May 10th, 2009

+++ Cameron Expected to Make Statement Tonight +++


  1. 1
    Droopy Drawers says:

    Good. Cool, calm, decisive one hopes… No messing.

  2. 2
    Droopy Drawers says:

    Good. Cool, calm, decisive one hopes. No messing.

  3. 3
    First amongst equals says:


  4. 4
    Papasmurf says:

    No sleaze….. if you are named and shamed…..resign or be deselected…….simple!!!

  5. 5

    Dave’s a good bloke. He’ll say what his Bilderberg masters tell him to say.

  6. 6
    David Cameron says:

    All claims were approved by the parliamentary fees office, well, except Alan’s. Alan, you’re on your own.

  7. 7
    Frankenswine says:


  8. 8
    MB says:

    prima inter pares… alas you werent.

  9. 9
    Technomist says:

    I would have expected him to have made a statement some time ago.

    Still, its a start. Will he be taking questions?

  10. 10
    Call me Dave says:

    I nevver like pooves anyway

  11. 11
    Rexel 56 says:

    So Andrew Porter decides who goes, I don’t think so!

  12. 12
    Alan Duncan's Gardener says:

    Alan has had his snout in my trough!

  13. 13
    donna says:

    Press release: German Islamic Organisations Against Sharia

  14. 14
    wonkotsane says:

    It’ll be some wooly “look, come on, we’re all, you know, I’m sure, terrible, hmm, awful, but, you know, absolutely, down with this sort of thing, Britain, hmm, yes” speech. He’s fucking useless. The Tories – no doubt including Camoron himself- are all on the fiddle just like El Gordo’s lot. They’re all thieving bastard politicians who’re in it for their own personal gain. Camoron would be even more fucking useless than El Gordo at weeding out corruption.

  15. 15
    Blue rinse says:

    Clear blue water between the Tories and NuLab if he chucks out the miscreants. But bet he obfiscates.

  16. 16
    Sir William Waad says:

    What about “It’s a fair cop, but society’s to blame?”

    This is not a ‘party’ thing. On all sides there are honest MPs, MPs who exploit the rules but stay just within them and downirght thieves.

  17. 17
    Frankenswine says:

    Guido, if you were an MP what would you have claimed for? And no pretending you wouldn’t you cheeky so-and-so!!

  18. 18
    Cicero says:

    Actually “primus inter pares”

  19. 19

    Bit late now given they’ve started releasing theirs now.

    Could be a very defining statement though as it’ll let us know if they’re all the same.

  20. 20
    denverthen says:

    He has to fire those front benchers, demonstrate to the electorate that takes their anger seriously, raise the Tory party’s standards unilaterally – and force Brown’s hand.

    Personally, I think parliament has lost all authority and should be dissolved forthwith so we can decide who’s been alright and who’s been a naughty little piggy, just before we slaughter them.

  21. 21
    Dr Nuts says:

    He’s already made statements on this issue – it was a system that was corrupt and needs to be changed. …

    Be interesting to see what he says about the pigs in the trough.

  22. 22
    Gordon "It started in America" Brown says:

    You’re repeating yourself!

  23. 23
    Dr Nuts says:

    Interesting bet… I get the impression he’ll go for a culling – which is why he’s keeping a cool head about the issue.

    There’s nothing to sweat about – you troughed, you’re out!

  24. 24
    Nick Greaves says:

    mmmmmmmmmm intresting…..

  25. 25
    Anonymous says:


  26. 26
    Ivan Horn says:

    The GB party political system of 2.5 parties from which to try and choose a national govt has dried up, it is finito, kaput. All Cameron will do is try and salvage what he can for his own party.

  27. 27
    Spin Doctor says:

    Cameron can claim the high ground by promising that Tory MPs will pay back any unacceptable claims.

  28. 28

    Something very powerful is needed to
    prevent meltdown.

    I wonder if the Lib Dems get a turn
    on the wheel?

  29. 29
    Stronghold Barricades says:

    Sounds like it will include the word “sorry”

  30. 30
    fermboy says:

    I agree, except perhaps we should be thinking about recovery in instances which have clearly manipulate the sytem for financial gain.

  31. 31
    Witch says:

    Not all members of the shadow Cabinet were implicated. Mr Cameron and William Hague, his deputy and shadow foreign secretary, both had relatively straightforward claims. George Osborne, the shadow chancellor, claimed for a chauffeur using his office allowance.

    The big boys are safe.

  32. 32
    Technomist says:

    Isn’t that the one for when its the social workers’ fault?

  33. 33
    David Cameron says:

    I would just like to state that

  34. 34
    Technomist says:

    I’m sorry I hadn’t a clue?

  35. 35
    David Cameron says:

    I would just like to stae that I am a total Hoon who also has his fingers in the till
    Thank you

  36. 36
    Neil Mac says:

    I hope Dave doesn’t trot out the same old “All within the rules, it’s the system that needs changing…”

    For fucks sake, Dave, get your lads to admit they took the piss, and are sorry.

    That’s what we wantr to hear…. “Sorry”.

    Oh, and “We’ll pay it back”.


  37. 37
    Spin Doctor says:

    Being second as regards these announcements puts the Tories in a good position. Labour takes the first and consequently hardest hit and the LibDems blot the Tory trousering out of the public’s memory!

  38. 38
    Paddy says:

    Fucking hell.

  39. 39
    David Cameron says:

    Do you garden on steep inclines by any chance?

  40. 40
    Humpty-Dumpty says:

    Cameron just said ‘It was wrong and we’re sorry’ – makes Brown look an even bigger hoon.

  41. 41
    anony mouse says:

    are you sure your name is right ?
    i thought it should be “wankstain”

  42. 42
    Anonymous says:

    hmm but will it be possible? – how many of them will are at it? Where do they draw the line?

    If they’re anything like the other scumbags a proper culling would barely leave enough left to form a government.

  43. 43
    insert-coin-here says:

    With any luck he will of grown a set and will tell us that he is adopting ‘The Plan’ as his party manifesto.

  44. 44
    John says:

    That puts Gordon Brown & Cabinet in its place. Good for Cameron, not even trying to blame the system.

  45. 45
    Geo says:

    I’m still waiting for gordy to claim ‘It started in america!’

  46. 46
    The Beast of Clerkenwell says:

    “In March 2007, he claimed £598 to overhaul a ride-on lawn-mower, the Telegraph added. ”

    Just who is this lawn mower, his civil partner or a local chap?

  47. 47
    Neil Mac says:

    He didn’t really say that, but it was fairly close. We’re sorry it happened…. not quite…

  48. 48
    Stronghold Barricades says:

    The greater concern is that the new independent body that they are talking about setting up won’t actually “need” to publish all the receipts for public scrutiny

  49. 49
    The Beasts lawn mower says:

    Sir * tugs forelock* It seems that you have been underpaying me.

  50. 50
    Apathetic Voter says:

    Dave says sorry! Well, that’s allright then, lets move on. What an arse.

  51. 51
    killemallletgodsortemout says:

    Spot on.

    Cameron, the useless twat, provides fuck all opposition to these Nulayber Hunts. It’s about time Brenda stepped in and dissolved this current shambles.

  52. 52

    At last. The silence has been deafening.

    We’ve all been asking Are you Sitting Comfortably, Dave? for days. Now’s his chance to show exactly how he’s different. Will he?

  53. 53

    It started in America.

  54. 54
    The Beast of Clerkenwell says:

    Get back to your shed you ghastly little man.
    By the way, can I rely on your vote?

  55. 55
    Ivor Phartparp says:


  56. 56
    Rebecca. says:

    Me and my party are hoons not as hoonish as the other lot but hoons never the less.

  57. 57
    Ivor Phartparp says:

    They can say what they like. I know who I’m voting for.

  58. 58
    Hacked_off says:

    That does sound a decent move.

  59. 59
    insert-coin-here says:

    Oh and if he is going to show some leadership and sack his own troughers in the shadow cabinet,then for fucks sake get David Davis off of the backbench,unless he is in on it as well of course.

    I have the feeling that the ‘David Cameron is a useless Hoon’ brigade are about to be proven right though.

  60. 60
    Anonymous says:


    How long till frosty piss takes over?

  61. 61
    What me? Impartial? Nick Robinson says:

    Please drop that useless fuckwit, Duncan

  62. 62
    Alan Duncan says:

    Look , I need a ride on lawn mower in order to serve my consituents to the best of my ability.
    Maybe the fact that I employed a chauffeur was a mistake, but it was an honest mistake, also the lawn mower would probably have worked just as well without a plasma screen TV but lesson have been learned

  63. 63
    What me? Impartial? Nick Robinson says:

    Being a lobotomised Labour lickspittle, to you a leader who apologises for the despicable greed of his MP’s, is less worthy than the one eyed Scotch mental who is incapable of apologising.

  64. 64
    hedgefunder says:

    Cameron says sorry….that it….is that what you have kept quiet all weekend for?

    Hasn’t anyone got the balls in the party to fook these shisters off?

  65. 65
    Apathetic Voter says:

    Witty, considered and well thought out!

  66. 66
    Apathetic Voter says:

    Why? is he your brother?

  67. 67
    Flemingcrag says:

    Alan Duncan should be kicked out of the Shadow Cabinet, he is evidently unsuited to hold office in any future Government. I mean who wants a Minister who COULDN’T get a claim approved through the Common’s Fees Office !!! Duh…..

  68. 68
    Cardinal Richelieu says:

    By apologising, Cameron shows he has learnt the lesson once only taught at places like Eton and in this modern era understood to everyone (aside from Brown of course) that apologies are disarming, cost nothing and can be freely given.

    What should also be borne in mind though is that any damn fool can apologise (aside from Brown of course).

  69. 69
    Anonymous says:

    Not a chance of Dave acting. Fire anyone and when his own claim comes out, he’d be a hypocrite if he didn’t resign.

    He’ll just continue going “I’m sorry, so sorry, so very, very sorry”…. (though admittedly that’s more than Broon).

  70. 70
    eye-eye says:

    And why do they nkeep putting him up for Question Time….useless

  71. 71
    Flemingcrag says:

    He did say sorry..He did not say lets move on..Now every one of the 650 or so MP’s in the Parliament including the Speaker should say sorry. This should include any innocents who did not abuse the expenses system, their sorry is for cowardice in not speaking out against those who did.

  72. 72
    Susie says:

    Trust the BBC to hype it up… “Tory shadow cabinet member Alan Duncan claimed thousands of pounds in expenses for his garden, a newspaper reports.”

    That word ‘thousands’ makes you think it’s 10s of thousands, no just a few.

    It was £3,194 and the Fees Office turned him down, so it was not paid. So what the fuck?

    As far as I’m concerned if they’ve been house flipping, they have to go whoever they are, as that is premeditated fraud — trying to push your luck a bit isn’t in the same league.

  73. 73
    Paris Claims says:

    A temporary introduction of sharia law is needed. They seem quite keen on it,let ‘em have some.

  74. 74
    Pat says:

    Obviously the moral solution to the whole problem would be a general election soonest. Cameron can’t force one of course- but if he could get his party to apply for the Chiltern Hundreds it would either force Browns hand- or more likely leave his party free of sleaze allegations next year- sure there’d be a few familiar faces missing, but I’m sure we could manage without them.

  75. 75
    Nephilim says:

    ‘Sorry’ just doesn’t cut it..

    If he is not seen to start culling the criminal element from his own party he will be seen as being no better than Brown. ANYONE who can be seen to be a bit dodgy needs to be given the boot, NOW!!

    I am sure that I am also not alone in wanting to see a few criminal prosecutions being dished out to the worst offenders in the same way anyone guilty of theft would be charged – and, contrary to the adsurd bleats of the troughers, THEFT is what it actually IS.

  76. 76
    Twat Twiddler says:

    I have my fingers in a real hoon.

  77. 77
    eye-eye says:

    pity he cant resign to spend more time with his family

  78. 78
    John Galt says:

    Dave should admit the whole party is culpable. It’s a failure of leadership and individual responsibility. Demand all Tory MPs go through primaries before the next election – let the constituencies decide.

    He should also stand down and refight the Tory leadership. He won on a middle ground hugging consensual platform. The last 12months have blown him out the water. He just hasn’t worked it out yet. We desparately need a new face at the head of the Tory party.

  79. 79
    TheCourtOfPublicOpinion says:

    If the situation were reversed, Bruin would sack the worst offenders knowing full well he would bring them back into his cabinet in a years time when they were in power, the way labour always does with Mandy the unflushable turd, for example.

  80. 80
    Apathetic Voter says:

    Which makes them just as culpable!

  81. 81
    Dr Nuts says:

    I want him to say that in front of Obama

  82. 82
    No 1 spender! says:

    This is the David Cameron who went from being joint first or second big spender in Additional Costs Allowance in THREE out of FOUR of the years before being elected party leader to being 368th then 406th afterwards. Miraculous.

  83. 83
    Dr Nuts says:

    No, short, accurate and to the point.

    Brown is incompetent, Cameron is at least able to apologise.
    Question is – actions to match the words?

  84. 84
    A concerned parishioner says:

    Just been in the pub for a small libation and every one is talking about expenses. Genuine anger about the political classes looking after themselves while royally fucking everyone else.
    Surely this cannot be allowed to be swept under the carpet.
    The whole fucking lot need to be swept from power and left on the dole. I truly cannot see anyone wishing to employ Mr & Mrs Testicles, for they are truly fucking useless hoons!

  85. 85
    Apathetic Voter says:

    Don’t hold your breath!

  86. 86
    Anonymous says:

    It cuts it far better than the lack of any apology from Brown

  87. 87
    dark says:

    It WAS thousands then. And he tried it on, showing lack of judgement.

    It seems all parties had their snouts in the trough. It’s a shame for the (probably small) number of decent , honest MPs in parliament.

  88. 88
    Grumpy Old Man says:

    Apparently the taxman is taking an interest. Some one has suddenly realised that a lot of targets can be met by concentrating on the Commons. Save the Lords for next year and it’s obscene bonus time for the Civil Service. Richer than bankers they’ll be look you.

  89. 89
    Anonymous II says:

    Thought I saw a tramp picking up dogends outside the local Waitrose, when I approached to offer him a decent smoke I realised it was our local MP picking up discarded supermarket receipts! Bizarre?

  90. 90
    Anonymous says:

    Fuck saying sorry, lets see some of these troughers in the dock.

  91. 91
    Grumpy Old Man says:

    Or Just resign to spend….

  92. 92
    Grumpy Old Man says:

    Mandy the unflushable turd? i’ve got more washing to do. Priceless.

  93. 93
    grandma B says:

    Cameron’s apology came over as genuine and his anger was apparent over the misdoings of his colleagues. I would like to hear him speak about the possibility of reimbursing some of the money, when M.P.s are unable to justify their claims.

    At least we did get an apology!

  94. 94
    Apathetic Voter says:

    Well i’m sure i feel a lot better for that!

  95. 95
    Steve says:

    I think he’ll give his ministers a chance to explain themselves tomorrow, and anyone who doesn’t have a good reason is in the shit.

    Punishments as follows:

    Second Division hoons (dog food, light bulbs) – stand up in a press conference, admit to being an apologetic hoon and pay the money back straight away.

    First Division hoons (gardeners, excessive decorating, stamp duty), you’re big hoons and can spend the rest of this parliament on the back benches, can come back to the front bench once you have a mandate from your electorate. And pay the money back of course.

    Premier League hoons, or anyone who’s been on the fraud (‘flipping’ or moving around for obvious personal gain) should lose the whip and be asked to stand aside for a by-election. And pay the Money back. And be prepared to talk to auditors or the police.

    It is of note that the DT admit they have nothing on Cameron or Hague, and could only go for Osborne for having a driver as one of his staff (cf. Broon and Darling, and the Balls’ still to come)

  96. 96
    anonymous says:

    Cameron must sack the real bad ‘uns as soon as possible. When their expenses claims are shoved through letterboxes next May, they’ll be gonners anyway. If they’re any good, I’m sure Cameron could quietly find them work in 2011.

    It’d also be a complete contrast to Brown’s reaction.

  97. 97
    It all started in America you bastards!!!!! says:

    Cameron should withdraw the party whip from the sleazy ones. It would really put the fat one eyed snot eater on the spot wouldn’t it?

  98. 98
    grandma B says:

    More than we got off Brown and Co.

  99. 99
    Polkitical Noob says:

    Ok Dave, show some mettle, kick some ass, and you have my vote.

  100. 100
    Apathetic Voter says:

    Compared to Ian Brady, even Gary Glitter would look good!

  101. 101
    scully says:

    Get back to the motel, Mulder, and bring your flashlight.

  102. 102
    It all started in America you bastards!!!!! says:

    We need Clint

  103. 103
    fanny by gaslight says:

    Maybe he did, and that’s why he got manky cds for a pressie

  104. 104
    Scorched Earth says:

    Platitudes and empty words will butter no parsnips as Major would say.

    No action from any quarter yet just hurried words about sorting it all out in the future with an “indendent” body.

    But well done to those posters who stuck to their guns and deplored snout in trough behaviour from whatever quarter.

    One wonders how many of the total number of MP’s have yet to be “outed” or featured yet and whether the Telegraph is now all but done with the list ?

  105. 105
    The Ghost of Christmas Past says:

    Hazel “The Mask” Blears.

    What a curious thing it/she is.

    On the one hand she comes out with the “its all within the rules” load of tripe, then she tells us a day later that “she understands why we dont like it and the system is totally wrong”.

    Hazel, you stunted senile witch, i ask you this:

    If you realised we didint/wouldnt/wont like being reamed over a barrel with a 12 inch rubber cock, can you explain why you continued unabated, doing it to us?

    Could it be that you simply dont give a f*ck and this is all words to try and placate us?
    Think again you poisonous little toad, we will not just somehow forget.
    Theres no way the likes of you and all the rest of your troughing brethren in the House of Common Thieves are going to get on our good side now.

    Oink oink, we know you love it.

  106. 106
    fanny by gaslight says:

    I don’t object to reasonable gardening expenses either. It does cost a lot; always needs doing whether he’s there or not; and if he is working full-time for weeks on end and commuting it’s a bit much to expect him to do it himself.

    The same does not apply to £6ks worth of cleaning on an “empty” flat, please note McBroohoon, if you think I’m getting soft in my old age.

  107. 107
    fanny by gaslight says:

    He can’t force them, but he could pick a few of the more outrageous ones that still have hopes of a ministerial future and squeeze very hard. Mr Duncan might enjoy that .

  108. 108
    Cymro says:

    Not so. He’s matured over the past year or so and is a much better opposition politician now, and it would be absolute lunacy to get rid of him. He needs to look at the evidence, grill those in trouble, and eventually sack them from his shadow cabinet, and start afresh. There’s an awful lot of dead wood that needs to be removed from the top, that’s for sure.

  109. 109
    The Model Army says:

    ear ‘ear

  110. 110
    fanny by gaslight says:

    He’s between a rock and a hard place, as the broonites are claiming it was “within the rules” – so he can’t just sack them without commiting some perceived injustices. Better to have an internal party rule-book enforced by the whips.

    Also, some of the stuff is arguably legitimate – a reasonable pad and its upkeep, travel and eating expenses is what I would have got in my days as as an consultant analyst “on location”. MPs are required to maintain a presence in their constituencies – and their family may live in a third place.

    None of the above justifies the troughing we have seen going on, of course.

  111. 111
    fanny by gaslight says:

    …time with his lawnmower

  112. 112
    fanny by gaslight says:

    Last thing Cameron should do is shed any sitting MPs – as every vote counts. There will be some spectacular lemming migrations from the liebour backbenches over the next few months, as the lobby fodder try to distance themselves from McDoom.

    He should, however, be making sure that the understudy candidates in all constituencies currently staffed by tory troughers, have learned their lines and are waiting in the wings. Otherwise we’ll have that plastic trot Bell sermonising somewhere in the hustings…

  113. 113
    fanny by gaslight says:

    ..all hoons in my party should be re-reading what happened on “The Night of the Long Knives”, and be getting their stab-vests and brown trousers ready.

  114. 114
    fanny by gaslight says:

    No, that’s “We followed all appropriate procedures and carried out a full health and safety risk assessment before letting Ian Brady apply to work on day release at a nursery”.

  115. 115
    fanny by gaslight says:

    ….because some more nasties are bound to come out of the woodwork in the run-up to the election

  116. 116
    Susie says:

    I like that anal(geddit?)ogy. I like it a lot.

  117. 117
    aswinsterstale says:

    As I said earlier today, it’s all over for Brown and labour, finished. Cameron & Clegg (maybe) are in for some shit, but they will survive.
    This is labour’s call, it’s on their watch and they promised it would all be different. The public have fallen out with labour and they want a divorce, everything from now will be wrong, the public have seen there is no right in any of them.
    Wait till June, Labour will rip themselves apart. I once thought Brown would make the next general election, now I’m not so sure. If he does stay he will bring the labour house down, and who knows he may do it for good. Gob bless the fucker.
    What a lovely irony it would be, if after fucking the country twice in my lifetime they end up fucking themselves forever

  118. 118
    Unpalatable Truth says:

    Thank you – I get absolutely no pleasure from being right about this.

    Camerhoon needs now to rid himself of bagman Duncan immediately.

    He needs to demand full repayment from each and every Tory MP who has put in even the most dubious of expenses.

    Any gardening expense is outrageous.

    Our Tory MP is strutting around thinking they have won the election already. It may be true but he is mistaken in thinking he has any moral superiority.

    They really are not terribly bright are they?

  119. 119
    Anonymous says:

    David please go for the kill!! The one-eyed fucker is there for the killing now. Go sacrifice some of the proper copper bottomed shits and make the snot monster look even more like the complete and utter miserable failure that he is. ZaNuLab will then rip themselves apart and you can rule unhindered for 4-5 years.


  120. 120
    Leagle-Beagle says:

    Alan didnt take any money the claim was turned down and he didn’t receive it

  121. 121
    Leagle-Beagle says:

    He wasnt paid thousands he put in a claim and then didnt receive it for gardening. NON STORY

    Alan claims the money and doesnt get it but Miliband claims the same thing and does why?


  122. 122
    Scorched Earth says:

    If he does sack the troughers then he not only gets Kudos fom the Electorate for the smack of firm leadership, BUT he puts the Labour Cabinet in an absolutely untenable position.

    How long do you think they could go on with call me Dave lording it over Brown every single week at PMQ’s hammering it home again and again that Brown was too weak and to corrupt to sack his discredited disgusting troughers while Dave had ?

    “It was within the Rules” sounds pathetic when those few that Cameron could ditch (and lets be honest NONE of them would be a catastrophic loss to say the least) have been jetisonned while other more honest MP’s are brought forward to fill the slots.

  123. 123
    eric says:

    Cameron needs to round up his gang and any found to have been taking the piss regarding expenses be told to REPAY. Then and only then will I consider to vote Tory again.


  124. 124
    Anonymous says:

    Guido would have claimed for the return of all the beautiful Catholic iconography the dirty filthy heathen protestants destroyed, forcing everyone to go to Tuscany to enjoy some culture

  125. 125
    Anonymous says:

    The Telegraph are now reporting that Ed Balls has been caught with his fingers in Caroline Flint’s till.

    More as it comes….

  126. 126
    Sarah says:

    Aren’t they Mandelson’s new best friends?

  127. 127
    Agent Scully says:

    Dave’s bilderberg masters eh?

    Lordy Lordy Philip Gould and Ed Balls were present at one of those so-named secret meetings.

    Maybe we should connect the people in power today to decisions made life REIT investment vehicles, announced by Gordy, which according to Moneyweek made the shareholders of T35CO and Br1t1sh 1and the primarcy beneficiaries.

    Expense fiddles are not the only form of corruption. Continued focus on this subject offers a distraction from the activities of corporate behomoths, and they will exploit the opportunity – be warned.

  128. 128
    Sarah says:

    Why was Duncan’s claim turned down? I’m not defending him, I’m genuinely puzzled as to why it was disallowed.

  129. 129
    Anonymous says:

    Yes but sorry for exactly what? Getting caught?

  130. 130
    going down the pan says:

    what the fuck is the chilton hundreds? is this another fucking expense they can claim for?

  131. 131
    AndyinBrum says:

    now there’s a euphamism if i ever did hear one.

  132. 132
    Sleazy McSleaze says:

    Britain is the best placed nation in the world to commit fraud!

  133. 133
    Henry VIII says:

    I agree.

  134. 134
    going down the pan says:

    i can’t believe that inane fucking grin every time this pond life scumsucker appears in front of a camera she needs her fucking head nailing to a tree before being hitched up to that poxy motor bike and dragged facedown all the way to fucking prison

  135. 135
    going down the pan says:

    should it be Ed fingers caught with balls in caroline flint’s till? more as she comes?

  136. 136
    Henry VIII says:

    Who else are you going to vote for? If you vote Labour your a mentalist and if you vote Limp Dim your a mentalist who likes to waste the vote.

  137. 137
    Peter says:

    It seems fairly well established that our in theory independently-minded political representatives pretty much do and/or say what they are told these days.

    And those actions or words seem governed by systems of research and response based on surveys and polls and focus groups.

    So we have a Parliament of clones controlled by robots.

    I just saw Liam Fox on the BBC waffling on the various ‘system is wrong’, ‘rules were not broken’ mantras, instead of having a personal opinion and making clear he knows right from wrong, and that collective mea culpas do not erase individual accountability, so it’s pretty cross-party. No idea where the Lib Dems are in all this. I guess they get their day in the sun tomorrow.

    And I could also care less about apologies. Still, after trotting out a few for all the value they have, it’s nice to see a green Mr. Cameron advocating reuse. Before leaping in his Prius this morning, he must have used President Obama’s genius rallying cry ‘Change’ about twenty times. Of course, saying it doesn’t mean it happens, or it ends up with anything better. But then, that is not the point these days , is it?

    These are clear factual abuses, that for anyone else would lead to immediate legal process. Yet those geniuses at Labour see merit in telling their colleagues that they have done nothing wrong. Read the public mood doods!

    And the solution I am now hearing about? Using vast amounts more of taxpayers money to bring in a commission or something to oversee the thing. Which, on past evidence, seems to be shorthand for public-funded cover-up. And already there seems to be mention that ‘trivia’ such as the damning details won’t be in there in the new system.

    My only concern is that if and when there are some resignations/sackings this will in fact be seen to clear the slate, which in essence it will.

    That means the guilty will be allowed to quietly get away with their abuses. And those who step into their shoes will be unjustly punished for the predecessors actions.

  138. 138
    DisgustedOfMitcham2 says:

    Presumably. If they were sorry for fiddling the system, they’d all be offering to pay everything back, wouldn’t they?

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