April 29th, 2010

Labour’s Tragic Spin for Tonight’s TV Debate

Labour have just sent out this poster (except it isn’t a poster, it is a amateurish crap graphic).  According to Labour HQ tonight is going to be about Style versus Substance :

Guido has altered it for accuracy : Gordon versus the Voters…

UPDATE : Just checked the latest prices at specialist political bookmakers Smarkets:

  • Gordon Brown has a 25% chance of winning
  • David Cameron 52% chance
  • Nick Clegg is favourite with a 55% chance.

Take Guido’s advice and bet against Gordon Brown…


  1. 1
    righty right wing (mrs) says:



    • 8
      Brit on the edge says:

      They just need to keep asking, “Who put the country into such debt”

      “Who gave away our Gold reserves”

      “Who has sold the country for their own glory”


      • 13
        Monkey Chops says:

        Substance vs Style…

        …but the substance is shit.


        • 18
          Gordon Brown says:

          I am a repentant sinner.


        • 19
          Rog says:

          Surprised SKY doesn’t complain – obviously ripping ‘em off, and tarnishes their image.

          After all, what insane broadcaster would support Brown and NuLab?


        • 24
          xopek says:

          it smells like shit, it looks like shit and it’s brown. surely, it’s just shit


          • Cinna says:

            On the other hand if it is shite it could be Maguire, who is still trying to spread it on Twitter, as follows:

            Latest whisper on Mrs Duffy is solo 80k deal with Mail on Sunday. Snout says she’s tempted and may have signed deal
            16 minutes ago via web


        • 50
          Animal says:

          In this final debate Cameron has to nail the first lie Brown utters and do it hard. If not he will think he has an open pass to say what he likes and carry on. Go for the jugular, make his head spin and see how he flails after being exposed for the ignorant, arrogant, lying, treachorous waste of flesh that he is.

          Even if Brown is still in Downing Street on May 7th, don’t expect him to be there long. Hung Parliament or not, the knives have been super-sharpened this time. Liebore are ready to stand down their most useful idiot and put a new model in place.

          And if Liebore still have a grasp on power, be ready for a surge in companies being closed as even more swingeing tax increases are introduced and the people treated as slaves to this corrupt, malevolent governing machine.


          • Lamp post & rope R' US says:

            Go for the juglular, who call me Dave, Mr Nice guy kinda like his hero Tone’s?
            If you want a proper gutting, get Farage or Griffin in the ring, Brown would be crying for his Mam and sucking his thumb for the rest of his miserable life.


          • Anon says:

            Lets just hope thats exactly what DC does Animal, its long overdue. Its not as if DC has anything to lose.


          • Wise words from the past says:

            ” The problem with socailism is they always run out of other peoples money”

            Thats all dave should say


          • Tulkinghorn says:

            Like others here I am coming round to the idea that a GE win for Dave would be disastrous in the short term for any sort of sound government. Much better to let a LibLab stitchup confront the horrendous mess that Brown has made of the economy. Let the left take the blame — after all, they’re responsible. Then after the riots (or, since this is Britain, the mild fits of pique) have precipitated another election in 6-12 months’ time, there will be a landslide for the right, who by then with luck will have ditched Cameron and found themselves a leader with some balls.

            Not holding my breath though.


        • 235
          Scotland the Crap says:

          ye can smell it afore ye see it – reeks of hypocrisy.


        • 315
          Anonymous says:

          Has the look of substane abuse


      • 22
        Mr Ned says:

        Who has built up a deficit the equivalent of a Black Wednesday EVERY WEEK?


      • 45
        The Escaping Fox says:

        Good let’s hope he goes for substance – the only substance he has on the econmoy is the same colour as his surname. Come on Gordy air your shi*e for all us to laugh at! Games up fella, get your coat.


        • 299
          The UK is becoming East Germany circa 1976 says:

          Ah, substance.

          Brown: Crooked Shite.

          Cameron: Big Green Society Shite.

          Clegg: EU Shite.

          Perhaps they should stick to style?

          Brown: None whatsoever.

          Cameron: Fuzzy green socialist-lite.

          Clegg: Empty suit, empty head.

          Spoiled for choice we are not.


      • 91
        Sarah Brown says:

        My husband talks to strange women.


      • 123
        Anonymous says:

        The last act of the last Liberal Prime Minister (albeit i/c a “National” Government) was to commission Geddes Axes. Will something similar be Prime Minister Clegg’s first act – with Home Secretary Alan Johnstone using a mix of Sky and Google to bug dissenters rather more cheaply than GCHQ – and without all the tiresome governance structures of the latter- thus meeting the LibDem election pledge to scrap the interception modernisation programmes.

        The introduction of a list based PR will them be used to keep the LIb-Lab “national government” in power for ever.


        • 163
          JB says:

          Watching Labour implode has almost been worth the 13 year wait. Unfortunately we have ended up with a monolithic state with half the population employed by the other half to sit around and wait for their pension, all the while fining and taxing and meddling.

          Bizarre – someone watches a camera as I drive around and sends me a notice demanding £60 if I transgress by so much a millimetere. Presumably most of the £60 goes to pay his/her salary and the relevant admin. And to whose benefit? Me – no. Other road users – no. Him/her – yes. HMRC – yes. As I said – bizarre.


          • Brown's a Tosser says:

            Just watching Kay on Sky interviewing some first time voters a couple who though Gillian Duffy was a Bigot as saying Eastern Europeans flocking to etc was a Bigoted statement. Jeez with the likes of them going to University we are in a heap of do do. With brains like that its no wonder we have an employment problem when it comes to graduates. One thing they do not a degree in is common sense and thinking for themselves. I do despair.


        • 164
          Twatspotter says:

          So pleased to see you have somewhere to post your feeling since you were released into the community.


        • 188
          El Gordo says:

          It’s all Sue’s fault tho


    • 9
      Jim Bowen says:

      Gordon Vs Voters?

      Sounds like a challenge to a fight.


    • 16
      Putting on the Style says:


    • 29
      Substance abuse says:

      So what Substance(s) is Gordon taking?


    • 102
      Up sh1t creek says:

      25% + 52% + 55% = 132%

      Where did I do wrong, I missed the New Labour schooling in mathematics.


      • 118
        Jim Bowen says:

        Thats a betting spread.


        • 131
          Anonymous says:

          super, smashing, great


        • 172

          Glad to see the others have spotted the smarks spreads often add up to well over 150% and in some cases 200% or more (from last week if I recall).


          • It is called the over-round. That is normal. If the offers add up to less than 100 you buys all the runners, if the bids add up to more than 100 you sell all the runners. This is basic principles. It is why bookers prefer complicated fractions so you can’t see it easily. In percentages it is obvious.


          • Tulkinghorn says:

            Guido, your detailed knowledge of such matters is a sign of a misspent youth.


          • Sounds like a lack of sellers on smarkets then, unless *unworthy thought* its the house edge.


          • Fat Bloke on Tour says:

            Gossipy Lawyer

            I really do wish “C men” had spent more time in the bookies when he was young instead of worshipping strong black men and making sure “Dave the Rave” had a social life.

            Back in the real world, tonight Dave the Rave must start to answer what he would do over and above a bit shroud waving over the deficit and pushing the right wing mentalist dog boiling establishment economic agenda.

            Tonight, expect the unexpected.

            Cleggy — He just wants to be on the big stage.
            Dave the Rave — I think he will be in full “Hugging Henry” mode.
            GB — Attack mode, straight in no messin’.

            When it comes to the real world it will be no contest.
            Euro — Germany vs Greece

            Cleggy — He just wants to save the wife’s inheritance.
            Dave the Rave — He just wants to save his holiday home.
            GB — The man to sort it out, he has previous with getting awkward 60+ year old burds with an agenda to agree with him.

            Cleggy / Dave the Rave vs Mrs Merkel, it would be like the Graduate but with bigger tits.


    • 146
      She's just this OLD BIGOTED WOMAN says:

      Listening to it again Gordon shows a predjudice against the Old, Women, and Those fed up with immigration (and those who disagree with him)


      • 178
        Gordon is killing Labour, rejoice! says:

        Oh dear that sounds as if Gordon is the real bigot.


        A bigot is a prejudiced person who is intolerant of any opinions differing from their own.

        Person extremely intolerant of others and irrespective of reasoning.


    • 158
      LIBLABCON Vote B*NP says:

      Did the mong forget to put his left eye in for that poster


    • 177
      Backwoodsman says:

      A fairly succinct response !
      What winds me up, is the sheer breathtaking dishonesty of it . If they said, ‘look, we know we couldn’t run a piss up in a brewery, but at least we’re kind to fluffy bunnies.” That would be reasonably factual. But to present a bloke who took ten years to write a history of the scottish labour party, as having substance, defies rational belief.


      • 196
        New Labour are Racist Bigots says:

        Can anybody name the party that was found guilty of breaking the 1972 Race Relations Act by replacing a candidate of Indian heritage from an election because they thought they would not win the election with an person of Indian origin in a mainly white constituency?
        It was of course the Labour party.


      • 283
        Smig says:

        Not even a complete history of the Scottish Labour Party.

        More like the story behind a couple of streets and a few red leaflet touts in Glasgow.


    • 251
    • 259
      Cleopatra the Cat says:

      Substance? Substantial disaster more like.


    • 282
      Mrs Duffy says:

      did Guido mark the betting shop board when he was a yoof


    • 298
      no longer anonymous says:

      Kerry McCarthy anouncing postal vote results so far via her Twitter feed according to posters on PB. Illegal surely?


  2. 2
    Gordo says:

    I’ve got my beady eye on you.


    • 10
      mike hunt says:

      Just the one


    • 114
      England Needs Representation says:

      What Brown should have said when Mrs Duffy complained about all the Eastern Europeans flocking here:

      – instead of condescendingly telling her a million Brits now work/live in other European countries, which is completely irrelevant to Mrs Duffy, he should have apologised for his Government’s massive mistake in not having the same transitional arrangements for the accession countries as France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Holland and every other EU country, with the exception of the UK and Ireland!


      • 129
        sockpuppet #4 says:

        she didn’t complain about eastern europeans flocking here.


        • 304
          England Needs Representation says:

          I am pretty sure she did – I have listened to her exchange with Brown again – she mentioned immigration, then Eastern Europeans and “where are they all flocking from?”.


      • 152
        Mr Ned says:

        Well it should have been obvious that with these other nations imposing transitional arrangements for Eastern Europe that those excluded from the richest countries would all, collectively be funnelled into the richest country that did NOT have such arrangements, (eg us) so even IF the home office had expected 14,000 people to come here, then it would appear obvious that the true figure would have been much much higher, because these people had nowhere better to go.

        It was not only sheer incompetence though, because we now know that labour did it on purpose to “rub our noses in multiculturalism”

        They are a bunch of anti-British bigots!


  3. 3
    Bub says:

    I am amazed. The substance he’s taking must be having a very good effect on him.


    • 59
      A. Rastafarian says:

      It’s da good shieeet mon!


    • 292

      Prepare for an hour and a half of serious abuse of the facts this evening – as the compulsive liar with no truth in his soul tries to convince the gullible that his injection of £300 billion of imaginary money into the economy was anything other than a confidence trick on the electorate.

      It all starts with a little lie, and that feels so good that before you know it you are flooding the country with immigrants, selling off the gold reserves at bargain basement prices and creating a credit fuelled boom simply to have enough tax income to continue to lie to the people and divert their attention from the upcoming economic Armageddon. Pretty soon you’re mainlining untruth, until honesty and decency become anathema to you and you are a true Liebour Party leader.

      Truth abuse – it’s what Liebour do best.


  4. 4
    Kneewax says:

    Since GB has neither Style nor Substance it should make for interesting viewing.


  5. 5
    amongomous says:

    What kind of substance are Liebore on?.
    I’m betting angeldust.


  6. 6
    Nick2 says:

    PC rebooted? Check.
    Router reset? Check.
    Popcorn in microwave? Check.



    • 52
      Gobshite says:

      You forgot to put the Wine in the cooler!


    • 58

      2 bottles of Chilean Merlot = check
      half ounce of ‘Jack Herer’ = check
      Remote control padded with foam = check
      TV behind protective screen = check

      I didn’t watch the last 2 debates for fear of my toes being pushed through the tips of my quite lovely trainers because of the cringe factor.

      I aint missing this one!


  7. 7
    Adios el Gordo says:

    We know what his substance is : shallow – he thinks we are all bigots.

    calling Mrs D a bigot – hypocript
    Blaming it on the mike being on – pathetic
    Blaming it on Sue – disloyal
    Misunderstanding what Ms D said – bollocks and lily livered (if he thought she said something wrong he should have said so)
    he said it but didn’t mean it – liar.

    true colours shown once again.

    PS – Cameron camp PLEASE remind the public tonight about Unite and their trying to ruin BA – economy and jobs, funding labour and a mansion in Esher.


  8. 11
    Disgusted of Rochdale says:

    The lady’s not for gurning.


  9. 15
    Anonymous says:

    Fucking true though – Cameron is just a slippery car salesman – where’s the original thought? Where’s evidence of any thought?

    Still, who the fuck would want to be PM for the next five years – it’s going to be fucking horrendous.


    • 200
      Mr Ned says:

      I would.

      I would pass legislation allowing the Government to issue debt free currency and use it to pay off ALL the national debt, I would scrap the Bank of England, Arrest all the former (still living) Labour and tory ministers going back to 1973 and try them all for treason for giving away our Sovereignty in clear breach of the treason act.

      I would have a flat rate of tax, make government a lot smaller and reduce it’s responsibilities to free universal health care, free universal education, free universal social care, policing, the military, transport and providing free energy and a basic healthy free diet.

      I would allow people to de-list their FAMILY home (provided it is worth less than 1 million pounds) as a financial asset so that it can never be taken from them. A family home is a home, not a bargaining chip. For this allowance, I would stop them from selling it (for up to five years after de-listing it) or taking out loans against it. There will be NO financial benefit or liability from your home if you wish it. You would have the peace of mind of being able to pass it on to your children and they MUST keep it de-listed for at least 10 years also.

      I would establish full diplomatic relations with all nations and be a friend and trading partner with all, but have entangling arrangements with none.

      We would pull out of the EU

      Businesses would be free from the enormous amount of red-tape and regulation that currently holds them back. They would be free to fire usless and lazy people for being useless and lazy.

      The amount of crimes and statutes on the statute book would be massively reduced and a there would be a lot of stuff returned to common law jurisdiction where a crime is defined as anything that caused injury, harm or loss.

      If you do ANYTHING that results in nobody having suffered an injury, harm or loss, then no crime has been committed. If you smoke a joint, WHO IS THE INJURED PARTY? It should NOT be a crime.

      If you drive at 32 in a 30 zone, WHO IS THE INJURED PARTY?

      If your negligence when “driving” causes an accident, you lose your licence and/or go to jail depending on the seriousness of the accident.

      If you commit a crime, then the state will throw the fucking book at you! You will NOT have normal human rights. You will ONLY have the right to food, water, shelter and the right NOT to be tortured. Prison will be harsh and used as a deterrent. sentences will last as long as they are given at sentencing. 10 years means 10 years, not a day less.

      Any MP found guilty of corruption will be shot.


  10. 17
    Anonymous says:

    What kind of slimey brown 2 faced substance is he?

    Or is he meant to be the style? wankstyle?


  11. 20
    Lizzie says:

    One good thing that has come out of yesterdays gaffe by Brown is the attitute of the Labour party bigwigs, Mandelson speaking softly and sweetly to the press, Yvette Cooper all sweetness and light, Harman all is forgiven, where is Ed Balls I want to see him speak good of his leader.


  12. 21
    CCTV says:

    How fitting that Gordon on the day he was promoting the surveillance society, Gordon was caught out by electronic surveillance.


    • 99
      Anonymous says:

      CCTV is so good. I can see the childlike posty talking on his phone, to his mates, as he posts my important letters through the wrong door. It seems the product of Browns wonderful education system can not count past 3!

      And the binman who spits down our house wall as he collects the bin.
      And next door’s dog doing it on our bush.
      Then we have the neighbour from hell reversing his trailer over our garden.
      Or the neighbours builders fighting on our front lawn.

      Much better than any TV election coverage! You can watch but there is nothing that can be done about it. Just like an election!


  13. 23
    John Cipher says:

    Can we put a wire on Clegg? He loathes Britain and Clapham Omnibus man more than Brown. As soon as he gets back into his windmill powered hybrid Lexus switch it on – job done.


  14. 26
    Red_Till_I'm_Dead says:

    Gordon Brown will obliterate the wannabes tonight and gain a 10% bounce in the polls before Thursday next. Twenty seat majority’s my bet. Go Gordon Go.


  15. 27
    gone fuckin mental says:

    someone wake me when this nightmare is over


  16. 28

    The poster should also be changed to say “Live From Rochdale”……..

    In the red corner……

    P.S. I’m enjoying Gordon’s new “up tempo” style of meeting real voters. Much more entertaining……….


  17. 30
    Gobshite says:

    Isn’t the penitent man supposed to kneel?

    That’s what Indy. did!


  18. 31
    Anonymous says:

    So engrossed was I yesTerday with the intellectual giants microphone Gaff that I havent yet had time to seek out dismal Harriets car crash interview she also gave yesterday. Any links anyone ? Have to say she will have to go some to top the Nolan one at the weekend but I firmly believe the woman has it in her to do so.


  19. 32
    Awwww Gawwwd it's 'im says:

    This cracked me up on BBC news this morning an unfortunate Brummy voter comes face to face with gordon and has her own “on mic” moment ha ha.
    I note Sarah didn’t leave him unattended, shame as he would have been removed immediately!.


  20. 39

    What has happened in Labour HQ, is it being run by a bunch of chimps or something, I am not complaining, I am enjoying myself watching Labour crash and burn, these things didnt happen when TB was leader, is Mandys dark black heart not in this anymore, or is he saving his strength to get Milipede the leadership


  21. 41
    barefootcontessa says:

    The worst part of what Gordon said was ‘that woman’! How derogatory can you get? He’s a rude borish man. That’s now been proven. He epitomises newlabour.


    • 63
      Gordon Brown says:

      Thanks for your warm support Yvette. I am a repentant sinner and I am ever so grateful for your warm support.

      Now bugger back woman to Blinky Ed , your slimy git of a husband , and cook his parsnips.


  22. 43
    Arthur Haynes (Comedian) says:

    Whatever you do, don’t call Rochdale’s former MP Cyril Smith a fat bastard or he’ll sit on your face and then probably eat it.


  23. 44
    Anonymous says:

    The fact that Gordon Brown Prime Minster spent longer with this Lady than almost everyone else he has met this year shows just how much of a fuck up he knows he made yesterday. Can I also suggest the reason he took so long was because him and his aides were desperately trying to convince the dear to come outside pose with him for photos and tell the world what a great guy he was and that all was forgiven. They tried and tried and tried. She didnt.


    • 83
      I hate New Labour says:

      Yep, I agree.

      I bet he spent 40 minutes trying to get her to pose on the doorstep and admit he misunderstood rather than insulted her.

      Still, only a week to go and we can be rid of this dreadful little man, and all the lefty tw@ts for years.


    • 124
      Jack says:

      That is called harassment

      It is a CRIMINAL offence


    • 130
      harry the camel says:

      And he went all that way back to her house, so she could apologise in person.

      And he did swear in the car.


    • 372
      Golden Days says:

      Has she been seen since the “apology”? Someone had better check up the scene in that little house. Nokias can do a lot of damage.


    • 373
      Turdsronhim says:

      most likely he spent 30 of the 40 minutes in the bog working out what he was going to say to the press and trying to get the stains from his undies out…scumbag deserves all the shit the country can drop on him on may 6th


  24. 46
    Lord Mandelscum of sphincter contractions says:

    I’ve spent the day drilling Gordon and he is know full of substance.


  25. 47
    Mr Ned says:

    I live in labour land where every Wednesday is black.


  26. 48
    Ruth Kelly's plaything says:

    Please don’t anyone imagine that NuLab is finished or that, if they are, the Tories are in.

    I live in a Tory/Lab marginal with LibDem domination of the council. We went to a local hustings last night where the PPCs for the three main parties did their stuff. The room was packed with people worried about the impending end of the public-sector gravy-train, to which the Lab and LibDem people pandered. The Tory, by far the best man among them, tried to lift the debate to matters of political principle (‘what right does a government have to…?’, ‘can it be moral for a government to …?’ etc – questions of major importance) but was received in stony silence.

    Interventions from the audience were Tory-hostile and the chair even allowed some wimmin to fritter time asking about govt action on the sexualisation of media images directed at young girls. An important issue, I agree, but dwarfed (can we still say that?) by the incontestable facts that the country is bust for a generation and the constitution is in crisis. But that doesn’t seem to matter.

    The terrifying thing is that this audience are CERTAIN to vote – and certain voters are the only voters that matter. The Tory does not have it in the bag, by any means.

    My fear is that, on a national level, tonight’s X-Factor contest, aka Leaders’ Debate, will be won by the most telegenic person to offer superior bread’n’circuses. Thank heaven that can’t be Brown, but it could be Clegg.


    • 74
      barefootcontessa says:

      I always said, when it comes down to it, it’s a contest between the greedy public and the hard working private sector. The public sector think they are ‘god’s’ gift. They are not.


    • 90
      I hate New Labour says:

      I think Tory voters are less likely to go to that sort of thing.

      Plus, in my experience, admitting you vote Tory is akin to supporting the BNP these days.


    • 110
      Peppa's Brother says:

      Similar thing in our constituency. V small Lab majority but boundary changes mean it ‘should’ be Tory. At one of the Hustings the Tory PPCC was given a rough time by ‘genuine’ voters. Turned out that one or two of the questioners were members of either Lab or Libdem.

      I won’t watch tonight’s Britain’s Got No Talent Contest because it’s all bollocks. Plus it’s on the BBC so it will be so biased it’ll make the Iranian Elections look fair.


      • 374
        Golden Days says:

        I expect there’s more genuine fear in the leftie benefit-loving “community”. They’ve a lot to lose (though they think Nulab will somehow not save the world without pain). The more realistic Tories hopefully will vote in the booths rather than with their tongues, if you see what I mean.
        Rent-a-mob tend to be Lefties in what passes for their thinking, and, as I’ve said before, being often “students” or living on benefits, have the time to protest. The poor sods who support them are too busy earning a living to march around or attend meetings.


    • 375
      codebreaker says:

      ruth kelly’s plaything…how right you are and whats worse is the fact that the great unwashed swallow the crap that the Nulabour and now cleggie trot out basically saying anything that will con their way into power for more of the same..nightmare in concertia.


  27. 51
    Embarrassed, Subdued or Necrosis? says:

    When Gordon said he was Mortified which of these three meanings was he referring to?


    • verb (mortifies, mortified)
    1 cause to feel embarrassed or humiliated.
    2 subdue (physical urges) by self-denial or discipline.
    3 be affected by gangrene or necrosis.



  28. 55
    Iain says:

    Did I hear, on BBC this morning, the girl in the line-up at the Halesworth factory telling Brown (as he patronised her about the wonderful exports of her company) that they succeed ‘in spite of him’?


  29. 56
    Postal Vote says:

    They brought us Elvis, they tried to bring Peppa, and now they claim they’re all about substance.

    Postal Votes is what they’re all about!


  30. 61
    Anonymous says:

    Well at least you can vote.

    After getting a confirmation I was on the voting register, it now turn out that I can not vote! This country is run by the most dimmest people ever found in humanity. How can they forget to do their job. It is written in law.

    No point being here. The powerless people.

    As for immigration listen carefully to Brown. Immigration is the movement of people into the EU. He is NOT allowed to talk about immigration within the EU. Go back to the recording, he says it clearly he was unable to comment on eastern Europeans. Even today when asked about immigration, he talked about the points system for external EU people.

    Nasty nasty man. There are NO UK borders. UK does not exist, other than as a member state. How else would he, as the leader, not be allowed to talk about the ONE issue.


    • 168
      Anonymous says:

      Brown on Vine show: “.. the view she expressed, that I was worried about, that I couldn’t respond to”

      OK what was stopping him?


  31. 69
    Wan Gok says:

    OMG! OMG! Brown wears suits from Poundstretchers. A tramp on a substance abuse programme. You ain’t going to diggit if your bigot!


  32. 76
    Clarence says:

    That is quite a flattering pic of Dave – he looks a little like Nick Clegg, actually.


  33. 81
    Dorian Smith says:

    One great thing about the past 24 hours is the number of staunch Labour supporters (here, have your say, the twitterverse and elsewhere) laying into a 65 year old, life long Labour supporting granny.

    So much evident self loathing, no wonder you hate the rest of us.

    Funny how the man of substance, Gordon can be human, but when a Labour supporting granny from Rochdale say something, you lot agree with Gordon that she’s a bigot.


    • 120
      Peppa's Brother says:

      You could put a red rosette on dogshit and they’d still vote Liebour.


    • 159
      W.W. says:

      That hit’s the nail on the head, because most if not all the metropolian, middle class right on Labour tossers, actually despise everything the working class stand for.


  34. 87

    Brown has no style thats a given and the substance he claims to have is lodged in his arse — shit

    he is ugly
    he has political tourettes

    unelected and electable


  35. 88
    jgm2 says:

    Radio 5 listener reckoned it would be totally remiss of Cameron this evening not to start to answer the question and then stop after two or three seconds and start banging his mike ‘Is this thing on? Can anybody hear me?’



    • 105

      “The Prime Minister admits that he could have done more..Well..That’s very big {cough} ot-of him.

      He has says he has been listening to the concerns on British voters. Maybe his new strategy to spend 40 minutes with everyone in the country is a winner.i doubt it…
      We say Brown is wrong. If he disagrees he can Sue Nye, erm,Sue me.

      {Then Dave takes out his Ipod and plays the ‘High,my name is stero mike’ bit from Drinking in LA.}


  36. 89
    Moley says:

    It isn’t the debate that matters, it’s the stupid poll afterwards.

    The result of the poll will depend not on the debate, but on which political party is most successful in manipulating the voting.

    Both labour and the Liberals have shown themselves totally unprincipled when it comes to winning elections. I would like to believe the Conservatives are above that, but I am not sure I am right.

    The poll will be meaningless. Anybody who pays any attention to it whatever is a brainless sheep, and that includes anybody in the media who bows their head and worships at the great God “Poll”.

    Leave people to make up their own minds.


  37. 93
    The Bottle Fed Triplet says:

    My Labour candidate is asking locals what can be done about stuff like litter and speed limits. Leave that sort of thing to the district council! The candidate hasn’t got the guts to mention the big issues such as the economy, immigration or Europe. What planet are these people on?

    I don’t think some of them are capable of running a bath let alone a country.


  38. 96
    robbie c says:

    No mention of Lord Ashcroft………….Wonder if Gordon brings his name up tonight…..Are the bookies offering odds on this ?…..


  39. 98
    Gordon's pharmacist says:

    You saw the real Gordon Brown yesterday. The minders tried unsuccessfully to hide what emerged but make no mistake, that was the real Labour leader on public view.

    He genuinely meant what he said and was only upset about being caught. The bullying nature can only be hidden and not stopped.


    • 125
      Braveheart says:

      Have we seen then “real” DC or NC? When will we?

      I fear we have seen he real GO, not a pretty sight.


    • 198
      Moley says:

      I do hope that the voters in Brown’s own constituency now understand that snob Brown has nothing but complete contempt for them and spends all his time looking down his nose at them.

      You couldn’t make it up. The Conservative from Eton is a man of the people and the Scottish Socialist is a snob.

      Does Whelan ever meet ordinary people while he is Salmon fishing?

      Politics Exam.

      Write five hundred words explaining why the working class don’t and the idle rich aren’t.


  40. 101
    Gordon was right, Mrs Duffy is a Bigot the Guardian says:

    My anger at Gillian Duffy and all the people who didn’t stand up to her

    This disenfranchised eastern European will receive no apology



    • 127
      Gordon Brown says:

      We are delighted with the fantastic growth in support for NULAB in Eastern Europe
      opinion polls. Cameron and Clegg are not connecting with Eastern Europe voters.

      As my friend Vladimir Putin said to me after I sold the UK gold reserves to him and saved the world economy ” Gobshite, you are a BIG ot” (thats Russian) ”

      Thank you for your wonderful support.

      Talk at you tonight.


    • 128
      LIBLABCON Vote B*NP says:

      fuck off back to Eastern EU cow,and incidentally every morning at 5 am I take my St Bernard for a walk.As we pass the news agents the morning papers are in the doorway.Horace cocks his leg and takes a long piss on the Guardian,animals just know things.


      • 147
        OMG says:

        I just read that. The author burst into tears. The rest of us burst out laughing. Look at the highly rated comments. There are some weird people in this country.


    • 139
      robbie c says:

      Dont read the guardian, but was that article a piss take ?…..


      • 237
        South of the M4 says:

        Sadly not. All the delicate flowers write for the Guardian. Most of us have dealt with the same number of issues in our working lives by 9am that these little
        non-entities worry over for days. This total detachment from the realities of life is what makes the Guardian the ideal bedfellow with NuLabour. The Mirror is the same, except targeted at those who have difficulty in stringing a sentence together.


    • 228
      Vulgar Bulgar says:

      Dear Milena

      The Rights and Liberties Party is consists mainly of the Turks living in Bulgaria. To protest the presence of the Turks in the coalition government, the ATAKA alliance arranged a demonstration in front of the Parliament. 2500 people participated in this protest.
      Opposition parties left the Parliament when the Chairman of the Bulgarian Socialist Party, and the candidate for the post of Prime Minister, Sergey Stanishev made a speech to introduce the Cabinet members. President of the Parliament Georgi Pirinski interrupted the session for one hour. Nevertheless, since the necessary majority could not be obtained even then, Pirinski had to postpone the confidence vote till today. Opposition parties that blamed Pirinski for partiality declared that they are going to demand his resignation. Sergey Stanishev in his turn blamed the Opposition of irresponsible behaviour in what concerns the future of the country.
      During the demonstration in front of the Parliament, the ATAKA alliance leader Volen Siderov made a speech, and shouted the following slogan: “No to the Turkish Rights and Liberties Party! We do not want the Turks in power!”

      Sort out Eastern Europe first before lecturing us on how to think.


    • 250
      Nick2 says:

      Milena Popova emotes well. Pity the Grauniad budget couldn’t stretch to a cameraman snapping her rending her clothes.

      But on a (painful) second re-reading I recognised her for what she really is – a higher-rate taxpaying ‘victim’.


    • 285
      Dobby the House Elf (but only 'cos lazy Brits won't do it) says:

      Coming from somewhere as free, tolerant, non-nationalistic and democratic as Russia, I suppose adapting to life among the British must be a real nightmare.


    • 316
      Anonymous says:

      Dear God! I wish I had’nt read that awful drivel, enough to make you puke!

      Looks like the Labour spin machine attempting a clean up or rinse by smearing the lady.

      I once knew a Polish chap who was one of the Polish Officers who charged German tanks in WW2 – he and his fellow Officers were on horseback.
      Bet he did’nt snivel at an imagined slight.


  41. 103
    Engineer says:

    Substance vs. Style?

    Politically, Broon probably doesn’t have much of either, so where does that leave us with the other two? Neither have told the full truth about the true state of the economy and the measures necessary for its repair, so will either of them dare to do so this evening?

    If neither are entirely honest about the substance, which of them will lie with more style?


    • 199
      Crustbreaker says:

      david cameron has said the economy is in shit street repeatedly…none of the parties wants to be first to spell out the depth of cuts necessary to rectify that scenario.


  42. 108
    Sunday Morning says:

    I think Gordon should come out and explain to us the key issue about immigration that came up in his unfortunate encounter yesterday…. why are so many people leaving the UK!!!!!!!


  43. 109
    From Gordon Brown's Mic says:

    I hope nobody mentions that broadcasters have
    to give more airtime to Tories and LibDems
    to make up for the focus on Labour yesterday.

    That would be a disaster.


  44. 115
    LIBLABCON Vote B*NP says:

    I see.said Gordon. No you don’t said Dave. No one does said Nick,that’s how we get away with it.


  45. 117
    Braveheart says:

    The debate will be about the economic substance v media friendly style.

    If it is, Gordon Brown will “win”.

    If it is not, whoever “wins”, the voters will be lose.


    • 126
      Peppa's Brother says:

      Thanks for your comments Ed. Yvette is looking for you by the way.


      • 173
        Braveheart says:

        Master Pig,

        It’s interesting that you would rather the debate was about style.

        Humans would probably have a different point of view, particularly intelligent humans. But then you’re only a pig, so I know you won’t feel insulted.


        • 211
          sockpuppet #4 says:

          Sorry to say, but debate is a skill that is about style and presentation.

          If someone presents bullshit well, and someone else presents facts badly. who wins?

          Correct analysis of what someone has actually said can’t take place within a matter of seconds. Its even possible to wrongfoot people in a debate by saying something entirely false or ridiculous.


      • 192
        GenghizCan says:

        eddie needs his nap naps changing…piggy wiggy scumbaggy slimeball


    • 138
      jgm2 says:

      Gordon win on economic substance?

      In which parallel universe would that be happening?


    • 156
      Dorian Smith says:

      …says “Braveheart” named after a film made by a short arsed Aussie.

      Voters have already ‘lost’ thanks to your friend Gordon, either by £5 billion nicked from pension funds every year since 1997, since the selling of gold reserves on the cheap, and the devaluation of the pound. *

      * other examples of economic incompetence from Gordon Brown are available.


      • 217
        Braveheart says:


        The UK is in a nasty place, conomically. If GB and AD had not ignored the advice of DC and GO, it would be in an even more nasty place.

        Judgement, experience, personality and gravitas. All qualities the Tory leadership lacks.

        You vote Tory on idealogical grounds if you wish, or out of hatred for “socialism” or Gordon Brown or just humanity generally. That’s up to you.

        But, if you want the UK to recover better, quicker, for the long term and with the minimum possible damage to society, to families and the individual, vote Labour.

        Conservative economic philosophy is not compatible with running a modern economy efficiently and fairly. If you don’t believe me, read the history of the 1980s and early 90s.


        • 242
          Dorian Smith says:


          As Harrison Ford said to George Lucus: “you can type this shit, but you sure as hell can’t say it”.


          • Braveheart says:

            You could try to respond to it with some sense, though….

            I know, I know, a lot to ask…

            ..but go on, give it a try…


          • Dorian Smith says:

            I’ll respond how I like and it made perfect sense – just not the answer you wanted, anyway if you don’t like it Labourlist is that way >


        • 266
          I lived through it as a secondary school teacher says:

          Not in my experience, sorry. I lived through it as a teacher in Inner London.

          Thatcher was necessary. Perhaps even a necessary evil. Like medicine with its side effects.

          There is no panacea, nor a magic wand.

          Say your wish comes true.

          The hell set up by Labour well have to be addressed by Labour and it won’t be pretty either.

          It will be mismanaged and unnecessary pain will be felt because ideology does not allow for the flexibility needed to skillfully steer through the massive problems consequent on Labour mismanagement.


  46. 121
    Anonymous says:

    Gordon’s eyes (?eye) are so dark, so lifeless it’s like staring into the bottomless pits of Hell. He shits my kids up and he shits me up too.


    • 132
      LIBLABCON Vote B*NP says:

      mandlscums are the same,were Nick Griffen has warm eyes. follow your instincts and vote B*NP


      • 190
        TosserWatch says:

        save us the one of the great unwashed says man smiles with warm eyes..fuck off and vote for the piece of shit you’ll suit each other admirably


      • 230

        My instincts are to vote Tory (much as that needles me), if you really want to protest about immigration then vote UKIP. People will take notice of a protest vote for UKIP, but a protest vote to the B&P will be ignored.

        The B&P are still thugs just one generation from the NF wankers that polluted this country in the 70’s.


        • 260
          Gordon McRuin says:

          Please don’t mention the needles.


        • 273
          Nick2 says:

          If only UKIP were standing everywhere…

          But unfortunately they’re not.

          Therefore, unless another independent candidate turns up in my constituency (and unlike the existing one, is actually prepared to reveal his manifesto) then it’s spoilt vote time, unfortunately.


        • 280
          Anonymous says:

          You’re deluded if you think for one moment the establishment will take the slightest notice of a protest vote for the UKIP.

          It will be forgotten about two weeks after the election.


        • 323
          Axe The Telly Tax says:

          B&P have my vote now in both local and general elections. Under PR the B&P will grow and grow until they destroy the Liebore party in their former heartlands.


    • 229
      Quint says:

      Dead eyes,lifeless eyes like a doll ,till it bites into you then the eyes roll back into its head.


  47. 122
    TH Robin Cock says:

    Substance – Brown sh*t.
    Style – Steaming pile.

    Pity he didn’t call her a stupid c*nt.
    he’d have had to go.


  48. 136

    A day in the life of Gordon Brown.

    I read the news today oh boy
    About an unlucky man who hadn’t made the grade
    And though the news was rather bad
    Well I just had to laugh
    I saw the photograph.

    He blew his election in a car
    He didn’t notice that the mic hadn’t been changed
    A crowd of people stood and stared
    They’d seen his face before
    Nobody was really sure
    If he was going to the House of Lords.

    I’d love to turn on all of you ….

    Woke up, fell out of bed,
    Dragged a comb across my head
    Found my way downstairs and kicked a pup,
    And looking up I noticed I was late.
    Found my coat and grabbed my hat
    Made the battlebus in seconds flat
    Found my way upstairs and had a toke,
    Somebody spoke and I went into a dream..Ahh Ahh

    {A Labour majority of 300..!! Cameron defeated…Scotland becomes a member of the UN security council..Somebody kisses me..}

    I read the news today oh boy
    Forty thousand Voters in Blackburn, Lancashire
    And though the margins were rather small
    They insisted on counting them all
    Now they know how many votes it takes to Kill the Labour Fool.
    I’d love to turn on yooooooooouuu…

    {crazy music until that final longest sustained suicide note ever recorded…}


  49. 137
    Charlie Whelan says:

    For f*ck’s sake you f*cking incompetent c*nts get the stupid c*nt’s f*cking medication right today or I’ll personally ***** your ****ing ******s.


  50. 143
    Ivor Dayoff says:

    I’ve just had a message from the Cons top dog or is that toff dog, Dave.
    Can you please relay a message to “I pay no tax cos I’m to rich, Lord Ashcroft” to tel Dave to feck off please.


  51. 144
    Dick Robinson says:

    Sorry, I need to rant for a bit.

    I see the Labour tactics are to say that Gordon is a “flawed human being and we should all feel sorry for him” now that they have been unsuccessful in smearing Mrs Duffy.

    I’m sorry but that does not wash. He is looking to be re-elected as Prime Minister of this country. The Prime Minister should be someone we respect, look up to and feel proud to have him/her represent us on the world stage, NOT someone we feel sorry for. This is a country not a fucking charity!

    The lefty scum have always seen our politeness and compassion as a weakness to exploit and use against us. Don’t stand for it, don’t let them bully you into feeling sorry for Gordon. He is a nasty piece of work who, along with his joke of a party, have dragged this country through the mud for the past 13 years economically and socially and has made us a laughing stock on the world stage. Let’s cut out this cancer on British politics for good.


    • 150
      LIBLABCON Vote B*NP says:

      If the UK was not the joke country of the world I would agree. But the fact is it is. We have allowed any sovereignty we had to pass to the EU.Labour and Gordon Brown are a joke and the UK deserves them.Further up there is a post with reasons why people vote labour. The country and it’s population are in the same class as monkeyworld.


    • 184
      Mandacious says:

      spot on dick


  52. 145
    LIBLABCON Vote B*NP says:

    Gordon Brown needs supernanny to tan his arse for him


  53. 148
    RavingMad says:




  54. 151
    I hate New Labour says:

    Style or substance, it doesn’t matter – Brown has neither.


  55. 155
    A Firm Pair Of Breasts says:

    I’d rather have my arse wiped with a cactus than watch it.


  56. 165
    LIBLABCON Vote B*NP says:

    Remember the Manch. The mong of the manche


  57. 167
    Two faced Gordon Brown says:

    Just checked my Birth Certificate. My Presbyterian Daddy named me

    Janus Gordon Brown, not James Gordon Brown.

    Janus-faced – marked by deliberate deceptiveness especially by pretending one set of feelings and acting under the influence of another



    • 226
      Braveheart says:

      Interesting you felt the need to explan the meaning of Janus. Of course it is a Tory blog….


      • 240
        Labour Bigot says:

        Bet you were looking up Anus for quite a while, weren’t you Labour Troll ??


      • 254
        Catflap says:

        You patronising commie cu*t it is your fucking attitude to Blokes like me that is killing and has killed Labour you motherfucker.
        They were meant to be on my side looking out for me.
        Not every fucking other bastard with a problem from around the world.
        What does a middle class socialist wanker know about fuck all?


        • 312
          Liblabcon enemies of Britain says:

          To the upper echelons of the Labour party (and the other lot as well), Britain is simply a dull, mundane place full of dull, mundane little people whom they have fuck all in common with.

          We just aint exotic enough for their sophisticated tastes.


    • 301
    • 344
      more sleaze says:

      for a moment I thought it as anus faced


  58. 170
    TosserWatch says:

    repentant sinner…more appropriate… repellent rimmer.
    Substance v style…..the chin grinner a man of substance…
    ha ha more like a man of substance abuse


  59. 175
    OiOi says:

    Brown Vs …


  60. 176
    Ashcroft says:

    You need to mention Dave more pro not anti brown



  61. 180

    *places telescope to bad eye*

    “I see no bigots!”


  62. 181
    The Cameron Girls Defect to Clegg says:


    • 186
      Lucky Escapes Dept says:

      Thank fuck for that they are shit


    • 209
      Calamity Clegg says:


      DEFENCE…………………………………WE SURRENDER !
      PRISON…………………………………..WE SURRENDER !
      EURO……………………………………….WE SURRENDER !


    • 300
      Universal Cameron Man says:

      The fickleness of women….it was ever thus.


  63. 182
    Brown's shit behavioural psychologist says:

    When Brown answers questions tonight. He will have one hand on his hip and the wrist will be limp. It is the turn of lefty pink voters to be insulted to be tonight.


  64. 185
    Booky says:

    Can’t we have a politician hunt. the survivor gets to rule for 5 years.


  65. 189
    John Terry is snide and treacherous says:

    Gordon Brown has given us substance – a substantial debt and is presently borrowing more than the junk economy of Greece. Why this man thinks he has done well with the economy and why journalists think the economy is his strong point in tonight’s debate defeats me completely. All he’s done is to delay the inevitable by printing money and borrowing.


  66. 202
    Fame says:

    Mrs Duffy now produces 897,000 hits on Google


  67. 204
    "Gobit"gate says:

    Someone on ItV just said:
    “Labour senses that they are losing votes on immigration, which they will be seeking to recover by better communication of their policies………….what poppycock!!

    Labour deliberately allowed 3 million permanent immigrants into the UK in order “to change Society for ever”.

    If the Greeks are already inside the city walls of Troy is simply closing the gates sufficient?


    • 216
      Two faced Gordon Brown says:

      How can I put the Gillian Genie back in the bottle ?


    • 241
      John Bull Printing Oufit says:

      Never ever forget that Blair and Labour told us that only 13,000 immigrants would come into the UK(it’s nearer 1.3 million)and that whilst other EU members notably Germany and France took up the transitionary period of 10 years Labour didn’t.So never ever let Labour lecture you or anyone on immigration…they have forfeited all rights to do so

      Fiddling around with limiting or stopping Bangladeshi Balti Chefs is not the problem and all parties know that but equally know unless they leave the EU they can do nothing about it


      • 284
        Anonymous says:

        The problem is, in the 13 years, they have redefined the word immigration:

        On the Vine radio program Brown said: “.. the view she expressed, that I was worried about, that I couldn’t respond to”

        He is not allowed to comment on something that does not officially exist. There is no immigration from eastern EU. It is migration, and officially only a temporary experience we all have to just cope with. It will disappear when all regions are equal.

        I assume they will be altering the weather soon to even out the final disparities.


      • 288
        How the others do it says:

        France and Germany only allow other EU nationals to remain if they are not a ‘burden’ ie have a job offer which is classified as being liable to social insurance ie health contributions, unemployment contributions, pension contributions. This jobs must be approved by the local chamber of commerce.

        No job, no stay. Certainly no benefits for unemployment if you don’t have an insurance record.

        Britain is favoured as a destination as it is perceived as ‘easy’.

        This is freely commented upon in the European press.

        Even after the transition this will not change.

        At present the Eastern Europeans subject to transition are not even allowed to come other than as tourists or locally recruited staff seconded by a company to another member state.

        After the transition expires, East Europeans will be able to come for three months to look for work locally, but if they can’t find employment, its back home or move on to a new country.


  68. 205
    nell says:

    poor gordon! What a pathetic figure he cuts.

    substance versus style??

    What substance exactly are we talking about? Because the first thought that comes to mind when I think of gordon and substance is the sort of stuff we find in pastures, swarmed up with flies, after the cows have gone home for the night.


  69. 214
    Jim Bowen says:

    Profile of a Bigot:-


    Grandmother Gillian Duffy isn’t the sort of person who hides her political allegiances.

    The lifelong Labour supporter – who told Gordon Brown her father sang the traditional socialist Red-Flag song when he was a teenager – has displayed posters in her window supporting the party for years and she is known as an ‘outspoken lass’.

    Before retiring, the widowed mother-of-one spent more than 30 years working for Rochdale Council, caring for disabled children at schools across the town.

    Mrs Duffy was married to husband Richard, a painter and decorator, for more than 40 years before he passed away from cancer four years ago.

    She is a grandmother of two, aged 10 and 12, and now spends much of her time gardening and looking after her mid-terraced ivy clad home in Tintern Avenue, Rochdale.

    The house – which is worth in the region of £90,000 – is decorated with wind chimes embossed with ‘Minorca’ and there is a small black and white china poodle next to the door alongside a small wooden plaque to greet visitors.

    On the plaque is ‘An Irish Proverb’ which reads: “May the roof of your house never fall in and those within never fall out.”

    Neighbour Irene White said: “She’s a lovely lady a really nice person. She is the sort of person who puts stickers in her window supporting Labour but now I don’t think she’s going to vote.

    “She’s just a really nice person who likes gardening and before she lost her husband they did a lot of work on the house.

    “Like all retired people she just likes taking things easy. Since her husband died she likes to go out walking a lot.

    “This has made me think about who I am going to vote for now. I don’t know if I should feel sorry for him or not. He said he had a moment but to call someone a bigot is not having a moment.

    “Maybe he thought he couldn’t handle her because she is an outspoken Rochdale lass.”

    After losing her husband Mrs Duffy still tries to get out and about by going on walks to nearby shops.


  70. 215
    Father Abraham says:

    Whether it’s the blue smurf or the yellow smurf please remind Gordo the head smurf that the person who “abolished boom and bust” actually presided over the greatest “boom and bust” we’ve known in our lifetime. Every couple of minutes will do fine by me.


  71. 219
    The Right Honorable Left and Right says:

    If Sunlight shine a light on the £90K I nicked from SITH I will consult Carter Fuck and bring Guido/Sunlight before the Sword of Righteousness.

    FFS I am about to lose my seat, my wife and my gonads.


  72. 220
    Sir William Waad says:

    They ought to make it a request show tonight.


  73. 225
    Auntie Flo' says:

    Is there anywhere the whole debate can be watched online after it’s finished? I’m supporting my local Conservative candidate on the hustings this evening and my TV’s kaput, so I can’t watch a video of it later. When I missed part of the first debate for the same reason, I could only find bits of the debate later on YouTube


    • 231
      FED-UP TAXPAYER says:

      Try this.



    • 248
      Braveheart says:

      There is.

      And I would tell you. But you’re supporting your local Conseervative candidate…


    • 371
      Auntie Flo' says:

      Thanks FED-UP TAXPAYER, catflap and Handsome David.

      Braveheart, answer me this, please, because I’m puzzled. All throughout this campaign I’ve been shaking hands with old Labour supporters and wishing them well, just as they wished me well. There is no bitterness between us.

      Yet New Labour supporters are so often as bitter and twisted as you are towards Conservatives: why is that?


  74. 232
    Mrs Khan says:

    Style or substance Brown’s performance will be as popular as a fart during a church wedding. Brown is dreaming if he thinks he will be leader of any one after May 6th. What a dope!


  75. 239
    Fuckwits to the Left of me, fuckwits to the right of me. says:

    http://WWW.slapometer.com should change it’s name to http://www.fuckwitslapometer.co.
    Just look at that graphic! How mouthwatering is that. Twat, Twat, Twat.


  76. 243
    Gordon says:

    Only a few days to go and I can retire to North Queensferry and potter about in the garden………


  77. 245
  78. 261
    Anonymous says:

    Perhaps “Gordon v voters” and “Brown v bigots”


    • 265
      And In the Black and Blue Corner is the Granny Gordon Duffed Up says:

      Brown V bigoted


      • 295
        Brown plays the "Bigot" card says:

        BBC got Brown’s biographer Tom Bowers to do a piece yesterday to camera which didn’t quite go to plan instead of extolling Brown as the Beeboids expected Mr Bower launched into an extraordinary laceration of Brown’s character saying that the outburst yesterday was par for the course and was pretty mild in comparison to his usual outbursts and finished his “hatchet job” by saying that Brown hates the English working class and always has done.


  79. 274
    Mr Brown visits Mrs Duffy says:

    Mrs Duffy’s nephew has disclosed that Mr Brown’s spin doctors had hoped to persuade the 65-year-old widower to come out of her house for a staged photocall with the Prime Minister in the hope of repairing the damage he had done with his off-camera comment about her.
    She refused, leaving Mr Brown to face the media alone on Mrs Duffy’s drive in the most surreal moment of the election campaign so far.

    Peter Duffy, 51, who sat in on the conversation between his aunt and Mr Brown, said: “Mr Brown’s people said ‘Do you want to go outside and shake hands with the prime minister?’

    “My auntie was going to go outside and stand on the drive with him. I did not think it was a good idea at the time. We just thought she had had enough.

    “Then Mr Brown agreed he was going to go out and answer some questions and we left it at that.

    “She has accepted his apology since but she is still upset. She is a Labour supporter through and through and she had already signed her postal vote to vote for Labour but I don’t think that has been posted.

    “I think she is just a little bit disappointed really because she is not a bigot, she is a fantastic lady and she was just a bit disappointed really that someone could say that to her.

    “My auntie was actually going out shopping for bread and milk and when she met Mr Brown – so she could not get anything in like tea or coffee, so she couldn’t offer him anything. It was a bit of a dry day for Mr Brown to tell you the truth!”



  80. 276
    A Firm Pair Of Breasts says:

    I think we need to calm down and listen to some music.


  81. 279
    I hate New Labour says:

    He really is hideous isn’t he.

    A face that could curdle milk.


    • 320
      Bob Page says:

      As George Galloway said “a smile like the brass plate on the lid of a coffin”


      • 382
        Auntie Flo' says:

        Dan Hannan, whom Galloway pinched it from said it far better, Dan said:

        Gordon Brown’s rictus smile is like a glint of cold moonlight on the silver plate on the lid of a coffin.


  82. 287
    Sir William Waad says:

    If I understand how betting odds work, Smarkets are taking almost a quarter of each bet for their profit:

    25 + 52 +55 = 132

    Therefore expected value of payout is 100/132 of bets placed = 75.75%. It beats working for a living.


    • 349

      You realise it is a peer-to-peer market, you bet against other punters. If you are like me you offer bets against (sell the over-round). As the sum gets closer to 100% the market is more efficient. Suggest you read Smithson’s Political Punter book for more.


  83. 290
    Gary Glitter says:

    I will vote for Brown. He’s the daddy.


  84. 296
    Mrs Duffy says:

    Economist backs Dave


  85. 297
    domino316 says:

    O/T but holy sh*t the Lib Dim (JW article – top right) was unbelievable…is she by any chance related to Himmler, no fan of “zee Jooooss” but “Israelis harvesting organs in Haiti” I thought I was on a ZOG or Iranian site for a minute..


  86. 304
    Martin Day says:

    Sun ignores poll showing 50 per cent think bigotgate was a “storm in a teacup” http://bit.ly/asKhoO #bigotedwoman

    I have heard that Gordon will be in top form tonight


  87. 307
    QWERTY says:

    All Cameron has to say is the following

    “You fucking one eyed twat, what did you do with all our gold, where the fuck are people’s private pensions, how the fuck did you rack up such a big debt and why do you keep pissing away billions to fucking murdering scum dictators in Africa?”

    Election won, we can all switch off then.


    • 330
      Engineer says:

      Trouble is, we can’t.

      Whatever the make-up of the next government (Con, Con/Lib, Lib/Lab, whatever) the first job is to stave off complete economic meltdown, address the deficit….we all know the score. That is going to be the most painful wake-up call most of the electorate have ever had, especially if they work in the public sector. There are so many problems – too much spending, ingrained laziness, bloated public sector pensions, excessive expectations built up by half a generation of easy living – that getting many people to understand that it all has to be earned and paid for will be hell.

      The election may be the end of the hole getting deeper, but it’s just the start of trying to get out of it.


      • 348
        Anonymous says:

        Perhaps the upcoming economic and social upheavals will start to force the political class to listen to ordinary Britons for a change.

        Far more likely however is the prospect of even greater authoritarianism, and the political class clubbing and tazering the rest of us into compliance.


        • 360
          Engineer says:

          A certain amount of “clubbing and tazering” seems almost inevitable, especially as the unions have virtually served notice of their intentions when the cuts to public services are announced.

          The other side of the coin is the need to stimulate the private sector. That’s difficult, and it’s growth will inevitably be slow. Businesses can only sell goods and services if there are buyers for them, and international competition is far stronger than it was in the 1980’s. It also means the return of the work ethic, and we’ve lost a lot of that over the last couple of decades when things where ‘easy’.


      • 351
        Axe The Telly Tax says:

        Exactly. Let Liebore and the Fib Dims be destroyed by the economic shitstorm as the IMF chainsaws rip the public sector and the BBC to shreads. The Tories win a mega-landslide in a second election in the Autumn.


        • 356
          Nick2 says:

          Sounds good to me – providing that the Tories are led by someone of the calibre of David Davies.


  88. 313
    QWERTY says:

    Even Toenails is joining in the piss taking of the mong.

    The workers who met Mr Brown in a factory in Halesowen looked somewhat embarrassed to have walk-on parts in this painful spectacle. “Your firm’s doing well in China,” the prime minister told one who was lined up to meet him.

    Her reply? “Our company’s doing very well everywhere, but I think it’s in spite of you.”



    • 338
      Jack says:

      Excellent link

      But also very interesting reference (for Toenails) to Governor of Bank of England saying


      Thats Mervyn King speaking….

      Careful wanting the Tories to win in other words…


  89. 319

    Behind the net curtains:

    “Gillian I swear, I never thought that you would find out.”

    Apols to Homer Simspon.


  90. 325
    Gillian Duffy says:

    Guido – you might want to look into what your old friend Kerry McCarthy has been tweeting this afternoon. Some people would have you believe it contravenes electoral law…..


  91. 327
    Sue says:

    hee hee hee hee hee


  92. 328
    The Beast of Clerkenwell says:

    Pol Jock cock has already lost
    verbally Abusing pensioners , raping said pensioners savings
    Dave and Cleggy should take the grammar school twat into the bogs, stick his head down the pan and pull the chain
    At my school this nonce Brown would have been shot with air pistols , beaten and had scorn poured upon him every day
    He wouldnt even have got a buggering or a wank as he is so ugly


  93. 329
    Fucked off says:

    I’m voting for my local sharia law candiate.I’m no raghead lover i’d just like to upset the local homo loving lefty section of the community.
    Imagine how the fag press will react when a gay couple are not only refused a room in a b+b but are stoned to death aswell.


    • 340
      Jackass Straw says:

      We must welcome and embrace the cultures of all our new voters……er, I mean citizens.


  94. 332
    Anonymous says:


    Labour. In rememberance of the Labour Party which died in Rochdale, Greater Manchester on the 28th April, 2010. Deeply lamented by a small and diminishing group of commies, brain dead prols and their union supporters but not by the population of these islands who are glad to see the back of Labour. The body will be cremated on the 6th May and the ashes taken to the nearest refuse disposal plant.


    • 335
      South of the M4 says:

      Toxic waste. Needs a controlled waste certificate and a due diligence inspection of the facilities. The public will need guaranteed protection from any contamination for at least 50 years.


      • 346
        Engineer says:

        Would suggest that consignment to landfill is inappropriate. Groundwater leaching could contaminate watercourses, reinfecting members of the public.

        A safer course of action would be the construction of a deep repository in a geologically stable formation free from groundwater movement. As a secondary benefit, the store could be used for nuclear waste, as well.


    • 337
      Nick2 says:

      Surely you mean ‘toxic landfill site’?


  95. 341
    Mervyn Klingon says:

    (quote) Governor of the Bank of England Mervyn King was quoted by a US economist,
    David Hale, as saying that “Whoever wins this election will be out of power
    for a whole generation because of how tough the fiscal austerity will have
    to be.” (unquote)


    Maybe Bigotgate was deliberate ? ;-)


  96. 352
    Substance Vs Style... says:

    The only brown substance I can think of right now is sh*t.


  97. 362
    I hate New Labour says:

    That’s George Pig, as any fule kno!


  98. 363
  99. 367
    A Firm Pair Of Breasts says:

    Will there be live chat and Emily inserting tonight?


  100. 369
    Cocklecarrot says:

    Why doesn’t Cam try ‘ blood toil sweat and tears’? It did it for Churchill. Then Dave might be more popular that Nick ‘ Churchill’ Clegg. Brits kind of like the idea of suffering for their country. Worth a try!


  101. 370

    […] They receive far more comments and real debates on their articles evolve (e.g. Guido Fawkes, http://order-order.com/2010/04/29/labours-tragic-spin-for-tonights-tv-debate/#comments 24/04/2010), and use mostly all techniques hypertexts can provide. So they offer more space for […]


  102. 377
    zorro says:

    It’s ok Gordon knows how to run the economy…He’s just reassured us….


  103. 378
    zorro says:

    Gordon looks as if he’s been crying…really


  104. 379
    Gordoom cooks the books says:

    Getting sick of Cleggs hollier than thou attitude wareing a bit thin now you pompass twat


  105. 380
    Anonymous says:

    Just 1/2 listening to the big debate what no one seems to ask why this country got into this financial mess, cutting regulation (because the _ankers said it was a good thing to do), aping the USA in going totally without control(or so it seems) the act of government is to control and frame what people and businesses can do and the primary job of the chancellor of the exchequer is make sure that it is done.


  106. 383

    […] were pinning their last hope on Gordon triumphing on the economy with his ‘substance’. He actually bombed on the […]


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