Labour MP’s Banner Bends the Rules

Another day, another Labour parliamentarian in trouble for hanging self-promoting signs where they shouldn’t be. Labour MP for Battersea Marsha de Cordova has landed herself in hot water as Wandsworth Council officers have ruled that she is breaking the law by displaying an unauthorised sign from her office balcony. Lawmakers shouldn’t be lawbreakers…

It’s not the only time she’s dodged the rules over the last few weeks, as she also broke the Labour leadership’s edict not to attend Palestine-related protests on the weekend of 14th October.

She was seen hanging out with former Battersea MP Martin Linton, who claimed “long tentacles of Israel” influence UK elections back in 2010, and Cllr Sara Apps, who just voted through her own 172% pay rise. Perhaps Apps could help pay for de Cordova to get planning permission?

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Wandsworth Labour Awards Councillor 172% Pay Rise

Wandsworth’s ruling Labour administration voted to hike allowances for the Labour group by 12% last night, awarding their Chief Whip Councillor Sara Apps a whopping 172% pay rise from £10,907 to £29,668. She will also get a a lump sum of over £8,000 in back pay, with her full councillor allowance totalling £40,693. This will add an extra £100,000 to the council’s overall bill. For the few, not the many…

Leader of Wandsworth Conservatives Councillor Will Sweet nailed it:

“Shame on these Wandsworth Labour fat cats. It beggars belief that Wandsworth Labour are using their majority to push through huge pay rises for their own colleagues. Residents are tightening their belts and they rightly expect the Council to do the same. It seems to have escaped Labour’s notice that there’s a cost-of-living crisis on.”

A co-conspirator tells Guido that Councillor Apps went ‘ballistic’ after the vote, telling Conservative councillors to “F*** off“. Nice work if you can get it…

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