openDemocracy’s Open Hypocrisy

“Who funds you?” campaigners have once again been exposed for their comical hypocrisy.

Online publication openDemocracy recently took over the Who Funds You campaign, and were quick to hound free market think tanks, demanding they publish the sources of their funding. The IEA returned fire, asking who funded Who Funds You – and the circumstances of the campaign’s takeover. It’s only fair.

Unsurprisingly, openDemocracy backed off smartly:

“You raise a number of very important questions. However, we don’t agree that answering them to your satisfaction should be a precondition of the IEA providing a response.”

Guido might be able to sympathise with their position – if they weren’t a campaigner for funding transparency…

In a week where free market think tanks have been subject to criminal damage as well as vitriolic online campaigns, the timing of openDemocracy’s interest seems dubious. It’s almost like they’re trying to add fuel to the fire…

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