February 16th, 2010

3.5% Inflation Shatters Deflation Illusion

So have you stocked up on beans or gold yet?  Have you taken Guido’s advice?

The Governor of the Bank of England now has to write an open letter to the Chancellor. This is Mervyn King’s sixth such letter in seven years.  Perhaps he will recommend stocking up on commodities.  Don’t forget we have a serious chance of a double-dip recession on the horizon.  And still we have no pro-growth policies from the government, only over-spending and over-borrowing…


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    • 14
      Lord Cockfosters says:

      Lidl for the more discerning shopper.


      • 22
        A Chav family of Labour's making says:

        me an me kidz prefur asda. wen we get awt of bed at 2pm we goe there 2 spend awer benefit muhnee on sider. we lyke there sider.


        • 84

          Dr. Gordon, I’m writing to you, to inform you of the reason for inflation exceeding its target for the last quarter. You fucked up the economy you incompetent fuck wit, fucked, completely and utterly fucked it. Please keep this letter and open it again in 3 months time, I was about to add and in 6, 9, 12 month’s time but then I remembered.


          • Jock McScrotum aka the PM says:

            Your’e Fired


          • Spelchek says:

            OTOH Jock you’re hired as a compositor on the Garunida.


          • Up sh1t creek says:

            Why would Mervyn King write such a letter, he’s been complicit in the fraud against savers, he’s been nothing more than a Gordon Brown arse licker, and that’s why Gordon wanted Mervyn as the replacement to Steady Eddie.


          • Gold Bubbleheads with the memory of a Goldfish says:

            Invest in Oil because Oil never goes down

            ….*crash* POP!

            Invest in property because property never goes down

            ….*crash* POP!

            Invest in Gold because Gold never goes down



      • 80
        Anonymous says:

        “Every lidl helps”

        For every inflation, there’s a deflation


        If you dig into this story, there’s a bank associated with the valuation of this Ruby.
        Wasn’t the bank effectively nationalised?
        Are not the taxpayers therefore the rightful owners of the overvalued Gem?
        Do we not deserve an explanation of why the Jewel has now been obtained at a bargain price?
        And conveyanced by whom?
        Ahahh, OGC firm!

        Our new era of INflation is therefore the consequence of banks overvaluing not just homes and associated mortgages and loans, but the phony value (Wrekin Ruby) of construction firms’ listed assets which kept the pot boiling for as long as did.

        Games’s up lads!


    • 17
      Monkey Chops says:

      Don’t forget your shotgun OH. It’s no good having beans if you can’t defend them.


      • 28
        Mr Ned says:

        Martial arts expert and weapons expert for hire. If the shit hits the fan, I’ll keep your stuff safe. Just make sure I can have a fair share of it!


        • 75
          Roger Rigid says:

          Plenty of pigeons about, good bit of meat on ‘em, all they do is eat the farmers crops and shit all over the place, whenever I see one I get my gun and blow its fucking head off!


        • 76
          Newspaper Editor says:

          A bit off topic but several of my best journalists haven’t been at work lately. Anyone know where they are?


          • Afghanistan Banana Stand says:

            Try the Grampian Police – I hear they have a thing for detaining journalists


          • Mr Ned says:

            Update: Robert is travelling home today. The police have witheld his mobile phone, so we have no contact at the moment. We will speak to him when he gets home, and try to find out the full terms of his bail.

            What we know so far:

            His house was raided by a Grampian police officer, witnessed by Shropshire police. His computer, files and some personal effects, for example CDs were taken (why?).

            His bail includes a gagging order, so we don’t know how much he will be able to say about what has happened to him.

            His bail requires him to report to his local police station three times a week.

            More later …


      • 64


        If MILLIONS of us were armed with a simple shotgun, burglary would plummet over night. Feral thugs would have to risk their very existences every time they decide to kick someone to death for objecting to them pissing up their car. The 646 shaved baboons in Gummint would think twice about treating the common man with such utter contempt. We would, in effect, become empowered.


    • 96
      Up sh1t creek says:

      I love my savings being quantitatively eased into oblivion, whilst the feckless chav bastard New Labour voters continue to live it up on 13 years of New Labour’s never-never.


    • 98
      Up sh1t creek says:

      What quantitative easing has done to the UK economy, a guide even a moron New Labour voter can understand.


      • 118
        Todger says:

        No such thing as a double dip, it’s the same recession that we had before, halted in its tracks by Gordons huge splurge of spending and now with the underlying economy showing no material change it will continue a downward dive with no more money to be printed.

        Inflation will accompany this dive and all Gordon has achieved is to give us the same recession but loaded us up with debt and a load of inflation in the form of asset bubbles.

        Clever trick, but not so clever when interest rates start to rise.
        AAA risk my bollocks. We have all seen AAA corporates take a dive when the top man mucks up viz Lloyds Bank and GEC, and Gordon has mucked up big time


        • 130
          purpleline says:

          Correct- I have enrolled for Greek language lessons, if I’m fucked like the Greeks I might as well be able to understand them


      • 119
        Anonymous says:

        Lord Pendulum swings both ways – on economics I mean.


    • 121
      Up sh1t creek says:

      THIS is the problem in the UK, all the Bank Of England’s MPC have the same lack of intelligence as David Blanchflower, who talks in the video clip about the rigged 3.5% inflation figures released today….

      New Labour HATE savers, the Bank Of England hate savers, they instead kiss up to borrowers. Without savers, the UK is up shit creek, and so it’s come to pass, with international investors running away from the UK, and UK savers moving their money abroad, or getting rid of the worthless paper money into non paper based, non printable assets like gold / silver.


    • 134
      RACS funeral service says:

      It’s the Co-Op for me.


  2. 2
    Raving Loon says:

    So th BoE printed £200bn out of thin air and all of a sudden inflation has picked up? Who would have thought?


    • 29
      Mr Ned says:

      AMAZING coincidence eh?

      Now they have stopped (paused) the printing of all that money, the predictions are for deflation to return next year and last about 5 – 8 years!


    • 102
      Up sh1t creek says:

      But that’s not how the BBC are reporting it, and that’s what counts to the sheep voters.

      The BBC are claiming that most the rise is because of the upping to 17.5% of VAT, no mention of quantitative easing. For what it’s worth, I’ve done another complaint to the BBC, but you know the answer yo the complaint before it’s even been sent.


  3. 3
    Bath plugs for the many, not the few says:

    A nice dose of inflation is just what this government needs to bring down the size of the nation’s debt.

    178 billion pounds? Should be nearly enough to buy Jacqui Smith another bath plug.


    • 13
      Gordon Brown Esq. says:

      You misunderstood me. £178,000,000,000 is just what I’ve overspent by THIS year. The total debt is actually well North of £1 trillion. That’s:


      Or, one million million pounds.

      Ha ha ha ha ha!


      • 33
        Mr Ned says:

        Let’s put that amount into perspective.

        It would take the Euromillions people 19,230 YEARS and nine months to pay 1 million pounds per WEEK to it’s winner of the Euromillions raffle to total one trillion pounds.

        It has only been 2000 years since Jesus was a boy. Add another 17,220 years to that and you get a clearer perspective of how immense this Government’s debt really is.

        Imagine that. paying out 1 million pounds per WEEK for 19,320 years!!!


    • 26
      Chris says:

      well there is an awful lot of butt to plug there……

      oopppss, sorry, mis-read your post………


  4. 4
    ShoutsAtTheTV says:

    …Well NONE OF US say that coming, did we?

    * rolls eyes *


    • 5
      ShoutsAtTheTV says:

      oops.. ‘Saw’ that coming, even


      • 34
        Mr D Notice dont mention arrested journalists says:

        Three cheers for Mr Brown He will leave office maintaing the Labour party’s record of always leaving. debt, inflation and PSBR higher tha when they came in. I think he might just scrape the FTSE being lower and the Pound being a basket case. Put it all together and you have to hand it to the man!!


  5. 6

    The Greek bailout will be expensive, but the UK bailout will be expensive and inflationary Pound smashing.


  6. 7

    Massive debt, rising inflation, strike threast in the public sector, walkouts at power plants, crashing currency…

    This all sounds very familiar. I can’t quite put my finger on it…


  7. 8
    Camels toe says:

    I sold my two gold rings and went short on a kebab portfolio.


  8. 9
    Marchamont says:

    only rich bastards like Guido can afford Heinz beans


  9. 10
    bloater says:

    Thanks Gordon, I love beans.


  10. 11
    I will not use me dead children as props I tell you!!!!...sob......blubber......quiver......emote says:

    One has to give kudos to the lying, hate filled, inadequate, bullying, smearing, brooding, grudge bearing, maladroit, blubbing, childish, mentally unstable, spendaholic Scotch wretch.

    It does indeed require a special form of fiscal Kuu_untishness to have contrived a sharp rise in inflation, whilst the economy is either flat or still in recession.

    This loony is an embarrassment to England, and all hard working, tax paying, law abiding English citizens.


    • 20
      Grumpy Old Man says:

      Not at all. Those of us who remember 1975 expect nothing more from the New Hoon party.


      • 30
        History is whatever you remember says:

        It is a truism of British Politics that has been proven correct time and time again -

        “All Labour Governments end in failure,chaos and bankruptcy”


  11. 12
    Postal Vote says:

    Wooh, the number of postal votes will also show massive inflation, especially in the marginals!

    Cameron should buy some postal-vote linkers, or the parliament will be hung. Well, sort of hanging i’ve been told.


  12. 18
    Old Tory. says:

    Inflation needs to run at about 4% this will mean house prices will not drop just “stabilise” and government debt can be paid off.
    Anybody that didn’t see this coming is a bloody fool. How sad is it that King has to write a letter!! Just like getting “lines” at school.
    Will somebody get a bloody grip!!!


    • 31
      Old Tory. says:

      If we get wage inflation as well, this will also so be good. It means that savers, people on fixed income i.e. pensioners, will pay for this one almighty cock up. And mortgage holders, people with large amounts on credit cards will gain.

      It is a bad idea to save or get old under this government… I wonder if Mr King will write that in his stupid letter?


      • 108
        SpoofReader says:

        His stupid letter will read:
        I must keep inflation at 2%.
        I must keep inflation at 2%.
        I must keep inflation at 2%.
        I must keep inflation at 2%.
        I must keep inflation at 2%.
        I must keep inflation at 2%.
        I must keep inflation at 2%.

        Until inflation is at 2%


  13. 19
    Inflation, its great! says:

    Meanwhile…Gordon’s favoutite pet “economist” David ‘Danny’ Blanchflower hails the rocketing inflation figures as an economic gift

    “However, former monetary policy committee member Professor David Blanchflower told the BBC that a spell of higher inflation would benefit the UK economy, suggesting that 4% would be a “pretty good starting point”.

    “You would actually end up inflating some of the debt away, but also if we get into a position where house prices were to fall further we are going to have a large number of people in negative equity, and if you have a few years of inflation that actually will deal with that problem.”

    “Higher inflation would help to keep interest rates low” he added.


    • 24
      Bath plugs for the many, not the few says:

      Most of us have already lost interest in what Blanchflower has to say.


    • 25
      Grumpy Old Man says:

      Inflation destroys value. David B is using the “Less is More” argument. Same sort of Economics as “The £ in your pocket will not be devalued.” We didn’t believe it then, why should we believe it now?


    • 27

      Am I being dim? Assume the BofE and govt really are engineering inflation intentionally – *why* then would UK debt look like a good buy? Why is anyone going to buy our gilts, if they figure they’ll never see a real-terms return?


      • 42
        Mine d'Boggles says:

        Because there is no real money anyway, just imaginary paper stuff. Longer term thinking is practically prehistoric. It’s like playing “Find the Lady” in a free-falling lift, eventually the bottom arrives and you start a new game in a new Heaven with new paper.


      • 49
        AC1 says:

        Gilts are not a good buy, that’s why the banks are being forced to purchase them.

        Get your money out of UK banks!


        • 69
          Anonymous says:

          No need to worry about that I have no money left Labour have sorted that.

          Agree though, bury your money somewhere or even better your gold then in 200 yrs when long after you have been murdered by a chav in your home someone will know you were once living during these sad times.

          In your late 50s and thinking about Retirement ? well sell everything you own house etc buy gold and hide some cash. Now declare you have nothing and claim for everything you can such as rent etc while laughing at the suckers who have to slave away to pay for you.


          • Mine d'Boggles says:

            I beg to differ (slightly) – people who own productive land are ALWAYS the winners because food always has a value. So buying gold is a hostage to fortune as you don’t control the price in any way.

            Agriculture or aquaculture is difficult in the UK, of course, but that is where we are. My little retirement project is abroad.


          • Starvin zombies who used to sign on says:

            we will eat your agri and then you


      • 57
        purpleline says:

        Because UK pension funds have to buy and foreigners will be compensated by a currency profit meaning they actually make a better return. As Interest rates move higher to counter Inflation, the pound will / should go up in theory.

        As hot money comes in to take advantage of higher rates, so while bond holders not linked to inflation theoretically lose out, they are getting a higher coupon >Interest rate< so when all is done they actually benefit the only mug punters losing are British people who cannot escape lower wages and devalued savings.


    • 45
      Mr Ned says:

      Blanchflower said deflation would be a good thing too.

      It seems whatever economic conditions exist, they are benign and good, so long as Labour are in power according to Blanchflower!

      What a tit!

      Economics, Climatology and futurology. All areas where real expertise are utterly irrelevant to the uttering of the alleged experts!


    • 47
      AC1 says:

      Blanchflower is the idiots idiot.


    • 110
      Rip Van Winkle says:

      Higher inflation would keep interest rates low????????

      Now, I’ve never had a economics lesson in my life. But have been in the finance industry (sorry!) practically all my life so understand a little bit. I would expect a statement like this from my 10 year old, not a ‘professor of economics’.

      Absolutely, fucking unbelievable!


  14. 39
    AC1 says:

    Government can’t do pro-growth policies.

    It can only minimise it’s economic shrinkage policies.

    Want economic growth? Tax rent-seeking government created monopolies (land (not the property on it) and IP) and ditch the taxes on Incomes, investments and spending.


  15. 40
    Baron von Rippedoffbritain says:

    Ha ha, this is good, I am making money on my debt because my mortgage is getting inflated away to nothing, if this keeps up I will soon be able to pay the bank with Browns used banana skins!


    • 55
      Mr Ned says:

      Inflation is only good to inflate away debt IF your income keeps pace with inflation.

      If you are working in the private sector at the moment, then the chances are your personal expenditure inflation is now again ahead of the headline rate inflation, but your income inflation is lagging behind inflation, or is even in a state of steady deflation.

      Thus your debts and income are not keeping pace with inflation. If your debt is a variable loan or a credit card, then the interest upon that debt is currently rocketing ahead of inflation, increasing your debts in relation to your income.

      When you think about how much of a naturally interventionist government we have, why the hell have they NOT intervened to prevent domestic energy prices, or credit card and loan interest rates from exploding?

      When base rates are 1/2 of 1%, how the hell can the credit card companies explain INCREASING their rates to an average of 18%? Thieving bastards!

      Labour do not give a fuck about the poor!


    • 61
      Old Tory. says:

      This will only work if you get wage inflation as well. What will happen if you don’t get wage inflation?
      All the things you buy will be more expensive, and you still have to buy those and pay the debt with your existing monies.


  16. 46
    purpleline says:

    Alistair Darling is quite happy that inflation & Credit Card rates are high, as it is part of their drive to cut debt, private ans state. High inflation will be blamed on the Tory party after they win the next election, they have also put a poison pill into the unemployment statistics ensuring the unemployment rate ratchets up to above 3 million. This is pure dirty politics so they can grab back some voters who will never understand the new government is fire- fighting Labours suicidal self- inflicted bush fires. If Labour do win the election they will spin it that only Gordon can stop the problems we face and a little pain now will be good in the long run.

    Putting your money back under your control a dash for cash.

    Stop using, Debit cards, direct debits and standing orders. Draw your wages out immediately. Use cash to make all payments you are required to do. When paying with cash, ask for discounts in shops and when paying utilities, they charges you to pay them BT being the biggest culprit. Haggle.

    Going back to a cash society will kill the banks power over us; it also stops the government from monitoring our every move. Germany is still very much a cash society and they are strong, so while the above may be a little time consuming taking the power back and your money now under your control you will manage it unbelievably well.

    Unless the government give all Taxpayers a share certificate, in the banks, so we can sell or hold and enjoy the profits the banks make keep them at arms length.

    Like Gordon Brown it is going to get ugly out there, the hoon.


  17. 50
    Down with Brown! says:

    Brown’s legacy = stagflation.



  18. 63

    Supermarket cartel and their massive buying powers -v- Lidl & Aldi = suspect monoply -v- fierce competition, posing the question which party will outlaw monopolies???


  19. 66
    Sting's Beard says:

    This will feed through to a massive increase in Government spending as so many benefits are inflation linked. Where the F*** is the money going to come from!!!


    • 72
      Down with Brown! says:

      Borrowing more and burdening our children and grand children with unsustainable debt.


      • 78
        Newspaper Editor says:

        And who is going to want to lend any more to these shysters? We are in S*** CREEK. Falling real incomes, Higher taxes, reducing public services and higher interest rates to follow. Have the public begun to wake up to this yet?


        • 107
          I hate New Labour says:

          No, they haven’t.

          Because of silly distractions like Browns tears of a clown. And ‘Tory Toffs’. Plus god knows how many other pointless, ephemeral, non-stories that distract the stupid electorate.


  20. 70
    Clueless says:

    Does anybody want to organise a demonstration and demand a general election because every govt. prediction has been totally wrong?


  21. 73
    The only good notion he ever had says:

    The first panacea for a mismanaged nation is inflation of the currency; the second is war. Both bring a temporary prosperity; both bring a permanent ruin. But both are the refuge of political and economic opportunists.

    Ernest Hemingway


    • 74
      Old Tory. says:

      Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel.

      - Samuel Johnson


      • 145
        Call me Infidel says:

        This needs bringing up to date. I would say multiculturalism is now the last refuge of scoundrels.


    • 79
      Newspaper Editor says:

      Yeah and then he shot himself so he must have seen something even worse coming around the corner!


      • 83
        Newspaper Editor says:

        I meant Hemmingway not the good Doctor.


        • 106
          Australian says:

          Mind you, NE, the good Doctor did have a number of dramatic attempts (accidental) at blowing himself up with some of the chemistry experiments he used to carry out in his idle moments at Gough Square.


  22. 81
    Anonymous says:

    Guido, you’ve been banging on about inflation for some time now. Any chance you want to make some predictions about how high it’s going to go and for how long so that we can all laugh at you when it turns out that the 3.5% was caused by the VAT increase and it goes straight back down again?


    • 87
      Road_Hog says:

      I wish your prediction was going to be right, but I fear not.


    • 90
      AC1 says:

      It depends on what the government does, and they aren’t spending their own money.

      Who knows what will happen. As Jonah is in charge, expect the worst.


      • 94
        Lola says:

        Inflation is a function of money. Rises in the general price level are a result of inflation, not its cause. If we print shed loads of FIAT money with no corresponding increase in wealth we just reduce the value of each Pound.

        So, how much QE have we had. How loose has the money supply control been between ’97 and now?

        I am not clever or informed enough to make a calculation but I bet someone is.

        My feeling is that the rise in the general price level will be about 5%. It should be more, but it will be kept down by the collapse of the GDP.

        (Jeez, on re-reading it that’s a boring post. Sod it. Stick it up anyway and wait for the trolls to start on me – hopefully).


        • 126
          Todger says:

          No longer do we have a general rise in prices as the consequence of increased money supply, because of the influence of cheap Chinese goods. Now we have bubbles.

          Unfortunately the Bof E have not yet cottoned on


        • 131
          Sting's Beard says:

          Surely Lola “the function of money” is to buy drink. What else could it be for?


    • 135
      Bloated Scotsmen says:

      Just tapped my barometer and the needle is now pointing at TEMPEST STORM.
      Is this an omen?


  23. 85
    Imaginary Bacon Roll says:

    Not Good. I am not convinced this is short term either. Is a pattern emerging? Yoyo Inflation?


    • 88
      Jock McScrotum aka the PM says:

      Sounds like a good name for a band ” Yo Yo inflation” Not as good as Taliban Techno!! though. Mind you I often listen to the Kaiser Chiefs


  24. 89

    Leading supermarkerts have tremendous buying power while Aldi & Lidl are small yet price comparisions show leading supermarkets arte higher than Aldi & Lidl posing a number of questions?


    • 142
      Bof says:

      Lidl make a reasonable profit whilst Tesco make a killing.
      Also their lorries move at good pace,whilst Tesco Lorries at constant 38mph hold up huge convoys of irate motorists – The main reason I refuse to go to Tesco anymore


    • 158
      Phany Stroaker says:

      My Dear Paul Lehmans, do you have any idea of how wrong you are? A little research (try http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lidl if you can read German, it`s much more informative than the English entry) will soon show you that Lidl is anything but small, in fact, the so-called “leading” supermarkets in UK are almost certainly the small guys! As I know more about Lidl let`s stay with them and just say Aldi is much the same.

      Lidl is much more than just a bog-normal German discounter operating in the UK. Just a few basic facts and figures:

      Lidl also trades under the names Kaufland, Handelshof and Kaufmarkt (as far as I know, they are not yet in the UK), these shops are more akin to the superstore type of Asda that I knew over there in the 70`s;
      Altogether, Lidl has more than 8,000 outlets in 22 countries employing in excess of 170,000 people (only some 50,000 in Germany!);
      Turnover in 2008 – around € 58,000,000,000 (Billion?)
      I am given to understand that they have also recently expanded into Canada!

      I do quite a lot of translation work for Lidl. Very often, the operating instructions for the Chinese-made gadgies they flog will have been translated into 16 languages. How many translations do Tesco and the rest do for their Chinky widgets? Are they likely to acquire them on better terms than Lidl do?

      As you intimate, it all comes down to the buying-in price when trying to turn a profit on sales – what did the Tesco founder (Cohen?) once say; “Pile it high, sell it cheap”? Lidl & Tesco decide it`s time to stock up on staples (corned beef, tinned peaches, coffee etc) in the warehouses. These days, correct me if I`m wrong, and apart from a brief loss-making adventure into the US, Tesco operate only in the UK.

      So, the cornered-beef manufacturing gaucho is sat on a fence in Argentina waiting for the Lidl & Tesco buyers to turn up. Who is he going to be most pleased to see? The guy buying for a few hundred stores in the one country, or the one buying for several thousand stores spread across a continent? Is it conceivable that the lower price obtained for the German stores will also be passed on to shoppers in UK – thus making Lidl cheaper than Tesco?

      That just might answer some of the many questions as to why the UK is so expensive.


  25. 92
    Lola says:

    “Dear Chancellor

    You and your predecessor at the Treasury have so totally fucked up the economy, despite very explicit warnings from others and myself, as well as giving me instructions to use money printing and entirely false interest rates to save your useless arses, that yet again I am forced to write to you about ‘inflation’.

    In fact all your policies, from the moment you were elected in 1997, have been inflationary. You have deliberately run loose fiscal and monetary policies, which combined with ludicrously lax banking capital requirements have driven the money supply to such a level that price rises were inevitable as these policies are always destructive of the value of each individual Pound Sterling.

    So, no, I am not going to apologise. I am going to make a recommendation. It comes in two parts.

    Part 1. Fuck off
    Part 2. …and die.



    Well, one can dream.


  26. 97
    Civil Servant says:

    What a terrible thing to happen? What’s going to happen to our debt now, with inflation at this level? Oh, wait a minute, it’ll shrink…


    • 133
      Flat Earther says:

      Fucking moron – Savers will take the hit for it i.e. the only people in the economy who have been thrifty and self reliant are now getting shafted to bail out the incompetent prat in No. 10 who caused all this.Labour detest savers and prefers to spend their money on wasters – what a fcuking car crash this country is in.


      • 138
        Civil Servant says:

        Now, remind me, was inflation higher or lower under the last government?


        • 157
          Al says:

          Now remind me was your F***ING salary increase lower or higher under the last Government. You and your kind, the public sector workers, have raped this country. Not the bankers, not people on benefits, its the rampant increase in the number and salaries of public sector workers that have caused this debt.


    • 148
      Anonymous says:

      Typical civil servant, couldn’t give a toss about anyone else. What about those who are not indebted and have savings, moron?


      • 167
        Civil Servant says:

        They could consider lending money through zopa.com. You do realise that the previous administration presided over much, much higher inflation, don’t you?


  27. 105
    nabidana says:

    Inflation, deflation… It’s enough to make one wish one’s Prime Minister hadn’t sold all that gold at its record low price, isn’t it? That’d give a bit more stability, wouldn’t you say?

    The Hunt abolished boom and bust, or at least half of it.


  28. 112
    John Terry I am snide and treacherous says:

    What’s the problem? The bankers are raking it in once again, cushioned by the knowledge that we will always bail them out if they go wrong. Such is the madness of our world.


  29. 117

    [...] in Economics. Tagged: deflation, Economics, Guido Fawkes, Inflation. Leave a Comment Guido is SO confused on this one.  Because he seems not to understand how annual inflation figures are created, he presents the [...]


  30. 122
    Casual Observer says:

    Bust & Bust


  31. 124
    50 Calibre says:

    Don’t change your lifestyle, change your government…


  32. 125
    Civil Servant says:

    Average inflation under Labour has been 1.8%. Can anyone remind me what it was under the Tories?


  33. 129
    magpie says:

    I bought silver when it was 2 quid an oz


  34. 140
    Anonymous says:

    I’ve just been to a Government building. I watched as most of the Civil Servants were going home at 3.15 p.m. No doubt they will all be voting for Gordon. Roll on May and we can clear em all out.


  35. 141
    I hate New Labour says:

    B-b-b-but M-m-m-mr speaker, they were wrong on the economy, do nothing Tories, fields of Eton, I saved the world, airbrushed photos, my dead child, boo-hoo, etc, etc, etc.

    There, no need to listen to PMQs tomorrow now…


  36. 147
    Prime Minister Juncker (Luxemburg) says:

    Job opening at the ECB
    we are seeking an experienced banker to take over the ECB as president for the coming period, salary and bonus to be arranged.
    I require applicants to be members of the euro-zone, also members of the schengen agreement, not scottish, also not converted catholics with recent irish passport applications, neither do we accept pound sterling bribes, so Mr. Brown & Mr. Blair creep back into your ponds and take all your minions with you


  37. 153
    Disco Biscuit says:

    So this was wrong, then? Oh.


  38. 159
    The Wawl Street Wayler says:










  39. 162
    Balla says:

    Lol, you right-wingers aren’t a particularly bright bunch are you….



    • 163
      guildford commie says:

      Yeah, all we know is that we’re totally fucked, you idiot, no matter what pretty graphs you put up.

      What a wanker.


  40. 165

    [...] is SO confused on the latest inflation figures. Because he seems not to understand how annual inflation figures are [...]


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