April 7th, 2010

Guy News : Election On


  1. 1
    Rubbish Clegg says:

    Where am I, I want to be fucked too, along with knuckledragger Dick Sniffin, that orange penis from UKIP, Mr Toad Salmond etc.


  2. 2
    QWERTY says:

    Got to laugh. The BBC have wheeled out mong boy Peston to quote “give us the truth about the Tory plan on NI”

    So Robert Peston a former communist is more of an expert on business unlike those useless fuckwits in the private sector who run those crap private companies.

    Pisshead Peston just said that “The Tories claim that the private sector is more efficient at generating the wealth than he public sector”

    Sorry, just how does the public sector generate wealth? All they so is spend the money the private sector gets taxed on.

    Robert Peston, sucking Labour penis is all I know about.

    Now the BBC are bigging up the gay mong’s plan to reform the voting system. So if the homosexual is so keen on democracy why didn’t her have an election to be leader and then have a general election?

    Lies fucking lies from the BBC.

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      Brown's BBC - on the ropes says:

      Why does Peston talk as if he has his dick trapped up a goat’s arse?

      Then there’s the BBC newsreader – Charlotte Green – who has to stop talking because she is so hoarse.

      Then the two old men on Today – McWanker and the welsh wanker – useless,totally past their cremate-by date.

      The BBC really are like Labour – finished,shagged and totally spent.

      • 9
        concrete pump says:

        ‘Why does Peston talk as if he has his dick trapped up a goat’s arse’?

        Cos he has his dick trapped up a goat’s arse.

        And he’s a c*nt.

        For political insight, see concrete pump.

        • 61
          QWERTY says:

          I hear a goat’s arse is very popular at the BBC along with nice rent boys taking dumps on people’s chests.

    • 12
      Brown's a Tosser says:

      The point is the Tories have stolen a march on this one and now NuLabour keeps digging a bigger and bigger hole. It all about Brown knowing what is best as always and nobody else has a clue including 70 successful buisnessmen who run major companies and emply people for a living.

      Brown = Wrong for the Economy
      Brown = Wrong for the Country
      Brown = Wrong Wrong Wrong

      And just to be thorough 30% of Voters = Also wrong but of course follow like sheep because they know no different. It would take Gordon to push the wrong button (nuclear) for them to ever admit he is a first rate imbecile.

      • 16

        But if he did press the wrong button and reveal his incompetence to all, no one would ever know, would they?

        • 117
          Gordon Brown stole my pension says:

          Wouldn’t it would depend on the recipient of his fuckwitted largesse?

          If he nuked Iran (inshallah), who’d give a flying fuck?

          • Gordon Brown stole my pension says:

            Sorry for the double typo. Drunk. Must go to bed.

          • Mr Ned says:

            “If he nuked Iran (inshallah), who’d give a flying fuck?”

            You clearly have no understanding of international geopolitics.

            I’ll tell you who would give a flying fuck. Russia and China. Both countries with massive trade deals with Iran and Russia has a strategic defence pact with Iran meaning that whoever nukes Iran gets nuked. Exactly same sort of pact that the USA has with Isra el.

            Unlike Iran, Russia and China have LOTS of nuclear weapons and are capable of hitting anywhere on the planet with them.

            Why do you think that America, under Bush’s two terms and Obama have not attacked Iran and have done everything they can behind the scenes to stop Isra el from attacking Iran too? Iran is a very very different enemy than Afghanistan or Iraq and has some VERY big boys protecting her.

            Do you really want to play global thermonuclear war?

        • 164
          Brown's a Tosser says:

          Your right, but given his imcompetence Scotland seems a likely target.

          • Lie Detector says:

            “Iranians have never indulged in terrorism against the British”

            Beeboid Fukwit!

            Iran, the international psychopath.

          • Mr Ned says:

            What specific act of terrorism has Iran committed against Britain?

          • Another Two Questions says:

            And what specific act of terrorism has Afghanistan committed against the British mainland?
            So what are we doing occupying their country?

      • 25
        PhilP says:

        Brown doesn’t know when to quit when flogging the the dead NI horse.

        Still if he continues his one man crusade on the NI tax despite virtually the whole of British Industry telling him he’s got it wrong it may well turn out to be the earliest electoral suicide note in Labour Party history.
        Even I have grasped what he’s doing which is destroying private sector,wealth creating jobs to spend on pet projects down the line in the grossly overbloated public sector that create fuck all.He really is a raving fucking lunatic

        • 32
          Dack Blog says:

          Typical Brown psyche… he may well, deep down, think he’s flogging a dead horse – but as long as someone’s disagreeing with him he’ll keep on flogging.

          • The cleaner says:

          • Dack Blog says:

            And, sadly, having ‘sold his soul for fun’, now flogging butter.

            That’s what fame and fortune does for ya, eh.

          • stilyagi_air_corps says:

            Ronnie Biggs sells butter as well? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

          • MAD FRANKIE HADDOCK says:

            It’s because he is right, he is never wrong and wont let it drop untill everybody admits they are wrong and he is right !
            his moral compass tells him so
            or wasit the pixies at the bottom of the garden !

        • 57
          Just stating the obvious says:

          The government has identified that they can cut £11billion waste from the government’s budget but not this year. Why ?The argument from Labour goes that if the Tories dare to cut £6 billion of that waste this year to cancel the 1% NI increase the whole universe will collapse and front line services will be cut(they’ll be cut anyway after 6 May even if Labour gets back in as usual they’re lying….an art that Labour has made its own over the past 13 years)and the fragile recovery end(whether we’re actually in recovery is of course debateable but never mind).But the government is wasting twice that amount this year but won’t do anything about it.So Brown’s whole argument is bollocks and Labour areddling a false message as usual

          He and all the Labour “shills” in the media also seem to fail to grasp that in a recession with unemployment rising(particularly amongst the young)you need to increase employment prospects particularly amongst small and medium sized private sector business and that by making it more expensive to employ people that won’t happen. And they used to tell us that Brown was the “best Chancellor the UK ever had”….another lie. He’s the most incompetent and deluded one we’ve ever had and one who has made mistake after mistake in his time at the Treasury and who bears the sole responsibility for the economic mess that the country is in because of those policies.For that reason alone he needs voting out of office.The country cannot afford another 5 years of him and his delusions

          • ShoutsAtTheTV says:

            My thought and sentiments exactly.

            I’ve been saying these sort of things for the past decade or so; people told me to check my shoes because I’ve been pissing in the wind.

            When we finally got compelling, irrefutable evidence to the contrary, it was, “It’s not his fault – it began in America…”

          • MAD FRANKIE HADDOCK says:

            i recon the public services are in for a hammering
            ooooh lets say 30% cuts to start !

          • AC1 says:


            I’ve been told its at least 20% to 25% cuts. May 7th the credit Tap gets switched off whoever wins.

          • MAD FRANKIE HADDOCK says:

            Yes thats what both sides are touting but hey whats 5 or 10% between friends ?
            cut it by twice that for me mate !

    • 62
      Cavern Dweller says:

      What’s all this NI stuff.are they still fighting in Belfast

    • 99
      Anonymous says:

      How do the public sector generate wealth, well theres speed cameras for starters.

      • 172
        Steve Expat says:

        That’s removing wealth from people, not generating it – same as all other taxes.

      • 243
        Brown's a Tosser says:

        Speed cameras just another tax and earner for the exchequer. Another NuLabour lie, yes its really about roiad safety – not.

        • 332
          Brown Is A Moron says:

          Gordon Brown on Radio Four this morning said that taking 6 Billion pounds out of the economy will damage the economic recovery.
          Er, Gordon’t plan to increase NI is taking 6 billion pounds out of the economy therefore his NI hike will damage the economy.

  3. 3
    Peasant says:

    No Snorey Bear credit this time? I guess Tory Bear is being punished for eating all the pies.

  4. 4

    Bowie looks rough

    • 21
      Dack Blog says:

      Don’t diss Bowie.

    • 72
      Gordon Brown stole my pension says:

      That’s what I thought he looks like.

      But Emily Nomates looks very very confident; she didn’t last time I watched one of these videos, months ago, but now she’s really into the swing of it. Brilliant!

      • 129
        Not related to Emily in any way shape or form says:

        Yup, she done good.

        She might actually make a career of this presenting lark

  5. 6
    Mitch says:

    Peston is just desperate cos he will be unemployable soon and sucking tramp cock for coppers wont keep him in champers.

    • 26
      Catflap says:

      Justin Rowlatt is no longer ‘Ethical Man’ but is now ‘Pop up Prick’ on Newsnight.
      Fucking scroat.

  6. 8
    Working class toff says:

    The BBC just don’t check the facts. Too off their faces on coke!

    • 18

      Of course the BBC check the facts. They just don’t publish the ones that don’t fit their ideology.

      They don’t say “if you want to know more press the RED button” for no reason.

      • 28
        Anonymous says:

        The beeb idealogy is against democracy and therefore the masses , which is why it must be broken up and flogged off asap.No excuses just get shut.If I had my way I’d strip them of personal assets ( they haven’t really earned it have they ) sell them and send the whole lot of them to Cuba on a one way ticket.

  7. 11
    The Bottle Fed Triplet says:

    The BBc and the party leaders will not come to where I live because we are NEVITs. – Not Enough Votes, Ignore Them.

  8. 13
    Prophets for profit says:

    Who needs Peston when you have my crystal balls.

  9. 14

    Special offer
    3,000 bottles of Moet.
    All half price.
    Cancelled order from the BBC now a hung parliament looks less likely

    Contact Mark Thompson

    • 27

      sod it, he’s flogged them cheap to Marcus Bridgestock, Lenny “I’m getting divorced, that’s a weight off my shoulders” Henry, Jo Brand, Sandy Toskvig, Mark Steel, David Mitchell, Steve Punt and Hugh “fucking” Denis.

      Good stuff too. All financed by the licence payer.

    • 105
      AC1 says:

      Beeboids wouldn’t touch Moet. They’d go for something expensive but crap like Cristal.

      • 123
        jgm2 says:

        Cristal = PR Piss. You want Canard du Chene.

        • 136
          Anonymous says:

          Canard du Chene? is that a wooden duck?

          • thespecialone says:

            What is wrong with a few bottles of real ale and some bottles of merlot?

          • jgm2 says:

            It is. In fact I think it’s an ‘Oak Duck’ but I should have written Canard Duchene as it turns out. In any case a fine champagne….


            Used to be the ‘house dr*nk’ of the French Cavalry. Not so evident from their promo stuff these days. Anyway, most excellent pop.

          • AC1 says:

            The Ex’s favourite. She always had good, if expensive tastes.

          • This pleb drinks Laurent Perrier through choice – it’s got a better depth of flavour than most, if a bit yeasty – best drunk within 5 years.

            I do have a rather nice 82 Rioja saved up for May 7th though…

  10. 15

    Special offer
    3,000 bottles of champagne.
    All half price.
    Cancelled order from the BBC now a hung parliament looks less likely

  11. 17
    Carry On Don't Lose Your Head (1967) says:


    “What age are you? Five? My son is Six.”

    He’s fucking autistic! Is he in charge of the nukes as well as the economy? I won’t sleep well tonight.

    • 29

      I just read an article on the Telegraph calling France Islams first nuclear power

      • 48
        History says:

        Shit I should get a job there and give em a scoop.
        Pakistan have had the bomb for years.
        A country with almost as many hairy women as France.

      • 67
        jgm2 says:

        That would be PKSt*n.

    • 39
      nell says:

      Yes and he said that as he put up Ten! fingers!!

      That poor child was so confused – she talked about five, he talked about six and then showed ten fingers!!!

      Oh well that rules out a teaching profession for him after the labour crash and burn on May 6th. Guess that means he’ll be back to writing those failed books on courage!

      • 47

        He could always get a job marking exam papers !

      • 54
        Catflap says:

        “Of course Brown did that because of his blind eye, waffle spin bullshit.”
        No,it is because he is not human.An undead gurning corpse who you wouldn’t be able to smuggle onto an easyjet flight.

      • 153
        nell says:

        Hello Damian. Not back at school, picking up rubbish in your Boy’s school after the Easter hols yet??

        I rather suspect you are holed up in drowning street , under whelan’s mafia directions , trying to get gutlessgordon’s election campaign into pole position!!

        Not going to happen!

        But Dream On!

        • 201
          nell says:

          Who says that child gordon is talking to is disabled?? Are we talking physically disabled?? Mentally disabled??!! Hmm!!?

          What are you trying to say that this child doesn’t understand figures when they talk about five, and gordon talks about six and then gordon shows ten fingers , and then the child is confused and that therefore the child and not gordon is disabled??!!

          Great Smearing!!!

        • 250
          TAT BLOG NOT ON AIR YET ha ha ha ha ha ha says:

          Nell just ignore TaT he is gay and confused and rants on out of frustration !
          all the posts slagging you off are him he’s a real mummies boy and doesn’t want to “Come Out”
          he’s got a web site you know
          ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

        • 269
          Doctor Mick says:

          titfer is a fucking idiot. Just ignore him or he’ll start ranting on about voting for independents.

        • 289
          concrete pump says:

          Thinking about me?

      • 274
        Lie Detector says:

        Clearly Brown was using the child.

    • 89
      The Cleaner says:

      this is autism Gorgon is stupid

  12. 19
    Gordon's Botox merchant says:

    Good to see that Botox working well on Gordon on channel four news, his forehead didn’t budge. It helped hide his facelift scars in front of his ears also.

    That six week holiday in the summer was well spent.

    • 23
      Labour, the Lie, Deny then smear Party says:

      At the end of the day, when all is said and done – we have the facts

      1. Labour are incompetent
      2. They are Socialists seeking some sort of Marxist Utopia
      3. They have wrecked the economy
      4. They have wrecked the social fabric of the UK
      5. They have sold out to a socialist Europe
      6. They have wasted billions and intend to carry on with their borrowing and waste
      7. Across all of the public services they have allowed standards to fall
      8. They lie, cheat, smear and censor open and honest debate

      I could go on but what the hell – 30% or so of our bovine, tribal, gerrymandered client state of Labour will slavishly waste their vote on Labour.

      If there was any justice each of their votes would only be worth .75% of a vote!

      • 30
        Gordon's Botox merchant says:

        Yeah, of course, but no wrinkles!

      • 140
        Brown's a Tosser says:

        Something that is worth mentioning at the moment is the price of petrol. When NuLabour came into power in 1997 the average cost for a litre was £0.56p it is now at £1.18p its has more than doubled and do not forget over 70% of this goes to the exchequer in tax. This is a tax on business and commerce and of course the individual yet it barely gets a mention. This is not just about the rise in oil costs its about the level of tax.

        • 203
          AC1 says:

          Doubling in 12 years is 6% compound inflation…

          Claimed RPI @ 3.5%, the other even more dodgy one is even lower.

          What liars and curruptors Labour are.

        • 251

          Any higher and a young colleague of mine could have to consider giving up her job, as petrol is so expensive. It’s getting to the stage that most of her disposable income is going on fuel to get to and from work. Well done, Brown.

  13. 22

    So the ex-chancellor McBust thinks that Ten (fingers) is really six ?
    no wonder we are fucked !

  14. 24

    UTD down to 10 men

    • 33
      The Richardsons says:

      What’s new. Rooney isn’t a Man but a big bald fuck with weak bones.
      Not enough milk as a lad and too many Turkey Twizzlers.

      • 37
        QWERTY says:

        What a shock, didn’t the one eyed mong big up Rooney the other day?

      • 38

        LOL good point but it’s not rooney Rafeal was sent off !

        • 60
          QWERTY says:

          But Rooney plays for United, and they are now fucked!!!!

          • Brown's a Tosser says:

            Brown compared Rooney’s foot to the economy and of course we all know how bad that is and now low and behold the curse of Jonah has returned yet again and the Reds are out. That is a large section of the Labour core vote down the drain as they will never forgive him for this. Killing the Country and ruining the economy is one thing but cursing ones football team will never do.

      • 275
        Lie Detector says:

        Obviously a qualified physician with great experience of sports injuries!

  15. 31
    QWERTY says:

    Emily should have had her own tent on College Green. She could have done Crystal ball readings (Gordon you’re going on a long trip – back to jokcland) or even better a nice massage for a tenner!

    • 35

      She asked whelan how much he had donated today
      i would gladly give her a donation !

      • 46
        The cleaner says:

        what happened to the war protester whats his face.is he still camped out in Londonistan

        • 55
          MAD FRANKIE HADDOCK says:

          He’s probably with that other bloke who climbs up trees bollock naked and waves his tackle at passers by

  16. 34
    no longer anonymous says:

    Liked it, some genuinely amusing moments.

  17. 36
    QWERTY says:

    Interesting that the other week when the first businessmen men came out in support of Cameron, the BBC tired to smear them (they claimed many of them, in fact it was only a few) gave money to the Tories. Then the BBC bum bandits tried to suggest that Liebour would soon wheel out their own businessmen in support of the NI rise. Well come on BBC, I’m still waiting. apart from one Liebour loving halfwit where is this long list you promised? More shit from Toenails.

    • 40

      If the Tories will scrap the BBC
      they can keep my licence fee every year as extra tax
      such is my hate for the Brown loving c*nts !

      • 52
        nell says:

        I’ll join you in that pledge but with the amendment that the BBC is auctioned off , in bits, to minor, third world, tv companies.

        They’ll actually be a much leaner, more competitive company for the transition!

        • 82
          QWERTY says:

          Cameron is just saying that.

        • 124
          AC1 says:

          Cameron 2010 July 2010:

          “Of course the TV License fee is a form of tax, and the BBC need to share some of the nations pain, so it will be cut and a subscription created for non-educational programs…”

          The license is the most obvious tax cut there is, so you can see why the beeboids hate ANY tax cuts, their cushy number could be ended.

        • 199
          AC1 says:

          I don’t have a time machine, but I do know the credit tap is being turned off.

          Cameron will need a token tax cut to keep people happy, and still pay the gilts.

          The only noticeable effect of cutting the TV-Tax will be a drop in trade with Columbia.

        • 270
          Doctor Mick says:

          That doesn’t mean that Cameron can’t sack all the left-wing snorting twats that control the BBC. Put some people who understand impartiality and entertainment.

        • 276
          Lie Detector says:

          You didn’t read the small print:
          ” . . . at half its size, as an aid to cutting waste”

    • 126
      Gordon's Rocking Horse in a Three-Horse Race says:

      Is Alan Sugar really a FTSE 100 boss as Lord Adonis is claiming? Surely no-one stills buys Amstrad crap?

      • 154
        Brown's a Tosser says:

        Alan Sugar is NOT a FTSE boss. Adonis talking rubbish as usual. Brillo ripped him apart earlier today and made him look very small indeed. Not once, twice, three times but four times asked him the same question and still he did not get close to a straight answer. NuLabour is so inept its laughable.

        • 277
          Lie Detector says:

          As Fukwit and co. are proving, Labour’s election strategy is not to answer questions about anything.

  18. 43
    Gordon Manboobs the economy says:

    Who is the next leader of the Labour Party? The one who gives Mandelson the best blow job.

  19. 44
    Tune In says:

    The Tories deserve only one term if they fail to take an axe to the BBC as soon as they get in and they have the excuses to do it under the economy.

    • 56
      Catflap says:

      I loved old Nasty Nick of the B&P giving that BBC news24 gal a slapping yesterday evening.
      “The British Biased Corporation” he said.
      She went fucking crosseyed.

  20. 45
    nell says:

    And who should be on College Green but the rightcharlie whelan!

    Seems to spend all his time in gordon’s company doesn’t he?

    So why are Unite paying him a top salary to babysit gordon 24/7? Is it because they have paid gordon’s government huge sums of money for something and now they have put charlie henchman in to make sure that gordon delivers??

    Sounds a bit like the Mafia doesn’t it? Talking of which what’s happening with labour’s dr++ugs scandal in glasgow at the moment?

    • 50
      Hoffa says:

      watch yer mouth doll

      • 70
        nell says:

        Hey Thanks! Its my birthday today. It’s a few decades since anyone called me a doll!! Great present!

        • 78
          Hoffa says:

          ok happy birthday doll

        • 95
          Engineer says:

          Many happy returns, Nell, and may you enjoy many more of ‘em.

          • nell says:

            Thank’s E£ng!

            Hopefully the next few years will be enjoyed free of this foul labour government. Pensions alas are shot to pieces by gordon’s greed!!

            It’s just about a year since I joined this site.

            Remember damian and his rather swift demise in Guido’s crosshairs Eng!?? That was a Good Moment!!

            I regret the passing of the real Tat and I wonder what happened to NewGirl?!

            Oh Well I guess That’s Life.

            Talking of which I do hope that Esther is going to win in Luton.

            Interesting times!!

          • nell says:

            Sorry Eng don’t know where that £sign came from in your name !!

            I suspect that was one of gordon’s £billion withdrawals from our taxes and bank balances, if he is let loose on the economy after the next election!!!

          • Engineer says:

            The pound sign certainly didn’t come out of my wallet. Not much in there but moths these days! Thanks a bundle, Gordon….

            Yes, TaT’S still about, under many names. NewGirl dropped in briefly about two months ago, but not since, as far as I know.

            Part of me is quite interested in the election and it’s dramas, perhaps because the future of the country I love rather depends on it. We desperately need a more hard-headed approach to the public finances, and a restoration of our traditional freedoms.

            Another part of me is really heartily sick of politics and politicians, and wants to ignore the whole charade until polling day. What keeps me going is the thought that there are bound to be a few laughs along the way, like the Millipede brothers and their Gene Hunt poster.

            Let’s fire up the Quattro….

          • Tachybaptus says:

            Or, in the case of Brown, this.

          • Tachybaptus says:

            Sorry, link failed. It’s

        • 176
          Tachybaptus says:

          What is it with that bloody link? It’s correct if you type it by hand. But never mind, it’s not all that funny when you get there.

          • Engineer says:

            Blame the government, it’s usually their fault. Isn’t Sion Simon supposed to be in charge of digital something-or-other? He’ll do for a scapegoat.

    • 278
      Lie Detector says:

      Looks like a police bias scandel too!
      Purcell was interviewed by the Scottish Crime and Drug Enforcement Agency. He admitted being a cocaine user. The SCDEA took no action against him.

  21. 53

    UTD have Blown it 4-4

  22. 58
    QWERTY says:

    What a shock, see how the BBC bummers are spinning the Prescott Twitter story.


    • 65
      nell says:

      Yes don’t they tweek the way they present news so that it is labour friendly!!

      However I like their information that the gloriously fat, dysfunctional, grossly dislikeable, not very bright prezza is spending his time during this election campaign touring labour marginals.

      Anyone meeting him will surely vote for any other party but his.

    • 68
      Alpha Mutt says:

      not long ago we had an MP re twitter who then lied it was his mobile. Prezzer is sinking deeper, don’t let this bone go my trusty hounds

      • 115
        QWERTY says:

        Yes and Guido outed that Labour shitbag as well who claimed his Twitter account had been hacked but as Guido showed the tweet came from his mobile phone.

    • 73
      Catflap says:

      No wonder Two Banjo’s is giving us the wanker sign on the BBC post with them spinning it.
      ‘Re Tweet’ who gives a shit. That fat bullying prick knew what he was doing.
      And he can’t punch for shit either.
      Bring it on fat boy. I will hit you so hard your sister shagging ancestors would fucking feel it.

  23. 66
    Twitter Correspondent says:


  24. 69
    Ethnically Cleansed by Nu Labour says:

    Oh fucking dear, Nu Liebours lie about WHITE east europeans being the immigrants stealing our jobs has just been sunk.


    • 87
      nell says:

      Oh well you just musn’t believe gurninggordon and his lies about anything.

      However eastern EU migrants may not be the biggest migration sector into Britain , but where I live they are. Migration isn’t the problem, migrants coming into the country, without the promise of a job, living in slum tented cities in rural woods and living off the wildlife is causing immense problems here.

      When my son wanted to go backpacking in Australia he had to produce a bank account showing he had £3k to support him during his 6 month stay. When he wanted to stay longer he had to produce a Company’s letter of sponsorship to say that they they were employing him at a decent wage.

      He couldn’t have got into the country and he counldn’t have stayed in the country for the time that he did if he didn’t have those assurances. Why are we letting people , (don’t give a toss about their colour or religion), into our country without those basic assurances that they have the financial means to support themselves and are not going to be a charge upon we taxpayers!!

      Why are we allowing people from anywhere to come here and then end up living in tented slum cities, degrading our woods and rural spaces, having to kill off our wildlife in order to eat??!!

      Only labour could have put us in this position!!!

      • 100
        The Cleaner says:

        worst. What is their plan?

      • 128
        nell says:

        No!! Sorry No!!!

        I feel sure the beenpea are going to get one or two seats at the next election and that will be a bad and a good thing. It willl polarise political thought.

        My Uncle was one of the first troops to enter Belsen at the end of WW2. His frightening, very grahic account of what he found, that he recounted to me when I was a child, has put me off Left Wing Parties and especially the labour party and the beenpea party forever!!

        It’s why I oppose people like balls, whelan and brown!!!

        • 161
          Engineer says:

          F.Nick – you’ve not been reading this blog for long, have you?

        • 167
          nell says:

          You believe it if you want to!!

          But the Grey Vote and that is more than 80% of the British Vote will not vote for the BNP, the force that they consider we, our aunts, uncles and parents fought against in WW2.

          That includes me!

  25. 80
    BBC News says:

    Did we suggest that Gordon’s heckler was a Tory plant? Whoopsie. Hey Ho.

    • 248
      Brown's a Tosser says:

      Look at the VT he was not a plant. That was pretty straight in my view and good on him.

  26. 81
    Martin Day says:

    In case you are daft enough to vote for David Cameron’s Conservatives

    Schools secretary Ed Balls today hit out at his Tory counterpart as he was forced to abandon a string of education reforms before parliament is dissolved for the General Election.

    Many of the measures that Labour have laid out over the past year were shelved as part of a bid to push through legislation before Monday, including compulsory sex education for teenagers.

    A guarantee of one-to-one tuition for pupils who fall behind in English and maths was also being removed from the Children, Schools and Families Bill, along with moves to beef up parenting orders.

    An overhaul of the primary school curriculum will have to be dropped, as well as plans for school report cards with performance information for parents.

    In a letter to his Conservative shadow Michael Gove, Mr Balls said: “I do believe the interests of children would have been better served had you agreed to these provisions reaching the statute book. Your refusal means the loss of a number of key provisions that would have made a significant difference to the lives of children and their families.

    “It is a great pity that you have put at risk improvements in our schools, support for pupils and the well-being of our young people.”

    He said he was “especially disappointed” that the Tories refused to back plans to make Personal Social Health and Economic Education (PSHE) compulsory in all schools.

    • 92
      Engineer says:

      Good. More micro-management measures stopped in their tracks.

      Let teachers teach. It’s what they’re trained, motivated and paid to do. They don’t need Ed Bollocks dictating how they spend every hour of the week.

    • 98
      Martin Day says:

      Sorry am I boring you all?

    • 127
      City of Vice says:

      Fuck off, Day. I’m not in the mood for your deluded fart scented bunker-induced bollocks today.

    • 175
      North, but not Scotland says:

      They’ve had thirteen years. If all those “Education reforms” were such good ideas, why the f haven’t they done them before now? All that Balls and his predecessors have done is meddle and interfere and throw huge amounts of cash at edukashun edukashon educasion, and it’s just pushed us further down the international league tables. I’m not saying the others would have done any better, but to try and blame them now is just pathetic.

  27. 83
    nitrambo says:

    Did anyone just see Phillip Gould on BBC News pretending to be an independant pollster?… what an absolute joke…

  28. 84
    Jimmy says:

    Cutting edge political satire as always of course. You might want to consider subtitles for the posh/greer exchange unless the wierd accents were part of the skit.

  29. 85
    Ewe Rogers says:

    I am voting Labour coz I am a fucking sheep!

  30. 86
    Thick As Thieves says:

    The Tory twerps have lost the teachers vote

    General Secretary of the NASUWT Chris Keates said today: “The Tories’ rejection of the pupil and parent guarantees is blatant discarding of the principle reason the state education service exists, to meet the aspirations and needs of every child and young person, regardless of background.

    “One-to-one tuition was at the heart of the guarantees. The Tories clearly want this to remain the preserve of those with money, who seek to buy advantage for their children.

    “Teachers will be deeply dismayed that additional measures to support them in tackling pupil indiscipline have also been rejected by the Tories.

    “Throwing out the primary curriculum reforms, which have secured significant consensus across the profession, denies teachers the opportunity for more flexibility and professional autonomy in what they teach.

    “Why would the Tories want to reject these things, if not to create a free for all in which only the strongest, the wealthiest and most privileged survive?”

    • 110
      Dack Blog says:

      Yeah. I’m a secondary teacher. Shall I tell you how that 1-2-1 thing works?

      My first year (year 7 – 11 year olds) classes of 30 have on average 5/6 kids who can barely read or write. After 6 years of education. Isn’t that an admission of failure?

      So in typical fire-fighting data-massaging New Labour style I’m asked to nominate said students for 1-2-1 tutoring to rectify a problem that should never have arisen in the first place.

      They then get ten hours of 1-2-1 tutoring – taken out of lessons (see the issue there?) with someone who dropped out of teaching already because (usually) they’re crap.

      I then have to spend time I haven’t got tutoring the tutors re how to tutor the students that shouldn’t need tutoring in the first place.

      Does that make sense to you?

      • 132
        jgm2 says:

        I almost feel like volunteering. But at aged 5 or 6. Just so that those kids don’t get to secondary school pre-ordained to waste their lives.

        The only thing is – that nagging feeling – that you’d get fuck-all thanks for it from anybody. CRB check. Kids with the attention span of a goldfish. Parents with the attention span of a goldfish.

        And then, if you did a good job, some dick-head – like the Maximum Imbecile – claiming personal responsibility for your fucking efforts.

        • 139
          Dack Blog says:

          The tail is wagging the dog.

          Parents and students = all the rights (to be feckless).

          Teachers = all the responsibility (for the failings of Govt and society).

          And don’t expect the Tories to make less of a hash of it.

          Common sense is lacking in those in power, whatever their persuasion.

        • 149
          Dack Blog says:

          Take a look at:


          Speaks for most of us.

        • 244
          Sir Reginald Titbrain says:

          Yes, but all is not lost.

          Due to Nulabs pro-active Piscean Action Directive goldfish abuse has decreased even more than drunkenness.

          Next year, if they win, they plan to institute over 200 Gerbil Outreach Forums.


      • 146
        Cheese Lover says:

        They’re not ‘students’. If they are at school they are ‘pupils’. Students go to University.

  31. 91
    Ewe Rogers says:

    Hello Martin, it’s your girlfriend here Baaa,Baaa, Baaa.

  32. 93
    Mr Angry says:

    Is Emily Nomates single??? I do hope so, I fancy her rotten!

    • 111

      HANDS OFF i saw her first she’s mine

    • 125
      Can't remember my moniker says:

      Join the queue Mr Angry! I’m already outside at dawn tomorrow with pistols over this. Nomates fan club founder thinks he has priority – ha ha ha. After I have dealt with him, then you will have to be a very good shot. Now back to practice ……

    • 130
      Can't remember my moniker says:

      And you Mad Frankie! Did you used to be a solicitor? I knew one called that. That will give me double the incentive with my lightening aim/fire!!!!!!

      • 212

        No sorry ! i posted under this name on the “woman Fined and tagged for selling a goldfish !
        But if it is the lovely Emily we are talking about then you sir are a cad and i challenge you to haddocks at dawn as in this clip !

        • 225
          Can't remember my moniker says:

          No – I called first! So you are a cad, sir. Pistols it must be.

          However, I strongly presume that you, like me, will be voting McBroon out on May 6. It would be a tragedy if the removal of one of us would rob the country of this greater aim.

          Therefore I propose that we defer the matter until dawn on May 7, at which point we can square up on College Green. At least the unlucky protagonist will have the satisfaction of knowing that McBroon and his pigfilth acolytes have been swept into the sewers for good and ever.

          And I will be left with the fair Emily!

          • MAD FRANKIE HADDOCK says:

            Look Paul “I’m a lover not a fighter” I’ll ask Emily if she fancies a two’s up !
            then we shall share the spoils of war !

          • Can't remember my moniker says:

            Me first … and you may have a deal!

          • MAD FRANKIE HADDOCK says:

            A good old “spitroast” and change ends at half time !
            you got a deal
            Now put your pistol away and get out yer weapon !

          • Can't remember my moniker says:

            OK saxophone!

          • MAD FRANKIE HADDOCK says:

            We can cut a good tune
            you on your sax while i strum Emilys Banjo

          • Can't remember my moniker says:

            Just in from practice … six consecutive bullseyes in 2 seconds … and in almost total dark too. Magnificent!

            Oh what’s this just been posted? We had an agreement, so it seemed. We don’t want to go backwards, do we now Frankie?

            If you want some sweet music, start blowing that darn sax!

  33. 94
    Martin Day says:

    David Cameron ain’t gonna win

    Populus for the Times Apr 7 Feb 7
    CONSERVATIVES 39.3% 40%
    LABOUR 31.6% 30%
    LIB DEMS 20.8% 20%
    LAB to CON swing from 2005 5.4% 6.5%

    • 103
      Labour, the Lie, Deny then smear Party says:

      Day – you are one sad bastard

      But there is an upside – you will be proven wrong!

      and, no doubt, you will go into hiding.

    • 144
      revolting peasant says:

      Who the fuck takes any notice of polls?

    • 163
      Martin Day says:

      I’m carving a new butplug out of pine

  34. 97
    Ewe Rogers says:

    Martin Baaaaa

  35. 101
    Brown unravelling before our eyes says:

    One day in to the orgy that is Brown’s election fest and he is already shown up as the socially unable cretin – literally running away from the middle class heckler (the son of the author of the “Percy The Park Keeper” Stories (you just could not make it up!).

    And then holding up both hands when a girl says she is 5 – he says his son is six – he is unable to speak to anyone,totally unable to hold a conversation – totally Aspergers.

    Each day will reveal another part of the cancer that is Gordon Brown, coming apart at the seams as he “meets” the public (or rather avoids,runs away).

    I guarantee that by 7am on Thurs May 6th,the consensus will be that Brown will lose and Tories will romp home,as the ghastly Brown is laid bare for all to see in inglorious technicolour – the madman of Fife,the impostor,the charlatan.

    • 238
      Can't remember my moniker says:

      Was never aware that he was ravelled in the first place!

    • 264
      Groucho says:

      That’s a good point. Brown is a back room schemer – dealing with the public is way outside his comfort zone.

      A month of heckling and having to interact with people who simply aren’t impressed with last quarter’s tractor production figures could finally push him over the edge.

      Just ten seconds of Brown flipping his wig on prime time TV news and its game over.

  36. 102
  37. 104
    khmer marron says:

    i do hope gordon or ed phone me!!!!!!!

  38. 106

    Unreal programme on military history channel now
    a British unit in the Waffen SS fighting for Hitler during WW2
    same uniform as the SS but with 2 distinct markings
    the collar badge was the three lions of England and just above the cuff is a shield with the union jack on it

    you learn something new everyday !

  39. 107
    QWERTY says:

    Robert Peston what a FUCKING MONG.

  40. 108
  41. 109
    The Cleaner says:

    Suck on this labour shits.

  42. 114
    gildedtumbril says:

    What a farce. The election appears to be a choice among shit, shite, crap and dog’s droppings. No one seems to have noticed there will be 4 more thieving bastards this time thanks to the Electoral Commission saying we need 4 more troughsnouts.
    I believe we have 500 too many already. That is 500 too many lazy greedy bastard traitors.
    A pox on all their houses, bastards.

  43. 116
    khmer marron says:

    Brown telling business they know f/a……..

    thats from a man who has NEVER WORKED IN BUSINESS!!!!!!

    sold the gold losing £7 billion—-stonking trade that one!

    nick leeson only lost £800 million-ish……….


    • 141
      nell says:

      That’s from a man who has never done anything useful other than to write books about ‘courage’, that have been, almost immediately, put into Amazon’s bargain basement at a pittance, and then failed to sell!!!

    • 168
      Steve Expat says:

      Surprised the Tories haven’t picked up that the NI rise is £7bn, and the gold sale deficit was £7bn…

      • 245
        Can't remember my moniker says:

        The monthly cost of servicing Britain’s deficit will also be £7bn by 2016/17…

        A very unlucky number for McBroon.

    • 265
      Groucho says:

      How about ‘Business Secretary’ Mandelson? Never had a real job in his life, never mind run a business and the arrogant patronising twat thinks he is qualified to tell business leaders where they’re going wrong.

      In the real world the only time he would ever enter a boardroom would be to serve the coffee and biscuits.

  44. 119
    The Sleeper says:

    I knew it was too good to be true…

    After Toenails actually grew a pair with Brown; having appeared to realise his job was at risk…….

    …Fuckin Pravda News at Ten and Toenails is spinning the Labour lie for all it’s worth.

    No doubt they got their bollocking from Mandlebum for daring to report negatively on Labours Grand Social engineering strategy.

    A curse on all of them.

  45. 122
    City of Vice says:

    The BBC is full of shit. Tonight’s 10pm news is little more than a Labour Party broadcast. Financial illiteracy aplenty and more wishful thinking hung Parliament bollocks. Don’t they read the polls? Balance, my arse!

    Revenge is a dish best served cold. Roll on May 7th when Gordon and his motley crew are shuffled out of government by the Great British Public in ignominious defeat. I hope the BBC have the cameras rolling for that. Champagne socialist wankers.

    It’s about time Call me Dave (or rather some of his runners) started making noises / not so veiled threats about the Corporation’s future.

  46. 135
    Gordon ( SoldGoldAtThe ) BottomBrown says:



  47. 148
    Birthday Wish says:

    Happy Birthday Nell!

  48. 150
    Steve Expat says:

    Bloody Hell – my opinion of thieving fat scumbag Tom Watson has just increased immeasurably, as he is speaking against the Digital Economy Bill currently in committee stage in the Commons wash-up.

    He is arguing that the seriousness of the measures proposed requires the usual line-by-line scrutiny, as would be given to any other Bill.

    Well done also to Nick Palmer, another Labour MP also standing up for the rights of the public over those of the music “industry”

    • 179
      City of Vice says:

      Some Tory halfwit – a bloke called Hunt if I recall correctly – was on the radio this morning defending this crap and offering support to the Government’s proposals. The twat.

    • 181

      Mandelson is not going to be pleased.
      Black mark Watson. A very black mark.

  49. 152
    QWERTY says:

    Paxman just accused homosexual Ben Bradshaw of “showing a bit of leg” to the Limp Dems to entice them into forming a coalition. I think the Limp Dems would rather have Ben’s juicy cock to suck on.

    How do you get four liberals on a stool at the same time? Turn it upside down.

    • 158
      The Sleeper says:

      Actually it’s eight.

      Four with the stools legs up their arse,and another four on top sucking the other fours’ cocks.

    • 183

      A double dodecker stool fuck fest !
      Oh this is tooooo much pass me a tissue

    • 185
      AC1 says:

      No, put the stool on a glass coffee table and the liberals will crawl underneath.

  50. 159
    arthur says:

    heres me thinking all politicians were thieving lying scum

    • 170
      Engineer says:

      They aren’t all thieving lying scum, just most of them. And even the thieves and liars can occasionally do something positive and constructive.

      • 178
        Steve Expat says:

        Indeed – it looks like the Digital Economy Bill might end up shelved after all, final division now underway in the Commons, lying thieving scumbags like Tom Watson speaking against it…

        • 194
          Steve Expat says:

          …or maybe not. Just passed 3rd reading, albeit with most of the contentious bits about disconnection of internet connections and blocking of websites removed.

          • City of Vice says:

            There’s no point in it then. Apart from giving the government even more means to spy on us.

  51. 165
    MP says:

    I found your wallet. I spent the money in it. using the ID in it I come round to your house and ask you to refill it. Vote for me

  52. 173
    Nail Lacquer says:

    Schama’s got Tourettes

  53. 174
    time for an update says:

    The people’s flag is deepest red,
    It shrouded layabouts still in bed,
    And ere their limbs grew stiff and cold,
    Their benefits pissed away so bold .

    Then raise the scarlet standard high (chorus).
    Within its shade we’ll scrounge and die,
    Though Marxists flinch and tories sneer,
    We’ll keep the red flag flying here.

    Look round, the Frenchman loves its blaze,
    The sturdy German chants its praise,
    In Moscow’s vaults its hymns are sung
    Chicago sniffs the smelly thong.

    Its waved above our igrorant might,
    When all around are pissed at night;
    It witnessed many a deed and vow,
    We must not change our knickers now.

    It well recalls the Blairite past,
    It gives the hope of defeat at last;
    The banner bright, the symbol plain,
    Of human rights and a Tory gain.

    It suits today the weak and base,
    Whose minds are bought by labour’s face
    To cringe before their pushers frown,
    And haul their scarlet knickers down.

    With heads uncovered swear we all
    To drink and scrounge until we fall;
    Come hangouts dark or chavs so grim,
    This song shall be our scrounging hymn.

  54. 182
  55. 184
    Dack Blog says:

    What’s going on with Schama’s arms on QT?

  56. 186
  57. 187
    David Miniblair says:

    Pass me one of Gordon’s bananas…oooops, I’ve slipped on the skin.

  58. 188
  59. 189

    Question time is on on BBC1 on a wednesday

  60. 191
    Can't remember my moniker says:

    Keep Gordon in front (on the slaps!)


  61. 198

    Ouestion Time : As usual This is a Loaded Audience full of labour troll’s and the panel are playing get the tories including Dimplebum !

    • 205
      The Sleeper says:

      A Jesus freak has just said there are no differences between homosexual and heterosexual sex.


    • 209
      revolting peasant says:

      A friend applied for two tickets to go on tonights audience and stated on-line that they were floating voters. She was phoned by QT on Monday and told they had the seats and would speak the following day to finalise details. The following day she was asked how she voted and when my friend replied that,as stated on the application, she was a floating voter, the seats were withdrawn. She was told she could only have the seats if they were Labour supporters.

      • 216
        Rick Nobinson says:

        SHUT IT !!!

      • 218

        is this true ?
        if so post it on conservativehome
        it would be more evedence of what most people suspect
        and a big nail in the BBC’s coffin !

        • 220
          revolting peasant says:

          Yes it is true. She was told it was in the interests of balance! Thought I’d watch tonight to see just how balanced the audience seemed. And I must say there seems to be far more Labour support than there has been in recent weeks.

          • MAD FRANKIE HADDOCK says:

            The BBC doing their bit to RIG the election !
            shut it down !

          • Jan says:

            On This Week tonight we had Diane Abbot Nu-Liebor,Charles Kennedy Lib Dums and Portillo errrr no party and certainly NOT a Tory.We want a Tory on This Week.Bigmouth Abbott interrupting Portillo all the time.I am surprised he has not punched her in the mouth.She is one gobby cow. Old Abbott convinced that McDoom will win the election. She is deluded..unless she knows something we don’t.

    • 217
      QT Control says:

      BBC QT member

    • 234
      The Sleeper says:

      Did I hear Miliband say, about IHT,that the Tories would benefit 2000 of the richest families…and that “would be a waste of public money”

      Errrrrrr…NO you twat…it’s the individuals money that Labour want to steal after death!!!!


      Anyway..the 2000-3000 that they claim would benefit has been totally rubbished by market data…and Theresa May tried to make that point but Dimblebum stopped her.

  62. 204
    Beaster says:

    Teresa whats her face “Male or female or or or oh oh”.Better not go there

  63. 208
    PICK(nose)FORDS REMOVALS says:

    He’ll be gone on 7th May.

  64. 210
    Hail Satan says:

    Did one of Lucifer’s sulfurous candles get lit there for Mandelson.

  65. 214
    Drone Control says:

    Roger rattlesnake received over and out

    • 228
      Drone targeting fuckwits mobile says:

      too much crack twat? read it again fuckwit

    • 235
      Eric says:

      Think this means armed drone will take Karzi out.

      • 266
        Groucho says:

        If Karzai wants to live in the 14th century, let him and his bearded chums get on with it.
        Enough of our troops lives have been wasted. Afghanistan is, and always has been, completely ungovernable.

  66. 219

    This is because they have told him he can’t keep all the aid money $22,Billion of which he hasn’t spent a fucking penny on his people !
    a small job for the SAS me thinks “take him out” !

  67. 221
    Steve Expat says:

    Simon Wolfson, Chief Exec of Next, writing a rather disparaging view of the PM’s NI rise in the Times tomorrow.

    Did Brown really think that trying to smear 50 or 60 major business leaders as being “misled” was going to result in them keeping quiet..?


  68. 222
    QT Control says:

    This is how it really works, never forget it, post it every place you can

  69. 224
    Memo For John Prescott says:

    Oi teaboy, two sugars in mine please John.

    • 236

      Has anyone who posts on here ever come across the fat useless turdwaiting tables on a north sea ferry ?

      Excuse me waiter but one of my sausages seems to be missing num num num i aint fuckin seen it num num num

  70. 226
    Polls4U says:

    A new pollster has arrived with more accurate results.

    Conservatives: 75%
    Liberals: 15%
    Others/No hopers: 2%
    Couldn’t give a toss: 6.77329%
    Calculations by a chap with overhanging eyebrows.

    A spokesman for the Others & No Hopers a Mrs Gaylord Mandy Lyingson of a bitch said “I know when I’m not wanted”. Her mincing friend a Mrs Martina Daytimes and Evenings only by appointment confirmed that “we will now be spending more time in Brazil with our nephews”. It was also noted that their baggage boy a droopy jawed individual had a rope and was looking longingly at a lamppost.

  71. 237
    Chris Hoon says:


  72. 242
    MMMMcMental says:

    I ddddddint mean that my son is 6
    It was a slip of the tongue
    I meant that my BOYFRIEND is 5

  73. 253
    Tarquin Bartleby says:

    • 254
      Care in the community at Labourwrist says:

      Tarquin, your medication is ready now.

    • 255
      Jack Newhouse says:

      Fuck off you speccie Labour troll bastard, that was shite.

      • 309
        The Dirty Rat says:

        You demented fuckwit go out and get a job. Did you take advice on how to put this little project together from Siôn Simon, it shows about the same amount of talent.

  74. 258
    Don't Give Up The Day Job says:

    Gordon is History:

  75. 260
  76. 261
    Mnsgr. Phoney 'River of Fire' Bliar, ***, *******, ******, emoting + stupid grin says:

    I’m just popping off for a few days.

    But I’m leaving my presence with you – I shall be with you – always.

    And remember, I founded Noo_Lie_Bore on the principles of

    empty vacuous phrases – such as ‘tough on . . . ‘
    cultivation of 5th rate trashy celebs
    empty vacuous promises


    And Gorgon – may he rest in peace – personifies all those principles.

  77. 263
    the gang of five says:

    Sky News

    “The Tories’ plan to cut National Insurance has been slammed by the chairman of insurance giant Standard Life, despite a wave of further endorsements from business leaders.”

    Which kinda confirms that he’s a maverick moron then.

    • 282
      Sterling_Fund says:

      Did I not hear of an insurance company run by a bunch of charlatans that hoodwinked its investors recently in their sterling fund? (and had to pay back a lodsa money)

      Simply message: go back to your mansions and cancel your policies

    • 287
      jgm2 says:

      What’s that? It took ‘em a week to find a FTSE 100 director who thinks Labour have a clue what they’re doing?

  78. 279
    Martin Day says:

    So there you have it.

    David Cameron is a shit politician and an even shittier comedian.

    Cameron is a hoon of the highest order

  79. 280
    Martin Day says:

    Read all about his gags

    David Cameron’s half-baked gags fail to raise a laugh in Bolton bakeryShirt-sleeved atop a crate,

    Tory leader addresses bakers in Bolton – a key marginal

    The Tories should leave the gags to that well known comedain,George Osborne

    • 281
      Labour the Lie, deny then smear party says:

      You are some sort of sad bastard Day – why don’t you go try and find a life?

    • 296
      Can't remember my moniker says:

      Martin you are truly a product of the Labour system. Wrong, arrogant and so badly educated that you cannot even spell a word like comedian.

      Hardly surprising as you lot cannot understand humour. You would rather legislate against it!

  80. 283
    Gordon Brown Fan Club says:

    So who are David Cameron’s Great Ignored?

    After the election – the 70% plus who didn’t vote Tory.

  81. 284
    Gordon Brown's Press Officer says:

    Founder of Tory Gay right group,Mad Frankie Haddock, is going to vote Labour because David Cameron failed to sack Chris Grayling.

    • 297
      Can't remember my moniker says:

      Pistols on College Green at dawn on May 7th in the knowledge of the certain defeat of McBroon, in honour of winning the prized Emily Nomates’ favour, is not, I would humbly suggest, the act of a gay!

      You must be confused, like your politics.

      • 304

        Wouldn’t you just like to “Bitch Slap ” that fucking tat what an obnoctious little shit why does anyone waste their fucking time with him ?

        • 308
          Can't remember my moniker says:

          Don’t worry Frankie, the sponger has only benefit claims to look forward to after the election, and they won’t last long!! We should set up a fund to ship them off to North Korea for the rest of their miserable lives – they would like it there …… for a few seconds at least.

          • MAD FRANKIE HADDOCK says:

            I dont worry about this little shirt lifter i have asked him in the past to post his adress so i can go round and teach him the error of his ways
            but he would probably tell the police i was a gay basher !

    • 303
      TAT BLOG NOT ON AIR YET ha ha ha ha ha ha says:

      TaT The gay Nazi sympathizer and dumped ex partner of Peter Mandelson
      has almost completed his life long ambition to run his own gay web site
      after years of frustration and failed attempts to find Mr right on the thousands of gay sites on the net he cant find a lover .
      althouge he loves martin webster and nick griffin they have spurned all his advances
      and now the restraining order prevents him even from contacting them
      it’s been really hard TaT said i love bum sex with men but nobody seems to want me
      it’s difficult to find a homophobic gay nazi boy to share my life with
      so i’ve started my own site in the hope that i too might find someone special !

      • 310
        Muslim women should stay in the kitchen or bedroom says:

        • 314
          The man with the flying donkey says:

          You [a woman] are going to lecture me [a man] about Islam?

          Look you stupid woman. Islam was invented by a man for men. That’s why it needs two women to witness an agreement but only one man. Because women are stupid and forgetful. It is written in the Koran.

          Stupid woman.

    • 311

      The person in question is in fact called Stacey Bott, although she styles herself ‘Anastasia Beaumont-Bott’, as the report in the Indy says.

      Sounds more like Violet Elizabeth Bott to me – thqueaming and thqueaming until she makes herself thick.

  82. 286
    Mr Plum says:

    The Labour luvvies are up early today

    • 288
      jgm2 says:

      New tax year. New budget. They can afford to pay ‘em again.

      • 290
        jgm2 says:

        Christ. Mr Jacqui Smith is up early. Hello Labour troll.

        • 307
          jgm2 says:

          Hee hee. I thought you’d recognise the dialogue from the gay p*rn you tried to expense the taxpayer with Labour apologist troll.

        • 318
          jgm2 says:

          Oh dear.

          Brownian delusion and denial. I must really have annoyed Labour apologist HQ to have you so desperately making an arse of yourself Mr Timney. Wank away.

        • 329
          jgm2 says:

          You’re just making an even bigger fool of yourself anon. You’re just a gay p*rn obsessive. Timnheyesque in your tastes.

      • 291
        Anonymous says:

        Such wit, so early. And the sun is shining. Makes you feel good to be alive, doesn’t it?

        • 294
          jgm2 says:

          He’s still sore from the fucking good hiding he got yesterday. Like Brown. He just can’t let it lie.

          Has Brown phoned up that Butterworth chap at 4am or anything yet? It’s the kind of lunatic thing he tends to do.

        • 306
          jgm2 says:

          Tee hee. He really cannot take his hiding can he?

          Come along now Mr Timney. You got busted. Shit happens. Anybody could get caught out expensing their gay p*rn to the taxpayer. Well, not anybody. But you did.

          Tee hee.

        • 319
          jgm2 says:



          And that – Anon. – that bitter taste in your mouth – that’s what humiliation tastes like Labour apologist troll. Get used to it. You’ve got a five year diet of it coming up.

        • 331
          jgm2 says:

          Go away gay-p*rn stalker.

      • 293
        TAT BLOG NOT ON AIR YET ha ha ha ha ha ha says:

        TaT if you’ve nothing constructive to say
        then fuck off to your own web site
        you stupid little shit
        How is your Gay Dating website ? ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

        • 305
          jgm2 says:

          I thought tat was going for a hung parliament?

        • 316
          TaT LOVES MARTIN WEBSTER and always talks about bumrape ! says:

          No you miss heared he said he wants “A Well Hung Parliamentarian “to share his sad little life with !

        • 322
          jgm2 says:

          Nope. It was definitely a ‘hung parliament’. He might be right. I fucking hope not but he might be right. But I can’t see him changing his mind to campaign for the Maximum Imbecile.

        • 330
          jgm2 says:

          Okay. It’s official. I have pissed off Labour troll HQ I have my own gay-p*rn obsessed stalker.


        • 335
          jgm2 says:

          I must admit it’s not quite so much fun when the person you’re taking the piss out of is too stupid to even realise it. If this were a pub the entire place would be pointing at you and laughing.

  83. 292
    City of Vice says:

    Listening to The Great Deluded Twat on BBC’s Today on R4 at this minute…

    Typical BBC …Humphreys starts off the ‘interview’ by putting Brown’s case ‘it started in America’ etc, then follows up with harmless deliveries pitched wide of the off stump!

    What a crock of shit.

    • 302
      udderly 'orrible says:

      The Maximum McDemented one sealed his fate on Toady when he promised JohnHumph not once but twice he would stay the full five years if re-elected.

      Poster. Now.
      Vote Liebour, get this cretinous imbecile for 5 more years!

      Bye bye Bonkers Brown line up for your cremation voucher.

  84. 300
    Pants on fire says:

    So let me say as I begin my new job, I want to continue to work with you in helping you do yours, listening to what you say, always recognising your international success is critical to that of Britain’s overall and considering together the things that we must do – and, just as important, things we should not do – to maintain our competitiveness:

    * enhancing a risk based regulatory approach, as we did in resisting pressure for a British Sarbannes-Oxley after Enron and Worldcom.

    Mansion House Speech 2007 Gordon Brown

    BBC reports this morning, the PM as saying:

    The prime minister says he had a “battle with the City for 10 years”, when he was told his regulation of financial institutions was “too tough”.

  85. 301
    City of Vice says:

    Brown must be a Tory Party Plant. He’s that bad. I mean, how is it possible to ‘car crash’ a soft interview like this mornings BBC R4 effort? But Brown has. Listening to Brown’s interview I’m sure The Great Deluded Twat just makes up his tractor stats on the hoof to sound ‘intelligent’ and support his lies, but it’s clear he really doesn’t have a clue. How is it possible for any self respecting person to sit around a Cabinet table taking orders from a twat like Brown?

    He’s so deluded

    • 312
      jgm2 says:

      You might think that but there are still 30% of the population who marvel at a man with the statistics right at his command like that. The fact that the numbers are completely made up or outright lies never occurs to them. If he gave completely different numbers five minutes later the morons wouldn’t even notice.

      And Brown would bare-faced deny giving different sets of figures. Nope. Never happened. You’re wrong. Not me. I’m never wrong. About anything. Ever.

      Brown has been giving this shit about the NI cut taking 6bn ‘out of the economy’ for nearly two days now and still nobody has challenged him about the 20bn he took out of the economy when he cut VAT at the height (depth?) of a recession.

      • 323

        C’mon, even Freedland in the grauniad yesterday was banging on about Brown’s towering intellect and that what was needed was for him to tackle the election as he did Chilcot….. ummm…. not apparantly remembering about, or perhaps caring about, the rather significant fact that McVermin only finessed Chilcot by fucking *LYING* to him!!!! Making up the damn stats!

        These labour untermensch like to claim they’re the ones with facts and figures on their side; in reality, it’s all bluff. They just want to be lied to, with the right kind of lies.

  86. 313

    This Karza thing in Afghanistan
    It could be a set up a massive up turn in violence could be just the thing Brown needs to use his state of emergency “Get out of an Election “card
    Karzai has been given $ 22 billion in aid and as yet hasn’t spent any on his people and he does not want to give it back
    so may be a deal has been struck to escalate the violence to keep Brown in power !

  87. 316
    Ben says:

    Brown was allowed to get away ling his head off on radio 4 this morning. He claimed several times that the Tories say theywill make £12 million of efficiency savings in the public sector this year and he then changed it to £6 milion (which is the real figure)

    Of course he wasn’t picked up on this by the useles Humphries.

  88. 320
    Gordon Brown on BBC R4 this morning says:

  89. 321
    Ben says:

    Brown lied his head off on radio 4 this morning claiming several times that the Tories wanted £12 milion of efficiency savings this year, then changing it to £6 million (the correct figure) then changing it back to £12 million.

    Of course he wasn’t challenged about this by the useless Humphries,who generally allowed him to get away with bullshit.

    • 325
      JL says:

      M & S boss StuartRose was on Radio 5 being attacked and smeared by the BBC’s Andy Verity over his opposition to Brown’s NI increases.

      After yesterday’s car crash for Brown it looks like Labour and their shills at the BBC are fighting back.

      • 333
        jgm2 says:

        That’s Labour all over. Rose has a company to run. But Brown and Labour will make wild accusations or claim ‘support’ from all sorts of people and when they get pissed off and say ‘actually, no, that’s not right’ Labour then set the attack dogs on ‘em.

        It’s like all these folk at the dr*g agency quitting at the moment because they won’t knee-jerk ban some plant food product. Because there is no reason to do so.

        Labour and Brown just get something into their fucked up heads and then if anybody disagrees or stands in the way they get flattened. By fuckwits. And profound fuckwittery. And smears. And lies.

        • 336

          You’re right about there being no good reason to ban the ‘plant food’, because there’s no good data on its toxicity, addictive properties, psychiatric or social effects yet.

          It’s still not a good idea for people to be sticking it up their noses, as it’s closely related to amphetamines.

          Postman Prat wants to ban the whole family of such chemicals, by the way – that, as much as anything, will finally cause the rest of the advisors to quit.

          Now if they could just invent a chemical to make the last 13 years go away…

    • 327
      jgm2 says:

      £12m? £6m? Does Humphries or Brown know the difference between million and billion?

      £12 is a rounding error. Fucking hell, the way this incompetent jackass has been pissing money away £12bn is a rounding error.

      That’s the kind of stuff Humphries should be getting into him about. ‘S’cuse me Prime Minister – but 12m quid is fuck all when you’re pissing away 200bn quid every year to generate 1bn quid of ‘growth’ just so you can proclaim the recession ‘over’.

      • 337
        Ben says:

        Sorry, it was billions not millions but Brown was still allowed to switch from 12 billion to 6 billion without being challenged by Humphries.

  90. 338
    A Virile Young Man says:

    Emily No Mates is hot!

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Rashida Manjoo is a part-time professor of law at Cape Town University in the totally non-sexist country of South Africa (otherwise known as Rape Capital Of The World).

Mrs Magoo has been wandering around with her notebook and is appalled by the sexist “boys’ club” culture here, apparently.

I don’t doubt we still have sexism in the UK. But is it worse than in, say, Saudi Arabia, d’you think, honey-lamb? Or about 175 other countries? Get a grip, you doolally old bat.”

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