Judge Slaps Down Welsh Government’s Brexit Hypocrisy

On Friday the Welsh Government’s appeal over its failed legal bid to overturn a post-Brexit UK trade law – the Internal Market Act – was once again thrown out by the courts.  Having previously claimed the Act would, by unifying trade rules across the four nations, “neuter” the Senedd’s ability to regulate goods and services, it was always going to be a tall order for Welsh ministers to explain why they were happy for such an arrangement under EU rules – yet forcefully opposed to it within the UK. The judge agreed.

Writing in the full judgement, Sir Geoffrey Vos said:

“…When one drills down into the alleged inconsistency between the restriction that says the Senedd cannot amend UKIMA on the one hand, and the reservations that imply that the Senedd can legislate for non-reserved matters on the other hand, one always end up needing to know precisely what the Senedd wants to legislate about before one can determine whether there is an inconsistency […]

Moreover, the existence of an inconsistency may also turn on the extent that the EU had the competence that the Senedd seeks to exercise before the EU (Withdrawal Agreement) Act 2020.”

What’s sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander…

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Welsh Tories Backing Covid Passport Legal Action Against Drakeford

As if today wasn’t already exciting enough the Welsh Tories have announced they’re backing legal action against the Welsh government over Covid passports. Big Brother Watch is currently taking Drakeford’s administration to court over its continued imposition of vaccine passports, which in the words of the Welsh Tories have “no evidence that they work in meeting their objectives”. Big Brother Watch calls the scheme “draconian, discriminatory and pointless”…

The Tories health Spokesman this morning announced the party would be backing the legal action, cleverly pointing out “we must not forget that they are not a route out of restrictions, they are a restriction.”:

“Therefore, the Welsh Conservatives are supportive of this legal challenge against the Labour Government’s continued imposition of the freedom-limiting passport on the people of Wales.

“As legislators, our job is to make good law and strike down bad law: vaccine passports neither limit the spread of the virus nor increase uptake of the vaccine, so have no place on the statute books.”

At least there are some Tories out there with the right priorities…

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Plaid “We Wouldn’t Support a Labour Government” Cymru Announce Cooperation Agreement with Labour

Welsh Labour and Plaid Cymru have confirmed the details of a three-year “co-operation agreement” in the Senedd this afternoon, with First Minister Mark Drakeford and Plaid leader Adam Price claiming it will “address issues which take the greatest political and policy effort to resolve”. They also set out the preliminary details of their policy agenda, which includes extending free school meals to all primary school pupils, the expansion of the Senedd, gender quotas in law, and potentially a new voting system. Price added that the deal would “plant together the seed beneath the snow of a new society, a new Wales, a new beginning”, which is a far cry from what he had to say about his new partners just over a year ago…

In September 2020, Price insisted that Plaid

“…Wouldn’t support a Labour government under any circumstances – a Labour-led government under any circumstances…”

When ITV Wales correspondent Rob Osborne asked if that answer would be proven wrong “in a couple of months’ time”, Price gave an emphatic “no“. Which is true, strictly speaking: it took just over a year…

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Welsh Minister Suggests People Should Only Eat Meat on “High Days and Holidays”

The Countryside Alliance isn’t happy after Wales’ Minister for Climate Change, Julie James, suggested people should only consume meat on “high days and holidays”. Not the first time a lefty administration has tried attacking our meat-eating freedoms…

“Personally I’m a lifelong vegetarian but there is nothing wrong with eating meat but we just have to be eating it as a high days and holidays type of thing.”

The Alliance has hit back suggesting Ms James “reflect on her comments” and “on the implications” it could have for Welsh livestock farmers:

“Livestock farmers already face daily challenges and we would ask that the Minister reflects on the implications of these regrettable comments and how they are likely to be negatively perceived by our hard working farming community, who do so much to protect and preserve our beautiful countryside.”

The Welsh Conservative’s Shadow Minister said James’s comments “show a complete lack of understanding of the importance of meat as part of a balanced diet and how it underpins our agricultural and rural economy.” It seems mad cow disease has passed to humans…

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Welsh Government Adopts Covid Advice from Meme Page

Throughout the pandemic, Guido’s repeatedly pointed out the failings of the Westminster media to hold regional governments to account, as they do the government in Whitehall. Mark Drakeford’s latest gaffe, which he’s seemingly got away with scot-free, is testament to this. At the weekend, the Welsh government published new Covid advice, recommending that if choir rehearsals go ahead, tenor voices should be discouraged as they spread the virus more than sopranos, altos or bases.

Just one problem – it wasn’t true, and the advice had been lifted from a meme page…

The fake guidance came from the page “Quire Memes” who had mocked up an article from Classic FM. A Welsh Government spokesperson has denied that the advice was based on a spoof post, albeit “[apologising] unreservedly for this error and for any confusion it may have caused”. While Wales’s Covid advisors must be under great Strauss at the moment, Guido would expect them to be more sharp and have a Handel on the situation. They were clearly quick to Bach down, though Guido hopes their heads aren’t on the Chopin block…

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Drakeford Threatens Over 200 Anti-Woke Statues

Over 200 statues and street names are at risk of removal across Wales, after Mark Drakeford dived headfirst into the culture war. Last November the First Minister commissioned a “Monuments and Street Names Audit” to look at anti-woke names and statues in Wales’ public life. It ended up listing 209 monuments…

The Welsh Government has now confirmed it is openly committed to “address[ing] fully the recommendations from the Monuments and Street Names Audit”, which listed the statues’ historical links to slavery following the Black Lives Matter protests last year.

The audit highlights those who “were directly involved with the slavery and the slave trade or opposed its abolition“, and states that those commemorated are often “presented solely as role models rather than representatives of challenging aspects of the past“. Following the audit’s release, Drakeford claimed it was “the first stage of a much bigger piece of work“. Now, in the Welsh Labour’s new Programme for Government, it looks like Drakeford’s open to renaming or toppling every anti-woke monument the audit identified…

Among those found to be offensive by the report included:

  • A Gandhi statue in Cardiff Bay (unveiled by Carwyn Jones and Mark Drakeford themselves back in 2017). “Fascist, racist and sexual predator” according to one cited petition from Leicester
  • Three statues of Admiral Nelson. Appeared on UK crowdsourced map ‘topple the racists’
  • Two statues of the Duke of Wellington. “There have been calls to remove statues in Scotland by reason of his Indian campaigns.”
  • Any pub named The Clarence. The Duke of Clarence: “spoke out strongly and on many occasions in favour of plantation owners and against abolition of the slave trade”

Drakeford will be marching to topple Nelson’s Column before long…

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