Scottish ‘Energy Independence’ Based On Thin Air

For years, Scotland’s offshore wind has been central to the SNP’s pitch for independence, with Scottish ministers dating back to Salmond’s premiership repeating claims that Scotland boasted 25% of Europe’s wind potential. The trouble is, the SNP policy wonks had forgotten Scandinavia exists. The actual figure is around 5% of Europe’s wind potential – they were only out by a factor of 5.

The issue was raised in Holyrood by Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Alex Cole-Hamilton, who decried a “pattern of misinformation”. If the Lib Dems are criticising misleading statistics, they must be bad. What makes the matter worse is the SNP has continued to parrot the figure into the present day. A Scottish minister, the Green’s Lorna Slater, deployed the figure as recently as this week. Unlike Salmond himself, this is one inconvenient remnant of his leadership the party has been unable to get rid of… 

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Team Rishi Claims he “Misspoke” Over Perceived Onshore Wind U-Turn

Rishi’s team has said he “misspoke” during the hustings last night when it appeared he’d u-turned on his opposition to new onshore wind. At the Wales’ husting, Sunak was asked “will you be bold enough to scrap the embargo on onshore wind in England?”, replying “So, yes, in a nutshell.” This appeared totally contradictory to one of his previous policy announcements:

“Wind energy will be an important part of our strategy, but I want to reassure communities that as prime minister I would scrap plans to relax the ban on onshore wind in England, instead focusing on building more turbines offshore,”

Team Liz immediately leapt on his words as sign of yet another u-turn from Rishi, alleging it was his eleventh campaign u-turn.

This morning Team Rishi, asked to justify his words, bluntly replied “he misspoke”. Much like Britain under Rishi’s actual wind energy policy, he’s losing fans rapidly…

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£2 Million UK Wind Turbine Knocked Over by Wind

As the UK battles an energy crisis, renewables are once again letting us down. Last night a £2 million wind turbine was felled in South Wales by Storm Dudley’s 50 mile per hour winds. You had one job…

The Sun interview one local who correctly asked the main question “how the hell does a wind turbine fall over… It was creaking and banging all night before it collapsed.” Another added “one woman thought it was her neighbour’s tumble-dryer”. Fracking remains the one method of energy sourcing the government believes to be unfeasible…

*A previous version of this article reported the wind turbine cost £20 million. We are told the price is more in the range of £2 million.

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