Thornberry Denies Corbyn’s Support for Chavez as ‘Bollocks’

Following her denial yesterday of Corbyn’s anti-NATO past, Thornberry has now taken it upon herself to start erasing Corbyn’s pro-Maduro history also. During yesterday’s Queen Speech debate, Alok Sharma brought up Corbyn’s pro-Venezuela past, to which Thornberry shouted “bollocks”. Guido thought rather than labouring the point we’d revisit some of Corbyn’s own comments in favour of Maduro and Chavez’s regimes. Watch the video above for Corbyn / Chavez / Maduro highlights.

Maduro actually thanked Corbyn for his support on a live TV phone in…

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McDonnell’s Money Tree Found… in Venezuela

Jesus Yepez, an architect who lives in Caracas has found John McDonnell’s “money tree” in the street. The tree is made of almost worthless bolívares soberanos, since Venezuela’s hyperinflation means $1 is worth well over 5,000 bolívares soberanos. “Many people commented that that is what our currency has turned into: Monopoly money,” he told Business Insider. “It’s an ingenious protest for the insane inflation we’ve been experiencing.” The money tree is not a protest for John McDonnell, it is a policy…

UPDATE: $1 is actually worth 321,385.39 bolívares soberanos.

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Mike Pompeo Condemns Corbyn’s “Disgusting” Support for Maduro

Stinging criticism for Jeremy Corbyn from the USA’s most senior diplomat – Secretary of State Mike Pompeo – over his support for murderous Venezuelan dictator Nicolas Maduro. Corbyn will probably wear it as a badge of honour to be insulted by his oldest enemy – the United States…

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Pro-Maduro Regime Forces Open Fire on People Protesting

In Venezuela forces loyal to the corrupt socialist regime have opened fire on protestors. The protesters seen here this morning at La Carlota are fleeing away from the gunfire. How predictable…

The regime is admired by the British far left, who seem silent today as the conflict between the state forces and the people reaches a critical stage. No comment yet from Maduro’s friend Jeremy Corbyn…

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Chris Williamson at Pro-Maduro Rally Today

While the Commons has been debating the horrors being inflicted on the Venezuelan people by the Maduro regime, this afternoon Labour’s Chris Williamson found himself protesting outside the Bank of England with the Venezuela Solidarity Campaign.

The pro-Maduro protesters were chanting “Bank of England you’ve been told, give Venezuela back its gold” referencing the £1 billion in Venezuelan gold held in the Bank of England. Must be more of that mythical misty-eyed Corbynista support for Maduro…

UPDATE: Williamson was even filmed speaking at the protest, adding that he had to leave soon because he wanted to intervene in the Commons debate. Spoiler: he didn’t make it…

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Leslie Tells Corbyn to Pick Up the Phone to Maduro

Former Shadow Chancellor Chris Leslie launched an eviscerating attack on Corbyn in the Chamber this afternoon. Sounding more and more like a member of that much rumoured breakaway party, Leslie effectively accused his party leader of being of the same ilk as the Russian, Chinese, and Cuban regimes.

“Can we get the Russian Administration to do more? Can we get the Chinese, the Cubans? Or are there other individuals who have a close relationship with Maduro, perhaps even the leader of the Labour Party who at this late stage could pick up the telephone and implore him, beg him, to stop this appalling approach and to leave government immediately.”

Is the Labour breakaway finally about to happen..?

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