September 27th, 2009

Gordon Tells Half-Empty Hall “I Lead the World”

Even the Labour faithful are no longer listening to Gordon as he gives a speech repeating all his stock phrases. This picture taken seconds after he finishes speaking (you can still see him on the big screen) reveals a half-empty hall.  When you can’t even stage-manage the true believers…


  1. 1
    Seasick Dave says:

    Gordon, if you are reading this, piss off.

  2. 2
    Silence is golden says:

    Even those still in the hall is still too many. It’s the big fightback (for New Labour)… did he get that line from Frank Bruno in his fight with Mike Tyson?

  3. 3
    Francis Futurama says:

    The Brighton Centre – the only conference centre that’s as crap as Labour.

  4. 4
    Engineer says:

    I’m surprised they managed to press-gang that many people. The bunker staff must have going round Brighton hoovering up innocent pensioners, loitering students and half-wits.

  5. 5
    Anonymous says:


  6. 6
    20/20 vision says:

    Gordon did tell Andrew Marr today that his remaining eyesight is okay. So really, what we should be asking is for Gordon to call that general election immediately. We can’t afford to keep New Labour in the lap of luxury whilst what little taxpayers left are getting the cr@p kicked out of them in taxes, stealth or otherwise.

  7. 7

    I feel sorry for him, on a personal level.

  8. 8
    Anonymous says:

    Its embarrassing! Not even his own party want to listen to Brown anymore. The worst PM in the history of this country. I cannot wait for him to go!!!!

  9. 9
    Old codger says:

    Nostradamus you ain’t!

  10. 10
    Time Lord says:

    Why is it that this wartime PM cannot attract his own side to a staged event like this? The way the Afghan war is being skated over is disgraceful, and the way it is being run by the Government is even worse – Brown is the man responsible.

  11. 11
    Finnpog says:

    Winky Brown – Architect of his own bio in the annals of history.
    He can read about his incompetence for decades to come.

    He can also reflect on how Anthony Charles has fucked off and left to him carry the can.
    That’ll teach him to play second fiddle to the devil (he obviously knew he wasn’t good enough for the job in the first place).

  12. 12
    Baron von Rippedoffbritain says:

    He must be able to see fine. How else did he sign the scorched earth policy that guarantees Labour will destroy England just because they can’t cling on to power.

  13. 13

    But that’s pitiful! The leader of the UK could not muster up a room full of people?

  14. 14
    Localist Dictator says:

    On rare occasions, I too feel sorry for Gordon. But then I remember what an arrogant c*nt he is.

  15. 15
    Mystic Meg says:

    And he said he wasn’t going blind???????

  16. 16
    Government-by-Cluster-Fuck says:

    Now all we need is a youtube clip of him popping his meds on the podium.

  17. 17
    Snotty says:

    I think you’ll find it’s all the sexual favours that Lord Fondlebums has been offering the locals!

  18. 18
    13eastie says:


  19. 19
    Baron von Rippedoffbritain says:

    Battered, burnt, pounded by storms and crumbling before your eyes.

    The old pier is in bad shape to

  20. 20
  21. 21
    comrade says:

    It’s all Thatchers fault.

  22. 22
    Weygand says:

    An image which literally shows the power draining away.

    Campbell and Mandelson now bleat about BBC questions where once a furrowed brow would have silenced all criticism.

    Marr who was once on this site shown to be swallowing their ejaculations without demur now suddenly finds a critical edge.

    I imagine that the Berlin Wall coming down felt a bit like this.

  23. 23
    rick says:

    Yes, don’t mention the war. The man and his party are pathetic.

  24. 24
    RobC says:

    I’m surprised he has that many supporters in the whole country.
    Rentamob must have upped their prices.

  25. 25
    Blackburn End says:

    Rumour has it that Prescott had ‘dropped one’ after a lunchtime binge on a special shipment of Hollands Pies from Baxenden and cleared the auditorium!

  26. 26
    Bri says:

    There’s an article In the Mail on Sunday glossy magazine by an army officer that left the forces 2008 and it makes depressing reading.
    Bring the boys home as the Canadians are going to do.

  27. 27
    Samee says:

    Give him the benefit of the doubt. It wasn’t half empty, it was half full; a deliberate ploy to ensure that there will be plenty of seats for all the new ZNL members who are sure to be signing up in droves over the next few days – green shoots, growth just round the corner, etc, etc.

    Then again, perhaps not.

  28. 28
    School for scoundrels says:

    Does the half empty room include all the locals they were handing out free tickets to? Maybe they will have a better turn out if it rains…

  29. 29
    Article 38 says:

    According to Labour anti-terror and anti-paedo legislation, the following are not permitted in the conference auditorium:

    > School dinner ladies
    > Police officers sharing child-minding duties
    > 92 year-old holocaust refugees
    > Domestic cleaners
    > BBC interviewers (only since this morning)
    > Wounded servicemen and Generals
    > The Electorate
    > Oh fuck it, ban anyone even vaguely normal

  30. 30
    Jack Silage says:

    I know but it’s like wincing watching the embarrassment continue, becoming addictive and wanting it to continue but reality kicks in when you realise how much harm the hoon is doing to this country!!

  31. 31
    Brighton underground says:

    Darling is spoiling the fun with dark muttering about suicidal Labour MPs.

    Could he possibly be upset that Brown is scheming to dump Darling and make him the fall guy before the election before shoving his chum Balls into a more prominent place to launch his leadership challenge after Brown loses ?

    And Milliband may also be in line for a demotion in the pre-election reshuffle as payback for his disloyalty.

    Thus allowing Mandy to get his job as Foreign secretary and keep him on-side and from destroying Brown since he knows where all the bodies are buried.

  32. 32
    Engineer says:

    Perhaps if they offered free tea and chocolate hob-nobs….

  33. 33
    Anonymous says:

    I thought the point at which Gordon could be deposed had passed after the ‘Night of the Long Purnell Pause..’

    And yet, and yet… – this conference week could have some surprises in store.

    With Baroness Scotland casting a shadow, and the dam of ‘health questions’ about to burst some must surely be asking whether it could possibly be ANY worse with another leader ??

  34. 34
    Bri says:

    Baron von Rippedoffbritain says:
    September 27, 2009 at 11:11 pm

    that should read

    Battered,burnt,pounded by storms and (the pound) crumbling before your eyes.

    The old queer is in bad shape too

  35. 35

    That picture is even better than the rumours, Guido, and I’m positive that Andrew Marr’s question this morning was pre-planned to let Cyclops off the hook and brush his manic depression medication under the carpet. It won’t be that easy….bwahahahaha!

  36. 36

    And all the front pages tomorrow are full of the “Is Brown Bonkers?” story – maybe even the faithful are giving up on him now ;-)

  37. 37
    Bri says:

    There was a wanker on The Big Question that actually said that,Unbelieveable

  38. 38
    Anonymous says:

    What sort of tranquilisers is Gordon Brown taking? These drugs are incredibly addictive. I know a neighbour who took years to get off them and who lost their job, their house and ran up vast debts because of them.

  39. 39
    Flemingcrag says:

    To a one-eyed half-wit, would it appear as if the hall was full?

    By the time Gordon has the NAO publish an independent report on the crowd, there will have been standing room only.

  40. 40
    Anonymous says:

    imagine away
    this is the same stuff as pre 97 and some of us remember it well

    amazing how some cannot state the blooby obvious, Brown will lose the election, without childish hysteria about the ‘Berlin Wall’


  41. 41
    Finnpog says:

    Green shoots?

    Rotting fingers of buried corpses…

  42. 42
    Anonymous says:

    They advertised it as the final of Mr Gay Brighton.

  43. 43

    Does today mark a turning point in the relationship betwwen the BBC and the Labour Party?

  44. 44
    Engineer says:

    All this might have meant something six months ago. Now, it’s just shuffling the deck-chairs….

  45. 45
    Anonymous says:

    That’s just what he wants, you soft twat.

  46. 46
    Engineer says:

    They weren’t that far wrong….

  47. 47
    RobC says:

    I remind myself of the squaddies blown up in snatch land rovers, weapons that do not work,shoddy ammunition,lack of body armour,shit communications all because this bastard refused to pay for decent vehicles and equipment. I have no sympathy whatsoever for the cnut.

  48. 48
    Anonymous says:

    Lets get this clear. The empty conference hall was not a UK empty hall. It was a global empty conference hall. That was started in America. And while the PM and the Labour government are investing in more chairs to stimulate their supporters to turn up, the Tories policy of doing nothing at the Labour Conference will only help to empty the hall even more.

  49. 49
    Anonymous says:

    This story about Blair tells you everything you need to know about the contrast between the last two leaders of the country…

    One has to ask how much people would pay for such an opportunity with GB ?

  50. 50
    Anonymous says:

    means something to darling and miliband but we’ll see if they care enough to take broon out or not

  51. 51
    Anonymous says:

    Brown is just a nasty, embittered old sociopath who is only being held together by being pumped full of tranx and beta blockers. He’ll imlode long before the next election.

  52. 52
    Mark Oatcake says:

    The thought of the Office Lothario emptying his arse is almost too much to bear, even for me…

  53. 53
    Anonymous says:

    Don’t worry it will be full tomorrow as a load of pensioners decide to take refuge somewhere warm and dry, and possibly with the chance of a free cup of tea and a biscuit if labour get sufficiently desperate..

  54. 54
    Samee says:

    Interesting quote from Alistair Campbell in the Guardian article about ‘Labour’s Fury':

    “I’m sure Andrew (Marr) would agree that everyone has certain areas of their life that they’d prefer not to be asked about live on TV.”

    That’s a piss poor denial of the rumours if ever I heard one.

  55. 55
    Anonymous says:

    I heard it’s Valium apparently, according to Boulton at Sky.

  56. 56
    Mark Oatcake says:

    Hi everyone I’m here. Someone mention chocolate hob-nobs?

  57. 57
    Anonymous says:

    Brown is a narcissistic personality disorder, going into meltdown as all his illusions shatter one by one.

  58. 58

    Doesn’t look like he can!

    Does anyone know what is a quorum for the Lab conference? – it would be hideously amusing if the Conference was inquorate…

  59. 59
    Anonymous says:

    and a free blow job off Mandy in the bogs

  60. 60
    Ever Vigilant says:

    Ray Collins ,general secretary of the Labour party said earlier that he did not see a party on its knees . He made that remark just after begging members to send money to prevent hardship to Labour H.O. employees,

    He did not get the standing ovation that used to be obligatory–but those ovations were before the party was caught flogging peerages . Now it is skint and on its knees but Collins doesn’t see it that way . This lot are running the country .

  61. 61
    Anonymous says:

    So that’s confirmation from Alastair Campbell that Brown is indeed addicted to tranquilisers.

  62. 62
    Norman Bates says:

    No I am not!

    No I won’t!

    I will continue to do the right thing!!

  63. 63
    Engineer says:

    Given Cambell’s reputation, it’s more likely to be a thinly-veiled threat. Blow the Gorgon’s health breakdown story, pal, and you’ll be smeared all over the red-tops.

  64. 64
    Engineer says:


  65. 65
    Chairman of the Bored says:

    The Labour Party and the effluent society that they alone created.

  66. 66
    UK Credit PLC says:

    “The main hall was also the home venue of former professional basketball team Brighton Bears, which folded in 2006.”

    All the more appropriate that a failing, soon to fold party should be holding their convention there

  67. 67
    SarahN says:

    That struck me as highly weird, did Marr suddenly grow a pair overnight?
    I almost feel sorry for him, as Mrs. Marr is a true believer and is surely going to give him hell for his treachery to the Leader.

  68. 68
    Inmate 38, B Wing says:

    I’m not blind. My eye is working. I’m getting on with the job and doing the right thing. Everyone loves me. Barack is my best friend.

  69. 69

    A threat against Marr?

  70. 70
    Jethro Q. Walrus-Titty says:

    Gordon, is it true that your eyesight problems were not as a result of “rugby” tackles, but in fact brought on by serious masturbatory issues as a young man?

    It is for example known for a long time in your younger days that you were never seen around in female company-so much so that suspicions of pederasty grew ever more predominant.

    Everyone has sexual feelings-the question has arisen were you at that time a serial incessant masturbator?

    For we all know that at this time you are the archetypal WANKER

  71. 71
    SarahN says:

    They’ll have to make sure they’re the right kind of pensioners, not 82 year old Jewish anti-war activist escapees from Nazi Germany, like Walter Wolfgang –

  72. 72
    Engineer says:

    Who wants to lead the party to possibly the biggest defeat in it’s history? Bet if Gorgon stepped down, they’d have to press-gang someone; nobody would compete for it. Not now.

  73. 73
    Article 38 says:

    The situation here is quite different, it is not Gordon who will lose his house and run up vast personal debts. However, for the rest of us…

  74. 74
  75. 75
    Davy says:

    A picture paints a thousand words! 50% of the Labour Party don’t want him.

  76. 76
  77. 77
    Daveyone says:

    Welcome to the Walter Mitty ‘World’ of Gordon (World’s top statesman) Brown!

  78. 78
    Davy says:

    Those on their knees are praying for him to GO and the rest are voting with their feet.

  79. 79
    Anonymous says:

    Maybe they were Labour Party creditors?

  80. 80
    Engineer says:

    It’s the way Cambell operates, isn’t it? The man would threaten his own mother if he wanted something.

    Won’t work; not now. Even the lefties in the Beeb can see a busted flush when presented with enough evidence – and let’s face it, there’s no shortage of evidence.

  81. 81
    Ivor Schwartzporsche says:

    He’s a war criminal accessory 1st class. Ffs.

  82. 82
    A Pensioner says:

    I hope he dies a slow miserable death – pus coming out of his ears. Surrounded by cries of hatred. I hope he hears voices from now till then telling him what a failure he’s been.

  83. 83

    There’s a massive difference between a journalist’s somewhat extravagant sex life and a PM who’s so drugged up to the eyeballs he can’t be trusted to run the country!!

    Would any of the red-top journos dare to run a story about the infedelities of one of their own? Honour among thieves and all that…

  84. 84
    Bill O'Bong says:

    Precisely, Mr Silage – brilliantly put!

  85. 85
    Davy says:

    When the musical chairs takes place next May many of the Brown/Blair crowd will find there are no seats for them to sit on.

  86. 86
    AP says:

    It’s no wonder the man needs anti-depressants, It’s a teenage nightmare, you throw a huge party, and nobody shows up because…… have no friends.

    I feel for his family, but for him, well he is the author of his own fate unfortunately.

  87. 87
    Ivor Schwartzporsche says:

    I’ve seen a better attendance at a Neighborhood watch meeting

  88. 88
    A Pensioner says:

    Worth a read of the comments on LaToynbee’s article in the grauniad

    PS don’t bother with the article itself.

  89. 89
    Engineer says:

    Glad to see you’re still around, Moley. Looks like the troll problem is being addressed.

  90. 90
    Obama is a twat says:

    Gorgon probably had double vision from his wonky eye so thought the place was full. On the other hand most people probably thought “piss off back to Scotland you one eyed pill popping shit”

  91. 91
    An Optimist says:

    The hall looks half full rather than half empty.

  92. 92
    Obama is a twat says:

    Does anyone know if Gorgon bought a round in the bar?

  93. 93
    Ivor Schwartzporsche says:

    They were the locals. The platform at London bridge station was overloaded this morning with day trippers from Brighton

  94. 94
  95. 95

    Superb analogy from Gerry Hassan

    Where this leaves Brown is a bit like Brighton West Pier – standing there, or more accurately, the remnants of it, wrecked, disconsolate, filled with past memories and ghosts, and in the way of the future. And in part a distraction from the fact that the problems Labour faces are not just about one man and his limitations, but the whole rotten relic that is Labour and what remains of its tribalism.

    credit: ‘marcia’ at PB

  96. 96
    Blumpkin says:

    “A threat against Marr?”

    Yeah, that’s how I saw it, too

  97. 97
    SmogMonster says:

    With high pressure prevailing, the weather promises to be quite nice for a few days yet (it would have been far worse with the Tories in charge), so the pensioners may prefer a nice walk along the seafront. I know I would.

  98. 98
    Ivor Schwartzporsche says:

    Not even the grateful asylum seekers who live in Brighton could show their gratitude by turning up!

  99. 99
    Blumpkin says:

    He was clearly a terrorist

  100. 100
    Engineer says:

    The difference is that Brighton West Pier could be restored to it’s former glory, but Gordon……

  101. 101
    Anonymous says:

    It is a fairly large hall. Perhaps they should have chosen somewhere smaller and looked less embarrising. Did they really think people were going to turn up? UKIP probably draw larger crowds these days.

  102. 102
    The Portillo Effect says:

    You don’t get to lead the Party if you aren’t an MP. Ask Mr Portillo.

    And the polls are a Labour Wipeout under Brown.

    Besides, those in the running just now might not be after next May.
    Already some are saying Mandelson might just support Ed Miliband with Balls set to become a runner if he starts to distance himself from Brown.

    In a 2 or 3 horse race you have a good chance.
    Johnson Miliboy or Harperson.

    After the election every Labour MP’s still with a seat will fancy his chances and it would get messy though very funny.

  103. 103
    MarK Oaten says:

    Not everyone on their knees is praying

  104. 104
    Operation FuckBrown says:

    Support for the Conservative Party is so flimsy that Labour could head off a general election defeat by ousting Gordon Brown, according to a survey for The Independent.

    ComRes found that Labour would do better under all eight alternative leaders, whose support it tested with the public, than under Mr Brown. Under David Miliband, the Foreign Secretary, or Jack Straw, the Justice Secretary, Labour would be the largest party in a hung parliament, raising hopes that it might cling on to power for a fourth term.

    According to ComRes, the Tories would be the largest party in a hung parliament, but still deprived of an overall majority, if Labour were led by Ed Miliband, the Energy and Climate Change Secretary; Ed Balls, the Schools Secretary; Alan Johnson the Home Secretary; Harriet Harman, the Commons Leader and Lord Mandelson, the Business Secretary.

  105. 105
    Blumpkin says:

    Phuq me! That silly bitch is seriously deluded…

  106. 106
    Anonymous says:

    I really hope thats true. I’m now starting to have nightmares about some last minute recovery that hands him five more years.

  107. 107
    Sick of the Greed says:

    Oh my god. Gordon Brown is the re-incarnation of Michael Jackson. I wonder if he can fill the O2 with loyal fans for 50 nights? I guess not judging by the picture of the hall at Brighton.
    Watching him on AM this morning was like car crash tv. I didn’t want to watch but couldn’t take my eyes off the tv. At this rate, he could make the Jeremy Kyle show…

  108. 108
    Engineer says:

    Five years ago, the red-top journos would have rolled over and let Campbell tickle their tummies. Not now, methinks.

  109. 109

    I think I hate Bliar more than Brown.

    Bliar knew about Brown. Bliar allowed him to ruin the economy(hence the timing of his departure). Bliar allowed him to become P.M. (at a time best for Bliar).

    Bliar is filth.

  110. 110
    Tory Bear says:

    I was the captain.

  111. 111
    Engineer says:

    That made oi laarf.

  112. 112
    Tory Bear says:

    you are becoming weak young padawan.

  113. 113

    Rumours aboud that their gala fundraising dinner on Tuesday has sold 300 tickets in a hall that holds 800 – maybe the 500 quid ticket price was too much even for the faithful to witness the last meal of the condemned…

  114. 114
    Lizzie says:

    Rumour has it that Blair was the invited guest this year but he wanted 180 pound a head in advance to appear, hence the half empty hall.

  115. 115
    Engineer says:

    Rich filth. At our expense.

  116. 116
    The Beast of Clerkenwell says:

    I have no desire to shoot McMental with a rifle,
    but using a catapult loaded with steel ball bearings and then a few well aimed crossbow bolts would be just the job.
    The Serbs used to nail enemies to doors with crossbows
    It sends a message to other Hoons.

  117. 117

    Read this.

    Anyone else think Polly is going for the job of Handicapper in Chief?

  118. 118
    The Beast of Clerkenwell says:

    I think that you mean that he has been taking £180 to give head
    He always was a whore

  119. 119
    The Beast of Clerkenwell says:

    “I do not roll over says Brown”

    Yes you do sweety

  120. 120
    What's the world coming too says:

    yeah there was some mad “taxi driver” (more like a labour spinner) on R5 this evening on the Nolan show, continually talking cr*p about how great broon was how terrible cam was and how all the bankers he has in the back of the cab are saying the recovery is here and thanking broon. At one point there were 2 liebour MPs and the mad taxi driver shouting down fraser nelson, who was on for balance I suppose. Fraser was on the night before too and faced similar difficulties in getting himself heard. Don’t know why he bothered.
    then some texter accused the bbc of right wing bias cos they had nelson on the show!

  121. 121
    Peter says:

    when I tell him to

  122. 122
    Road_Hog says:

    I’m seriously pissed off with Labour, anarchy and civil disobedience would seem to be the only message that they will understand. It’s time for Poll Tax riots II.

  123. 123
    Tankus says:

    maybe they were worried about someone saying rubbish

  124. 124

    Stephen Pound MP on 5 Live now, trying to defend the indefensible by saying that Gordon is the way forward and the best leader etc…

  125. 125
    Daveyone says:

    I did try this on Guido’s earlier thread, just scroll down to where the moody blues sing go now!!

  126. 126
    Daveyone says:

    Prime Minister
    10 Downing Street
    SW1A 2AA
    23 September 2009
    Dear Gordon Brown

    It is with considerable personal regret that I find myself writing to inform you of my decision to resign my positions as PM to several ministers, and the mugs out there!.
    My decision comes about because as an aide to the European Parliament and whilst I have great personal regard for the President of France, I cannot support the decision which allows him to remain in office.
    In my view the facts of the case do not matter (they never did!). It is the principle which counts, particularly at a time when the publics’ trust of Whitehall is certain, they think we are a lot of wasters to say the least. We have to be seen to be accountable even when we are not!!.

    In addition, could I just mention matters of policy where I believe leadership is vital, and that is not me!.
    On the constitution: I should have legislated to offer a referendum on Europe and how we elect Members of the House of Commons. I thought I had finished off reform of the House of Lords by fobbing them off to the New Supreme Court. Generally, I should have moved as quickly as possible to withdraw from Afghanistan or at the very least give our troops the kit they need!! and to signal a change in our position over Trident replacement and add another not reduce by one ( I forgot Iran, North Korea and Pakistan!)
    In response to the downturn. I have to support David Cameron’s myopic and siren calls for an “Age of Austerity”. My constituents benefit greatly from using an photograph of me and and whilst they are content to call me a one eyed idiot they do not regard me as Scottish any longer so am content to accept the Presidency of the IMF and move to New York forthwith, so our much over subscribed public services can be cut down to the correct size knowing this would not jeopardise our continued economic recovery which would be put in doubt if I remained in office.
    With best wishes

    Yours sincerely

    Gordon Brown PM

    What more will it take?

  127. 127

    So People Did Get Trapped Inside When They Bolted The door >

  128. 128
    Sir Reginald Titbrain says:

    Campbell does not have the influence he used to. When Labour had swept all before them Campbell controlled access to the stories and dished out the scoops to compliant hacks.
    Only Toilets is listening now.

  129. 129
    Sir Reginald Titbrain says:

    That’s nothing. I know of a man who took years to get off them and everybody else lost their job, their house and ran up vast debts.

  130. 130
    Brighton Deckchair attendant says:

    S**t, business has collapsed since these F*****s arrived!!

  131. 131
    Dame Celia Molestrangler says:

    Labour have obviously taken Rambling Sid’s comments seriously judging by the colour of the conference podium backdrop….

    ” .. our party’s flag is deepest puce, with fleur de lys in pale chartreuse”…

  132. 132
    Lord Carrington's binoculars says:

    Funny that Marr should do the deed just three days after I passed on the rumours – via a name Beeb man – about Gordo’s breakdown in July.

    The BBC is covering its arse here, because of the Charles Kennedy scandal.

    The Kennedy alco story was well-known in Westminster and around London (the minicab drivers who used to take him home knew…).

    However, when it finally went public, Nick Robinson blogged the single most stupid thing any journalist has ever written

    ‘…so the worst kept secret in Westminster is finally out..’

    Robbo’s blog readers flamed grilled him good and proper, asking what else he was keeping secret and the fuck use was he as a journalist if he wouldn’t reveal that the leader of the third party was a piss head?

    What is it with Labour? They’re all either mad, pissed, corrupt or have a predilection for stick their knobs through the dividing walls of public lavs….

  133. 133

    Blair’s new bets friend is David Geffen.

    Just sayin’ like….

  134. 134
    Dame Celia Molestrangler says:

    Where does Gorgon find these women with such unappealing voices. And, haven’t they heard ‘comrades’ is somewhat passe vocabulary – a relic from the 60’s. Ghastly beyond belief!

  135. 135
    Dame Celia Molestrangler says:

    Lim Deb’s

  136. 136
    David Hendon says:

    Does McCretin really think that a few warm words, hastily arranged photo-opportunities with desperate sycophantic female parliamentary candidates and young(ish) ego seeking die-hard activists coupled with some rehashed diatribe on the NHS and Economy is going to win him and his washed-up party a general election?

    The empty hall says it all for me. It slightly reminds me of the October 1996 Conservative Party Conference with Heseltine trying to laughingly explain to the TV news crews that the reason nobody had turned up to the Conference was because “they were all at work”. Well, we all know what happened to them 7 months later, and to some extent their party has not fully recovered from those dark days!

    Then we see the slimy vile Ed Balls saying in The Guardian that people need to be “fighters not quitters”. Clearly positioning himself for a leadership contest at some point.

    No, this Labour government and Labour Party needs to be taught a lesson it will never forget, and quite frankly I am not too fussed in what combination their defeat comes – be it Lib Dems taking shed loads of seats, or Tories, or more fringe parties, or a mix-match or “ANYTHING BUT LABOUR”!

    Just get these losers out of office, and out of harm’s way, please!

  137. 137
    Lord Fondlebumz of Boyz says:

    I’m in fine form, thank you. Ready to ruin (sorry, run) GB…

  138. 138
    caesars wife says:

    ruin shook hands with chairman just the day before oh err !

  139. 139
    caesars wife says:

    too left wing for me

  140. 140
    Anonymous says:

    I have sympathy for those who want to fuck him out of office !

  141. 141
    Anonymous says:

    or suck their cocks…there said it !

  142. 142
    Road_Hog says:

    The force is strong TB, the evil that is McDoom will be done for soon.

  143. 143
    Sarah Brown says:

    Oi, Less of that.

  144. 144
    Anonymous says:

    Naw thats not them cause this c unt’s never had a job at least not in the real world to lose !

  145. 145
    Labours New Aristocracy says:

    A prime example of new labours aristocracy , please pay £180 to have you photographed with ME . Daft american c unts !

  146. 146
    Dame Celia Molestrangler says:

    Do not miss BBC coverage of the Labour conference which is GROTESQUE. At any moment, expect to see a trolley of missiles get frogmarched past the balcony…..

    I wonder if the unhelpful shots of comatose members of the audience are anything to do with this morning’s contretemps between Brown and MARR?

    The editor has also helpfully left in some frisson in the shape of Belle Harris complaining about why she didn’t get her lifetime achievement award despite being one of Labour genuine female role models. Shame on them!

  147. 147
    davy says:

    and those standing up are the gormless twats that never knew what to do when it comes to making a decision

  148. 148
    Guardian censorship says:

    Just so you know I’ve had a comment censored on the Guardian Polly Tonyenbee article. All I said was she is basically “Comical Polly” . They dont like it up ‘em !

  149. 149
    Anonymous says:

    Can I nominate John Prescot for a lifetime adultery award ?

  150. 150
    Anonymous says:

    Isnt it strange that McDoom seems to attract daft ambitious female types initially who then stab the c unt in the back when the going gets tough !

  151. 151
    badmash says:

    Has made good viewing on the bbc parliament channel – I know they’re totally biased but it’s a good resource. Saw a Q&A session with McMental and Harperson. She ended it by asking for a round of applause for the Gorgon being awarded the “statesperson” (yes she really called it that) of the year award or whatever it was at the G20 party.

    One after another they’ve been standing up and saying it’s all Thatcher’s fault. Their other favourite is despite the relentless regulation, big government, public debt, new laws, inflation, fiddling of government stats, and unprecedented levels of public spending … that the problem has ben caused by “extreme free markets”. Used to make me angry but now it’s obvious far fewer believe them. So check out the speeches, it’s actually quite heart-warming to see how disconnected from reality they appear.

    Oh and Gordon if you’re reading this – get lost, you’re the worst prime minister in decades.

  152. 152
    caesars wife says:

    I can only say is touche Tim, touche ! bit hard to give insignhtful policy analysis on here they punish waste severly.

    The stitch up theory of the marr show is quite interesting , but reading in todays press his denial has raised more questions , but this battle for survival fightback rubbish is symptomatic of a sort of faux fight , the lash is clearly at out at conference , notes are being taken on dissenters .
    Cw notes Ian Dale has rediscovered his poltics and had a good side swipe at Ed Balls on his lack of policy depth looking forward to round 2 .

    The empty hall once would have been filled by google eyed young guns ready to throw there underwear on stage for blair , harriet had the face of woman who sat next to somthing that had died , the nose wrinkled , the odour offensive , the ruin strutted onto stage , made his clarion call for the assemblidge of all the temporal dark forces in jihad against the tories getting back in , lord voltamord looked on in disbelief .

    “are ye with me ” the crowd shuffled around a few wearing chez t shirts saw it was there time “bring back soviet Britain” Dennis Skinner was called upon to be trophy .

    the ruin may well have had to fight all his life , but it would seem he has manged to avoid any meaningfull election beyond the job of being a labour MP . I kept wondering does he know the difference between being a fighter and a dictator . He then went onto invent this whole new line that he will be the one who takes the nations anger to punish the bankers , yes the very same bankers who he knew full well were overleveraged by his own lax regulation . Goverment that sounds like the opposition is a bit tiresome and decietfull even the set looks like last years conservative one .

    But why have this fight , somthing isnt quite right , the devout keep being on message and lookage to him for a smile , at one point he reminded me of ghaddafi swaggering in his chair when john simpson interviewd him , just put one of those Fly swatters made of rafia in his hand and jalalbad and you had his look e likey .

    Have to wait and see what surprises he has policy wise , but all this fight rubbish is giving platform to the pyscophants and not to policy , wich if it is strategy could well get rumbled and do more damaged to labour .

    this coupled with the lib dems poor show will make parliament all the more interesting .

    for those who have forgotten what a wet from the blair era was like see ben bedpan on hardtalk , non answer third way spin smug , doing politics lite , ahh bless , except its not much use when factories are closing banks are bust and “wheres the ****** money gone” is asked you when you do doorstep canvassing , is it ben .

  153. 153
    Call me Infidel says:

    More like haloperidol!

  154. 154
    Junican says:

    Who on earth cares about the Labour Conference? There are 15 000 000 people who enjoy tobacco just waiting for the general election to throw them out – bloody health fascists. Health secretary – the missionary for the new religion, HEALTHISM. “You will live for ever if you vote Labour!”

  155. 155
    James1st says:

    There are none so blind as those who will not see! – So Fuck off Gordon – is that clear enough for you?

    Your ‘job’ is over and you can now look forward to the written history of your tenure which is going to have a lot of things to say about You, Blair and that bunch of incompetent Marxist scum you pretend to lead – and I promise you none of it will be good!!

    You and the Labour Party should be feeling shame, deep shame, for the trillions wasted and the damage done to the UK’s social well being and its economy.

    For what Gordon? You Fool.

  156. 156
    Hard-Lazing Voter says:

    “Poll for the Independent”

    lol, bullshit then.

  157. 157
  158. 158
    Cassandra King says:

    Watch the last ever newlabour conference and enjoy folks!

    Watch as they flounder in a cesspit of denial and wishfull thinking, the party of change? Oooh yes there is going to be change alright, the voter is itching to pass judgement on newlabour and I reckon for every month the general election is delayed newlabour will lose one percentage point of their vote share.

    If they wait untill may they will be lucky to get 18% and it will probably be even less!

    A party built on lies, sustained by intrigue, bullying, insider trading, back stabbing, breathtaking cynisism and media control.
    A party led by a retarded mental defective fantasist bully and staffed by a motley collection of intelectual midgets, crooks, grubby stooges, nutters, liars, fruitcakes and perverts that has imposed their evil ideology on the UK and it has led to the collapse of our country.

    The voter is coming for newlabour, the voter is going to pass a judgement on newlabour soon, we have seen the wizzard behind the curtain now and it doesnt matter what the newlabour wizzard does from now on, we have seen the true face of newlabour and the longer they delay the worse it will be for them.

  159. 159
    Down with Brown! says:

    The evil spin doctor is obviously referring to Jug Ears two-timing his wife Mrs Jackie Ashley. But anyone with a ear to the ground already knows about him and Alice Miles.

  160. 160
    Captain Haddock says:

    If he did you can guarantee it was on expenses .. so in effect, we’ll have paid for it .. again .. Grrrr

  161. 161
    Captain Haddock says:

    There used to a a nice AA box at South Mimms ..

  162. 162
    albacore says:

    Critical edge?
    Marr cut through Brown’s ranting like butter through a hot knife.

  163. 163
    Captain Haddock says:

    Agree 100% .. it was all that pompous, pious, condescending bitch Hewitt’s fault ..

  164. 164
    Exiled in Wales says:

    Ouch. Mind your fingers.

  165. 165
    TROMBONE says:

    andrew marr pushing mcbroon about prescription painkillers
    McBroon should get an injunction to make it private and prevent further dicussion


  166. 166
    Captain Haddock says:

    Warning …

    Not for those of a nervous disposition or weak stomach ..

  167. 167
    Down with Brown! says:

    Front pages of today’s papers not good for Brown.

    FT leads on Mrs Merkel’s victory, DT leads on Brown and pills+photo of Kate Middleton, Mail leads on a story about a murder from 17 years ago, Mirror leads with a story about Robbie Williams, Independent and Guardian have a photo with his head down.

    Only the Murdoch papers seem to be taking any notice of Nulabour’s self-styled”operation fightback”.

  168. 168
    Scallywag says:

    It shouldn’t be a surprise that a few of the nuliebour faithful turned up to hear the delusional witterings of a failed chancellor and a disasterous sub-prime minister. After all there are still twenty something percent of british voters wouls still vote labour.

    I guess they do that because they’ve always done that.

    Poor dears..

  169. 169
    Mark H says:

    #26: Samee – It wasn’t half-empty or half-full; the place was just twice as big as it needed to be…

  170. 170
    Fed up to the back teeth says:

    70 spot on..

  171. 171
    Not at home says:

    And that Campbell is back in the running of things? The Old Gang.

    Next thing it’ll be ‘Blair for Leader’

  172. 172
    The UK is becoming East Germany circa 1976 says:

    “It`s time for Poll Tax riots11″

    That is precisely what this lamentable gang of fascists want, civil disorder means invoking the Contingencies Act, another of those disgusting “laws” this shameless gang of thieves, perverts and traitors have introduced during their sell out of the UK. They want any excuse to abandon democracy entirely, do not give it to them.

  173. 173
    Not at home says:

    They deliberately kept it empty so that they can show increasing audiences through the week before hte final, unarguable triumph when Brown wows them.

    I guess that’s the plan.

    Otherwise … no, no.

    They can’t have turned unpopular, can they?

  174. 174
    Mark H says:

    106, 112: God, you are both SO RIGHT! He’s such a scumbag – makes my blood boil all over again…

  175. 175
    Anonymous says:

    All the bogs are equipped with state of the art glory holes, after all it is Brighton and the entire cabinet like penis apart from Harriet.

  176. 176
    Hard-Glazed Floater says:

    “doesn’t like what the Poll says”

    lol, why so scared ?

    Or do you think the part that puts Labour neck and neck with the Libs and points to a conservative landslide bullshit too ?

    “The ComRes survey makes grim reading for Labour. It is neck and neck with the Liberal Democrats on 23 per cent, with the Tories on 38 per cent and other parties on 16 per cent. The Lib Dems are up two points on last month, the Tories down two, while Labour is down one point and other parties up one.”

  177. 177
    Cassandra King says:

    A half empty hall for a half empty leader spouting half truths to halfwits?

    Welcome to the newlabour fiasco, their last BTW.

    Doesnt it just boil your nuts that a right wing blog is a hundred times more popular than all the socialist blogs put together?
    Is that why you are here? Visiting the leftist websites must be like a combination of fingernails scratching at a blackboard and watching paint dry, no wonder you visit here so often.

  178. 178
    WASHBROOK says:

    Way back in the early 1940’s watching theSsaturday matinee my favourite then Buster Crab was ‘Flash Gordon fought the CLAY MEN.
    Now I have to watch our Flash Gordon who is in the rocks and is now a CLAY MAN.

  179. 179
    nell says:

    I see gordon is looking as pasty as ever under his makeup and not pulling in the adoring crowds.

    Mandy is saying he’s prepared to work for the tories (why would they want him?), the militwits are preparing for a leadership challenge , even the unions are debating which challenger they’re going to back and darling says ‘Labour have lost the will to live’.

    Great start to a conference.

  180. 180
    Fed up to the back teeth says:

    Ask my sons Dave and Edd.

  181. 181
    It's a funny old world says:

    “Operation Fightback” would be better re-titled “Operation King Canute” as Gordon sits metaphorically on Brighton Beach shouting at the waves to turn back by the force of his will- “Look at me Pa(sic) I’m top of the World !” ignoring the fact that his followers have already buggered off to try and find jobs as the appproaching tsunami of electoral contempt approaches full pelt towards the Labour dung hill

  182. 182
    Mother Mary had a canary says:

    There is an uncanny resemblance between David Miliband and Count Arthur Strong. The Count is arguably a much better candidate to replace McSnot.

  183. 183
    Tchai Ken Madras says:

    UKIP if you want to. This lad’s not for turning.

  184. 184
    Move along - nothing to see here says:

    What’s wrong with the space outside the whelk stall on the promenade?

  185. 185
    Fed up to the back teeth says:

    They picked the wrong day, the beauty contest starts today.

  186. 186
    Rufus Stone says:

    GB? Is that Great Britain or Our Great Leader Gordo Browngabe?

  187. 187
    Stumblebunny says:

    You what? If you wrote in English, we might start to understand what you’re on about.

  188. 188
    Are you 'avin' a larf? says:

    Could half of the audience have been evicted because of heckling? Happened with ZaNuLiebour before in Brighton … using terrorism legislation to quell an OAP.

  189. 189
    Rufus Stone says:

    I think they will find a 0% increase in audience as the week unfolds.

  190. 190
    shelling-out says:

    Judging by all the empty seats at the Conference, I wonder how many more of Gordon’s cronies will leave over the next few weeks.

    The writing’s on the wall, folks.

  191. 191
    Ivor Schwartzporsche says:

    So Straw reckons in the FT that BS is a sexual thing – that if she was a man people wouldn’t be calling for her resignation.
    These Labour politicians are soooo fooked up in da head. We want her to reign ‘cos she has troughed for free, pays shite wages to an illegal worker whom she wrote the law for not to.

  192. 192
    Mr Chipolata says:

    Have you tried trumping while wearing a cowboy outfit? Yay-ha.

  193. 193
    nell says:

    Actually looking at those empty seat I wonder what Labour’s paid up membership is standing at now – the numbers must be well down.

    And I wonder how on earth they’re going to raise money for the election. They are after all already in debt to the tune of £20million.

  194. 194
    Rip Van Winkle says:

    The voter ain’t gonna get the chance Cassandra. There will be no GE in the forseeable future.

    The ‘voter’ doesn’t count anymore. Hasn’t the last 12 years taught you anything?

  195. 195
    One flew over the No10 bunker says:

    Its not private and its not painkillers though is it?
    This man has his finger on the button and so his health is a matter of public concern as well as interest.
    Nice try but the painkiller line is not going to work

  196. 196
    shelling-out says:

    Doubt it. People like that don’t carry money with them. They rely on other people to pay – ie. us!

  197. 197
    nell says:

    And appears to have lied – let’s not forget that.

  198. 198
    Ivor Schwartzporsche says:

    Sorry-resign not reign

  199. 199
    shelling-out says:

    I did read somewhere that they were trying to give Conference tickets away to the good people of Brighton in an effort to get bums on seats.

    Seems they were all washing their hair.

  200. 200
    Ivor Schwartzporsche says:

    How come only twenty mil? They should make their party accountant chancellor!

  201. 201
    Down with Brown! says:

    A lot smaller than the debt they are going to leave to the rest of us and our children and grandchildren

  202. 202

    Notice how some are standing in the aisles to try to make the hall look more full? It might have worked from some angles, but not from above.

  203. 203
    Ivor Schwartzporsche says:

    Welcome to the hotel crowdsgotitinferyer…such a lovely place….

  204. 204
    Ivor Schwartzporsche says:

    Cassandra-all that and renaged on a promise on fundemental EU referendum.
    Rip Van Winkle-I think even nasty Labour politicians would baulk at having no election unless they seriously strenghtened their homes and vehicles.

  205. 205
    ­Phil O'Pastree says:

    He did tell Andrew, except that Andrew noticed that the good eye was staing at the ceiling and it was dilated.

    Andrew diverted from the script. Another example of the BBC’s tory bias.

  206. 206
    ­Phil O'Pastree says:

    Feel sorry for the underequipped lads he sends to Helmand that don’t come back.

  207. 207
    ­Phil O'Pastree says:

    I think the other half couln’t get past Security coz there cards weren’t working.

  208. 208
    One flew over the No10 bunker says:

    I know a neighbour who took years to get off them and who lost their job, their house and ran up vast debts because of them.

    Job = PM
    House = No10
    Huge debts = well pretty obviou really

  209. 209
    Ivor Schwartzporsche says:

    Agree 100% Junican and I’m not a smoker but I’ve read that many other non-smokers are mifed at the lack of democracy and freedom with a facist regime telling us how to live our lives. There is nothing wrong with specialist pubs for
    smoking or resturants. In any case how do these masters of mathmatics square the income raised from tobacco and pub sales tax with the deficit of the nation?

  210. 210
    Anonymous says:

    Also of course it’s “Freshers” Week at University of Sussex much more interesting for students than turning up at half empty hall to listen to ramblings of Brown – the SU Bars offer cheaper booze and more totty too

  211. 211
    Sarah Brown says:

    History is irrelevant, only the future of comrade Brown is of any importance. Prepare to be assimilated into NuLiar and take your place in the conference hall.

  212. 212
    Shocked of Sheen says:

    After the high moral indignation shown by certain labour apparatchiks at the perfectly reasonable health question raised by A. Marr; just wait for the lies and insinuations that will fly around next week about leading Conservative’s private lives…

  213. 213
    Ivor Schwartzporsche says:

    Quality comments are rife with Ceasars Wife. Guido is a lucky man to have on here. So say all of us.

  214. 214
    Road_Hog says:

    They’ve left some fudge fingers for you.

  215. 215
    Ivor Schwartzporsche says:

    ‘MentalStatesperson of the year’

  216. 216
    The Admiral says:

    So our Rupe’s finally doing irony. After all these years Cor…..

  217. 217
    Ivor Schwartzporsche says:

    UKIP from the hip

  218. 218
    One flew over the No10 bunker says:

    I smile everytime I drive past the local labour club and its raining and the stupid hoons are always there huddled under the very small cover dragging on damp ciggies. The funny bit is they just don’t see the irony of their situation.

  219. 219
    Lizzie says:

    Mandelson looked away when answering Adam Boulton this morning on Sky if Gordon “was on drugs”, that is a sign of lying. Normal people don’t throw Nokias and push printers off desks.

  220. 220
    + + + ANNOUNCEMENT + + + says:

    The Min ‘n Wimmin of Noo_Lie_Bore are gavvered in Broytun ter celubrut the ‘stonishin Gorgon.

  221. 221
    Earthlet Nigel says:

    What’s the betting today that they will pack the seats with the non-jobs from Brighton council.

  222. 222
    formerly Tory Troll at Labout list says:

    Yes – until he accepts responsibility for what he has done and admits the truth he is the UK’s public enemy #1 – no sympathy.

  223. 223
    Mongrel says:

    Sorry “one flew” I think that was an Alice MIles joke….

  224. 224
    Cassandra King says:

    You have a point there!

    Iran is being polished up as another Iraq, a classic misdirection trick of unpopular regimes throughout the ages?
    Browns options are limited to fantastical notions of liblabgreen pacts/ miracle secret weapons & surprise offensives hoping to create divisions in the enemy etc, now where have we seen that before?!

    One last hope for Brown may be a big war against Iran to remove its nuclear weapons programme, a war like that may give him the excuse to stay in power via the civil contingencies laws while he hopes for a Falklands style polling boost.
    However Iran is no Argentina or Iraq, they have a powerful military and a fanatical army, the spring board is Afghanistan and the objective will be the nuclear sites, its possible but will be very expensive in terms of casualties, but then again from Browns perspective what does that matter? He would gladly sacrifice the lives every single Tommy on the alter of his lust for power.

    Would the Queen intervene? She hasnt uttered a single word about the blatant theft of our democracy via the EUSSR constitution, would she intervene if Brown postponed the GE and offered Cameron a choice of a grand coalition where the Tories would get the ministries of paperclips’N’keeping their mouths firmly shut OR a prison cell!

    The only thing we know for sure is that Brown is a mental defective who will cling onto power and use any method in that quest.

  225. 225
    Cassandra King says:

    Thats funny, this reply post was directed at our resident troll hoon but his/its posts seems to have vanished, there is a god after all?

  226. 226

    The media are very instructive today – all singing from he same hymn sheet, and all, deliberatly, WRONG. Marr asked a question about painkillers because this is the rumour racing roung “right wing blogs” is it? Is it fuck!

    So why this engineered and entirely fake “row” with the BBC regarding them repeating a blog rumour that doesn’t exist? To let Brown apear to deny the rumour? To make it look as if the BBC and Labour arent’ the same organisation, with only a revolving door between them? What’s the deal?

    So many questions – but one very obvious point; when it comes to critical issues, there is no free media, there is no diversity in the media, and there sure as fuck is no truth.

  227. 227
    An Organ Grinder, referring to one of his monkeys, says:

    How dare anyone question what drugs I give to my apes !!!

  228. 228
    Hereward's fast asleep says:

    or even at a cowboy’s ofit conference?

  229. 229
    Hereward's fast asleep says:

    of course that should read outfit

  230. 230
    Jimmy Gordo Broon the Hoon says:

    I’ll be the judge of that!

  231. 231
    Say ahhh says:

    Mandy has just been on the Telly accusing this Blog as being right wing extremist. How dare the BBC as our prime minister if he is taking pills.

    IMHO Andrew Marr had a good point to make if we adopted the American system and published our leader’s medical report to prove hin or her fit for the job, there woulkd be NO need to ask such questions.

    So go on Gordon clear it up once and for all, put your check up on line.

  232. 232
    Troughy says:

    We must not forget the assistance provided by clothespeg selling heather vendor C. Flint. This scabby bitch sees the smoking ban as her greatest political act. I think she should be buggered to a froth with a concrete vibrator that is run off a compressor.

  233. 233
    DelBoy says:

    …and put the security of the nation at risk – a la Profumo, don’t forget.

  234. 234
    DelBoy says:

    Just wait and see the end of it!

  235. 235
    DelBoy says:

    From the Today programme… a hidden nuclear facility in the mountain –
    There WMD in them thar hills. Off we go again..

  236. 236
    DelBoy says:


  237. 237
    Mandy says:

    I regard the Hall as half FULL

  238. 238
    DelBoy says:

    Roses and red, violets are blue, I’m schitzophrenic,
    So am I.

  239. 239
    Hereward's fast asleep says:

    perhaps the only thing to save Gordon would be for Mandelson to find those

    missing weapons of mass seduction!

  240. 240
    shelling-out says:

    They were standing in the aisles because they needed to make a quick exit when they got too bored.

  241. 241
    DelBoy says:

    Where is the little shit btw?

  242. 242
    REEVO says:

    Over the years you have probably seen it with many differing types of people in “once was” situations that have now long passed their sell by date.

    Power Junkies

    Clinging jealously on to diminished influence, “so out of it” they do not have the will nor pride to help themselves.

    Their love ones and supporters kidding themselves something will turn up, and yet too hooked and scared to give up on what they know they must.

    There can be no respect for main line junkies only shame and embarrassment.

  243. 243
    Anony says:

    Do you live in Tresco?

  244. 244

    That war criminal can fuck right off.

  245. 245
    Weygand says:

    Whimper away sunshine, it just increases the buzz.

    I’m 57 and have never awaited the result of a general election so keenly.

    The idea that we may soon be rid of Brown, Harman Hain Mandelson, Campbell etc does feel like liberation to me and many others who are not even particular supporters of other parties.

    The sight of Brown crawling on his belly before Obama just the latest in what seems a daily list of humiliations he and his craven party have brought on this country.

    That you are happy with things suggests you must work in the public sector.

  246. 246
    DelBoy says:

    I had that Polly Toynbee in the back of the can once. A crap shag.

  247. 247
    DelBoy says:

    Oops..maybe that was the cab, (shaggging in the can? How unseemly)

  248. 248
    Gordon Brown says:


  249. 249
    DelBoy says:

    So that’s why they closed down The Jungle – a Conservative plot to stop rent a crowd. The audience are in French custody (creme Anglais?)

  250. 250
    Susie says:

    How will they tell? The ‘police’ already ignore hooliganism — it’s official.

    What a disaster this country has become.

  251. 251
    DelBoy says:

    No one with “a weapon” should be allowed within 5 miles of the wily Scot.

  252. 252
    DelBoy says:

    Don’t be silly, when have you EVER heard of a Scot buying a round – oximoron.

  253. 253
    DelBoy says:

    About a third full IMHO

  254. 254
    DelBoy says:

    Only needs 1% then

  255. 255
    Ken Lorp says:

    Am I the only person getting increasingly fed up of listening to Brown and his cohorts telling interviewers what the conservatives will do?

    If I want to know what the conservatives will do, I’ll bloody well ask them. Now, just tell me what you’re going to do!

  256. 256
    DelBoy says:

    Don’t tell Fondlbum.

  257. 257
    Susie says:

    They’re spinning that line to remind us of the ‘horrors’ that awaits us if we vote Conservative…

    They forget though that those affected at the time by the measures Thatcher had to take to get the country back from the IMF and the unions see those measures as sound and paved the way for 12 years’ prosperity.

    Cammo’s will just have to do it all over again… the sooner he starts, the better, although in 1979 we had years of North Sea Oil and gas revenues to mitigate government debt, now we have next to nothing. God help us.

  258. 258
    Unsworth says:


  259. 259
    Mandy says:

    It’s all coming along quite nicely.

  260. 260
    Unsworth says:

    Yep, including Al Campbell. The stuff he would prefer not to be asked about would fill several books….

  261. 261
    South of the M4 says:

    Except that Canute’s actions were to demonstrate to his sycophants that he was not
    infallible and that he could not turn back the tide. Entirely the opposite to the deluded views that Brown has of himself, and those of his own sycophants.

  262. 262
    Susie says:

    Iran has a super duper navy too with 3 Kilo-class submarines:

    War with Iran will make Afghanistan look like a teddy bears’ picnic

  263. 263
    Ivor Schwartzporsche says:

    The Conservatives should learn from this conference and order a load of mirrors for theirs

  264. 264
    Ivor Schwartzporsche says:

    They don’t serve minors

  265. 265
    Mr Ned says:

    If there was a tory bias, Andrew would have pushed him on the specifics and not let him off the hook to launch a tirade later against the BBC, which was carefully choreographed to sink the so-called unsubstantiated rumours of his medication.

    Pro tory bias at the BBC? Only insofar as they are desperate to prop-up the two-party dictatorship that is leading to the single global order. Other than that, the BBC is totally in Brown’s pocket. Sure they would rather see the Tories in power than any other non-labour, party. But there is no doubt that this “pill popping” question was a pre-arranged set-up to kill off the rumour.

  266. 266
    PollyToynbee's ringpiece says:

    At least it is guaranteed to be full of bullshit.

  267. 267
    Jack Silage says:

    Yes…. a round of bricks!!

  268. 268
    Watch the Skies! says:

    Or a spine-chilling reminder to Marr that Campbell still has the keys to the closet door. Putting him on warning.

  269. 269
    Bankrupt Britain says:

    Labour? In debt? surely not

  270. 270
    Jacques Cousteau says:

    There’s a nice depression about thirteen miles out on the seabed that would do quite nicely!!

  271. 271
    Mr Ned says:

    Indeed. I mean labour cannot even be honest and tell the truth about what they are going to do, or have done. Who, in their right mind, would believe a word of what labour says about their opposition?

    For all the bullshit media hype about a “fightback”, the truth is, NOBODY is listening to them anymore as they can never tell the truth.

    They NEVER listened to us and now they are starting to get the payback for that. We ain’t listening to them and will vote them out of power Next April. (if not before)

  272. 272
    Mr Ned says:

    Perhaps the message is slowly leaking through to non-voters that THEY are the biggest power block in UK politics today. If they organise and vote for one of the “others”, a LOT of mainstream MPs will lose their jobs.

  273. 273
    Watermelon Man says:

    Who was that lady in red next to Gordo on stage running the melon stall?

  274. 274
    Sukyspook says:

    Lord “DON’T YOU KNOW WHO I AM” Mandlescum confirmed that Brown is, indeed a cyclops when he said:

    “Gordon lost the sight in one eye, then in another….” before quickly backtracking to say “his other eye” laugh, I thought my bloomers would never dry!

  275. 275
    Mr Ned says:

    I regard it as half a hall of delusional fuckwits. Therefore I am neither an optimist or a pessimist, but a realist.

    When people ask me how much water there is in the glass and I say it is half a glass water, (instead of half full or half empty) it really screws them up!

  276. 276
    Raptor says:

    Andrew Marr is a leftist, otherwise he wouldn’t have a job at the BBC. He was clearly embarrassed at having to ask Brown about his medication, and framed the question in such a way that Brown only answered half of it — the half referring to his eyesight.

    Marr’s weak attempt at a follow-up was shoved aside by Brown saying “I’ve already answered that question”, which he plainly had not.

    Even that limited exchange has been enough to get the Labour apparachiks steamed up, and to bring the story to the front of the news agenda.

    In any case, the rumours are that Brown is taking strong anti-depressant drugs, not just “painkillers”.

    Interesting times …

  277. 277
    IRB says:

    You feel sorry for the man who stands by the old milk machine fighting with himself while singing Eye Of The Tiger. You’re not going to vote for him.

  278. 278
    Photocall on the cliff edge.... says:

    Could we not engineer a photo call for the entire Labour cabinet – a dozen or so miles along the coast at Beachy Head?

    “Back a little,back that’s it Ball’s – smile that Hitlerian smile”

    “Try to look happy Brown – you’ve wrecked our country and ruined our children’s future prosperity,but at least try to LOOK like you enjoyed it”

    “Come on Alistair – you always looked weird but we can photoshop those eyebrows – but we cannot get erase the ruin that you have connived in to take this country to the edge of the cliff”

    “Look this way Miss HARM person – you look perfect in this photo – I promise to use a black AND white shot for you – can’t do with any prejudice can we?”

    “Ah Jack Straw – why is it whenever I hear your name I can just picture you with your calculator trying to work out your expenses claim – accountancy never was your strong point,but ruining this country is clearly a strength,eh?”

    Now just step a little further back and………

    Eh,where have they gone?

  279. 279
    Mr Ned says:

    Of course the police ignore hooliganism. It is all part of the COMMON PURPOSE plan to create the chaos, out of which their “Graduates” will lead us to their vision of Order. A new, post democratic order that they will lead us all into. A Marxist fascism in the third sector, completely outside of our constitution, our bill of rights and our Sovereign rights.

    Have you seen how utterly corrupted our police forces have been by Common Purpose?

    Look up the Brian Gerrish videos on

  280. 280
    Get Smart says:

    Has Maldelbum had his test back yet from St Marys?

  281. 281
    Sukyspook says:

    Lord “don’t you know who I am” Mandlescum and Caroline Flint both made it clear live on tel-lie-vision this morning that THEY DON’T LIKE THE BLOGOSPHERE!!

    Expect a rough ride Guido and fellow bloggers – Flinty is gonna be gunning for you.

    Incidentally, since she gave up her job as window dresser, she’s looking a bit ‘tousled’ isn’t she – why she was even carrying her re-usable supermarket bags under her eyes this morning. (“bitch” – I can hear her now lol – “so what” – sukyspook). (I was going to say ‘rough’ but I’ll leave that to the boys – I don’t want to be perceived as bitchy….arf arf).

  282. 282
    One flew over the No10 bunker says:

    Sound of penny dropping

  283. 283
    Get Smart says:

    Notice the £ soon be on par with the Zimbabwe Dollar.

  284. 284
    Sukyspook says:

    Is this how you spell:

    “prestidigitation”??: “skillful quickness with the hands; CONJURING.”

    Some call it ‘DDT’ aka Distract, Detract, TRASH.

  285. 285
    One flew over the No10 bunker says:

    buggered to a froth with a concrete vibrator that is run off a compressor.

    :>) Hilarious!

  286. 286
    One flew over the No10 bunker says:

    does it have wheels? the last lot of WMD had wheels which is why they said they can’t find them. Probably held up on the North circular somewhere like everything else.

  287. 287
    Mark Oaten says:

    I’d like to jump on a peer

  288. 288
    Anon says:

    Saw some trailer on the tv Sunday morning – Prezza banging on as a climate spokesman and protecting the earth for the kids future blah blah and those Nimby’s who don’t want wind farms all over the countryside blah blah… does the fat fool not consider a) Those with two Jags should not rev up their gobs on climate change caused by lardy tw*ts in pulling machines; b) Their is a whole in the ozone from the emmissions from all that hairspray Mrs. Prezza superglues her barnet with on an hourly basis; c) does this give the green light to his local council planning department to shove at least one jumbo wind turbine next to his chavvy half-timbered testimony to bad taste?

    Mind you, having a wind turbine next to his house might blow away the foul emissions from both ends of Prezza…

  289. 289
    Dysgwrcymraeg says:

    Sorry Ned, though your concept is correct about the effect non voters COULD have, it will remain just that, a concept. The non voters will remain just that sadly. I’d love to think it otherwise but hell will freeze over first.

  290. 290
    How many Labour conference delegates can you fit in Mini? All of them. says:

    Right – Labour will be so beaten at the election by the British people, that there will have to be a new word invented to describe the scale of the defeat they will suffer.

    This Brighton conference is a great example of propaganda in action and for all those millions of students going to University to read “Media and Politics” or “TV and Hairdressing” it will be a text book example of a finished organisation trying to bluff it’s way through – not since Hitler’s Nuremburg rallies has there been such utter nonsense – the only difference is that at Nuremburg,they actually had people in the crowds – I can fit more people in my car than are at that sham in Brighton.

  291. 291
    Brown, G. (Mentalist, not retired) says:

    Have you not been listening?

    I keep bloody telling you what I’m going to do.

    I am going to do the right thing and get on with the job.


  292. 292
    Hurrah for the smoking ban! says:

    I will say that the ONLY good thing Labour have done is BAN smoking in as many places as possible – my shirt,trousers,pants,socks,hair and skin would reek of the bloody tobacco smell that you pricks exhaled wherever I went for a quiet drink.

    I also think it is hilarious to watch the white faced,wrinkled anemic smokers standing in the rain burning their money and inhaling £5 notes into their lungs – ha ha!

  293. 293
    Dysgwrcymraeg says:

    There are loads of morons who actually believe it too!

  294. 294
    A. Gilligan says:

    I reckon the hall was empty cos they all had job interviews arranged in preperation for when noo labour goes kaput!

  295. 295
    Dysgwrcymraeg says:

    ty one flew but I reckon most already sussed that out.

  296. 296
    The first shall be last and so shall the last says:

    Educated under nulabour

  297. 297
    Mr Ned says:

    I too remind myself of all the soldiers killed and maimed in his illegal wars, and all the innocent men women and children killed and maimed when that war was launched upon them based on a catalogue of blatant and wilful lies.

    I remind myself of the lies that Brown has stated in support of wars, war crimes and the slaughter of innocents all over the world.

    I remind myself of the poor in this country who cannot pay their fuel bills that have risen massively in the last year as this Government has utterly failed to give the regulator the teeth to reduce excessive rises in prices, despite the fact that the same company in their home Country of France is limited by law to 5% increases.

    I remind myself of those, like my daughter, who were on minimum wage and yet had their income tax double so labour could try to bribe the middle classes.

    I remind myself of the workers at Rover who lost their jobs because labour recommended the shyster four to run rover instead of a group who wanted to actually wanted to run a car company.

    I am reminded of all the tax payers who will be paying a fortune more in tax to get vastly reduced services because Brown would rather spend a trillion to bail out billioniares instead of letting a few banks collapse to be bought up by fitter banks.

    I am reminded of the gross constitutional vandalism of 12 years of labour, intent on breaking up the UK, splitting us into regions, giving us away to an unelected EU quangocracy and outsourcing our traditional and sovereign powers to the “third sector” outside of the Queen’s oath and by extension outside of OUR SOVEREIGN RIGHTS. The reduction of the role of our sovereign Parliament and the politicisation of the police, the military and the courts.

    I remind myself of their anti-British extremism in their goals to implement the profoundly anti-democratic EU and Global order upon us without granting us ANY SAY WHATSOEVER.

    A cannot feel a nanogramme of pity, sympathy, empathy for the evil men and women who have been behind this on-going extremist destruction of our way of life. They have wilfully killed and destroyed more lives than Al Qaeda could ever dream of. THEY are the real terrorists!

    Brown should be executed.

  298. 298
    Prince Rupert says:

    I think you will find that Blair had no choice. Brown had all the evidence he needed that Levy with Blairs knowledge, had been selling Peerages and K’s, and started the hare running with Yates of the Yard – who knew that Brown et al would not fully cooperate. Brown kept up the pressure, releasing just enough evidense to keep Yates cative- arresting Ruth Turner and Levy, and a week after Blair eventually left the case was dropped because of a total withdrawal of cooperation and thus evidence. This was an orchestrated stitch up to force Blair out by Brown. If Blair had tried to fight it he would have been arrested – remember he wasquestioned twice which is pretty poor for a sitting PM, and he would have been disgraced – no Faith Foundation and soft jobs in high places. Both men are a disgrace really, neither have any convictions or honour, one is a greedy attention grabber and opportunist, the other is a deranged and mad meglomaniac. Brown is now disgraced and finished, Blair should not be allowed to sail off into the sunshine.

  299. 299
    Cap'n Prozac says:

    It’s like Big Brother but with more retards and less charm

  300. 300
    Mr O A Pensioner says:

    I’d prefer a prolonged bout of proctology from King Kong to be honest.

  301. 301
    Airey Belvoir says:

    Alice Miles and the lurvechid again!! Marr will always be hamstrung by this as a political interviewer.

  302. 302
    MrPeregrination says:

    That was pretty stupid, I agree, but the single most stupid comment by idiot Nick has to be expenses scandal is “small beer”. But then with such immense stupidity on show, why quibble….

  303. 303
    Airey Belvoir says:

    If they made everybody sit over on Gordon’s ‘good eye’ side, he’d think he had a sell-out gig.

  304. 304
    MrPeregrination says:

    More likely they were all there because they were evicted from their homes after losing their jobs and just wanted somewhere warm and out of the rain to sit for a few hours…

  305. 305
    Rt handed. Rufus.T.Firefly. says:

    Amen to that!.

  306. 306
    Mrs Gussett says:


    Ned, can you now put together a similar dissertation explaining why we shouldnt pay the license fee, which I can use next time the beeb send round one of their minions asking why I havent stumped up the dough?

  307. 307
    Watch the Skies! says:

    Hold some of that back, if he ends up being Supreme Plenipotentiary of the Great and Glorious Fifth Reich, you might be glad that you did.

  308. 308
    Watch the Skies! says:

    A plausible account of a series of dimly-remembered events. The lines of patient savers standing outside Northern Rock showed just how politely we behave during a run on a bank. It seems we are just as meek and uncomplaining when there is a coup.

  309. 309
    Deadcat O'Bunce says:

    You are a pretty sad bastard if that’s how you get your jollies. The smoking bad has been socially divisive, you prove the point, and socially destructive, as thousands of pubs and bingo halls have closed. But if your sentiment is at all logically consistent, I expect you find bingo hilarious too.

  310. 310
    Mr Ned says:

    Well it would not matter even if there wasn’t enough for a quorum. Since when has labour listened or acted on anything the membership put forward at conference?

  311. 311
    Anonymous says:

    To qualify to take part in Poll tax riots you have to come from Upper middle class families and sit about on yer arse all day doin fuck all, spending all of Daddies allowance in the best weed money can by.

  312. 312
    Anonymous says:

    She tried that defence as well her original intervew with Glenno Glassa ( or is it Glassa Gleno ? ) she kept going on about the hardships of being a working Woman !!

  313. 313
    Onan the Rotarian says:

    In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king

  314. 314
  315. 315
    hard money says:

    They’ll be saying it in 100 years time.

  316. 316
    Can't happen here says:

    Perhaps he’ll set his head on fire and dangle Mandelson out of a high building.

  317. 317
    CSA officer 351 says:

    As if Mr Marr gives a toss about Mrs Marr now he’s got a little jug-eared bastard to support on his hard-earned bbc tax stipend.

  318. 318
    Great Granddad says:

    That empty hall says more than all of the words on this blog. He should have learned from Mugabe – never an empty venue – just bus in the povo from the townships.

  319. 319
    Rufus Stone says:

    Wish it was like Big Brother – we could vote the bastards out!

  320. 320
    Bill O'Rights says:

    Marr is too concerned with Monday headlines and boosting his own reputation as a tough interviewer. When all is said and done the main point to consider is that, superficial charisma apart, Gordon Brown is the only current leader of a British political party with real intellectual stature, depth of experience and ideas for turning around the present world economic crisis. The alternative – the superficially attractive but dangerously lightweight DAVE – doesn’t bear thinking about.

  321. 321
    Cato Street Conspirator says:

    Brown would make a good Elvis impressionist in the days to come – the quiff, the drugs.

  322. 322
    Onan the Rotarian says:

    Nah, it’s chilly and cloudy here, the conference has screwed the good weather.

  323. 323
    Budgie says:

    If Brown has nothing to hide, he has nothing to fear.

  324. 324
    Four-eyed English Genius says:

    I think wind turbines are not meant to blow! Actually, they suck!!!

  325. 325
    skinny bastard says:

    Its bound to be empty they are all out looking for a lost Tongan Passport

  326. 326
    Four-eyed English Genius says:

    The trouble is you cannot drop a silent one now, without everyone noticing!

  327. 327
    Anonymous says:

    No they dont ignore it they take part in it and kill old paper blokes ( G20)

  328. 328
    Aethelred says:

    “Labour will be so beaten at the election by the British people, that there will have to be a new word invented to describe the scale of the defeat they will suffer.”

    The word used to be avalanche, perhaps the new one will be tsunami. Or maybe Hoonami.

  329. 329
    P Wells says:

    If you send a letter with your unpaid Television bill and quote the following
    1. blatant bias towards the EU, which every poll shows is not what the UK want
    2. There total hatred for the Tories and biased reporting
    3. The blatant lying reports on Global Warming
    4. The 200 directors earning 100s of thousands a year
    5. P.C brigade who distort every topic such as Immigration

    Public Broadcaster, forget it, they are nothing more than a talking and propoganda shop for all those Labour and Liberal lovies who hate our Country

    There are 1000s of people doing this already and guess what, no one is being prosecuted. So If a few million plus refuse to pay they can’t take us all to Court and the funding will be compromised. If this actually happened they would finally take the axe to this bloated undemocratic organisation.

    Come on Cameron, do the right thing, sell it off, use the money to help pay of the Labour debt. Also allow all the Private Tele and Radio Companies to actually operate in a fair playinging field, if you don’t, all we will be left with is the BBC and Sky.

  330. 330
    A firm pair of breasts says:

    Good. I can’t wait for the pound to start moving up again.

  331. 331
    Anonymous says:

    the prolapse, oh sorry that’ll be Mishandledbum.

  332. 332
    Lord Fondlebumz of Boyz says:

    One for starters, the other as main course. Delicious!

  333. 333
    David Smith says:

    I dunno why they don’t hire a clapping machine from the Beeb – it’ll work out cheaper, I wouldn’t care but it’s only their own flock that is clapping and cheering… not the disgruntled public…

    … if any more folks stops attending they will have to do just that, all we hear is how they praise their great leader. lets find out and have that election eh?

    Election time is neigh and all we hear will be, we’ll do this, promise that just to boost their ratings, a guy who can’t decide an election, who can’t decide the 10p tax amongst other things shouldn’t even be a Minister let alone Prime Minister…

    …and as for the pills they are laxatives mate, er relaxatives.

  334. 334
    Daveyone says:

    Only time and medication will tell…………….?

  335. 335
    Davy says:

    You sad bastard why don’t you stand out in the rain to have your quiet drink,then we won’t smell your BO

  336. 336
    Davy says:

    If you put together half a hall of half wits does that mean there are only 25% of wits there?

  337. 337
    Davy says:

    Kinnock tried that and got his feet wet

  338. 338
    Mrs Gussett says:

    Nice one, further additions include –

    1) Jonathan Ross
    2) Mark Thompsons plane tickets and champers
    3) Fiona ‘Stepford Bint’ Bruce
    4) The Eastenders social engineering project.

  339. 339
    Stalins Organ says:

    Have you been living under a bush for 10 years! Gordon & Prudence remember that old hag? Iraq? Afghanistan? 220+ dead soldiers? 6k per second going to pay for public services ? politicised police? And on and on!

  340. 340
    Stalins Organ says:

    His own party regard him as a leper and would not touch him with a sharp stick.

  341. 341
    Stalins Organ says:

    As a bloody ex-pat don,t I know it!

  342. 342
    Stalins Organ says:

    Oh Yes! BBC are good at seeing which way the wind is blowing, say what you like about boy Dave, but the Beeb is toast come summer next year. All these 200k salaries just a memory, nothing to do but hang around Islington and remember the good old days…… on our funded pensions!

  343. 343
    HoHo says:

    Canadian actually!

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