What’s Going On This Week
  • Monday
    • Labour Whip Fiona Onasanya to appear in the dock at the Old Bailey, charged with conspiring with her brother to avoid speeding points.
    • Commons Education questions, 2.30 pm.
    • Lords Brexit statement, 2.30 pm.
    • Lords communications committee to discuss whether or not to regulate the internet.
    • Urgent Question on Roger Scruton, expected around 4:30 pm.
  • Tuesday
    • Northern Ireland affairs committee to discuss the land border between Northern Ireland and Ireland.
    • Cabinet meeting.
  • Wednesday
    • PMQs at 12pm.
    • Deadline for agreeing a November summit.
  • Thursday
    • International trade questions.
    • Former Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd to appear before the foreign affairs committee on “China and the international rules-based system” 2.30 pm.
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Whats Going On This Week
  •  Monday
    • MPs to debate Cox’report on bullying and harassment of House of Commons staff.
    • Philip Hammond giving evidence to the Treasury select committee.
    • U.S. reimposing sanctions on Iran.
    • CPS to launch their new policy programme at a reception with the Prime Minister.
    • Guy Fawkes Night.
  • Tuesday
    • Treasury questions in the House of Commons.
    • U.S. midterm elections.
  • Wednesday
    • Parliament in recess until Monday November 12.
  • Thursday
    • Question Time from Dulwich. Jordan Peterson is expected to be on the panel.
  • Friday
    • Theresa May and Emmanuel Macron to lay wreaths at the Thiepval memorial.
    • Ballots to go out for the Welsh Labour leadership election.
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Whats Going On This Week
  •  Monday
    • Budget Day! Philip Hammond take to the dispatch box at 3:30.
  • Tuesday
    • Theresa May is attending the Northern Future Forum of northern European states in Norway.
    • John McDonnell to open the first day of Budget debate in the House of Commons.
  • Wednesday
    • PMQs
    • Chair of the Office for Budget Responsibility gives evidence to the Treasury committee on the budget
    • Halloween.
  • Thursday
    • Diane Abbott to address the Association of Police and Crime Commissioners and National Police Chiefs’ Council’s joint partnership summit.
    • MPs conclude the budget debate, vote expected.
      Bank of England will announce its new UK interest rate decision.
    • Question Time from Clacton. Liz Truss is set to be among those on the panel.
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What’s Going On This Week
  • Monday
    • Nicola Sturgeon is down in London to give a speech on Brexit.
  • Tuesday
    • Monthly unemployment figures to be released by the ONS.
    • Education Committee a robot called Pepper.
    • Theresa May to chair Cabinet ahead of the EU summit meeting on Thursday.
  • Wednesday
    • PMQs.
    • The European Council is meeting over dinner for the EU 27 to discuss Brexit ahead of Thursday’s summit.
    • Marijuana to become legal in Canada.
    • World Economic Forum to launch its annual Global Competitiveness Report. Last year the UK was in eighth position.
  • Thursday
    • Question Time from Guildford on BBC One.
    • European Council summit in Brussels.
  • Friday
    • Government consultation on reforming the Gender Recognition Act closes.
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What’s Going On This Week
  • Monday
    • Michel Barnier is meeting Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte.
      SNP Conference continues in Glasgow.
  • Tuesday
    • Conference recess over.
    • Michel Barnier meeting DUP leader Arlene Foster and DUP MEP Diane Dodds.
    • Nicola Sturgeon closes SNP conference with speech at 3.15 p.m.
  • Wednesday
    • Michel Barnier to present the first draft of EU proposals for the trade relationship with the UK after Brexit.
    • PMQs is back on our screens at 12:00.
  • Thursday
    • House of Lords debate on Brexit & the Good Friday Agreement.
    • Question Time from Edinburgh on BBC One.
  • Friday
    • 70th anniversary ‘Any Questions?’ broadcast live from the Commons at 8:30 pm.
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What’s Going On This Week
  •  Monday:
    • Second day of Labour Party Conference
    • John McDonnell speech: 12:15
  • Tuesday:
    • Labour to vote on adopting a second people’s vote as party policy.
    • Labour Brexit policy to remain constructively ambiguous.
    • Theresa May at UN General Assembly.
  • Wednesday:
    • Corbyn’s conference speech at 12:15. Strong message here.
    • Last day to vote in Conservative London Mayoral Primary.
    • Peston on Wednesday inaugural show.
  • Thursday and Friday
    • Everyone gets over their hangovers and it starts all over again…
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