Go Woke, Go Broke: Paperchase Goes Into Administration

Stationery giant Paperchase has fallen into administration today, having failed to find a buyer for its 106 shops across the country. Tesco is only buying the brand and intellectual property, leaving 800 or so jobs at risk.

Guido’s old enough to remember when Paperchase faced a vicious backlash from angry customers in 2017, after bowing to pressure from anti-press freedom cranks not to advertise in the Daily Mail. At the time, one Owen Jones declared it “another victory against hatred”, and claimed the reaction was evidence of “a rightwing press lashing out from its death spiral”…

Today MailOnline reports on the death spiral of Paperchase, and the Daily Mail continues to sell millions of copies per year. As always: go woke, go broke…

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CCHQ Scraps ‘Unconscious Bias’ Training for Parliamentary Candidates

Earlier this week it was revealed Conservative candidates are receiving vital “unconscious bias” training ahead of their selection, with useful lessons in “white resentment” and gender fluidity all on the menu. Would-be MPs were even advised against being alone with a member of the opposite sex…

Now ITV reports the Party has deleted the course entirely, after a fierce backlash from Tory MPs – including the Common Sense group, chaired by Sir John Hayes – warned that the training was “divisive nonsense” that needed scrapping. The Common Sense group immediately demanded a meeting at CCHQ, including with Party Chair Nadhim Zahawi, with Zahawi later writing to MPs:

“This ‘training’ was provided by a private contractor as an optional extra to our candidates. It was not commissioned or endorsed by the Party and once I found out about it I have ensured it has been removed […] I don’t believe anyone should be ashamed of who they are or their background and this ‘training’ has no place in the Conservative Party.”

That’s one mess Zahawi’s cleaned up, at least…

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Taxpayers Fork Out Millions for Britain-Hating Art Gallery that Attacks Priti Patel

The fruits of the taxpayer’s labours are on full display up in Manchester. The city’s Art Gallery, which along with the Whitworth and Manchester Museum will pocket a cool £4,881,168 over the next three years courtesy of Arts Council England, is already splashing the cash on a host of impressive exhibits. Here are a couple of examples, including a printed-out visa rejection…

The funding is part of the Arts Council National Portfolio. As Guido previously reported, in total, the Arts Council will spend around £1.34 billion in grants in the three years to 2026. In previous years around 80% of these grants came direct from taxpayers, according to the TaxPayers’ Alliance. So the taxpayer is coughing up the cash for a gallery which now features an empty exhibit, supposedly to highlight the “relative absence” of minority women’s art in the collection…

For the old-fashioned types still interested in ‘artwork’ that does at least exist, there’s also a deeply moving piece attacking Priti Patel:

Money well spent… 

Hat-tip: Tom Jones

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Home Office: “Homosexual” An Offensive Phrase, Don’t Say “Mate” or “Sex Change”

Guido’s got a hold of the latest woke briefing churned out by the Home Office. Hopefully you’re sitting down. This one’s a whopper. 

Over the course of just ten pages, civil servants working in the Home Office’s Homeland Security Group – the UK’s actual counter-terrorism unit – are told:

  • “Some people use ‘mixed’ or ‘split’ prounouns”
  • “Not all non-binary people use ‘he’ or ‘she’ pronouns.”
  • “Many use ‘they’ and ‘them'”
  • “Neopronouns like ‘zie’ or ‘ey’ also exist.”

Staff are also warned to “use the right language” and to “be clearly and openly supportive”. God forbid you “assume the gender of a person’s partner“, or fail to “use neutral language“. For those unsure on what language is permitted by the Praetorian Guards marching through Whitehall, the briefing lends a hand:

Don’t use:

  • Homosexual/homosexuality – generally considered a medical term now. People tend to use gay instead. Can reduce the person to purely sexual terms.
  • Hermaphrodite – for intersex people.
  • Transsexual — this was used in the past as a medical term. Some people still use it, but many prefer the term trans or transgender.
  • Transgendered – suggests a condition of some kind.
  • Transgenderism – suggests an ‘ideology’ that could be argued against.
  • Transvestite, tranny, or shemale.
  • Sex change, sex-change operation, pre-operative, post-operative.
  • Don’t deadname or misgender.

So the Home Office have now cancelled “homosexuality“, and warned against calling someone “mate” in an email. At least they’ll remember to use split pronouns for the next terrorist cell…  

Read the full document below:

Read More

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Senedd Goes Woke with Wasteful Tampons

The Senedd is getting down to delivering on the key priorities of Welsh citizens, and top of the agenda: making sure the men of the Senedd are well-supplied in sanitary products. Men using the Senedd’s bathrooms in recent days have been greeted with the sight of free feminine hygiene products. The move was organised by the Senedd Commission Trade Union Side, with the products “provided free of charge for all those that need them”. Somehow Guido doubts they’ll be flying off the shelf…

Co-conspirators could be forgiven for thinking this is more likely to be a simple mistake than an example of woke excesses. Nope. They’re being dished out in bathrooms across the Senedd…

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NHS Still Hiring More Diversity Managers Despite Liz’s Promise to Scrap Woke Jobs

Having promised to fight “left-wing groupthink in government” and “offer value“, it looks like Liz will have a task on her hands if she’s serious about cutting back on woke Whitehall waste. The NHS is currently advertising for six more diversity and inclusion managers, advisers and coordinators with salaries reaching up to £55,000. Here we go again.

Of course, the new Number 10 has only been in office for two weeks, and a couple of these roles were posted on the NHS job board just two days after Liz became PM. Still, the most recent adverts appeared last night, and these jobs have a habit of spawning like mushrooms. Anyone hoping to become the next ‘Senior Diversity and Inclusion Advisor’ for the UK Health Security Agency has until the 11th October to get an application in. As always, don’t be put off by failure. There’s bound to be another vacancy soon…

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