Wembley Stadium Lit Up For LGBTQ, France and Brussels Terror Attacks, Though Not For Israel

The Football Association has been slammed for not lighting up Wembley stadium in blue and white. Rabbi Goldberg has resigned from The FA’s Faith group, and the Board of Deputies of British Jews has blasted the “weak” and “spineless” decision from the FA. It’s noted that the FA didn’t hesitate to light up the stadium in support of previous causes…

  • French flag colours for the terror attacks in France in 2015.
  • Belgium flag for the Brussels bombings in 2016.
  • Purple for International Day of Persons with Disability in 2020.
  • Blue for the NHS in 2021.
  • Blue and Yellow for the invasion of Ukraine in 2021.
  • Colours of Brazil for the late footballer Pele in 2022.
  • Rainbow colours in support of LGBTQ+ in 2022.
  • Purple for International Women’s Day last year.
  • Blue in support for the Alzheimer’s Society this summer.

Surely the flood of Middle East money into football has nothing to do with the decision? This isn’t difficult stuff…

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