April 17th, 2010

#TV10 Tactical Voting Against Labour

If Labour drops a few more points in polls and is confirmed as the third placed party, it represents an historic opportunity for Nick Clegg’s LibDems to displace Labour as the official opposition.  Except that the electoral system means that depending on the distribution of votes Labour could, as Kevin Maguire gloats this morning, actually benefit from the strengthened LibDem’s taking votes from the Tories.

In Labour held seats where either the Tory or LibDem* candidate is a strong second place contender with a distant third place contender, the voters who want to get rid of Labour should rationally should switch their vote to the second place contender.  Guido makes no bones about wanting to see the Labour Party wiped out as an electoral force.  So over the following weeks the blog will be highlighting seats where an element of tactical voting would unseat the Labour incumbent.

First up, Islington South & Finsbury, where Labour’s Emily Thornberry clings onto a majority by 484 votes. If true blues want to get rid of the red, they will have to vote yellow.  Free Emily and her husband to concentrate on their multi-million pound property empire…

*The same logic applies to the SNP and Plaid Cymru.

Hat-tip : Poster via LibDemVoice


  1. 1
    Dr Kanvi Sing says:

    Thank God for Gordon Brown!

    What this country needs is strong determined Prime Minister who the people can trust to turn Britain back into a great country once again.

    I also totally agree with Gordon

    And that’s why I voting for Nick!


    • 9
      Engineer says:

      Blimey. The Lib Dems are employing a troll now.


      • 10
        Just shoot the lot of em says:

        gotta spend that stolen cash somewhere


      • 219

        The LibDems don’t do trolls, but if they did, they’d be the most wishywashy indecisive trolls on the net.


        • 267

          I hope you people noticed my new idol Nick Clegg on Thursday Night. Wasn’t he simply magnificent. Strong, virile and handsome. This is why I have resigned my Labour party position and signed up to follow Nick Clegg.

          I would urge you all to do the same and keep out the Tories who will destroy our economy.

          Vote Nick, Vote Lib Dem.


          • Greychatter says:

            The Torys are the one who have twice before rebuilt the British economy after a disasterous Labour Government. It has happenend a third time under Gordon Brown.

            Nick Clegg reminds me of the 1997 Tony Blair, everybody fell over themselves to praise him and followed him. He was the one praising the Dot.Com boom which went Bust.

            Tony Blair was the one with Gordon Brown praising Gordon’s Boom which went Bust. Tony Blair and Gordon Brown Labour, got us into the Iraq war, followed by Afghistan, which are costing us Billions.

            Labour are the ones who have a history of destroying our economy. Vote to keep Labour out but be careful of heaping too much praise on Nick Clegg!!


          • I'm the Heir to Blair Tony Cameron (hear my soundbites roar!) says:

            We’re all in this together!


    • 98
      Minekiller says:

      Thank God indeed for Gordon Brown.

      He reminds me daily what utterly useless, incompetent, morally bankrupt, war criminals the Labour Government, Party and supporters are.


      • 432
        Technomist says:

        You missed corrupt. I take it you work at Westminster.


        • 471
          Minekiller says:

          No siree….and there is no way I would. I did miss corrupt though. Thank you for the correction.

          I have met MPs in the course of my work in the past 14 years or so. They are arseholes.


    • 492
      Liebours' tactics shame Satan says:

      Tactical voting to destroy Labour!!!

      The f*cking SDP (oops, “Liberals”) have made a pact with Liebour to destroy the Conservatives.

      Please wake up & face reality.


  2. 2
    Jac says:

    Damn I love you Guido! It’s about time someone came up with a strategy to get rid of the falsehood of Labour taxing us out of existence and their big brother brand of politics, we should all be force fed Orwell!


    • 76

      I’m liking it too.

      The destruction of the Labour Party is the obvious and most urgent first step in fixing this country.


      • 90
        MI5 says:

        If they form a Lib Lab coalition

        The IMF then arrives

        And the cuts will destroy Lib and Lab…

        That would leave the Tories and UKIP if my calculations are correct…


      • 227
        AC1 says:

        First the destruction of the Work Rent-Seekers (Labour)
        Next the Destruction of the Land Rent Seekers (Tories).


    • 94
      ST says:

      Yep, I’ve wanted to see the Lib Dems displace Labour for a long time and finally expel socialism from the body politik of Britain.


      • 99
        scratch yellow for deep red says:



      • 131
        Tesco is fucking the country says:

        ST – unless the Lib Dems let in Broon again. Then Britain is irrevocably fucked. We must get Broon out and THEN start thinking how to rebuild. There’s plenty of time to work it out when Cyclops is in his rocking chair in Scotland gently moaning to the wall and dropping his chin in his soup.


        • 134
          Minekiller says:

          Exactly, this election isn’t about voting for anyone, it’s about voting against the traitorous criminal ZanuLiebore filth.


          • Greychatter says:

            This election is about getting rid of the Left Marxist/ Communist sleepers in British politics.

            With the Unite union members being about 147 PPC – Charlie Whelan directing operations – (Wikapedia profile – In 1980 Whelan became a foreign exchange dealer. From 1981-92 he was a researcher and assistant to Jimmy Airlie of the Amalgamated Engineering and Electrical Union. He was a member of the Communist Party during the 1980s)

            Gordon is a member of Union as are lots more of the cabinet and MPs. The leadership of that union can’t get on together no wonder the Labour political leadership and whole country is in such a mess.

            Most of the New Labour Blairites have been got rid of, leaving the most dangerous elements of Old Labour in control. Even Peter Mandleson seems to have been sidelined.


        • 228
          AC1 says:

          Gordo will be in Cape Cod and The Beard will be in Canterbury.


  3. 3
    Jac says:

    Okay, that was funny!


    • 24
      Fat Bloke on Tour says:

      C Men

      You must be getting a wee bit worried at the way things are playing out.
      Spunky Spunky going all 1930’s this morning.
      What next, getting Charlie to abdicate?

      Scratchy has taken 5 solid years to produce an offering that tries to be all things to all men, economically incoherent but keeps the right wing establishment on-side.

      Consequently looking a bit shop soiled and tired at the moment and here comes Cleggy, all fresh and interesting who wastes all that work in 90 minutes.

      And he is an “Orange Book” liberal with a history of wanting to cut the state just to be different when Scratchy and Sniffy were trying to share the “proceeds of growth” in a Tony B stylee.

      As they say timing is everything and Scratchy and Sniffy are looking so yesterdays men now.


      • 138
        Leave the EUSSR Tory landslide! says:

        Sounds to me that the Tories are shitting themselfs and Guido is getting direction from tory HQ.

        Do there Tory candidates in these areas appreciate being shit on and not given a fair chance?


      • 150
        Spot the Dog says:



      • 155
        Letter to Fatbloke, Labour's Great Fat Hope says:

        You useless fat twat. You lump of red-starred dog excrement, you nasty Liebore arsehole.

        Away an’ boil yer heed instead o’ yer dog, puddin’ heed.


        • 326
          UKIP are political scavengers says:

          Griffin is better, farage stole most of his parties ideas from the BMP once the BMP had fought and gained the hard won ground, all the while UKIP condemed the policies.

          You then back a Labour candidate and stand against Nick Griffin in a chance to dislodge a labour minister!

          UKIP are political scavengers.

          Still I hope they kick Tory butt down south.


        • 405
          CERTIFIED INDEPENDENT (try not to laugh) says:

          How much fof Lord Ashcroft have to pay you for this blatant CCHQ desperation ?

          Don’t worry you have at least laid to rest all doubt that you are a paid tory central office stooge.


        • 415
          fair and blanced : a list of the Conservative Lib Dem marginals says:

          for those who are independent and wish to see UKIP or any other Party gain more power through a Hung Parliament (because we all know Gordoom can’t win no matter how shrill the scaremongering)

          Here is a list of all those Conservative Liberal Democrat marginals
          (some 43) where anyone can tactical vote for the Libs against Blu-Labour to give cast iron Dave something to think about



        • 469
          Can't remember my moniker says:

          You’ve treated him too kindly!


      • 207

        Fat bloke, I don’t know who you’re talking about.
        Scratchy? Charlie? Charles Kennedy do you mean? He’s gone isn’t he?
        Sniffy? Spunky? Spunky is Gordon, right? Or Balls? Balls ..spunk..yep, that would work. But its all so confusing..

        Can you add a glossary to your posts so we can figure out what you’re saying.


      • 275
        TheDevineOne says:

        That was the first debate – I hear there’s more to come.


        • 422
          All the same says:

          I couldn’t get through the first one, I expect no one will tune in for the rest of the Eurofascist single party propaganda panto.

          yawnfest – it’s the one party state.


      • 303
        trans-sexual watch says:

        Are you stealing McBust’s Drugs ?


    • 193
      Gordon Brown says:

      Shit, we’ve been rumbled!


      • 296
        Gonzo says:

        The shit machine in the UK has got fuck all on the shit machine stateside. The Democrats are in now and this is a republican funded film. Wait for change time the next film will be a Democrat shitfest.


      • 317
        Gonzo the clown says:

        Gonzo come back when you`ve watched and understood the film, the international banking system and corrupt media, also it is not funded by republicans you tosspot it is non partisan it is against Bush as much as Obama, it exposes international political corruption that spreads accross all nations and how it is linked. now let someone who has actually watched and understood the film who actually has a braincell comment.


      • 362
        Unsuprised says:

        Hi I have a braincell and I watched your video, its a piece if shite paranoid loonybin video that blames everyone in the world except for ordinary “merican” people themsleves for being skint at the moment.

        Heres a crazy thought, stop taking out mortgages you cant afford?


  4. 4
    Just shoot the lot of em says:

    can we just start again?


  5. 5
    Dangerous times says:

    No way am I tactically voting Lib Dem. They are even more dangerous than New Labour.


    • 21
      Dr Kanvi Sing says:

      Now look tatical voting is the way forward. The alternate is putting red or blue cheats back who are well aware of how to rip us all off. If we put the oranges in at least it will take their MP’s longer to work out how to rip us all off. Thus saving this country and us all Millions. Trust Gordon, he agrees with Nick anyway. Vote Nick as the only alternate vote worth casting. At least if will feck the other cheating lying b’stards up.


      • 130
        Non-Socialist Observer says:

        Not true.

        Of the 20 topmost ‘troughers’, 16 were Labour (naturally, considering their number of MPs at some 350 and their downright avarice), 2 were Tories and 2 LibDems, a similarity despite the Tories having three times as many Liberal Democrat MPs.


        • 140
          Leave the EUSSR Tory landslide! says:

          Leave the EU and the Tories will get a landslide, what you are witnessing Guido is a lack of choice from the NWO puppet parties.

          Which basically means it matters not which of the EUSSR puppets get in, the EU run the show.


        • 143
          Get rid of Dave, he's the cause of your problems says:

          Hope Dave loses and gets sent packing for betraying the real Conservatives and selling out to the EU.

          Dave deserves to lose.


        • 202
          Cap'n Bob says:

          11.56 Labour could be expected to be among the top 20 troughers and 2.02 Lib Dems.


    • 38
      Unsuprised says:

      Dangerous times I suspect you are missing the piont of tactical voting then. This isn’t to help the LD’s its to kill New Liabour.

      If this works nationally it puts the Tories in with a majority and makes the Lib Dems the opposition. Labour dies and Unite has no influence in parliament whats not to like?

      The more SNP and Plaid the better they will never be the UK government, all they do is take seats away from Labour.


      • 232
        Yorkie says:

        At last someone gets it. Labour has to be killed off for good. We meen to have the lefty idiots safely cordoned off in thier own party. The rest of us normal people then vote for parties in the center ground. UKIPOO and the BNP fight out hysterically on tbe right. The result is relative sanity.


      • 338
        Anonymous says:

        On the SNP, it’s not that simple. The SNP will have a hard time breaking into Labour’s core areas in central Scotland. These are areas where Labour often wins by taking an unabashedly sectarian stance, areas where the politics of party are far, *far* less important than the religion of the candidates (remember the recent election in Glasgow East where Labour were canvassing outside Catholic chapels and shouting slogans about how the SNP candidate was a “proddy” [he was a Methodist, iirc]).

        When you get outside of the over-represented Central Belt, Labour is of no real electoral importance. North of the Highland Line, the Lib Dems rule and the Tories and SNP are barely able to challenge.

        In the Borders, the battle also tends to be between Tories and Lib Dems, as any electoral map will show you.


        • 363
          Unsuprised says:

          An interesting observation I had no idea that the SNP was seen as “proddy”


        • 473
          Anonymous says:


          I don’t know if the SNP as a whole is seen as “proddy”. I do know that that particular candidate was. The irony, of course, is that, as a Methodist, he was about as far from the Ian Paisleys of this world as it’s possible to get while still remaining on that side of the Reformation.

          More generally, in the West of Scotland, I can say Labour has always beaten the sectarian drum. It’s something that people outside the area don’t necessarily apprehend and it’s something that, when you *do* bring it up, invariably results in name-calling and accusations of being a founder member of the UVF.

          One curious fact is that, speaking in the broadest possible terms, the SNP has generally done best in areas of Scotland that are non-Catholic. Its leadership tends to be drawn from areas (Highlands, Islands and Edinburgh) that are predominantly non-Catholic and, while I do not that the SNP is in any way a sectarian party, this makes it easy for some people in Labour to stir up puerile religious resentment.

          When Jim Sillars won in Govan in (iirc) 1988, the interesting thing to note is that it’s one of the few predominantly proddy areas of working class Glasgow. That’s why the SNP victory in Glasgow East was so important – it wasn’t that the SNP had *finally* broken through in the Labour heartland; as we know, they’ve done that before. No, this was the first time that Catholic Glaswegian voters turned in numbers to vote *against* Labour. It’s therefore a positive step in many ways.


      • 353
        Sea Lord says:

        Spot on!


    • 156
      Mine d'Boggles says:

      Do really think that the 31% Labour core in the Civil Service, Quangos, NHS, ‘Charities’ are going to vote tactically? Can’t see it happening. Tactical voting really only works in a PR or Preference vote system, not FTTP.

      Isn’t this all about shock horror and running round in circles screaming? The Cameroons can drop the bomb any time, if they want. You all say it takes just one mouthful – EUSSR – so does it matter when he says it? Later, rather than sooner, is my bet.


    • 161
      The LibDems caught out bullshitting the electorate again says:

      You can’t trust the LibDems to keep any promise and reciprocate so as far as I am concerned there is no way I’m voting LibDem even if they’re within 1% of unseating Labour fullstop. There’s no difference between LibDem or Labour.What will be will be but I’m not helping Clegg & Co destroy the country they can do it on their own without my vote.


      • 347
        Carry On Don't Lose Your Head (1967) says:

        There is a significant difference. Large numbers of LibDem still believe civil liberties take precedence above all other political objectives and they do hate Labour. True, large numbers are also closet socialists who just like to think they ‘Think Different’ so can’t bring themselves to vote Labour, their natural home. The civil liberties message has to be hammered hard by the Tories if they want to ensure there is no LibLab pact in 3 weeks.


      • 434
        Yorkie says:

        You are a complete waste of space and naturally a Tory. Havnt you realised you can’t trust any of them. At least the lib dems are for a real reform of the system. The others don’t want to change it because they benefit from it so much!


      • 439
        Blair's mini-me Tony Cameron grovels at the feet of his Hero says:

        Did you ever know that you’re my hero,
        and everything I would like to be?
        I can fly higher than an eagle,
        ’cause you are the wind beneath my wings.


    • 211

      No way am I tactically voting Lib Dem. They are even more dangerous than New Labour.

      I’d vote in The Greens if it meant getting Labour out.


      • 233
        Non-Socialist Observer says:

        Hold on Burgess Meredith, these flowers below are some I picked at the Polling Report website. These people are insane, and will be satisfied by nothing less than the overthrow of civilisation.

        Amber Star
        Britain is a Center Left country. Today feels like coming home

        April 16th, 2010 at 11:40 pm
        Al J
        I know Roland won’t be pleased with me -but I’ll be overjoyed if the ban on Hunting with Dogs is not repealed.


        • 436

          I know they’re mental. But not evil. Socialists invented the secret police. That’s why they’re so hard to get rid of.

          How effective are ‘the Green police going to be?

          You haven’t decontaminated and fluoridated your dish water have you sir?”

          “Fuck off hippy!”

          “And I noticed a vehicle in the unlawned driveway sir. Made from non-recyclable plastic and alloys. Is that yours?”

          “Last chance flower child ..or I’ll squirt an aerosol and the planet gets it!”

          “Right sir. I’m going to haver to detain you using environmentally friendly, human rights compliant eco concerned non violent means.”

          “How does that work then?”

          “OK OK I’m going.Don’t do it again though ok.”

          “Bog off smelly..”


  6. 6
    Samantha Fox says:

    British Democracy, Gordon running the country on 27% of the vote and 3rd place in the popular vote, Its the right thing to do.


    • 16
      Longbow says:

      And, did Dave make any serious attempt to make it an issue?


      • 30
        Samantha Fox says:

        Not a Dave fan tbh, got found out on Thursday, keep thinking what David Davis would have been like.


        • 39
          Unsuprised says:

          I keep thinking why the heck didnt they give the job to Hague again?


          • Busted nokia says:

            both conservative and labour have ignored their core vote and scrambled for the middle ground. The I agree with nick is going to hurt them both..


          • Nick2 says:

            Because of all the bile in the can from past HIGNFYs etc. Hague’s chameleon image changes in ~2000 were extremely ill advised, and the BBC would run all of Merton’s unpleasant jokes again ad nauseum. His qualities and ability will count for nothing amongst the drinkalong generation.

            The real question is why not David Davies? And the Tories may well be reconsidering that post May 6…


    • 141
      pension robber brown says:

      with a 35 seat majority ffs


  7. 7
    Rebel Saint says:

    Tactical voting is wasting your vote. Use your vote for what you believe in. You’re better not voting at all than voting for someone you don’t believe in.

    Until we have a fairer voting system where you can actually nominate your 2nd choice, always vote for your 1st choice.


    • 8
      Jac says:

      I am a firm believer in that, Rebel, however this system does not give a fair voters choice and thus needs to be debunked. Labour is doing just that themselves with their people begging to Lib votes, whilst not agreeing to the other side of that coin. They are running our country into the ground and frankly, it is time they were smashed.


    • 14
      Anonymous says:

      If true blues vote yellow, they were really green anyway, but will give the country an orange parliament.


    • 25
      UP 4 BALLS says:

      Rebel saint said “always vote for your 1st choice”.

      My first choice is Labour OUT. I’ll be voting for the party best positioned to deliver that in my constituency.


      • 51
        Anonymous says:

        Labout Out is my first choice too. I want to vote UKIP but was ready to vote blue as it is a target ward for them. Unfortunately the conservative flyer through my door yesterday changed that. It could have been written by a child. My conservative candidate calls himself ‘jabba’ (as in the hut). His top priorities ore Improving the local parks and campaigning for local parking schemes. Great, looks like labour stay in then.


        • 177
          Disaffected says:

          Your Tory MP will do as he is told by the whip. That is why we really do not need 643 expense fiddlers- hopefully he will be one of those culled in the reduction of MPs. Vote for Jabba to get Liebour out.


        • 237
          Jabba says:

          Bring me Solo and the Wookie.


        • 244
          Jabba says:



          You have used the wrong photo, and spelled my name wrong!

          You will pay for this outrage!

          Haw haw haw haw.


        • 402
          Angry, formerley of Atherton. says:

          Thats the same as my Conservative MEP candidate was campaigning on…

          As of yet, fuck all has happened with the local parking in my area, other than the DVLA van has been hanging around like a bad smell.


  8. 12
    Sarah Blog says:

    all that the students had been told in advance was that Eddie was coming with ‘a member of the Cabinet’. When they saw Gordon coming out of the car there was a mighty cheer. Everyone was so obviously pleased to have the chance to ask him their questions face to face



    • 41
      Nick2 says:

      “A grand march of youth and students was held Friday to honor the pledge made to Kim Jong Il at the meeting of members of youth vanguard for the Songun revolution and thoroughly implement the militant tasks set forth in a congratulatory message sent by the Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea to the participants in the meeting.”


      • 74
        Minekiller says:

        Check out the NHS minions bowing the knee to the Dear Leader in today’s Daily Mail.


        • 109
          Anonymous says:

          Not all the NHS enraptured by Labour.

          You should talk with my dear old mum – a nurse – who once chased “Sir” Stuart Bell down the drive way shouting about how Labour’s only interest is to keep the working man in his place.

          Then frustrated with the crap, bullying, crony managment she became a union rep but refused to pay the political contribution. At the union conference she didn’t win any friends when she stated that her particular branch of nursing would be better run if the NHS comissioned a private company to employ the nurses and manage the work.

          The poor old bird has spent 26 years working for the NHS and is now utterly crushed by the bullying, smearing and double speak.


          • Jed the peg says:

            virtual best wishes to your mum


          • Unsworth says:

            Yes well the problem is that the ‘old birds’ are the ones with commonsense and personal integrity. The younger ones haven’t a clue as to what those terms mean. I’m not surprised she’s crushed, but I hope she’s also damn angry, too.

            My mother also worked all her working life in the NHS, most of it as a consultant anaesthetist. When she met her final days it was at the hands of the NHS in Gloucester Royal, where she died after a week in their ‘care’. Frankly her treatment was appalling but worse, because of her background she knew exactly what the failings were. She remained stoical and uncomplaining to the end.

            Our hospitals are in a mess. Vast amounts of public money has been spent on infrastructure – and all of the traditional skills and care have been simply blown away by the bean-counters. It’s all very well Brown going on about ‘investment’. That ‘investment’ is fuck all use if it’s being pissed away on new toys, useless computer systems and equally useless ‘managers’ and new (largely unnecessary) buildings. Then Brown says we have thousands more nurses etc, well are they actually any good? How do these provide a return on our cash? Staffordshire, anyone?


        • 120
          Nick2 says:

          Can’t find it. Got a link, please?


  9. 13
    Anyone but Cameron says:

    Same would apply to Labour voters who would never want to see an odious Tory government again. Careful tactical voting could rid us of some really dreadful Tories but unfortunately the hangers and hunters will retain their rural seats.


  10. 17

    This is exactly the kind of thinking that damages Parliament – ok you succeed in replacing the Labour MP with a Lib Dem – but that still leaves you with an MP that would scrap trident, give an amnesty to illegal immigrants, introduce proportional representation and impose a ‘mansion tax’ on old-age pensioners – whilst giving Nick Clegg kingmaker status in a hung parliament. A conservative win in Islington South may be a long-shot, but it deserves every chance it can get.


    • 31
      backwoodsman says:

      Also, the other obvious draw back, is that limp dim politicians , tend to be unprincipled, dirty tricksters, who think they are socially and intellectualy superior to labour ones. Not an appealing thought !


      • 97
        Busted nokia says:

        it is going to be interesting to watch the market react on Monday and in particular watch the pound


      • 112
        Anonymous says:

        Agreed. Nick Clegg’s ‘win’ in the TV debate has focussed attention onto the Libdems, and what we see is essentially an even more insane version of Labour.


        • 341
          Susie says:

          Agreed. What has it come to when a 27% lead has been reduced to a mere 3% over what was the third party?

          Cameron’s got some (re)thinking to do.


          • Anonymous says:

            It reminds me of the late 80s (1988?) when the Greens did very well in a local or euro election. Back then, everyone was utterly fed up with LabCon, too – the liberal vote being split between the SDP and the Slids – and (since the Greens did well in Europe) people knew of them and voted for them – they came out of no-where and did very well.

            Then the press put the Greens under the microscope and everyone learned what they stood for, and it wasn’t pretty. No one voted Green again.

            I suspect it will be the same for the Libdems, except people have found out before the election that the party’s stuffed-full with pro-Euro, pro-immigrant nutters.


    • 220
      Anonymous says:

      Are you out of your MP3 picking mind, tory teenager? Proportional representation is the one thing that could actually get parliament to REPRESENT the people of this country! This is why the Illiberal Anti-Democrats have been distancing themselves from it. They are all the same, you young fool.


    • 242
      AC1 says:

      What’s wrong with taxing people in Mansions?

      I’d have thought that Adam Smiths favourite* tax would appeal to a well read Conservative…

      *Well The only Tax he liked.


      • 343
        Susie says:

        Mugabe’s tried it out in Zimbabwe… and it’s worked out really well, hasn’t it?


      • 476
        TosserWatch says:

        please AC1 are you really such a twat… the ‘knock the rich card’…what a fucking waste of breath…without those that produce the wealth this country would be a run down toilet dossed in by feckless morons who would elect a dead duck if it broke wind in a curry.


  11. 18

    Political reform, must replace this corrupt method of a so called democracy, whereby non elected, politically appointed Boundary Commission who secure safe seats for the two main parties and naturally if Lib Dem managed to replace Labour then Labour will suffer the same difficulties as past Liberals and recent Lib Dems. Regretfully voter/consumers will continue to suffer the same disadvantages as before, ref: political reform party website


  12. 19
    DB says:

    Total rubbish. She’s toast anyway. The blues can safely vote blue, as they should. Many LibDem candidates are well to the left of the Labour Party.


  13. 20
    Gordon OUT says:

    A tactical vote for the SNP in Kirkcaldy and Cowdenbeath would be a most excellent idea.


  14. 22
    I don't like your cunning plan Guido. says:

    So if both Tory and Labour supporters cast a tactical vote then the Liberals would romp home with an overall majority?


    • 29
      Dr Kanvi Sing says:

      I also agree with Gordon.

      Vote for Nick as the new PM.

      Putting my tenner on Nick today as its a dead cert. Other parties have totally missed the point that people want complete change, not just the same old thing with a different colour.


      • 235
        Philp says:

        You poor deluded hoon.
        Clegg is more left wing than Brown FFS.
        Wants to Join the Euro and is openly pro to more European integration
        Wants an amnesty for up to 2million illegal immigrants
        Actually voted with Brown to sell us down the swanee on the Lisbon Treaty
        Supports brown on the NI Tax on private sector jobs to prop up the overbloated public sector
        Wants to scrap our nuclear deterrent when the likes of N Korea,Iran and god knows whatever other nutters are on the verge of acquiring it


  15. 23
    Irene says:

    I’m sorry but YougGov have done it again in setting the agenda and making Sky in particular go manic – I didn’t believe YouGov when they put the Tories on a 2% lead or when they have them on a 10% lead – they have put the boot very nicely into the Tories yet again even though labour are in third – the story is about the Tories.
    There is no way that the Tories share is as it was in 2005 which the current poll suggests, therefore is totally discredited.
    Clegg should now be scrutinised thoroughly for his questionable policies, the only problem is that there isn’t an awful lot of time left.
    It used to be the papers that set the agenda – now it seems it is the pollsters.


    • 36
      Engineer says:


      There’s far too much being read into the YouGov poll. The outfit’s polls are known to be a tad dodgy, and it’s too soon after the first debate to be really meaningful. The electorate will want to mull over their first impressions, and things will settle a bit. Some of Labour’s support will return, and the Lib Dem surge will waver a bit.


      • 68
        Thats MISTER pleb to you! says:

        YouGov polls a bit dodgy? Take a look at the people who run it and their spouses. You will get a wonderful NuLabour suprise…. a BIT dodgy!


    • 243
      Mike Phelps's Agent says:

      This morning some bloke on Sky was wittering on that Clegg pushing Labour into 3rd place was somehow a disaster for the Tories.

      Excellent Matt Cartoon today “Nick Clegg tells volcano to end this nonsense”

      Also on the letters page: Mr Clegg’s performance was like the best man making the best speech at a wedding reception. He gets laughs and applause, but he isn’t getting married.


  16. 26
    Nick2 says:

    Not sure that I could ever stomach voting for a Lib Dem, but nice to see the cross hairs out again!


  17. 27
    Engineer says:

    Uncontrolled immigration, dodgy economics, a limp approach to national defence and making the consumption of bean sprouts compulsory probably doesn’t accord with the instincts of the average conservatively-minded voter. Some tactical voting might happen, but not, I suspect, that much.

    There’s three weeks and two more televised debates to go. Quite unlikely that Gordoom will make a late surge, but plenty of time for scrutiny of Lib Dem policies, and however personable Clegg might be, he’s got some serious defending to do now. Too soon to be thinking of tactical voting yet.


    • 37
      Samantha Fox says:

      Amnesty for a million immigrants, join the euro, surrender to brussels, get rid of our nukes, legalise cannabis was one as well last election, time to focus on the loopy stuff.


      • 69
        Squeaking Pip says:

        Don’t forget increase CGT to the rate of income tax and reduce annual exemption from £10K to £1K. Oh, and introduce local income tax.

        The LibDems: the true party of high taxation.

        Thornberry is my MP, unfortunately. I don’t care whether she’s got a property empire or not, it’s her voting record I’m bothered about. And she’s an authoritarian cow. Given the Tories have no chance in Islington South I’d rather stick with the authoritarian cow that I know than invite a Lib Dem to be my MP. That said, she’s probably out on her ear without any additional tactical voting. Labour’s days in the Granita heartland are over – you can smell it in the air – even above the waft of capuccino.


        • 104
          pension robber brown says:

          well he did well so i thought i read their manifesto ffs i going no where near them join the Euro,fucking mad.


      • 88
        Thats MISTER pleb to you! says:

        On friday, I asked people at work who they thought came off best in the ‘debate’ and the vast majority said it was Clegg. When I asked why they preferred him to the others, expecting them to say policy, or passion etc, they nearly all said they liked him because he seemed ‘fresh’.

        Now if that is what joe public want, I have got this carrot in my fridge, and it looks really fresh….

        I feel that we are doomed more and more.


        • 105
          Busted nokia says:

          yes the outlook looks really grim – cannot see a hung parliament grappling with the debt and slashing spending


        • 108

          we *are* doomed. This is the thing, it’s not that we have shitty,thick, greedy politicians, it’s that we have a shitty, thick, greedy electorate. We have *exactly* the parliament that a democracy of morons would produce.

          Now, how do we expect a nation of morons – largely – to turn things around?

          We mock the x factor approach to politics, but that is all these cocksuckers can cope with.

          This is it now, right through to the bitter, devastating end, this is how it’s going to be.

          We’re fucked.


          • I'll have some of that says:

            Absolutely correct. No politician dare level with the electorate and tell it like it is.
            The electorate don’t want to “join the government”. They want their permanent free lunch. All shall have prizes. Everybody is a graduate. The country is getting more intelligent day by day. We can all make a living taking in each other’s washing.
            It’s going to get much much worse before politicians and the electorate bite the bullet.
            Another 3 or 4 years. Hyperinflation and riots in the streets. Hung Parliament(s). Emergency powers. Blackouts.
            Get used to it.


          • Squeaking Pip says:

            Totally fucked. The politicians we have are a mere symptom of a much greater malaise – acne on a terminal cancer patient. Our civilisation has peaked and we are on the grim slope downwards, a slope that gets steeper and then becomes a cliff.

            We live in a land where to merely be in possession of a fifty pound note makes you suspicious to most people’s eyes. To have £1000 in cash in the home is grounds for suspicion of money laundering. As the cashless-society advances at the same pace as the database state, where the movements of you car are tracked and recorded into the minor roads, eventually to your point of destination, when every website you visit and every search term you put into google are racked up on a vast database at the tip of the state’s fingers,, where your dustbin is carted back to the town hall and forensically analysed – so does our society disintegrate.


          • Doomed I tells yer says:



          • Turned Out Nice Again says:

            Armageddon? Well, it’s not the end of the world.


          • Andrew Lloyd Weber says:

            Armageddin out of here


    • 477
      NorthernGit says:

      pragmatic reality engineer well said


  18. 32

    i’m voting for my 3rd choice party LIb Dem to keep my 4th choice party, Zanu-Labour out.

    My sitting Mp is Lib Dem with a small majority over Labour. The most that was pinned on her during the expenses scandal was a few hundred quid on personal items that anyone else would get sacked for claiming as expenses.

    So by Westminster standards she is honest and trustworthy.

    As the thought of another 5 years of Gordon Brown almost makes me physically sick my vote is a no brainer.


    • 86
      Minekiller says:

      If you are in Swinson or Goldsworthy’s constituencies then you need to think about booting them out. Goldsworthy is a Europhile who has been quite happy to allow Cornwall’s fishing industry to go bust while exuding false platitudes. Game over.


      • 248
        AC1 says:

        It’s not her fault it’s the EUSSRs fault that the UK fishing industry is fooked, oh she LIKES the EUSSR?

        Maybe all MPs should be screened for cognitive dissonance?


  19. 33
    I agree with Gordon. Vote 4 Nick says:

    Can’t we just hang the parliament?

    All of them!

    And just start all over again?


  20. 34
    Alan Philip Bonggg says:

    Not going to change anything greatly if we end up with a LibLab pact except more smug LibDems


  21. 35
    Chris Hoon says:



    • 49
      from the office of The Prime Mincer says:

      I’m just going to have a brazilian …catch you later..shitting yourselves…its 5 more years of Gordon….. happy days are here again…………


  22. 42
    from the office of The Prime Mincer says:

    very funny ‘can’t remember my moniker’ unfotunately your posting on the last blog is a deluded as the rest of your colleagues on Guidos wonderful organ… we in the labour party never put ourselves first its the public we serve and they’re so stupid we know we can get away with anything…look at the last 13 years our record stands for itself…you’ve never had it so good.

    All your takes on the reality of the situation in this country we infect are misguided.. we’re in power and you plebs can kiss our rings like poor people did to kings in the old days.

    If you think Tony Gordon and I spent all those years in the dreaming spires developing new labour to help the working classes plebs and the general public at large you’re whiffing too much wacky. Cleggie has bitten the bait like a kipper they’re ours….the last piece in the puzzle falls like a house of cards. Its in the bag..Forget the alternatives …Vote labour a fairer shafting for all.


    • 148
      Grounded says:

      So the Libdem charter plane is grounded as is the Tories’ Cashcroft plane. Only gordon’s Battle bus is mobile.


    • 463
      Can't remember my moniker says:

      Not me actually Mr Office.

      Just some TaT using my name. I am told that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. If so, they must be truly rattled!

      As you say, those who wanted to be shafted, the answer is simple: Vote McBroon.


  23. 43
    Anonymous says:

    so, in Richmond, is a True Blue meant to vote for Zac? We are a LibDem marginal seat. Susan Kramer has done an adequate MP job and has a clean record as far as expenses etc go. Zac? He is hardly the standard bearer for Tory values.


    • 63
      Dino says:

      Do you want a Tory government in power?

      Yes or No?

      The rest is an irrelevance.


      • 77
        Squeaking Pip says:

        I’d rather a hung parliament – preferably one hung as badly as woodchip wallpaer in a Hastings bedsit. If that crashes the pound then so be it – it’s on the cards for the bear future anyway. Got gold?


        • 82
          Squeaking Pip says:

          Bear future? Even my keyboard is making Freudian slips these days.


        • 100
          Gordon ( SoldGoldAtThe ) BottomBrown says:

          Got gold ??? No. I gave most of ours away. Still, that decision only cost you Taxpayers over £ 6,000,000,000. You should see the costs of some of my really bad decisions !!


      • 125
        Thats MISTER pleb to you! says:

        How about, do you want the EUSSR running your life?

        Yes or No?

        the rest is an irrelevance.


    • 95
      A Calm Dispassionate Englishman says:

      Richmond-upon-Thames LimpDims have given that borough the highest Council Tax in London.

      The LimpDims are clearly rattled that Zac Goldsmith will be a better MP.
      Have a look here http://tinyurl.com/y22ymul

      Looks a bit naughty doesn’t it ??????


  24. 44
    Anonymous says:

    I would vote or anyone if it helped throw Mc S


  25. 45
    Not a Scot says:

    I live in Edinburgh and my local MP is Labour, if I vote Lib Dem to oust Labour it means the SNP might get more seats. Now I hate Labour but I hate the SNP even more.


  26. 46

    No matter who you vote for, the Government always gets in. So vote Green – they never get in. Except possibly in Brighton Pavilion, where the Labour vote makes it more likely that the Tories will get in. So, going by Guido’s advice, Tory supporters should vote Labour in Brighton Pavilion. Meanwhile, real left wing Troskyist revolutionaries are advising their followers to vote Tory on the grounds that the Tory cuts will usher in a double-dip recession, which will bring down the hated capitalist system.

    They say that the British public is too stupid to get its head around a proportional voting system, but the level of sophisticated thought needed to place a satisfactory tactical vote under FPTP gives the lie to this idea.


    • 478
      TosserWatch says:

      Richard Lawson says:
      April 17, 2010 at 11:11 am
      No matter who you vote for, the Government always gets in.

      I have read some bizarre analysis on this blog but I think you get the golden biscuit.
      thatcher 79 blair 97…

      no matter who you vote for the government always win ?


  27. 47
    bye bye pm camerhoon says:

    Cloud cuckoo land for Guido. “Labour finished as an electoral force”? Wake up and smell the coffee. As you well know these debates will finally kill off Camerhoon’s chances of getting to Number 10. They will show that Clegg is far more effective at what Camerhoons trying to be i.e. Blair Mk 2. Another 20 years in the wilderness beckons for the Tories. GB leadership and higher taxes (on those who can afford it) will get us out of the recession. PR will keep Labour in power and our public services safe.


    • 113
      hello the politics of the madhouse says:

      We’ll all sink down to the lowest common denominator. All hail the State !

      Goodbye Aspiration, hello Desperation !


    • 128
      Grandma says:

      The IMF beckons.


    • 133
      what an arsehole says:

      you seem to have found some 1980’s weed, really fucks you up


    • 223

      Yup, must keep them public services jobs and pensions safe. At all costs.


      • 455
        Angry, formerley of Atherton. says:

        Who the fuck needs “Public Services” when they’re working?

        Not as if you can use the bloody things considering they are 9-5 opperations.

        Only folk who do need them are shirkers & breeders.


    • 461
      Tesco is fucking the country says:

      Yes – Bye Bye PM. I’m a lifelong Tory and in utter despair at the party’s refusal to pick the best leader in the last three election, and to fail to offer a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty. They’re a bunch of idiots and deserve all they get. Having said that, I’ll still vote for them as the ONLY hope for the country. Brown’s dismantling of our freedom and the incessant red tape and general bollocks that Nuliebore has pumped out for 13 years beggar belief. Mandelslime is responsible almost single-handedly for keeping a nasty, mentally unstable, lying, incompetent fuckwit in power for three years longer.


  28. 48
    Anonymous says:

    I would vote or anyone if it helped throw Mc Snot out. Imagine his gurning grin on 7th May if by some electoral fluke he was able to claim that he was finally an elected PM.


  29. 50
    The Court of Public Opinion says:

    Gloat while you can toilets, come liebours demolition in just a few short weeks no fucker will want to know them, nor those who spent so much time with their tongue up their ass. You’ll scrap around for a few months in a daze before trying to slime your way into the tories good books, thinking no-one will remember your past, nor the real reason you’re called “toilets”.


  30. 52
    Man With A Very Hot Bladder says:

    With a bit of effort, the Lib Dems could take Norwich South from Chas Clarke. Boot out Monkey-Lugs.


  31. 53
    Minekiller says:

    We wanted the Icelander’s cash, they sent us their ash.


  32. 55
    Just shoot the lot of em says:

    brown, cameroon , cleggover all pro eu , ukip are fruitcakes , the greens are more left than labour , bnp wankers, what a fuckin choice


  33. 56
    Antisthenes says:

    Have you thought of the possibility that the Lib-Dems could form the next government and either the Conservatives or Labour will end up as the loyal opposition. God forbid.


  34. 57
    Just shoot the lot of em says:

    brown, cameroon , cleggover all pro eu , ukip are fruitcakes , the greens are more left than labour , b&p wankers, what a fuckin choice


    • 60
      Engineer says:

      Life is seldom perfect. Go for the least worst option.


      • 115

        After a grim experience with the cutting edge of UKIP thinking last night (looney), and the fact that the Big Three are all bloody socialists, as are the B&P, as are the Greens, I’m figuring the least worst option is suicide.


        • 136
          Engineer says:

          There’s a reason why the fringe parties are fringe parties. UKIP seem about the best of that bunch, but once you get past the sensible policy of withdrawal from the EU, there’s not much else. The Greens are nice, sincere people, but somewhat divorced from the harsh realities of economics and foreign affairs.

          That leaves you trying to work out which of the big three are least socialist.


          • Thats MISTER pleb to you! says:

            I know that UKIP are a bit shallow after the excellent ‘out of the EU’ bit, but sometimes you have to do the extreme in extreme times. A bit like amputating your leg to save your life.


          • AC1 says:

            The EU isn’t like a leg it’s more like a cancerous kidney.

            Lop it out and quick as we’ve got a spare that works better.


  35. 59
    NorthernEconomist says:

    Guido – please please please don’t play into the hands of LibDems in Lib-Con fights where all their leaflets are presenting the choice as LibDem or Labour, when in many cases it is a lie.

    Yes, vote tactically if the Tories are starting, say, more than 7,500 votes or 20% behind, but not in 3 way marginals, where voting Lib Dem will keep a Conservative MP out and Gordon Brown in -> Watford, Edinburgh South, Leeds NW etc.


    • 70
      Dino says:

      Err, he’s not suggesting that.

      I’m really surprised by the number of people on here who can’t seem to understand his very simple premise.

      If the Tories have NO CHANCE of winning a seat, you’d do best to get the lib dems in, and deprive Labour of a seat.


  36. 61
    Ashes to Ashes says:

    Can’t understand why our glorious leader is not personally taking charge of the No Fly Ashes UK disaster, like he did when we had floods.

    FFS he could be visiting stranded passengers at the airports and giving them comforting messages and hot cups of tea. He could install a Dunkirk spirit across the nation and send out an Armada of small boats to recover our stranded citizens in Europe. He could divert banana boats to rescue those stranded in the Caribbean and requisition cruise ships to start up an emergency transatlantic passenger service.

    But all he does is get on a train to Brighton with Eddie Izzard.


  37. 62
    PM says:

    Eddie Izzard reckons Britain isn’t broken and is urging people to vote Labour (their “hearts are in the right place”).

    What f**king planet does this freak live on?


    • 73
      Dino says:

      People see what they want to see.

      For whatever reason, many many luvvies view themselves as socialist, to their very bones, irrespective of their champagne lifestyle and tax dodging ways. They KNOW that the Tories are evil, irrespective of reality, they KNOW that Labour is on the side of the angels, and every lie is therefore justified.


    • 101
      Oh and by the way says:

      He said he “RAN” around Britain …… wasn’t that a lie? Surely lying in a Political Broadcast is wrong and should be highlighted?


    • 184
      Izzard the Lizard says:

      Izzard is a freak from freaksville with the head of a Sontaran, the body of a dowager and the menopause.

      But politically brainwashing the children in a school is a bit out of order, even for that twat.

      Hopefully when the Tories win he’ll fuck off to North Korea with his lefty comedian chums.


    • 185

      Eddie Izzard is doing very, very nicely so why should he want to change the status quo? It’s not about Britain but about Eddie.


    • 198
      A case of I love me love says:

      I heard he hung a weight on his knob to stretch it so he can walk about with it stuck up his own arse


    • 479
      TosserWatch says:



  38. 65
    NewModelArmyTrooper says:

    I reckon the polls after the first debate will correct themselves. It is a view of how all three performed and not their fitness for government. If they were that good (the libs) they would have been doing much better before the debate.

    Plus Dave had a huge expectation on him. Turn some of the guns on the libs now and expose them!

    I am in a safe labour seat so will probably vote tory because it is the party I luv and labour, snp and lib are too hidious (in terms of sympathy towards criminals and the lazy/undeserving etc) to contemplate even as a tactical option.

    Rangers FC – Resistance is Futile


    • 79
      Beautiful Day says:

      Any post-debate polls were going to be biased even before the event – LibDem supporters would be watching in force as it was a unique chance to see Clegg on the same footing as Brown and Cameron instead of as an afterthought at PMQs (Con supporters were elsewhere having a life, Lab supporters were too lazy to reach for the remote to switch over from Sky Sports)


  39. 66
  40. 67
    Out out out!!!!!! says:

    The games have already started Guido.

    I was stopped by our Libdem Candidate this morning and we started to discuss issues etc. He said that if we want Labour out that in my constituency I should vote Conservative!!!!!!!!

    Not naming the constituency but it has a very small Labour majority currently.


  41. 72
    Nick Clegg says:

    Who is this Cheryl woman? Would she blow in my direction?


  42. 78
    John Bull says:

    If you want to help claim a major labour scalp, how about encouraging some tactical voting in Doncaster North to oust Milibandias. As I have mentioned in earlier posts he’s has not been to Donny in months and is rarely there anyway – so convinced is he of his being returned. He holds his constituents in contempt, in my opinion, and should be taught a lesson.

    It is perfectly possible to unseat this placeman, as labour is seen to have sold out on its principles and old loyalties. The tories will not win in Doncaster but ‘conservative’ type mindset is more favourable than it ever has been in the past, hence the success of Peter Daives and the English Democrats.

    if Tory voters in Doncaster in general, and Doncaster North in particular could grit their teeth and vote English Democrat ( not a big ask!), Beaker could be consigned to the scrap heap the more easily.


    • 92
      QWERTY says:

      The thick bastards up there would vote for a cild rapist if he had a Liebour rosette on. Why do you think that the white working class have been ignored by liebour since WW2? They get 6 million votes from these thick bastards and get nothing in return.


      • 144
        Doc Trough says:

        Ahem….The Grammar School was founded in 1350 you know. Cost them a bloody fortune in gold leaf to replace the ‘ed’ on ‘founded’. Sadly now some sort of co-ed comprehensive, but still claiming to be founded 1350. Ten to Two perhaps?


      • 152
        iain says:

        We, the undersigned, believe climate change is real and man-made, as demonstrated by the science, and we must take action as citizens of Doncaster to tackle climate change. Doing so is necessary for the environment and future generations, and can be good for our economy and society.




      • 175
        John Bull says:

        Well, round Doncaster and Barnsley they won’t ignore us much longer,because Filint, Milibandias and whomsoever replaces Ennis are in for a shock. Ennis knew it – that’s why he stood down, Flint knows it – thats why she ditched Gordon on the night the labour mayor was turfed out , Winterton will rely on the growing ethnically cleansed ares to keep her in but it is not the given it used to be , people are really pissed off.


  43. 80
    amongomous says:

    I’m voting for that bloke who looks like Boss Hog he’s promised me a grope of Daisy Dukes tits and muff.


  44. 83
    Shirley says:

    Apparently the more politically minded members of Reading Gay community are speculating as to whetherMalcom ‘Three nipples’Powers-Church Ward Candidate-pierces….thers a lot-electorally-riding on the answer..


  45. 89
    QWERTY says:

    Clegg will get a kicking next week in the debate, the one eyed mong will pour his Fondelbum poison all over Clegg and Cameron will get serious.

    The very idea that Clegg can be taken seriously as a leader is a bigger joke than the idea that the the one eyed mong isn’t a rampant homosexual.


    • 96
      Just shoot the lot of em says:

      i fuckin hate brown as much as the rest of the country ,But does it matter if he is gay?


    • 102
      Fat Bloke on Tour says:

      Lack of Imagination

      I really do feel your pain.
      5 years of hope and what are you left with?
      An effete upper middle class party boy who cannot move beyond his given script.

      Scratchy is a one club golfer who is being found out at a rate that even I didn’t think was possible.

      Clegg is lightweight but at least he has a second gear.
      Scratchy just doesn’t have it, that he made it to the top of his party shows how shallow and thin the Tory gene pool is at bthe moment.

      Any thoughts on how DD would handle the situation?


    • 153
      Engineer says:

      The one-eyed mong might cosy up to Cleggy even more if he reckons the chances of a hung parliament have increased.

      If he calculates that the Tories end up just shy of 300 seats, and Lib plus Lab just over 300, he’ll go for the coalition.

      Watch out for some serious creeping from Broon to Cleggover.


      • 164
        I'll have some of that says:

        Oh yes – Gordon will be all over Clegg. But Clegg and Mandelson will see that Brown is disposed of as the price for a Lib-Lab pact. Mandy has got them this far – take your seats for the end game.


      • 165
        Doc Trough says:

        Cleggy should encourage him and flirt a bit. String him along, then break his heart just for sport.


  46. 91
    Nick Clegg says:

    Vote for me! you can come to my house for tea and fuck my sister.


  47. 106
    Mrs Brown says:

    I am sorry that Gordon will not be able to attend the final debates as he has been shitting his pants and has developed a nasty rash

    [in Browns fucked up mind, if he loses the election it will be blamed on the failure in the debates]


  48. 107
    streamfisher says:

    Vote, vote vote for (and I mean that most sincerely folks).


  49. 110
    Anonymous says:

    If you’re looking at individual constituencies, could you turn your eye to Witney? Who should people there vote for to get the current guy out..?


    • 121
      Anonymous says:

      No chance! Cameron managed to drag funding out of this awful partisan government for a tory stronghold,we now have new schools and health centers thanks to him not liebore!


    • 123
      Gordon ( I AM a moron ) Brhoon says:

      They don’t count my votes: they weight them by the ton.


  50. 114
    Dave's Tales says:

    Dave’s debate is fast unravelling.

    “I went to a Hull police station the other day. They had five different police cars, and they were just about to buy a £73,000 Lexus.”

    Dave has not been to Hull since last august and the plod bought the Lexus last July paying 40k-50k. Also Dave seems to have forgotten that he is Driven around in a Lexus.


    Then there is the black 40year old ex matelot he met in Plymouth who had served in the RN for 30 years


  51. 119
    Nick Clegg says:

    “Dave, you were the future once.”


  52. 122
    Liberals are Socialists too says:


  53. 124
    roadrunner says:

    All very well this tactical voting but this poll puts Cameron in a bit of a bind if the Libs maintain their position and form a government with Labour then the sovereignty of this country is lost and we will be using euros by 2015.So does Cameron continue his nice approach and lose or as he says he wants to, give the people more say.A referendum on Europe would bring back the voters now entertaining voting for UKIP.A definitive cap on immigration say 50,000 would turn some more from the BNP,these two policies would turn the tide,Cameron is not just risking the future of the Conservative party but the sovereignty of this nation.Is he a Churchill or a Chamberlain


  54. 129
    Anonymous says:

    BBC: “A Sun newspaper poll, carried out after the TV debate, suggests Labour are in third place on 28% (down 3%), with the Lib Dems on 30% (up 8%) and the Conservatives 33% (down 4%). Applying the figures from The Sun poll, which came from a YouGov survey of 1,290 people, to the BBC News website’s election seat calculator, results in the following: Labour 276 seats; Conservatives 245 seats; Lib Dems 100 seats; Others 29 seats.”

    ie due to the nature of how the seats/votes are distributed, the election outcome would be the opposite of the vote. Labour, despite getting less votes than the tories or the libdems, would still have the most seats, and the libdems, despite getting more votes than labour, would only get about 1/3rd the number of seats as labour.

    I usually prefer the first past the post system because it usually delivers the right overall result regarding which party actually ends up in power, but in this instance the system’s completely wrong, and ends up delivering the exact opposite of the vote.


  55. 135
    thatchers children says:

    Izzard, go fuck yourself you disleksick, fat, dopey bastard.


    • 147
      PM says:

      He’s about as funny as cancer.


    • 149
      Everard says:

      He gets to look more like Keith Chegwin every day, the hapless twat.


    • 173

      Funny as woodworm in a cripple’s crutch.

      If Labour think that the working man identifies himself with this perfumed ponce then they are doomed to third or forth place.


      • 435
        If Dave thinks that the working man identifies himself with this perfumed ponce then they are doomed says:


    • 197
      Izzard the Lizard says:

      Sontaran head + dowager body + menopause = Izzard the unfunny, socialist twat.

      About as cool as Herpes.


    • 213
      Jonah Curse says:

      Izzard spent a train journey in the presence of Brown.He is not long for this world.


    • 257
      Ben Elton says:

      He is especially well-known as a pro-European Union campaigner supporting the further integration of the UK into the EU. In May 2005 he appeared on the BBC’s political debate show Question Time, describing himself as a ‘British-European’, comparing this with other cultural identities such as ‘African-American’.

      If I gave £10k to Labour could I be in a broadcast. I promise I would not say anything funny.


    • 263
      PM says:

      He can’t f**king act either. He should have been publicly flogged for his performance in The Day of the Triffids.


    • 324
      Labour is dying says:

      This pervert Izzard is defending a government of war criminals and fraudsters.


    • 335

      Edwina Lizzard the Labour party trans-sexual Hermaphrodite !
      a cock between his legs and a c*nt between his ears !


      • 390
        Izzard is a champange socialist says:

        I swear he lives in New York, another nom dom celeb lecturing the proles


    • 481
      oooooer says:

      Eddie says Vote labour a fairer shafting for all…gordon’s new friend has some knowledge of a good shafting the only unanswered question is who had the first go…


  56. 137
    Anonymous says:

    Scottish Conservatives have been tactically voting for the SNP since the early 1990s at least.


  57. 142
    Anonymous says:

    I still don’t get how anyone with a conscience can vote Labour after 13 disastrous years.

    I know people who won’t vote Cameron simply because he’s ‘too posh’. FFS, what is wrong with people? A simple of research would reveal the mad scottish cyclops and Clegg hardly had working class upbringing either.

    Sometimes it feels like we will never be rid of the poisonous Labour party.


  58. 146
    Greychatter says:

    The Icelandic Bank Crash caused Gordon a problem – demanding they send us they CASH.
    Maybe in translation the message got somewhat confused. Iceland is now repaying with their ASH.
    Causing more disruption than the Bank crisis – another example of the CURSE of McDoom?
    Vote to get rid of Labour/Marxism/Common Purpose


  59. 160
    They are all the same says:

    Dave has brought this on himself. If he had stuck to his cast iron guarantee to hold a referendum he would have had clear water between the Tory party and the LibLabs, as it is then they are all the same. So the only choice the voter has to make is who to replace Gordon with, that nice Mr Clegg or dodgy salesman Dave.


    • 168
      God Save our Head of State..... M. Van Rompuoy says:

      Well there’s no way the LibDem/Lab government will renegotiate Lisbon or stand up for the UK against the EU or stop further powers going to Brussels so you might as well haul down the union flag now and replace it with the EU one


    • 170
      hoon watch says:

      Yeah, Dave sold our gold at rock bottom prices and raided the pensions too, and it was Dave who signed the Lisbon Treaty, not Gordon.

      Fucking idiot.


      • 194
        iain says:

        Call me Dave took the hit over Lisbon though. That was the turning point for him. He lost the trust of the electorate from the moment he made that bad call…
        Hague’s been anonymous since. No wonder he looks fucking ill.


        • 203
          They are all the same says:

          You are right, that was the turning point. It has been downhill for Dave ever since and the Tories silence on Europe in their election campaign is deafening.


          • Forward to fuck all with Labour says:

            So you execute the guy who fails to make the arrest rather than the criminal who actually committed the crime? I’d hate to live in your brave new world mate.


        • 238
          I hate New Labour says:

          You’re dead right.

          That was the moment he lost my vote.

          He underestimated people’s feelings on this, and took us for fools and showed you could not take him at his word.

          If only the Tories used first past the post for leadership elections, David Davis would be leader, and I suspect the Tories would be miles ahead.


          • Just stating the obvious says:

            I think that you would be wrong….a right wing Tory Party led by Davis would be in an even worse mess that they are at present….what decides modern UK elections is the floating vote and floating votes don’t go to the parties on the right anymore….people remember Thatcher whom lots of people actively detest.In addition the younger you are the more that Thatcher is demonised thanks to your being incessantly informed of this since primary school. Take a straw pole of voters under 35 and ask them about Thatcher and you’ll see that they regard her as one notch up from Hitler and the Tories as evil personified


      • 215
        Ratsniffer says:

        It’s a shame Dave never gave snotty a bollocking about this in the first TV debate, especially the gold issue, which was a legitimate subject given the topic of the debate. Time and time again, Dave let snotty off the hook.


  60. 162
    the unadulterated truth says:

    In all the heat and smoke blown up by the leader debates, a simple fact seems to have been ignored – the Tories will get in with a comfortable majority.


  61. 166

    If I lived in a constituency with a Labour MP and where the Tories didn’t have a cat in hell’s chance of winning then I would consider voting for whoever had a better chance of displacing the sitting MP even if it meant voting LibDem.

    The important thing for the country is to crush Labour.


    • 176
      • 430
        Exactly says:

        What’s important is to grovel to the Heir to Blair in an embarrassingly cringeworthy and desperate attempt to give the country another 5 years of Blairite Public Relations bullshit


    • 216
      50 Calibre says:

      Spot on. I like the word ‘crush’ in this context…


    • 241
      simon r says:

      I would do the same even if it meant voting for Lembit


    • 262
      Bozo says:

      The only trouble with this is that Clegg might make Gordo Prime Minister


      • 482
        TosserWatch says:

        nobody could make brown prime minister…he isn’t a statesman…he isn’t a communicator…he isn’t a rational man…he can fill the post but he will never be respected.


    • 265
      I hate New Labour says:

      I have a bad feeling that Labour are somehow going to find a way to cling on.

      Blame the apathy and stupidity of the electorate, blame the pro-Labour MSM, blame a weak Tory leader. Whatever. It shouldn’t be close considering the damage that Labour have done, but the fact is it reeks of 1992 to me…


      • 287
        Gonzo says:

        No one is educating the electorate. I have not seen one foot soldier out and about by me, and thats for any party.


      • 293
        chief whip says:

        “…..but the fact is it reeks of 1992 to me…”

        A Tory win then, despite what the polls were saying.


        • 323
          I hate New Labour says:

          Er, no…

          The parallel is a lousy incumbent government who against the odds manage to win the election. And a leader of the opposition who people didn’t really take seriously.

          In ’92, the Tories were not forecast to win, just like Labour now.


    • 279
      amongomous says:

      I think that is in the forefront of majority thinking.
      Labour are a minority party now they’ve failed to represent the hard working of this country.


  62. 169
    I'll have some of that says:

    OT – but has anyone noticed that Ed Balls has been botoxed? Hopefully it’ll be wearing off when the poll declaration is made……


  63. 171
    Just stating the obvious says:

    Deputy PM Designate Clegg will not agree to Brown remaining as PM so it will be Miliband Snr as PM;Cable as Chancellor,Clegg Foreign Secretary and Miliband Jnr Home Secretary


  64. 180
    Calamity Clegg says:

    I agree with Gordon.


  65. 181

    We’re all voting for Nick together


  66. 187
    James says:

    A last minute plea and prayer can we please please please have a good strong Independent Candidate come in and take on Margaret Hodge and the BNP in Barking…….if only the would, it would guarantee their being elected and the borough would then be rid of 2 very nasty infestations.


  67. 189
    Cassandrina says:

    Could all end in tears if there is a LibLab government, as I suspect is being planned by both parties.


    • 200

      The last LibLab Pact was a fucking shortlived disaster. Even Brown doesn’t want another one because the price of the pact is Brown’s head.


    • 201
      Engineer says:

      Would be a short-lived disaster. The deficit wouldn’t be tackled because Lab would want to “invest” and Lib would want to honour their manifesto spending plans. The international markets would downrate us, Sterling would drop like a stone, and inflation would start to creep up. They’d stagger along for six months, then bow to the inevitable and hold another election. The voters, not really liking it but wanting a clear direction, would give the Tories a landslide.


    • 212
      Engineer says:

      Modded. Grrr…

      Would be a short-lived disaster. The deficit wouldn’t be tackled because Lab would want to “invest” and Lib would want to honour their manifesto spending plans. The international m*rkets would downrate us, Sterling would drop like a stone, and inflation would start to creep up. They’d stagger along for six months, then bow to the inevitable and hold another election. The voters, not really liking it but wanting a clear direction, would give the Tories a landslide.


    • 428
      I'm the Heir to Blair Tony Cameron (hear my soundbites roar!) says:


  68. 191
    Anonymous says:

    JOIN,INVITE,DOWNLOAD AND DESTROY! DOWNLOAD STARTS 26TH APRIL. http://www.amazon.co.uk/Anarchy-1993-Digital-Remaster-Explicit/dp/B001IRZWS4?&camp=2842&creative=14642&linkCode=wag&tag=tunecheckerco-21


  69. 195
    Gordon ( SoldGoldAtThe ) BottomBrown says:

    I’m in preparation for next week’s TV debate with my new mate, Calamity Clegg.



  70. 196
    Moley says:

    It’s a good idea, Guido

    The conservatives (or someone else) need a dedicated public website with the information permanently displayed.

    Labour need destroying. The Lib Dems are not prepared for Government but if they are left the main opposition that would be fine.

    Government next time.


  71. 205
    Peasant says:

    You are a Tory, aren’t you Guido? Dave’s little helper.


  72. 206
    PM says:

    Brown reckons the election is “wide open”. The man is clearly insane.


  73. 210
    Ratsniffer says:

    Remember Tony B Liar’s speech when he won and promised to “destroy the forces of conservatism?” Well now, we must do EVERYTHING to crush the forces of socialism. 13 years of these idiots has brought our country to the brink of ruin.

    So, tactical voting? The trouble is, it seems Clegg is aligning himself more with labour than the conservatives and gives very little encouragment to conservatives to vote tacticaly.

    Let’s not forget that St Vincent of Cable is, I believe, a former labour councillor, and there are many in Clegg’s party who might be considered more left wing that some labour MPs.

    So some encouraging noises from the Cleggmiester would be a good start, rather than blowing kisses at labour…heaven help us if it is Clegg who turns out to be the heir to Blair.


  74. 217
    The British Voter Speaks says:

    I ate fatcher but kunnock is ginger.
    I’m voting ashdown.


  75. 221
    Cynic says:

    Note to self : must remember to short sterling on Monday


  76. 226
    cassandra king says:

    Ha ha ha ha!

    Honest Dave and his NWO EUSSR stooge fuckwit buddies are not going to be exactly popular with the tory bigwigs after this are they?
    A real right wing genuine tory party led by a real true blue tory leader would be heading for a landslide, an EU referendum, a full on quango extermination pogrom, a deep cleansing of the nonjob gravytrain and a return to low taxes.
    But oooh no, honest Dave thought we had all turned into newlabour diversity outreach communications executives heavy on the social conscience and light on the brains.
    Five years of a liblab trainwreck IF the two can hold their leaky marriage together for that long and then a real genuine right wing government can step in and pick up the wreckage.
    The UK electorate really need their noses rubbing in the leftist cow pat, perhaps a few years of utter poverty,rampant inflation, civil strife and energy rationing will bring people to their senses?
    It will be wortwhile seeing a liblab pact just to witness the petty squabbles and handbags at dawn childish bust ups!


    • 246
      cassandra king says:

      BTW FWIW and word to the wise,

      Buy gold coins as and when you can, 1/4-1/2-full sovereigns and stock up on anything tradeable for when paper money er…uhm..well you get the picture. Keep this advice to yourselves though hush hush and all that.


    • 254

      That’s a scenario I would like to see happen. I just hope the country doesn’t end up as Zimbabwe or it could take some time to turn around.

      But I would love to see house prices fall 75% and 12 million idiots out of work. The dozy Brits are sleepwalking into a nightmare of hideous proportions.

      Fortunately I have a safe seat and a font-row one at that.


    • 460
      NewModelArmyTrooper says:

      Most sensible post on this thread


  77. 229
    Catflap says:

    My sitting Conservative MP and MEP are in very safe seats.
    As it happens I also like the two fellas.
    So I can afford to vote tacticaly.
    I want my MP to have a reduced majority so he can go back to Parliament and Say,
    “Not even I am seen as right wing enough for my constituancy,so you cu*ts MUST be shit.Fucking change”
    Send a message to your sitting Conservative in a safe seat.
    Vote UKIP.


    • 253
      Be careful what you wish for says:

      “My sitting Conservative MP and MEP are in very safe seats…” A very very dangerous assumption.If enough vote like you and others in the constituency who would vote LibDem not Labour your MP may not actually be in a safe seat and lose


      • 270
        streamfisher says:

        Could be…. my shitting ( is my seat safe enough ) Conservative Mp and Mep, and that obviously applies to all the rest of the political denominations.


      • 280
        Catflap says:

        Don’t get me wrong.
        My bumhole has been blinking faster than Edd Balls eyelids since the election was called.
        But Britain has to have political change sometime.We cannot go on like this.
        We cannot afford it for a start.
        It only takes a fag paper for the LibLabCons to claim a mandate to fuck us up the arse again.
        Death by a thousand cuts.
        Fuck that. Fix it or die trying.


        • 289
          John Major's Soap Box says:

          I think that the coming election is far too serious to fuck around with your vote and to make assumptions regarding “safe seats”…the expenses scandal has made no sitting MP safe in the election whether they have 10,000 plus majorities or whatever


  78. 234

    21 in the shade here at the mo, Met predicted 15 – why the disparity and why does it matter? BECAUSE we have a perfect example this weekend of the absence of an affect the climate models do not take into account: the impact of areosols and particulates upon high altitude cloud formation. Lack of particulates, a lack of material to *condense* around, produces minimal cloud cover, and higher temperatures. Since the planes stopped flying, I havent’ seen a cloud…

    Now then, global warming models assume the *varying* impact of both water vapour at altitude, and the availability of condensation centres, make no appreciable difference t ground temperatures – it’s one of the reasons way they dismiss cosmic ray/solar wind models which demostrate a much larger impact on climate than the fake “consensus” accepts.

    So, this weekend, the Met said, with their models, which assume upper atmosphere particulates make little difference, 15 degrees C up here, I predicted first thing this morning 21, I’m sitting in my garden and it’s… 21 in the shade, a lot warmer out of it.

    If the Met Office can’t figure this out, eight hours in advance, why do they think they can figure out our climate a century from now? If their model excludes such an obviously significant factor, how can they be so *certain* their bloody CO2 is the culprit for GW?


    mmmm sunshineeeeeeeeeeeeeee


    • 258
      Iceland's Revenge says:

      Gordon Brown’s One Thousand Brilliant Wheezes that changed the UK

      No 874 …….Freezing Icelands Assets WAS the right thing to do


    • 260
      Catflap says:

      A story on the BBC teletext says that because of reduced sunspot activity Britain will experience cooler Temps for possibly a long time.
      They had to add however that this was a localised issue and World Temps were still rising.
      So the sun only shines on and affects fucking Britain then?
      The evidence against climate change Bollocks is stacking up faster than the Bullshit excuses.
      The wanker Eco crowd can’t keep up.


      • 268
        AC1 says:

        There never WAS any evidence it was all fraud or cherry-picked data from random datasets.

        A bit like our Inflation stats…


        • 278
          Postman Prat says:

          Or Gordoom’s Immigration figures…


          • Calamity Clegg says:

            We will have unlimited immigration when I am Prime Minister.


          • Wavy Davy Bullingdon Gravy Loves to eat his Greens says:

            Mr Cameron said:

            “If you want to understand climate change, go and see Al Gore’s film, An Inconvenient Truth.
            Today, I want to tell the British people some uncomfortable truths. There is a price for progress in tackling climate change.”

            Mr Gore praised the role Mr Cameron had played in promoting environmental issues.

            “The fact that both your political parties are competing vigorously to offer solutions is very important,” he told Tory frontbenchers.

            “I can assure you that people around the world really are watching and are appreciating the quality of this debate.”


      • 288
        Another Engineer says:

        Bad science. The original paper on which this is based suggested an 8% probability of a Maunder Minimum style decrease in solar output.

        BBC are making that up.


    • 285
      Another Engineer says:

      I’m no mad global warmist, but you do have to be careful here.

      The average temperature is not affected in the same way as conversely it will be colder at night due to outward radiation. If it is correct about air travel causing cooling, that means that without it, it would be significantly warmer, and perhaps the doom merchants have a point.

      Do agree about the models though. 18C here.


    • 298
      Anonymous says:

      no chemtrails either so it’ll stay sunny for a change


    • 339
  79. 236
    Simon Heffer says:

    We now know exactly who Nick Clegg is: he is Mr Integrity, the nation’s sweetheart, the only honest man in politics. I had thought the public were a bit brighter than that, and would see through his pious, sanctimonious, oleaginous, not-me-guv display of cynical self-righteousness: but they didn’t. And for that we can only blame the two inadequates with whom he had the good fortune to go in front of the cameras: for they were shocking.



    • 239
      Simon Heffer concludes on Dave says:

      Still, it could have been worse: just imagine if he had had to debate with Ukip, too, about the real meaning of conservatism.


    • 245
      Anonymous says:

      How true. Brown was actually urging him on and encouraging him. Wrong again Mr Brown.


  80. 250
    REEVO says:

    I am enjoying this election circus far more than I thought I would.

    I don’t think the Tories will go after Clegg with too much enthusiasm because they will need him after the election, and lets face it the Tories are in enough trouble as it is with their mystery policies, they have just found out the electorate that matters do not trust them one little bit.

    Smart Tories already know Cameron is toast, the Tories know he has already blown it for them, the don’t knows, disaffected and disgusted have found their means to break the Nulab/Tory stranglehold and they won’t be easily denied.

    The electorate also knows that the Tories and Nulab have had many languished years in power to blow the whistle on MP’s expenses scams but instead choose to join in the looting spree at the taxpayer’s expense.

    The electorate has had enough of political contempt for them, seen right trough them and now, its payback time.


    • 255
      fruitloop watcher says:

      God, you’re dumb.


    • 261
      Jimmy Heddle says:

      Utter Utter madness….do you really understand the dangerous implications for the UK and its economy of a hung parliament ?


    • 318

      Time for your nappy change Mr Brown


    • 366
      Taxfodder says:

      A good analysis, clearly the Tories are where they deserve to be.

      They have utterly failed to get a grip, smoke, mirrors and “the worry factor” just won’t work on a disenchanted electorate.

      They are Westminster wise and Westminster is hopelessly out of its depth!

      We live in different times, as old school politics RIP.


  81. 252
    Wassox says:

    One has to ask the question —- Given the track record of this Labour Government, how it has basically fucked up the country and most hard working individuals. What the fuck has David and his Merry Men been doing so that they are looking at a potentially hung parliament???? They should have been so far out in front in the opinion polls that that it’s embarrassing, not worrying about the Lib Dems. My only conclusion is that high level decisions have been made not to win the election outright, either because the Tories are scared of the potential financial time bomb they are about to inherit or that their N.W.O bosses have decided that labour are more controllable, due to their incompetence, and have instructed David and his Merry Men to back off!!
    Otherwise it is apparent that they all must be a load of totally incompetent fuckwits who have no right to govern a rabbit warren let alone this country. Having digested to manifesto of the Monster Raving Looney Party I feel that I few of these eminent individuals have as much right to represent us as the other bunch of clowns!!


    • 309
      Cardinal del Monte says:

      The reason the Conservatives are looking at a hung Parliament is our electoral system. BUT, they’re opposed to any change to the old system!

      It’s the only conservative thing about the “Conservative” Party.


  82. 256
    manicbeancounter says:

    Take a look at the Lib-Dem Manifesto. They outdo Labour on hitting the rich and have not got Labour’s authoritarian streak. It is the Lib-Dems long-held aim to supplant Labour as the party of the left.
    Clegg also recognises there is a £70bn structural deficit – the fault of Gordon Brown not the credit crunch.
    In the third debate on the economy, Clegg will say something like.
    The reason that we are squabbling about expenditure cuts and tax rises is not due to the massive recession – those can be largely taken care of by a strong recovery – it is soley due to Gordon Brown’s policies. It is these policies that have destroyed public spending for a generation”.

    Lib-Dems then pass 30%, Labour down to sub-25% (Many voters staying at home) and the Tories a comfortable majority. Labour implode as both Blairites and Brownites rip each other apart.
    Labour fear the Conservatives, but Nick Clegg and the Lib-Dems could see them out of office for ever.

    See http://manicbeancounter.wordpress.com/2010/04/16/lib-dem-manifesto-%e2%80%93-an-appeal-to-the-labour-left/
    For how much of the deficit is Brown’s fault see




  83. 271
    Great British Public says:

    Gordon will be unable to join ‘Take That’ as he has taken everything from us that wasn’t firmly screwed down to the floor.


  84. 272
    Pavlov's Bell says:

    Nice one Guido!


  85. 277
    olddad says:

    Of course this is not new. Chesterfield conservatives regularly vote for the Lib dem. As a result a traditional labout seat was taken from them in 2002. The conservatives would never win this seat.


  86. 283
    AC1 says:

    Ripley has some advice on parliament.


  87. 290
  88. 297
    Cardinal del Monte says:

    For me, the ideal result would be for Labour to come third in terms of votes but to win an absolute majority in seats and so form the next government. This would reveal as never before our monstrously skewed electoral system and probably make reform inevitable.

    I’m not necessarily thinking of proportional representation. A first step must be to strip Labour of its depopulated inner city seats and the disproportionate number of Scottish seats in the Westminster Parliament.


  89. 300
    Columbo says:

    Tough on crime tough on the causes of crime.


    A whiter than white government.

    A world class NHS.

    A refurendum on the Lisbon treaty.

    It’s been 13 years now and starting to think they might of lied to grab power and set about their own agenda.


  90. 301
    It doesn't add up... says:

    Is it one link per post?

    BBC Journalist Sarah Bell’s Twitter feed:



  91. 306
  92. 307
    Don't mess with the Clegghan says:

    Yes it is true! i service the blue rinse brigade.


  93. 307
    Bankrupt Britain says:

    The gurning fool is mouthing off about Rwanda and Ethiopia at the moment in Milton Keynes.

    He’s a lunatic. We’re going to be in over £1,000,000,000,000 in 4 years and he’s talking abiut giving more to Africa. That’s his problem – he doesn’t actaully care about domestic issues and the British people.


  94. 311
    MAD FRANKIE HADDOCK son of COD says:

    Why do the tories still let McShite say “the tories figures dont add up ”
    without defending it
    all they have to say is we have promised to deliver and we will !
    nobody is interested in a major disscusion on the in’s and out’s of it
    but Cameron should just retort every time they say it
    “with well your figures were so badly wrong that you bankrupted the county so we wont be taking any lessons off labour !


  95. 313
    Baku Pygmy Tribe says:

    Reflecting on New Labour’s years in Government. They have taking Machiavellian politics to the extreme. They have lined their own pockets, Cheriegate and comeback Mortgage Mandelson and flipping houses are only a few examples how this democracy is governed. Policies are shaped by business and not in the interest of the people. Our politicians have demonstrated over and over that they are corrupt.
    Lies are the government’s truth backed by a lazy media who no longer bother to check facts. The Iraq war was the consequence of New Labour lies and spin. Justice is nothing more than whitewash.
    Big Brother government erodes our basic liberties. Fighting crime and tackling unemployment is nothing more than fiddling statistics. Policies are notshaped on facts, they are deviously designed to keep government in power.


  96. 314
  97. 319
    Bob Ainsworth says:

    “Labour will not let them down.”

    Labour will today set out its commitment to protecting Britain’s security and supporting our troops



  98. 321
    TAT'S COTTAGE says:

    Fuck Off TAT you sad lonley bastard !


  99. 322
    Del Check says:

    How long will it be before this gets deleted?


  100. 325
    Experienced political commentator says:

    Here’s the most likely post-election scenario. Conservatives the biggest party but well short of overall majority. Libdems get 100+ seats and form a coalition with Labour on the condition that Clegg replaces Brown as PM. Cameron resigns and is replaced by Liam Fox.


    • 344
      Coalition Clegg says:

      The Pound promptly collapses as overseas investors take fright at ‘government’ of the Loony Left. Inflation starts to lift off, interest rates begin to follow. Ratings agencies downgrade U.K. government debt from AAA status and long-term interest rates rise. The IMF are called in as government finances go down the pan.
      Prime Minister Calamity Clegg calls for everyone to wear sandals, hold hands and chant Hare Krishna.


    • 414
      Henry's Afterthought says:

      Would Liam Fox get his name on any shortlist approved by our new emperor and his courtiers across the Channel? It does seem to be a prerequisite for the job these days.


    • 486
      knobnuts says:

      brown would never stand down for clegg and liam is good material but not a pm


  101. 329

    TAT You Sad Lonely Fucker !
    Won’t the other children play with you again
    so you have to stay in on this really sunny day and pretend you have friends here ?

    How is this fantastic Blog Comming on?
    nobody can wait to see it you lying fucker


    • 431
      whiny pussy says:

      nobody loves wavy Davy!

      WHY!! WHY!!!! WHY!!!!!!

      because he’s shit you retarded dog-spunker


  102. 331
    Holly says:

    So what you and the media bods are trying to tell us is, regardless of Cleggs policies,the voter will vote Lib Dem if in second place as opposed to the Conservatives, other or stay at home?
    I do not believe that if the Lib Dems are in second, everyone in a constituency would vote Lib Dem, unless they have ALL taken some kind of Lib Dem voting drug.
    It is a big ask don’t you think? Happening nationally? I find that laughable.
    The talk on news channels & blog sites today,insults the intelligence of the electorate,after one debate.
    I agree Clegg won on presentation,however once the public see how they would govern, or allow Europe to govern us,people will sit up & take notice.
    If they don’t, and give Clegg the power needed,Which I doubt, to sell us out
    to Europe, far too many people would have something to say, like referendum in or out….Maybe the other two parties would demand this,but hey ho,Bozo said he didn’t need one so why should Clegg?
    Interesting five years ahead? Or a massive Conservative majority..the choice really is now down to WE the people.
    That is the ONLY great thing to come out of the debates,of which I believe David Cameron knew would happen…FORCE your opponents to show THEIR hands..If Cameron didn’t know this would happen….& people recoil from Clegg…who already hate Bozo & Labour…..DC benefits.


  103. 334
    Anonymous says:

    Heard a discussion today in which it was shown that even if Labour end up in third place then they can still form the next Government. And they call this democracy !!!


  104. 336
    Ratsniffer says:

    So how can Dave pull it back? What can he say and do that will get those voters? Seems to me the only time his poll tracker rose was when he spoke about immigration and discipline in schools…


    • 350
      the rise and downfall of Dave says:

      And gave a cast iron guarantee that he would hold a referendum


      • 403
        The LibDems caught out bullshitting the electorate again says:

        One thing’s certain a Lib/Lab pact will deliver further EU integration.

        P.S. Incidentally Labour and the LibDems both reneged on their promise to hold a referendum on Lisbon and the LibDems refused to support the Conservatives amendment….. the only party that held out until the Lisbon Treaty was ratified.It was law so a referendum which Cameron had bo power to call was a complete waste of time and when did an Opposition Party start governing the UK ??Blame Labour and the LibDems for their betrayal over Lisbon.They are the ones that foisted the legislation on to us.

        So let’s get things right about Clegg and the LibDems over Lisbon shall we and kill the myth that Cameron betrayed the country.It was Brown and Clegg


    • 352
      Mojofury says:

      My advice to Cameron “Loose the manners, get down and dirty, appeal to the base instincts, Get the referendum on any future EU integration onto the agenda, be himself, people prefer a battler to a bottler.

      If it fails at least go down with a fight, a hung parliament will result in economic chaos.


      • 376
        Sea Lord says:

        My advice to Cameroon : “lose the election”. This isn’t one to win. If you lose it, you will become the big time winner soon after; the chaos will ensure it. Don’t listen to your HQ dorks. The issues ned to be faced up to by the left. Just be ready to pick up the pieces.


        • 399
          Just stating the obvious says:

          Trouble with that is that Cameron won’t be in situ very long if he loses. He’ll be out along with Osborne,Hague and all the present Tory front benchThe call from the disgruntled grassroots deprived of power for another 5 years for the Tory party to lurch to the right under a caretaker David Davis, awaiting the prince across the water Dan Hannan to be elected to Westminster and he and Douglas Carswell et al will be unstoppable.It’ll be electoral suicide of course and the end of the Tory Party but when has common sense ever prevailed with some people in the party ?


  105. 340
    Anonymous says:

    Nice joke currently circulating in Iceland.

    Britain: “WTF Iceland?!!!!? Why did you send us volcanic ash? Our airspace has shut down.”

    Iceland: “What ? It’s what you asked for isn’t it ? “

    Britain: “ NO! Cash! Cash! you dyslexic fuck. CASH!”

    Iceland: “ Whoooops. There is no C in the Icelandic alphabet, so when you ask for Cash, all you get is Ash!”


    • 441
      pigs in space says:

      It’s probably funny in Icelandic.


    • 443
      Basilbrusher says:

      that originated on this blog site because I wrote it….

      Basilbrusher says:
      April 15, 2010 at 12:14 pm

      sods law isn’t it British investors deposit dollops of cash in iceland banks and they give us back …ash…the hoons forgot the C

      keep up anonymous most unlike you !!


  106. 342
    Gary Glitter says:

    Vote for Brown and the Pope!


  107. 346
    Dr T.H.E Figures says:

    I have gone through all the comments and the results are now in.

    Labour says Gordon won because of how good the country has been run by by lady Mandyson!

    Conservative says David won just because the party said so.
    Even though no one actually noticed he was in today’s comments at all!

    Libs don’t have to say anything.

    They just have to let the public decide if they want real change of the same old thing?

    Labour 23%
    Cons 22%
    Libs 55%

    So that’s a clear victory for Labour!

    Oh and a clear victory for the Cons as well!

    Still want to trust either of these 2 party’s who are so good at manipulating the figures with the country’s finances?


  108. 348
    Cleggomania says:

    Nick Clegg is the new Obama.


  109. 355

    Gordon Brown statistics generator: Funny, and probably more accurate too.


  110. 360
    The British Voter Speaks says:

    I like Orange,it matches my fake suntan.
    LibDems for me.


  111. 361
    Yes He can says:

    The way that Cleggomamia is spreading is going to make tactical voting for the libDems redundant


  112. 364
    Prudent Saver (Retired) says:

    Tax avoidance. “The minimization of tax liability by lawful methods.”
    Cleggy says he will get tough on tax avoidance and create £5 billion.
    Gordon nicked our pensions.
    Is Nick proposing to nick our ISA’s?


    • 365
      Tony B says:

      I don’t think he is proposing anything, he leaves all that money stuff to Vince.


    • 395
      The LibDems start to realise the enormity of their predicament says:

      In the first epistle of St Vincent to the Savers:

      It will be your national duty to contribute your savings to those less fortunate than yourself in accordance with our pledge of a fairer change for all(except you)


  113. 368
    Ronnie McDonnie says:

    Gordon at this finest


  114. 370
    10K_Cleggie says:

    Oh what a beautiful morning!
    Oh what a beautiful day!
    I’ve gotta wonderful feeling
    I’m gonna stuff Gordon and Dave!


  115. 371
    Things that should be in bins says:

    Fucking hell I respected Anthony Hopkins as an actor even though he’s a sheep shagger,but putting this shit up as art puts him in crap alley for me now


    • 413


      ”Guido makes no bones about wanting to see the Labour Party wiped out as an electoral force.”

      False advertising is the future. If you want the best tactical voting analysis in the history of political and social comment, then the podcast four on itunes is the place for you. If you would rather not get involved with itunes or any Apple product for reasons of nationalism or bigotry do not be down hearted – just visit podcastfour.blogspot.com and all the best tactical voting knowledge in the northern hemisphere will be at your fingertips.


  116. 372
    Mumsnet says:

    Spot on. Mumsnet have made it official. Looks like Blairs’ inheritance has skipped a generation and has gone to clegg.

    Is Nick Clegg 2010 the 1997 Tony Blair?



  117. 375
    It's so simple yet so hard obviously for some of you to understand says:

    All we need is an English parliament just like the Welsh and Scots have their own Parliament and then that would be the end of Labour forever.

    They would have to fight in three seperate parliaments with LOCAL candidates no more parachuting in some fat haggis eater down South, they are bankrupt as it is, A probe and reform in Union funding would kill Unites influence off once and for all.

    BUT NOOOOOOOOOOO go on carry on beating around the bush and mumbling your way to the same conclusion the long way down a wasted path.


  118. 379
    Taxfodder says:

    Love the predictable doom and gloom from the Tories, its the same old worn out tune.

    and there was I thinking we were “all in it together” and it seems the only ones “in it” seem to be the Tories.

    Oh noes….its all gone horribly wrong

    Nulab must be pissing themselves with laughter.


  119. 381
    Pink Dwarf says:

    Dear Mr Fawkes,
    I’m thinking about voting tactically. This means that in order to get Labour out I should vote Tory. This concerns me as I think the Tories may be homophobic. I think the CP and Cameron need to come out of the closet and tell the gay community where they stand on this issue. I don’t want to waste my vote.


  120. 382
    10K_Cleggie says:

    Oh What a beautiful evening!
    Oh what a beautiful night!
    Let’s hope old Vince keeps concealing
    His promises don’t smell quite right!


  121. 384
    Jimmy says:

    The Crosshairs!

    She’ll be ok then.


  122. 388
    The Nazi Mumsnet says:

    We are Breeding for Brown’s Nazi Labour Party.


  123. 400
    Dear Deirdre Fawkes says:

    Dear Mr Fawkes
    Pink Dwarf is perhaps hinting that the tories homophobia label can impact on tactical voting, the vote may go the Libs instead.
    Further can you advice me on my ingrown toenail?


  124. 401

    […] Guido Fawkes, unsurprisingly, champions tactical voting to unseat Labour MPs in marginal constituencies. First on his hitlist is Islington South and Finsbury, where […]


  125. 404
    Jon says:

    Please do this for Gloucester


  126. 407
    Nicks Mum says:

    My little Nicky will be the most handsome prime minister ever.


  127. 408
    All things to all men says:

    Amnesty for all illegal workers, perhaps we could go even further and put advertisments on Google – Sneak into Britain, don’t worry about your criminal background, get citizenship – thanks Cleggs, perhaps you could invite another 3 million illegals in like Brownie and his gang did.
    The Sad thing is not everyone can up sticks and emigrate, so people have stay and suffer this socialist experiment, rather than Cleggs predication of economic rioting, I see more chance of social unrest because of his and labours crazy multi culture policies.

    A Common Market not a federalist Euro Government is what we thought we signed up to.


  128. 409
    Where is George Osborne ? says:

    Where’s little Georgie hiding ?

    He’s as afraid to appear on TV during the Election. Awwww bless.


  129. 411
    Sheppane says:

    Guido makes no bones about wanting to see the Labour Party wiped out as an electoral force.

    I love that sentiment!!! Please, let us take them to the cleaners… good and proper.


  130. 416
    Dack Blog says:

    I know I’m anti-Dave so prone to bias but from the footage I’ve seen today he has a defeated air. Brown, meanwhile (and I’m anti him as well), seems to have been galvanised by this whole muddling but marvellous affair.

    Very interesting times.


    • 447
      Old Archer says:

      Take consolation that this volcanic dust will counter act all the cat shit Dack


      • 456
        Dack Blog says:

        Hmm… I wonder if the total global cat total would plug that volcanic hole *dreams of cat population annihilation*


  131. 417
    a list of the Conservative Lib Dem marginals says:

    those who are independent and wish to see UKIP or any other Party gain more power through a Hung Parliament (because we all know Gordoom can’t possibly win no matter how shrill the scaremongering)

    Here is a list of all those Conservative Liberal Democrat marginals
    (some 43) where anyone can tactical vote for the Libs against Blu-Labour to give cast iron Dave something to think about



    • 423
      Mr Plum says:

      You might want to read this before you get too exited



      • 425
        Mr Plum says:

        Must have got excited


      • 440
        You might want to read this before you get too exited says:

        DAVID CAMERON, the young pretender to the Tory throne who came close yesterday to embracing Tony Blair in public, has already done so in private.
        Mr Cameron, 38, who has put a modernising agenda at the centre of his campaign, clearly enjoys the comparisons that have been made between him and Labour’s most successful modern-day Prime Minister.

        At a dinner with newspaper executives on the eve of his address, he took the comparison a step further. “I am the heir to Blair,” he said. If his hosts were in any doubt about what they had heard, Mr Cameron repeated the mantra. He also said that a Cameron Tory Government would not reverse all of the Blairite reforms in the public services.

        His hosts were, to say the least, taken aback. Mr Cameron was guest, in the Louis Room at the Imperial Hotel in Blackpool, of The Daily Telegraph, house journal of the Conservative Party. The spirit of Margaret Thatcher, who was even praised by Kenneth Clark yesterday, still beats strongly in the editorial conferences of the newspaper.

        George Osborne, the Shadow Chancellor and fellow member of the so-called Notting Hill set of young modernising Tories, was also at the dinner table. Mr Osborne, defending the heir to Blair boast, said: “We have nothing to be ashamed of in saying it.”

        the Editor of The Daily Telegraph, which has yet to declare for any of the five candidates, was not so sure. “David,” he said. “I would not repeat that outside this room.”


  132. 420
    Posh Boy is frit says:

    How dare these Oik voters not give me a majority!
    I was born to rule! so expect to hear me whining about a hung parliament from now on which will be very popular with the voter and is in no way a sign of weakness and fear


  133. 424
    Order No. 21 says:

    Cat Curry Please Wan


  134. 448

    […] Guido Fawkes, unsurprisingly, champions tactical voting to unseat Labour MPs in marginal constituencies. First on his hitlist is Islington South and Finsbury, where […]


  135. 449
    Govt-By-Cluster-Fuck says:

    Has anyone noticed the number of politicians whining about the perils of a hung parliament ?

    One of them saying they would have to argue over all the details of every bill and endless debates to get anything passed.

    I don’t know about anyone else, but isnt this what we pay the fuckwits for ?

    And if it would put an end to some of the stupidly pointless or downright invasive legislation that liebour has frogmarched through the house that would be a major bonus to everyone.

    Tories are campaigning hard to avoid a hung parliament , whose side are they on ?


  136. 453
    bird with small brain says:

    Advice to DC for the next two debates:

    ·Wear less make-up – it’s better to look tired than plastic.

    ·Wash your hair and rough it up a bit – and NO gel.

    ·Listen to your advisors but then ignore them – they clearly inhibited you.

    ·Don’t over-rehearse – have the key ideas in your head but not the wording.

    ·Get rid of any idea that the outcome matters – just think ‘bugger the lot of them’ and how great it would be NOT to be PM – you’ll perform authentically then.

    ·Remember that due to having been to a good school you are abnormally polite – interrupt if you need to – excessive courtesy looks weak on TV!

    ·Don’t look at your notes – or at least have only six words in huge type on your lectern. Everything you need to say you know backwards anyway. You’d have no problem arguing with your mates in the pub.

    ·Wave your arms about a bit more and move your body back so you can then step forward to emphasise a point

    ·Talk to the camera – it’s rude to the audience but they’re stooges anyway and there are more people watching TV!

    ·If you need to, repeatedly point out what’s going on when the others are game-playing – the less perceptive need help to see what’s going on.

    ·Similarly, remember that the average person is not consciously aware of the subliminal stuff but is nevertheless influenced by it. For example: it appears that a substantial minority of the population want someone to be Prime Minister for no reason other than that they put their left hand in their pocket while speaking. Very cool!

    Everything I say may be wrong. Good luck.


    • 488
      NorthernGit says:

      Very little of what you say is wrong….David is not a ‘nasty’ and doesn’t do a killer put down easily…public school tends to produce ‘subtle’…trouble is the electorate doesn’t get subtle..when you’re dealing with a man like Brown that will stoop as low as it gets…crucify the bastard don’t hold back.

      At PMQ’s Brown has only survived thus far because custom has it that he has the last riposte. Time after time hes down and out then comes back with all the crap we know him so well for. In the debate the moderator was far too weak and let him get away with anything he fancied…charade but great for the media.


  137. 457
    Can't remember my moniker says:

    Use you own moniker Tat – not mine


  138. 459
    Anonymous says:

    Aberdeen South…


  139. 464
    Andrew says:

    Guido et al.

    I live in Islington and as this is a marginal seat we are bombarded with campaign literature. The Labour campaign goes on about the importance of voting Labour to stop the Conservatives getting in. A very big lie as it is obviously between the Lib Dems and Labour.

    I don’t know enough about Emily (current MP) but just think a change is good and voting say Lib Dem would be a good way of getting Labour out nationally. Yes Emily does appear to have a large property portfolio which she rents out while at the same time campaigning about the need for more affordable housing. Perhaps it would be more affordable if it wasn’t all bought up by buy-to-let kings like yourself!!!!!

    However, I can’t say that she isn’t a hard working MP or not. She does appear to be the quintessential Law professional turned politician though. I would find it very surprising if Lib Dems don’t get in here.


    • 466
      City of Vice says:

      Bollox to the hard working MP stuff! The prospect of destroying Labour forever is too good an opportunity to pass up. Vote tactically to get Labour out wherever possible.


  140. 465

    […] Osley ONE of the country’s best read political bloggers aims his fire at Labour’s besieged Labour MP Emily Thornberry today. Guido Fawkes  urges Tory voters in Islington South to tactically vote for the Lib Dems to reduce […]


  141. 468
    Sir Everard Digby says:

    How the fuck can an hour and a bit’s shit TV create a gigantic swing to the LibDems? Did they only poll Clegg’s family? Absolute impossible bollocks, engineered by the media to keep the ‘narrative’going. Media c’unts trying to manipulate the political landscape and more c’unts swallowing it. Utter self perpetuating bullshit – I pity the dimwits who fall for it and detest the fuckwits who earn a living on the back of it.

    With all these polls being conducted every fucking day, Sir E asks,why has he never had a call -he has not met anyone who has. How many people do they ask? Probably 10,000 a time between them at best out of 45 million eligible to vote. How many of the 9 million who watched were polled?

    Presumably those who did not see Clegg’s ‘masterful’ performance based their change of heart on what the media said,which proves my original point.

    Next week we will have another drama and more wild polls.Yet we are told that most voters always vote the same way and the only floating voters are critical. So how can the polls swing so wildly? Statistically impossible.

    Complete shit.


  142. 480
    oooooer says:

    and reading your blogs is a waste of time


  143. 489
    TosserWatch says:

    Clegg is a lightweight with a bag of policies that run so hard aground when put to test they are risible but this election is not a done deal…the media love a surge but they’ll struggle to shove Clegg’s nonsense down our throats without due scrutiny and in that process the bubble will burst.

    If not this country has gone intravenous x factor and quite frankly will deserve another ‘great unwashed’ elected shower of losers.

    Wake up Britain smell the shit you’re being stitched …remember that nice
    Mr Blair…didn’t he do us good.


  144. 491
    Anonymous says:

    Guido don’t you fucking dare tell people it’s okay to vote SNP just to unseat a Labour MP.

    SNP are scum.


  145. 493
    Vladislav Pistov says:

    Your agruement might sound logical on paper, but does not take into account local factors.

    In Islington South, the principal local factor is that the LibDems are so disgustingly poisonous that some Conservatives there are actually thinking of voting Labour to keep them out. Better a Labour majority than a hung parliament held to ransom by those people. ZanuLab are dreadful, but these people are worse.

    The sitting Labour MP is also a total muppet and a liability to her party. Her presence or absence will not affect whether or not Cameron gets an overall majority.


  146. 494

    As the Conservative parliamentary candidate for Islington South, I call on those of you who live here NOT to vote tactically. Because the Lib Dem vote is on the slide here, the only way to get Labour out is to vote Conservative. The Lib Dems cling to the 2005 figures, but since then we’ve had fast demographic change, London has voted for a Conservative mayor and we had some excellent ward performances in the 2009 European elections. The Lib candidate failed to win last time even though this was a top target, and she has lost her council seat. By contrast we are fielding a full slate of council candidates and rebuilding the Conservative vote here to break a Lab-Lib stitch up which has done the borough years of harm. Besides, vote Lib Dem and you risk getting an MP who will prop up Gordon for another five years.


  147. 495

    […] THE thought of Tories being urged to vote tactically for the Liberal Democrats in Islington South – a strategic operation to remove Labour’s Emily Thornberry has been suggested by blogger Guido […]


  148. 496

    […] week Guido suggested that Tories in Islington South should vote for the LibDem to oust the sitting Labour MP, this week Guido is urging LibDem voters who want to wipe the smug […]


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