December 11th, 2009

Gordon Claims for His Second Home: Where is His First Home?

There has been a lot of tut-tutting about Gordon belatedly paying back £500 for the “questionable” painting of a summerhouse in the garden of his Fife home. So there should be, how did Gordon imagine it was that the summerhouse expenses claimed had been incurred “wholly, necessarily, and exclusively” in the performance of parliamentary duties?

He was able to do that using his second home allowance, but hang on a second, where is his first home?  He lives in grace and favour accomodation in Downing Street, he has use of the grace and favour Chequer’s mansion.  He pays nothing in rent or mortgage for those properties.  When he married he adroitly gave to Sarah the flat he bought cheaply in dubious circumstances from Robert Maxwell’s estate and Guido understands it is now rented out at a profit.  That leaves only his old Fife home.  It is clearly his real home, it is the only one he owns. Yet he designates it as his “second home” for expenses purposes.

That is just quite simply a dishonest and false claim made only to maximise the amount he can milk from the expenses system.  It allows him to live without paying for accommodation anywhere – if only he was so frugal with government expenditure – all at the expense of the taxpayer.  He taxes the shirts off our backs to pay for the ironing of the shirt on his back.


  1. 1
    Four eyes says:

    Apply normal tax rules.


  2. 2
    Spank Sinatra says:

    Nice one Guido……… really at a loss to understand what one has to say or do to suggest to these people that (irrespective of what they think / how they vote) we need some feeling that they can dig deep and try and serve some greater interest other than their own……

  3. 3
    W.W. says:

    Him buying the flat from Maxwell’s estate is significant, he as been using the Maxwell Economic theory to run the country for the last 12 years.

    At least Maxwell had the decency to tkae a long walk off a short plank when he was caught robbing the pension pot, if only Jonah would do the same thing, then I would consider it £1.4t well spent.


  4. 4
    Richy says:

    Yet not a mention of Cameron and his maxed out mortgage claims.

    Why should we buy the multi millionaire a house for him?

    Is this not worth questioning?

    More so than some paint and ironing.

  5. 5
    13eastie (147 Days: Bye-bye, Gordon!) says:

    Stalin had a dacha.
    Every dog has its day.

  6. 6
    BOFL says:

    6+9……you really are a sad Hunt!

  7. 7
    W.W. says:

    Best to ignore it, only looking for a response.


  8. 8
    Nick says:

    They aren’t applying tax rules are they?

    1. Expenses for MPs are exempt from income tax. Remember that when they lecture people are their tax affairs. MPs run the biggest tax evasion scheme going. They voted for expenses not to be taxed.

    Now Brown’s being paying back cash. Interestingly he hasn’t been paying interest on the money that he’s had interest free.

    Since he’s paid it back, its not an expense and not subject to their tax avoidance scheme.

    Now an interest free loan at the public expense is against the rules of MPs. No appearance of benefit. Here its not even an appearance, its carte blanche enrichment.

    One get out is to make a confession to the IR and pay the tax.

    Then the question is what rate of interest. How about the rate the DWP says pensioners profit from savings? 10%

    A rough guess says Brown owes another 3,000 plus amount of cash


  9. 9
    King Karlos says:

    And the odds of this corrupt fucker getting held to account by anyone for such trivial matters as fleecing the taxpayer to the tune of billions whilst lining his own pocket? The square root of fucking zero.

  10. 10
    Tax tax tax says:

    Why are we still paying for Brown’s Sky Sports TV package?

    If he wants to get off at looking at men in tight shorts in rugby and tennis, he can pay for it his bloody self!

  11. 11
    Tankboy says:

    Will try and be eloquent here:

    the one eyed tosser!!!!!

  12. 12
    Rufus Stone says:

    Is that a Maxwell House? He needs decaffinating.

  13. 13
    Baron Martin of Springburn says:

    I didn’t come into politics not to take what’s owed to me.

  14. 14
    Baron Martin of Springburn says:

    Mr Fawkes encourages quantity over quality.
    It’s all in the stats, and the resulting advertising revenue.

  15. 15
    don't say "simples" says:

    PLEASE don’t say “simples”

    it makes you sound like a complete twat

  16. 16
    The Tribe says:

    It was mossad, I’ll contribute for the next one

  17. 17
    genghiz the kahn says:

    Too many MPs have forgotten the principle of equality before the law, when it comes to expenses, income tax, stamp duty, capital gains tax, IHT. They are not sucked into the PAYE system, but do we really know how much tax they have ever paid?

    I would expect that most of this blog’s readers are caught by the delightful PAYE scheme, administered on behalf of HMRC, fewer still will be able to claim for the sort of expenses outlined in the PDF files.

    The trouble is the MSM have forgotten that Ministers in The Treasury have been setting taxes for the rest of us, yet they have been extraordinarily careful to minimise their exposure to those taxes they levy on the rest of us. Brown, Cooper, Balls, Darling, Ussher and Primarolo should have taken care that they were above suspicion when it came to expenses, but it looks as if they were not.

  18. 18
    why? says:

    Who are the cnuts who fill all comments pages with such shite? People like “master baiter”, “private parts”, “green fabian”, “richy rich” etc.

    Their comments are innane, make no sense and display a twisted logic. I can’t understand if they are idiots or part of an online strategy of some form or other. Now, knowing that Derek Draper set up an “online rapid rebuttal unit” around the same time as the infamous “Red Rag” project was initiated, I am drawn to conclude that they are part of some form of online strategy.

    It is not just this website either, you can see the exactly the same line (depending on the day’s briefing) being taken by (a very small minority) of commentators on practically all UK blogs. Now I remember a poster, who I believe still posts on the Spectator website called “Dirty European Socialist” who had suggested a boycott by all left (whatever that is..) wing bloggers of so – called right wing blogs, followed by a call to arms to engage the right wing blogs with a coordinated campaign to put across a specific viewpoint (a nice labour – style U turn). Combining this with the job that is currently advertised by the labour party, which Old Holborn has applied for, I am pretty certain that there is some form of coordinated attempt to imply the central party/ngo/charity (however the thing is structured) line is a line held by “ordinary” folk. Quite clearly this has totally failed to shift opinion, apart from amongst the most gullible, but I wonder if it is an attempt to decrease the quality of comments and sidetrack any conversation: the classic divide and rule.

    I have to say that I ignore their comments, as they add no value, however there must be some rational behind this strategy I just can’t work out what it is. Although, I would like to know who is paying them, coordinating them, where they operate from and why the fuck they bother – do you people who do this realize that this is (broadly) what the communist party of China does?

    PS. Please grow up with your names, the death of a child (any child) isn’t something that should be used so callously. What if it was your child?

  19. 19
    Diane Abbott MP says:

    I can say what I like you fucks. Because I am a big black woman. Fuck you all, you fucking fucks. Fuck you very much.

  20. 20

    “He taxes the shirts off our backs to pay for the ironing of the shirt on his back”


  21. 21
    Diane Abbott MP says:

    MIkey Porto keeps touching me up off camera. He wants some Zulu!! Haven’t the heart to tell him I’m a no-tail…..

  22. 22
    Anonymous says:

    No simple a meertwat.

  23. 23
    Mark Beeboid says:

    That’s why we give her 50k a year.
    Who’s going to tell her she’s shit?

  24. 24
    Cassandra says:

    I’m far more optimistic.Something’s spooking Brown and it’s going to destroy him.

  25. 25
    Diane Abbott MP says:

    Oh and stop whinging you little shits. Get elected if you want our perks. Otherwise, shut the fuck up. You shits. I’d happily kick every one one of your arses. Whiney little fucks.

  26. 26
    R Guido says:

    Hello Maddie. Where have you been hiding?

  27. 27
    Tachybaptus says:

    His LAST home should be at Broadmoor, anyway.

  28. 28
    Brown's a Tosser says:

    The fundamental issue here is WHY does the PM need a second home with allowances etc paid by the taxpayer? He has grace and favour residences: Downing Street, Chequers and if not there then swanky hotels when out of the country. This is just theft and greed from a man who is an utter disgrace and has the gaul to say to the camera he paid back the painting expense for his summer house of his own volition yeh right not because you were going to get found out then. This man continues to insult our intelligence and treat everyone as stupid. Roll on the GE I want to see this man squirm. A complete fuckwit.

  29. 29
    City of Vice says:

    Excellent. I hope this jibe is oft repeated and sticks to that tosser Brown in the coming months.

    Nothing infuriates a bully more than ridicule.

  30. 30
    City of Vice says:

    We shouldn’t.

    And two wrongs don’t make a right so what’s your fucking point?

  31. 31
    Heir-to-Blair says:

    Now all he needs to do is not cooperate with the Parliamentary authorities just to seal the deal on being a contemtable repulsive disgusting piggy

  32. 32
    Andy Arsehole says:

    Who would he be speaking to on xmas eve in Canterbury for an hour and a half?
    First correct answer wins fifteen minutes of fame.

  33. 33
    Andy Coulson's Mouthpiece says:

    shut the fuck up
    we pay good money to keep people on message
    or at least Lord Ash does
    (he can be contacted in the usual way)

  34. 34
    right up the Bullingdon! says:

    “they claim benefits and love bankers coz George and Dave are rich wankers”

    Nothing infuriates a bullingdon more than ridicule.

  35. 35
    Holiday snaps says:

    Pygmy hippo

  36. 36
    Mr Speaker, Rt Hon John Bercow MP says:

    Nooooo, I agree. You areeeeee litle shits. Fuck you all.

  37. 37
    Call me Dave's second home expenses says:

    Critical Cameron claimed £1,000-plus a month

    David Cameron was charging more than £1,000 a month in mortgage interest payments at the same time that he was calling for a radical reform of MPs’ expenses and allowance at the height of this year’s scandal.

    Just two days after issuing a public apology on 10 May for the “bad” system of parliamentary expenses, Cameron submitted £1,081 for mortgage interest on his Witney constituency home for that month.

    Cameron signed an expenses claim for £1,459.10 on 12 May, under the new personal additional accommodation expenditure, four days after the scandal erupted with the publication of leaked details of MPs’ expenses by the Daily Telegraph.

    The claim by the Tory leader included £1,081 in mortgage interest, £208 in council tax and £170.10 in heating fuel.

  38. 38
    Diane Abbott MP says:

    Do u wanna find out whitey?

  39. 39
    Call me Dave's second home expenses says:

    Cameron’s expenses, published in the Telegraph on 11 May, showed that he had claimed a total of £82,450 on his second home allowance over five years. He agreed to pay back £680 he had claimed for repairs to his constituency home, including the cost of clearing wsteria.

    The Tory leader faced little criticism over his expenses because his claims were completely within the rules. But Sir Christopher Kelly, who was charged with recommending reforms, has said that mortgage interest claims should be phased out and that MPs should charge for rented accommodation instead.

    The details of expenses released today showed that Cameron claimed £20,240.25 under the additional costs allowance in 2008-9, close to the maximum of £24,006. He also:

    • Made use of one of the £10,000 communications allowance which he has described as “state-sanctioned propaganda”. This allows MPs to charge for wesites and sending out leaflets as long as they publicise their work as constituency MPs and are not political. In 2007-08 Cameron claimed £1,656.76 for maintaining his website and £456.25 for taking out advertisements in local Witney newsletters.

    In a speech on cutting the costs of politics in September this year, Cameron said of the communications allowance: “It may sound newfangled, but let me tell you: it’s nothing less than old-fashioned, state-sanctioned propaganda.

    “It’s there for every MP to pay for sending newspapers and leaflets to their constituents to tell them how great they are, what a brilliant job they’re doing and why they’re the best thing since sliced bread. It’s anti-democratic, it’s a waste of money, so it’s gone. And the best thing is, we’ll save the taxpayer £5m.”

  40. 40
    Call me Dave's expenses says:

    • Charged £6,879.52 to his West Oxfordshire Conservative Association in August 2007 for the use of a researcher (£3,750.79), a secretary (£2,537.93), the use of halls and rooms (£503.47) and posters (£87.33).

    This was completely within the rules because the work was designed to help MPs in their constituency work. But the system, in which MPs channel public funds to their constituency, has been strongly criticised.

    • Claimed £1,198.57 for oil for the stove at his Witney home on top of monthly utility bills averaging £180 a month. The Tory leader claimed £867.57 for burning oil in October 2008, with a further claim in February 2009 for £331 for his second home. He also secured a 10% reduction in council tax on the property, though the value of the property meant he was still claiming back £196 a month for the band G tax.

  41. 41
    Gordon Brown says:

    Words of a jealous jealous man.

  42. 42
    Re-Hab friends says:

    Susan Boyle!

  43. 43
    R Guido says:

    FFS. Don’t start shaking that booty. My plasma will be spread all over the wall.

  44. 44
    Miguel Portillio says:

    I utterly agree – anything less – would be racism.

  45. 45

    Gordon Brown reminds me of another Scotsman, the infamous Deacon Brodie. By day an Edinburgh city councillor and deacon of the Trades Guilds. By night he was a thief.

  46. 46
    george michael says:

    doesnt he have a cottage on hampstead heath?

  47. 47
    Ashamed relative (to what?) says:

    You must be more of a man than you thought you were, well done, you cock

  48. 48
    Dodgy Dave says:

    Gordo’s first home was the Frankfurt School. What a star!

  49. 49
    Sunonmars says:

    sorting out a bit of “rent” maybe.

  50. 50
    Little Angussie says:

    Hey Guido

    to paraphrase George Orwell

    “all Comrades are equal but some are more equal than the rest!”

    Blair, Brown, Kinnock, Bollocks and his Doxy, Prescott, Hoon, Milburn, Miliband (banana), etc.

    They have the nerve to lecture David Cameron & the Tories for being ‘toffs’ – however these Marxists and Trots have a sense of entitlement that knows no limits. They spout about social welfare for the many when the only people who benefit are themselves – and never had a ‘real’ job – any of them!

  51. 51
    The big D says:

    and Cameron’s grace and favor home is?

  52. 52
    Andy Warhol says:

    Obama was baptised an Anglican in Kenya.Williams was instructed to shred the record.

  53. 53
    Daveyone says:

    Are you still on his Christmas card list Guido (as withthe Blairs) I wonder?

  54. 54
    Dodgy Dave says:

    P.S. Frankfurt School = destruction of western society, for anyone wondering.

  55. 55
    Anonymous says:

    Read about it…..

  56. 56
    Jan says:

    There was an article in the ES about Euan Blair and his FREE Sky package.Apparently Sky has a VIP department and anybody important enough applies to Sky and they get free installation etc etc. So isn’t our Prime Mentalist important enough??????? Who the f…k is Euan Blair to get this free when other people have to pay? Here in Ireland we have to pay in excess of £60 a month just for the basic tv package.Whereas in the UK my mother gets her telephone/broadband/tv for a pittance. Why are the Irish being ripped off by Sky? RTE (our BBC) churns out the most dire programmes,they are usually repeats of ghastly UK/USA shows and their own shows are copies of rubbish programmes from the UK .

  57. 57
    caesars wife says:

    Interesting fawkes , you wouldnt think he would be so stupid as to try and fiddle a non existant home would you , errmmm hold on minute .

    is blair a non dom ???

    Darlings finaces are crap one report has him missing £70bn as growth figures are too optomistc , citing he may have to borrow this !! bond market took it well , gulp !!

  58. 58
    Will Hell says:

    Thanks for posting this.

    I’ll cancel my Sky subscription tomorrow. I’m buggered if I’m paying so that some drunken tosser can have one fo free.

  59. 59
    Simples says:


  60. 60
    Cameron's butler says:

    Another disgrace.

  61. 61
    Andrew Simples says:

    Miguel – what’s your affinity with the big black lady? I thought you were into men?

  62. 62
    No WMD's says:

    His LAST home should be a cell at The Hague

  63. 63
    Dahling's Bust says:

    Has he allowed for another 5 million well-heeled Brits leaving the country over the next ten years? How the hell is he going to tax them?

  64. 64
    Mitch says:

    Is the summerhouse where a good Marxist homosexual stores his beard?

  65. 65
    Down with Brown! says:

    Who does Gord keep calling in Canterbury?

  66. 66
    Only_Good_News says:

    Well if the insomniacs are still blogging the Guardian comments today about Brown’s blocking of a real increase in VAT. The fact is that public finances are so much in the red that no party wants to reveal that it will mean a massive increase in indirect taxation or swingeing public sector cuts – or maybe a bit of both.

    If the Tories win, or even if Labour scrapes back into power with the help of LIBS, SNP and PLAID an increase in VAT is certainly on the cards – maybe to 19.5% or even 20.5% (gasps of horror).

    And here’s a lurker – Alcohol Tax. No government has ever got back in on the back of a booze tax, but plenty have instigated one afterwards.
    Alcohol seems the best target for both parties with its binge reputation and cost to the Health Service. It would get instant revenue too.

    +25P on a Standard Pint
    +75p on a bottle of wine
    +150P on a bottle of Whiskey
    + 50% on Xtra Strength Beer
    +25% on AlcoPops

    Ciggies – a no brainer since one fag in 5 is smuggled – maybe +50P a pack

    Since wine consumption alone is some 5m bottles per day the revenue would work out at well over a 1.25 billion per year – so across the board it could net up to 10 Billion. With some other health defensive price rises perhaps 15 Billion.

    When you hear both parties being quiet about something it is almost certain that both have it in mind.

  67. 67
    prole says:


  68. 68
    The Dirty Rat says:

    He taxes the shirts off our backs to pay for the ironing of the shirt on his back.

    And he still looks a scruffy cnut.

  69. 69
    Down with Brown! says:

    Peter Garrett sold out when he joined the Aussie Labour party!

  70. 70
    Anonymous says:

    Champagne socialists; a truly evil breed.

    A champagne socialist member of the public is just annoying because they’re hypocritical and their ideology’s fucking sick/twisted.

    But a champagne socialist who’s in power and actually lays down the law for everyone else (and then exempts only themselves from those laws) and who physically gets money from the poorest people in society to pay for their luxuries by doubling their tax rate is truly fucking evil and should be shot.

    I still don’t understand why this government hasn’t been physically ousted by a baying mob.

  71. 71
    not long for the communist death camps says:

  72. 72
    Party before country says:

    From BBC Website:

    ‘The Treasury wanted tougher action in the pre-Budget report to tackle the UK deficit but was overruled by the prime minister, the BBC has learned.

    Officially the Treasury says Chancellor Alistair Darling devised the plans, but the BBC understands he wanted to go further on tackling the £178bn deficit.

    However, months before an election, Gordon Brown wanted existing pledges to boost spending by £30bn maintained.’

    So, instead of doing the right thing, Brown is playing the party advantage card at the cost of allowing more debt to be rolled over to the next (Conservative Government) in the hope of maintaining a ‘carping’ presence in the Commons, while others tackle the painful issues.

    The man is utter ……. (fill in your own expletive)

  73. 73
    Marcus Aurelius says:

    Just compare Staff Sergeant Olaf Schmid’s widow with vermin like Jacqui Smith, Harriet Harman, Hazel Blears.

    Whom do you think of as your countrywoman? The condescending memsahibs of an allien ruling class still troughing it and lecturing us in the foreign language of “stakeholders” and”engagement”?

  74. 74
    labour is a cancer on society says:

    The man is a buffoon. A disgrace to whatever nationality he associates himself with – he is certainly no Scot. A bigger charlatan even than Blair. Never had a proper job in his life. The man thinks the public purse should provide his millions. Daft history degree. Marxist. What do we expect? How can it have happened? How were so many fooled?

  75. 75
    Right Bastard says:

    There is an assumpyion here that the average person can continue paying more at the same level of consumption. The higher the tax, the less is consumed and the law of diminishing returns kicks in.

    Better to reduce taxes, then people can drink and smoke to their hearts content and die happy early thereby saving elderly care costs to the taxpayer.

  76. 76
    Putin says:

    and your point is? If he produced valid receipts for these claims(and no doubt he did,or you would have mentioned it) That would put him in the same bracket as a large number of other MPs. Why single him out?

    The system has now been changed and presumably he complies with the rules ?

    Brown had the chance to introduce legislation to deal with this and bottled it as usual.

    Has Brown volunteered to give up his allowances during this period? No.

  77. 77
    Putin says:

    Well, Brown had the chance to introduce legislation but refused it. Cameron os not the only millionaire making claims…why do you target only one MP? They are all at it.

  78. 78

    I thought he’d asked someone to toss him off

  79. 79
    Hilary Winyard says:

    disgusting language

  80. 80

    Hey: How come there are two no. 11’s?

    That’s not cricket!

  81. 81
    Anonymous says:

    Lets find out where his first ‘paid’ home is in the courtroom?

  82. 82
  83. 83
    Gordon Brown says:

    Why don’t you expose this hoon then ????????

    James Arbuthnot, Tory chairman of the Defence Select Committee, claimed for three “Genius four-piece garlic peeling and cutting sets” costing £43.56 from the QVC shopping channel.

    Another claim made by Mr Arbuthnot was £451.88 for the replacement of an electric clutch and blade bearings, along with labour costs, on a Westwood lawn mower.

  84. 84
    Susie says:

    Never mind. Euan Blair will always be known as the PM’s son who was found falling down drunk in Leicester Square, whose flat was bought with the assistance of a convicted con man, was installed in a cushy Washington job and freeloaded Sky subs on the back of his Daddy.

    Not a great CV so far and he’s in his early 20’s.

  85. 85
    Unfortunately 22% still believe them !! says:

    Never underestimate the British Electorate. They have been “conned” 3 times and maybe enough of them can still be “conned” again Labour could still even now be re-elected with a small majority or we could get a hung Parliament with the Conservatives as the largest party but with no overall majority

    The Conservatives have a massive challenge;they’ve got UKIP who could very well ensure that some seats remain in the hands of Labour; they’ve got to combat the 24 hour negative news cycle churned out continually by Labour supporting/friendly media outlets such as the BBC

  86. 86
    Anonymous says:

    Class post!

  87. 87
    anonymouse in the Treasury skirting boards says:

    This is the same “crime” Mackay and Kirkbride are guilty of. Claiming for a second home when they do not pay for a first one out of their own pockets.

    Off with (their) heads!

  88. 88
    Odd_Jobber says:

    Reading the Mail’s article on Gordon summer House (et al.)

    I was astounded to hear that painting a shed with windows would cost anyone 500 quid. It looks like a gallon of varnish 3 paintbrushes and thinner.
    A bit of fiddly window frame painting, maybe one day’s work, one man.

    Here is my tender:

    Materials at rip-off prices 90.00
    Labour (EU derived) 75.00
    Cost 165.00
    Vat (ha ha mate I mean pub bill ) 28.87

    Total Vat added 193.87
    (sorry no change guv 200.00)

    Anyone hear can beat my estimate ?

  89. 89
    Another Exile says:

    You stupid lefty Hunts just can’t hack it can you. Guido raises a valid point about Brown and all you can do is bitch and whine about Cameron. Answer the fucking point in the blog you wanker.

  90. 90
    Another Exile says:

    What’s your fucking point – you’re dribbling shite. Answer the fucking point in the blog – you and the rest of Brown’s sychophantic lickspittle arseholes make me sick

  91. 91
    Anonymous says:

    Well said Marcus – there is simply no comparison. Squalid individuals like J Smith MP are worthless.

  92. 92
    Another Exile says:

    What grace and favour home does he have – none you dumb Hunt. Answer the fucking point in the blog and stop dodging it.

  93. 93
    Another Exile says:

    Well, at least it’s the honest answer for once.

  94. 94
    Sarah_Im_Busy says:

    if Gordy had tried to paint it himself I would have guessed the colour was white. He probably got loads on his hair!

  95. 95
    Angry Englishman says:

    GUido, this is a bit late, but welcome nevertheless. Brown is clearly charging his living costs to the taxpayer, on top of receiving his salary. He is no leader, he is simply a scheming, slef-interested pip-squeek. There is obviously no reason for us to pay for his Tv (sky or otherwise), no reason for us to clean his flat and no reason for us to pay for anything to do with his Scottish house (which isn’t even in his constituency). When will plod make their move?

  96. 96
    Christmas Cracker says:

    Did you hear about the chinese couple who gave birth to an albino child?
    The doctor said it was impossible – two wongs don’t make a white.

  97. 97
    LIZ BON'TREATY says:

    Anybody Reading This Who Is Close To Cameron Should Tell Him To Use It At The Next PMQ’s

  98. 98

    And now it’s all been rearranged and renumbered so I look like an obsessive dribbling batshit loon

  99. 99
    Contract Manager says:

    You can have the contract as long as you comply in full with the customer’s policies on equall opportunities for people who can’t paint, ladies, and other disadvantaged groups. Also please make sure that you fully comply with the Construction industry scheme on tax-dedecution fo subbies.

    If you pass this test, kindly forard your risk assessment, method statement and list of all approariately qualified operatives to the customer 4 weeks before starting work.

    Finally, could you do the neighbour’s shed for £50 cash as well please?

  100. 100
    LIZ BON'TREATY says:

    Better cancel your alcohol bills as well as part of that revenue will subsidize all their subsidized bars and restaurantsin the HoC
    They Are Scum Utter Scum !

  101. 101
    REEVO says:

    Well there you have it!

    While our soldiers lifeblood needlessly drains into Afghan sand, Westminster scum loot the treasury at will.

    Never had a proper job sitting on their fat backsides trousering all they can from the toil, misery, sweat and. blood.

    Has one single MP a son or daughter serving in an Afghanistan province…..

    No, what a suprise!

    Thats just for idiots.

  102. 102
    Did we say TORY cuts? the recession is global. LABOUR INVESTMENT says:

    Labour have really given up having him in charge – one look at them confirms this – the only people that surprise me at being up for the opposition (if they keep their seats) are the Milband bros. Whatever you may think of them they are clearly intelligent and relishing the responsibility they have. The same for Balls and Cooper (reishing the responsibility) part.

    Are they really going to let this first class pratt ruin it for each and every single one of them?

    I have to say I don’t care – every bad and partisan pathetic decision is one in the eye for them all.

  103. 103
    No Cash; Bust Gordon says:


  104. 104
    Koba says:

    You made the point precisely. What was he thinking when he claimed for painting his summer house? Paying back the money when he knew he would get caught makes no difference as to his motives in the first place.
    Quite simply, he has a criminal mindset and takes us for fools, we are just there for the milking.

  105. 105
    Nick2 says:

    HMRC penalties were toughened up a couple of years ago. I believe that the lowest level is 30% and the max penalty (in addition to additional tax and late payment interest) is 100% of the additional liability.

  106. 106
    LIZ BON'TREATY says:

    So Thats Where He Got His Policies From ! They Were in the the rubbish left behind by the Maxwells No wonder The C*NT Robbed And Destroyed My Pension ! I WOULD LIKE TO WISH

  107. 107
    Taxfodder says:

    Shameful to see how our MP s are still lining their pockets while young families can’t even afford a deposit let alone a monthly mortgage payment.

  108. 108
    Tapestry says:

    These expenses-soaked Leninists who’ve bankrupted Britain still think they’ll win the election.

    I wish it was a joke. But it’s not.

  109. 109
    Did we say TORY cuts? the recession is global. LABOUR INVESTMENT says:

    wy don’t the Scottish exective pay for his house anyway?

    is al-magrahi still with us? lovely.

  110. 110
    LIZ BON'TREATY says:

    The Archbishop ?

  111. 111
    Cato Street Conspirator says:

    And I never understood those cleaning bills for his ‘London flat’ when he was Chancellor and had a perfectly good address in Downing Street. I’m surprised this was never followed up.

  112. 112
    Did we say TORY cuts? the recession is global. LABOUR INVESTMENT says:

    why would you need a summer house in Fife anyway – it’s bloody freezing!

  113. 113
    Canterbury Calling says:

    Who was the Canterbury recipient of Gordons numerous midnight phone calls?

    Is there a gay sex phone line based in Canterbury

  114. 114
    LIZ BON'TREATY says:

    She also gets nearly£6000 Per episode on that programme !
    And still only has one set of clothes !

  115. 115
    Did we say TORY cuts? the recession is global. LABOUR INVESTMENT says:

    because we’re english, we’re a nation depressed and we would rather mutter about it – bit cold today isn’t it?

  116. 116
    Mr Ned says:

    Yeah, so Cameron uses the same system? and? Who IMPLEMENTED the system?

    To be fair though, They are ALL fucking at it!

    BUT it is labour who bitches and moans about “toffs” whilst taxing ordinary people to pay for the repairs to their bell towers on their own mansions!


  117. 117
    Mr Ned says:

    True, and I do not see Cameron bitching and moaning about “toffs” whilst increasing the taxes on the poor to pay for his own mansion!

    I do see labour millionaires pretending to be for the working class whilst attempting to DOUBLE the taxes of the poorest workers and then claiming repairs to their own mansions.


  118. 118
    Domestic Science says:

    “He taxes the shirts off our backs to pay for the ironing of the shirt on his back.”

    You mean his Beard can’t even do the ironing?

  119. 119
    Andrei Lugovoy says:

    I still have some Polonium 210, do you require my services?

  120. 120
    Gordon Browns Spastic Chin Wobble says:

    The only friction in Sarah Brown’s marriage to the Prime Minister was her husband’s habit of farting loudly every morning when he awoke, the noise would wake his wife and the smell would make her eyes water and make her gasp for air.

    Every morning she would plead with him to stop ripping them off because it was making her sick. He told her he couldn’t stop it and that it was perfectly natural. She told him to see a doctor, she was concerned that one day he would blow his guts out.

    The years went by and he continued to rip them out. Then one Christmas morning as her servants were preparing the turkey for dinner and he was upstairs sound asleep, she looked at the innards and neck, gizzard, liver and all the spare parts and a malicious thought came to her. She took the bowl and went upstairs where her husband was sound asleep and, gently pulling the bed covers back, she pulled back the elastic waistband of his underwear and emptied the bowl of turkey guts into his shorts.

    Some time later she heard her husband waken with his usual trumpeting which was followed by a blood curdling scream and the sound of frantic footsteps as he ran into the bath room.

    Sarah Brown could hardly control herself as she rolled on the floor laughing, tears in her eyes! After years of torture she reckoned she had got him back pretty good.. About twenty minutes later, her husband came downstairs in his bloodstained underpants with a look of horror on his face. She bit her lip as she asked him what was the matter. He said, “honey you were right. All these years you have warned me and I didn’t listen to you”.

    “What do you mean?” asked his wife.

    “Well, you always told me that one day I would end up farting my guts out, and today it finally happened. But by the grace of god, some vaseline and two fingers. I think I got most of them back in.”

  121. 121

    To retreat into to avoid casual callers when sunbathing naked to top up that Scottish pallor

  122. 122
    Postal Vote says:

    Let’s all send in our tax returns in a week late, as a symbolic gesture.

    But, if allowances for food and alcohol not get taxed in future (or reduced to the same effect on a net basis), we should stop paying tax altogether. We all effin eat and drink and pay it out of our own wages.

  123. 123
    LIZ BON'TREATY says:

    Just on that point it reported yesterday that Clegg claimed £1,600 for gardening at his Shefield home It then showed a picture of it on sky news It looked like the jungles of Borneo I would not be surprised if there ain a couple of fucking Japanese Snipers still in there from the war !

  124. 124
    Nick2 says:

    At the risk of inflating Brown’s ego, he should be chained to a large rock somewhere low-lying (the Scilly Isles?) and a trained eagle gnaw his liver out every day.

    Unlike Promethius there will be no rescue by Heracles – all Brown’d have to look forward to would be the sea level rising to end his misery – and like all his other predictions that won’t happen either.

  125. 125
    labour is a cancer on society says:

    Agreed. However if they get ‘elected’ again I think it might unlock the gates of hell.

  126. 126
    lies cheats and bullshitters so thats ok says:

    200 up front gov for materials then do a runner.

  127. 127


  128. 128
    Mr Ned says:

    “ALL men are created equal before the natural law” states the legal maxim. And whilst it is true that natural law is the bedrock of law and all law comes from that first principle, Statute and tax law, however, are not in themselves equitable and therefore do not apply equally to all ‘persons’.

    There will not be any remedy in law. So we should just hang the bastards instead!

  129. 129
    jgm2 says:

    I think the fuckers already tunneled out under the gates in 1997.

  130. 130
    Anonymous says:

    Agreed.. .time to call in the popos… what’s the number? has a 9 in there somewhere don’t it?

  131. 131
    jgm2 says:


    Brown will be delighted that we’re all being distracted by a 500 quid ‘mistake’. Here’s more evidence of the fact that it is Brown’s plan to destroy the economy and it is only his cowardly MPs who fail to stand up to him that is allowing it to happen.

  132. 132
    Nick2 says:

    In fairness, Two Jags had a job as a ship’s steward in the 50s – but the rest of them (certainly Labour’s cabinet since 2007) have only had non-jobs/union jobs/short term jobs in the ‘PR’ area of the media.

    Whilst Mandleson could also be described thus, in his case he was actually a program producer at LWT for a vanishingly short interval in the 70s – anyone know anything he produced?

  133. 133
  134. 134
    Anonymous says:

    She needs the 6 grand to pay the fees for the private school.

  135. 135
    Anonymous says:

    Where is this summer House? I can’t see one in the grounds of his house in
    Ferry Hills Road

  136. 136
    Comical Mandy says:

    We love going to estates with lots of shooting!

  137. 137
    Burl Ives says:

    All will be well once the Mango Walk commences:

  138. 138

    I hear there is some turmoil in the government bond market

    Brillo last night seemed to suggest that the gap between insurance on German and UK bonds had never been wider

    Today says that the increases in the PBR were put there by Gordon and Ed

    Is this a case of the Chancellor trying to protect himself, by isolating the fury against Gordon and Ed, or further evidence that Darling is not the Chancellor

  139. 139
    Dawn Butler MP says:

    I’m Brown’s butler, not that fellow he pays y’know.

  140. 140
    The Ape man commeth says:

    Labour doesn’t love the working class, it doesn’t even like the working class, it only loves the idea of the working class.

  141. 141
    RavingMad says:

    Once again the public are being mislead by politicians. The questioning of expenses is happening again against of backcloth of potential change in the claiming thereof. Kelly is still being debated and Legg is being awaited. In the meantime the scurrillous Brown is trying to make political capital out of it all. When does he ever do otherwise??

    Against a background of ever increasing national debt, this pales into insignificance and merely serves as a reminder of the manner in which this country is ‘managed’ by the government and unelected elites. I am tired of being continually fucking furious at them and the processes of government that would render ordinary people as criminals when they get away with murder.

    Yet, I ask myself, where is the challenge to this? Ranting on blogs is great. This blog particularly has made some dents in their armour this last year or so. But, it’s not enough. Where is the real challenge going to come from? What hope is there anymore?

  142. 142
    Richard I. Chavez says:

    Plenty in South London, Bruvvacuzz…

  143. 143
    Nick2 says:

    Well, I’d not have any real beef about tax and duty rises _if the parties actually spelled out in advance what they intended to do_.

    However raising duties on tobacco & alcohol is an inefficient way of raking in more tax, since it only encourages the smuggling of beer ‘n’ fags that have not been subject to any UK duties – result = revenue LOSS. Already in Holloway (North London) Police notices say that up to 70% of all cigarettes sold are smuggled or counterfeit.

    If any clearer example were needed look at Ireland’s latest budget – alcohol duties down since the government preferred to receive some duty on the stuff imported legally rather than none on the stuff coming across the Northern Ireland border.

    Not only that but (again according to the Police notices) cigarette smugglers branch out into drug smuggling and people trafficking. If true then a duty rise will bring in less revenue, further reduce health (as counterfeit fags apparently contain nasty chemicals and metal shavings) and promote organised crime.

    Another potential win for Labour!

  144. 144
    The IMF is coming says:

    I paid it back without being asked
    I paid it back without being asked
    I paid it back without being asked
    I paid it back without being asked

    He said it four times in a short interview with a put on smile (has he had surgery to do that?).

    Guilty man

  145. 145
    TheCourtOfPublicOpinion says:

    Guido, I am so disappointed in you.
    Bottling out at the last moment. Tut tut.
    Why didn’t you go all the way and get him in your famous crosshairs instead of copping out with a mere question mark?

  146. 146
    Anonymous says:

    A Search for Brown Ferryhills Road North Queensferry at

    Shows that Gordon (50-54) and Sarah Jane(46) Brown are on the electoral role there. Can a person be on the electoral role in a “second” home?

  147. 147
    Jethro Q Walrus-Titty says:

    Its not about normal tax rules though, is it?-it’s about the morality of those who govern us, or rather misgovern us.This demonstrates yet again the medieval baronial style of those who have dominated our politics for the last 10+ years, who seek to dictate to us, look down on us, and yet grab as much for their own self gain and greed.
    Yet theses wretches who have us pay every penny we owed in tax.
    The robber Baron in chief is at it just as much, his face becoming more twisted and contorted as he contemplates the end of his political career next year.

    It’s not enough that he loses his crown.Like King Charles, He should lose more than his crown………….

  148. 148
    Well, Peter let me do it... says:

    Why do we assume it was G. Brown, rather than S. Brown making those calls?
    A cri de cour from a distraught, trapped lady with a sore botty, perhaps?

  149. 149
    Nick2 says:

    Even the MSM is reporting that Labour avoided harsh reform in the hope of obtaining short term political popularity/advantage.

    It’s too much to hope for the Labour client (funded) voters to see the writing on the wall, but hopefully more of the uncommitted voters will.

    If by any chance Labour maintain a presence in the House post election, and they have the nerve to try to make political capital out of the inevitable cuts, much of the MSM is likely to put the record straight.

  150. 150
    Sir William Waad says:

    A 75-year old man goes to the doctor. He explains that his wife is 23 and that they have been trying for a baby, unsuccessfully. So the doctor gives him a small plastic container and tells him to come back the next day with a sample for testing.

    When the old man returns, the container is empty. “I had a problem” he says. “I tried with my right hand and then I tried with my left hand, but it was no good. So I asked my wife to help. She tried with her right hand and then with her left hand, but it was still no use. Finally she tried with her mouth, but still without success. Neither of us could get the top off the damn thing.”

  151. 151
    Titania, Queen of the Fairies says:

    Gordon Brown’s true home is with me!

  152. 152
    Gossipmonger says:

    Rumour reaches me that a certain married Minister not a million miles away from Mr Brown, some may say his preferred successor, has suppressed news of his fathering of a child “out of sight of the marital home”. Mom is a co-worker, possibly an underling.

    Could this possibly be true?

    Or is it just a lot of testicles?

  153. 153
    Anonymous says:

    Apologies for awful spelling roll not role.

  154. 154

    Mr Fawkes, you old cynic.

    I spoke to Mr Brown on this very subject. He said:

    “Fife is my second home: my first home is my country.”

  155. 155
    Nick2 says:

    “But Justice Secretary Jack Straw said the IFS had not taken into account savings already made by the government.

    He told BBC News: “We’ve already spent £4bn less on unemployment benefits and income support for the unemployed than was anticipated.”

    The government hoped to make further savings by “moderating the rate of increase of unemployment”, he added. ”

    And Labour’s chosen weapon for this task? Increasing National Insurance Contributions, the exemplar of a tax on jobs!

  156. 156
  157. 157
    anon,anon,anon........ says:

    The next Book Of Similes

    1. As genuine as a Gordon Brown smile

    2. As straight as Tony Blair

    3 As handsome as Bernie Ecclestone

    4. As hopnest as a bench of MPs

    5. A voice as melodic as Cherie Blair’s


  158. 158
    Hugh Janus says:

    Yes, this is more like it Guido. Get after the bastards and don’t give up until we have nailed every last one of them. Their disgusting troughing at our expense is more than flesh and blood can stand.

  159. 159
    Sir William Waad says:

    Alas, his last home is the House of Lords where, as Lord Brown of Auchterhellweet, he will snoozle out his days while his autobiography lies in huge, remaindered heaps and the economy lies in ruins.

  160. 160
    anon,anon,anon........ says:

    change busses

  161. 161
    Jim Devine's shelves says:

    What a Hunt. I’ve nothing else to say on the matter.

  162. 162
    anon,anon,anon........ says:

    to MOCO

  163. 163
    rocknrolla says:

    It’s fair to say that Call Me Dave’s expenses need a more thorough look. As do those of Vaz and especially Darling (flipped so many times) … but I think today’s is a great post by Guido – Brown has been getting away with his son of the manse nonsense for years. The guy is nothing but a third-rate lecturer at some poly and yet, off the backs of taxpayers, he owns two properties and gets to live in a mansion and downing street for free, earns a huge salary… and still tries to make the working people he claims to represent pay to paint his summer house. He deserves all the opprobrium he gets. Moral compass ha ha ha – plus don’t forget McBride, the Tories should be bringing that name up constantly.

  164. 164
    Johnny Norfolk says:

    Why do we never ever get the BBC asking questions like this. They would of a Tory PM.

    If the Tories win the next election just take note of how the BBC will totaly change its attitude.Its just full of lefties.

  165. 165
    The IMF is coming says:

    Even BBC going ‘large’ on it

    No wonder he had difficulty yesterday saying spending would be ‘broadly flat’. As reported widely that is a Brownie

  166. 166
    Talwin says:

    THREE garlic peeling sets! This alone seems a more than adequate reason to give Labour another 5 years in power.

  167. 167
    Hugh Janus says:

    MPs’ troughing takes no account of party politics – this is a cosy little conspiracy they hatched up between them over a period of years and they are all as bad as each other – either for helping themselves or for failing to blow the whistle on those who were. Their squealing falls on deaf ears, no matter which side they support.

  168. 168
    Anonymous says:

    Can someone who does video editing get the
    “I did that, me, no-one told me to do it” weasly quote he did on TV last night to say he’s paid stuff back.
    Then insert news clips of all his failures with him replying that to each one?

  169. 169
    Anonymous says:

    Gordon on the Telly announcing that HE is going to give yet MORE of OUR money AWAY again. Scorched Earth

  170. 170
    The IMF is coming says:

    On Labournight during the week she said the soldiers just wanted to serve their country and protect the citizens. There was no politiking, just plain heartfelt words. Comapre/contrast

  171. 171
    anon,anon,anon........ says:

    REPLY TO 156

    He could disappear into the nose behind him

  172. 172
    rocknrolla says:

    Is that true? Her performances are uniformly pathetic, she comes across as a stupid bully and occasional flirt. She does have a stubborn side which is good in an MP but the way she clearly thinks she is there to represent black people is unpleasant and divisive. Anyone ever see the attack she made when peter hitchens went on – he said CMD wasn’t conservative enough and she claimed this meant he wanted a party to be “tough on blacks” – she really is pathetic. How in god’s name did she ever get into Cambridge? Did they try out some positive discrimination policy that year or something?

  173. 173
    I Hate new Labour says:

    The thing is, this isn’t a surprise is it?

    Worthless, lying scumbag tells another lie and displays dubious moral character.

    the good news is that there’s 173 days at most left of him before he disappears forever. Enjoy it while you can, you fat Scottish numpty.

  174. 174
    Ped Ant says:

    Apology accepted

  175. 175
    Talwin says:

    Christ on a bike! A hint of criticism from the Beeb. The game really is up.

  176. 176
    Nick2 says:

    The political class who now infest politics only pay lip service to public service – they’re all in the game for what they can get out of it.

    The answer is not to vote for any of the main 3 parties, who by and large are all as corrupt as each other. By selecting a candidate wisely it should be possible to (at least partly) repopulate Parliament with MPs who have experience of working in the private sector (better still, some with experience of fiscal responsibility therein) and who’ll be prepared to work for less than the current gang of embezzlers.

    Since 80%+ of UK legislation originates in the European Parliament, electing candidates who commit to providing a referendum on Europe is essential for wresting the return of national sovereignty of law.

    As far as reforming/depoliticising the civil service, cutting practically every non-job created by Labour since 1997 would be a start – as would be redefining what the civil service is expected to do for us. If it could be shrunk substantially, albeit over time then IMO the country would be the better for it.

    Finally, I have no idea how to reduce the number of quangos. Maybe publish details of all of the existing ones including the names and home addresses of people who serve on them? That would soon reduce the stream of applicants.

  177. 177
    rocknrolla says:

    Surely, like with Blair, they wouldn’t dare make Gorgon a Lord, just too absurd… I still think it’s more likely they try to give Jacqboots a peerage quietly

  178. 178
  179. 179

    Tried that once. Woke up in Penge

  180. 180
    RestandBthankful says:

    Just heard McDoom saying that Sarcasticozy is his “best friend”. I couldn;t help but laugh when I heard him. Unintended cordiale.

  181. 181
    RavingMad says:

    I’m sure you are correct

    can’t you speed it up a bit?

  182. 182
    Brown Hater says:

    Another day dawns, another day to hate Brown – truly, madly, deeply!

    This dishonourable, odious individual is a moral disgrace and the sooner we see him humiliated next year the happier we all can be.

    I wonder if he will offer Blair a peerage in his honours list when he is booted out?

    For the avoidance of any doubt, I hate Brown.

  183. 183
    Dick Scratcher says:

    He just needs one. Cuboid, approx 6′ x 2′ x 1′ 6″, made of wood.

  184. 184
    resurgemus says:

    with friends like that who needs enemas ?

  185. 185
    Brown Hater says:

    Are we related?

  186. 186
    Georgie Porgy says:

    Just look at how much Cameron and Osborne have claimed in comparison to Brown.Both have claimed much more.

  187. 187
    The Beast of Clerkenwell says:

    Gordon doesnt claim for his ironing
    In Stepney he is known as “An unironed hoof”

  188. 188
    Dick Scratcher says:

    Any chance of a sausage sandwich big girl?

  189. 189
    If only.... says:

    Shame Adam Boulton doesn’t say – in french – to Sarkozy;

    “Why are you standing next to this piece of dog excrement – everyone he goes near either dies or contracts a fatal disease. Have you checked how your foxy wife is today – I hope she is not ill?”

  190. 190
    This is the excrement in charge of 60 million people says:

    Gordon Brown;


  191. 191
    No pulse says:

    Exactly – Brown needs to simply stop breathing.

  192. 192

    […] is , with Gordon Brown living for free in two well appointed grace and favour properties at our expense, and Labour minister Quentin […]

  193. 193
    Dick Scratcher says:

    I was on a No. 69 – woke up in minge.

  194. 194
    The Day Of The Jackal says:

    Sorry mate – I hate Brown far far more.

    Now,where IS that rifle disguised as a walking stick?

  195. 195

    The hunt for the UKIP bus goes on:

    Don’t knock it till you see it…….

    Guido – how about a caption competition?

  196. 196

    I’ll start the ball rolling….

    “A right pair of tits.”

  197. 197
    Susie says:

    And require everyone who is a public servant or who is in receipt of public funding to pass an exam relevant to their CS grade.

  198. 198
    Over The Edge says:

    There is no doubt that Brown is up to his eyeballs on drugs – yesterday’s incident of this bizarre statement that he YES HE indeedy had volunteered to pay the summer house painting costs,oh yes indeedy,no one else asked him.

    This must have been timed at circa 10am yesterday morning,so he must have been pumped up with the pills – can anyone confirm that by 5pm the pills will have started to lose their effect.

    This will be the time to strike in Operation News Conference Attack – question after question to the fraudster to push him over the edge,preferably with a final coup de grace from an obscure reporter from Bonga Bonga asking the mincer about his fraud.

  199. 199
    Sir Thomas Legg says:

    I have a message to all posters on this site


  200. 200
    Mr Ned says:

    And what about the increasing numbers of Brits who are just simply refusing to pay any tax at all under the “no taxation without representation” philosophy?

    We are now in a dictatorship ruled over by unelected appointees. our foreign secretary was banned from a meeting in Brussels yesterday, as were all other foreign secretaries, just so the new High representative could do their jobs instead.

    More and more Brits are saying, “Fuck this, I am not paying for this shit anymore. I never got to vote on it, so I am not paying for it!”

  201. 201

    Yes its true go to “They work for us” find her and look in the book of members interests its there !

  202. 202
    Lessening the gloom says:

    Good one!

    Lessens the gloom of knowing that the fraudster Brown is using oxygen from the same planet.

  203. 203
    Airey Belvoir says:

    I’ll bet that Cameron will have nothing to say on these latest expense revelations, as a millionaire whacking the system to the max himself.

  204. 204
    Arching for you says:

    Yes – he’s called the Archbishop.

  205. 205
    Mr Ned says:

    They should legalise cannabis and prostitution and then tax them too. Let’s face it, prostitution is perfectly legal anyway, so long as the sex act itself is filmed.

    I mean, if I was to pay a woman for sex, I would get a criminal record. However if I was to pay a woman to make a porno film with me, I can have sex with her and pay her a fee perfectly legally.

    May as well tax it!

  206. 206
    Dave "Cast Iron Guarantee" Cameron says:

    Good Morning

    I don’t know why people complain about Indian call centres.

    Thanks to them I’m now fluent in Gujarati, Hindi and Punjabi, as well as being quite capable of telling the operator to “Fuck off, just send me a new mobile” in their mother tongue.

  207. 207
    Boots pharmacy says:

    He is on a massive does of drugs – Brown is addicted to pills

  208. 208
    Clarissa Wright-Dickhead says:

    but he’s straight right? or does he take after the old fella?

  209. 209
    anon,anon,anon........ says:

    you said that last night….see you’ve come back for more

  210. 210
    Anonymous says:

    Care to back that up with some figures that are researchable?

    Also, why can’t you simpletons learn to read? This particular entry is about Gordon Brown – this whole pointing the finger at someone else to try and take the heat off your chap doesn’t work. Do you think that such an excuse would stand up in court?

    You lefties really don’t like it up you, do you? Funny really, given that your beloved leader does.

  211. 211
    Airey Belvoir says:

    .. The Priory Clinic Canterbury,

  212. 212
    The IMF is coming says:

    It likes its votes

  213. 213
    Technomist says:

    Some people prefer the Ceaucescu analogy

  214. 214
    Home Run! says:

    No,but I CAN beat the shit out of Brown with a baseball bat adorned with some rusty nails.

  215. 215
    dead not red says:

    I hate this bastard.

    the only people he speaks to ‘in the real world’ are himself and schoolchildren. Why is it that it’s the schoolchildren who are vetted and not him?

  216. 216
    Airey Belvoir says:

    I say again – that’s where the Priory Clinic is. He was getting propped up by his shrink.

  217. 217
    Joe Steele says:

    So you’re saying that Gordon’s being true to his principles then?

  218. 218
    Ah - But - Not bothered about us scum. says:

    I wrote to him last night.

    He better not bump into me in our local Tesco’s – he’ll get more than a Three for Two.

  219. 219
    Technomist says:

    Haven’t they all just rejected the Copenhagen thing?

  220. 220
    Dick Scratcher says:

    Don’t bash it.

  221. 221
    The IMF is coming says:

    I laugh at them. I mean what do they think they will achieve coming on here with all their drivel?

    The ‘Richard Timney’ letters to local papers is another tactic that is/will be widely used and is slightly more of a worry. They managed to turn the opinion during ‘scribblegate’

    I just wonder of Newspaper editors are aware of all of this and what can they do anyway?

  222. 222
    Technomist says:

    Do they have summer in Fife?

  223. 223
    Rip Van Winkle says:

    What, you don’t think Brown, Darling et al, aren’t also millionaires? Difference is we know Cameron’s money is family money.

    The TAXPAYER made Brown and Darling millionaires.

  224. 224
    joe public says:

    still not answering then? Get up off your knees and spit it out.

  225. 225
    Dick Scratcher says:

    That’s a disservice to cancer cells.

  226. 226
    Dick Scratcher says:

    Show us your giblets.

  227. 227
    Anonymous says:

    Amazed that after reading through these comments, not one labour supporter has even vaguely condemned Brown’s behaviour. I’ll gladly say that MPs from ALL parties are a shower of thieving shite. This blog regularly pulls up all three parties for their misbehaviour. The people who comment here and are Tory supporters have, for the main part, no problem with speaking ill of the blues, yet not a single person on the other side of the fence is prepared to do anything other than bleat on about what the other side are up to.

    Are you all six year olds or something? Come on, Brown’s taken the piss hugely – why won’t some of you just admit it. All you’re doing is proving that you have sociopathic tendencies to rival those of your hero.

    I don’t doubt that Cameron has taken the piss too, and I think he’s a grade A shit for doing so.

    However, more than anyone else in parliament, the PM should be above all of this kind of despicable behavior, especially given that he earns not far off three times a standard MP’s salary. £64k a year is enough to live a comfortable life – having that topped up with a further £125k+ should mean you can more than live a great life without having to rob the people you’re supposed to serve. Especially when so many other things the rest of us have to pay for are laid on as part of the job – travel, a majority of meals, not having to pay for a place to live etc etc.

  228. 228
    Pushing up daisies. says:

    I wish Brown was broadly flat – in a coffin made of dry elephant crap – crap surrounding crap.

  229. 229
    Did we say TORY cuts? the recession is global. LABOUR INVESTMENT says:

    i really wish you two would stop sitting on the fence.

  230. 230
    Cyco Billy says:

    I see you followed Guido’s link to the FT’s with its pic of McQueen pwned by Sarko.

    No one should look who breakfasted recently.

  231. 231
    Heir to Blair (without the hair) says:

    no more a surprise than millionaire Dave Cameron claiming benefits and maxing out second home expenses because he’s just as big a pig as Brown

  232. 232
    Wanker Watch says:

    He’s bound to use the Comms Allowance whilst it’s there or otherwise it’s handing the Labour c’nuts a direct advantage. He’s said he’ll get rid of it, unlike your one-eyed dumbfuck of a leader.

  233. 233
    Sir William Waad says:

    I don’t like it when a voice from India says “Hello, I’m Steve”.

    1. He is not called Steve. It is a lie.

    2. They assume that I will be more comfortable talking to a Steve than a Mukesh. This is insulting.

    3. I don’t really want to be on first-name terms with this geezer anyway.

  234. 234
    Priory - itise Brown's shrinks says:

    Bang on – looked up their website – a mental health facility in Canterbury.

  235. 235
    Private Parts says:

    spot on.
    It’s not just the blogs – Radio 5 live phone in yesterday for example had several callers who used lines like “i’m not a natural Labour voter” “the PBR was full of ideas to get us out of recession” “george Osborne offered nothing”

    It’s just so transparent.

  236. 236
    Sarko says:

    Eye av just got ze morom to sign an agreemont avec moi, to pay billionz of francs zat we donut av

    Breaking news;The UK and France to give £1.5bn to developing countries to secure climate change deal

  237. 237
    Susie says:

    Pourquoi etes vous se tenant á ça de cette partie d’excrement de chien – chacun il va prâit des matrices ou contracté une maladie mortelle. Vous avez comment votre épouse russe est aujourd’hui – espoir contrai d’I qu.

  238. 238
    Meddlesome's credits says:

    He did a few thrillers;

    “Get Brown”

    “Dirty Brown”

    “Dirty Brown,Crazy Peter”

    “The Outlaw Gordon Brown”

  239. 239
    Old Tory says:

    Just like that fat union slob on Sky News with John Redwood. Redwood putting across thought out points and the union guy cracking “jokes” about Welsh singing.
    When will these fuckers wake up and realise we want reason, debate, ideas and leadership…
    Redwood, too much of a gentlemen to ask who had ate all the pies!!

  240. 240
    Juilan y Sandy says:

    what’s that dearie? farmers playing up again are they?

  241. 241
    Juilan y Sandy says:

    up the chuff darling?

  242. 242
    Rip Van Winkle says:

    If the Tories have got any sense there won’t be a BBC if they win the next election.

  243. 243
    RavingMad says:

    I’m not convinced there’s any new labour supporters able to even understand what it is you are saying. Their education as a process as well as an attainment has sadly proved to be totally under-whelming.

  244. 244
    New Lottery draw to be announced says:

    I understand from a contact at the National Lottery HQ in Watford that they are seriously considering having an Xmas Special draw.

    Instead of a £5M jackpot,the main prize will be the chance to decide how to finish off Brown and a legal clause to allow no subsequent prosecution.

    Their research shows consumers are willing to buy up to 3 times more tickets than usual for this prize.

    Evidently,instead of the normal 49 balls in the draw machine,they are going to use the testicles of the entire Labour front bench (including Cooper Balls balls).

  245. 245
    Dimwits promoting Labour says:

    Will be with you shortly, just finishing off the morning phone ins and filling out comments in the popular press

  246. 246
    RavingMad says:


    whatever happened to the Ian Tomlinson case?

    just how long does it take for the police to find a way out of his murder?

  247. 247
    Cyco Billy says:

    Irrefragably fetishistic.

  248. 248
    Juilan y Sandy says:

    still wanking then

  249. 249
    Wavy Davy's hypocritical sycophant says:

    it was all within the rules

    They are ALL fucking at it!

  250. 250
    Cuntinental Parts says:

    wish someone would tell Dianne Abbott that the answer to questions isnt on the ceiling

  251. 251
    The Ape man commeth says:

    The Baron Scotland on Desert Island Discs this morning declaimed that “the law operates without fear or favour for all”. It’s hard to tell weather she was being deliberately provocative or ironic as she was speaking with such an affected sweeter than an angel, humble and innocent yet understanding-all type voice, that any veracity that she may have wished to display was completely lost on me.

    Incidentally, she never asked for a servant (illegal or otherwise) as her luxury item, just washing facilities!

    All the soap and water will never wash away your guilt my dear.

  252. 252
    Yetti says:

    Yet more duff facts from the IPCC they reported 2350 as 2035 and this was supposedly vetted by 10 members. No one spotted [or so they say) that they were 300 years in error.

  253. 253
    filipinomonkey says:

    If you expand the google earth you’ll see a pretty detailed picture of the back garden. Two buildings there, but look more like bunkers than summerhouses. Repainting a bunker would have been nodded through without a second thought.

  254. 254
    Special Patrol Group = Nazi Party says:

    As long as it takes – I was up there during the day – these vermin were like attack dogs on acid.

    As thick as shit and led by total arseholes.

    They are following the time honoured fashion of simply delaying in the hope the public forget.

    I am ready to march in London – give me the time and date.

  255. 255
    Jonah Watch says:

    Guido what about the cleaning he paid his brother for?

    Which property was that again?

  256. 256
    Mr Ned says:

    The tories have only got themselves to blame for having difficulties with UKIP. They could easily have killed off the threat from UKIP by showing that they meant what they said about giving the people a say. There is NO point in a referendum on Lisbon anymore, clearly that would be stupid now it is law, BUT the people still deserve a say, now more than ever, on the whole EU, in or out, question. Cameron promised that he would not let matters rest with Lisbon. he lied.

    The tories did not give us a referendum on Maastricht, claiming that there was not enough sovereignty sacrifice in that treaty to warrant one. They failed, in spite of everything, to get us one on Lisbon (and yes I hate labour and the liberals and blame them both and NOT the tories for that).

    Well surely if we should have had one on Lisbon, then we definitely should have one on effects of the hand over of the soveriegnty from what is the combined cumulative effects of all the treaties since the last referendum in 1975?

    I mean, if Lisbon transferred enough sovereign power from US the people of the UK, to a new, legal identity of the EU, now a country in it’s own right, then surely We the people MUST have a say on the cumulative effects of the whole damn thing?

    How can the tories be so pious to claim that Lisbon transferred so much power that we MUST have a referendum, but the greater transfer of power since we went in did not so we don’t?

    Basically the tories were taking the piss. They were using the people to pretend to be pro British, but when it came to the crunch, they ran crying back to the EU tit and reneged on everything.

    Cameron could have had a pact with UKIP to kill off labour too, but he turned it down. He could have been guaranteed a massive landslide victory of well over 100 seats but Cameron turned down that guaranteed win.

    It would seem that Cameron would rather see Gordon Brown remain as Prime Minister than see the British People given the one question we are crying out to be asked. Cameron is NOT a tory. Cameron would rather lose to Brown than respect the wishes of the majority of the people of Britain.

    Tories, ask yourself WHY? Whose side is he on?

  257. 257
    Downgrading education the Balls way says:


    We can only give you an A***** grade for this as we have run out of A**** grades which we give to any student able to say “Bonjaw MooshYour”.

  258. 258
    I'll have some of that says:

    I think he’s her lunch.

  259. 259
    Anonymous says:

    All well and good, but there are instant windfalls to be had from axing futile IT projects and privatising Brown’s Bullshitting Cokeheads.

  260. 260
    I'll have some of that says:

    As impartial as the BBC

    As tolerant as a Talib

  261. 261
    Hang The Bastards says:


    Sir Studart Bell….. can anyone tell me why on three consecutive months he claimed overnight allowance (i.e. away from main home) 10 nights, 15 nights and 18 nights.

    Seems to me the thick bastard doesnt know where his “main” home is.

    Also he gets £25 tax free per night so in 3 months the Hunt gets £1,075 tax free. Nice little earner.

    Update: Sources tell me that the Inland Revenue will only let peasants like us claim £10 a night for away from home overnight allowance. HOW COME THE FUCKING PIGGIES GET MORE !

    Verdict: Sir Bell-End I hereby sentence you to Hang You Bastard !

  262. 262
    Hang The Bastards says:

    Sir Studart Bell….. can anyone tell me why on three consecutive months he claimed overnight allowance (i.e. away from main home) 10 nights, 15 nights and 18 nights.

    Seems to me the thick bastard doesnt know where his “main” home is.

    Also he gets £25 tax free per night so in 3 months the Hunt gets £1,075 tax free. Nice little earner.

    Update: Sources tell me that the Inland Revenue will only let peasants like us claim £10 a night for away from home overnight allowance. HOW COME THE FUCKING PIGGIES GET MORE .!

    Verdict: Sir Bell-End I hereby sentence you to Hang You Bastard !

  263. 263
    barefootcontessa says:

    If the gorgon’s been using that well painted summer house as an office it’s no wonder the country’s up the creek, gone to pot, gone to the dogs, sunk beneath the waves, died a death.

  264. 264
    Mr Ned says:

    You do not like profanity then Hillary?

    Tough fucking shit!

  265. 265
    barefootcontessa says:

    I used to hate the gorgon, now I loathe him!

  266. 266
    Mr Ned says:

    Don’t forget that whoever wins the contract will have to employ a mechanical cherry-picker platform to reach the top of the window frame, because ladders are too dangerous, and two other people. One to hold a clip-board and ensure health and safety measures are carried out fully, and a second painter to take over from the first if anything should prevent the first from being able to complete the job must also be employed. Again these two people must be selected in a manner which can demonstrate full adherence to all anti-discrimination laws and must include at least 3 of the following categories:

    Single Parent,

    The contractor must also produce full documentation to describe how much carbon is produced by this job and how that should be reduced by 75% whilst still complying with all the measures above…

    And people wonder why things are so fucking expensive in this country?

  267. 267
    Sunday Morning says:

    I really don’t know what all the fuss is about.

    Not only has Gordon Brown identified his main home, which is near Hungerford in Berks, he has had it specially modified in such a way that we can all identify it belongs to him

  268. 268
    labour is a cancer on society says:

    If the price of getting rid of the Satanic Hordes of NuLab is staying in the EU for now then that ‘is a price worth paying’ and in the words of Lucifer Himself ‘the right thing to do’. So beware UKIP’ers stuffing Dave this time will condemn us all to a fate worse than death.

  269. 269
    Mr Ned says:

    Well labour sure have found a cure for cancer. Lock up the cancer patient until they nearly die, then let them off scott free!!!

    Has this not been published in the Lancet yet? Why not?

  270. 270
    filipinomonkey says:

    Because by 1997 the Tories had been in too long. And along came Antony Charles Lynton Blair, distanced himself from the Unions and the Looney Left, public schoolboy, good with the media, good in front of the camera – pause for dramatic effect – and his plan to improve public services through target setting. With a chancellor who raised the money by indirect means many were fooled that this was nice socialism that could be voted for with a clear conscience. Inflation was kept low by buying Chinese, house price boom and cheap credit gave the illusion of prosperity. But target setting didnt work, and now the bust is well and truly upon us. If only the Tories had lost in 1992 we may have been spared. CMD, are you sure you really want to win this next election, let Labour win it. That will finish them for ever. I know it’s 5 years of grinning gurning, but it’s mildly entertaining and in the long term will be better for the next generation. It’s a price I’d be prepared to suffer but I think it’s asking too much of you.

  271. 271
    My wife thinks Im Grumpy says:

    my grandfather spent his formative years in France up to his neck in mud in the trenches. When he came home he spent the rest of his working life in the pits. His sons grew up just in time to fight their way across France, once again spending their adult lifes down the mines. Except one who is buried outside Caen. Did the millions who did this, do it so these despicable bastards can be elected and then rob the decent working people of this country. Did they fcuk. Even i cannot explain the depth of my hatred for these public servants.

  272. 272
    Caesar Augustus says:

    “1. Expenses for MPs are exempt from income tax. Remember that when they lecture people are their tax affairs. MPs run the biggest tax evasion scheme going. They voted for expenses not to be taxed.”

    To be fair how could they be taxed on a legitimate expense? It’s not income.
    Or shouldn’t be!

  273. 273
    bandersnatch says:

    Load of old tat in the Grauniad picture – and people on our less salubrious estates get lambasted for their grotty garden maintenace! Surely the PM could have put in a bigger gardening claim… with an add on extra for garden design… er re-deign. That ugly hexagonal shed thing in the corner he charged for painting… it could have been done a nice bright sunshine yellow to match El Gordo’s temperament. Instead, if it has been painted at all, its been done in that stinky colourless creosote substitute wood preserver… how naff.

  274. 274
    13eastie (146 Days: Good-bye, Gordon!) says:

    A Ceaucescu-style execution would serve us well, indeed.

    I just wanted to use the word ‘dacha’ this time…

  275. 275
    Anon says:

    If it was S brown then she is not entitled to public money. Refund please.

  276. 276
    Mr Ned says:

    The tories will be given a 1 day honeymoon period (compared to the 4 years given to Blair). Even then toenails will be on TV the morning after the election, within hours of the result saying that “Hugh, this is a very disappointing win from the Conservatives point of view. They will be relieved to have got a majority, but the infighting over policy begins now and people do not like a split party. They were hoping to win many more seats than they have and this disappointment will surely spur labour on to win back power in three or four years, IF the tories can hang on to power for that long.”

  277. 277
    Biffo says:

    Euan Blair, like his Mummy & Daddy is a freeloading c’nt.

  278. 278
    Hugh Janus says:

    Precisely RB, but for NuLiebour taxation is a one-way street and therefore they only ever go up – there’s some fundamental flaw in their DNA that prevents them from reducing it before ‘diminishing returns’ kicks in (I believe the condition known as crass stupidity).

  279. 279
    Hugh Janus says:

    I wouldn’t know – if he appears on the tv then it’s another channel or off. I simply cannot watch the bastard.

  280. 280
    gordo McBust says:

    Me and party first – that’s the way it’s always been.

  281. 281
  282. 282
    Hugh Janus says:

    Alongside the courage of Olaf Schmid and his equally courageous and dignified widow, these people are worse than the stuff I scrape off my shoe. There are simply no words to describe the utter contempt in which I hold them.

  283. 283
    Hugh Janus says:

    I wish he had felt the hand of destiny on his scrotum, but Teflon Tone is protected by the political class and will never be called to account for his actions. Sad but true.

  284. 284
    Hugh Janus says:

    Buy me and stop one?

  285. 285
    Hugh Janus says:

    Shouldn’t have taken it in the first place – very poor judgement.

  286. 286
    Hugh Janus says:

    She’s not the only one laughing….priceless.

  287. 287
    Anon says:

    …with all the integrity of a child-abusing RC priest.

  288. 288
    Biffo says:

    His principles of robbing the poor to pay the rich? Yes. From the day as a student when he proposed bringing a brick & a couple of empty beer bottles in a brown bag to a party & then drinking everyone else’s booze he has steadfastly demonstrated where his much vaunted Moral Compass points – backward & downward – rather like the Labour Party under his leadership. Leadership? Pardon me while I gag.
    Ripping off the voters to decorate his garden shed is all part & parcel of Gordon’s psyche. The morals of a downmarket whore – with apologies to any downmarket whores who feel offended by this comparison.

  289. 289
    Hugh Janus says:

    You still have some way to go then.

  290. 290
    Did we say TORY cuts? the recession is global. LABOUR INVESTMENT says:

    that speech went well Gordon – THE REASON WE ARE SO PESSIMISTIC ABOUT THE FUTURE IS:


  291. 291
    Hugh Janus says:

    And who exactly is going to oversee the spending of these vast sums of money, and to ensure that they do not end up in some chief baboon’s Swiss bank account??

    I thought not.

  292. 292
    Hugh Janus says:

    Much too tame, try harder.

  293. 293
    Biffo says:

    Are they also on the electoral roll at No 10? Or Chequers? And as Anon has asked – can they legally be on the roll at a second home? I thought that was one of the points that sunk Jacky Spliff’s claim? Anyone know?

  294. 294

    I still can’t get that image of Diane Abbott in tight-fitting black stockings on This Week last night…. it was like Santa had dumped a bulging sack of Christmas presents on the sofa…

  295. 295


    not listening! not listening! NOT LISTENING!!

    Cameron and Osborne dont cheat expenses because I’ve got my fingers in my ears LA LA LA LA LA LA LA Can’t hear you!

    you fuckwit

    face it you partisan little twat, Dave and Gideon are as big a pair of expenses Piggies as Brown but you are the type of weasel and hypocrite who is stupid enough to think expenses piggery is fine as long as it’s the Tories who do it

    the public think they are all at it and they are all scum

    Labour MPs are expenses thieving scum
    Conservative MPs are expenses thieving scum
    Lib Dem MPS are expenses thieving scum

    and the public are right whereas you are full of shit

  296. 296
    Brown's a Tosser says:

    Nothing to do with jealousy. Christ these labour trolls are getting very desperate.

  297. 297
    Can't Kukri, Won't Kukri says:

    Makes sense. 2h 42min on Christmas Eve-bless. Is private shrink help “wholly, exclusively and necessarily incurred” in his duties of destroying the country?
    If someone could prove this it would finish him.

  298. 298
    fewqwer says:

    Brilliant except for the avoidable periphrasis.

  299. 299
    Brown's a Tosser says:

    Like Mother/Father like Son sums it up really.

  300. 300
    Anonymous says:

    I don’t deny that they’re all at it, but this article is about Brown. I think Cameron is a fucking idiot, as is Clegg, but I reserve my real hatred for Brown, as he’s been screwing the country for the last 12 years.

    I’m not partisan – I have a healthy dislike of all MPs. You on the other hand are a judgmental little moron who just takes what you choose to take out of what other people write. Asking for some figures does not make me partisan, it makes me want to have the facts there so I can compare them for myself. I don’t doubt that Cameron and Osborne are taking liberties too, but I am skeptical as to whether or not they’re doing it a great deal more than Brown in the manner that the comment I replied to suggests. I think they’re all at it, and I don’t need a fucking abortion like you to tell me what I already know.

    Learn to judge the difference between what someone puts and what your diseased little brain chooses to interpet their intent is before you start firing off abuse from the safety of your keyboard you ignorant little fuckwit.

    Perhaps you’d like to point out exactly where in my comments I attempt to deny that Cameron and Osborne are a pair of troughing piggies, or does the fact you’re terminally retarted prevent you from being able to actually read properly?

  301. 301
    genghiz the kahn says:

    Has anyone from that third rate poly ever posted any memories of their lectures from Dr James Gordon Brown.

    Someone might have wanted to be famous for 15 minutes to spill the beans about board rubber throwing and tantrums.

  302. 302
    Anonymous says:

    I don’t deny that they’re all at it, but this article is about Brown. I think Cameron is a fucking idiot, as is Clegg, but I reserve my real hatred for Brown, as he’s been screwing the country for the last 12 years.

    I’m not partisan – I have a healthy dislike of all MPs. You on the other hand are a judgmental little moron who just takes what you choose to take out of what other people write. Asking for some figures does not make me partisan, it makes me want to have the facts there so I can compare them for myself. I don’t doubt that Cameron and Osborne are taking liberties too, but I am skeptical as to whether or not they’re doing it a great deal more than Brown in the manner that the comment I replied to suggests. I think they’re all at it, and I don’t need a fucking abortion like you to tell me what I already know.

    Learn to judge the difference between what someone puts and what your diseased little brain chooses to interpet their intent is before you start firing off abuse from the safety of your keyboard you ignorant little fuckwit.

    Perhaps you’d like to point out exactly where in my comments I attempt to deny that Cameron and Osborne are a pair of troughing piggies, or does the fact you’re terminally retarded prevent you from being able to actually read properly?

  303. 303
    Anonymous says:

    Or to make it easy for a simple creature like you, read my post number 227 written on December 11, 2009 at 10:12 am – written more than two hours before you had your little hissy fit.

    You fucking prick.

  304. 304
    Spend it like Gordon says:

    Gordy has just given away 1.5 billion of hard working tax payers money, to the Chinese and Indians at the conference in Brussels, It certainly made the Frogs and Krauts envious that Britain was making the biggest contribution in Europe.

    Keep it up Gordon, you can tell when a spend-a-holic is about to go bust, they get their cheque book out more often to make everything look OK.

  305. 305
    Flat Eartther says:

    Tell someone who gives a toss troll

  306. 306
    Flat Eartther says:

    You left out :-
    Cognatively dissonant,
    Anti English,

    I think that covers it? Reads better in one sentence.

  307. 307
    thick as thieves says:

    said the thief.

  308. 308
    Anonymous says:

    Gordon Brown’s final ‘first home’ will hopefully be the asylum to which he is eventually consigned. I won’t mind some of my tax money being used for that.

  309. 309
    Jonah Watch says:

    top story!

  310. 310
    Jimmy says:

    So references to the Sunlight Centre are banned then are they?

    Your house your rules but a heads-up would be useful.

  311. 311
    Jonah Watch says:

    pass the sick bag, he just said sarky “is one of my best frinds”

    Watcht his space

  312. 312
    I Hate new Labour says:

    Well, simpleton, the difference is ‘Dave’ doesn’t present himself as a champion of the working class.

    Which is Brown’s, and the rest of the labour scumbags’, message 24/7.

    Get it now?

  313. 313
    Gordon has had biggest busts ever says:

    In Socio-Economic terms Brown is categorized as a “Total Fucking bastard”.

    Gordon, your Downing St accommodation is sufficient for you to be an MP. There is no need for you to claim for a second home. You are sucking the blood of the workers.

  314. 314
    floreat salopia says:

    Good on ya, Guido. I wondered when the subject of his “Robert Maxwell flat” would appear.

  315. 315
    Anonymous says:

    what about a steamer’ then as in Steamer club Balls?

  316. 316
    Watt Tyler says:

    The REAL ENEMY of the British Army: (2009) New Labour ILLIGITIMATE “P.M.” Gordon Brown -PARASITE

    British Army: PLEASE do your true duty to the people.

  317. 317
    Andy says:

    Downing Street is indeed ‘Grace & Favour’, but Chequers is not. It belongs to a trust and is not a State property.

    Guido does have a very good point: Brown has no right to claim for a second home because he does not have a main home. He lives in ‘Grace & Favour’ so it is quite improper for him to claim second home allowances even if it is within the so called ‘rules’.

  318. 318
    Anonymous says:

    So the summerhouse which Gordy had painted was his office/study at his second home! I would love to have loungers in my study/office at home, (aerial photo of said summerhouse in a daily newspaper) instead of a desk, two filing cabinets and a computer.

  319. 319
    Andy says:

    Interesting that no one has yet answered the simple question: why does Gordon Brown designate his constituency home as a ‘second home’, for the purposes of parliamentary expenses, when he lives in 10 Downing Street which is a ‘Grace & Favour’ residence ???

    Chequers is the property of a trust and the Prime Minister (whoever he or she maybe) has the use of this property for which the Treasury pay a ‘rent’.

    So why does he claim second home allowance when it is his only privately occupied residence ?

  320. 320
    Scunneredwithlabour says:

    I have it on good authority that Darling’s family weren’t impoverished. For heaven sake he went to Loretto School (public school in Musselburgh); Blair went to Fettes College (ultra pukka public school in Edinburgh) The only one who can boast a state education is Brown. No wonder Cameron’s attendance at Eton was hastily removed from ridicule or debate.

  321. 321
    Jimmy says:

    His first home is, of course, in all of our hearts.

  322. 322
    50 Calibre says:

    His first home is firmly up his arse where he normally keeps his head…

  323. 323
    50 Calibre says:

    Can I help here?

  324. 324
    50 Calibre says:

    I’m sorry to have to say they did.

  325. 325
    Archie Wedderspoon says:

    I blame the Church of Scotland for Brown’s behaviour. The combination of self-righteous moralising and a keen eye for a buck is characteristic.

  326. 326
    Brown's a Tosser says:

    You can call them what you want grace and favour etc etc the point is they are free.

  327. 327
    Brown's a Tosser says:

    Right to the point and could not agree more.

  328. 328
    Watt Tyler says:

    The REAL ENEMY of the British Army: (2009) New Labour ILLIGITIMATE “P.M.” Gordon Brown -PARASITE

  329. 329
  330. 330
    The Revenants says:

    Lets Get Falling Down

  331. 331

    To highlight the extent of the MP expenses claims, if an MP was to claim a flight from Richard Branson Virgin Galactic at £137,000, something which is vastly out of the price range for us mere mortals, it would rank them only 386th most expensive member of parliament making a claim in 2007-8.

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Boris on British Jihadis. Apparently based on MI5 intel:

“If you look at all the psychological profiling about bombers, they typically will look at porn. They are literally w***ers. Severe onanists. They are tortured. They will be very badly adjusted in their relations with women, and that is a symptom of their feeling of being failures and that the world is against them. They are not making it with girls, and so they turn to other forms of spiritual comfort — which of course is no comfort.”

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