February 18th, 2010

First Class Trougher

Guido thinks we may have found an example of a “scum sucking Tory pig”.  The troughing Wintertons are not standing at the election.  He thinks, like Lord Mandelson, that he deserves first class luxury on the back of the taxpayers, hasn’t he heard that for public servants it is the age of austerity from now on. Nicholas Winterton won’t be missed…

Listen to him defend his troughing on Radio 5:


  1. 1

    We’re all laughing at the second-class oiks, who are a different type of people, together.

  2. 2
    Charles Flaccidwidger says:

    What a fucking idiot.

  3. 3
    Steve Expat says:

    What a fucking idiot and out of touch this stupid man is..

    Dave, please withdraw the whip from this twat living in the 19th century, before he does your party any more damage – if only pour encourager les autres who might think they can go out fighting.

  4. 4
    se1man says:

    As someone who regularly travels in ‘Standard Accomodation’ I would just like to say that I refuse to share my train carriage with these ‘completely different sorts of people’ that travel First Class.

    It would thoroughly spoil my journey to find myself sat anywhere near such a troughing scum-sucking oaf as this man appears to be.

    What an utter prat.

  5. 5
    Anonymous says:

    What a complete arsehole.

  6. 6

    What an arse. I bet people are jealous of his London trust fund, paid off, remortgaged inheritance tax excused house too.

  7. 7
    Dan Brusca says:

    Most of the people I meet in first class these days are people who, like me, have advance booked at fares cheaper than standard class walk-up fares.

    Winterton doesn’t seem to realise us cuckoos are already taking over his nest…

  8. 8
    Natalie Rowe's favourite customer says:

    Georgie, you have a constituency next to Troughing Nicky, so do you travel in first class too?

  9. 9
  10. 10
    Down with Brown! says:

    Remember that the Wintertons claimed £80,000 a year for rent on a flat held in trust for their children while watching the value of the flat surge to £700,000. Methinks, Sir Nicholas could pay for his own train tickets if he wants to avoid us plebs in standard class.


  11. 11
    Anonymous says:

    MPs dare not travel second class in case vapours from the common man would corrode the varnish on their shiny buttons.

    Besides, travelling First Class doesn’t guarantee confidentiality when working – back when there were four large UK accountancy firms a ‘Big 4′ partner was able to read the internal management accounts and (at then unpublished) end of year accounts for a competitor firm whose partners were reading them opposite him!

    Sid & Doris Bonkers would have probably taken one look at a posh looking man reading papers & gone back to looking out of the window…

  12. 12
    Francis Futurama says:

    The true attitude of MPs to the electorate is illustrated perfectly here.

    There is a word that sums it up: contempt.

  13. 13
    Axe The Telly Tax says:

    Now is the Winterton of our discontent.

  14. 14
    Sir Smug Bastaarrd MP says:

    Look just cos’ I am a representative of my constituents deosn’t mean that I have to travel in the same railway carriage as the smelly oiks !!!

  15. 15

    The Macclesfield MP said: “I have a friendly relationship with most members of the House, male and female. Can I remember this incident? No. Can I categorically deny it? The answer is no. I’m quite a normal person. Will I slap a colleague on the back, will I slap a colleague in friendship? The answer is, it’s certainly possible. I certainly don’t deny it and I certainly can’t recall it.

    “Perhaps, if these things were quite normal, you don’t remember them.”

    Sir Nicholas said he did remember queuing to buy soup and a doughnut, but no more. He added: “I find this quite extraordinary. I certainly would have remembered it if there was any objection or hostile response.”

    Sir Nicholas also insisted he doesn’t “make a habit” of slapping people’s bottoms. He said: “You might just do it now and again if you felt so disposed, if you had a sensible, friendly relationship with an individual


  16. 16
    Down with Brown! says:

    What class do BBC Five Live journalists travel? Their wages are after all paid for from the telly tax.

  17. 17
    Anonymous says:

    THIS IS A FUCKING CLASSIC !!! This should be archived as an example of the ‘fin de siecle’ End of the Party vibe as the ‘Corrupt Parliament’ is cleaned-out.

    He just sees that line marking the edge of the road, and just goes straight over it into the ditch and puts the throttle down.

    NO realisation whatsoever of how this will play in the country – just scorched earth ‘crash and burn’ bull in a china shop interviewing at its finest !! Bravo !!

  18. 18
    backwoodsman says:

    Prime example of a bed blocker who overstayed their welcome. Constituency chairman should have taken him aside before the last GE.

  19. 19
    The Beast of Clerkenwell says:

    Very unfair, his wife makes some very good jokes about the deaths of Chinese people trying to make an honest living and she also loves a good
    p aki joke when not fiddling her expenses

    There are things that I have scraped off the sole of my boot that I would prefer to spend time with other than this c unt or his vile wife

  20. 20
    Davieboy says:

    Tie him to the tracks…..

  21. 21
  22. 22
    Down with Brown! says:


  23. 23
    Time Lord says:

    Don’t forget he and his wife were troughing in duplicate. Macclesfield will be well shut of him but will possibly be replaced by a candidate parachuted in from Central Office. He can travel first class if he dips into his own pocket but that will not do will it? The only slightly sensible thing he said is about candidates who have no experience of life or the world who complete a quasi apprenticeship as university – researcher – advisor – candidate. I said before and will say again – I will never vote for a party that parachutes candidates into seats. I suspect the main parties don’t care.

  24. 24
    your mum says:

    Is this the Hunt that claimed people were jealous of his stately home.

  25. 25
    AC1 says:

    If he wants to travel First class then he should fund the difference himself.

  26. 26
    Archer Karcher says:

    The man and his loathsome wife are oafs of the first water. The back of them can`t come soon enough.

  27. 27
    Engineer says:

    A “grandee” from the same mould as Viggers. Over time, they’ve grown complacent and arrogant. Standing down in May – good, won’t be missed. Time for some new blood.

  28. 28
    Sid Bonkers says:

    I wouldn’t as I’m a highly qualified accountant.

  29. 29
    Fraser Steen says:


  30. 30
    More Tories Please says:

    I have no problem with MPs travelling first class – they just pay the difference between Standard and First themselves.

  31. 31
    Epicurean says:

    Robespierre and Danton knew exactly what to do with fat parasitic fuckers like this. Imagine the unconfined joy as this obese twat’s head and those of his pig ugly wife and family bounce into the basket. Vive la Revolution!

  32. 32
    ian e says:

    I have no objection to MPs travelling First Class – I’d even pay for the stamp if Royal Mail promised to take the usual time over delivery of said parcels and their usual care with potentially fragile contents!

  33. 33
    Engineer says:

    Isn’t he supposed to be representing these ‘completely different sorts of people’?

  34. 34
    Down with Brown! says:

    Bottom-slapping is normal behaviour among Sir Nicholas’ friends in first class.

  35. 35
    K Muckguire says:

    Keep up the good work.

    Great trolling, love it!

  36. 36

    Peter Mandelson says stick to the script. Winterton is a goldmine for attacking old fashioned Tory MPs. Not new bloods. Get with the program!

  37. 37

    If he slapped a few arses, maybe Brown,Balls, Harman then no one would mind. He may even be applauded.

  38. 38
    Hugh Janus says:

    I absolutely agree. It’s no good him moaning that he can’t travel 1st class, it’s just that we shouldn’t be paying for it. He can ride on the roof for all I care – and I’m sure we would all welcome the first low bridge he comes to….

    What a complete no-hoper. This is – or should be – the new age of austerity for these troughing Hoons, and the sooner he and his chums get used to it, the better.

  39. 39
    Mr E Dissident says:

    What a delusional arsehole. He’s clearly never been in cargo-class in his life. As someone who’s commuted for years on the cramped and shitty South West Trains service, I know for a fact that almost everyone who grabs a table has a laptop or a bunch of notes to read and annotate, but all work. He asks who sits in First Class? I can tell him – people who don’t bear the cost themselves – it’s usually people who charge their company or client for travel *beyond* their regular route to work. He should have thought himself extremely lucky to have any subsidy to travel to and from work, let alone first class. The sad thing is, there are almost certainly another 640+ leeches across all parties who will agree with him…

  40. 40
    Anonymous says:

    Has the little prick not got anything better to do?? Do we not have a potential diplomatic incident with Israel brewing…
    What a Hunt

  41. 41
    Mine d'Boggles says:

    Oh dear. The new policy from the blogosphere – ban first class travel on trains!

    Is it just because one can’t get an upgrade from cattle class just by smiling sweetly at check-in?

    How about this for a policy? Everyone travels first class.

  42. 42
    Hugh Janus says:

    No, but he’s robbed enough from the taxpayer to own one.

  43. 43
    Engineer says:

    No – that was the equally arrogant and deluded Sir Peter Viggers (also standing down at GE, and good riddance).

  44. 44
    Anonymous says:

    Too late. Fire him right now.

  45. 45
    Archer Karcher says:

    We need a “clean hands” Cromwell style party, maybe a coalition of the small parties and independents, to form an alliance that will drive the scum from power and reform the HOC and HOL before it collapses in on itself, driven by greed incompetence and treachery towards the people of these islands, once and for all times.

    “It is high time for me to put an end to your sitting in this place, which you have dishonored by your contempt of all virtue, and defiled by your practice of every vice; ye are a factious crew, and enemies to all good government; ye are a pack of mercenary wretches, and would like Esau sell your country for a mess of pottage, and like Judas betray your God for a few pieces of money.

    Is there a single virtue now remaining amongst you? Is there one vice you do not possess? Ye have no more religion than my horse; gold is your God; which of you have not barter’d your conscience for bribes? Is there a man amongst you that has the least care for the good of the Commonwealth?

    Ye sordid prostitutes have you not defil’d this sacred place, and turn’d the Lord’s temple into a den of thieves, by your immoral principles and wicked practices? Ye are grown intolerably odious to the whole nation; you were deputed here by the people to get grievances redress’d, are yourselves become the greatest grievance.

    Your country therefore calls upon me to cleanse this Augean stable, by putting a final period to your iniquitous proceedings in this House; and which by God’s help, and the strength he has given me, I am now come to do; I command ye therefore, upon the peril of your lives, to depart immediately out of this place; go, get you out!

    Make haste! Ye venal slaves be gone! So! Take away that shining bauble there, and lock up the doors. In the name of God, go!”

  46. 46

    […] recognise them from Adam. Go listen to the self-centred pr*tt try to justify himself here … First Class Trougher – Guy Fawkes' blog … illuminating as to his 'though processes' and the attitude he has towards the 'different kind […]

  47. 47
    Sir William Waad says:

    I would allow MPs to travel first class as a reward if they can collectively go 12 months without any of them fiddling their expenses. Think of the peer-group pressure that would create – yet it would cost us nothing.

  48. 48
    Thats News says:

    Having travelled on Standard Class (or sub-standard class, to me more correct) and tried to work whilst unruly brats ran up and down, screaming, I think I can see where he was coming from.

  49. 49
    I'm Scumming says:

    They should pay the whole price,not the difference.

  50. 50
    Anonymous says:

    I totally support Sir Nicholas’s viewpoint.

    Imagine the furerore were someone to over-look a constituent’s letter or a government or committee document.

    Of course you are going to get more “business” focused behaviour in 1st class.

  51. 51
    Anonymous says:

    Along with whips, thongs, leather, chains and other such paraphernalia

  52. 52
    Down with Brown! says:

    Not to mention the Argies putting the heat on the Falklands and a war involving 10,000 of our troops in Afghanistan.

  53. 53
    Groucho says:

    What is astonishing is that Winterton is stupid enough to make these comments on live radio, then once in a hole, keep on digging. Is he really that thick, or does he just not care?

    What an obnoxious, pompous twat.

  54. 54
    OldRockape says:

    What a total Pratt goodbye and good Riddance

  55. 55
    Sir William Waad says:

    Hooray! Get their heads out of the trough and into the basket!

  56. 56
    Ben Bradshaw MP says:

    All we MPs travel first class – it is a perk of the job – the cost to the Nation is marginal – the train’s running anyway – unless of course we’re Ministers – in which case we’ll take the car and in my case the chauffeur (or the taxi – as we did at the BBC – and they still do that at the Beeb!).

  57. 57
    Down with Brown! says:

    Sir Peter Viggers was the one with the duck house.
    Douglas Hogg was the one with the moat.
    Quentin Davies was the one with the bell tower.
    John Prescott was the one with the mock Tudor beams

  58. 58
    Archer Karcher says:

    Travelling first class is not the issue, claiming for it on the public purse, from the public he so clearly despises, is another matter entirely.

    Elitist oaf.

  59. 59
    Steve Expat says:


    Every private sector company is clamping down on travel costs, with class of travel top of the list of easy savings.

    Surely most MPs travelling from their constituency to London could better engage with those who voted for him or her by travelling in the same conditions that 95% of them have to. Think of travel time as constituency surgery time.

  60. 60
    sockpuppet #4 says:

    Odd. Standard class trains, business hours, people are paying a hell of a lot, and almost all of them are going to london for business. No visiting, no holidaying, no kids. [oh i forgot. MPs don’t do business hours]
    “I very much doubt that they are actually undertaking serious work”. Shows he’s not been there.

    He went a bit squeaky at one point didnt he? pillock.

  61. 61

    Very similar sentiments though. They must be good pals.

  62. 62
    Rumour Mill says:

    Any legs to rumour floating around that Brown and Senior Cabinet Ministers holding event in West Midlands at weekend to launch Labour Election pledges/manifesto ?

  63. 63
    Oh do shut up says:

    Toss and fart gas

  64. 64
    Down with Brown! says:

    And get angry with the journalist, claiming his views were “offensive”. Total twat!

  65. 65
    sockpuppet #4 says:

    hmmm… that wasn’t supposed to go there. Anyway re:29 – I’d be more bothered that he’s a bit clueless about basic facts of life.

  66. 66
    They're all cunts says:

    He couldn’t give a fuck. He and his troughing wife have banked a fortune from politics and can look forward to another windfall when they both stand down. Now he can say what he really thinks as they settle back into wealthy retirement.

  67. 67
    Down with Brown! says:

    Laura thinks so:

  68. 68
    Archer Karcher says:

    Brilliant, if you do not steal from me, I will reward you with more money and perks. Jesus Christ some people need protecting from themselves.

  69. 69
    Steve Expat says:

    If they hadn’t lost the confidence of the electorate then maybe they would get away with it. There are of course advantages of first class travel, but almost everyone in the private sector has stopped maying for it – if I want an upgrade I pay myself, why should those funded by the rest of us be any different?

  70. 70
    Bye bye dinosaurs says:

    Piss off Winterton and take all the old school Tories with you. Dave won’t mind a bit.

    Old school Tory/UKIPPers with their heads up Heffer’s arse will win nothing in today’s climate.

  71. 71
    REEVO says:


    You have to love them old style Tories, showing those Nulab boys how to trough with a bit of style.

    At least he’s not denying it or claiming he sat on a first class seat by mistake.

  72. 72
    Anonymous says:

    He must have caught the Brown disease, where the sufferer shows all signs of losing touch with reality, watch for the throwing of Nokias another sign, a terrible affliction.

  73. 73
    Archer Karcher says:

    As if people in first class would not react in the same way as anyone else if presented with the same information.
    To paraphrase the interviewer, listen to yourself, are you sure that is what you really think?

    If it is you are as big a self serving fool as Winterton and deserve the same repudiation.

  74. 74
    Labour; raping people since 1908 says:

    I bet the BBC staff in Vancouver didn’t travel via Ryanair or Easyjet either. BA first/business class all the way for the comrades toodle pip.

    honk honk

  75. 75

    Could you stop putting that cheap looking snout on me?
    It must be obvious I would only ever wear a vintage model.

  76. 76
    Knickerless_Toffs_Should_Not_Talk_about_International_Relations says:

    If you were listening to the whole interview on Radio 5 Live, as I was, the subject of the Falkland islands, which Sir Knickerless obviously knew completely nothing about, nor had he ever a chance in Hell of grasping the extent of the way Britian in perceived in Latin America. I would say the development of the oilfields being rushed forward is not being taken well at all throughout most of the other states of Latin America.
    This opinion was not even touched upon by the Tory Toff. Since oil exploration is a civilian activity it (as seen in Iraq) can not really proceed when you have a neighbour who is ready to go on a war footing.
    The diplomatic solutions were never engaged with any real enthusiasm by the Diplomatic Service, because the people engaged there are also complete toffs, most of whom have insufficient knowledge of International Relations.
    The embarrassment of this government when under extreme pressure from the rest of Latin America to desist with exploration without bilateral approval from Argentina (and Omaha!) will be truly humiliating indeed.

  77. 77
    Cowardly Dave says:

    Why hasn’t Dave got the Balls to sack him?

  78. 78

    I miss the old single compartment slam doors. Used to get a lot of ‘business’ done in those.

  79. 79
    REEVO says:

    right on Steve!

  80. 80
    Labour; raping people since 1908 says:

    West Midlands has the highest unemployment figures in the country so expect them to go there heavily body guarded blaming the tories for everything.

  81. 81
    Archer Karcher says:

    Thank God he and his equally elitist grasping wife are going.

  82. 82
    Down with Brown! says:

    David Rutley, the Prospective Tory candidate for Macclesfield praising Sir Nicholas and saying that he has “huge shoes” to fill:

  83. 83
    Labour; raping people since 1908 says:

    Argentina = current woman leader, Tories = had a woman leader, Labour = never had a woman leader.

    Sexist scum.

  84. 84
    On the Fiddle says:

    I take it that the work he refers to, will be filling in his expense claims.

  85. 85
    Labour; raping people since 1908 says:


  86. 86
    Tapestry says:

    Where’s all the money gone? January revenues down by £9 billion. Spending up by £4 billion. Extra cash required £13 billion.

    How the Hell does Darling continue saying his £175 billion borrowing requirement is still on track? It must be way out.


  87. 87
    hmmm says:

    So when does he start “working” for the EU?

  88. 88
    JGB says:

    I agree, we are worth it.

  89. 89
    I'm Scumming says:

    Fill your boots.

  90. 90
    Furious says:

    I wonder where he thinks all the money comes from. Fucking bastard needs a good kicking.

  91. 91
    Down with Brown! says:

    But the new Tory PPC is a good friend of Sir Nicholas’

  92. 92
    A Troll says:

    What can i say

    The Tories pay better so i’ve been brought in the transfer market for the other side.


  93. 93
    Old Tory. says:

    Every person who is a Tory or thinking about voting Tory has to live down these fuckers!! We DON’T want them in our party.

  94. 94
    Daily Mail says:

    ‘People in standard class are totally different': Veteran Tory Sir Nicholas Winterton on why MPs should be able to travel first


  95. 95
    Anonymous says:

    How do you know?

  96. 96
    Mark Mywords .......... says:

    I know this man and he really is OK
    But ………
    He is of the previous Generation
    and it’s good that he is being replaced!
    He’s done OK for his Constituency
    He’s done OK for himself
    and it’s good that he’s being replaced though!
    Let’s all learn lessons and Move On !

  97. 97
    Groucho says:

    Yes, no slumming it for the 74 BBC staff covering the Winter Olympics, as opposed to the 52 Team GB competitors, who presumably had to travel steerage class.

  98. 98

    This is what the majority of Tories think – just look at the responses on this comment board. His attitude is exactly what Cameron and Osborne believe, that they are ‘better’ ‘first-class’ people, and you now claiming he is ‘different’ is a clear indication of your short-sighted, bias opinion and view.

    He will not be missed.

    But do not try and claim he is unrepresentative of wholesale Tory opinion. He is, and you know it.


  99. 99
    Nicky Winterton says:

    Yor not lovin me innit. Is it cos I is twat?

  100. 100
    Pigshit says:

    Thank christ Dave has got rid of the old troughers and can now move forward with confidence in putting together a new cabinet of clean skins like Duncan and Pickles.

  101. 101
    Steve Expat says:

    Fucking your researcher?

  102. 102
    sockpuppet #4 says:

    You forgot one.
    Anthony Steen: ‘voters are just jealous of my very, very large house’

  103. 103
    Harriet "Mine's a large one" Harman says:

    Ooooooo, you saucy boy!

  104. 104
    Joke bouncer says:

    I will be so glad when the

  105. 105

    They’ve all got money to burn:

    Hat Tip TaxPayers’ Alliance

  106. 106
    Down with Brown! says:

    Labour election slogan launch confirmed for this weekend:


  107. 107
    Spank Sinatra says:

    For what it’s worth, I am given to understand that an announcement will be made very shortly. No idea of day/venue Such larks………

  108. 108
    Joke bouncer says:

    Harriet Harman faces investigation after admitting £650,000 Labour awaydays were on the taxpayer

    Hoons! throw them all ou

  109. 109
    Anonymous says:

    Are Winterton’s chins tax deductable for the purposes of claiming expenses?

  110. 110
    Down with Brown! says:

    Complete with tax-funded complimentary coke for inflight entertainment.

  111. 111
    English Liberation Front says:

    Me too. The tendency for Brits to be Bolsheviks is incredible but it explains the 30% still hoping for 5 more years of crappy communism.

    Yeah, let’s all focus on some old grandee travelling first class and ignore what the worst government in British history get up to wasting taxpayers money hand over fist every second. You lot were made for the national socialists and their spin operation. Useful idiots.

    The interviewer sounded like a right knobhead and was just laying verbal traps for his communist masters. Stitch up and you all fall for the crap.

    And the private sector? Jumped up, pompous “heads of” and arrogant, mouthy directors travelling first class as they shuffle through their papers making another few hundred ordinary people redundant.

  112. 112
    Arse Biscuits says:

    Crawl back in your hole, lickspittle.

  113. 113
    Pole Star says:

    Yes – this weekend – in an effort to negate the Andrew Rawnsley book announcements / revelations

    The book could obliterate Brown’s announcements but we’re told we’ve heard them all before – so all the sh1t about Brown is true – surprise surprise!

  114. 114
    sockpuppet #4 says:

    “a shop assistant in Folkestone” perhaps

  115. 115
    Call me Paddy says:

    No this is not true. Dave says he likes to watch darts while drinking tinned Guinness

    “Now ‘Dave’ claims he likes nothing better than to sit on the sofa watching darts… who does he think he’s kidding”


  116. 116
    They're all at it says:

    Perhaps he should do what all the rest of us in the private sector do – don’t read stuff in a manner that could disclose it. No matter where he is – including first class – disclosure to neighbours is highly probable.

    The problem is that he expects to travel first class. Many, if not most, in the private sector simply do not. What makes him different? He’s paid enough to upgrade to 1st himself, if he wants the wider seats and the less ‘common’ smell.

  117. 117

    […] February 18, 2010 Guido has been sinking his teeth into Conservative MP Nicholas Winterton over his preference for first […]

  118. 118
    Anonymous says:

    With what shall I fill it, with what?

  119. 119
    Anonymous says:

    I agree with Winterton – second class is no class.

  120. 120
    Quentin Belltower-Davies MP (Lab) says:

  121. 121
    Groucho says:

    They’re having one here in Durham, today. I heard that each awayday is costing £100k, which is believeable judging by the level of security.

    Never mind, its only taxpayer’s money.

  122. 122

    When you’re crowned Rear of The Year your turn with the whipping hand of Nick will come, you lucky lady.

  123. 123
    Maladroit Labour Chump says:

    Troughers of Westminster unite ! We have nought to lose but our expenses !

  124. 124
    Oops! says:

    When I was very young, I pinched a pretty female colleague’s bum as she walked up the stairs in front of me. She turned round in a flash and….

    …burst into laughter.

    I guess I wouldn’t do it now, though.

  125. 125
    TheCourtOfPublicOpinion says:

    The first thing cast iron and his chortling Eton chums are going to do when back in power is bring back fox torturing, so this prick will be able to pleasure himself after his “retirement” legally.

  126. 126
    The drugged up BBC says:

    So how many beeboids also travel first class? Oh hang on they go by taxi. Winterton is a twat but typical BBC not to mention Liebour troughing as well

  127. 127
    Archer Karcher says:

    The fact that Winterton is as you put it a “toff” is completely irrelevant.
    Saddo, envy ridden drones like you, trying to make idiotic party political point scoring, miss the point entirely.

    It is the elitist mindset, that seethes like a sewer, throughout the entire political elite, regardless of class, creed or upbringing and like a rotting corpse within them, is the poison that is actively destroying politics in this country.

    Making stupid party / class / race, ad hominem posturing points, does not address the underlying problem.
    Large sections of ALL of our political class are completely inured to reason, common sense or the entitlement mentality / elitism, that is sucking the lifeblood out of our democracy.

    They are very nearly ALL at it and ALL the same, regardless of any social or racial category they come from.

  128. 128
    Simon Hefferlump says:

    Don’t be unkind. Sir N is just the sort of old proper Tory that me and my smelly UKRAP chums love.

    We are the Lib Dems of the right!

  129. 129
    Beryl Blogworthy says:

    Another opportunity for Richard & Mark to rise to the occasion – Looks like fun – GF to give prizes for best piss-taking lines?

  130. 130

    Winterton is a perfect example of just why any MP should only be allowed 2 terms. They are so out of touch, and arrogant.

    I for one would like to see him and his equally despicable wife ignored by the rest of the other people forever.

  131. 131
    Cast Iron Dave says:

    That’s why they always refer to us as “ordinary people”.

    They are therefore, by definition, extraordinary…

    Hoons, the fucking lot of ‘em

  132. 132
    Cast Iron Dave says:

    oh that’s really quite good

  133. 133
    William says:

    Don’t you mean BBC Five Live “journalists”?

  134. 134
    Brown is a c**t says:

    Not with you on this one, Guido.

    I fly a lot, and if the customer offers me a business class seat, I take their hand off. I fly economy too, but it stinks in comparison. In business, I can read, work, sleep, be prodcutive and arrive ready to work. In economy, I need a day to recover, and time in the seat is time lost. Trains are no different.

    MP’s should have certain privelages with the job, and first class travel does exactly what he claims – gives him the opportunity to spend productive time in a better quality enviromment. And the sneering “second class has tables” line doesn’t wash – I almost never get a good table seat when I need one.

    You cannot and should not reduce the life of an MP to the worst of everything.

  135. 135

    Take the whip from him now. He should walk the walk of shame, along with his equally obnoxious wife.

    They belong to a different age, and a different community. The best that can happen to him is a quick painful bout of cancer.

  136. 136
    Cast Iron Dave says:

    Indeed. I could almost warm to the French

  137. 137
    Groucho says:

    Very helpful of the BBC to goad this silly old sod into making headline grabbing remarks on the day of the worst January deficit on record.

  138. 138
    Naive Tory says:

    We want Duncan.

  139. 139
    Archer Karcher says:

    “Fox torturing”

    You are just as big an oaf as Winterton. Foxes do not kill anything at all right? Have you ever seen what they can do if they get in a henhouse or any bird or duck nest? Townies who think they know everything, usually, as demonstrated, actually know almost nothing and understand even less.

  140. 140
    Sir William Waad says:

    Nah. The Argies just want paying off.

  141. 141

    As Guido’s leading Macclesfield correspondent, I can confirm that Winterton is a troughing oak of some repute, and has been considered as such by many townsfolk, including those of a tory persuasion, for some years. However, they still vote for him because he is *also* thought to be a good constituency MP. Oh, and while the town may be labourish, the surrounding borough certainly isn’t. A pig in blue would win, every day.

    Now me, I don’t hold to this. A man whose personal greed and arrogance has been apparant for years – way before the exes scandal – and who has fought tooth and nail to avoid revealing his own exes, even to the degree of voting for FOI exemptions (the two of us had a dingdong in the local press about that) and giving wholly false explanations for voting as such, can’t be considered a good MP, no matter what else he does. Add to this his refusal to hold constituency surgeries, and his remarkably close and productive relationships with a number of property developers in the area, and you have a chap who, in all honesty, is a cock of the highest order. 2nd highest – his missus is worse.

    And yet, the voters will back his parachuted replacement, and no doubt he’ll be just as bloody bad…

  142. 142
  143. 143
    Trimbush says:

    Dear Harriet

    Speak only about what you know to be FACT !!

  144. 144
    Be I so 'umble you fat twat Winterton says:

    According to ‘They Work for You’, Lord High Master of Snouters Club, and Hater of Oiks, would seem to prefer road travel to rail travel.

    1 Regular journeys between home/constituency/Westminster: Mileage £5,516 . Rail £133 (554th largest claim made of all 646 MP’s). Other: Air £315 .

    2 Regular journeys between home/constituency/Westminster: Mileage £5,156 . Rail £831 (455th/ 646). Other: Mileage £28 .

    3 Car £5,695 (93rd). Rail £512 (471st/646).

  145. 145
    Sir William Waad says:

    Ah, but the point is that it would cost us nothing.

  146. 146
    Archer Karcher says:

    If dear MP`s think they deserve more than the people they claim to represent, then they should pay for it out of their own pockets. Not claim it from the taxpayers they rape with abandon and total contempt.

  147. 147
    Down with Brown! says:

    That’s because he really wanted to keep away from the standard class rail users.

  148. 148

    Good response. You agree I take it?

    Sir Nicky Arse Biscuit

    “crawl back to your standard class”
    “you should be licking my shoes and paying for my first-class arse to be cleaned and then filled with biscuits.”
    “I want more expenses – the working class deserve to be locked up and stoned for being poor, uneducated oaths – that is what all Tories think, and don’t try and claim otherwise…”

  149. 149
    Macc Lad says:

    He’s the same as Mr Devine – the Labour MP – very different but really the same !!

  150. 150
    Anonymous says:

    Sir Nicholas spoke of his outrage that he has to ‘stand when there are no seats’.

    Welcome to the real world. He really is an utter hoon. I am a Tory supported but I wish they would throw this twat to the wolves. He is a stuck up total arsehole

  151. 151
    christy says:

    To 65,she might be right but she sure as hell needs to watch her spelling,

  152. 152
    Joey Joe Joe says:

    How long to go now? 10 weeks? 11 weeks? Just counting down the days till this bunch of crooked c/unts are thrown out on their arse. Can’t wait to see the smug smiles wiped off the faces of Hazel Blears and the like.

  153. 153
    Down with Brown! says:

    Great Britain PLC deficit last month.

    £4,300,000,000 borrowing in January

    £138,709,677 borrowing each day

    £ 5,779, 569 borrowing each hour

    £ 96,326 borrowing each minute

    £ 1605 borrowing each second

    That is even worse than Portsmouth FC.

  154. 154
    Sir William Waad says:

    I had to share a first-class compartment with Roy Hattersley once. It was most unpleasant. He had one buttock on each seat, munched away steadily without closing his mouth and kept grunting at things in the documents he was reading. By the time we arrived I was drenched and had bits of Hattersley’s lunch all over the front of my tweeds.

    Give me the oiks in standard class any day. At least they will sometimes give you a swig of their Special Brew if you ask them rudely.

  155. 155
    Dick the Prick says:

    Geez Steve – the Winterton’s chatting with the untermenschen? Dangerous & radical.

  156. 156
    Down with Brown! says:

    Winterton and the former ASDA man are pals:

  157. 157

    I was with a friend in Sloane Street one day, and this yokel was almost foaming at the mouth at the sight of all the young female flesh on show.
    After a few hours he snapped and in a cafe line, just reached out and pinched a skinny teen’s bum. She turned around, surprised and angry, and my friend stammered “I..I..I’m so sorry. I..I.. ”
    And then reached out grabbed both her tits and made a honk honk noise.

  158. 158
    Promises Promises says:

    Just caught BBC radio news

    BROWN’s Election x 4

    Public Services
    The Many
    Future Jobs (?)

  159. 159
    Anna Rexic says:

    I find that the people in First Class are fat, obnoxious, brown stained underpants sort of people who talk bollox.
    Hello Mr Winterton.

  160. 160
    lusakajoe says:

    The problem with Winterton’s views was not the desire to travel first class, but the arrogant way he described standard class travellers as ‘a different type of person’

  161. 161

    Its a gift for your mob Allwell. Enjoy it.
    But don’t try and turn it into a Tory bad/ Labour good contest or you’ll lose the advantage.
    Your boys are going to prison for troughing remember…

  162. 162
    sockpuppet #4 says:

    At the very least it was a very poor show of the skills of a politician.
    Had he made more of a point about quiet and space, he’d have got away with it. Had he only strayed into the false and ridiculously false assertion that everyone in standard class is a “leisure” passenger, likely to have kids in tow, he would probably still got away with it.

    The easiest answer: “really thick”

  163. 163
    Promises Promises says:

    BBC News Channel describes them as “a bit BLAND”

  164. 164
    An oik says:

    Did he attempt slap his wife’s bottom and miss, catching her face instead?
    Some say that her face looks like a slapped arse.
    I think that we should be told,

  165. 165
    Finger in every pie says:

    Sigh! Happy days!

  166. 166
    Sid Rumpo says:

    Were you the guy in the flat cap who asked me to stop doing that, and to put my clothes on immediately?

  167. 167
    Axe The Telly Tax says:

    I wonder if the beeboid bastards will be hiring taxies to take round redundancy notices to their own staff. Shades of Liverpool council under Derek Hatton LOL.

  168. 168
    Anonymous says:

    106 Joke bouncer. That’ll be another liebour investigation with a whitewash brush.They can’t afford to have a result that clobbers the deputy leader.

  169. 169

    Bill – seriously, I may have a greater dislike for Tory ‘principles’, but I hang my head in shame that ‘the best of a bad bunch’ choice I must have is fucking Labour. I don’t want either, I think they should pull the best bits of policy from all parties and become purely administrators, representing the public and individual areas.

    Unfortunately we have to play these games. The political spectrum game. Left vs right. Tory vs Labour. It is all bollocks. But by about 0.000001%, Labour is better than Conservative so… “I’ve never voted Tory before…because…”

  170. 170
    Anonymous says:

    Harriet says if I say it then it’s a fact!

  171. 171
    John Terry I am snide and treacherous says:

    This fucking idiot is in a time warp. Again we have a rich twat who looks like a grossly overfed porker – why are these wealthy bastards so fucking ugly!!! His comments merely serve as humour and I bet Cameron is glad this Tory boy is retireing. He has an equally ugly wife who is also an MP and between them they have raked in loads of our money. Send them both to the hillbillies in the backwoods to be serviced as they deserve to be serviced – squeal piggies, squeal.

  172. 172
    D Norvelle says:

    Oooooh, chase me.

  173. 173
    Willy (the way I tell um) Shakespeare says:

    No, tis verily goode, and I shall mayke use off itt in one of my forthcoming plays wot I will write.

  174. 174

    Point well made Me Allwell.

  175. 175
    John Terry I am snide and treacherous says:

    Archer Karcher: The bloody foxes wouldn’t get into henhouses if the thick, smock-wearing, grass sucking, country cuunts made sure the fencing was secure you fucking clown.

  176. 176
    I'm twice as daft as I look Millipede says:

    What was he doing on Jeremy Vine?
    Surely Mr Vine had a radio broadcast at the time of this twat twittering?

    Too many bananas methinks.

  177. 177
    Brown is a c**t says:

    So you would be happy if the surgeon that was about to operate on you travelled in by bus, delayed, stressed and harrassed, because he is no better than the person he is going to operate on ? Dude, I would want him carried to work in a bed while being massaged and having an orchestra playing. I WANT him to be at the top of his game.

    These people are running the country and deserve some status. You know rail travel in UK is sh**.

    Now if you want a legitimate target, go for the BBC bigwigs, I bet you won’t see one of them travelling with the oiks.

  178. 178
    Andy Pandy says:

    The reporter is wrong – there are no tables in standard class. I commute to and from London on Capital Connect and a – at premium time you’re lucky to get a seat and b – the seats are cramped and the ‘tables’ are weenie things that can maybe hold a paper cup. So, whilst he may be a trougher extraordinaire and deserve to be chucked out, on the pure question of 1st class versus standard, he’s right. I wouldn’t begrudge MPs 1st class travel.

  179. 179
    Anonymous says:

    Well they must have sneaked in from scum class and they should be sent straight back to their pissed stained seats.

    Nothing worse than going into first class and finding it full of pissed jocks or worse scousers, get them on the roof with those little brown chaps.

  180. 180
    I Hislop says:

    Are you trying to be awarded the OBN from Private Eye?
    Are you Rosie?

  181. 181
    Spartacus says:

    really, really thick

  182. 182
    christy says:

    141,did his wife claim for car like he did?

  183. 183
    E Qualitee says:

    Where IS Harriet when you need her?
    I thought she said that we knew where to find her.

  184. 184
    Anonymous says:

    Surely there is some facility for him to pay (with his own money!) to upgrade. I used to pay for an upgrade to sit at the front when I was working in Jersey for 3 years and flew BA each weekend. I also bought my own 1st Class season ticket when I worked in London – so when the company wanted me to travel by train, but would only buy me a ordinary ticket, I used to pay for an upgrade to 1st Class – cos that is what I was used to!

    I was on a similar salary to MPs are now.

    I have no time for people who travel in cattle class and whine and moan, when they earn enough to buy their own upgrade to 1st class. NOR do I have t have time for the folks with ordinary tickets crowding out 1st Class when there is standing room only in cattle.

    Thankfully, I have now retired, so do not have to worry about commuting any more.

    Fuck him!

  185. 185
    A totally different type of person says:

    I’n not sure we want arrogant Hunts like him travelling with us in second class.

  186. 186
    Dromedaries Bird says:

    Harriet is a fact cow.
    She takes up all the space on the front bench.

  187. 187
    sockpuppet #4 says:

    They don’t travel peak hours.

  188. 188
    Ugh says:

    THESE people are running the country,
    Running? Ruining more like.

  189. 189
    John Terry I am snide and treacherous says:

    Surely this grossly obese porker should be walking to London to get rid of that hideous blubber that surrounds him, especially the great mass of chin fat. Absolutely disgusting. Obese bastards like this also smell quite bad so perhaps he should be given a carriage of his own – a cattle truck.

  190. 190

    He didn’t make his case as well as he might, but the point that youngsters, drunks, tourists and wankers are not often found ion first class. It is a far superior environment in which to work.

    Good for him, I am piss bored with this trying to force everyone to be prolier than thou.

  191. 191
    christy says:

    On the few occasions I have seen Winkyton speaking in parliament he comes over as a pompous blustering self opinionated t–t.
    As for his wife,never seen her speak,although I believe she can crack jokes in the wrong places.

  192. 192
    Be I so 'umble you fat twat Winterton says: says:


    1 Regular journeys between home/constituency/Westminster: Mileage £3,028 . Rail £876 (475th/636).

    2 Regular journeys between home/constituency/Westminster: Mileage £2,235 . Rail £1,587 (377th).

    3 Car £2,554 (360th). Rail £1,892 (344th?636).

  193. 193
    Golden Days says:

    There is a point worth considering: what IS First Class for? It seems to be for people who don’t pay their own fares, as it is in the airline industry.
    Except that somebody pays their fares- either taxpayers or anyone who has to purchase their products, if they are in industry in some way.
    It’s time that the whole idea was given the boot. I know that airlines make a fortune out of Business or First class fares, and that’s OK if the idle rich are willing to pay out of their own pockets, but so often it is the public who are paying indirectly.
    I can sympathise with Winterton’s disgust at the hoi-polloi, to some extent: I’ve been on trains where the public has proved to be undeniably vulgar and an escape would have been welcome. But not at others’ expense.

  194. 194
    Airey Belvoir says:

    Meeting your MP on a train can have its advantages. I found myself opposite mine once, who was also a Cabinet Minister, and decided to brief him on the myriad ways his Gov’t was fucking up the nation. My words must have had some effect because when I bumped into him him at a party three years later he said “Arggh – the Ipswich commuter’ and scuttled to the far end of the room.

  195. 195
    Jim D (ur beloved) says:

    Don’t forget that if he did deign to travel standard class he would probably take up all the available space in 1 carriage.
    Oops, sorry for being biggest Harriet sweety. Please dont wet your knickers again.

  196. 196
    Golden Days says:

    …that WE cuckoos etc. You prove your point.

  197. 197
    I hate New Labour says:

    Isn’t this the fool with the wife that made those ‘hilarious’ jokes after the Chinese cockle pickers died?

    Yet again, Cameron displays no backbone.

    Instead of stupid interviews where he pretends to be in touch with the common man, why won’t he sack this silly old fool?

    The Tories could yet snatch defeat from the jaws of victory…

  198. 198
    Anonymous says:

    … Made happy in retirement by this barrel of pork?

  199. 199
    Anonymous says:

    Make sure you treat yourself to the whole shebang !!!


  200. 200

    Now there’s a case of divided loyalties if ever there was one.

    I wonder if he circumcises his bananas before eating?

  201. 201
    MK Ultra says:

    A fat arrogant right-wing twat shouting at a fat arrogant left-wing twat. Pointless.

  202. 202
    Gordon McDoom says:

    He sounds just the sort of man that is needed in the House of Lords!

  203. 203
    Hugh Janus says:

    Slight misprint there I think: “Voters are just jealous of my vewy, vewy large house”.

  204. 204
    Artful Dodger says:

    anyone for a mercy killing or two?

  205. 205

    I had the misfortune to catch some of the womens’ curling last night – sadly tempted by a picture of one of them who looked quite presentable.

    Unfortunately, the other three were right munters – looked like the Glaswegian ladies darts team again.

    And that Mackem bastard Cram was happily admitting that despite being paid to commentate, he knew fuck all about this scaled-up version of shove-ha’penny on ice.


  206. 206
    lol says:

    would this interview have happened if the MP was new labour?

  207. 207

    Winterton was MP for my parents; my father was in the rag trade since not long after the war; ran a small clothes mill in Macc. He and my mother had always voted Liberal – there was a small Liberal enclave up that way for quite a long time, but he decided to vote for Maggie as she had promised to help small business.

    Anyway, some three years into Thatcher, and his business going down the pan (rag trade collapsing of course), he went to see Winterton to ask what was going on.

    Came away totally disillusioned, thought him to be utterly useless.

    With regard to the interview – top stuff, tho’ it seems to me there is a simple solution to this – if an MP travels 1st class, THEY pay the difference.

    Winterton. Words fail me. Arrogant arsehole.

  208. 208
    John Terry I am snide and treacherous says:

    Is it true that he and his wife, the equally ugly fucker from Macclesfield, have a love child by the name of Eric Pickles? If these troughers were rendered down they could provide enough fuel for their constituents’ to heat their homes.

    The smell however would be like the arsehole of Mandelson on a boys’ night out.

  209. 209
    Hugh Janus says:

    “You cannot and should not reduce the life of an MP to the worst of everything.”

    Why not? It’s only what they have inflicted on us.

  210. 210
    Jules Wright says:

    the man is simply a hoon, an anachronism, the sort of old fart hoon tory i’d like to see the back of as soon as possible. plus tar and feather in public for being a vile hooning inverted snob leech with a vile hooning leech of an MP wife.


    i am a paid up member of the tory party though christ knows why sometimes, a real-world dweller, under 45 years old, have all my own hair, no gout; no corpulent paunch; am kind to animals, don’t eat babies and am sympathetic to those less fortunate than me.

  211. 211

    Round here, we have some urban foxes who enjoy decapitating cats.

    I wouldn’t mind, but they keep leaving the fucking things in my back garden, and I’m sick of having to bin the headless remains of Tiddles every few weeks.

    Rescinding the hunting ban would also allow hare coursing to return, which is a fine sport and a grand day out, and also alloe rabbiting with terriers. Neither of these are traditionally the pursuit of posh twats, but the fucking vegans and class warrior middle class morons who bought the hunting ban with a £1 million donation to the Labour party don’t care so long as they get to upset the horsey set.

  212. 212
    Outlier says:

    What an arrogant twat!

  213. 213

    […] He will be missed from the Commons. He’s right, it’s not ‘troughing’ as Guido suggests and I’m proud to defend his […]

  214. 214
    Chief Executive says:

    It is commendable for my public servants to want to work while travelling. If they wish to purchase the additional comfort of first class they should feel to spend their money doing so, similarly I would be impressed by the zeal of any who hire a heilicopter to get back to their constituency at the greatest possible speed. I am confident that such enterprise will be rewarded by preferment and promotion within their chosen career, I see this one has already achieved a knighthood so his efforts have clearly been handsomely recognised already. I see no reason why I should pay for them to travel, any more than any other thrusting middle manager I employ who wants to buld a career. If they are too poor to pay for first class travel themselves then they don’t seem the type I want to share a compartment with.

  215. 215
    your mum says:

    Are we sure it was infact Sir Nicholas Winterton talking on the radio and not some hacker who stole his voice?

  216. 216
    Four-eyed English Genius says:

    Is she a competitor on the Pub Landlord’s Fact Hunt quiz?

  217. 217
    Engineer says:

    You’re right. I thought that was Viggers, but it wasn’t.

    Doesn’t alter the fact that they’re all arrogant troughers well past their sell-by dates, though.

  218. 218
    John Terry I am snide and treacherous says:

    Definitely him. There was a distinct chin wobble noise on the soundtrack.

  219. 219
    Jules Wright says:

    yes, a keyboard malfunction … when in fact, winterton is an accident-of-birth malfunction.

  220. 220

    Great point Golden Days – I agree with him, I travel a lot on trains, always with the ‘standard-folk’ and at times it can be unbearable, but that is the fault of the train companies for misreading demand. As for the taxpayer subsidising the MPs travel expenses so they can have a lovely, quiet, stress-free journey, FUCK-OFF!

    He does not seem to grasp that his salary is enough to upgrade himself. As for business-folk, the fare is always picked up by the consumer. FUCKERS.

  221. 221
    caesars wife says:

    I can see that posts on here and on con home are shall I say up for mocking the Wintertons , and some very sloppy journalism has taken place , those same people who no doubt lauded Lady wintertons brilliant PMQs attack on the ruin and left him stammering and her detailed defence questions, or for that matter totally forgetting his blast at Labour on rain tax for scouts etc . I am a cameron fan , perhaps they are not modern PC , I think he was a major in the Hussars , so he must have done service , he has often spoken for things others dare not touch , which suggest a degree of bottle , and as far as i can make out at 39yrs service nearly the father of the house and long term eurosceptic .

    he leaves a thumping conservative majority for the incoming candidate , and from what I hear he does his job in a way that has delivered his return to parliament . It is a shame that many years of service fighting ideas from long ago does not garner a little more respect from those who were in short trousers when the foundations were being put down for the ruins party judgemnent day.

    Quentin Davies on the other hand thought the ruin was going to win and jumped ship , so a bit differnet and by all accounts he lost quite a few friends .

    I would prefer a loose cannon with some experience and characture compared to no cannon at all , which some dont seem to have grasped as often being vital in party politics .

    I will go on record as saying he has served in country and not diminished the office he represents of mp . (even though his expenses were approved by parliament )

  222. 222
    John Terry I am snide and treacherous says:

    Okay Winterton, nice try but you’ve been sussed you obese twat.

  223. 223
    Suffolk Punch says:

    Yeah – they were great for shagging in….

    I had a young lady in the loos once.. on the London – Norwich

    It wasn’t the same..

  224. 224
    caesars wife says:

    is that really you John Terry ? DOH !

  225. 225
    John Terry I am snide and treacherous says:

    It is I. Just wait until you have to pay for two seats on an aircraft, you won’t be so pompous then.

  226. 226
    DisgustedOfMitcham2 says:

    I hate to say it, but I do have some sympathy with the trougher here. I think many business people on an equivalent salary to MPs would be entitled to travel first class.

    Mind you, the MPs have only themselves to blame for this: if they hadn’t grossly abused the system at every turn, they might have been able to hang on to things like first class rail travel.

  227. 227
    Dick Scratcher says:

    All parasites should be exterminated.

  228. 228
    Stan Butler says:

    To be honest, I’d much prefer to travel first class if I could afford too and I don’t blame him for having a go. I travel quite regularly on the train and some of the fucking braindead fuckwits who travel on them defy belief. Travel in the rush hour, no problem. Outside of it and it’s like all the local doss houses, mental institutions and prisons have off loaded their inmates onto the nearest train. Perhaps there could be a compromise, we pay 2nd class and they can top up to first class out of their own pocket.

  229. 229
  230. 230
    alex says:

    His wife has a face like a slapped arse.

  231. 231
    I hate New Labour says:

    Yes ‘caesar’s wife’ (or should that be ‘winterton’s wife’?).

    But there is a difference between talking tough and acting accordingly, isn’t there?

    An attack on Brown doesn’t excuse greed, corruption and thievery.

    Frankly, for the six-figure salary (including expenses, er, ‘allowances’) you are paid (sorry, *Winterton* is paid), attacking Brown’s failings is simply DOING YOUR JOB. Do you want plaudits for that?

  232. 232
    Lord Lard says:

    I must admit that having paid nearly £200 for a first class return from Durham to Liverpool and then having had to share the carriage with a bunch of pissed twats at York who went all the way to Manchester (seemingly for free, no sign of a conductor) I agree with Wintertons sentiments. The same thing happened on the return leg, too.

    I’d have booted the fuckers back to prole class myself had I not been worried about getting stabbed in the face and then been jailed myself for causing criminal damage to some drugged up oik’s penknife when it snapped off in my cranium.

  233. 233
    maggie may says:

    Just when you thought you’d got rid of the Tory tosser brigade – Guido perhaps you can uncover who likes a waste of space as an employee
    according to old duffer (they are so jealous of my big house) Anthony Steen MP for Totnes whosays in THE HOUSE magazine he’s “going to work for an MP
    as a researcher after the next Election. Of course I won’t be claiming any expenses as an intern”(no I’ve got my past expenses, winding up allowance and hefty pension to keep me going)
    So Steen will be once again ‘in the House’, brandishing a full access pass and having chocolate bars bought for him by his new dodgy Tory MP boss – so who is this MP with the ex MP job creation scheme????
    I thought Tory MPs only employed blondes with skirts up to their arses…… or have I missed something about Steen…..

  234. 234
    John Terry I am snide and treacherous says:

    That’s exactly what they can do. It’s just they cannot claim full amount for first-class travel on their expenses. A twat like Winterton has ample money to pay the difference, he’s just being his usual pompous self. They are not banned from travelling first-class.

  235. 235
    caesars wife says:

    I think i was making a comment about political characture, his constituants voted for him in 1997 , perhaps they appreciated his qualities and experience , certainly didnt want Blair . As for troughing considering over £1mn has been claimed back hes got 39 yrs service (13 of which were under blair/ruins corrupt parliament ) so the other 26 count ?

  236. 236
    Anonymous says:

    Of course 1st class is better for confidentiality reasons – on second thoughts probably not, just thought of a couple of examples that I experienced:

    – the person sat opposite spent the entire time on the phone talking very loudly – it was clear he was the producer of a popular tv quiz programme and was discussing getting rid of the presenter – tv programme and presenter were never explicitly named but was not hard to work out within 2 minutes of the conversation starting (sure enough the next series had a new presenter).

    – 2 marketing types discussing a very hush, hush brand relaunch that was due to start the following week. Only problem was that they were discussing this in a very busy 1st class carriage and were not doing a very good job of talking in a hush hush manner.

  237. 237

    He is a scum sucking pig

  238. 238
    Mungle says:

    Yes it will take some serious troughing to get anywhere near the Wintertons. Serious sustained concentrated troughing.

  239. 239

    You missed some of the best bits
    i sat riveted to every word of this
    he was on for almost an hour he is a fucking idiot totally out of touch with real people (in second class) and the real world !
    several times i thought he would walk off
    but by changing the question the presenter kept getting him back
    he was even challanged about his expences where he claimed over £40,000 for renting a property which HE owns and the stupid fucker could not grasp that he had done wrong he kept repeating that if he didn’t own the property he would have had to have paid someone else the rent
    What A C*nt !

  240. 240

    As a foot note: a train ticket from Macclesfield to London

    First Class £361

    Second Class £68

    bit of a difference ?

  241. 241

    Ah BUT if he was standing in a safe Tory seat, the odds are he would be re-elected, dutiful tory voters always do their business . . . . . . on our doorsteps as indeed do the other lot.

  242. 242
    final salary civil service pensioner says:

    ….and if you are an MP you can buy a standard ticket and upgrade on board the train for an extra £10 to £50 depending on the route and train company.

    Then claim the whole first class fare……

  243. 243
    Jack Dromnrey says:

    Vote for Harriet at http://www.rearoftheyearcompetition.com/ does she deserve to be slapped!

  244. 244
    Worried says:

    Nichloas Winterton id one of the most ghastly of the troughers. A totally pompous man who should be immediately sacked from the Tory Party. Dave should do the same as he did to the MP who put complaints down to jealousy at his “Balmowal “wurwal weetweat house which, he said “does me quite nicely” and tell him: “one more squeek out of him and his feet won’t touch the ground”. If he does, Cameron will gain support for his serious intent about such people in the bTories, otherwise, he’ll lose it and folks like me will go over to New Kip, BNP or worse, the Nu Labour We simply can’t put up with people like the Wintertons any longer.

  245. 245
    John Terry I am snide and treacherous says:

    Two wrongs do not make a right!

  246. 246
    John Terry I am snide and treacherous says:

    Spoken like the real cruel, cowardly bastard that you so obviously are. Try fighting with men instead of little animals you weak cuunt.

  247. 247
    Winterton's talking bloody good sense! says:

  248. 248
    greasers are rife as are arselicking trougher apologists says:

    he’s a cun’t
    and so are you for trying to defend the indefensible
    he belongs in a fucking museum not in a Law making Parliament
    he’s a thief and a fraudster on expenses

  249. 249

    I love the appropriately placed spaces. It gives it a degree of rhythm, a space – like they engage their brain – and then think, fuck it, ill just speak.

    If they had spoke like this before the very first election they stood in, they would never be elected.

    “There are things that I have scraped off the sole of my boot that I would prefer to spend time with other than this c unt or his vile wife”

    I couldn’t have put it better.

  250. 250
    Uranus, The Magician says:

    Public transport is not only inconvenient, but distasteful.

  251. 251
    Tennerpants says:

    Cameron should come down hard on him and withdraw the whip, or this will run and run. What a twunt.

  252. 252
    Anonymous says:

    oh come on. He is right after all- second class is often full of inconsiderate scum who get drunk, shout and swear profusely, because it is beyond their ability to care whether they are making other people uncomfortable. The idea of the “quiet coach” speaks volumes. there should not be a need for a “quiet coach”. of course, he is part of the system that has presided over the collapse of any semblance of moral values in society. bt at least he is a tory, so i feel like letting him off for this one. Labour politicians on the other hand, should definitely be forced to travel in 2nd class, to enjoy the behaviour of their core votors

  253. 253
    Nick's wallet says:

    Totally agree Tennerpants. Some are saying that withdrawing the whip will give him and this whole saga “oxygen”. Cameron should have the whip withdrawn and stuck right up his pompous fat arse.

  254. 254
    GrumpyOldSod says:

    Standard class is complete shite if you want to work on the train. If we get an hour or two of extra work per journey from our MPs then that easily justifies the extra cost of first. If we make the whole job of being an MP too bloody unpleasant, we’ll find the ONLY people that want to stand are total tossers or the lunatic ambitious. Any minute now, some idiot will be suggesting they close all the bars in the Palace of Westminster because MPs might enjoy themselves too much. Yes – stop the abuses. No – don’t make the job a hair shirt.

  255. 255
    Anonymous says:

    What a huge gaping anus that man is. Fill him full of morphine and put him in a fucking home, the stupid old bastard.

  256. 256

    Hell! Then he needs First Class!

  257. 257
    God says:

    What a complete moron Winterton really is! However, the real worry is that the system enables plonker like him and his unlovely wife, to be re-elected time after time in safe seats. If Cameron has half the sense he was born with, he will condemn this oaf without reservation. Winterton has harmed the Conservatives more in the last couple of days than Brown has managed in years!

  258. 258
    Anonymous says:


  259. 259
    Anonymous says:

    In a very few years their replacements will be just as bad.

  260. 260
    Anonymous says:

    MP’s salaries and expenses should be paid by their PARTIES, not by the taxpayers; then we wouldn’t need to bother about them.

  261. 261
    Expat says:

    Do people in standard class wash

  262. 262
    Hyuck! Hyuck! Hyuck! says:

    What’s the point of withdrawing the whip? He is retiring at the next election and appears not to give a toss. The only possible downside for Winterton would be if it made it harder for him to get highly paid ‘consultancy’ or non-exec work as many retiring politicans do. Incidentally, that is the biggest form of corruption and criminality in the land – it costs the tax-payers many billions, if not trillions, in bad legislation such as PFI (£139bn gross and counting).

    But back on topic, I actually agree to a large extent with Winterton. I pay six grand for an annual standard fare Virgin season ticket, and cattle-class is a pretty vile environment. Certainly you can’t do any serious work there. I WOULD travel 1st Class, but it would cost me an extra three grand. And that’s where we differ. I think it is quite appropriate for Winterton to travel 1st Class. It’s just that I don’t think someone else (i.e. you and me) should pay for it. By all means increase MPs’ salaries, but oblige them to make expenditure choices rather than assuming that the taxpayers will continue to sign blank expenses cheques for the best of everything.

  263. 263
    Anonymous says:

    Best solution might be to ban him from the railways, leaving more room for “other people”, presumably he was referring to honest tax paying citizens.

  264. 264
    pissed off voter says:

    Sadly, Winterton has been an MP for 40 years … 40 years of troughing, 40 years with a nasty attitude which runs through parliament, 40 years in which he’s built with his MP wife a property portfolio with funds fiddled from expenses. Cameron could and should have got rid of him when he ws ‘dealing wth’ MPs’ troughing. He didn’t, he preferred to select a few token troughers and keep most of the shit in the party. That puts him on the same level as Brown and Clegg. None of them deserve my vote.

  265. 265
    Anonymous says:

    Of course he needs peace and quiet. How would Sir Nicholas have devised his ingenious plan to transfer ownership of his mortgage-free home to a family trust, rent that home from the trust, and then claim the rent back from the Commons Fees office, if he had been surrounded by noisy commuters looking over his shoulder the whole time?

    Fraud of that nature takes long and patient thought.

  266. 266
    Bollockchops says:

    What’s wrong with a slow painful bout of cancer?

  267. 267
    Beness says:

    On the BBC. No chance.

  268. 268
    Beness says:

    stop them having such long holidays(“working in my constituency” my arse) and they may be able to do some work in normal hours.

  269. 269
    God says:

    That’s the whole bloody point! Winterton is perfectly entitled to travel first class (I do!) but he is NOT entitled to have this luxury funded by the public purse. Winterton compares himself with “Business Leaders” who often travel first class. Well as a former Chief Executive of a plc, I invite him to try his hand at getting a job as a CEO – he wouldn’t get past first base!! All he can hope for is a few “consultancy” positions or “non-exec directorships” from either grateful past beneficiaries of his influence or from those who hope to benefit in the future from “inside information” which they guess he might still possess. Otherwise this pompous oaf is unemployable by any standards

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