HMRC Spending Around £1.3 Million Per Year on Diversity & Inclusion Tsars

Last year Guido revealed HMRC had 16 equality and inclusion tsars on the payroll, at a cost to the taxpayer of a whopping £1,019,534 a year. Since then, with inflation soaring, the taxman’s need for diversity as he/she/they/them raid your pockets has obviously swollen too. Now they’ve gone from 16 to 22 full-time diversity officers…

According to new Freedom of Information data, since August the department’s central Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Team has, on average, hired an extra pronoun expert every month. The top-ranking new joiner starting on a salary of up to £80,384…

Of the 22 in total, two are now at Grade 6 level (£80,384 a year), seven are at Grade 7 (£66,712 a year), and another seven are now “Higher Officers” (£42,057 a year). In total, assuming the six new hires are London-based, and the cream of the crop, that’s an additional £374,351 to the wage bill courtesy of the taxpayer – or £1,393,885 a year…

In December, HMRC’s phone lines closed for several days due to a “technical issue”, and every year thousands of self-employed workers complain about waiting times ahead of the self-assessment deadline. Don’t worry though, at least they won’t misgender you when they finally pick up.

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Treasury Mandarins Welcome Chinese Influence in Whitehall With Flags and Bunting

As Rishi faces backbench criticism for easing his rhetoric on China, Guido can reveal yet more incidences of warming relations with the authoritarian state. The Treasury today rolled out the red carpet to Chinese influence. Iain Duncan Smith should avert his gaze now.

In a special themed meal, the department displayed Chinese flags and oriental decorations. Knowing Whitehall, someone’s going down for cultural appropriation.

Co-conspirators won’t be surprised to see that the tofu-eating wokerati are making themselves at home in the Treasury, with “tofu, water chestnut and mushroom in black bean sauce” one of the meals on offer – for a modest £5.02. The meal went down well. A source claims the queue was the longest they’ve seen, adding that the dumplings “looked peng”. Guido’s just glad the Chancellor wasn’t behind the move. The coffers couldn’t handle the strain of subsidised sushi.

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BEIS Staff Spent 5 Working Weeks Debating How to Quit Stonewall

Following Guido’s report that taxpayers coughed up over £1.2 million to Stonewall in 2021/22, including a whopping £700,000 for the “Diversity Champions Scheme”, Guido can now reveal that BEIS civil servants spent 5 weeks of staff time just to figure out how to leave it. A full 185 hours… only for the government to hand over £1.2 million anyway.

According to new FOI data from the TaxPayers’ Alliance, the department held 16 meetings in total, lasting over 8 hours, with a total of 362 staff in attendance across the discussions. Yes, 362 staff spending weeks scratching their heads over this impossible task. A task which, judging by the million-pound hole in the taxpayer’s wallet, they failed anyway… 

Last year, Guido reported on the panicked “crisis meetings” the Department for Levelling Up and the Department for Health held to solve the same problem. FOI requests were also sent to BEIS at the same time. Back then, they simply ignored the request entirely. Wonder why…

Such was Stonewall’s iron grip on Whitehall that even BEIS Permanent Secretary, Sarah Munby, had to get involved. Clearly the top 362 civil servants working on this weren’t up to the job. Munby had to hold a town hall meeting, lasting 30 minutes, to figure out how to stop burning cash on turning staff into “diversity champions”. That meeting was attended by 275 people, and during working hours. Obviously.

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Home Office: “Homosexual” An Offensive Phrase, Don’t Say “Mate” or “Sex Change”

Guido’s got a hold of the latest woke briefing churned out by the Home Office. Hopefully you’re sitting down. This one’s a whopper. 

Over the course of just ten pages, civil servants working in the Home Office’s Homeland Security Group – the UK’s actual counter-terrorism unit – are told:

  • “Some people use ‘mixed’ or ‘split’ prounouns”
  • “Not all non-binary people use ‘he’ or ‘she’ pronouns.”
  • “Many use ‘they’ and ‘them'”
  • “Neopronouns like ‘zie’ or ‘ey’ also exist.”

Staff are also warned to “use the right language” and to “be clearly and openly supportive”. God forbid you “assume the gender of a person’s partner“, or fail to “use neutral language“. For those unsure on what language is permitted by the Praetorian Guards marching through Whitehall, the briefing lends a hand:

Don’t use:

  • Homosexual/homosexuality – generally considered a medical term now. People tend to use gay instead. Can reduce the person to purely sexual terms.
  • Hermaphrodite – for intersex people.
  • Transsexual — this was used in the past as a medical term. Some people still use it, but many prefer the term trans or transgender.
  • Transgendered – suggests a condition of some kind.
  • Transgenderism – suggests an ‘ideology’ that could be argued against.
  • Transvestite, tranny, or shemale.
  • Sex change, sex-change operation, pre-operative, post-operative.
  • Don’t deadname or misgender.

So the Home Office have now cancelled “homosexuality“, and warned against calling someone “mate” in an email. At least they’ll remember to use split pronouns for the next terrorist cell…  

Read the full document below:

Read More

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Work From Home Whitehall Wonks Waste Over £10,000,000 on Taxis

As over 100,000 civil servants have announced their plans to join the picket lines – no doubt they’ll relish the rare opportunity to leave their home offices – Guido can shed yet more light on their notoriously cushty conditions. From the last three years, civil servants in the Department for Work and Pensions alone spent over £2,000,000 on taxis. The enormous drop in expenses after the pandemic, when Whitehall’s remote working obsession began, will surprise nobody.

The DWP currently has just 18% office occupancy, according to the government’s tracker, and still spent £431,000 in the past year alone. For over £1,000 a day, not even one in five can turn up for work.

The figure was attained by an Freedom of Information request and comes on top of those ascertained by Labour written questions in October. Labour found the sum total of Whitehall taxi waste, including the Government Car Service, was a stonking £8,200,000 – though this didn’t include the figure for the DWP (nor the MoD and Home Office). With these numbers on top, government taxi spend over the past 3 years is now well into the eight-figures.
In this context, co-conspirators should spare a thought for our striking civil servants. Assuming they haven’t forgotten where their offices are, how will they get to the picket lines without their taxpayer-funded free rides?

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Taxpayers Still Coughing Up £1.2 Million for Stonewall

Despite instructions to withdraw from the “Diversity Champions” scheme, new figures from the TaxPayers’ Alliance (TPA) reveal government departments still gladly handed Stonewall £1,221,222 over the last year, with a whopping 234 public organisations paying subscriptions in the last twelve months. Even after senior civil servants held multiple “crisis meetings” specifically to organise Whitehall’s exit from the money-grabbing scheme…

According to the TPA, membership of the scheme cost taxpayers at least £709,225 in 2021-22, with £108,602 splashed on conferences, events and training programmes designed to educate civil servants on becoming champions of diversity and inclusion. A further £403,395 came in the form of grants, with the devolved governments coughing up the most: the Welsh Government gave £168,870, and the Scottish Government handed over £99,917. The only good news is this is down on previous years, although still about £1.2 million too much…

Duncan Simpson of the TPA said:

“Taxpayers should not be subsidising controversial campaigners. Some public bodies continue to prop up pressure groups like Stonewall with taxpayers’ cash, despite ministers urging against it and budgets facing a serious squeeze. Withdrawing from unnecessary schemes and cutting gratuitous grants are obvious ways that savings can be found.”

A reminder that the Civil Service’s latest diversity and inclusion strategy was supposed to “ensure value for taxpayers money”…

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