April 14th, 2010

Whelan’s Gag Attempt Backfires Speccie-tacularly

Charlie Whelan might soon regret his decision to sue the Speccie over Fraser Nelson’s claim that he is an abusive, smearing bully.

In tomorrow’s edition, Fraser details how, while collecting evidence for the magazine’s defence, he was able to get hold of documents previously kept hidden under a gagging clause. The legal papers detailed how Unite has had to buy off and gag former employees in order to settle bullying cases against Gordon’s deeply unpleasant union henchman.

Charlie’s responded on Twitter, saying the Specciecan’t even copy out newspaper cuts accurately“. However the evidence isn’t from the newspaper, Charlie. It’s from legal statements unearthed by your own libel case.

Fraser’s write-up also builds up a picture of the vicious, shadowy power-base that has kept Gordon and his heir presumptive, Balls, hanging onto power so long. Don’t forget Whelan was also copied in on all those Smeargate emails sent a year ago. With Balls saying only this morning that he’s still in touch with his old mate McPoison “from time to time” (contradicting what he said repeatedly straight after the scandal about “Mr McBride”), it’s clear the bullying, smearing Brownite grip on Labour is as strong as ever. Guido can’t wait for the inevitable post-election bust-up.


  1. 1
    Plato says:

    I do hope you have a few leftover emails to add to the pot before 6th May :D

    • 89
      Wot happened to investigative journalism? says:

      So, New Labourites are nasty pieces of shit!!
      But why does it come down to a private Blog to expose this?

      • 94
        Dead Tree Press Aggregator says:

        The Spectator isn’t a private Blog.
        The clue is in the story the links to it, the frequent mentions of it and Fraser Nelson and the helpful picture of the magazine.
        Just too subtle for you to notice was it ?

        • 109
          Wot happened to investigative journalism? says:

          I meant Guido’s Blog U TWAT

          • Old Archer says:

            maybe the speccie are spamming

          • Can't remember my moniker says:

            Gordon Brown is going to hit 10m on the slapometer tonight. The LabTrolls have been putting their wrists at huge jeopardy by trying to catch up but they simply cannot cut the mustard.

            I know in a sense it is trivial but it is also important to indicate how much we hate this present lot. There is no way we want to leave ANY IMPRESSION that they may win.

            My score is 49,000 times so far for slapping Gordon. I have slapped the others as well, but just as way of warning.

            Go here and get the bastard over 10m. It is the right thing to do!


          • reg says:

            why does dave keep plaing with his willy?

          • Dead Tree Press Aggregator says:

            Try reading the story you are posting under instead of talking rubbish.
            You really are very stupid.

          • Wot happened to investigative journalism? says:

            And you are still a Twat ‘Dead Tree Press Aggregator’ get gone back 2 ur socialist roots.

          • Can't remember what irony means says:

            “LabTrolls have been putting their wrists at huge jeopardy by trying to catch up but they simply cannot cut the mustard.”

            “My score is 49,000 times so far for slapping Gordon.”

            must be all that wanking you do fuckwit

          • Ed Bollocks says:

            I’ve got slapper’s cramp. My wife thinks I’ve been looking at porn on the net. How can I explain and keep my marriage?

          • concrete pump says:

            Just gave the c*nt 1000 slaps, my mouse mat is on fire.

          • MAD FRANKIE HADDOCK son of COD says:

            Hey ar-moniker your right when i went there just now cameron was on96% brown 23% lib-dumbs well lets face it nobody wants to vote or slap them But it is dropping when i left cameron was on 67%

          • Its all about the ratings for these debates says:

            According to the MSM 10 Million slaps means a Hung Parliament !

          • Man the Barricades soon says:

            Please Please when the revolution comes, can I be Stalin. Can we keep a list of the troughers and the public servants who have greedily fucked this country. The clock is ticking and the shit storm is coming like a intercity express. All the Drug dealing and Police backup will not save the Government for what is coming.

          • PFI is Gordon, Gordon is PFI says:

            Given the twat 1003, now over 10million!

          • Britains only hope says:

    • 103
      Up sh1t creek says:

      How New Labour loving Sky News saved Gordon Brown from giving an embarrassing LIVE answer to pesky awkward questions

      • 141
        Swiss Bob says:

        Saw that. Bloody disgrace. Sky couldn’t get away from it fast enough. Slags.

        • 328
          Christy says:

          Swiss Bob,absolutely bang on mate although my words for that performance from Sky you would not print.
          Jack an Orry was asked perfectly straight questions that required perfectly straight answers and Sky decided for us the Sky viewers that we did not need to hear McBusts answers and panned away from it,if ever you needed an example of bias this is it,dont know about other bloggers on here but my feckin Sky subscription stops as soon as I can phone them tomorrow and cancel the direct debit and I’ll tell em feckin why,that what I saw was awful and I will have no truck with a company that behaves in this way.
          Just what do they not understand about the statement (report things in an a fair and unbiased manner).
          Personally I dont mind if they are having a go at the three major parties on whatever basis that is their right as a broadcasting outfit,but to show such bias as I saw in the video clip is in my opinion beyond the pale,they should be ashamed of themselves.

      • 144
        Death says:

        Kay slag is on my list

      • 146
        Anonymous Misogynist says:

        Pravda 24 didn’t save him though..

        • 229
          Old Seth says:

          Fuck! You don’t often see such blatant protection of the Main Fuckwit.

          I was watching al-Jabeeba at the time and was expecting them to do that, but amazingly they showed all of his utter bullshit response.

      • 322
        Its all about the ratings says:

        Sky and the rest of the MSM are just trying to Keep Gordon in the game to build up the Leaders debate TV spectacular. Thats why they are going on about a hung parliament. Its bloody obvious they want to take the credit.

        • 406
          Angry of Atherton says:

          It was almost like Gordooms “Sit back, and look grumpy” was a signal to the producers to switch coverage, very much like the Harperson nudge on QT.


        • 456
          honest John (the Dis- is implied) says:


          Left unspecified, it’s like backing every horse in the Grand National and then triumphantly producing a winning ticket: You see! You see! I told you so!

      • 455
        thespecialone says:

        Absolute disgrace. I just saw that clip and cannot believe that they refused to show Brown’s answers. Is there any way of finding out how Brown did answer?

        • 457
          Mdme Defarge says:

          I doubt he did. He shiftily just keeps scribbling gibberish onto that note pad and deliberately looking down. This is a man who is staring his own demise in the face. Thank God!

    • 143

      Sheep’s eyes make me gag

      may you have many camels


      • 271
        nell says:

        gordons lies, edballs/damians smears, mandy’s innuendoes all make me gag.

        I suspect that mandy , being a friend of THAT! Libyan already owns many Camels!!!!

      • 276
        Let Labour clean up their own mess for once? says:

        Hmmmmm…….I think I might have changed my mind and will support Labour this time around Why? Well they have created the coming sh*t storm and they are, once again, responsible for the mountain of debt and deficit that will need to be addressed so why not let them clean up their own mess for once?

        We still have bovine moronic socialists going on and on on about Thatcher and what she had to do to clear up their mess so why go there again? Let Labour fight with the unions, let Labour reap the almost certain social unrest Let Labour get rid of the hundreds and thousands of Government non-jobs. Let Labour stew in the unholy mess that they are creating.

        Let the punishment fit the crime?

        • 279
          jgm2 says:

          Except they won’t. They’ll just keep printing and borrowing and squandering money until the IMF comes in. Or the ratings agencies change us from AAA to CC or whatever.

          Then they’ll blame the IMF or the ratings agencies.

          Not their own fucked-up economic policy.

          And 25% of the voters will still believe ‘em.

        • 280
          Mr Plum says:

          Best punishment will be 18 years in opposition

          • M.T. Bucket says:

            Prison would be ideal.

          • Let Labour clean up their own mess for once? says:

            Cloward and Pivin? Is that what they are up to?

          • Let Labour clean up their own mess for once? says:


          • Soros and the left have been planning this for decades says:

            Nice to know some people out there are awake.

          • Let Labour clean up their own mess for once? says:

            Wide awake -to all the games being played both at home and on the international stage –

            But here is the real question, do the Tories fully understand that the Left have turned them into Progressives? Do they understand that they too are on the road to Marx?

          • Mitch says:

            I wouldn’t consider 1950s statism as progress.

          • albacore says:

            This election is the “Vote for me. I’m not Gordon” game.
            Gordon’s doing very well at it, considering.
            Dave’s still in the changing-room, rummaging through Tone’s old tackle.

          • bird wsb says:

            ‘Vote for me. I’m not Gordon’. Given his record, I can’t think of a more valid bit of advice!

            Gordon will play the ‘hold on to nurse for fear of something worse’ card.

            Dave should point out that nurse force fed the child with junk food for thirteen years and made it obese and unwell, as well leaving no money to pay the mortgage for years to come.

            The child doesn’t need a nurse, it needs a fitness instructor…

          • Labour losing it north of Watford says:

            The key to beating Brown is the marginals especially in the Midlands and North West.The Tories are way ahead and Labour is failing to gain any momentum despite the number of Cabinet Ministers that keep campaigning in the areas.


          • Hugh Janus says:

            Better still would be their total destruction. If that thug Whelan continues as he is, and the other NuLiebour bully-boys likewise, then the post-election fireworks could become quite a show.

          • TheDevineOne says:

            Best punishment would be the death of Labour.

        • 293
          Next stop the Knacker's Yard says:

          You don’t have to demean yourself by voting for Brown’s odious incompetent shits.

          You can quite likely achieve your goal of landing these morons in their own debt and corruption,

          By voting Ukip.

          And you get to keep a clear conscience.

          • WankerWatch says:

            and 5 more years of the chin grinner,the prime mincer and edbutnoballs…what a rewarding clear conscience you will enjoy twat

          • WankerWatch says:

            this repost intended for ‘next stop the knacker’s yard’.

        • 341
          A tax return fair for all says:

          Correct assumption. It would be nice to let them shovel their own shit.

        • 376
          Mad as hell and won't take it any more says:

          But they won’t will they. They will carry on fucking us all over for 5 more years. It’s a nice thought but not worth it.

        • 452
          How to destroy the west says:

          Except you know full well they are incapable of economic management. They have always left office with the country in a financial emergency. Socialism does not work, it is the weapon of choice for the global elite, who wish to destroy the educated middle classes and replace them with compliant, uneducated, poverty stricken serfs. Ever wondered why the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Soros et al, all support socialism worldwide and multiculturalism in the western nations? Do some homework.

        • 460
          Nick2 says:

          I was thinking of voting Labour to let them take the blame – but decided not to as I honestly believe that they can still make things worse…

      • 326
        fuck watch says:

        you are idiot tat

    • 319
      • 365
        Working Class says:

        lol Nick they’re always stealing your ideas the barstewards.

        • 393
          Now we're all at it says:

          “I am speaking to you from outside10, Downing Street. This morning the Dave Cameron handed the ex Labour Government prime minister Gordon Brown a final Note stating that unless we heard from them by 11 0′clock that he was prepared at once to withdraw from the building a state of war would exist between us. I have to tell you now that no such undertaking has been received, and that consequently Dave Cameron is at war with Gordon Brown. You can imagine what a bitter blow it is to me that all my long struggle to win peace has failed. Yet I cannot believe that there is anything more or anything different that I could have done and that would have been more successful. Up to the very last it would have been quite possible to have arranged a peaceful and honourable settlement between myself and this lunatic. But Gordon Brown would not have it. He had evidently made up his mind to take over the UK whatever happened, and although he now says he put forward reasonable proposals which were rejected by the others, that is not a true statement. The proposals were never shown to the British people, nor to us, and, though they were announced in a BBC Pravda broadcast on Thursday night, the lunatic did not wait to hear comments on them, but ordered his lawyers to cross out the election the next morning. His action shows convincingly that there is no chance of expecting that this man will ever give up his practice of using force to gain his will. He can only be stopped by force. We and country are to-day, in fulfillment of our obligations, going to the aid of everyone, who is so bravely resisting this wicked and unprovoked occupation upon our people. We have a clear conscience. We have done all that any party could do to establish peace, but a situation in which no word given by labour could be trusted and no people or country could feel themselves safe had become intolerable. And now that we have resolved to finish it, I know that you will all play your part with calmness and courage.”

          • analmoans says:

            I agree. listened to something on BBC 5 yesterday. He was asked a straight question which he clearly couldn’t answer, and just went in to some sort of tirade against the Tories? Diversion? My golly! This bloke is so stupid. Playgroung stuff!! Get voting Tory!

  2. 2
    Beeboid says:

    Sweep sweep – nothing to see here.

  3. 3
    The Court of Public Opinion says:

    Bullying is the right thing to do. Vote for me – I hurl typists.

    • 51
      Carry On Don't Lose Your Head (1967) says:

      Any LIbDems reading this? You should be disgustested at the prospect of your leadersip cutting deals with the corrupt fuckers that is Labour. They’ve been troughing for 13 years – are you gagging to join them or what?

      • 61
        busted flat in baten rouge says:

        and who stood to applause that man blair at his grand departure and has admitted to being such a big fan that now he sees himself as Blair mkII

        • 79
          Carry On Don't Lose Your Head (1967) says:

          You did? Woaah.. I’m good at this.

          • busted flat in baten rouge says:

            No , the guy who has managed to lose around 15% of your lead for being a mong, your mate dave the rave

          • Carry On Don't Lose Your Head (1967) says:

            Listen kid, if you are a LibDem, save your soul now and jump ship. Your leadership are apparently happy to flog civil liberties to Brown for a 6 month slot with Vice as Chancellor. He’s not that good. You deserve better.

          • End game approacheth says:

            And if you are a Nu Lab supporter take the old service revolver and do the decent thing.

        • 177
          Unsworth says:

          Baten, eh?

          Another State Education victim.

          • busted flat in baten rouge says:

            yea , howz about you, privalidge school.
            bet you pay out enough to cover me with you tax, you are going to have to
            push it a bit, i need a rise, baccy up, cider up, leccy up, gas up. you soon wont have the time to hang around writing on here, i cant afford you slacking. giddie up

          • Unsworth says:

            Actually old chap I don’t pay out any tax at all. It’s easy if you employ a decent actuary, not that you’ll ever need one.

          • busted flat in baten rouge says:

            no unsworth, I will never need one. I dont pay any tax either me old mucker.
            Do you need your grass cutting? Sorry, you will have a Latvian to do that.

          • Unsworth says:

            A Latvian? Good Grief no, never.

            For our domestic help we employ several nationalities – depending on which particular offshore residence it is.

      • 177
        Old Archer as thieves says:

        Any Belgian TWATS reading this ?
        Still gobbling Goobers for cider money ? Disgusting.

  4. 4
    Brown Hater says:

    Vile bodies, utterly vile.

    This promises to run and run…oh dear!

    • 46
      Golden Days says:

      Whatever the faults of the Tories and the Libdems, they can’t compete with NuLab for sheer bullying nastiness.

      • 66
        busted flat in baten rouge says:

        There is a lesson there, its about winning, not about being nice. nice makes you lose

      • 71
        All-female selection lists R Us says:

        I dunno – try being a white male who wants to stand as a Tory candidate and you’ll soon-enough see Dave’s happy-clappy not-too-bright all-female multi-culti socialist attack dogs come yapping at you.

  5. 5
    Anonymous says:

    If you’re an evil vindictive spiteful bullying lying smearing bastard, then you’ll get what’s coming to you in the end.

    Whether it’s being glassed in the face in the pub for picking a fight with someone who’s willing to stand up for themselves, or getting annihilated in the courts when all the witnesses stand up and say what an evil bastard you are, the same thing applies.

    Bullies get what’s coming to them in the end. it’s just a matter of time.

    And their time is going to run out in 4 weeks’ time. At that point everyone involved is going to get crucified in the press, they’ll all (including brown) be seen in far worse a light than maxwell did once his pension fraud came to light.

    I can’t wait.

    I hope they all kill themselves the fucking evil bastards.

    • 10
      Grumpy Old Man says:

      Why should they be allowed such an easy way out?

    • 16
      The Court of Public Opinion says:

      The smart ones would do the deed before the election – their stories are worth shit after. Imagine you were the typist Bruin hurled about the room for example – must be worth 100k to some Sunday rag. Afterwards, this and all the others will fill the papers for fee.

    • 25
      Maximus M. Bacillus says:

      The other issue is Unite. Will the workers rise up and overthrow its internal antagonisms and contradictions? It looks to be a historical necessity.

    • 411
      Mr Eagle Eye says:

      The only people who would take you to court for simply revealing truthful information about how much of a f**ktard you are are just that, f**ktard.

      The Brown-Balls-Whelan Axis of Evil are odious, snivelling, pathetic little c**ts, and I delight at the thought of them squealing like pigs.

      F**k them, the three of them, and McBride et al too! I’d love to see the lot of them put in the stocks and pelted until they break down and soil themselves in fear. Nothing like a taste of your own medicince, eh lads.

  6. 6
    Grumpy Old Man says:

    It’s the inevitable downfall of the gangster, Such a person always thinks he is untouchable, and sooner or later nemesis is the result of hubris.

    • 18
      Vote Vote Vote for Jacqui. says:

      Send for Elliott NESS.

    • 72
      sinosimon says:

      but i thought it was generally the tax returns that got them……

      • 152
        Curtis Warren says:

        or microphones. it wasn’t smart cops as they spent 9 months looking for the Cafe Bius. Only when some scouser pointed it out to them it was the cafe by us. did they get it.

  7. 7
    Jonty Pryor says:

    This election will be a choice between creating a future fair for all with Labour, or a change under the Tories, that puts the recovery at risk, threatens public services and makes life tougher for many families.

    • 12
      Grumpy Old Man says:

      A delusionist dumps – and having shat, moves on,

    • 21
      Margot Honecker says:

      “The future belongs to socialism”

    • 27
      jontys mum says:

      Go and clean your room you cuпt.

    • 34
      Snotsicle says:

      I see that the brainwashing is taking effect on the dimmer members of the audience.

    • 57
      .45 says:

      Jonty needs an update

    • 125
      Greychatter says:

      Jonty Pryor – is that a Marxist name? seems an odd one for a brainwashed Far Left hooker.

      • 180
        Brown's a Tosser says:

        A Future Fair for ALL. Do you have a brain – NO. What planet have you been living on for the last five years. Try to educate yorself, I know its difficult but take away the smoke screen……………………. You know what I can’t be bothered and in any case I would be wasting my time. FFS NuLabour supporters make me heave. I would have some respect if they wanted to vote Lib/Dems or independent or something anything other than the Brown.

    • 198

      Hi Jonty still sucking Cock ?

    • 244
      Old Seth says:

      Yeah, sure. Labour would break the habit of almost a hundred years and show fiscal responsibility.

      • 352
        Christy says:

        Old Seth, fiscal responsibility to these socialist/marxist/new world order/traitors is like trying to put two magnets against each other on opposite poles it does’nt work and it never will.
        This fiscal collossus called McBust is now saying he got it wrong in not regulating the banks and their betting shop activities,well what a surprise NOT.
        Fiscal policy and the labour party over the years has been shown not to work,remember Mrs T once remarking that socialism is ok but they always run out of spending other peoples money.
        That statement applies right now but has more serious consequences that Mrs T ever imagined,frankly we are up shit street without a paddle as we will see as events unfold.

    • 410
      Angry of Atherton says:

      Should read more like:

      “A future fair for all” (Of us, not you)

  8. 8
    Jonah McRuin belongs in prison says:

    Labour: Evil and corrupt to the core. I was a lifelong Labour supporter until I saw the sheer corruption and incompetence of this disgusting rabble. I’m now firmly on the side of the Conservatives.

  9. 9

    Please, please…. Am I part of that shadowy team?

  10. 14
    Gorgon the Moron's Moron says:

    I never had sex with that woman . . . I mean ANY woman . . . I mean . . I never beat up any woman . . . I mean . . . I never had sex wiv Charley WheeleyBin . . . I mean . . . I never beat up Charley WheeleyBin . . . I mean . . .

    (Attendants – soothingly) . . there there Gordo . . . . just stay where you are . . against the wall . . . . we’re going to walk towards you . . . and all will be fine. . . . just relax. . . . . . OK .. lads . . . .

    (scuffling sounds)

    OK Gordo . . .. just relax now . . .

  11. 17
    Engineer says:

    Interesting to reflect that it was Whelan, Campbell and their mates who contributed to Labour’s 1997 election win by smearing the government of the day as “sleazy”.

    Who’s sleazy now?

    • 22
      Snow White says:

      Was he the eighth dwarf

    • 48
      busted flat in baten rouge says:

      who is not sleezyy now, that worked well didnt it. Dont you wished you had stayed sleezy, I kinda liked sleezy Tories back in the day, I am not into all this i am every bodies mate shit.

      • 220
        TrustyShield says:



        If Blinky wins Morley and Outwood, will there be a full audit of the postal votes?

        • 253
          Ali Baba and the forty votes says:

          You never said anything about an audit, Mr Edward?

          • WVS Vote Box Minders says:

            We will be working out on black circuits on the weights in the gym for the next 3 weeks ladies.

          • The wizz says:

            With the amount of data they already have, surely it should be easy to trace a false postal vote? There again!

    • 387
      Connie Francis says:

      Who’s sleazy now, who’s heart is achin for breaking each vow,
      who’s sad and blue, who’s cryin’ too,
      just like the times I cried over you . . .

      • 461
        Stop Funding The Labour Party Spin Machine With My Licence Fee says:

        Whiter than white – a phrase which has come back to haunt them

  12. 19
    Tapestry says:

    The one thing bullies can’t cope with is being laughed at. Trouble is with the New Labour lot is that they are not worthy of a humourous response. It’s like laughing at death. You can’t.

  13. 20

    “Guido can’t wait for the inevitable post-election bust-up.”

    Neither can I, although I am worried that Labour might scrape through, albeit in a coalition, and that bust-up will then cause even more damage to the country, with the Libs left to pick up the mess with whoever comes out alive.

    • 29
      BillyBob - Time for benefits reform !! says:

      I can just see the prog. all about Labour sleaze and corruption !!

    • 36
      NotaSheep says:

      If Labour are in any way in government after the election then this country is finished. I know of many people who are planning their escapes and I may join them.

      • 43
        Dual National says:

        I’ve got mine sorted.

      • 44
        TheDevineOne says:

        Have started the tunnels – tom, dick and harry. Had bit of trouble with dick and harry, but tom is good to go. Will send co-ordinates out on Star Wars Day.

        • 272
          Future Free for All says:

          How much dirt have you had to conceal in your trousers?

          • TheDevineOne says:

            Have been letting it out through a tiny hole in the backflap. Don’t think anyone’s noticed so far. Have heard some mutterings on the high street, so tend to walk the back alley.

          • g1lgam3sh says:

            About £2 trillion.

      • 85
        Firing Squad says:

        Notasheep by name and a sheep by nature. Now it looks like fighting time and for you it’s off time.

    • 37
      Maximus M. Bacillus says:

      I would wager the Limp Dums will be the first casualties of Whelan and McBride in any coalition with nu Liebore.

      • 55
        busted flat in baten rouge says:

        Run you fuckers, run. You will not be up to what needs to be got up to anyway.

  14. 23
    Megan says:

    I hear Brown talking about the values instilled in him by his father, then I remember the company he keeps – Whelan, Balls, McBride, Draper, Mandelson…

    Some moral compass!

    • 30
      Brown Hater says:

      Brown’s moral compost has given us his effluent society!

    • 107
      Astronut says:

      His dad would be spinning in his grave like apollo 13′s gyroscopes if he knew the company his son kept.

    • 118
      ecky thump says:

      brown’s moral compass ‘t always points ‘t somebody else

    • 168
      bird wsb says:

      It makes you wonder how so many unpleasant people get into positions of power. I suppose it’s like Chesil beach where all the biggest pebbles end up on the surface and the grit stays underneath. Thought for the day..

    • 415
      The Secret Manse Wanker says:

      yea – as my old dad used to say: “tell me your friends and I tell you what you are”. And here’s another: “Actions speak louder than words”. Something all those young punks with no experience of life should bare in mind when considering voting for Gord of Chaos and his demonic entourage.

  15. 26
    Castrato says:

    Not only is United Labour hot on overt bullying they use covert tactics too which is even harder to prove.

  16. 27
    BillyBob - Time for benefits reform !! says:

    Let us hope the tw*t gets cancer !!

  17. 31
    get Whelan says:

    I love to see these sociopathic Labour/Stalinist scumbags squirm.

  18. 32
    Moley says:

    Labour is absolutely right to be suspicious of public school boys.

    They should have heeded their own warning and avoided Whelan like the plague.

    Some public schools are better than others; the wrong type of person becomes an arrogant bully under their influence.

    Whelan is ex public school and didn’t benefit from his education.

    Cameron did.

    • 35
      GV says:

      Whelan has clearly got a screw loose, like his boss Brown.

      • 115
        Susie says:

        Socialism is the natural home of the bully.

        Basically, bullies suffer from low self-esteem (despite their swagger) and only feel OK if they perceive someone’s obviously weaker than themselves — so they naturally gravitate towards those who are disadvantaged to feel more powerful.

        They dress it up as ‘concern for the poor’ and ‘righting injustices’, but that’s bullshit. They like being the top dog.

    • 428
      PS says:

      Moley…Whelan didn’t become what he is because he went to a public school …you can guarantee he was a a scumbag then as well…if he had been at mine he would have been cornered in the end and hammered…bullies can survive when they can wander home at the end of the day but when you are away eventually they get an experience they will remember for the rest of their lives. Several I remember vividly did change their attitude and were accepted…many didn’t and quite a few fucked off back to their mummies.

  19. 33
    Stalin's heirs says:

    “Mr Whelan’s style – bullying – may be commonplace in the rougher world of Westminster (and, by some recent accounts, inside No10 itself). But in a union devoted to tackling bullying, such a modus operandi was extraordinary. After he had been there for little over a year, several of his colleagues brought a formal “joint grievance” against him seeking a full investigation into his behaviour. Only three complainants were prepared to name themselves: Sarah Merrill, John Cryer and Vicky Foxcroft. All were political officers, reporting directly to Mr Whelan.

    The formal grievance, a copy of which has been obtained by The Spectator, said the others will not name themselves “due to fear of intimidation and reprisals, and due to the cultural atmosphere that prevails.” In her complaint, Ms Merrill referred to “a real culture of fear, and a climate of bullying that [Mr Whelan] allows to take place in his department.” She mentioned “a verbal violent and abusive tirade” which he made. “People cannot reason with Charlie,” says the grievance. “They are just there to do as they are told and do what he wants.”

    It also describes how he appointed John O’Reagan as his deputy without advertising the post, in defiance of union procedures, and then built up praetorians of his own. As the grievance put it, “a pattern of behaviour is allowed under Charlie’s leadership” where the few whom he trusts “are abusive, aggressive, and generally intimidating to others with his knowledge and approval.” His arrival at the Union has led to a “culture of bullying and intimidation that appears to be endemic.”

  20. 39
    BDF says:

    This Labour government is a pathocracy: corrupt rule by a coterie of foul, scheming sociopaths.

    Here are some of the sociopaths: Gordon Brown, Charlie Whelan, Alistair Campbell, Ed Balls, Liam Byrne, Jack Straw.


    • 129
      ecky thump says:

      dead right son – some of them are even elected … don’t understand the british

  21. 40
    Technomist says:

    There’s a great picture of the Prime Minister living in the style he has become accustomed in the Guardian:


    • 49
      Lil Olmey says:

      That’s one weird picture. Can someone please explain what is going on there ? Were those guys trying to hide, or avoid eye contact, perhaps ?

      • 65
        concrete pump says:

        I can understand the bloke on the right trying to get a sneak peek, but the guy on the left………

      • 68
        South of the M4 says:

        Cameras chest up. The two stooges will not be seen, and no doors get in the way. Brown would have probably pulled, when he should have pushed. Or simply just walked into the doors.

        • 87
          Engineer says:

          “Brown would probably have pulled….”

          No, no, no. Does not compute at all….

        • 131
          Susie says:

          I think you’re right. Oompa-loompa’s don’t come cheap nowadays.

          Great picture.

        • 337
          Anonymous says:

          Recalling his unfortunate incident with Al Gore the Climate Whore, it was possibly to ensure McBust and Magda didnt walk into any Cupboards.

        • 384
          PFI is Gordon, Gordon is PFI says:

          I pulled Sarah Beard-Thighs!

      • 203
        Unsworth says:

        They are the Official Toe-suckers.

        You really wouldn’t want to see the pix of the Official Arse-lickers.

    • 50
      Cape Cod says:

      I hear that Gordon likes young men on their knees in front of him.

    • 63
      Doc Trough says:

      Good God. The beard’s arse and undercart are bigger than Geoff Capes’!

    • 70
      Engineer says:

      We used to use bits of folded-up cardboard to wedge doors open at work; grovelling about like that would have been considered undignified.

      Have Labour apparatchiks no initiative?

    • 76
      Dack Blog says:

      Maybe it’s a Pavlov response *sees Gordon… ducks*

    • 98
      Max says:

      No, it’s a simple one: McDoom was about to boast to the press about how the NHS had progressed with all of the massive Liebore “investment” over the years and a prime example were these self-opening doors in public areas so that the chances of catching a surface born virus such as the ‘flu was now diminished by 1000% when they found out that at an (oddly inflated) cost of just £10,000 per automated unit the fookin’ contractors were actually 18 months behind and the PFI had run out.

      Jeez what would YOU do?

    • 138
      ecky thump says:

      bloody hell, where can yer get a good sycophant these days when yer want one?? oh o know, new labour … they’re everywhere …. even down to being bloody doorstops ….god, who won the bloody war eh????

    • 150
      Snotsicle says:

      I hope those two made shhhhhhhoooop shhhhhhoooop noises like the doors in Star Trek.

    • 169
      THICK AS SHIT says:

      Two more totally useless jobs created by Brown
      they could have bought two plastic wedges for a quid
      but i see that they are fire doors
      and to wedge them open would contravene labours elf an safty laws !

  22. 41
    Whelan's motto says:

    Never go to bed on an argument. Round up your henchmen then fight.

  23. 42
    jgm2 says:

    If George Osborne has taken on the stature of “Big Beast” it can only be in a field of pygmies http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N9J-vYyNdO4

  24. 45

    slimeballs smearing slimeballs vote for more of the same, and cock a deaf ‘en at reformers . . . . .

  25. 47
    Jon says:

    It sounds like Whelan is reshaping Unite in the image of Brown’s Labour government.

    A scheming, self-obsessed despot surrounded by bullying, smearing, violent, thugs.

  26. 52
    Brown's Fight Club says:

    First rule about fight club is you do not talk about fight club! So shut yer pus or Whelan will stick the heid in yeh!

    Er, that message is for Sarah.
    Vote for me!

    • 416
      Rowdy Yates says:

      I know what you’re thinking. Did he fire six shots or only five? Well to tell you the truth in all this excitement I’ve kinda lost track myself. But being this is a .44 Magnum – the most powerful hand gun in the world and would blow your heid clean off, you’ve got to ask yourself one question–Do I feel lucky? Well, do ya punk!

      God created man but Sam Colt, Smith and Wesson made them equal.

  27. 54
    Doc Trough says:

    Laugh? I nearly bought a round.

    May all their gonads fester and suppurate.

  28. 64
    Dack Blog says:

    I had my first candidate visit today – the outgoing Des Turner. He was walking past my house but I spotted him on his rounds so went out to collar him. I asked him why he’d bypassed me and he indicated towards his clipboard and said it was noted that I didn’t want callers. I reckon it’s because I sent a reply back to a letter from the hopeful incomer Simon Burgess about my demands for a tax on cat owners. He probably thinks I’m batty/potential axe-murd*rer/whatever.

    (I was serious, though).

    Grayling’s on. I know he’s a knobend but I have a thing about tall bald blokes so I feel sorry for him.

    • 69
      concrete pump says:

      I’m tall and bald.

    • 80
      Engineer says:

      Dack – you must be the only person in Britain to have rushed out to accost a politician. The rest of us are standing by with a yard-broom to repel boarders.

      By the way, I’m quite tall…

      • 86
        Dack Blog says:

        What??? I can’t wait for them to come round. It’s a right laugh. I’m no political anorak (I’d love to have time to be) but I’m more interested than the average joe I imagine. I love to see their faces when they realise they’re going to have to deal with someone who may have an informed (ish) opinion. Plus they’re even more fun to winkle than a cabbie on the way home from a night out.

        Do you like cats?

        • 99
          Engineer says:

          Like cats? I believe they’re not bad in a white wine sauce, and I suppose you could make a hat out of the pelt.

          Perhaps, on reflection, you’re performing a public service. Every minute the hapless candidate is detained is a blessed relief for another innocent voter. Perhaps that’s what he really had written on his clip-board. “Avoid like the plague. Occupier has done homework and asks seriously hard questions.”

          • Dack Blog says:

            I’m waiting for this fella to knock on my door. Though he’s the opposite of bald.


          • Dave Hill says:

            Good evening

            I’m Dave Hill – I used to be the guitarist in Slade, a famous band with lots of hits. Our singer was one Noddy Holder (don’t ask me why). I’ve always had long hair. I had long hair before Tony Blair had long hair. This is what led me into politics. You maybe sceptical but then I am for new labour. So what do you think? Have you got any of my records? I like cats, but only with mustard.

          • Engineer says:

            Looks like Peter Stringfellow’s dad had a bike.

            He sounds the kind of guy who regards Arthur Scargill as a Neo-Con. Ask him what he thinks of Margaret Thatcher and I bet he teaches you some new words.

          • Old Archer says:

            occupier could be source of negative picture. I filled a form in for you saying you loved cats so expect the next one to bring one

          • Dack Blog says:

            Dave – I suspect your hairline’s receded a bit since your heyday. But those teeth will come in handy when I’ve mislaid the bottle opener.

            Eng – I’m a teacher. I’m always up to date with de rigueur profanity!

          • Dave Hill says:

            Dack, what? you mean you don’t like me then?

            I still play a good tune and get loads of dosh at christmas when they re-release our record …. so here it is merry christmas everybodys havin’ fun

            Go on, vote labour you know you want to

        • 435
          Sir Everard Digby says:

          Have not seen a canvasser or politician since 1987 -council or general elections.

  29. 75
    Slease for cash says:

    So if I vote conservative and troll for them whats in it for me.

  30. 82
    Adios El Gordo says:

    again I point you all in the direction of the elmbridge guardian this week and its article on champagne socialists. enormous mansion in the heart of esher belonging to unite (36 bedrooms) and application for an extension put in! must be worth millions – meanwhile everyones subs up!!

    • 145
      Moley says:

      And here it is.

      The Unite Mansion.

      But it isn’t for the workers; it’s for the bosses.

      The Union Bosses.


      • 256
        Gordo the greek says:

        I wonder how many socialist
        workers you would have to sell for that? Did they pay capital gains tax? Is this what they mean by
        mansion tax?

        • 360
          Mdme Defarge says:

          Marvellous. It used to belong to Cardinal Wolsey and then Henry VIII. If I was a union member I’d be up for them flogging that bugger and buying a former Travelodge in Coventry for their jollies and reimbursing the members with the difference.
          The working class can kiss my ass…etc.

    • 309
      Sir Reginald Titbrain says:

      Wonderful. Lefties in the union spend much of there time griping about the country being too London orientated but when it comes down to it they cant resist the bright lights; it must take 5 or 6 hours from oop north on the train. How the fuck are you supposed to keep a ferret occupied for all that time.

  31. 84
    A Future Fair for Who? says:

    I really hope Whelan gets his come uppance. Society can do without these idiots.

  32. 92
    Who is a Bullying, Deluded, Paranoid Control Freak, labouring under elusions of Grandeur says:

    Gorgon the Moron

  33. 96
    The Sleeper says:


    Just where do Pravda get these so called ‘experts’ that spout their pearls of wisdom from?

    Just now they had a guy from ‘The Chartered Institute of Taxation’….a sandal wearing socially inept bore who was obviously LibDem…singing the praises of their manifesto.

    Then,the piece de la resistance…a Professor from the LSE giving his profound views on the front covers of each manifesto…for fucks sake.

    It’s quite disturbing that these experts actually believe what they are saying has any impact..it’s cast iron garbage.

    • 120
      Engineer says:

      Consider the problems of the editor of Pravda News 24. Twenty-four long hours of every day that he has to fill with something. April 1st is easy, he can do endless repeats of the Swiss Spaghetti harvest, but the other 364 days are a real pain.

      It’s no wonder they resort to the rubbish they do, sometimes. Especially on a slow news day. It must distort the psyche – he’s the only person on the planet who heaves a sigh of relief when news starts to filter in of a major earthquake in Northern China. Anything is better than having to read out the entire manifestos of all three major parties yet again.

      • 153
        BBC Editor says:

        tomorrow the bbc are going to poll bill and ben, daisy may, rag, tag and bobtail, postman pat, gerald mcboingboing, roland rat, the wooden tops (swing voters) and mr blobby on their electoral preferences.

      • 160

        Too right. Make 24 hour rolling news only available for 8 hours. Anything to stop another vox pop with a Hardworkingfamily.

        They never seem to ask city traders or surgeons or brigadiers or nuclear power station managers. Or even some asylum seekers or drugs dealers or tramps. Just the same boring lower middle income households.

        “Barry is undecided…”
        Well don’t fucking well ask him anything then! He clearly hasn’t been paying attention for 13 years and either doesn’t have a clue or has no interest. He wants to eat his dinner and get back to ‘Deal or no Deal’ so don’t bother the poor man. He doesn’t care but he can’t say that on TV or he looks stupid so he’ll say the first name he can remember. Probably Tony Blair.

        • 176
          Lumpen Prole says:

          don’t get me wrong or anyfin’ mate but, you see, I ve never been on the tellie, know what I mean, an’ dis could be my only opportu oh, fuck, only chance innit, so leave us alone will ya and do us a fava, got a light boy, have ya got a light? What’s the score den anyone?I could be famous

        • 300
          Sir Compleat Idiot says:

          I’ve heard tell that the entire fate of the election hangs on the choices of a few tens of thousands of these ‘undecideds’ in a relatively small number of constituencies. Discomfiting then, I find, that the future of the nation apparently depends on what must be virtually spur-of-the moment choices made by a small band of the terminally fuckwitted, who for the first time in half a decade turn their attention to political affairs, maybe 20 minutes before exxing their ballot papers. It might come down to which wife is wearing the least hideous dress on their dawn GMTV visits to the polling booths. If GMTV still exists, that is. Does it?

    • 321
      Sir Reginald Titbrain says:

      Apparently they are known as media tarts. The expert is most likely a Nulab troll but of course that isn’t obvious, so the hope is that the great unwashed will see his advice as independent.

      The BBC being intrinsically leftie is a reasonable assumption that the majority of their contacts will be and can be relied upon to be on message.

  34. 97
    Simpleton Voter in a Safe Seat says:

    Just what is it about Brown and his lackies that is so obnoxious?

    • 105
      Engineer says:


    • 159
      nell says:

      well let’s start with guttergordon.

      He has, he says, a moral compass that prevents him from lying or doing anything underhand.

      Then he surrounds himself with people like damian, whelan,balls, alastairc (he of the destruction of Dr David Kelly fame) and mandy (twice disgraced as a minister and friend of russian oligarch’s and libyan leader’s sons and a man who has become seriously rich in the last few years) no doubt so that they can do the bulk of his lying and dirty tricks for him.

      Then he lies to Chilcott over his failed funding for troops in Afghanistan.

      He lies again at the launch of his manifesto by producing fictional statistics about 90% of breast and prostrate cancer patients now surviving because of him.

      He lied at PMQ’s when asked about his personal slush fund by saying he ‘knew nothing about it’ and on and on…………………..

      A truly obnoxious odious foul-smelling government !!

      • 196
        Ron Knee says:

        I hear damian tried to smear politicians using their wives and children
        no wonder everyone thinks he’s evil repulsive scum the world would be better off without

      • 209
        Old Archole says:

        I can smell the rancid sewage of blatant hypocrisy from here

        • 353
          Mad as hell and won't take it any more says:

          AND STILL the morons say they will vote for the scam bags. We are Fucked, not just a little bit Fucked but absolutely totally 100% Fucking Fucked.

  35. 100
    Ratsniffer says:

    There’s always been a sinister undercurrent of bullying and smearing in NuLabour, the kind of bullying inspired by the “if you are not with us you must be against us” school of communist re-education camps.

    Now and then it erupts to the surface like a vat of bubbling venom, showing the perpetrators for what they are: smug, imperious, nasty playground bullies.

    Fucks sake, GBP, wise up and vote them out.

    • 155
      RavingMad says:

      This all comes back to Gordon Brown – all roads lead to him

    • 165
      nell says:

      Sinister that’s exactly the word I would associate with brown, balls, whelan, damian, alastairc and mandy.

      Sinister!!! Absolutely.

  36. 101
    TrustyShield says:

    Well done Fraser, just in time for Dave to expose the Dark Heart of New Labour

    I can’t wait for Blinky’s “Portillo moment.

    After the election history will record Gordon brown as the worst prime minister ever inflicted on the electortae that was not asked.

    Ed Balls and Charlie Whelan are so reviled by there own party, there will be people queueing up to discredit them with the truth.

    Of course Clegg won’t make much of this as it plays into Dave’s hands.

    • 116

      Brown will get away with it. In 100 years time he will be remembered as the PM who had to fight an election during a global recession.
      Instead of the bloke who bottled it when it was in the bag in 2007.

      • 215
        jgm2 says:

        Brown won’t be ‘remembered’ in 100 years. Provided we get rid of the useless cu*nt this time around. This idiocy too will pass. He’ll be a picture on a wall in some dark corner of the HoP and that’s it.

        Nobody will look back with him in retrospective respect like they do at Maggie.

        He’s a total FAILURE.

        • 325
          Lord Mandelson says:

          He’ll be remembered all right.

          He’ll be infamous.

          ‘The man who destroyed the world’s 4th largest economy in 13 short years’

        • 354
          The wizz says:

          Maybe you have fogotten one Harold Wilson, but you maybe too young.

      • 407
        Britannicca 2060 says:

        they’ll all be remembered as a bunch of robbing twats

    • 126
      Ratsniffer says:

      Clegg is a waste of space. Like most lib dums he dreams of power, and will even side with broon if it meant a seat in the cabinet for him and Saint Vincent.

    • 134
      busted flat in baten rouge says:

      all very nice til you find the gaff has been trashed and the safe is clean as a whistle with a lot of bets to cover.
      nobody will give a shit about who dun it, it will be dave the rave and his merry band who will have to stump up or else. that includes every state workers wage, every benifit, every pension plus all the debt that has accumalated and interest built up under his nose while he was in charge of making sure things were above board.
      Nobody will be knocking on macdooms door, what is dave going to do, say its sod all to do with my lot.

      • 190
        Nick2 says:

        Under English law, misconduct (or misfeasance) in public office is an offence at common law.

        The Crown Prosecution Service guidelines on this offence say that the elements of the offence are when:

        1. A public officer acting as such.
        2. Wilfully neglects to perform his duty and/or wilfully misconducts himself.
        3. To such a degree as to amount to an abuse of the public’s trust in the office holder.
        4. Without reasonable excuse or justification.

        The similarly-named malfeasance (or misfeasance) in public office is a tort. In the House of Lords judgement on the BCCI Malfeasance Case it was held that this had 3 essential elements[3]:

        1. The defendant must be a public officer
        2. The defendant must have been exercising his power as a public officer
        3. The defendant is either exercising targeted malice or exceeding his powers.


        So we won’t have to invent any new definitions when the impromptu Peoples’ Tribunals start to ‘judge’ the guilty…

        • 204
          busted flat in baten rouge says:

          that will do it, then again……..Here is dave the rave giving you some clues as to maybe not

          But the tragic truth today is that no matter how much we strengthen Parliament or hold government to account, there will still be forces at work in our country that are completely unaccountable to the people of Britain. People and organisations that have huge power and control over our daily lives and yet which no citizen can actually get at.

          Almost half of all the regulations affecting our businesses come from the EU. And since the advent of the Human Rights Act, judges are increasingly making our laws.

          The EU and the judges – neither of them accountable to British citizens – have taken too much power over issues that are contested aspects of public policy and which should therefore be settled in the realm of democratic politics.

          It’s no wonder people feel so disillusioned with politics and Parliament when they see so many big decisions that affect their lives being made somewhere else.

          So a progressive reform agenda demands that we redistribute power from the EU to Britain and from judges to the people.

          We will therefore hold a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty, pass a law requiring a referendum to approve any further transfers of power to the EU, negotiate the return of powers, and require far more detailed scrutiny in Parliament of EU legislation, regulation and spending.

          And we will introduce a British Bill of Rights to strengthen our liberties, spell out the extent and limit of rights more clearly, and ensure proper democratic accountability over the creation of any new rights.

        • 216
          busted flat in baten rouge says:

          In British parliamentary practice, the Official Loyal Opposition Shadow Cabinet (usually known simply as ‘The Shadow Cabinet’) are a group of members from Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition who scrutinise their corresponding office holders in the government, and develop alternative policies, as well as hold the government to account for its actions and responses.[1] Since 1997, the Conservative Party has been Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition, and its leadership therefore forms the current Shadow Cabinet.[2]

        • 246
          LIMPDICK TOOTHPICK says:

          That just about covers All of them !

  37. 103

    The Tories claim we’re “all in this together”.

    Oh really?

    Last time I checked, most people hadn’t been to Eton and the Bullingdon Club, unlike Cameron and his Old Etonian banking chums.

    Tory toff Cameron will never understand what life is like for the vast majority of ordinary, hard-working families who suffered at the hands of the capitalist excesses of the pinstriped banking classes.

    It was Gordon Brown who stepped in to save the world’s banking system and whose policies have secured the economic recovery.

    The Tories are still the party of the few, not the many.

    Vote New Labour – for a brighter future for all

    • 119
      Vomming at labour double-think says:

      You marxist twat! Did Blair – educated at posh public school Fettes – understand “ordinary people”? Or how about Harriet Hateman? (posh public school) The list goes on. Please don’t pretend that Labour were all educated at “bog standard” comps…or I may just have to throw up over you. Vote labour, get rank hypocrisy.

      • 170
        nell says:

        Don’t forget darling and balls.

        And look at all the other privately educated / oxbridge labour mp’s – too many to list.

        You silly billy!!!

        • 301
          Old Archer says:

          Too many politicians are lawyers, a breed not to be trusted with anything least of all power.

    • 121
    • 130
      Anonymous says:

      You bastard, I laughed so much at your pathetic comment that I coughed coffee over the laptop.

    • 154
      THICK AS SHIT says:

      dont be taken in by TAT’s inane rants

    • 161
      Moley says:

      Did you clear your post with Charlie Whelan?

      He doesn’t want anyone to know that he went to public school.
      He doesn’t want anybody to know that he himself is one of the few, not the many,

      And in particular, he doesn’t want union members to know about the Mansion in Esher (see above) where privileged Union bosses can bed and breakfast for £50.00 per night (dinner is extra) while they visit the fleshpots of London.


      Open your eyes dumbo; you’ve been had.

    • 207
      Raving Loon says:

      All hail the dear Leader!

      Enough mind numbing, hollow, soul destroying propaganda please. I like my freedom thank you!

    • 243
      TrustyShield says:

      What a wanka

      Just look at the Nu Labour front bench – more than a few public school boys there.

      and how many of them entered Parliament as poor as church mice and like all good socialist leaders will leave millionaires (with our money)

      for a brighter future for all the bully boy leaders of the Labour Party – fuck everyone else

    • 331
      Brown's a Tosser says:

      Ome things for sure YOU did not get a education. In NuLabour latest plans they intend to tax brains and you are at the top of the list for a rebate.

      • 430
        BadgerSnatch says:

        as a poster who can’t spell ‘one’ ….stones and glass houses come to mind

    • 357
      Mad as hell and won't take it any more says:

      I don’t normally reply to wanker trolls as it only encourages them but this one can’t be ignored.

      How many of your lot went to public school and are now millionaires?


    • 377
      Madness says:

      Don’t you mean a fucked future for all?

    • 400
      Sudden interest in Baseball bats says:

      Please God!
      Let one of these fucking wankers knock on my door. There like kids!
      They drop their left wing bollocks leaflets through my door and leg it faster than Parcel Force

  38. 106
    Breaking News! says:

    Obama has announced that he will attend the state funeral of Polish president Kaczynski.

    Bet Jonah’s advisers are considering sending the cursed one to bask in Obama’s reflected “glory”!

    • 114
      South of the M4 says:

      And it will be on the day of the final ‘ party leaders Televised debate ‘ and Brown, out of international duty you understand, will have to send a deputy – to the debate.

      • 127

        Brown would no more send Harman to a debate than he would speak to a non Labour activist at a spontaneous meet an’ greet.

        But he also has to worry about Milibland going in his capacity as foreign secretary and bigging himself to the Blairites. But is too cunning for Milibland. He’ll send Her Majesty instead.

        • 252
          Animal says:

          After Milliband’s comments about Kaczynski’s colleague Kaminski last year, and thus the resentment he stirred up in Poland, somehow I think he won’t be very welcome.

          • udderly 'orrible says:

            Sure he will be … firing squad at the ready, present arms!
            Dead banana falls off perch.

    • 149
      MAD FRANKIE HADDOCK son of COD says:

      Fire up airforce one “were off to a funeral”
      gordon theres a great photo opp with Obama if you can catch him !
      Ok ok were going to a funeral
      “Fire up Brownsyndrome one

    • 201
      Nick2 says:

      Bet that the Secret Service have been told to open fire on Gordon on first sighting…

    • 431
      BadgerSnatch says:

      of course the chin grinner will be there golden photo op for the faithful

  39. 110

    Did you hear 5 live asking potential voters to identify the party with the policy? Hopeless. Everyone got them wrong. Might as well save the huge expense of an election and just do a live X Factor vote during the leaders debate.

    Instead of boring policies they should have to sing hits from Grease. Susan boil-with-rage Brown. Davey ‘Monkey’ Jones and Nick Astley.

    All judged by the wife of three times X factor winner Tony, Cheryl Blair!

    • 135
      Vince Babel- its just noise says:

      To vote for the mental one, text ‘Lab’
      To Vote for the little boy who’s brought his ‘uncle’ along, text ‘Lib’
      To vote for some sanity, text ‘Tory’

    • 208
      Nick2 says:

      On R4:PM this eve Lord Steele, Lord Parkinson & a female Labour peer were read manifesto pledges & asked which of their parties had said it.

      Only the Labour woman got about half right – David & Cecil scored ‘nil pointes’.

  40. 113
    The Sleeper says:

    Ha….On ITV’s interview with Broon,they’ve got Alex Ferguson singing Gorgons praises…

    That’s fucked every football fan off..except Man U supporters,who are anyway intrinsically fucking dense.

    Sorry anyone here who supports them..

    • 117
      South of the M4 says:

      I liked it better when Fergie refused to talk to the BBC and was never heard. Because you cannot understand a word he says anywhose.

      • 132
        The Sleeper says:

        “I feel a lot for children” says Gorgo…..

        That begs the question…

        …”Care to comment on Operation Ore,Prime Minister?”

      • 142
        MAD FRANKIE HADDOCK son of COD says:

        just another member of the “Jock Mafia”
        thats made his fortune screwing every last penny out of the working classes of England

    • 133
      concrete pump says:

      Alex Ferguson is just another labour voting hypocrite. Fuck Man U, fuck labour.


      • 140

        I remember Jack Dee being heckled by a drunk fan. Fan just kept shouting “Eaglessss!!”

        Dee spies his shirt and says ” What’s that say? Eagles? – I see, to remind you what to do. Very good. What do you have written on your Pajamas? – Wank?”

    • 136
      Mr Plum says:

      Just saw him visiting a new hospital all the staff cheered when he left.

    • 189
      Wayne says:

      de dont do dat der do day doh

    • 219
      Unsworth says:

      When Ferguson ‘speaks’ on TV I have to turn the subtitles on.

    • 343
      Grandma says:

      Bit of an own goal don’t you think?

    • 462
      ManU supporter south of Watford says:

      Fergie is a great footie manager but knows sweet FA about politics. Just another champagne socialist!

  41. 123
    nell says:

    I think the debates are just going to be boring and won’t change anything. 90 minutes a time – they’re too long for a start! And then you have that stifling format that has been put together – pre-approved question from the audience, 2 mins each leader to respond followed by a four minute debate – question from the audience …….and on and on……………..

    No heckling, no clapping, no booing, and the only questions to be allowed are one’s that apply equally to each of the three party leaders

    No – why did you sell our gold at the bottom brown?

    or to cameron – when do you think you will withdraw our men from Afghanistan?

    or to cleggie – are you contemplating a deal with labour that will keep brown in power?

    No no – none of those sorts of questions are going to be allowed!!

    I’m not going to watch. I’ve decided I’m going to settle down with a novel by the tory contender for Corby and East Northants – Louise Bagshawe – to see what all this fuss over her books is about!! I hear she’s expected to win over that labour trougher Phil Hope.

  42. 124
    MAD FRANKIE HADDOCK son of COD says:

    Fire up airforce one we’re goin to a funeral!

    Gordon theres a real chance of a photo opp with Obama
    if you can keep up with him
    ok ok fire up Brown syndrome one !

  43. 173
    Hi Alan Here says:

    Excuse me dear readers, can I ask how much the Spectator costs to buy? I would like to purchase this issue when it is released.

  44. 186

    Why not watch some of New Labour’s 2010 animated manifesto films.

    Find out about Labour’s vision of a future fair for all and watch the videos setting out our policies for the 2010 general election.

    It is a choice between building a future that is fair for all, or a change that puts the recovery at risk, threatens public services and makes life tougher for families.

    • 197
      concrete pump says:

      I prefer Ren and Stimpy.

    • 210
      Moley says:

      Do you really expect anybody to take THAT seriously?

      Even a child would be ashamed of that picture.

      Are you some kind of idiot?

      • 213

        I’m not surprised that elitist Tories like you are sneering at our manifesto, it shows we’re doing something right.

        New Labour is trying to reach out to ordinary women and men by presenting our policies in a 21st century relevant, clear, engaging, vibrant style – unlike the elitist Tories whose manifesto looks like a dusty Victorian library book.

        We are the party of the many – you are the party of the few.

        • 221
          Moley says:

          The answer is obviously YES.

        • 262
          troglodyte says:

          NLV- It’s not very kind to be so ironic about such a well thought out manifeato. Try and say something sincere and nice about it.

        • 263
          Animal says:

          I didn’t realise that immature, condescending, childish, patronising and outright lying could also mean relevant, engaging or vibrant. For Liebore to commission some cartoons that actively talk down to the public really does show how little the bullying party thinks of the citizens.

          No-one can ever really expect political films to be all that much good, but Liebore’s 2010 efforts are spectacularly bad. This country is in complete disarray thanks to this Government, and they really think that some flippant stick cartoons will compel us to vote for them? It’s stupidity on a Nathan Barley level, and then some.

          That cartoon idea alone has cost Liebore votes. Sp keep posting it up, remind everyone that Liebore thinks we are all too stupid/lazy/drunk to grasp the realities of the problems this country is in.

        • 312
          Mr.Rusty says:

          ‘trying to reach out to ordinary women and men by presenting our policies in a 21st century relevant, clear, engaging, vibrant style’ –

          Fifty years ago any ordinary man or woman, sorry, woman or man, would have told you to stop being so fucking condescending since your efforts would insult the intelligence of a lobotomised chimp, before attempting to deliver a swift blow to your groin with a well-aimed winklepicker/gogo boot. Fuck off and congeal, you party of the many braindead.

          • Mdme Defarge says:

            Are you being ironic? I couldn’t finish watching that stupid video it was totally inane. Is it aimed for those with the intellect of a pea and the attention span of a gnat?

          • TheDevineOne says:

            No, it’s aimed at people who’ve had an intellectual by-pass.

        • 370
          Anonymous says:

          The party of the Many in Debt thanks to you !

        • 417
          Angry of Atherton says:

          As a professional artist of some 20 years with a huge ammount of my work in the public domain, I have just one thing to say of the quality of that Liebour advert:

          Fucking shit.

          Ok, i’ll go on….patronising, lying, childish, fraudulent, dumbed down pig piss.

          Just the thing a growing Liebour troll needs.

    • 244
      nell says:

      D’you know I think even spongebob is better than that!!!

      And I hate spongebob!!

    • 303
      Next stop the Knacker's Yard says:

      It’s not really worthy of comment, is it ?

      Patronising crap.

      Wish I hadn’t said anything, wasn’t worth the finger effort.

    • 383
      Madness says:

      Don’t you mean a future fucked for all. When will you lot learn that socialism doesn’t work.

    • 432
      BadgerSnatch says:

      vote labour a fairer shafting for all

  45. 187
    Dave Blair the Warcriminals mini-me says:

    • 278
      Next stop the Knacker's Yard says:

      Scary, Scary.

      Leave all that behind.

      Vote Ukip

      • 446
        TheDevineOne says:

        Next election they probably won’t bother with any of the small parties, just ask Con/Lab to post a video, and then see which party has the cutest girlies, find as many pictures as possible of them makes asses of themselves and just show these. We won’t have any dramas or comical turns, just the one video, and a bout of mudwrestling on the Wednesday afternoon before the vote. It might engage the electorate – I’d definitly watch the next leader of the government fighting for his/her position.

  46. 195
    Fees Office Clerk says:

    Apologies if someone’s posted it on here already:


  47. 200
    Right Bastard says:

    Charles (affectionately called Charlie) Alexander James Whelan, former member of the Communist Party is the Trotsky of Zanulab.

    • 218

      Funny how you haven’t mentioned Lord Cashcroft, the Tories’ billionaire donor and old etonian chum who’s trying to buy the marginals!

      • 222
        Unsworth says:

        Well if he can afford them, why not? Better than us all having to go on paying for them.

      • 226
        jgm2 says:

        Why? Are UNITE selling them?

      • 265
        Animal says:

        A shame you don’t like talking about the numerous non-dom donors to Liebore either.

      • 371
        Mad as hell and won't take it any more says:

        Lord Paul has a whole pension fund to give to you lot.

      • 418
        Angry of Atherton says:

        Wonder what useless tat Lord Sugar of scruffy twat has up his sleve to try to sell to us to subsidise his £400,000 donation…

        Wonder why Gordon made him a Lord.

        Alan Sugar, a man who jumped on the coat tails of Sir Clive Sinclair.

        The awful Amstrad CPC.

        Jumped into the 8 bit computer market, just as it was dying.

        Created the hilarious Amstrad Video Phone.

        Made shitloads of faulty Sky boxes.

        Now where is this numb cnut getting his money from?…I wonder how many government contracts he’s in possetion of.

    • 314
      Lady Virginia Droit de Seigneur says:

      More like he plays Lavrenti Beria to Brown’s Stalin.

  48. 205

    I hope the Spectator, already a discredited reactionary rag, goes under after its disgraceful attack on hard-working family man Charlie Whelan.

    The Tories and their right-wing allies in the press are launching a neo-Thatcherite assault on the unions who are trying to protect the working classes.

    This proves they haven’t changed one bit – they are still the same Nasty Party of the 1980s.

    • 211
      CAUGHT! It's a spoof says:

      Tory Pisstake

      > hard-working family man Charlie Whelan.

      Sorry dumbfuck but you pushed it too far.
      Nobody could seriously read that with a straight face.
      Fairly average spoofing up till then though Mr Plant.

    • 217
      Moley says:

      If you charged the workers a few quid more, Charlie could buy more mansions like this;


      Is it surprising that Labour and the Unions between them have increased child poverty and the gap between rich and poor?

      How does a mansion in Esher help the working class in Glasgow?

      • 223
        MAD FRANKIE HADDOCK son of COD says:

        Bought with government grant’s to the Unite union
        in return for union funding for the Labour party ?
        what goes around comes around ?

      • 233
        Nigel S says:

        ‘tendered grounds’ doh!

        It’s the members who have been tenderized by CW

        • 235
          jgm2 says:

          Good spot. I wonder if the grounds maintenance is ‘out-sourced’ to minimum wage contractors.

          Bet it is.

          • Baroness Scotland belongs in prison says:

            Or staffed by illegal immigrants?

          • jgm2 says:

            It would be worth a look by an enterprising Murdoch publication wouldn’t it? Spring is upon us. Grass getting cut regularly. Bulbs getting planted. Beds getting weeded. Gardners all over the place I’d have thought.

            Maybe with liveried contractor vehicles with an 0800 number. ‘Gardening-4-U’ or something.

            Just saunter up there and get chatting to the lads. Find out their T&C. Where their employer is based. Their immigration status.

      • 419
        Angry of Atherton says:

        Unite, 35 King Street, Covent Garden, London WC2E 8JG

        Covent Garden eh?…Very swanky, I went there about 2 years ago, nothing but “bars” (not pubs that the working classes frequent)

        Not exactly the hub of down trodden working class folk throughout the whole area…perhaps I was there on the wrong day.

        • 447
          TheDevineOne says:

          Na! These people don’t want to mix with actual, real, live working people – that would cloud the issue.

    • 254
      nell says:

      Whelan – the mafia thug of gordon’s no 10 drowning street – the bosom pal of balls and damian – a hard working family man???!!!

      That’s a bit like saying that Al Megrahi is the patron saint of air travellers isn’t it ??!!

    • 269
      Next stop the Knacker's Yard says:

      Would that they were.

    • 369
      Mdme Defarge says:

      OK I get it now you’re having a larf. Very funny trying to fool us into thinking you’re a Labour troll. Almost fell for it too didn’t we?

    • 434
      WankerWatch says:

      New labour Victory….wander off and stick to reading your comics twat

  49. 232
    jgm2 says:

    Jesus H. Christ.

    Tories 41%
    Labour 32%
    Liberals 18%

    32%? Fully 1/3rd of the population would vote for this economy wrecking shower of incompetent morons?

    I fucking despair. I really do.

    • 240
      Moley says:

      On a turnout of 60%, that’s 20%.

      The problem is not the less intelligent ones; but the more intelligent ones; the guilt trip socialists who feel so guilty about the massive public sector salaries they get paid, they “want to put something back”.

      People who feel guilty about their earnings because they know they don’t deserve it.

      BBC staff spring to mind.

      • 257
        Mr Plum says:

        Don’t think its guilt they just know where their bread is buttered

        • 342
          Only a Fool Votes for a Pig says:

          as opposed to the even bigger bunch of braindead fools prepared to vote in the big pig parties for another go at the trough

          huffing and puffing while backing thieves and fraudsters
          talk about stupid

    • 242
      concrete pump says:

      Truly, truly depressing.

    • 251

      My old dad is Labour: no logic, no reason, just because his mother was. He’s retired now but was a well paid professional in his day, hates Thatcher for absolutely no reason, loves Brown for no reason.

      Blind tribal loyalty has a lot to answer for.

      • 258
        Mad As Me says:

        Well be fair, old people are senile.

        • 273
          Next stop the Knacker's Yard says:

          We must assume you are old then.

          • nell says:

            Labour may think so – but 60% of the electorate are pensioners !

            gutlessgordon is heading for a fall!!!

          • jgm2 says:

            Plus Tory pensioners live 20 years longer on average than Labour pensioners.

        • 277
          nell says:

          Only gordon thinks that .

          The rest of we ‘old’ people know that our intelligence is superior to his!!!

          And let’s not forget at 58 he is only two years short of the 60 years that he has just told his party members this week that if they were sixty years old then they must give up for younger members.

          Time to go gordon, you are getting too old and in any case you’ve failed, horribly!!!!!!

      • 259
        Is Dave a Tory? says:

        I can understand that. But does Dave deserve any tribal loyalty?

        • 386
          A Pygmy says:

          Why not? What’s wrong with short people?

        • 395
          Robert Mugabe says:

          Tribal loyalty? Works for me.

          Good to see your government following my economic policy.

          I say if you want some money. Just print it. It’s only paper. I learned that at the LSE. A lot of their economists support Gordon Brown’s economic policy.

          It’s a circle of economic completeness. A big zero. Like your interest rates.

          Because your economy is fucked. Like mine. Vote ZanuPF. Vote Brown.

    • 356
      Baroness Scotland belongs in jail says:

      Of that 32% at least half don’t have a scoobie of what it’s all about. They think “boom and bust” is Jordan’s latest TV series

    • 373
      Mad as hell and won't take it any more says:

      You ain’t the only one

  50. 255

    The Slapometer is back in full swing with Brown on 99%
    Cameron on 1%
    Clegg as in the elections 0%

  51. 267
  52. 284
    Engineer says:


    Meanwhile, in other news, the climate debate rumbles on. The Beeb reported that an independent enquiry into the conduct of scientists at the University of East Anglia found absolutely nothing of concern.

    The Telegraph reports slightly differently;


    The comments made by readers are of passing interest, as they show that the only certainty in this debate is uncertainty.

    Also, it appears that the chairman of the enquiry, Lord Oxburgh, has close financial ties to companies set to benefit from carbon trading. Questions have been raised about his impartiality.

    • 292
      Mr Plum says:

      Meanwhile we have had the coldest winter for 31 years and I just received a quarterly gas bill for £510

      • 363
        Baroness Scotland belongs in jail says:

        By the time they’ve wasted billions on fucking wind farms that don’t work when it’s cold your bill will have quadrupled.

    • 299
      Engineer says:

      Perhaps the most significant bit of the Telegraph’s report, which might explain the BBC’s take on Oxburgh’s report is this;

      “Lord Oxburgh was asked to look back at 20 years of research by CRU in order to check the scientific methods were sound. In a detailed review of 11 scientific papers he found “absolutely no evidence of any impropriety whatsoever”.

      “Whatever was said in the emails, the basic science seems to have been done honestly and fairly,” he said.

      Lord Oxburgh said any exaggeration of the extent of global warming happened when the data produced by CRU was presented to the public by various organisations, including the UN body in charge of climate change the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change that went on to advise Governments around the world. The IPCC has also been criticised for incorrectly claiming the Himalayan glaciers could melt by 2035.

      “I am sure that they [public bodies including the IPCC] took the uncertainties into account making policy but in the way some of this has been presented to the public, it has not,” he said. “

  53. 305
    Dr Shrink says:

    What a sad, sad pathetic little weasel of a man.

    Reading about Whelan’s behaviour it is very common that this personality type suffers with some form of sexually dysfunctional that drives this toxic desire for power.

  54. 307
    The Chancellor says:

    There will be no more benefits. The unemployed will be give 3 spuds,some seeds, a carrot and a 1 lb of flour. This will continue until harvest time when they will be self sufficient. Those that are not will die.

  55. 316
    A Firm Pair Of Breasts says:

    Charlie is a fucking fucker and can just fuck off and die.

  56. 327
    A tax return fair for all says:

    Can anybody help me? Trying to work out how much NI I should pay?


  57. 333
    Vince Cable is a fucking joke says:

    Paxman set up Vince Cable for a big fall on Newsnight. Big-headed conman Cable was left sweating like a pig and snivelling his pathetic excuses.

    This election campaign has really shown him up for the charlatan he is.

    • 361
      The Sleeper says:

      I am now of the opinion that Vince Cable is the most out of his depth,exposed politician in this election…

      …and that is really saying something.

    • 382
      Dack Blog says:

      And suggesting the possibility of a de-defection it sounded to me…

  58. 335
    Anonymous says:

  59. 336
  60. 340
    Dack Blog says:

    What’s happened to Hain’s voice on News 24? Is he wearing an invisible Darth Vader helmet?

    • 346
      BBC Tumbleweed Watch says:

      More to the point, what’s happened to the Tories on Newsnight? Just Hain ranting on about evil right wing slash and burn Tories and a LibDem faffing around as usual.

      Fucking outrageous.

      • 355
        The Sleeper says:

        What I find outrageous is that the fucking tangerine Hain is allowed to rant that people of all political shades should vote tactically to keep the evil Tories out.
        This is all he wants….fuck whether you support Labour..just vote to keep Cameron out.

        Epitomy of the vile,power mad Labour Party

      • 379
        Baroness Scotland belongs in jail says:

        That’s the third time in a fortnight that al-Jabeeba has had Labour and/or LibDem attacking the unrepresented Tories.

        Al-Jabeeba doesn’t give a fuck for balance.

  61. 347
    Shampoo United says:

    Charlie Whelan is a coward who picks on dwarves. They are united in bullying, lying, smearing and exploiting the little guy. The little guy is nothing but fodder for the cause. Unite picks on the little one because Unite does not have the skills to debate their points of view. Bullying, bullshitting and smearing are the only way they can get things done. They have no courage of conviction
    I was a supporter of labour and the unions once, now I would not touch the bullying, self serving incompetent idiots with a barge pole.

  62. 348
    Baroness Scotland belongs in jail says:

    DWP website has been out of service for around two weeks and they can’t say when it will be back! There may well be other sites affected too.
    All part of Labour’s mismanagement in general and mismanagement of Government IT projects.

  63. 351
    Window Shopping says:

    Just for the record. I’m not keen on the Co-operative. I prefer Sainsbury.

  64. 359
    Window Shopping says:

    Labour are too incompetent,self-serving and snootish about clearing up it’s own mess properly. They would only sweep it under the carpet.

  65. 367
    jgm2 says:

    Cameron: “Vote for me and YOU can run the country”

    Yeah, ‘cos like I’ve got fuck all else to do except keep a roof over my head you idle, upper class, tight fisted Hunt.

  66. 381
    Labour in a nutshell says:

    The party of the many hmmm.

    Would that be the many…

    Back Stabbers
    Incidents of sleaze
    Comebacks after resigning in disgrace
    Extra Marital Affairs
    Champagne Socialists
    Publicly Schooled Rich MP’s
    Twitter Twats
    Meaningless sound bites
    Resignations from Gordons Cabinet
    Unelected members of the Cabinet drafted in as a consequence
    Offspring with an overarching sense of entitlement
    …Years in Government and little to show for it

  67. 388
    New_Labour_Victory says:

    Hello Ch4rl3s H4rdwidg3 here using my new name but still spouting the same old shite, as you are well aware, nobody spouts shite as well as i,im like the fucking big tap at the sewerage works that they turn on to empty the big tank thats FULL OF SHITE and labour voting benefit scrounging lazy bastards.

    • 392
      jgm2 says:

      Oh. I’d forgotten how fucking tedious you could be Ch*rles. Thank fuck they blocked your ISP.

      I’d have thought a self-proclaimed internet pioneer and software god could have worked around that.

      But thank fuck you can’t.

  68. 389
    Tarquin Bartleby says:

    What does Tarquin have to say about Labour blogger Ellie Gellard?

  69. 391
    New Labour Circus says:

    You are a clown if you vote for Brown.

  70. 402
    Bullyboy Balls & Bullyboy Brown's Boom 'n' Bust Busdriver says:

    They’re all a bunch of nasty people

  71. 403

    Can I please ask why it is necessary for people who comment in this comments section to be so poisonous?
    Did you not hear? I am now a kind man who slags off no-one
    Except total c-un-ts

  72. 404
    Gordon ( SoldGoldAtThe ) BottomBrown says:

    We are the caNcer scAre STorY party.

  73. 408
    RT says:

    Conservative lead in 100 key marginals?


    I’m not sure whether to believe these polls any more. As the least worst option, I hope this is true.

  74. 409
    Circus says:

    New Labour are too incompetent to clean up its mess. They will stick their heads in the sand while the Unions take over. If Conservatives want to win over the hard core labour, they have to stay centred. Harsh cuts have to be fair and just. Trident should be the first to go.

  75. 412
    Anonymous says:

    A heartwarming tale…

    JIM DEVINE today defended his decision to claim legal aid to fight criminal charges over fiddling his expenses – because he is out of work.

    The 57-year-old, barred by Labour from standing for re-election as Livingston MP because of his expenses claims, said he was entitled to help from the state in his upcoming criminal trial because he is now unemployed.


  76. 413
    Prisoner of Zenda redacted says:

    Another rising star for Labour this came of the local community website

    Chris York, Labour candidate for NW Cambridgeshire requested my friendship on Facebook some months ago.

    After happily chugging along putting up with each others posts, yesterday I decided to comment on his wall, as he was suggesting that anyone who thought Labour caused a worldwide recession was an idiot!

    I took exception to this (regardless of whether I agree with him or not), as it basically boiled to to saying the electorate are stupid. Not a good move for someone who wants votes surely? I would have thought education was a better move.

    Someone else joined in agreeing (no idea who they were)… The guy who replied to me did the usual, which is twist what I was saying ignoring my point completely to his own ends.

    I think ‘Politics’ is utter rubbish. It always seems that as soon as people are drawn into party Politics, they loose all common sense. Mr York apologised for any offence, saying the post was meant for those who are political activists, not the general public. Which to me was more worrying, do political activists of any party really think Labour caused a worldwide recession?

    Anyway, today I am no longer on Mr York’s friends list and no longer a neighbour of his on Farmville (oh dear). I’ve also been blocked, as I can’t even search for his profile.

    A bit of heat from me and he’s off… not sure what that says.

    Come on, I’m a pussy cat!!!

    Just thought I would share this with you….

    I’d have wandered off saying nothing, chalked it up to a bit of discussion. Instead I’ve had my attention drawn to it.

    Edited by Jenny on 11 April 2010 at 19:30

    Peterborough Community Website

    • 423
      stoned says:

      “The brain is a wonderful organ; it starts the moment you get up in the morning and does not stop until you get to the office.” – Robert Frost.

  77. 427
    10K_Cleggie says:

    I’m a number……….. not a name!

  78. 429
    chicken jerk says:

    Brown = shit filled nappy

  79. 436
    labour is a cancer on society says:

    Posted by Sgian Achlais on Scotasman. It is just so tragically funny:

    “15/04/2010 00:09:30Worse Than Mephedrone
    Following on from the Mephedrone ban a more sinister and dangerous threat needs to be eradicated from the streets of the UK.
    Its use has been endemic in the sink estates of Scotland, Wales and Northern England for generations.
    Some people started using ‘Labour’ when they were at University in the 60’s, everyone was doing it. There did not seem to be any harm in it at the time. It was ‘cool’.
    But the Labour dealers in the 90’s created a hybrid strain called Nu-Labour, it is very different, its more dangerous and much more potent, it’s 10 times more harmful than the Labour your parents were using back in their day.
    People who started using Nu-Labour in the 90’s are now all wishing they had never taken those first fateful steps or even heard of Nu Labour. The lives of many have been ruined beyond repair.
    Using any form of Labour has been linked to mental illness in many vulnerable people. Using Labour has had negative effects on all ages that have used it. Children who are not even using Labour yet are seeing their parents using it and they think it is normal. They grow up not questioning the use of Labour.
    The Labour Dealers at first pretend to be your friend but that is just to gain your trust; in the end you always end up in dire straights and financially ruined with nowhere to turn and no hope.
    Once Labour becomes popular in an area the place changes. People stop going to work, stop caring about their communities. The whole area suffers. Many deprived areas are now awash with Labour addicts that are so scared they cannot face life without Labour.
    These poor people cannot even imagine a life without Labour. Their horizons have been so warped they start to believe Labour is their only friend. If you try to help them move away from using Labour they can become very resistant and even aggressive.

    After using Nu Labour just three times hundreds of thousands of people have lost their homes, many people have lost their jobs, lost their pensions and their savings meanwhile the financial demands from the Labour Dealers keep coming.
    The Labour dealers are also involved in money lending, corruption, illegal violence. When a Nu Labour Dealer gets caught the police never seem to be able to get a conviction no matter how blatant the crime. They seem to be able to apologise and get away with it. Some have even been caught on film but it appears the police work for them. I suspect the Labour Dealers have some financial arrangement with Law Enforcement and judges.
    Some people who have stood up to Labour dealers have died suddenly without explanation or investigation. People are too scared to question what happened.
    The founder of Nu-Labour lives safely abroad now, he has registered his children with Irish passports, he rarely sets foot in this country; his successor, El Gordo, is believed to be a violent and threatening individual. People who have tried to stop Labour dealers and their plans have been dealt with very harshly.
    The Nu-Labour dealers want a broken people who are dependent on them for occasional handouts. They want you to feel like you owe them. That there is no other choice.
    Thing are so bad now that “Things Can Now Only Get Better” once we get rid of Labour.
    Just say NO! Change your life. Your Kids deserve better!”

    Read more: http://www.annaraccoon.com/politics/intra-generational-labour/#ixzz0l6xx7L9W

  80. 441
    David Cameron says:

    I shall open tonights debate with this gag

    What do you all think ??

    A man goes to the doctors with a lump growing on he’s forehead. The doctor can’t make it out, takes an x-ray and tells the man to come back in a week. A week later the man returns for he’s results. the doctor says “what you have is a penis growing on forehead”. the man shocked and panicking says “shit! how can i walk around like that, everyone will stare at it”. The doctor replies “don’t worry about that, you wont be able to see it.. because the bollocks will be hanging infront of your eyes”.

  81. 444
    Anonymous says:

    Fifty economists support Mr Brown. On the basis of membership of the National Economic Society (or whatever it’s called) that leaves 3, 250 who don’t……

  82. 463
    Moley says:

    There is nothing worse than an arrogant bullying snobbish public school boss.

    What Unite’s workers need is to join a Union.

    Union’s were born to protect the workers from bosses like Whelan.

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Cathy Jamieson MP, Labour’s Shadow Treasury minister, commenting on Treasury analysis of the economic impact of tax changes…

“If the Treasury is looking at the economic impact of tax changes, then surely it should examine the impact of the rise in VAT and cuts to tax credits? George Osborne’s £12 billion VAT rise knocked confidence, helped to choke off the recovery and has cost families £1,350 over the last three years.”

orkneylad says:

What’s he been doing FFS, mining bitcoins?

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