December 1st, 2009

Two Left Feet : What is Will Straw Smoking?

It didn’t take long for Will “we don’t do attack dog” Straw of Left Foot Forward to, errm, go on the attack.  The editor of the well funded “evidence based” blog dismissed Guido’s story (“Economics for 7 Year Olds“) about the UK being the only G20 country left in recession by quoting the figures from the back pages of an out of date copy of the Economist.

He even made a little dunce’s hat and wittily headlined his piece “Economics for Gui-d’oh  Fawkes”.

Will might have checked a back-copy of the Economist, but it seems he missed the news yesterday that Canada grew 0.1% in Q3, Mexico grew 2.93% in Q3, South Africa grew 0.9% annualised in Q3, and so did Russia. The story was driven by the new data released.  Guido isn’t sure what Will is smoking, but the icing on the cake was the citing of Spain as an example of a G20 country still in recession.  Spain isn’t even in the G20 Will.

Will’s blog is usually pretty good, provocative and produces original content, he really should stick to evidence based positive stuff, the last mysteriously funded high profile left-wing blogger who tried to take Guido on head-to-head made a huge fool of himself.  Will should also know (from his years of spinning for HM Treasury) that you need evidence that is up-to-date. Guido’s story was based on news, not old data or wishful thinking…


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    might I suggest cross hairs


    • 19
      MI6 says:

      Well done Gordon, how much is Afghanistan going to cost us now with the extra cost of the 500. I wonder if the economist want to do a story on the Prohibition of Drugs and the amount of money that is being taken out of Western Democracies as well as the Police State that the Drug runners have built on the back of Prohibition, What a canny way to fuck the Capitalist economy that has given us so much. ASK the Yanks they are specialists in prohibition politics and the shipping of Drugs around the world.


    • 113
      Tories Slipping says:

      David Cameron has made a laughing stock of himself again today over Health and Safety.Turns out that several of his claims are false eg trainee hairdressers do use scissors.He quoted the wrong information Secondly only one school decided to tell pupils to use goggles for conkers and that school’s headteacher said it was a voluntary thing and not a ‘Health and Safety ‘ directive. Cameron obviously can’t get anything right these days.Poor man and he’s going bald,shades of William Hague.


    • 142
      Bin Dave appoint David says:

      “he really should stick to evidence based positive stuff”

      Much like Call me Dave, Call me cast Iron Dave, who got it badly wrong at last week’s PMQs. Then today played for cheapo headlines that were not fact based in his elf & safety diatribe today. Both performances were squeamish making and have been easily unpicked. Dave it seems just says what the moment expects him to say.

      The more I hear from Dave the Less I can Take him seriously.

      How the fuck did he beat David Davis


      • 166
        Cast Iron Quisling says:

        Davies has a tiny touch of the “purple tracksuits” about him. I suspect that’s what did for him.


        • 176
          Hang the Parliament says:

          Cameron has got to up his game, all the Tory running so far is from Gordon constantly falling over. I am not so sure if Dave is capable of upping his game (that health and safety speech was dire) and if Gordon stops tripping up all the time then it will either be a Labour victory or a hung Parliament come the next election.


          • Cast Iron Quisling says:

            Cast Iron Dave is indeed a lightweight comedy leader, but then most of our political masters are useless, unemployable twats.

            How we sleepwalked into this mess is beyond me


          • Will 'Strawman' Hell says:

            We sleep-walked into it because hardy anyone had the balls to tell it as it was/is. Even now, the mainstream press edit out loads of comments that fail the Common Purpose test.

            The Daily Telegraph is now the Catholic Herald. Yes, the serious media is now as cr@p as the political leadership.


      • 199
        Multiple personality disorder says:

        Stop talking to yourself. Its just embarrassing.

        I’m no fan of Gordon but..
        I was a fan of Dave but..

        Get a new line or get funny.
        No one reads the boring.


        • 207
          jmg.2 says:

          Are you talking to one person or many or are you talking to yourself? Face facts Tories are crap.


          • Multiple personality disorder says:

            Some are born great, some achieve greatness and some sit in a bunker blaming the Americans.

            Now why don’t you use your laptop for something a little more entertaining than being a parrot for failed ideas.
            Go and play Warcraft for a bit and stop bothering the adults.


      • 298
        Nick says:

        I will never vote Conservative whilst the party is led by Cameron & controlled by his cronies. Even UKIP is a more attractive alternative.


        • 453
          Dobby says:

          Be bloody positive for a moment. Elect independents not useless political parties which have got us into this shit.


    • 193
      Peace be with you. says:

      How did president Obama get a Nobel peace prize?

      Lat time I looked, invading a foreign land, setting up a puppet government and imposing martial law was NOT an act of peace.


    • 213
      Barbour Lass says:

      Yes Cameron only got his first job through blatant nepotism.Cameron has done very little for himself.Even his driver motors behind his bike.


      • 439
        Gordon Brown stole my pension says:

        I wonder if his driver thinks, “go on, you vacuous socialist f*cker, fall off.. go on, twat, fall off.. and I’ll forget to brake.”

        Probably not, but I do entertain a guilty little fantasy where Cameron is in the street, blabbering away to a camera about his bike, or his B&Q windmill, or whatever other crud has entered his otherwise completely empty head, and then he steps backwards off the kerb and SLAM! a truck hits him at 50 miles per hour.

        He lies in the road, his mouth opening and closing like a goldfish out of water, blood pouring from his ears, and then.. silence. And the Conservative Party gets a new leader. One who’s not shit, hopefully.


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    Engineer says:

    The attack dogs of the Left are grasping at straws.


  3. 3
    Lieutenant Colonel Bill Kilgore says:

    I love the smell of nepotism in the morning.


  4. 4
    Sir William Waad says:

    The comparative unemployment figures are interesting, but useless, because the UK does not measure unemployment. Instead we use a weird measure of certain people who qualify for certain benefits. It’s a codge of course.


    • 50
      Henrietta Harpic says:

      A rolling figure of those entitled to six months contribution based JSA.

      A ‘tip’ of the iceberg statistic, in other words.


    • 67
      jgm2 says:

      Plus we have practically this entire years graduation class (over 500,000) jobless but prevented from signing on by a ‘special initiative’ to force companies to take them on as unpaid ‘interns’. Their arrival on the dole figures in March should be most sobering for whoever is in power by then.


      • 208

        Borders and First quench have added around 10,000 to that jobless total alone this week. Once the seasonal employment ends the very grim unemployment figures will arrive in March.

        Should scupper Gordoom’s snap election strategy leaving him to counter the April tax rises during the May election. Not Goordom’s fault of course. Borders started in America.


        • 252
          Anonymous says:

          First Quench also started in America, as did every other failed enterprise.

          RBS and HBOS, you can tell it in the Incorporated Name.


  5. 5
    Anonymous says:

    Guido’s tractors are out in force. It is a disgrace that we have not had 0.1% economic growth and I blame Gordon Brown.


  6. 6
    Peter Grimes says:

    Will Self is a gobby, Self-opiniated, Leftist shite!


  7. 7
    Mark says:

    Spain also has a Socialist government


  8. 8
    Stepney says:

    Spinning for the Treasury eh?

    Now that’s what I CALL smoke and mirrors. Those boys make David Blaine’s close-up magic look as dextrous as roadkill.

    You know there’s a different type of maths in Waitrose (3 items, can’t be much more than a tenner you think and then get to the checkout and it’s mysteriously become£43.67)?, well there’s a special sort of Maths in the Treasury Press department too. I think they use a book written by one G.Brown, whoever the hell he might be.


  9. 9
    Mr Venn says:

    The EU is in the G20, Spain is in the EU, therefore Spain is in the G20?


    • 15
      Call me Infidel says:

      From the G20 website…

      The G-20 is made up of the finance ministers and central bank governors of 19 countries:

      * Argentina
      * Australia
      * Brazil
      * Canada
      * China
      * France
      * Germany
      * India
      * Indonesia
      * Italy
      * Japan
      * Mexico
      * Russia
      * Saudi Arabia
      * South Africa
      * South Korea
      * Turkey
      * United Kingdom
      * United States of America


      • 21
        Mr Venn says:

        Your cut and paste seems to have missed the very next sentence which is:

        The European Union, who is represented by the rotating Council presidency and the European Central Bank, is the 20th member of the G-20.


      • 22
        markybruv says:

        No Spain there then !


      • 39
        Diversity says:

        The 20th of the G20 is the EU. Spain is not a full member (to the chagrin of its socialist, very headline-conscious Prime Minister) but is ‘invited’ to meetings (at the urgent and rather pathetic pleading of that PM).

        Guido’s “blog is usually pretty good, provocative and produces original content,” and he does check his evidence in the way so many journos don’t . In his sober moments, Will Straw must realise that.

        BTW, does any one know if the title of Will’s blog ‘Left Foot Forward’ comes from the old drill sargent’s trick of putting hay in the right boot and a straw in the left boot of recruits who could not tell left from right?


    • 23
      Jim-bob says:

      “The EU is in the G20″. Please say you’re actually fucking kidding? Do you know what the G20 is?


      • 26
        Mr Venn says:

        The European Union, who is represented by the rotating Council presidency and the European Central Bank, is the 20th member of the G-20. To ensure global economic fora and institutions work together, the Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the President of the World Bank, plus the chairs of the International Monetary and Financial Committee and Development Committee of the IMF and World Bank, also participate in G-20 meetings on an ex-officio basis. The G-20 thus brings together important industrial and emerging-market countries from all regions of the world. Together, member countries represent around 90 per cent of global gross national product, 80 per cent of world trade (including EU intra-trade) as well as two-thirds of the world’s population. The G-20′s economic weight and broad membership gives it a high degree of legitimacy and influence over the management of the global economy and financial system.


  10. 10
    Jimmy says:

    0.1%? Shows what can be done with a conservative government and the largest oil reserves outside Saudi.

    They do say you should write what you know. Whatever that is.


    • 16
      jgm2 says:

      0.1% is fucking rubbish. But not as rubbish as -0.3% or the longest, deepest recession in the UK’s economic history.

      That’s not a recession – that’s a Brownian recession. The inverse of a M&S Christmas.

      He really is an absolutely incompetent jackass. Isn’t he though?


      • 24
        jgm2 says:

        Oh, did I forget to mention – printing money equivilent to 13% of UK GDP in order to still fail to engineer a single quarter of growth. 4.25% of GDP borrowed in Q3 and the UK still shrank by 0.3%. Strip out the borrowing and we shrank by over 4.5%. An annualised rate of 18%.

        What a thoroughly incompetent jackass.

        Right now Cameron should be planting the seed of a special new tax to return the country to solvency. The Brown Tax. To be listed, by law, on everybodies pay packet and set at 20% which is the true cost of Brown’s utter incompetence. That way, every single month every single voter is reminded of the utter fuckwittery that destroyed the UK economy.


      • 123
        Tories Slipping says:

        Not at all JMG 2 much prefer Brown to greasy Cameron.


        • 130
          Gordons favourite Butt Plug says:

          Have another look at Gordon’s hair, and tell us again who is the greasy one.

          Does he ever get suits dry-cleaned? And just what is it with all that dandruff.
          And grey/white shirts. Bet Sarah doesn’t do cleaning.

          NuLabour Party trolls and activists soon will be either unemployed or moribund.
          Stick to-gether chaps, and the decade will pass reasonably quickly. Till the next one. Tee Heee


    • 44
      Gordon 'gift to the Tories' Brown says:

      It wouldn’t have been so bad Jimmy if the Brown one hadn’t said Britain was best placed to get through the recession, you twat.


      • 51
        jgm2 says:

        The UK was certainly best placed to get into recession. It would be hard to imagine a more thorough preperation to hvae a nailed on recession than allowing house-prices to increase by 15-20% year after year, low interest rates encouraging the great British public to go and remortgage and borrow themselves to the hilt and the Maximum imbecile himself borrowing 35bn quid a year to piss into the economy and throw more petrol on the fire.

        What a throughly incompetent imbecile. And now his tactic to pull the whole thing out of the fire is to keep pouring more petrol on and exit stage left in June and blame it on the Tories.


        • 126
          jmg.2 is a Tory Troll says:

          Actually Tory lead is crumbling now .I am so pleased about that .I could not imagine the incompetent’cast iron’ Cameron running anything.


  11. 13
    Dr Snot says:

    Awwwrrrr, Will has conceded defeat:

    ‘Left Foot Forward believes in evidence and we’re happy to concede when someone else has better evidence than we do. It turns out that Guido was more up-to-date so we’re happy to eat a little humble pie (and remove the ‘D’). Comments are closed on this post.’


    • 18
      Dave says:

      NEXT !!!


    • 25
      I Squiggle says:

      Well, that didn’t last long did it? At least the idiot had the grace to concede he’d got it duff. Nice one Guido.


      • 31
        jgm2 says:

        No he did not. He chose to present it as ‘Guido has better evidence’. Not ‘My evidence is hopelessly out of date and wrong by several months – in fact it’s so out of date if Guido had presented it I would have claimed he was a dunce with an agenda’.

        Another non-apology from a loyal loyal Labour apparatchik.

        Can we use the pejorative ‘Imbecile denier’ for these Labour jackasses. They seem determined to press on with a blizzard of misdirection, misinformation, disingenuity and personal abuse in a desperate effort to conceal the manifest evidence which is that this Labour government is run by utterly incompetent imbeciles.


      • 61
        Mr Ned says:

        It’s as close as one can get to an admission of being wrong that these fuckwits will ever go. I would call that a result.


  12. 17
    Jumbo says:

    WTF was Sue the fucking dripping miserable leftie Townsend dribbling on about: “We all hoped so much for Gordon Brown but he bottled it”? or something v similar this morning? He’d fuckd the economy, pensions, the £, etc etc before then, and his boss took us into a series of grand scale fucking udicrous wars far worse than George III. These fucking two-bit idots who cry “Thatch!” also cry “Falklands!” Isn’t there some lab looking for live beings on which to experiment? If they’re looking for fodder try Bvsh House and/or “White” City.


    • 30
      Clarence says:

      “We all hoped so much for Gordon Brown but he bottled it”?

      I didn’t hold out much hope for Brown as prime minister but he has exceeded my worst expectations by a considerable margin. But I am biased because I have loathed him with an almost painful intensity for the best part of a decade. Furthermore, having studied his modus operandi while he was Chancellor, I realied quite early on that he was a compulsive liar, con merchant, oaf, bully and charlatan who wasn’t fit to run a church raffle.

      I now realise that I was mistaken: he is borderline criminally insane.

      Sue Townsend is evidently very stupid or just plain gullible. Or both.


      • 38
        jgm2 says:

        I have to say his idiocy has exceeded even my expectations. I had thought that once reality in the form of the inevitable recession wrought by his imbecile policies took hold that he would be forced to acknowledge his incompetence but it seems his idiocy is so complete he seeks instead to conceal them by compounding them.

        So instead of a nasty recession he’s going to turn it into an absolutely enormous depression just so in years to come he can claim that it was just ‘so big’ there was nothing anybody could do. And anyway nobody saw it coming. And anyway it was the yanks fault. And the Tories.

        Criminal. And the Labour Party that continues to be complicit in this wilful fuckwittery is equally culpable.


        • 89
          Mr Ned says:

          I am glad to say I saw through the lying sack of shit from the first time I heard him say, “Our new economic approach is rooted in ideas which stress the importance of macro-economics, post neo-classical endogenous growth theory and the symbiotic relationships between growth and investment, and people and infrastructure. ”

          I thought, what a fucking tit, that wanker has no clue what he is on about, and he is going to be running the economy? Were fucked!

          Sadly, I was right about that. Just as I was right when I was 95% certain that Iraq had no WMD when we invaded and I was right that there is no valid science behind the “hockey stick” approach to the climate alarmism AGW hypothesis, just as I was right that we were heading for the EU dictatorship that was born today.

          This is NOT bragging. I wish I had been wrong, very very wrong, about those things. I never wanted to be right, but I seek truth from a very wide selection of sources and the evidence supported all these assertions.
          Shit! I wish I was wrong sometimes I really do. I would love to have conceded defeat an any of these arguments.


        • 131
          jmg.2 says:

          Just realised I have made a grave error.I really think Gordon is great.Forgive me for all my mis-guided posts in the past.Cameron is a load of rubbish.


        • 150
          The IMF is coming says:

          I thought Brown must have been an accountant/economist. How can anyone who studied History and got an MA in The Labour Party and Political Change in Scotland 1918-29 have a grasp of running an economy let alone a bank account.

          There should be a law thta the Chancellor must be a qualified economist/accountant


          • Gordons favourite Butt Plug says:

            Specialist subject:

            Anoraks 1918 to 1929, and design changes in Scotland.

            How the F do you get an MA in that? Narrow subject matter or what.

            And I still think this eye (s) Rugby story is real only in his sad deluded mind.


      • 40
        A Mole says:

        Sue Townsend is aged 13 3/4


      • 53
        Z says:

        Brown is a deranged narcissistic personality disorder and sociopath who is now almost completely out of control.

        He will take the country down with him before next June.


        • 127
          Inquisitor says:

          You don’t like him, do you?


        • 192
          jmg.2 says:

          No not really, actually Cameron has delusional tendencies which manifest themselves in pomposity and allusions of grandeur.If he loses his hair this will make him seem like a loser to the public and his potential vote will begin to crumble.O dear it is happening as I write.


  13. 27
    Sukyspook says:

    And now….an interlude:


  14. 28
    thick as thieves says:

    O/T Fantastic news folks. Despite being initially sceptical, I have successfully used the Dr. Chartham penis enlargement programme. Amazing results really. 3 months continued vacuuming with their patented pump system has increased my penis size by a full 2 inches. I am now the proud possessor of a 2 and a quarter inch penis. Whoo Hooo.


  15. 32
    BillyBob poops on ZaNuLab says:

    Will Straw….what did he ever do for us??? just a nipple headed tit who has chosen to support the losing side….shows what he knows!!!


    • 255

      What did the Labour party ever do for us?

      And what have they ever given us in return?
      Biggest debt in history?
      unsustainable debt burden Reg, 13% of GDP and rising
      Oh. Yeah, yeah. They did give us that. Uh, that’s true. Yeah.
      COMMANDO #3:
      And binge drinking.
      Oh, yeah, the Saturday night drunks, Reg. Remember what the city used to be like? Very quiet at 1am.
      Yeah. All right. I’ll grant you the debt mountain and the binge drinking are two things that NuLabour have done.
      And the speed cameras.
      Well, yeah. Obviously the speed cameras. I mean, the speed cameras go without saying, don’t they? But apart from the government debt burden, the drunkenness, and the CCTV–
      Sold all the gold.
      Stealth taxes and pension raids?
      COMMANDO #2:
      Sold peerages to fund their own party?
      COMMANDO #3:
      Falling educational standards.
      Yeah, yeah. All right. Fair enough. Peerages I grant you..
      COMMANDO #1:
      And the rise in crime
      MP’s expenses
      Yeah. Yeah, that’s something we’d really miss, Reg, if Labour left. Huh.
      And it’s not safe to walk in the streets at night now, Reg.
      Yeah, they certainly don’t know how to keep order.
      All right, but apart from the debt, the drinking, education failures, lack of gold, rising crime, immigration, CCTV, Troughing MPs, Stealth taxes and pension theft, defence cuts, cash for Peerages and trampling civil liberties,what good have NuLabour ever done for us?
      Brought peace in Iraq and Afghanistan?
      Oh! Peace?
      Shut up!


    • 359
      Fuck the little socialists living off daddys and mummys power and money says:

      Here Here


  16. 33
    Tom Miller says:

    Fair point Guido. But this (more minor) one you’ll have to concede…


  17. 41
    YourDad says:

    Will didn’t say Spain was in the G20:

    “Spain, who attend G20 meetings, are also still in recession.”

    He also provided 5 countries who are in the G20 who are still in recession.

    Unlucky Gui-d’oh , better luck next time. lol.


    • 51
      Gordon 'gift to the Tories' Brown says:

      Big fucking deal. Brown is still crap, or even vice versa.


      • 75
        Snappy says:

        Attending meetings and being a member are two different fucking things you klutz, when i have to attend a meeting in Westminister, does it make me a mp now?

        I could do with those dickheads expenses nicely.

        fail logic is fail.


        Report to teacher


    • 66
      markybruv says:

      How come, when i click the link to your site, it’s full of mens fitness magazines?


    • 68
      lol says:

      Will Straw is bullshitting as usual. Every G20 country is now officially out of recession except for the UK.

      Poor wimpy Will is wrong again. Daddy won’t be pleased.


    • 93
      Mr Ned says:

      No, he provided 5 countries who USED to be in recession as he has now conceded.

      The UK is the LAST G20 country still in recession, and that is official. And we may be the first to re-enter as the double dip hits early next year.


      • 147
        jgm2 says:

        We may never get out of the recession to ‘enjoy’ a double-dip recession. 200bn quid. The cost of ‘resetting’ the recession clock in time for the election.

        A price Gordon and Labour are more than happy for us all to pay.

        The evil bastards.


    • 172
      Clarence says:

      ‘Will didn’t say Spain was in the G20:

      ‘“Spain, who attend G20 meetings, are also still in recession.”’

      Ah, yes. Very clever. Very Draperesque.

      It’s a bit like studying IN Berkeley, rather than AT Berkeley. Innit.


  18. 47
    anon says:

    Will Straw is a pathetic, spoilt, little drip who’s only got to the sad position he’s now in because of his daddy’s influence.

    He really is a complete wanker, and I should know, I went to college with the two-faced, little creep.


  19. 63
    XX says:

    Like a true marxist and nation-wrecker, Ed Balls shows his clear preference for unmarried single parents, chavs, dole-scroungers, and layabouts against hard-working tax-payers. His chums from the Frankfurt School, Common Purpose, and the Fabian Society will be pleased with him:


    • 90
      Taste test says:

      Bugger me,what IS that dress that the neither man nor woman Cooper Balls is wearing – as we thought,she has all the taste of Gordon Brown’s arsehole.


    • 95
      Henrietta Harpic says:

      The traditional family unit also came under attack from the Family and Parenting Institute, a state-financed organisation set up by Labour to speak for parents and children.

      Its head Dr Katherine Rake suggested that the model of the nuclear family is no longer ‘the norm’ and said there would be no such thing as a ‘typical family’ in the next ten to 20 years.

      S/he should, perhaps, have added;

      And to make sure we shall continue to subsidise social failure at the expense of the ‘bourgeois’ family with its built in resistance to Socialism. Out of the bonfire of conservatism the New Society will be engineered.



  20. 65
    The Impaler says:

    The Straw family; a bunch of no good freeloading immigrants eternally biting the hand and country that took them in and feeds then. A yellow streak runs right through them from Grandfather to Grandson.

    Their cards have been marked.


  21. 69
    Andrew Efiong says:

    The trouble with Straw’s site is that it isn’t “evidence based”, it’s selective nonsense. Thought-provoking yes, but it trips up over evidence in a desire to be slavish to the government (ie Dad).


  22. 71
    Let me in says:

    Comments are closed. So much for the “open debate” they talk of. New Labour with the same smear and bull techniques but without all the discredited fools we’ve been punished under in the last few years.


  23. 79
    Suction says:

    Jack Straw – because there always has to be at least one cocksucker sitting next to Brown at PMQ’s


    • 129
      Anonymous says:

      When Dhimmi Straw has outlived his usefulness to his Muslim constituents, they will turn on him like a pack of Jackals.

      Hated by the native population, despised by his imported immigrant voters, Quisling Straw will likely flee Britain just before the shit really hits the fan.


  24. 84
    Anonymous says:

    Will is, as he should never forget, a lucky lucky boy – there aren’t many people who, having been caught out doing naughty things like trying to buy some “relaxant” would have ever got a “useful being a real public servant work experience job before I start my political career” in the Treasury. The Treasury traditionbally doesn’t like “dopers”. Will of course had a “bit of an in” given his Mater used to hold down a high ranking post there, and well, if that wasn’t enough, when kindly Uncle Jack is your Pater, who wouldn’t want to employ you, “slightly blemished, I’ve been a naughty boy” record or not ! But it must be made clear, Will has got to where he has got to on his own merits – the word “patronage” having been expunged from the New Labour dictionary back in May 1997 – remember?


  25. 86
    You just could not make it up anymore. says:

    Channel 4 News;

    New climate change figures say the sea levels will rise by 274,931 metres in the next 10 years IF Gordon Brown is NOT elected for the first time as Prime Minister when the coward eventually has to call an election.

    This will leave er no place uncovered.

    Other news;

    Al Gore launches new Submarine business with £5bn funding from British taxpayers.


    • 94
      markybruv says:

      The Times came out with the same crap……..unbe-fucking-leivable.


    • 99
      Mr Ned says:

      Funny that Al Gore has not sold his sea-front property init?


    • 120
      nell says:

      Mary Riddle of the Daily Telegraph says gordon’s two favourite subjects are planetary salvation and economic revival all supported of course by his imaginary moral compass.

      She doesn’t talk too much about gordon’s penchant for car wreck politics though he clearly latches onto disasters in the hope that they’ll make him look like a saviour.

      However painting gordon as an eco-warrior equal to Swampy is a step too far. +++Laugh+++

      She says dave ‘ should be afraid of gordon’s eco-image ‘. Well let’s not forget the revelations of his poodles philjones/lord stern/uea that they are claiming to have ‘lost’ the original data on which they based their outrageous discredited claims for man-made global warming. What a joke!!

      There are now huge doubts over theirs and gordon’s claims for anthropogenic climate change, which they can no longer prove without that original data.

      No Dave does not need to be worrying about gordon’s Swampy image. Dave needs to be researching this subject carefully and reformulating his views on it.

      He might like to consider the Antarctic Study view published this morning that says the hole in the Ozone layer has actually created more ice in most of the Antarctic.


      • 138
        Engineer says:

        “Not since the emergence of Swampy, the Newbury bypass tunneller, has Britain produced a doughtier eco-warrior than Mr Brown. His garden boasts a wormery and compost bins, his computer is never left on stand-by, and No 10′s feuds and furores are illuminated by low-energy light bulbs.”

        Well, his computer is always in for repair after bouncing off walls and staff, and “low-energy” seems remarkably apposite for the intellectual level of No 10′s policies.


        • 157
          Thomas Edison says:

          Fuck these low-watt bulbs, let’s talk about me!

          I also invented the electric chair, don’t you know?

          There has no been much interest in the low-current version of this device to be honest, which is why I shall be sending Gordon a nice model from my “classic” range to commemorate the Winter Festival.


      • 191
        Moley says:

        Nell; my admiration knows no bounds.

        How an earth do you manage to read Mary Riddell without throwing up, foaming at the mouth or banging your head on the wall?


        • 215
          nell says:

          I like to be scientific in my approach.

          Hence I am really interested in Thomas Edison’s response above that he invented the electric chair.

          If we could get that approved for criminal offenders through parliament it would be good to apply it to bliar, alastair, ainstbustingagut, brown, balls, straw, harpyharriett, and a few more!!!!


          • My Other Cars Not A Prius Either! says:

            An electric bench surely!!!!!


          • Tax Slave says:

            Electric benches powered by remote control in every home. Will not answer a question, ZAP! Lies about expenses, ZING! Spews a pile of horseshite, ZZZZZRG! Squanders our money, ZZZZZZIP! Attendance would of course be mandatory and failure to attend would render MP`s liable to a fine double to thier income.

            Oh what fun.


      • 214
        Nick says:

        I couldn’t make out initially whether the article was written in jest… it’s another example of the Telegraph (historically a right of centre paper) kissing Labour’s arse.

        If Gordon wants to don the mantle of a green then so much the better. I loathe greens as much as New Labour, and even greens aren’t likely to want to associate themselves with Brown (despite everything he’s done to destroy the economy).


        • 381

          Only 18 days to save the earth Gordon.
          He promised he would save us.
          I hope he’s down in the shed right now working on something.

          Is it even worth putting up the Christmas tree ?


      • 314
        Dodgy Dave says:

        Isn’t Mary Riddell (anag. Dr Really Dim) a Tory stooge? Her only purpose is to get the dogs foaming at the mouth.


  26. 87
    Sarah Brown's Kids says:

    afqrvnqguqoteuwvoitugqvtuv4845gjasc03r=1fcvrgvw pe9tuq egs[rstahj [tuha


  27. 92
    Dave "Cast Iron Guarantee" Cameron says:

    Seamus was walking along the coast of Galway early one morning with a bit of a sore head when he tripped over something in the sand. Reaching down, he picked up a lamp and starting rubbing it. There was a huge crack of thunder, an awesome amount of smoke, and lo and behold, a genie appeared.

    “Mornin’ boyo,” said the genie. “For releasing me from two thousand years of bondage, I’ll be grantin’ ya three wishes.”

    “Isn’t this grand,” said Seamus. “Can I have a pint of Guinness?”

    “Sure of course ye can,” said the genie. And poof! a pint appeared in Seamus’s hand. Seamus starting sipping away at the pint. “For the love o’ Jaysus, this has to be the best pint I’ve ever been tasting.”

    “Of course it is,” said the genie. “I’m an Irish genie, after all, and I do know a bit about pints. Now, let’s get on with business. You’ve got two more wishes left, and I haven’t got all day!”

    “Now just be bidin’ yer time,” said Seamus. “I want to enjoy me pint.”

    “Ah,” said the genie. “That’s a magic pint.”

    “And what do ye be meanin’ by that?” asked Seamus.

    “Well,” said the genie, “as soon as it’s done, it’ll fill right back up again just as good as the first.”

    “Is that so,” said Seamus, finishing off the pint. Sure enough, back up it came, and when he tasted it, it really was every bit as good.

    “Now,” said the genie, “about those other two wishes?”

    “Ah,” said Seamus, “I’ll have two more o’ these!”


  28. 98
    Down with Brown! says:

    Will Straw is a cocky little shite who is much too full of himself. Time to teach the tosser a lesson or two, I think.


  29. 118
    Anonymous says:

    I love a bit of blogger on blogger action.


  30. 125
    The bottom line says:

    Is Will Straw a Global Warmist?
    You see, from now on I think we should judge peoples intelligence and honesty by what they think of this issue.
    If they ARE warmists then it would be safe to say anything they say or think on any other issue is shite.


    • 136
      Gordons favourite Butt Plug says:

      What about Coolists? I am freezing tonight.


    • 143
      Anonymous says:

      Unfortunately, in ideological ridden, PC obsessed Britain, people have learned it’s safest to parrot state lies in public, like in fucking East Germany.

      So lots of people publicly believe Global warming is happening, diversity is great, multiculturalism is fucking brilliant, Islam is a religion of….. well, you get the picture.


      • 159
        Mr Slater's Parrot says:



      • 182
        Technomist says:

        Living in Truth, Vlacav Havel (1986):

        “The manager of a fruit and vegetable shop places in his window, among the onions and carrots, the slogan: ‘Workers of the world, unite!’ Why does he do it? What is he trying to communicate to the world? Is he genuinely enthusiastic about the idea of unity among the workers of the world? Is his enthusiasm so great that he feels an irrepressible impulse to acquaint the public with his ideals? Has he really given more than a moment’s thought to how such a unification might occur and what it would mean?…”

        The rest is history…


    • 183
      British Militia says:

      No one debates gravity like they do Global Warming, the schism that exists between adherants and skeptics of the Global Warming mantra is merely that between statists and libertarians.

      If you belive that the duty of the state is to look after you from the cradle to the grave, make all of your decisions and generally treat you like an ignorant helpless peon, then you probably think Global Warming is real. If you believe as others do, that the role of government in our lives has become too great, that the essence of our liberty is being surrendered to the state under the guise of protecting us from imaginary threats, then you most like view Global Warming as a hoax.

      Get ready for the “climate inspectors” and severe reductions in your standard of living.


  31. 134
    Barrowboy. says:

    Britain has been taking in roughly 5-7% of its £1.6 trillion GDP from oil revenue, mainly from N.Sea reserves., that is around £112 billion. N.Sea production peaked 2 years ago. So…UK has gone from net exporter to net importer.
    Since oil revenue supports a considerable portion of UK social spending, what export income will replace it? During this time the £ has devalued by approx. 30%. The lunatic talk from the mad hatters tea party at Nos 10 & 11 of GB exiting the recession in 2010 can be put in the waste paper basket along with ” We are best placed to weather the recession”….
    To break even, the UK will have to carve a slice of domestic expenditure off it´s house-keeping bill of around £200 billions, ( then there is the debt to service.)


  32. 144
    G Brown says:

    They still know more about economics than me.

    Me selling gold ten years ago was the fault of the previous government for buying too much.


    • 153
      nurse says:

      No, it was Thatchers fault, so don’t upset yourself Gordon.


    • 160
      jgm2 says:

      Surely, with gold having quadrupled in value, you’ll need to sell 75% of what’s left to restablish the ‘correct’ mix of gold, euros, dollars and Zimbabwe dollars in the reserves.

      I await the announcement that will signal the end of gold’s bull run.


  33. 154
    rocknrolla says:

    O/T and I’m guessing most here will have already seen it but if not check out Gorgon’s video on American Idol – it’s even creepier than he infamous ‘youtube if you want to one’ – well his smile is anyway, less body movement.

    Don’t know how I missed it at the time.

    Cheers for selling my nation’s gold at $270 you moron.


  34. 155
    nell says:

    The Iraq Inquiry which has only been running a few days has already made some interesting discoveries.

    One – Bliar knew Iraq had no wmd before he gave the order to invade.

    Two – ‘That’ document that ultimately killed Dr David Kelly really had been
    ‘ sexed up’

    Three – That invasion really was illegal and goldsmith had , pre-invasion, said so in writing.

    Four – bliar and alastair knew, before the invasion, that saddam never had any links to AlkiAda.

    When do we prosecute bliar and alastair as war criminals?


    • 162
      Alistair Darling says:

      I was only obeying orders.


    • 173
      Technomist says:

      It started in America


    • 175
      Alistair Campbell says:

      You Tories are just sore at losing in 1997. Get over it. It was Thatcher’s fault, and we don’t do God.


      • 184
        nell says:

        I am seriously hoping that we can bring back hanging for alastair and his pals bliar and gordon. Let’s not forget brown too is implicated – he simply hid whilst in charge of the treasury , and did then, what he is still doing, underfunded our troops being sent to war.

        It’s the least we can do for Dr David Kelly and his family.


        • 275
          thick as thieves says:

          bring back hanging? it never went away nell.
          saddam hussein was hanged for war crimes against Iraqi civilians so why not tony blair?
          tony blair commited more war crimes against the Iraqi people than saddam hussein so it is only right that tony blair should hang for his war crimes.
          just like saddam.


        • 430
          Sarge says:

          Oh yes, it’s always nice to invade a country with 15 rounds of ammo a man. Presumably Gordon’s properly costed budget plan arrived at this?


    • 231
      Nick says:

      I read somewhere recently that Bush, mindful of Blair’s political difficulties at home, said that he didn’t expect the UK to contribute troops to the Iraq invasion. Blair insisted on being in on the act.

      If that’s true then Blair really can expect no mercy from the Court of Public Opinion, or any protectors in Parliament. But hey… let’s reinstate the death penalty for high treason before trying him!


    • 417
      Susie says:

      I knew the day after the invasion that Bliar’s WMDs were lies. BBC showed film of squaddies breaking into a warehouse supposedly packed with chemical/biological weapons in their shirtsleeves — where were their chemical suits and breathing apparatus I thought, or do they already know it’s a charade.


  35. 168
    caesars wife says:

    guido takes on the combined intellect of “the house of straw” !!

    the bong of leftest spawn international financial wisdom vs the life giving propeties of liffy water , and the national hobby of mischief , mmmm with this round so convincingly won , suggest young will makes his dad some coffee and asks him to smell it


  36. 170
  37. 174
    13eastie: (156 Days: "Good-bye, Gordon"!) says:

    Latest Al-Jabeeba AGW propaganda.

    If you don’t believe in AGW, it is because you are confused…


    • 189
      Charles says:

      That hole in the Ozone layer over the Antarctic, a hole that was only detected when we invented satellites, so it could have been there for any lemgth of time or could just wax and wain over time since the Earth began. the ozone hole that was going to warm the planet up and flood the land is now being blamed by the BBC for causing Antarctic cooling.


      • 205
        Moley says:

        No need to worry.

        They are prediciting that all the green measures taken to control the climate will allow the ozone layer to heal so that global warming resumes its steady pace.

        So who is confused now?


    • 195
      nell says:

      I’m not confused. Are you confused?

      PhilJones , a ‘professor’ apparently, and Lord Stern, ‘friend’ of gordon, say that much of the world is imminently in danger of being swamped from rising sea levels.

      gordon, mary riddle says, sees himself as the world’s most important eco-warrior who is going to save all of us from ourselves. There is, of course, a fee, a hefty sum that gordon has invented, that he is going to charge us for being our eco-warrior. He thinks he is going to make ‘his’ Treasury ‘loadsa money’ from this environmental tax!!!

      Unfortunately philjones, gordon’s ‘expert’ has destroyed, sorry!!, lost, his original data on which he based his claims of man-made global warming and gordon is now up a creek without a paddle.


      • 224
        David Cameron says:

        For many years, it has been a widely held belief that the environment is an issue for the left. So I understand why, in environmental circles, the high profile that my party has recently given to the challenge of climate change was greeted initially with a degree of scepticism. The green movement was similarly suspicious of Governor Schwarzenegger in California when he began to focus on the same issue. But suspicion has now turned to surprise, with the realisation that politicians of the centre right are engaged, in earnest, with this most pressing and crucial challenge for our society.

        I shared a platform with Tony Juniper, director of Friends of the Earth, and committed my party to supporting a climate change Bill in the Queen’s speech. Such a Bill would establish year-on-year targets for the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by at least 60 per cent by 2050, set in place a legal framework to ensure the targets are met, and establish an independent monitor to report to Parliament on Britain’s progress in meeting them.

        Politicians must work together, nationally and internationally, if we are to develop an effective response to the global challenge of climate change. Our children will judge the current generation of political leaders on our ability to put aside party differences in order to face up to this unprecedented global threat.

        I recently met former US Vice-President Al Gore, whose powerful film about climate change, An Inconvenient Truth, is about to be distributed in UK cinemas, and I am delighted that Republican Senator John McCain, who has done so much to promote a cross-party consensus on climate change in the US, will be coming to our party conference in Bournemouth this October. Rising to the threat of climate change will require more than conventional party politics has to offer

        - David Cameron


      • 226
        Anonymous says:

        The fraudster Phil Jones has just been kicked out of his job at the CRU pending an inquiry into his actions.

        Lets hope that he gets his just desserts eh?


    • 219

      Gift to all bloggers.Turns out Nigel Lawson’s recent scepticism regarding Global Warming is linked to his Central Europe Trust Ltd. His

      clients are
      BP,Amoco,Texaco,Elf,Total and SHELL.


      • 234
        Climategate says:

        Also turns out the whole global warming scam was given traction by Thatcher&Lawson who needed an anti coal/carbon policy to beat the miners strike.
        Miners. Remember those poor fuckers that the ‘left’ used to love so much.
        I bet you would call them planet killers these days you hypocritical cu*t.


        • 236
          hilarious paranoid nutters says:

          “Also turns out the whole global warming scam was given traction by Thatcher&Lawson who needed an anti coal/carbon policy to beat the miners strike.”

          Comedy Gold!


          • Climategate says:

            Lawson has admitted what his government did.
            Set one load of left wing nutters after another.
            But like Afghanistan the ones you used to support end up biting you in the ass.


          • Lawsongate says:

            Lawson admitted it
            The same Lawson whose clients are BP,Amoco,Texaco,Elf,Total and SHELL


          • Climategate says:

            I could dig up the links but can’t be arsed. My point was not to defend Lawson but show the two faced hypocrisy of you left wingers concerning your attitude to the Miners. If Thatcher hadn’t closed the pits you fucking enviromongs would have, in the name of climate change.
            Hypocritical middle class cu*t.


        • 431
          Sarge says:

          Yawn -the ‘it was all Thatchers fault’ argument Time to move on,or will it take another 30 years to think up annew line of attack?


      • 237
        Moley says:

        He is no worse than the politicians and the scientists, who are also in it for the money.

        The politicians are only interested in money too; in this particular case, raising taxation levels to a point far beyond the public’s tolerance, using climate change as an excuse for taxation.

        In the case of the scientists; toe the line and you get money rammed down your throat by Governments worldwide. Speak the truth and there will be no grants, no jobs and no fancy trips all over the world by first class air travel.

        Until those e mails were published; you would have been blacklisted by all the major journals too. Without publication, the scientist ceases to exist.


      • 243
        nell says:

        Prof Phil Jones – your response is so very transparent!!

        Perhaps you would like to tell us what really happened to that ‘lost’ ‘destroyed’ original data that might have proved your claims about anthropogenic global warming, but now cannot because it now no longer exists!!!


        • 249
          Sir William Waad says:


          • nell says:

            Dave needs to re-think his ‘green strategy’ in the light of prof.jones/uea’s exposed ‘ fictional, hypothetical, illusory, mythological, imaginary’ claims about man-made global warming for which jones/ lord stern admit they cannot produce solid primary evidence because they have somehow destroyed/lost it !!!!


          • Lawsongate says:

            Dave won’t because he doesn’t listen to paranoid nutters who think one bad scientist invalidates science


          • genghis says:

            One? Hahahahahahahahahahaha…


          • Animal says:

            phil jones is one person shit for brains


          • Archer Karcher says:


            A rather curiously unsubstantiatable claim, given that virtually EVERY government financed climate “scientist” from proven liar Michael Mann in America ( also suspended ) to Phil “destroy the evidence” Jones, were implicated in the thousands of e-mails among each other.

            Your dishonest defence of these frauds, is as dishonest as the basic “science” itself. Perhaps you are ignorant, perhaps you are stupid, or alternatively you are just another disingenuous liar, like Briffa, Hansen, Jones, Mann, et al?


    • 292
      13eastie (156 Days: "Bye-bye, Gordon!") says:

      Pedant-General’s summary on the DK blog puts things better than most could.

      A lot more worthy of reading than most of the luantic shite on here, anyway…


    • 361

      They did a potted summary of this shock-horror-catastrophic-climate-change-we’re-all-doomed-story on Radio 4 this morning, in which they mentioned en passant that Antarctic Ice had increased in volume over the past thirty years, which appears to be true.

      The BBC watered this down in the online article as follows:

      The Antarctic Peninsula – the strip of land that points towards the southern tip of South America – has warmed by about 3C over the last 50 years, the fastest rise seen anywhere in the southern hemisphere, according to the report.

      But the rest of the continent has remained largely immune from the global trend of rising temperatures. Indeed, the continent’s largest portion, East Antarctica, appears to have cooled, bringing a 10% increase in the sea ice extent since 1980.

      Ho hum.

      Posted by Mark Wadsworth


  38. 179
    Anonymous says:

    Today the UK ceased to be an independent nation, today is a day of shame, the illegal collaborator regime in Westminster is nothing more than a quisling stooge of the new nazi forth reich, they represent only themselves now protected by their new stasi/gestapo bullyboys, the traitors have also painted a bullseye on their backs for the freedom fighters to aim at.
    They can hide behind their political police and their goons for now but the time is coming for their judgement and punishment, they can build high walls to hide behind but they cannot hide from the justice that will find them in the end, the quisling traitors believe they have won, they are wrong, we the people are coming for them, we will have justice as sure as the sun rises we will win.


    • 200
      nell says:

      You need to wait on time.

      Try telling the British that the EU will rule them ——

      Not going to happen indefinitely.

      At some point the EU’s going to get the boot.


      • 247
        Nick says:

        The surrender to Europe is complete… but with any luck Brown won’t be able to get the Copenhagen Treaty enabling legislation through Parliament before the next election.

        Apparently it will be possible at some point to leave the EU by rescinding the 1972 EEC Accession Act – I wonder if it will be similarly possible to resile from the Copenhagen Treaty when sanity prevails?


        • 447
          Archer Karcher says:

          Up until Lisbon was ratified, repealing the 1972 Act was a possible escape route.

          Unfortunately, repealing that Act would not now change our status as a province of Brussels. The only way out now, is to be thrown out ( highly unlikely ) or to negotiate our way out, a two year process, set out in Lisbon, that allows the EU to set and demand ALL terms of leaving.

          The scumbags have sprung a very nasty trap indeed.


  39. 180
    We,The People says:

    Listening to land of Hope And Glory on the headphones ultra loud.

    Brown – you have ruined our country and we want it back.

    You grotty fraudulent lying scheming piece of dog shit.

    We wait for the moment when your political death is announced next year.

    We,The People will strangle any chance of you being in office as an elected PM.


    • 185
      Right on says:

      Too fucking right – you will be so defeated,you won’t believe it – you will be smashed too pieces and the Labour Party dead and buried.

      Looking forward to the day,coward.


    • 203
      nell says:

      I love Blake’s Jerusalem better but both are good!!


    • 241
      Jilly says:

      Thatcher ruined the country.Labour has tried to put it right.Cameron is weak.Land of Hope and Glory my foot.Try the Internationale you prejudiced dolt head.


      • 245
        nurse says:

        “Labour has tried to put it right.”

        2 trillion in debt. Yeah right, dumb fuck.


      • 248
        Engineer says:

        Ah – the trolls have arrived. It’s all Thatcher’s fault, including the Boer War.


      • 250
        nell says:

        OK – ainbustinagut , broon, straw, harpy harriett, the militwits, postman pat, uddin, elliot morley, kevan, etc etc ……………..

        I could have been more extensive but I won’t. Can you suggest anyone in the brown government (commons or lords) either will do?.. that is worthy??


      • 251
        Moley says:


        I don’t think so.

        Do you live in the same country as the rest of us?


      • 253
        If it werent broke why fix it says:

        Jilly, you fuck off to France if you want to but for fucks sake no more ‘Change’ I can’t take anymore.


      • 257
        Nick says:

        ‘Labour has tried to put it right’?

        Blair inherited a growing economy in good shape – he immediately taxed the ‘scapegoats’ (windfall taxes on privatised industries, private pension funds, remember?) and systematically tied up business in red tape whilst (not so covertly) operated a redistributionary tax policy. Now the economy’s fucked and could be in depression for up to 20 years. And that’s not to mention the deliberate systematic politicisation of the civil service, intelligence service, Police forces and the judicial system. And the pervasive surveillance society etc.

        Or maybe you were just joking?


      • 286
        13eastie (156 Days: "Bye-bye, Gordon!") says:

        “Labour has tried to put it right”.

        Jilly, you daft сunt. This is why ZanuLab is so fucked.

        Twelve years on this is Labour’s epitaph!

        What a streak of piss you are…


      • 310
        Gordons favourite Butt Plug says:

        So ruined after Labours last go, and ridiculed as the sick man of Europe. Handed over an Economy in 1997 in excellent shape. Downhill since 2000 IMHO.

        Go away you silly communist Pig.


        • 393
          thick as thieves says:

          fuck off you spoiled middle class toryboy wanker


          • thick as thieves says:

            naughty naughty!
            don’t do it again you foul mouthed and crass thief.
            but to set the record straight at 12.24am top boy was tucked up in bed dreaming of Emily Nomates.
            I dreamt that I was protecting her from all the creepy stalkers and trolls who visit this place and I was stopping the stalkers from getting their sweaty hands on Emily and when they tried to grab her I beat them all up and crushed their skulls and I killed them all and Emily was so pleased with the workmanlike manner in which I had gone about bashing the nasty stalkers skulls that she said she wanted to give me a reward.
            and then I woke up.
            c’est la vie, innit.


  40. 186
    Anonymous says:

    I see Ed Cooper-Balls was up to his old tricks again by blatently misquoting Cameron on marraige and the Family , He said cameron called single mothers “second hand citizens”. Cameron said nothing of the sort but Ed erects a huge straw man which he then uses against the evil tories. His Partner Yvette Balls-Copper is also not averse to this debating tactic . Horible couple. I wouldnt trust them with a second home claim form myself.


    • 206
      Avin A Larf says:

      Cameron actualy said,
      “Single mums have had more pricks than a second hand dartboard”
      Edd Balls is deaf as well as having weird eyes.


    • 216
      Ug Fest says:

      Which one of them Cooper-Balls has got the biggest tits d’ya think?


    • 235
      nell says:

      Unfortunately EdB and yvette don’t understand that marriage is a nurturing institution .

      I don’t know their backgrounds but perhaps they come from ‘broken’ backgrounds and therefore feel they have to defend parents who don’t want to be normal caring parents that come from an enduring partnership!!!


      • 266
        The Daily Mail says:



        • 276
          Gordon 'gift to the Tories' Brown says:

          If Brown is a socialist lezza, that’s dead on.


        • 278
          nell says:

          No! Its the fault of a Labour government which created a dependent welfare class believing that this destroyed social strata would vote them into power ad infinitum.

          Labour’s about to find out that it’s social engineering experiment has failed big time and they are going to get voted out for more than a generation!!!!

          I personally hope that labour is now destroyed for all time!!!


          • It’s worse than that, they deliberately structured the “benefits” system to make them benefit-addicts who are poorer for leaving.

            They are evil.


          • neocon fuckwits abound says:

            did you know theses parasites ran up hundreds of billions to the Uk taxpayer by making billionsin bonuses then sponging off the taxpayer ?

            then they invaded Itraq in the most moronic piece of catastrophic foreign policy in decades causing the deaths of hundreds of thousands ?

            No wait, that was the Bankers, Blair and the neocon fuckwits

            They are Evil.


      • 283
        50 Calibre says:

        Balls has to wake up each morning and see Mrs Cooper Balls and perhaps even listen to her. No wonder he blinks a lot and get excitable.

        On the other hand, she has to wake up each morning and see him wide eyed and blinking nervously. They do deserve each other, but nothing else…


  41. 259
    The IMF is coming says:

    I read as the main story on the British Broadcasting Corporation website that Mr David Millaband had spoken to the sailors held captive by Iranian authorities.

    First you get taken at gunpoint by Iranians.
    To make matters worse you then have to speak to David Milliband (he must have finished his homework early)


  42. 261
    Bollocks to Brhoon, Bliar 'n the rest of the lying cheating scum - oh yeah - 'n the trolls says:

    Yup, – said it all.

    Now bugger off.


  43. 262
    Anonymous says:

    BBC News. “Miliband in sailors call to Iran”

    Little wonder Peter M wanted the FO brief.


  44. 271
    Casual Observer says:

    O/T, but what the hell.

    “CO2 is a trace gas currently being only 0.038% of the Earth’s atmosphere.”

    This seems to me to be not a lot considering all the fuss that’s being made about it, especially when there is irrefutable scientific evidence that the proportion has been much higher and much lower in the past…

    Perhaps it’s just more governmental hype to justify a much needed tax hike.


    • 281
      dumb fucker says:

      Thousands of very well paid scientists, and government funded institutions say that you’re wrong.


      • 288
        nell says:

        Most of them, tonight, are comfortably esconced in five star hotels in Copenhagan awswiting the beginning og of THE conference. All at ir expense of course.

        Tongith they have partook of a five star, five course , top chef prepared meal .

        Tomorrow they will be given a luxury tour of Copenhagan and a top class lunch plus the promise of other ‘benefits’ .

        philjones is hoping not tobe


        • 291

          Was your comment produced on pure Cabernet, nell?


          • nell says:

            Tesco’s australian red darling!!! £3.25 a bottle.

            And let’s not forget that the aussie’s are just about to trash gordon’s view of man-made global warming. Well done the aussies!!!


          • nell says:

            Actually I hit the key to early- sorry. See comment below.


          • adrian says:

            nell, you won’t get a reply from Tuscan at less than 30 quid a bottle.


          • nell says:

            Well being pensioner I can’t afford that Adrian.

            But to be honest I think tesco’s wines at £3/4/5/6 per bottle are about as good as you’ll get anywhere.

            In the week I’m really boring and drink loads of water – the tap stuff not bought!!!

            For £30 plus I want champagne and I only drink that at Xmas.

            So Cheers!!


          • Engineer says:

            Tuscan would be on Chianti, surely – he’d turn his nose up at Aussie Cabernet, however good.

            I’m sticking with the Marston’s Pedigree.


          • An extra-large fog of Norfolk Bog last night Engineer, as tonight is a dry one in anticipation of Thursday’s drive to Engerlund.

            Nowt wrong with Tesco Aussie red.


        • 293
          nell says:

          Most of them, tonight, are comfortably esconced in five star hotels in Copenhagan awaiting the beginning of THE conference. All at our expense of course.

          Tonight they have partaken of a five star, five course , prepared by top chefs.

          Tomorrow they will be given a luxury tour of Copenhagan and a top class lunch plus the promise of other ‘benefits’ .

          philjones is hoping not to be questioned as to why his inglorious assertions for flooding of all lowlands, increasing major hurricanes, frightening weather changes over the next ten years, cannot be substantiated because he has lost/destroyed the primary data on which he based those scandalous, now unsubstantiated, claims!!!


          • genghiz the kahn says:

            Isn’t time that the British bombarded Copenhagen again?

            Are they adding up the air miles and claiming it on expenses against tax?


      • 347
        Let the science community SEE the data says:

        The problem I have with the material leaked/stolen from the CRU last week is not with the e-mails. These simply demonstrate that scientists are human, and become attached to their conclusions. The real killer is a file called HARRY_READ_ME.txt, which documents the 3-year struggle of a programmer to try to make sense of a confusing mass of data from thousands of weather reporting stations all over the globe, covering more than 100 years. It should be clear to any computer-science graduate reading this document (caution – it’s 15,000 lines long!) firstly, that there are severe problems with the data on which CRU’s conclusions about historical global temperature are based, and secondly, that their approach to processing this data is so amateurish that the output should not be trusted. Despite this, it seems that the CRU’s conclusions based on this data will inform decisions involving billions of dollars at Copenhagen. “Peer review” should mean that every part of the data and methodology is subject to scrutiny by other experts – this means that all program code should be examined and tested by skilled programmers, not just taken on trust by other climatologists.


        • 382
          nell says:

          100 years???!!

          What significance does a hundred years have to 13.7billions years of climate development of the earth???


  45. 277
    Anonymous says:

    I see Sky News has embraced the chicken licken doomsday prophesies as evidenced by their trailer for copenhagen. Just shows what a good editor can do with some footage none of which is real evidence for Global warming.


    • 304
      Climategate says:

      Rolling 24 hour news also shows every detail of a disaster which 20 years ago wouldn’t have got airtime. Cockermouth being a good example.
      Apart from more people living in more places thus presenting a bigger target for natural disasters to hit, you also have millions of desperate journos trying to justify their own existance reporting on cow farts.


      • 315
        Anonymous says:

        Anybody remember the flood in Linton, Devon in 1952 that killed 34 people?


        • 326
          nell says:

          Or the devastating North Sea tidal surge of January 1953 that killed hundreds in East Anglia.


          • Engineer says:

            You beat me to it, nell!


          • nell says:

            Ah well Eng!! I was sort of there y’know.

            At least My Mom who is now in her 90′s was. Even today she talks about the day that the Denver 100ft drain burst it’s banks in the winter of 1953!!

            Way back in the 1400′s – there was a similar event recorded for East Anglia and in the time of King John another tidal surge that actually buried his gold alongside soldiers and servants in the Wash at Kings Lynn somewhere about 1200.

            Man-made global warming ?! Who are they trying to kid??? !!!


          • > Man-made global warming ?! Who are they trying to kid??? !!!

            Every single victim of tax-extortion.


          • Susie says:

            And in the 16thC Dunwich was washed away… Dunwich had been a thriving port since before the middle ages with 10 churches, now all under the sea.


        • 331
          Engineer says:

          A study of British history will throw up many examples of ‘extreme’ weather events causing serious loss of life. Storms in the North Sea have breached sea defences on more than one occasion – a dramatic example is documented in the early 18th century (I think), with another bad one in the 1950′s. There are floods in various parts of the country fairly frequently.


    • 311
      I've planted vines in my garden who do I sue when global warming don't happen? says:

      ‘Take one example. Gore said that the glacier at the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro had melted because of “global warming”. In fact, it had been ablating – not melting – since 1880; and half of its snows had gone before Hemingway wrote The Snows of Kilimanjaro in 1936.

      In the past 30 years, NASA satellites have measured two things that make the attribution of the disappearing snows of Kilimanjaro to manmade “global warming” altogether impossible.

      First, the entire Central African region around the mountain has been cooling for three decades.

      Secondly, at no point since satellite records began in 1979 has Kilimanjaro’s summit temperature risen above – 1.6 °C. For most of the past 30 years the mean summit temperature has been –7 °C. Try melting ice at those temperatures. Its thermal inertia makes melting impossible.

      University of Alabama at Huntsville data shows, there has been no temperature trend at the summit of Kilimanjaro since the satellites first began monitoring it 30 years ago –

      Instead, the glacier has been ablating – passing directly from the solid to the gaseous state of water without passing through the intervening liquid state – because of imprudent and substantial post-colonial deforestation in the region surrounding the mountain, which has dried the air.

      Gore also recited the falsehood that would later be repeated by his producer in her children’s book: that in the early climate it was CO2 change that preceded and hence by implication caused temperature change, when in fact it was temperature change that preceded and hence cannot have been caused by CO2 change.

      Lies about the rate and significance of global and regional temperature change, therefore, have long been right at the center of the case presented to the world, until now with great success, by the international cadre of “global-warming” profiteers and scientific fraudsters that have promoted and pushed and peddled the scare.’


    • 428
      Anonymous says:

      Thank feck they dont have footage of Mount Vesuvius erupting at Pompey or that would also been in their little “the sky is falling” montage as well.


  46. 285
    Anonymous says:

    More rubbish attempts to make her husband more endearing

    yeah like its really you Sarah !!!


  47. 299
    genghiz the kahn says:

    The real message was Gordon Brown is a useless, one-eyed hoon, who is about as much use as a one legged man at an arse kicking party.

    So much for “I will not use my family as props.” c. J G Brown, Ph. D and Bar.


  48. 301
  49. 306
    TOO FAR says:

    I have serious concern with any body with any reason to support the labour dictatorship.
    The whole group of incompetent front bench ministers, have been blaiming the rest of any living piece of everything for the UK’s problems.
    The law’s of life is, THE BUCK STOPS AT THE TOP.


  50. 307
    Unsworth says:

    More relevant, what is Will snorting?


    • 350
      Maladroit Labour Chump says:

      and why did his grandfather prefer to be imprisoned rather than defend this Country during World War II ??


      • 357
        nell says:

        No sorry can’t accept that one .

        Conscientious Objectors have been courageous and brave over two world wars .

        In WW1 and 2 UK conscientious objectors volunteered as medical and stretcher bearers which put them into the front line for longer periods than soldiers and earned them more deaths and casualties by percentage than serving soldiers.


  51. 308
    nell says:

    The BBC will never report anything of any importance.

    Re this topic – Let’s look at the role of Ld Stern – gordon’s personal pal in this disgraceful quagmire.

    And let’s ask the question about phil jones’ lost/destroyed primary data which he can no longer use to support his theories!!!!

    And lets ask the most important question??!! How can the uea judge climate change on data that dates from the 1600′s to the present time when the earth’s climate has actually been formed, and is still being formed from 13.7 billion years of development??


    • 345
      Climategate says:

      If I drew a graph of the worlds temps over the last 4billion years, the time frame that these Scientists rely on for proof would be the full stop at the end of a mile long wiggly line.
      What they and the enviromongs call ‘Normal’climate may be totaly abnormal in the history of the planet.


      • 365
        nell says:

        I think the truth is ……not even a mile, maybe a millimetre!!


      • 371

        The “fun” thing is that from 1960+ they replaced the tree ring “proxies” with real temperature data at the end of the graph (the one on the front cover of the IPCC “report”) because the proxy and the real measured temperatures diverged so much.

        The whole thing is one big fraud.


      • 379
        Ratsniffer says:

        We’re in am mild interglacial period and one day there will be mile thick ice sheets covering most of northern europe, and polar bears everywhere. Suck on that, Gore.


      • 400
        Exxonmobils little cocksuckers says:

        thank fuck we have right wing bloggers who can cut and paste from far right blogs instead of scientific training to advise us


        • 448
          George Soros' Catamite says:

          It is, isn’t it! And your qualifications are? Media Studies don’t count…


        • 463
          Ratsniffer says:

          400 – you prick – would those be the same trained scientists who have been covering up their data, refusing freedom of information requests and using “tricks” to hide stats which are not on message?


      • 456
        Dobby says:

        So then, man’s time on earth has been but a pinprick? It matters to me if not the orb we are on.


  52. 319
    Ex BBC rent boy with a sore arse says:

    Are the extra 500 simply to make up for the ones killed or maimed?

    I see the turd sniffer that faked the climate change crap has now resigned, not that the drug addicts at the BBC are not reporting it!!!

    Fucking wankers


  53. 324
    nell says:

    Just a thought Dave – Are you listening?

    I understand the reasons reasons that you consider it is no longer worthwhile holding a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty given that it has already passed into law with the Irish Vote.

    May I suggest instead that you ask the British electorate ,in a referendum, once you have been elected, whether they would like to rescind the 1972 EU Act of Accession?

    Now that would be a smart move!!!!


    • 330
      rupert bear says:

      nell, stop BWP (blogging whilst pissed), Dave has already said he wants the UK to be part of Europe, for good or ill.


      • 336
        nell says:

        rupert bear dear one doesn’t ‘get pissed’ mid week, at least we don’t because we have elderly folk to take care of and children to get to school.

        No doubt labour’s core voters, who seem to live on vodka and benefits, have a different view of life.

        As for Dave , he is going to have to do a fast retake on anthropogenic global warming given philjones ‘sacking’ tonight.

        I’ll give him a week or two and then I expect him to start talking some ‘global warming’ sense !!!!


        • 339
          nell says:

          And that ish, hic, my lasht word on the subject….zzzzzzzzzzzzzz


          • nell says:

            There you go philjones and ld stern – fakes to the end !!!


          • nells hero thinks she's a fuckwit says:


          • CCO SpAd says:

            I’ve got it Dave! “Tough on pollution,tough on the causes of pollution”
            It could strike a chord with the namby pamby,recycleable,socially conscious,children in need watching,studio audience of swing voters that are going to be the deciding factor at the next election.
            Work ‘em,Baby!


          • featherweight Dave says:

            trouble is he believes it and would be slaughtered if he were to back down and listen to the lunatic fringe of the Tory Party

            Vote Blue Go Green

            He’s going to be hearing that for most of his time as PM


    • 401
      Dodgy Dave says:

      Dave’s an EU/Global communist, just like Ruin and Bliar. Vote TaT!


  54. 327
    JimJam. says:

    Look at a photo of Will Straw – I mean, ffs, noone that ugly should be taken seriously. And I’m not happy – the draw was under – again…


  55. 334
    Odds Bodkins says:

    I’ve never thought much of Will. He is little more than an apprentice smear merchant. It’s a bit much to expect the son of a Labour minister to adopt an evidence-based approach.

    What’s more, like his father he is another former rabble-rouser thats never had a proper job. A shitforbrains like him would never survive if he had to deal with a customer. The mere thought of operating in the private sector would cause his head to explode. It’s going to be such a glorious day next year when all these vermin are suddenly unemployed and unemployable.

    “Left foot forward”? More like Middle Finger Upward.


  56. 341
    thick as thieves says:

    what is straw smoking? judging by his badly contrived rant I would suggest he is smoking crackcocaine. lots and lots of crackcocaine. and heroin.
    seriously will, we all want you to pull your crack addiction.
    put the crackpipe down.
    choose life.


  57. 355
    Smack head (will vote for labour for more dole money) says:

    Ere guvnor will u got any gear to sell me init.


    • 398
      Dick Head (will vote Tory expecting a Tax cut then cry when Dave puts up taxes) says:

      Ere Dave got any gear to sell me ?
      innit ?


  58. 356
    • 360
      T. B£iar says:



    • 373

      That’s because extortion funding state provision is totally inappropriate for the delivery of education.

      The states role should be solely ensuring that parents deliver education for the children they produce, and maybe lending them the money if needed.


  59. 358
    gone fuckin mental says:

    Fawkes suprised you aint picked this up yet?


    • 362
      T. B£iar says:

      I’m a pretty straight kind of guy….


    • 370
      Technomist says:

      ‘The structure is so artificial that in one part of it, Blair is, in effect, forming partnerships with himself.

      The former prime minister refuses to offer any explanation of why he is using the complex structures.

      As they stand, they were recently described by the Financial Times as “neither tax efficient nor managerially useful”.’

      Its very interesting but some obvious possibilities may be being missed. Tony Blair could well be bonkers and, like his wife, not the brilliant lawyer people believe.


      • 422
        Susie says:

        Was talking to someone who used to work alongside them in chambers… they were both total incompetents and crap at their job.


    • 384
      The Baker Street Irregulars says:

      Even Mycroft would have trouble unravelling that one. Love him or loathe him,he is one smooth operator. When you can get the leader of the opposition to stand and applaud your curtain call,a Dixon of Dock Green tax inspector is hardly a challenge.


    • 386
      Animal says:

      Are you in some way insinuating that Tony Blair, a former prime Minister and leader of a socialist policitcal party that preaches equality and fiscal penalisation of the rich, is avoiding the very tax regimes that he – along with his erstwhile partner Gordon Brown – inflicted on this country?

      Surely such a committed religious person could never be so hypocritical.


      • 397
        Heir to Blair says:

        “Tony Blair.. ..preaches equality and fiscal penalisation of the rich”


        Do you even KNOW who you are talking about ?

        This is Tony B. Liar friend of millionaires and billionaires who wants hundreds of pounds just to have a photo taken with him with his moneygrubbing wife

        priceless comedy yet again


  60. 372
    nell says:

    What are you saying??

    That Jack Straw is funding ( Well in reality WE THE Taxpayer , are funding} his son to blog for gordon

    And that John Prescott (Again We) are funding Prescott’s son to blog for gordon .


    • 377
      nell says:

      That can’t be true!!

      We the taxpayer are paying for the children of these failed labour ministers – so that they can trough too whilst doing nothing useful in life ?!!!!


    • 385
      john says:

      well we’re also funding the entire bbc to campaign for gordon!

      plus i wonder is jacqboot’s husband still on the public payroll writing pretend letters praising his wife to local papers? anyone know?


      • 388
        I hope he gets his todger stuck in the vacuum cleaner says:

        Of course he is.He runs her constituancy office. He will also be in line for redundancy payments and a parliamentary pension.
        I kid you not.


    • 403
      Pig and Piglet says:

      Left Trotter Forward but keep your Snouts Down


  61. 392
    EUSSR Gorgon, the imbecilic, posturing ignoramus, (on a par with "throw the votes Dave") says:

    “We are in charge now, Sarkozy tells the City” (Times)

    Aye, – ah’m not capable masel’ – so tha’s ma canny plan.

    But nuthn’s ma fult ye mind!


  62. 402
    Vote for the Policies and Party Guido believes in says:


  63. 408
    Cameron's shocking speech and stance against Climate Change and Phil Jones says:

    ” … “


    • 411
      caesars wife says:

      Cw still isnt sure whos lying yet , but is fairly sure mr jones should have not have destroyed the origional unmanipulated data , as any good scientific body should in case of error .

      the ruin has been awfully quiet ! esp being as he paid for it


  64. 410
    caesars wife says:

    mmm spot of difficult going , fireworks light up the sky in brussels heralding a sign of increased contributions , milliband phones up iranian ambassador and tells them to “hurry up there investigations” , barry obama sends more troops , Alan Johnson cant explain why Garry mckinnon should not be tried in the UK , Ed Balls thinks the family unit is some sort of obstruction to state mind bending and to top it all the ruin is now going to legislate anaemic governance very similar to eu provincial “you only get in if you luv the EU”

    The rock like jaw of the ruins eussr presents its bully malevolence and its all too monotonous lies CW is mindfull of the bigger picture and the movements going on under the smokey cover , the ruin must be very worried indeed as the pre budget report arrives with copenhagen , and his kesselriege approach seems to embue power .

    CW has faith that conservative principals on the economy will hold in the end and looks forward to uprooting the whole evil lot by every sinew and oz of the strength that is afforded in the comming 182 days , empires of the mind are always prone to tyranny and madness , CW thinks hes heading towrds a new biography “spend it like nero” or perhaps even “bend it like nero”

    keep your eye on the debt pea under darlings walnuts ! it seems to be getting bigger and there seems to be no shame at home of how our children do , most people get his bluster and spin is not leadership , and that his front bench is an affront to common sense .


  65. 413
    Harriet Harman's Willie says:

    Brits enter Iranian Waters in error – arrested and imprisoned. Iranians enter UK illegally – receive housing, benefit payments, access to education and medical facilities. How glad am I that my children emigrated.


  66. 425
    Samee says:


    (Sincerest apologies for not posting anything more sensible but I got so p*ssed I couldn’t even read the previous 405 entries (took me & spell check 20 minutes to write this!)


  67. 429
    President Omaha Beach (Warmonger) says:

    I have decided to send 30000 more adrenaline fuelled human killing machines who are armed to the teeth with every death device available to Aghanistan to “finish the job” just like we have done in Eye-Raq.

    This will prove once again to the world that America and her “Allies” are peace-loving people.

    They will fight the peasant’s resistance forces who we are now training and arming in their thousands, while we drive the Islamic militants into Pakistan, which we will shortly have to invade to protect America’s security, blah blah blah….

    Next week I will be going to Europe to collect my Nobel peace prize….


  68. 435
    caesars wife says:

    what a load of cock waffle from alan johnson !


  69. 437
    Cynic says:

    You think that’s bad take a look at todays Times

    “State troopers in Florida last night closed their investigation into Tiger Woods’s car crash, issuing the billion-dollar golfer with a $164 traffic citation for careless driving and conceding that they lacked evidence to pursue criminal charges.”

    and later in the same article

    ” Florida Highway Patrol is still investigating the incident last Friday, in which Woods, 33, was found lying unconscious outside his home in Orlando at 2.25am after smashing his vehicle into a fire hydrant and a tree.

    Officers are examining whether any crime was committed, and looking into suggestions that Woods may have been driving without shoes, which is illegal in Florida, and that he may have been assaulted by his wife, Elin Nordegren, before the crash.”

    Isnt it great to see that the journalism standards pioneered by the Gruinard still live on.


  70. 440
    Dodgy Dave says:

    Indy, front page, climate fraud at last. Dave Davies says Dodgy Dave’s a con, (well almost).


  71. 443
    Boredbyitall says:


    “2nd best bit if advice my dad ever gave me was “when you argue with a fool two fools are arguing” – that said this spat is nothing if not entertaining.


  72. 445
    Andrew W-S says:

    Can someone please point out to young Straw that, on his blog, it is the RIGHT foot that is in front of the left?


  73. 451
    Disco Biscuit says:

    “Left Foot Forward”… as in Michael Foot?

    Is Will Straw still as cute as he was when they nabbed him for dealing drugs to a journalist?


  74. 457

    [...] about whether the UK is the only G20 country to still be in recession. Check out Will Straw and Guido to get an idea of the [...]


  75. 461

    [...] : Will Straw still won’t let this go; yesterday Will tried to imply that Spain was somehow the 21st member of the G20 and therefore Britain was not the only member [...]


  76. 462
    Gooey Blob says:

    The Spain gaffe is rather embarrassing, and even more so for Brown after he repeated the mistake. I’m beginning to think that there isn’t anyone on the left who can actually do economics. Politics, yes. Economics, no.


  77. 464

    [...] Two Left Feet : What is Will Straw Smoking? It didn’t take long for Will “we don’t do attack dog” Straw of Left Foot Forward to, errm, go on the attack.  [...] [...]


  78. 465

    [...] bear trap and demolition job on our article about G20 countries still in recession, following this simple Venn diagram, so [...]


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