Thornberry Denies Corbyn’s Support for Chavez as ‘Bollocks’

Following her denial yesterday of Corbyn’s anti-NATO past, Thornberry has now taken it upon herself to start erasing Corbyn’s pro-Maduro history also. During yesterday’s Queen Speech debate, Alok Sharma brought up Corbyn’s pro-Venezuela past, to which Thornberry shouted “bollocks”. Guido thought rather than labouring the point we’d revisit some of Corbyn’s own comments in favour of Maduro and Chavez’s regimes. Watch the video above for Corbyn / Chavez / Maduro highlights.

Maduro actually thanked Corbyn for his support on a live TV phone in…

McDonnell’s Money Tree Found… in Venezuela

Jesus Yepez, an architect who lives in Caracas has found John McDonnell’s “money tree” in the street. The tree is made of almost worthless bolívares soberanos, since Venezuela’s hyperinflation means $1 is worth well over 5,000 bolívares soberanos. “Many people commented that that is what our currency has turned into: Monopoly money,” he told Business Insider. “It’s an ingenious protest for the insane inflation we’ve been experiencing.” The money tree is not a protest for John McDonnell, it is a policy…

UPDATE: $1 is actually worth 321,385.39 bolívares soberanos.

Mike Pompeo Condemns Corbyn’s “Disgusting” Support for Maduro

Stinging criticism for Jeremy Corbyn from the USA’s most senior diplomat – Secretary of State Mike Pompeo – over his support for murderous Venezuelan dictator Nicolas Maduro. Corbyn will probably wear it as a badge of honour to be insulted by his oldest enemy – the United States…

Pro-Maduro Regime Forces Open Fire on People Protesting

In Venezuela forces loyal to the corrupt socialist regime have opened fire on protestors. The protesters seen here this morning at La Carlota are fleeing away from the gunfire. How predictable…

The regime is admired by the British far left, who seem silent today as the conflict between the state forces and the people reaches a critical stage. No comment yet from Maduro’s friend Jeremy Corbyn…

Chris Williamson at Pro-Maduro Rally Today

While the Commons has been debating the horrors being inflicted on the Venezuelan people by the Maduro regime, this afternoon Labour’s Chris Williamson found himself protesting outside the Bank of England with the Venezuela Solidarity Campaign.

The pro-Maduro protesters were chanting “Bank of England you’ve been told, give Venezuela back its gold” referencing the £1 billion in Venezuelan gold held in the Bank of England. Must be more of that mythical misty-eyed Corbynista support for Maduro…

UPDATE: Williamson was even filmed speaking at the protest, adding that he had to leave soon because he wanted to intervene in the Commons debate. Spoiler: he didn’t make it…

Leslie Tells Corbyn to Pick Up the Phone to Maduro

Former Shadow Chancellor Chris Leslie launched an eviscerating attack on Corbyn in the Chamber this afternoon. Sounding more and more like a member of that much rumoured breakaway party, Leslie effectively accused his party leader of being of the same ilk as the Russian, Chinese, and Cuban regimes.

“Can we get the Russian Administration to do more? Can we get the Chinese, the Cubans? Or are there other individuals who have a close relationship with Maduro, perhaps even the leader of the Labour Party who at this late stage could pick up the telephone and implore him, beg him, to stop this appalling approach and to leave government immediately.”

Is the Labour breakaway finally about to happen..?

McDonnell’s Possible Other Way

When the Corbynistas say another way is possible it is true. Venezuela’s humanitarian crisis, with millions of refugees crossing the border, is usually characteristic of war torn nations. The reality of socialism, with nationalisation, the attacks on private enterprise, the shuttering of opposition media, together with the silencing, demonising and threatening dissident journalists. It is like all the threats in Owen Jones’ Twitter feed made real…

Literally Misty-Eyed Corbynistas

Ash Sarkar is usually a smooth performer on TV, her “I’m literally a communist” riposte to Piers Morgan went viral and launched a dozen t-shirt sales. On Marr yesterday she claimed “The idea that Corbynistas have been misty-eyed about Venezuela is largely a myth.” Unfortunately they literally were misty-eyed for the Caracas Corbynisim…

This video compilation is roll call of misty-eyed Corbynistas, including Corbyn himself. Suemas Milne, Owen Jones and Diane Abbott all lauding Venezuelan style socialism as a template for Britain. Voters are being warned…

H/T: Video compilation by Ben

Rich’s Monday Morning View

Barry Gardiner: I Abhor What’s Gone on in Venezuela

Barry Gardiner says you have “no moral platform” if you don’t speak out against human rights abuses in left-wing countries as well as right-wing countries. He might need to have a word with his party leadership…

Brillo Tears Apart Ken Livingstone on Venezuela

Ken Livingstone made the brave choice of going on This Week to make a film explaining why “my friend Hugo Chavez” wasn’t responsible for the economic misery that has been wrought upon Venezuela and it’s all America’s fault instead. It’s almost worth watching just for Ken’s opening line of “Remember me? I used to be Mayor of London”…

Predictably, Ken’s bogus arguments were completely torn apart by Andrew Neil afterwards, with a hapless Livingstone reduced to saying: “I don’t know, I’m a retired pensioner, I don’t have staff providing the information”. His only defence after that was that the Venezuelan ambassador had told him it was true. At least he wasn’t quoting the anti-Semitic historical revisionist ‘UN rapporteur’ that Chris Williamson is so keen on

Brillo then did the public service of explaining to Ken some of the real reasons why Venezuela is a basket case, including decades of self-enriching dictatorship, random confiscation of private property, price controls, and putting a loyalist army General in charge of the national oil company. Ken’s probably wishing he’d stayed in retirement…

Chris Williamson’s Maduro-Supporting ‘UN Rapporteur’ is Antisemitic Castro-Loving Historical Revisionist

Chris Williamson has been attempting to justify his continuing support for the murderous Maduro regime in Venezuela by quoting comments supposedly made by a UN rapporteur criticising US sanctions on Venezuela, including during his shameful speech in Parliament on Monday:

“The UN rapporteur, the first to visit Venezuela in 21 years, clearly said that the US sanctions were illegal and could amount to crimes against humanity”.

But who exactly is this mysterious UN rapporteur Williamson is so keen to promote?

Guido can reveal that Williamson’s source is in fact Alfred-Maurice de Zayas, a hugely controversial Cuban-born lawyer and prolific author of historically revisionist accounts of Nazi Germany, who has also made numerous anti-Semitic remarks. You couldn’t make it up…

De Zayas is also a big fan of Fidel Castro, saying after he died that he “would go down in history as a figure of the calibre of Mahatma Gandhi and Nelson Mandela.” Perhaps that helps to explain why de Zayas was installed in 2012 to the UN post of ‘Expert on Promotion of a Democratic and Equitable International Order’. The post was created by the Cuban regime…

De Zayas is a hero to holocaust deniers for his writings accusing Churchill and Roosevelt of “genocide” against Nazi Germany during World War Two – in 2001 he was awarded a prize by the Zeitgeschichtliche Forschungsstelle Inglostadt, an openly historical-revisionist outfit which skirts the bounds of outright holocaust denial. De Zayas has also made a range of anti-Semitic comments himself including:

“Nuremberg was an exercise in hypocrisy. A continuation of hate and war… a corruption of legal norms and procedures, a pollution of philosophy, a truly Pharisee tribunal”


“Moses had a difficult time when he had the Jewish people cross through the Red Sea, because half of them were busy collecting beautiful shells.”

So it’s no real surprise that the actively anti-Semitic government of Nicolas Maduro controversially chose de Zayas in 2017 to be the first UN rapporteur allowed to visit the country since 2002. This prompted an outcry of a coalition of 50 NGOs who wrote an open letter to de Zayas questioning the validity and independence of his visit, and urging him to reconsider or insist that the regime allow other international observers in as a precondition of his visit. Naturally none of that happened…

Predictably, de Zayas’ report on Venezuela was a complete whitewash – it completely glosses over any notion of human rights abuses by the Maduro regime and even effectively accused opposition politicians such as Leopoldo Lopez who have been imprisoned by the regime of trying to foment war. Meanwhile, Maduro’s regime is characterised as a “democratically elected government” with de Zayas insisting that “only they can effectively protect the human rights of persons under their jurisdiction and implement change.” The UN should be ashamed to have allowed their name to be attached to a report like that…

De Zayas is no longer a UN rapporteur but is still actively dispensing his pro-Maduro propaganda, dismissing the current situation as a “so-called humanitarian crisis” and accusing the opposition of an “attempted coup d’etat”. The fact that Chris Williamson is repeatedly quoting a man like this so approvingly speaks volumes…

Opposition Leader Pleads With Carney Over Venezuelan Gold

Juan Guaido, the newly declared legitimate leader of Venezuela, has written to Mark Carney and Theresa May imploring that they prevent the transaction of £1 billion in gold to the illegitimate Maduro regime. The gold held by the Bank of England makes up 15% of Venezeula’s foreign currency reserves…

In the letter, Guaido wrote “If the money is transferred it will be used by the illegitimate and kleptocratic regime of Nicolas Maduro to repress and brutalise the Venezuelan people.” Guido agrees with Guaido…

As the Bank of England is independent, the Government can’t block the transaction itself, but could lean on Carney to do so. This issue has been running for months. Why has Carney still not blocked it?

Chris Williamson’s Shameful Venezuelan Statement

Chris Williamson stood up in the chamber to claim that “the truth is millions support the Maduro Government.” He’s probably right, just most of those millions are wealthy Trotskyist Westerners like him who have never had to endure socialist oppression…[…] Read the rest


Abbott, McDonnell and Owen Jones Rally to Maduro’s Support Alongside Red Ken

Perhaps the only thing more predictable about a socialist government than brutal crackdowns on civil liberties and economic collapse is the UK’s hard left coming out in solidarity with it. Sure enough, the usual suspects are out in force in the Guardian, with numerous senior Labour MPs including John McDonnell, Diane Abbott, Richard Burgon, Chris Williamson and Clive Lewis co-signing a letter along with Owen Jones condemning the “US attempt at regime change” in Venezuela and instead calling for “dialogue”.[…] Read the rest


Carney Under Fire Over Meeting With Venezuelan Regime Crooks Seeking $550m Gold Handover

Bank of England Governor Mark Carney is coming under fresh fire over an imminent meeting with two of Venezuelan dictator Nicolas Maduro’s key sidekicks. Extraordinarily, Guido understands that Carney is due to meet a delegation from Maduro’s ruinous regime tomorrow including Calixto Ortega Sanchez, the self-styled “President” of the Venezuelan Central Bank, and Simon Zerpa, Maduro’s Finance Minister.[…] Read the rest


Corbynista Coup Thwarted on Venezuela APPG

There were dramatic scenes in parliament last night at the Venezuela APPG as a group of Corbynista MPs, including Chris Williamson and shadow minister Karen Lee, attempted to stage a takeover of the committee. Amid confusion about when and where the meeting was taking place, the Corbynistas attempted to eject the public from the AGM and force an early vote on the committee while they were in the majority.[…] Read the rest


ASI Call For UK To Take In Venezualen Refugees

The Adam Smith Institute has called on the Government to accept up to 10,000 Venezuelan refugees per year into the UK, as a result of their socialist inflicted humanitarian crisis. As many as four million Venezuelans have fled their homeland over the last three years, over 10% of the country’s population.[…] Read the rest


President Maduro Feasts as Venezuelans Flee Starvation

“Venezuela shows another way is possible” Jeremy Corbyn told us. That way was socialism, and it has turned out the same it always does, disastrously. More than 1.6 million Venezuelans have left the country since 2015, fleeing the economic and humanitarian disaster, streaming across the borders to neighbouring countries such that last month the UN warned that the situation is nearing a “crisis moment”.[…] Read the rest


When McDonnell Supported Maduro’s ‘Socialist Revolution’

On Sunday John McDonnell tried to distance himself and Jezza from the Maduro regime in Venezuela, claiming Maduro isn’t a socialist. That’s not what he used to say…

Will Maduro be congratulated this time by comrades Corbyn and McDonnell for winning a rigged election?[…] Read the rest


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