Women’s Equality Party Apologise for Calling Wrong Met Officer a Misogynist

The Women’s Equality Party has issued a grovelling apology for falsely suggesting a Metropolitan Police Officer was a misogynist. The party used the copper’s image to illustrate their latest campaign against institutional Met misogyny, yet they admit they had “no reason to believe” he was a misogynist. In a statement, the party said:

“The Women’s Equality Party wholeheartedly apologises to the Metropolitan Police officer whose photo we mistakenly used in our campaign against endemic policy misogyny. We have reviewed our processes to ensure something like this will not happen again. For the avoidance of doubt, we have no reason to believe that the police officer whose photo we used is a misogynist or responsible for predatory behaviour. 

This campaign was not meant to target him, or any individual police officers. It was launched in response to a report which found a culture of misogyny and predatory behaviour in every single police force investigated and was simply intended to highlight structural discrimination, the very real harms of police perpetrated abuse and to call for change. We are truly sorry and apologise unreservedly to the police officer in question.”

Given the conclusions of the Casey report, you can understand their confusion…

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Hancock on Receiving End of Social Media Smear Campaign

The Women’s Equality Party has a social media campaign today bombarding the Health Secretary Matt Hancock with pictures of errrm, shrinking violets. WEP are furious with the Health Secretary for saying falling rates of cervical smear check-ups are due to women being embarrassed. WEP claim it is down to cuts to sexual health services, despite studies siding with Hancock. WEP are also spamming his Matt Hancock app…

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