Labour Realise Public Cares About Brexit

The BBC is reporting Labour woke up this morning, saw the results of YouGov’s MRP constituency poll and finally realised the British public care about Brexit. It seems like only yesterday Labour took Sky News to court for describing this as the ‘Brexit Election’…

The seismic poll – which projects the Tories winning a 68 majority – shocked Labour into realising the Lib Dems don’t pose as much of a threat as they originally thought, however whilst their attention has been based in the south, thousands of Labour-Tory switchers means Labour’s ‘red wall’ – stretching from the Midlands to the North East – crumbles; with the Tories set to take key seats like:

  • Wrexham
  • Crewe and Nantwich
  • Bassetlaw
  • Don Valley
  • Bishop Aukland
  • Darlington

In response to this dire news, Labour plan on bringing out the big guns and highlighting Ian Lavery (you know, household name Ian Lavery) who is apparently the only pro-Leave shadow cabinet member. If you live in a Leave Labour area, expect to see more Labour activists pretending to care on your doorstep soon…

Did YouGov MRP Leak Move Markets?

Looks like the YouGov MRP poll leaked at 18:00, and is giving the Tories a stonking majority.

UPDATE: The YouGov analysis gives Boris a majority of 68. Stonking!

YouGov: Boris Narrowly Wins Debate

Boris will celebrate this, given Corbyn is a more natural 1v1 debater…

UPDATE: See the poll results in detail here:

London Labour Lead Halves

London Labour’s lead over the Tories has dropped from 22 points to 10 points since the 2017 general election. Swinson has a +2 personal approval rating, Boris has a negative rating of -29 and Corbyn is through the floor on -45.

With Brexit the most important issue by far for Londoners, Professor Philip Cowley of QMUL reckons on these numbers Labour looks likely to lose seats.

“Compared to the position in 2017, these figures mean a fall of 16 points in the Labour share of the vote and just a four point drop in the Conservative share in practice, assuming no change by polling day, this would almost certainly mean seats being lost by Labour and gained by the Conservatives”.

Early days yet…

Snap Poll: Public Want the Deal Passing

Important snap poll from YouGov. Top lines:

  • Excluding ‘don’t knows’, the public want the deal passing by 63% to 37%
  • A quarter of remain voters, Labour voters and Lib Dems want the deal passing – less than half of each group oppose passing the deal
  • Only 10% of Leavers and Tories oppose passing the new deal

With an election looming, this should be a huge wake-up call to MPs…

Tories Storming Ahead in the Polls

New YouGov polling for The Times has shown Boris’s Tories soar higher to a 15 point lead, making up more than the Labour and Brexit Party vote shares combined. The ‘Classic Dom’ strategy seems to be working…

Interestingly, the poll found that since July, the Brexit Party vote has fallen by almost two thirds among 2017 Tories, yet only by just 1% among 2017 Labour voters. Now the Brexit Party vote is almost evenly made up of voters who in 2017 went for the Tory (13%) and Labour (8%) parties, meaning it could be an electoral boost to the Tories in the next election, eating away at Labour voters who would never vote Tory. Jack Brereton, the new Tory MP for Stoke-on-Trent South is convinced he would not have won his seat in 2017 if UKIP had not stood against him, taking Labour votes. Meanwhile MPs like Stewart Jackson who UKIP did not stand against lost out by tiny margins…

Boris’s personal ratings have climbed higher too, being twice as popular as Corbyn in the Best Prime Minister question, with 43% to Corbyn’s 21%. And for the first time ever, Boris has overtaken Corbyn in all age brackets. Among those aged 18-24, Boris leads by 32 to 29.

Among the over 65s, Boris leads by 62 to 8…

Labour’s ‘Abolish Eton’ Policy Overwhelmingly Unpopular with the Public

Only 22% of the public support Labour’s new policy to abolish private schools, a snap YouGov poll has found, with 50% of the public actively opposing the move. Labour were desperate for new policies to distract from the chaotic start to their conference, turns out they should avoid coverage of their policies as well…

The terrible polling for Labour doesn’t stop there, however, as new research also shows a majority of Labour voters now oppose the Absolute Boy’s leadership, with 54% saying he should stand down – only 4% behind the general public at large. Further, only a slim majority of current Labour voters (52%) actually understand their own Brexit policy. Is it any wonder the omnishamblic party’s now languishing in third place?..

Two-Thirds of Labour Members Ashamed of Britain

Ian Austin’s Mainstream commissioned polling from YouGov of Labour Party members and found a party that has moved on a long way from being Blair’s “political wing of the British people”. Corbyn’s Marxist Labour Party is very different and so are the members. Of course we knew they would nationalise and tax everything that moves and seek to muzzle the opposition press – there are however a whole raft of sentiments that are shocking.

YouGov’s poll of over 1,100 members shows how out of touch with Labour voters the middle-class lefties really are:

  • 79% want to control who runs newspapers
  • 69% think it would be legitimate for unions to stage a general strike to bring down a Tory government;
  • TWO THIRDS believe the party doesn’t have a problem with anti-Semitism, OVER HALF believe the crisis is the fault of the media or Corbyn’s opponents;
  • Members would rather do a post-Brexit trade deal with Russia than Israel!

Astounding difference with popular opinion shows how out of touch with the working classes Labour is nowadays:

  • TWO-THIRDS are ashamed of Britain’s history;
  • MORE blame the British Government and Army for the Troubles in Northern Ireland than say it was the fault of the IRA;
  • MORE THAN HALF would feel bored, embarrassed or angry about singing the National Anthem – only 10% would be happy to sing “God Save the Queen”
  • SIX in ten want to abolish the royals for a republic;

Expect the Brexit Party to use the findings to appeal to patriotic former Labour voters who despise terrorists, respect the Queen and love their country…

Download full polling data here.

Lib Dems Leapfrog Labour in Latest Poll

The first poll since the Lib Dem’s conference – where they announced their new extremist ‘revoke Article 50’ policy – shows the party leapfrogging Labour into 2nd place.

The Lib Dem’s increase of 4% puts them on 23%, 2 points ahead of Labour. The Tories remain at the same level of support a week ago, but now have a lead of 9% over the Lib Dems, and 11% over Labour. Unfortunately for the Lib Dems, 23% isn’t quite enough to win and cancel Brexit…

Boris’ Popularity Up Since Prorogation

New YouGov polling has shown Boris’s popularity has risen since he prorogued Parliament. Further revealing the gap between Westminster Bubble outrage and public perception…

The new polling also shows Corbyn’s unfavourability rating has risen by 2 points since the question was asked three weeks ago, and the public are beginning to notice Jo Swinson, with her ‘don’t know’ ratings falling by 11%.

The poll also dismisses the idea that Boris’s pro-Brexit policies will scare off ‘millions of remain Tory voters’, with 91% of current Tory voters approving of his leadership, compared to Corbyn’s 75% approval among Labour voters and Swinson’s 78% with Lib Dem supporters. Perhaps another prorogation will edge Boris’s popularity up even further…

Tory Double Digit Polling Lead

You can see why Corbyn, 12 points behind in yesterday’s YouGov poll, isn’t keen on triggering a vote of no confidence that might lead to an early general election. Boris would crush him…

Boris First, Corbyn Third Behind ‘Don’t Know’

For months Corbyn and May were behind or on a par with “Don’t Know” as the public’s preferred choice for PM. Boris is now the clearly preferred choice of twice as many voters compared to Corbyn. When he became Tory Party leader, YouGov put Boris in second place behind ‘Don’t Know’. In just his first week as Prime Minister, Boris has soared eight points into first place. The more people see of Prime Minister Boris, the more they like him…

All the government now has to do is Brexit to smash Corbyn in a general election. Simples…

Boris Boost Puts Tories Ahead in Wales

The Boris bounce has not just been felt in England, a YouGov poll taken between Tuesday and Friday last week has found that the Tories have now moved into top spot in Wales. This is where Labour took 49% of the vote in 2017, with the Tories behind by double digits…

Compared to the last YouGov poll, the Tory vote has risen by seven points, whist the Labour vote has fallen by three and Brexit Party fallen by five. Boris will also have an eye on that chunky 18% for the Brexit Party which could be coming his way if he delivers on Brexit…

YouGov Debunks Claims of Large-Scale Tory ‘Entryism’

Remainer Tory MPs’ go-to excuse when facing local members angry over flagrant betrayals of their manifesto commitments has been to dismiss it as “entryism”, despite there being no solid evidence for it whatsoever. It suits Remainer Tory MPs to blame Leave.EU rather than unhappy local members.[…] Read the rest


Public Split on Kim Darroch Resignation

YouGov have conducted some remarkably speedy polling of the public’s attitude towards the Kim Darroch affair, although the fieldwork was conducted before his resignation. Over half the public thought it was wrong for the comments to have been leaked, 37% went further and said it was also wrong for the press to have published them.[…] Read the rest


Latest Net Approval Ratings Favour Boris

Jeremy Corbyn has a negative 51% approval rating; confirming that his condoning of anti-semitism and constructive ambiguity on Brexit has killed his fleeting popularity. Theresa May has a negative 31%, “Theresa May in Trousers” has a similar negative 30% and Boris a less negative 23%.[…] Read the rest


General Public Now Rates Hunt & Boris Equally

Jeremy Hunt will be pleased with this YouGov poll which suggests the public is warming to him. In a post-Brexit election both leadership hopefuls will score 33% – which is news – last month Boris scored 34% to Hunt’s 30% – this tie is of course statistically within the margin of error.[…] Read the rest


Tories and Brexit Party Joint Top in Latest YouGov Poll

There’s a rare bit of positive polling news for the Tories this morning as YouGov find them joint top for the first time since before the EU elections. Then, they were tied with Labour on 24%, today they’re tied with the Brexit Party on 22%, leapfrogging Labour and the Lib Dems who fall to fourth.[…] Read the rest


Tory Members Would Rather See Scotland Leave and the Party Destroyed than Lose Brexit

The latest YouGov polling of Tory members lays bare just how deep their commitment to Brexit now is. By a margin of over 30%, Tory members would still want Brexit to happen even if it meant Scotland or Northern Ireland leaving the UK or significant damage to the economy.[…] Read the rest


“What Should We Have Wanted…”

Guido was pretty much alone in saying Andrea Leadsom would be better than Theresa May before May’s coronation and afterwards.

[…] Read the rest


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