Young Liberals Vote to Expel Vince Cable for Uyghur Genocide Comments

Last night, Young Liberals voted to expel former LibDem leader Vince Cable from the party after insisting on GB News that labelling the Uyghur humans rights crisis a genocide is hyping the language” . The motion’s proposer, Young Liberals’ International Officer Peter Banks, slammed Cable in his speech, saying:

“Uyghurs in Xinjiang have faced horrific abuse by the Chinese government, including forced sterilisation, torture, restrictions on childrens’ names, destruction of religious sites, forced separation of families, and detainment in re-education camps.”

“These atrocities undoubtedly meet the international definition of genocide, and it’s a disgrace that the former leader of a liberal, democratic party would seek to undermine emerging international campaigns to put an end to the abuses of Uyghurs.”

A Guido source who attended the conference said that roughly 50 people participated in the vote and it passed nearly unanimously. Guido wonders whether Ed Davey, who has thus far been strong on condemning the genocide, will have anything to say about all this…

Cable hit back at the Young Liberals by saying:

“They cannot claim to be Liberals when they demonstrate an unwillingness to debate alternate views. The anti-China campaign is orchestrated by the far right Republicans in the USA and I am surprised to see progressive groups lining up with them.” 

Is the CCP looking for a new communications director?

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335 Uyghur Survivors Accuse Bob Neill of ‘Betrayal’

Bob Neill’s amendment which seeks to reserve the official determination of genocide for parliament to determine is to be voted on in the Commons today. It is backed by the government, unlike the Inter-Parliamentary Alliance on China backed amendment which leaves it to the Courts to define genocide. Guido has got his hands on an unusually stark response to Sir Bob’s new amendment, signed by 335 Uyghur survivors. They say that his amendment amounts to having been betrayed:

“we hold such high hopes for the Genocide Amendment to the Trade Bill… We placed great hope in this. But then we heard of your amendment.

Then we knew, Mr Neill, we had been betrayed. For your amendment, in preventing a vote on the Genocide Amendment would deny the House of Commons the right to offer us our day in court.”

Strong stuff. Read the letter in full below:

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Daily Mail Sourced PPE from Uyghur Forced Labour Factories, Breached Modern Slavery Act

A New York Times investigation uncovered that Chinese mask manufacturers were exporting masks from factories that use Uyghur Muslims as forced Labour. Guido recognised one of the the companies’ names. Medwell Medical Products, which has a factory in Fenglin Town, Jiangxi Province reportedly has a workforce that is 25% Uyghur Muslim who sleep in company controlled dormitories. This video explains how the Uyghurs are forced to work in factories where they are indoctrinated by the Chinese regime:

Boxes clearly marked “Medwell” appear in photographs in the Daily Mail to accompany their “Million Pound Mailforce+” campaign – which show the cargo they flew in from Shanghai in pictures splashed across their front page.

Guido has contacted the Daily Mail to ask them to comment and request a copy of their Modern Slavery Act statement. By law the statement must set out what steps the organisation has taken to ensure there is no slavery in any part of its business, including its supply chains. Guido is not sure what steps the Daily Mail took with regard to the Uyghur Muslims being forced to work in the mask manufacturer’s factories.

Awkwardly the Daily Mail’s PPE campaign is currently a front runner to win the British Journalism Awards ‘Campaign of the Year’…

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