Brexit Britain Set to Sign Multi-Billion Dollar US Aviation Deal

Today the UK is set to sign a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the US state of Washington at the 2023 Boeing Supplier Showcase, in a high-flying deal which will allow UK aviation companies to send engineers and experts to state more easily. The deal will be signed Business and Trade Minister Nusrat Ghani, and will open the door to investor intros, trade missions, and increasing access to procurement markets for the air industry. This is the sixth MoU signed with the US since the start of 2022…

“Our pact with the state of Washington is a win for the UK, opening a door for our businesses to trade more openly and unlock new opportunities in key sectors.Each US state is a massive global market in its own right, and many have economies larger than the GDP of whole countries. By notching up our sixth such deal we’ve surpassed the £2trillion mark for combined GDP of states who’ve done a deal with the UK, with many more in our sights.”

Another deal with Florida is next on the agenda. The six MoUs signed already give the UK access to a combined £2.2trillion GDP so far – a major boost for Brexit Britain. Now where’s the Free Trade Agreement…

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House Speaker McCarthy Announces Impeachment Inquiry into Joe Biden

The US House of Representatives is opening an impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden, with Speaker McCarthy claiming it will focus on “allegations of abuse of power, obstruction and corruption“. Hunter Biden is currently under investigation for potential tax fraud over his foreign business interests. Joe insists he has little knowledge of those interests. The Republicans are putting that to the test…

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Sleepy Joe Cut Off After Telling Reporters “I’m Going to Bed”

Sleepy Joe Biden lived up to his name at a press conference in Vietnam yesterday, as he told reporters “I’m going to bed”. Clearly not coping well with jet lag, The President’s rambling rant went on:

“As a matter of fact, I think it’s l-less likely to cause that kind of- conflict. I don’t uh… anyway, I just think there are other things on leaders’ minds. and they r-respond t-to what’s needed at the time. l-l-look. nobody. likes. having… celebrated… international meetings. if you don’t know what you want at the meeting. If you don’t have a game plan. He may have a game plan, he just hasn’t shared it with me. I don’t know about you, but I’m going to bed”.

The Leader of the Free World, everyone…

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GB News Launches US Hiring Spree for Nigel’s American Dream

GB News is stepping up its recruitment of US-focused talent. In the last few days, the broadcaster has posted job adverts for three American roles: including a specialist producer, a guest booker and a specialist researcher. All three roles are being advertised for Nigel Farage’s new prime time show.

Although the specialist roles are based in GB News’ Paddington HQ, they’re looking for “a talented US based Guest Booker”. The guest booker will use “creativity and extensive knowledge of US current affairs to book agenda-setting guests and produce newsworthy content for all GB News’ platforms.” Nigel’s gearing up for the 2024 election with a made-for-America show…

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LISTEN: Liz Truss Blasts Joe Biden for Failure of “So-Called Inflation Reduction Act”

Liz Truss launched a scathing attack on Joe Biden last night while speaking at the Growth Forum hosted by the IEA. Appearing alongside former Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott, Truss again waved the flag for her tax-cutting agenda, before slamming the US President for failing to tame inflation or make America more competitive. “How’s that going, Joe…”

“This agenda is not exactly fashionable at the moment. In fact we might say that the Overton window has shifted to the left across the western world… if we look at what’s happening in corporate board rooms, where there’s more chat about identity politics than there is about making a profit. If we look at what Joe Biden is doing in America, with state subsidies and the so-called inflation reduction act… how’s that going, Joe? If we look at that rather than making America more competitive, or the OECD [Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development] which is trying to impose minimum tax rates on the free world…”

Back in April, while delivering this year’s Margaret Thatcher Freedom Lecture, Truss also attacked Biden for joining the “coordinated resistance” against her agenda. None of this is much of a surprise, given Biden waded in to brand Truss’s tax cuts “a mistake” last October. Looks like they’re off each other’s Christmas card lists…

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Trump Indicted in Classified Documents Case, Claims “I AM AN INNOCENT MAN”

Just as Rishi returns from his trip to America, Donald Trump revealed he had been indicted over his mishandling of classified documents. Taking to his own social media platform, Truth Social, last night Trump admitted he had been summoned to appear before a Miami court next Tuesday. He made sure to add “I AM AN INNOCENT MAN”.

Trump’s attorney Jim Trusty told CNN the latest charges include conspiracy, false statements, obstruction of justice and illegally retaining classified documents. However, “innocent person” Trump was unfazed by the long charge sheet. In a video posted to Truth Social, he denounced the probe as a “boxes hoax” and said:

“They go after him on a boxes hoax. just like the Russia Russia Russia hoax and all of the others. It’s been going on for seven years. They can’t stop because it’s election interference at the highest level. There’s never been anything like what’s happened. Im an innocent man, an innocent person”.

Trump’s correct to say there’s never been anything like what’s happened. He’s now the first President to have ever faced a Federal indictment…

PresidentRishi said he was too busy to meet with Trump during his US tour. Looks like he dodged a bullet there.

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