 40k or less so it’s not
    much of a pay rise for them.

  31. 105
    Fuck all religions says:

  32. 109
    TaT Watch says:

    So were is TaT gone after flipping his lid about Afghan suface to air missiles of whatever shit he was chatting earlier?

  33. 136
    bofl says:


    where are all the lefties that were wanking themselves stupid before his election?

    what about kerry? enjoying the ‘change’?

    he is a useless hoon-

    but what should we expect when the useless sack of shit,gordon mc bumbandit,kept banging on about the yanks starting the recession?

    i suppose rbs buying amro and others lending £billions to dodgy ruskis was all the yanks fault too?

    • 152
      Here come the Limpservatives says:

      Here’s one lefty liberal who was wanking himself stupid at his election.

      Cameron borrows can-do-better attitude from ‘brilliant Barack’

      The man who could be America’s first black president won ringing praise yesterday from the man who could be Britain’s 19th old Etonian prime minister.
      David Cameron said he hugely admired Barack Obama, the front-running contender for the Democrat nomination, and vowed to bring some of the same spirit to the British political debate.

      “I’m enjoying watching Barack Obama. I think he’s a brilliant speaker, I think his optimism and sense of hope for the future is inspiring a lot of people. It’s great to see. Too often [politics] gets down to hope and fear and I think it’s wonderful when hope wins. I’m enjoying watching him, I must say. I think he’s compelling,” Cameron told Radio 5 Live’s Breakfast programme.

      “What people like is the sense that Obama generates, that we don’t have to be like this, we can do better… I think we need that same sense of possibility here.”

      “He is a very easy person to talk with, to exchange views with. He’s an incredibly impressive politician and leader but he’s also an extremely personable human being and someone it’s easy to get on with and to strike up a relationship with.

      “It’s my second meeting and it’s always enjoyable to meet and discuss with him and also to meet his wife and to meet his very impressive team

  34. 145
    Ed Balls (Leader of the Labour Party) says:

    Thought for the day

    The government is a lot like a 65-and-over Brothel.
    No one knows how it got there, or why, and it’s made up of a load of boring old Hunts.

    • 160
      nell says:

      Your comment is so accurate as a description of the current labour party.

      • 172
        God preserve us says:

        Does your brain have any other gear?

        It’s all over. End. Finito.

        We have had an election in the rest of Britain. Didn’t they tell you in Norfolk?

        • 179
          nell says:

          Indeed they did. But unfortunately the recent, late unlamented labour government, did such immense damage to our economy and way of life , that we have to be vigilant in keeping their appalling record in the limelight.

          Their crimes, incompetencies and inadequacies must never ever be forgotten!! Because if they are, at some point they’ll con the nation into re-electing them and do it all over again!!!

          • Anonymous Misogynist says:


            Liebour always do ‘it’..over and over again and always will it’s in their DNA. the 70′s, 80′s and 90′s were typical examples.

            It will happen again as sure as eggs are eggs..

          • John Major's Face Full of Curry says:

            Oh Yes!

          • Dig for Victory says:


        • 183
          Dack Blog says:

          The carrier pigeon got buckshot-ed by a farmer, eh nell ;)

          Are you the Norfolk equivalent of Hiroo Onoda?

  35. 161
    Dack Blog says:

    I just saw Dave arriving at Helmand. He had a weirdly shiny crotch. Had he been playing cricket?

    • 168
      Engineer says:

      What are you doing in Helmand, Dack? (Apart from examining the PM’s crotch.)

      • 180
        Dack Blog says:

        I’m Dave’s human shield. He was hoping for Prezza, as there’s more of him to hide behind.

        • 190
          Engineer says:

          Good career move. Probably less dangerous than the average classroom.

          • Dack Blog says:

            I’ve only ever been injured breaking up fights between pupes. One six-footer fifth year once threatened me but decided to punch the filing cabinet next to my head instead. He broke his hand and cried like a baby.

          • Old Pirate says:

            is that in your job description I mean remember the two cops who let the 12 year old drown as they had not been trained in pond rescue.I’d let the little bastards knock the shit out of each other until the law allows it to take them into the gym and put them in the ring as it was in the school I went to.It sorted out classroom fights and our differences.

  36. 162
    Anonymous says:

    And the new watchdog replacing the fees office (same staff, different name)has announced (formally) that MPs can `ignore` the imposed limits in the new rules of £110k on staff salaries and £13k on constituency offices, if they `cannot` cope. Further frauds continue! Apart from pocket-lining.it is state funding for political parties through the back door. Don`t local political parties need offices anymore? If they do, they certainly do not need to pay for them.

  37. 169
    nell says:

    It was good to see cameron in Afghanistan today, really at ease with the troops and , if he was wearing any sort of body armour, it wasn’t in evidence.

    Absolutely in contrast to gutlessgordon who visited with his numerous attendants, when he insisted on wearing not just very visible body armour but heavy duty helmets for head protection, making him look an absolute coward, which , of course, he was.

    Of course, gordon never volunteered to go anywhere near the frontline. Unlike cameron who visited the frontline in 2009 and was present at a firefight, when he was being briefed on open ground. Bullets were reported to have flown over the head of his small group who neither flinched nor stopped the briefing.

    Today he also visited the frontline in Sanguin and it is said, an assassination attempt was made on cameron but, again, his very small group was unphased.

    No wonder the troops looked at ease and relaxed with him. Says it all!!!

    • 171
      WMD says:

      Why are we there warmonger ?

      • 195
        nell says:

        I’m not a warmonger – I want them home. I’ve said all along the reasons for us being there are not supportable. We can’t win this Afghan War and our lads shouldn’t be there. That is my view !

        Unfortunately, politically, them coming home, at least this year, isn’t going to happen. So I pursue the 2nd best option, to keep advocating that our lads be given, NOW, the equipment they need to survive. Thisd, at least, is better than they received under the last rubbish labour government who never gave our troops any consideration at all!

        If that means cancelling contracts on British companies, in labour heartlands, who cannot deliver kit and equipment until 3 or 5 years hence, but American companies can get even better kit and equipment to our lads now, then so be it, give the contracts to the American companies!

        And it is a fact that American companies can provide the equipment we need now and British companies can’t and that the Labour Government wouldn’t sanction the purchase of American kit, even though it was superior to British and instantly available , because the British Companies are in labour’s heartlands where they most feared losing their vote if they took the work away !

        In short Labour let troops die to hold onto votes!!

        Hopefully the coalition will hold the lives of our lads in higher esteem!!

        • 198
          Harry Lime and the dots says:

          How many lives will your “second best option” cost, and whose second best option is it? Not yours, that’s for certain.

        • 239
          WMD says:

          unfortunately politically you are a warmonger who wallowed in the blood of dead troops when it suited you but now offers weasel words when Cameron continues the same bloody carnage Brown did.

          In short you are letting troops die today because you prefer to suck up to the warmonger Cameron than face the facts on the ground.

          You are a partisan warmongering hypocrite who deserves nothing but contempt for attempting to politicise the death of troops.

          They would not be still dying if they weren’t there.
          End of fucking story.

        • 272
          Old Pirate says:

          all the cuts we are being told we have to suffer are to keep this shit going,if the yanks want us there then let them pay us,mercenary rates, and let that go direct to the lads who want to be there.

    • 174
      Hooray for Dave! 5 more years of dead troops says:

      Enjoy wallowing in their blood dimwit.

    • 188
      albie here says:

      Don’t give a monkeys where Cameron is,and don’t care if somebody tries to assasinate him,GET OUR TROOPS OUT NOW,we seem to have gone from the red rosette to a yellow and blue one but do we have any change the answer is no,yet again we are being used.

    • 391
      Martins Dad says:

      i was assuming the troops were making brown look like a dick for a laugh. The great Private Eye cover ‘im ready to meet the voters’

  38. 170
    nell says:

    Tsk. Sangin!

    • 177
      Tsk, Tsk says:

      Why do they go out there to lay their lives down for Hamid Karzy? Do they really believe that they are keeping our streets safe from terrorists? Is it worth sacrificing your life for the US’s grand strategic plan to subjugate the world for their own ends?
      Do enlighten us nell, with your analysis.

      • 191
        Cassandra King says:

        Hear hear!

        The terrorists are not five thousand miles away, they are in London and Birmingham and Sheffield and Barnsley and Leeds and Luton and they are being financed by the mug UK taxpayer, they are coddled and every whim is satisifed lest they take up their rage placcards and home made bombs and murder innocents.
        Our troops need to be in our cities escorting our terrorist community onto hired passenger ships and onto a better life in a believer nation.

        • 216
          Gonk says:

          I think you’re quite wrong.

          Carried in cargo nets slung beneath Handley page
          bombers is perfectly satisfactory.
          After all they’ll get home much quicker

        • 392
          Martins Dad says:

          Quite right if they’re so concerned over Gaza fuck off and live there. They would probably still be eligible for benefits

      • 219
        nell says:

        See above – or go back over 12 months of my posts.

        I’ve said all along ir++aq and afghanistan were nothing more than bliar’s glory wars.

        He thought, foul man, that the wars would cement him in international history as a great warrior leader. My view is that we shouldn’t have been in either place. There was no sound reason for it, other than one man’s ego and his intent to build his own personal reputation. !! Hell of a reason to sacrifice the lives of brave men!!

        As chancellor gordon hated the Armed Forces and starved them of funds in the hope of forcing failure and destroying bliar’s goals. He didn’t care that troops were dying because of his underfunding, and as he showed at chilcot, he was prepared to lie to cover up his jealousy of bliar!!

        We can’t win in Afghanistan. Their history , and ours, which is intertwined, tells us that. We have fought wars in Afghanistan before in our history. Look at the record! There is no substantive reason for being there.

        When gordon became PM he committed the ultimate sin by appointing aintbustingut as Minister of Defence – a man of one brain cell if that. It showed gordon’s contempt for the Armed Forces and the sacrifices that they were making and his intention to continue starving them of funds and equipment.

        gordon compounded that disgustig sin by refusing to buy American kit, helicopters, armoured vehicles etc for our troops which is available NOW , by giving orders to British companies in the labour heartland.

        Valuable labour votes were up for grabs in that heartland. He chose to make jobs there and lose lives in the Armed Forces , even though those British companies couldn’t deliver kit and equipment for at least 3 to 5 years hence.

        More British Troops died because of it but labour thought they would save votes by this decision in the 2010 election.

        Honorable decision hmmm??!!

        • 224
          Tsk, Tsk says:

          So why doesn’t Cameron see it your way? Is it because he voted in favour, and is determined to see it through to the end, no matter what the cost in blood?
          A price worth paying?

          • nell says:

            The Hoc, of all parties, voted unanimously for the Iraq War because of alastairc lies ( wmd at 45 mins and all that??) in the dodgy dossier which scarlett (who has since been proved to be a bliar puppet rather than the independent chairman of the security council that the HoC thought him to be at the time) said were true!!!

            And let’s not forget that Dr David Kelly, an independent expert who knew better and understood the extent of alastairc’s lies and said so publicly, died soon after in very suspicious circumstances!!!

            Honorable labour government Hmmm??!!

          • WMD says:

            The warmongering hypocrite nell is lying again.

            The vote was nowhere near unanimous and there plenty of MPs both Conservative and Labour who saw through Blair’s flimsy lies. Even the LibDems did. But Cameron didn’t because he’s an idiot.

            Cameron even backed the Iraq War years later in 2006 by which time we even he knew that WMD was a Lie.

            Cameron backs Blair on Iraq war

            Conservative leader David Cameron has said he still believes going to war with Iraq was the right thing to do.
            In an interview for BBC’s Friday Night with Jonathan Ross, he said the war had been “very unpopular” and some bad decisions had been made since it began.

            But Mr Cameron said “those of us who supported” the military action should “see it through”.

            He praised Tony Blair’s reform of the Labour party but said he wanted the Tories to be “the party of the future”.


            That’s Cameron proving he is as stupid and full of shit as the hypocrite nell.

            Cameron has no more honour than his disgusting lickspittle warmongering shills by continuing this pointless carnage.
            Whining about the Warcriminal Blair or Brown won’t cut it as an excuse anymore. Cameron is in charge now so the blood of dead troops are now on him as long as he keeps them there.

          • nell says:

            My apologies WMD. Slack use of words. What I should have said is that it was a ‘majority’ vote.

            Nonetheless the rest of my comment stands.

            The majority who voted in favour did so believing the words in the dodgy dossier written by alastairc, the claim of wmd in 45 mins and the craven support of that claim by scarlett.

            All of that has now been proved a lie perpetuated by bliar, alastairc and brown. Not to mention a few labour others!!

          • Tsk, Tsk says:

            Just goes to show that the majority who believed in the dodgy dossier were either total numbnuts or didn’t give a shit about sending young men and women off to be slaughtered.
            Which do you think it is?

          • WMD says:

            The rest of your comment doesn’t stand as I proved it was also Lies.

            Which part of Cameron supporting the War well after the WMD lies were exposed are you too stupid to understand ?

        • 232
          Dr Kelly says:

          It began with “If your not with us your with the terrorists”.I remember Blair repeating it with real anxiety. He was afraid,funny that film cannot be found now.But apart from France so was everyone else among the western leaders.At the time it looked like the yanks were going to use a nuke or more. Blair may have gone on to make it his war but at the off he said it was a case of we have to.

  39. 178
    Geezer says:

    ever tried to watch Hulu and got told no dice your not in the USA.well use this and fuck the yanks.
    then go back to HULU

  40. 182
    The Former PM says:

    Some of you may have been wondering where I have been. I am here, now, to tell you that after deciding to step asside as your leader I have been hard at work on my new book, “Saving the World Eco nomy”.

    This includes a whole chapter on Bullion Dealing.

    When this has been written I will be taking the top post within the IMF, and will start immediate action to make the tough choices to get Britain working again. We are all in this together.

    Thank you.

    • 199
      Gonk says:

      Joining MFI is the right thing to do.
      The right thing for your skill set and for Britain

    • 222
      Gordon ( SoldGoldAtThe ) BottomBrown says:

      There should also be at least two chapters on ‘ Destroying Pension funds – how to close down Final Salary Schemes but expand Public Sector liabilities ‘.

      Bernie Madoff will write the foreword.

      ‘A multi-cultural society – how to gerrymander a whole Country’ would be compulsive reading.

  41. 184
    Cassandra King says:

    Get this little f*cking pearl and it tells you all you need to know about honest Dave and his real motivations:

    An American company using American equipment inspected by American safety inspection officials and using American staff regulated by American authorities cause the biggest oil spill in US history AND YET the whipping boy limey twats get to carry All the blame. The US president gets to spew his anti British filth and prejudices to grub up some popularity.
    Now heres the (un)surprising thing, the UK PM Cameron goes straight into arse licking mode creeping around Obama and agreeing that BP should take the blame for what American companies did and BTW take the blame for the utter failure of the US safety and inspection laws.
    Thanks Dave, thanks for sticking up for a foreigner trying to stitich up a great British company because your hero Mr change you can(not)believe in demands it.

    • 194
      Cassandra King says:

      BTW a real British PM with balls would be telling Mr change you can believe in to either shut the f*ck up and blame the right people or our troops come home from ragheadland pronto.

    • 230
      Green Fabian says:

      Maybe the best thing in order to pacify US public opinion would be for Tony Haywood to be extradited and sent to the electric chair following a large show trial once the World cup is over. Obama could then publicly urinate on the smouldering corpse. The US TV networks would pay a fortune for the syndication rights the proceeds of which could go to Mr Haywood’s many victims.

    • 393
      Martins Dad says:

      True, Obama should be privately told we can completely fuck up his re-election chances. Theres a lot of US money in BP. But we shouldn’t pull out of Afghanistan over this, we should pull out because the septics don’t understand how to fight a guerilla war and we won’t properly give our troops the manpower or supplies ffs how much has been wasted on crap IT projects? pisses me off when Liebour crap on about cuts to ‘front line services’ when they never gave a shit about the troops, you don’t get much more front line than actually getting shot at. Some pissant pencil sharpeners and paperclip counters will lose their jobs, who gives a fuck?

  42. 189
    President Gordon Omaha says:

    It started in British Petroleum.

    Suck on that, limeys.

  43. 196
    Guinevere says:

    We desperately need a revolution, but we don’t have a hero to lead it. The arse Griffin thought he was the coming man, but unfortunately he suffered from a repulsive helmet affliction that put all potential lovers off. Nigel Farage was a much more palatable option, if you could ignore his leering seduction routine that smacked of a drunken salesmen in the hotel bar who thinks he’s onto a dead cert shag.
    Where, oh where, is my knight in shining, untarnished by personal enrichment, armour?

  44. 206
    Prime Minister Cameron says:

    My biggest concern is our British Forces.
    That is why i will be providing the best body bags money can buy.

    • 215
      Basil Brush says:

      Ha, Ha, Ha, Boom, Boom.

    • 228
      nell says:

      cameron has actually done the right thing by putting money into dealing with IED’s.

      He hasn’t gone far enough because he needs to be cancelling contracts for military kit and equipment that was placed, by the labour government with British Companies, in the labour heartland, where labour wanted to win votes in the 2010 election. They were prepared to do it at the expense of soldiers lives, even though the British Companies said they couldn’t deliver on the orders for years!!.

      gordon placed those orders there to try and secure his vote even though he knew the American Companies could deliver immediately and save soldiers lives.

      Honorable wasn’t he??!!

      • 233
        albie here says:

        Nell let’s get our troops out now not see them come home in the best quality bodybags,save money and get the home live NOW,Afgahnistan is a place Britain will never conquer.

        • 241
          nell says:

          Wish we could sweetie! Wish we could.

          Four more came home today through Wooton Bassett. Breaks my hart!

          • Duck and cover says:

            So why aren’t you demanding troops home now?

          • You keep the War going you own it and the blood that comes with it. says:

            Of course we can.

            You can’t because you’re a spineless lickspittle shill who thinks the sun shines out of Dave’s arse and won’t dare criticise him.

          • nell says:

            Remind me again ‘duck and cover’ what did labour do about getting our lads out of Ira++q and afghanistan?? or at least putting measures in place to make sure they had the equipment they needed to keep them safe??!!

          • Duck and cover says:

            Fuck all.
            Now, what’s Dave going to do?

          • WMD says:

            Four more came home today through Wooton Bassett. Breaks my hart!

            make sure they had the equipment they needed to keep them safe??!!

            You’re a hypocrite.
            Dave’s in charge now not the warcriminals Brown and Blair.

      • 234
        Viv Nicholson says:

        What Labour did was abominable, but it’s what Cameron is going to do that is relevent. And as far as one can see, he will continue to spend our forces blood in maintaining the “special relationship”.
        How much blood are you willing to spend, nell?

        • 265
          nell says:

          None sweetie.

          Afghanistan is not worth an ounce of our British blood!! I don’t believe we can win in Afghanistan!! I dpn’t believe there is any reason for us to be there!!!

          At the same time if the politicians won’t bring our men home then I think we, at home, must keep fighting to make sure that they give our lads the absolute best kit and equipment they need to keep them safe!!

          If that means cancelling orders with British Companies, in labour heartlands, who say they can’t deliver for 3/5 years and giving those same orders to American companies who can deliver better kit now, then we must do it!!!

          • Somebody else's son or daughter says:

            So, you’re prepared to accept more deaths, as long as political point scoring wins through.
            Sleep tight, nell.

          • Jethro says:

            were is the stop the war mob now.

      • 235
        Jethro says:

        Putting 67 m into IED’s .fuck me nell I could detonate them remotely with a sniper rifle,no casualties

        • 240
          nell says:

          If that is true tell the Armed Forces how to do it then!!!

          I’m sure they’ll be happy to listen to your ideas if it will save our lads!!!

          • It's a new dawn, is it not? says:

            The best way to save our lads would be to bring them home.
            But i don’t suppose that would occur to a sanctimonious, hypocritical, apologist for the ruling “all in it together” class that middle England suck up to.

          • Jethro says:

            They already think the best way is to send a 19 year old in with no training to disarm it is the best way.

          • Scams R Us says:

            Bomb Fodder

  45. 223

    I call a Spad a Spad, me

  46. 225
    World Cup Willy says:

    We’re gonna win the world cup!!! He he….only joking.

  47. 229
    Mr Plum says:

    Obama makes much brouhaha,
    over oil drama,
    in Louisiana,
    leads to bad karma,
    Cameron say’s stay calmer,
    have a banana.

  48. 236
    PROTUS says:

    We have to provide funds, arms and training to equip the national forces so they are able to ensure stabilty and good governance.
    It worked with Sinn Fein

  49. 242
    Sarah tweets:-------------- says:

    ….. is there any betting data on when my hero Gordon will return to the HoC

    • 254
      nell says:

      The longer he leaves it the harded it will get.

      What is he going to do ? Appear at a late night debate on whether to cancel MoD contracts for British helicopters for delivery in 2015 or allow American Companies to deliver helicopters now and save British lives?

      Or is he going to appear on a Friday afternoon labour motion, when most Mp’s have gone home, on restoring milk for primary school children??

      What he sure as hell isn’t going to do ( go on gutlessgordon prove me wrong!!) is turn up for a PMQ’s!!!

      • 260
        WMD says:

        take some fucking responsiblilty for once
        Cameron’s in power now
        the decision to keep the troops in a quagmire is now his and his alone
        the deaths are now on him

        • 271
          nell says:

          labour was in power for 13 years and entrenched us into 2 unacceptable wars.

          cameron has been in power a month .

          You gave bliar and gutless gordon years to prove they could fail you and then never accepted that they had.

          We’ll give cameron a few months here to get to grips with the disaster that labour have left him to deal with. But we won’t hero worship him like you did bliar and brown and we won’t give him as many months yet alone the years you gave labour to prove he can or he can’t produce results.

          Middle England is rather more discerning in its support than tribalist leftist labour.

          I suspect though, that whatever happens, the vote, next time around is not going to swing labour’s way.

          Labour, because it now only represents benefit cheats rather than working people, can no longer command much of the vote!

          • WMD says:

            13 or 30

            they lost

            get over it

            It takes 5 minutes to anounce the troops are coming home now but Cameron won’t because he’s a warmonger like you and Blair and Brown

            I never voted for Brown or Blair but I suspect you were stupid enough to vote for Blair since you worship his piss poor clone Cameron

          • Anon says:

            Watch your mouth WMD, nell is a lady and deserves to be treated as such.
            Oh, and stop copying tat.
            You are not him.

      • 261
        Cohabiting without guilt says:

        Yes nell, the nation’s fate hinges on whether yesterday’s man puts in an appearance at Westminster.
        Ever thought of letting sin into your life?

        • 274
          nell says:

          No never sweetie!!

          Been married 40 years, worked hard for all of them and loved every minute of it. Still do!!

          Who needs sin?!!

          • Duck and cover says:

            Those that send young men and women to their deaths in a pointless war? And those that applaud it?

  50. 244
    Jethro says:

    Yanks are smart

  51. 255
    • 269
      Nick "Squeeze me gently" Clegg says:

      There’s only two things he’s gripping, and i’m gripping his.
      MAD, it was called in the cold war days.

  52. 256
    Cohabiting without guilt says:

    For Christ’s sake, don’t blame me! I voted Lib Dem believing i would be absolved of all responsibility. Now look at the shit i’m in.

  53. 278
    Old Pirate says:

    I cannot understand those who say my son was killed in Afghanistan and I am proud of him,What fucking nonces of a parents are they.Did they learn nothing of cannon fodder? Did the 70′s and the albums of Pink Floyd pass them by? Are they dumb fucking shits?

    • 292
      nell says:

      Go away and look at the First World War.

      Our men were cast into a desperate situation over which they had no control.

      The Government of the day was rancid. Lions Led by Donkeys has become the abiding byword for the leaders of those lads of 1914-1918. It is also true of the leaders of our lads today.

      Nonetheless our soldiers then and now faced and face death with more courage than most of us could muster. And yes we are proud of them even whilst we desperately wish we could stop the slaughter, as our grandmothers wished it back then!!!

      • 301
        Blue on every other fucker says:

        Here we go! nell’s battlefield tour encompassing why it’s still a glorious tradition to lay down one’s life for the government.
        Next stop, nell steals Harry Patch’s plea for no more war to back death and glory in Afghanistan.

      • 308
        WMD says:

        we can stop the slaughter by bringing the troops home NOW
        even a child could understand that yet you can’t

        your pious bullshit doesn’t disguide the fact that you shamelessly politicised the troop deaths when the warmonger Brown was in charge but now pretend there’s nothing Cameron can do about it now because you are a hypocrite

        Cameron is now the Donkey and you are his willing warmonger mouthpiece for leading the slaughter of our lads

      • 370
        Old Pirate says:

        Our grand mothers were busy dishing out white feathers to anyone not off the mark fast enough to get down to the army recruiting office,Baden boy humper Powell was a Hunt who indoctrinated the kids for war,while the population were told he was and chose to ignore it. I am aware of one group in the trenches who shot their own public schoolboy captain who had the courage of ignorance and the luck of the devil,but not for his men who he wasted like some schoolboy playing soldiers. Check out how many of the dead now were boy scouts.

    • 295
      Gonzo says:

      Perhaps that gives them some comfort in coming to terms with their terrible loss you selfish piece of pinko shit.

      • 300
        Old Pirate says:

        stupid is as stupid does.It’s that attitude that breeds morons to serve troffers like our thieving leaders. Now if you did it to raise an army to take our country back from the traitors then I could get on side with that. But you keep going deluding yourselves that the kids are dead heroes and it was all worth it.The elites must love you muppets.

      • 303
        Old Pirate says:

        And stops them feeling guilty for not giving them an education of reason so they never sold their lives to traitors for nothing but a gong

      • 310
        With God on our side says:

        We have to educate those heathens in the way of western civilisation and all the benefits that brings to our pipelines.

      • 333
        Americangov.mafia says:

        who is Obamas shill

      • 372
        Brewster says:

        Fuck off and straighten your snotter muppet

      • 373
        Brewster says:

        you should raise your children to give them a start in life not a death

  54. 280
    Ed Balls (Leader of the Labour Party) says:

    Guy meets a girl and they have a couple of drinks before
    going back to hers. When they get back, she asks if he wants
    to go to bed with her to which he replies yes.
    As soon as they get into bed he gets under the covers and goes
    down on her. Within seconds, he surfaces choking and coughing.
    He says to the woman, “fucking hell love, it bloody stinks down
    there?” to which the woman replies, “I’m sorry but I have arthritis”.
    The man asks “what, in your fanny?” to which she replies “no, in my
    right arm, i can’t wipe my arse”!

  55. 290
    Post-Election Frolics says:

    Who’s on Question Time tonight? Any entertaining fuckers?

  56. 291
    What a real P.M. and not the Heir to Blair would tell Obama says:

    If he’s happy to keep calling BP British Petroleum despite it not being called that for a decade then Britain will be happy to pull the troops out of Afghanistan since the U.S. rarely if ever mentions the BRITISH troops dying there.

    See how he likes them apples.

    • 296
      The British are cumming says:

      We’re giving them back their oil, and with free delivery to the shore, why can’t they give us back our troops?

  57. 302
    Post-Election Frolics says:

    Christ, what an awful QT panel. They’ve got that headscarf from Respect, Ben Bradshaw, Toby Young, and an awful ex-Apprentice contestant.

    Jeremy Hunt’s the only human being on there.

    • 309
      This Jeremy Hunt ? says:

      Jeremy Hunt Conservative MP, Shadow Culture Secretary

      “I believe that the BBC is a great national institution.”

      “I am proud of the BBC. I think that most British people think that we are very lucky to have a BBC and most people who aren’t British, if they don’t have a BBC, wish they did have one.”

      “I don’t see the BBC as a State broadcaster. “I think people see the BBC as operating at arms length from the government and it’s very important that it should continue to do so and that’s why we’ve said we will protect the BBC charter.”

    • 316
      albie here says:

      I was wondering who the hell the people on QT were,they are still nonentities,I haven’t go a clue ?

  58. 304
    Post-Election Frolics says:

    Salma Yaqoob. Or as I like to call the pro al-Qaeda muzee, Salma Kaboom.

  59. 306
    Question Time says:

    How do they come up with a panel of complete arseholes week after week.
    Do we underestimate the BBC’s abilities?

    • 311
      Post-Election Frolics says:

      Only a matter of time before the Beeb give Campbell his own chat show.

    • 317
      Robin Day says:

      The Beeb will bend over backwards to make the panel as diverse, left wing and right-on as possible forgetting, in the process – that they also need to be articulate and interesting.

      • 331
        Liam Byrne says:

        Some bald cun’t, a British hating raghead and the usual old troughers.
        i’m off to bed for a wank.

        • 340
          Post-Election Frolics says:

          Is there any money left for you to hire a hooker, Liam?

          • Liam Byrne says:

            No, sadly not. It’s down to the poundshop, and their inflatable prices.
            I thought the sign said princess

  60. 307
    Post-Election Frolics says:

    Oh dear. Katie Hopkins trying to be funny. Fucking Apprentice skank.

    • 339
      Carrier Pidgeon says:

      She waves her arms around like fledgling sparrow desperate for a worm.
      Luckily, daddy’s home with a lob on.

  61. 312
    Post-Election Frolics says:

    Jeremy Hunt is very good. He’s tearing Bradshaw to pieces.

    • 320
      Hobnob says:


      From July to December 2009 I receive £1,000 per month from Hotcourses for 2 hours of work of an advisory nature per week. Address: 150-152, King Street, London W6 0QU
      31 July 2009, payment of £1000 (net £594.76). Hours worked: 8 (Registered 27 August 2009)
      31 August 2009, payment of £1000 (net £594.76). Hours worked: 8 (Registered 27 August 2009)
      30 September 2009, payment of £1000 (net £594.76). Hours worked: 8 (Registered 30 September 2009)
      30 October 2009, received payment of £1000 (net £594.76). Hours: 8 hrs. (Registered 2 December 2009)
      30 November 2009, payment of £1000 (net £594.76). Hours: 8 hrs. (Registered 30 November 2009)
      23 December 2009, payment of £1000 (net £594.76). Hours: 8 hrs. (Registered 5 January 2010)
      4. Sponsorship or financial or material support
      Financial support for my office costs from:
      Hotcourses Ltd; an educational publisher.
      Mr John Lewis, Dorset (personal donation)
      Name of donor: Miss Daisy Lewis
      Address of donor: private
      Amount of donation or nature and value if donation in kind: £5000
      Date of receipt: 22 September 2009
      Date of acceptance: 22 September 2009
      Donor status: individual
      (Registered 30 September 2009)
      Name of donor: Mr Richard Lascelles
      Address of donor: private
      Amount of donation or nature and value if donation in kind: £5000
      Date of receipt: 10 September 2009
      Date of acceptance: 10 September 2009
      Donor status: individual
      (Registered 30 September 2009)
      Name of donor: Mr John Littlewood
      Address of donor: private
      Amount of donation or nature and value if donation in kind: Donations to my constituency party: £500 received on 18 March 2009 and £1000 received on 10 December 2009.
      Donor status: individual
      (Registered 22 December 2009)
      Name of donor: Peter Hall
      Address of donor: private
      Amount of donation or nature and value if donation in kind: £2000
      Donor status: individual
      (Registered 3 February 2010)
      5. Gifts, benefits and hospitality (UK)
      The FA provide me with tickets and hospitality at various football matches.
      24 March 2009, helicopter travel from London to Bristol provided by Lord Ashcroft. (Registered 31 March 2009)
      8 February 2009, one ticket for BAFTA Awards, as guest of Pinewood. (Registered 19 May 2009)
      18 February 2009, two tickets for Brit Awards, as guests of BPI. (Registered 19 May 2009)
      21 March 2009, one ticket for England v Scotland rugby match at Twickenham, as guest of RBS. (Registered 19 May 2009)
      18 June 2009 two tickets to a gala performance of la Traviata at the Royal Opera House, as guests of the Royal Opera House. (Registered 25 June 2009)
      Name of donor: Mr John Lewis
      Address of donor : private
      Amount of donation or nature and value if donation in kind: ticket for me to attend the Conservative Party’s Summer Party on 17 June 2009. Payment for ticket, to value of £800, made directly to the Conservative Party.
      Date of receipt of donation: 17 June 20009
      Date of acceptance of donation: 17 June 2009
      Donor status: individual
      (Registered 6 July 2009)
      Name of donor: British Airways plc
      Address of donor : Waterside, PO Box 365, Harmondsworth, UB7 0GB.
      Amount of donation or nature and value if donation in kind: free upgrade to business class on a personal trip coming back from Baltimore, USA. Value: £2544 (based on average ticket prices)
      Date of receipt of donation: 22 November 2009
      Date of acceptance of donation: 22 November 2009
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      (Registered 27 November 2009)
      Name of donor: Hugh Harper
      Address of donor : private
      Amount of donation or nature and value if donation in kind: my wife and I received two tickets to the Conservative Party’s general election fundraising dinner (value: £700).
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      6. Overseas visits
      Name of donor: John Lewis
      Address of donor: private
      Amount of donation (or estimate of the probable value): £4086.47 (flights and accommodation for two people). The money came from a donation that has already been declared—see Category 4 above.
      Destination of visit: New York, USA.
      Date of visit: 30 August to 4 September 2009
      Purpose of visit: to look into local media ventures. Meetings with representatives of News Corp (including Wall Street Journal), Fox Five and WNET.
      (Registered 27 November 2009)
      Name of donor:
      (1) Huntsworth plc
      (2) John Lewis
      Address of donor:
      (1) Huntsworth plc, 15-17 Huntsworth Mews, London NW1 6DD.
      (2) private
      Amount of donation (or estimate of the probable value):
      (1) Flight from Singapore to London and 3 nights in a hotel (£1837.27)
      (2) Flights from London to South Korea to Singapore and hotel accommodation (£1086.37). Funded by a previously-declared donation (see category 4 above).
      Destination of visit: South Korea and Singapore
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      9. Shareholdings
      (a) Hotcourses Ltd, which has a 50% share in Sheffield Data Services Ltd and owns 100% of Schoolsnet Ltd.

  62. 315
    With God on our side says:

    How much could be cut from the deficit by bringing our troops home?

  63. 319
    Lady Thatcher says:

    sounds like a pubic hair removing device for women

  64. 323
    Boris for PM says:

    Cripes! Looks like old Bojo’s put the cat among the pigeons again.
    How terribly unfortunate for Dave.

  65. 326
    Bend over Jeremy says:

    Hunt proving he is indeed a cun’t by sucking up to Obama shamelessly.

    • 332
      Bend over Ben says:

      Bradshaw proving he is a prize cun’t too and also proving you can’t put a cigarette paper between New Labour and the LibCons.

    • 336
      Americangov.mafia says:

      Hunt is a shill CIA I wager

  66. 327
    Snooty fellow says:

    Poor fuckers. Boring job isn’t it?

  67. 328
    Post-Election Frolics says:

    Toby Young showboating for applause is very cringe inducing.

  68. 330
    Anonymous says:

    The personality bypass on the right is very smackable.

  69. 337
    Post-Election Frolics says:

    Katie Hopkins: the archetypal reality TV non-entity. Another legacy of ZaNew Liebore.

    • 344
      Equality for all, except some politicians. well, most politicians. No, all politicians says:

      She’s shaggable, in an abusive kind of way. Much like most of Blair’s babes.
      You despise them, but would dearly enjoy shoving it up the dirtbox while they squeal in protest.
      All other women are to be treated with respect.

  70. 341
    Americangov.mafia says:

    fuck O Bummer

  71. 343
    Post-Election Frolics says:

    Dimbers is showing up Bradshaw big time.

  72. 345
    Ratsniffer says:

    Toby Young is starting to look like Harry Hill.

  73. 348
    Britain's fecked says:

    “lowly CCHQ researcher or press officer would have been lucky to be on around £35,000″

    Compare that to the salary of a scientist with a PhD – about the same or less.

    No wonder we’re fecked.

    • 351
      Old Pirate says:

      The genius scientists don’t give a shit about the money all they want is the ways and means to do science

  74. 350
    Post-Election Frolics says:

    “We’re a welfare country” says an audience member.

    Yes, that’s the fucking problem!!!

  75. 353
    Post-Election Frolics says:

    Someone please slap Katie Hopkins. Utter c-unt.

  76. 354
    Hobnob says:

    The British public are a hopeless case.They cannot be taught that they are getting the same old shit.If you said this to them they would not see it as constructive criticism as they are programmed to be reactionary.what utter utter thick shits.

  77. 356
    Ratsniffer says:

    Toby Young: “You’re on question time every other week….” Love it.

  78. 360
    Post-Election Frolics says:

    Katie Hopkins: Nice legs. Shame about the personality.

  79. 362
    Alky Ada says:

    Katie Hopkins just blew her cover

  80. 363
    Post-Election Frolics says:

    Dimbers just said Blinky will be on the panel in London in 2 weeks!!! Please can one of you go on and tear that c-unt a new arsehole!!! I want to see him ripped apart on QT! Just tell the QT producers you’re a Labour voter so they allow you on.

  81. 366
    Post-Election Frolics says:

    Oh dear. Caroline Flint on This Week. Her tits are looking perky though.

  82. 368
    Nixon in China says:

    I see Brighton Council are offering 4 Positions with a salary of £125,000 . Now what exactly Justifies such a cost to the public purse.

  83. 369
    Ratsniffer says:

    oh dear slimey labour luvie baldric robinson on This Week…

  84. 376
    stun says:

    What is it with these demon typists…this is a reply to WMD above re war abroad and nell. A million or more people, many from the countryside, made the effort to go to London to object to Iraq. I’m not sure what your point is. You keep doing this. Labour thrust us into a war in the ‘Stan 8 years ago, and then willingly also poodled up to GW with Iraq. You can’t just pull out immediately, though many people would like to see a faster retreat. What the F do you want? AND, you’ve got nell wrong – she is a (sorry nell) rural, traditional conservative. Sees right from wrong, happy to give the local kids a clip round the ear (worked for me), hates corruption and hypocracy. Frankly, I’d vote for her.

    OK. jgm2 clearly PM. Nuclear war will come soon, but it’ll have been fun. Compulsory swearing.
    Concrete pump: Minister for Women. Release him. Fuck. Sarah Teather. Are you sure?
    Engineer: New Department of Common Sense
    Dack Blog: Bird in government who seems to know what she’s doing. Put her in Estelle’s old job. Hope the window-dressing’s OK
    Old H: Minister for anti-semiticism and a rant which I unusually didn’t quite get on with (PS not Israel, can’t quite remember..it is late). Made to share an office with London Muslim.
    nell: People’s representative to ensure that what they say is what they do. Has the power to enforce knitting.
    William Waad: Minister for Inner Cities. We’ll get fox-hunting in Tower Hamlets yet.
    Bill Quango: Minister for Insider Trading. Compulsory in the early 80s as a way to top up your quite small salary at the time. Big bang messed it up, though. THATCHER! Loved it.
    Shami Chakrabarti: Yes, I know that concrete pump would (see above). Actually quite rational and apolitical. If she doesn’t work out, we can marry her to Dennis Skinner under new laws brought in by Engineer

    Me: I’m having a beer

    • 378
      Old Pirate says:

      You can’t just pull out. Do you remember the helicopters over Saigon?That day will come in Afghanistan

    • 382
      stun says:

      Missed a couple of posts

      AC1; cuts the deficit by £200bn in year one. All debt repaid by four years next Tuesday. In charge of explaining LVT and banning rent-seeking as a phrase, cos it sounds a bit chavvy, innit

      can’t find his moniker: Foreign secretary. Lives abroad (Croatia?). Sees what is happening from the outside. Drives back 1500 miles to vote. May combine with the roles of transport minister and tat-killer.

    • 388
      WMD says:

      troops out now

      if that’s too complicated to understand then the fault is clearly not at my end

      Cameron has no intention of getting the troops out in the near or mid term
      How do I know ? because he himself at no time has he said they will be returning home within 2, 5 or even 10 years

      hypocrisy is supporting a continuing pointless quagmire when you raged against it when New Labour was guilty of enacting it
      nell is guilty of that in spades as well as wallowing in the blood of dead troops when it was Brown but trying the same pathetic logistical weasel words you do to excuse Cameron now he is continuing the bloodshed

      I do not expect them all out in a day so take that ludicrous straw man elsewhere
      but it only takes 5 minutes to announce they are coming home NOW to begin the extraction of our troops from the quagmire even if it takes a few months to complete that logistically
      5 minutes Cameron will never use as he is as guilty of warmongering as Brown and Blair before him
      sooner or our troops will HAVE to leave but under Cameron it’s going to be far later than the public will stomach, something he is going to find out the hard way

      it’s frankly nauseating to continue this pointless bloodshed and pretend there’s nothing Cameron can do about it because he’s only the Prime Minister and no better than the hated Blair or Brown

    • 399
      One Of The Guys Who Posts Youtube Videos To Make You All Laugh says:

      What about me?

  85. 379
    Steve Expat says:

    Did Caroline Flint really just say on This Week that she agreed with Lord Myners about the irresponsibility of the government spending money they don’t have…??

    • 380
      Liar Byrne says:

      Er. there’s no money left – good luck !!

      • 381
        Alyingstare Darling says:

        Baldemort, Baldemort, you’re an absolute twat.
        What possessed you to write something imbecilic like that ?
        ‘There’s no money left – good luck !’ you revealingly wrote.
        Which just goes to prove, you’re an evil little scrote.
        We were all rather shocked at the underlying message.
        The Tories have to sort out Labour’s economic wreckage.
        Brown raised everyone’s taxes – mostly by stealth,
        Gordon’s failed master-plan ? Re-distribution of wealth !
        And his ‘brainwave’ of introducing quantitative easing -
        It was Labour voters’ palms he was desperately greasing

  86. 384
    The Court of Public Opinion says:

    Did I really hear on the news following Cast Irons Afghan PR jolly he’s giving £200m of our money to them to build schools and hospitals? How much are the Americans giving? This is the guy asking the British public for ideas on where to make cuts so that we can save, err, British schools and hospitals right?

    • 386
      BBC Tumbleweed Watch says:

      On a related note: I’ve obviously missed something, but why is the international aid budget ring-fenced? I can understand the political imperatives around the NHS and Education (even if I don’t agree with them – but DfID? What’s that all about then?

      • 394
        albacore says:

        You’re wasting your time, Watch.
        Foreign aid is a taboo subject here. It frightens the nags.
        Last time I looked, the Tories’ own website’s best sales pitch was to flog it as Danegeld but with a new, improved label.
        The only cast-iron certainty is that Dave’s got to borrow it before he can give it away and watch it vanish into thin air, like Gordon.

    • 387
      sam says:

      OMG! The fucking sack of shit Cameron makes me puke.

      First we have the dirty little joo Bercow left in place.
      Next we have the BBC jizzing in his face as he says – oh yeah darling
      Now we have him giving £200m for sacks of dope and kids arses in Afghanistan

      Cameron is a right c-unt

  87. 396
    Can't remember my moniker says:

    The Scottish:

    “Considering five major risk factors to health – cigarette smoking, heavy alcohol consumption, poor diet, physical inactivity, and overweight – nearly the whole adult population (97.5%) have at least one behavioural risk factor.”

    Who would have thought it???

    • 409
      P. Doff says:

      Hadrian did, for a start…

    • 410
      Anonymous says:

      And who has caused it? Scumbag Labour. Their foul Marxist policies enacted at the behest of Westminster probably to keep Scotland poor and dependent so its resources can be stripped by willing satraps.

    • 411
      restandbthankfull says:

      Isn’t it strange these figure that get banded about. I learned from the BBC that each and every Scot drinks 42 bottles of Vodka a year. Well I have never in my life tasted Vodka let alone drink 42 bottles per annum. My husband has never touched the stuff and a poll of my family – extended – exactly the same none of them “suffer” from any of the things mentioned in your comment. None are overweight, one family member smokes we are all physically fit and none are overweight. That’s just my family (as I say extended family included not just immediate and all our friends and their families). On the estate I live it’s just the same. The local health club – the same. The camera club – the same. The quilting groups – the same. I could go on but you get the message. So there must be some people in this country drinking a hell of a lot of vodka!

      By the same token I have never in my 56 years seen anyone eat a deep fried mars bar – in fact I have never seen a deep fried mars bar.

      I also don’t know anyone who is or has been on the dole and I am talking about my friends and family, my husbands friends and family etc etc which amounts to hundreds of people. You do have to ask yourself where they get this information from.

    • 414
      Can't remember my moniker says:

      OK. So far so good. Why did we English allow them to become our MPs and PM?

  88. 397
    Grow A Spine Dave & Tell The Yanks to do one. says:

    Tell the fucking Yankee scumbags to fuck off and see how they like it.

    No one fucking likes them not even their neighbours on both sides.

    China should pull the plug and let them rot.

    Fucking sick of this country being slapped about by America whenever they feel like it.

  89. 398
    Grow A Spine Dave & Tell The Yanks to do one. says:

    It’s about time the thick Americans fucking faced reality and got left in isolation for a few years while the rest of us the grown up countries get on with business.

    • 416

      Yes of course the yanks are pissed off about the oil spill ,its on their doorstep they dont give a fuck when their oil washes up on anybody elses coast line
      as for Obama he is so low in the polls he is desperate to even get on the box
      so he has to do a “General Galtieri” to try to stop the Americans realising they elected a wind bag that delivers fuck all !

  90. 400
    Grow A Spine Dave & Tell The Yanks to do one says:

    Also who let that fucking raghead bitch on Question Time, she should of been at home breeding more sucide bombers at the taxpayers expense like the rest of her ilk.

  91. 412
    restandbthankfull says:

    I went to bed last night with the sad news that two students from Britain had died in a bus crash in SA and many more were critically ill. What a sad start to the world cup I thought to myself.

    This morning I wake to the sad news that Nelson Mandela’s great granddaughter was killed in a car crash. Sad news indeed.

    BBC reported this morning that it was a sad day for the start of the World Cup – I thought they were talking about the bus crash where we learn that 3 students have died and many more are injured. No, the death of Nelson Mandela’s granddaughter is the reason there is a cloud over the start of the world cup. How can they put the death of one child over another. Both events are sad and devastating for all families concerned.

    While I’m here I wanted to wish the England team the very best of luck with their first match on Saturday.

  92. 417
    Anonymous says:

    CCHQ Staff – 120 redundancies

    SpAds @ No.10 – 100% pay rise

  93. 423
    70s Throwback says:

    “We are all in this together”
    What a joke, what a bunch of lies. The front bench are taking a pay cut on the hugh increase in pay they get for being Ministers and Secretaries of State.Every one of them will have more income especially house flipping axe man Alexander. If we are all in this together we are doing the fucking rowing.

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Rod Liddle on the loony UN sexism special rapporteur:

“There is more sexism in Britain than in any other country in the world, according to a mad woman who has been sent here by the United Nations.

Rashida Manjoo is a part-time professor of law at Cape Town University in the totally non-sexist country of South Africa (otherwise known as Rape Capital Of The World).

Mrs Magoo has been wandering around with her notebook and is appalled by the sexist “boys’ club” culture here, apparently.

I don’t doubt we still have sexism in the UK. But is it worse than in, say, Saudi Arabia, d’you think, honey-lamb? Or about 175 other countries? Get a grip, you doolally old bat.”

orkneylad says:

What’s he been doing FFS, mining bitcoins?

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