One Third of Becky’s Supporters Willing to See Labour “Unelectable”

New YouGov polling has found that one third of Rebecca Long-Bailey’s supporters are “completely unwilling to compromise any Labour values, even if this means the party is unelectable.” Only 5% of Keir Starmer’s supporters refuse to compromise with the voters and just 4% of Lisa Nandy’s supporters prefer purity in opposition. Emily Thornberry did not have enough supporters to be polled…

Conversely, just 1% of RLB’s supporters are “willing to see large compromises on some Labour values if this makes the party more electable.” This compares to 16% of Starmer’s supporters and 19% of Nandy’s. See the full results here

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Londoners Keener on HS2 than Northerners

According to YouGov, by 39% to 34% the public overall is opposed to HS2. Londoners, however, are keener on HS2 than Northerners. Perhaps Northerners are less keen on the £100 billion price tag for Londoners to get back home 15 minutes quicker

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Second YouGov MRP Poll Halves Projected Tory Majority

The second YouGov MRP – this time of over 100,000 people – has halved their last predicted Tory majority; from 68 to only 28, Guido has been told by an insider polling expert…

It looks like the reduction is coming at the expense of both a handful of Tory campaign cock ups and a Brexit Party squeeze. However this last point could be reduced over the next 24 hours…

A CCHQ source told Guido they always knew the first MRP poll was overestimating the Tory lead. The question now is how this changes the media narrative; will it look like the Tories faltering and lose more votes, or make Brexit buttocks clench and cause a last minute Tory boost in target seats…

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Labour Realise Public Cares About Brexit

The BBC is reporting Labour woke up this morning, saw the results of YouGov’s MRP constituency poll and finally realised the British public care about Brexit. It seems like only yesterday Labour took Sky News to court for describing this as the ‘Brexit Election’…

The seismic poll – which projects the Tories winning a 68 majority – shocked Labour into realising the Lib Dems don’t pose as much of a threat as they originally thought, however whilst their attention has been based in the south, thousands of Labour-Tory switchers means Labour’s ‘red wall’ – stretching from the Midlands to the North East – crumbles; with the Tories set to take key seats like:

  • Wrexham
  • Crewe and Nantwich
  • Bassetlaw
  • Don Valley
  • Bishop Aukland
  • Darlington

In response to this dire news, Labour plan on bringing out the big guns and highlighting Ian Lavery (you know, household name Ian Lavery) who is apparently the only pro-Leave shadow cabinet member. If you live in a Leave Labour area, expect to see more Labour activists pretending to care on your doorstep soon…

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Did YouGov MRP Leak Move Markets?

Looks like the YouGov MRP poll leaked at 18:00, and is giving the Tories a stonking majority.

UPDATE: The YouGov analysis gives Boris a majority of 68. Stonking!

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YouGov: Boris Narrowly Wins Debate

Boris will celebrate this, given Corbyn is a more natural 1v1 debater…

UPDATE: See the poll results in detail here:

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