October 15th, 2009

Vote Reformer of the Year : Heather Brooke

Heather BrookeThe Reform think tank is inviting nominations for the “reformer of the year”.  Looking down the list there is one candidate who deserves to win.  Heather Brooke, the Freedom of Information campaigner who fought the Speaker and parliament to reveal the true venality of the political class deserves your voteIf it was not for her the troughing would still be going on unseen by the public today…

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  1. 1
    Adam "I'm certain Eve was a virgin" says:

    she’s got my vote

    • 2
      Adam "I'm certain Eve was a virgin" says:

      Not Eve, Heather

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      • 106
        Gordon Boomenbust says:

        “Undermining the democratic process” – I hope your tongue was firmly in cheek(?!)

        Just judging by results, I’m often left wondering as to the point of the democratic process – if it’s to committing fraud and wasting huge sums of other peoples’ money (with a side-order of immortalising Politicians’ vanity), then mission accomplished.

        • 149
          Mongrel says:

          Horsehit, SDMP. I could do it better, as follows:
          1) I would not steal
          2) I would not hire vermin like McBride and Draper to smear and intimidate colleagues
          3) I would turn up for work
          4) I wouls not piss away public money like the MOD.
          Democracy relies on people like Heather to protect us from constant attempts by the executive to abuse and undermine the democratic process.
          Fuck off to stalinisthome.com where you belong.

        • 221
          Mongrel says:

          What ignorance SDMP? Just words, no facts or arguments from you, but then talk has always been cheap and action scarce so far as Labour is concerned.
          I have built a business from scratch that has contributed over £1 billion to the UK balance of payments in 10 years. I pay for the likes of you to waste your time and our money pissing off other citizens and pursuing your stalinist agenda. I know more about real life and real economics than any of you moronic political wonks will ever learn in a lifetime.
          Go rot in hell.

        • 355

          SDMP seems to believe it is actually acceptable for people to reside in public office and help themselves to as much cash as possible. What a perverse standpoint to make. Tell us, do you similarly believe that lying and cheating by people who are not MPs is similarly a non-issue?

          BTW, I’m one of those “fooking perfect beings” you attempt to sneer about. I would not cheat the taxpayer, set up a property scam or hide behind foggy rules and there are a lot of others too, on all sides of the political landscape.

          As for stopping trying to undermine this Government, which has been so corrosive and destructive of this country while taking the electorate for fools, they deserve every second of pain inflicted upon them. For without it they will continue their mendacious pilloring of the citizen and gleeful imposition of their skewed beliefs upon us.

          It’s called democracy. Deal with it.

        • 356
          Call me Infidel says:

          ‘Tis better to be silent and be thought a fool, than to speak and remove all doubt SDMP

          apologies to “honest” Abe

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      Nothing's changed Guido says:

      “If it was not for her the troughing would still be going on unseen by the public today…”

      It’s still going on though innit.

      And the data is gonna be redacted from now on innit.

      She’s done a good job but anyone thinking MPs have been reformed will be sadly disappointed

    • 24
      Vote for Heather whatever the weather says:

      Heather trashing a New Labour dick over the expenses scandal.

      • 54
        Trousers Down says:

        I think Heather Brooke could and should give those wicked MPs a thoroughly good spanking!

      • 118
        MisterE says:

        If there’s another award for the most odious smarmy twat, then Stuart Bell definitely gets my vote for that…

        • 151
          pissed off voter says:

          Agreed, Bell is an obnoxious little shit. And when he offers retrospective rule change as a defence of MPs what he is actuay saying is that left to their own judgement, MPs have no concept of morality.

          • The Admiral says:

            Common sense morality rules, OK?

          • Susie says:

            He’s changed his manner if not his tune— had some intensive media training and/or anger management therapy by the looks of it.

            Heather would look good dressed as Britannia, shame the pre-Raphaelites aren’t around to paint her for a picture of an avenging angel hung in the Commons as a reminder.

        • 153
          shelling-out says:

          I’ll bet he’s quaking in his boots.

      • 179
        I like boobs says:

        Nice rack

      • 199
        Ivor Svartsaab says:

        Thank you for posting that video. The bloke hasn’t got a legg to stand on.

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      I've shagged Darling's eyebrows says:


    • 34
    • 37
      Votes says:

      I’d give her one!

    • 163
      pissed off voter says:

      she gets my vote. It’s fortunate that she is on the list because none of the others have done anything by way of reform – many of them have talked a lot and achieved nothing.

    • 190
      Stronghold Barricades says:

      Who are all the other non-entities?

    • 215
      The Admiral says:


    • 300
      Anonymous says:

      Good job, Heather!

    • 350
      fedupwithbrown says:

      She’s the sort of woman we should have as an MP as long as she’s not a liberal or labour

    • 366
      Al Gunn says:

      I voted for Heather a few days ago…

    • 428
      Biffo says:

      Just voted – she deserves it.

  2. 4
    Dick the Prick says:

    Very fruity – congrats!

    • 120
      Dick the Prick says:

      Whoops – didn’t realize we had to vote – have now done. Steve Richards?!? WTF?

  3. 5
    Road_Hog says:

    Done, she has to win it, the only person/s who won’t vote for her will be the MPs.

  4. 6
    Hugh Janus says:

    No contest, particulalrly when she is placed alongside the other contenders. A truly outstanding contribution to what remains of our democracy. If you can get an MBE just for winning a running race then this lass deserves a great deal more.

    • 31
      Irritable Brownal Syndromel says:

      Ah! The female of the species! How I salute this woman. Let the mayhem continue amongst the bastards

    • 204
      Ivor Svartsaab says:

      She’s a loveley and brave person. Thank you Heather

      • 283
        Mrs Broon (No Relation) says:

        I agree with Brave and Intelligent and Good Looking, she should go far.

      • 363
        Irritable Brownal Syndromel says:

        Agree. After watching clip sent by No23 I’m smitten. To rest my head between those breasts….

    • 426

      She deserves to go to the House of Lords as a decent replacement for the filth now infesting it. The House should consist of such people of genuine distinction and achievement and public spirit, not the odious vermin appointed by fellow politicians.

  5. 7
    Mitch says:

    Is a strange cookie, but has done well.

  6. 8
    Tubes says:

    I am in love

  7. 9
    Joe Public says:

    This’ll prove the power of Guido

  8. 10
    RestandBthankful says:

    She deserves to win and has my vote.

  9. 11
    Some bloke says:

    I’ll vote for her! Bollocks to Esther Ranzen.

  10. 12
    I love Shami says:

    Try putting “Heather Brooke” into a Google search and select Images……

  11. 15
    Rumour Monger says:

    Britian’s economy was consigned to a list of those at ‘high risk’ yesterday because of the spiralling national debt

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1220508/Britain-danger-going-bust-warns-EU.html

    • 43
      Cuts cuts cuts says:

      If we cut the £62 Billion we piss up a wall to the EU, then the UK would not be in dire straights it is currently in. No scratch that, we would still be in dire straights, but Gordon would have found another way to piss up a wall £62 Billion (rising to £67 Billion for 2010-11 tax year due to the fabulous deal Tony Blair signed on the UK’s behalf).

    • 353
      fedupwithbrown says:

      Thanhk god I’ve just fixed the mortgage for the next five years.

  12. 16
    ChrisC says:

    A great reformer and a fantastic pornstar according to Google.

    • 185
      Meerkat Manners says:

      No, not bloody Heather Maccartwheel-Oakpitprop. It’s Heather Brooke.

  13. 17
  14. 18
    Anonymous says:

    Liam Byrne and Steve Richards; WTF are they doing on the list?

    • 30
      Sir Reginald Titbrain says:

      Good question.

    • 40

      Shortlisting Liam Byrne must be some joke on the labour party.

      Apols, but I voted for Carswell.

    • 48
      Sir Reginald Titbrain says:

      Farter-Fuck should be on the list. Thanks to their ineptitude baddies will think twice about trying to manipulate the media and starve the population of their right to information.

    • 57
      nell says:

      Well I wondered why Alan Johnson and Angela Merkel were there. What have either of them done to warrant inclusion?

      • 95
        shelling-out says:

        Ah, you and your Shining Wit – or is it the other way round?

      • 117
        nell says:

        More than those MP’s.

        Where I come from you live on what you earn not what you can trough from the taxpayer for as little work as possible.

        As for Angela Merkel, well she and sarkozy at the moment are scheming and pressuring to get the Czech President impeached and removed because he is blocking their Lisbon Treaty. What’s reforming about that?

      • 337
        Rusty says:


  15. 19
    Under a flower pot at the bottom of the garden until that c'nt brown calls the General Election says:

    I’d give her one as well.

  16. 21

    Brainy and fit as f…..

    She’s got my vote.

  17. 22
    sean says:

    Good looking gal as well, have you a telno?

  18. 23
    Winston (deceased) says:

    Good girl!

  19. 25
    Boycott the ПРАВДА licence fee says:

    Anyone still foolish enough to be holding Sterling? Read this and weep:

    Oct. 15 (Bloomberg) — The Bank of England should expand its 175 billion-pound ($284 billion) bond-buying plan “as far as it takes” to fight off the threat of deflation, former Treasury adviser Roger Bootle said.

    “They will have to go a lot further,” Bootle said in an interview. “In the first instance, they should be prepared to go another 50 billion, and maybe even another 100 billion, but the point is not that. The point is being prepared to go as far as it takes.”

    Bootle is one of the most high profile and established economists in the UK. When he speaks, governments listen.

    • 39
      righty right wing (mrs) says:

      Has the learned gentleman got any comment on the tsunami of inflation that is likely to be a direct cause of QE?

      • 55
        Cuts cuts cuts says:

        Inflation. That’s FAR too confusing for the average person to understand, remember, they have been educated by teachers stuffed with Labour values.

        Instead explain it like this.

        You have £10 in your pocket, but because of the fabulous asset stealing scheme New Labour and the Bank of England thought up, they are “printing” more money, and dumping it into the economy. As there is more of this money, your £10 is now no longer worth £10, but maybe £9 – or worse.

        The effect of all this money printing is not being measured, and why the official inflation rate is as low as it is, it is being rigged.

        Because of QE, everything claims to be the same price in the shops, but in reality it is not, it is more expensive.

        International investors are running a mile from the UK now, that’s why the guilts sales are failing. China doesn’t want to piss more of their hard earnt money up a wall, and is why they have recently talked of dumping the American Dollar as well.

        • 63
          Master Baiter says:

          The point Bootle and many other reputable economists are making is that the threat of deflation far outwieghs the threat of inflation. In other words inflation is preferable to deflation.
          Like it or not and many quite reasonably don’t like it, savers will suffer. But the fact is that on the whole those with savings are older and not productive and those with debts are younger and productive. If it’s a choice between sticking it to the productive or the unproductive, the unproductive get it every time.
          That’s the way the cookie crumbles.

          • Tin Cunliffe-Arsely says:

            Economies need people to save.

            Otherwise they end up as shit as the uk’s is right now.

          • Mr Ned says:

            Inflation is better than deflation to be sure, but moderate deflation is preferable to the hyper-inflation that QE risks if it is not managed very very very carefully. There are signs of significant inflationary pressures building within the system already that are not yet feeding through to the RPI. if these pressures are ignored, then inflation could take off like a rocket as the measures required to stave off inflation need to be applied in plenty of time. Otherwise huge hikes in interest rates will be required, that will hit anyone who exports, as the pound increases, and it will hit mortgage payers and people with credit cards very hard, this risks plunging us into recession.

            the swings in the economy begin to happen faster and the oscillations become bigger as ever more desparate tactics are required to try to get things back on an even keel.

          • Nowhere man says:

            But if those savers decide to sell their houses,spend their hard on cash on say, a world cruise for five years, gifts to grandchildren, an enourmous piss up etc and then come back and demand free housing from the state then , erm .. how’s that going to work?

            You expect the people to just suffer. They won’t though. They will bugger off to Spain or South America again won’t they. Even if they stay their savings will mean they need extra assistance from the Great Gord. Heating allowance, free loft lagging, free boilers, free double glazing, free health care, free travel, free day centres, free meals, free TV licence, free books etc.
            Going to be a bit hard to do what the useless Blears said only yesterday. End all poverty by 2010. Even for this spinpiece of a government that seems a soundbite too far.

          • Murray Rothbard says:

            Destroying the currency, as Brown is doing, will damage all of us and send UK living standards down the pan for generations.

            It’s time for the government and the deranged spendaholic half of the population to start paying back debt and living within their means otherwise they will take us all down with them.

          • Money says:

            Gordon Brown is eying up China’s “unproductive” currency reserves.

          • righty right wing (mrs) says:

            Being a rabid tribal socialist you are by default economically illiterate.

          • Master Baiter says:

            The fact of the matter is that savers are going to lose in this crisis, whoever gets in.

        • 70
          Hugh Janus says:

          ‘Guilts’ – Freudian slip?

      • 360
        fedupwithbrown says:

        He must be gambling on the stockmarket. Seems the banks et al are gambling the QE money and everyone’s making a fast buck apart from the bloody taxpayer. He’s in it for now. Blow the future.

    • 98

      Forgive me if I’m really really dumb, but isn’t lending yourself money by buying bad cheques from yourself with money you don’t have the sort of thing that got Enron executives put in gaol?

    • 116
      Anonymous says:

      Sterling is toast anyway but more QE will just send it into a Zimbabwean/Weimerean death spiral.

      Perhaps that’s what Brown wants. After all he is a sociopath who hates us all.

      • 348
        Boycott the ПРАВДА licence fee says:

        Brown may well want such an outcome. He may well want to trash the currency and force us into the euro. Maybe his chosen route for that is QE and massive devaluation. But the thing that bugs me is, why are so many singing from the same hymnsheet? Not just Bootle, but Mervyn King, the IOD, the BCA, Uncle Tom Cobley and all. Conspiracy to dump the pound, anyone?

        • 365
          fedupwithbrown says:

          It’s ‘cos none of them have a clue what they’re doing and when it all implodes they can all blame Brown.

    • 319
      Tin Cunliffe-Arsely says:

      Phew, I see the silver lining.

      “former Treasury adviser Roger Bootle “

  20. 27

    Why stop with just “Reformer of the Year” here, how about getting her to take on that slippery snake oil salesman Tony Wots His Name for the top job across the Channel?

  21. 28
    Anonymous says:

    I vote for this person as 2009 Reformer of the Year because:

    “She is absolutely scrumptious, stunningly attractive, has beautiful hair and truly amazing breasts as well as being an incredibly nice person. What’s not to like?”

  22. 29
    Charles Flaccidwidger says:


  23. 32
    Vote vote vote for Jacqui says:

    Jacquifivebellies says “I ain’t fucking voting for her”

  24. 33
    Lord Lindley says:

    Looks like she needs a holiday in the sun, or she the UK’s Sookie?

  25. 35
    sean says:

    I suggest that in future we call something that forces changes to the political establishment and its culture from outside off the political establishment, and its resulting consequences as the “Brooke Effect”

    • 71
      nearly says:

      Hear Hear!

    • 160
      JMT says:

      Top one to add to the list Zanulabour have given us.

      Hoon; any slimey politician on the take/make
      Brownies: bare-faced lies
      Blair Effect: bullshitting your way to personal gain at others’ expense.
      Brown effect: anti-midas touch.

  26. 36
  27. 38
    righty right wing (mrs) says:

    I not only voted for her I stood & applauded her as I did so.

    Top girl.

  28. 41
    Freedom! says:

    Sir Stuart Bellend. He appears like a spoilt child.

    Either he is as thick as pig manure or has no shame.

    MPs really have lost touch with reality and the ordinary man they allegedly represent.

    Go on, just pay up, then shut up, then retire.

    Time for some new blood.

    • 76

      Google 69 Paris Stuart Bell

      • 110
        Anonymous says:

        So Stuart Bell is a pornographer eh? No wonder he was on the side of all those kiddie fiddlers.

        • 157
          Adam "I'm certain Eve was a virgin" says:

          Sample ……”Bell set out his own sexual agenda some years ago when he wrote a novel called Paris 69. Though it is now sadly unavailable, here’s a sample: ‘And she keeps on sucking, sucking and nibbling and filling me with yearning, with desire to thrust her back on the bed now, strap her to it the way the schoolteacher had shown me… I wanted that she be tied to the bed and I dominate her, rape her, burst inside her and be cleansed.’”

          God I hope Heather doesn’t read this….she would never sit next to him in a studio again

          • Anonymous says:

            A strange combination of tame, and overwrought – a product of its time, thankfully past.

      • 326
        Safe search is off says:

        Googling Stuart Bell as suggested produces “Sodomy and the lash” as the 2nd link from the top of the page.

        Bell End, Mandy, Bliar and McDoom etc must be so excited!

    • 83
      Anonymous says:

      “Either he is as thick as pig manure or has no shame”

      Probably a bit of both. Also sounds like he’s losing his marbles too.

  29. 44
    PDM says:

    Do all these political class women buy their necklaces from the same shop?

  30. 45
    BillyBob says:

    I would give her one….my vote, that is !!

  31. 47
    bandersnatch says:

    All sorted. Glad you brought the poll to our attention. Early on, she gave a very good account on TV of what she had done and why.

  32. 50
    Master Baiter says:

    Seems more pleasant in print or on the radio.

  33. 52
    nell says:

    Yes done.

    She’s the sort of person we need in the HoL. People we end up with people like gorbals mick instead.

    • 67
      Hugh Janus says:

      Ironic wasn’t it – the day Gorbals Mick, Commons Trougher-In-Chief, was enobled, his erstwhile troughers were whining like scroungers without benefits. It just beggars belief that the first and only Speaker effectively kicked out of office in 300 years is now sitting in the H o L.

      What a complete mockery, and what truly terrible depths we have sunk to when we reward conduct like his in this way.

    • 164
      An unelected organ grinder, together with his unelected monkey (on the end of his chain) says:

      We don’t want that sort of unelected person in the HoL!!

      Besides, what would Noo_Lie_Bore Wimmin say?

      • 422
        Potential alpha male says:

        Zanulabia wimmin would be jealous as hell .The crucial thing to remember is that young ladies like Heather Brooke and Susie Squire of the Taxpayers Alliance are everything that FEMINAZI WIMMIN hate. Heather and Susie and all the ladies like them are intelligent ,feminine,decent honourable and men love them for that. feminazis hate men and the ladies that men love and listen to.
        Think about it.As a man I would protect both of those ladies with my life but I would throw the Bitch Harridan Harmsmen to the Taliban. Then she would really know what it means to be oppressed!!!!

  34. 53
    Tokoloshe says:

    Got my vote

  35. 59
    rick says:


  36. 64
    nemo_sum says:

    Go, girl! You have my vote and my undying thanks, Heather.

  37. 66
    Swiss Bob says:

    You can see her here in the relevant Newsnight episode:

    Heather Brooke on Newsnight .

  38. 68
    Bob Careful says:

    Her work may just be responsible for damaging Westminster, and Britain beyond repair.

    All this talk of kicking-out experienced politicians and replacing them with people off the street is scarey!!

    Do we really want Britain’s interests given away to Europe by 25 year old graduates with no experience of life.

    No thank you, we need to get a grip!

    • 72
      Freedom! says:

      Yes, they can be surely no worse and at least might be honest.

      Next question….

    • 73
      Anonymous says:

      Haven’t they already been given away by the ageing troughers?

      • 94
        NuAttackDog says:

        25 year old graduates? What have you been smoking? Parliament should be full of people who’ve made a success of themselves and actually have experience of living in the real world. Businessmen and women, entrepreneurs, doctors, scientists, soldiers, policemen, teachers, etc.. Restricted to 1 term of office, no-one under 35 and paid properly.

    • 80
      Hugh Janus says:

      “All this talk of kicking-out experienced politicians and replacing them with people off the street is scarey!!”

      Well, our present situation is pretty scary don’t you think BC? Could they really do any worse?? Do you not think that NuLiebour have already excelled themselves in damaging Westminster and Britain beyond repair??

      • 87
        Anonymous says:

        If we don’t kick out Labour next May then the international financial markets will pull the plug on Britain.

        Sterling and gilts are only surviving at their current levels because the markets expect a Tory landslide after which Cameron will set about trying to clear up Brown’s mess.

    • 86
      SO17 says:

      55 year old blokes with no experience of life haven’t done much better.

    • 96
      RavingMad says:

      careful – Bob…..

    • 97
      Anonymous says:

      You must be a thieving, greedy troughing MP. Give us your name and I’ll come along and campaign against you in the next election.

    • 102
      shelling-out says:

      Why not? We’ve already got 30-60 year old men and women who clearly have no experience of life, economics, or anything else come to that.

      These people are destroying our country and its economy bit by bit. They need to be got rid of – and soon!

    • 113
      South of the M4 says:

      Classic. Blame the messenger, ignore the message. It is not she who has done the damage.

      • 224
        Engineer says:

        Agree entirely. If MPs had conducted themselves with honour and public service in mind (which is what they’re supposed to do) then Heather Brooke would have had no need to do what she has been doing.

    • 171
      JMT says:

      They already have been given away on the advice of 25 year-old graduates as they helped our so-called honorable members fill in their expense forms.

    • 298
      Mrs Broon (No Relation) says:

      Well you can have a 58 year old man with absolutely no experience of life, oh that’s right that’s Gordon Brown.

  39. 69
    Sir Lancelot says:

    Be still, my beating heart!

  40. 74
    Obama is a twat says:

    She gets top totty vote as well.

  41. 77
    Kevin says:

    Whats Liam Byrne doing on the list?

  42. 79
    Roger the Dog says:

    The female of the species is far deadlier than the male…..

  43. 82
    the sh it of the new says:

    The end of an era? As Labour fades and dies so does the vacuous sham that is Brit-art. The two nurtured and encouraged each other and deserve to die together.

    After Guido’s piece yesterday on Tracey Emin, Emin and her fellow charlatan Damien Hurst, are exposed in the Telegraph:


    • 90
      Hugh Janus says:

      I think most of us had seen through them a long time ago! They are a complete irrelevance in my book.

    • 99
      SO17 says:

      When saatchi’s £100 million ‘Art’ collection got burned up the loss adjuster should have made the insurance award on cost price.
      unmade bed=£5
      spunk covered sock=£0
      Just because saatchi was fool enough to pay a lot of money for second hand tat doesn’t mean we policy payers should subsidise that stupidity.

    • 103
      Anonymous says:

      Good article but should have been written 10 years ago. Most people saw through these con-artists like Hirst and Emin, back then while the art critics were still trying to convince us they had talent.

    • 104
      shelling-out says:

      I don’t think the sheep was too hapy either.

    • 138
      chronic says:

      All the best artists are dead, Hirst and Emin please take note.

      • 182
        Engineer says:

        Looking at some of their output, Hirst’s and Emin’s talent expired some considerable time ago.

      • 407
        Jethro:if you're an Artist, that makes me a Critic. says:

        138 – & not just ‘take note’: why not take action?

    • 167
      El Presidente Bliar (emoting and wiv sanctimonious leer) says:

      I nurtured them first – remember ‘Cool’ Britania – the ‘Happening’ place?

      Now, – where’s my air guitar? – no that’s not my ‘Heir’ guitar as in Camerhoon – geddit – haHaHaHa

    • 209
      Oh dear says:

      Two people who really should get a vicious disease that just can’t be treated.

    • 211
      Engineer says:

      It has always been something of a mystery to me why the art world went along with all the hype. The majority of the public wasn’t taken in, and it’s good to see that the critics are catching up with the public.

      A mate of mine was dragged round Tate Modern by his better half, and later reported that he was quite impressed by the building, but the best work of art in the place was the overhead crane in the gods.

      How come we don’t hear it for artists of real talent and achievement? I’d nominate Terence Cuneo, David Shepherd and Gordon Beningfield – all people who did their own work, to a high technical standard, and understood and cared about the things they painted. People of quiet integrity.

  44. 84
    RavingMad says:

    obvious choice – voted!

  45. 89
    Tankboy says:

    Depends – If you do an advanced google Heather Brooke the 1st listing is quite interesting

    My view is that they both Heathers get my vote!!!!!

  46. 91
    Tin Cunliffe-Arsely says:

    “I vote for this person as 2009 Reformer of the Year because:”

    Guido said so.

  47. 107

    She got my vote – well done for her.

  48. 111
    Odds Bodkins says:

    She’s got my vote. I think Susie Squire, campaign manager of the Taxpayers’ Alliance deserves to be on the list too. Plus she’s a bit of a babe.

    • 421
      Potential alpha male says:

      To Odds Bodkins. You sir are a first class connaisseur of totty. Susie squire like Heather Brooke is top totty of the first order and both ladies are first class role models. Both are intelligent,feminine sexy and display a level of integrity which we can all be proud of. I salute you ladies and all of your supporters!!!!

  49. 114
    Anonymous says:

    I’m sure she’s wonderful and all that, but are there any other Aussies out there who think she looks just a bit too much like Pauline Hanson?

  50. 121
    albacore says:

    Reform is not necessarily beneficial or benevolent.
    Over the last year marxist reforms have again accelerated our country’s decline.
    Step forward the unlisted one and only contender: James Gordon Brown.

    • 129
      Anonymous says:

      “Reform is not necessarily beneficial or benevolent.
      Over the last year marxist reforms have again accelerated our country’s decline.”

      Incredible. Words fail me. This is not even funny.

    • 172
      Anonymous says:

      Spot on.
      But don’t forget the ‘reforms’ of the last 12 years.

  51. 123
    Monty says:

    How come this post doesn’t have a tottywatch tag ?
    This young lady is seriously yummy. Not to acknowledge this is disrespectful, young Guido.

    • 131
      Tin Cunliffe-Arsely says:

      Would you describe her as young?

      She’s old enough to be Master Baiter’s Mum.

      Ah yes, she’s young.

      • 133
        Master Baiter says:

        She’s under forty but looks much older.

        • 142
          Tin Cunliffe-Arsely says:

          Who … your mum?
          Poor woman. Not surprised.
          Does she ever go to applejacks?

          • Master Baiter says:

            Please look on iplayer for a recent appearance of Heather Brooke on Newsnight, the answer is there.

          • Tin Cunliffe-Arsely says:

            As someone who is well over 20 and male and heterosexual I don’t say Urghh.

            You know… if one’s a ginner , one has thinner skin and one gets wrinkly earlier. I wouldnt hold that against her. Which Wimmin would regard as appauling but it seems to be better than your attitude.

        • 147
          shelling-out says:

          Heather Brooke is the epitome of honesty and integrity and our MP’s would do well to take a leaf out of her book.

          I’m surprised Gordon hasn’t asked her to work for him.

          • Alsitair Campbell says:

            “epitome of honesty and integrity”

            No chance of a job in ZanuLabour at all – now that Jo Moore bint….

  52. 128
    Anonymous says:

    Yes, she certainly deserves some accolades. Ironically, bitterly so, I suspect, it took an American to point out what the British still cannot see: that their serf mentally is doing this country irreparably harm. Next, the finances and chicanery of Elizabeth Saxe-Coburg and co. If you think that MP’s were shady and dishonest wait until you see what emerges from “Her Majesty’s” past.

  53. 130
    nice says:

    ding dang dong

  54. 136
    Mmmmmm - says:

    Thats the Black Police Officers Association knackered then.

    And about 30 or so taxpayer funded charities that discriminate against other groups.

    Well done Nick Griffin – you have struck a real blow for freedom in Britain with todays court case.

  55. 137
    Daveyone says:

    I think Guido has been vote reformer of the past 5 years and long may he reign!

  56. 139

    She sounds perfect. Ask Dave Cameron to nominate heras she is line with his thinking (is she?)

  57. 141
    nell says:


    I see jacqui hasn’t quite escaped Legg’s scrutiny. He has demanded she pay back £1500 . Unbelievably she is saying she will only pay £1000 This woman is shameless.

    It’s also good to see that she is being investgated by the DT over the sale of her previous Redditch home on whih she made a huge profit. THe house was designated as her 2nd home and she refuses to tell the DT whether or not she paid CGT.

    On top of that thousands of her own constituents have signed a petition for her to stand down as their MP and for her not to be allowed to go the HoL.

    • 146
      Master Baiter says:

      Her neoghbouring MP is Julie Kirkbride (Conservative).

      Julie Kirkbride is primed and ready to blow!

      It’s so easy and the Conservitudes are so weak.
      Why don’t they sort her out, now?

    • 148
      shelling-out says:

      Greedy, grabbing and mean.

      Labour. It’s what we do best.

      • 152
        Master Baiter says:

        Julie Kirkbride MP Conservative


        • 161
          Mmmmmm - says:

          tribal hoon.

          fuckwits like you made the third reich possible.

          • master fuckwit says:

            Ignore Jonty.

            Wankstains like him are those little toadies that hang around with bullies.

          • shelling-out says:

            The problem with Master Baiter (aka, Charles), is that he doesn’t get it.

            He (supposedly) reads our posts, yet still thinks we are all gunning for Labour over the expenses. For the record, MB, they are ALL greedy shysters. I don’t care which party they come from. If Labour want to gain the trust of the electorate, Gordon should be pulling his people into line over this through the Whips. At least DC has done it. I know the Conservatives and Lib-Dems are just as guilty.

        • 166
          nell says:

          Methinks you’re obsessed with Jule Kirkbride.One way or the other she’s out of a job next election anyway. Try widening your horizons. Go and look at Edballs and yvette’s expenses or aintbustinagut’s or smalik or jacquismith’s or hazelblears or alastairdarling.

          Why is it that a significant number of labour mp’s troughed to the max and that nowhere near the same percentage of tories did?

          • Master Baiter says:

            Two straight questions:

            1. Is Kirkbride standing again or not?
            2. What, if anything, does the leader of the Conservitudes have to say about it?

            1. Yes
            2. Nothing

          • shelling-out says:

            Could it be that the Labour MP’s have now got quite used to living the high life and don’t want it taken away from them?

            Champagne Socialists.

          • Anonymous says:

            The Tories don’t need to for the main part, as most of them have had proper jobs before they got into government, and come from a long line of people who have had proper jobs. Unfortunately whether or not the proper jobs comment can be applied to DC is debatable, but to my mind, there’s more that did the whole student—–>researcher/lackey/arsekisser—–>parachuted into a safe seat thing in Labour than any of the other groups of morons that are political parties in this country. Of course the odd one or two also spent time ruining a local council somewhere before getting into parliament a la Darling/Blunkett.

            I know Jonty MB thinks all “Conservitudes” are rich, never do any work and live off trust funds and chunky inheritance legacies, but that’s simply not true. Piers Fletcher-Dervish was actually a fictional character, but given Baiter and his chums’ problems with distinguishing fact from fantasy, I suspect the poor little mite is doing just that here.

          • shelling-out says:

            Master Baiter

            DC has already made it clear to Julie Kirkbride that she will have to explain herself in person to her constituents.


            Exactly what has Gordon done about the troughing Labour MP’s?

            A: Nothing.

          • Master Baiter says:

            27 May, things have moved on considerably, to the extent that

            1. She is standing again.
            2. The leader of the Consewrvitudes is going to do nothing about it.

            That’s right
            1. Yes
            2. Nothing

          • shelling-out says:

            Just like Gordon, then. Two of a kind.

  58. 143
    Cato Street Conspirator says:

    I bet Esther Rantzen is jealous. Is she still hoping to make a bit herself by standing for Parliament?

  59. 156
    Comrade Gorgon Brownstainovich, the Bonkers Benefactor of Bent 'n Bonkers Bankers says:

    ‘Bonuses for Bankers’ (Toimes)

    It was’nae ma’ fulty ye un’stn’

    I wuz a’savin’ tha’ wuld!!

    • 305
      Mrs Broon (No Relation) says:

      I realise that you think that resembles Scots but it doesn’t. Slag Gordon in English he has absolutely no understanding of anything Scots, he would rather be English and we would rather he was English too.

  60. 183
    Kim says:

    I don’t think you chose the best picture of Heather Brooke to illustrate your post, but maybe it represents to you something different to what it represents to me.

    However I think your ‘award nomination’ is absolutely right. This is a seriously nice person doggedly pursuing creditable aims and doing it with facts. Every time I see her interviewed, most recently on Newsnight, I am struck by her integrity and lack of cheap political point scoring.

  61. 184
    streamfisher says:

    New Labour- the films:

    * Carry On Sergeant
    * Carry On Nurse
    * Carry On Teacher
    * Carry On Constable
    * Carry On Regardless
    * Carry On Cruising
    * Carry On Cabby
    * Carry On Jack
    * Carry On Spying
    * Carry On Cleo
    * Carry On Cowboy
    * Carry On Screaming
    * Carry On Don’t Lose your Head
    * Carry On Follow That Camel
    * Carry On Doctor
    * Carry On Up The Khyber
    * Carry On Camping
    * Carry On Again Doctor
    * Carry On Up The Jungle
    * Carry On Loving
    * Carry On Henry
    * Carry On at Your Convenience
    * Carry On Matron
    * Carry On Abroad
    * Carry On Girls
    * Carry On Dick
    * Carry On Behind
    * Carry On England
    * That’s Carry On! Compilation
    * Carry On Emmannuelle
    * Carry On Columbus
    Infamy! Infamy!, they’ve all got it….. in for me.

  62. 186
    Nickolas Griffon MEP says:

    I welcome the c*ons and paks into the party with wide arms.

    • 188
      BPOA says:

      Stuffed us right up. Now we will have to let whitey in to our Association.

      • 192
        Nickolas Griffon MEP says:

        I could become as popular as Geert Wilders party on a reformed effort as an anti-islamic expanionist party.

        I would like to invite all members from the British public that are against militant islam and it’s growing foothold in this country to join my party.

  63. 187
    righty right wing (mrs) says:

    You are the wife of the MP heard sobbing on Pravda Toady this morning & I claim my £5 – & no you cannot have a receipt.

    • 193
      Mitch says:

      have a heart, she says she thinks twice before buying anything now.


  64. 189
    Master Baiter says:

    The MoD spends more than 85 million for 8,000 officers’ children to attend Public School.
    Public School fees for forces officers on the state is ok though isn’t it?
    If they’re away, which most of them aren’t and their spouses certainly aren’t, shouldn’t they just be send their sprogs to a state school with boarding facilities?

    It’s a perk of the job, that’s why some people choose to become officers in the forces. It’s an understood part of their remuneration and per child it’s worth a cool and tax free 20,000 a year or on average 44,000 after tax, Yum Yum.

    Nice perk!

    Why aren’t the smearers on this site chasing our men and women (who went to public school themselves) on this?

    Just askin’ like, yunnoe.

    • 195
      Robin says:

      let’s go get them Batman

    • 197
      streamfisher says:

      Could be because state schools don’t have boarding facilities, just a thought yunnoe.

      • 234
        Master Baiter says:

        They do, for other ranks, yunnoe.

        • 249
          streamfisher says:

          No they fucking don’t!, If you want to talk about ordinary servicemen’s accommodation and the disgraceful condition that’s in, well who’s fault is that I wonder, hmm now let me think!

          • When all this nonsense over Mp's expenses is over says:

            Well said Steamfisher.

            The disgusting state of repair our Service personnel are enduring is a disgrace.

            Absolutely shocking.

            I’d crawl back under your stone quietly Master Baiter you are making a fool of yourself

          • Master Baiter says:

            85 million a year would pay for a lot of B&Q wallpaper, wouldn’t it?

          • resurgemus says:

            Except Gormless Grayson wouldn’t buy it from B&Q.

            Knowing your lot he’d buy it from George Osborne!!!!!

        • 261
          resurgemus says:

          so what’s the difference between a public school and MPs like say Tony Blair paying for a private Tutor to get their child better grades , or prepared for Oxbridge ?

      • 410
        Jethro says:

        197 – There is a number of schools in the Maintained Sector with Boarding facilities – one with which I have some knowledge, in the Socialist Soviet of Reading, one in Woking: there are more, I believe, north of Watford Gap. The one in the Soviet Socialist Republic of Reading bears not just ‘the mark of Cain’ of being a GRAMMAR School (Labourites, like the Winchester-educated Antony Crosland, will wish to add the fixed-epithet f*****g before that already indecent word ‘Grammar’), but, being a BOYS’ School, bears also thus, ‘the mark of the Beast’; the one in Woking is AC/DC – sorry, co-ed.
        Going to work in the one in the United Socialist Soviet Republic of Reading one in the late 1980′s, transported me back to my own time in a ‘County Grammar School’ in the late 1950′s. Bright children from very poor Reading families were able – and were encouraged – not just to do well, but to excel; slightly less-bright children from further afield were still able to do well. Of course, the L.E.A. lavished its funding on the nearby Comprehensive, while we had very basic provision (in my Subject, teach them all on 30p/a head per annum), and the School lay under the constant threat of being administered out of existence by the hostile L.E.A..

    • 206
      ed balls says:

      I have just spent £3 million refurbing MY offices to look like a Cologne brothel with a Muslim prayer room attached.

      So what?

    • 208
      When all this nonsense over Mp's expenses is over says:

      Yes what you say is truE.

      If you removed this “perk” you would have no Officers. There is no other reason now to be in the Services in the Officer class. There is no money, no support for injury, sub standard housing, poor pay. But that doesn’t bother you I know.

      The reason the “perk” exists is because the Officer is moved from place to place within the UK at short notice and travels abroad and is sometimes committed abroad at short notice. What would you have the family do? Move the children from one school to another every few months from one county to another, from one country to another?

      I know you are a wa**er but really you show yourself to be especially stupid from time to time.

      • 232
        anonemo says:

        So where are these army bases populated only by officers? Do the other ranks get this perk?

        • 237
          Anonymous says:


        • 251
          When all this nonsense over Mp's expenses is over says:

          Officers with children have signed for 15 years


          • anonemo says:

            Some of the rank and file with children have signed for 22 years.


          • When all this nonsense over Mp's expenses is over says:

            they don’t sign for 22 years when they enlist (childless and unmarried)

            (need to be married for married quarters)


          • anonemo says:

            You appear to be talking bollocks.

            “the maximum recruitment age was raised in January 2007 from 26 to 33 years. The normal term of engagement is 22 years.”

            Or do you think people don’t get married and have kids untill they are over 33.

        • 308
          Master Baiter says:

          No and you know why.

          What’s wrong with sending the officers sprogs to a state school?

          • hootsman says:

            ‘Cos state schools are crap? Tescos can do better apparently.

            Now fuck off, state school educated dimwit.

          • When all this nonsense over Mp's expenses is over says:

            cos if they go to a state school they don’t end up as officers

            contradiction old boy


          • resurgemus says:

            If state school is so good why do labour MPs such as Blair by additional private tuition ?

    • 212
      Mitch says:

      my brother gets help ‘cos he and the wife are posted aroad. It’s not troughing and the family are apart for long periods so he can do his job kind-of defending the country.

      • 329
        Master Baiter says:

        It’s a perk and it’s what they understand to be part of their remuneration, but the public school fees are 20,000 pounds a year that means the average officer gets 44,000 tax free a year.
        Realising that is going to outrage a lot of ‘ordinary’ people.
        For example the other ranks.

        If officers want to send their sprogs to have a private education, why don’t the officers pay for it themselves?

        Don’t you ‘get it’?

        • 358
          resurgemus says:

          maybe the fees are so high because MOD procurement is such a disaster

          • When all this nonsense over Mp's expenses is over says:

            school fees are cheaper than the cost of sending some murdering raping coke head illigela immigrant to prison and keeping it there for 20 sorry 5 years

          • Susie says:

            Wouldn’t have a bloody army if they went to state school… State schools discourage competition, winning anything and discipline. All qualities which are crucial for any successful officer.

        • 415
          Jethro says:

          329 – Remind me: when, and under which Administration, were all those ‘British Forces’ Schools, dotted around the World abolished?

    • 222
      shelling-out says:

      You forget, that Labour could have scrapped this if they’d wanted to. After all, they’ve had enough time to do it.

      Are you saying that places like America and Canada have no such class school system?

      Most people can’t help where they went to school. I can’t help the fact that I went to a comprehensive school in South East London and, although I would have liked to have beeen given the opportunity to go to a grammar school, my grades weren’t good enough at that time.

      It’s no use blaming people over things they probably had no control over – like their education. It really is getting a bit tired.

      • 252
        When all this nonsense over Mp's expenses is over says:

        Shit happens

      • 306
        bandersnatch says:

        In general people can’t help the school they went to. Who has choices at such an early age? It’s usually down to the state system in the area, or the schools that are nearby, or if you are, I suppose, the child of richer parents and they choose to send you to some posh boarding school which could give you an unfair leg-up, or indeed to some oddball religious establishment… it is definitely not your fault.

        If that sounds too obvious to bother to write… Well, there are hordes of people out there who blame people for the school they went to, rather than evaluate them on their views, their decency, or their current effectiveness.

        • 413
          Susie says:

          “I’m a rich honky, my exams I pass… and if you don’t like it, you can kiss my arse.”

          I’m perfectly comfortable that someone in charge of the country has had a world-class education, is intelligent and hard-working enough to get into one of the world’s best universities and comes from a long line of successful people who’v made enough good financial decisions to afford their children the best.

          We’ve tried the other way and look at the mess we’re in.

          • J says:

            To Susie. You are quite right. It is far better to be governed by people who are intelligent and have been promoted on ability than be governed by members of the zanulabia approved victim’s list.

    • 223
      Sent by Blueberry says:

      Fink youll find taht lots of people wot are working abroad wil av skool fees contribusions from there bosses, overwise vay wouldn’t get peeple to work for vem.

    • 236
      resurgemus says:

      Maybe Labour MPs are leaving a loophole so their kids can finish their education if the MPs get booted out.

    • 263
      Max says:

      Jeez, you’re scraping around if you think there is any comparison between MP’s troughing and what they get in the Armed Forces, officers or not.

      This “perk” (ask any kid how jolly it is) is there for practical reasons; does it not also apply in the FO and used to apply in the “colonies” too eg Hong Kong police had same perk?

      And after all MP’s are hardly laying themselves on the line for this country, unlike those forces in Afghanistan now! Unbelievable MB.

      • 311
        Master Baiter says:

        Maximum idiot, other ranks’ children get to go to state schools. Other ranks die too, in fact more of them die.
        Officers stationed in the UK get to send their children to 20,000 pounds a year Public Schools, it’s a nice perk.
        But not a lot of people know that.
        How many helicopters would 80 million a year buy?
        Just asking, yunnoe.

    • 266
      Anonymous says:

      Just out of interest MB, do you have any figures for how much it costs to educate a pupil in the state system per year?

      Also funny how you choose to ignore the fact that some of those officers are the ones who get sent into warzones when your precious Tony and Gordon decide we’ve got to get involved in illegal wars. They have to risk their lives in a way that I wouldn’t want to, so I have no problem with their kids being provided with a decent education – not sure why you do.

      The only thing I can think of is that it’s the politics of envy, which is of course what socialism is based on, well that and a desire to bring the masses all down to the lowest common denominator.

      Of course given that we all know you come from a middle class and comfy background, I suspect that rather than being envy it’s simply honest to goodness sanctimonious patronism. Well, that and the fact that Mummy and Daddy obviously didn’t trust you to take advantage of your education enough to want to gamble their hard earned cash on you.

      • 322
        Master Baiter says:

        Thank you one and all for helping make the point.

        Which is that some jobs have perks.

        MPs perks were the accomodation allowance.

        The leader of the Conservitude Party took the maximum possible allowance by having the biggest possible mortgage which, conveniently, soaked up the whole allowance.

        Other MPs who are less wealthy could not take such a risk since if interest rates went up they would not be able to cover the cost of the mortgage interest used their allowance to furnish and maintain their property.

        Both methods attempted to make use of their perk which, in good faith, they believed to be part of their remuneration.

        Just like UK based armed services officers use their perk to the maximum.

        Some jobs have perks.

        The MPs expenses ‘scandal’ is simply a vote suppression tactic, it will fail.

        Army officers get on average 44,000 tax free per year to send their children to Public School. Oooow Arrrr!

        Lesson over

        • 367
          resurgemus says:

          So that’s what you’re pratting on about – poor MPs.

          You’ve come to the wrong place MB. The politicians are misusing public funds to enrich themselves.

          Gone are the days when people went in to politics on principles; I suppose your beef is having been a good party robot hoping for greater things, the trough is being removed just as you get a sniff of it.

          If you think HoC is the end of it wait till the public hits Quangos and the HoL.
          I’m sure you won’t have anything to worry about there as Tony stuffed them both with all his “professional” friends.

        • 374
          When all this nonsense over Mp's expenses is over says:

          master baiter you will have no officers if you remove the perk.

          end of.

          and why are you so proud to dumb down the education in this country. you can see the effect it has had – just look at your precious party. complete bunch of cretins.

          most people grow out of the class war thing. about time you grew up isn’t it?

    • 314
    • 345
      HP Officejet says:

      And my son recently married the very lovely public school educated daughter of one of those very army officers you speak of so lovingly MB. So many thanks to everyone for assisting with her school fees.

      You will be pleased to know that your cash has been well spent and you have had very good value. Top totty and a great career to boot. Very unlikely to vote Liebore I suspect! That’s education for you.

  65. 194
    When all this nonsense over Mp's expenses is over says:

    As my MP stated personally to me….”when all this nonsense over MPs expenses is over…..” Easter 2009

    Yes it’s true. He really said that.

    Stupid git.

  66. 201
    A Silent Emission of Bowel Gas says:

    She’s great.

    But why does it take an American to sweep our pigsty?

  67. 214
    shelling-out says:

    Go somewhere else if you’re bored.

    We’re not stopping you.

  68. 226
    Doc Trough says:

    Done gladly.

  69. 238
    Genghiz the Kahn says:

    Heather Brooke

    Steve Bundred, Liam Byrne, Vince Cable, Douglas Carswell, Michael Gove, Alan Johnson, Angela Merkel, Tim Montgomerie, Steve Richards.

    Odd how some could even be considered as ‘reformers’, Richards could be almost accused of being a serial press release rewriter, but reform.

    Byrne the ministerial clown who failed to obey his own law on the use of mobile phones.

    Perhaps Baroness Scotland ought to be included as a reformer, as she has single handedly piloted a law through the House of Lords, only to be the first individual to be prosecuted under its terms. Ho, ho.

    • 417
      Jethro says:

      238 – … then again, what about Mc.Donald? He’s been re-forming chicken and beef for ages!

  70. 239
    Just wondering says:

    Absolutely O/T but:

    It would appear that the Bee En Pee is going to change its membership rules because of an ongoing court case:

    “The Equality and Human Rights Commission issued County Court proceedings against the far-right party on August 24 after voicing concerns its membership criteria were restrictive to those within certain ethnic groups.”

    So what are the Society of Black Lawyers and the National Black Police Association, then, if not similarly restrictive?

    • 244
      Nickolas Griffon MEP says:

      We are the true progressive party of the united kingdom

    • 247
      Ivor Schwartzporsche says:

      Dont be daft. How can you have a black association with non-blacks in it? Like a pilots association without pilots. Or a blackporsche owners club without blackporsche owners?

      • 372
        resurgemus says:

        Or a house full of Honourable members with no-one honourable in it ? Oh wait a minute…

    • 248
      ed balls says:

      Look, the Bee Nnn Pee are a far left party – thats why we in ZanuLabour are crapping ourselves – they are the real socialist voice in this region of the EU.

      As for the NBPA SBA they will of course get exemptions from Harriets Law because they are black – stupid.

    • 269
      McGroom says:

      Where does this leave the Government Equalities Office taskforce to help more black, Asian and minority ethnic women to become councillors headed up by Harriet Harman, Baroness Uddin and Simon Woolley (founder of Operation Black Vote).

      While this taskforce has admirable intentions, surely they also have membership criteria restrictive to those within certain ethnic groups.

      Much as I hate the Bee en pee, you cannot legislate against one narrow section of society without creating unintended consequences.

      If the Bee en pee lose this case, they would be entitled to force changes in many other ethnically orientated organisations whether they have honourable intentions or not.

      Be careful what you wish for…………

      • 320
        harm men stormtrooper says:

        dont b stupid

        we have fought of that all ready

        we r the masters in this howse not the rasist white stupid people

  71. 240
    Snuggles says:

    Well done Heather!!! Her work on this should not go unnoticed.

  72. 242
    Ivor Schwartzporsche says:

    I just watched the interview with heather and bell on the bbc and I must say thank you twice: Once for the tireless effort in bring about exposure and secondly; for promotion to the wool and jumper industry.

    • 265
      streamfisher says:

      Any time soon Breakfast time Tv will feature as its guests a Miss Sheep and a Mr Kangaroo proudly exposing their knitted offspring to the nation… Little Wooly Jumper.

  73. 245
  74. 254
    Anonymous says:

    If you wanted to publish a one page troughing guide of prospective guests on say, Question Time, that could be accessed by the audience pre-show, perhaps even distributed in leaflet form, where is the best source of information?

  75. 262
    Daveyone says:

    May I offer some culture to these proceedings?

  76. 264
    Francis Futurama says:

    “Blair was seriously in need of psycho-analysis. Brown is even more insecure as a Premier. He is almost totally blind. Visiting heads of state are asked not to offer their hands first in greeting as he may miss it. His corsets do not inspire confidence. His upper dentures do not meet his lower dentures. He has some mysterious disability which results in an uncontrollable dropping of his jaw. The pursed lips of his smile suggest job losses more than pleasure. From the fear dilated eyes of Blair to the blindness of Brown, however, the defining word is not ugliness. It is inadequacy. Democratic leaders are not fit for high office.”


    • 272
      Engineer says:

      What’s this? Alki-Ada propaganda?

      • 297
        Francis Futurama says:

        ” 1. It is unthinkable that any Muslim should vote for the Labour Party in the light of its dismal record in the matter of preserving the constitutional security of the British tradition.

        2. The Muslim community should take advantage of the unexpected and rare opportunity that has come to Parliament by the possibility of a leader in the Conservative Party. For the first time in half a century we are presented with a man of quality, breeding and moral authority. His virtues are the virtues that Muslims respect.

        3. The Muslims should join the Conservative Party and give active support to David Cameron.

        4. A consultative body of important Muslim citizens led by a significant group of established lawyers should make themselves available in the first instance to the Conservative Party, and in the second instance to that Party as the party of government.

        5. This should result in the Muslim community taking a larger and more important part in the formation of a new Britain within a Europe which boasts Islam as its majority religion.”


    • 290
      ed balls says:

      Would you like to come & pray in my plush new offices?

      I can send a car.

  77. 270
  78. 271
    Francis Futurama says:

    “And that brings us to Barak Obama. What a brilliant piece of casting. It is truly Oscar material.

    Nothing is what it seems.

    The name is Muslim. The religion is evangelical christian. He calls himself black. His mother was white. He is a kind of political Michael Jackson. The record label in both cases is jewish.

    “For things to remain the same – everything must change.”

    The myth that the American Dream (who invented that?) might continue – the proof had come – a black President.”


  79. 275
    Funambulist says:

    Voted for Heather. Brave woman – with that haircut wouldn’t she look great wearing chainmail and brandishing a sword?

    Bet Gorgon, Gorbals Mick, Bellend & the rest of the Ugly Sisters would happily burn her at the stake!

  80. 282
    Kick a politician says:


    Question Time tonight:

    “David Dimbleby will be joined in Hull by Alan Johnson, Damian Green, Norman Baker, Nigel Farage and Dame Joan Bakewell. ”

    Should be interesting…

    • 285
      Nickolas Griffon MEP says:

      Not as interesting as next weeks i tell ya, hope you tune in.

    • 286
      Ivor Schwartzporsche says:

      She’s a tart

    • 289
      What me cynical? says:

      The audience will be stuffed with ZaNuLab shills. AlJaBeeba won’t have to bus them in this time.

      • 296
        demographic pollster says:

        The cat was nearly let out of the bag on QT last week when the audience was asked if they read The Sun.

        Only Pickles & one member of the audience responded.

        Proof that the BBC is not inclusive at all.

        I bet if they were asked “who reads the Guaridan” the result would have been an over whelming majority.

        So why is the BBC disenfranchising the white working class in its audience selection criteria?

      • 299
        public sector parasites says:



        The whole economics of the region are based on public sector non-jobs – its like the Soviet Union there.

      • 303
        public sector wastrels says:



        Everyone up there works in the public sector – it is just like the USSR.

        Of course they are Labour through & through – and dont forget they voted for 2″ inch todger 2 jags 2 loo seats Prescott – the Professor of Climate Change theory at Beijing Universs……cannot type that for laughing.

        • 423
          Jethro(The Master) says:

          303 – “They’re nervous in Northumberland,
          And terribly cross in Kent,
          They’re dull in Hull, and the Isle of Mull
          Is seething with discontent…”

  81. 312
    techno_sleuth says:

    Anyone know what this means?

    It is from the source code on the BBC News Homepage:

  82. 313
    techno_sleuth says:

    Sorry, it did not post coz…

    Anyone know what this means?

    It is from the source code on the BBC News Homepage:

    “Get the minutes and seconds for weighted puffs”

  83. 315
    techno_sleuth says:

    Line 304

  84. 318
    Chump says:

    Heather looks like a bit of a cheeky monkey.

    I wonder if she is a natural ginger.

  85. 334
    Smeg says:

    I love her I do. I’d like to cuddle her. (and maybe more)

  86. 335
    The Admiral says:

    Ok, I’m hooked. Reel me in Heather……

  87. 340
    fab says:

    She should get Reformer of the decade, let alone year.

  88. 343
    Donkey on the radio from Parliament says:

    We need to let Heather loose in the MOD – anyone heard Radio 4 at 5pm – the MOD minister was asked;

    “DO you understand why people describe the British Army as Lions led by Donkeys”

    This piece of nothing Lord Grayson (?) should be strapped to the undercarriage of a missile and fired into Helmand.


  89. 347
    Mudplugger says:

    Mmmm……. Dame Heather Brooke…….that sounds good.

    About as much chance of that happening as spotting a bear in the public conveniences or Gordon Brown telling the truth !

    • 370
      That's Democracy says:

      I don’t think you quite understand. She’s interested in clarity and transparency and ethically could never accept a tile indicative of priviledge and servitude. I suggest that you read some of her work before simply assuming that she would be remotely interested in idiotic “awards” such as you intimate.

  90. 349
    politically un-correct social worker(retired) says:

    365 Donkey – yes I heard that too . Lord Grayson came across very badly. Denied that any of the problems set out in the MOD report could have been forseen. Nonsense – Private Eye was reporting it ages ago

    • 357
      Slow Bob says:

      Yes, but I don’t read Private Eye

    • 405
      Engineer says:

      It’s been known for years that the MOD procurement systems are byzantine in their complexity, and one of the contributory factors to the high cost of Forces kit is that suppliers have to factor in the cost of tendering and dealing with the MOD’s incredible volumes of documentation. That’s just for relatively straightforward stuff – how on earth they manage to purchase aircraft carriers or long-range missiles gawd knows.

    • 424
      Jethro says:

      349 – ‘Lord Grayson’: would that, perhaps, be the man in charge of the company (‘Powderject’?) that for some obscure reason – totally unconnected, naturally, with donations to/support of THE PARTY – was raised to the Peerage by The Crown, on the recommendation of the then Prime Minister…?

  91. 359
    That's Democracy says:

    Here is the unspoken constitution. If Britain had a constitution representative of its attitude towards and dealing with government and constitution , it would look like this document.

    It is shocking. Go and read it yourself.


    Still think you live in a democracy?

  92. 386
    13eastie says:


    BƝP to consider non-white members

    I call upon all “non-whites” to apply to join the BƝP immediately to bring about:

    1) the descent of this imbecilic party of clowns to utter ridicule

    2) the end of ZanuLab’s terrifying Orwellian attempts to legislate against citizens’ membership en-bloc of a legitimate and legal political party

    • 400
      Truth Sayer says:

      While I’m no fan of Nick Griffin or his nazi mates,

      I do feel for the ordinary people who join the B&P.

      People laugh off racism against white people but it does happen, look at ‘positive discrimination’ for example, I mean where does one even begin.

      Council workers moaning now because of job cuts and being under cut by immigrants, yet they weren’t moaning when the private sector workers got under cut at every turn because of immigration.

      I feel sorry for people when the only voice they feel they have in this country is the B&P they are not nazi’s at all.

      Yet we have the holier than thou Guardian readers and UAF supporters wanting another membership list leak so they can go stone the ‘nazis’ and make there lives hell.

      It’s a sad state of affairs.

  93. 395
    nell says:

    So Lord Grayson says that the recommendations in Gray’s report into the MOD (the one gordon has been trying to bury for months) showing a £35billion black hole and a 5 year delay in the delivery of equipment, will be implemented. Well sort of, when they’ve decided which bits they don’t agree with.

    Not, of course, that Lord Grayson knows anything about the military but then of course neither does aintbustinagut.

    Lord Grayson? – that man that gave £500,000 to the Labour Party and was awarded by Bliar with a Junior Minister’s job in the MoD and a multi million pound government contract to his pharmaceutical company for smallpox vaccine.

    This government smells more unpleasant than a sewage farm.

  94. 402
    nell says:

    I think sweetie you’re a rather sad lad. You need to go and get some help from your local mental health team.

    • 406
      Bird with small brain says:

      I like your gentle ridicule Nell, but I have a different view of this fuckwit. It’s not a mental noddy but a sane and calculating attack on Guido, not on me or you, on Guido. And I bet it’s someone who is consumed with anger, eaten up with fury and looking for the most effective way of destroying him and discrediting his blog. Now who do we know who feels that way? Um…

      I may be wrong and I’m not going to hang around for the bile that will be heaped upon me. Byee

  95. 414
    Anonymous says:

    +_+_+_+_+_+_ More scorched earth or just spit in the eye? +_+_+_+_+_+_

    Is it Labour’s ‘scorched earth’ policy or just spit in the eye for those of us who are kept awake at night because another round of redundancies have been announced?

    Whilst the private sector contracts, job losses burgeon and tax receipts fall off a cliff, the government are taking more public sector workers on and increasing their pay above inflation.

    Scandalous and not a mention from the media who instead focus on the drop in the rate of job losses.



    Or for a more eloquent (but a little rude) take, try here:


  96. 427
    vervet says:

    Of course, I’m sure the fact that she also happens to be a stonking bit of totty hasn’t escaped your attention Guido !

  97. 429
  98. 430
    Kim Novak says:

    Heather Brooke should be given a Life Peerage.

  99. 431

    Id definitely vote for her.

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