September 7th, 2009

McBride’s First Day Back to School :
“Greetings from Nadine Dorries”


FHSBToday was the first day back at school for the boys of Finchley Catholic High School.  Guido popped along early this morning to see one old boy and hardly recognised the middle-aged man strolling slowly across the school playground, stooping occasionally to pick up litter from the ground.  As Guido strode purposefully towards him he turned away entering a building where the staff were assembled for a first day briefing from the headmaster.  For a moment Guido thought the baseball cap disguise had been seen through.

“Damian!” Guido shouted at him, he turned in the doorway startled, “Greetings from Nadine Dorries”.  With a bemused look on his face he accepted the official Court papers, served by yours truly, on behalf of Nadine Dorries> Dorries, you will recall, is the MP he falsely accused of sleeping with another Tory MP in emails to Derek Draper, Kevin Maguire and Charlie Whelan.   Realising suddenly what had just happened he disappeared into the building as teachers and other bemused staff glimpsed across.  Damian never should have spilt that Guinness

UPDATE : Mrs Draper took the papers on behalf of Dolly from Tory Bear.


  1. 1
    ex cop says:

    nice one

    • 12
      An other retired cop says:

      Poetic Justice. He’s in the clear though because he has been to confession.

      • 15
        jgm2 says:

        Tee hee. That should keep the Labour sleaze front and centre in the meeeja when the case comes to court. Ohhhhh, I wonder who might be called as witnesses.

        I vos only obeying orrrders.

        • 27
          Comogio says:

          Twice even

        • 95

          Just out of curiosity, what do you charge for legal service?

        • 132
          Titus Aduxas says:

          I think Guido would have paid to serve papers on McBride

        • 141
          Sasquatch says:

          OH, fcuk, is that the ghost of Jeremy Beadle coming after me?

        • 254
          Madine Dotties is Batshit Insane says:

          Greetings from Madine Dotties on Moonbase Alpha

          These papers order you to reveal your Barky Brothers tattoo on each buttock and provide a urine sample for my expermiments

          Now let the hilarity begin and watch as Madine is dropped like a hot turd by Conservative Central Office lest she drag other Tories into court with her lawyerly attempts to distract from her piggy troughing ways

        • 310
          TheCourtOfPublicOpinion says:

          255 – Dropped like the contents of Mark Oatens lunchbox then?

        • 364
          random idiot says:

          Just reported now on Channel 4.

          No mention of you or Tory Bear at all.

          It would be funny if it wasn’t so petty. Do they really fear you so much? Hmm.

        • 408
          MadNads says:

          That’s why this is so funny. Because it’s so hilariously petty

          It’s why we are all looking forward to this farcical pantomime entering the Courts and why M’Learned friends are pssing themselves laughing at the thought of this cash windfall from two bald men fighting over a comb

        • 500
          Jimmy says:

          I’m afraid the situation has now escalated. The torygraph is reporting that all that got served today were solicitors’ letters. Guido of course has assured us that these were “official Court papers”, so unless he was telling porkies (and I think we can all agree this is inconceivable) then the torygraph, not content with stiffing Guido on his commission, has now libelled him.

          He should definitely sue.

        • 510
          Madine Dotties is Batshit Insane says:

          Sweet Jesus on a pogostick! Not SOLICITORS LETTERS!!!!

          That’s the Legal Nuclear option
          they must be quivering in fear

          women and children first ! abandon hope all ye who enter here

        • 533
          Budgie says:

          So we have one or two puerile trolls who don’t like Nadine Dorries. Since she has not been the worst trougher by a long shot, their rabid posturing must be because they think all abortions are ok, where Dorries is opposed to late term abortions. A pity, then, that they cannot make a reasoned argument for their stance.

          As for their trivialising or condoning the smears about Dorries, it simply shows that their petty bile has distorted any sense of justice lying dormant in the recesses of what passes for their minds.

        • 546
          Anonymous says:

          Haven’t you a blog to write Mr Dale ?

          Or is being a Mad Nad fag hag a 24 hour job ?

      • 16
        Andrew Efiong says:

        Gotcha! The dragnet tightens.

        • 281
          Madine Dotties is Batshit Insane says:

          Greetings from Madine Dotties on Moonbase Alpha

          These papers order you to reveal your tattoo on each buttcheek of each of the dastardly worldcontrolling Telegraph owning twins and provide a crap sample for my and Mr Oaten’s scrutiny

          Now let the hilarity begin and watch as Madine is dropped like hotshit by Conservative Central Office lest she drag other Tories into her comedy court with her lawyerly attempts to distract from her piggy troughing ways

        • 448
          MI6 says:

          By the time this lot have printed another Few Billion and spent another few Billion in Afghanistan supporting a government hell bent on having the total heroin business to themselves, not to mention passing a few laws that give men the right to starve their wives if they don’t do the usual. Fantastic. We have to shut hospitals local authority services as well as limit University places SO WE CAN SUPPORT THAT. Well done UK GOV.

      • 24
        Comogio says:

        The words oh Shit, and Corruption come to mind.

      • 26
        Comogio says:

        The words Shit and Corruption come to mind.

      • 414
        Sukyspook says:

        The Internet is the new confessional….

    • 36
      Chris Paul says:

      Pantomime. Are you the front of the arse end of the knacked nag Guido?

    • 193
      Harriets Rabbit says:

      well done Guido

      Make the bastards squirm

    • 216
      NadineIsATwat says:

      What, creepy bearded man in a baseball cap hangs around the gates of an all-boys Catholic School? Nothing weird about that at all…

      • 454
        UK Fred says:

        Less likely to bugger the boys than a wee queer fellow in the dog collar. He’s even supposed to have a girl friend.

    • 241
      That easy eh? says:

      Is it that easy to be a teacher?

      S’pose so, ed_yer_kashun, ed_yer_kashun, ed_yer_kashun (etc)

      an that


    • 357
      gurka the mercenary says:

      Nice One

  2. 2
    older not wiser says:

    Nice one Guido. He exemplifies why ZaNuLabour should be gone, gone, gone!

    Clean up their act? No chance… the only way is to flush them all down the WC and start with some shiny new ones!

  3. 2
    dutch says:

    How cryptic do we need to be about suggesting names for the Tory gentleman?

  4. 4
  5. 5
    Cinna says:

    Dodgey baseball cap there Guido. Remember what it did for William Hague!

  6. 6
    Aiden o'fovit says:

    with a name like Damian,the Catholic Church should be sprinkling him with Holy Water,and anything else at its disposal.
    Haven’t they seen Only Fools and Horses?

  7. 7
    verb crawler says:

    Outstanding, I needed something to keep me amused at work. Keep them on their toes!

  8. 8
    Simon says:

    Absolutely brilliant.

  9. 10
    Silent Hunter says:

    Nail the bastard to the wall. . . Guido.

  10. 11
    dutch says:

    Also, the little pic looks a little ‘Crimewatch’.

  11. 13
    Grytpype-thynne says:

    I am sure he is most grateful that so many people are thinking of him

  12. 14
    Anonymous says:

    Errand boys for Nadine – says it all really

    • 19

      It was a pleasure.

      • 57
        tory boys never grow up says:

        Won’t Mr Dale be cross that you have usurped his traditional role?

      • 63
        Peter Grimes says:

        When does the deadline run out for the No10 FoI request, Guido?

        If they stonewall again or deny, you are probably entitled to ‘publish & be damned’.

        They would look even more stupid than usual if they thought of prosecuting you given the public interest.

      • 86
        Dick the Prick says:

        I bet it was. Definately an air of comedic twattery. Some numbnuts in the Obversive yesterday was speculating as to his return – can’t remeber whom, just chuckled. Apparently Brown keeps asking Blair’s lot who tell him to eff off. Campbell has told him to sod off.

      • 138
        Steve Expat says:

        Well done Guido, shame that you couldn’t get a photo of the look on his face as he realised who it was and what they wanted!!

        Keep up the good work!

        • 323
          Biffo says:

          Well done Guido! And well done Tory Bear. McSnot must be shitting himself by now as he will be involved however much he tries to slime out of it. Good luck to Ms Dorries.

    • 91
      Dmitri the Impostor says:

      Nadine Dorries is as stupid as a plate of coronation chicken.

      The following post on her blog is bad enough but the comments are considerably worse. If you don’t spontaneously chunder through your nose when you read them, you are probably a member of Tory hihg command.

      • 107
        Dick the Prick says:

        Good grief – the comments are unbelievable. She can’t write for toffee and is sooooo greasy the bucket is full. What a risible little woman.

      • 143
        Phil O'Pastree says:

        Aye, no wonder other Tory MPs refuse to sleep with her.

      • 146
        Bottle-fed Triplet says:

        I laughed so much the tears ran down my leg!

      • 189
        Plate of Coronation Chicken says:

        ‘Scuse me but I will have you know that I am extreeeeeemly intelligent and I have a diploma in Cordon Bleu Cookery!

      • 248
        Alfred T Mahan says:

        I was all right until she mentioned mint Baileys. Then the urge was overwhelming but I got outside in time, thank Heavens.

        • 265
          Dmitri the Impostor says:

          My thoughts exactly. Mint Baileys, indeed. Who in their right mind drinks that shit?

          She’s a nut-job.

      • 539
        Budgie says:

        Yes, Dorries post was unctuous and frighteningly naive. She could just have said CMD was ‘personable in private’, and it would have been dismissed as an attempt to gain a OBN, but at least understandable.

        What I am rather more concerned about are three fundamentals:
        1. Will CMD get us out of the EU and return accountability to the Westminster parliament?
        2. Will he run the economy competently, so that we spend only what we earn?
        3. Will he restore civil liberties, dropping the ID, DNA and NHS etc databases and the various recent bills like Civil Contingencies, RIPA etc?

        His score for the above seems to be 3 out of 10, could do much better.

      • 561
        Archie says:

        One sensible reply out of the lot!

    • 169
      NadineIsATwat says:

      Nadine is a fucking twat. This is a stupid publicity stunt. She’s happy to play the dumb, ditzy, tarty blonde (she plays “dumb” particularly well) when it suits her, but bleets to the courts when someone suggests she’s a bit of a whore. Prick-tease

      • 173
        Dick the Prick says:

        But she was brought up in a Liverpool council estate so…err…she shouldn’t like rich people for some reason…err…but she does…..err….but she doesn’t know why….err… but she does….err. It’d be like talking to the Paul Whitehouse character in the Fast Show who just went along with what the last person said. Fortunately, she’s so stupid she’ll just be the Tories Kerry McCarthy – perfectly nice person I guess but you really wouldn’t ask her a question without regretting it when she started to answer – kinda like yer lass when you stooopidly ask ‘oh, why’s that then?’ NNNNOooooooooo – I don’t give a toss at all………………

      • 220
        Peter Grimes says:

        So it’s OK for McPoison to libel Dotty Nady is it, just because she’s a prick tease?

        I bet you think all women who get raped deserved it!

        • 231
          Anonymous says:

          Should also remember that the person (s) who acquired the email and then distributed its contents may also have committed a libel – and a potentially greater one given that it went to a wider audience. I wonder if there was any evidence of who those persons were on the hard disk that Guido admitted destroying?

          As for Guido wanting revenge perhaps he could be more specific about what he is wanting revenge for?

        • 258
          Anonymous says:

          Spilt Guinness is not reason enough?!!

        • 340
          Anonymous says:

          When you drink as much as Guido it would have to be an awful lot to make any difference. Is this the blogosphere equivalent of two drunks fighting after closing time?

      • 337
        Jim Beam says:

        I’d fuck her but I wouldn’t go out with her!!!

    • 209
      Chairman of the Bored. says:

      Go Nads!

  13. 17
    J. Langer ECB cricket scout says:

    Mate, fancy turning out for the poms at the Rose Bowl on Wednesday? You’ve got the cap and blazer already and you can’t be any worse than the Saffer and his multi-culti team. If you don’t make the first XI we can use you to roll the pitch.


  14. 18
    mungle says:

    Revenge is best taken cold. That must have been so satisfying.

  15. 20
    Anonymous says:

    Guido, You’ve made your point – this is now beginning to look like the rather tiresome vendetta of a grumpy middle-aged curmudgeon. You have to know when to stop, or you are going to risk just looking like a complete tit.

    • 31

      He started it. Anyway, what is best in life?

      “To crush your enemies, to see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentations of their women.”

      • 40
        Tony Blair says:

        I never liked that David Kelly.

      • 41
        Lilith says:

        “If your enemy is choleric, irritate him” – Art of War

        Bloody brilliant.

      • 50
        chronic says:

        “Dont push me” John Rambo

      • 77
        Dmitri the Impostor says:

        About time this was properly attributed.

        “The greatest happiness is to vanquish your enemies, to chase them before you, to rob them of their wealth, to see those dear to them bathed in tears, to clasp to your bosom their wives and daughters.”

        - Genghiz Khan

        A short coda “Secret History of Mongols” reveals that after he had conquered the world, Genghiz was quite content with a cup of tea, a sit down and a DVD of Strictly Come Dancing.

      • 79
        Axe The Telly Tax says:

        How about a ‘Guido Gotcha’ for all your well deserved victims :-)

      • 82
        Pontius The Pilot says:

        “Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake”

        -Napoleon Bonaparte

        • 495
          barefootcontessa says:

          ……..’He smote his enemies in the hinder parts: and put them to a perpetual shame. Psalms.

      • 114
        Shit-Bag says:


        You’ve made your point. This is now beginning to look like the rather tiresome vendetta of a grumpy middle-aged curmudgeon. You have to know when to stop, or you are going to risk just looking like a complete tit.

        Nah. On second thoughts, carry on.

        McBride has spent a goodly chunk of his career smearing people and carrying out vendettas on behalf of his masters so this is simply a well-deserved case of the ‘biter bit’.

        At least your ‘vendetta’ isn’t funded by the tax-payer. :)

        • 115
          jgm2 says:

          Are there no co-conspiritors with kids at the school. Can they not get active in the PTA and get this worthless fucker fired?

          Is this really the kind of mentality we want around our children? A peddlar of lies and filth. An apologist for the worst government in UK history? With access to our children? I’m serious headmaster – either he goes or I take my kids out of the school… etc etc.

        • 126
          Dmitri the Impostor says:

          jgm2 – If they’re going to invoke the PTA, maybe Al Megrahi could take over McBride’s job for whatever little time remains to him.

      • 303


        “He started it”.

        That is all the justification needed for revenge. I can understand where you coming from.

        No such thing as too much revenge in my book.

        You mentioned spilling a Guinness, have you considered he might have had a dodgy ankle?

        If that is the case then accidents happen.

        “To crush your enemies, to see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentations of their women.”

        Conan the Barbarian is a good movie.

        You really are enjoying yourself but remember people don’t forget or forgive.

        So pop that on a sticker and leave it on the fridge.

      • 391
        Not content says:

        ‘He started it’ justifies nothing and, as for the rest, I wish you woudn’t quote that, Guido. I hope you don’t think it.

        To get kicks out of seeing the mighty fallen? There’s no virtue or integrity in that; and it encourages politicians to be cleverer about covering their tracks and does precious little to improve the body politic.

        By all means let Nadine sue; they probably deserve it. But gloating over serving the papers? That simply reduces this whole thing to a personal spat between players who might as well be involved in the same game. As an outsider I thought you were beginning to let some proper light in. You run the risk of making it look as though you’re just as capable of they are of failing the ultimate integrity test; what is is that you are in (or on the edge of) politics to do?

        The C of E prayer book has a phrase in it about judges – ‘that they may truly and indifferently minister justice..’ That’s often retranslated as ‘truly and impartially’, but I think that Cranmer knew what he was saying.

        The day that judges start getting a kick out of sentencing is the day they should probably step down from the bench.

      • 547
        Aethelred says:

        “Today is victory over yourself of yesterday; tomorrow is your victory over lesser men”

    • 35
      Engineer says:

      McBride didn’t stop. Neither did Draper. They had to be stopped by others. They are the tits.

    • 39
      Grytpype-thynne says:

      “Moderation in war is madness”: Admiral of the Fleet Sir John Fisher

    • 47
      Article 38 says:

      It’s beginning to look totally fucking hilarious. Nice one, Guido (and TB).

    • 54
      backwoodsman says:

      No, to sleep with his wives and daughters, acording to Ghengis. Although in mcbrides case, we’ll excuse you that final pleasure !
      Top man !

      • 62
        Monty says:

        Suspect Ghengis would limit it to the shagging. Can’t really see him as the cuddling type, somehow …

    • 60
      Monty says:

      Watch it, anonymong, I’m a grumpy middle-aged curmudgeon too. There’s a lot of us about, laddy …

    • 61
      Old Git says:


    • 236
      Cassandra King says:

      Damian McBride is a poisonous nasty bastard, he spent years happily ruining the careers and lives of his victims.
      McBride fully deserves his fate and I hope he suffers great anguish and pain, hopefully the stress will cause him to top himself.

      • 280
        Captain Haddock says:

        Seconded …

      • 285
        TheCourtOfPublicOpinion says:

        He’s brought such shame to his new school. Isn’t it usual to have some trial employment period in these circumstances? Wouldn’t it be sad if the media attention he’d brought to them became so relentless it caused them to consider his position?
        Media. Attention. Causing job losses. McBride gets exactly what he deserves, and by the same means he used to make others suffer.

        • 293
          jgm2 says:

          Yep. Consider it a practise run for the post 2010 election Labour P45-fest.

          It just needs one ideally photogentic co-conspirator with a kid at the school to be giving it ‘I think it’s a disgrace that a man forced to resign from government for manufacturing vicious lies and smears should be given employment in daily contact with children’ and it’ll be masalama motherfucker.

          No place to run. No place to hide. Motherfuckers.

  16. 22
    Anonymous says:

    And you have Tory Bear ‘fagging’ for you now, do you ? I don’t which is worse.

    The sight of the smug and supercilious twat modelling himself on you, or the fact that you are so desperate you are willing to tolerate him sniffing your arse and licking your balls in the hope of you agreeing to be his, er, ‘mentor’..

    Still birds of a feather flock together…

  17. 23
    jgm2 says:

    Just you watch.

    Labour will be spinning this as ‘Guido Fawkes invades Primary School’. Think of the children. This must not be allowed to happen. Next time he could snatch one – after all if he has no official school business there….etc etc.

    I think you can expect a visit from plod fairly shortly Guido. You know how these evil fuckers operate.

    • 98
      Koba says:

      Mr Brown spends a lot of time in our schools too.

      • 105
        jgm2 says:

        Seriously. That’s excactly what the Labour scum command will be triangulating right now. How can we plausibly get into a righteous swoon about this Guido guy just marching into a primary school with children present.

        If they can get any kind of shit like this to stick and get Guido on some register then they’ll be able to refer to him as Guido Fawkes, the convicted sex offender or somesuch. Remember, if you can’t refute the message destroy the messenger.

        See David Kelly’s widow for details.

        Very Nu Labour.

  18. 29
    Anonymous says:

    Why are Catholics such utter arseholes? I ask as an atheist who has no truck with religion of any kind. Right now, in British politics, wherever you find corruption, dishonesty, smears, you find Catholics. The whole NuLab project is fundamentally a Catholic project with all the usual trappings we’ve come to expect of Catholics.

    So what’s it all about? Why can’t they behave like normal people? Why are they such a shower of arseholes?

    • 34
      Gordon Brown says:

      What about me? I’m not Catholic.

      • 46
        Anonymous says:

        Have you listened to Gordon’s speeches? Have you followed his career? Gordon is a self-hating Protestant who made his career in predominantly-Catholic Scottish Labour by shitting all over non-Catholics.

        The “Son of the Manse” schtick was intended for the consumption of southern English audiences only, southern English audiences who knew fuck-all about Brown’s background and history. Brown was born a bluenose and spent the rest of his life hating himself for it and hating other Protestants and the Union too.

        You say Brown isn’t Catholic. I say Bliar wasn’t a Catholic either….until he left office and admitted it.

        • 52
          The Dirty Rat says:

          Take a look at his helmet – if you dare.

        • 127
          I am Sick says:

          “You say Brown isn’t Catholic. I say Bliar wasn’t a Catholic either….until he left office and admitted it.”

          According to slotgob, Bliars children all have Irish Republic passports too.

    • 56
      Silent Bob says:

      Wasn’t Guy Fawkes a catholic?

    • 65
      The Baiter's Master says:

      Guido’s web pages are a delight to read most of the time. Unfortunately every now and again nasty little worms like you Mr/Ms Anonymous pop up to vent your religious hatred. Us Romans are no corrupt then any other religious or non religious group. You are a vile misanthrope by the sounds of it. Crawl back to where ever it is you came from unless you “confess” that you are a ignoramus and start to make lucid and relevant postings. NB I think Guido is also a Papist which makes at least two of us on the web site.

      • 99
        Rev Paisley says:

        No Surrendarrrr!

        • 106
          Ulster says:


        • 153
          Another Catholic says:

          Ulster is nine counties, three of which are in the Irish Republic.
          Northern Ireland is six counties, all of which happen to be in Ulster, but that doesn’t make Ulster a synonym for Northern Ireland.

          Ian fucking Paisley, please note.

        • 197
          Crusader says:

          Dr Paisley says NO
          But the man from Del Monte he says YES, and he was a good Orange man
          awf awf

      • 185
        Anonymous says:

        And who were those guys who spent 30 years trying to break up this country, destroy all democracy in Ireland and slaughter anyone whose religion was different?

        That’s right – it was the Catholics. You must be so proud.

        In this country, wherever you have a large concentration of Catholics, you have poverty, you have corruption and you have Labour. This is fact. You can deny it all you like (much as your church denied molesting all those little boys) but the facts are the facts, pure and objective.

        • 295
          The Baiter's Master says:

          Errrr, they were terrorists. And if memory serves they were/are on both sides! Like I said you are a ignoramus!!

      • 192
        Anonymous says:

        You can not blame people for taking the piss, even the pope is an ex nazi

        • 219
          Chairman of the Bored. says:

          Ex-Nazi? There are plenty “ex” communists in the Labour cabinet. Are they better and and more wholesome individuals simply because the allies defeated Naziism?

          Two legs good and all that…

        • 235
          Anonymous says:

          And once again Catholics defend Nazism – Nazism that was founded by a Catholic and found its strongest support in Catholic areas.

          Keep on keepin’ on, Catholics. Just keep on keepin’ on.

        • 260
          Sir William Waad says:

          236 Anonymong: not really true. Nazism was strong in Catholic Austria and Bavaria, but weak in the mainly-Catholic Rhineland. The NSDAP received some of its greatest voting support in Lutheran Prussia. The Nazi leaders were a mixture of Catholic, Lutheran, atheist and pagan, sometimes all at the same time.

        • 498
          barefootcontessa says:

          Catholicism involves brain washing. Once a Catholic, always a catholic. Lot of truth in that.

      • 195
        They're all at it says:

        BM – there’s more of us than just two…

        It’s just that like most other sane people of any religious persuasion (and none), we don’t turn a discussion about political arsewipes into sectarian and/or racist diatribes.

      • 279
        killemallletgodsortemout says:


      • 473
        UK Fred says:

        So remind me again how many Catholic priests are currently awaiting trial for kiddy fiddling, and how many have already been convicted. How many bishops and other members of the hierarchy have moved kiddy fiddlers from parish to parish, complicit in their evil doing rather than reporting them to the authorities? You may analyse your answer by reference to the USA, Ireland and the UK.

        • 516
          The Baiter's Master says:

          Errr I suppose that as a group statistically about the same proportion as lawyers, poilcemen, teachers and politicians! Priests just make better copy then the others.

    • 69
      Sarah says:

      Give us a few verses of “The Sash” before you go.

    • 112

      Opus Dei/Common Purpose working together?

      • 288
        The Baiter's Master says:

        No. Have you ever read anything by St Maria Jose Escriva, the founder of Opus Dei? What he says is straight forward and correct. The EU does not feature at all.

        • 501
          barefootcontessa says:

          Religion was devised to keep the people under control.

        • 549
          Siddhartha (Buddha to you) says:

          “Religion was devised to keep the people under control”

          Child, if you have heard, you have not listened.
          Go in peace.

    • 133
      Anonymous says:

      Anonymous 12.24pm- I take exception to the slur on catholics and the mortarways woul n’t be wort dselling witout

    • 158
      (yes I am a cunt / no I am not Nu Labour) says:

      this is silly

    • 188
      Anonymous says:

      Say that again in grammatical English, you ignorant child.

    • 548
      Or what? says:

      His point was about catholics and corruption.

      You may not agree with the assertion, but the point was always crystal clear.

  19. 30
    Engineer says:

    A nice little ongoing pot-boiler for the run-up to the general election.

  20. 32
    bergen says:

    I’m sure I read in the Observer yesterday that McBride was hoping to return to election duty for Gordon.Must be a bit of a downer,that.

    No doubt Dolly can get the delectible Kate to pay his legal fees but McBride may have a problem.

  21. 33
    jgm2 says:

    So, Mr McBride, under whose orders did you generate these libellous claims….?

    • 129
      I am Sick says:

      McSmear, “A man who is classed as clinically insane and unable to testify”.

    • 394
      A Pensioner says:

      #33 – yes, this is the interesting question. If this gets to court m’learned friend will have some very probing questions to ask. Gus O’Donnel being served as well raises the stakes. I hope Nadine is well funded and can take this through.

  22. 37
    Catosays says:

    Congrats Guido. Well done

  23. 42
    strapworld says:

    Is Gordon Brown going to be called as a witness to confirm that he employed this man?

    That would bring it back into the minds of the people that the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom employed a foul mouthed prat. The Catholic Church will want rid of this man when all the facts emerge.

    He will be looking for a new job soon!

    • 59
      backwoodsman says:

      …or an arch at Blackfriars Bridge !

    • 363
      Chairman of the Bored. says:

      To be acredible witness you need to take an oath to your Supreme Being to tell the truth.

      Just been on Channel 4 News about the papers being served but failed to mention Guido. Twats, eh?

  24. 43
    Obama is a twat says:

    Yet STILL the Liebour scum smear people.

    • 194
      tat says:

      said the twat who insults the great President Obama.
      you idiot.

      • 251

        Obama is worse that a twat, he’s a tat.

        • 373
          thick as thieves says:

          I am merely top boy.
          President Obama is the man.
          policy wise he’s a busy guy: national healthcare, imposing peace in palestine and israel, an honourable withdrawal of combat troops from iraq and overseeing the worst economic recession since the depression.
          he is achieving so much for so many in so few months and yet still you carp and moan.
          you ungrateful imbeciles.
          note to President Obama: you just got rid of one of your team because he called the republicans “assholes”.
          the republicans ARE assholes as well as warmongers and torturers and war profiteers.
          don’t listen to the republican mob, don’t forget many of this demographic were the ringleaders of the lynch mobs who lynched black men.
          they still hide among the grand old lynch party and venture out as they have over.
          fuck them, they will just have to get with the healthcare pogramme the racist bastards. you see they do not want black people to have the same healthcare rights as white people. just like the riding on the bus thing innit.
          this guy is better than jfk.

        • 392
          Dick the Prick says:

          Nurse, quick – TwATs eaten his own shite again!

        • 421
          thick as thieves says:

          so, you think black american citizens should not have equal healthcare access as white american citizens?
          is that what you are saying limpdick?

        • 478

          The market doesn’t discriminate on skin colour.

          To it’s shame the American government does discriminate against White People and Asians WRT university admissions etc.

          Illness is personal, not collective, so government involvement only adds an unnecessary overhead.

        • 524
          snafu says:

          ACE, you have made some OK points here before but now you’re just being dumb and/or wilfully ignorant. Illness is not at all personal, although it may apperar to be. The reality is that it is 90% collective, as any epidemiologist or patho-aetiologist could tell you. Best not venture so far out of whatever your area of expertise actually is.

        • 550
          Sheriff Walter K Fandango IV says:

          Yo TAT

          Obama is an American

          he has nothing to do with politics in the UK

          Leave our dudes alone

  25. 44
    Sir William Waad says:

    How did he pass his Working With Children checks? Does being in league with Satan, the Father of Lies not count?

    • 84
      Deputy Head says:

      Well, actually he didn’t. The scheme recommends that you work with children first and then get checked – it’s a very nulaborie thing – i mean how else can you check someone who hasn’t worked with children?? He’s doing a very good job up to now and incidentaly, he was the only one to apply for the job. using oue equal opps policy we were able to appoint our first Scottish janitor.

  26. 45
    Fenman says:

    And–Like Guiness best served “COLD”

    Well done that man

  27. 48
    The Dirty Rat says:

    Spilt Guinness eh, the bounder.
    what comes to mind is, ‘Don’t get angry, get even’
    Or ‘Revenge is best served cold.
    Or even,’Up yours you cnut’

  28. 49
    Jonathan Cook says:


    Thank you so much for doing this. These bastards have been spinning, bullying and smearing for years. It is so nice to see the boot on the other foot.

  29. 51
    Anonymous says:

    Good good, this needs to be done more and more, for every smear coming out of the New Labour bunker the architect and smear stirrers needs to be sued with any damages received donated to charities supporting the victims of Terrorism or Help for Heroes.

  30. 53
    jgm2 says:

    This is the kind of thing I’m talking about post-election though folks. Watch for notice of directorships creeping into the Labour survivors ‘registers of interest’. Then buy yourself a share in the company and start shelling the Chairmen and CEO’s of those misguided companies with appropriately worded appraisals.

    If they still don’t get the message then go to their AGMs. When they get to the questions bit then stand up and give a well-rehearsed chapter and verse on ‘Why the fuck are you employing these economy wrecking fuckers?’ Why are you rewarding failure etc etc. Mob the place. Bring chaos. Hound them.

    Perfectly legal. Spectacularly effective.

    Likewise Quangos (although since the Tories should be running them through with a sword that shouldn’t be such an avenue of escape for the worthless fuckers).

    No quarter. They showed no mercy in destroying the UK and they should expect none from the survivors.

    • 76
      Throbber says:

      Absolutely – no quarter at all.
      Prosecute them in every available manner.

      • 119
        Old Nick Heavenly says:

        Dirty filth even!!!!!!!!!

        Well played G!

        penetrate the depths………..destroy the enemy in his spirit!

    • 113

      JGM2 start a blog and post those things on there. With enough followers you get a momentum where the info comes to you.

      I did the same with NationalDeathService.

    • 186
      Cicero says:

      Excellent. Turn off the tv while you’re about it, and save £140.00 telly tax p.a.

  31. 58
    Mrs Justice Wobblebum says:

    Well done Guido! Damian gets what’s coming to him…

  32. 64
    TheCourtOfPublicOpinion says:

    This is absolutely hilarious. Really, the only time I’ve felt genuinely happy at any of these evil swines antics. When you live by the sword indeed…

    Nice one McBride & sincere thanks – I’ll be raising a glass of the dark stuff to you tonight!

  33. 66
    Laney says:

    You should have served him a baseball bat!

  34. 67
    chronic says:

    ++++BREAKING SPIN+++++
    Dodgy man in a baseball cap seen loitering on school playground with blue books.

  35. 68
    Sir William Waad says:

    One of the definitions of libel is publishing an untrue statement about somebody that “lowers them in the estimation of ‘right thinking’ members of society”. If Damian only sent the email to Derek Draper, Kevin Maguire and Charlie Whelan, how could that apply?

    • 131
      bergen says:

      No need to prove special damage.Publication is enough.That’s why these American magazines with a UK readership of five are sued here rather than in the USA where a lot more needs to be proved.In any event,those e-mails were subject to FoI requests to put them in the public domain.

      • 177
        Sir William Waad says:

        That’s the problem. McBride didn’t publicise these lies. Dorries could argue, though, that as he was aware that an FOI request could be made, he knew that the emails were likely to become public, in the same way as sending a letter to somebody that might be opened by their secretary.

        • 198
          bergen says:

          Don’t think it even needs to be proved that McBride was subjectively aware that they could reach the public domain in that way.I suspect that it never occurred to him.The fact that they could is enough.

        • 379
          Oi! Damien, a pressie for yer says:

          Surely the fact that the email was sent from an “official” email account that would be subject to FOI is of note. I could send bergen & Sir William all sorts of stuff from my home account, but if I did it from work with IT departments etc it would be quite different.

          Nice to think that the gruesome twosome have been discomforted a bit.

    • 401
      A Pensioner says:

      The size of the recipient audience is irrelevant, but could be taken into account is assessing any damages. Anyhow, its not damages that Nadine is after. Just shining the spotlight on the cockroaches at election time will be worth it. Also, Gus O’Donnel was served, which is interesting.

  36. 70
    Thats News says:

    Well done, Guido! Serves them right, that’s what I says!

    Incidentally things are looking more dodgy for His Master’s Voice, too.

    Labour in new U turns, will Labour seek compensation from America over IRA funding? Alan Johnson in bizarre decision and education academy speech? It was all Balls

    • 88
      Anonymously says:

      Watch out for the biggest U-turn of all by Brown – he’s going to repeal all previous new labour legislation, gives us back our freedoms and best of all, pay us bak the money!! Set for about Christmas time I believe

  37. 71
    Prof. Ligate-Pisstaker says:

    Absolutely classic!

    Nothing more than the shyster deserves. Congratulations.

  38. 78
    Tin Cunliffe-Arsely says:

    I don’t know how things work these days, but I’d have thought if you hang round primary schools without a very good reason or excuse you’d best watch out for pitchfork wielding lynch mobs or teachers calling the police.

    As for Tory Bear… “barry bulsara” comes to mind.

  39. 80
    Stronghold Barricades says:

    I love the smell of justice in the morning

  40. 81
    IH says:

    How do you do it Guido? brilliant!

  41. 90
    Gizza job says:

    you mean he has been promoted from Gordon’s chief of staff to school Janitor in one fell swoop.

    Some people are just born lucky and always land on their feet.

    • 371
      Chairman of the Bored. says:

      I have this vision in my mind of that miserable old twat of a janitor in Please Sir, played by Derek Guiler. Are they by chance related?

      McBride is not as ‘guiller’ as our hero Mr Fawkes!

  42. 93
    nell says:

    An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. Very appropriate.

    I hope Kevan is taking note as he too might be facing similar action from certain people if he persists with his dirty smearing acts.

  43. 94

    One more outing for Nadine in The Barclay Ultimatum

    • 161
      Anonymous says:

      Yes, Nadine Dorries serving writs. The irony of it is breathtaking.

      • 361
        Anonymous says:

        Fine, absolutely fine, prosecute her just after she inflicts justice on McBride an Draper.

        Justice for all, just start with the Hunts in power

  44. 96

    I agree with everyone else on the page (apart from Anonymous at 12:27pm). This is just wonderful! I’m looking forward to the impending court case almost as much as I’m looking forward to Alan Sugar v Quentin Letts.

    (For what it’s worth I don’t think Dorries has much of a chance of winning — these were private emails, after all — but this will cause huge embarrassment to Gordon Brown.)

    • 160
      Phil O'Pastree says:

      Then that would be slander not libel.

    • 205

      I don’t really understand how a private email can either slander or libel, Phil O’Pastree. These emails were very unpleasant — and McBride is clearly a very unpleasant man — but there has to be a difference between broadcasting something publicly and saying it in private. If I whisper something libelous to a friend and he prints it in a newspaper, could I be taken to court?

      I recently posted something about Alan Sugar being stupid (Questioning Alan Sugar’s Intellect) and boasted that he couldn’t get me because I live in America. Someone informs me this isn’t true. Does anyone here know any different?

      • 208
        jgm2 says:

        Too bad you don’t get Private Eye.

        Our libel laws are the bane of free speech globally. You have rich folks surpressing free speech by successfully suing writers even though the only copy of the book available in the UK may have been imported for the express purpose of going to court.

      • 218

        Yes, I’ve heard about this. Isn’t there some rich Iranian businessman doing it*?

        I think that we should all take a stand, all describe Sugar as “stupid”, all describe dodgy businessmen in whatever way we see fit (as long as we don’t say something factually untrue) and see if they’ll take us all to court.

        Black people in America achieved equality (or a measure of it) when one woman refused to give up her seat on a bus.

        * “Libel tourism”

  45. 100
    The Fallen Angel says:

    Excellent….just in time for conference season too!!!!!

    It looks as though the last 8 or so months of this government aren’t going to be barrel of laughs… By the end of it Major’s 1997 government could end up looking positively angelic by comparison!!!!

  46. 101
    Old Bill says:

    That bloke in the picture above, hanging around school playgrounds with false beard and baseball cap pulled down, looks suspiciously like Garry Glitter.

  47. 103
    genghiz the kahn says:

    I see that we don’t care for the community scheme has brought McBribe much needed employment.

  48. 104
    Odds Bodkins says:

    This is funny as hell! Love the disguise, it changed your appearance utterly. Well, maybe not, but McBride still didn’t see though it…

  49. 111
    Dan Taylor says:

    Nigel Farage: Why he’ll be missed, New blog post:

  50. 117
    SO17 says:

    Employing that wanker kinda calls into question the judgement of the Govenors at that Indoctrination factory,sorry I meant school.

    • 124
      Sir William Waad says:

      “There, coming up the drive, was the worst Catholic since Genghiz Khan” (Spike Millgan).

      P.S. I’ve just seen a corwd of people waiting to catch a glimpse of Tori Amos. It shows how popular the Conservatives have become.

  51. 120
    Mzzzz. Harpy Harperson says:

    Never mind all this nonsense!”!!!

    What we need is more lesbos in Afgarn

    And Big Clitty wimmin in the Arse o’ Comms

    • 157

      118 Your comment is disparaging to all women the world over and is inappropriate at this time. Harriet Harman is doing a great job empowering minorities such as BMEs, transgenders, gays and women in order that the composition of The Workplace accurately reflects the population at large and for this you should be grateful.

      And may I just say one thing.

      We should all strive for a fairer more equal society because inequality is not just a breach of the human rights of the individual but fairness is the foundation for a stronger economy and more peaceful communities.

      Since 2002, Joan Ruddock MP has been raising questions in the House and fighting to ensure that at least 51% of Afghan MPs are women. On 10 April 2002 Hilary Benn said:

      “We welcome the announcement by the Special Commission for the convening of the Emergency Loya Jirga on 31 March on the procedures and criteria for the selection of delegates for the Emergency Loya Jirga. This includes a quota of 165 seats for women: approximately 11 per cent. of the total Emergency Loya Jirga delegation. This is the highest proportion of women included in any Loya Jirga in Afghan history, and as such is an important first step in ensuring that the views of women will be represented. We will continue to urge the Special Commission for the Emergency Loya Jirga to actively encourage more Afghan women to participate in the political process.”

      Looking out from my Human Resources Panopticon I see women all over the world. Women MPs have not only changed the face of British politics, they have also changed its agenda, which needed to change because women’s lives are changing. The world of work is changing and family life is changing, too. If we are to back up families as they bring up children, earn a living and care for older relatives, we need to understand and represent women as well as men.

      • 166
        Fidel X Penses says:

        Shut up, love, and make us all a cup of tea.

      • 171
        Phil O'Pastree says:

        “..just say one thing.” !

      • 178
        chronic says:

        Is it that time of the month?

      • 179
        Engineer says:

        What are “BMEs”?

        What about all the other minorities – Northerners, Cornishmen, Rural people, the Elderly, Irishwomen, Hebrideans, Northumbrians, etc, etc – oh, hang on – that’s the British population, isn’t it?

      • 183
        shelling-out says:

        We do keep sticking our noses into other countries’ businesses where it clearly isn’t wanted. Women are more or less treated as equal here, in Britain, which is what the suffregettes fought so hard for.

        However, we still keep trying to get other countries to conform to our ways and it isn’t always possible. We have to know when to shut up and ship out.

        • 347
          Jim Beam says:

          Why should British men fight and die for women’s rights in Afghanistan when we are rapidly becoming second or even third class citizens in our own country thanks to that misandrist bitch Harridan Harmsmen?If the feminists believe so strongly in women’s rights why don’t they go to Afghanistan instead of hiding behind the MEN of the British army( not forgetting the few LADIES in the army)

      • 200
        retarded commy says:

        Oh do fuck off you stupid bitch, – pop yer commicon somewhere else!

      • 203
        Oil Beef Hooked says:

        When the other bloke went to the shops for me I forgot something.

        Could you get me some marmite and milk. Thanks

      • 225
        Young Mr Grace says:

        Like Baronness Uddin, innit.

      • 314
        Anonymous says:

        Put yer knickers on and make us a cupp

      • 342
        Cassandra King says:

        This is the kind of utter shite spouted by a typical parasite quangoid, think of all the billions of pounds pissed up the wall on puffed up holier than thou bullshitters who think a torrent of meaningless PC babble makes up for content.
        Mumbo jumbo quangoid doublespeak nonsense brought to you no expense spared by the people who couldnt get a real job in a million years.

        Note to self important parasite, women dont need your ridiculous patronising bullshite telling us all you have done to ‘help’ us, the only thing you parasites have ever done is help yourself to gigantic amounts of cash while sitting in judgement on us all and peddling your prejudice.
        One day you self important numpties will realise, Emily Pankhurst you aint! Maybe another chisseling self important parasite with a chip on your shoulder would better describe you.
        Your type have done more damage and set back real equality with your loony wimmins rites nonsense than any misogonist male.
        Instead of best person best job we now have a situation where complete dummies are promoted over qualified people just because you fools can proclaim equality, it isnt equality its madness.
        Common sense tells us that women should gain promotion on qualifications not bloody quotas, what is it about socialism and quotas/special interests and approved victims?

        Joan Ruddock? A more puffed up chippy windbag harpy it would be hard to find, maggie Thatcher did more for real women than that USSR supporting traitor could ever dream of, Ruddock isnt fit to lick Maggies shoes.

        • 351
          Jim Beam says:

          To Cassandra King. You are a woman after my own heart ,Feminisim has done so much damage to real equality it cannot be measured.You are absolutely right to say that women should gain promotion on merit and that way they will earn the respect and admiration of men.To me you sound like a real lady of decency and common sense and I only wish more women thought the same way.

        • 369
          Anonymous says:

          Long live the King, long live true equality, long live squaddies

        • 402
          Harriets Rabbit says:

          Ruddock was a unilateralist traitor in the 1980′s. Her policy of capitulation to the USSR would have lead to a soviet dominated world or nuclear war. To see her views being taken with anything other than contempt is to spit in the face of all those who defended the west during the cold war.s

          She does however make Hattie seem slightly less deranged.

        • 407
          Rip Van Winkle says:

          Would you marry me?

      • 409
        Harriets Rabbit says:

        You are probably a quango employee, who can pontificate from the luxury of your Human Resources Panopticon. As a small business owner the damage created by your employment legislation results in jobs being outsourced overseas. It is too much hassle to employ in the UK, and given penal tax rates of 50% around the corner it isn’t worth being an employer.

        Suggest you get over to the ‘Stan, walk to the Loya Jigra, have a conference on diversity, lesbian rights, trannies, and what ever crap you feel it is your duty to promote.

        On your way back can you please meet up with an IED, it will save the life of a squaddie and save the tax payers countless £

      • 413
        Dr. Strangehoon says:

        Iz zat you ? Hildegard from Hannover mit ze big knockers I gave ein seeing to in `03 ? Vould a return match be verboten ?

      • 553
        Put the kettle on luv says:

        “Fair” does not give rise to “equal”

        until you understand why this is, please fuck off

    • 462
      Mzzzz. Harpy Harperson says:

      Anyway darhhlings . . as I was saying, . . . I think we need loads more big butch buggers round the place, – you know wiv big clits and bits. Hattie’s Hod Carriers are a fine example, and will be on display at the ‘lympics.

      What a treat!

  52. 123

    [...] In her speech last night Nadine was still smarting from the smear allegations against her, noting that her office still gets regular emails claiming ‘there’s no smoke without fire’. And so the latest smear allegations, and here too, on the recently appointed Chief of the Army, General Sir David Richards, an apparent cause of Labour junior minister Eric Joyce’s resignation, has Nadine all fired up to put a stop to it all. Guido helps her today. [...]

  53. 125
    Jimmy says:

    So who served you then?

    • 174
      James Cleverly's Shoe says:

      Tim Henman? A waiter? You just waffling shit again, Jimmy?

      • 307
        Jimmy says:

        As I recall it was Guido who decided to make these allegations public by trying unsuccessfully to sell them to the torygraph. He would be the obvious defendant in any libel case. Unless of course this is simply a cheap stunt on the part of a couple of desperate attention whores but I think we can rule that possibility out can’t we?

        No doubt Guido will be aware that just because la Dorries hasn’t joined him, it doesn’t mean Draper or McBride can’t. Now that would be funny.

  54. 128
    Odds Bodkins says:

    Love the jacket Guido – Our Man in Havana!

  55. 130
    Terraysts R Uz says:

    Yeah, wot we nyd is a gummunt grant.

    An that.


  56. 134
    Crossfire says:

    Any idea why Nadine’s blog is offline?

  57. 140
    McTwat of McTwat, the Twatty Twat Scott says:

    Fancy a lick of salty ballcocks?

    Mzzzz. J Boot haz a recipe in her collection.

    How is she by the way?

    Bath plug still works OK?

  58. 142
    Mzzzz. J. Boot says:

    You beat me to it.

    Yes indeed, I want to than the taxpayers so much for my lovely bath plug.

    It’s now worn in properly, and is lovely and smooth, and slides in and out lovely.

    I’ll thank the taxpayers properly when the ‘arse o’ cumm-ons starts up agin.

    • 201
      Peter Grimes says:

      “Yes indeed, I want to than the taxpayers so much for my lovely bath plug.

      It’s now worn in properly, and is lovely and smooth, and slides in and out lovely.”

      No, luv, you’re not meant to use it as a dildo – you’ll lose the bloody thing!

  59. 144
    AJC says:

    I wonder if Damian has had a summer job as an intern at the MoD?

  60. 151
    Dan Taylor says:

    Brown’s latest cover-up on Al Megrahi U-TURN! NEW POST!!!

    • 167
      Fidel X Penses says:

      A friendly word in your shell-like, Dan.

      If you want to advertise on Mr. Fawkes’ blog, he’ll gladly sell you some advertising space.

  61. 152
    righty right wing (mrs) says:

    Let justice be done.

    And when it is done one seriously hopes that the Governors of this school will think differently about employing such a gutter snipe as McBride.

    He is hardly a fit person to be influencing the young.

    • 159
      Thanks Mrs RRW says:

      And justice would best be served by . . . . ?

      Public stoning (of the lot of them) . . . (a La Londistan Looneys?)

      Piano wire / lamposts? ( as in the piano-wire man)

      I’m on the fence on this one.

      I’ll go with the majority, – but personally favour something not too quick – if yer kno wot oi mean?

      After all, they’ve made us suffer long enough the bastards!

      • 493
        UK Fred says:

        You’re far too merciful. It needs to last long, be very painful, and ensure that they know what has happended. Think of what Wesley told the evil prince in “The Princess Bride” about leaving his ears, so that he could hear every shreik from every child so horrified by his mangled appearance. Either that or think what your forebears did to William Wallace: hung until he was nearly strangled – no drop for him-, cut down and then his innards cut out with a blunt sword, then beheaded. BUt even that is far too good for Moron McSnot-Gobbler and all his horde.

  62. 162
    subrosa says:


    This is not a comment section for advertising your blog. Do it like others do – make an effort.

    And stop hyping it here.

    That’s ok Guido, I don’t mind doing your moderating for you.

  63. 163
    I serve nobody says:

    Sky News have it as breaking news right now that papers were served this morning. Allegedly there will be papers served against Number 10 tomorrow.

  64. 176
    mad fred 2 para says:

    Guido, what is best in life?

    • 187
      chronic says:

      Footballer, womaniser and a alcoholic.(and is should be was)

    • 196
      Harriets Rabbit says:

      This joke?

      In that observer interview, gordon brown said he would happily walk away and become a teacher.

      aside from the obvious irony of the man who spent the last 10 years raping our economy teaching maths, this got me thinking.

      what would happen if the current Cabinet got forced to become teachers?

      feel free to add your own suggestions.

      Gordon Brown:
      “now class, can anyone tell me what 0 -£172bn is? Yes, it’s sustainable debt that will be worsened by tory cuts”
      harriet harman
      “today in Citizenship, we’ll learn why all men are Hunts”
      Peter Mandelson
      “i’m your new professor of the dark arts…”
      Tony Blair
      “now can anyone tell me what we find in the middle east? yes jonny, it IS wmds. they may not be on the map, but i talked to alistair and they’re definitely there”
      Alan Johnson
      “Definition of compulsory people. Compulsory means “demanded by law”. However, when it comes to ID cards, it simply means “if you want to move anywhere””
      Alistair Darling
      “now can anyone tell me what £175bn times a 2% interest rate over 5 years is? Yes Margaret, correct! It’s a problem for the Tories so we can attack them over nasty cuts!”
      Ed Balls (on being told the child he’s punishing DIDN’T kick a ball through the window)
      “So what?”
      David Blunket’s dog.
      “I’m in the wrong joke. I’m just having a look around”.
      David Cameron (not in the cabinet but neither is Blair)
      “Detention? Hug them instead”

  65. 221
    Sir Reginald Titbrain says:

    Just got back and on the radio half an hour ago the beeb announced that Nadine Dorries intended Court action against the Slim Twins but that it hadn’t been executed yet. All this hot from the ‘Commons’.

    And there’s me thinking semaphore died out years ago.

  66. 223
    Gordon Brown's Underpants says:

    I know about smears, right!

    So listen here my friends. I do believe Gordon is about to set in motion a smear campaign against himself. This is as a direct result of today’s little effort by Naddine. As we all know Gordon sacked the man responsible for something but not the smears, that was Gordon’s doing. So to deny any responsibility for these dirty deeds he is now smearing against himself to gain public sympathy in his hour of need.

    Don’t forget, I knows about these things HaHa…..

  67. 228
    It doesn't add up... says:


    Up to No 10….

  68. 232
    anonymous says:

    Radio 5 – 4.00pm news – nothing about this.

  69. 233
    streamfisher says:

  70. 234
    Prof. E. P. Y. Diddymus says:

    I seem to be going round in circles, but I suggest we have a consultatatatatation about these and other matters

  71. 237
    The PM shouldn't be disturbed but this cunt is says:

    Oh you fooking beauty stainsey, pounding the celt Hunt while he’s down, the magnificence of this leaves me all a shudderin’

    Granted Nadine Dorries is extremely irritating, but this has cheered me up no end

    Now children we’re got a new staff member joining us this term, you may know him as the hate filled, foul mouthed, vile, obese, twisted, lying wretch who spreads vicious smears under orders from the Prime Minister.

  72. 239
    Rangoon Chutney says:

    Brown, Draper and McBride should all undergo a smear test.

  73. 246
    Dr Carnivore says:

    “Giant rat found in lost volcano” – I understand this rumour started off as “Large gerbil found in Lord Mandelson’s arse”.

  74. 247
    Bardirect says:

    So all we’re waiting for now is for the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy to publish the outcome of the complaints made againt Dolly.

    Nothing here or there yet

  75. 255
    aswinsterstale says:

    Good on you Guido, with a capital G.
    Over 12 long fucking years this lamentable self serving bunch of tossers got away with it.
    The real fault lies with the fucking stupid British, voting with their house price, and faithfully believing anyone offering a free lunch.
    Where are the fucking men, men supposed to not put up with shit, takes a fucking woman to take em on.
    As I’ve posted before scractch a blokes car the shit hits the fan, fuck up his kids education, fuck up his mum & dads old age, not a fucking problem.
    Thank fucking god for migration, get some proper fucking blokes into the country

    • 297
      shelling-out says:

      I’ve always thought the majority of people who own their own homes would vote Conservative.

      I have never “voted with my house price” and I have never believed anyone “offering a free lunch”.

  76. 256
    Madine Dotties is Batshit Insane says:

    She’s a Tory Tigress not a troughing piggy

    Now where’s that second home gone ?

  77. 262

    OT Fun game!

    Let’s play missing words, motive & group!

  78. 266
    Anonymous says:

    Who’s going to pay McBride’s legal bills?

  79. 269
    Enough is Enough says:

    I guess a very ‘pervy’ looking McBride would look quite at home at that establishment, don’t tell me he is the new janitor, mirror on the end of his mop maybe?

  80. 270

    Nice job Guido, and compliments to Tory Bear also.

  81. 275
    Talwin says:

    Will Tom Watson get an appearance on the day of reckoning. And what about clever-arse Toilets Maguire? You can bet No. 10′s shitting itself that McBride and Draper might go bandit if hung out to dry.

    This could get very juicy.

  82. 276
    Anonymous says:

    Seeing as the people who feed you your instructions were both been served with legal papers, don’t you members of the Rabid Response Farce think you should be quiet?

    After all, you don’t want to get them in even more trouble, do you?

  83. 283
    Abolish the Licence Fee says:

    Guido, I think you and Tory Bear would do well to but an embargo on any further comment on this case; it could seriously prejudice Nadine’s prospects of redress. The courts take a very dim view this type of commentary on what is now a live case. The Defendants’ lawyers will milk it for all it’s worth.

    • 287
      Madine Dotties is Batshit Insane says:

      where would be the fun and hilarity in that ?

      • 291
        Abolish the Licence Fee says:

        There isn’t any. This type of action is horribly expensive, there’s no legal aid, and the long, drawn-out stress has been known to kill people. If not kill, it has a history of ruining lives, reputations and careers of both defendants and claimants.

        • 346
          Madine Dotties is Batshit Insane says:

          I see your basic error

          what you’ve done is confuse comedy pantomime for something serious because you saw the words “official Court papers”

          Mad Nads history of forays into the realm of M’Learned friends is not a good one and the two Telegraph twins might just throw some money at this case because they too are known to harbour grudges and might enjoy the pantomime played out on the pages of the Telegraph as light relief

          you are absolutely correct about this though

          “it has a history of ruining lives, reputations and careers of both defendants and claimants.”

          So it’s all the more hilarious because Mad Nads is the one instigating it as her “career” is pretty much over anyway thanks to the piggish troughing

          by all means take down a sniveling little shitweasel like Draper but this is a legal hand grenade that will take out everyone involved in it

        • 559
          Who decided? says:

          “this is a legal hand grenade that will take out everyone involved in it”

          Except the lawyers :-(

    • 290

      You well be right Abolish the Licence Fee, but what evidence do you have for the courts taking “a very dim view this type of commentary”? Is there any legal precedent?

  84. 284
    Tory Bear says:

    Haven’t said a word guv.

    • 294
      Abolish the Licence Fee says:

      ON second thoughts, forget embargoing further comments; delete all comments immediately. You’re both crazy leaving these pages up.

    • 315
      SO17 says:

      Was Ms Draper in a silky nightgown and furry slippers when she answered the door?
      I in no way feel your answer would prejudice the case but it would (if the answer was ‘Yes’) then prompt another which is, ‘Chapel hat pegs’?

  85. 286
    nell says:

    Talking of first day back at school – gordon and edb were opening a new academy – in the process they have made another cringe making video.

    • 313
      genghiz the kahn says:

      I had wondered how long Brown would resort to using school children as human shields. Bet none of them were allowed to ask anything about expenses, attempts to smear Army Generals, helicopter shortages, Lockerbie bombers, oil for terrorists, appeasement of dictators, rising debt and a bloated public sector.

      I was of course referring to the spineless members of the fourth estate who go along with this charade that when Brown is in a school there are no questions asked.

  86. 296
    Anonymous says:

    you should of stuffed them papers up his arse

  87. 300
    caesars wife says:

    V is for vendetta W is for wit ,interesting day for you Mr Fawkes , being as you never did receive those emails from FOI, I think your right despite the theater of it .
    But Has Tory bear now unmasked himself !! I briefly thought it was Quentin Letts .

    Quentin gave an interesting eulogy to Keith Waterhouses passing “The vinyards of France will miss him”

    Ed Balls clearly a good choice on foreign office matters “none of us wanted to see the realease of Al Maghre” no doubt making milliband spit his coffe .Ruin being kept sedated .

    Alan Johnson all too cavalier , CW looks forward to further mental seizures of his wonk ideaology , CW knows quite a few solid Labour die hards and even they think that 1997 was not what they voted for when they see the dithering that is a cover for the lies and ecnomic mess . Ruins denial of democray is getting to the doorstep now .

    Dennis Macshane “never mind the politics we should join the Euro” CW thinks “mock the weak”

  88. 305
    Article 38 says:

    OT – but quite funny:


  89. 306

    Who asked you to deliver the papers?

  90. 308
    H. Wharton says:

    What an absolutely spiffing wheeze….

  91. 312
    Moley says:

    So that’s all right then.

    Quote from a blog for “Black” voters.

    The term ‘Black’ is a political term. It refers to African, Asian, Caribbean and other ethnic minorities.

    Funny that the opposite of black wasn’t a political term when it was used by the party that must not be named. Wonder why that is?

  92. 316
    jgm2 says:

    What happens if McBride successfully defends this? Will he have grounds for claiming unfair dismissal?

    Oh deep joy. We’re going to end up paying him another handsome payoff. I can feel it in my water.

    That’d be just like Brown. To fuck up a simple dismissal.

    • 386
      Chairman of the Bored. says:

      I thought he resigned…Brown didn;t shoot him.

      Though I may well be mistaken.

    • 417
      Max says:

      I think McDoom took full responsibility then fired McBride; unfair dismissal? You cannot make this up. Don’t need to actually pull the trigger, constructive dismissal etc. I rest my case, m’lud. What do you mean you can’t afford my fee…ah well, tell me have you ever been “miss sold” an insurance policy? In which case my learned friend down the corridor can probably help sort this out…ahem. Next!

  93. 319
    Dan Taylor says:

    Hello. I am a young blogger writing pieces on domestic and international current-affairs. I write from a right-of-centre standpoint and offer insightful, original and at times, controversial commentary on contemporary political developments. Please do have a read if you get the opportunity on my blog, ‘A Right Perspective’:

  94. 320
    Anonymous says:

    Guido for hire…
    We need our wheelie bin washing out,
    give us a quote.

    • 324
      genghiz the kahn says:

      Just think of the fun there would have been if a writ was served on goron Brown at the Hackney Academy this morning.

      Bet he took no questions on the appeasement of dictators from the History class.

  95. 326
    Max De Cliffhard says:

    Watch out BEADLES ABOUT!

  96. 332

    [...] at 6:20 pm Well this is very cosy isn’t it? Today blogger Guido Fawkes lets us know that he kindly delivered a letter to Damian McBride on behalf of Tory MP Nadine Dorries. With a bemused look on his face he accepted [...]

    • 338
      Bardirect says:

      Perhaps they had to resort to personally delivering these documents as the postal strikes which have been affecting London have been very disruptive.

      Strangely in both areas affected South West London (Draper) and Finchley (McBride) there were particular difficulties reported today, the latter due to “unofficial industrial action” in Kilburn (NW6).

  97. 334
    Guido Fawes: The Chronicles of Tat. says:

    “UPDATE : Mrs Draper took the papers on behalf of Dolly from Tory Bear.”

    You certainly got the plumb job there Guido, what with McSnide having the bigger tits and all.

    • 345
      Hugh Jardon says:

      I’m sorr but i am accepting that.
      The comely Mrs D has a proper pair of shakers!
      I may have even squirted my curd all over them when I was 17

  98. 335

    Does anyone know what McBride has gone back to school to teach exactly? I hope that it’s something kids will benefit from, like Design and technology.

  99. 341
    A Guido Fan says:

    LOL GUIDO!!!!!!!!!!!


    You are one of the greatest UK trolls of all time, I’m gonna tell my grandkids stories about you.

  100. 343
    Dolly McBride's uncle says:

    Why not focus on someone who hasn’t already been roundly defeated ? Draper and McBride deserved their sacking/resignations. To rub their noses in it is, however, to act in as base a way as they did.

    • 344
      anonymous says:

      fcuk off

      our retribution will be sound and fair, given we are dealing with terrorists of the worst kind – treason is serious

      • 348
        Dolly McBride's uncle says:

        One does wonder how many of the tough guys on this discussion thread would say boo to a goose in real life.

        • 353
          Sir William Waad says:

          Quite often do it on the Home Farm, actually.

          Incidentally that’s where I train the Assault Cows for use against former Cabinet ministers. Some of the fields are in poverty though – does anyway know a person or organisation with a really huge amount of bullshit they could let me have?

        • 372
          Peter Grimes says:

          “One does wonder how many of the tough guys on this discussion thread would say boo to a goose in real life.”

          Aw shit, you’ll have us all crying in sympathy if you keep on moping like that.


        • 459

          Incidentally… Goose is much better than Turkey for Xmas.

      • 541
        Dolly McBride's uncle says:

        Its funny but I talk to a lot of people and almost none of them scream and shout and call someone a Cnut face to face. Many do it, however, in the safety of a car or behind a computer.

        I think Guido is wrong to carry on with this vendetta. He did the public a service by ridding us of Dolly and McBride but this is where it should end. Nevertheless, its his fight and I respect his engagement. Its difficult, however, to find respect for the armchair soldiers jeering from the sidelines.

  101. 350
    Daveyone says:

    Here he go’s again;

  102. 352
    Anonymous says:

    Guido we need some arrest warrants served on some Government ministers over fraud and tax avoidance, are you up for it ?

    • 360
      Sir Reginald Titbrain says:

      Guido is in postman/piss taker mode. You need a pile of readies to get the writs served.

  103. 354
    Anonymous says:

    Channel 4 19:01 – It is believed that Nadine Dorries has started legal action against McBride and Draper. Obsiously the lefties at Channel 4 aren’t sure if they can bleived Guido and Tory Bear.

    • 368
      Anonymous says:

      were the papers served under the applicant names Guido and Tory bear ?

      why on earth would they not take it seriously ?

      • 453

        It doesn’t fit the left wing narrative (what they describe as “news”).

        • 513
          Anonymous says:

          yet it made the News and there only seems to be a fit of pique because Guido and Tory bear weren’t mentioned

          did you seriously expect them to be ?

          Dorries is the main player not them

  104. 356
    nell says:

    Have just read that Nadine is serving a writ on Gus O’Donnell, personally, herself tomorrow at no.10.

    Hope she takes a film crew with her – I should like to see that on the news.

    • 366
      R.McGeddon says:

      Channel4 would presumably report it as a ‘stunt’.

      No jokes, please, about Nads and ‘cunning stunts’…

    • 385
      shelling-out says:

      Me too. It would be brilliant if it made national TV – but I’m not holding my breath.

      • 390
        nell says:

        I think it might – most of the papers on the web are now carrying the story. And the purpose of Nadine serving the papers on Gus O’Donnell apparently is that she is suing the Government. I think that’s fairly significant.

        Poor gordon – a crisis a day.

  105. 365
    Madine Dotties is Batshit Insane says:

    WooHoo! this pantomime just got an entire minute on chann 4 News
    sadly no mention at all of Mr Fawkes.

    Let the comedy continue!

  106. 374
  107. 376
    man of the bridge says:

    It used to be said that revenge was best served cold. However, in the modern world, the internet can be thought of as playing a similar role to that of the microwave in the kitchen – it allows revenge to be continually warmed up, as an when required.

  108. 380

    I think Sir William Waad is right. If a judge specifically ordered that you couldn’t talk about the case and you did, that would be contempt of court. Otherwise it isn’t.

    Guido’s wife is a lawyer. She’d know.

  109. 388
    nell says:

    There’s a video in this article showing ToryBear delivering the papers to derek’s house. Sorry if someone else has already published the link on here.

    • 395
      shelling-out says:

      Oh joy. There is a God.

    • 396
      Sir Reginald Titbrain says:

      More likely to be Kate’s house, I should have thought. Derek has his own cardboard box, though I understand it is quite comfortable with sufficient room for a mut and copies of the Big Issue in readiness for the for the day reality dawns on Kate.

      • 400
        shelling-out says:

        He’ll be doing the graveyard shift with the baby, if he’s as hands-on as he’d likle us all to believe.

  110. 398

    [...] was rather amused to read this from Guido and watch this at Tory [...]

  111. 403
    Anonymous says:

    I hope you get stabbed in whatever malformed flap you have that passes for bollocks.

  112. 404

    Oh dear Guido – Sunny “Twat” Hundal over at Illiberal Conspiracy of Stalinist Cocksuckers seems to feel this action betrays your true loyalties; Sunny appears shocked that you are happy to be twisting the knife in McBride. Clearly a man who doesn’t understand vendetta…

    • 412
      AR151 says:

      Mr Fawkes has now strapped himself firmly to the probity and reason of mad nads and her court action.

      do a bit of research to see how wise that is considering how the smears came out and mad nads past successes in libel as well as her disgusting troughing piggery

      in a vendetta you choose your weapon wisely
      you don’t send in someone armed with a spork into a knife fight

      • 457

        “you don’t send in someone armed with a spork into a knife fight”

        You might if it was a really big spork.

        Strapped himself to mad nas? By serving the papers? hardly.

        Besides – she’s not mad – she just happens to disagree with the prevailing views of the times. So what? Not saying I agree with her, but it ain’t illegal to disagree with lefties. Not even Sunny “Twat” Hundal. Can’t you just see that guy as a Labour MP? just just *know* thats’ what he’s after…

      • 512
        AR151 says:

        you think serving the court papers doesn’t now involve Mr Fawkes personally in this and it’s outcome ?

        a somewhat eccentric evaluation and if you think Mad Nads gained her reputation overnight or isn’t involved in porkbusting expenses piggery you haven’t been paying attention

        the unquestioning love of Mr Dale does not a great conservative make

        I don’t give a fuck about this twat Hundal as he’s irrelevant
        anyone who thinks the troops shouldn’t be sent home immediately and doesn’t call for this is a posturing moron. simple

    • 420
      nell says:

      Ah yes!! Mr Sunny Hundal .

      This is the man that is arguing that we need to keep our lads fighting and dying in Afghanistan in order to “prevent war between Pakistan and India……….and in order to provoke a fight between the Taliban and Pakistan”

      He concludes this lofty aim by saying ” We need to develop an Afghani military …until that happens I’m happy to stay.”

      I’ll just bet he is – when will he be signing up in order to stay in Afghanistan until the Afghani’s have an effective military???? Not any time soon??? What a surprise!!!

      Truth is; to this labour government, and its apologists like sunny, the lives of other people’s lads and lasses are cheap and disposable. This failing war is fine as long as it’s not you or anyone in your family who is dying for it.

      Nice man, Mr Hundal.

      • 429
        nell says:

        modded – not sure why. Let’s try again.

        Mr sunshine hund*l, the man that is arguing that we need to keep our lads fighting and dying in Afghanistan in order to “prevent war between Pakistan and India……..and in order to provoke a fight between the Taliban and Pakistan”

        He concludes with the lofty aim ” We need to develop an Afghani Military ….until that happens I am happy to stay.”

        I’ll just bet he is – when is he signing up to for the british army so that he can stay, fighting in Afghanistan until the Afghani’s have an effective military???? Not anytime soon???? What a surprise!!

        Truth is; to this labour government and its apologists like sunshine here, the lives of other peoples lads and lasses are cheap. This failing war, to them, is fine, as long as they and theirs aren’t making any of the sacrifices.

    • 432
      nell says:

      Nice man – mr sunshine – see how he says he is happy to “stay in Afghanistan ”

      • 508
        UK Fred says:

        Fine. Lets have conscription too, and start with every blogger who supports the war in Afghanistan, then follow up with the MPs and their families who voted for it. Just watch the smirk disappear from B-Liar when his beloved Ewan gets told “You’re off to be Taliban fodder my boy” Maybe that will stop the MPs being so keen to get our army involved in was that are no businessof ours.

  113. 405
    Ratsniffer says:

    Guido, top class. Spent all day out earning money for snotty’s taxes; gave me a good titter when I got home and read this. Not to mention that fact that Nadine gives me wood.

  114. 415
    Stronghold Barricades says:

    Its made it to the BBC website,

    Not on the front page, but it is currently second story in politics

    Hopefully they can’t resist if Nadine is going to No10 with court documents

  115. 416
    King Chillout says:

    Alan Duncan has been sacked from the shadow cabinet.

    Is this the first sign of Cameron growing a spine ?

    • 425
      Steve Expat says:

      Better late than never I guess. Dave should have sacked him weeks ago.

      Good riddance Duncan you pompous Hoon!

    • 435
      shelling-out says:

      Thank God for that. I was wondering if Dave had any backbone at all.

      • 436
        shelling-out says:

        He hasn’t actually been sacked, he’s been demoted to Shadow Prisons Secretary. Hardly earth-shattering, Dave. Get a grip!

  116. 418
  117. 423
    Trough Mixture says:

    Duncan: Man on the move….

  118. 426
    Odds Bodkins says:

    Naïve question: is it possible to sue someone for an INTENTION to publish something defamatory? In other words before this stuff actually reached the publication stage?

    One or two have been rubbishing this saying nothing will happen but since McBride was in a sensitive government position where confidentiality and impartiality were important, then surely he will have to face the music in some way?

    The use he was intending to make of this information would have been to the persons’ detriment and there was absolutely no public interest served in this.

    Just curious.

    • 438
      nell says:

      Surely they did publish it – it was sent over an insecure network – not marked ‘private and confidential’and according to Guido it was sent to derek, charliewhln (pr man for unite) and kevinmgre at the mirror (a journalist on a well known trash gossip newspaper).

      Not exactly encrypted messaging between two government computers was it??

    • 442
      Bardirect says:

      conspiracy to publish a libel perhaps?

      • 447
        Steve Expat says:

        IANAL but is libel not a civil matter referring to something actually published, whereas conspiracy is a criminal matter?

        I would guess that the case is probably a civil charge of defamation, although details seem to be short today for reasons best known to those involved.

        Well done Nadine for setting Guido and TB to deliver the letters though!

      • 471
        Boycott the Р Я А Б Д А licence fee says:

        It wouldn’t work. With the exception of ‘criminal libel’ (which doesn’t apply here) Libel is a *civil* matter. *Attempts* are governed by the *Criminal* Attempts Act. Nice try but no coconut.

    • 444
      Engineer says:

      There might be an element of political calculation in this. Suing the Head of the Civil Service for Libel is rather unusual, and certainly keeps the case in the public eye.

      • 452
        nell says:

        There might Eng – but then there was also an element of political calculation in the original smear.

        And the question remainsunanswered – Who authorised that slur ? Do we really think it was mcbride?

        Same thing over bob’aintbustingagut’ and the kevan smears. Do we really think kevan is the mover and shaker ? I don’t!

        Question is ? Where does the buck stop? Who is pulling the strings?

        • 463
          Engineer says:

          Bringing Gus O’Donnell into it suggests that there is more in these e-mails, or the subsequent investigation, than has been made public so far.

          Guido is keeping schtum about something, methinks.

          Verrrrrrry eeeeenteresting……

        • 474
          nell says:

          Yes Eng – there is something going on there isn’t there?

        • 509
          UK Fred says:

          If I had to choose my enemy, between Aintworthatoss and Sir Richard Dannatt, it would be, as the Yanks say, a no brainer. For the country’s sake, I hope Jones & Co have some brain and give up now, but for entertainment value, I would love them to be stupid.

  119. 427
    Watch Out, Guido's About says:

    Actually, Guido does bear some resemblance to Jeremy Beadle. A bit more facial hair would swing it.

    Could be a whole new series, Guido’s About.

    In the pilot, Gordon is a trainee in a mobile phone shop, left on his own during a lunch break. Every time he tries to demonstrate a phone to a customer, it emits a laughing noise. Gordon ends up getting so wound up that he ends up throwing the mobiles against the walls of the shop.

    Then, in the classic style, Guido walks in, dressed as a council admin assistant, clipboard in hand, and hands Gordon his poll ratings…….

  120. 428
    Shit For Brains says:

    Denis McShitehead.
    Brief synopsis: we should join the Euro and lose our (admittedly fucked) sovereign monetary policy because our holidays were a little more expensive this year.

    You faaaarkin tool.

    • 434
      second class citizen says:

      This reminds me of the late Robin Cooks remark that Britain was a multicultural society because the nations favourite dish was chicken tikka masala.

      What patronising little shits these socialists are.

      • 437
        second class citizen says:

        Or were even.

        • 440
          nell says:

          I wish it was in the past tense, citizen.

          But even though robin has passed away (rip) we are still left with the rest of them.

          And when they are gone next year, we shall still be left with their trashed legacy.

      • 445

        IIRR CTM was invented in Glasgow

        • 534
          Boycott the Р Я А Б Д А licence fee says:

          I heard the full story once and thought it was Birmingham. The base ingredient of the first ever masalla sauce was Heinz creme of Tomato soup.

  121. 439

    [...] for the smear campaign Damian McBride was served with court papers by Guido on behalf of Nadine Dorries whilst at the same time McBride’s [...]

    • 449
      Engineer says:

      Yes, we know.

    • 464
      nell says:

      I’m not sure about all this twitter and tweet stuff .

      140 characters doesn’t seem to allow for decent dialogue about the issues of the day. And it seems to come down to personalities just making points one against the other.

      It kills discussion and in-depth thought. It cheapens debate by reducing it to meaningless drivel.

      I guess that’s why labour likes twitter.

  122. 441
    Eeyore says:

    The Donkey Panopticon, Blackpool

    Looking out from my Donkey Panopticon I see Donkeys all over the world. Donkeys have not only changed the face of British politics, they have also changed its agenda, which needed to change because Donkey lives are changing, and Donkeys are changing too. Thus sayeth the ‘Donkey Quango for Donkeys’.

    I’m still depressed though, but Guido’s stunt brought a little sunshine into an old donkey’s life.

    • 460
      nell says:

      I think donkeys are much maligned . Look at those lovable creatures that plod up and down our beaches.

      Politicians , especially this labour crew, would be far better compared to scorpions or earwigs or those 2″ brown cockroaches that run about the marble floors in spain, at least , until you can smack them with a sandal!!!

  123. 443
    Anonymous says:

    You are in trouble now Guido with norfolk blogger you know!

    For me there is nothing like the dishonesty of a pseudonym (Guido Fawkes)

    As the Liberal England blog points out today, there really are questions to be answered about his independence.

    The Guido Fawkes blog for some time like to have a veneer of not being tied to one political party or doctrine but has increasingly become more Tory than Iain Dale. Now at least Iain Dale is open about his politics, but isn’t it about time we knew the truth about where Guido Fawkes blog now stands politically ?

    Posted by NB at 19:51 1 comments

    Labels: Guido Links

    • 469
      Engineer says:

      Pseudonyms are nearly as bad as anonymous posts.

      • 476
        Professor Pedant says:

        But all these posts are anonymous, because you can use whatever moniker you like, or as many as you like, can’t you ?

      • 479
        Anonymous says:

        absolutely, couldn’t agree more!

      • 480
        nell says:

        bit like smears – can make an educated guess, but can’t quite tell where they come from.

        • 485
          Anonymous says:

          i thought this was guido’s site!

          never realised it belonged to his commentators WHO MUST COMFORM!

          carry on looking for things that arn’t there!

        • 488
          Engineer says:

          Methink anon doth protest too much, nell.

          Jangled a nerve, I think….

        • 492
          nell says:

          Being a pedant -coNform.

          Eng they haven’t got the courage of their conviction – that’s the problem.

          Or maybe like gordon they simply haven’t got Courage!!!

    • 475
      Bored by pretentious ladie's pudenda says:

      Fuck off darlin and be clever somewhere else

      • 481
        Bored by pretentious ladie's pudenda says:

        Apols to the grama . . gram . .aticles . . spellers

        it should be lady’s pudenda – you know – the lovely private salty perts or parts

    • 477
      The Society for Making Ed Balls Unemployed says:

      Does anybody really take any notice of someone from Norfolk FFS?

    • 483
      lolol says:

      Of course the Norfolk Blogger is the real name of the Norfolk Blogger,so he doesn’t
      use a pseudonym,so that’s alright then.

      • 486
        A Norfolk Broad says:


        Leeve Norfuck art of it willyer!!!!


        Norfolk was bloody good til all the quangocrats an Lie_Bore tossers turned up!!

    • 489
      nell says:

      Why would the Norfolk Blogger post under anonymous? Hmm? Explain…

      The true Norfolk Blogger himself says he is a former teacher and councillor – a libdem.

      Why would you not want to post under your true label?

      And why when you post under anonymous do you accuse guido of hiding behind a pseudonym – when actually he isn’t – because we all know who he really is.

      So who, norfolk blogger are you?

    • 490
      Professor Pedant says:

      That Liberal England Blog is a bit scary isn’t it. It’ll have Guido quaking in his duffel coat and sandals.

      BTW surely it’s racist to have an ‘England Blog’, excluding potential Celtic contributors of the duffel coat brigade.

    • 494
      chronic says:

      I know the norfolk blogger`s wife and sister…………..her name is Sharon.

    • 496
      nell says:

      As the descendent of fen tigers I say this norfolk blogger does not represent us.

      He/She must say what elections they have fought and how many votes have been cast in their favour. I suspect it will be a very few people. You have made claims therefore you should identify yourself.

  124. 458
    Has anyone seen Mike Hunt says:

    Mr Fawkes , May i congaulate on a well thought out play 10 points for drama .

    and 20 for comedy

  125. 497
    Arthur says:

    nice revenge…..but this comment is getting a bit worn at the edges.

  126. 503
    Arthur says:

    we are all saved….. duncan has become shadow justice minister.

    • 506
      nell says:

      We shall only be saved when gordon and this labour crew have finally gone!

      My champagne is on ice waiting!!

      • 507
        Arthur says:

        i would agree but only if davis was at the helm.

        • 511
          UK Fred says:

          If the Conservative Home is to be believed, the likely new Conservative MPs are well to the right of CMD. what is to stop them doing a Livingston and chucking out Dave and installing DD as the new leader immediately after an election? Other than the fact that they are not so deceitful as ZaNu Lie Baaah.

  127. 518

    [...] Guido serves the same on Damien McBride. [...]

  128. 521
    bhownaggree says:

    Err except the emails don’t refer to Nadine Dorries in person, just a “Tory MP”, so the stupid arse has implicated herself in an affair, which apparently she has not had.

    You MUST have better things to do dear Guido. Like following up the expenses scandal, which hasn’t all come out yet.

  129. 522
    Jimmy says:

    “You MUST have better things to do dear Guido. ”

    You’ve clearly never read the blog.

  130. 530
    Damien says:

    Guido is not the only strange geezer caught hanging around school playgrounds.

    What’s Gordon up to?

  131. 531
    Odds Bodkins says:

    I really hope this git gets his comeuppance.

  132. 536
    aswinsterstale says:

    Thousands of Muslim butchered, armed forces treated with criminal neglect, scams even corleone couldn’t dream up.
    Hundreds of fucking useless Guardian toynbees clogging up quangos, lies, more lies, and even more lies.
    Blairs greedy gobby wife a fucking judge, a fucking judge for christs sake.
    The countries broke –
    And what does at least one of them have to answer to –
    Sending a fucking email
    Welcome to modern britian, where things can only get better, just so long as Sim*n C*well gets the rights that is

  133. 538
    Joe Soap says:

    I wonder if they’ll call all past victims of labours false smears to prove their behaviour is endemnic & rotten to the core

  134. 542
    Spliffe says:

    I hope the stupid, expense-fiddling sciencemerific woman beats him in court, and then loses all her money in legal fees.

  135. 543

    [...] two of the worst of what Nu Labour has offered being served with political papers by no less than Guido Fawkes and Tory Bear. Of course, this is a great stunt and an embarrassment for the left that those two [...]

  136. 544
    Great Granddad says:

    The moral of the story is, if you should come across a merry Irishman in a pub in Westminster, pay all proper respect to his Guiness.

  137. 545

    [...] I, with my very limited legal knowledge, thought that it was strange that Guido and Tory Bear had suddenly branched out into some sort of quasi-legal [...]

  138. 562

    [...] McBride’s First Day Back to School : “Greetings from Nadine Dorries” Guido provided service with a smile. 563 Comments. [...]

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