Malthouse Defends Police Horse Rainbow Crossing Training

As if the country hadn’t gone mad enough this week on LGBTQIA+ rights, this morning the policing minister – from a Conservative government – defended the police using time, money and resources to help homophobic police horses cross new rainbow road crossings, on account of them currently being confused by the colourful floor murals. Despite Nick Ferrari setting Malthouse up for a typical anti-woke Tory rant, Malthouse proffered: 

“NF: This is a load of woke nonsence, isn’t it Minister?

KM: Well, Nick, it would be easy to think that but obviously we are seeing a growth in painting on the highway. Whether that’s cycle painting highways, or different messages being put on the highways the one thing I do know as a daughter [sic] who goes riding is that horses are unpredictable animals at times and getting them used to everything they’re going to face in the public realm – whether it’s a rainbow street marking or a sign on the road about blue lane where the cycles are going seems a good idea.”

This, however, pales in comparison to the overnight farce of the government’s gay conversion therapy policy. Yesterday afternoon ITV News published a leaked document that outlined plans to u-turn on the government’s previously stated policy of banning the practice, noting that there would be outrage from LGBT groups, ministers could resign, and Liz Truss both hadn’t been told and would find it near-impossible to climb down given her previous public support. The plan was to use the Queen’s speech to claim it as a reevaluating of the PM’s priorities.

Following widespread outrage, the government then u-turned on this u-turn to say the gay conversion therapy aspect will go ahead as planned, though trans conversion therapy will still be legal. Even Nicola Murray knew you can’t u-turn on a u-turn – that’s an o-turn…

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Unilever’s Hard to Swallow Mix of Politics & Ice Cream

Unilever faced a protest outside its headquarters this morning as the company released its full year results. An advertising van pulled up outside the building with a poster bearing a warning: “Ice cream and politics don’t mix”. The protest was organised by the Campaign for Common Sense, which has urged the Unilever brand Ben and Jerry’s to stop virtue signalling over geopolitics and stick to what it does best – making ice cream.

It comes after criticism by some shareholders that Ben and Jerry’s political posturing could jeopardise the brand’s commercial success and even impact on share prices.

Ben and Jerry’s has this month criticised US military policy on the Ukraine-Russia crisis:

In July 2021, Ben and Jerry’s also withdrew from its commercial partnership with its Israeli licensee because it was “inconsistent with their values” to sell ice cream in the West Bank.

The Campaign for Common Sense argues:

“This isn’t about one specific policy or another, it’s about the very idea a company should prioritise virtue signalling over its real business. We’re calling for Unilever to stop engaging in pointless public posturing and to cancel all bad commercial decisions they’ve made based on fringe political opinions.

They should stick to what they do best – making ice cream – and leave foreign policy to the experts. Unilever needs to focus on serving its customers and stakeholders by bringing Ben and Jerry’s under control to stop the damage it is doing to the business. It’s common sense: nobody expects their ice cream to have a foreign policy.

ESG policy should not be highjacked by fringe activists with geopolitical axes to grind. Higher ESG scores do not correspond with high performance, as shown by Credit Suisse research, and inclusion of ever wilder causes in ESG policy can only worsen performance.”

Guido is a Marmite fan and is reluctant to boycott the spread just because somebody in their firm’s social media marketing department thinks going woke will boost sales. As the top City fund manager Terry Smith told Unilever, “a company which feels it has to define the purpose of Hellmann’s mayonnaise has in our view clearly lost the plot”.  Unilever’s share price is down 20% from their highs since they went woke a couple of years ago. Proving once again: go woke, go broke.

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Camden Council Warned £25,000 Trans Crossing Risks Safety of Blind

Eyebrows were raised last week when Camden council unveiled a transgender road crossing to celebrate Transgender Awareness Week 2021. The councillor responsible for equality boasted “Camden is renowned for being ‘no place for hate’ and a borough that has a strong and continuing history of respect and support for everyone”. Camden is also renowned for having a child poverty rate of 37%, which begs the question of why the Labour council spent thousands on a pretty road crossing.

Documents sent to Guido reveal the total taxpayer-funded cost of the crossing was £25,000. £15,000 coming from the Camden Community Infrasture Levy (Bloomsbury Ward) and £10,000 from Camden’s Diversity Budget. The report also reveals that, far from the pro-equality platitudes of the woke council, the body was warned by the Royal National Institute of Blind People they have “major concerns” with the crossing on grounds that:

“Designs and colours used on pedestrian crossings which are not consistent with traditional designs could cause confusion and risk safety. The use of black and white in traditional pedestrian crossings offer high contrast which is essential for people with low vision to detect them and stay on course when crossing roads.”

Any short-sighted Camden taxpayers have literally been robbed blind by the scheme…

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Labour Petitions Lee Anderson to Boycott Final

The Labour Party has launched a petition asking “sulky” Lee Anderson – who has been boycotting the Euros over the team’s decision to take the knee – not to watch the Euro 2020 final. Yesterday Guido exclusively revealed that Anderson won’t watch the game because he claims he has “recently moved house and [has] lots of boxes to unpack”. He will, however, be checking his phone “for updates”…

The petition asks whether Anderson, who was born in 1967, “was the problem all along” and suggests he does “the housework, watch Midsomer Murders, anything” so long as he doesn’t jinx the game. Anderson is not the only passionate politico to have misjudged the take-the-knee saga…

Yesterday, Laurence Fox tweeted that he’s “sorry for being such a d***” after saying he wanted England to lose for taking the knee. An impressive own goal…

Former Brexit Party MEP Martin Daubney made a similarly embarrassing gaffe when he praised two footballers for refusing to kneel, when in fact both players were actually Romanian. He has now abandoned his support for (now-eliminated) France to back Engeeeerland. He was completely offside…

Whilst Lee Anderson endures his self-imposed penalty, the rest of us will be cheering England on… 

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