July 10th, 2009

And the Winner of the Caption Contest is….

drudge_obamaIf Matt could send his home address and his T-shirt size Guido we’ll see what we can dig out…

Drudge reckons ABC News is covering for Barack in this video report.  Guido thinks Obama is following that old proverb, “when in Rome do as the Romans do”.

Obama is just taking his cue towards the young lady from Silvio…


  1. 1
    It's all Balls says:

    If Brown was there he’d be looking at Obama

    • 3
      Trough Mixture says:

      He looks at Obermeyer when he’s not there too. He’s the Chuck Berry of Satellite Surveillance.

      • 5
        Pudge Facker says:

        Who the heck is Matt? I can’t find his caption. Can you tell us what the caption was please?

        Also, what’s with this new found penchant for announcing a winner and volunteering a prize? What about all those caption competitions where there have been some cracking captions but never a word heard from our lord and master, Herr Fawkes?

        • 8
          Andy Coulson says:

          Two years is a lot of porridge Mr Murdoch.

        • 9
          Master Baiter says:

          It’s Matt Drudge, moron, you know the one that lost it for McCain.

        • 51
          Vote B- n - P? says:

          Bugger off you big pink buggerer.

        • 64
          It's political correctness gone.. you know the rest says:

          These nannystatist busybody thought police would put every woman in a burka to stop anyone “objectifying” them and can’t help but sneer at anyone who dares look at a nubile female.

          Feminazi’s everywhere now sadly.

        • 87
          Dack Blog says:

          I’d assumed the prize thing was a joke. I’m a bit dissappointed if it’s fo’ real.

        • 133
        • 238
          Rant against the machine says:

          Was thinking the same myself, cud this be proof that Guido has been perpetrating a competition scandal to rival GMTV and such like. Is it the case that posters were encouraged to enter even though they had no chance of winning ? Is it all the fault of the tories ? Can Nick Robinson spin it this way on Monday Morning and should Cameron resign ?

      • 16
        resurgemus says:


        getting near your going home time.

      • 84
        MI6 says:

        Stimulus package, alright. What a load of Sh-t These lot couldn’t Stimulate themselves. Did they not realize that they have Fuc-ed the world economy with the War and by government spending gone crazy. Lets lock as many people up for as long as possible and see if we can blow all the cash we nick of the private sector and the people. I am sure they will never notice while we build our paramilitary police force on the back of the Drugs business that we are allowing to flourish in Afghanistan with the USA puppet government in Charge. When will these clowns realize that it is government strategy that is burying Capitalism

    • 23

      Obama looks up to Gordon as one of the greatest world leaders the modern world has ever seen. Brown’s knowledge of economics is second to none, which is why over the past twelve years Britain has prospered and under Labour has led the world in the fight for human rights and equality for all. Ieyasu Tokugawa united a broken Japan: Brown has done the same. Who knows, maybe in 200 years he’ll be considered one of the greatest Britons of all time. I think there’s a strong chance of that.

      • 28
        Max says:

        LOL! Brilliant.

        • 97
          Expat says:

          Finnaly the penny has dropped – I previously thought that you were serious. Sorry for thinking that you were just a complete and utter tosser – now I know you are a complete and utter tosser with sense of humour of a 5 year old.

        • 118
          Siberian Tory says:

          Excellent stuff!

          Gordon Brown a political titan.

          Charles you’re not serious are you?

      • 45
        caesars wife says:

        winner for Arther Rank award for best work of implausable politcal fiction

      • 48
        Abolish the Licence Fee says:

        True, Charles, but let’s not forget the Treasury’s role in all this. Can I just quickly say – and I believe I speak for the entire nation when I say this – we all owe a _tremendous_ debt to the Treasury for their handling of this economic crisis. I find it hard to see how we can ever repay them.

        • 49
          The Banks says:

          We will also find it hard to ever repay them

        • 400
          anonymouse in the Treasury skirting boards says:

          Deficit between sepnding and income, UK Govt.

          £200bn 01 -08 – fact
          £100bn 08-09 – fact
          £200bn 09-10 – projection
          £300bn 10-14 – projection

          Yes, we certainly will owe Brown a great debt indeed!

      • 62
        Popeye says:

        Dream on bomb head.

      • 77

        Great leaders have great statues in their image or buildings or sometimes an event named after them.
        Nelson’s column. JFK airport. Columbus, Ohio.etc

        So far we have The “Gordon Brown pie stand at Raith Rovers”
        “The Gordon Brown Stockton on Tees, Durham slaughterhouse and cutting plant”
        “The Gordon Brown mini roundabout. {proposed for Ballymena, Antrim}”
        Gordoday. The first bank holiday in May. All shops and businesses close. Permanently.
        Or maybe Charles is right and in 200 years the BBCeu*will announce
        “Today is Brownout day. E-UK taxpayers have finally paid off the last instalment of the government debt from 2007-2011. Gordon Brown was a dysfunctional Prime Minister of the old United Kingdom. He was leader of the old Labour party in 2010. He lifted millions out of poverty into penury.
        Today he is chiefly remembered as the last leader of the labour party which ceased to exist in 2014 and the inventor of the 0% increase.

        In Scotland ‘Brownout day is still celebrated in the remote highlands when a virgin is taken to a weirdo crofters’ hut and left for the night with the occupant, under instructions to attend to his every desire.
        She is released bored, but unharmed, in the morning.

        • 120
          Siberian Tory says:

          There won’t be a Gordon Brown anything in Stockton on Tees while I have breath in my body.

        • 216
          summer_Breeze says:

          Lol with a bit of luck he and some of his cronies might just move into Holme House. I’m sure the crew from Ragworth will think of a few things to rename him while he’s in there. They’ll probably alter his appearance a bit as well and for no extra cost to the tax payer.

      • 103
        Doctor Mick says:

        Charley Farley may have a point. Brown has United the Kingdom alright. But in much the same way as Hitler did. We all hate him and are galvanised together in common purpose to see his overthrow.

        • 252
          g1lgam3sh says:

          That would be more Jimmy Carter…I think you will find Hitler was quite popular in certain quarters…both upstairs and downstairs….Jimmy Carter at least has a little charisma unlike Gordo the Munificent, (your money natch).

          These tossers are really starting to piss me off now innit, please excuse my somewhat intemperate language… Piano wire, Tar and Feathers as first reserve…

          Ridicule and simple disobedience in small ways accompanied with ridicule as a starter.

          Think about how many mistakes they make even in the face of reality….overwhelm them with their own incompetence…give them data, and lot’s and lot’s of it…again and again…they have little chance of turning it into information…just for fum…encrypt even your simplest emails….put a signature with the simplest encryption saying something like…’Why are you wasting my money on trivialities, if I wanted to hide something you would have to do more than Trolling’ or summat

          Time for a true common purpose…not another Commune Purpose….sorry folks, just ranting

      • 122
        Rant against the machine says:

        Charles, next time somone offers you mind altering drugs, just say no !

        • 341
          English Viking says:

          Hey Charlie, the next time a stranger offers you a lift, I say take it! Remember, strangers have the best sweeties.

      • 173
        Rt Hoon Gordon Broon says:

        Aye, my wee gimp, I did unite a broken Japan.

      • 189
        Biffo says:

        Shouldn’t hold my breath on that one Charles if I were you – unless you’d like a pretty Tory Blue face? My bet is that in 200 years Brown will still be known as the delusional incompetent twat that the majority of people in the UK currently know him to be.

      • 323
        Anonymous says:

        “Ieyasu Tokugawa united a broken Japan: Brown has done the same.”
        Brown has united a broken Japan?

        • 347

          I think he means Brown has made us into an 80′s style Japan. No growth for 20 years and the most expensive place to live in the world. Probably have earthquakes too.

        • 351

          Labour inherited an economy with a broken infrastructure and systemic failure waiting to happen. The infrastructure has been fixed under Labour and the systemic failure the CBI and the Tories opposed fixing all the way has exploded in our faces. A Labour landslide at the next election will give Gordon Brown the mandate to take on these forces of failure and corrosion.

    • 54
      Vote B - N - P? says:

      Brown <3 Obamarama

      Brown be a batty boy?
      Mandy be a batty boy

      • 80
        Anonymous says:

        Nanziboy Nicky be a batty boy ?

        • 172
          thick as thieves says:

          nah, nick griffin’s a nonce.
          fuck off bn p c’unt.
          arseholes like you are not welcome here.
          the sign on the door reads ‘no crackerjack motherfuckers’.
          that means you 6.27pm nazi.
          fuck off you damn honky.
          what the fuck is wrong with these crackerjack bn p cocksuckers?
          must be something wrong with their genes.
          hmm yes, their violent, ignorant, anti-British thinking is clearly of a similar thuggish and animal behaviour to that of the neanderthal man.
          hold on a minute, hmm….wait a second, fucking hell could it be?
          YES IT FUCKING IS!
          no refund.

    • 63
      I am Sick says:

      Dont you mean Omaha?

    • 107
      PT Barnham's shit shoveller says:

      PC @64 No, no, no. A woman should be able to walk around starkers and not be objectified. That is the true goal of equality!

    • 129

      Hazel Blears was right when she said that cynicism destroys politics. If you published comments under your real names like I do then there would be a lot more thoughtfulness, positivity and consideration of the long term.

      This site had great potential but its degenerated into a Tory hate-fest run by the Alan Partridge of bloggers. Well done everyone, you’ve proved Hazel right.

      • 132
        barefootcontessa says:

        Tony Blair complained about cynicism too.

      • 136
        Walter Wall-Carpeting says:

        Hazle Blears is a complete Hunt and so is any idiot who agrees with the drivel that comes out of her trough-hole.

        • 197
          Biffo says:

          Surely the lovely Ginger Midget is far too busy troughing everything she can before she falls into political oblivion at the next GE to worry about either cynicism or politics?

      • 259
        PT Barnham's shit shoveller says:

        Who you calling a Tory, Charles? Stupid boy. Can’t tell the difference between disenchantment with the crackpot govt and a love for CMD and the blue rinse brigade!

  2. 2
    Spoon with Wood says:

    A fucking T shirt?
    Does’nt Matt get the bird!

    • 15

      Development, focus and a commitment to the long-term is all that Labour need to focus on in order to trounce the Tories at the next election.

      You heard it here first.

      • 25
        hoof-hearted says:

        Trouble is, there’s very little development, hardly any commitment to the long term, and absolutely no focus whatsoever, so there’s no chance of trouncing anyone at the next election.

        …and you wonder why we feel like we do.

        • 90
          Scorched Earth says:

          The Election isn’t in the long-term it’s getting closer and closer as the polls remain pure Electoral poison for Brown, day after day, week after week, month after month.

          Limp-dick talking points pasted from Mandy’s minions are as effective as the Building Britains Future relaunch failure was.

          The Polls are the only thing that matters.
          Not hilariously twatty policy wonk bullshit that the public always ignores.

          You heard it here first.

        • 137
          Doctor Mick says:

          I’ve never known any government that was hated quite so much as this one leading up to an election. Ahmadinejad’s perhaps?

      • 32
        Max says:

        A strategy also known as: carrier bag, empty beer cans, two bricks.

        • 85
          hoof-hearted says:

          Yeah. That sums Brown up a treat.

        • 267
          Biffo says:

          Then he’ll drink someone else’s fairly expensive wine. That’s Gordon for you – always finding ways to have something without paying for it. Tony Blair & Imelda SlotGob were the same about summer holidays.

      • 39
        kwik save says:


      • 47

        Gordo should be committed.

      • 202
        Biffo says:

        Charles, you’re a fucking loon. You heard that here first too.

      • 325
        older not wiser says:

        I undertsand Labour have taken out shares in panasonic to pay off their debts.

        Perhaps we need to develop a new format of abttery to make it run longer.

  3. 4
    So17 says:

    I thought my caption was a peach. A bit like that girls ass.

  4. 6
    Andy Coulson says:

    Two years is a lot of porridge

  5. 7
    Sir William Waad says:

    Berlusconi isn’t a Roman. He comes from Milan.

  6. 10
    Uddin everything according to the rules says:

    I’ve got a great pair of udders, you know. Interested?

  7. 12

    Dear All

    I want a recount, I enter these competitions in good faith and never win.

    Yours sincerely

    George Laird
    The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

    • 159
      Chris Gilmore says:

      George, some people are just born losers.

      Yours sincerely

    • 176
      All of the undersigned says:

      Oi you George

      How come I can’t read your blogsite anymore?

      Invitees only”!!!!!

      Faux Cul
      Bugger Lugs
      Great Big Billygoat Gruff

      • 256
        George Laird says:

        Dear All

        No mystery, I am split it.

        There are now going to be two blogs.

        One will be the normal site and the other will be completely devoted to a history of bullying at Glasgow University using stories and scanned university documents.

        It will be a timeline and list everything about those involved in corruption, this has never been done before in Britain.

        Once complete, it will be open to all but every MP and MSP in Britain will be getting an email to explain it.

        Then I will work my way through academics departments in Britain.

        Yours sincerely

        George Laird
        The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

        • 264
          PT Barnham's shit shoveller says:

          What? All of them? Obviously you have insiders to provide you with documentation of confidential disciplinary procedures in relation to every department in every university in Britain. Not.

          Good grief, you really do have one massive chip on your shoulder.

        • 348
          fewqwer says:

          You mean like this?

          I sincerely wish you the very best of luck with that. There are some truly despicable people infesting academia.

      • 270
        Chris Gilmore says:

        No fucker ever read it before so I don’t know why it’s “Invitees Only” now. Who exactly? George Laird himself, his mum, some old aunties, his cat and Toni Grimaldi (the pizza takeaway owner round the corner from George’s bedsit).

        • 407

          Dear All

          The Gilmore Prick has stated;

          “No fucker ever read it before so I don’t know why it’s “Invitees Only” now”.

          It is a Godly blog and I want it perfect, it would be an outrage to have some University of Glasgow Stalker types clutter the place up like spots of VD!

          “Who exactly?”

          Not you.

          “George Laird himself, his mum, some old aunties, his cat and Toni Grimaldi (the pizza takeaway owner round the corner from George’s bedsit)”.

          All dead I am sorry to report and I am not a cat lover.

          Speaking of dead people, tick tock tick tock….. now quickly.

          Tick tock tick tock tick tock, goes by so quickly doesn’t it Gilmore.

          As for Pizza, there is no Pizza takeaway round the corner I am sad to state, so if you’re out stalking me bring food.

          Yours sincerely

          George Laird
          The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

  8. 14

    I never had you down as a Drudge groupie, Guido. Mine was better than that.

    • 106
      You can go for months without a T then bam. says:

      It’s all about traffic, you scratch my back etc. etc. Guido would make a good bent politician!

  9. 17
    Master Baiter says:

    Mayara Tavares, 16 from Rio, Brazil, ask Andy Coulson and he’ll get her medical records, texts and voice mails.

    • 18
      resurgemus says:

      It’s Friday don’t for get to allow for the weekend traffic

    • 30
      Lord Archer says:

      Useful guy this Andy. Let’s keep him.

    • 36
      resurgemus says:

      not even lead story on BBC any more

    • 38
      So17 says:

      Mayara Tavares, meet my leedle friend.

    • 46
      resurgemus says:

      wow MB

      you actually stayed 4 minutes after going home time


      • 162
        Doctor Mick says:

        Was hardly worth missing the train.

        • 205
          thick as thieves says:

          oh dear doctor dick what on earth were you doing on a train?
          your section rules are quite clear: you are not allowed to leave the ward.
          nurses, please bring doctor dick to the treatment room.
          don’t start scratching the lovely nurses like you did last time doctor.
          stop hissing and take your medicine like a man.
          for if you do not complete your ECT therapy you will never be able to wipe away the psychotic war criminal zionist violence that rages through your disordered mind.
          but have faith doctor, I will ensure the treatment works even if I have to really fry your brains. I will make sure you get well.
          it is God’s work after all.
          does anyone know which nurses are on tonight? nurse ratchett and her ugly sister are?
          oh excellent.
          they use the turkey baster and everyfink!
          but as you are a lesbian you will probably enjoy that aspect of the proceedings.
          and the great pro-lesbian thick as thieves says: thumbs up to lesbians!

        • 218
          Nurse Ratched says:

          Get my name right, at least.

        • 247
          thick as thieves says:

          ah, dear nurse ratched, my mistake.
          thankyou for the correction.
          now I believe it is my turn.
          please touch your toes nurse.
          you will feel a slight stinging sensation to begin with which will then turn into a dull throbbing.
          I can’t fucking believe I am spanking nurse ratched!
          what a sweet sweet deal!

        • 265
          Doctor Mick says:

          Ferchrissakes you do go on, tat. If it weren’t fer the mention of lesbians I might not have finished your wittering.

        • 296
          Nurse Ratched says:

          I wouldn’t trust you to acknowledge my safeword.

  10. 19
    Conrad Black says:

    Dont worry Rupert your to big too go down .

  11. 20
    resurgemus says:

    Dum diddi dum di doo da da diddi dum didi dum didi doo

    • 21
      resurgemus says:

      Master Baiter says:
      June 30, 2009 at 11:41 am
      Germany’s GDP fall is far worse than the UK’s.
      Germany’s unemployment level and increase is far worse than the UK’s.
      Ipso facto the UK recession is less severe than Germany’s.

      German industrial production up in May 3.7%
      Exports surge
      balance of payments €10billion surplus

  12. 22
    Dirty Digger says:

    It can’t be that bad, you’ve got an internet connection?

  13. 27
    Sunonmars says:

    Oh god, its now 3 soldiers daed today in Afghanistan. Thanks a lot to our wonderful govt for putting them out in that hellhole.

    Condolences to the families.

    • 29
      hoof-hearted says:

      The very fact that he doesn’t even bother to go to their funerals speaks volumes for me. He just pays them lip service at PMQ’s. It really is appalling.

      • 33
        Sunonmars says:

        exactly, the effing SOB. At least the people today lined the streets for the 5 returned today.

        • 81
          I am Sick says:

          What the hell are we doing in such a tribal shithole?

          Afghanistan is governed by Sharia Law, its not even as if we are fighting for anyones freedom.

          We are just propping up one sect against another, sooner or later we will leave and everything will have been for nothing.

          What a disgusting f*cking waste of brave soldiers.

        • 88
          hoof-hearted says:

          What the hell are we doing in such a tribal shithole?


        • 123
          Rant against the machine says:

          This government are cowardly bastards !

        • 368
          I am Sick says:


          There is no oil in Afghanistan, just heroin and that comes right back to this country and destroys even more lives.

          I repeat, what the hell are we doing there?

          There is no freedom to defend, Sharia Law is the most horrific form of oppressive government imaginable. We are propping up one group of tribes against another group of tribes, all of them are repugnant, narrow minded and viscious fanatics. meanwhile five more soldiers were killed yesterday, for what? Freedom? Democracy? Nothing?

        • 386
          hoof-hearted says:

          To “I am Sick”

          There may not be oil wells in Afghanistan, but there is an oil and I think also a gas pipeline which run through it to Russia.

        • 396
          barefootcontessa says:

          What a mess milliband made of his interview with J.Humphreys on radio 4 this am. Couldn’t make up his mind whether it was al Kaeda or terrorists we were fighting. Good interview on Today prog for a change. Milliband stuttering and stammering, why doesn’t he get his tin hat on and go over there to fight if he thinks the war is such a good thing! The Russians, I believe, lost c10.000 men in Afghanistan before they withdrew with their tail between their legs.
          We’ve been involved in Afghanistan unsuccessfully for c300 years. To begin with the government were constantly going on about obliterating the poppy fields. They seem to have changed that mantra now and like to insist that the war is to ‘keep us safe at home’! Do they know what they’re about at all?

      • 71
        nell says:

        Yes but also the fact that he has made Bob Ainsworth the Minister for Defence is an absolute slap in the face to our boys out there and to the military – all he can say is there are more deaths to come – Lions led by Donkeys indeed!!!

        When cameron gets into power I’d like to think he’ll bring them all home.

        • 79
          Engineer says:

          Or, at the very least, gives our lads (and us) a clear idea of what they are supposed to be doing out there for the good of Queen and country.

        • 124
          Rant against the machine says:

          and give them whatever they need to do what they want them to do, it isnt rocket fucken science !

        • 128
          Twizzle says:

          Don’t insult Donkeys. Ainsworth’s an ass.

        • 144
          nell says:

          Ainsworth is of less value than a slug! I rate him in the same box as alastairc, mcb, gordon and the parents of babyp.

      • 210
        Biffo says:

        Or at least go to Brize Norton to show some respect (that is where the planes land isn’t it?).

    • 31

      Brown is fighting for Britain’s interests. You’re undermining the bravery of our troops by criticising our Prime Minister so show some respect.

      • 34
        Sunonmars says:

        You can go fuck yourself and if you were here right now, i’d punch you into next week for that smartarse comment.

      • 35
        hoof-hearted says:

        How is that, Charles? I do not undermine the bravery of our troops, just that of Brown.

      • 40
        evasion says:

        Gordon Brown is a knob.

      • 41
        Old Rockape says:

        You overblown fucking windbag full of shite piss off!!

        • 72
          Anonymous says:

          Dad of current Rockape agrees. Just fuck yourself with a spiky stick Hardwidge

      • 50
        A simple truth says:

        Let Brown walk the gauntlet of Wootton Bassett High Street. There would be no respectful silence for his bravery and sacrifice. These men died for Queen and Country not the unelected hoon in Downing Street.

      • 55
        Trough Mixture says:

        Mind how you go Charles…

      • 61
        Canary Wharf Rat says:

        Charles, my son fought in Afghanistan & Iraq, he came back to Uni and has just joined the Met. That is service to the Public and this Country. Brown is not fighting for anything except to save his own skin. Fuck off back to Liarlist

      • 67
        Dirty Rat says:


        Do you fancy a night out round the pubs in Aldershot? I will pick you up around 2100 hrs.

        • 69
          hoof-hearted says:

          No – pick him up at “O dark hundred” for a march around the barrack square. That’ll fix him.

      • 96
        There are limits says:

        My Brother put his career on hold for 8 months, left his wife and four kids under 10 at home, filled out his will and did his duty. You shameful anonymous b…tard Hardwidge. A lot of real Brits, not passport Brits know what it’s like and the kind of people you are.

        A politician struts the while and croaks…the army and the country never dies.

        Don’t ever conflate a shite politician with a British soldier. The army understands duty and loyalty.

        Do likewise and put your life on the line you shit.

        • 110
          Doctor Mick says:

          Blair promised the Army whatever they needed for the fight. They didn’t get it. A lot of them buy their own boots.

      • 125
        Rant against the machine says:

        yeah go and fuck yourself right off you cowardly little prick !

      • 213
        Biffo says:

        Brown is fighting for Brown’s interests – first, last & everywhere in between. Oh, and just so you know – the man is a complete (though demented) C-U-N-T.

      • 290
        g1lgam3sh says:

        It’s about Pakistan really, they just daren’t say it yet…Afghanistan is just a prophylactic…meantime our Guys are fucked with no protection…still keep going though…Lions led by Donkeys…again…plus ca change.

    • 313
      Robin Hoodie says:

      According to the newly refurbished MOD HQ in Whitehall.

      (Bargain at 1.2GBP BN)

      There has been a ZERO % Increase in Casualties in The Operational Theatres.

      Why would our troops want the best equipment when the Civil Servants in the MOD, need new Leather suites in their recently modernised, and bigger offices. Oh and murals, and TEAK desks and coffee tables. And smoked glass partitions.

      Much better for morale than Helos.

      Fuck the Pongo Squaddies, they have to eat dirt whilst we quibble about the choice of free coffees and fine teas to offer at the many reflective planning procurement opportunities. More procurement of bigger desks, and the latest web browser.

      • 375
        Ghurka lurkha says:

        Lions led by donkeys?

        Don’t insult our WW1 generals and politicians, they were much more progressive.

        1914 no combat aircraft, 1918 20000 aircraft and a newly formed RAF. 1915 no artillery shells, 1918 combined arms support integrated with tanks to defeat the German Army in the field.

        But now no helicopters, the wrong vehicles and soldiers who have to buy their own boots. Yet we have more admirals than ships, more generals than battalions.

        Our WW1 generals were geniuses compared to the twats in the ministry of defeat!

  14. 42
    Sukyspook says:

    Michelle’s not going to be too impressed but what does Larry Sinclair have to say about the Obamanation’s wandering eye??

  15. 44
    Max says:

    An insight into the mad mind of Mental McDoom:

    “I am the only person who can save Britain and I know best. If Britons do not understand that concept then I can do whatever is necessary to continue to lead them and be in a position to save them. Thus by every thing that I do and every thing that I say, logically I am fighting for Britain’s interests even when it appears that I am not.”

    (Jaw drops, both hands extend out in chopper action)

    Ad nauseam.

    • 222
      Biffo says:

      McMental’s state of mind would be much improved by a bullet through the middle of his forehead – so would the state of Britain.

  16. 53
    So17 says:

    Maybe we all misunderstood that picture.
    I mean come on, what would the President of the USA want with a 16 year old girl who has pert breasts,taught buttocks,smooth skin and a Box as tight as a mouse’s ear.
    Unless he is some kind of sick fuck.

  17. 56
    Events dear boy events says:

    First confirmed reports in Britain of Swine Flu killing someone with no underlying heath issues.

    • 60
      Ever Hopeful says:

      Well that lets Gordon out. Fuck it!

    • 66
      hoof-hearted says:

      Gprdon Brown’s “let’s scare everyone” tactic. One person has died from Swine Flu with no underlying health problems. More people get killed on the roads every day. More people have been shot and killed in Manchester recently.

      Get real folks!

      • 78
        Anonymous says:

        Guido didn’t seem to think it was a “scare” when he rushed to get the Tamiflu.

        Or are you saying he’s falling for Brown “hype” and propaganda ?

        • 83
          hoof-hearted says:

          No. I’m saying that the media (through government) is hyping this up out of all proportion.

        • 91
          Dack Blog says:

          We had our first case at school this week (and a measles case, and a mumps case). Letters have been sent home with some bullet-pointed Govspeak advice. There’s been no panic or even any concern.

        • 113
          Anonymous Misogynist says:

          50,000 people worldwide die of (normal) flu every year, ffs!

        • 148
          Anonymous says:

          Tell it to Guido.

        • 150
          Doctor Mick says:

          Nuliebore’s Scaring in the Community tactic.

          If you don’t vote Labour you’ll all die of Piggy Flu. Don’t think that’ll work myself.

      • 306
        g1lgam3sh says:

        More people are convinced they’re going to die of Man Flu rather than Swine Flu…my concern is simple…Swine Flu only strikes once…how much deadlier then is Man Flu…which strikes again and again, nobody seems to care about that, typical.

  18. 68

    Do as the romans do, YEAH. She does have a nice butt so i am not surprised he looked, I wonder what the rest of her looked like.

    • 75
      hoof-hearted says:

      A tackwelder’s bench?

    • 76
      Sir William Waad says:

      Well, I guess it would have two of everything on the sides and one of everything down the middle.

    • 115
      Dack Blog says:

      Speaking of which is that film trailer ad to compensate the blokes for the fact that we gals were treated to Piers Morgan? *still has nightmares*

  19. 82
    Northbound M25 says:

    Matt the winner?

    He didn’t even even your blog caption competition! Drudge report is not this blog.

    Matt being awarded as the winner is outside the (Green book) rules.

    I demand a MET police inquiry.

    • 86
      Shahid Malik MP says:

      It was a million percent within the rules.

      • 102
        nell says:

        Talking of shahid- I see cllr khizar iqb*l, a former tory, is proposing to stand against malik as an independent, at the next GE. That should make TAT happy – he’s all for more independent MP’s.

        Oh wait a minute – isn’t cllr iqb*l the gentleman who started that on-line petition “malik must go” over his expenses scandal?

        Honorable enough intention but perhaps not as a prelude to one’s own bid for malik’s job.

        • 170
          Doctor Mick says:

          It’s a nice little earner this independence mallarkey.

        • 188
          nell says:

          Yes! And where’s TAT tonight with his theory re: Independents?

        • 237
          thick as thieves says:

          correction doctor:
          “It’s a nice little earner this party politics mallarkey.”
          there cripple, that is closer to the truth.
          the answer to reforming our democracy is to vote for local reasonable candidates independent of any political parties.
          such people would only be accountable to their constituents and their own conscience. as they would not have to follow the party line such people would see things as they are and not as the parties would wish them to be.
          such scrutiny would certainly reduce the democratic deficit.
          so the question is: who will be the next leader of the conservatives after the tories have ditched the useless c’unts dave cameron and gideon snortalot?
          who would be favourite to take over?

        • 258
          Doctor Mick says:

          tat, can you not shorten your posts? I have a low attention span (the treatment) and can’t be arsed to wade through your extended ramblings.

          Less is more!

        • 305
          thick as thieves says:

          you are a dim troll.
          the readers are not dim like you.
          you will just have to try harder, much harder to keep up.
          run cripple, run.

        • 320
          Doctor Mick says:

          I’ll just hobble along on me crutches ta very much.

        • 382
          Dick the Prick says:

          Khizer was a Tory, cabinet dude at Kirklees

  20. 89
    The Master says:

    That weasel Ainsworth just said on C4 News when asked about money “defence spending has risen in real terms every year since 1997 and anyway extra spending on Afghanistan doesn’t come from the budget, it comes from elswhere”. Elsewhere! Where? So there must be some “black fund”. Ainsworth, I ask you. Pathetic, yet revealing.

    • 93
      Anonymous says:

      It comes from his arse like most Government spending figures.

    • 95
      CCL says:

      In 1997 we were not at war! This repeated phrase is no comfort to our troops. I say again, this man is not fit for purpose, this government is not fit for purpose, this PM is not fit for purpose but sadly, we will have to wait to give pur verdict, but the clock is ticking, between now and June, H1N1 flu allowing, the election is coming.

      • 98
        chronic says:

        Instead of putting our brave troops at risk why not just send some infected H1N1 sufferers up in a plane and sneeze on the fuckers.

    • 99
      645 shitbags says:

      New Labour,and the support of much of the opposition, have put the armed forces in an impossible position. Continue to fight against people who welcome martyrdom as a ticket to paradise,or to pull out and take the perception of our detractors as a defeated military. Politicians treat soldiers lives as tractor stats,hence Bob Aintworthashit,quoting “Increased spending”and”We have a difficult summer ahead of us” Cameron,to “Show solidarity with our forces”,won’t break ranks with the government.

    • 109
      So17 says:

      I thought I was watching some Returning officer from Rusthorpe- east council on C4 news till it came up Bob Ainsworth, Secretary of state for Defence.
      Shit on a stick.

      • 384
        I am Sick says:

        Watching television appearances of government ministers, is like peering into some Alice Through the Looking Glass alternative universe.

        Just when you think that things cannot possibly become any more bizarre, up pops yet another absurdist “minister of state” who lies ineptly, without any real cross examination, insists in the most transparently duplicitous terms that “every thing possible is being done” again without any real attempt to question the statements made.
        While watching the unfolding charade, it is impossible not to sneer, or think to yourself, “do they really believe I am THAT stupid”?

        The overwhelming majority of the MSM in this country are a joke, they are either deeply politicised, rabidly tribal or lazy beyond comprehension.

        Al BBCya and the Grauniad should be first in line for termination, the moment we get our freedom back, from the ZaNuFascists, who have poisoned every thing they have touched.

    • 112
      nell says:

      Bob Ainsworth is public enemy no.1 – the man to hate above all others. He simply is not fit for purpose.

      I think gordon is hoping Ainsworth will draw away all the public animosity that has been directed at gordon, towards himself. If ainsworth keeps on like this – gordon for once might be right.

    • 142
      Doctor Mick says:

      There are 100,000 civil servants in the MoD, I kid you not. Give the idle fuckers a payrise and – hey presto – an increase in spending in the defence budget.

      How is it that every project they manage is delayed, overbudget and fails in quality?

      Perhaps we’d do better with 200,000 civil servants and no army?

      • 387
        I am Sick says:

        100,000 doing what 10,000 could easily accomplish. Sums up the parasitic ZaNu culture completely really.

        Meanwhile another five soldiers have been killed by IED,s in the awful shithole called Afghanistan for what?

        Freedom? There is no freedom in the tribalist, fundementalist hellhole.

        Democracy? What kind of democracy is possible under Sharia Law?

        Or nothing?

  21. 100
    Anonymous says:

    Here’s the most hilarious article I’ve read this week:
    David Cameron ‘may be directly descended from ..’

    • 105
      Dack Blog says:

      He’s not making a very good job of parting the red sea.

    • 114
      Sukyspook says:

      As we obviously ARE living in Neo’s Matrix – shall we cut the crap and re-name Cameron ‘The Merovingian’??

      Every day I think I’ve finally seen it all……no doubt I’ll “see it all” again tomorrow.

      • 390
        I am Sick says:

        CMD gives speeches at DEMOS, has the same “enviroMENTALIST” advisors as McSnot, wants us all to hug a hoodie, talks endlessly about how progressive he is, apologises at every opportunity for being a CONservative, supports radical socialist loving Obama and has nothing to say about the real government of this country, the unelected, unremovable one in a foreign country, the EU.

        CMD is bought and paid for.

  22. 101
    • 119
      Sukyspook says:

      Thanks Swiss Bob – yet another very welcome breath of fresh air (courtesty of the United Nations carbon tax department).

      Christmas 2009 at the Spook household will be a la Jamie/Stanislav style for which the weeds are doing very nicely. Wonderful, just wonderful.

      Stanislav, like Guido needs to publish an Annual “Bumper Fun Book” – you know, like those ones you used to sit and sniff more than read…..

  23. 116
    Michael Gore says:

    Ooooh, suits you sir!

  24. 117
    The Beast Of Clerkenwell says:

    Or if you were to be Prime minister Wacko Jocko

    When at home do what the Homos do

    • 391
      I am Sick says:

      I wonder if Burlusconi, being the the thoughtful and attentive host he is, have a rocking horse and supply of nappies installed in McSnots room?

  25. 121
    Anonymous says:


    Should Labour/The Guardian have taken a lesson from Guido?

    did you know about this guido?

  26. 126
    Anonymous says:

    We here have our Wacko Jocko, Gurning Gordon, slowly going apparently mad. Italy has a rampant Berlusconi, cross between Nero and some sultan, slowly going apparently mad. It comes as a shock to read in Haaretz (http://haaretz.com/hasen/spages/1098853.html):

    Netanyahu appears to be suffering from confusion and paranoia. He is convinced that the media are after him, that his aides are leaking information against him and that the American administration wants him out of office. Two months after his visit to Washington, he is still finding it difficult to communication normally with the White House.

    Two is coincidence. Three could be a pattern. Are there really Gods who sometimes wish to destroy…?

    • 233
      Biffo says:

      Nah, it’s what they eat, drink, smoke & sniff at things like the G8 conference.

    • 275
      PT Barnham's shit shoveller says:

      I loved Gadaafi’s rock star get up at the G8. No more bedouin look for him. Nah, he’s now doing Rolling Stone grandad rocker. Classy.

    • 328
      Wm T Sherman says:

      That’s not confusion and paranoia on Netanyahu’s part. That’s reality.

  27. 127

    Hazel Blears was right when she said that cynicism destroys politics. If you published comments under your real names like I do then there would be a lot more thoughtfulness, positivity and consideration of the long term.

    This site had great potential but its degenerated into a Tory hate-fest run by the Alan Partridge of bloggers. Well done everyone, you’ve proved Hazel right.

    • 130
      snark says:

      Yeah, let’s all change to become more like the resounding success that is Labourlist.

      Spot on again Mr Fuckwidge.

      • 153
        SCorched Earth says:

        What are the polls saying again Softwidge ?

        Classic case of narcissistic delusional disorder.

      • 393
        Gordon Brown says:

        I always post using my name, my bosses approve of this as it deflects attention away from them.

        For my loyalty I will be rewarded, unlike you of course.

    • 131
      Anonymous says:



      This blog enables people to say exactly what they think of these lying politicians like brown.

      Long may it continue to do so.

      Brown will be back from europe soon and will need his arse licked so run along now and you can be first in the queue, just in front of mandelson, balls and the rest of the exscue of a cabinet. So if you dont like it here fuck off over to labour.org where you will have much more of a reception for your stalinest propaganda.

      • 135

        What you’re saying is hysterical hyperbole. Jeez, get a grip.

        In time I expect Britain to slide closer to the Japanese model of jobs for life, crime to reduce to ten percent of current levels, and healthcare to be preventative by default. This should mean that Britain is a more productive, safer, and happier country within a generation.

        • 139
          Anonymous says:

          youll miss him and you’ll have to lick his arse after mandelson has been there, may be you like that even more.

        • 140
          jam tomorrow says:

          Yeah, and we’ll all have our own jetpacks and orgasmatron machines.

        • 141
          Dack Blog says:

          That’s good shit you’re on.

        • 143

          It’s easy to get caught up in the hysteria of a tub thumping mob, and the Tories keep the temperature as high as they can in the hope you’ll crack. Forget right or wrong, it’s all about what they want: they’ve got caught up in winning. It’s a little mental, but there you go. Labour must find its own voice and develop its own inner harmony. A key step is to not take what the Tories say too seriously or get too worried about losing. It doesn’t matter. Smaller goals and a little humour help.

        • 145
          Anonymous says:

          and three more soldiers died today.

          in browns britain for a war sold to us by blair and campbell and continued by brown

        • 146
          hattie jacques says:

          You sad little tosser.

        • 147
          Doctor Mick says:

          That sounds more like the Soviet model not the Japanese.

          Everyone had a job for life: in the tractor factory or, if you didn’t like that, in a Siberian salt mine. Meanwhile the communist party elite (some people are more equal than others) led the lives of Reilly while the workers dug themselves an early grave.

        • 151
          Let's get real says:

          And the lion shall lie down with the lamb, and the child will reach into the viper’s den and shall not be bitten eh ,Mr Charles!

        • 166
          Dack Blog says:

          That’s really good shit you’re on.

        • 185
          oldrightie says:

          It is my cogniscant belief that certain types of narcissistic individuals are incapable of rational and self delivered articulacy. In the case of such individuals this mental derangement leads to subservience to any cause perceived as against their own inadequacy. Therefore the more rabid, delusional and derogatory, to a majority a cause or belief, is, the more certain inadequate people resort to a painful air of superiority belying their deep seated inferiority.
          This is a brief summary of the miniscule, pathetic and puerile deliverances of Charlie Hardlyworthit. In plain English, he is a poor and infantile cretin so beloved of socialism. Wouldn’t last ten seconds in a dust up before crying pitifully for his Mummy.

        • 236
          summer_Breeze says:

          Charles, you remind me of those born again bible bashers, that I quite cheerfully slam the door on.
          You obviously have nothing between your ears, that enables you to make logical and rational thought progressions but carry on, as every time you say something, you show the liebour party up for the snivelling pack of thieves and liars that it is, therefore guaranteeing that you will be annhilitated at the GE, never to be seen or heard of again.
          Praise be!

        • 279
          PT Barnham's shit shoveller says:

          Not worried we’ll end up with the teenage shut-ins, the mass killings, suicide pacts, armed motorcycle gangs roving the streets, all hallmarks of modern Japanese culture?

          Conformity kills.

  28. 134
    Kick one they all limp says:

    SMALLWIDGE: Why dont you do everybody (INCLUDING THE LIE-BORE LIST) A FAVOUR and fucking top yourself ? go on put yourself out of your misery !

    • 156

      Carl Sagan commented that science was like holding a candle up to the dark. Well, the Tao is no different. It’s just another technology, so just as real as anything else. Just for the record, you’re being quite ignorant and rude about things. You might want to reflect on that before mouthing off and taking a cheap swipe at someone. Save the ego for someone who cares, ‘kay?

  29. 138
    resurgemus says:

    Another well thought plan goes wrong

    News International to have it pound of flesh !


    • 154
      Engineer says:

      Murdoch isn’t noted for backing losers – not often, anyway. One’s suspects that he may have read the runes some time ago, but chose to conceal his hand. However, it is not a good idea to poke a snoozing bear with a stick, as NuLiebore are discovering.

      The Nulab spin machine must be in a spin. Good.

      • 171
        resurgemus says:

        That’s the bit I don’t get they appear to be picking the wrong fights with just about everyone at the moment – Ghurkas, NI, Teachers….

        Suicidal – but long may it continue ( well 11 months at any rate ! )

      • 178
        Vote for Status Quo says:

        So Murdoch gets to pick the next government?
        That’s democracy!

        • 181
          resurgemus says:

          No voters do

          but there just might be a level media playing field this time

        • 191
          You scratch my back......... says:

          Four million sun readers is some bargaining chip.

        • 201
          norbert says:

          ZaNuLab will figure they’ll still have time to start sucking Murdoch’s cock again before the next election.

        • 214
          Baron Mandleson of Coy says:

          Murdoch,Deripaska,Barroso. As long as they spunk power and money,i’ll be there.

    • 165
      nell says:

      Murdoch – powerful enemy. Good Move Alastair/Mandy!!!!

      Let’s hope it will be a slow death for this labour crew.

      Our lads in Afghanistan and Iraq, Dr David Kelly, Mo Mowlam(yes! I do mean Mo as well) – all deserve recompense for the way they are being/ have been treated by this decayed, useless government.

      The slower the gravy train crash the better.

    • 190
      Engineer says:

      Nell – one wonders if Nulab will throw in the towel fairly soon. Everything they do goes bad on them, opinion polls plumb new depths, even the dirty tricks fall over in hours.

      A naughty thought – do we now know what G8 summits are really about? A few hours to come up with a statement of some sort, then off to the banquet and an hour or several in the company of the host’s *cough* ‘friends’ – and very nice some of the friends are too, if Guido’s posts are anything to go by today. And all on expenses, as well.

      • 203
        nell says:

        I’m no fan of murdoch – but at the moment I’ll give him my 100% support if he’s going to withdraw support from this labour trash!!!!

      • 212
        resurgemus says:

        Bit daft of Mandy the First Secretary of everything to let it get this far. I can’t imagine he hasn’t got a few headlines left in him and if he goes the whole lot goes.

        Wonder if they can do it before the European treaty ?

  30. 149

    Under the conservatives you can expect Britain to slide closer to the Japanese model of jobs for life, crime to reduce to ten percent of current levels, and healthcare to be preventative by default. This should mean that Britain is a more productive, safer, and happier country within a generation.

  31. 157

    Conservatives:- Advancing Opportunity

    In our open and dynamic world, people’s horizons are broader, their ambitions are greater, and they expect to be able to make more and more decisions for themselves. Advancing opportunity means shifting power from the state to individuals and civic institutions, in order to open up this new world of freedom to everyone.

    Education is the key to opportunity and social mobility, making it a Conservative priority. We will deliver more teaching by ability in schools and revolutionise apprenticeships to open up avenues of aspiration for the next generation.

  32. 163

    Conservatives:- Nurturing Responsibility

    With opportunity comes responsibility. To make the most of the new world of freedom, we need to strengthen the structures which bring stability and a sense of belonging: home, neighbourhood and nation.

    A Conservative government will strengthen families by reforming tax and benefits to support marriage. We will strengthen communities by expanding the role of charities and social enterprises. And we will strengthen society with a welfare system that reinforces mutual respect and civility.

  33. 169


    Gordon Brown has left Britain’s economy ill-prepared for a downturn: he borrowed in a boom and left us with one of biggest budget deficits in the advanced world; he stripped the Bank of England of its powers to supervise the City; he actively encouraged the risk-taking culture in our banks; and he claimed to have abolished boom and bust.

    It is now vital that we restore stability to the British economy and responsibility to our public finances. Unfortunately, Brown’s economic mismanagement means we can’t offer big upfront net tax cuts like some other countries.

    But we can still help families and businesses right now.

    * We will freeze council tax for two years by reducing wasteful spending on advertising and consultancy in central government
    * We will introduce a £50bn National Loan Guarantee Scheme to underwrite
    bank lending to businesses and get credit flowing again
    * We will provide tax cuts for new jobs with a £2.6bn package of tax breaks to get people into work, funded by money that would otherwise go on unemployment benefit
    * We will cut the main rate of corporation tax to 25p and the small companies’ rate to 20p, paid for by scrapping complex reliefs and allowances
    * We will give small and medium-sized businesses a six-month VAT holiday, funded by a 7.5% interest rate on delayed payments
    * We will cut National Insurance by 1% for six months for firms with fewer than five employees, paid for from the above changes to the company tax regime
    * We will abolish Stamp Duty for nine out of ten first-time buyers and raise the Inheritance Tax threshold to £1 million. Both of these changes will be funded by a flat-rate charge on non-domiciles.

    To repair the broken economy in the long run, we need economic responsibility. That means:

    * A responsible fiscal policy, bolstered by independent oversight.
    * A responsible financial policy, bolstered by a renewed role for the Bank of England
    * A responsible attitude to economic development that fosters more balanced economic growth

    It is only the Conservatives that are offering real economic change.

    Download ‘Reconstruction – Our Plan for a Strong Economy’ to find out more

  34. 184
    nell says:

    gordon gave one of his typically useless promises at the close of the 2009 g8., he insinuated that he would cut our nuclear capacity as long as everyone else would do the same.

    This g8 summit have eaten themselves through a mountain of food whilst promising to address food waste around the world. 5 course breakfasts- 6 course lunches- 8 course dinners.

    To be quite honest they have achieved nothing of value at great cost to their taxpayers. Again!

    • 193
      Canary Wharf Rat says:

      I had to laugh…. An annoucment that the leaders would not let carbon emissions rise by more than 2% by 2050. King Canute came to mind immediately

      • 209
        nell says:

        Gordon is going to save the world!!!!

        Sadly I think he’s going to be more successful as a hermit in a cave on the west coast of scotland.

      • 240
        Engineer says:

        All this “promises by 2050″ stuff is almost manna from heaven for a politician. It sounds good (as long as you don’t think about it) and nodody but a couple of dusty academics nobody takes any notice of will know anything about it in 2050 anyway. Announcement made, thank you all very much, now off to the banquet.

  35. 186
    TaTtyphelarious says:

    Where’s TaT when you need him?

    • 195
      rupert dalrymple says:

      You’re right, it’s traditional to kick someones head in on a Friday night, and it might as well be his, the murderous little plonker.

    • 196
      Engineer says:

      Drowning his sorrows. NewGirl stood him up last night.

      • 262
        thick as thieves says:

        fuck off I dumped her as soon as I found out she was a married woman.
        fancy that eh, fancy coming online flirting with men and arranging a date to drink champagne at the Oxo tower with a guy who looks like steve mcqueen.
        look, I know you are her friends but for fucks sake how bloody unfaithful mrs new girl is.
        what a slag!

    • 198
      nell says:

      There you are ! We’ve missed you!

    • 211
      On the trail of the lonesome TaT says:

      Sounds like Nell’s been pining!

    • 225
      Engineer says:

      Sorry Nell – work got in the way of more important things. I see TaT was his usual charming self last night, though reading through the threads, you had some work to do calming one or two others down a bit. Amazing the powers of Aussie red!

  36. 199

    I am a very intelligent person. I can use very long words and sentences and it is this skill that makes me superior to your normal blogger on here. If only you could see this, you could come with me on a wonderful socialist journey to health, wealth and prosperity for us all.

  37. 200
    Baroness Houdini says:

    Tie my thieving hands behind my back with the strongest rope. Gag me with a thick wad of Murdock press. Blindfold me with first-class return tickets to Dhaka. Truss me up in the silk of a thousand weasel-words. Lock me in a gold and marble crate

    I’ll still escape!

    • 220
      nell says:

      Eight men have died today in Afghanistan!!!!

      We’ve lost more men now in Afghanistan than we lost in Iraq.



      • 287
        thick as thieves says:

        FUCK OFF

        • 381
          Trough Mixture says:

          TaT. Our disagreements historically have been due to your unnerving habit of leaping out of cyber-bushes, disturbing the peace and capering about like Taz with Tourettes. As a former Tanky, I hereby rescind my vow to beat you with a track pin and state that, on the strength of the above, should you at a future date be in a position to make yourself known to me, I shall be happy to purchase for you a gallon of whatever tipple takes your fancy.

          Well said.

        • 403
          barefootcontessa says:

          Well said, I’ve mentioned many times that tat always hides amongst the expletives a grain of good sense, and, as with you think that the above post contains one.

  38. 217
    Anonymous says:

    Eight more soldiers dead today in Helmand Province.

  39. 221
    Anonymous says:

    o/t just reported 8 more soldiers lost tonight may they rest in peace, this is not rebuilding this is war, give our boys the support they need.

    • 228
      nell says:

      We need Murdoch to put his power behind getting our men home – c’mon please – we aren’t doing anything useful out there.

      Please murdoch campaign for the end of this useless Labour Glory war!!!! Please!

    • 257
      Biffo says:

      Eight in one day! Horrific! Condolences to the families & may they RIP.

  40. 227
    Wacko Jocko says:

    It started in Holborn

  41. 231
    Anonymous says:

    Breaking News:

    Another five British soldiers killed in Afghanistan tonight. That’s a total of eight killed today and eighteen in the past ten days.

    Brown’s deliberate policy of starving the army of resources is proving costly in British lives.

    • 255
      Kick one they all limp says:

      Mcmental: Says Cameron will cost 10,000 Soldiers Their jobs !
      Mcmentals policy will cost them their lives

  42. 243
    nell says:

    Sorry I am shocked . BBC has jusy said we have lost

  43. 245
    nell says:

    SORRY ot BBC has just said EIGHT of our soldiers have been killed in AFGHANISTAN in the last 24 hours.




    Bomb the Taliban to death – why do we need men on the ground????????????

    • 250
      nell says:

      C’mon Murdoch campaign to bring our men home – and campaign to get thiis brown stain out of our politics!!!!!!!!!!!!!!PLEASE

    • 253
      Ratsniffer says:

      Because the taliban hide out in villages knowing that if the bombs rain down there will be plenty of pictures of dead civilians to continue their propaganda war.

    • 254
      Anonymous says:

      Nell, what a stupid comment. How can you “bomb the taliban to death” when you can’t even find the buggars? You’re not that stupid tosser Bob Ainsworth are you?

      The fact is that Brown has denied the army the weapons and resources they need and has put all their lives in greater danger than they would be if they were properly equipped.

      • 266
        nell says:

        Yes I know that!!!!

        But this Labour government has put our men in a war scenario without giving them the protection, weapons, armour and equipment they need to win the battle!!!!!!

        At the same time they have piled £millions into reburbishing the ministry of defence offices in westminster.

        You work it out!!!!!!!

      • 404
        barefootcontessa says:

        Anon, go read the history books! It’ll all end in tears! And the tears won’t all fall on our side. This is an unwinnable war!

    • 272
      grobdj says:

      We have no helicopters

    • 292
      Mercian says:

      We bombed Kabul in 1919 and it only brought temporary peace. I don’t think our ‘leaders’ know any history.
      1836 Army of 15,000 in Afghanistan – 1 survivor
      1878 Second Afghan War. More successful – set up puppet government
      1919 Bombed Kabul
      1929 RAF evacuated 500 people from Kabul after yet another revolution
      2001- ?

      Why on earth are we bothered about this crappy hellhole where it’s impossible to win?

      Alexander the Great, Genghis Kahn and many others temporarily subdued the place, but it was only temporary. The Russians had 80,000 men there for more than a decade with no result. Either bomb it to buggery, or get out now.

      • 331
        Doctor Mick says:

        The idea is fight them there rather than fight them here. The problem is we’ve sent them in poorly resourced and equipped. Lads are being killed while scumbag politicians with paws in the till are playing the indignant victim: “my voicemail has been hacked”; “I’m under a lot of pressure from the public because of my expenses”; “common people have had picnics on my lawn”.

        There were some troops in my little town yesterday. The empathy from the locals to these guys was palpable. People were cheering them, every car that past a squaddie tooted approval. I saw one old boy in his eighties hobble up to two young troopers and tried to give them twenty quid for a drink on him.

        The government needs to stop worrying about its own survival and look to the lads in the front line. But its probably too late now.

      • 405
        barefootcontessa says:

        Mercian, you’re right. We’re on a hiding to nothing. The Russians lost c10.000 men during their last war in Afghanistan. The mainly retired military pontificate about all the vague reasons why we are there. Different if they, and the politicians were up the front! Young soldiers lives will be lost needlessly, and the lives of Afghans will be ruined either way, Taliban or not. We should not be there. Why are we fighting illegally in a foreign country. We also have too many problems of our own to solve.

  44. 261
    nell says:

    Brown and Ainsworth – Come on!!!! – we need to rid ourselves of these uncaring useless unfeeling donkeys !!!!

  45. 268
    George Laird says:

    Dear PT Barnham’s shit shoveller

    You have no ambition, sad really.

    Just a sheep.

    Yours sincerely

    George Laird
    The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

  46. 269
    George Laird says:

    Dear PT Barnham’s shit shoveller

    Learn to read properly that way you will not come across as a thick hoon.

    More sadness I feel, ever done your sister?

    Yours sincerely

    George Laird
    The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

    • 281
      nell says:

      I am usually very tolerant but tonight when we are hearing so many of our young men are dying in Afghanistan and for this Labour government’s useless aims, ( or just because they think this war is going to make them look big – when it actually is making them look putrid)

      I really cannot stomach your trivia. Please go away!!!!!!!!

      • 284
        Engineer says:

        Just posted a “what are doing in Afghan*st*n” question below and been modded. Grrr..

      • 303
        PT Barnham's shit shoveller says:

        I don’t have a sister. I have however lost three close family members over 30 years, one in NI, one in Bosnia and one in Gulf War 1 (as they now call it). Playing games or party politics when 8 more families are howling in grief is easy, amusing. Actually caring about those with whom you may not agree but who are dying and suffering takes humanity. And I see precious little humanity from apologists for New Labour. I screamed at the TV when Ainsworth said it was ‘sad’ that there had been ‘some deaths’. Utterly dismissive, utterly depersonalising, utterly contemptuous.

        • 330
          nell says:

          Me Too

          I lost grandads and great uncles in WW1 and grandad and uncles in WW2.’

          We are doing it all again now – we have have to ask the question ????

          Who is this war benefitting???!!!

        • 397
          thick as thieves says:


  47. 271
    Kick one they all limp says:

    On the news today it said: 51 soldiers have died in landrovers What a fucking joke There are bomb proof vehicles available (off the shelf) South Africa, Canada have them . SO WHY DONT WE ? Simple This shower of shit Government dont want to spend the money The £97,000,000 these SCUM claim in expenses each year would be better spent on the boys than this pondlife !

    • 293
      Engineer says:

      Announced in the Engineering press a few months ago that BAe Systems were closing several factories producing armoured vehicles because of lack of demand.

      There is no lack of ability, capacity (well – maybe now) or willingness on the part of industry to produce the materiel required by the troops. Where is the blockage? Dare one say Whitehall, or perhaps more specifically, ministers?

    • 294
      nell says:

      Yes!!! Guido please don’t kill this thread just yet. PLEASE!

  48. 273

    Labour continue to get under the problem and act as if the Tory party don’t exist. This helps focus all effort on getting the job done, and has the neat side effect that the Tories scream louder as their desperation for attention and credibility reaches ever more dizzying heights.

    So much for “Cool Dave” and the Tories. They’re looking more like General Grievous and the Roger-Rogers every day. Master Jedi Gordon Brown is opening them up with his policy lightsaber like a can of beans. Heck, even the C3PO and R2D2 act of Darling and Prescott are cleaning their clock.

    Bah. The Sith were never too bright…

    • 278
      finger of fudge says:

      Brown is walking around with a full nappy

      no one else needs to get involved with defeating Labour, Brown is getting on with the job

    • 280
      Doctor Mick says:

      Somehow your smart Alec smugness doesn’t work at the moment.

    • 282
      Engineer says:

      Oh, go and sober up Charles.

    • 283
      nell says:

      Our men are dying in Afghanistan ecause of Labour’s ego and incompetence!!!!

      GO TO HELL!!!

    • 288

      Over a year ago, on this blog, I lamented the arrogance of the City and a greedy society and said Britain was heading towards third world status. People preferred not to hear that and let house prices rip. Now the pigeons have come home to roost the same people are looking for someone to blame.

      Gordon Brown has a plan to deliver a way out of this situation. These things can take a while to understand but when people see what it can deliver and feel comfortable with that the general mood should improve. Heck, in a couple of years some of you will probably be laughing at how worried you were at the time.

      • 294
        Mercian says:

        You really are a top-class satirist. Or top-class something anyway.

      • 299
        nell says:

        Our men are DYING in Afghanistan.EIGHT TODAY. And you are talking about House Prices and Pigeons!!!!


        • 307

          292 – Nell,

          I don’t do debate. I know the hysterics around here can’t parse that but I’m more interested in discussion than posturing. Better reasoning and less of the shrill ranting can help improve the general outcome around here. It acts like kryptonite on the usual suspects.

          Get real.

        • 311
          Engineer says:

          Charles – piss off and sober up.

        • 312
          T Blair says:

          We all know stats are more important than lives.

        • 318
          nell says:

          I Don’t do debate – neither does brown or ainsworth

          unfortunately death is real!!!!!

      • 310
        Kick one they all limp says:

        I wish i new where you live you Smallwidge twat ! i’d come round and convert you !

      • 359
        I HATE SMALL PIDGE says:

        Lets get a pigeon on your key board It would be far whittier and would have a much bigger brain than coo !

    • 358
      summer_Breeze says:

      Yeah Brown is definitely sith ( oops, spelling ;-) )

  49. 276
    tra la la says:

    obuma is moonwalking

  50. 277
    Engineer says:

    Could someone remind me what we are supposed to be achieving in Afghanistan? I know it was originally a response to 9/11 – Osama bin Liner and his training camps – but they have moved to Pakistan by all accounts. Then there was the poppy harvest and the related heroin trade – which all seemed to go quiet when Afghan farmers complained that they couldn’t make a living without it. Then there was the claims about Afghan girls now able to go to school, which is of course a good thing, but why do British troops have to lay down their lives to achieve it?

    I’m not trying to be disingenuous, I’m genuinely not sure what we are supposed to be fighting for.

    • 389
      Anonymous says:


      One of the best posts tonight. Funnily enough I don’t know either as the original reasons seem to have gone away. 8 in one go is a hell of a cost and reminds me of the Vietnam war scenario I am old enough to remeber the daily reports and pictures from that. There is little to be achieved here and so either give them the kit to finish the job or get out now. To finish the job is going to cost more casualties without a shadow of doubt.
      The best of theis country sent by the worse of this country one poster recently said and how so true.
      I have a family member in Helmand Province right now so I have a vested interest.

  51. 285
    Charles E Hardwidge says:

    I have locked myself out of my caravan, if anybody is near Pontypridd I need help

  52. 286
    strapworld says:


    I cannot believe you are ignoring the worst day for our armed services today.

    Brown and Blair have got so much blood on their hands.

    Again, I am sad that you are ignoring this and continue with a ‘joke’

    This is a day and a weekend that we should all reflect and ask the question WHY?

    Why are we there. I certainly, for one, do not buy the ridiculous story that it is making our streets safe…NOT with the enemy within allowed to come and go with such ease.

    Politicians of all party’s should hang their bloody heads in shame!

    Sorry, Guido. But you have let us down.

    • 298
      Anonymous says:

      Calm down son,its not his fault.Everybody is upset at the situation,and at the fact that we’re all powerless to stop it.Channel your anger to where it can do some good.Write or E mail your MP,and tell them in whatever language you choose exactly what you think. Don’t hold back. Make them aware of your contempt.

      • 302
        Engineer says:

        Or post here.

        It is well known that many MPs on all sides of the house read this blog, as do the main party communications departments.

        Public Opinion, innit.

    • 333
      Anonymous says:

      he’s Irish, what’s it got to do with him? he only makes his money out of Britain.

      • 349
        This website receives no taxable receipts says:

        But unlike 645 shitbags,he gives us a voice,and a choice.

  53. 300
    Anonymous says:

    Defence Minister Bob Ainsworth said nonchalantly yesterday that we should expect a lot more British deaths in Afghanistan.

  54. 308
    nell says:

    Guido do us all a favour

    Ask the question of the century.

    What is this Afghan war for?

    Why are we killing our young men for Labour’s EGO.???

    • 316
      History will be kind to me,because i intend to make it says:

      You’ve just answered the question Nell. It all Started with Blairs ego,do you remember him addressing the US senate after 9/11. His chest was so puffed up with self importance,he was living his “Churchillian ” dream. He started the ball rolling,and Brown,not to be outdone by Blair…………

    • 337
      david sassoon says:

      it’s the opium trade, innit.

    • 367
      Courtney Fish says:

      If you want to know what Afghanistan is all about have a read of Halford John Mackinder’s “Heartland Theory”.


      “Who rules East Europe commands the Heartland;
      who rules the Heartland commands the World-Island;
      who rules the World-Island controls the world.”

      Our policy in Afghanistan (plus Iran and Pakistan) all about stopping Russia getting access to the Indian Ocean and to thwart efforts of China and Russia ruling the world. The war in Afghanistan is not meant to be won. As long as the area is destabilised it suits the West’s purpose.

  55. 315
    Kick one they all limp says:

    IT’s simple they need to build a masive oil pipeline across the country but if the taliban are still there they will keep blowing it up so we have to get them down to a manageable forse before it is viable !

  56. 317
    Nearly Headless Nick says:

    There is no God.

    • 322
      Can we apply for charitable status? says:

      But Nearly Headless Nick

      • 327
        Nearly Headless Nick says:

        No, I’m not a God, nobody/nothing is.
        All so called “Gods” are man invented lies to keep we peasants under control with promises of a wonderful hereafter to make up for the fact that we’ve all be royally (there’s another vicious power base), screwed during our lives.

        • 335
          Can we apply for charitable status? says:

          You are a god. we all are. Nature has put together a cocktail of parts to make an incredible working machine of emotions,physical expertise and intellect. The fact that some arsehole is willing to ride on the back of that wonderous experiment should’nt stop a bit of gentle ribbing.

  57. 324
    Nearly Headless Nick says:

    Support our troops!


  58. 329
    Nearly Headless Nick says:

    That bloody Flash vid. of a girly’s arse won’t play and I’ve got Flash 10 installed :(

  59. 332
    Kick one they all limp says:

    Wasn’t it John Reid who said : our mission is a NON combat role, and purely a RECONSTRUCTIVE role? Another lying scoth Twat then !

    • 394
      Anonymous says:

      and “probably return without a shot being fired…”

      I presume Pravda are even now setting up an live interview where they will tear him a new arsehole for being complicit in wasting so many of our troops lives and just being a total twat..

      Oh thought not just checked into Pravda base and as expected they are still wringing out the Screws scandal for all its worth and the final few drops against the Tories, Meanwhile ITN I notice had the loss of 8 soldiers up on Yahho this morning but it has gone. Not even moved down a story on the headings just gone. WTF?????

  60. 336
    Duck Island Blue says:

    If a government is sending soldiers to war and death it has to command the support and trust of its people.

    In world wars this has been achieved by the formation of a National government, by suspending elections and by choosing leaders (Churchill, Lloyd George) whom a wide public respects and trusts. In such wars it has been difficult and often illegal for the public to debate the casus belli.

    Post world war conflicts are fought by the major powers under democratically elected single party governments. Elections are not suspended, public debate is ‘managed’ rather than banned, and, political parties are able (if reluctant in practice) to take opposing views on the need for the war and the method of its prosecution. Public protest is both permitted and widespread.

    These wider freedoms are two edged. On the positive side, the government waging war is more accountable to democratic debate, media scrutiny and public protest. It may be difficult to stop politicians starting bad wars but, over time, as in Vietnam and Iraq, they can be persuaded to end them. On the negative side, military strategy can be undermined by changes in political direction and serving combatants (and their families) can find themselves isolated by shifts in public opinion.

    Every British serviceman will tell you that they fight and die for “Queen and Country”. What this means is that they serve without regard for the political party in power and without questioning the political arguments for and against war. “Theirs not to reason why / Theirs but to do and die”.

    Nonetheless, for wars to be just and for the fallen not to have died in vain, there must be clarity of purpose and a shared understanding – a covenant – between the government, military and people.

    In the next few days, the bodies of eight soldiers will be returned from Afghanistan to Britain. Whatever the justification for the war in Afganistan, their families will have good cause to question whether this covenant has been broken.

    Mr Brown, you, like your predecessor, have blood on your hands.

    • 345

      I tend to think the focus on policy and consensus is beginning to get some traction, and this pretty much causes the lurid claims and narrow DNA of self-selecting groups like the Tories to fade.

      My general view is that all parties have their issues, and the winners will be the ones who more closely mine the seam of reality. At the moment, I tend to think that party is Labour.

      Some people have commented on the need for more focus on industry and putting more money in the hands of the poor. labour is ahead of that curve. “Invest in loss” is exactly what’s needed.

      Crouching balance sheet, hidden asset. LOL

      • 346
        Spare prick at the g8 wedding says:

        Quiet night in your hotel Gordon? Won’t any of the other big boys have dinner with you?

      • 395
        Agent 99 says:

        Lions led by Donkeys….never a truer word said. Tragic

        Either give them all the tools to do the job properly or get them out of there. This government have betrayed our trrops in the field and the bond of trust DI Blue mentioned lies well and truly destroyed which is about standard in all walks of life for this wicked, evil mendacious government.

    • 364
      caesars wife says:

      nice post Duck island blue . Really brings it home and i can do little but offer my condolences to the families losses and the regiments .

      looks like it has been kitchen sink week for labour , gay pride, harman pride , torchwood pride , obama pride ,G8 pride, broon pride .

      Wonder how eds twittering is going !!

      I can see whats going off , only problem is labour hoons are using tax payers money to do it , still think its high risk for labour as he has lost this round despite coulson attempt . people will not think anything more of gordon staying put and his ecnnomic policies failing , when he should have made cuts . To put it mildly people dont trust him anymore because he hasnt told the truth .

  61. 338
    nell says:

    I do hope there’s a God .

    And I hope he’ll bring our lads home after he’s shot gordon down in flames!

    • 365
      caesars wife says:

      I think there is a god Nell

      • 399
        grandma B says:

        Can he do it soon please – I’m getting on a bit. I want to put my cross in that little box which doesn’t say Labour.

  62. 354
    nell says:

    My prayer is- Please let no more of our lads die in Afghanistan or Iraq.

    Just let the press bring this decaying uncaring government to an end.

    Good Night. God Bless!

  63. 361
    Abdul Mohamed Yassi says:

    My frend show me this



    Allah will fuck off your picket fence


  64. 369
    Anonymous says:

    Suggested Slogan for the election:-

    Labour, working with your enemies against your interests.

  65. 370
    Milky Kitchen says:

    Is it just my over-fertile imagination, or does Bruno carry a resemblance to Edwina Currie?



    Both born Cohen, both have courted media exposure. Only one, though, was outré enough to straddle an incumbent British Prime Minister.

    • 374
      NeoConservative humour is the funningest humour in the world says:

      How DARE you suggest Major took it up the “cone hotline” from Edwina resplendent donned with enormous black strap-on and pummelling him into submission while screaming, “Is this Back to Basics enough for you Johnny boy?!?!” as Major mumbled in his ecstatic monotone “Oh yes!”

      We could do without that kind of lurid implication here please.

      “Bum” puns are quite risque enough as it is.

  66. 373

    I’ve heard this story a few times now and it seems to sum up the crazy world we live in. Apparently when Broad Street was being developed in the City of London during construction the diggers hit what was supposed to be a burial mound, loads of bones and skulls etc possibly from the Great Plague. If that happens, all work has to stop and the find reported to the Museum of London or the British Museum so they can dig about and record the find.

    The story goes that a senior manager told the digger operative to carefully re-bury the bones, tell no one, so the development was not delayed and to make a garden ir grassed area at the location of the find.

    Anyone who uses Broad Street on a regular basis…have you seen a patch of green grass or a flowerbed. If so where is it and does it look out of place?

    • 388
      I HATE SMALL PIDGE says:

      Up in salford about 20 years ago a similar thing happened .whilst widening Chaple street .a corner plot of grass contained the bodys of some 12or 20,000 bodys from the plague these bodys were excavated with JCB’s and removed in skips to an old council depot where they were sorted out into fresh coffins by students from salford uni.just a case of two of these ten of them one of these etc some of the richer people were buried in lead lined coffins and they were still sealed. these coffins were opened after tests were done to see if the virus was still active . eventually all remains were reburied at agecroft cemetery.

  67. 376
    Vote vote vote for Jacqui says:

    I have just read Jackboot Jacquis tear-jerking article in The Guardian.
    She is still banging on about the legitimacy of designating her sister’s spare bedroom as her primary residence.

    Surely the great office of Home Secretary would come with a grace and favour
    luxury residence,so why didn’t she doss down there?

    I am so so saddened by yesterdays losses in Afghanistan. God,when will it end.

    • 378
      hoof-hearted says:

      Apparently, Jacqui chose not to live in her Grace and Favour apartment, choosing her sister’s back bedroom instead.

      What happened to the apartment I do not know, but other properties have been sub-let. Far more lucrative.

      This was her choice. She should have given the apartment back to the state and paid her sister out of her own pocket.

      • 385
        Vote vote vote for Jacqui says:

        Thanks for that. If she had took up residence in a Grace & Favour there probably would have been no oppurtunity for financing the Redditch property.
        So there you have it. If she had lived in the appropriate property befitting her position there would have been no porno, no bathpug,no £500. sink and NO SACK.

    • 398
      grandma B says:

      Did you actually buy the Guardian?

      Regarding your last paragraph, I agree wholeheartedly with your sentiments, but I am very angry that Gordon Brown failed to give full financial support to our troops.

      • 406
        Vote vote vote for Jacqui says:

        No Grandma,

        Read it on line like I do most of the other papers.

  68. 408

    Dear fewqwer

    Thank you for your support, it is true that there are bastards in academia but I have also met really nice people.

    Professor Ian Hazlett, an old irish boy, my ‘spiritual’ advisor at University of Glasgow, total respect for this guy.

    That is an interesting site and thanks for sharing it with me.

    I like this quote;

    “Each time a person stands up for an ideal, or acts to improve the lot of others, or strikes out against injustice, he sends forth a tiny ripple of hope, and crossing each other from a million different centers of energy and daring, those ripples build a current which can sweep down the mightiest walls of oppression and resistance.” – Robert F. Kennedy

    Yours sincerely

    George Laird
    The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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Mrs Magoo has been wandering around with her notebook and is appalled by the sexist “boys’ club” culture here, apparently.

I don’t doubt we still have sexism in the UK. But is it worse than in, say, Saudi Arabia, d’you think, honey-lamb? Or about 175 other countries? Get a grip, you doolally old bat.”

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