Woke NHS Equality Officers To Have Pay Bands Limited

Yesterday Sajid Javid told an NHS conference in Liverpool that no more taxpayers’ cash will be poured into the NHS as this would be “unfair on younger generations”, emphasising “the answer can’t always be more money” as he rejected demands from NHS bosses to increase NHS spending beyond 44%* of public spending. Saj told them

“I don’t want my children or anyone’s children to grow up in a country where more than half of public spending is taken up by healthcare, at the expense of everything else from education to housing. That’s not a fair deal for the British people, particularly young people.”

A much needed and welcome reality check. The restraint most urgently needs to be applied to the burgeoning band of staff who are non-patient focused. Last week Sajid announced a new war on NHS woke waste, with DHSC publishing a report into NHS leadership featuring new promises to reduce the proliferation of woke diversity and inclusion managers. Guido’s been campaigning against the overpaid woke bureaucrats for months; in April he found four jobs going for race and equality leads, some set to be paid as much as £90,387 a year; in March he found three more ads all to be paid over £50,000 a year; in December there were 12 ads running, with one salary reaching £108,075 – the total bill was £618,612 of annual wages; at the start of 2021, eight diversity managers were hired on £50,000 salaries. Indefensible during a cost-of-living crisis…

With plans set to be announced in the next couple of months, the department is hard at work thinking about how to respond to the NHS’s approach to spending taxpayers’ cash on non-patient focused staff. As well as hoping to reduce the number of equality roles in the service, Guido was told by one department source considerations may also be given towards trying to dictate what pay band equality roles fall under, preventing the woke warriors from being paid almost as much as the Prime Minister. This is in addition to issuing guidance that diversity and inclusion should be part of the responsibilities of the existing human resources departments. Guido looks forward to seeing the forthcoming plans…

*Figure excluding pensions and welfare payments.

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Network Rail’s Latest Diversity & Inclusion Cash Splurge

On the day the unions reveal another 6,000 Network Rail staff are to be balloted for strike action in July, Guido thought it was worth reminding rail bosses that pay negotiations might’ve been slightly easier if they’d taken more than five seconds to look at their own balance sheet. Maybe a bit much for a body which boasted of employing the highest-paid diversity officer in the country, on a salary higher than the PM’s…

Now new Freedom of Information requests from the TaxPayers’ Alliance (TPA) have found that Network Rail spent £6,326.82 on a pair of rainbow-painted golf buggies in St. Pancras. Perfect for staff to zoom around on if and when when they’re actually working. 

TPA investigations campaign manager Elliot Keck added:

“While taxpayers face nightmare commutes, Network Rail staff whizz around in rainbow-wrapped rides.”

This is courtesy of the same Network Rail that released a guide to infinite pronouns, and encouraged staff at an underperforming branch to use “humankind” rather than mankind when talking to customers. Strikes begin next week.

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Government Slammed Over Pandemic Waste on “Cultural Claptrap”

Among the tens of billions spaffed out by the government during the last two years-worth of pandemic funding, Guido reckons DCMS needs to reflect on their part played in handing out cash to dubious culture and arts programmes. Research by the Taxpayers’ Alliance now shows the government coughed up over £1 billion in cultural grants during 2020-21. £1,367,422.599 to be precise…

While this figure pales in comparison to the total Treasury spend during that time, looking into the specific shows and programmes the funding went towards will raise eyebrows among Tory ranks. According to the wonks’ research, among those given money by the Cultural Recovery Fund, National Heritage Memorial Fund and Arts Council England were:

  • £18,966 A ‘Family Sex Show’ for children as young as five, featuring nudity and discussions about “pleasure, queerness, sex, gender and relationships” 
  • £254,091 to SICK! Productions, who are currently running an “Ejaculation Falls Participation Call Out” in which they are looking for six people “to participate in the creation and presentation of Ejaculation Falls, exploring their experience or inexperiences of sex and pleasure.”
  • £16,724 given to “Pecs Drag Kings”, an all-female/non-binary theatre and cabaret company” that produces “sexy, raucous and highly entertaining” shows.
  • £181,438 to the “Bureau of Silly Ideas”, an organisation describing itself as a creator of “inspired madness and controlled chaos in the public realm.” Their recent work has mainly consisted of a rubbish bin squirting kids with water. To be fair this one actually seems to be panto-like entertainment for kids, so why does it need subsidising?

Elliot Keck of the Taxpayers’ Alliance tells Guido, “Taxpayers are fed up seeing their hard-earned cash wasted on cultural claptrap.”

“With the economy in genuine peril during the pandemic, funds could have been better used elsewhere rather than on these absurd projects. 
“The government must bring the curtain down on wasteful spending before demanding more money from working taxpayers.”
Nudity and queer theatre for five year olds. At least our eyewatering tax burden is being spent on the essentials…
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Civil Servants Use Working Hours Learning How to Avoid Tweeting

Spare a thought for Northern Ireland’s civil servants, who are so overworked and under-slept they’re now being given lectures on beating stress and mindfulness to cope with the strains of it all… in the middle of the working day. A new internal memo reveals how miserable civil servants now have the opportunity to sign up for three separate lectures – each an hour in length – to soothe their minds as they go about their taxpayer-funded work. Is Rishi reading this?

The first lecture, “mindfulness for busy minds“, starts next Tuesday:

“Do you feel like you don’t have a minute for yourself, never mind time to do all the things you need to get done in a day? Do you find yourself thinking all the time? Find it hard to concentrate, or to get to sleep at night because your mind is still in overdrive? If the answer is yes to any of these, then this event is for you. Mindfulness for Busy Minds is an introduction to the calming benefits of mindfulness. In this session. Patrick Mcllwee of New Ways NI will show how you can release tension caused by overthinking. breathe through strong emotions and settle the mind for concentration or sleep.”

The next lecture is on “managing stress“, although they’ve really saved the best for last: “No Tweeting While You’re Eating“. Whilst specific details aren’t yet listed, Guido’s dug around to find previous lectures on the subject for other bodies, with one recently given to the Northern Ireland Safety Group. It does what it says on the tin. They’ll be taught how to stop aimlessly scrolling Twitter during their lunch breaks.

Civil servants are now presumably so distracted by social media at work that their managers are imposing an intervention during working hours. Save the date…

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Bank of England Splashes Taxpayer Cash Going Woke

One might hope the Bank of England’s primary focus at the moment would be using its monetary levers to counter inflation and help alleviate the cost of living crisis. The team over at Threadneedle Street have been working on a different priority, however: making the 328-year-old Britannia logo more inclusive. Usually this would be easily mockable, however Guido can’t for the life of him work out exactly how the updated logo is any more inclusive than the last…

It’s still Britannia with a spear and shield, the branch has fewer leaves and, bizarrely for a bank, the pile of cash is gone. She does now bear a striking resemblance to Nicola Sturgeon however…

They haven’t stopped there! Take a look at their new bespoke font for the website, which stands in huge contrast to the previously illegible, off-the-shelf typeface:

Guido rang the press office to double-check whether they’d be releasing the cost of the pointless redesigns, unsurprisingly they said no. An FoI has been duly submitted…

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Just 0.07% of Civil Service Expense Requests Rejected

While Whitehall tells the public to brace for the biggest cost of living squeeze in a generation, belt-tightening is altogether less popular among civil servants themselves. Figures unveiled this week show just 1,607 expense requests were rejected out of two years-worth of 2.9 million requests. Less than £20,000 was saved…

The figures, released earlier this week, were discovered via FoIs submitted by Emburse. Despite requesting the information from all 23 departments, just 14 replied within the legal window and two claimed to have no access to the data requested – a claim undermined by a dozen other departments having said access. Presumably the FoI teams at those departments that didn’t release figures were too busy filing expenses…

Four departments did not reject any claims in the past two years, despite over 470,000 claims being processed by them. Of those that did release figures in full, the Treasury – appropriately – rejected the most claims, at 12%. This contrasts with the MoD, which rejected just 0.2%. BEIS rejected one claim out of 18,053 submitted…

The SVP of Emburse correctly observes:

“Given the increased cost of living in the UK, it’s vital that the government leads by example. When we’re all expected to tighten our belts, I think the public has a right to know if taxpayers’ money is being squandered through outdated, inefficient processes, and a lack of oversight.”

Somehow, Guido struggles to muster the benefit of the doubt that all expense claims by the Civil Service are being done so entirely out of necessity…

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