April 7th, 2010

UPDATED: Prescott in Internet Fraud Scandal
UPDATED : Son Lies to C4 News

For what he no doubt thought was a quick hit, John Prescott has come under fire for advocating online fraud:

For those less technically competent:

“Parties may wish to harm a competitor who advertises in the same market by clicking on their ads. The perpetrators do not profit directly but force the advertiser to pay for irrelevant clicks, thus weakening or eliminating a source of competition. As with vandalism, there is an array of motives for wishing to cause harm to either an advertiser or a publisher, even by people who have nothing to gain financially. Motives include political and personal vendettas. These cases are often the hardest to deal with, since it is difficult to track down the culprit.”

In his ever tactful and smooth style, Prezza has put his foot in it and publicly attempted to organise a conspiracy to commit fraud, making it much easer to “track down the culprit”. Better flee on the Prescott Express…

UPDATE: Channel Four News have lifted/weighed in. CCHQ web guru Rishi Saha told them “if a senior figure in a business sent an email to all his staff saying “click on our competitors advertisements”, that would be a serious issue. This is the former Deputy Prime Minister doing this!” Google are apparently “aware of Mr Prescott’s tweet“.

UPDATE: David Prescott is now spinning that it was “nowt to do with us guv.” He says his dad only “re-tweeted” the idea. Intriguing, doesn’t look like a retweet. Also if you care to look at the stats on who has used the link you can see Prescott was the first, and created it.

Caught red-handed in a dirty clicks campaign.


  1. 1
    Charles Flaccidwidger says:

    What a useless, fat wanker. Still, he can probably afford to be with his £1.5m pension pot.

    • 7
      Animal says:

      I think a few dozen complaints to twitter etc should see this nasty little man silenced for a short while.

      • 19
        Conservative Whingers says:

        All is fair in love and war.
        Stop being such a pansy Guido.
        Listen to the Tory trolls whinge, that alone is worth the 50p admission fee.
        Sounds like sour grapes from bad losers.

        • 25
          Anonymous says:

          Arse bandit alert.

          • A Bit of Advice for The Tory Cowards says:

            Thanks for warning everyone that you are an arse bandit.

          • Nice Advice says:

            Unlikely to take advice from you Mr Dribbling cripple with piss-stained pants

          • Got The Trolls On The Run says:

            That is no way to talk to the anonymous arse bandit.
            You must be a homophobe. Well, you Tories generally are.

          • Naked Gordon says:

            Roll on Labour’s soon to happen civil war. The bloated corpse will explode as the Frankenstein stitches give way.

          • Lord G says:

            The stench of rotten shite spilling out will be horrific…

          • Tristram Hoon says:

            You rang?

          • Derek Draper, onanist and psychologist with a questionable qualification says:

            just trying to drum up a headline for a smear story I’m planning when Mrs Cameron has her baby. I was thinking of something along the lines of “Sam Cam’s clam bursts like a dam” for the day of delivery followed by “tory toffs toddler’s tiny tackle” for day 2.

            Help me out here guys.

            Best headline gets 30 minutes undisturbed with the delectable Mrs Draper for the winner, 10 minutes each to the best 10,000 runners up.

        • 39
          Muff Snuff says:

          “All is fair in love and war” – it’s neither you stupid wankstain. I know you labour fuck-heads are dumb but you must be king shithead

          • A Bit of Advice for The Tory Cowards says:

            Well if you could just take off your crown, King Shithead, and pass it over here I will be happy to try it on.
            But I fear you have such a small brain and therefore skull that it would not fit.

          • Naked Gordon says:

            Smell the Labour fear…..it reeks!

        • 79
          AC1 says:

          So which part of a Democratic election involves armed combat or mating rituals?

          • Peter Grimes says:

            Fat 2″ Fucker Prescott couldn’t do either.

            Like all of the ZaNuLieBor idiots the only thing he does well is lie!

        • 86
          Sir Everard Digby says:

          I see – ‘ a future fairer for all’ except for people who do not agree with us.

          I suppose if fiddling expenses and flipping residences to maximise income is ok,why should stuff like this register?

          PS: politics is neither love nor war and a crime is a crime. I am afraid you can’t use it as a defence.

          • Got The Trolls On The Run says:

            Crime? Pray tell, which law exactly has Prescott broken?

          • Charles Flaccidwidger says:

            The laws of nature for a start.

          • Got The Trolls On The Run says:

            I concede the point.

          • Not Getting It says:

            In this case, mainly Common law.

            Anything which wilfully causes another injury, harm or loss is a crime under common law.

            “The Criminal Law Act 1977 produced a statutory offence and abolished all the common law varieties of conspiracy, except:

            Conspiracy to defraud

            Although most frauds are crimes, it is irrelevant for these purposes whether the agreement would amount to a crime if carried out. This gives the prosecution a choice whether to charge statutory or common law conspiracy where the agreement would amount to the commission of an offence if carried out. If the victim has suffered of any financial or other prejudice there of, there is no need to establish that the defendant deceived him or her.from wikipedia

            Conspiring to wilfully cause another financial loss is a crime at common law.

            No doubt there are a bunch of Statutes which Prescott will have breached too.

            Notably relevent sections of:

            The Theft Act 1968 (on fraud)
            The Telecommunications Act 1984 (section 42 relating to deception)
            The Forgery and Counterfeiting Act 1981

            Is that specific enough for you Mr “Got The Trolls On The Run”?

          • Got The Trolls on The Run Big Time says:

            Yes, it would seem to fit the bill for David ‘Housing Benefit Cheat’ perfectly.
            “If the victim has suffered of any financial or other prejudice there of, there is no need to establish that the defendant deceived him or her”
            David Cameron claimed 1700 hundred pounds per month in interest payments when he already had a home to live in and had no need to make that claim to carry out his duties as an MP. He soley made the claim to maximise his allowances and to defraud the taxpayer of 1700 pounds per month, and, as you rightly point out, their is no need to establish whether David Cameron deceived the tax payer.
            Cameron is guilty as charged. Take him down.
            Thanks for your help regarding this matter of fraud committed by David Cameron against the taxpayer.
            Good work.

          • Naked Gordon says:

            Labour’s rotting corpse, the more they troll, the greater the rate of decay.

        • 182
          Anonymous says:

          “All is fair in love and war…”

          Yeah, that’s what Blair suggests here….

          “I don’t give a monkeys’, nothing really matters, cabinet doesn’t matter, parliament doesn’t matter, does Chilcot matter?

          …. but who believes a word Blair, or his henchmen, say?

          Rory Bremner as Tony Blair ahead of the Chilcot Inquiry:


      • 101

        Does he think if we click enough it will cost the tories 1.4 trillion pounds?

        Gordon Brown admits to being recklessly, irresponsible spendaholic! – http://whogoeshome.co.uk/?p=719

      • 395
        Rustyrod says:

        Anyone who takes any notice of that tart shagging fat bellied pig needs thier bumps felt what with his son ready for the political trough and the misses who looks like aunt sally with 2 black eyes. The thick fuck should have stayed a north sea cabin boy.

    • 52
      Charles says:

      “What a useless, fat wanker.”

      Yes, he’s both of those things but I don’t see that he has broke any law.

      Perhaps Guido could explain.

      • 67

        I don’t see that he has broke any law.

        Natural selection?

        • 104
          Disaffected says:

          I am sure that plod will turn a blind eye, as they have done on all the other offences. Baroness employing of illegal immigrant has changed her story in court, Tony killed thousands and is making a fortune, Bad Al is doing the same, Mandleson the same, MP property developers carrying on business as usual, Liebour cab drivers (Byers and Co) still touting for business, Sickley Moran who is unable to work as an MP but is for hire for anything else still raking it in (not paying back her debts and unlikely to do so along with many other MPs, Lyons and Kennedy taking a very passive approach to let MPs off the hook, goodness forbid anyone like Elizabeth Filkin taking their job seriously to stop corruption in parliament and not doing as they are told by Mandleson and chums. Now we have fatty Precott, who by his appearance has had too much food allowance, is trying another sort of fiddle- no surprise really. Two jags, two homes, two women- he was shagging while being paid. He ought to disappear under the stone he crept from.

          • Dreamers.Politicians love em says:

            and here you all are still debating politics like your going to get an honest politician.dreamers

      • 102
        Mrs B says:

        Isn’t eating lard a crime?

      • 108
        Bill O'Bong says:

        “……he has BROKEN any law.” Schooling under Labour has never been top-notch.

      • 152
        Not Getting It says:

        I refer charles to the reply I gave some moments ago.

        With the addition that ignorance of a crime is no defence in law.

    • 56
      Luv it says:

      If this is an American company he can be shipped out to the States for trial. Come on Yanks be as vicious as you were with the hacker.

    • 62
      Awake now says:

      Scotland can defend him

    • 268
      Up sh1t creek says:

      Gordon can run to his safe-house now

    • 282
      Up sh1t creek says:

      New Labour’s last deception in PMQ’s

    • 326
      David Prescott says:

      Is Tracey my Mum?

    • 357
      Up sh1t creek says:

      Hello voters, I’m listening! (Actually my name is Gordon Brown, and I don’t care what you have to say)….

  2. 2
    Jimmy says:

    Does it work for the ads on here?

    • 29
      pay per click says:

      Make my day, punk.

    • 34
      udderly 'orrible says:

      So that would be Jimmy and PrezzyFatPies in the same tumbril on the way to Wormwood Scrubs then.

      • 43
        udderly 'orrible says:

        … and repeated across the farmed povertyland north of the border, where McLiebour thugs are in full cry knee-capping scandal after scandal.

      • 289
        Jimmy says:

        Why? I merely asked a question. It’s not as if I encouraged anyone to click repeatedly on Guido’s ads. That would be wrong.

    • 65
      Awake now says:

      it does but it won’t effect Guidos wonga

      • 270
        Lord G says:

        but will it AFFECT his wonga?

        • 425
          Mr Ned says:

          It will make guido more money, but cost the advertisers on his blog if you click on his links and then do not buy the product.

  3. 3
    PM says:

    Prescott is a fat, philandering spastic.

    • 28
      concrete pump says:

      Fat = check
      Philanderer = check
      Spastic = check

      Can’t fault your points.

      • 44
        A Bit of Advice for The Tory Cowards says:

        Dave Cameron
        Millionaire = check
        Housing Benefit Cheat = check
        Talks with plum in mouth = check
        Maximises expenses with fraudelent devices = check
        Andy Coulson polishes his shoes = check
        Totally disconnected from working class people = check

        • 61
          Ordinary Bloke says:

          Pure desperation loser!

          • AC1 says:

            Just take pleasure in Labour’s desperation.

          • Got The Trolls On The Run says:

            I just love it when the Tory trolls try to rebut posts by throwing insults and fail to address any to the facts.
            It just proves my post is true and theirs are false.

          • no longer anonymous says:

            Oh no, Master Baiter is back. Or Jonty wotshisname.

          • Pontius The Pilot says:

            And Labour are “connected” to the working class are they???

            Fucking bollocks are they. Fucking public school educated two faced fucking trustafarian wankers, to a man!

            The only connection they have to the fucking working class to empty the stupid tribal sink estate fuckers pockets to line their own.

            Never mind, they’re soon to be unemployed, bankrupt washed up crooks, especially that fat useless pie munching fuck Prescott. I’m only suprised by the fact that the only chip that bastard hasnt scoffed is the one on his fucking shoulder.

            Not fucking unemployed soon enough. Bastards. I hate ‘em.

          • Gordon Brown stole my pension says:

            I just love it when Labour try to win an election by attacking their opponents because Labour can’t think of one single positive thing to say about their 13 years in power.


          • Lord G says:

            Calling Labour cretins is an insult to cretins everywhere…

        • 73
          a bit of advice for the twat @ 42 says:

          you are a twat – check
          you piss the bed – check
          you are sexually inadequate – check
          You touch poo – check
          your posts are shit – check
          You ride a girls bike – check
          you wear clown’s shoes – check.

        • 84
          Monocular Jock says:

          Gord elp us Brown
          Millionaire = check
          Housing Benefit Cheat = check
          Talks with something in mouth = check
          Maximises expenses with fraudelent devices = check
          Polishes Mandelscums bell-end = check
          Totally disconnected from working class people = check
          Utterly useless at everything he does = check

        • 87
          PM says:

          Tony Blair
          Millionaire = check
          Housing Benefit Cheat = check (but difficult to tell because he shredded his expenses a long time ago)
          Talks with plum in mouth = check
          Maximises expenses with fraudelent devices = check (but difficult to tell because he shredded his expenses a long time ago)
          Alastair Campbell polishes his shoes = check
          Totally disconnected from working class people = check

          • Got The Trolls On The Run says:

            And so we come to the conclusion that Brown and Cameron and Blair are as thick as thieves.
            Thank you for proving my point guys.
            Much appreciated.

          • Dr david kelly says:

            Threw me to the wolves=check

        • 106
          Mrs B says:

          Gordon Brown receiving Unite pay – check!

        • 135
          Leather Apron says:

          You boring infantile fucking twat. I can picture you perfectly, an armchair warrior in a bedsit somewhere, living on pot noodles, hating anyone and anything that appears more successful, shinier and brighter than you are.

          • Got The Trolls on The Run Big Time says:

            Ha ha ha, you are responding to someone you picture as an armchair warrior in a bedsit somewhere, living on pot noodles, hating anyone and anything that appears more successful, shinier and brighter than you are.
            Well that means you must be like a total and utter loser if you are wasting your time responding to such a person, doesn’t it.
            You moron!

          • Dr david kelly says:

            I will be coming back to haunt Bliar and campbell =check

        • 147
          Madme Defarge says:

          FFS. Go and stand on the platform at St Pancras again and pretend to be a member of the grateful Labour adoring public.

        • 170
          I hate Labour cunts says:

          Idiot. Has he ever claimed Housing Benefit? No, dipshit, not expenses but Housing Benefit? After all, as you’re so up your Mandelson raddled arse with your own ineffable rightness then you’ll be aware that Housing Benefit is a totally different thing to an MP’s expenses or allowances.

          You thick Hunt.

        • 215
          davy says:

          I can’t help but be amused by a man using the handle ‘Tory Cowards’…posting anonymously on the internet.

          Go, go, brave troll!

          • BERCOW'S A DEAD MIDGET says:

            Said the troll.
            you just could not make this shit up if you tried.

        • 231
          Manglebum of Scum says:

          “Talks with plum in mouth = check”

          I usually put my plums in your mouth to
          shut you up you sad little oik.

      • 58
        Monocular Jock says:

        Thats only partially true. He’s also a talentless, uneducated, boorish, fuckwitted, lard-arsed cun.t.

        • 63
          jgm2 says:

          He’s also in the pay of the Chinese.

        • 64
          A Bit of Advice for The Tory Cowards says:

          Yes, it is true, David Cameron is all those things.
          Will add to checklist.
          Good points, well made.

          • stilyagi_air_corps says:

            The standard of Trolling has fallen through the basement floor lately – every single boring pseudonym sounds like spoiled bastard from Viz throwing a wobbly at his mum!

            Oi, ‘Jointy’ – bring it on, Posh Boy!

          • Leather Apron says:

            What a boring fucking twat you are. I just get so depressed when I read infantile postings like this. A little bit of me just dies.

          • A Bit of Advice for The Tory Cowards says:


          • A Bit of Advice for The Tory Cowards says:

            Hey, if you don’t like it you can always piss off.

          • A Bit of Advice for The Tory Cowards says:

            but you will recieve no refund of course.

          • I hate Labour cunts says:

            Go grease your ratty pony-tail, Hunt.

      • 69
        Awake now says:

        and inciting conspiracy to commit fraud will make him a criminal

      • 112
        Big Bazongas says:

        You forgot ‘ignorant’, ‘semi-literate’ and ‘foul-mouthed.’

    • 137
      Spud_Gun says:

      “Prescott is a fat, philandering spastic.”…..and smells of Knob Cheese*

      *According to his wife and tart on the side.

    • 198
      Across the pavement says:

      Thank fuck your not Roy hattersley saying that.

  4. 4
    Shotgun Solutions LTD says:

    If I were king, he would be the first against the wall.

  5. 5
    Tw@t The F!_!cKWIT says:

    Is there no end to the buffoonery of this pie.

    • 93
      Destroy the cancer of government says:

      I never quite understood what the point of Prescott was, he is even more pointless than the rest of the Hoons.

      • 136
        Dreamers.Politicians love em says:

        Lords trickery now.

      • 238
        K says:

        A sphere has no points, QED.

      • 303
        Moley says:

        Prescott’s purpose in the New Labour organisation was to make Blair (or anybody else) look good by comparism.

        He has fulfilled his purpose with quite outstanding success.

  6. 6
    jdennis_99 says:

    Good one, Prezza. I think that’s what my cousins would refer to as an EPIC FAIL.

  7. 8
    Fenrir says:

    I think this should be reported to the police, if a crime has been committed then they should investigate.

    • 10
      Harriet Harperson says:

      But the police are Labour’s little puppets.

      We own them. We own you.

      • 31

        Well they certainly are north of the border when you can have cosy visits from your local Scottish Crime and Drug Enforcement Agency officers to warn you whilst you are an elected official, you maybe the subject of blackmail from your dealer!

        • 53
          jgm2 says:

          Now that is community policing.

          • Across the pavement says:

            Yep like the old flying squad as long as you blagged out in the sticks they lat you know when outside plod were coming, ah those were the days

        • 66
          AC1 says:

          Or arresting Reporters on their way to press conferences about child abuse in the political establishment.

    • 72
      Lady Completely Gaga says:

      I’d send him to North Sea Camp for a stretch, but on second thoughts, the useless mountain of rancid horsemeat will probably do Labour more damage if he’s just left where he is.

    • 82
      Learned Friend says:

      if he clicked even one ad while having the intent, which he states he has he is has committed an offense

      • 226
        Carry On Don't Lose Your Head (1967) says:

        Someone tell the stupid fucker that Google take click fraud very seriously. They can sue him, or more likely, ban the Labour party from every using Google AdWords or AdSense again. The ban is for life, lmfao!

  8. 9
    Fat Hull Bastard says:

    Does this mean that when I click on that labour Party advert in your blog below, I am causing the Labour Party to pay out extra funds?

    Think it does, so a nice double whammy here – costing the Labour Party cash now, and making Guido nice and rich so he can buy more beer / enthrall us more!

    Nice one!

    Cheers Prezza, I’ll be clicking away like mad on those Labour Ads.

    • 22
      Gordon Brown stole my pension says:

      I don’t see a Labour ad on this page, but I did Google “Labour Party” and click on their sponsored ad.

      I wonder how long before Labour have to cancel them.

    • 88
      Lady Completely Gaga says:

      Half a dozen clicks should be enough to bankrupt the Labour Party.

    • 227
      Marchamont says:

      Fools – waste your time if you will, but only one click will be counted (based on ip address and browser footprint)

      • 250
        Gordon Brown stole my pension says:

        I’ve got Firefox, Chrome and IE, and my IP address is dynamic, changing every time I connect with 3G. So I can make a dozen valid clicks every day.

        • 261
          Marchamont says:

          yeah right – you vs the Googleplex stuffed with some of the finest software engineers on the planet. They’ve spent huge amounts on combatting click fraud, so don’t waste your time.

  9. 11
    Anonymous says:

    Bollocks. If linking to a search and encouraging people to click something was a crime you could just round up every single twitter user who ever linked to a video or anything and arrest them. As beautiful as that would be, what Prescott did is completely legit.

    • 95
      Go on then says:

      er wrong.go to court in USA and get 99 years do not pass go

      • 181
        Labour Legal HQ says:

        Of course, the burden of proof required in this sort of offence means that it will rarely, if ever, be prosecuted. I mean, the perpetrator would have to virtually write down in words what he wanted to achieve in as public a forum as possible, and then ask others to commit the offence themselves, using some formulation such as ‘Let’s Do This!’ Now, this might seem naive of me, but only someone thicker than Triple-A Grade Industrial Pigshit would ever…..doh!

    • 229
      Marchamont says:

      If this is fraud I’ll show my arse in Pall Mall.

      Encouraging people to click on ads from which you profit (i.e. you’re the site owner and will receive commission) is fraud, but only so far as it’s a breach of the advertising company’s T&C’s.

      If someone puts an ad up with the intent of people clicking on it, then you’re doing what they intended and they have agreed to incur a loss by signing-up with the advertising company.

      • 369
        Animal says:

        Marchamont, you need to understand that fraud is to gain advantage by intentional deceipt. This can be shown in this case by the published message encouraging people to click on the sponsored link for no reason other than to use up the budget allocated to the AdWords listing and thus attempting to remove it to leave the Labour party’s sponsored link in an uncontested position. So, you can see here there is both an attempt to gain advantage and intentionally deceive, and therefore can be shown to be a fraudulent act.

        Your contention that the sponsored link is placed purely to encourage people to click on it is overly simplistic and not correct. It is purchased to encourage people who have entered a search term to visit a web page or site based on their interest in the topic relating to their query. What John Prescott has done here is to encourage people to click on the link for no reason other than to deplete the AdWords budget allocated to the search terms. Which is something Google will not be best pleased about.

        So, off to Pall Mall you go.

  10. 12
    Peasant says:

    Bit of a slow news day? If Cashcroft has more money than sense, then why not channel some of it towards Google? Anyway, Dave should be pleased since Mrs Steve Hilton benefits!

  11. 13
    S&M says:

    Ignorance of the law is not protection from it..maybe we should call this type of crime a Prezza in honour of Hulls most famous slug.

    • 26
      AC1 says:

      Crying and saying it was a difficult time whilst being a Baroness is however a protection from the law.

    • 46
      Skidoo says:

      What law?

    • 488
      Lady Priscilla Tampon String says:

      Lock him in chains and throw away the bloody key, if he cant be arrested for this interweb crime then im sure impersonating Jabba the Hut is a serious crime in some countries!

  12. 14
    The Dirty Rat says:

    From ship’s steward to millionaire through public service – OUR MONEY.

    • 333
      Big Bazongas says:

      Fat-arsed Prescott was NOT a ship’s steward. I repeat – NOT. Is that clear? I have personally interviewed his shipmates and he was a galley cleaner. His dress was oilskins and wellingtons to protect him from the grease and crap he was trying to remove from large cooking pots and pans. He is functionally illiterate and Bliar used him as a working-class foil to the upper-class, privileged, ‘Labour’ hierarchy, like – um – Tory Bliar.

      • 490
        snore says:

        I am assuming he ate the lard and grease and then ate the oilskins

        He would see nothing wrong in that. The ships galley has to be kept clean.

  13. 15

    Click on http://www.politicalreformparty.co.uk as many times as you like and still find something new and of interest . . . . .

  14. 16
    Brown Hater says:

    Adultery and advocating fraud? His party must be so proud of him?

    What an odious, vile and porcine individual this ‘man’ is.

    Good riddance to bad rubbish!

    • 27
      jgm2 says:

      The voters of Hull will confound all reason and continue to return the jackass or a similar Labour jackass.

      Just the kind of bloke they want representing ‘em our John. Fuck-witted, belligerent, ignorant, adulterous, on the make and looking to ease his son into his paw’s old job. Just the man for the working class of Hull. Just the public image they want to show the world. Particularly China.

    • 374
      Blue is my favorite colour says:

      Your surely not talking about the RIGHT HONOURABLE !!!

  15. 17
    Anonymous says:

    Am I being thick ? I’m a bit confused on this one. If you place an advert on a pay per click basis, and people click – whatever their motives – where’s the fraud !?

  16. 20
    jgm2 says:

    That’s 50p you’re stealing off Crime-stoppers every time you do that Prescott. Every time you click on that link increases the chances of another crook getting away.

    Naked self-interest in your case of course John. You fucking crook. Taking money off the Chinese too. What are they buying John? It sure as fuck ain’t your scientific knowledge. So what are they buying John. what are you selling them? What are you telling them?

    • 35
      Prescott's Chew-and-Spew Brand Pie Factory says:

      My hypothesis, and it’s almost certainly wrong, is that the Chinese are paying Labour MPs to make it UK government policy to borrow money.. from the Chinese, who make a fortune on interest payments.

      In the same way, I think – again, almost certainly incorrectly – that someone paid Gordon a nice sum to encourage him to sell gold at the worst possible time. Or the best possible time from the point of the view of whoever paid him.

  17. 20
    Regards, Tom says:

    If you dragged yourself into the 21st century and implemented PPC on this rag-and-bobtail site, I would do this to your advertisers.

    He cannot be sure the price is 50p. Bet you can only dream of 50p per click.

    Fair game.

    • 24
      jgm2 says:

      I must admit I thought these things were more like 5p a click. If that.

      • 41

        less than that for google ads. I don’t even think they have numbers small enough to measure my google ads income. But that’s fine, as i’m worried about slipping into a super tax bracket.

        hey, those crazy Thais and Kyrgzzzss’s – storming parliament and the state broadcasters – hmm. Hmmm. I can’t help feel there is a lesson of some kind there. Democracy fails, cosy fraud and nepotism monopolise power and media exposure, the angry people respond in the only way they can, they way they always, eventually, do, and drive the parasitic motherfuckers before them like screeching pigs, into the sea/flames/pit of eternal damnation. Etc.

        I’m sure there’s a message there for us. Can’t quite put my finger on it.

        • 202

          Aye, Frank – I see the massed ranks of the Bollington inbreds storming Arighi Bianchi, and making a bonfire of overpriced oak and pine – then heading off to Alderley Edge for a cider and methedrone party.

          We’re fucked, I tell you – fucked!

      • 68
        Anonymous says:

        It’s how much you’re prepared to pay Google for the sponsored ranking, not how much you make from getting clicked. “Labour party conference” as adwords will cost you 51p per click.

        • 94
          jgm2 says:

          I see. I think. Really? 50p per click on the sponsored ads above the actual results?

          I had no idea they were that expensive.

        • 235
          Marchamont says:

          the cost is a function of how much you’re prepared to bid vis-a-vis other bidders, and the quality score of your landing page.

          50p is cheap – you can easily pay pounds for a competitive term “like cheap car insurance”

    • 77
      Anonymous says:

      You can be sure of the price; Google have an online calculator for adword costs.

  18. 23
    teriyaki says:

    In that case, it would only be fair for people to post links to Labour adverts so we can bankrupt the fckers.

  19. 30
    A Bit of Advice for The Tory Cowards says:

    Blubber, splutter and then they cost us 50p for every hit blubber cry and then the fat boy made us look stupid (tears streaming down face) and we looked silly coz Aschfoft made us look like tax evaders blubber and then and then (chokes up crying too much to be able to speak).
    Pathetic, listen to yourselves you spineless Tories, think you could run the country?
    Well stop whingeing on about rubbish like this and grow a bloody spine FFS.

    • 33
      jgm2 says:

      Quite so. I look forward to the look on your face when you skip off down to pick up your ‘FREEPOST’ envelopes and retrieve the paving slab I stuck the letter to.

      50p? More like fifty quid.

      • 57

        I bet it would cost them more than fifty quid if you just cobbed the slab through their window though?

        • 74
          jgm2 says:

          What? Drive to station, pay to park the car, buy rail ticket, schlepp up to London, then onto tube, carry slab around London sweating like a rapist, evade umpty dump CCTVs, toss slab through window, tube/train home again.

          Naaah mate. Let the post office work their magic.

        • 76
          jgm2 says:

          What? Dr*ve to station, pay to park the car, buy rail ticket, schlepp up to London, then onto tube, carry slab around London sweating like a rapist, evade umpty dump CCTVs, toss slab through window, tube/train home again.

          Naaah mate. Let the post office work their magic.

    • 51
      Anonymous says:


      • 78
        Got The Trolls On The Run says:

        Go back to sleep if you are tired.
        You offer no value to this place so you won’t be missed.

        • 143
          concrete pump says:

          ‘You offer no value to this place so you won’t be missed’.

          Fucking LOL.

          Oh the hilarity.

          • Got The Trolls on The Run Big Time says:

            Ah, concrete pump, another zero value contributor.
            You won’t be missed either.

          • concrete pump says:

            Oh you’ll miss me. If i suddenly fucked off, you wouldn’t know what to write.

            In fact, if both i and AC1 stopped posting here you’d be fucking pining for our return.

          • AC1 says:


            You weren’t missed, in fact when you went off to pretend to create your imaginary blog, people commented on how much better it was around here.

            Can you concentrate on your imaginary blog, as stay there?

          • New Poster says:

            I don’t know who this poster TaT is. Is he your hero?
            I am a new poster and have only been here for the last month or so.
            I must say this blog is very good and most of the posters here are very witty.
            But you two idiots are just a pair of wankers.

          • concrete pump says:

            Admit it, anontat.

            You love concrete pump.

    • 60
      Thud Hardbutt says:

      What? Like the Spine that that dim-witted fat Scottish twat has? The very same spine that caused him to bottle an election call? The very same spine that prevents him answering questions at PMQs without shouting “Ashcroft” at every oppotunity llike some fat twat with Tourettes? The very same spine that allowed him to bottle giving FACTUAL evidence to the Chilcott inquiry?

      Face it, Labour are screwed!

      • 82
        Got The Trolls On The Run says:

        Brown is screwed.
        That is a completely different issue which you Tory trolls try but fail to conflate.
        Oh well, you will have to learn the hard way I suppose.

        • 305
          Anonymous says:

          I think you’ll find that if Brown is screwed, Labour is screwed.

          Tory Government Action #1: cancel “Union Modernisation Fund”.

          Labour go bust.

          • ShoutsAtTheTV says:

            Like the sound of that…

            Suppose it naturally leads to 6 Questions from young, Nicky Clegg at Prime Minister’s Pantomime, but I can live with that.

        • 392
          Piss stained y-fronts says:

          You, TaT, are a bellend, and I claim my 50p.

    • 99
      Stu says:

      We arn’t crying you fucking moron we are laughing our heads off at what this fat thick headed labourite prick has done. Mind you the even bigger laugh is the thick headed Labour trolls who still believe in the garbage that Brown and Prescott pump out like uncapped sewer pipes.

    • 105
      Sir Everard Digby says:

      Advice giver,

      Prescott would have to work very hard to make anyone look thick.

      Ashcroft ain’t donated one penny to me

      I think I could run the country better than Mcfuckwit. My cat probably could.

      I was a floating voter. Your bile has persuaded me to vote anywhere but Labour. Nice job. PS before you start calling others cowards, it’s hardly brave spewing venom on a blog is it?

      • 117
        Got The Trolls On The Run says:

        Er, didn’t anyone tell you, only wankers double space.
        Don’t do it again you silly pompous oaf.

    • 191
      I hate Labour cunts says:

      When we ran the country, little boy, it was prosperous. Compare that with the bloody disaster you unutterable turds have created, spraying other people’s money around. Filthy, idiotic scum.

      • 286
        Got The Trolls On The Run says:

        I am not a Labour supporter.
        Like Guido I am independent.

        • 354
          concrete pump says:

          He dribbled, as he rubbed his special place, thinking about concrete pump.

    • 473
      Moley says:

      31 @1.35pm.

      You haven’t quite grasped this campaigning lark have you?

      You are supposed to be convincing everybody to vote Labour by means of elegant argument.

      I am not quite sure how poking voters in the eye fulfills your purpose, but what it does do is to re-inforce the perception that all Labour supporters are brainless, spiteful, unpleasant and rude.

      Keep it up.

  20. 32
    bob says:

    The fat bastard couldn’t have thought this upby himself, must have had help. Send Inspector knacker around and sweat the pig until he squeels. Get me a cattle prod I love the smell of fresh crackling in the morning. Then the old punishment for traitors, hanging drawing and quatering.

  21. 37
    John Cipher says:

    His thing has been likened to a chipolata – end of story. Who cares what he says after that?

  22. 49
    Herman Van Rompuy says:

    Vote Labour. Vote Conservative. Vote Liberal Democrat.
    Thank you for your continued support.

  23. 50
    jgm2 says:

    John Prescott is in the pay of the Chinese. That should be a good enough story to run all by itself.

    • 262
      Jonathan says:

      So what? Michael Foot was in the pay of the Soviet Union, no one seems to care.

      • 403
        ShoutsAtTheTV says:

        What? You mean Foot was a bad person?.. Never have guessed from the BBC coverage/obituary.

        I just remember him in 1983 as a silly, unelectable punchline looking for a joke.

  24. 55
    little girl from Kick-Ass says:

    What a fat fucking douche.

  25. 59
    Gordon Brown Fan Club says:

    Oh do grow up please,Tory Fawkes

    • 193
      I hate Labour cunts says:

      Quite so, Grdon Brown Felching Society, quite so. Why on earth should Prescott have to submit to the same laws as the little people?

  26. 71
    AC1 couldn't run for a bus never mind run a business says:

    Now all we need is an AC1block Plus and we will be in business.
    Unlike AC1 whose failed company does not earn a penny in profits and is likely to go bust in the very near future.

    • 177
      AC1 says:

      Hi Tat.

      You’re only lying to yourself, but it makes he smile to see how jealous you are. I’m on another holiday in Italy/Switzerland at the end of the Month. I get extorted far too much tax to keep losers like you on their benefits and in the “care of the community”.

      Can you confirm you have a job? I think you’re unemployable except as a analyst, as you are consistently 100% wrong.

      • 206
        stilyagi_air_corps says:

        I think you’ll find he does anal for free, AC… Makes him feel ‘wanted’.

      • 232
        I've Got These Trolls Running Scared says:

        If you two gay lovers could just stop rimming each other for a second: AC1 anwer this simple question – how much profit did your company earn in the last year?
        Question two: how much profit is your company projected to earn in the coming year.
        Watch as the coward runs away.

      • 245
        A. Darling, accountant to AC1 says:

        1. £67,000,000, give or take £67,000,000.

        2. £67,000,000, give or take £67,000,000.

    • 243
      Gordon Brown says:

      No he can’t run a business.
      He’s prolly one of them idiots
      who think NI rises are bad for business. DOH!

  27. 75
    Ordinary Bloke says:

    Would you honestly expect anything else from Prescott and his ilk?

    They lie, cheat, deceive. That’s all they do.

    Gordon Brown on PMQs today. Lies, bluster, delusion, more lies. Keep it up Gordy boy. Not long now!

    • 81

      Doesn’t matter though does it – did the BBC report on his blanking of the Purcell question? Did they fuck – didnt’ even mention it. It was an unhappening in BBC-land.

      • 109
        jgm2 says:

        It’s surreal isn’t it?

        The question has been asked in the House, it’s potentially a fucking huge story and yet Labour and BBC close ranks and poof nothing.

        Allegations of drug-taking, bribery, blackmail, allsorts going on in one of the few remaining Labour councils in the UK. Their bright young hope for the future vanishing without trace for days at a stretch and…nothing.

    • 165
      Tom Logan, Institute for Studies says:

      When Tory Stephen Hammond accused the Prime Mentalist of avoiding meeting members of the public in the commons today, The one eyed traitor denied this and replied that the people he had met had become Labour supporters after meeting him.

      What a funny little man he is! Utterly bonkers

      So, not only do Labour orchistrate a rent-a-crowd for his train send off, they fail to tell Gordon who thinks he has produced a few converts, or the alternative is that he was lying to Parliament again. Whichever, the man is clearly insane.

      • 195
        jgm2 says:

        You’re shitting me?

        No wonder he thinks he can do no wrong. The only people he’s allowed contact with are party drones. No wonder he gets pissed off by those who don’t agree with every idiocy that comes out of his mouth.

        He spends his time surrounded by apologist jackasses. that’s why he cold-calls people at 4am who’ve sent him letters.

        ‘What’s this? One amongst 60 million still doesn’t understand my economic and social vision? I shall make the time to harangue them and explain the error of their ways…’

        Mad. Barking fucking mad.

        • 220
          Engineer says:

          It’s quite possible that all Brown met in the supermarket were Labour supporters.

          Picture the scene. You’re doing the weekly hunter-gatherer bit in Sainsburys (or wherever) and there’s a bit of a commotion by the door. Several large gentlemen with three nipples appear, looking watchful. Then a small milling crowd of apparatchiks with mobile phones and clipboards, and several camera crews. In the middle of the melee, a one-eyed mong.

          What are you going to do? Me, I’d scarper in the opposite direction as quick as my little legs will carry me, before a) the roof collapses, b) a fire breaks out or c) the apparition approaches you and wants to shake your hand, thus almost certainly condemning you to a heart attack in the next three months.

          No, no. Better to find a fire exit. Pronto.

          • Gordon Brown stole my pension says:

            I’d get up close to him in the hope of a two-second opportunity to break his windpipe and kill him.

            Stuff the consequences for me.

        • 240
          Tom Logan, Institute for Studies says:

          Mad as a hatter!

          Go here


          and look for 1223 to see Stephen Hammonds comments

          • Wang Bam says:

            And it wasn’t his little idea of a ‘joke’? He didn’t say it with a big ‘fuck you’ shit-eating grin? He really believed it?

            He’s off the high board. The entire country has indulged a lunatic for the past 13 years.

  28. 90
    off topic says:

    The UK Independence Party has suspended its Liverpool branch chairman after it emerged that he markets sadomasochism videos.

    Self-employed Robert Ager was removed from his post by the national leaders of the right-wing party when they learned how he shows women being tortured in his home made flicks.

    Many of the films show Mr Ager, wearing monster masks and ghoulish costumes, while whipping women who are bound and gagged.


  29. 92
    Sir William Waad says:

    It’s time Prescott did something serious for the environment, like having himself rendered down into biofuel. He looks like one of those 1920s people by George Grosz:


    • 211
      stilyagi_air_corps says:

      More like the bastard inbred mating result between a Beryl Cook and an Otto Dix…

  30. 98
    Nick2 says:

    IMO Prescott’s encouragement to waste Tory party funds is not against the law.

    But it’s certainly a low point for the Labour Party when an ex-Deputy PM tries to squander any opponent’s funds.

    It might be acceptable (or at least excusable) if posted by an 18 year old activist, but when a ‘senior politician’ associates himself with the ploy his action shows how little he has to offer.

    • 188
      Kiss My Big Hairy Swingers says:

      Desperate times call for desperate measures.

    • 242
      Carry On Don't Lose Your Head (1967) says:

      It’s against Google Law! They won’t be happy when they find out this is happening. They don’t need to read blogs like this to find out either. They do a better job tracking fat fuckers down than any TV detector van ever could.

      • 256
        K says:

        Just to set things straight, the “detector vans” are a myth, or if they exist at all, evidence from them has never been used in court. Do not fall for this item of BBC propaganda! If you want to stop paying the BBC, just don’t let the bastards in when they doorstep you. Their only weapon is the search warrant, and VERY FEW of these are ever issued. TVL is just a sales operation.

        • 493
          Nick2 says:

          I understand that a few detector vans exist (one is even in a vehicle museum). But they (in the 80s at least) were pretty primitive beasts, they could tell which frequency a TV was tuned to but I’m not sure how they could distinguish between different sets in a block of flats.

          I still (reluctantly) pay the TV licence atm, but would love to see the BBC broken up & move to a micro-payment/subscription model.

  31. 113
    Gadfly says:

    That’s what happened to me when I used to have Google ads promoting my website, which, by the way, is focused on a couple of rigged formal inquiries, both of which Prescott had his finger in.
    So, after a lot of my money had been wasted in this way, I eventually had to abandon advertising.

  32. 118
    Man With A Very Hot Bladder says:

    You can contact Humberside police here: http://www.humberside.police.uk/contact-us

  33. 121
    khmer marron says:

    fooking ‘ell!!!!

    Brown says others are deceptive!!!!

    so we didnt have an NI rise 7 years ago?

    100+ stealth taxes?
    millions of illegals?
    dole figures fiddled?
    etc etc etc……

    from the treasury……..2002


    The Chancellor today announced an increase in the rates of National Insurance contributions (NICs) which will be introduced in 2003-04. There will be an additional 1 per cent national insurance contribution (NIC) by employers, employees and the self-employed on all earnings above the NICs threshold of £89 per week. This is in addition to existing rates of contribution below the upper earnings limit for employees and the upper profits limit for the self-employed.

    This means that the starting point for both employers’ and employees’ NICs in 2003-04 will be £89 per week and no employee will pay NICs on earnings below this amount.

    the man needs to be sectioned.

    • 153
      Brown not expecting to be PM again! says:

      Brown in current campaign event address, ” We will strengthen the power of MPs to hold the Executive to account in the next parliament”

      Key phrases: Stable door, horse, bolt (through his feckin’ brain plz)

      • 161
        jgm2 says:

        Yeah sure he will. If, by some awful confluence of national idiocy, he is re-elected then the last thing he’ll want is anybody telling him he’s a nutcase.

  34. 122
    Martin Day says:

    At least John Prescott isn’t a “non-dom”

    What’s the weather like in Belize, Guido??

    • 129
      jgm2 says:

      No. But Tony Blair is.

      • 409
        ShoutsAtTheTV says:

        And I don’t think ‘Cashcroft’ costs the UK taxpayer umpteen MILLION quid a year to protect his sorry, sun-tanned, orange arse

    • 192
      Kiss My Big Hairy Swingers says:

      He soon will be. Tight bastard wont want to be paying any tax on the huge pension we’ll have to pay him for fuck all!

    • 207
      Tom Logan, Institute for Studies says:

      Yes yes, thats an essential point, in fact the only point, no other issue is of any importance during this election.

      Our politicians can do as they please, commit fraud, incite people to commit computer fraud and rob us blind but so long as they pay taxes here thats ok. The fact that Prescott is one of the most worthless pieces of political shit in Parliament is totally irrelevent.

      Perhaps I should mention the word ‘Ashcroft’ for you, just to help you out.

      Well done Martin, a good point well made. Cnut

    • 466
      g1lgam3sh says:

      Shite follows Day

  35. 126
    2 Inch John says:

    Wasting other peoples money,it’s the Labour way.Let’s do this.

  36. 131
    David Cameron says:

    If it’s good enough for John Prescott !!


    The United Nations in Nigeria,Benin Republic,Ghana and Bokinafaso received a
    report of scam against you and other British/US citizens and Malaysia,Etc.
    whom the country of Nigeria/Benin,Bokinafaso And Ghana have recompensated
    you due to meeting held with Four countries Governmentand the world high
    commissions against fraud activities by the Four country Citizens.

    Your name was among those scammed as listed by the Nigeria Financial
    Intelligent Unit (NFIU).Your compensation has been issued out, You where compensated with the sum of 6.5million USD as the affected victim. You are required to forward the below informations for verification.




    Yours in Service,

  37. 133
    Alastair Campbell says:

    Sobs. John Prescott is a honourable man. Leave him alone.

  38. 139
    Info says:

    brown said referendum,missed it whats going on

  39. 144
    Thats News says:

    Prescott could be charged with fraud. Conspiracy might also be proved. Not too bright a move by Prescott.

    • 151
      jgm2 says:

      If stupidity were a crime he’d get a life sentence. Some would say he already has.

  40. 146

    Its better than being sick all the time whilst shagging your secretary.

    • 158
      Shirley Temple says:

      Prescott is incapable of shagging due to his anatomical limitation and gross obesity.He molested and humiliated his secretary.

      • 224
        .243 Win says:

        So if – as a result of his girth – he hasn’t seen the old John Thomas for the past seven years can he declare it legally dead ?

      • 308
        Hon John Prescott says:

        I humiliated myself when I presented my modest ‘chipolata’ to my fragrant Secretary who on first sighting said ” you can tickle my belly button with that thing – where is the rest?”.

  41. 155
    Private Sponge says:

    Malfeasance is a comprehensive term used in both civil and Criminal Law to describe any act that is wrongful. It is not a distinct crime or tort, but may be used generally to describe any act that is criminal or that is wrongful and gives rise to, or somehow contributes to, the injury of another person.

  42. 156
    Private Sponge says:

    official misconduct noun criminal conduct by a public official, criminal conduct by an administration’s member, dereliction of performance in office, deviation from rectitude, dishonest management, failing to uphold a sworn oath of office, failure in office, guilty act while a pubbic official, illegal act, illegality by a public official, improper conduct by a public official, impropriety by a public official, maladministration by a public servant, malfeasance by a pubbic servant, misadministration by a public servant, misconduct by a public official, misdeeds by a public official, misfeasance by a public official, misgovernment, misguidance by a public official, mismanagement by an office holder, misprision by an office holder, nonfeasance by an office holder, offenses while in office, transgressions by an office holder, turpitude by an office holder, wrongdoing, by a public official
    Associated concepts: unlawful gratuities

  43. 157
    jgm2 says:

    On the upside for Ashcroft it just got cheaper for him to run his ads.

    On Tuesday he wasn’t paying tax at 40% and today he’s not paying tax at 50% on those ads. Anybody earning money in the UK would have to earn a pound just to pay for one single click after tax whereas Ashcroft still only has to earn 50p.

  44. 160

    There can’t be many schools which the PM hasn’t visited. A few really badly failing ones I suppose. He could trot along to them and sit with the Year 2′s.

    He will probably resort to visiting Intensive care wards and homes for the very elderly and confused. Anywhere where the people he talks to have no idea who he is.

    i read that he plans to visit homes up and down the country. I expect it will be the same thing. Pick on an elderly old dear who can’t see to well and ring her doorbell while the cameras are there.

    “Have you come about the gas?”
    “Erm..if you like. Just let me in.”
    “Do you have an I.d card?”
    “No. The Tories opposed that legislation. And 42 days detention. And giving 14 year olds the vote..and another thing about the Tories..Do you know Lord Ashcroft… well let me tell you..”

    “Are you selling something?”
    “Yes..Yes! Just let me in. That’s ITV out there…Let me in or I’ll be a laughing stock”
    “”Well not today thankyou. Try Mr Al-Sharif over the newsagents. Goodbye”

  45. 162
  46. 166
    f'uckaduck says:

    what a disgusting prospect of the fat bastard poncing around in the lords…Lord Lard Arse of Freeloading…forget the ermine but watch for the cowboy hat.

  47. 171
    Anonymous says:

    This is rather stupid.

    If the Conservatives were to follow suit, which they won’t because they are principled and fair then as the Tories have more online followers and Labour have a smaller warchest, so Labour would quickly loose out, especially as multiple clicks from the same IP address would quickly be identified as click fraud anyway.

    • 179
      jgm2 says:

      Labour have no money so they’ve not set up any adwords.

      They get all the free advertising they need anyway thanks to the unique way the BBC is funded. And staffed.

  48. 174
    ron Vibentrop says:

    To think that this cock was a heartbeat away from running the country. Foul mouthed, illiterate, angry crocked fat ship’s steward.

    • 184
      jgm2 says:

      Yeah. Right. And Margaret Beckett was Deputy (shadow) PM when John Smith went tits up. Didn’t do her fuck all good though.

      A quick coup by Blair, Mandelson and Campbell and the rest, as they say, is history.

    • 301
      I'll have a large G&T steward says:

      He worked for Cunard though

  49. 177

    Gordon doing his “teamwork” talk again.
    Better watch out Milliband.

    • 183
    • 189

      “I get nowhere unless the team wins..”

      Head .. baseball bat…splatt..eggshell crunch noise..

      • 203
        jgm2 says:

        Teamwork? There must be a clusterfuck afoot.

        Whenever there’s any good news it’s all ‘Me, me, me..’ Whenever there’s a clusterfuck it’s ‘them, them, them…’

        • 476
          Moley says:

          He is already establishing that it is not his fault Labour lost the election.

          It is everybody else’s fault, particularly that scumbag, (Straw, Balls, Miliband, Darling, Beckett, Ainsworth etc, Add or delete as necessary) who he never trusted.

  50. 185
    John Prescott Says... says:

    I have and that’s what I’ve done, lifted up the productivity, got greater wealth for me and shared more resources and fairness that are affordable and quite remarkably transformed myself and my children’s children.

  51. 208
    BillyBob - Stop immigration, reduce crime !! says:

    That fat, ugly, corrupt, retarded turd !!

    about the only nice things I can say about him !!

  52. 209
    I hate New Labour says:

    Once Labour are kicked out no-one will have any use for this incompetent fat f*ckwit.

    Hopefully he’ll do us all a favour and drop dead on May 7th.

  53. 217
    John Cipher says:

    Silly willy

  54. 218
    The Sleeper says:

    Serious question to the sensible people here..

    Does TaT really think he’s being clever by posting drivel and then answering himself under different personas?

    Sounds like he has serious social issues and cannot communicate with other people face to face,so he uses t’internet to try to overcome his sense of inadequacy and lack of social standing.

    Sad really.

    • 279
      to catch a thief says:

      Tat hasn’t come to terms with the imminent loss of 5 grand that he put on a hung parliament, which has sent him real mental.

    • 291
      Got The Trolls On The Run says:

      TaT never answers his own posts Sleeper.
      Which rather pisses on your bonfire n’est pas?

  55. 219
    3 minutes ago says:

    coming soon

  56. 223
    streamfisher says:

    On a similar theme, online fraud, the Government is rushing through a communications bill at the 11 th hour, apparently when a general election is called legislation can be speeded up and if there is no significant cross party opposition the whole thing goes through virtually (appropriate word) on the nod with no debate. This bill will mean anybody downloading material deemed to be copyright can have their internet connection terminated and the ISP provider could also be shut down (think China’s bad?). This was dreamed up by Mandelson apparently after one of his private talks with a favourite Oligarch, he to remind you is another one of the great unelected, sneaked into the post of cabinet minister by the back-door (appropriate phrase) with a Peerage.

    • 248
      NorthernGit says:

      would be suprised if this gets nodded through…hopefully not.

    • 259
      I hate New Labour says:

      Yep, Mandelson’s retirement fund.

      And we’re all paying.

      • 273
        HandsomeDavid says:

        It is not for a member of the other house to use the Commons. He is Lord and therefore should keep his nose out of the House of Commons where it does not belong.

  57. 228
    No government says:

    Vote No One Get your self

  58. 233
    Captain Black says:

    I’m reminded of the League Against Cruel Sports “Freepost” appeal for donations.

    The Post Office agreed to let them all postal charges after hunt supporters “collectively” realized that sending fridges and bricks to the Freepost address would cost the League an awful lot more than they would receive in cheques…

    • 247
      Tom Logan, Institute for Studies says:

      If you spot or know of any Labour freepost addresses I have a few concrete blocks going spare…. and some dogshit.

  59. 244
    Who ate all the pies .... says:

    … a whale’s title hope.

  60. 252
    Brown's Buggered Britain says:

    Never mind – he’s going to be spending more time with his pies soon.

  61. 253
  62. 257
    wish me luck as you wave me goodbye says:

    So the fat , secretary shagging,toilet hugging, tax payer funded millionaire is spending all his time , worrying about ashcroft.
    He perhaps hasnt heard theres an election on and it would be wise for people who have disgraced themselves and their party and country(not sure which country he represents) to keep a low profile, his face touring the country only serves to remind us ,who the failures are….

  63. 265
    Mark M says:

    He’s such a fat pointless waste of space.
    Can he not do a Maxwell and fall of a boat somewhere?

  64. 266
    PM says:

    Really going to miss the fat, inept c**t after 6th May.

    • 302
      The Dirty Rat says:

      What a corpulent, thieving, lying c*nt. We don’t deserve him but his wife does. I wish him a very short and unpleasant retirement.

  65. 267
    Anonymous says:

    Since when does a Tweet coming from an account with your name on it prove that you posted it? There are tons of John Prescotts on Twitter (just do a person search and a number of them will come up) there’s even a ‘JohnPrescottMP’ on there who is blatantly trolling the real John Prescott whilst making excessive use of the hastag #Twinge. You can that someone using a ‘John Prescott’ account started the campaign but that is all you can legitimately say.

    • 274
      Fidel X Penses says:

      Spin away, monkeyboy. Prezza has been caught inciting people to commit fraud – and only he would be thick enough to leave a trail right back to himself.

  66. 271
    Labour Party says:

    Vote UKIP

  67. 276
    Anonymous says:

    the original tweet – like all the blogs, video, comments are down to david prescott. He writes on behalf of his father. Presumably because he can’t get selected as a candidate himself.

  68. 280
    Terrible But True says:

    So… first of all dumb, then get caught and when that doesn’t work out, resort to lying.

    Sounds about right for the last 13 years.

    These NuLab types really have got to grips with this interwebly thing, eh?

  69. 283
    David Cameron says:

    My Grandad made a fortune during the war, he had a job fitting the reverse lights on French tanks

    • 297
      Jack Straw says:

      Mine just got gruel in Wormwood scrubs
      The Straw family are not war mongering toffs Like the Camerons

    • 339
      Sir William Waad says:

      The French lost more than 200,000 fighting men in the Second World War – far more, proportionately, than the Americans. They did in fact fight, but very unsuccessfully and were badly beaten. After that they settled down with the Boche in quite a chummy way and were quite enthusiastic about doing their dirty work for them.

  70. 284

    [...] Prescott’s lad lies to C4 news. How do you get them to talk?  (guido) [...]

  71. 285
    Harpic says:

    O/T Guido Adam Boultong is busy ripping Gorgon Bruin a new a**hole on sky news at the moment.

    • 338
      Hold tight.. says:

      Saw that – thought Brown was going to storm off again, towards the end his face was thunder

      Love it

  72. 287
    thick as thieves says:

    Any chance of “re-tweeting” Guido?

    • 293
      Got The Trolls On The Run says:

      Fake TaT alert.
      TaT types only in lower case.

      • 417
        Big Duke 6 says:

        You need counselling. Replying to yourself is borderline psychotic behaviour.

  73. 292
    MMMMcMental says:

    Prescock senior is the brains of the family
    Chuffing heck
    As we speak the fat thick wanker is probably “cleaning” his hardrive with Windolene thinking that all of his porn and dodgy expenses
    claims will be wiped off, meanwhile his differently abled son is playing the banjo on a bridge in Hull

  74. 294
    Anonymous says:

    As if Prescot hasn’t done enough harm to UK politics already. Has anyone ever encountered such a sleazy mob in politics before? Even if I was a labour supporter I would want to call it a day with this shower.

  75. 295
    George Osborne says:

    Today was bad enough without coming home to find David Cameron’s smug face on my doormat. Now I’m really cross.

  76. 296
    Red Bellend. says:

    John Prescot is a great guy. He represents all that is good and honourable in Labour politics.

  77. 298
    QWERTY says:

    Baroness Scotland sleaze now this. But don’t expect the BBC to report this. There is only one story at the BBC today, Cameron not wearing his safety hat on his bike.

    I understand Newsnight will be doing a full on special as to why this makes him unsuitable to lead the nation, so listen in proles.

  78. 300
    • 313
      Kiss My Big Hairy Swingers says:

      Cheers Break up, don’t forget the easy option to complain online – http://www.bbc.co.uk/complaints/homepage/ They have to log all complaints and it’s something they hate; without it I doubt they’d even bother with the pretence of impartiality.

      • 318

        Made three complaints today.

        DELUGE the fuckers.

      • 334
        happy turnip says:

        Complaints are logged BUT notice if you complain more than once you will essentially get the same reply no matter who replies. If you complain about the complaint not being analysed you will get the same reply as on the first occasion. The BBC make no real attempt to deal with issues from taxpayers or reply with any respect or relevance. The procedure itself is cumbersome and you have to use the same bloody form each time – you cannot reply to their mails – you have to use their procedures only – not very articulate or responsive to mails. Be warned don’t expect anything of value. It would be better to burn the place down.

    • 422
      Zed says:

      He would ay that – until May 7th.
      Thereafter. Goodnight BBC.

    • 424
      ShoutsAtTheTV says:

      Thought I heard today that proof had finally surfaced that the BBC was paying twice the going rate to its celebrities / staff.

      Funny, that.

      Timing and everything.

  79. 304

    Just a little something from Hansard today – unreported by the BBC, unreported by most of the mainstream. Oh and unanswered by our pitiful shit of a PM:

    “Q9. [325647] John Mason (Glasgow, East) (SNP): Given the allegations surrounding Glasgow city council and the demands for an inquiry—I believe that the idea of an inquiry is supported by former leader Steven Purcell and Labour businessman Willie Haughey—will the Prime Minister support such an investigation, or is he afraid that there is something to hide?”

    “The Prime Minister: The hon. Gentleman came down to this Parliament and he spent most of his time voting with the Conservative party. He should go back to Scotland and explain why, instead of voting for jobs, he is voting with the Conservative party in Parliament.”

    They call it PMQs don’t they? Isn’t the convention that the PM at least brushes past the question in his answer? And isnt’ the role of say, a political editor, to look at issues like this? Not to mention the speaker…

    • 310
      jgm2 says:

      He’s just vile that.

      I didn’t know it was possible for somebody to be so nasty and not be vilified in the press 24/7.

      What an utter irrelevance of an ‘answer’.

      The only entertaining bit after the election will be the Maximum Imbecile clinging on for a few weeks and having to show up at PMQ where he’ll ask a question and then Cameron can treat him to a monologue cataloguing Browns incompetence in office.

      • 315

        I have just asked Shill Robinson why the BBC ignored both the question and McScum’s refusal to answer it. Let’s see what he come sup with. Oh, and I’ve made three complaints regarding BBC bias today. I suggest everyone does likewise. It’s tedious and perhaps futile, but I like those fuckers to know that there are plenty of us out here who are out for their blood.

        • 321
          jgm2 says:

          We both know what Robinson will come up with..

          ‘This comment has been removed by the moderator’

          That’s how the BBC works. Gave up on ‘em a couple of years ago.

          • jgm2, I dunno. I complained about a story about an hour ago regarding the wash-up, and the BBC story being critical of the tories position, including labour, two charities, and a teaching union all line dup to bash the tories. Not a word of support for, eg, the tories forcing out the home education register. Nothing to suggest that anyone could possibly support the tories – well, I have *already* had a response, they have *already* rewritten the story, they are *already* chasing up home educator charities for their responses.

            It works mate. They know we are watching, they know we are informed, they know they have *legal* obligations. Fast complaints, deluges, an army of moaning minnies…

            THey will not have this their own way. I say again, I am in now way a fan of Cameron, I will *not* be voting for his many unless he gives me bloody good reasons to do so and I’ve had none so far. But I will not fucking stand by and be forcefed labour propaganda 24/7 by the BBC.

            Hit them. Keep hitting them. It makes a difference.

          • BBC MOD says:

            ‘Hit them. Keep hitting them. It makes a difference.’

            In your fucking dreams Frank we couldn’t give two shits what you peasents think.

          • udderly 'orrible says:

            Remember the rules have changed since the election was formally declared. Bruin’s Bumming Corp is now legally obliged to be scrupulously fair, give main parties equal treatment and take all complaints seriously.

            So its a good time to wind them up and overwhelm them with complaints about everything and anything. After all they won’t tell us any details of how they spend our money on fat cat salaries.

          • Axe The Telly Tax says:

            Stop paying the telly tax and blow up the main transmitters serving the major cities. It’s the right thing to do :)

        • 328
          Kiss My Big Hairy Swingers says:

          Good for you – complaining to the BBC online is actually very easy and I’d encourage everyone to try, but only when they see some real bias (don’t worry you wont have to wait very long), otherwise they’ll just write it off – http://www.bbc.co.uk/complaints/homepage/ They hate it because they have to log all of them and fess up every so often.

          • jgm2 says:

            I complained about the fucker conflating holocaust denial and climate change denial a few days ago.

            Heard fuck all from the wankers. And I didn’t even call ‘em ‘fuckers’ or ‘wankers’. Which is me being polite.

      • 319
        Grandma says:

        A nasty answer from a thoroughly nasty person.

    • 337
      Glasgow City Council says:

      What is this transparency everyone talks about, doesnt sound like a good idea to us ?

      • 426
        ShoutsAtTheTV says:

        To be fair, you have a point; I wouldn’t want to see Prezza in transparent clothing. (Sometimes opacity is a good thing.)

    • 347
      Publicity Stunts says:

      Think I’ll dig this question into the turf of Royal Birkdale or similar

  80. 306
    Anonymous says:

    You may recall It was on Day 2 of the Last election Campaign that robber Baron Prescot got into a fight with a protester. He has lived up to expectations this time around once more. Still if his commiting online vandalism then he isnt shagging his staff.

  81. 307
    I Love England..... says:

    Any one else noticed that these so called socialists who hate people having any privilege in life like to get there own kids cushy jobs .
    They also stand to inherit a few quid thanks to the tax payer.

  82. 320
    Kiss My Big Hairy Swingers says:

    Oh dear, no money at Labour HQ for you to do any proper campaigning!

  83. 322
    Sir William Waad says:

    Sithee, lad, John Prescott always clicks. Just leave me alone wi’ woman an ‘appen I’ll talk her pants off wi’in alf an hour, an Ah’l tell thi that fer nowt. Eat all, sup all, pay nowt, that’s what I say.

  84. 324
    jgm2 says:

    Shouldn’t you be off in a coach someplace being a ‘spontaneous’ cheering bystander for the Maximum Imbecile.

    • 340
      Kiss My Big Hairy Swingers says:

      Go make the tea or whatever, Gordo will need a strong one after “talking to the public” by grinning and being bundled into his car by his minders.

      • 351
        Kiss My Big Hairy Swingers says:

        And I see you’ve only got one gag.

      • 368
        Kiss My Big Hairy Swingers says:

        No, cottaging is free. Obviously you normally have to pay for sex.

      • 373
        jgm2 says:

        I got a freebie of the fucker earlier. Probably just desperate for something warm in his stomach after Labour can’t afford to pay any of their apologists.

      • 376
        Kiss My Big Hairy Swingers says:

        Warm in his stomach? Ooh er, more lark warm in his rectum.

      • 380
        jgm2 says:

        Busted again Labour apologist. Just like Prescott.

      • 390
        jgm2 says:

        I think the Labour troll is Mr Jacqui Smith. He does seem awfully excited about gay sex.

  85. 325
    Greyfriars Bobby says:

    Can someone explain what has been going on in Glasgow Council? Brown refused to answer a question at PMQ that must have touched a sore nerve. Is it about kiddy fiddling, corruption, bullying or what?

    • 336
      streamfisher says:

      It is about kiddy fiddling, corruption, rent boys and bullying to name but a few from the list, that’s why it touched a raw nerve.

      • 346
        jgm2 says:

        There does seem to be quite a story developing in Scottish Labour around those themes.

        Wouldn’t it be wonderful if it all blew up just before polling day?

    • 412
      Sarah "Munter" Brown says:

      Essentially – Purcell, ex-leader of Labour Council.
      He knows Rent Boys and left his wife after confirming he was /is homosexual.
      He takes Cocaine regularly.
      Has established conections with the Glasgow underworld.
      Large council contract awards to Labour supporters.
      He regularly attends Celtic Football Club games with John Reid (now Celtic Chairman), Des Brown, Speaker Martin, Jim Murphy, Jim Devine … etc etc.
      He has the looks of Family Guy.
      Anything else is unproven and Scottish Labour are fighting any investigation regarding potential corruption/blackmail !!!!!!

    • 484
      Greyfriars Bobby says:

      Thanks for the replies. Can see now why he avoided the question – this certainly does not look good for Scottish Labour Party.

  86. 327

    I have it on good authority that disreputed individuals in the blogosphere community are mispresenting some of my internet activities and have even proferred the suggestion that there might be something fraudulent in my behavioural approach.
    Can I say that there are no substances or any base to these accusations and that if they are repeated my solicatators will have to be in contactuation with your good selves.
    Do I make myself clarified?

    • 329
      jgm2 says:

      What are you giving the Chinese John? What are they buying? What are they getting for their money?

      • 345
        streamfisher says:

        The inscrutable ones after gaining the rights to make M.G. sports cars have been persuaded by the PressClott that Pukka are set to be the next big global brand. Stock market hedge bet recommended go Pukka and Ginster, insider Prescott always goes long on pies.

    • 363
      Engineer says:

      Clarified? That’s butter, isn’t it?

      Thought you were a lard man, Prezza.

  87. 335
    Dorian Smith says:

    From Carol Walker on the beeb at 1632:

    “Tory strategists are using every possible means to woo voters. The smell of freshly-baked bread wafted around David Cameron as he spoke to staff at Warburtons bakery in Bolton, reports the BBC’s Carole Walker.”

    Just a guess, the smell of freshly baked bread and Warburton’s bakery are not entirely unconnected – and I would guess ‘introducing’ such a smell – which seems to be the implication, wouldn’t have much sway with the staff at Warburton’s.

    But thanks for that in depth analysis Carol. Carry on.

  88. 348
    Anonymous says:

    Sky News reporting that The Prime Minister The Right Hoonerable Gordon Brown had a near miss with a real life member of the Public Today in Central London. Such events are indeed rare and his advisers assure us that the chances of this happening again are remote. Thankfully the rest of the election campaign will see the Prime Munster meeting with party lackies who are all on message and wouldnt dare ask him anything contraversial.

    • 352

      Fucking brilliant ! get that guy asking the questions in the leaders debate
      i switched straight to the BBC and as you can guess minimal coverage !

      • 361
        The Sleeper says:

        Yep..it won’t happen again. It’ll be more of the “peoples PMQ’s” which, by a coincidence of massive proportions, included questions about lowering the voting age,and abolition of hereditary peers,just an hour after Brown announced such policies.

        Amazing feat of predicting random questions,Mr Brown.

  89. 350

    Lard Arse Prescott’s son i believe owns a large it company which suprise,suprise handles large government contracts
    a few pie’s back handed to daddy no doubt !

  90. 353
    The Sleeper says:


    Do I catch the whiff of Toenails subtly changing his colours and actually persisting with some critical questioning of Bruin?

    His interview with the fool on the hill seemed to be focused on the “deception” that our business leaders had suffered..and concluded with Brown being unwilling to repeat his claims of this morning on GMTV…pointed out succinctly by Toenails himself.

    “Gordon Brown will regret using the ‘D’ word”.

    Time will tell.

    • 389
      Sarah "Munter" Brown says:

      You are right on.

      I watched in awe as Toenails decided he needed his job more than his loyalty to the Labour Party.

      An indication that Brown – and Labour – are finished.

    • 393
      Gooey Blob says:

      Brown’s interview with Boulton went badly too. Gordon seems to have an unerring ability to shoot himself in the foot every time he opens his mouth.

      Anyone know when the first debate takes place? I have an inkling that at least one of them will turn into a slow-motion car crash for Brown.

      • 407
        Anonymous says:

        Tom Bradby gave him what for on ITN as well. Brown just avoids any questions he doesnt like. His tactic usually is to either make a statement criticising the Conservatives and which bears bugger all resembalance to what was asked OR he just redefines the question along the lines of ” What you should be asking is…” or ” What the real issue here is….” The tide is turning, soon he will be gone.

  91. 355
    Anonymous says:

    Robber Barons son says his father simply retweeted the message . So if you were to for example retweet an offensive message to someone that would be ok cause it wasnt you who wrote it. That would be ok m’laud wouldnt it ???

    • 360
      jgm2 says:

      Nope. Prescott is busted on this.

      I look forward to Ashcroft pursuing him through the courts for the relatively paltry sums involved. Deliberately ‘take the hit’ even though Google offer to refund the cash just so he can go after Prescott.

      Just to get the fucker in court where he belongs.

  92. 367

    If we want to play childish games as Lard Arse seems to want
    Do as i have posted before
    any day now your labour party leaflet will pop through your door
    you will recognise it straight away as it’s a single piece of paper
    due to the Labour party being Skint !
    on this piece of paper there will be an address for those of you who would like to donate to Gordons re-election
    if by any chance you do not wish to contribute to another 5 years of Gordon then put the piece of paper in a normal envelope (Obscenities opptional) and post it back without a stamp which i believe will cost them about one English Pound Per Letter Sit back and smile as you can imagin labour hq trying to refuse sackfulls of unstamped letters !

  93. 375
    udderly 'orrible says:

    Ah the technology revolution .
    Gets ‘em every time.
    13 years of Liebour edukashun and by God it shows.

    Crass, willie-challenged Plonker.

  94. 378
    BBC News says:

    Yay. We got some great footage of
    Gordon looking confident pressing flesh with important looking people,
    a few seconds of Clegg and get this we got away
    with absolutely no footage of David Cameron. lol

    • 382
      jgm2 says:

      I guess that can only mean Cameron didn’t make any obvious fuck-ups today otherwise they wouldn’t be able to get enough of it. Plus Brown is Cameron’s biggest weapon.

      TVs will be turning off all over the country any time that jackass is on. I know I cannot bear to even look at him let alone listen to him. As somebody said on another thread this am – the electricity companies will be able to tell you when the Maximum Imbecile is on TV as millions of people stand up, turn off their 200W TV and fire up their 2000W kettle for a cuppa.

      • 420
        Big Bazongas says:

        I hate the lying, bumbling, depressed one-eyed bastard so much it’s costing me friends. They hate him, too, but MY loathing and detestation have become pathological. If I start on about him they leave the pub, mumbling all the while like terminal winos. It’s so bad I’m going to the doc to ask her to accept my illness, officially, as Cyclops’ Syndrome. There is NO known cure, short of the Scottish creep being immersed overnight in a bath of hydrochloric acid. The bastard.

    • 428
      ShoutsAtTheTV says:

      @BBC News

      Are you sure you’re talking about the PM footage and not the YouTube Yank Helicopter shoot’emup?

  95. 381
    Sarah "Munter" Brown says:

    As the LibDems take a host of Labour held marginals oop north as Conservatives leave out as a waste of resource ….

    Trust me – it’s gonna be a LANDSLIDE.

  96. 383
    Sarah "Munter" Brown says:

    Toenails turns on Brown – a BBC first ?

    Just another indicator that Labour is finished.

    The King is dead, long live the ……

  97. 384
    Can't remember my moniker says:

    Slapometer needs a bit of attention.

    Keep it up for Brown, let him win something:


  98. 387
    khmer marron says:

    i can just see labour creating 1 million hi tech jobs in 5 years!!!!hohohohohhoho!

    blair didnt know how to switch a pc on and now the worlds worst bulimic gets caught out……..give us the money back john you useless fat hoon!

    and tell pauline that she can get her cataracts done for £800 now!

  99. 388
    jgm2 says:

    Oi! Brown! How’s that cancer cure you promised us coming along?

    • 394
      Sarah "Munter" Brown says:

      Or his PR promise – a referrendum oath to the Lib Dems IF they decide to annoint him upon any outside chance of a hung parliament …

      Oh, Gordon, remind me again about your last election promise for a refurrendum (on EU treaty) ??????????/

      F*ckin Liar – always was – always will be.

    • 397
      Dack Blog says:

      Megrahi nicked the formula.

  100. 391

    Nick Clegg-over at PMQ’s To Gordon Brown
    “Its time for you to go!”FFS Nick Dont you read the papers ?
    He Is Going you plank He’s called an Election
    Do Try To Keep Up !

    • 400
      Dack Blog says:

      I didn’t catch PMQs today but heard the hoards braying him as he spoke. Maybe they felt they had a point, but – I wish they’d shut the fuck up. Their behaviour in the house is another reason I and maybe others think they’re all a bunch of c*nts.

  101. 396
    NICK CLEGG-over says:

    Go back to your constituencies and prepare to
    Elect a new leader !

    FFS Clegg is stuttering and dithering already what a bottle merchant !

  102. 404

    O/T BREAKING FOOT- i Mean News
    Wayne Rooooooooooooney Will play for united tonight !

    One slide tackle and thats him for the season / world cup !

  103. 408

    O/T – Rooney’s just appeared in the starting 11 for Man U tonight.

    What was it that the Maximum Imbecile said the other day about rushing the recovery?

    I guess Fergie’s got other ideas, but then again he’s been a successful manager, whereas McBust…

    P.S. He’s not the Messi, he’s a very naughty boy.

    • 416
      Dack Blog says:

      He’s been deceived by the physio into thinking it’s the right thing to do.

    • 468
      Lady Completely Gaga says:

      Blimey, even Ferguson’s off message. Things must be looking brown for Brown. Bye bye, Stretford & Urmston.

  104. 413

    The Labour party has become the Black and White minstrel Show
    Brown is White as a sheet
    and Blair looks like some fucking Abdul from my local curry house !

  105. 418
    ShoutsAtTheTV says:

    Yeah… Given 200 years or so; we have 29 days

  106. 423
    Han says:

    The evil left-Nazi shit at the BBC did have a story about Prescott’s criminal behaviour, but it seems to have been pulled.

    It was here: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk_politics/election_2010/8608153.stm

    • 431
      Han says:

      Oh – it’s back but now contains lies and spin:

      But Mr Prescott’s son David said the post was simply a “retweet” of originally posted by someone else.

      Google said its technology could “filter invalid clicks before advertisers are charged for them”.

      1. It’s been established it was an original tweet, and that the pig-bastards son is a lying c’unt.

      2. Google filtering of ‘invalid’ clicks simply involves blocking the same IP address form multi-clicking.

      The filth at the BBC are once again acting as a PR and propaganda machine from the criminal trash in Nu Liebore.

      The BBC needs to be smashed.

  107. 427
    purpleline says:

    Wayne Rooney starts tonight, so thank you Gordon for your use of the analogy of protecting the economy from NI cuts like one protects rooney’s ankle.

    H ha Fergy loves Labour and even he hates you enough to put Rooney on the pitch 8 days after injury.

    Love it love it

    • 442
      Argentina, Argentina!! says:

      As a Man Utd fan I hope Rooney scores a hat trick tonight but does his ankle in so he can’t play for those England pricks in the world cup.

  108. 430
    Nick Calamity Clegg says:

    Oi oi

    Vote me or that nutter Hunhe will get in as leader after the election

  109. 433
    Vote Tory and hear the shits squeal! says:

    Can’t wait to see the Tories fuck up in Government.

    Love to hear you sycophantic shits squealing.

    Think it’s bad now?

    Wait til the Bullingdon Club cause chos!

    Still you’ll have more time on your hands because you certainly won’t have a job.

    Turkeys voting for Christmas.

    • 436
      LOL says:

      Some trolling little Labour shit is having a tantrum. It’s not you is it Gordon?

    • 438
      purpleline says:

      get back down a coal mine you cretin

    • 440

      As you have lived under Labour most of your life
      you are used to seeing the government fuck up on a daily basis
      so you should feel quite at home if they do !

      • 443
        Thatcher's 'snatch says:

        Remeber Thatcher, twat?

        • 450
          backlash now says:

          I remember Thatcher. She was too bloody soft with whinging, shit-stirring, traitorous, leftie vermin like you.

          The Argentinian junta had the right idea. Get in the plane, you’re going for a one way trip over the sea.

        • 451
          MAD FRANKIE HADDOCK says:

          You Dont Tat You Fucking Child !
          How’s your website ? ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
          Yer fuckin Billy !

  110. 434
    Anonymous says:

    Prescott and the two Kinnocks, the trinity of how to do nowt but take the piss out of the taxpayer for a living.

  111. 435
    Den says:

    Radio 5 just reported that Gordon Brown is feeling unwell and has cancelled all of tomorrow’s prearranged interviews.

    Not a good start but understandable after today’s debacles.

    • 439
      Brown on his last legs already says:

      I bet he’ll resign through ‘ill health’ before May 6th.

      Narcissistic self-obsessed types like Brown can’t stand fair contests, particularly when they are going to lose.

      • 444
        Brownpants shat his kecks!! says:

        Courageous Gordon shit himself when he was chased down the street by “Angry Dad” this afternoon.
        That’s what happens to Macavity on the very rare occasions when he meets real members of the public.

    • 449
      Gooey Blob says:

      Unwell, my foot. Mandelson knows just how much damage today’s interviews have done, and her doesn’t want to risk Gordon doing more harm tomorrow.

      My guess is that Brown will be kept away from interviewers and real people for as much of the campaign as Labour dare now, putting forward other cabinet members where they can instead. The trouble with that is that it looks like Brown is running away, and that will cause even bigger problems. If voters smell fear they’ll have the government’s guts for garters.

      I’d love to be a fly on the wall at Labour’s strategy discussions tonight, it would be interesting to see how they intend to play it.

      • 480
        Moley says:

        Hushed voices;

        Doctors have admitted Gordon Brown to hospital for tests; it is feared that he might have—– or——–.

        No statements are being issued at the moment but we believe Sarah is comforting him at his bedside.

        All out for the sympathy vote. That’s how they’ll play it.

  112. 446
    Thatcher's 'snatch says:

    OECD predicts UK growth to outstrip G7 peers!

  113. 448
    Nick Calamity Clegg says:

    Help Help! The battle bus has broke down!

  114. 452
    Anonymous says:

    ha ha ha, thats Browns analogy with Wayne Rooney stuffed then !

  115. 453
    Gooey Blob says:

    Quick! Everybody on to Charlie’s bottle bus instead!

  116. 454
    A broadcast from EU overlord Angela Merkel says:

    du hast
    du hast mich
    du hast mich gefragt
    du hast mich gefragt, und ich hab nichts gesagt

    Willst du bis der Tod euch scheidet
    treu ihr sein für alle Tage


    Willst du bis zum Tod, der scheide
    sie lieben auch in schlechten Tagen


  117. 455
    QWERTY says:

    Fucking BBC scum. They’ve just done a piece on ‘No bad news for Labour 24′. Rory Cellenad Jones was laughing at the Tories as Labour had bought the search term David Cameron.

    But guess WHICH subject didn’t come up? Yep fat boy Prescott.

    Get Cancer and die you BBC fucking mongs.

  118. 456

    Brown’s just been on sky :I look forward to going round the country
    meeting real people and answering the “Big Questions”
    You Lying C*nt a bloke tried to ask you one today and you
    Ran away like a little girl “Bottler Brown Again !”

  119. 457
    JC says:

    Fuck me! Nick Toenails Robinson ripped Brown a new arsehole live on the BBC. Brown ended up accusing Toenails of not understanding the issue.

  120. 458
    Anonymous says:

    Rooneys assist and its a GOAL, Brown is Fucked !

  121. 459
    Anonymous says:

    and another …Recovery is swift indeed !

  122. 460
    Koba says:

    The shit doesn’t fall far from a dogs arse

    • 477
      Han says:

      Unless you dog has projectile diarrhoea (then it’s all over the fucking walls).

  123. 461
    Pauline Prescott says:

    My John did not have gay relations in the merchant shipping business.

  124. 471
    Dave says:

    To be fair, Prescott’s £1.5 million pension ‘pot’ isn’t a pot – he didn’t contribute much himself. More an obligation on the taxpayer to keep the fat-bastard in the style he’s become accustomed to.
    He’s a disgrace, a fucking disgrace, a fat fucking bastard disgrace

  125. 474
    Unsworth says:

    Like father, like son

    Fat lying troughing bastards, the pair of them.

  126. 478
    Thatcher's 'snatch says:

    Settle down girls, it’s only an election, but then you have lost the last three!

  127. 485

    This is pretty stupid, even for John Prescott. The sooner we see the back of him the better.

    If he and other Labour supporters are all so convinced Labour’s going to win on May 6th, why don’t they have a bet on betfair? They will get extremely generous odds right now.

  128. 486
    St Paul says:

    I suppose Nicky Campbell, off 5-Live, has already had tomorrow’s media narrative and will abuse a tory before breakfast, as instructed by the dark lord of the sif.

  129. 492
    Odds Bodkins says:

    UPDATE: not a whisper about this from our state-funded swines at the BBC.

  130. 494
    Nick2 says:

    Just listened to BBC:R4 Today 8.10 interview with Gordon Brown – at last Humphrys was prepared to ask the right questions – and tell Brown to answer questions about his policies and not what the Tories would do!

    Mind you, one thing remained unchanged – Gordon insisting that nothing was his fault…

  131. 497
    David Prescott says:

    T’Bloke unnersatds it to be a retweet so retweet itis!

  132. 500
    greasedpigboy says:

    Chimpy the chiplolata and his politics of class envy, spite, chippiness and fucktardeness. Yet another reason why the Tories will win.

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Cathy Jamieson MP, Labour’s Shadow Treasury minister, commenting on Treasury analysis of the economic impact of tax changes…

“If the Treasury is looking at the economic impact of tax changes, then surely it should examine the impact of the rise in VAT and cuts to tax credits? George Osborne’s £12 billion VAT rise knocked confidence, helped to choke off the recovery and has cost families £1,350 over the last three years.”

orkneylad says:

What’s he been doing FFS, mining bitcoins?

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