December 13th, 2009

Boris Smirks at Marr

Andy Marr interviewed Boris this morning:

Marr : “We seem to be going into a period in politics marked by a bit of class war. Do you think there are enough old Etonians at the top of the Conservative Party at the moment?”
Boris :
This is a brilliantly contrived question. I don’t think … I think the classic answer to this … I can’t remember which school you went to, Andrew.
Marr :
[mumbles] “Lorretto.”
Boris : “Jolly good school..”

Boris smirked at the mention of the poshest school in Scotland, with boarding fees approaching £30,000 a year.  Wonder where he got the idea for that counter-jibe…


  1. 1
    sceptical says:

    Floreat Boris


    • 8
      Number 7 says:

      Good on you Boris.

      Don’cha Love t when a liebore lovey walks into a beartrap.

      Boris should have asked him about “lovechildren” – AKA Bastards!


    • 24
      Maladroit Labour Chump says:

      Royal Mail Recall

      The Royal Mail has issued a stamp with a picture of the

      Prime Minister of Great Britain … Gordon Brown

      The stamp was not sticking to envelopes.

      This enraged the Prime Minister, who demanded a full investigation.

      After a month of testing and spending of £4.1million, a
      special commission presented the following findings:

      1. The stamp is in perfect order.

      2. There is nothing wrong with the adhesive.

      3. People are spitting on the wrong side of the stamp


      • 26
        Number 7 says:

        Originally told in relation to that great democrat Harold Wilson.


      • 61
        riptide says:

        Try some more bogey juice.


      • 107

        New first edition announced to commemorate the PBR.

        1} Old sofa {to look for coins down the back of}
        2} Child’s scissors. {They just won’t cut}
        3} Eye patch and telescope {I see no debt}
        4} Giant whisky bottle {to put spare government £2 coin in to reduce the deficit by 3020}

        Coming in the New year. great U-turns of the last two years. A set of 50 brand new stamps.
        10p tax – 42 days – Iraq – CRB checks for parents – Inheritance tax –
        – childcare charges – university places – tobin tax – Lisbon – The Speaker – MPs expenses – FOI requests – national road pricing scheme – cuts to the TA budget – The Gurkha’s – Aircraft carriers – Fuel duty – Road tax increases – Libya – Terror compensation – schools places – Super casinos – Toll Roads – Olympics visit – Olympic handover – China -IRA compensation – SiPPs – World Bank climate funds – Blair for president – Labour won’t make cuts – Iraq inquiry held in private – Stamp Duty Land Tax – cannabis – Royal Mail sell off – Post office card account removal – Holyrood tax powers – Wendy Alexander – Northern rock – City bonuses – Asbestos claims – Id cards – NHS Computer scheme – Equality for paternity leave – removing Darling – removing Miliband – Not holding an election in 07- marriage tax relief – coal fired power stations – nuclear power – fibre optic rollout…

        that’s a commemorative sheet of 50 u-turn stamps or about 1 a week since taking office from the king of the dithers, Gordon Brown.


    • 123
      Wot a Waste says:

      “the poshest school in Scotland, with boarding fees approaching £30,000 a year”

      Mr & Mrs Marr didn’t get a very good deal with their son Andrew then.


      • 131
        Biffo says:

        Not sure that Mr & Mrs Darling did either. Lorretto – so posh that you wouldn’t even know he’s a Jock when he speaks (Marr that is).


      • 193
        Hugh Janus says:

        Judging by the standard of his programmes and in particular his dreadful interview technique, perhaps they should consider asking for a refund.


    • 125
      Earth's Ever-Changing Climate says:


      • 150
        Zacaroo says:

        Oops, he refers to “the Hadley’s Phil Jones”. Phil Jones is at the CRU at UEA which is a totally separate organisation.

        Carry on.


        • 153
          Number 7 says:

          Change the name, do the same again.

          Two Leopards wth the same spots.


        • 195
          tory toff says:

          Good on Boris, that tit Marr isw another over priveldged BBC ‘presenter. Do you have to go to a Public Shool and Oxbridge to get to the top in the BBC?


  2. 2

    The hypocrisy of BBC Bias, and labour lovies like Andrew Marr.

    And I pay for this?


    • 5
      Road_Hog says:

      You pay your TV licence? You mug, I haven’t paid mine in two years and until they start providing an unbiased news service they can take a running jump. It’s a shame because it wasn’t always like this, it did used to be very good, but not now.


      • 11
        concrete pump says:

        I havn’t paid mine since i left school.

        Living in a block of flats gives you great protection from the detector van.



        • 38
          rick says:

          I used to work for the BBC (long time ago). The detector vans were always a bluff. It is more reliable to assume every house in the land has at least one TV – you will be right many more times than you will be wrong. Today they just match license holders against a household database. Today, no one should be paying for these scum – I certainly don’t.


        • 159
          Lord Carrington's binoculars says:

          Number 7 – true story

          A member of the Royal Household buys a TV from Peter Jones. Decides to have it delivered to work so she can drive it home in the back of her car.

          Gives home address and then gives delivery address.

          TV delivered.

          A few days later said employee gets a letter from TV Licencing demanding that she as resident of

          ‘Flat 1 St James’ Palace’

          buys a TV licence.

          The TV licencing c*nts had just made up an address (the delivery address was to a name not a room) and sent out a threatening letter.

          Sadly royal aide’s discretion prevented said letter from appearing on Fawkes….


      • 59
        final salary civil servant pensioner says:

        I suppose you don’t vote either …just to show them!!


    • 89
      Fair Play says:

      Labour lovies think the BBC is pro Tory? I do.


  3. 3
    Moley says:


    “Marr : “We seem to be going into a period in politics marked by a bit of class war”.

    If that is the case, it is because the BBC has taken the decision to make it so.

    The BBC controls the agenda by what it reports, how it reports it, and whether it reports it.

    The BBC has chosen class war, which given the salaries of their senior employees is foolish.

    One of the specific remits of the public service broadcaster is to aid and facilitate the cohesion of society. It;s time they took that duty more seriously.


    • 22
      Road_Hog says:

      Oh yes, cohesion of society, want to see how Labour skewed their latest report on social cohesion. Click on background notes and go to section 11 – Data Quality. “This is a household survey covering a representative
      core sample of 10,000 adults in England and Wales each year. There is also an ethnic minority boost
      sample of 5,000 and a Muslim boost sample of 1,200, to ensure that the views of these groups are
      robustly represented.” Yes, take a representative core sample, which obviously includes all nationalities/religions as it is representative sample and then add in 5,000 ethnics minorities and 1,200 Muslims to get the right answers that they were looking for.


      • 29
        Number 7 says:

        Durr – Tossers


      • 51
        Who? says:

        Does this mean the whytey trash is in a minority?

        Thought so……


      • 64
        13eastie (144 Days: Good-bye, ☭ordon!) says:

        Look at page four of the report.

        It shows very clearly that, from all the ethnic groups, white people, by a considerable margin feel least able to influence decisions affecting either their local or Britain as a whole.

        Interesting achievement to claim…


        • 145
          Agent 99 says:

          Someone I can’t quite remember stated ‘Exeter is hideously white’

          I am still waiting for the reaction particularly from Nu Labour who had the statement actually been ‘Peckham is hideously black’ would have been beisde themselves with moral outrage and calling for peoples heads on silver platters

          Bunch of total hypocrites.


          • Zacaroo says:

            Greg “Roland Rat” Dyke said that the BBC was “hideously white”.


          • Lord Carrington's binoculars says:

            Emma Thompson, on behalf of her adopted black african ‘son’ who went to Exeter University and complained that the place was too white.

            Well fuck me, but Africa’s nearly all black.

            And I bet Emma Thompson’s street is pretty snowy, too.


          • RightisthenewLeft says:

            I believe Greg Dyke to be hideously white. Aside from his tongue of course , which is definitely brown owing to the amount of shite he talked.


  4. 4
    Lord Carrington's binoculars says:

    Come on, come on…..who’s been awarded the the contract to build the new Routemaster?

    The two finalists have just pitched to TFL, apparently.

    Lord C has a deep investment in this policy…..


  5. 6
    AntiCitizenOne says:

    Are there too many marxists in government? Hell will freeze before aljabeebya ask that question.


  6. 7
    Tufton MacBufton says:

    Surely, Fettes, the Edinburgh Public school B.Liar attended,and Gordonstoun are posher :)


    • 10
      Number 7 says:

      Compare and contrast – Eton Vs Fettes?


    • 21
      W.W. says:

      We must live in the only Country in the world where having a top quality education is used against you.

      As for class war, yes it’s the upper middle class against the lower upper class.



      • 33
        Number 7 says:

        Durr? Is that management vs the workers?

        Some of the people I have managed/employed have had very good brains, it’s just a shame that they never received a decent education.

        Instead of slagging off private education, might it be logical to improve “comprehensive” education?


        • 45
          W.W. says:

          Well I went to a crappy comp and left with nothing, but I realised my mistake quite quickly, whilst working on a production line, I then enrolled at night school and after two years went on to University, and also carried on studying to get a stack full of professional qualifications.
          I am not boasting at all, I know others who have done the same thing, but I know plenty more who do crappy jobs they hate but have never studied anything since they left school, despite the fact some of them are very intelligent.
          Being a success is not just about having intelligence it is also about having the drive to get of your arse to make the most of your intelligence.
          This is number 4 on my list of ‘Reasons to Hate Labour’ they have let everyone believe if they don’t make anything of their life it isn’t their fault, it’s the state’s fault, their backgrounds fault, posh people’s fault, anybody’s but their own.

          Why did you not tell some of your brighter staff to get off their arses get to night school and make the most of their ability.
          Success doesn’t fall into your lap you need to work for it.



          • Number 7 says:

            I gave them more responsibility and better pay – but that only works to a point where the basic education lets them down.

            Bring the state system up to private levels instead of trying to destroy the latter. Everybody’s on a winner then.

            PS Fair play to you W.W.

            PPS What’s a 40 hour week?


          • W.W. says:

            Unfortuantly you will never get the state system up to the standard of Private, unless you can improve the standard of the parents.
            As someone who as seen both sides of the coin, though my kids don’t go to a private school we live in a nice part of town and they go to a very good state school, (the kind that the Blairs and Harmans would ship their kids half way accross London to attend).
            The difference is the parents, I was never encouraged to achieve or do anything, I never did one stick of homework in my entire school days.
            My children are given homework and we help them and make sure it gets done.
            My daughter struggled with maths so we sent het to a maths tutor.
            My kids get into trouble at school and they get into trouble at home.
            This seems to be the way of most middle class parents.

            A lot of the parents of kids who go to crappy comps, if their child gets into trouble at school they are more likeley to go to school and kick the shite out of the teacher.
            Their kids get no encouragement in their school work and get no belief in themselves or hopes and dreams of what they could be.

            This has nothing to do with the schools most of the time the teachers don’t stand a chance.



          • Number 7 says:


            I can’t fault you.

            Parents, Schools Etc. are the problem.

            What’s the solution – cos I ain’t got one.

            In business I dealt with what I had – some have improved themselves, others not. How do you motivate someone who has been TAUGHT that the country owes them a living.

            That’s what I mean by a “comprehensive” education.

            Good luck with your kids – they’ve got a good example.


        • 69
          Ist Degree says:

          well, I’ve been comprehensively educated, educated all over in fact, educated until it’s coming out of my mouth, so to speak….


    • 143
      John says:

      But Marr’s Dad paid more than Boris’ since the BBC programme to make Boris look a twat said he got a scholarship. Boris got there because he is seriously clever, Andrew Marr because his Dad was rich.
      Eton has always had scholarships and now makes a big play about them to bright kids in state schools.
      Fettes and Loretto are traditionally the posh schools in Scotland. Gordonstoun may compete academically with Fettes and Loretto but only for those prepared for a tough life, like Philip. My (English) school was tough but we didn’t fancy life at Gordonstoun.


      • 167
        Zacaroo says:

        Boris got there because he is seriously clever,

        Seriously? He seems like a jolly chap to me, perhaps you meant jolly clever?


    • 200
      Big Bazongas says:

      A member of my family was in the same class as Bliar at Fettes. He says B was all-round average and spent as much time thinking up excuses to avoid sport as doing academic work.


  7. 9
    Number 7 says:

    Don’t feed the troll.


  8. 12
    Researcher says:

    Don Boyd exposed Loretto as a den of paedophiles in a 2001 Observer article.Poor Andy and Ali.


  9. 13
    BillyBob ... reduce our carbon footprint, stop immigration? says:

    Well done Boris, we need more Tories to come out fighting……..


  10. 16
    Catflap says:

    The ‘when did you stop beating your wife?’ line of questioning by Marr would be a fucking joke if it was on Bremner,bird and fortune.
    Marr is a massive cu*t and must go.


  11. 18
    BillyBob ... reduce our carbon footprint, stop immigration? says:

    Come on tat you can do better than that, surely??


  12. 19
    concrete pump says:

    I do love you Boris.

    Stick it up him, ( not literally )

    Marr is the result of not cleaning a heavily wanked cock.


  13. 27
    Watt Tyler says:

    Tory Party MP (Henley) Boris Johnson was caught on tape in 2002 plotting to have a man beaten up by a hired thug. The man was a journalist who had written an unsympathetic piece about Johnson’s close friend –convicted fraudster, Darius Guppy.


    • 34
      Lord Carrington's binoculars says:

      Yeah, yeah

      Have you listened to that tape? It was the biggest ‘of course mate, yeah no problem sure I’ll do it…’ f*ck off I’ve ever heard.

      No addresses were passed on and no one was beaten up.

      Funny wasn’t it, though, that the call was taped and leaked….


      • 90
        Jimmy says:

        “It was the biggest ‘of course mate, yeah no problem sure I’ll do it…’ f*ck off I’ve ever heard.”

        Unless you count Lightweight’s referendum “guarantee” or Ashcroft promising tp pay tax.

        You can always count on a tory.




    • 35
      ENGLAND says:

      Gordon, oh Gordon you’ve taken us for fools.
      You lied about Prudence and your ‘Golden Rules’.
      You plundered our pensions and decimated our savings,
      We’re fed up of listening to your ‘global’ ravings.
      Blair claimed you’re a genius; he lied to us too.
      The ‘British’ economy is in deep doggy-doo.
      ‘No booms, no busts !’ you used to shout out.
      That was all hubris, of that there’s no doubt.

      You bang on and on about your Presbyterian daddy,
      Born a son of the manse and raised in Kircaldy.
      Now how would he regard you, with disgust or with pride ?
      Having watched you for years as you stood there and lied ?
      You’ve ruined this country, we’ve become a basket case.
      Moody’s and the others plan to remove our triple A’s
      Yet you’re still in denial, saying we’re ‘uniquely placed’.
      Have a long look in the mirror, your reflection is two-faced !

      Now,at the risk of Labour being totally rejected,
      Screw up some courage, SEE HOW MANY OF YOU GET ELECTED !


    • 184
      Tapestry says:

      Boris’ technique with journalists – Marr, Guppy and all – and all others is to sound like he’s agreeing with them, while in fact he keeps his own ideas. By talking quickly and assuming the Bullingdon cartoon character, which they can’t decipher, he gets away with it.


  14. 30
    Watt Tyler says:

    (2009) Boris Johnson’s aid, Alister Cooling, -CHILD ABUSE PORN.


  15. 31
  16. 37
  17. 39
  18. 46
    JB says:

    Does the prime minister think we have all fallen for his arranged marriage?

    Gordon’s beard Sarah Brown spends hours on the phone talking to her lesbian girlfriend in Canterbury:


    • 49
      Tel says:

      Turkey basters all round!!


      • 57
        genghiz the kahn says:

        So when is she going to pay up?

        It does look like the sort of call which should be charged to against Gordon Brown’s expenses.

        Andrew Marr’s History of British Socialism was a big turn off. Why should he pass of his dressing up games and charades as ‘history’.

        Next week he will be telling us that he is a happily married man who went to an expensive boarding school, Trinity College Cambridge and he hasn’t fathered bastards.


    • 50
      Lord Carrington's binoculars says:

      Sailing close to the wind, by the Mail on Sunday….but very funny to see them having a go at last.

      We’ve had the reports of separate bedrooms and separate lives…and now the MoS goes for the hard evidence.

      Still, when editor of The Sun Yelland ran the headline ‘Are we being run by a gay cabal?’ he was shipped off to Harvard by Rupert asap.

      Also, have a go at googling that headline – you’ll have a job finding it anywhere on the web.


    • 114
      exiled &angry says:

      They’re doomed – that’s all that matters!!


  19. 63
    Brown Hater says:

    Nice work Boris – shove it up the Labour loving stoodge. They don’t like it up ‘em. Loretto? Is that an ice cream parlour in Scotchland? Jings, help ma boab!

    In any event I’d much rather have properly educated and rounded ministers than the Neo-Labia TUC types. Twats!

    Plus, I hate Gordon Brown.


  20. 79

    As Chancellor, Gordon Brown looted the country. This did not stop him becoming prime minister.


    • 92
      Fair Play says:

      O you sad dodo,what a stupid thing to say.Brown for all his faults is miles better than call me Dave,cast iron gone east.


      • 99
        Proper Mackem Lad says:

        In your dreams you psycho


      • 175
        Brown's a Tosser says:

        Brown with all his faults…………… Guido does not have enough bandwidth for me to list all Browns faults. With labour trolls like Fair Play its no wonder the country is in a fucking mess.


        • 194
          stilyagi_air_corps, monitoring says:

          So many stupid names, so many unemployed Trotsktist spinners laid off when Livingstone lost his job. Who else would have the time/money and bitter inclination to keep posting such toot? Who is MB/PP/FP? Is it a sparrow, is it a swift?…


  21. 83
    Chris says:

    If they need help to attack obvious lines, thus failing to display the brains they were born with, they don’t deserve to govern.


  22. 84
    toff-ee says:

    Boris v Marr, school report, 29.25 mins in. Boris says it doesn’t matter what school you went to, only what is between ones ears……..jug ears presumably.


  23. 88
    Moley says:

    Climate change.

    Guido’s link on “Seen Elsewhere” to the Mail article is well worth following.

    “Suppressed Data Undermines Global Warming Theory – Mail”

    It is probably the best article I have seen in the mainstream press and a must read for politicians.


    • 114
      Mr Ned says:

      It is a good article. They need to dig into the appaling state of the global thermometer record from GHCN. The state of that is so bad that whoever analyses historical data can create any shaped record they like.

      The problem for us is, we know that the people from CRU and NASA Giss who have been seen as the credible hosts of the temperature record, that thousands of “peer-reviewed” papers depend upon, are known to be massively bias and wholly addicted to a political agenda that is wholly and completely dependent upon the world warming in a unique way.

      So these con-men have adjusted the record to show just that. They have left out inconvenient data, “tricks that hide the decline”, and adjusted what data is there several times to create warming where the raw data shows cooling.

      The whole thing is a very elaborate scam and it IS a conspiracy. believers, conspired to rig the data and pervert the peer-review and publication process and bully publishers, destroy the careers of other scientists who do not share the same conclusions.

      As for the Russians did it, well, that is a completely unsubstantiated and baseless conspiracy theory based on nothing more than the fact that the leaked ZIP file eventually ended up on a Russian server, (posted via a Turkish proxy).


  24. 93
    ATTACK ATTACK!!! says:

    Trouble is, “Call me Dave” & Co just try to rise above it & maintain a dignified silence. The guillible masses interpret that as them having no answer. Dear Tories (not that I am one – but for the sake of spiffing armchair entertainment), YOU NEED TO CALL THEIR HYPOCRITICAL BLUFFS on each & every occasion. They are trouncing you. Good God, Browns got the upper hand at PMQs, when (as the WORST PM ever) Cameron (& Cameron Lite) should be f*cking destroying him. Sigh.


    • 105
      Anonymous says:

      You have it spot on. The Tories need to be far more aggressive in attacking the Government and the various members of it. Labour scum can’t complain: they began personal attacks on the Tories, so all is fair.

      We must destroy the Labour Party once and for all. I has been nothing but evil.


      • 142
        Number 7 says:

        Possibly? Keeping one’s powder dry?


        • 190
          The UK is becoming East Germany circa 1976 says:

          Keeping his powder dry for what exactly?

          The utter decimation of the economy and our childrens future by this rotten government?
          The end of the constant wars that labour are engaged in, with tory support I may add?
          The complete takeover and dismantling of this country by the EU and fraudulent international treaty?
          What is Cameron waiting for exactly?
          This vile government of perverts, thieves and frauds, are the worst ever, yet Cameron is totally ineffectual.

          Docile tories still believe that “their man” is not an opportunist, principle free, wanker and that the self confessed “heir to Bliar” Cameron, is using a cunning plan to let McMental ruin everything, including our childrens futures, in order to show us that Brown is utterly useless and his government, are a disgusting array of disingenuous, liars and manipulative con men, as if we did not understand that already?

          If that is the case, then Cameron is not only stupid but very dangerous indeed and it shows a level of cynical contempt, previously only attributed to the endlessly corrupt labour party.

          How on Earth can anyone wait for the decimation of their country and their childrens future and not FIGHT the architects of its destruction, with every fibre of their being? Unless of course the are letting the labour party do the work they themselves would be doing, if they were in government.


      • 162
        Growser says:

        Wait till you see the whites of their eyes, then is the time to anihilate the corrupt scum.


    • 113
      Animal says:

      You don’t destroy the man who is going to gift the Conservatives a huge majority if he stays put.

      You’ll see the screw start being turned from about mid-January, and the artillery will be rolled out when it gets too late for the Government to have a leadership contest.

      That, of course, is assuming Brown doesn’t jump first and hand over the reigns of his monumental ruining of this now wasted country to someone who has the belly for a fight.


    • 129
      Mr Ned says:

      Cameron cannot lay into Brown, because he is on the same side as Brown.

      They are both on the same side of the elite few against the British people.


      • 136
        ATTACK ATTACK!!! says:

        Nuff said, Sigh (even longer).


        • 191
          The UK is becoming East Germany circa 1976 says:

          “They are both on the same side of the elite few against the British people.”

          They are and whats more, to paraphrase Hannon, they know, we know they are.

          The big three, are in reality just one and have been for some time too.


  25. 96
    Agent of M says:

    we know you are dear.


  26. 100
    Agent 99 says:

    Just saw the Sky breaking news

    “Prime Minister assualted and struck in the mouth”

    YESSSSSSS!!!! oh noooo….only to find out it was Silvio Belusconi

    Shit, double shit and even triple shit!!!


  27. 101
  28. 102
    Gordon Gekko says:

    Amazon is moving into brick and mortar UK stores

    buy into the stock while it’s hot.


  29. 103
    Agent 99 says:

    Just back from the game and would like you to know that Bath RFU just stuffed the Edinburgh team 16-9. Ok Ok! its not England – Scotland but every little helps!


  30. 111

    Loretto is full of peados lol.


  31. 116
    Anonymous says:

    Not only did Andrew Marr go to private school (his parents’ choice), his children go to private school (his choice)


    • 119
      BillyBob ... reduce our carbon footprint, stop immigration? says:

      Since when have the Marxists ever done what they tell us to do, it is do what I say, not do as I do…. traitors to the Working Classes !


    • 149
      A Sparrow says:

      All of them? Nudge Nudge Wink Wink


  32. 120
    SANTA'S HELPER says:

    anyone got any good christmas jokes?


  33. 127
    Odds Bodkins says:

    I watched that this morning – delicious. Wham! Marr walked into that like the blinkered buffer that he is, making it far too easy for Boris. Boris had obviously read this previous Marr / Loretto blog post, or similar, for ammunition, Marr unfortunately didn’t, with the predictable result.



  34. 134
    The Sky tonight says:

    Fantastic night sky….The stars are bright… Milky way so easy to see…shooting stars in abundance..bloody freezing too.

    Do not Tell Gordon or he will tax it.


  35. 148
    Anonymous says:

    Imagine the scene

    Doctor : Im afraid your results arent good, the disease has spread and surgery is urgently required or you will certainly succumb withing weeks if not days.

    Patient: Oh my God then operate quickly.

    Doctor : It is difficult as such a proceedure is not easy, and in fact there is only a few surgeons capable of carrying it out.

    Patient: What School did they go to ?

    No I dont think the patient would ask that question in reality either.


  36. 152
    Zacaroo says:

    You are thinking of Archer, surely? He was caught stealing suits but magically got let off (good work there TaT). A habitual liar and thief gets those demeanours ignored, so why did he have to withdrawal as mayoral candidate? Oh yes, sex with prostitutes: the usual Tory weakness. Can anyone explain the mysterious death of the prostitute involved?

    Has Boris ever strayed towards ladies of the night? (Yes, I know he has had zipper problems, but did he have an Archer zipper problem?)


  37. 156
    Norfolk nell says:

    I hear the Lib/Labs having a go at D.C for saying that all parliamentarians must pay tax to this country.At least he is getting to grips with the situation.What did Blair/Brown do about it during the last twelve years.?
    P.S. I really hate Ed.Balls. I can really picture him as the school bully.


    • 163
      Sweaty Balls says:

      So what ??


    • 166
      C.Eng says:

      Balls and Brown. They really should have been born into the USSR during the purges so that they could have carried out their dreams of destroying free speech, enterprise and millions of good people.

      They must be dissappointed that their activities here are limited by comparison with their true potential for total destruction.

      However you have to admire what they’ve achieved destructively over 12 years considering the constraints they faced.


  38. 170
    Anonymous says:

    I’m Bullingdon Boris
    My friends call me Doris
    I saunter along in a daze
    I’ve screwed lots of wives
    And so ruined lots of lives
    But the details are a bit of a haze

    I’m Bo, Bo
    I may be quite slow
    But not when I see a nice bum
    But everyone knows
    All I can do is pose
    Except when I go out to slum.


    • 178
      R.McGeddon says:

      I’m Loretto Ali,
      I’m no longer pally,
      With that shithead we call Gordon Brown.
      I’ve tried not to dally,
      To help England rally,
      But Balls wont let me bring spending down.

      I’m Ali, Ali, I went to Loretto
      Never been to the Gorbals; what a ghetto !
      As I struggle with the Budget,
      I am forced just to fudge it
      Look at Ed there, what’s that sweat for ?


  39. 176
    Ed Balls says:

    Could I just once more make it quite clear that although I do sweat like a rapist when being interviewed and although admittedly I do rather look like a sex pest and although I am a turncoat Bilderberg traitor who has sold the country’s sovereignty behind closed doors at Bilderberg meetings,I still just want to make sure that everyone understands one thing and that is this:
    I am not a rapist.
    I mean, look at my wife!


  40. 182
    Gordon has had biggest busts ever says:

    I would have liked Boris to say, ‘So we both went to expensive schools and USED to be journalists. Then we went into political activism. Parallel lives really.’

    Maybe Marr became a Marxist revolutionary like his friend Alistair Darling and was similarly purged of part of his guilt. If he didn’t go through that process he shouldn’t have ever been in an influential position in society. Well that’s the fucking bollocks Liebore way of looking at it anyway.

    Labour Policy: Everybody even vaguely posh should be shot. Except posh me and my posh friends.


  41. 186

    […] Still, what’s wrong with someone having gone to a good school with a worldwide reputation? Boris seems to have the right idea. […]


  42. 187
    Anonymous says:

    Such blatant left wing bias ill behoves someone whose salary is paid for by the licence fee. The Chairman of the BBC should discipline Mr Marr.


  43. 188
    had enough says:

    marr is just a high minded racist.

    discriminatory,the likes of which we thought we had banished from the uk,but no.

    these lefties really do bring our once great country down even further.

    i just wonder if that was there plan all ruin britain.

    can you imagine a big political debate in the usa or geneva(with adults over 40) and they all all suabbling about what school they went to!!

    i despise the left wing of this country,chippy,small minded,and we pay for them.


  44. 192
    City Lad says:

    Lorretto is NOT the “smartest” school in Scotland Guido.

    Gordonstoun claims “that title”. I know. I went there. Plus et en vous.


  45. 203

    Been following this blog for a while, keep it going


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