November 16th, 2009

Guy News : Friday Thirteenth Broadcast

Yes, Emily is back with a Guidorama investigation…

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  1. 1
    righteous-rage says:

    Thought gordon was unlucky enough without friday the 13th as well :(

    • 110
      13eastie (only 171 days, Gordumb) says:

      It’s Friday 13th every day at DoomLand™

      • 115
        Gordons favourite Butt Plug says:

        Doomland sounds like a fun place to be.

        They could team up with Dignitas!!

        It’s the right thing to do!

        Gordon will have a job to do then.

  2. 2
    Anonymous says:

    More Emily, less adverts please.

  3. 3
    gone fuckin mental says:

    fuckin loved it fawkes

  4. 4
    ScotsToryB says:

    I do enjoy your Monday superwidescreenstereobroadcastinsilverbasedmedium.

    Have you ever thought about publishing on a Friday? You know, get them set up for the weekend?

    Just a thought.


    • 22

      It is published on Friday and seen by Guidogram subscribers. Click on the banner to subscribe.

      • 28
        gone fuckin mental says:

        fawkes dont get mine till saturday?

      • 248
        random idiot says:

        Hey Guido – you should mention you also get your ‘behind the blog’ report. I quite enjoy it.

        Good piece about drugs. May I suggest the fourth dumbest argument for drug prohibition – “think of the children!”. Using children as a reason for censoring the behaviour of adults, so typically nasty and dishonest. >:(

  5. 6
    Anonymous says:

    Guido, I thought you were a libertarian ??

    So what the fuck is all this beating up on liberal causes ??

    Maybe it is because you is a wanka ??

  6. 7
    Anonymous says:

    It cuts out at the start of Emily’s bit ;_;

  7. 8

    This week David Cameron announced that John and Edward are his favourites to win X-Factor.

    It’s hardly surprising.

    David Cameron and George Osborne are the Jedward of politics.

    Hilarious to watch.

    All spin and no substance.

    But you won’t be laughing if they win.

    • 9
      gone fuckin mental says:

      so last week chump

    • 10
      Mr Ned says:

      Fabian, that vid was posted last week you numpty fuckwit!

      • 12

        Guido is so short on material it won’t hurt to post it again.

        Labourlist 2.0 is so much better and more professional than this site it’s not even funny.

        The Left has embraced modern Web 2.0 technology while you reactionaries are still living in the Dark Ages.

        • 14
          gone fuckin mental says:

          and your are still 17 points behind in the polls , i wonder why ?

          • But we won the last by-election while the Tories only scraped 3rd.

            Get your facts right, reactionary.

          • gone fuckin mental says:

            in a seat labour had held for 70 odd years , supported by smackheads and dossers

          • Agent 99 says:

            Fabian said we won that election, well my! my! yes you did with the lowest turnout ever recorded in Scotland at 33% and the winner got 55% of that vote apparently which means they won with a shade under 20% of the vote give or take. Couldn’t be arsed to calculate precisely as like the election the outcome as was the by-election itself totally meaningless and pointless So the constituency with the highest poverty in the UK as good as and has been labour for the last 70 years continues under labour. Some fucking ‘ringing endoresment’ that is.

            Actually there is one good point . It makes the McFuckwits leadership into the elction more likely which is a really good thing as I would hate to be robbed of watching that lying, deceitful, smearing back stabbing scumbag from conceeding defeat and then loading his removals van next year outside No 10.

          • 13eastie (only 171 days, Gordumb) says:

            Fabulous Delustions?

            Who the fuck is this “we” you keep talking about?

            Did you actually contest and “win” any by-election, personally?

            If not, why do you write about Labour the way other morons talk about soccer teams?

            Trying to vaunt the non-loss of Glasgow North-East (an entire constituency full of people as deluded as you, but mostly too lazy to even bother to vote) as some kind of achievement shows about as much self-respect as getting one’s cash and todger out in public and then trying to prove to on-lookers that one can score in a brothel.

            Congratulations, Fabian! Enjoy the moment!

            With a “win” like that under “your” belt, I bet “you” can hardly wait for the Good-Bye-Election!

            Goodbye, Gordon!

            Goodbye, Fabian!

        • 21
          Anonymous says:

          And your web site is crap. There’s nothing on it and you are asking for help!

          • W. Smith says:

            There’s too much on it, that’s the problem, and it’s all shit. It’s so posts get buried quickly and the authors don’t have to back up their piss-pot articles.

            And the highest rated comment on the fabians video?

            “Crap attack video that sums up a crap Labour party. ”


        • 73

          Fabian Solutions.
          Master Baiter called,says he’s left his mobile on charge on the desk there. Be a good chap and pop it in the drawer when you go. He doesn’t want the cleaner to nick it.

    • 78
      Dave "Cast Iron Guarantee" Cameron says:

      I have been misquoted.

      What I actually said were that “John & Edward were my cast iron favourites to win”

      And I can disclose they are also favoured by the Turnip Taleban

      Good Evening

    • 93
      W. Smith says:

      Did you do the shit photoshop of that then? Fucking awful work mate.

    • 282
      Osama the Nazarene says:

      Oh yes I will. I’ll just be so relieved that the whole Nuliebor project has GONE gone gone!

  8. 11

    British Euroskepticism is dead in the water. It was swimming against the tide of history and has been crushed by the inexorable wheels of progress.

    History is on our side. The progressive consensus is going forward, shaping towards a new world order, a global community of nations in ever closer union, peace and co-operation.

    You isolationist, xenophobic, reactionary right-wingers in Surrey and Sussex have LOST. Britain’s place at the heart of a progressive, dynamic Europe is secure and there’s nothing you can do about it.

    • 13
      gone fuckin mental says:

      oh fuck off and take a refund on the way out

      • 15

        Typically sophisticated Right-winger.

        Do you read the Sun by any chance?

        • 18
          Anonymous says:


        • 20
          gone fuckin mental says:

          nope i dont read the sun and i aint a right winger

        • 27
          Revolutionary Spirit of 1776 says:

          You are a typical delusional Marxist, So the fuck what? You are still in a tiny minority in this country. Just because the lying treasonous bastards in the labour party lied and committed treason to give away our freedoms and laws and sovereignty, does not make it right, acceptable, nor inevitable.

          Personally, I hope that this can be rectified peacefully at the next general election, when the decent and honest majority can take this country back from treasonous and vile traitors like yourself.

          You really seem to enjoy shitting on the memory of our troops who laid down their lives in defence of our democratic principles so that we may continue to democratically control our own Parliament and continue to set our own laws, don’t you fabian. You really are the lowest of the low!

          However, should that peaceful return of our country not be possible, I shall look forward to the revolutionary civil war and to looking you in the eye as I put a bullet through your treasonous brain you foul piece of excrement.

          We shall take this country back.

          One way, or another.

          • You call me a Marxist like it’s an insult. Obviously I’m not a Communist but I do think he had a point, as the recent collapse of capitalism is showing us.

            The inevitable march of history towards a socialist new world order is under way. Any imperialist, nationalist reactionaries like you will ultimately be trampled underfoot.

          • barefootcontessa says:

            Fabian, wait ’til the Hun get their hands round your throat!

          • And you’re calling me treasonous? How dare you? I am a loyal British citizen – I just happen also to be a loyal European, and a loyal citizen of the world.

            Your comments about armed rebellion are highly inflammatory. I hope they’re empty threats because if not we have a lot on anti-terror laws now you know.

          • barefootcontessa says:

            Fabian,……Trust you have had yourself chipped and ID’d already, ‘cos you’re going to need it! Read your history for god’s sake, wise up you deluded socialist! You’re the sort who would report your mother to the stasi for not wearing the right coloured apron on the right day of the week!

          • Reg511 says:

            Fabian, think about it

            Marxist, Socialist trying to understand and play with the capitalist toybox is asking for disaster, but the fact that your heroes lied and conived and convinced enough people to let them play with the grown up toys demonstrates they do not have issue with the toys just the use of the proceeds.

            Grow up or fuck off to labour list

          • 13eastie (171 Days, Gordumb) says:

            The thing is, Deluded Fabian, that it was Marxism that collapsed.

            And this happened twenty years ago (Ceauşescu execution videos still available on Youtube).

            Brown has done a good job of wrecking everything here, but capitalism as a concept is still bright and rosy globally.I’m sure even your idol, Robert Maxwell, would have mentioned this in his dirty rag at the time…

            You really must admit that you are cannot finish the Suduko in the Morning Star and read some proper news instead.

          • So why is NuLabour bailing out the capitalists with hundreds of Billions and fighting a far right neocon war ?

            they are as socialist as the heir to bliar himself

        • 44
          Mr Murdochs Cleaner says:

          “Typically sophisticated Right-winger.

          Do you read the Sun by any chance?”

          I bet you did until a month ago.

    • 26
      The Sleeper says:

      Hey!..why are you being discriminatory by only mentioning Surrey and Sussex?

      What about Berkshire,Buckinghamshire,Hampshire,Wiltshire etc?

      btw fuckwit..’Sussex’ doesn’t’s either East Sussex or West Sussex.

      Bye,Charles…your spelling of ‘euroskepticism’ exposes you.

    • 29
      Sir William Waad says:

      I bet Mr and Mrs Solutions are glad when little Fabian stops annoying them and goes off to play with his computer.

    • 41
      QuestionEverything says:

      Wrong Fabian, your nasty party has only inflammed it and in time you like your ideology will be consigned to the dustbin.

    • 81
      Agent 99 says:

      On Planet Labour they say — British Euroskepticism is dead in the water. It was swimming against the tide of history and has been crushed by the inexorable wheels of progress

      In the real world we say –The PM of the country lied and deceived the British people and knowing he would not be given any mandate sneaked in the back door and signed away a thousand years of history.

      I see they are already now talking of a National anthem of Europe I thought they already had one but anyway if not then may I suggest when they choose the tune then it can be sung by these people

    • 182
      Heliogabalus says:

      You sir, are a terminal anus

    • 274
      Moley says:

      Why is it that the Socialists only post on here because they are paid to do so, whilst the sane and normal people with a balanced view of society and its needs post for nothing?
      Socialists are political whores. They pretend to hold their views because they make huge amounts of money out of it.

      Money robbed from the working classes and the poor.

      Union dues from working people.
      Union donations to Labour.
      10p tax rate.
      Tax on cigarettes and beer.
      Tax on fuel.
      Tax on TV.
      Tax on clothes.
      Tax on home improvements.

      Where does it go?

      Labour MPs and their expenses claims.
      Socialist millionaire Blair.
      Socialist millionaire Prescott.
      Socialist millionaire Mandelson.
      Darling’s property empire. (and many others).

      The socialist “good Samaritan” robbed the victim and left him worse than he found him.

  9. 17
    Gordon Brown stole my pension says:

    Agreed. I lost interest when the advert started.

    And Guido’s voice.. reminds me of the careers that were wrecked when silent movies gave way to talkies. Or, to put it another way, the school librarian/bore sounded like that when he prattled on about the relative merits of Peter Davison’s Dr Who and Blakes 7. Sorry. Too young and squeeky.

    • 61
      coffin maker says:

      Fuck off Jimmy, you twat.

      • 108
        The Emily Nomates Worshipper says:


      • 138
        non-telly owner says:

        So, was Peter Oborne’s Channel 4 programme on British Jews any good then, or what?

        • 231
          Nick says:

          I didn’t think it was that bad – the program showed that a number of individuals and organisations cultivated Lab/Con MPs & gave them money, in the hope (or expectation?) that they would be pro-Israel. Apparently Hague’s payments were cut off in 2006 after he described Israel’s actions during the last Lebanon conflict as ‘disproportionate’. The Guardian Editor also had Gerald Ronson + A.N. Other turn up in his office to complain about an article they considered to be irresponsible, antisemitic etc & (it appeared) to intimidate/threaten him about future articles.

          It also showed that the pro Jewish lobby has organised websites & individuals in Israel & the US to monitor UK media output & flood media organisations with unjustified complaints of anti-Semitism in connection with any content they deem to be insufficiently pro-Israel. They seemed to pay special attention to the Guardian & BBC websites.

          Frankly, the extent to which Lab/Con MPs are prepared to swallow cash with strings attached (the largest lobby group has paid £10 million out over the past 8 years) only reinforces my intention not to vote for the 3 main parties. Clean out the stable! Make the MPs return the donations!

    • 218
      Peter Hitchens says:

      He does sound like a camp Graham Norton doesnt he?

  10. 24

    PCC to regulate bloggers?

    Personally I’m fully behind this proposal. It’s time for blogs to be treated the same way as the rest of the media. Hopefully the Government will also start regulating the comments on this site, many of which are criminally racist, sexist, homophobic, hate-speech.

    • 25
      gone fuckin mental says:

      if you dont like it fuck off and take a refund chump

    • 30
      Sir William Waad says:

      As they say “Men who go to bed with problems on their minds wake up with Solutions in their hands”.

      • 72
        Engineer says:

        The exasperated Mr Solutions told young Fabian to take himself in hand. Seems the youngster has misinterpreted his father’s well-intentioned advice.

        • 86
          (.)(.) watch says:

          Fabians a right ( . )

          • (.)(.) watch says:

            No not quite correct

            Fabian is a ethnic, dishwashing chutney ferret.

            racist Tick
            sexist Tick
            homophobic Tick

            hate-speech. Double Tick

            Yes thats better

          • Nanziboy Watch says:

            well since you are a neanderthal gay skinhead with a Nazi fetish I’m sure you feel proud that your fat bong-eyed Fuhrer lost his deposit and is a figure of mockery and fun

    • 31
      Revolutionary Spirit of 1776 says:

      But …..Most of your foul and grossly offensive anti-British extremist mutterings would be banned then wouldn’t they Fabian?

    • 32
      Old Rockape says:


    • 33
      Anonymous says:

      I’m sure Guido is positively trembling at the thought of the PCC trying to regulate him.

    • 39
      QuestionEverything says:

      If you don`t like it, don`t read it.

      Schimples!, now fuck off and go paint with Boris Efimov, no doubt a hero of yours.

    • 45
      The Sleeper says:

      For such a self proclaimed expert,you do talk crap.

      Just how would the PCC regulate blogs?..all they’ll do is pop up elsewhere.

      Remember pirate radio in the sixties?..they tried to regulate and had to cave in by forcing the BBC to change programming and allow commercial radio.

      No,on second thoughts,you wouldn’t remember,as you you were no doubt still a mutant sperm in your fathers scrotum.

      • 129
        Reg511 says:

        Certain castes have a generation gap of far less than the standard 23 years, Grandpa Solutions grew upto radio Caroline, signed on before Radio 1 launched

    • 47
      Road_Hog says:

      What’s the matter Fabian, can’t control blogs, people having independent thoughts, we can’t be having that, can we?

    • 66
      barefootcontessa says:

      FS,……. People should have the right to say anything they want to at any time and in any place.
      Socialists would be the first to ban homosexuals, they are in love with rules and regulations.

      • 80
        Engineer says:

        I seem to recall that the National Socialists (of late and unlamented memory) had a particularly extreme prejudice towards homosexuals – and, indeed, many others.

        • 97
          barefootcontessa says:

          Socialists pretend to be on the side of the people but are, in fact, the thought police.

          • Anonymous says:

            A socialist policy is abhorrent to the British ideas of freedom. Socialism is inseparably interwoven with totalitarianism and the abject worship of the state. It will prescribe for every one where they are to work, what they are to work at, where they may go and what they may say. Socialism is an attack on the right to breathe freely. No socialist system can be established without a political police. They would have to fall back on some form of Gestapo, no doubt very humanely directed in the first instance.

    • 161
      V for Vendetta says:

      Except,fuckwit it is not like ‘rest of the media’ where you control freaks have tried to suppress such things.

      The bulk of the comments here which may be described as you do are reactions to provocation by the likes of you. It exists because freedom of speech is denied by your thought police associates and the bully state on the ‘rest of the media’

      A mechanism exists for redress by the individuals concerned,if they wish to use it. I would mention though that in many cases it’s the trolls like you who are making such remarks in the first place,so be careful what you wish for.

      You will never suppress free speech. You never have to agree with it but it deserves an airing. Get that into your head,of you can.

    • 173
      Nick says:

      Blogs aren’t like Fleet Street papers. Sites can be hosted abroad, bloggers can retain anonymity, and so can their readers/commenters. What’s the PCC going to do? Pass IP addresses to the Internet Watch Foundation? Monitor UK ISPs to see who’s accessing the blogsites?

      The whole suggestion is just spin – I wonder if the PCC would be interested if bloggers were more submissive and deferential to the government and the political class.

    • 188
      udderly 'orrible says:

      “criminally racist, sexist, homophobic, hate-speech”
      1984 was a critique on authoritarianism you fool, not a manual on how to do it.

      FS meet Chairman Mao.

  11. 34
    Road_Hog says:

    Got my free copy of ‘Ten years on’ delivered last week, thanks to someone here posting the link, can’t remember who it was, but thank you.

    My bigbrotherwatch stickers turned up today and I’ll be plastering them everywhere there is a camera or surveillance, it’ll annoy the fuck out of the authorities. Civil disobedience is the only thing that they’ll understand.

    • 38
      Anonymous says:

      Remember to wear gloves when handling the stickers (and a scarf to disguise yourself from the camera).

      • 69
        Anonymous says:

        Oh yeah, and the best place to put the stickers if you could reach would be the actual lens of the camera. But that could be considered criminal damage so I couldn’t possibly recommend that.

    • 42
      barefootcontessa says:

      Where do you get those from?

    • 55

      If you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear.

      Don’t you want protection from terrorist attacks?

      I really don’t get you Libertarians sometimes.

      • 58
        Anonymous says:

        If they can’t even protect us from feral thugs what chance have they got against Alky Aida?

        • 126
          Agent 99 says:

          If you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear.

          Why do Labour want secret enquiries then? See hypocritical to the end.

        • 211
          Corky says:

          To Anonymous.
          I see you have eventually packed it in on this blog for the time being,what a relief.
          Some of your comments are,I must admit are well made and cover salient points but in the main a majority of your points are to put it in crude language somewhat at odds with reality.
          You really must sir concentrate on the prevalent issues and refrain from going off on various ramblings in an attempt to make yourself beloved on this site.
          It does you no good at all sir to promote yourself in this manner,to all reasonable people visiting this site,they form their own opinions,I will leave you to think carefully about the rest.
          I look forward sir to engaging you in the future in intelligent conversation but I doubt it and fully expect to hear a torrent of abuse from you which will actually reinforce to the bloggers on these pages of your perspective.

      • 70
        barefootcontessa says:

        FS,………that’s what the stasi said, that’s what the nazis said. You’re a deluded fool! Nothing to hide!!!!!!!!!!! Tell that to the marines!

      • 103
        nell says:

        Terrorists attack hm??

        Report out tonight says that the biggest problem from foreign terrorists and recruits in Afghanistan and Iraq are those who are travelling from Britain!!

        • 116
          oldfella says:

          the biggest terrorists are the present British Government

        • 259
          I kid you not... says:

          Information has come my way that ‘Taliban’ bodies have, on occasion, been found with West Bromwich Albion tattoos. More’s the pity.

      • 165
        The Ape man commeth says:

        “If you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear”
        Just one of the problems with that fatuous statement is with the thousands of new laws being created to suit the new economy, that the state has to enforce, that are emanating from the EU, is not only do we have little idea of what we might be doing wrong now, but in the future when much of the history of the 20th C has been rewritten, and thousands of new laws will have been issued many of the decent law abiding folk who have the mind set from that century just won’t have a clue if they have broken a law or not. And in fact will probably be guilty of something or other. Remember that Precarity you folk were getting excited about, about five years ago? Well you are now helping to bring an aspect of it about, maybe you haven’t checked that, young Fabian.

        • 279
          Moley says:

          That is the purpose of the new laws.
          Everybody is guilty of breaking the law and can be punished if the authorities choose to do so.

          Remember UKIP’s £300k donation being disallowed because the British donor had been temporarily removed from the electoral register without his knowledge?

          In a police state, the law does not apply to the politicians and members of the Government who control the police and break the law with impunity.

          Widespread fraud and tax evasion by MPs- no action.

          Baroness Scotland- no action.

          Ex Home Secretary Smith- no action.

          MP Morley- no action.

          Welcome to the Police State.

      • 175
        Maladroit Labour Chump says:

        ‘If you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear’

        Pass the thick black redacting marker…

        • 250
          Moderate Comment says:

          The only thing to fear is fear itself. Fear generated by this Government and the politically correct mob.

    • 63
      nell says:

      Looks an Interesting book! Have just sent for my free copy.

      10 years on and what Britain would like if she said no to the EU. I’d like an idea of what that might look like.

      • 76
        barefootcontessa says:

        Nell, recommend you read Agnes Humbert’s book, Resistance – Memoirs of Occupied France. In paper back. You would love it ( if you can say that about a story of German prison camps)! What a brave woman!

        • 100
          nell says:

          I will.

          But then I grew up on books like that. Remember Violette Szabo?? What on earth happened to all our honour and decency. Labour have poured it all down the drain this last 12 years.

          And seeing mandy dressed in his scarlet robes on the front of Guido’s blog just makes me want to throw up – self serving, pompous, grasping, troughing, lying, manipulating, evil, worthless piece of beetle dung that he is!!!! I wonder how much he is finally going to be worth when he retires from public life? No doubt his wealth will excel that of the kinnocks.

          • Mongrel says:

            He will have a lot of money, but he will never be worth anything at all. Makes me vomit to think of the slimeball representing UK’s business interests, when his only known business activities have been a fraudulent mortgage application and property speculation using taxpayers’ money.
            If Dave wasn’t soiled himself, he could have used this line to annihilate Mandelson, who is the only person clever enough in his party to con anyone outside the core constituency of smackheads, troughers, and Fabian (final) Solutions.

    • 178
      Nick says:

      Yes, my copy arrived this morning – already almost finished it :-)

  12. 35
    Reg511 says:

    And so full of fantacist faeces, registered today for some sport, but it is like Victorians visiting the Mental hospital, made me feel a bit sordid, uncomfortable, the utter inadequacy was pittiful.

    Maybe it will be better fun in the sunshine

  13. 43
    'Big Ears' Marr says:

    Popular children’s author Enid Blyton was banned from the BBC for nearly 30 years because officials thought her work “lacked literary value”, letters from the broadcaster’s archives showed Monday.
    BBC executives turned down the chance to broadcast the plays and books of the creator of Noddy, the Famous Five and the Secret Seven because they were “such small beer” and had been produced by a “second rater”.
    They haven’t much literary value,” it was said.

    • 75
      nell says:

      ‘lacked literary value’ – that’ll be why she’s still a top selling children’s author then.

      Of course the BBC’s ban was nothing to do with believing, arrogantly as it does, that it has the right to censor and control what literary experiences our children are exposed to, was it?

      Doesn’t that sound like some communist theory of mind control of the masses?

      • 79
        barefootcontessa says:

        My mother more or less banned Enid Blyton from the house!

        • 83
          Jimmy says:

          Why was she in your house?

        • 112
          nell says:

          Her books are still in my house . I read them as a girl, I read them with my daughter and now I read them with with my grand-daughter. Unfortunately she also likes Roald Dahl and Dr Seuss. Neither are favourites of mine – but for the sake of broader thinking……..

          Mind you – Dr Seuss’s ‘The Cat in the Hat’ and ‘The Cat in the Hat comes Back’ has destructive abilities which are very reminiscent of gordon – so maybe junior is learning something valuable about not trusting idiots with important things like the economy etc.

          • Glaswegian says:

            If Enid Blyton was a second rater, what category would Jonathan Ross be given?

          • nell says:

            You’d give jonathon ross a category ??

            The only thought that comes to mind is a cockroach – a spanish one – 2″ in length, brown( pun unintended) and foul!!

  14. 46
    Jimmy says:

    Whatever it is you were taking when you made that needs to be stamped out. It can’t be good for you.

  15. 48
    Anonymous12 says:

    Of course cannabis is harmful. It shrinks your brain and makes you vote concervative – or makes you INTO a conservative ( viz call me “Dave” Cameron ) !

  16. 49

    Why not visit our new blog,

    The Young Fabians are the future of this country – the best young minds committed to progressive, centre-left, socialist values and the development of a new world order.

    Obama’s new healthcare policy and progressive policies shows that even the US is getting behind the inevitable march of history towards socialism and away from imperialism and capitalism.

    • 52
      gone fuckin mental says:

      why not fuckin pay the going rate to advertise chump

    • 56
      The Sleeper says:

      If you’re an example of ‘the best young minds’…God help!!

      Now..go and have your milk before bedtime,there’s a good boy.

      • 95
        barefootcontessa says:

        I endorse that sleepw., Fabian might as well belong to a fanatical religion! Doesn’t care a jot about the differences in other people, wants to preach, mould, coerce, threaten, nag. He’d have us all in straight jackets if he could. Oh the misdirected idealism of youth!

        I wonder how he defends the lack of a vote on the European Treaty. He’d obviously prefer to be a socialist than allow the people to have a democracy.

        • 181
          Reg511 says:

          As some one posted last week Countessa, socialism is a belief system and so by definition does not rely on rational thought, it is a religion

    • 84
      Gordons favourite Butt Plug says:

      Yep, The whole world wants to be absolutely average. We really want more controls and regulations.

      We would relish less freedom. Bring on the Thought crime laws. And we need to have a system where Fabians can enter Politics skint and leave as multi millionaires.

      Along the way enriching paper pushers and skimping on the basics for our Military.

      Ideal World.

    • 130
      simon r says:

      If Socialism is so fucking great then why did the East Germans tear down the wall 20 years ago.


    • 134
      Road_Hog says:

      We have you, NuLabour and the establishment on the run, and you’re scared and it shows. You are yesterday’s men, history and you know it.

      • 184
        Reg511 says:

        Sky News Sunday 16th Poll shows 72% back withdrawal from Afghanistan

        BBC Monday 17th Brown to give major speech on Afghanistan strategy
        BBC Monday Merlin ‘elicopters sent to Afghanistan

        BBC R4 Toady Tuesday 18th Poll sows majority back PM strategy in Afghanistan

    • 136
      hiker says:

      Fabian Solutions = Kill as many human beings as possible.

      Stalin, Mao Tse Tung, Pol Pot etc etc…

    • 180
      Nick says:


  17. 51
    gone fuckin mental says:

    some humour for a monday

    • 74
      genghiz the kahn says:

      Ronald Reagan hated by the left, but didn’t he help to bring down the curtain on the Communist regimes?

      • 82
        gone fuckin mental says:

        i just thought it was funny ?

      • 88
        Engineer says:

        With some assistance from one Margaret Thatcher, as I recall. The left have never forgiven Maggie for the fall of the Berlin Wall.

        • 91
          nell says:

          17 ? years since Maggie left office and still we talk of her and her achievements.

          Shall we be talking of brown and bliar in the same way in 2026?

          • Agent 99 says:

            Probably Nell but only in regard as to how much of the debt they ran up is still to pay.

          • The Emily Nomates Worshipper says:

            Yes but not in an admirable way, their will be more people dancing and pissing on Brown and Blairs grave than some over the hill lefties on Thatchers.

          • Gorgon, the half-baked, half-blind, half-witted, completely crazed, bullion bungling moron says:

            That’s 16 – 17 years.

            Britain will not have recovered from my tyrannical stupidity by then.

            Or Bliar’s lies.

            And all the Noo_Lie_Bore bullshit projects, social engineering, and edjerkayshun will be doing just fine.

            I saved the world.

            My Reich will last for a thousand years.

          • The Eighties says:

            Lets examine thatchers achievements.
            The destruction of manufacturing industry in favour of spivvy financial carpetbaggers
            The creation of the housing bubble that led people in to complacency over the value of their house
            Selling off the nations assetts to fund tax cuts for the wealthy
            Bust to boom to bust.All in ten years.
            The poll tax. That was a real winner.
            Greasing the boy mark up with a bung to end all bungs in the al yammah arms deal
            Bribing council tenants with below market deals on all the good housing stock and leaving councils with all the crap.
            She was so wonderful,that’s why her own stabbed her in the back.

          • nell says:

            Well ‘The Eighties’ you ask the majority of those council house tenants if they regret buying their own houses?

            And boom to bust ? Excuse me – Didn’t gordon say he’d cured that problem?

            Arms Deals? – Hmmmm? And bliar didn’t do something similar with the saudi’s and gordon with libya????

            The poll tax? Was a bad move on her part but at least it was only one . How many hidden taxes has gordon introduced – 60 and counting??!!!!

            Selling off the nation’s assets – now that’s a good one!! – are we talking about gordon and edballs selling off the gold reserves at rock bottom price – and making sure of the rock bottom price by making prior public announcement that that was what they were going to do?

            Should we finish your statement ? “He (gordon) is so wonderful that’s why his own are stabbing him in the back” !!!!

          • Agent 99 says:

            Compared to what these fuckwits have done thats bugger all.

            Lets look at Labour “achievemnets”…

            1,000,000,000,OOOoooooooooo so much debt going up by the second

            Nuff said

          • The Eighties says:

            Two power crazed,delusional demagogues with an unshakeable belief in their own omnipotence.
            The parallels are uncanny
            What was her own self confessed greatest achievement?New Labour

          • nell says:

            The Eighties – You can’t think of answers to specific points then??

            Of course not!!! neither can bliar, brown or mandy.

            Time to go hide behind the barricades!!!!

          • The Eighties says:

            Why?Are the turnip taleban on the offensive?

          • nell says:

            The Turnip Taliban??

            I presume you mean those muslim terrorists we are breeding on our own soill?who are then traveling to Iraq and Afghanistan?!!

            Y’Know the one’s today’s report says are causing serious problems for Iraq and our troops in Afghanistan???

          • Mongrel says:

            What toytown history book have you been reading, eighties? Thatcher did not sell of assets to fund tax cuts for the wealthy, she did it because they were not actually assets – they were bleeding the country to death. When the tax rate went down to 40%, the tax take went UP, just as it will go down when Gordon’s 50% rate comes in unless Cameron grows the balls to cancel it. You might not like it, it might not fit your political views, but these are facts and you can’t argue with them.

          • Is it a bird?Is it a plane? says:


          • The Eighties says:

            Mr Mongrel. BT,British Gas,The power companies,the water companies.All loss making concerns were they?
            And of course the building societies.I know,lets bribe the investors with a quick bung to vote them into troughs for the directors.
            Norman Tebbit.Presided over the privatisation of BT,and then fuck me,joined the board,faster than shit off a shovel,as mr Ishmael observed.

          • Mongrel says:

            Pretty much. Don’t you remember what a crock of shit BT was? And I had a load of friends who “worked” ie played snooker and went to the pub, for CEGB. Any comment on tax revenues and the 40% tax rate?
            Tebbit was grubby and Thatcher did a lot wrong, especially the poll tax, but you have a complete New Labour narrative that doesn’t actually reflect what happened.

          • The Eighties says:

            BT are still a crock of shit.
            New Labour are a skidmark on the underpants of British political history.
            Thatcher was the semen stain at the front.

        • 249
          The Ape man commeth says:

          What they can never forgive Thatcher and the conservatives for is that she was the first woman PM. Even to this day they can’t even bear to even acknowledge it in terms of ‘gender equlity’.

  18. 87
    Gordon Brown says:

    Polce Toay Announce They Are Nvestgatng A Strng Of ID Thefts.

  19. 89
    nell says:

    gordon is giving a speech tonight to say that we are winning the war on the ground in Afghanistan (mind none of his Army Commanders have told him that). But you have to admit it’s a good line thought up by his lady speechmaker (sorry forget her name again).

    He will then say that he has offered London as a venue for NATO and Obama in January to come and discuss how control of Afghanistan can be handed over to the Afghans starting later in 2010. I wonder whether Obama is going to support him in that – for the moment Obama and his Admin are silent.

    Of course gordon has lost out on his chance of glory and a photo op with Obama at the December Copenhagan Climate Change Conference so he obviously needs another chance to do some grandstanding which this latest January idea in London would give him.

    • 92
      gone fuckin mental says:

      obama caught the dirthers bug from brown , obama wants out and all of a sudden brown wants out , cowards

    • 94
      The IMF are coming says:

      Where did all these new choppers come from?
      Who is going to be chopper-less now?

    • 102
      Lizzie says:

      Yes the Guildhall will be alive with the sound of “Gordon” tonight, he is the only one who likes the sound of his own voice. I thought he took his speechwriter and biggest fan with him….Sarah, by the way she is wearing a horrible necklace tonight, must be the cutbacks, no diamonds at her neck.

      • 111
        Anonymous Misogynist says:


        • 120
          nell says:

          Ahh!! meoww

          That’ll be gordon tonight then. He meant to ROAR but actually he doesn’t have the wherewithall.

          • Anonymous Misogynist says:

            Don’t underestimate the Prime Mentalist nell, he hasn’t got where he is today without having the wherewithall.

          • nell says:

            Sorry AM he got exactly where is he is without having the wherewithall, very simply because no-one else had the balls to face him down when he was flanked by his henchmen – namely , damian, balls , whelan and twatson.

            They’ve all largely been neutralised now and he is finally exposed for the lump of putrifying fat that he is.

            If Obama takes him up on his offer of a NATO Conference in London in January to discuss an Exit Strategy for Afghanistan , Obama is going to be exposed for a similar piece of putrifying fat.

            Obama needs to be seen to be taking the lead here and making sure that that conference not only takes place on American soil but that it also takes place after the next General Election.

            Otherwise it is going to seem that the weak and rubbish gordon has control of the Obama government. I can’t believe the American government will let that happen but then again the Obama government have made some very fundamental mistakes so maybe this is the next one.

          • Anonymous Misogynist says:

            the Prime Mentalist has been an MP for 26 years, damian, balls, whelan and twatson et al were only on the scene in more recent years, to be used for one purpose.

            He’s wanted to be the PM since entering politics, that was his goal and unfortunately for the UK, he achieved it.
            Don’t underestimate this megalomaniac, he will do anything and everything to defend his position.

            The promotions of Mandelson is a typical example!

            I think Afghanistan has clouded your mind.

          • nell says:

            AM nothing has clouded my mind !!!!-

            I know exactly where gordon is headed .

            Chamberlain and his little bit of paper and Anthony Eden and the Suez Crisis are very precisely preceding gordon’s decline.

            Gordon however is the Biggest Political Fool of the 20th and the 21st Century.

          • Anonymous Misogynist says:

            Goodnight nell.

          • nell says:

            Good Night AM

            Gordon is finished as a political entitity!!!!

            But more importantly so are mandy, johnson, straw, horridharriett and aintbustinagut!!!!

  20. 99
    barefootcontessa says:

    George Oborne’s prog, Dispatches, on tv now.

  21. 104
    The Emily Nomates Worshipper says:

    Oh Emily the light of the universe and life pales insignificantly compared to your goddess presence.

  22. 123
    Ian Botham says:


  23. 124
    Agent 99 says:

    We always knew what they thought but now we can actually see it in action
    The march of the New World order and the marginisation of the Soverign continues.

    Row As Labour Candidate Calls Queen ‘Vermin’

    A row has erupted after a Labour Party candidate called the Queen a “parasite” and likened her to “vermin”. Peter White used the Facebook networking site to express his feelings about the monarch to Tory MP Andrew Rosindell. Mr White is contesting the South Hornchurch council ward in Havering next year.

    • 132
      Diamond Lil says:

      Well its hard to argue with the parasite tag.
      And as for vermin,hasn’t she signed the acts that sell us all out to the EU?

    • 159
      Royalty on Bicycles says:

      Well it’s hard to argue with the parasite tag.And as for vermin,hasn’t she signed the acts that sell us out to the EU?
      Q. Why does Charles always hold his hands behind his back?
      A. In case some fucker tries to place work in them.

    • 164
      nell says:

      Ah!! Labour says the Queen is vermin!!!!

      What does that make the kinnocks? ; ainbustinagut and his henchmen ( which includes kevan)???; mandy (raking in his millions) as he prepares his bid to become the foreign secretary of the eu;

      bliar and cherie antoinette (raking in their millions)??? as he still lobbies for them become the emporer and his lady of the eu;

      brown as he sinks beneath the silt still spouting rubbish about an exit strategy for afghanistan in 2010.

      And let’s not forget the absolute peak of vermin in damian, whelan, balls and twatson!!!!

      Vermin Indeed!!!!

      • 167
        At the Master's Feet says:

        Smears nell? like spreading the smear about Griffins dogs being called Ann and Frank? It seems you’ve learnt well from McBride.

        • 174
          nell says:

          Silly boy they weren’t smears.

          That was griffen himself boasting about his two pigs that he kept in his own welsh back yard which he said he called ann and frank.

          Y’can’t smear yourself darlin’!!

      • 212
        Anonymous says:

        “The Queen is vermin. ”

        He was obviously talking about Mandy.

  24. 135
    Dave "Cast Iron Guarantee" Cameron says:

    Where’s Delroy Grant when you need him?

  25. 137

    The current global financial crisis is nothing but the birth-pangs of a new world order.

    A world of peace, freedom, tolerance and harmony where everyone, black or white, female or male, gay or straight, can live in one community.

    A world where the self-interests of nations is replaced by the one world, the sisterhood and brotherhood of the human race.

    A world where the fairness and equality of socialism replaces the outdated, imperialist greed of the parasitic capitalist banking self-appointed elites and their minions in the Murdoch media.

    History is our our side. Obama too is leading the US down the socialist path. The new world order is the future. You reactionaries are the past.

    • 140

      Excellent post, Fabian_Solutions.

      The Tories are currently experienceing nothing but a “dead cat bounce”. They can never undo the New Labour project.

      The forces of conservatism are dead, as Blair pointed out in 1999. Welcome to new progressive Britain.

      • 162
        The IMF are coming says:

        Poor neglected commie has to answer his own post

        • 205
          Reg511 says:

          Or the shift leader is doing appraisals

          A fine example of state education, some one is proud of him, sadly

      • 189

        peace tolerance and carnage in a far-right neocon war

        fairness and equality where Blair and Brown bail out the ultra-rich and the Banks for hundreds of Billions because the financial sector bankrolled the Labour Party when Brown and Bliar were busy sucking their cocks

        History is written by the winners
        in May Brown loses

    • 143
      UG says:


      It would be nice to think so, but back in the real world the complete opposite of your fantasy is happening.

      Things are going to get a hell of a lot nastier over the next few years. Sad but true.

      Blame Blair, Bush, muslims, Jews, America, Iran, Israel. Blame anyone you like but we’re fucked.

      • 146

        Really? Obama is the greatest US President since FDR and he’s taking the US down a nationalising, socialising, internationalist road.

        In the recent elections, the Left Party won in former East Germany.

        People are slowly recognising that maybe the end of Communism in eastern europe wasn’t such a bad thing after all.

        • 148
          UG says:


          Now I understand. You’re a spoof right?

          Tres drole mon ami, bravo!

        • 152
          ( . ) ( . ) Watch says:

          Fabian_Solutions says:
          November 16, 2009 at 9:07 pm

          138Progressive_Politics says:
          November 16, 2009 at 9:09 pm

          9.07 Fabian Solutions = 9.09 Progressive Politics

          as if we didn’t know …tit!

        • 264
          Hard-Lazing Voter says:

          I dunno what I’m more afraid of – Labour winning in 2010 or the Tories winning and the Fabian fucks seize control of Labour.

          Also tell Jon “Crud” Das that his website doesn’t work.

        • 265
          Honecker's Children says:

          The NPD (far Right) is also strong in the former East Germany. The social destruction wrought by Marxism has damaged whole generations and it will take many more years to allow freedom to repair the mental scars of communism. Huge housing estates of misery are being phased out. Environmental wastelands re-greened, crumbling soviet-style nuclear power stations being decommissioned, but the mind warping effect of 45 years of the ‘workers paradise’ will take longer. Civil society based on self-reliance, not state controlled handout, benefit culture, will take years to reassert itself.

        • 267
          Doc Trough says:

          Benedict’s Reagent/Fab Ian S. O’Lutions. A Jehovah’s Witness of the blogosphere.

    • 288
      g1lgam3sh says:

      You need some doctoring…in the years I have been coming here you are truly the most egregious fuckwit yet…even MB is a voice of sanity compared to you.

      I know I’m not the only one who wishes you’d fuck off back to the swamp you crawled out of and take your Death Cult with you!

  26. 144
    Mr. Demotivator says:

    I would love to know what you lot are talking about!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. 155
    Agent 99 says:

    From PB.COM

    Latest ICM

    CON 42%(42)
    LAB 29%(25)
    LD 19%(21)
    OTHERS 10% (12)
    [LAB/CON 69% (59.5)]

  28. 157
    Gordon Brown - the colour of shit says:

    Gordon Brown – the most evil and disgusting piece of shit ever to come in to Politics.

    This piece of excrement,this odious lump of dogshit will continue to be hated by so many millions of Britons long after he is slughtered at the ballot box.

    If he ever has the misfortune to be alone in a room with me,thank God I shall do my duty.

    The damage that this fraudster has inflicted on our great country England will be revenged by his life after the election – he will be shunned around the world as the most useless man ever to walk in British politics.

    • 169
      nell says:

      Actually if you watch carefully his every move – he is being shunned around the world now.

      He wanted the world leaders to appluad him at the Copenhagan Climate Change Conference and they have, instead, met, elsewhere in asia without him , to avoid him, and to give a message that they are not going to Copenhagan and are not going to sign up to gordon’s view of Climate Change.

      Now, because of that, gordon has today, rather desperately said that he wants the NATO and Obama people to come to London in January to discuss an exit strategy for Afghanistan.

      If they do that they are an even worse piece of lard than he is.

      Obama needs to take control here and tell him who is in charge , because it isn’t gordon the idiot!!!!

      There needs to be a NATO Summit in America , very soon, and Obama needs to be telling them about his view of an Exit Strategy from this disastrous war – if he doesn’t do that = Obama is of as little value as gordon.

  29. 185
    nell says:

    Peter White of the constituency of Dagenham and Rainham said today that the Queen is Vermin!!! When his comment hit the press and he realised how damaging it was to him personally he squealed loudly the word “SMEAR”!!!

    Griffen has been very smug about his two backyard welsh pigs which he has christened Anne and Frank after the little jewish girl who was extinguished by Hitler in his death camps. Until that is the British Press picked up on it and highlighted it. Now he too is squealing SMEAR!!!

    Why don’t these people have the courage of their conviction and follow through their arguments???

    If White really thinks the Queen is Vermin then why doesn’t he argue that point???

    If Griffen really believes Anne Frank was so vile a child that she should rightly have been exterminated by Hitler then why is he not arguing that line???!!

    • 187
      The Taleban Turnip strikes back says:

      Lose an argument elsewhere,nell?
      Never mind,run off and start a new one.

    • 192
      Bertie Woofter says:

      Nell. The latest rumour is that Nick “Sir Roderick Spode” Griffin,is to give Bedfordshire over to potatoes and Norfolk over to turnips.
      How do feel about taking office?

      • 199
        nell says:

        So where is the argument that will win griffen his votes then???

        What are we going to vote for him for????

        • 208
          Nick says:

          Nell, I think that Griffin’s B*N*P has deliberately avoided elaborating on their policies, to avoid losing the protest vote.

          From what I’ve read, their policies (apart from the racism) are unreformed Old Labour, e.g. wholesale renationalisation.

          • nell says:

            No academic argument or debate then?

            That says everything then doesn’t it???

          • JG says:

            It says everything about you, nell.

            Don’t you have any sense of shame or embarrassment parading your ignorance on here every night?

          • Sieg heil says:

            nell, just think and do what we fucking say, alright? You need proper guidance and direction.

          • nell says:

            What is the argument that will win beanpea their votes ??

            What are the beanpeas strong points??

          • Sieg heil says:

            Resistance is futile.

          • nell says:

            Go on answer the question then .If we are going to vote for you – tell us why we are going to do that.

            You have to campaign for your views and explain your views and believe that your views are worthwhile.

            And you aren’t doing that at the moment, just like gordon isn’t doing that either!!!!!!

          • Sieg heil says:

            I do not argue. I am right and you are wrong.

            That is all.

        • 233
          ANN FRANKS DAIRY says:

          Nell you spent a whole night posting about GriffIns pigs last week
          which caused most posters to start slagging you off
          Change the fucking record, no wonder you leave yourself open to abuse !

          • nell says:

            I say again if you really believe that your views are worth fighting for. Then explain them.

            Be precise. we will listen.

            If we think you are worth voting for then we will vote for you.

            But you do have to make your case. WHY do you want us to vote for you?? Explain.!??

    • 253
      caesars wife says:

      CW fancies taking top boys TaTs title on this one , as i find the lack of most peoples understanding of our system alarming , true at the moment parliament has finally shot its self in both feet and communist nut jobs posing as republicans think they can have a pop at the queen , well thats part of what we have .

      republics are not without there problems , useually money and contracts to get power , so all you wet jobs , who have some how absorbed somthing that republics are the future are forgetting that we have been fairly sucessfull under the monarchy system . If you want to cite the USA suggest you look at how corrupt congress is , if you want to see republic paralised look at Italy and if you want to see what happens when the commies run one look at 70s china or venezula now .

      So before you all enjoy a fireside chat from the gospel of eu socialism , weve done very nicely , it used to be reasonably uncorrupt bar the odd uprising and interpreting a wage rise as a rebellion to be quashed , decent common law and a feeling that it was your country to live in , we have a decent art collection , nice places to go for tea and scones , and generally care about our enviroment .

      If you want to call her maj vermin , try seeing how you go on in caracus if you reckon your hard done by our history , bloody loons at least do some homework on your own systems benefits before you start tarting round republicanism .

      • 255
        Vermin is as vermin does says:

        “A pop at the Queen?”

        She has signed the sovereigntry away for you and me.
        Her expenses however,remain.

  30. 197
    Paxman Pwned says:

    Oooh snap!
    Paxman revealed by Crick to have been recreationally shooting with Norfolk Tory bigwig Sir Jeremy Bagge on Newsnight

    He had been scathing about Swaffham and seemed to think the story was beneath him but it turns out he is well known in that neck of the woods and has an interest in the story

    poor Paxo
    you’d need a heart of stone not to laugh

  31. 203
    Al says:

    All this talk recently from Brown about ‘setting a timetable for leaving Afghanistan is simply an attempt to set a trap for the Conservatives when they take power next year.

    Labour will claim they would have withdraw the troops and will brand the Tories as warmongers for keeping the troops there.

    Within weeks of a Tory govt taking office, Labour and the trade unions will be organising anti-war marches in London.

    It’s a similiar tactic to Brown’s economic policies where he is employing scorched earth policies hoping that the Tories will be blamed for te mess they inherit.

    • 207
      Agent 99 says:

      spot on

      In the US in the 60′s it was called ratfucking. Fortunately Labour and the Unions are useless so they won’t get it right.

    • 214
      Barrymore's Floating Voter says:

      It’s going to be down and dirty,the next election.
      Just how i like ‘em.

    • 227

      But no one will attend Brown’s new get together. No one wants to associate with an outgoing leader.
      Anyway he’s still got to save the entire planet before focusing on Afghanistan.
      Just a few weeks left and its all going wrong.

  32. 217
    Peter Hitchens says:

    Was that chappy being interviewed by Emiliy George Frogspawns evil twin?

  33. 226
    Corky says:

    According to the McMentallist we now need an exit strategy from Afghanistan and he will try to organise a conference in london.
    Could this be by any chance because 71% of the british people are saying come out of that hellhole and stop sacrificing soldiers lives for a lost cause.
    The man is an absolute disaster and the pigeons are now coming home to roost.

    • 237
      Technomist says:

      That’s only because we can’t trust the post office any more

      • 262
        Hard-Lazing Voter says:

        That’s what happens when British troops die to prop up Ofuckface’s dithering.

        Fuck Ofuckface.

    • 258
      Lizzie says:

      Brown’s exit strategy will come when Obama says so, Brown will do as he is told, Blair was the poodle, Brown is the bulldog. Brown says he will not act on the mood of the British people, that is arrogance at it’s best. Brown needs to go, he is the bully we all love to hate.

  34. 230
    A fly on the bunker wall says:

    I piss on Conservatives,and shit on Labour.
    And as for Mark Oaten………

  35. 242
    nell says:

    This government are not to be trusted and this is how far you trust our Foreign Office.

    • 246
      Reg511 says:

      H/T, still cannot beleive they found Satam Al Suqami’s(sp?) passport on the pavement, ZNL learnt alot from US

  36. 247
    caesars wife says:

    The ruins speech no doubt made the main course at the mayors banquet a bit tricky and we found out yet another conference to be hosted by him in january , low ammount of clapping suggested if he had been the turn at the hippodrome they would have given him the starter all down his dinner jacket .

    labour blogg taliban seem to have posted a huge ammount of comments on David is the better leader , and after laying into swaffan cultural highlights paxo does a spot of shooting with the Turnip taliban snipe no doubt. But despite the baronets opposition to injected candidates CW has some sympathy with him as the clash of modern candidates seems to abandone any enjoyment of characture , no longer will a local candidate bring years of life to the house , debates could turn into tweets and legal bamboozling will make it a language onits own . CW recalls when in 1997 when modern campaigning had the sitting labour mp almost rowing with new one and how Blair HQ was imposing so much media constraint .

    After what Blair and the ruin have acheived i somtimes wonder if we will ever see spirited debate on somthing HQ doesnt like ever again , time will tell if modernity deserves the victory over articulate debate and reasearch from mps own constituancey or for that matter if we dont end up with a load of mps who holiday in Tuscany rather than Tenby .

    Dave fires off at politcal queens speech and suggests he does see some of the problems , CW thinks looking at recent pensions news thinks he may have a fourth if he comes to office , it beggars belief that the ruin is still waffling on without even any hint of what the debt translates into.

    CW notes no counter on Austrailian orphans , wonder if aus has there own version of children in need

  37. 257
    Armanidinnerjacket says:

    Here’s a thought . . . . If you are ready for the adventure of a lifetime, try this:

    a. Go to Pakistan , Afghanistan or Iraq illegally. Never mind immigration quotas, visas, international law, or any of that nonsense. Demand a free house, benefits and food.

    b. Once there, demand that the local government provide free medical care for you and your entire family.

    c. Demand that all nurses and doctors be fluent in English, and that all food be cooked according to your specifications in the hospital.

    d. Demand free local government forms, bulletins, etc. be printed in English.

    e. Procreate abundantly.

    f. Deflect any criticism of this allegedly irresponsible reproductive behaviour with, ‘It is a cultural thing; you wouldn’t understand.’

    g. Keep your original identity strong. Fly your home country’s national flag from your rooftop, or proudly display it in your front window, or on your car bumper.

    h. Speak only English at home and in public, and make sure that your children do likewise.

    i. Demand classes on Christianity in the Muslim school system.
    j. Demand a local country driving license or national insurance number equivalent

    k. This will afford other legal rights and will go far to legitimise your unauthorised, illegal, presence in Pakistan, Afghanistan or Iraq

    l. Drive around with no car tax or insurance and ignore local traffic laws.

    m. Insist that the Police teach English to all its officers.

    n. Organise protest marches against your host country, inciting violence against non-white, non-Christians, and the government that let you in.

    Good luck! You’ll soon be dead..

    It would never happen in Pakistan , Afghanistan or Iraq (or any other country in the world for that matter) except in the UK , US, Canada, NZ or Australia, because we are run by soft, politically correct politicians who are too scared to ‘offend’ anyone.

  38. 260
    Hard-Lazing Voter says:

    Great until I saw Ofuckface bleating on about how he did dope with the Marxist professors and all the other alternative fuckfaces Ofuckface sucked dick with.

  39. 261
    The Tower awaits says:

    Labour Candidate insults Queen and has cheek to call HER “vermin”

  40. 263
    hhh says:

    I cannot vote for Cameron after he lied about giving us a vote on the EU

    • 268

      He didn’t actually lie.

      • 275
        Road_Hog says:

        Erm, yes he did, cast iron guarantee did promise and then changed the terms. Saying he didn’t promise is a bit like saying the Lisbon Treaty is different to the constitution.

        • 277
          The IMF are coming says:

          I concurr with Frank; if he was PM he would have held a referendum. If he becomes PM it is already in place so a pointless exercise. When he said it, it was possible an election would be held before it was ratified. labour are the ones who broke a cast i ronn guarantee. End of.

          Twice in 2 weeks BBC breakfast have run seperate items on hunting; shots of a hunt hunting and ‘hunt monitors’ filming them. The point being? The country going to rack and ruin and they run 2 seperate stories about a law that is not exactly top of the list for most people

  41. 266
    Dave "Cast Iron Guarantee" Cameron says:

    Good Morning Campers

    What do you call a black RnB star that floats?


    Who says the Conservatives don’t have a sense of humour ??

  42. 271
    Nanziboy Nicky and his Comedy Fascists lose their deposit so plan their next move says:

  43. 272
    Anonymous says:

    Prospective taliban recruits to be “paid off” in Gold by British Army.
    Another good plan me thinks!

  44. 280
    Hugh Janus says:

    O/T – but the utterly repellant Testicular One wants £2.6bn more for education:

    when, just a few weeks ago, he was offering to cut expenditure on education by £2bn:

    What a complete prat. He and his type take us for fools yet again.

    The day of reckoning fast approaches….

  45. 285
    Anonymous says:

    You are not a broadcaster. You sound like a six-form debater and your voice has what is known technically as “nerd cadence”. At least we didn’t have to look at you. Let others do the broadcasting. You look like a blogger, keep blogging.

  46. 289
  47. 290
    ExposeBilderberg says:

    Does side-parting Mandlebum ‘give’ or ‘take’?

    Only curious, as I’ve just bought a 1200watt Makita ‘Power Drill’ which I would like to ‘give’ to this… shall we say… ‘Naughty Person’.


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A confused Nick Griffin says Nigel Farage is a shill for the City, forgetting that City banks want to stay in the EU:

“Farage is a snake oil salesman, but a very good one. His supposed anti-immigration stance is all smoke and mirrors, as is his carefully cultivated image as a ‘man of the people’. The truth is that UKIP is a pro-immigration party that exists to lobby for the interests of the City of London.”

Alexrod says:

It’s money innit.

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